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#and my cats r always on my side <3
astronomy-is-cute · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
woah pinned post pog :0
other names n pronouns for the day (sam, wynn, or mayven r always good tho): dave, he/they/ey/rad/worm
dni + about below the cut
Tumblr media
don't interact if u are or support:
racism, sexism, any kind of lgbtqphobe, exclusionists, ableists
transphobes, anti mogai, anti neopronouns, transmeds, terfs
anti kin or anti self diagnosis
pro shippers/ anti antis, or pedophilia or incest shipping in any way
if you're a blog who only allows interaction from 18+ or if ur an nsfw blog (i don't care if u support these blogs but i'm a minor so it makes me uncomfy)
if ur an endeavor (from bnha) stan or if u think endeavor is redeemable or you're an endeavor apologist.
MAPs, PEARs, pedophiles, or whatever the fuck else y'all call yourselves these days
u support d*nald tr*mp, all lives matter, or blue lives matter
you're against blm and acab
you're a neonazi, a nazi sympathizer, or antisemetic
u follow/support tumblr user @/biggest-gaudiest-patronuses
any other dni criteria i may have forgotten
Tumblr media
hey hi howdy i'm sam! i'm 15 and queer, greyromantic, aceflux, and polyamorous!
i have four partners, only two of which have tumblr!!! they're @/thecatboyfriend and @/fancyfroggiebee!!!!!!! :3!!!!
i'm diagnosed with depression and anxiety but i'm self diagnosed autistic and/or adhd dnfhshdh
Tumblr media
dream smp
undertale and delta rune
the owl house
steven universe
atla and lok
glitch techs
hunter x hunter
warrior cats
kipo and the age of wonderbeasts
Tumblr media
kin list
janus sanders (sanders sides)
mai (atla)
zuko (atla)
himiko toga (bnha)
denki kaminari (bnha)
shinsou hitoshi (bnha)
todoroki shouto (bnha)
jirou kyoka (bnha)
uraraka ochaco (bnha)
bakugou katsuki (bnha)
kirishima eijirou (bnha)
lapis lazuli (su)
spinel (su)
can u tell i have mommy issues, daddy issues, and abandonment issues yet
natsuki (ddlc)
monika (ddlc)
frisk (undertale)
miko (glitch techs)
amity blight (the owl house)
connie (steven universe)
and theres definitely more im forgetting abt here lol
rose lalonde (hs)
dave strider (hs)
jade harley (hs)
Tumblr media
my other blogs
@wynn-does-witchcraft-0w0 - my witchcraft blog
@samssecretselfshipblog-xx - my self ship blog
@mowogaii - my mogai blog
@letelwynneatglitter2k21 - my chaos fam blog
@the-cin-sys - system blog
Tumblr media
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rumowrites · a month ago
okay, alright, I get it:D
A - If I’m in love. I’m in a relationship so ye.
B - Who the last person I talked to on the phone was. My best friend^^
C - How long it’s been since I’ve kissed. Idk, like 6 minutes?
D - If I have a preference for boys or girls. Pansexual as fuck so nope. Also love me some nonbinary or gender queer folks^^
E - How many holes I have in my ears. Just the ones that are supposed to be there. I think I’d rip them out on accident if I got my ears pierced
F - Give me any options, like ‘hot or cold?’ Cold. Always cold. You can put on another sweater but you can’t crawl out of your skin
G - The last person I said ‘I love you’ to. My SO
H - The last person I hugged. Also my SO. Pandemic duh
I - The last time I felt jealous, and why. A friend of mine in the UK already got vaccinated
J - Are you insecure. What about? oh boiii. Depends. About me as a person? no. About the work I do? Oh fuck yes, very.
K - What my full name is. Not gonna answer that one for obvious reasons but my actual name starts with an L which is what my friends call me most of the time. I also have endearing nicknames like ‘fridge gremlin’ or ‘blueberry’
L - If I have siblings. Nope, I’m an only child. I had a cat and an empty house.
M - If I forgive betrayal. I forgive easily but I never forget
N - If you want to know how I treat my friends. Good?? I hope?? Idk ask my friends
O - If I like my school. Not going to school anymore but I do like the academic equivalent I am doing atm
P - What kind of music I like. Answered that one in length already
Q - What the last party I went to was, and when the next will be. Um. Does a concert count as a Party? If not than that was probably the first semester party at uni I helped organize in 2019. The next I’m assuming will be in 2022 at the rate this is going (I am looking at you anti-mask assholes)
R - For me to tell 10 of my curiosities. geez I’m not sure if there are 10 interesting things about me. I climb on things, notoriously. I often get confused for a child. Used to be quite good at Archery pre-pandemic. I can quote all of the prequels and original star was movies. I do street art. I used to play drums semi-professionally and just recently started again. Currently trying to learn base guitar (and skateboarding). I used to do moto cross recreationally. My handyman skills are quite decent. I did not used to be the artsy kid in school (I know, big surprise).
S - 2 habits. I jump my leg a lot which is why I now have my skateboard under my desk so i can push it from side to side instead. I spin pens in lectures/meetings.
T - 5 things I love unconditionally. My mom, grandparents and friends. Caffeine and Sea slugs.
U - How many texts I send daily. too many, I need to annoy my friends with headcannons and weird 4am thoughts
V - 3 big dreams. Be a Professor, live by the ocean, have at least one cat.
W - An idol. Lady Gaga (yes, I’m old)
X - If I’ve done something I regret very much. Mostly regretting the things I didn’t do tbh
Y - If I like my town and why. I like both my home town and the place I currently live for very different reasons. Being home where I grew up always hits different though.
Z - Ask any question you want. Yes, ask any question you want, I dare you.
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seductionreddit · a month ago
Guten tag,It's been 3 years since I've created this post and shared with a small percentage of you my tips on garnering a woman's attention. Looking back at it now, I actually think it's trash and I would not do 60% of the stuff I mentioned then. Feel free to read it, if you'd like, just take it as another perspective.​A lot has happened in 3 years. I've gotten into crypto, brewed my first beer (in a bourbon barrel of course, because that's what's up), given up shrooms, got engaged, switched from just a web developer to full stack developer and am in the process of opening a clothes shop. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've totally given up on "picking up" women. I'll get to that later.This is going to be a lot shorter compared to the last post, because I figured there would be no need to cram 10 different scenarios with 3 different types of women and analyze what's good and what's bad. Instead, I'm going to be focusing on 6 qualities that have, without any sort of doubt, made my fiancé and quite a few my exes, fall in love with me (or so they say).They are honesty, altruism, modesty, confidence, dedication, humor.​Now, a little disclaimer to rid myself of some nasty comments. I am not a pickup artist and do not employ techniques used by PUAs (at least, not to my knowledge) and this post will not be "teaching" you anything. It is just made to give you a different perspective on how to grab that booty while still having a personality and not being a complete jackass.​That being said, here are 2 rules that still apply from my previous post.Take care of your health and your looks. It might seem a very lax advice for you 18 year olds out there but for us grandpas, a reminder really helps.Health and aspect both corelate to one another. The big DO NOT, in this advice is to not do too much of anything (actually, that applies to pretty much everything in life, now that I think about it).I know you like your beer, your juice, your weed, your RedBull, your MCDonald's and your chocolate. The main takeaway here is to not overdo it. By all means, please indulge yourself in everything you want, but do it responsibly, or you're gonna end up 30 pounds overweight with severe gastritis and let me tell you, while a horny girl won't give a flying fuck about your flabby belly, she will care if you start burping or complain too much that your little tummy hurts.So....uh...yeah. Just be responsible with your vices, I warn ya.On the other side of the spectrum, you have eating healthy, staying in shape, washing your teeth every day, trimming your nails every week, taking care of your hair, manscaping (if you need to, it's not a rule), taking a shower every day and for godness sake, trim that beard.So that's the general idea, I mean you already know the drill, this advice is all over the internet.​Special Service Announcement: If you just want easy fucks, just go to clubs, talk with some girls and tell them you have drugs (assuming you actually do, if not, well...get some lol). It works better than all these stupid techniques you have people tell you. However, this is quite trashy and will only result in sex with similarly trashy women. If that's your cup of tea, then go ahead.​Now that I've gotten rid of most of the future wife-beaters (I'm kidding, guys, I've attracted women by telling them I had beans and weed too, it's just a phase, you'll grow out of it) let's get to il ballo principale~Above the previous paragraph, I wrote about the 5 qualities that made my beautiful fiancé and ex girlfriends fall for me and instead of going through them one by one, I'm actually going to try and combine them and place them into something that I would like to call: a pretty decent ladThe pretty decent lad is that guy who you look at and think that he's a really swell dude and might be worth it to grab a beer with. But why? He's not a woman, so why would you want to waste time on someone who's not going to vacuum suck your peepee? The answer is quite simple. You think he is a bro and bros are always fun to hang out with, even women like bros because they also want to have other types of fun besides having their vaginas canon blasted.So now you might be thinking, why in the world should you try to "bro" your way into dates? Well you're not actually doing that. Males in most species will do something different to attract a desired female's attention, in layman's terms, if you meet a girl you like, you should act like she's a girl you like.Honesty and confidence often go hand in hand. You need to be resolute in your answers, your convictions and morals are what brought you so far in life, there is absolutely no need to lie your way in or out. Altruism is possibly one of the best qualities a human can have, helping people and being kind to them without expecting anything in return is ultra cool and seriously hot, mate, it actually nearly made me go bisexual for some dude once lolz. Modesty is really just the opposite side of arrogance. Believe me, you want to be seen as a modest man instead of an arrogant man and