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#and that those things would have eaten us up anyway
justinehudock · 10 hours ago
Unlike a box of chocolates, a bag of marbles is not like life. Life is more complex. A marble is a glass ball with dye injected into it to create those swirly swirls of color. It has little scenes delicately fed into it with the dye, sometimes, by the hand of an artisan, of cowboys in the middle of a standoff, ready to knock each other’s brains out because one proposed marriage to the other but the other hoped to reserve that pleasure for himself. A marble is a perfect thing. A perfect thing. A wonderful thing. I love them. But they are not like life. 
I don’t understand a thing. All that I have are my imperfect beliefs, and my spoiled humility, and my potpourri-scented wardrobe, and my father’s ashes, which act as the sand in my desktop zen garden. My name is Jackie Turkey, and I’m a turkey whose feed, one day, contained a perfect purple marble.
The farmer’s son flipped it by accident, playing some juvenile marble game in the barn where I live which the young boy often escapes to, to get away from his overbearing father farmer and mother farmer, who want him to become a veterinarian but the young boy, a vocal product of the anti-war movement, cannot stand the thought of a career prefixed with Vet. 
I would not give it back to him, this marble. I’m a turkey, see. Jackie Turkey. And we don’t have hands to give things back with, so, what we finds, we keeps, and there’s nothing the law can do about it. If a legless man found himself in possession of another’s soccer ball, you wouldn’t ask him to kick it back, would you? I nearly choked to death on the thing, too, bastard. I can accept a gift with as great a level of shrinking modesty as the next turkey, but, we’ve all heard stories of the ceremonious jerk who put his girlfriend’s engagement ring on a breadstick, which she swallowed unknowingly, and choked to death on. We’ve seen the tabloids!
Anyway, I didn’t choke on the marble. Turkeys, of which I am one among, have what’s known as an “inner gobble.” To put in layman’s terms, this is sort of like a fleshy pinball flicker. It’s located inside our long, scrubby necks, and if anything goes down that pipe that’s not supposed to — like sticks with cotton wool at the end on fire, or ghost peppers, or what have you. A clump of wet sand, I don’t know — the inner gobble flicks it back up, like how you sometimes see humans flick flies mid-air, just for fun. Except it’s not a matter of fun. It’s a matter of choking or breathing, and I usually opt for the latter. 
This marble dislodged, shot straight upward, ruptured through my barnhouse’s ceiling (making me quite the nice bullet-hole-sized skylight, slash secret passageway for my flirty little girlie, the hummingbird from Tree #223) then fell straight back down, through the hole, and landed softly in the hay at my little turkey talons.
I didn’t know what to do with it, at first. It seemed sort of like it could be a very small alien spaceship, so I watched it for a few minutes to see if a little hatch would open and tiny, possibly turkey-shaped aliens would step out and demand I let them conquer me. I wouldn’t let them, mind. I would have eaten them whole, or kept them as friends, but friends with handcuffs on and muzzles and no cell phone privileges, and also I would have blocked all extraterrestrial area codes just to be safe. But nothing of the sort happened. I was glad. Aliens are tough to assimilate. People don’t like their green skin, even if they are turkey-shaped and in that way, seemingly benign and familiar. 
I pushed the marble lightly with my beak, then jumped backward ten feet and watched, guarding my turkey loins, to see if it did anything. It didn’t. Cautious but markedly less afraid, I approached the marble again. I used my talon to poke it this time, then jumped forward ten feet, rotating mid-air so that I landed facing the marble, my wings poised in a Taekwondo starting position. I was ready for anything. Except what happened. 
Which was nothing. By this point I was happy to accept that this was probably one of those spheres that the farmer’s little boy was always playing with, which had never given any hint of being anything but, as I intuitively dubbed them, glass spheres. I had watched the marble as it flew from his hand into my feed, after all. I said that before, didn’t I? I’m just careful, is all. You never know. You never do know.
It must be, oh, seven months since the marble passed the beak-push, talon-push test. Since then, we’ve become close friends. I’m a male, see, but sometimes Marble will role as my little egg baby, and I’ll pretend I’m laying him, then I’ll pretend I’m sitting on him, just like a chicken. Other days, my hummingbird girlfriend from Tree #223 will come over, and she’ll load Marble in my throat like a cannon, which activates my inner gobble, then she’ll quickly turn me so I’m facing an unsuspecting barn-mate — like Harry Horse, or Vagina Cow — and Marble will shoot through the air like a bulleted list item as it’s checked off the virtual To Do and gets sucked through the plumbing of the internet.
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slenderversemyway · 15 hours ago
All They Have - Chapter 6
Marble Hornets, Brim, TW: Injury, Language, Mention of medication, Mental illness, DID, Violence, Kidnapping
Summary: It was all over. Alex was dead and Tim could finally move on. All he wanted was a normal life. If only he could have one...
Chapter under the cut for those who don’t use Ao3
Tim knew the next while would be rough. Not only because he wouldn't be able to walk, nor because his meds would completely fade from his system. It wasn't even because he was being held captive by a monster. No. He knew because, he was stuck for who knew how long with Brian fucking Thomas.
The bed was uncomfortable, the food was crumby, and he couldn't move. Overall it was the most comfortable he’d been in years. There may have been better times but at this point he didn't care. Might as well see this situation as the best it'll get. After all he wasn't running through the woods on his broken leg. No matter what Alex was still… He sighed.
“That won't change. That won't change. That won't change.” He repeated softly again and again like a mantra. His eyes scanned the ceiling for any new stimulus as he mumbled. Finally he sighed, nothing. It was the same as it had been for the last month. Beige grey, popcorn kernels staring down at him, riveting.
He knew he had plenty of time to think but that was the last thing he wanted to do. So he spent his days counting the protruding dots. Brian occasionally came in to give him food or an ice pack but he wasn't around much. Seen more often was Hoodie and the more he saw the less Tim wanted to see. Brian was already annoying but that thing was something else. Something that made his stomach twist. Combining the two was the worst of both worlds. As if on cue the door creaked to open. Tim held his breath as he could never be sure who’d walk through that door. It pushed open and in came an annoying but at least not hostile face.
“Morning sleeping beauty.” Yup definitely Brian.
Tim would’ve rolled his eyes but at this point he thought they might freeze that way. So instead he ignored the comment entirely. Opting to stare at the ceiling and begin counting again. One, two, thre-
“Hey! Tim ya in there?” Brain made a knocking motion at the man’s head. Tim repressed the urge to grumble and kept going. Three, four, five, si-
“Oh I see. Well if there’s no Tim I guess you won’t be needing this." Tim looked through the corner of his eye, Brian held up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… Again. As much as he hated them Tim was hungry and begrudgingly sat up and looked at Brian.
“No it’s colonel fucking Sanders.”
“Oh i guess you’d prefer chicken then.” Brian chuckled lightly as Tim glared. He came closer with the plate sitting on the bed beside Tim's legs. He extended the plate to a very indifferent Tim who took it.
Tim stared blankly at the plate before looking back up at Brian. “Again?”
“What?” Brain responded indignantly. “PB & J is a classic.”
“Not when it's all you've eaten for the last month.”
Brian shrugged and said, “Well it’s all we have so you’ll just have to live with it.” Tim's eyes rolled despite his best efforts. “No, it’s all you know how to cook.” Brian crossed his arms defensively.
“No!” He whined. “How would you know anyway? You haven't been anywhere but this room for weeks.” Tim gave Brian a knowing look.
“Who did all the cooking in college?” That made Brian pause turning slightly red.
Tim despite himself chuckled, the most smiling he’d done in a long time as a flustered Brian left closing the door hard behind him. As unhappy as Tim was with his food the smile didn’t leave his face.
 The next day, Tim awoke to a loud crash. Jumping he looked over to the door. What the fuck? He sat in silence for a moment before the door unexpectedly burst open. Brian stood slightly ragged covered in white powder and tan splotches.
“What did you do?”
“Nothing, just some stuff fell.”
“Stuff fell?” Tim narrowed his eyes.
“Yes.” Even Brian seemed unconvinced of his lie.  
Tim rolled his eyes. Moving his leg off the bed he carefully sat up..
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“Getting up.” Brian's brow furrowed.
“How? If ya forgot uh.” He gestured at Tim's leg.
“Yeah, hadn’t noticed” Tim quipped sarcastically. “I have crutches in the closet.” He pointed to a door in the hall. Brian walked over.
“And why should I get them?” Tim glared at Brian.
“What am I gonna do? Run away? Besides we both know you can't cook for shit and I’d rather not have you burn down my house trying.” Brian thought for a moment before huffing and walking over to the closet.
“I guess.” He grumbled
“There’s also a first aid kit in the bathroom.” Tim called.
“Why do you have crutches anyways?” Tim shrugged looking through the contents.
“You never know.” He pulled out some gauze and alcohol. Gently he raised his shirt to reveal the bruise on his side. There were still a couple of open cuts. Brian looked at the wound.
“Jeeze that car crash did you bad, huh?” Tim didn’t break his concentration treating the wound.
“No, actually this was you. Kick in the side remember?” Tim's voice was cold and tempered making Brian look a bit uneasy. He did not answer.
Tim continued cleaning the wound and then wrapping his torso in gauze to set the bones for healing. “Just sad it didn’t puncture a lung.” Tim's tone was serious. Brain squirmed uncomfortably. He put his shirt back down gently.
Moving on to his leg Tim took out a leg brace wrapping it tight around his bad leg. He then grabbed his work boots securing one on carefully over the wrapping. He tied them tight and grabbed the box. He reached into it for one last thing, a white pill bottle. Brian's eyes widened and he pounced forward grabbing the pills away and inspecting them. Tim flinched back as the pills were ripped away.
“What are these?” Brian asked urgently. Tim looked at him with confusion and annoyance.
“It’s just Tylenol. What the fuck man?” Tim's confusion was met with a serious look from Brian who opened the bottle taking out the contents to see an orange cylindrical tik tak looking pill. He scrutinized it but eventually pulled four out and gave them to Tim. Tim snatched them away and quickly swallowed them as if Brian might change his mind at any moment. He then glared at Brian for a moment before grabbing the crutches and getting up. “Why won't you give me my meds anyways?” Brian sucked in a breath a bit startled. Then in a serious voice he explained.
“It doesn’t want you to have them.” Tim just stared for a moment. They seemed to stand like that for a while, two old friends staring at the strangers the other had become, on different paths. As much as he wished he was, this wasn’t the Brian he knew. This Brian wasn’t his. He belonged to something else…
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maeganbobaegan · 5 days ago
vent to clear my mind
My stomach has been tight & anxious all morning. I’ve got a general unpleasant feeling of overwhelm going on & every time that I start to relax, I feel like the kids come to me & I have to stop what I’m doing to see what they’re needing -- like deep down needing. Then, my mind is blank & I have to trace my steps to find what it was that I was doing before I dropped everything. 
I ate meat for breakfast, knowing that it would mess with my stomach -- but did it anyway? I felt like I didn’t want to waste it & that’s really why I eat any meat. To keep it from being wasted. So, I’m basically using my body as a trash receptacle substitute. Which then adds to my anxiety because the stomach pain & the additional thoughts of Why are you doing this stupid thing??? Thankfully I have some yogurt on hand to help settle my stomach when it’s feeling this way & I’m having some now. 
I keep trying to narrow down all of the possible tasks to those that I need to focus on first. I’ve been noticing that a lot of times I feel like something is a priority, when really it’s just crossed my mind so many times that I want to get it done or over with. Then, I end up spending money on something or paying a bill that isn’t a priority yet, which messes me up at a later date. I’m finally focused enough to realize that I need to get an order ready to ship & I also need to ship seeds to my mom for mother’s day. So, those need to be done right after I make lunch for the kids. I’m going to try to not think past those things at this point. 
Another frustration is that I feel like no matter what I have in the house, the kids need me to make it for them. Or, they’ll just grab some chips or candy. I’ve told them repeatedly over the course of many years that they have to eat something healthy before going for the junk snack. I go through the kitchen with them, opening the refrigerator, pointing to each item that I have placed directly in their line of vision & is easy to grab & needs little to no preparation. I also remind them that things like pb&j or ham & cheese sandwiches exist & are not too difficult for them to put together. Then, I go to the counter, where many fruits live in plain sight. They’re all washed & ready to eat. But, they don’t get eaten unless I cut them into slices. Then, we go the cabinet where there are lots of nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, crackers (that pair well with pb or cheese) & so much more. 
I’m only one person & it’s about midweek that I start to feel that I can’t do this & things have to change. I was trying to have a day where I took it easy & did the bare minimum & those days don’t exist anymore. I feel like I’m wishing my time away, which I hate. I feel like shit inside & out, which is making me a grumpy bitch. I’m so tired of this routine & I keep trying to mix it up & change things but I cannot do it alone. I don’t know how to be a jerk to the kids & make them do stuff. They’re tired of doing the few chores that they used to help with & I have to find some energy to figure out how to make things exciting enough for them to want to be involved. 
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agreementtale · 6 days ago
Chapter 25: Prepare yourself
“Stop wasting your food” came the familiar screech.
“Hm?” they turned around, trying to find him on the snow “You’re back!”
“Yes, I’m back” they quickly put the boot down and allowed him to get comfortable “And I saw you giving that away! You can’t do that, do you know how hard is to get food around here?”
“I already ate today” They were carrying the boot since he left, they hoped it still had a lingering warmth on it, ice shouldn’t be pleasant on roots.
“Then keep it for tomorrow” They wanted to ask about Mom, to know how she was doing now that they were gone.
“He was hungry now, it didn’t cost me anything” But if his only concern was them feeding the homeless, they could conclude that Mom was mostly alright.
“It costs you tomorrow’s food” And if Mom wasn’t alright, did they even wanted to know? They wouldn’t come back to the Ruins, not without breaking the barrier first.
“Tomorrow I’ll have breakfast with Sans again” And it would be a long journey until they broke the barrier.
His spooked expression caught their attention “You what?”
“Or is it lunch?” why was he surprised? They had talked with the brothers a few times now, and Sans had shown no intention to kill them, was it so weird they went to Grillby’s? “Is it lunch if I haven’t eaten breakfast yet?”
“What do you mean you had breakfast with Sans? Didn’t I told you not to do anything stupid?” Or he could just be Flowey, and be finding something to complain no matter what.
“It wasn’t stupid, it was free food”
“There is no thing as free food! You gave him something in return”
“He paid” Not actually, but he did put it on his tab.
“Yes, but I know you, you talked to him! What did you say?”
“We… traded jokes”
“And?” And they started a passionate rant that they didn’t remember all the details.
“He told me a bit about monsters” they don’t think they let it slip anything too bad or that could be used against them “And I told him a bit about humans”
“You should never tell him those things!” Flowey snatched their finger from their cheek, as if he could emphasize his words with the sudden action.
“He already knows I want to befriend everyone” They got their finger out of his vines with ease “he don’t believe me anyway”
“You didn’t tell him about the barrier, did you?” He was quiet, like he was afraid someone was listening.
“Nope, I’m not that stupid” There wasn’t, the homeless guy was long gone, there was no one even close to them.
“Yes you are” now he was just being petty “but anyway–/”
“Anyway” they interrupted whatever rude insult he was going to make by walking faster “he told me I’m smart, so me being stupid is just your opinion”
“…” eyed them warily, if they didn’t know any better they would think he was looking for signs of lying “He was being sarcastic”
They wanted to roll their eyes at him “Nope” was that so hard to believe? “he actually said I was smart”
“That doesn’t sound right”
They were about to retort when a blurry something entered their field of vision, they only had time to turn a bit to the side, taking Flowey out of the way before the impact.
They were thrown on the ground, just like the blurry someone.
“Hey!” a yellow and black shirt, instead of blurry was now covered in snow “Watch where you’re going” A single yellow stripe on a black shirt, with a little yellow monster inside “You wanna die today?” He still yelled from the snow.
“Not really” they remembered him, even if he seemed to be older that when they first met “I’ll prefer to die some other day, but thank you for asking” they got up, patting themselves and Flowey.
“Are you messing with me?” He was still on the ground, they got closer to help him.
“Why do you have to be like this?” their brother grumbled almost inaudible.
“No, I’m just new here, you can call me Weird Puppy” They extended their hand to help their friend.
“You are messing with me!” He somehow managed to get up and away from them in a single movement.
“Yes” Flowey said in a tired voice “Offer your hand to the kid with no arms, very clever”
“What – no!” Oh, god, why did they extended their hand to him? “I’m so sorry! I just wanted to help you get up” How could they remember being friends with him and forget this ‘detail’?
“I don’t need your help!” He shouted, still agitated “I don’t need anyone’s help” and with this he ran away.
“He looked distressed” they couldn’t help but think out loud.
“They just got thrown in the ground by a stranger”
“Oh…” he was still a kid, right “yeah, that would make anyone distressed, but why did they run away without even saying their name?”
“Monster Kid”
“No, I know their name, I just wanted to make a conversation so we could be friends” He and the little bunny were the only kids they saw in Snowdin.
“With someone you just pushed to the ground and as far as they know, wanted them dead, but was too coward to call them to an encounter”
That wasn’t what happened.
Why would he think they would kill him? They were also wearing stripes…
“You talk like making friends is impossible here”
“It is when you start by tackling someone to the ground” … he had a point… but they were not ready to admit defeat just yet.
“Tell this to the Froggits or the Vegetoid on the Ruins I made friends with” in this world tackling someone was a completely valid way to make friends.
“Vegetoid never attacked you” yes he did “she introduced you as her child” oh… no, that was just the second time, the first time they had died.
“Then to the Dogi or Greater, or Lesser, they all attacked me”
“They are not your friends, they just tolerated you because you wear stripes” that was not true! He saw how they clicked with Lesser dog.
“Now you just want to hurt my feelings” Stripes or not, that had been a nice game of fetch, and nothing he could say would convince them otherwise.
“I’m your only friend, you should listen to me” Oh, so that was the point he was so desperately trying to make?
“Ok, ok, I’m listening” if he wanted them to stroke his ego “Please drop your fabled knowledge, my dearest and only friend in this whole world” they would oblige.
“I hate you” and annoy him in the meantime.
“What a terrible burden to keep an idiot such as myself alive for so long!” said putting a hand to their forehead in their best acting voice.
“I really want to kill you right now” the irritated way his vines twitched was so funny!
“On the dreadful day of your death I’m sure you’ll go straight to Heaven” They put the boot on the ground before he decided to smack them “Because you atoned for all your sins here on Earth, by putting up with a vile and annoying being” but made sure to walk in circles around him while monologing.
“You’re not even making sense” but still keeping enough distance his vines wouldn’t reach them, in case he tried.
“Oh, sweet relief the day you are finally free from the claws of stupidity” a snowball straight to their face stopped them mid rant, they looked at him confused.
“Stupidity, I’m listening” he was smiling, holding a snowball, when did he had the time to make one? Two actually, they had just lowered him there, there was no time!
“Oh no, you didn’t” cleaning snow from their mouth, confusion morphed into determination.
“Keep going, I’m listening” still staring at their eyes, he slowly made another snowball, as if he hadn’t proved he was able to produce one in less than two seconds..
“And” the attack was expected, they dodged one snowball and another “So you can” But a vine moved the snow near their foot, distracting them enough to be hit by other two balls.
“I can what?” asked him sweetly “~I can’t hear you over all that snow~”
That was all the taunting they needed “Oh, it’s on!”
“Snowdin is nice” they said while laying on the snow, they were in the middle of the city, being goofy and all, and no one had tried interfere on their snow fight.
