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#and that's very admirable of them
styxdrawings · a day ago
Who's the one who talked about makeup artist Alastair and Model Thomas a while ago? I am just suddenly really invested in this-
#thomastair#alastair carstairs#thomas lightwood#come and watch Thomas becoming more confident on the stage#and Alastair having a crisis because oh no he falls to his model NO I MUST KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL#and Thomas all the while actually pining after his kind of grumpy but genius makeup artist#them spending time together to#haha if only I knew a thing about makeup#Oh! Cordelia being a model as well? doesn't sound like her so maybe she does something competitive and awesome and Thomas is just like#Why everyone on this family are so freaking talented??#and we could think 'same Thomas'#i like the idea of Alastair putting makeup but just lightly because he's already beautiful and he knows it#and in the past he didn't and was very self-conscious like Thomas is now#but now he grew into his place and he wouldn't let anyone's words get to him and Thomas just admires that#Cordelia can tell that story to Thomas and he's just thunderstruck#because 1- that's so amazing and meaningful story#and 2- how the hell could Alastair not think he was pretty in the past??#maybe they met in the past#maybe not#anyway they could meet at a museum or a bookstore when Alastair sees him and is just like -#THAT'S THE MODEL I NEED#and Thomas is handsome without make up but Alastair do all sorts of amazing things and ideas and those?#possibly Alastair and Thomas run into one another through friends (looks at Kamala and Eugenia) several times#and when Alastair learns Thomas feels like a clumsy and like he takes so much space in the world now he is bit not confident in his body#it's just obvious he wants to help but he cannot explain to himself why and he blames Thomas's huge heart and warm smiles#man doesn't know he has a crush until later#maybe they are signed into a competition and Alastair seeks the right peroson or in attempt to show him he's wonderful the way he is-#his friends sign Thomas as a model for some kind of a competition and it's Alastair as the makeup artist and he didn't know Thomas didn't-#know about it he thought his friends delivered it to him because he was a bit shy bot because he had no clue what's going on#Anyway all of those are alot of ideas and none of them I'm gonna ever do I just put it here for you to see all this swarm of ideas
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achileid · 2 days ago
If Ag isn’t the worst person at Troy then who is???
the greeks.
i don't have a problem with people saying agamemnon did bad things 'cause he did, i won't try to excuse him or paint him in a 'sunshine and rainbows' light, but you can't single anyone out as the worst. all the greeks were freakin' terrible and it always seems to be agamemnon that get used as a scapegoat for them. i can think of a few reasons why, but i digress.
the whole point of the iliad is that 'war is bad and looking at all in the inhumane stuff that comes from it'.
there were no 'good guys' and no 'bad guys' there was certainly no one good guy and one sole bad guy. so to say agamemnon was The Worst, i.e. to single him out is unfair and just plain wrong tbh. modern adaptations have so much fun making achilles the Hero and Agamemnon the Villain and that’s not how it works in this epic.
i don't know much about the trojans, i never really studied them (if someone with more knowledge than me wants to chime in, please do!) but all of the greeks (well, the Main Ones if you'll excuse the generalisation) were terrible. here's why:
note how you say 'at troy' and 'in the iliad' so some examples listed below will be taken from other texts/traditions surrounding troy and not just the iliad (i’ve took some liberties and included the iphigenia stuff ‘cause y’all would bring it up if i didn’t).
the briseis thing
the dude killed ,,,, so many people. just because?
he let his own men die? just because.
literally killed innocent trojans to throw on patroclus’ funeral pyre (i think they were children? but don’t quote me on that.)
also killed patroclus’ dogs
he rapes deidamia on skyros because he feels ‘unmanly’ disguised as a woman
his ghost wanted polyxena thrown on his funeral pyre. she was.
literally the whole troilus thing. like damn dude.
took hecuba as a war prize
beat thersites within in an inch of life
got palamedes killed over a grudge
tried to kill diomedes
threw astynax off troy’s walls, killing him
basically didn’t want the war to end at all
the whole horse thing was his idea
he was complicit in iphigenia’s murder 
the odyssey stuff doesn’t count ig but he did let all his crew die just because he wanted to be smart and see things.
fucked up phyrrus ... when he was like 12.
