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#and scared
make-it-random-af · 27 minutes ago
Sometimes I think I have ADHD, I struggle completing the easiest tasks, like study a little bit every day, or even just concentrate during lesson.
But these symptoms are so common, that sometimes I think I am just really lazy and stupid instead.
We well never know because my parents don't believe in psychology, so I guess I will just try ti live the best life, and eventually having enough money to really understand if there is something wrong with me :)
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hatty-blue · an hour ago
Oh boy, I sure do love waking up at 4 am because of a terrifying nightmare,
god dammit Jack Stauber
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224-12 · an hour ago
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bansheeoftheforest · an hour ago
People who have read Frankenstein and Dracula please tell me which one to read first because I own both books but have never read them and I’ve only seen their OSP videos so I’m afraid of commitment and I dont know what to expect :(
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treasure hunt??? i love treasure hunts. i haven’t been on a treasure hunt in ages. i’m going into this episode assuming the 118 are having a nice day off looking for some treasure together with a map none of them are capable of following properly but truly the real treasure is the friends we make along the way
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icanttakethemonmyown · an hour ago
Me: I hope Anje is getting well rested.
We have important things to discuss such as the shade of red on undergrad!Andrew's face when Sam catches him starting at her.
Or how nearly gives Andrew a heart attack by saying that she thinks their ready to welcome someone else to the house.
"Not a baby."
"What? No, a dog!"
Anje was getting well rested but she is currently in the middle of class so did that rest really mean anything in the long run? methinks not
But you bring up very pressing matters, I apologise for only getting to them now! I think Andrew's blushes range from a crimson to perhaps a ruby, depends on how pretty Sam looked that day (but she looks pretty every day)
And Sam would 110% go about suggesting they get a dog in the most choatic ways possible, like being all motherly in the months leading up to her suggestion ("I just want something to look afterrrr" "I could get you a goldfish?" "Don't be smart with me, Andrew") to finally "Babe, don't you think it's time for an addition to our household? *Andrew nearly shits himself* "Uh...I don't know, honey, a child is-" "A CHILD?! I was talking about us getting a dog"
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diningwiththeasquiths · an hour ago
After years and years I finally took the step and asked to be tested for autism.
My GP was so sweet, he was all like: "It saddens me that you call yourself a loser, you're really not! You should appreciate your uniqueness. You should think 'yeah I'm awesome'! We have some courses here you can take to improve your self-esteem."
He also referred me to a specialist, who can (hopefully) diagnose me.
Yeah I am hoping to get a label after all these years, because I would really like an answer to the question why I am like I am (which is pretty different from the norm).
Oh, he also used the word "asexual" when I was talking about myself. I was so pleasantly surprised, I said: "Yes! That's how I identify! Aromantic and asexual!"
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thatbassistbitch · 2 hours ago
very sure.
i dont feelreal myself cus i get that.
but please, you are very real.
idk what is happening, but it is most likely real unless you have hallucinations (sry if this triggers something, i get hallucinations myself)
- blake
oh definitely on the hallucinations bit i can hear it in the hallway and i’m literally HOH and not wearing my hearing aid so like that’s definitely not real right?
tonight is uh not a good night. or morning? time.
i hope i’m real right now. that this is. otherwise i might be stuck here for a while and i don’t like being stuck
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baronessblixen · 2 hours ago
Hi, same anon who did that 5 times idea, I'd love to write it but you know ha, scared and shy.
I feel you ❤ Please know you’ll always have a reader in me if you decide to write this - or any other idea you might have.
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deansbipanic · 2 hours ago
i often wonder how much donttrustme by 3oh!3 subconsciously influenced my decision to become a vegetarian
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remolds · 3 hours ago
i want ethan and the dimitrescu ladies to have a tea party. but it’s like the dinner scene from re7
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the-person-ever · 3 hours ago
my life seems to be falling into place. and yet i am longing for more. what i want? LOVE, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!! I WANNA DATE, BITCHES!!!!!!!! i want to experience young love, date someone who has younger siblings so i can experience being an older sibling too because I've always wanted siblings but I'm doomed with being an only child. i wanna be the cool older friend/sibling and be fun to hang around with. i don't wanna wait to date. i wanna date now. i wanna simp but for a real person and also have them simp for me back. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR FELLAS?????????
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harriisonford · 3 hours ago
i need to go to bed because i know i'm not doing quality work rn but i'm also scared i'm going to run out of time if i go to bed
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