“Don’t get used to it” Flowey was looking away, keeping guard while they caught their breath “If you are really doing this, it will only get harder from here”
“I’m sure we can figure a way out” They enjoyed the fresh snow on the ground, while looking at the small flakes falling lazily on the ‘sky’.
It was just a cave ceiling, but with the diffuse illumination of the reflecting stones, it was clearly day outside.
The light in Snowdin was just like a, slightly dark, day in a cloudy weather.
“You don’t understand” His tone of voice was concerning.
They turned to him with their full attention.
“There are places, really bad places, places you are always being watched and can’t escape” he looked at them, the playful mood from before long gone “You can’t go there, you have to listen to me when I tell you where to go, so you can avoid getting stuck” he avoided their eyes, looking at the ground instead “I’m not strong, if you don’t listen to me, then there is nothing I can do”
“Ok, I’ll listen to you” They wanted him to stop worrying so much “What do you want to do now?” He wasn’t strong enough, but they knew they would be when they needed to.
“Stay in Snowdin a bit more” Easy done, but why would he want that?
“Are you sure?” They would prefer to keep going, but a bit of peace before the storm was welcomed.
“You want to make friends, right? You’ll need practice” And they knew that if Snowdin was calm, Waterfalls would be one hell of a storm “And more important, do you see that house over there?” he pointed to the brothers house “Never go past there”
The path to fight Papyrus.
And the barrier ahead.
“Ok, we will stay here for a while” they blew the snowflakes from their face “Does that makes you happy?”
“I don’t get happy” sure he didn’t.
“Does that makes you less annoyed?” They started to move, to make a snow angel and decorate the city, everyone passing the main road would be able to see it.
They could hear his eyes rolling in the tone of his voice “Sure, why not”
“I love you, brother” they said truthfully.
“Whatever” They chose to hear this as ‘Me too’, it was not like he was going to admit it anytime soon.
And maybe, just maybe, they were expecting too much.
He couldn’t feel love as a flower, or so he told them. But since they got here, he had been nothing but kind to them, in his own way.
And he proved he cared several times, so maybe ‘not feeling love’ was just the way he chose to interpret it? A way to cope, to exaggerate the fact so he could accept and move on?
They had done something similar after all, back on the – Cold, cold, cold!
“Get out of the snow, stupid, do you want to catch a cold?” the whole body sneeze forced them to sit down.
“Is just a sneeze, Flowey” they patted the excess of snow out of their neck.
“And next thing you know you are bed ridden and can’t breathe” now he was the one being dramatic “Get up, now”
“But it’s so comfy!” they laid down again, nor ready to abandon their snow angel “it isn’t even that cold” magic snow was the perfect temperature to lay onto.
“I’m telling Mom”
Low blow.
“Ok, ok… I’m going…”
“You’re not moving”
With a unhappy moan they got up “There” said opening their arms to make a point “Happy?”
“Less annoyed” he smiled as they picked the boot “Now go there, the heat of the bar should keep you warm enough”
It should, standing near the Grillby’s should warm up both of them, and hey, he was the one to suggest they stayed in the city a little longer, right?
If they happened to find more people to introduce themselves to, it was an added bonus!
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daeva-agas · 7 days ago
I follow this manhua series called Cheating Men Must Die. It's basically a series of spitefics bashing stupid tropes and stupid main characters in various stories.
The latest scanlated arc is a broken Otome system where something has messed up the universe. So I don't think this is a criticism of the otome genre, but maybe it's the "otome isekai" that the author is snarking about.
It's just that... there's sometimes wonky Japanese usage it’s making me twitch... I mean, LOL, not sure why this is happening. Maybe because Japanese stuff would be rendered as Mandarin anyway when localized to China it makes the author assume “oh Japan is similar to China” and slack on research?
Like, there were characters who are constantly addresses with "-kun" (君), even when they're high profile persons who logically should be referred to with -sama. I don't know if this is the author’s error, or if in Mandarin 君 is meant to be the equivalent of -sama and the translator is the one who didn’t realize this. My only point of reference is Ikesen, where -sama is translated as 大人 in Mandarin. -sama 様 in Mandarin is often used more like “the same” (as in when comparing two objects, and they’re identical) 一樣...
A cafe staff greeted customers with ようこそ (youkoso). This is unnatural. In restaurants/shops typically the greeting is いらっしゃいませ (irasshaimase).
There's also Chinese-isms that snuck in. One of the company names was rendered in characters that is probably normal in Chinese, but is uncommon in Japanese that there’s no good kunyomi reading for it. The translators were forced to use onyomi reading, which ends up sounding a bit strange. The MC enters employment for an agency called 天奥, literally translates to... something like “Within Heaven”, or “The Centre of Heaven”? Maybe? The name the translator came up with is “Ten’oku”. This is unnatural because those aren’t the kind of kanji Japanese people would have chosen for a name, and so you end up with this super awkward reading. If I have to forcibly smooth it out, I might go with “Amanokuma”. That flows better than Ten’Oku IMO.  
There’s also a person with an awkward name too, I forgot what it was because it’s been ages ago. But basically same issue. It’s a combination of words that is probably fine in Chinese, but is not commonly used in Japanese, so it ends up sounding strange. 
There’s also a throwaway mention where a guy has “braised duck with brown sauce” for a bento lunch. “Braised duck” is Chinese cooking. Maybe it was meant to be special, and it’s not like Japanese people don’t sometimes have foreign style cooking, but yeaaah... “Braised duck” is not usually the kind of food Japanese people typically has for bento. And definitely not a "salaryman” bento. I could be wrong, but in what I’ve seen, Japanese people tend to have duck for guests or family dinners. Basically events where food are eaten fresh and warm. Not in a bento, where it’d definitely have cooled off. Unless it’s leftovers from last night’s dinner. But this is meant to be fresh, so it looks a bit weird? Again, I could be wrong, but in “easy recipes for bento”, I have never seen duck, so I would assume it’s not a common thing.
This is why I’m super D: about this other series where the main character is a time travelling agent. Same premise, but instead of entering “broken story universes”, they travel through time to do... things. I don’t know what. One of the arcs is a Shinsengumi arc and I just refused to touch the series knowing that THAT bit existed. I’ve seen their Sengoku romance one (uwu romance with Nobu because OF FUCKING COURSE) and it was BAD. I don’t want to see bad research, even in something I know less about like the Bakumatsu. This author has even been accused of plagiarizing Shiba Ryoutarou’s Shinsengumi novels. So not only there’s questionable research, there’s also plagiarism. 
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spider-barnes · 13 days ago
Glitter in the Air ✦ TH one-shot
We can all thank Tom for making me soft last night and making me write this.
Pairing: Tom Holland x reader
Warnings: none, pure fluff and my never ending love for Tom.
Word count: 1.2K
A/N: This might be very bad. I haven't posted anything I've written for six years and it's my first time writing for Tom. Also first time posting anything in English as it's not my first language. But here it is anyway. I used Glitter in the Air by Pink for this because the song is just as pure as Tom's story from last night.
Feedback is always appreciated.
Tumblr media
Have you ever wished for an endless night? Lassoed the moon and the starts and pulled that rope tight. Have you ever held your breath and asked yourself ‘Will it ever get better than tonight?’, tonight.
Tom had just recently come home after finishing filming the next Spider-man movie. Even though he was exhausted, he had spent the first few days hanging out with his family or dealing with some bits for The Brothers Trust. Today had been his first proper day off, finally home, finally reunited with you. You had been at work all day long and had eaten dinner at your family’s house celebrating a birthday. You had planned to meet Tom at his place after that, spending the night there. He had given you a key, in case he was already asleep when you got there.
Driving to your boyfriend’s, you were excited to have some quiet and alone time with him. You had seen him when he got home with Harry but you hadn’t had the chance to spend any time just the two of you. Once you got there, you entered his building and made your way up. You unlocked and opened the door as silently as possible, not wanting to wake him up if he was sleeping. You knew he needed to rest after months of filming away from home. You put your things down in the hallway and went to grab a glass of water in the kitchen. That’s when you heard a sound coming from the bedroom, a melody on the guitar. You loved it whenever Tom picked up the instrument to play some tune. You would always tell him and he would always say that he wasn’t any good. But you loved it, nonetheless.
The door was slightly opened and you took a look inside the room. There he was, sitting on his bed with the guitar. His hair was a mess and he was wearing pajamas. You couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him, your heart fluttering. He had a serious look on his face, focusing on the accords. He kept playing the same tune, cursing whenever he messed it up. You stood there, looking at him for some time. You didn’t want to interrupt such a beautiful moment. It was breath-taking. He was breath-taking. You looked at him more closely. The strand of hair standing out from the rest, the look in the eyes, his little chuckles when he made a mistake, the movements of his fingers, the veins on his hands. You were feeling almost overwhelmed by all the love and admiration you felt for him in that pure and vulnerable moment. You were pulled out of your thoughts when he spoke up.
“How long are you gonna keep staring?” he asked, his voice a bit raspy.
“Didn’t want to interrupt” you answered, stepping into the room. “Plus you know how much I like it when you’re playing the guitar.”
“I figured it would keep me awake while waiting for you” he said, smiling at you, putting the guitar down next to him.
“Don’t stop on my account” you told him, signaling for him to continue.
He picked up the instrument, playing the same tune he had been playing. You made your way to the en-suite bathroom, quickly getting ready for bed, before joining him back. You sat on the bed, opposite him. You stayed that way for some time, enjoying the calm and peace of the moment. Tom was always doing things for work or with his family. This was one of the rare moments when he didn’t have any obligation or any engagement. It was one of those moments you really want to take in and remember because they are so rare, so special. You knew not a lot of people got the chance to see him like this, taking the time to do something so simple yet captivating. This made the moment all the more precious in your eyes.
“How long do I have to keep playing before you finally give me a kiss?” he asked, a pout on his lips even though you could tell by the look in his eyes that he was messing with you.
“You might have to serenade me a bit longer, I don’t give kisses away that easily” you answered, teasing him.
“Serenading you, huh?”
“Trust me, it’s working” you said, smiling at him.
You moved on the bed, sitting next to him. You kissed him softly on the cheek before resting your head on his shoulder and one of your hands on his thigh. He must have taken a shower shortly before you arrived because you could smell the faint perfume of his soap and something that was purely Tom. In that moment you felt happy, happy to finally have him home, to be surrounded by him, to feel his breath on your skin. You lifted your head and gently grabbed his chin to make him look at you. Your lips met his, kissing gently.
“I love you” you said, your eyes locked on his.
“I love you too” he answered, giving you another kiss.
“So much” you added between kisses “with all my heart.”
He kissed you, again and again, with more passion, the guitar long forgotten. You could feel all the love he had for you through them. You had never loved anyone as much as you loved him. You didn’t even think it was possible to love someone that much until Tom. And with each passing day, you felt like you loved him more and more, if it was even possible. You adored every single thing about him. It could be scary at times or hard when he left for months to shoot a movie on a different continent. But moments like these made it all worth it. He was worth it. Worth every day spent apart, worth every late phone call, worth every minute spent missing him.
Tom put the guitar down and lifted the covers for the both of you to slide under them. You lay down, facing one another. Your legs were tangled together, your bodies almost completely touching. You could feel the warmth of his body, making his presence all the more real.
“I missed you so much, love” he said, putting a hand on your cheek.
“I missed you too” you say, kissing him softly.
“Come here” he said, pulling you towards him.
He lay down on his back, pulling you half on top of him. Your head was resting on his chest, one of your legs on top of his hips. He put his arms around him, smelling your hair.
“Just want to feel you, to hold you” he said, kissing the top of your head.
One of his hand was slowly stroking your back, making you relax even more into his arms. You could feel each breath he took as well as every beat of his heart. Your boyfriend, the love of your life, was finally home. In that moment, nothing else mattered. You would go through months without him all over again if it meant you could share moments like this one. When you were finally reunited, you forgot about it all. You loved Tom, with every fiber in your body. Lying there in his arms, you knew everything would be okay. Everything would be even more than okay. You let yourself fall asleep, feeling more relaxed than you had been in a while but also more in love than you have ever felt.
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dreadwulf · 15 days ago
A simple twist of fate
This is the canon divergence where Brienne is injured at Riverrun when Jaime takes the keep, and she ends up as his prisoner/guest. Last thing we saw, Jaime just got the news of the wildfire explosion at the Sept of Baylor, and that Tommen is dead.
From there, I’m going to try to replay Season 7 in a slightly different way, and explore the Jaime/Cersei dynamic a little more honestly than the show did. In this version Jaime goes back to King’s Landing intending to find out what the hell his sister has been doing, but he is unable to prove his suspicions about Baelor without implicating himself in the process (I’m making Cersei a little bit cleverer here). Like TV Jaime, he does fall back into a familiar pattern with Cersei for a little while, but when he tries to push back on her sooner, things get dark. That abusive relationship dynamic gets increasingly worse, and it’s messing with his head. 
Anyway, excerpt:
Jaime looks around and finds himself in his quarters with the sun dipping in the sky and realizes he does not remember the rest of the day. He performed his duties, surely. Hopefully. But he retained none of it. 
His mind has become like a stone skipping across the surface of the hours until they have passed him by and he comes back to himself at his destination, somewhere he would rather be. 
Which troubles him. He shouldn’t have to do this now. When he served the mad tyrant Aerys Targaryen it was useful to block out his surroundings - not just useful, essential. And when he served Robert and guarded his bedchamber he would black out the nights in a similar way so as not to hear what took place within. 
Now he serves only Cersei, and again the days are slipping past him without notice. Surely this time he should be passing the slow way. For all those years when he had longed to be elsewhere, this is exactly where he would have wanted to be. At Cersei’s side, sharing her with no one, with no authority in the land who could part them. They are together, freely, and yet there is a disquiet in him, and again he is going away. If there is some reason for this, why he feels the need to escape, it is lost in the missing time.
Over the weeks his memory grows more and more patchy and moth-eaten. But he is starting to catch glimpses of the problem around the edges.
He finds himself trying to wash a shirt, and recalls Cersei throwing a full goblet of wine at him, and nothing before or after it. He can't remember why. There may not have been a reason. There used to be reasons for these things, clear causes and effects. But lately she is vexed with him over everything and nothing. 
The trouble, he thinks, is he hasn't loved her enough.
Not that he loves her any less, but she needs more of him, and his attention has been… divided. Distracted. He has been faithful entirely, utterly, but his traitorous heart has developed other loyalties. Maybe she can tell. Maybe she can feel it, deep down, that there is another out there who has some claim on his heart. 
He didn’t mean for it to happen. He is utterly baffled that it did. For a while, after he had given up convincing himself that he wasn’t in love with two women, he worked on convincing himself it was all right if he did. So long as he didn’t act on anything, no one would know anything different. He has love enough for them both. He can take care of both of them in his way, by sending Brienne away as well provisioned as he can manage, and by watching over Cersei to protect her from her own worst instincts. 
But he has nourished these harmless little fancies. Thoughts of Brienne. Imagining her adventures. Wondering if she has settled in Winterfell now, what she does there. Hoping for news of her from the North. Some passing mention of something that reminds him of her, some mention of Tarth or Starks or Riverrun, lifts his spirits. Just to remember she exists cheers him, as little else does these days.
He doesn’t hope for anything. Not even secretly. There is no point. She is far away and he is never far from Cersei and should he set eyes on her again he will have to keep his distance. He will not torture himself with thoughts of catching her in his arms, of her hand in his, of what might have happened if he had turned to her that night after they watched the sunset and touched her hair. When his thoughts feint in that direction he puts a stop to it quickly. 
He must stop thinking of Brienne. It's disloyal, and Cersei can smell disloyalty like a hound scents a fox. It does no one any good, anyway. Loving Brienne. 
A fire needs fuel; if he turns his thoughts away from her consistently enough, this fire will cool. He will love only Cersei, love her better, and she will be sweet to him again. It will be difficult, but he will persist. They will have the perfect all-consuming love that they have always dreamed of and promised each other.
This is not what happens.
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In My Daughter’s Eyes Chapter 34: Forever
Chapter 33
Read on AO3
IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: This fic is on a very long hiatus until further notice. Please see the AO3 link for more details. Much love❤️
Tumblr media
It was June third, the day after their eleven month anniversary. Claire couldn’t believe it; it was truly almost an entire year since that fateful Saturday at the stables. A year since their hearts and bodies had spoken what their voices dared not say.
He took her down port again, to a restaurant even more extravagant than the one they’d gone to the last time they were there. It was a glorious Saturday night, and Claire was blissfully happy.
Though something seemed off with Jamie.
His hand had done that tapping that he did when he was anxious the entire drive over, and it was his left, always his left, so she could not reach out and take it to soothe him.
“Why, you’re as nervous as you were on our first date,” she’d teased.
“Aye, well.” He’d forced a chuckle, winking at her. “It’s no’ every day ye celebrate nearly a year wi’ the woman ye love.”
She’d laughed, too, not really considering what an odd thing that was to say.
She also hadn’t considered how strange it was to go so all-out when it wasn’t actually a full year yet. She could truly only imagine how extravagant those plans would be.
And anyway…what was there to be nervous about? There wasn’t a single thing they hadn’t shared, a single thing they didn’t know about each other now. Holding his hand as they left the parking meter, strolling down the sidewalk to their reservation, his palm was as sweaty as it had been the night they’d first slept together.
Had he never eaten at this restaurant? Was he worried she wouldn’t like it?
Watching his hand jiggle at his side at a constant loop at the table, Claire put her menu down.
“Jamie. You’re shaking the whole table.”
“Christ, I’m sorry.” He stiffened, reigning himself in. “I didn’t even notice I was doing it.”
“Don’t be sorry,” she said gently. “I’m serious. What’s going on with you? You’re never so out of it when we go out.”
“Nothing’s going on,” he said, and she almost believed him. “I’m alright.”
“You’re about to cause an earthquake with that nervous tick of yours and you expect me to believe you’re alright?”
His lips quirked up in a sheepish grin, and for just a second she caught a glimpse of Jamie again, not the anxious mess she was at dinner with.
“Is something happening with your family? And you don’t want to ruin the evening by bringing it up now? Because I don’t give a damn about the evening. We can leave right now—”
Claire jumped a little, wincing at how tightly he squeezed her hand.
“Sorry,” he stammered.  “I’m mucking this all up.”
“Mucking what up?”
He sighed. “Nothing is wrong wi’ my family. Nothing at all is wrong. Everything is…perfect. My life hasna been this right since I was a bairn.”
Claire allowed a tiny smile, her eyes glimmering. “Okay,” she said softly, urging him to continue.
“That’s what has me feeling this way, I suppose. You are perfect. Our life is perfect. I suppose this big anniversary is just…I dinna ken. I think I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.”
“Jamie…” Claire shook her head. “There is no other shoe. I’m not going anywhere. Faith is not going anywhere. You’re stuck with us, darling.”
He sighed in relief, and Claire could not comprehend that he would ever think otherwise to the point where he would feel such relief.
“Even when I’m shaking tables and sweating through shirts?”
She giggled. “Yes. Even then.”
He kissed her hand. “Good.”
The rest of the dinner went off without a hitch, though there was still something underlying buzzing through Jamie. She couldn’t wait to get him alone and reassure him the only way she knew how. If he kept this up, she might not be able to wait until they got home. She’d have to find a long, empty dock and drag him to the edge and kiss him senseless anywhere he wanted. She couldn’t stand to see him like this, and she wouldn’t rest until she could see that he was absolutely sure that she was his and his alone.