I think that pretty much sums it up. Dedication, believe it or not, is that fine line between being seen as a clingy dog or a man of men who pursues his booty with a passion in his eyes. Humor can go with anything. Just be funny, but...don't try too hard. Just, you know, be.These qualities have limits. If you exceed the limits on any of them, you WILL be seen as a creep or a clown. Being too honest will make people think you're pretty dumb. Being too altruistic will make you seem like you're easy to take advantage of. Being too confident will really make women run away from you. Being too modest will make you seem like a downright loser. Being too dedicated will just turn you into a clingy dog, like I mentioned earlier. And being too humorous will make you seem immature.I cannot tell you where you need to draw the line, you will have to discover that yourself.So, it's almost the end of my post and you feel like you've learned nothing, but I beg to differ. I have just given you the part of the cake which has all 3 strawberries on top of it (it could also mean I just gave you the middle part of the cake which is pretty funny to imagine). You don't need to pick up girls. You just need to do you, man. I could give you 50 different examples on when I've literally seen a woman's pupils just escape her eyeballs when all I did was just say hello, said a funny story about my cat and smiled broadly at her, but that would not help, you need to figure who you really are, first, and then you will feel that change, because your vibe will be completely different. Well, you'll notice it when they literally forget their name when you ask them for it, it's pretty cute.​Even though I mentioned it would be short, it is still a slightly longer than usual post of mine, but I hope you got some insight from it.Here is a list of some no-nos which you really should avoid doing;Unironically talking about alpha males and/or chadsRating women from 1 to 10, man, this really makes you look like an absolute fuckwit and a loserTouching women without them being comfortable with you, yet. (I'm looking at you, PUAs, you weirdos)Groping women without them being really comfortable with you, yet. Like holy shit, what?Bragging in general. Remember, modesty.Stopping random women in the streets just to try to get their number. (Again, PUAs, you weirdos)Stopping random women in the grocery store just to try to get their number. No.Going to a woman which is in a mixed group of strangers just to try to get her number. I commend you for your bravery, but unless this is a club or a party, you're probably going to fail. I've seen this many times with my friends and it really doesn't matter how confident and manly the guy is, he always comes out as desperate from the second his intentions were made clear.Unironically calling a woman "baby" or anything similar before she is comfortable with you. Great job, alpha male, you really got her wet with that one.Not using your common sense? I know I joked around earlier when I said you would be chasing that booty, but please remember that they are human like you, they're not different. Treat them like you want to be treated. With respect and love. And maybe then you'll see the true definition of "sucking a golf ball through a garden hose".​Please take everything I said with a grain of salt, I'm just another guy, after all. I'm open to talk with any of you young'uns if you have problems in a relationship or difficulty in finding some cheeks to slide into, I'll see you in my PMs with your queries.​Toodles! via /r/seduction
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thebeebi · a month ago
your little games pt. 12
Tumblr media
pairing: Jungkook x reader
warnings: fluff in later chapters, smut, non-con, mention of r*pe attempt, implied murder and many more! Read only if you are okay with these topics!
genre: historical AU, 18th century?
word count: 3k+ [part 12]
a/n: Hello, I am sorry for posting late, but I am trying to learn some coding so I could fix the tumblr themes up to my liking. ALSO huge shout out for people who messaged me a suggested some themes ♥ Love you. ♥ 
taglist: @njrwifey​ @danietoww04​  @kaithezaftig​​ @she-is-dreaming​  [If you want to be added, just let me know :)]
You ran away from the man who tried to take an advantage of you. You stabbed him and escaped. Escaped to the arms of the handsome captain who was even worse than the man you just killed.
Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11
Tumblr media
In the silence, you could hear that Jungkook was back. He was taking off his clothes and the only source of light was the lamp from the outside. He laid down next to you and turned his face towards the door just in case something might happen again and because he could not look at you. It was silent in the room once again and the only thing you could hear was his breath, which started becoming more stable and calm.
Before you could even open your eyes, you heard that it was raining outside. The man lying next to you moved and pulled away the blanket that was covering him. Jungkook sat up at first then stood up. You finally opened your eyes and also hopped out of the bed which got his attention. He frowned while looking at you. “You do not have to wake up yet.” He said tetchily. “I have to take care of a few things and I cannot take you with me.” You opened your mouth in o while nodding. “Are you leaving right away?” You asked timidly since his expression was not the most welcoming you have ever seen. “No. Not right now. Firstly I have to wash up and then eat breakfast.” You looked around the room and then backed away from him. “If you don’t mind, I would rather wake up now.”
“Do whatever you want.” He murmured. “I don’t care.” When the servants from the tavern brought him the warm water into the tub, ha made sure it was the temperature up to his liking. Once they left and you stayed with Jungkook alone once again, he sat down in the tub. It looked like Jungkook was in a bad mood, enjoying the silence. It was too silent that you were scared to even come closer to him and offer him help with washing up. You gathered all of the courage and walked towards him but once you were close, you stood still unable to say a word. You tried to reach for the sponge, that Jungkook was holding, while your hands were shaking. Jungkook looked at you surprised. “What do you want?” He asked annoyed. “A cat got your tongue?”
You took a deep breath before you finally spoke up: “I want… I want to help you to wash up.” Jungkook frowned even more. “You don’t have to.” He spat out. “Go and dress up and if you want, you can eat breakfast with me.” You nervously backed away from the tub and turned to the chair, where you left the dress last night. It was more than evident that he wants nothing to do with you today. You decided to keep your distance for now so you won't make him even more upset with your presence. You decided it would be best to brush your hair. You made your way towards the mirror and started trying to fix the mess with the fingers while Jungkook got out of the tub. He took the towel that was hanging on the chair and wiped the drops that were slowly going down his toned abs. Once you were finished you made your way towards the table but at the same moment, Jungkook turned to you and also walked towards the table to grab the freshly washed white shirt. You quickly moved to the side to let him through, but the action was met with a frown. “You don’t have to be so scared.” He said bitterly. “I won't hurt you.”
You looked down biting your lower lip. “I… I am sorry.” You whispered. “I didn’t want to be in your way.” Jungkook cursed under his nose. “I don’t care if you avoid me or be in my way. I am not planning on beating you for things as your aunt did. I have never hit any woman in my life.” You looked at him unsurely. Should you move or should you stay, where you are right now? Jungkook was trying to tie the ribbon of his shirt in the bow-knot but anger did not help him and he failed to do so. You walked towards him slowly and pushed away his hands from the ribbon. Jungkook was staring at you but you did not look at him back. With the nervously shaking fingers, you tied up his ribbon into an even bow. Then you walked towards the chair and took the coak. You approached him again, wanting to help him put it on but he grabbed it from you. “Let me do it.” He said looking away from you. “You go and brush your hair again with a brush.” You smiled and quickly nodded, running towards his bag to take out the brush. While you were softly caressing your hair, Jungkook walked to you and buttoned up your dress. You thanked him and shyly smiled.
After that, the days flew quickly and it was the day when Jungkook was supposed to take you to the dressmaker to try on the dresses they made so far and to check on the fittings. “Today you are supposed to go and try on the dresses.” Said Jungkook slowly and took a bite of the bread. “I will come to pick you up around 2 in the afternoon. Tell Jimin to ask for the carriage.” When he looked at you, you obediently answered and nodded while taking a sip of coffee. Jungkook was softly caressing your body with his eyes. You always tensed up feeling his eyes on you, but after a while, you relaxed but still blushing a little.
While Jungkook was eating, you were watching him in silence. He was wearing a dark blue coat with a stiff tall collar quilted with a golden stitch. The shirt and the bow were of the bright white colour and you could smell a soft hint of his cologne. He was dressed up perfectly as always and he looked so attractive that all women in the tavern went weak just seeing him breathe. Then you realised he had the same effect on you. It was more than often when you stood still while looking at him. You would keep looking at him but his sudden voice surprised you and you looked down at your bread on the plate. “Yesterday I lost the button on my shirt.” He pushed away the plate from him and wiped the plump lower lip. “I would like you to fix it for me. Jimin is not so good when it comes to these things.” He looked up at you and raised his eyebrows. “I am assuming you would be good at that.” You smiled shyly, glad that he finally asked you to do something. “Stitching is one of the works I enjoy the most. It is the first thing I was taught to become a proper lady.”
“A proper lady…” Murmured Jungkook more for himself than for you to hear. “Excuse me?” You asked warily, not sure if he is going to make fun of you again, not understanding why he would do that after such peaceful days you spent together. Jungkook did not answer but reached for the strand of your hair that was in your face and softly pushed it behind your ear. “I mean nothing by that, little one. I am just thinking about how educated you are in this field.” You thought he was making fun of you but weren’t sure and there was no way to find out.