complicit in the iphigenia thing
complicit in the palamedes thing (some say he even helped odysseus)
literally wanted troy to burn more than anyone. even said that if every achaean went home he would stay until troy fell.
during the night raid he killed a bunch of sleeping and defenceless men
the one time he killed that poor old trojan dude who was begging for his life? bro.
agamemnon (do i need to do this one?)
the iphigenia thing
the briseis thing
the chryseis thing (resulted in a plague and stuff)
the kassandra thing
started the war?
menelaus (just to show i'm trying to be unbias)
was also complicit in iphigenia’s murder
killed 8 men at troy.
in some myths he was 100% willing to kill helen for everything
.... tried to kill paris ig
claimed a war prize (pieris)
started the war?
was not soft and nice. killed a lot of people. has the second highest kill count, if you don’t count diomedes’ sleeping victims, he has the highest. 
also had a war prize. can't remember her name rn. think it begins with 'i'
little ajax
raped kassandra
annoying as all hell
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shadeswift99 · 5 days ago
Me in my astrophysics conference: haha this guy kinda sounds like Minecraft youtuber cubfan
Me: *remembers that cubfan is an astrophysicist*
Did some frantic voice comparisons and it’s almost definitely not him but god, imagine
I know very little about astrophysics. But I am a occasional sound nerd.
Mic quality and small sound adjustments (EQ especially) can dramatically change the sound of someone's voice. It doesn't make them sound like a different person, but if used in the right ways it can do a lot in terms of magnifying the parts of someone's voice that make them sound unique and suppressing distracting other elements. The result sounds a lot more professional, and the person speaking can sound a lot more real and alive in a video as a result! However, it does mean that in real life (without the EQ and with the everyday echoes off of surrounding objects and whatnot), most of these really distinctive voices probably sound a whole lot closer to Just Some Guy. Voices, how technology perceives them, and how people perceive them are fascinating.
Point being...your astrophysics conference speaker is almost certainly still not Cub. But if he was, it might be a little harder to tell than you'd think. :)
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Another general self ship song / it makes me think of numerous ships of mine
You always want to watch Somethin' late at night That terrifies you And then you make me stand guard At the bedroom door I wanna know everythin' you do
No, I never mind Do it a thousand times Just let me close to you 'Cause in the dead of night With you by my side There's no cold that could cut through
I talk a lot of shit for someone that can't talk Then you send it back to my face, love You never pull punches and never will stop I hope you never do, babe
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werian-wintertid · 9 days ago
The Loki series really said “existential crises good character development and arson all around” and I love it for that 
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pottinglilies · 10 days ago
tagged by @lizotwostars to name ten favourite characters in no particular order from ten different things (books, tv, films etc.), and then tag ten people. thanks for tagging me love! :)
Darrow O’Lykos (Red Rising)
Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Eric Effiong (Sex Education)
Jo March (Little Women)
Lara (The Bridge Kingdom)
Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables)
Kat Stratford (10 Things I Hate About You)
Elizabeth Swan (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Arabella (I May Destroy You)
Gigi (Booksmart)
tagging: @sunshine-marauders @siriuslychessi @whitherwaywill @shehatedhimnahshedidnt @gryffindormischief @chierafied @prongsno @quaffl @babybirdling @holdingmoonlight
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faunaproductions · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
A quiet moment of adoration...
everyone should read scoob and shag on webtoons bc bugs bunny x scooby doo will not leave my brain <3
i have never drawn cartoon animals before tho & i am not abt to start now so! humanization time :}
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moonsugar-and-spice · 17 days ago
Ehhh, you know what? I’m going to subject you to my OTP and challenge you to a serving of Fried Fish, while we’re at it. 😈
Prompt: panic
(no pressure, of course)
The admiral knew that the best way to keep a prisoner from trying to escape was to make sure they never felt like a prisoner – not that he had any real fear of the young princess attempting to flee; Yue had proposed the arrangement of her own accord, after all, in exchange for the moon spirit’s life and halting of the siege on her people – but Zhao had nevertheless done his best to make his betrothed’s acclimation to the Fire Nation as comfortable as possible, allowing her free and unshackled rein of his estate, with supervision.
His betrothed – Zhao threw back another long drink and massaged his temples; if one thing were certain, it was that the reluctance she exuded was mutual.