They went to their usual ice cream place, and as they swapped cups and tasted each other’s, Jamie seemed to relax a little bit more, laughing, savoring the flavor like a little boy. That was one of the things she loved most about him. He took nothing for granted, not even the difference between his moose tracks ice cream and Claire’s mint chocolate chip, not even the pigeons and seagulls that watched them out of the corner of their eye the closer they got to the beach.
“I’ll unleash all my unholy power if they so much as peck this ice cream,” Claire said, eyeing a particularly nasty looking little bastard.
“Dinna fash, my lass,” Jamie said gallantly, raising his spoon like Excalibur. “No harm shall befall ye, or yer precious frozen treat. No’ so long as I’m wi’ ye.”
“My hero.” She batted her lashes at him, then craned her neck and puckered her lips, and he obliged her, kissing her soundly.
The farther along the beach they wandered, the less and less people they encountered, and Claire began scouting locations where they could tuck themselves away for even a few moments of privacy. She certainly couldn’t fully have him here, but a few sloppy kisses and heavy touches would do the trick. Her eyes flicked to a dock with a boat on the end, no people to be found on it. She gave him a mischievous look and began tugging him toward it.
“I ken that look well enough,” Jamie said, matching her mischief. “And I’ll no’ be giving in to ye.”
She stuck out her lip in her most convincing pout. “Why ever not?”
“I dinna trust ye no’ to get us arrested for public indecency. No’ with that gleam in yer eye.”
“I’ll be good! I promise.” She stopped tugging so she could press herself flush against him, arching her back just enough that her breasts were the first thing that came in contact with him. “Come on, love…I promise I’ll behave.”
She fully expected him to grab her hips, press his hardness into her with a growl, and accept defeat.
But instead, he just grinned. Not even a smirk, a full-faced grin.
“If ye can catch me, ye can have yer way wi’ me.”
And then before she could blink, Jamie was running, sprinting away from her, kicking up sand in his wake.
“You bastard!”
She hiked up her skirts and chased after him as fast as her bare feet could carry her in the sand. She lost track of how long she spent going after him, but he was not relenting, not letting her catch up. They were both laughing their heads off, whooping, Claire calling after him until her voice was hoarse. He finally stopped, appearing to not be exhausted in the slightest, and she slowed herself to a jog, chest heaving and burning.
“You absolute maniac,” she panted. “What the hell is wrong with you?”
She was laughing as she said it, and he laughed with her, reaching out his hand and taking it when she caught up. He kissed her hand.
“My legs feel like jell-o. You’d better be planning on carrying me back.”
“Aye, of course,” he said automatically. “But I want to show ye something first.”
She cocked a brow skeptically.
“Come on.”
He tugged on her hand, and out of sheer exhaustion, she allowed him to lead the way. They were walking right to a dock, and before Claire could exasperatedly complain that she’d been trying to do the same thing before he started that marathon, she realized.
There were candles lining every step of the boardwalk, a string of lights wrapped around each wooden post along the way. Across the top was a zigzag of more lights, held in place by thin metal poles attached to the wooden posts. She hadn’t seen it, even as she was running right toward it. She’d had her eyes locked on Jamie’s bright red hair all the while, desperate to catch up to him.
“What…what is all this…?” She was still out of breath, and on top of it her breath was gone for an entirely different reason.
He didn’t say anything, just kept his hand laced with hers and continued walking her down to the end of the pier.
“This is beautiful…is this always here…? I don’t understand…”
A familiar humming noise took her out of her dumbstruck admiration of the twinkling beauty, and she whipped her head around. “Jamie…what…?” Squinting, Claire could make out two figures at the opposite end of the pier, and a bouncing little thing in front of them.
Before she could process what was happening, she felt him take her other hand. She turned her head to question him, but was stunned into silence by the look on his face.
He was radiant.
The string of lights painted glowing streaks in his hair and twinkled in his eyes. And God, his eyes…they were bigger than she’d ever seen; she may very well have drowned in them if he didn’t start speaking.
“Claire, I…” His voice broke, and he cleared his throat. The hand that was grasping hers was trembling.
“You are…the most remarkable woman I’ve ever met,” he continued, holding her gaze and squeezing her hand tighter. “The first time I saw ye I was…blown away by how big yer heart was. The way ye looked at Faith, the way she smiled at ye…I knew. I knew ye were special. And I didna realize at the time, but ye’d already crawled into this hole in my heart that was made for you. Both of you.”
Claire’s eyes welled up with tears, and it very suddenly hit her exactly what was happening.
“I know the pain ye’ve seen, mo ghraidh, I know the fear and doubt that plagues ye. But I…” He cleared his throat again, and then lowered himself to the ground, on one knee.
A single tear escaped Claire’s eye, trickling down as her breath hitched in her throat.
“I will never, never stop trying to be worthy of ye, Claire. I swear to ye on my life that I will be a good husband, and…a good father. You deserve to be loved beyond measure. And I…I do, mo sorcha. I love you wi’ every ounce of my being.”
Claire was fully sobbing now, and his thumb rubbed over her knuckles as his other hand reached into his pocket.
“So will you, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, make me the luckiest man in the world?” He opened the box, revealing the beautiful sparkling ring within. “Will ye marry me, Sassenach?”
Claire could not speak. She nodded vigorously, more ridiculous sobs sputtering from her. Jamie’s strained, concentrated face erupted into the most glorious smile she had ever seen. He leapt to his feet and Claire threw her arms around his neck, and he encircled her waist, lifting her off the ground and spinning her. He exclaimed loudly in Gaelic, laughing joyously, and Claire sputtered her own laughter in between sobs.
He finally put her down, and Claire seized his face in her hands and pressed her lips to his, and he kissed her back passionately. When they pulled apart, Jamie was holding the ring, a small but beautiful rock set within it, and she allowed him to slip it on.
“Oh, love…” she croaked out, and he brought her hand to his lips and fervently kissed the ring.
Something suddenly collided with Claire’s legs, and she cried out a bit in shock. Jamie laughed again as Claire turned around and looked down to see Faith clinging to her legs. Looking up, she could now see that the figures in the distance were Gail and Joe.
“You…” She turned back to Jamie. “You had this all planned, didn’t you?”
Jamie just beamed at her, his eyes glistening with tears. Claire let out a joyous laugh and sank to her knees in front of Faith.
“Hello, lovie….” She wrapped her arms around her and squeezed tight, rocking her gently. “Oh, look at you…” Claire pulled back so she could see Faith, dressed in a beautiful little dress, blue and purple and frilly, white stockings and her perfect little white shoes. When she’d left her with Leina, she was still in her pajamas from the night before, and the plan had seemingly been to leave it that way.
“Look at us, hm?” Claire said, sniffling as she stroked Faith’s hair. “All dressed up? Mummy is going to be married, darling.” Claire’s voice broke, and she laughed through more tears. “See, Faith?” She held up her hand, and Faith immediately began fiddling with the rock. “This means I’m going to be a bride, baby.”
God…I can’t believe it.
A hand suddenly touched her shoulder, and she looked behind her to see that Jamie had crouched down beside her.
“I’ve, ehm, got something for her, too,” he said, his nervousness returning.
Claire’s heart felt fit to burst as her eyes landed on the pink velvet box in his hand.
“With yer permission, Claire…” Jamie took a deep, stuttering breath. “I’d like to ask yer daughter to let me be her father.”
Claire’s chin quivered again, her eyes immediately welling up. She nodded, swallowing thickly, and then fervently kissed Jamie’s cheek before standing up to allow him to proceed.
Jamie took a steadying breath before straightening himself out, getting up on his knee the way he’d just done before Claire.
“Hello, wean,” he said. She was fiddling with her skirt and twirling it back and forth, staring intently at its sparkles.
“Faith, a leannan, can ye look at my eyes?” He gently poked her chin with his finger, and she looked up, only to become enraptured by the string of lights above her head.
“D’ye like the lights, Faith?” Jamie flicked her chin with his middle finger, signing light. She giggled and snatched his hand in both of hers. “Ah, ye got me,” he teased, bringing her hands to his lips and kissing them. “I like the lights too, ye ken. Reminds me of our special day in our fairy den. D’ye remember?” She hummed a bit, freeing one of her hands from his grip to flap it, saying fairy
“Aye, that’s right. Very good, Faith.” He took her hand again in hopes of keeping her attention. “I had lots of fun that day, Faith. In fact, I have lots of fun whenever I’m with ye. Because ye’re a very special lass. D’ye ken that?”
She started fiddling with the wee hairs on his hands, giggling to herself.
“I asked yer Mummy a very important question, Faith. I asked her if she wanted to be my wife. And I gave her a special present to celebrate, a very pretty ring. D’ye like the ring?” She nodded absently, still twirling the little hairs. “Well, I’m glad to hear it. Because I’ve got a special present fer you, too.”
That got her attention. She whipped her head up and looked at him, humming and then opening her mouth with an excited groan. Jamie chuckled softly and held the box up to her. She stroked the velvet box with her hands before pressing her cheek into it, likely enjoying its softness.
“Lovely box, is it no’?” he teased, and then gently lifted her chin to pick her head up off the box. “Let’s look inside, aye?”
Before Faith could snatch the box again or get upset, he popped it open.
“See what I’ve got for ye? Look.” He let Faith take it in her hands. “It’s a crown, see? And look what it says. F-A-I-T-H.” He signed each letter to her as he said it. “Faith. That’s yer name, aye?” She hummed, biting her lip with her smile. “Princess Faith, it says.
“D’ye ken that I love ye, Faith?” His voice got tight, his eyes welling up. “I think I fell in love wi’ you just as quickly as I did yer mam.” He tucked a curl behind her ear. He kept his hand there, cupping her cheek, as he signed I love you with his free hand. “See, a leannan? I love you.”
Faith gave a high pitched, squealing giggle, bouncing as she returned the sign. Jamie uttered a breathy laugh, a single tear trickling down his cheek. He heard a tiny sob from above him, and wasn’t surprised to feel Claire’s hand grasp his shoulder.
“Good girl, Faith,” Jamie whispered, rubbing a circle on her cheek with his thumb. “It makes me verra happy that ye love me, too.” He signed happy, smiling widely. “Are ye happy, Faith?” She hummed, jiggling her hands and nodding. “Good, good lass.” He sniffled, blinking away more tears, reaching to his own shoulder to cover Claire’s hand in his.
“I promise to always love ye, and protect ye, and do right by ye, just as I will yer mam.” He gave Claire’s hand a squeeze. “Will ye be my wee princess, Faith?” He poked a finger at the necklace, his fingertip cooling at the touch of the metal. “Will ye let me be yer Da?” He spread his fingers, poking his thumb to his forehead.
Faith hummed and jiggled a bit, but Jamie held the sign patiently. After a few seconds, she giggled, and then copied him exactly, thumb on forehead. Fingers splayed.
Jamie laughed out loud, fit to burst with joy. He released Claire’s hand to wrap his arms around his wee girl, and Joe and Gail broke into applause. He felt Claire fall to her knees beside him, and his heart cracked open to hear her openly weeping. He folded her into his embrace as well, and she pressed her face into the crook of his neck, fisting his jacket in one hand, caressing Faith’s curls in the other.
“Oh, Jamie…” she blubbered against his skin. “I love you…”
“I love you, too, mo chridhe. Wi’ my whole heart.”
When the three of them finally released each other from their embrace, Jamie freed the necklace from the box and fastened it around Faith’s neck. She rubbed it between her fingers, pulled it up and rubbed it on her cheek, and jiggled it in her hands.
“It’s beautiful, Jamie,” Claire breathed against his neck.
“D’ye think she likes it?”
“She does.”
“D’ye think she…understands?”
They looked at Faith for a moment, grinning from ear to ear as she fiddled with her necklace.
“I think she does.” Claire pressed a kiss into the crook of his neck. “If nothing else, she knows that you love her, Jamie.” Claire met his eye and held up the sign, trembling lips curling into a smile. He repeated the sign, touching their fingers together as he’d often seen mother and daughter do, and their foreheads rested together. “And she loves you, too. She doesn’t say what she doesn’t mean.”
A tear slipped from Jamie’s eye and trickled down Claire’s nose, and they kissed one another sweetly, I love you’s still pressed together.
Gail and Joe suddenly got closer, calling Faith over to them. Jamie broke into a wide grin, watching from the corner of his eye; the last part of the plan was nearly complete.
“Go on, baby,” Gail said. “Go put them on, just like we practiced.”
Faith scampered back to them, bounding and skipping and squealing with glee. Jamie exchanged a look with Claire, who seemed utterly bewildered, and who somehow looked completely and utterly beautiful, even red and swollen from tears of joy.
Jamie ducked his head and allowed Faith to clumsily place the hat atop his head, and then watched as she plopped the one with the bow on Claire. Faith squealed again and jumped up and down, clapping her hands in triumph and then flapping relentlessly.
“What on Earth…?” Claire turned to look at Jamie, and then burst into laughter.
Faith had put Mickey Mouse ears on them both — well, Minnie Mouse for Claire if you accounted for the red bow.
“D’ye no’ find me rather dashing?” he teased, and Claire laughed all the harder. “Here. Look.”
Jamie removed the hat, and Claire did the same, then Jamie held them side by side. Claire exhaled with a breathy laugh, leaning her cheek into Jamie’s shoulder as she read the words that Jamie had had embroidered onto the backs, his and hers respectively:
I asked
I said yes!
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iwasumi · 16 days ago
i'm sorry that you have to experience that, vale. sometimes people just suck. like, cool thanks for your opinion bro. but its rude, and its uncalled for, and no one asked.
when my middle school homeroom teacher talked about how disgusting this one vietnamese dish was. i wouldnt chalk it up to her being white, but for some reason or another, she had never had the exposure to that type of food. and she went on and on about how weird it was, how awful it tasted, how she couldn't eat it without needing to throw up. or! there's this one show of this guys who tries "bizzare foods" that we would watch in class for "fun". and he went to asia and tried some native dishes, making all these faces and comments. maybe it was just to amp up the entertainment factor, or maybe thats just his thing. either way, my classmates were encouraged by his demeanor, saying how gross it all looked or how they would rather starve. and then they'd turn to me and genuinely ask, "have you ever eaten that?" like. please. yes, i have or would eat that. a whole country of people eat that. someone worked hard to make that food.
just because you're surprised/shocked doesn't give you the permission to be rude.
ANYWAY. all that matters is, we know that the food slaps and we'll continue to love it. their loss. sucks to suck, losers.
no but thats literally so rude of her .... its one thing to say u dislike a food but to continue to go on and on about how disgusting it is and how sick it makes you, esp knowing full well theres people in the group that could be kinda hurt by those comments. yeah. also the thing about ur classmates uhm wtf 😐😐 im sorry u had to go through that,, being a poc in school can be so awkward because sometimes it feels like ur just associated with that one thing, u know what i mean. but true 😤😤 their loss and more good food for us
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thequietmanno1 · 23 days ago
Thelreads, Vigilantes 35, Replies Part 2
1) “Oh right, they haven’t been properly introduced to the Crawler, oh they have no idea what’s on store… Also, seems like thee crab is rather slower than they made it seem, or the venue is 5-km long, because jesus are they still running, we could land a plane on this damn place.”- Hmm, this reminds me of a maths problem. If said venue is X miles long, and the crab is traveling at Y MPH, with the Pro hero in pursuit at on Z MPH, how long until Best Boy Koichi explodes?
2) “Also, don’t tell me that by “that” you actually mean yeeting her at the crab.”- When in doubt, Hit a motherfucker with another Motherfucker! It worked for Bakugou, though he was often the guy hitting the target with himself at high explosive speeds.
3)“Alright that’s downright terrifying, even more than the finger things. As if I didn’t had enough reasons to fear someone named Monika.”- And here I thought Chun Li was supposed to be the one with the deadliest thighs known to man…
4) “Oh my god she completely ate shit after that, but she’s so proud that saved those kids from being blow up… then the crab blows up anyway, just not right next to the drugs.”- The stalls were all out of crab, so instead everybody got steady helpings of shit to eat on top of their free face-fault specials for the day.
5) “OH FUCK OFF FURUHASHI, DID YOU JUST USED THE PLOT OF SPEED(1994) AGAIN? GODDAMMIT DUDE, THERE ARE OTHER KEANU REEVES MOVIES, YA KNOW?”-  Well, given what kind of personality Scarface has demonstrated thus far, I can fully believe either him or his handlers would be the ones to go ‘Oh, you stopped the runaway bomb from reaching the destination where it can detonate? Well, now it’s going to blow up anyway, because Fuck You!’ just to drive home how incompetent and inefficient the police are in stopping him from wreaking havoc however he wants. He’s an unrestrained free spirit, and nothing makes him feel better than causing a mess right in front of people and then getting away with it whilst they can’t do anything about it.
6) “MONIKA CAN SAVE HERSELF, SHE’S A CRAB, BUT POP NEEDS TO BE TAKEN TO SAFETY, EVEN MORE SINCE SHE’S PROBABLY DIZZY AFTER THAT SPIN SHE JUST TOOK.”-  Huh, I thought the floor were just really slippery over there, but maybe that’s why she slips up out of nowhere before she’s fully out of the blast radius- besides the rule of drama that dictates Koichi’s Vigilante Life. Thinking about it, another difference between Him and Scarface is that these dramatic situations happen naturally to Koichi without him really looking for Trouble, But Scarface intentionally sets up elaborate scenarios for maximum dramatics.
7) “Everybody is eating shit today, I wonder if this is because the laws of physics got so offended by what happened that it is now hellbent on punishing them.”- My theory was the janitors were so fed up with cleaning up the aftermath of these conventions that they polished these floors to the consistency of an ice rink, just to teach people a lesson about chucking their half-eaten food anywhere that’s not the designated waste disposal units.
8) “oh, nooow you think about using your quirk? A tad to late boy, the Crab is about to explode, there’s only 18 seconds remaining, there’s no time!”-
Koichi: A true hero Makes his own Time! (incidentally providing another contrast between him and Scarface, who can literally ‘Make his own time’ of about 3 minutes in 1 normal-world second through his speed acceleration)
9) “I saw that blush there Pop, can’t even blame you, because he was kind of cool right there.”- … for all of about 3 seconds before he sped right into the bomb’s blast radius in the exact opposite outcome of what he intend to do to save Pop. Should have watched Tokyo Drift more to learn how to better handle the cornering.
I TAKE THAT BACK, YOU’RE NOT COOL, COOL GUYS DON’T SLIDE INTO EXPLOSIONS”- My theory about the Revenge of the Janitors looks to be gaining more evidence if Koichi can’t gain any traction on those floors…
11) “SUFFOCATE THEM WITH YOUR FRIENDSHIP SO THEY SURVIVE THE FLAMES OF THE CRAB HATE “- Or, you know, just suffocate the flames themselves. No Oxygen= No Hate fires, and that also leaves Koichi and Pop able-bodied enough to leave the venue under their own power before they run into Phelps, who’s definitely in the mood for extensive questioning for any potential leads after Scarface humiliated him like that.
FEAR THE EGG, FOR  ITS ABOUT TO EXPLODE”- All Seriousness aside, I can’t help but see this reaction as Fatgum having a bad encounter with some crab samples and struggling vainly to hold in a very deadly fart, before it rips its way out of him regardless.
14) “You won’t get any points for it right now Koichi, the “cool guys don’t look at explosions” rule is out because you somehow lost control of your quirk and skid right into a goddamn bomb.”-  Koichi’s ability to attract danger is so strong that it’s now starting to pull him towards the nearest source of danger when he’s in high speeds- the natural downside of having such an awesome Quirk. Unbeatable mobility around a city, but said mobility will always push you towards the closest trouble whether you want it to or not.