The door to the tavern opened up and a tall young man entered in, wearing the typical coat that sailors wore. He looked around before his eyes stopped at Jungkook and he made his way towards your table. When he came closer, Jungkook stood up looking at him. “Good morning, sir.” Said the young man in the strange accent you could not identify. He looked at you then bowed while smiling. “Good morning, madam.” Jungkook introduced him to you as Kim Seokjin.  When Jungkook introduced you as his wife, Seokjin showed no sign of surprise. For sure he was told about our marriage. You did not know to what extent and what kind of details he knew but you knew that he knew. When I will be big enough, the crew of Bangtan could count on their fingers and realise that we slept together before marriage. Seokjin’s face was really handsome but you thought that your husband looked better. Seokjin smiled at you brightly. “I am glad to finally meet you, madam.“ You smiled at him and Jungkook asked Seokjin to sit down while he sat down in his chair.
Tumblr media
When Jungkook and Seokjin left, you returned to the room. You asked Jimin to bring you a needle with a thread and scissors so you could start working on Jungkook’s button. This kind of work relaxed you a little while you did not even know you needed it. With his shirt in your lap and a baby in your womb, you felt happy and for a moment you felt like a real wife. You stopped working and the calmness disappeared soon enough. Soon you will have to pack your bags and leave the place you called home. The new life you were going to live was still unknown to you. You will be brought to a place full of strangers and your child is going to grow up among them. You weren't sure if you are going to be happy there but only time will tell.
When you finished up the stitching, you folded Jungkook’s shirt and placed it on the table. Jimin brought you a light lunch and then you got ready to leave for the town to see the dressmaker once again. Jimin knocked on the door, telling you that the carriage was downstairs waiting for you. Suddenly you could hear the loud tintinnabulation of the bells in the town centre but Jungkook’s voice was the only thing you could hear. You smiled once you heard the footsteps in front of the room and when he opened the door and looked at you, Jungkook noted. “I see that you are ready.” He did not look as happy as you were once you saw him, he furrowed his brows looking you up and down. “There was nothing to keep me from getting ready” You smiled a bit but quickly looked away unsure if you won't make him upset. He handed you the cloak that was hanging on his forearm. “It is cold outside.” You took it from him. “I think this one will fit you better than mine.” At first, you thought it was another one of his cloaks but when you put it on, you realised it was for women and it looked expensive. You never had such an elegant cloak before, not even when you were living with your father. You run your fingers through the material smiling. “Oh, Jungkook.” You exhaled. “It's so beautiful.” He reached in to button it up, but you were so happy with the present you started turning and spinning smiling at how beautiful it was. You were moving from one side to the other to see it better which caused Jungkook to laugh. “Stay still, my little bunny, so I can button it up.”
You giggled happily and looked down at his fingers that reached for your cloak once again. Since you did not tie up your hair, they fell down and covered your face alongside with the button and the hole Jungkook was trying to find. “Well, now I don’t even see what I am doing,” he lectured you lovingly. You started laughing so hard, you bent backwards letting him help you. Jungkook saw how happy you were with a little present and he was honestly glad he decided to buy you such a surprise gift. His eyes darkened once you touched his chest with your hand smiling. At that moment your eyes met and the touch was electrifying. The moment was interrupted by the horselaugh from the outside and Jungkook pulled his hands away from you. He shook his head as if wanting to get rid of all the sparkly feeling and then he smiled again and reached out his arm to let you wrap yours around it. “Let's go, little one,” you finally laid your hand on his as he continued. “We have to hurry up.”
Tumblr media
Mrs Dubois welcomed you in front of her shop and then quickly led you inside, not wasting any minute. “Everything is going smoothly, captain Jeon. We will make dresses on time.”  Jungkook sat down on the offered chair and nodded. “Well done, madam.” The dressmaker then made her way to bring out all kinds of dresses. You walked to Jungkook and turned to him with your back, moving your hair to the front so he could help you unbutton them. His face had a strange expression when he reached up to help you and his fingers were clumsier than usual. You stepped out of the dress and Mrs Dubois helped you into the first one prepared.
“You are really lucky that it’s fashionable right now to have the middle higher.“ Said the dressmaker. “When the middle is so high, you will have no problem wearing this dress even in a few months when you will have a bigger belly. We will keep a bit of fabric inside, so you could cut the mold joint so it would create more room just in case.” Jungkook’s eyes suddenly slid down on his wife’s stomach. Today he forgot about your state and about the circumstances of your marriage. “Do you like the dress, monsieur?”  Jungkook then looked at your body, looking you up and down, not really caring about the pink dress you were wearing and but was covering something he really wanted to see. He murmured something in agreement then looked away. Mrs Dubois kept on putting you in the dresses, asking Jungkook if he liked them and he just always mumbled something as a yes. He moved on the chair while seeing you in the beautiful black dress. He was sweating as he started thinking about how he almost broke his promise a while ago. If the moment in the tavern was not interrupted, he would have thrown away the pride and would let his words mean nothing in a second. If the moment was not interrupted, he would hold you, brought you to the bed and nothing would stop him from making love to you. Now he was painfully aroused and was watching you how you are putting on and off different kinds of dresses. He was battling with himself. His pride and lust were battling and Jungkook was not sure which one was winning.
He frowned and dusted off his coat, wanting to look anywhere but at you. He did not want to look at you anymore. If he did, he would just run to you and would act as some kind of animal. At that moment he would be content with the carriage and privacy it offered. Nothing would help you, not even begging. He was feeling as if his insides were rupturing because he knew it would cause you to hate him even more. To Jungkook, it looked like you were happy with the situation you two were both in and he was worried that you would start playing the game of cat and mouse if he told you that he wanted to make love to you. And who was he really to say anything to you after the first experience you had with him? But he did not want it to be like that again. He did not want you to be scared of him. He wanted to be gentle with you. He wanted to show you how beautiful it could be.
Jungkook was really unlucky. You tried a few more dresses and he was cursing himself inside for actually buying you that many. He was frowning more and more and whenever Mrs Dubois asked him, he would answer even shorter each time. Mrs Dubois just exhaled knowing that he was just like any other men. She thought Jungkook hated the time it took them to try on the dresses. Oh, how wrong she actually was. Jungkook moved to the side on the chair, looking at you briefly thanking God and the dressmaker for finally putting you in the dress that covered your bust. Is she really unaware of what she is doing to me? Even though he promised to himself he is not going to touch you, it did not mean that you in a sating undergarment did not cause him to feel things. It barely covered anything and his mind was already full of images of you without it anyways.
Mrs Dubois helped you into another dress and said something in a quick French. The dress was small around your bust causing it to almost spill over youre breasts. Jungkook started twisting on the chair and was cursing inside. The cold sweat appeared on his forehead and he dug his fingernails into his knees. “Oh, girl! I have to show her the mistake she made.” Mrs Dubois spat out. “Not everyone is as flat as she is.” The dressmaker ran out of the room and you could barely breathe in the dress that was still full of pins. You moved your arm a little but it only caused you to whimper in pain.
“Jungkook, could you, please?” You asked him pitifully. “I feel like as if I were a pin cushion. That girl left there all of the pins she used. I cannot even breathe, they are pricking me.” Jungkook rather unwillingly stood up and walked towards you and put his hand underneath your bust-bodice feeling the warmth of your body. For a second your eyes met and to your surprise, he started blushing. He quickly pulled away his hand as if he was burnt. “You will have to wait for Mrs Dubois.” He spat out. “I cannot do it.” You were surprised by how rough he was. Obviously, he was nervous the whole time he was sitting in the chair, moving around. You nodded silently and looked down. Does he hate seeing me in the dresses? But he bought them… Did I do something?
Chapter 13
a/n: how did you like this chapter??? How long do you think is Jungkook going to be able suppress all of his urges and feelings? ;))))))  If you have any guess and would like to share go ahead :D I know the answer and I am curious if you can get it right :D love you lots ♥ 
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sweetiesheeps · a month ago
❥︎ yandere!Akutagawa x reader
❥︎ highschool AU (slight lime)
❥︎ warnings ; mentions of blood/beating, kidnapping, slight nsfw near the end but only implied, purposeful lowercasing, this was just copy & pasted from my wattpad so it's kinda old <//3
❥︎ viewer's discretion is advised !
꒷꒦꒷‧˚₊‧꒦꒷꒦ ꒷꒦‧˚.⁺꒷꒦꒷‧˚꒦꒷꒦꒷‧˚₊‧꒦꒷꒦ ꒷꒦‧˚.⁺꒷
Akutagawa ryunosuke.
only a year older than you but you utterly adored and admired him, though he made it clear he didn't like you all that much.
but that didn't matter, he was like that with everyone but his younger sister and upper classmen, Dazai Osamu and Chuuya Nakahara.
it'd be a lie to say you weren't even a tad bit jealous~
"Akutagawa-san!" you call to the ravenette who as always, ignored you until you ran to his side.
"goodmorning, akutagawa-san!" a giggle escapes your lips as he sends one of his famous glares your way.
"you look didn't stay up late studying again did you?" you asked worridly, referring to the slight dark circles beneath his eyes.
"it's none of your business." he hisses making you smile despite both his tone choice of words and tone.
"he speaks! i almost forgot what you sounded like!"
"i told you to buzz off yesterday."