But in the morning, he did not find Yue in her quarters; he did not find her in the garden, nor taking her morning meal, nor visiting the stables as she had grown fond of doing, and panic was burgeoning in his chest now as he stalked the halls, the grounds, in search of his captive – his soon-to-be wife – readying himself to sound the alarm when a duet of laughter reached him from somewhere nearby, one note light and feminine and the other deeper, with a jaunty, familiar lilt.
Rounding the corner, Zhao stopped short to see his Water Tribe princess in the courtyard sitting across a pai sho board from General Iroh, giggling at some asinine joke he made about a koala sheep as the older man’s eyes skated toward him: “Ah, Admiral Zhao, you may be pleased to hear you have quite the pai sho player on your hands; Yue is a very challenging opponent.”
That earned another laugh from her – a sound like the peeking sunlight in dappled woodland, bright and playful – and even as the breath rushed out of his chest in a gust, his hands scrubbing his face in exasperation, he felt something inside him soften.
Send me a prompt and I'll write you a 5-sentence fic.
(So, I had two "fics" spawn from the same opening as I tinkered with this, and couldn't decide which to post, so figured I'd throw it under the cut for whoever's interested.)
The admiral knew that the best way to keep a prisoner from trying to escape was to make sure they never felt like a prisoner – not that he had any real fear of the young princess hurling herself overboard; Yue had proposed the arrangement of her own accord, after all, in exchange for the moon spirit’s life and halting of the siege on her people – but Zhao had nevertheless done his best to make his betrothed’s transit to the Fire Nation as comfortable as possible, allowing her free and unshackled rein of the ship, with supervision.
His betrothed – Zhao threw back another long drink and massaged his temples; if one thing were certain, it was that the reluctance she exuded was mutual.
The ship rocked gently that night, but his sleep was shallow, fitful, and the air that stirred nearby might have been an accompaniment to the vessel’s swaying were it not for the scent that stirred with it, and the admiral cracked his eyes to see a face, beautiful but wraith-like in the darkness, hovering just out of reach of his.
Panic shot through him and Zhao surged back with an undignified noise as the figure gasped in turn, a choked quality of amusement to the soft sound, to see that it was no wraith that stood before him but the Water Tribe princess, as her quiet voice rippled the air: “I can’t sleep.”
The breath rushed from his lungs in a single gust and he scrubbed his hands over his face, rising at last to practically dwarf her with his height, and met Yue’s ocean eyes again as he half turned toward the door: “Neither can I,” he admitted, extending a hand to her awkwardly in invitation, “so if you are unopposed to some company, perhaps join me for a stroll in the night air?”
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spaceye1f · 20 days ago
Alters are like "You can follow my private blog if were close." and refuse to get close to anyone
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frida-pal · 21 days ago
Why the fuck do artist on Instagram always record themselves working with pretty dresses? How aren't you afraid of staining your clothes? I literally can't wear anything besides the oldest and ugliest clothes I own
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lavender-metropolis · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s so bright and passionate yet has such a formal vocabulary that compliments his personality in the best way possible  and he is so kind to everyone he encounters.... he holds a very pure heart whenever he smiles it lights up a room, even if he really shouldn’t be smiling during the given circumstances like the way he smiled when he said they should execute tanjirou but it was still a beautiful smile he’s just a genuine, pleasant, motivated person kyojurou i want to hold your hand (derogatory)
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moo-moo-meadows · 25 days ago
Jay. Jay moo moo meadows my beloved. I haven’t sent you an ask like this in awhile huh? I think its about timee.. You have consistently been the most kind person I know. You’ve been there for me so so much (more than you could ever know.) I appreciate and love you so much, thank you for being such a great friend and just a great person in general
Squinko dreamy-hearts my beloved 😠i love you soo much. Your presence has just made my life so much brighter. has probably made many ppls lives so much brighter. You always make me laugh and smile and you fill my heart with so much joy. I appreciate you so much as well thank you for everything
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lacecap · 26 days ago
while i was hanging out with my classmate there was this huge beetle on our picnic table so she got freaked out & in my panic my immediate thought was oh i have to pick up this beetle to impress her. needless to say it worked fantastically
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