15) “Don’t worry Monika, like a friendship-themed phoenix, Fatgum shall rise from the ashes to protect humanity.”- And thus we get to the ‘Blow-up Hero’ Portion of the title, right after Scarface went ‘See ya later’- assuming that wasn’t referring to Koichi and Pop parting on amicable terms with the authorities before Phelps had a chance to show up.
16) “OH DAMN, DADDYGUM IS BACK BOYOS. THE PHOENIX RISES AGAIN, JUST LIKE I SAID.”-  Also explains why he has a different Costume design in the future. Truly, it’s sacrifice was a worthwhile one, as it allowed FitGum to rise from the flames of his burning calories anew.
17) “Also, I keep thinking about the fact that Fat probably has to absorb the things he eat with a 100% efficiency to get back to his shape kind of fast.”- Fat’s quirk-boosted metabolism and calories manipulation would be a godsend for any woman to have. Eat all you want, and literally burn it off in combat or otherwise if you want to exploit your Womanly charms
18) “Of course, you two will now be arrested by non-authorized usage of quirks in public place, Phelps won’t let you get away this time, Koichi, you shall answer for your crimes!”- Of course the Lawful professional Police officer wouldn’t let their unauthorised Quirk usage in a public space go… which is why Koichi and Pop dealt with Mcstache instead, as the closest person in semi-authority they could grab permission to leave from before something else wacky happened, like more explosions.
19) “I mean, I know they are, but in all honesty they aren’t that important. They were far from the place where the drug ring was operating, they were at the stand the whole time and McStache can confirm it, not to say that Fatgum accompanied them to the venue, so he can vouch that they weren’t there beforehand, therefore couldn’t be involved in setting up the mess.
Interrogating them is more like a formality than a necessity, although Phelps would like to interrogate his future brother-in-law I suppose”-  All true, but Phelps lives for the formalities. The laws and regulations will be followed, to the letter and beyond, if necessary!
Phelps: So, these illegal Quirk-users have direct connections to my Sister?... Curses! How did those fiends guess my one weakness!?
THAT OR HE’S SO IN DENIAL OVER IT ALL THAT HIS MIND IS COMPLETELY BLOCKING EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED THOSE PAST FEW HOURS.”- Koichi used to freeze up in fear over the mere concept of confronting somebody, and now he’s shrugging of being in a life-or-death race and nearly being exploded due to a sequence of events he has no real understanding of. I’d say I’m proud of him, but on the other hand he might be becoming dangerously de-sensitised to incoming lethal threats if he’s getting so used to constant peril, which isn’t a good thing. Koichi needs to keep those survival instinct sharp, just under control in the heat of the moment so he doesn’t freeze on the crucial timing.
22) “Oh my god that is absolutely adorable. They had no business finishing the volume with such a cute panel.”- Were Knuckle here, he would absolutely be taking this shot as a commemorative Photo on his Polaroid Camera, given he doesn’t believe in these new-fangled Digital camera thingies so much. Can’t trust any photo you can’t touch with your own two hands.
23) “And, meanwhile, the speedster will continue to act on the shadows, toying with his enemies; he hasn’t caught wind of koichi yet, but soon he’ll come to face him, and then… well, I’m already fearing the bullshit we’ll go through when that day happens…”- Neither of them are on each other’s radar for entirely different reasons, but they couldn’t be more obviously fated to clash in a fight/ speed duel than Midoria and Shigaraki, or more appropriately, Flash and Reverse Flash. The man who can ‘stop time’ vs the man who can stop at any 3d position he wants- let’s see who’s the better one. @thelreads
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Ash Pt 8
Tumblr media
Any means for a private lunch was dashed in a debacle of a means by Prince Estel to plea his way out of his usual music lessons Elrond was trying to enforce upon him. Trailed by the entrance of a confused messenger who arrived with a pile of notes from Erebor that didn’t seem to make any sense at all thanks to the smudged outer envelopes. That while you finished the first then second helping of the warm honey butter rolls there the King had taken notice of the usual seals he gave lists of the few known possible recipients from those who had written them. Off they darted to try and leave the two bonding Nobles alone for a moment of silence in which the King timidly glanced your way and flashed you a quick grin before his move to finish his lunch and catch up to your emptied plate to snack on a roll on the way back to the clock.
Five pieces was all you managed to move before a hiss left him in a shake of his hand to signal the warning bite he’d been given the day prior that meant it was time to stop. “I suppose we might want to find your Elk then before our clock gets a hunger for your blood and we have to lock it away every night so we won’t find you half eaten by morning.”
Throatily he chortled and set the piece in his left hand down in a scoot of his chair to stand and help you to your feet. “What a colorful image of a monarchy under attack.”
“It would explain why there are no clocks here. Natural enemies, have to draw a line somewhere.”
Smirking to himself he stepped back to allow you at his side for the stroll to the front doors, “We have clocks. They are reserved for our families and beloved Ones, time is precious.” In a sweep of his eyes over your face he asked, “Were there a great deal of clocks in Nunieffe?”
“Oh yes, couldn’t go twenty feet without running into a clock. We might have been the cheese capitol but everything had to be punctual. Schedules for everything. You’d think the boat racers would have some freedoms from it but there’s timed arrivals and if you don’t meet them you’re disqualified no excuses even if by a second. Been a few uproars on that rule including my dad. Got booted half a foot from the finish line half a second past the final marker. No one won that year nearly had an uprise on their hands.” With brows risen he looked over your face in your step through the front door he had opened for you to do so.
“Over a race? It must be quite a prestigious title to win that contest of sailsmanship.”
“Well the race is 14 months long.” That had his mouth drop open in shock, “Trip around the world have to collect tokens from each Noble along the way and gain stamps for your travel papers. Not much of a prize beyond bragging rights and a spot in the naval forces that moves higher each time you participate and rank higher than the time before.”
“Naval forces are prized then?”
“Higher ranked you are the less likely they send you out in a row boat in the middle of a siege. Best winner came in first three times with five participation ranks above tenth place out of hundreds. He retired as a general and never had to leave the dock last war in his lifetime. Our lands are the sacrificial lambs up for slaughter. We bred faster and no one really wanted our ranks to win but we put the top social tier out of the race every time by the second stop. They already enter the wars in leader positions anyways why do they deserve another foot up away from the bloody ground.” Your eyes scanned over his steely face in a means to not cling to you for how miserable the fate your old world had dealt you and your kin. “Sorry. I get a bit cynical, and heartless about the top tiers.”
“You are not heartless. They are the ones who should hang their heads in shame. I am beyond comforted that you are free from that pit of death and despair.”
“More a chasm than a pit,” you replied and a smirk ghosted across his lips.
“Chasm then. Let us think of better things and enjoy a long ride on a fine day in this sun painted forest.”
“I see what you did there,” you said and he chuckled in the first step towards the stables away from his closed apartment.
“Did you not grow around many trees?”
“There were trees. Just not a lot higher than your shoulder, thirty feet at the most. Until you got to the outer edge of town but no one goes into those woods,” he glanced your way and you said, “Haunted and full of holes.”
“Ah, well no danger of finding holes today.”
Again you glanced up at him in a move that drew his eyes to yours for a pleased grin that had you ask, “I was meaning to ask, your throne has antlers on it?”
“Yes,” he said a bit puzzled about what the exact question was.
“I mean they aren’t like feathers that just come off on their own or wool that can be sheered,”
“Elk and deer lose their antlers annually.”
“Really?” You asked and he nodded with a relieved chuckle at what you might have imagined of their means to extract the antlers from the stubborn creatures and somehow still they would be left alive afterwards.
“Yes, in the spring I will remind you and we can set up a picnic and watch the herds startle themselves when they shed them.”
“But they seem so, like bones, you wouldn’t think they’d just fall off.”
“Nor do they until their first shed and still each year you’ll see them sneeze or reach a certain way to a bush or tree trunk and the antler will come loose and hit their side on the way down. Tuo nearly leapt six feet last year after his startled sneeze triggered loss.” He chuckled again to your amused grin, “within the next month the new set begin to grow and the meantime allows them safer head sparring practice with their young ones in the first signs of their first tips.”
“Why did you pick an elk over a horse? Are they faster?”
“Tuo was a difficult birth. His mother was found injured and barely survived the night after I helped ease her struggles. I helped to secure a female to nurse him with her own daughter however due to his father who was head of the herd none of them could claim him outright without his approval so until he deliberated a good match I spent most of my days and nights in the stable with him.”
“That’s very kind of you.”
Lowly he chuckled and stated, “I do have to admit Celeborn had just left from his latest trip to show off his youngest set of twins and I was a bit jealous and missed those parental moments. Thousands of years have passed since my son left my palms and shoulders.” Curiously he stole a glance your way and asked the question now burning in his head, “What were your dreams for a family, prior to the betrayal of course? If you don’t mind my asking.”
“Truly I haven’t,” softly you sighed and in his full gaze on you with head tilted slightly for a better angle on your puzzle of an expression when you looked away. “We have Seers we are taken to when we are able to conceive, they tell us how many children we will have. They read it on our palms.”
“What did yours say?”
“She said my palm read sunrise. No number, just sunrise, and since it is illogical of an answer, I don’t know. I looked it up in a book and I didn’t have that line,” his eyes sank to your hand palm up in front of you in a tap of a finger on the other hand to what he took as just a normal wrinkle on your palm with meaning of nothing else past that now having him question what his own palm might say. “But now I do,” you sighed again, “Which according to the book now says sunrise and blue.”
“That is odd. If you had to guess a preference, had you imagined a son or daughter?”
“I myself was a bit baffled for a preference. A daughter however might have proven a bit difficult as my mother most likely would never have let me have a chance to hold her, as she always wished for a younger sister to raise alongside me. Though she would have been no less loved even from a distance until I was allowed to hold her again.”
“Maybe one of each, three are the usual goal expected of women but the husbands normally choose how many children-,”
“I can guarantee that will not happen here. You have full power here, did your father encourage that belief that you would be prey to your husband’s demands and expectations?”
“Well, my parents, my mother did what she was expected to even against her hopes to have had me with her child sweetheart,” that had his eyes on yours in a sharp shift. “They weren’t in love, and the longer it went without a son that became clearer to me when we weren’t in the shop where they seemed to be able to play happy couple for the public.”
“I am so sorry you had to face that.”
“He seemed pleased at least when I was taken.”
“I cannot ever imagine that to be a parent to a heart like yours that moment could be a father’s single proud,” softly he huffed in irritation, “To barter you off I assure you that afterwards there was ample remorse on the loss of his only child hefty sum of silver or not. Several of our people have various moments of pride for your person. Including myself, I am very proud of my dazzling One.”
In a smirk up at him you teased, “I am about as dazzling as an Elk is stable crossing a lake of ice.”
That had him chuckle and shake his head and then catch your eye again, “Deflection will not serve your case, a few stumbles and slides does not negate majesty from and Elk. Tuo is head of the herd and has gotten his rear end stuck in ample situations while growing and learning our forest.”
Upon being in sight of the stables your eyes shifted to his hands that above the slit on his maroon outer robe that button by button it revealed more of his dark silver pants that his white tunic was tucked into the waistband in a careful move to not lose his maroon and deep silver wrap folded over his forearms. “It has buttons?” That had him grin in the reach out to shift the front flap on the side closest to you over his arm while his other hand continued until he undid the jeweled clasp at his collarbone. “Oh, it’s thicker than it looks so it hides the buttons.” You said then gave his arm mild pokes to test the fabric on his arm for thickness to not be groping at his chest, “I suppose it helps keep you warm.”
“It does. While the cold does not normally affect our kin layers are comfortable for myself, though the length can bother Tuo while we ride.”
Down the steps you strolled with fingertips brushing the leather paneled skirt over your black pants contrasting your brown knee high boots. Comfortably in your pale orange blouse secured by a black and orange vest at least you seemed to be a good choice for a ride. Tuo already was on his way from the line of trees to join you inside the Elk stables you hadn’t entered before. Past the open front entrance towards the large section on the end with a crown etched into the half door that was propped open that you stopped outside of to watch his easy move to the cupboard inside he opened. Off his arms the wrap dropped to his fingertips that in front of him he folded in half then quarters and then eighths to add to its usual home next joined by his outer robe that was hung on the hanger inside he took the armored dark green robe that like the other had a split in the part that hung nearly to the knee.
The stare from you however in your stroll closer to his button of the robe had his eyes fixed on you right to the stop a foot away that had him smirk at your tap on the end of the hilt of his sword strapped to his right hip that was a twin to the one on his left. “I didn’t even see your swords.” Up to his your eyes shifted and you asked, “Are they heavy?”
Around the right sword his left hand fixed and in a smooth motion he unsheathed the solid metal sword that along the etchings in the top of the blade near the hilt your fingertips tapped. “Not heavy at all once you have trained enough to build up the muscles in your arms and wrists.” He said and eased it closer to your hand that was joined by your other to timidly lift the blade with fingers and palm fixing around the hilt with the other. Both you shifted up and down for an awkward feel of the balance while he finished buttoning up his robe.
Back to him you offered the blade and over the back of your hand his eased to take hold of the grip in its release that spread a grin across his lips that spread in the smooth motion of your hand to tap his middle to feel the solid armored layer he added while his sword was sheathed with ease. “What is this made of?” you asked with one set of fingers in a second press that was joined by your other hand that widened his grin at the innocent contact that didn’t come close to making him sway but did test the give of the scale like material that didn’t budge at all. “Feels like metal?” You asked and then turned your head to the layered plates that laid from the tops of the shoulders down the tops of his arms over a layer of more scales.
“They are made of mithril plates layered in thick green wool. Mithril is the strongest and lightest metal in these lands.”
“You need armor and swords for this?” You asked with eyes on him again and he shook his head.
“No, merely a habit. I can leave them behind if this bothers you.”
You shook your head then gave his middle another grin spreading poke and said, “No, if you’re comfortable with them it’s fine.”
Your poke however had Tuo upon his entrance bop the King in the chest with his snout to join in on the fun that had the chuckling King shift on his feet to say, “Let us get you dressed Tuo,” with a glance at you he asked, “Would you like to learn?” With a nod he extended his hand you laid yours on top of to walk with him to the large compartments along the wall where he said, “Tuo prefers his saddle first,” the leather saddle he lifted with ease and carried over to the Elk that turned sideways and eased over the Elk’s back. Every piece was explained while he adjusted it then reached down to grab the opposite strap that he said in easing it to the proper notch, “Not too snug but you have to ensure it isn’t too loose or you will spin down off their back. Usually a finger space between the belly and strap will be comfortable but some steeds prefer a notch looser and will make it clear to loosen or tighten the strap.” The stirrups were adjusted down straight then he collected the reins and bridle that he eased over Tuo’s head and helped you to secure the buckles then dropped a hand to your upper back that was used to guide the way to the saddle.
“I don’t think I can lift my leg that high,” you said eyeing the stirrup that made him smirk and ease his left hand over the back of your wrist to reach for the knot on the saddle, “Just reach up, I’ll lift you.” Around your hips his hands settled and with a warning lifted you to where you could plant a foot in the stirrup. “Now, ease your right leg over,” his hands remaining fixed in place until you were halfway over the saddle and when you had settled in place he stepped away to gather the reins that he crossed in your hands his had given a mild cup to release the hold of them.
In a step back he said once at your side when you moved your foot that had slid from the stirrup in its drop again at your leg being shorter than his to rest in them. “How do I not be in the way?”
To himself he chuckled and he replied in an ease of his raised foot in the stirrup, “You are nowhere near in the way,” his hand fixed on the knot over your arm. And fluidly up he rose and used his long legs to his advantage to move around your back to settle on the extended rear seat of sorts on the saddle that had come of use when Legolas was younger. With legs situated around the sides of yours over your shoulder he peered and reached for the reins that you released then promptly tucked your hands back and he asked, “Are you comfortable with the height?”
“Yes, just, not going to look down too often,” you said and he smirked in a low murmured confirmation to the watching Elk that looked forward and began to walk to the entrance.
“Just a slow trot to begin with,” he hummed near to your ear after a careful glance at your braid that hung to the saddle he ensured the curls in it or the jeweled beads tucked throughout would get caught on his outer robe. Straight to the trees while you remained straight as possible to continue not being in the way, “You are not in the way, relax you will not fall. When we get deeper on the path I can show you how to steer if you would like.”
“I don’t know where we are going.”
Again he chuckled and he said, “I am right here,” he said to your glance at the speckled mare that halted with a glare then turned back to storm to her usual pouting tree to lie down underneath. “I will not let us get lost should you take control.”
The first turn was taken and a rounded pathway was laid out for the trotting Elk and up your eyes shifted to the endless trees, “Were the trees always this tall, you said you moved here from your old home, have they grown? I can’t imagine they grow very fast. And they all seem even, so who planted them or did it just rain acorns one day…”
Again he smirked at the curious ramble from you and answered each that you could think up between shared facts and gestures to various things along the way. Hours you rode and chuckles soon gave warning to guards above on where their King had reached along the pathway and after a passing inspection of the guard post he had warned you where Thranduil helped you down to let Tuo take a break at a small stream. With hold of your hand Thranduil smiled in a head tilt to the side, “One more surprise.”
Curiously you smiled and strolled with the King away from the amused guards who chatted once you were out of earshot of the newly bonded Ones that had been kept so far apart for so long. Around a series of large boulders you hurried to catch his stride and then caught signs of the shift from tree surrounded grassy pathway to an open clearing that cut off to a rocky ledge that just led into the sky. “A cliff?” You asked and looked up at him when you stopped a bit afraid of what he brought you here for.
Widely smiling at you he said, “There are nests below, unless you wish to head back?”
Tentatively a few feet from the edge you stopped and crouched down with him inching closer to your side with his hand still clutched in yours just at the edge his arm extended and you saw the large nesting grounds of large owls that the parents were offering their catches to their chicks. “Our Great Owls nest here, sacred creatures none here dare hunt. We do not approach them but occasionally we are welcome to peer down at their home while when they fly over ours they do the same.”
“Does your brooding keep them away as well?” you teased and he chuckled again and joined you in a pull backwards.
“No, just merely an issue of territory.” He said in helping you to your feet again for the turn back again after your sweeping glance out into the endless sky and forest around you. “Tuo should be ready for us.”
“So fast?” You asked and he grinned at you.
“Elk can run for days at a time from our herd if need be. However for our steady trot he will have ample energy to get us back.” The Elk in question was pleased to see you back again and came closer to have you lifted on his back again knowing that for the broad looping path back the King would allow you to take control of the reins if you felt comfortable and once Thranduil was behind you Tuo turned for the path and heard Thranduil offer. “Would you like a chance at the reins?”
“Um,” Already your heart was racing in the velvety hum he had given near to your ear and down your eyes dropped to the reins.
Outwards he eased his hands for the reins to be seen resting on his fingers with palms out, a motion that had yours ease closer. Brief and gentle fingertips eased against his palms to shift against the leather straps that you almost let go of until his hands melted around the back of yours to guide them into the proper hold. Kindly he guided you on needless tugs on the reins for the next several turns in the path that Tuo could travel in his sleep but welcomed the chance to take part in lessons. Each turn widened your smile and lured soft excited giggles in the first stages of control for a steed. Though he hummed post chuckle, “There is a jump ahead, we will have to speed up though.”
“We can both jump?” You asked in the slack of your hands that eased back that signaled his left arm to leave the reins in his right to lay it across your belly to press you into his chest in Tuo’s change in speed. Around his hand and arm yours gripped in a melt around your back to keep you steady in the race up to, the leap and landing and afterwards in the calmer pace until the body in his hold untensed. Even then he still kept a loose hold until a clearing on the right had you bravely reaching out to change course to see the beautiful flower filled hideaway where some colorful birds were gathering food for their nests.