"yeah but that was a full 24 hours.." you whine making him scoff as you enter the school's entrance.
this is how your mornings usually went by, but it was alright. you were happy he even bothered responding to you.
time goes by and the two of you make it through your morning classes before the bell finally rings, a wave of relief washes over the students.
lunch time, at last...
you sigh happily as student move to take out their lunches or go to hang out with their friends. pulling out your small lunch box, you begin to eat your rice and curry, sure it was cold but things sometimes taste better that way..
chewing happily, you fail to notice a certain silvernette jog up and only jump when he suddenly sits beside you.
"ah! Atsushi-kun" you choke on your rice and force yourself to swallow making the teen panic a bit.
"i-i'm sorry, [l/n]-san! i didn't mean to scare you.." atsushi quickly moves his hands around in panic, causing a small giggle to leave your lips.
"it's okay! i should probably pay more attention to my surroundings.." you laugh softly making him smile.
"but anyways," you begin, closing what little food you had left for later, "what can i help you with?"
the silver haired boy snapped back to reality and blushed a bit in embarrassment, "o-oh right! i, um, i wanted to know if you could meet me after school..? it's okay if not! i don't want to pressure you or anything-mhph-!"
you gently place a finger against his lips to make him stop talking and chill, staring into his eyes until he eventually relaxed.
"you good?"
you smiled and pulled your hand back, "now, to answer your question, i can definitely meet you after school~ just give me a time and place and I'll be there!" you smile making his eyes light up.
"R-ReAlly-! i-i mean, really-?" he asks, searching your face for any signs of joking or sarcastic manner.
"yes really~" you laugh softly,
the silver haired teen beams happily and writes a time and place for the two of you to meet up on a sticky note. the two of you spent the rest of the break laughing and talking, much to someone else's disliking.
the rest of the day went by somewhat smoothly, gym was a bit of a challenge due to the warm heat of the sun beating down on you in your turtle neck jacket. you were thankful Sakaguchi-San allowed you to wrap it around your waist for now.
after cleaning yourself up in the locker room you head over to your last class of the day, your favorite to say the least. literature. a subject that you enjoyed since you had a keen sense when it came to writing but also because it was the only class you got to sit beside the mysterious ravenette, Akutagawa.
hurrying over to the classroom, a few of your friends greeted you as they took their own seats, chatting a bit with each other before class officially started. you smile and greet the group back, making a bee line to your seat.
you beam happily at the sight of Akutagawa who sat in silence as always, 'mysterious as always~ i wonder what he's thinking about,' you hum curiously before taking your seat.
"good evening, Akutagawa-san!" you greet as always, waiting to receive the side glare you always did.
to your surprise though, he simply cleared his throat and muttered a quiet, "...good evening."
your eyes lit up like a christmas tree. the entire year you've known each other he's never greeted you back, you couldn't help but stare.
he seem to grow uncomfortable with your staring and glared at you making you sit back as it always did...
he huffs, turning his attention to the empty whiteboard behind the still preparing teacher. the two of you sit in silence before he sighs and glances at you.
"oi." he grunts making you perk and look up at him, hands in your lap.
" me after school. i need to speak to you privately."
you stare at him in slight shock. he wanted to talk to you? privately? but why?
"uhm..i'm sorry Akutagawa-san, usually I'd ask for a time in place but i'm already meeting up with Atsushi-kun..." you reply sadly, knowing well you just blew your only chance to speak with him.
Akutagawa stares at you coldly, making you shrink in your seat a bit under his gaze. there was just something about it that felt...wrong.
nonetheless, he turns away and goes silent. he stayed that way the rest of class.
the final bell rings, signaling it's finally time to pack everything up and head home for the day.
Akutagawa is the first of you two to get up and head to his locker, leaving you some time to think. a sigh escapes your lips as you place your notebooks in your bag, zipping it up and watching all your anime keychains jingle.
you frown and lean against your hand before a small blue paper catches your eye on the ground, your curiosity causing you to lean down and pick it up.
"ah, it's the sticky note Atsushi-kun gave me...guess i dropped it.." you speak to yourself as you read over it again.
5:50 PM
please meet me by the school's water fountain, i need to talk to you after my club meeting !
you smile as you notice a small tiger drawing on the bottom right, "he's a bit of a cute one..i wonder what's so important.."
you stayed at the school and waited until the set time, smiling as you watch the other club members and leaders leave for the day. you thought about joining a club but it seems a bit too time consuming for your liking.
grabbing your bag your bag, you start to head over to the water fountain by the gardening club. it was beautiful and surrounded by flowers and trees.
"he must've been helping Kyouka-chan and Montgomery-chan.." you mumble with a smile, he was always quite the gentlemen with those two.
walking over to the fountain, you carefully sit on the edge and wait for the teen to greet you like he always did.
a few minutes went by and there was still nothing, causing you to grow a bit concerned. he wouldn't ditch you without telling you, right? no, he was too kind for that..
your thoughts were interrupted by a sudden scream, a familiar one too. it caused adrenaline to kick in and make you shoot to your feet, looking around.
there was another, this time you were able to tell where it came from. the shed that help the club's tools and supplies.
you wasted no time in hurrying over, swinging the door open on to be welcomed by yet another strained scream and a gruesome sight.
in front of you was atsushi on the ground, face bloody and beaten and you were positive he was missing his fingernails. the boy's usually sparkling clean hoodie was spotted with blood, his blood. his breathing was shallow and slow, it was clear he was close to passing out. above him was your mysterious classmate, Akutagawa. his foot dug into Atsushi's head as he forced him to stay down, a pair on pliers on his hand, probably the explanation for his missing nails.
he turned his head to stare into your horrified [e/c] orbs with his dark cold gray ones, "...y/n, i could've sworn that paper said 5:50, it's only 5:30." he speaks casually, as though your classmate wasn't heaving under his heel.
you didn't even bother asking what happened, you just stared into Atsushi's teary eyes. he was begging for help and you intended to get it to him.
you slowly backed up, your bag sliding off the shoulder as Akutagawa removed his heel from the poor boy's head.
he got closer to you, looking down upon you as though you were a frighten little mouse under the claw of a cat.
you stared at him fearfully before you suddenly pepper sprayed the ravenette in the face, causing him to instinctively screech and cover his eyes.
this little mouse knew better.
you hurried past him as he stumbled back, trying to hurry to the bleeding boy on the ground. He carefully helped him sit up and wrapped his arm around your shoulder, "don't worry atsushi-kun, I won't let him hurt you-"
before you could even stand to help him to his feet, there was a harsh grip on the back of your neck before you were yanked and forced face first into the floor. looking over to shoulder fearfully, Akutagawa glared down at you with red teary eyes thanks to your little trick, "you think you're so smart pulling a stunt like that, I'll make you regret this later." he hisses.
you were given one last look at the fearfully Atsushi before everything went black.
waking up is what hurt the most honestly, your head throbbed in pain as your vision blurred.
trying to shift, a wince leaves your lips as the feeling of rope rubs against your wrists and ankles. once your vision clears you look to see that is exactly what it was, red ropes scar against your skin causing you to panic and try to free yourself.
"i wouldn't try that if i were you." a deep familiar voice calls, only making your panic worsen as your head shoots the direction in which is come from.
there he was, in all his glory.
Akutagawa stared at you, admiring your tied down form, "you'll hurt that precious skin of yourself."
your brain couldn't process anything other than to panic, whimpering in fear as you scoot away from him the best you could with tied up on a bed.
he scoffs at your attempts and talking over to pin you on your back by your neck, staring into your fearfully eyes with much admiration.
"that expression of looks wonderful on you." he whispers, causing you to try and sink back into the bed.
"p-please..please let me! i promise i won't bother you anymore, i won't tell anyone what happened! please!" you suddenly broke into begs much to his pleasure, his thumb brushing against the center of your neck.
"such sweet's too bad they'll be going to waste." you shrink and begin to tremble at his words, you were going to die here..
"i don't plan on ever letting you go. ever. i can't bring myself to pretend yo hate you any longer.." he mutters, confusion starting to swirl with your fear.
"what are you talking about.." you whimper, trying to convince yourself it's all a bad dream.
Akutagawa chuckles darkly and grabs you by your cheeks, forcing you to look in in the eyes, "don't you get it? i'm in love with you. i can't get you out of my head, you're the only thing i can think of at times." he growls.
a new pang of fear starts growing inside you as tears prick at the sides of your tears.
"when you told me you were meeting that...that jinko! my blood began to boil and i had to know where and when...i wouldn't let him have you!" he growls, digging his nails into your cheeks causing you to wince in pain.
he chuckles at your whimpers of fear and pain, a new desire builds up inside him, "you weren't supposed to find him, but you decided to come around early and pop in for a surprise.."
Akutagawa grunts, his hand moving back to your poor throat, "i couldn't let you get away now, but you were more prepared than i thought you were...that's why i knocked you out and brought you here. i can't let anyone else have you, or else i might just go mad..."
he sighs shakily, the urge to squeeze your little neck until you were clawing at his hands was oh, so tempting.
"i love you too much to set you free now, i want you all too myself.." he leans to press his forehead against yours, staring into your scared teary eyes.
"...but i know you don't love me, you just admired me and my ways. even now though, i doubt you even admire me for that anymore..." he growls, pulling back as you begin to sweat bullets.
Akutagawa moves to straddle your hips, one hand moving to grip the ropes that bounded your wrist while the other moved to unbutton his shirt.
