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#and not like the little mermaid
robertsbarbie · 9 days ago
ariel just has such a beautiful, kind outlook on the world and i think at the end of the day that’s what shaped me most in life
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etvice · 16 days ago
thinking about.... oc’s
#i never end up getting anywhere with oc's but i wanna change that.#i wanna do more with narai for suresies#but i also have a few ideas floating around my head for new ones#a 'broken' android made by a tired old scientist who keeps her around for little things but can't be assed to fix them up.#either bc they are busy with other things or simply don't care i haven't decided yet.#the android's battery levels are constantly fucking up and they sometimes short circuit trying to do basic tasks#and they watch a lot of tv and try to emulate cool & capable looking characters they see in an attempt to be better#my next idea is a mermaid princess who got driven out for some reason or another#i honestly haven't thought a lot about details for her#maybe she got exiled and lives in a seaside town where she helps the locals but returns to the sea at night#idk !!#also very fondly thinking of a lesbian vampire who's very frivolous and loves throwing parties and thinks humans are so cute....#she invites them to her parties and keeps a few around who have pretty necks and have fun stories to tell or make great dolls 2 dress up#and i wanna bring ariadne back........ my lil' tiefling#might make a few lil' tweaks to her so she's just in my own universe tho#so she's really just a warlock bc it sounded like fun and also the princess of hell is really pretty and aria's kind of a disaster#ideally they will take over hell together and be queens it sounds FUN but then she realizes it's more of a serious & dark job and maybe#it's NOT so fun after all..............#oh AND a witch / princess who's lowkey inspired by my ideas for a canon divergent storyline for evie#where she's the daughter of a disgraced queen who encourages her to bewitch a prince and secure them a title#i realized my concepts were perhaps better for an original universe / character so. y'know.#BUT ANYWAY. THAT'S MY OC RAMBLINGS FOR THE NIGHT.#will anything come of them??? who knows !#but consider this my open invitation to tell me ur interested and also plot connections for them with me#make connected oc's.... that would be Sexy
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hoziersgf · 25 days ago
will is objectively the worst love interest in h2o due to the fact that he forces the mermaid reveal on bella. with lewis, he is concerned when he doesn’t know what’s going on following cleo's transformation, but ultimately finds out she's a mermaid by accident. pre-redemption zane definitely wanted to know rikki's secret, but had he not meddled in dr. denman's research she and her team likely still would have found out about the mermaids. ash is by far my least fave romantic lead, but even he didn't stoop so low as to force emma into the water and later apologised for disrespecting her boundaries. eventually she decides to show him her tail of her own volition
will, however, manipulates bella and pours a glass of water onto her hand when she refuses to share the secret. she tries to run away after telling him that he betrayed her trust, and he follows her into the water anyway. after he discovers her true identity he even has the gall to act like she was the one to betray him and freezes her out for days
season three’s mischaracterisation of zane aside, will is the only romantic lead to directly endanger any of the mermaids. lewis inadvertently encourages dr. denman's curiosity surrounding the mermaids before leading her off the scent, while zane convinces his father to call off the project the moment he realises rikki is in danger. will conversely shows an utter lack of respect for bella's safety, comfort, and autonomy by forcing her to reveal her secret, and is ultimately rewarded for endangering her when she returns his affections. it's so disheartening to witness a show directed at young girls have such cold takes about boundaries and consent, however cloaked in metaphor they may be.
#h2o: just add water#h2o#h2o just add water#also in general? this show has really bad takes re: consent. each of the girls kiss their love interests under the influence of the full#moon in season one (emma with byron cleo with lewis and rikki with zane respectively)#none of the girls are able to fully consent since they are technically under the influence. and then in season 2 charlotte pursues lewis#long after he tells her he's not looking for a relationship and is again rewarded for doing so when he agrees to date her#and look i know nate is a meme but the same can be said of nate with cleo and bella respectively: he pursues both girls to an inappropriate#degree even after being told that neither girl is interested in him. and it's played off for laughs! like isn't it funny that he is being#entirely inappropriate and refusing to take their comfort into account. you can say it's Not That Big A Deal but in the context of the rest#of the show representation of informed consent is just... not good.#h2ojaw#h2o jaw#h2o: jaw#h2o:jaw#and like. let's talk about the 'betrayal' for a moment. in the case of rikki and zane he at least has somewhat of a reason to feel betrayed#that she hid the secret because the mermaid who saved his life from the time he almost died (!) has been haunting him for months. but he#isn't pissed at her not one bit. he recognises that she is in danger and convinces harrison to call off the project. and like? they are#actually dating at this point. irrespective of your stance re: whether the merms should share their secret. rikki and zane were serious#about each other and he had a little bit of a right to be pissed she was hiding something so big. same goes for ash and emma since they were#official by the time he got suspicious. hell even lewis has more grounds to feel betrayed since he and cleo were bffs since they were little#will knows bella for what? a few weeks? gets close to her and decides he needs to know her secret. iirc it wasn't even framed in such a way#where it was like 'oh i got attacked in mako and you know something and you're not telling me' it was like i am entitled to know this about#you. but i could be way off base there because season 3 in general gives me a migraine#and like. i cannot stress this enough: i do not like ash. but his response to seeing emma's tail for the first time? 'cool.' no shadiness#no judgement only understanding#bella doesn't even ask him to understand or embrace her. she only asks him to keep the secret and he's like :/ idk i have to think about it#also will and bella look highkey related but that's a problem for another day
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shikai-the-storyteller · a month ago
When I studied in Japan and my host sister dragged me to a karaoke bar with her and her friend, I promptly forgot every song I ever knew, so naturally I chose "Brightdown" by Tamaki Nami. (I got through exactly 1/3rd of the song before I realized what a poor choice it was).
To this day I still consider it one of the bravest (if not stupidest) things I’ve ever done.
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Ok, so I'm actually really happy about this.
Tumblr media
It means a romantic subplot won't detract from everything else going on.
Also Aloy just was accepted back into society like that year (I cannot imagine HZD and TFW to be the time frame of more than a year). I would love it if it were canon that she spends some time just being in different societies (also is she continuing as a Seeker/the Annointed bc she's still traveling or will her title change with new threats and adventures? What will her place among the Nora be?). She may be 19-20 y.o., but like. She's never even had a best friend, guys... I would like to see her have her growing social bubble and like. Later find love.
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