From far above a whistle had Thranduil hummed in a guide of the reins saying, “Ah, nearly time to ready for the feast.”
“I hear tonight is the big sparkle night.”
That had him chuckle again, “Yes, I presume our Seamstresses had created a dazzling gown for you to shine in tonight.”
“They did quite a job in the beading. Must have taken all of them to get it done in time.”
“Well they had completed everyone else’s attires months in advance there were ample hands free. I can guess it will look perfect alongside the swan crown.”
“I thought since it is the big sparkle night I should wear the larger crown, unless-,”
“The larger will be welcomed and I cannot wait to see the final look tonight.”
“Can’t imagine you having a much flashier robe than I’ve seen you in, Dew Drop.”
“You might have organized part of my wardrobe however there are a few pieces that you have yet to see.” He replied playfully not pressing the term you had referred to him by to subtly express an approval of its use, however puzzling as to the source or reason why. “Tonight there is a performance from our choral troupe tonight followed by our fable performers that will certainly add to the splendor of the evening with more performances in each night beyond this one.”
Tumblr media
Pink, sleeveless, backless and beaded strips in angled and arranged to fit the curves on the full chest covering gown that hugged you to the pool of fabric around your feet with a delicate woven set of chains draped down the back opening. Teardrop stones surrounded by arched rows of lasgalen stones in an elegant arch formed the crown you had been gifted that sat gracefully on top of your hair that was braided back with shimmering decorations.
Tumblr media
Back to your seat again beside the shimmering robe donning King with his same wrap from earlier to help disguise the shimmer while in the shows, that once the food was through and the performances began to a noticed shiver in the move of the tables he eased from around his back to yours. Nice and warm to the dim of the glow in the hall you settled in the oversized wrap with a failed try to withhold your dopey grin to the gesture. All of this was so odd and now near to the end of this month in this new home of yours for the first time since you had been taken now you were beginning to feel safe. Mainly due to the actions and time with your One who every so often through the performance would steal glances your way to ensure that you were enjoying the show. Subtle actions that had his son and Lord Glorfindel on his other side unable to keep from openly grinning for how the private bonding sessions had been doing wonders for the duo they knew to be a courting pair soon enough.
From a few blushing quick grins in caught gazes when you would look back at his staring breaks to the fable being performed that upon a certain point required a loud flash and smoke that had his hand daringly drop from the arm of his chair over yours to ease under your hand in time for it to be a welcomed thing to clutch until the jolt of your heartbeat had slowed to its former steady rhythm. Polite, again the doubts had sprung up and much like the deep ache you hadn’t realized to be there in the time on Tuo’s back in the arms of the King the hand that refused to let go with thumb bravely smoothing up and down the back of yours only locked you in place more. You couldn’t kiss the King again, he was being so polite, no matter what Ones did grow to be eventually for Elves it was only him being polite. Publicly you were known to be scarred and damaged by the husband turned captor and he was simply preventing a show disturbing meltdown. And still you couldn’t force yourself to take your hand away. Even if it was just a daydream of more than just a silencing hand to hold you didn’t want to let go, and to be completely honest that terrified you more than smoke or a sudden flash ever could.
Desserts in small bite sizes on foot came in a round of wine on the way back to the ballrooms that led to more dances through which an Elleth carried to hang up the wrap Thranduil had said you could leave in your chair that among the others was taken away to make more room for couples to dance. Another break for air however found you contrasting your fellow Wizard Radagast who was dancing excitedly in a hushed hum to the tune with eyes upwards mid twirling step that in a giggle ended to a plop back onto the bench there you didn’t know you were that close to.
“If you are cold I will fetch you my wrap, unless you merely wished to stir envy in the stars for your glow.” Thranduil hummed on his way over with two wine glasses in hand, yours still smaller and with your favorite blackberry wine while he sampled the newest cherry and strawberry blend his people had been perfecting to be sampled this year.
From his hand you accepted the glass offered to you and before you could scoot over he had turned and taken up the spot just big enough for him to fit and be snug against your side and took a sip of his glass you mirrored with yours. Once the glass was lowered and your lip loosening sip was swallowed onto his shoulder your arm shifted to drape there and down his back with a plop of your chin on his shoulder that had his sip halt so he could lower his glass and catch your gaze curious of what you were up to. Onto his chest a finger extended from around the side of your glass tapped and tugged the corner of his mouth upwards to your statement of, “You know, I figured out where I’ve seen the color of your eyes before.”
Once his head was turned and he swallowed his mouthful of the wine now among the bottom of his list of favorites to sample on he would tolerate to encourage the brewers to continue tweaking it to face the bitterness it was chased by. “Oh?” he asked truly curious if you were referring to some dream that had warned you of the travel here and to him with no expectation of what you would actually say.
“You’ve seen dew drops at sunrise,” there was that term again, dew drop and now he had something of a reason why. It was his eyes you had complimented and from a being with such impossible eyes as yours that meant something that stunned him to silence. “That chilly blue that has a hint of a glimmer to them unlike any other blue. Dew Drop.”
From the doorway to the gardens Elrond’s voice split the silence by asking, “Now the two of you tucked alone out here can only spell a plot is afoot. Spill your secrets now or we will be unrelenting in our payback.” The grin on his face doubled in his wife’s lean into his side with a plate of snacks she had gathered for the pair of them he chose a piece from that was popped between his lips.
Thranduil however replied to the rest of your cheek to his shoulder to look at the couple joined by Lord Glorfindel and his deepened smirk at the position you had relaxed into that made Thranduil almost lean in right there and kiss you on the top of the head and stroke the wrist attached to the hand holding the glass still rested against his chest. The King’s response however heightened that amused response in the widening of your eyes. “You are mistaken, Elrond. No espionage here.”
Right through the haze of the wine those words hit the panic button and in a lift of your head. Behind the trio an Elf you had promised a dance to arrived and you said, “Ah, Ringwe, I owe you a dance.” Up you stood and in mock ease to the waiting partner you walked with a trade of head nods once you had taken another sip of your wine as the question circled on if the King knew or not. He said he hadn’t, well, not exactly, he hinted he didn’t know. And to be honest, espionage was not that common a term to use day to day. The glass was taken along the way and several dances later to your apartment you strolled beside the King who managed to catch a signal you were about to leave who cut you off in the hall. This time he was lost to chatter from nerves and again with a press of lips to your knuckles the night was ended when he got you safely across that threshold.
Pt 9
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24-guy · a month ago
Tubbo lore theory too early in the morning.
I'm not gonna connect it to Ranboo's arg. Purely because I don't think it is. The arg is something that is additional to his main lore. Not to mention that, in doing so, you're forcing Tubbo back into the position of an addition to his friend's lore, rather than his own.
He has already said on an alt stream that he is trying to tell a story through those text bits. It's his story. Not anyone else's.
So for those reasons, plus my own curiosity, I will be treating it as its own thing.
Disclaimer: this is all RP and it does not reflect the views or opinions of any creators involved.
Let's start off with what we know.
These are the photos of the text that I'll be using. (Credit to u/E-man2006 for compiling these together. I didn't do it.)
Anyway. What do we know.
There are two people talking in these that seem to be fighting for control.
They have differing opinions on what Tubbo should do.
They're trying to contact chat.
It doesn't seem to know that chat isn't canon like the voices in Techno's head.
Something, that seems like the nuke, is in the north.
They have a physical presence of some sort that allows them to write books and leave them for tubbo to find and to leave Michael a cake.
They were able to talk to Michael.
So. My theory coming out of all of this, is that the first time (on April first) was a single person talking. They were talking to Michael. To dissuade the enderwalking Ranboo theorists it literally can't be him because he's eaten cake multiple times before and enderwalking Ranboo is not a different person within Ranboo's body because that's too close to DID and cc!ranboo has already said he isn't going for that as he doesn't want to mis-portray anything.
I think that this same person is trying to get Tubbo to stay away from the North. This is when the second person comes in, says "no <3" and announces that they're leaving.
This second person is the one speaking in the most recent stream where tubbo builds the interrogation room.
What do I think is going to happen?
Tubbo is going to find the book and, due to his natural curiosity, follow the instructions within it.
He's going to come along the place they were talking about, the nuke sitting in the north, the surrounding area's nature dead and desolate.
Perhaps nobody will be there.
Perhaps physical notes for him to read will be there.
They don't have to be left by player characters. Kind of like how there's everyone's parents that exist. (Unless you're tommy, the canonical test tube baby. /J)
I feel like the person who took the nuke is a player character, though. Purely because it would effect lore much much more.
But the text?
Two non-player characters conversing.
I don't think it's any existing player characters because they all have their own lore going on.
I don't think it's any new player characters because that would immediately make them an accessory to Tubbo's lore.
So the next logical step would be non-player characters that we never physically see, only hear from. Mainly because the Minecraft mobs are derpy and difficult to control.
Oh. And the wake up isn't literal waking up. The wake up is more of "realise the truth!"
Mainly because the wake up trope has been done a little too much.
That is all. Thank you for your time. :)
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nezukomimi · a month ago
rebuilding - reiner x reader (second part of to build a home)
part one
Summary: After the events of the rumbling, you do what you can to move on. But sometimes moving on from things like that are far more complicated for human emotions to grapple with, luckily, you have someone by your side.
Word Count: 3.5k
The sun rose, just as it always did, and you came with it, yawning tiredly, stretching's your arms over your head, rubbing your eyes as you groggily looked out the window.
The massive bed was made for two, and oftentimes you found the left side to be uncomfortably cold.
The same morning routine followed, just as it did in previous days. Clothes were swapped for more durable ones. Breakfast was made in a haste, eaten alone most of the time.
Following that you'd tend to whatever that needed tending to, whether that be fixing the irrigation for the farm or cutting more firewood, there always seemed to be something to occupy your silence with.
Most of the time.
Today, however, had been one of those days where nothing needed fixing. No broken canal, no squashed plants that needed replanting, nothing.
And sitting in utter quiet took its' own toll.
You played with the rim of your mug, finger moving back and forth, gently tracing it. You looked down to the wood carvings on the table, the intricate design not doing anything to ease your racing mind.
Where are you, Eren? Your thoughts began to ring,
Where did you go?
With a heaving sigh, you pushed back on the chair, standing up and making a beeline for the front lawn, picking up the book from the counter as you left.
The outdoors were serene, the cabin a humble place you grew to despise and love.
The rocking chair to the side had another one rotting next to it, no matter how many times you let it sway next to you as you sat.
"Y/n!" A voice snapped and you hurriedly looked behind your shoulder, smiling gently as you watching your friends all jog up to the front stairs.
"We've been calling your name for the last minute, everything alright?" Connie's tone was laced with worry, it always was, and his eyes softened when he saw your hand placed on the other chair.
You cleared your throat, nodding your head too quickly, "I'm doing fine, just a bit tired from last night." You placed the blood not the small table on your right, walking down as you gave him a tight hug, giving Jean, Armin, and Mikasa one as well.
"I thought you guys weren't coming until Friday?" You asked, rubbing your hands up and down the front of your tunic.
"We were going to," Jean muttered, "But he wanted to see the place." He cocked his head to the side, pointing to someone behind him.
Your gaze followed the direction until it fell on Reiner, a small hitch caught in your throat.
"And we also wanted to say that we can't stay," Mikasa added. "Historia's having some trouble with the leftover Jeagerists and her council isn't doing anything to help. She asked for us instead." You nodded slowly, a sinking feeling making way throughout your body.
You hated being alone these days.
"She asked for you, too," Armin quickly jumped in, "And you can still come. With your influence-" You cut him off with a raised hand, stopping him midsentence.
"Armin, as much as I want to, I don't think I'm ready to go back." I don't think I'll ever be, you wanted to add, "And besides, I don't think I would have been that much help anyway." You put a small laugh at the end to ease your mention, but everybody knew it was fake.
You saw how their bodies deflated, the look of sadness etched on their faces. You knew it was directed towards you.
"Ok, Y/n," Armin murmured, hugging you again, "Whenever you feel ready just know we're waiting for you." He whispered in your ear, giving the back of your head a gentle squeeze before letting go.
"You sure you don't want to come?" Connie snapped and everyone looked at him, surprised at his outburst.
'Y/n, it's not healthy. You're all alone, out in these fucking woods all by yourself, surrounding yourself with fucking trees and birds and shit," Jean kicked his shine but that didn't stop him,
"We miss you, Y/n, please just come back."
Your teeth bit down hard on your cheek, blood drawing on your tongue. You heard the hushed whispers of everybody telling him to shut up, but you already heard it all.
"I know." You whispered and they looked at you. "I know it's not healthy. I tell myself that every day from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep. It's not healthy being alone, I know it's not, but," Your eyes wandered over to the rocking chairs,
"It's just that this is the last piece I have of him." Your words spilled out and you felt everyone take in a heavy breath, the truth of it all settling in despite them already knowing it.
"Y/n-" This time, another voice cut Connie off.
"How about something to eat? My mom made these wafer's, and they're really not that good stale." Reiner held up a small basket, offering an awkward smile to ease the tension.
"Yeah, yeah, let me take those in." The others parted as he slowly made his way up to the patio, his smile not dropping until his back was to the rest of them.
"Um, Mikasa, guys, we're running out of time, the train's going to be leaving soon." You heard Armin say as he pointed to his watch.
"Yeah, you're right," Jean sighed, running a hand through his hair, "Y/n, we'll come and make it up, okay? I promise." He hugged you, giving you an extra squeeze before letting go, dropping his head as he left. Mikasa and Armin did the same, and Connie was the last one to go.
"Don't detach yourself, Y/n. I can't lose another friend." Connie whispered in your hair and you nodded slowly, shutting your eyes so that they blocked the tears.
After they left, Reiner still stood there at the doorway with the basket in hand, not knowing where to look.
"Here, let me help," You said, opening the door and he followed you inside, quietly shutting it as he came in.
You didn't ask him how long he intended to stay, you knew you shouldn't push your luck.
He didn't say much, and the words shared between you two were scarce, but it was still better than the silence.
After that day he slept in the spare room, and he wakes up earlier than you do. He didn't come out of his room until he heard your footsteps outside, and that's when he finally comes out.
During the day he helped out with the cleaning and housework, despite you telling him there was no need. He assured you it was fine, and after some time, you just gave up arguing.
"Do you need these chopped?" Reiner yelled and you looked over to what he was talking about. The pile of wood that rested at his feet had been one you were avoiding for weeks and you felt guilty even letting him touch the ax.
"Yeah, but you don't have to Reiner!" You yelled back, cupping your hands around your mouth so it gave more volume.
He waved his hand as he turned around, picking up a piece of wood as he placed it upright on the copping clock, raising the ax above his head as it fell down with a large thud.
After he cut more than half you sorted them out, picking out the ones that were better for winter and those that were easier for fire starting.
"Is this good enough?" He asked and you saw that only three or four more pieces were left and you smiled, nodding.
"That more than enough, thanks." He nodded, shrugging as he gently placed the ax along the side of the house, making sure it was safely sheathed away.
"Want to go inside? I can make something to eat?" He offered and you raised a slight eyebrow.
"Reiner?" You asked and he whipped around at the mention of his name.
"Yes?" His hand was perched on his hip as the other worked out the aching muscles of his back.
"Why are you here?"
His eyes slightly widened at your question, a stutter of words falling out, nothing coherent enough for you to understand.
When he finally composed himself he looked at the ground, shoving some of the wood chips around with his shoe.
"I can't stand the silence." He whispered, and you finally understood.
He was here for the same reason you were,
To escape it all.
The following days fell under a new routine, and slowly you grew to it. Your friends came to next week, and for the moments they were there you felt a little bit like your old self coming back, the laughter and ease something you longed to welcome.
Yet as soon as they were gone, the lonely feeling was back, and you just had heaved and moved along with it.
Reiner offered a lot more help, though, and you found that even just having his presence around gave some sense of odd comfort. It may have been from your old scouting days, or just the normalcy of having another person around brought.
That night during dinner, you two had small chit-chat here and there, most of the time the gaps in between filled with the clatter of silverware.
"Do you know how long you want to stay here?" You suddenly said.
"Huh, oh well, I can l-leave tomorrow at the latest if you want, I'm really sorry, oh god, I just barge in," He looked at you in between his nervous stammer, quickly standing up and putting his sink quickly at the sink, rinsing it as fast as he could.
"No, no, that's not what I meant." You stood up, taking the plate from his hand, "I was just wondering if everyone's okay with you being away for so long."
"Oh, no, I think they're fine," He laughed awkwardly. "But seriously if it's becoming tiresome tell me because this is your home," You laughed as he started to remble again and he stopped at the sound.
"What? What's wrong?" His eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.
"Nothing, nothing," You waved him off, but your smile was starting to make him smile and he never realized just how pretty your smile was, "It's just that you reminded me of Eren."
You two stopped at the name.
And then, just like nothing had happened, your smile dropped, your hands fell to your side, your eyes stopped crinkling around the edges.
You cleared your throat, biting your lip as you looked around the room, eyes seeing all the places that were meant for the two of your, heart clutching at nothing.
"Sorry, didn't mean to do that." Reiner heard you say as you walked off into our room, leaving him there. "'Night." You said from the hall before he heard the door shut behind you.
As you quietly began getting ready to sleep, you heard a soft knock at the door, startling you from your thoughts.
"Y/n," A muffled voice said from the other side. "I have something I need to give you." You heard some shuffling come from the cracks in the doorway.
Opening the door you watched Reiner jump in surprise at the sudden action, something in his hands almost falling out.
When you didn't say anything he continued.
"When we came back, from," He huffed, not finishing the thought, "Eren had left something for all of the titan shifters. It was just a note about how we should handle the change and everything, but," He unwrapped his fist, showing you a small box wrapped with wrinkly paper tied with a string of twine.
"This was left in your name, and I never knew when the right time was. I'm sorry for keeping it from you for this long, but I hope you can forgive me." You gingerly took the box from his palm, holding it in your own, scared to shake it, scared it could just crumble away.
"That day when you said that this," He shrugged towards the walls and doors and windows, "is all you have left of him wasn't entirely true." And with that, he left, leaving you stunned.
Quickly you shut the door, running over to your chair as you placed the box on your lap.
With nimbler fingers you took the twin apart, pulling the wrapping paper off, allowing you to see the box that laid beneath.
Carefully opening the lid you looked inside. your lungs and heart stopping simultaneously
Inside rested two small rings. You picked them up, resting them on your palm as you picked up the note that was folded inside at the bottom.
You opened it carefully, reading each line slowly.
Dear Y/n,
I know that I lied. It seems I've been doing that a lot lately. I know I'm not going to come back home, you know that, too. I know I promised that I won't leave you, but it seems that I've run out of options. I can't imagine a world without you, so I'm doing my best to stop that from ever happening. You've made my last few years worth living, and no matter how many times I try to tell myself I don't, I'm completely and hopelessly and utterly in love with you. I hope that the rings can show a bit of that, because I know I clearly am not good at doing so. When I die, I hope I died knowing you love me as well, just as you said you did. I hope that after that, you'll find another love, someone who'll treat you better than I ever did. No matter how much it hurts me knowing that it inevitably happens, I hope that it happens correctly. I despise seeing you unhappy. I hope you use the first ring for yourself, and the second for whoever makes you whole. Whether it be from a marriage, promise, or love, use it as you will. Y/n, you will have always been my first love, as well as my last, but I hope I'm not exactly that same for you. Live your years to the fullest and recover from the world we used to be in. I wish I could be by your side, but perhaps that may be in another time. You'll come to love again with time, I know you will.