"it's clear that i will have to earn that admiration and affection. I'll teach you to look up to me once more, to love me and only me."
꒷꒦꒷‧˚₊‧꒦꒷꒦ ꒷꒦‧˚.⁺꒷꒦꒷‧˚꒦꒷꒦꒷‧˚₊‧꒦꒷꒦ ꒷꒦‧˚.⁺꒷
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poetryforthemad · a month ago
4pm thoughts. Today has been a very chaotic day to say the least. I found a little mouse outside my room when I was getting a towel to get in the shower. I later found out from my mum that my cat, Boots had been playing with something under the bed all night. Said thing she was playing with, was indeed the mouse.
However, even though this was a frail, helpless little mouse I was absolutely shitting myself and did not want to pick it up so I did what any sane human being would do, scream for five minutes (away from the mouse I didn’t want to freak it out anymore than it already was) and then proceed to find a broom to poke it with. Why did I poke it with a broom you may ask? Well my best friend, lets just call her r. Well, R had experience with her old cat bringing dying animals into her house as cute little presents as well. She told me poking it with a broom may help me determine whether it was dead or alive.
If one of your friends has jumped off a bridge before and tells you if you do a flip it will hurt less, you jump off, pray for your life, and do a flip.
Anyway, I’m getting off track as per usual. So, I poke the mouse onto its side and it gets back up, so at this point i know that it is just a very very injured little mousie boy. 
I get a container, put a folder under it to get the little mouse captured, and I sit with it before my dad comes home to execute it. I feel really bad about it now, I really love animals and even though I was so scared of it, IT WAS SO CUTE AND HOW COULD YOU HURT A TINY LITTLE MOUSIE BOY. 
RIP mouse <3
I got new shoes today which was a big deal for me because I am very picky when it comes to shoes, the only other pair of shoes I own are my platform doc martens. 
Best thing about today was thanks to my evil mouse catching cat and the mouse. So while I had a very materialistic win today, the best part of it all was having my brother speak to me like a person.
He doesn’t know how to act around me most of the time because after my dad’s abuse and my mental illness got really bad, we just didn’t talk and everytime we did we would either argue or have no idea what to say. Its really complicated having that kind of relationship. Like the trauma didn’t bring you closer and I think him and I will always perceive what happened to our family extremely differently.
Once again, going off track, all that is not the point. I was happy that we could hold a normal conversatoin where I felt like he was talking to me as an equal without either of us being uncomfortable or awkward. Technically it was texting not talking but still... Big win for me. 
My friends by now are sick of me waking up every morning saying its going to be a good day but this time it actually came true. I actually got to have a good day, through the screaming over this extremely minor problem, to getting slightly fond of this little mouse. 
I’d say today has been extremely successful. Now I am off to do some more school and have a well earned rest tonight and watch a (hopefully) really good movie.
I say this a lot and everyone knows I say this a lot, but it does get better. Take care of yourselves. Your future self will thank you for it.
Love always,
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vattelaapiglia · a month ago
People whose libido was impacted by anti-depressants, how did/do you deal with that side effect?
First post and apologies first and foremost for formatting, I'm on mobile.
About 3 months ago, I (23F) had suffered a mental breakdown that was brought on by undiagnosed and untreated anxiety and depression. I decided to speak with my GP, get on anti-depressants and I've never felt better, except for how badly it's messing with my libido.
My partner (22M) and I have been together for 2 years and always had a great, regular sex life aside from a rocky start at the beginning of our relationship but communication ironed out those creases. When I started my meds, I was advised that decrease in libido could be a side effect but I figured since I've always had a high sex drive, it may actually even myself and my partner out as he has an low to average drive. It wasn't until after about a month and a half into it where half way through sex, I just completely lose my drive.
I did a few tests of my own; I can orgasm through masturbation both just by myself and with my partner there/us both masturbating. I'm still very much attracted to my partner and I'm always down for sex, even thinking about it through the day is enough to get me going. I've talked to my partner at length and he understands it's not him, we've tried longer foreplay, joint masturbation, toys and that's all incredible but actual penetrative sex feels good for all of 10 minutes and suddenly I'll get distracted and it's just nothing. My partner always manages to set the mood again but that loss of drive just makes me feel so defeated and it really sours the rest of sex because I feel like I can't just enjoy it, I have to be giving all of my attention to forcing an orgasm if I can even get that far.
Tonight we tried again, longer foreplay, using toys more, dirty talk, lingerie, the whole shabang. I was so close to an orgasm so we started penetrative sex, he was doing everything perfectly and I got close but then I heard my cat knock something over downstairs and I immediately lost all the build up and couldn't for the life of me reach orgasm. We tried everything all over again but I just couldn't do it, it was as if we weren't having sex in the first place, my body just wasn't feeling it.
After about an hour of talking, we tried again and I got there with my partner's help and a vibrator, we got him off but it's really frustrating me. I've already changed medications to one that was meant to not have the same effect on libido but it's still doing the same thing and I don't know what else to do.
Can people who've had similar experiences please give me some advice because it's really starting to take a toll on my confidence with sex and I don't know where else to turn
submitted by /u/mallowsprout [link] [comments] source
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zanysongtidalwave · a month ago
Luke Lukess Time Capsule Download Torrent
Tumblr media
LUKE LUKESS is an independent recording artist from the Southern Highlands of Australia. Luke will be releasing a new 7 track EP entitled 'Letters from London' in August 2015. Juggling a full time day job and other work commitments, music has taken a back seat since releasing TIME CAPSULE in 2014, however, this new music is considered to be. After a magical summer together, a nine-year-old boy whispers his heart into the ear of a best friend. With a loyal, golden dog by their side, the boy and girl bury a time capsule of keepsakes then they go their separate ways. I'd like to thank my manager Chris O'Mara for his time supporting me over the last 6 years. Chris i wish you all the best as you head into retirement. Your support, direction and care has been something i value more than you'll ever know. I dedicated the Chasing the Moon project to you. Without you it would never have happened. Nightcore - Miss American Angel Original Song: Luke Lukess Check the links below!!! Please support the original artist: ~ Luke Lukess: -
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This 3CD set of 48 original Jamaican recordings features songs that can be seen as a cornerstone of the blue beat explosion and subsequent ska movements of the 60's, later popularised in the UK in the 80's. If you want to know who influenced The Specials, Madness etc and in turn who inspired the music of their influences such as Prince Buster, Toots & The Maytals, The Skatalites etc this is the compilation for you featuring hits from The Jiving Juniors With Duke Reid & His Group, Laurel Aitken, Lloyd Clarke, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires, Derrick Morgan and more.
Blue Beat Records was a UK record label started in 1960, as a subsidiary of Emile E. Shalit's Melodisc Records. The label initially imported JA R&B music because the West Indian immigrants living in the UK wanted to keep the pulse with what was happening back home. As a result of Blue Beat being started, scores of British Mods(always looking for the next hep sound) started to request Blue Beat records get spun at their dances, or the Mods would attend dancehalls that catered to the West Indians that followed the Mods in adopting Jamaican/Reggae music as the soundtrack for their subcultures.
As a result of this crossover, all JA pop music quickly became known as 'Blue Beat'...This is why some folks refer to Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae tunes as 'Blue Beat' must remember that Blue Beat imported JA music from 1960-1972, so all of the genres were featured on the label.
The sound quality on the set is great, considering most of the tunes were recorded on 2 track recording equipment in the most basic of conditions 50+ years while the sound isn't as full as later recordings made in JA, what you have is a musical time capsule that shows some of the roots of Reggae music.