Love, Eren.
Folding the note after reading it multiple times, you made sure to wipe the stray tears so they didn't stain the inking. The rings still laid in your hand, and you curled your fingers, remembering his words to heart as you put the letter and rings safely back in the box, placing the box in a drawer you knew was safe.
Walking away you rubbed your eyes, opening the door as you made way for a room across the hall, knocking at the door.
"Y/n," He huffed out as he saw your head hanging down, quickly wrapping you up in a hug as you sobbed in his chest, his own tears making way down his cheek.
"Can I stay here tonight?" You mumbled against his shirt.
"O-of course." His arms tightened, not knowing what was in the box, and knowing he would never ask. Whatever Eren had given you was something that he knew was only meant for you.
Leading you carefully into the room, he set you at the edge of the bed, dropping to his knees as he handed you a handkerchief, which you took, roughly dragging it across your red skin.
"No, no, don't do it like that, you'll damage your skin." He said under his breath, taking it away from you as he began dabbing the tears and snot away.
"How do you know what's best for skin?" You said through a hiccup.
"Piek told me never to drag down or it'll cause wrinkles." He whispered, deep in thought as he made sure not to drag.
Your small laugh brought him up and with a bubbly and broken smile, you looked at him taking the handkerchief from his hands as you dabbed at the corner of your eyes.
"Thanks, Reiner." He shook his head, hugging you, awkwardly patting your back.
"Of course, Y/n." He whispered in your hair.
After that, you two fell in sync. Most nights you slept in his rooms, and the bed was wide enough to let you move freely in your slumber.
Other nights you slept in your bed when you just passed out from exhaustion.
Working next to each other became easier, and when friends visited, they noticed the change, but never commented on it.
"Reiner?" You asked, almost a year after that night.
"Yes?" He looked up from the book he was reading, placing a bookmark in it as he said it aside.
"Do you want to sleep in my bed tonight? I-it's totally fine if you don't!" You quickly added, cheeks reddening. "It's just that my bed has a lot better cushioning than this one."
He chuckled at that, quirking an eyebrow.
"So you gave me the bad bed?" You rolled your eyes, shrugging.
"If you don't want to, that's just your loss. Maybe you just like sleeping uncomfortably at night." He laughed and you smiled. You felt a soft tug at your below and you looked at him.
"Of course I'd like to sleep in a comfortable bed, who do you take me for?" You thought for a second.
"An old pig." His eye twitched as he whacked you over the head with his book.
"Takes one to know one." Your eyes widened and you laughed in surprise, and he followed in suit.
"But," He stopped, looking at you from the corner of his eye almost shyly "Are you sure? I don't want to intrude or take his place or," You shook your head, tugging on his pointer finger with your thumb.
"You won't. I promise."
He looked at you, for real this time, seeing the truth behind your gaze, and he understood.
"Okay, then," He sighed as he stretched, standing up, "Let's try your bed tonight.
When he climbed into your bed, he felt that indeed, you were right, it was much softer and cushioned than his was.
"That wasn't a lie, you really did give him the shitty one." You pinched his arm as you climbed in, turning off the lamb as you settled into your side.
"I don't lie a lot, Braun." His ears perked at the use of his last name, and when most of the time it was used to address him more formally, the playful tone he got from you made a part of his heart flutter.
"Goodnight, Y/n," he said after some time but all he was met with was snores.
He let his eyes drift close, not wanting to think about how he was sleeping in a dead man's bed.
That morning you woke up better than you ever had in almost two years. Even though you constantly switched beds from yours to Reiners, something about last night just made it so much more relieving.
And you think you figured out why as you felt comforting hands wrap around your, even and heavy breaths fanning over your head.
And when he woke up not too soon after that, he shared the exact same feeling.
In the comfort of each other's hold, you two fond solace in the touch.
"Y/n?" You heard him ask, his voice ringing throughout this room.
"Yeah?" You looked up at him carefully, your face mimicking his own.
"How'd you sleep last night?" You moved closer to him, and he did the same.
"Better than I have in a long time," You paused, your heart beating against his, "You?"
"Y/n?" His voice was quieter this time, holding more care in it.
"Yes, Reiner?" You heard him suck in a breath before he spoke again.
"I love you." Your heart stopped at those words, the same ones you heard from someone else's mouth, the same words you repeated in your head in his fading voice.
Yet this time the words brought you a new whiff of life and a new sense of safe and comfort, and so you knew you weren't lying when you replied with,
"I love you too."
His sigh came out so relieved you laughed a little and he laughed too, bringing your body closer to his if that was even humanly possible.
"Stay like this for a little more. I like your warmth." He said, placing the softest and smallest kiss on the crown of your head.
You found it ironic that you too, found the most nostalgic warmth from his embrace, as well.
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zrtranscripts · a month ago
Radio Abel, Season Seven
Part 2 of 6
ZOE CRICK: ... And Tom De Luca will be back for another episode of jazz history a little later on, listeners.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: And yes, folks, we were as surprised as you when he started playing that trombone.
ZOE CRICK: [laughs] But first, Phil and I are discussing the burning question of the day – what to do with the enormous stack of old zombie movies that Runner Twelve recently found in an abandoned shopping center.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: [sighs] I can't believe Sam wants to have a zombie movie night. In this day and age!
ZOE CRICK: I think it could be fun! We can see what the movies get right about zombies, laugh at what they get wrong.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: We can fantasize about having our innards eaten just like the people on screen.
ZOE CRICK: Oh, come on, Phil. I've seen you watch Die Hard 2. You love nitpicking movies. And there's nothing wrong with a bit of escapism.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: It's not escapism anymore. There are zombies outside.
ZOE CRICK: So? It's not like everyone stopped watching sci-fi movies just because people went to the moon. Anyway, with those V-types around, I wouldn't mind seeing some movies where the zombies lose.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: What about all the zombie movies with unhappy endings?
ZOE CRICK: Yeah. Yeah. Maybe we can just skip those for now. And here's another classic tune, folks, to keep those real-life zombies off your minds.
ZOE CRICK: You know, all those old zombie movies could be educational.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: What do you mean?
ZOE CRICK: Well, think about it. It's been a few years since Z-Day. Some of our younger listeners might not understand there was a time when zombies were just monsters in stories.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: God, that makes me feel old.
ZOE CRICK: And they won't remember smartphones or iPads or the final season of The X-Files.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Hey! Hey, you deliberately put that last one in there to wind me up.
ZOE CRICK: It's weird, isn't it? So much of what we thought of as normal is going to be completely incomprehensible to anyone born after Z-Day. I guess that's why we have to keep as much of our culture alive as we can, so we can show people how the world used to be, the good bits and the bad.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: You know, I think the revival was really successful and should have gone on longer.
ZOE CRICK: Of course you do, Phil.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: And this next song goes out to anyone who thinks zombies are more normal than working mobile phones. Life used to be very, very different, folks.
BERNARD PRIOR: Listeners, I am sorry to have to tell you that I have been sent a further meme. Will it shed any light on the baffling art form? I doubt it, but let me investigate once more. [paper rustles]. Right. Now listeners, also I am starting to wonder if audio is really the best medium for such a thing. They do seem, from my limited exposure, to tend towards the visual, but I shall attempt to pursue it. Lady Fortune smiles upon the brave!
And so I'll describe this one, which in an interesting spin, builds on the last one. It is the same photograph, but here the young man is being chomped on by a lady zombie. An attractive female zombie face has been pasted over the young lady in the photograph, while he glances suggestively at another lady zombie, perhaps wishing that he was being chomped on by her. Interesting. Ah, I see! It is a play on the inherent fickleness of the hearts of men! It's actually rather amusing!
BERNARD PRIOR: So do you see, Amelia? Human beings have such an urge for the novel that even when being chomped on by a zombie, one might idly wonder if it would be more thrilling to be chomped on by a different zombie! And then if we look at the last one, it even suggests that the new zombie in some sense -
AMELIA SPENS: And this is what you're peddling as entertainment, is it? You describing memes in punishing detail?
BERNARD PRIOR: Yes, as requested in your editorial policy.
AMELIA SPENS: Put the movie on, Bern.
BERNARD PRIOR: So what is this film? Just so I can get my listeners pumped, as per your numerous memos.
AMELIA SPENS: It's called Wonder Woman, B. Trust me, you will love it.
BERNARD PRIOR: Not a superhero movie, Millie. They're all so tiresome. I really don't want to look at another man called Chris saving the world with his glistening hair.
AMELIA SPENS: Just wait. Wonder Woman is a little different. The clue is in the name.
BERNARD PRIOR: Oh my God! That was quite, I mean... I really just... I mean, oh my... I just - [coughs, collapses to the floor]
AMELIA SPENS: Bernie? Bern? B, are you okay down there?
BERNARD PRIOR: I'm fine, but I might have to do the review from down here.
AMELIA SPENS: I am not putting my nice broadcasting equipment down on the floor just because you can't control your emotions. Pull yourself together! I never knew you was such an enthusiastic feminist.
BERNARD PRIOR: Amazons. Amazons.
AMELIA SPENS: I'll come back later.
BERNARD PRIOR: No, wait. I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast them with the mythological origins.
AMELIA SPENS: Are you capable of that?
AMELIA SPENS: Go on, then.
BERNARD PRIOR: Yes. Yes, I must. It is my solemn duty to evaluate this new take on a breed of warrior women. Of course, as every schoolboy knows, the Amazons of ancient Greek mythos removed their breasts in order to draw back their bowstrings. Here, however, I... I noticed... [sighs] No, I can't.
BERNARD PRIOR: Listeners, I must apologize for my recent flurry of unprofessionalism. Let me now furnish you with a full review of Wonder Woman. And what a woman! Now this dashing ouvre begins with the Amazons. Oh, the Amazons! In the Greek tradition, which is a delight, but reimagined for our modern age as a tribe of powerful, diverse, thrilling, heroic, powerful... Have I said powerful?
AMELIA SPENS: Give me strength. Listeners, let me take over in the interests of not being here forever and dying of boredom. This is a good film! Very entertaining. Thrills, spills, etc. etc. Available to rent from New Canton General Stores for a reasonable fee. Do hurry.
ZOE CRICK: Coming up later this afternoon, we'll have more heartwarming stories from the long way home caravan, a convoy of people traveling the country to reunite scattered families in the wake of the apocalypse.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: It's just so genuinely wonderful.
ZOE CRICK: And we'll also have Janine De Luca in the studio to brief us all on the current state of the UK government, which right now seems to be firmly filed under question mark.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Reconstruction is a tricky business, isn't it, folks?
ZOE CRICK: All that and more after this next song.
JANINE DE LUCA: Good morning, listeners. Janine De Luca here. My apologies for the delay in starting this broadcast. It was necessary to have a discussion with Mr. Cheeseman and Ms. Crick on the disorganized state of their studio.
I am aware that many people have questions on the state of the United Kingdom's government following the fall of the Ministry. I recently attended a conference on the subject with several of the country's most prominent leaders, but sadly, there was no consensus on forming a new government. As a result of this, I'm afraid all I can say at present is the nation is in a state of transition. King Jamie continues to serve as head of state, but there is no universally recognized central administration.
Despite the climate of uncertainty, Abel must persist in moving forward as before, living, working, and building. With bandit gangs and zombies roving wild, the country remains as dangerous as ever. If we remain true to each other, I am confident we will see the United Kingdom unified under a single government, a better government, once again. Thank you for your time.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: [whispers] Maybe play a song. It'll cheer people up.
JANINE DE LUCA: I am told by Mr. Cheeseman that it would be beneficial for morale to play a song at this juncture. Very well. But please, something appropriate to the tone of my statement.
BERNARD PRIOR: Listeners, a determinedly thoughtful one of your number has written in to say that if I loved Wonder Woman so much - and oh, I really did - I might enjoy the sci-fi cult classic Barbarella. How kind of you! I must say, I have seen it. Spectacular! And it made quite an impression on the young Prior major. The delightful Fonda wriggling out of her space suit. Let me tell you, I saw it at a tender age and I was quite shocked such things were allowed.
But that is a thought. If you have any suggestions for movies you think I would enjoy, do let me know, particularly if you know of any films as inspiring as Wonder Woman. I really can't think of any other films quite like it, which is rather shocking. I wonder – excuse my over-excited punning – but I do wonder why that might be.
BERNARD PRIOR: Ahoy-hoy, dearest listeners. I know you all mean well and would only ever act with the most generous of spirits. However, just to head you off at the pass as it were, I don't want anything too racy in your film suggestions. Do you get what I'm driving at? No leather corsets or anything like that. No Miss Whiplash. No, you know, how's your father. It's just not my thing. I like a good story! Some plucky derring-do! Although I do also quite like the boots, and the ability to pick up a tank and throw it! Great heavens.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: The Last Riders?
ZOE CRICK: That's what they're calling themselves.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: That's a bit dramatic, isn't it? It sounds like they should be riding dragons or something.
ZOE CRICK: Well, they drive around on motorbikes, burning settlements and eating their captives. I think they're trying to be dramatic.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Eating? As in... eating people?
ZOE CRICK: That's what the survivors from their raids say. Admittedly, there aren't very many of them.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: That's... that's really horrible, isn't it?
ZOE CRICK: Just when you think the end of the world can't get any scarier.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Yeah... But don't worry, listeners, because Radio New Hope is always here to make the apocalypse a little less frightening. Coming next, a classic song from a time when the scariest biker most of us had to worry about was Meatloaf. It's not Meatloaf.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Welcome back, listeners. We're here with Jody Marsh, who has some tactical advice for any Abel resident who encounters the Last Riders.
JODY MARSH: Basically, if you spot them, run like hell.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Ah, is that it, Jody?
JODY MARSH: Yeah, pretty much. It's dead tricky to come up with plans for the Last Riders because they're completely unpredictable. They don't have any coherent goals or strategies, they're just pure anarchists. It's driving Janine mental trying to analyze their attack patterns. One day they're raiding an orphanage, the next, they're suicide bombing a military base. But sometimes, they attack with proper plans, mind. They took out three Abel runners last week by luring them into an abandoned building with a distress call. But most the time, they just get by on sheer brute force and malice.
ZOE CRICK: So they're unpredictable, is what you're saying.
JODY MARSH: What I'm saying is if you see them, run for it. That goes for anybody listening, especially Abel runners. You can't reason with them. They won't show mercy. All they want to do is watch things burn, and that includes you. So if you see them coming, please, just run.
ZOE CRICK: I heard the Last Riders have been raiding medical convoys all over the country.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Yeah, Maxine is totally furious about it. Apparently, they aren't even using the medical supplies, except sometimes to get high. Just taking them and destroying them.
ZOE CRICK: That's awful!
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Settlements were just getting comfortable trading medicine again. Without the Ministry around to monopolize all the best drugs, now everyone's too scared to admit if they've got supplies to spare... Zoe, what about -
ZOE CRICK: It's okay. I have enough antidepressants to last me for a long while. I stocked up after the Ministry fell. But there's a lot of people out there who aren't so lucky.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: I wish there was more we could do.
ZOE CRICK: We can keep the music going, Phil, and we can let the people know they're not alone. Abel Township has medicine and doctors and we're not going to let anyone scare us into withholding help from people who need it. Not now, and not ever.
ZOE CRICK: [whispers] Did you hear? About what the Last Riders did to Runner Sixty-Four?
PHIL CHEESEMAN: [whispers] I still can't believe it. How could anyone do that?
ZOE CRICK: Apparently, they decided that Abel runners are a special kind of sport, especially Runner Five. They all want to get Runner Five.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: [sighs] It's awful. It's just awful.
ZOE CRICK: But Janine's going to come up with a plan to turn things around. She has to. That's what she does. That's what she always does.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Yeah, Janine'll come up with something. We just have to hang in there until then.
ZOE CRICK: Should I play some music, help us take our mind off things?
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Yeah. Yeah, um... I guess there's really nothing else we can do.
AMELIA SPENS: I have a little surprise for you, Bernie.
BERNARD PRIOR: Is it a Wonder Woman costume?
AMELIA SPENS: That's very forward.
BERNARD PRIOR: Apologies. I should try and focus on something else. It's so difficult! ... Is it a Wonder Woman costume? You didn't actually say it wasn't.
BERNARD PRIOR: What, then? What else could I possibly want?
AMELIA SPENS: I got something on the comms last night. I think it's a sighting of your friend Margot.
BERNARD PRIOR: Margot? Good... good grief. Let me put some music on while I take a look.
BERNARD PRIOR: Listeners, I am not sure how to begin. After the fall of the government and the removal of most of our barricades and borders, I tried to locate my erstwhile paramour Margot, but could find no trace of her. I assumed that in all the upheaval she had moved on, unsure of the depth of my feelings for her. Listeners, I had not moved on.
As I'm sure many of you know, boats leave our fair shores from time to time in search of fortune, fame, a life less zombified, and in these trying times, this has increased. Amelia has discovered a copy of a recent ship's manifest, The Radiant, with a passenger, one Margot Beresford. But most of the information on the document was redacted, and where that ship was headed or if it ever reached land remains a mystery. So I guess that's that. She's gone.
BERNARD PRIOR: Spinning the hits and sizzling up your airwaves with news, views, and film reviews. Or movie review, if you prefer. I'm not precious. Careful listeners, bless you all. Um... perhaps another meme would cheer me up. It's worth a try.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Good morning, listeners, and welcome to a very, very special show. It's our first ever edition of Radio New Hope Springwatch.
ZOE CRICK: Oh, I can't believe Janine let us do this!
PHIL CHEESEMAN: [laughs] Oh, she didn't exactly let us. She installed those new cameras in the forest to look after runners and Sam only set up monitors in our studio because you promised I'd babysit -
ZOE CRICK: Look, a badger!
PHIL CHEESEMAN: I think that's actually a zombie torso in a black and white jumper.
ZOE CRICK: Oh. Yeah, so it is.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: It's crawling along a brisk clip though, I'll give you that.
ZOE CRICK: But stick with us, listeners. We have access to half a dozen cameras all across the leafy forest and we'll be sitting right here until we spot something cute and fluffy to report to you!
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Or until we spot anything that's not a zombie, really.
ZOE CRICK: And while we're waiting, here's a golden oldie to help us pass the time.
ZOE CRICK: Another squirrel on camera 3! Oh, look at it go with that big fluffy tail!
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Still not a red one, though. I want to see a proper British squirrel.
ZOE CRICK: Eurasian squirrel.
ZOE CRICK: Red squirrels were common all across Eurasia until the gray ones started taking their territory in Europe.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: But you still think the gray ones are cute, right? You get all excited every time we've seen one.
ZOE CRICK: It's not the squirrels' fault that people introduced them to a new habitat. Blame humans for that. That's like being mad at cats because the dodo went extinct.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Or mad at zombies because humans unleashed them on the world. Do you... do you think the red squirrels saw gray squirrels as a kind of zombie apocalypse?
ZOE CRICK: Because their world got taken over by gray uncanny versions of themselves? Actually, now that I think about it, gray squirrels carry a deadly virus that can infect red squirrels through bodily fluids.
PHIL CHEESEMAN: Huh. I never thought I'd empathize so strongly with squirrels.
BERNARD PRIOR: Ahoy-hoy, listeners. Come very close to the wireless. I am going to be forced to whisper. You never know who's listening in New Canton. Well, strictly speaking, you do know who is listening. Just, it's hard to be sure whether she is or not.