Disc 1
01 The Magic Notes & Drumbago & The Jazz Beat - Rosabel 2:28
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05 Eric Morris With Drumbago All Stars - Humpty Dumpty 2:58
06 Eric Morris & Drumbago All Stars - Corn Bread And Butter 2:17
07 The Mello-Cat Count Ossie & His Warrickers - Another Moses 2:32
08 Roland Alphonso & His Alley Cats - Hully Gully Rock 2:52
09 The Blues Blasters - Donna 2:12
10 The Blues Busters - You're Driving Me Crazy 2:13
11 Rico Rodriguez - Luke Lane Shuffle 2:54
12 Buster's Group - Little Honey 2:48
13 Derrick Morgan And Patsy - Feel So Fine 2:42
14 Roland Alphonso - Mean To Me 2:55
15 Roland Alphonso - Blackberry Brandy 2:47
16 Alvin & Cecil - Marjorie 2:44
17 Chuck & Dobby - Oh Fanny 2:39
18 Chuck & Dobby - Running Around 2:39
Disc 2
01 Clue J & His Blues Blasters - Little Willie 2:07
02 Clue J & His Blues Blasters - Pine Juice 3:08
03 Monty & Roy & Lumbago & His Orchestra - In And Out Of The Window 2:08
04 Monty & Roy & Lumbago & His Orchestra - Tra La La Boogie 2:47
05 Derrick Morgan With Drumbago All Stars - Shake A Leg 2:41
06 Derrick Morgan With Drumbago All Stars - Golden Rule 2:27
07 Monty & Roy & Drumbago & His Orchestra - Sweetie Pie 2:33
08 Roland Alphonso - Green Door 3:08
09 J.E. Stick With Drumbago All Stars - Boss Girl 2:22
10 Count Ossie Afro Combo - Cassavubu 3:33
11 Derrick And Patsy & Drumbago & His Harmonisers - Let The Good Times Roll 2:13
12 Derrick And Patsy & Dumbago & His Harmonisers - Baby Please Don't Go 2:53
13 Sir Dee's Group With K. Brown - Hey Diddle Diddle 2:18
14 Sir Dee's Group With Mossman & Zeddse - Pocket Money 2:30
15 Clancy Eccles - Freedom 2:53
16 Clancy Eccles - More Proof 2:09
Disc 3
01 The Mellow Cats & Count Ossie & The Warrickas - Rock A Man Soul 2:48
02 Monty & The Cyclones - Lazy Lou 2:01
03 Gabbidon & The Buster's Group - Warpaint Baby 3:38
04 Chuck & Dobbie & Buster's Group - I Was Wrong 2:10
05 Laurel Aitken With The Blue Beats - Please Don't Leave Me 2:41
Tumblr media
06 Laurel Aitken With The Blue Beats - Mighty Redeemer 2:49
07 Azzie Lawrence & The Melobeats - So Far Apart 2:58
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09 Shenley & Annette - Million Dollar Baby 2:37
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11 The Blues Busters - There's Always Sunshine 2:26
12 The Blues Busters With Hersang And His City Slickers - You Had It Wrong 2:33
13 Eric Morris & Drumbago All Stars - My Forty Five 2:48
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15 Owen Grey With The Jets - Rocking In My Feet 4:13
16 Owen Grey With The Jets - Nobody Else 3:07
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Bitrate: 320 kbps Channels: joint stereo
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Tumblr media
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pinoyrella · 2 months ago
“A Love So Beautiful” Chapter 7
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter 7: Two Days and One Night
FT: Tsukishima Kei, Yamaguchi Tadashi, Hinata Shoyo, Kageyama Tobio, Yachi Hitoka, Fukurodani + Nekoma + Nohebi
TW: Mild Language + Minor Injuries (Kuroo get a lil booboo, Yaku ankle go brrr)
Genre: Fluff, Comedy, Angst, Coming of Age + Slow Burn
- This chapter contains fluff, comedy and drama.
WORD COUNT: 5,000+
“A LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL” Masterlist 🌸
A/N: HIIIII omg how r u guys 🥺 i was having a hard time figuring out how to... do this chapter, but i hope you enjoy! pls forgive me for the cringe and cheesiness of everything i fken swear im trying but i- ToT call me macaroni bc i be cheesy 🙈
PS: This chapter is taking place during the Cats vs. Owls OVA that comes after season 3! (and also a few minutes of s3 ep10)... I’m trying my best to line up the story w the actual series ToT, so it’s currently ur first year - spring time! Cherry blossom season is coming!!!🌸
Tumblr media
A warm Friday afternoon.
“What do you guys think of this design?” Yachi asks as she passes a paper over to you and Tsukishima as Yamaguchi leans in from her side. You drop your pen to your notebook before picking up the small flyer, bringing it closer to the three of you.
“This looks great Yachi! What’s it for?” She stands immediately, her hands clenched into a fist while her eyes shine with excitement. “It’s a rough sketch for the volleyball club’s poster!” “Whoa, that’s so cool! So this is what a manager’s job is?” She nods as you hand the flyer back, smiling to your friend; happy that she’s having fun and enjoying her job.
“Hey” The four of you turn your heads, watching as Kageyama makes his way through the door. “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!” The sound of a familiar scream comes down the hallway.
The four of you watch as Hinata shoves past Kageyama, nearly knocking him over. “HEY!” Kageyama begins to charge until noticing the presence of his classmates. He lets out a low grumble before following the orange boy, making his way to you.
“GUYS!” Hinata jumps excitedly, looking between the four of you. “Look!” He pulls his phone out, facing it to you guys, completely ignoring Kageyama next to him. “What is it?” Yachi asks, confused. Hinata takes his phone back and realizes his photo gallery is on-screen. Tsukishima and Yamaguchi hide a snicker before he immediately changes it to his text messages, bringing the phone back to you guys.
On his screen shows the flyer for “Japan’s National Tournament, Tokyo Area Qualifiers”. The five of you look up to him in confusion as he continues, “Let’s go!”
And this is where you found yourself, a suitcase in hand as you make your way to your seat on the Shinkansen. You try to lift your suitcase above to the compartment, but the weight of the baggage slips past your grasp. You brace yourself for impact before you open your eyes to see it in the compartment above you. Feeling a presence to your left, you turn to find Kageyama.
“Let me help you from now on” he says softly, his hand resting on the back of a seat as one is holding onto the strap of his backpack. You immediately take a step back before thanking him, making your way to sit beside Yachi.
Just behind Kageyama is Hinata, following Yamaguchi and Tsukishima, as well as other passengers. Tsukishima, obviously unamused onto why there’s a hold up “Hey King, could you hurry up?” Kageyama realizes there’s a line of people behind him, immediately sitting in the seat to the front of you.
Hinata throws his luggage above before plopping down to the side of Kageyama, Yamaguchi and Tsukishima following.
The announcement for the bullet train begins, and you soon fall into a quiet slumber, your head resting against Yachi.
“Y/n, Yachi-san… Yachi! Y/N!” You are awakened to Yamaguchi’s voice “Wake up idiot, we’re here” You turn to find Tsukishima’s face just inches away from yours. Surprised, you jump, bumping your head against Yachi’s, waking you both up.
“Ah!” You both yelp, holding onto your heads. Kageyama turns from his seat to the sound of your cry, only to find Tsukishima’s face close to yours. “Tsukki!” You hiss before apologizing to Yachi.
“Come on guys, let’s go” Yamaguchi begins removing your luggages from the compartment above, as the six of you make your way off the train. Moving through the crowd of people towards the station.
“Are we there yet?” You yawn, still exhausted, before bumping into Tsukishima’s back. “We’re here, open your eyes idiot.” You slowly open your eyes, looking up to the building in front of you. “It looks so cozy” Yachi compliments as the six of you make your way inside. “Akaashi and Bokuto-san sent me this address, one of their teammates’ relatives owns this place!” Hinata says. “No wonder you’re able to provide a place for all of us to stay for the night” Tsukishima replies, before noticing you were no longer behind him.
The sound of a huff causes him to turn around. As he turns, he sees you struggling to move your luggage above the doorstep. Sighing, he makes his way to you, but Kageyama rushes past him, helping and assisting you instead. The carpet had stuck to the wheel of your suitcase.
Tsukishima’s eyes widened in shock by the sudden movement of his teammate, before rolling his eyes, turning his attention back to his other friends.
“Thanks Tobio!” You thank as he gives another smile. “I told you, let me help you from now on” He says, tapping the right of your shoulder; before the two of you walk after your group.
Hinata and Yamaguchi make their way to the register, collecting the room key as the six of you make your way to your room.
Yamaguchi inserts the key, twisting it before Hinata opens the door, jumping right in. “TA DA!” He cheers, the five of you walking in, Tsukishima yet again, unamused.
“This room is insanely big” You comment as you settle your suitcase to the side.
“It’s going to be like a sleepover!” Hinata exclaims, Yamaguchi turning his head. “Oh, you’re right Hinata!” “Thank god it’s only for one night.” Tsukishima bluntly adds, before exploring the cupboards.
Hinata then brings his wrist up to check the time. “AH!” “What?!” The five of you turn in concern for your friend’s sudden outburst. “We have to hurry!”
The sound of shoes squeaking against the floor echo throughout the building along with balls.
“Wow, so this is the Sumida City Gymnasium?” You walk ahead of your friends, looking around before turning to face them. “It’s so much bigger than the one in Sendai!” “Well, this is Tokyo” Tsukishima replies, Yamaguchi giving a sheepish smile, before the sound of squabbling catches your attention.
“WHAT WAS THAT?!” “Stop it Yamamoto, don’t let that snake bastard get to you.” The man in green smiles, pointing his finger to the calmer guy in red. “You always have that hair, are you sure you’re not lying about your height? Are you actually 180 cm-” “HUH?! I’d never do something so petty!”
You watch as the three go at it, before someone from the red team’s group notices you guys. “Shoyo?” One says quietly as he makes his way over to you guys.
“Kenma-san!” Hinata runs over, meeting Kenma half way as the five of you follow. You hear Kageyama mumbling. “Nekoma’s setter… Nekoma’s setter… Nekoma’s setter…”
“You made it” Kenma says before Hinata nods. “Bokuto-san sent me the flyer! Akaashi-san’s teammate gave us a place to stay, and it fell into our weekend, I didn’t want to miss it!” Kenma nods before turning to face you and the others, feeling chills down the spine of his back when making eye contact with Kageyama.
“Hey, it’s skinny!” Tsukishima jolts, as Nekoma’s team follows their captain, making their way to your group and Kenma. “Long time no see, don’t tell me you’ve grown taller” “Kuroo-san” You watch the two, before the one named Kuroo turns to you. “I haven’t seen you before” He leans down, closer to your height. Tsukishima watches as he does so, feeling a bit irritated. “Hmm”
You become flustered, unable to move as his face comes closer to yours, before you feel someone pull you behind. Kageyama stands in between you two, having you to his back, silently staring at the taller senior. Everyone is surprised by Kageyama’s action, especially Kuroo before eyeing back up to his regular level as he smiles down at him.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare your friend” Kageyama ignores him, turning to face you and whispering “Are you okay?” Kuroo is left shocked by being ignored, and his teammates snicker behind him.
“I- I-” You stutter, still flustered before another player, much calmer and collected from Nekoma, approaches you. The tall figure gives you a sincere apology for his captain’s behavior. “I’m sorry about that, our captain can be a little…” He turns to look back to Kuroo, before looking to you. “A little bitch” A much shorter boy with strawberry blonde hair joins in, Kenma letting out a snort.
“HUH?! YAKU- if anyone’s a little bitch it's your short ass, Mr. 165 cm.” “165.2 CM DICKWAD!” You watch as the two seniors get into a catfight before another player walks into the situation. “Kuroo-san!” Said man turns his attention to his teammate. “The girls’ game will be done soon”
Kuroo responds with an “alright” before collecting his team together. “Be sure to cheer us on, kitten~” He winks to you before bidding your friends a farewell, walking off.
Your team makes their way up the bleachers, listening to the announcer announce Fukurodani and Nekoma’s match. You watch as a very muscular man throws his jacket in the air, only for his teammate to catch it. “BOKUTO-SAN!” Hinata cheers besides you.
The crowd from Fukurodani’s side begins to chant, before Nekoma is announced. You turn your attention to a much shorter girl with a megaphone. “Go, go Nekoma! Push it, push it Nekoma!” “Great job Cheer Captain Akane!”
The bell goes off as both teams make it to their sides, the lineup and game beginning.
Watching as Fukurodani takes the first serve, you turn to see the excitement in both Hinata and Kageyama’s eyes.
Turning your attention back to the court, Akaashi proceeds to set the ball to Bokuto. Your eyes sparkle as you see how high the man can jump, then the sound of him smashing the ball, as it hit’s Kuroo’s palm, causing it to fly up.
You don't realize the direction it’s flying too, your eyes widening as the ball comes directly your way. You bring your palms up at the perfect time, catching the volleyball immediately in your hands. You stare at it in shock as all eyes turn to you.
“HEY! HEY! HEY!!!” Bokuto cheers along with his school, getting the point.
The game continues, Fukurodani taking the lead. “Holy crap, Bokuto is a beast” You watch as the millionth spike he hit touches the ground of Nekoma’s side. “Right?! He’s so cool! Hinata exclaims before you both turn to the court, only to notice a sudden change in Bokuto’s mood, after Kuroo blocks his spike.
The crowd goes silent, and you turn to Hinata making a face of confusion.
Bokuto’s attitude changes completely, causing a break to be issued, Akaashi giving the man a pep talk.
The break ends, and they are back to the game. You notice Bokuto’s attitude had gone back to his original state, as he becomes happy to spike yet again.
“It must have been Akaashi-san who brought Bokuto-san backup.” Tsukishima comments, crossing his arms as he becomes invested into the game. You turn to smile at him, not knowing he was actually watching.
The gym goes quiet, the final set, and Bokuto’s team is winning. Nekoma is under pressure before Bokuto sends one final spike down, earning the final win for Fukurodani.
Nekoma falls in defeat, you feel remorse along with Hinata for them, knowing Hinata really hoped to play against them at Nationals.
The six of you walk out of the gym. “So… Nekoma isn’t going to Nationals?” You ask, feeling stupid for asking such a question, before Yamaguchi speaks. “No, not unless they lose this next match.” “What?” “For Tokyo, unlike Miyagi, they have two Representative slots open, while a third for venue sponsorship.” He explains as you tilt your head, still confused. “Dumbass” Tsukishima jokingly insults, flicking your forehead. “There are four teams playing here, only one of those four won’t be able to go to Nationals. The other three, will be going. If Nekoma wins the next match against the other team, they will be going to Nationals” Tsukishima explains in a much easier way. “Ah! Thanks Tsukki!” You thank him, not even realizing he had called you a dumbass.
“What are we waiting for? Let’s go cheer them on!” You exclaim, the five cheering after you. “Yeah!”
“Do you even know where the next match is being held?” You stop to turn, looking at Tsukishima. “Nope!” You say with a smile.
You follow as Yamaguchi leads you to another court, on the other side of the venue.
As you make your way past the gates, you stop with Yachi, the delicious scent of food surrounding the air. Yamaguchi and Tsukishima turn to see you too, before looking at each other. “Do you guys want to get food before the game starts?” You look up to your two friends, pleading with puppy eyes before Tsukishima sighs.
“Hinata, Kageyama!” Yamaguchi calls his friends ahead of them. The two stop to turn as you run up to them. “Do you guys want anything from the stalls?” You ask. “You guys can go find the seats! I can take care of everything myself!” You state, as Tsukishima looks to you. “By yourself? You have two hands. Two hands. You barely even know how to use them, and there’s six of us. There’s no way you can gather food for everyone, and make it back in one piece.” The blonde bean pole says, before you give him a pout.
“I’ll go with you boss.” Kageyama butts in, standing to your side as he ruffles your hair. “Tobio! Stop doing that” You laugh as you fix your hair before looking back to Tsukishima. “That settles it! Now go, get us seats!” You shoo your friends away before walking away with Kageyama, missing the glare Tsukishima gives Kageyama.
Standing in front of a takoyaki stall, you order the biggest plate, before noticing Kageyama to the stall besides you. Paying for your order and taking the ticket, you make your way to Kageyama as he pays for something.
“What did you get?!” You ask him in excitement. He jumps in surprise by your sudden presence before looking down to you, bringing the item he had brought up to your view. You stare as it dangles from his fingertips, a cute trinket in the shape of a strawberry milk carton. You blink before he grabs the ends of your bag, bringing it up to his level.
You watch in confusion as he is attaching it to your bag’s zipper, before speaking.
“It’s for you” He looks to meet you eyes as he gently drops your bag, letting it hang off your arm again. You stare at him, before looking down to it, then back up to him. “What? Tobio-” “It just reminded me of you.” He says giving a soft smile before taking the ticket from your hand and walking back to the takoyaki stall.
You watch as he walks off, looking down to the keychain with a small smile, really grateful for a friend like him.
Making your way into the gym, you scan to find Yamaguchi waving for you. “Kageyama- Y/n! Over here!” You make your way to them, Kageyama follows with the box of takoyaki in his hands. Handing out the sticks, you push Kageyama to be in the middle, then opening the lid to the box.
“It smells so good!” Hinata exclaims as he’s about to poke his stick into a ball. “Thank you y/n!” Yamaguchi and Yachi say in sync, as you make your way to Tsukishima, handing him a stick before he declines. “Are you not hungry?” “Not really” He bluntly replies, you pout again before turning back to the others, stabbing your stick into a ball.
Then turning your attention back to the court, seeing the game between Nekoma and Nohebi has already begun.
“Lev! Stop flailing your arms around! I can’t dig the damn ball!” Yaku yells, scolding the taller boy. “But Yaku-san, you’ll still get the ball no matter what!” He snaps back frustrated. You watch as the Yaku scratches the back of his head, taking it as a compliment. Kuroo gives him a look of annoyance before resuming back to their positions.
The game between the two continues, Nohebi taking the lead as Nekoma fights back. Just as Nohebi’s captain is about to spike, Lev jumps, sending it flying upwards. “One touch!” He yells, as Yamamoto runs after to hit it, then causing it to fly further away. “Shit!”
Just as the ball makes it into the audience, you watch as Yaku catches up to it, sending it back to the court. “WOW!” You cheer for him, impressed by his quick reflexes. Turning your attention towards the ball, you watch as Nohebi tries to keep the ball from touching the floor. Their captain, sending it flying up towards the net, before Lev jumps again, immediately smashing the ball back down to their side of the court.
The gym cheers as Lev turns to Yaku in excitement. Your eyes follow his, only to see Yamamoto assisting Yaku. “He fell-” Yamaguchi says. “He landed on someone’s foot as he was trying to get the ball.” You look at Yamaguchi before back down at Yaku limping. Yaku turns to apologize to the guest before facing the court. “I’m fine!” He yells, taking a step and immediately feeling a shock of pain course through him.
Just as he falls, Yamamoto catches him as their coach makes their way to them. “Shibayama!”
“I hope Yaku-san’s going to be okay” Yachi adds as the match continues. You watch as the coach tends to Yaku’s wound, before going back to the game.
Nekoma struggles, getting used to Shibayama now on court. Nohebi is still in the lead and the gym watches in anticipation.
Shibayama visibly looks calmer, adjusting himself before Daisho spikes the ball towards him. You hold your breath until Shibayama is able to stop the ball, sending it up before Kuroo smashes it back down to Nohebi’s side of the court.
“All right!” Nekoma cheers as you give out a sigh of relief. “You seem really invested into the game” You turn and notice Tsukishima looking down towards you. “Well, it’s really interesting…” You blush, stabbing another ball and plopping it into your mouth.
Nekoma begins catching up, getting used to the new player on the court, very close to winning the set.
The whistle blows, a new player making his way onto the court.