Now Amelia, bless and keep her, is away on business, so I have decided to give the content of my show a delicate tweak. Yes, to hell with the consequences! I am bringing back my political philosophy. She'll never know, will she, listeners? So stay, as we say in the wireless biz, tuned. However, before we get into that, I also have, as per my plaintive request, another meme! Right after this.
BERNARD PRIOR: So it's a picture again. And if you do have any memes that are not mainly pictorial, please do send them my way, as this can get a little laborious. However, here we have... Oh, how jolly. It's a picture of Kermit the Frog. Delightful! And there is a second frog in the picture, this one wearing a hooded black cloak, that appears to also be Kermit himself again, whispering into the first, or the ur-Kermit's, ear.
Okay, jolly good! Now as before, there is a second picture where the image has been amusingly captioned. Ur-Kermit is labeled "me" and is thinking, "This cache of food and weapons is an incredible find!" The second cloaked and perhaps evil Kermit is labeled "also me" and is thinking, as a further thought, "Don't tell anyone about it!" Is this a meme about Amelia?
And coming up, while the meme frog is away, the Bernard can play and perhaps pluck up the bally nerve to impart a little political philosophy. Do I dare?
AMELIA SPENS: Bernard, it makes no difference if you whisper because one, my listening devices, which I do not have and are not planted everywhere, are highly sensitive. And two, because you are broadcasting everything.
BERNARD PRIOR: Ah, that is quite a good point. Is that why you're back early?
AMELIA SPENS: Early, and it would seem, in the nick of time. People will be literally tossing their radios off buildings to make it stop.
BERNARD PRIOR: That's an exaggeration. Uh, listeners, if you have thrown your radio off a building, please write in -
AMELIA SPENS: I keep telling you, Bernard, literally and figuratively mean the same thing now. So please, would you get along and play some tunes? I am literally dying of boredom.
BERNARD PRIOR: Now look here -
AMELIA SPENS: Ah ah ah! Ah ah! "Choon", spelled C H -
BERNARD PRIOR: I know how it's spelled.
AMELIA SPENS: And that meme is not about me! Yes, I heard that, too.
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spyroforlife · a month ago
Tumblr media
As a counterpart to my dragon!Gwyn (or Dragwyn), I present Augus Each Uisge as a dragon!
He’s a very rare, dangerous species of dragon known as waterhorse dragons, who lack wings but are capable of quick bursts of speed on land and are even faster in the water. Despite their lean appearances, waterhorses have enough strength to drag other fully grown dragons into the water, where they proceed to drown them and then eat them. The only evidence of this carnage left behind is the victim’s liver, which is tossed aside due to being toxic to waterhorses. And as if the strength wasn’t bad enough, they can all use a hypnotic, siren-like voice to compel their prey into submission. Though the effectiveness of this voice varies depending on the waterhorse and the will of the victim.
Waterhorses do not prey on their own species but nearly every other species of dragon is fair game. Luckily, a waterhorse tends to only consume a dragon once a month or so, otherwise they quite happily eat vegetables and aquatic plants. They’re quite safe to be around when well fed, though few dragons are willing to take the chance. Still, those who are brave enough to befriend a waterhorse will never have to fear being eaten.
Augus in particular is an especially efficient hunter and is quite powerful from his regular meals. His favorite targets are strong dragons, ones who are very muscular or have strong elemental abilities. The harder they fight, the more satisfying it is for Augus to kill them anyway.
And yes I imagine somehow or another he still ends up with Gwyn in this universe and though he’s shorter and lankier, he still doms the fuck out of him. To make things extra spicy, Augus likes to tease Gwyn about how easy it would be to kill him, while biting at his throat and shoving him down, digging his claws between Gwyn’s belly scutes... yeah it sure turns Gwyn into a flustered, eager mess of a king alright
so yea that’s dragon Augus, Ash will likely be next, enjoy! :D
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rainbowloliofjustice · a month ago
my favorite thing is that KLK its actually, genuinely EXPLICITLY stated the reason kamui are so skimpy is because they operate off BLOOD and if they covered more they would actually fuckinh KILL the wearer. hell Satsuki also straight up goes on about not being ashamed to show her body bc her body/motivations are pure and just (i dont remember the exact reasoning but its along those lines). like bro. Its RIGHT FUCKING THERE. PLAINLY STATED. how did you miss that?
Because something the writers horny and just wanted to see cosplayers wear it lol so the canon reason doesn’t matter.
Literally, I’ve seen takes of people saying it doesn’t matter or just unironically making fun of the in-story because the writers could have easily just “made another reason”. It’s almost like these people really just don’t understand storytelling in that if you just “made another reason” it would... idk change the story. 
Hell even the guys in Nudist Beach don’t wear any fucking clothes. Yet somehow that is just ignored/looked over and acts as the logic of “Life fibers are parasites that can kill their hosts.” only applies to Satsuki or Ryuko. 
Also... even if you only use the concept of “lol writers horny and wanted to see cosplayers in skimpy clothes” given the absolute number of people I’ve seen walking around in a Kamui cosplay during the height of KLK, I think it’s safe to say that it worked. No, seriously I’m pretty sure KLK is what put companies that make fake boobie plates on the map or at least gave them a huge number of sales considering people could finally do their Kamui cosplay without having to worry about a nip slip. 
Anyways back on topic. 
It’s called storytelling... Even if you want to go with Writers Horny (TM), they came up with an in-story element that actually worked to tell a good story. Saying that the writers only did it because they were horny and therefore the in-universe reason doesn’t matter is like saying grandma only got eaten by the wolf cause the writer had a vore fetish. 
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mcwriting · a month ago
The Marriage Project (10)
Hellooooo! For 300 followers, I decided to drop chapter 10! Please enjoy!
Word Count: 2202
Warnings: maybe some language? 
% approximately the last weekend of october %
By the time everyone and their families had gotten to the city and eaten dinner, it was around 8:30 pm, so you and Tom decided to try and knock out your project work.
You sat in the breakfast lounge next to each other at a table as other team members and families conversed. You noticed Nikki and your parents talking and gave Tom a glance.
Since this was your last ever volleyball tournament (at least for high school), your parents had come and you were getting to stay in their hotel room instead of a team room.
You mostly worked silently when you and Tom overheard some people talking about homecoming.
“Who’re you taking to homecoming?” he asked casually. “And don’t say Paddy or Harry.”
You laughed at that one.
“Uhh, no one. I don’t really have anyone to take so guess I’m flying solo with the girls again. Why? Who were you gonna go with?”
“Eh, nobody. The guys brought it up earlier to me and I was just curious.”
“Oh, really? I thought you had girls lined up at your feet. And a couple guys, too.”
“I’m pretty sure I could say the same about you. And you mean freshmen? Yeah right. I’m not about to catch a case, not that I’m remotely attracted to any of them.”
That comment made you laugh again.
“Yeah, well, those same freshmen are the ones spreading rumors about us. It’s stupid. We oughta stick it to them somehow.”
“What are you getting at..?” he trailed, suspicion in his voice.
“I don’t know… What if we just went to the dance together? I mean, we’re already on homecoming court and are most likely gonna win, so what if we just showed up together to annoy them? It’s not like we have to make it some big deal or anything.”
He looked at you for a minute, like he was doing calculations.
“So… you and me, no matter whether we win or not, go together? You don’t think that’s just gonna make things worse?”
“I’m pretty sure anything we do will keep causing rumors so long as we’re doing this project. We don’t have to, I just thought it would be funny to see everyone’s reactions.”
“You know what, let’s do it. There’s nothing for us to lose. Let’s just not tell people we’re going together and then just show up there. If anyone asks just say we’re going solo?” He suggested.
“That’s not going to work completely… what if you came to dinner with me and my friends beforehand? We can surprise them all and then the rest of the school at the dance. It would be really sus if I bailed on dinner and I’d like for your mom to take some pre-dance pictures.”
You decided to shake on it and get back to work, but your stomach was doing the same fluttering it had been the past couple weeks. By the time you two finished, it was just past 10 pm and most of the parents and even some of the team had gone to their rooms. 
The only people you knew nearby were Sam and Julia, who were sitting on a chair together watching something on her phone, and of course Tom, who was watching snap videos from friends at the Halloween party that had just started.
“I think I’m gonna head upstairs. Even though top seed doesn’t play the first round, I have to be up kinda early,” you explained as you stood, gripping your laptop across your chest.
“What’s your room number, I’ll walk you up. Some of the people here have been giving me weird vibes.”
“Umm, let me check,” you pulled out your phone with the text your mom had sent earlier. “415.”
“Oh that’s perfect. We’re in 416. Just across the hall.”
You said goodnight to Sam and Julia as you passed and went to the elevator. As you waited, a young couple, probably in their mid twenties came up, obviously drunk. They were dressed up for the holiday, and you were surprised that they were seeming to cut the night short. 
“Oh my God babe, look, they’re like younger us!” the girl attempted to whisper, giggling. Your face burned as you glanced at Tom, who looked as uncomfortable as you.
“That’s so dope! How long have you been with this little lady?” the guy said directed to Tom, giving you a once over, as all four of you entered and pressed the buttons to your floor.
“Oh we’re no-” you began when Tom interjected.
“‘Bout a year, man,” he smiled, tossing his arm over your shoulder and pulling you in tight. The elevator doors closed.
You simultaneously wanted to push him away and fall into his tight, warm grip. You decided to play along as you continued to hold on to your computer. 
“Best year ever!” you exclaimed, leaning up to give him a peck on the cheek.
“Oh come on! You can do better than that! Kiss him! Kiss him!” the girl egged on. You both chuckled nervously and gave each other a look. There seemed to be a silent consensus to just do it for the bit.
Tom moved his arm to your waist and lightly pressed his lips against yours, smiling as he pulled away. You were left a little stunned as the inebriated couple clapped and cheered.
You could tell they were going to say more when the doors opened on the fourth floor.
“Well here’s our stop. Nice talking to you. Come on, princess,” Tom said, the both of you rushing out of the elevator, his arm still around you. 
Once the door closed, you both let out a sigh as you turned down the hall towards your rooms.
“Well that was...  weird,” you stated, the both of you walking pretty slowly. You were keenly aware of the way his hand tightly cupped your side as you clumsily knocked into him a few times.
“Couldn’t have said it better myself. Sorry about that. I didn’t know what they were gonna do and that guy had creepo vibes and I panicked.”
“I get it. We are married, after all,” you said quietly, wiggling your left hand. “Well, here’s my room. Thanks for keeping an eye out. See you tomorrow?”
“Yeah, see you at breakfast. You’re gonna kill it tomorrow,” he said softly, squeezing you in a side hug one last time before letting you go. Your side tingled from where his warm body was no longer touching as you entered the hotel room.
It wasn’t long before you were also saying goodnight to your parents and laying in the dark room, reflecting on the wild day that was Friday. 
You knew that back home everyone was still partying, as you’d received pictures and videos of your friends dressed as Guy Fieri, but you’d had a whole different kind of experience, unsure if it was a good or bad one.
Tom’s lips were kinda soft though
And his big hands around my waist fit nicely
You pushed the thoughts away as you finally fell into deep slumber.
You headed to breakfast wearing sweats, a baggy tee, and a pair of socks and slides. Looks were not a priority right now. While you waited on your waffle to finish cooking, someone appeared next to you, yawning.
“Morning, princess,” he muttered, stretching and rubbing his eyes.
“You really aren’t a morning person, are you?”
“Nope. Now how much longer are you gonna be here because I’m in need of a waffle,” he asked, nudging your sides. It seemed as though you were both pretending the previous night had never happened.
Once you both built your plates, you went to sit with some of the team when Tom plopped into the seat next to you. He immediately began digging in, but paused when he realized the whole table was starting at him.
“What’s wrong, you want me to bless the food or something?” he looked to you.
“No it’s just surprising that you’d come sit with us is all,” one sophomore said. “I mean, you’re like the most popular guy in school.”
“Yeah well the real legend is this bit-” your glare stopped him in his tracks, “...I won’t call you that word, but anyways y/n ranks above me. If anything, she’s the intimidating one.”
The girls giggled and went back to their conversations, occasionally looking at Tom still. 
“Sorry I almost called you a bitch. I meant it the good way,” he whispered into your ear.
You stared at him for a few seconds as you finished chewing a bite of apple.
“I’m just confused as to why you came over here with all the girls.”
“Well it might come as a shock to say that you’re the only person here that I’m friends with other than Sam, and he’s on thin ice after hogging the bed sheets last night,” he explained, shooting a glare to his younger brother, who was obliviously eating with Julia and his mom.
“Today’s gonna get real boring then if I’m your only friend.”
“Hey, remember our conversation Monday? Cute uniforms?” 
You slapped him on the chest for that one.
A long, hard day of games had led up to this moment. A whole season. A big portion of your life.
It was probably between 7 and 8 pm. You weren’t sure. All you knew was that the scoreboard said 24-23 your team. Meaning, one point for you equaled a final win.
You wiped the sweat from your brow as you stood on the back line of the court, nervous and determined.
There were cheers from all sides of the gym as you prepared to serve one last time, hopefully for the better.
The upper ref blew her whistle and motioned her hand for you to serve.
bounces on the gym floor. A toss in the air. A slap to the ball.
The ball passed the net and sunk right to the gym floor without a single person touching it.
It took you a second after the whistle blew and the scoreboard changed to realize that you had won the game. You were snapped back to reality by the loud cheers of your teammates and supporters.
The team came and congratulated you, slapping your butt and squeezing your shoulders. They pushed you to the front of the line to shake hands with the other team and refs under the net.
You didn’t realize until the team went into a huddle that there were tears slipping down your cheeks and everyone reached out to love on you and Anna. All those years working for this moment and it had finally ended. 
Coach made her speech short and sweet, because you could tell she was holding back tears as she looked between you and your co captain.
The two of you led one last cheer for your team. A tournament official came to hand the team the trophy, give you another tournament MVP medal and both you and Anna all tournament and all state awards. You hung them on your neck proudly, happy to feel their weight.
Upon turning around, the first person you saw was Tom, who had a big smile on your face. You immediately rushed to hug him, jumping a little into his arms.
“Told you you could do it!” he exclaimed, wrapping his arms over your sweaty frame. You pulled away, arms still loosely holding each other.  He casually brushed the residual tears from your cheeks.
“And what’s this? Some new ice?” he asked, grabbing all three medals in one hand. He raised one up pretending to bite it.
“My drip is just too clean,” you joked, flipping your ponytail over your shoulder. You heard someone clear their throat behind you. It was your dad.
You went and hugged your parents and talked for a few minutes, then were called over for Nikki to take team pictures. 
Everyone showed off their fiery hair ribbons (you had stayed true to your joking promise) and got pictures with the trophy. You and Anna also took some biting your medals and alone with the large award.
You finally headed to the locker room, changing and packing up your volleyball bag one last time. 
The end of an era was a sad one to say the least.
You said goodbye to everyone as your parents got the car ready. Tom came up.
“Hey. Good job once again. I’m proud of you. See you Monday?”
You felt yourself blush as your stomach flip flopped.
“Thank you, Tom. I’m glad you were here this weekend, especially last night. See you then.”
You gave one last side hug before getting in the car and preparing for the long ride home. You were sitting still for a while reflecting on the day when your phone lit up.
“How’s the ride so far?” Tom asked over text.
“It’s been 20 minutes, Tom.”
“Well if I’m going to be stuck third wheeling Julia and Sam I’m gonna need someone to talk to.”
You rolled your eyes and smiled, continuing the conversation all the way home until you were falling asleep in bed.
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twstarchives · a month ago
1-5・Vargas Badges
Tumblr media
          ♡—Dwarfs’ Mine - Campsite—♡
Vargas: This is the most important thing for you to successfully progress with your challenges... Vargas badges!
When you finish a challenge, go up and talk to the nearest ghost. They will give you one badge once they confirm that you’ve completed it.
There are a total of seven challenges for you to take on over the course of these three days.
Clubs that get a Vargas badge for every one of their challenges will pass and receive their reward.
But the clubs that fail to collect seven... I’m sure you already know.
Ruggie: They get disbanded...
Leona: Hah. So the point is, we just have to clear all the challenges.
Vargas: ...You all got that? Makes sense?
Now I’ll move on to explain the three challenges you have today.
First is “life”! You need to put together a safe environment for you to get by for three days.
Collect firewood from the woods around the campsite and build a campfire.
Ruggie: That’s one of the basics of camping. Animals won’t ever come near a fire, so you’ll stay safe.
Vargas: The second is “food”! Get to know the environment of Mt. Dwarf and make your own food.
Catch some fish by the lakeside and cook them to eat.
Ace: That reminds me, I haven’t eaten anything since this morning...
Vargas: Your third challenge is “learning”! You’ll be deepening your understanding of topics you’ve learned in class by putting them into practice.
Head into the tunnels of the Dwarfs’ Mine and mine for magic gems.
They should be no less than one cubic centimeter, and weigh at least three grams.
If you bring back gems any smaller than that, it won’t count as clearing the challenge!
Take a look at the map included in your guidebook. The three areas I just described are listed in there.
It doesn’t matter which one you clear first, or who attempts which.
The fishing rods and pickaxes you’ll be needing are up here for you to borrow. Come up and grab them as you need them.
You have until sunset. Make sure you have all three challenges done and your badges claimed by then.
All that’s left now is to... get started!!
Tumblr media
Epel: We don’t really have that much time before sunset, do we?
Ruggie: Yeah. Looking at the map, all the areas seem pretty far from each other, so it’s definitely a race against time.
There’s a limited number of fishing rods and pickaxes too. I can’t figure out what order to do them in...
Leona: We should do them all at once.
Ruggie: What?
Leona: We need those tools for the lakeside and tunnels. So send in as many club members as there are rods and pickaxes.
Then have the rest of the group go gather firewood. That way we finish the challenges without anyone idling around.
I don’t know about the other clubs...
But there shouldn’t be any herbivores in my magift club afraid of moving without their herd, yeah?
Everyone: !!
Yeah! Of course!
Leona: Ruggie, go around to each location to give out directions, while also coordinating who needs to be where.
Ruggie: Got it!
Leona: Epel, they said you’re good with your hands, right? Go with Ruggie and help with any challenges anyone’s struggling with.
Epel: Okay!
Ruggie: Yo! That’s our boss for you! ...So what’s our hot shot Leona going to be doing?
Leona: I worked more than enough just now. Let me get some sleep.
Ruggie: Thought so... Alright. Well, let’s get a move on, magift club!
Everyone: Okay!
Tumblr media
Jamil: It finally started. Let’s talk about where we’ll go first.
Floyd: Umm... I’m hungry. Maybe the lake for now?
Ace: Ah, I’m hungry too. I say yes!
Jamil: I’m getting tired of how insensitive Floyd is with always doing what he wants... but I’m on board with heading to the lake too.
Let’s go collect ingredients while we’ve still got energy.
Tumblr media
Deuce: Collecting firewood, fishing, or collecting magic gems...
Jack: Part of fishing is reliant on luck. It might be worth our time if we all headed for the lake first.
If we get some good pulls, some of us can move on to the other challenges while a smaller group stays to continue fishing.
Deuce: Sounds like a plan. Let’s go suggest that to our seniors!
Tumblr media
Riddle: If I was asked which of our three challenges we should prioritize... Personally, I would say the tunnels.
Silver: I agree with Riddle.
Since it’s been a long time since the mines closed, it’s possible that we don’t find any gem fragments right away.
We should finish the challenge that might take the longest first.
It’s not because I agree with Silver’s opinion. I was originally thinking the same thing anyway.
Silver: Oh, were you? We must think alike.
Sebek: NO, WE DON’T!!
Tumblr media
Grim: Alright! Let’s go explore the three areas too!
Tumblr media
NEXT TIME: Episode 2-1
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marvelfreakbrynnlee · a month ago
The heart of the Scout Regiment part 3
A mini Levi Ackerman story
Tumblr media
Summary: Since the beginning of the survey corps, not one member has changed the group like she did, if only they knew, what one persons heart, could change them all.
Everyone sat at the table, making idle conversation as they ate. A strew of different topics were heard, ranging from what they had done that day, the next mission that next morning, to the one at hand between the majority of them.
“Hey can you pass me the pepper?” She asks levi, who sat to her left.
He grabbed for the spice, a small chuckle leaving him.
Due to her mother being a cook, she grew up with lots of soups that contained lots of pepper. Everyone swore that she would put a dash of it on her ice cream when nobody was looking.
“Thanks Kitty.” She says, a soft smile on both their faces.
“Okay, I gotta ask.” Jean says, making both of them tear their gazes from one another. All eyes were on him, knowing what he was gonna ask. “I think I speak for everyone, but, why do you call him Kitty? And not to be rude, but why do you let her? You won’t even let most of us call you by your own name.” He wasn’t trying to be rude or pry, but everyone had wondered why he let her call him by something like that. Nobody ever had an issue with it, they all rather liked it. Finding it endearing seeing the usually cold and emotionless captain visibly enjoying being called such.
They both let out a chuckle, looking at one another again with the same look they always share. “Want me to?” She asks. “Sure, you are the one who came up with it.” He says, a soft smile on his face.
“It happened 6 months ago, it was one of the first times I had been out as the watch over. Erwin had given me the position the week prior, after seeing how majority of the time, I was watching over everyone. But, you all know this by now.” She chuckles.
“This day, was one of the worst ones we had been on. I, I don’t wanna go into it too much. It, still pains me to remember how many we lost. So I’ll just cut to it.”
“We were swarmed with abnormals. Nothing like Eren, but, they just weren’t the normal ones we usually face. They, almost seemed, hungry? Rather than just doing it for the hell of it. There was desperation in them, a need to wipe us all out. I was still so new, I hardly made it out alive myself. If it wasn’t for Levi that is.”
Screams echoed and ripped through the air, as if you could tear through it like flesh and muscle.
Blood soaked her almost entirely as she flew through the air, trying desperately to find any survivors as war raged on around her. Her heart squeezing so tightly, she felt as if it would crumble as her stomach felt like it would drop to the ground any moment.
Her eyes burned from all the blood coating them, tears trying to desperately wash them away as she screamed for any answer besides the agonizing screams from her team. This, this was what hell was.
It was as if time and all trace of the world fell behind her, when she felt her line being cut down, her body being thrown to the ground before she could even recognize what had happened as a scream ripped through her burning throat.
Her body screamed out in pain as she hit, a pained groan ripping from her as sharp tree branches poked into her agonizing body.
Her eyes finally opened, and she wish she never had.
The large beast looked down at her, it’s eyes void of any humanity as drool fell from its large mouth. It’s hand reaching out to her.
She let out a soft prayer, prayer that it would be quick. Prayer for everyone she ever loved in her life. Prayer to see her family again.
None of those prayers were answered though, as it’s hand sliced through all the way off, blood soaking her body as a gasp left her lips.
A wild scream, ripped through the depths of his burning throat as he sliced through every inch of the beast, his body screaming out in pain and adrenaline as he ran up the side of its body, it’s screams of pure torture fueling him as he reched its nape. His eyes burning from blood soaking them as he sliced its nape clean off.
As he felt the beast falling, he flew from its back to her, catching her mere seconds before she was crushed, his body screaming out as he held her body close to his, both their hearts thumping wildly in their chests as they clutched to one another.
~end of flashback
“It was the first time I had ever seen him do it, it was, both amazing but terrifying to watch. I could hardly comprehend what was happening the entire time, I hardly even recognize any of it until we were laying in the grass, my mind finally catching up to what had happened.”
“When we got back, everyone was rushed to the medics as soon as we stepped foot inside. There were so many that were almost gravely injured, that there were quite a few people who had to wait for help. I was lucky in that I could patch myself up, I was fortunate in that my father taught me how to wrap up any injury when I was young.”
“But the thing is, I hardly even paid any mind to my injuries. My focus was only on Levi’s.”
Tears collected in her eyes, blinking them away as best as she could as she washed his body down. Soft groans leave his lips, trying not to worry her worse.
He told her she didn’t have to do this, but alas, her caring heart didn’t let her listen as she tended to his wounds. His heart fluttering in his chest as she continued.
“You could’ve gotten yourself killed you know.” She said, voice still raspy from her shouts. Letting out a sigh, he looked into her eyes. “Need I remind you that you were about to be eaten.” She lets out a small chuckle at this, her eyes still soft as she washed his face. “Yes, but my job is to protect you guys. But thank you anyway, I won’t try and pretend that I’m not utterly grateful. And equally amazed.” His brow turned up in question, another chuckle leaving her lips. “I’ve heard the stories of how fast you are, how amazing your skills can be. But I had yet to see it myself. You were borderline feral.” She chuckles, his heart thumping wildly in his chest. “What can I say, you’re important to us. And besides, I was waiting for the Opportunity to take that bastard out.” He chuckled, making her let out a laugh.
Soft chuckles left her lips as she continued dressing his wounds, his eyes asking the question before his words could. “You just, you reminded me in a way of a cat who’s protecting their owner.” She laughed, his heart thumping wildly in his chest at the noise. “You know what, I think I’m gonna refer to you as kitty from now on. If that’s okay with you?” She asks, her eyes looking into his. His heart warmed considerably more, a flush dusting his cheeks. “Sure.”
It was truly hectic, a merical that they made it all out okay mostly. All but one.
She had managed to evade every titan attack at the last second, snatching her fellow cadets in the lick of time. Each time, she felt her heart soar in her chest as she flew through the frigid air, feeling the chill down to her very bones.
It was as if all the air that hit her in the face stopped, along with her heart as she watched her line cut, feeling her body fall at rapid speeds to the ground.
Even in his titan form, Eren had been able to think just as clearly as he did previous, only no words could leave past his lips, only to be heard in his mind.
He watched as she fell through the air like a comet, his heart falling as he heard the screams of terror rip past her lips.
His feet carried him faster than his mind could catch up, completely tearing through every tree in his way as to get to her as fast as possible.
But as fate would have it, he just wasn’t fast enough as she hit the cold hard ground like a rock, screams of pain ripping into the air as she rolled into the snow.
As soon as he could see her close, he halted his legs to a slow walk as to not rumble the ground she lay on.
She watched with tears in her eyes as he came close, his eyes almost glazing over as she watched his large face fall, her heart breaking as she can feel the pain he’s experiencing.
A whimper leaves his lips, a sound you’d never expect coming from him as he slowly crouches down, trying his hardest not to hurt her any further.
A small smile graces her lips as she looks into his eyes, her heart warming. “Hey my big baby, I’m okay.” She mumbles, hoping he could hear her.
She watches with a smile on her face as he cups his enormous hands, slowly feeling her scoop her up, feeling just how delicately he’s holding her. It was as if she was a rare flower, that would fall into a layer of dust in his hands as he brings her up to his chest, the warmth from his body nearly making her fall unconscious.
Everyone watched in amazement as he emerges from the trees, his feet hardly moving as he slowly shuffled over to them as to not harm her. They watched as his eyes trained on his hands, a solemn look on his features.
A gasp leaves Levi’s lips as he sees him bend down, seeing her frail body laying in his hands.
Instantly running over to her as Eren sets her down onto one of the beds, ones that she had made herself for the wounded soldiers who needed the extra padding beneath them.
Levi instantly got in the cart with her, his heart sinking in his chest as he looks at her. She had bad cuts running over her skin, tree residue coating her skin, nestled deep into each cut. But her smile still remained.
Levi didn’t leave her side as they went back, his hands holding her limp one in his as he prayed for her. Hoping that she would make it out okay.
And as if both men’s prayers had been answered, her eyes opened as she looked at them, her smile growing in size as she looked at their worry stricken faces.
Both let out a sigh as they look at her, small smiles gracing their usually scowling faces. “Told you I was okay sweety.” She mumbled, a smile growing on the young mans face.
His heart warmed as she pulled him into a hug, her soar arms wrapping around him as she rubbed his back. She always did it to him, feeling his muscles unclenching when she ran her fingers over his clothes. It reminded him of his moms, the warmth he felt in his chest that he king forgot about had come again from her embrace.
Eren sits as he looks at his plate, a soft smile on his lips. She had made her famous muffins recently, something that everyone looked forward to each time she had all the ingredients. But what nobody knew, was she always gave him and his close family and friends an extra, as she always overestimated the amounts.
Jean sits beside him as he eats, a teasing smile on his lips as he savors every bite. “I see you saved your extra huh?” Jean teases, watching as his eyes bore into his. “Oh calm down there, was only teasing.” He chuckles, Erens eyes softening slightly as he looks down.
She truly had helped him with not only his anger, but his will to understand and forgive. Before he would’ve threatened the man, now he couldn’t help the smile on his lips.
“What can I say, she’s the best cook here.” He replies, finishing the treat with one last bite. Jean let’s put a chuckle, his eyes looking down at his own food. “Yeah you do have a point, but then again, I think you might just have a soft spot for her.” Erens eyes bore into his as his face scrunches. “I don’t look at her like th-“ “not like that you idiot, god no, I think only the captain does. No I mean like how the rest of us do.” Erens eyes relax, before they squint as he looks at him. What does he mean?
It’s like he could read his mind, or rather his look of pure confusion. He lets out a soft chuckle.
“We all think of her as a mother, I mean we hardly ever call her by her name. She’s become like our mother, but in the best way possible. Speaking of which, why don’t you ever call her it?” Erens heart races in his chest, his eyes looking away from him. “I don’t know what you mean.” He replies. “Almost all of us younger guys call her ma, hell even armin and your sister do. You’re the only one who doesn’t. Yet, you guys have a closer bond than most of us do. What’s the reason you never do?” Eren lets out a deep sigh, his heart pained in his chest at the reason. “It’s, not because I don’t think of her as it. I have for a while. It’s that, I can’t.” Jeans expression matches the same confused look he wore some minute ago. “I watched my own mom die, watched her take her last breath as she was eaten alive. I, I never appreciated all that she did for me until she was gone. I feel like she’d, be angry or hurt if I called another woman that ever again.” Tears collected in his eyes at the confession, blinking them away as best as he could.
He felt jeans hand on his shoulder, looking back at him. “Your mom loves you, correct?” “Of course she did?” “Then if she did, she’d be happy.” Erens face morphed into another look of confusion. “She would want you to. If you look at Y/N that way, and you truly feel it in your heart, your mom would be happy. She doesn’t want you to go your entire life empty, and pushing away every mother figure out there. I know we’ve all been dealt hell, but there, in that woman, is a saving grace. She was meant to be here with us. And if she was meant to be our mom, then we should all call her as such. Your mom would want this, and I know you’d make Y/N so incredibly happy in return. She already calls you her big baby, she won’t even call any of us something like it.”
A smile graces Erens face, a single year collecting in his eye.
His feet tapped lightly along the floor, trying not to alert the captain or any remaining members of the team of his presence.
It was late, the noon high in the sky as snow pelted every inch of the outdoes, creating a chill in the air that he longed to escape to his own quarters. But first, he must do this.
He had thought about it for some time, and by some time, it had been months. Months of thinking of her as his mother, feeling his heart warm whenever she held him dear or called him by anything she thought of. Months of nearly calling her it on accident, all leading up to this.
His hand slowly opened the door, letting out a wince as the door creaked loudly, the old metal growing rusty.
His eyes fell onto her sleeping form, a soft smile on his lips as he walked slowly to her.
Crouching down, he looked at her face, there were some minor abrasions, none that would scar thankfully. He couldn’t help but notice her eyes, they lay shut as she slept. But he could see them moving, wondering what it is she could be dreaming. Maybe it was one of those many tales she would speak of, ones she would tell him on nights he lay awake. At first he found it childish, but he couldn’t deny how calm he felt as she told him, told him of the stories her family red to her that she memorized. A soft smile at the memory of her lulling hun to sleep.
His smile dropped as he looked at her, watching her body shake slightly.
A small gasp leaving him when he saw his breath in front of his face. Having forgotten he runs warmer than most, he didn’t even notice the open window to his side.
Quickly getting up and shutting it completely, he walked back over to her.
She had moved her extra blanket to the bottom of her bed, folding it in just a way that it would unfold if pulled towards her. She had learned it from her mum she said.
Pulling the blanket up to her chin, a smile on his face when she visibly calmed.
Bending down slightly, he laid a soft peck on her temple, his heart warning in his chest.
“Goodnight, mum.” He whispered, his heart skipping as he said it. It felt, right, so right that he couldn’t help the large smile on his face as he got up.
A gasp leaving his lips however, when he felt his hand pulled back. Turning back around, he looked back into her now open eyes that shined with tears, a large smile on her face.
His heart soared in his chest as she pulled him in, wrapping both their arms around one another. Long fat tears cascaded down their cheeks as they wept, soft laughs leaving them as they embrace one another.
“I never thought I’d hear you say it.” She sobbed, her body shaking in his. “I never thought I could, but I’m so glad I did it.”
Her body shakes as she held him tighter, planting a kiss to his forehead. “I love you so mum baby, I’ve thought of you as my son for so, so long.” Sobs shook his body even harsher, more coming as she rocked him back and forth. Never did he think he could feel this love ever again. After taking his mother’s love for granted, to whitening her death, he never thought he’d get another chance at a mother’s love. But as fate or God or whatever was out there, he had it.
“And I, I love you too, mum. So much.”
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1littleshippergirl1 · a month ago
@tamaha sorry this took a bit and it's a bit short. I was having difficulty on how to write this but I hope you enjoy it anyway!
"Dad, dad!" Molly came bursting through the fireplace, hurling herself into Percy's arms for a tight embrace. And he obliged her, kissing the top of her head and giving her a squeeze. It had been a little too long for his liking since he last saw her.
"Hello, Dear," he smiled down at her. "Did you have a good year?"
"It was the best!" Molly was bouncing on her heels excitedly.
George came out of the fireplace now, his robes all sooty and face a tad pink from the chilly air. His brother had been kind enough to offer to pick up all the kids and bring them home. Percy was grateful; Lucy had caught a nasty cold and for the past hour, he had been trying to coax her into eating at least half of her chicken soup while she kept muttering how she wanted to sleep instead, insisting she wasn't hungry. She wouldn't have made it standing in the frigid temperature, waiting for the train to arrive.
"Weatherby," George greeted with a grin. The nickname didn't bother Percy anymore, now that he could see the humor within it. It was really a term of endearment. He peered past Percy, over to the table where Lucy was still slumped over. "How's my favorite niece?"
Molly didn't give him a chance to respond. "I thought I was your favorite niece?"
George bent down to her level, whispering conspiratorially into her ear--but still at a volume that Percy heard. "You are. But you know, your sister and cousins would be jealous. Have to be fair. Don't worry, we know the real truth, right Mol?"
She giggled. "Right."
He stood back up, not reacting to Percy's smirk as Molly rushed passed them to go check on her sister. "So how is the little one? Still feeling crummy?"
Percy nodded, sighing. "Unfortunately. She hasn't eaten a thing but she's terribly exhausted. I just don't know what to do."
George chewed on his lip, contemplatively. "Well, bribery works."
Percy looked at him flatly.
"Oh, don't look at me like that. Just tell her you'll get her a nice new broom and when you go to get it the shop will mysteriously be sold out. Simple."
"You're despicable, you know that?"
"Angie puts up with me," George snickered. "Can't be that bad."
"Goodbye George," Percy shook his head, chuckling.
"Throwing me out already? Didn't Mum teach you how to be hospitable?" George's voice followed him back to the fireplace where he flooed himself away.
Percy turned back to the kitchen where his daughters were. Molly was talking to her sister about her first year-- all without stopping to take a breather.
"Did you know they have a trolley full of sweets?" He was bombarded with the question as soon Molly's eyes set upon him.
"Who does?" He faked puzzlement.
When Bill and Charlie returned from their respective first years, he'd eagerly absorbed their every word, impatiently awaiting for the moment he, too, could head off to Hogwarts for his own adventures. And when that time came, it was the most majestic time of his life. Everything was new and exciting; he wanted to explore and learn.
Naturally, as the time passed and his own school years came down to the last one and the rest of his siblings had surpassed their first year as well, the novelty wore off. It was still wonderful; Percy couldn't deny that. Certainly more interesting than a muggle school. But it just wasn't the same as that first night. He knew about everything now, or practically everything at least.
And now the time had come for Molly. But even with knowing practically everything, he wasn't going to ruin this moment for his little girl.
"The train!"
"Oh," he smiled. "Well, I suppose you bought some chocolate frogs, didn't you?"
Those were her favorite. Molly nodded vigorously. "They were really good. And I got Uncle Harry's card again!"
"Did you?" Percy chuckled again. She was sort of collecting them and had lamented on a prior occasion that she was getting too many cards for Harry and Ron. Then, he asked her, "did you meet anyone on the train?"
Molly beamed. "Oh, yes! This one girl-Emily. She's really nice. We shared a compartment. She's a muggleborn and accidentally did magic in front of her muggle teacher. Locked her right out of the classroom!"
"Did she now?" Percy rubbed Lucy's back, whispering to her that she just needed to take one more bite and she could go lie down on the couch if she liked.
Lucy groaned, her forehead was still resting on the table.
"Yes!" Molly nodded vigorously. "And did you know all the first years get taken across the lake?"
"Really?" Percy managed to look intrigued and hide his smile. "That's fascinating."
"Our boat fell over, too!" Molly informed him as though it were exciting news.
Percy laughed. "Oh, really? How did that happen?"
Molly grinned, looking down. "That might have been my fault."
"Might have?"
"Alright it was," she admitted, giggling. "Cody pushed me first so I pushed him back and the boat fell over."
"I see," Percy said and raised his eyebrows. "And what did I say about pushing people?"
"Not to do it," Molly said, immediately. She was well rehearsed.
"Then why did you do it?"
"He pushed me first," she said, simply.
Molly scowled at the use of her given name. "Daaaaad. It's okay. Cody wasn't mad."
"I see," he repeated. "And Cody is-?"
"My other friend," she said in a tone that suggested he should have known such information.
"Oh, of course," Percy nodded. "Were any of you in trouble for your boat tipping over?"
"No," she shook her head. "Hagrid thought it was funny and dried us all up."
Percy sighed fondly. "So long as you didn't get detention."
"Uncle George said he and Uncle Fred got detention on their first day," Molly told him, though he remembered that day well. They'd set off a dung bomb in the Great Hall just prior to their sorting. Professor Mcgonagall had been furious. So was their mum. A howler came in the mail the next morning.
"Yes, I'm aware," Percy said. "What happened after that?"
"Then we got sorted and Professor Longbottom just put a hat on us," Molly said as if she was disappointed by it.
"You look upset, sweetheart," Percy chuckled.
"Uncle George said we had to wrestle a troll. I wanted to wrestle one."
"He got that from your Uncle Charlie and Bill," Percy told her. "They told us all the same thing."
He omitted the part where he'd nearly wet himself when he and his class entered the Great Hall to get sorted.
"Dad, guess what else happened...."
Percy took a seat beside Lucy, rubbing her back soothingly and for nearly an hour or so, he listened attentively to his daughter describe her experience.
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