“A pinch server” You overhear behind you. “Didn’t that guy dislocate his thumb in the last match?” Turning your attention back to the court, you watch just as the ball barely hits the net. Kuroo and Nobuyaki catch it, before Fukunaga sends it to the other side. You watch the ball, thinking it would make it in before the whistle blows once again. “Out!” The pinch server yells.
“Out? No way!” Hinata cries. Bringing your hand up to your chin, “He blocked it”. Your friends turn to you, as you continue. “I saw the ball, it was in the court, but the pinch server guy, he extended his fists to block the referee from seeing it.” “Whoa…” “Talk about conniving” Tsukishima adds, before taking the stick in your hand, stabbing a ball and bringing it up into his mouth.
You turn to look up at him, watching as he puts the same stick you had placed on your lips to his. ‘Indirect kiss’ You think, bringing your palms up to cover your face, letting out an internal scream.
“Y/n-chan!” Yachi faces you. Kageyama and Hinata turn to look at you, then to Tsukishima, before Tsukishima looks back to them shrugging his shoulders as he focuses back on the game.
“Shibayama!” You watch the captain make his way off the court. “Wait- What happened to Kuroo-san?” “I think he busted his fingernail” “Ouch....” Turning your attention to the scoreboard, Nekoma is a point away from winning the game, to have their captain subbed out at a time like this is a big risk.
Daisho jumps, aiming for Lev before switching to Shibayama. Fortunately, the boy is able to receive it, sending it to Yamamoto before he aims to smash it. The ball then touching the Nohebi’s middle blocker’s hands before flying up, and far from the court. You watch as Daisho attempts to chase after it, only for it to fall, finally touching the floor. The match has ended.
“Thanks for the game!” The teams exchange before Yaku meets with his team, eyes filled with tears as he hugs them.
You watch as Kenma looks up to the stands, finding Hinata and giving him a nod. You turn to your friend, watching the smile spread throughout his face. He can’t wait to play against them at Nationals.
Walking out of the venue, you look up to notice as it’s night time already.
“I didn’t even think it was so dark outside already” You comment, Kageyama turning his head to you, watching the moon shine in your eyes. “We better get going before” Yamaguchi states, leading the way back to the cozy inn.
“Ah!” You let out, dipping into the onsen besides Yachi. “This feels so good!” Your cheeks redden from the temperature in the room. “This is so relaxing, I’m so happy we were all able to come together, traveling is so much fun, especially with your friends” Yachi replies before you give her a smirk. “And especially without your parents!”
The two of you share a laugh as the boys prepare the futons.
“One, two, three, four...” Yamaguchi counts. “I think we’re missing two more futons.” “Really?” Hinata recounts the futons. “Oh, I’ll go ask for more!” “I’ll come with you Hinata!” Yamaguchi exits the room with Hinata, unintentionally leaving Kageyama and Tsukishima together.
The two not even realizing they were the only ones left in the room, turn to face each other, then turning around to scan the room, only to notice Yamaguchi and Hinata are no longer with them. The tension is intense and super awkward.
They separate, going to opposite sides of the room.
As Tsukishima is about to place his headphones on, he feels a stare from behind him. Turning to see Kageyama staring at him. “What?”
Kageyama turns away immediately. “N-n… Kni.. Knife… N...” “Huh?” “Nothing!” “You should have said it clearly the first time.” Tsukishima glares back before you walk in with Yachi.
“Oh? Where are Yamaguchi and Hinata?” You ask. “Right behind ya! Excuse us” Yamaguchi replies, as Hinata runs in, dropping the futons down. “I told you I could have helped carry one.” Yamaguchi sighs before helping spread the last two futons out.
You turn your attention back to Kageyama, who is in the corner of the room. Making your way over, you squat to him. “Why are you so far away from us Tobio?” Kageyama snaps his head, coming face to face with you. He immediately stands, flustered from the close contact, before you rise up with him, giggling. All while Tsukishima hears your giggles through his headphones.
As night falls, you lay on your futon, your eyes shut as the sound of rustling keeps you awake.
“Hinata?” You whisper. The rustling stops, as he turns around facing you. “Yeah?” “You okay?” You ask in concern. “I can’t really sleep, did you bring your stationery pouch?” He replies quietly. “Ah” As you reach over to your bag to grab the pouch for him, the lights turn on, waking everyone up.
“Ugh-” “What happened?” “Hinata, what the hell” Tsukishima puts his glasses on, looking up slowly to the boy standing in the middle of the room, facing the five of you.
“Lets play a game!”
“A game?” The three question as Kageyama is still asleep in his futon.
And this is where you found yourselves, gathered in a circle around the kotatsu.
Hinata makes his way around, handing each person a slip of paper as your pens are spread across the middle of the kotatsu.
“Okay, now everyone grab a pen!” You all grab a pen, waiting for the boy’s instructions.
“In this game, we are going to write down a confession. Then, we are going to fold it, place it in the center of the table, mix it around, and we are all going to take one script!” He says as he plops back down to his seat in excitement. “What are we, 8? This is so stupid” Tsukishima comments before removing the cap of the pen, wanting to get this over with.
Intrigued, you take your pen, resting it above the slip of paper thinking of what to say. You try your best to sneak a peek from your friends’ slips, but you are all spread out a little too far. You put the pen to your chin before your eyes wander to Tsukishima, an idea finally popping to mind.
‘I really like someone in this group, but please keep it a secret.’ You write before folding your paper, being the first to drop it in the center of the table. Tsukishima glances up, giving a low smile seeing you excited, even for such a silly game.
Just as everyone drops their slip on the center of the table, Hinata jumps, swooping the papers up into his hand, and shaking them around if he were rolling dice, before bringing his cupped hands around, asking for everyone to grab a script.
You take one from his palm, waiting for the next instruction. Once Hinata makes his way to everyone, a single slip in his hands he begins. “Ready? Okay, let’s open them!”
You all begin to slowly open your scripts, reading what is written. You freeze as you read yours.
‘I’m in love with Y/n.’
You feel your soul leave your body, immediately looking around between the group of your friends, then to Tsukishima as he keeps his eyes on his.
“Yay! We’re done, okay goodnight” Hinata says before jumping back into the covers of his futon, immediately turning and falling asleep.
The five of you look at the boy in disbelief, before heading to bed.
You toss and turn in your futon, unable to fall asleep. Slowly getting up, you make your way out to the balcony, shutting the sliding door quietly as you lean on the railing.
Letting out a huff, you gaze up into the sky, resting your head against your arm, not noticing the door sliding open and close.
“What are you going?” You jump, turning around to see Tsukishima standing with his hands in the pockets of his team jacket. Letting out a sigh, you pout as he makes his way over besides you, leaning his back against the railing.
“Don’t scare me like that!” You quietly scold him before turning yourself to the night sky, missing the small smile he gave.
“I couldn’t sleep” You admit, as you rest your chin on your arm again. “That makes two of us” He replies, turning to lean on the railing with you, facing the night sky. “What happened?” You look at him before answering. “Nothing much really, I’m just overthinking.”
Tsukishima stays silent, the guilt still eating him up from the time he had brought you to tears during the Spring Interhigh Finals. Were you just as bothered by this as he was? Has it been keeping you awake restless at night? Did he really do this to you? He wishes, if he could promise to never hurt you again, he wouldn’t waste a second to commit.
But really, you were thinking of the confession you received on the script. You don’t realize how quiet Tsukishima’s been before you ask him. “Why are you still awake?” He looks to you immediately, staring into your eyes before shrugging. “I just felt off” “Off? What’s wrong Tsukki?” You ask concerned. He lets out a sigh, before standing up completely, facing you.
You watch as he gazes down at your features, confused as he takes his hands out from his pockets.
“I’m sorry y/n” He begins, looking straight into your eyes. The look he gives you, is a look of absolute sincerity. You tilt your head, still confused, as you were about to respond he continues. “I’m really sorry about what happened during the Spring Interhigh Finals, in the infirmary.” Your eyes widening, remembering that day.
“I…” He continues, and you listen. “I didn’t mean anything I said. I was very frustrated with the game, and how useless I felt when I had to leave because I let myself get hurt during the match… It’s still honestly, not an excuse to take everything out on you. But after seeing-” He stops himself, his eyes turning away as he was just about to admit his final outburst was due to seeing you in Kageyama’s jersey.
“After seeing?” You question still looking up to him. “After seeing… you… in Kageyama’s jersey…” He mumbles the end as he takes a deep breath looking back to you, completely flustered. You blink, looking down, registering what he just said. ‘After seeing me copy a jerky?’
He takes a step closer to you, “It was the last straw, and I allowed my harsh emotions to drown you.” You turn your attention back to him. “You didn’t deserve that. Especially when you were there for me. When you came to support me, and the team. And, I know it doesn’t look like it at most times, maybe all the time, but, I appreciate you so much. I’m very fortunate to have you in my life, even after so long.” You look up to him. “I’m really sorry y/n.” He finishes, his gaze stuck to you as he awaits your response.
You blink once more, eyes tearing as you give a warm smile. These are one of those very rare moments with Tsukishima you have come to treasure deeply. “I forgive you Tsukishima Kei.”
His eyes widen as his body comes closer, his arms wrapping around you unconsciously. You still, surprised by his action. Before exhaling calmly as you feel the warmth from him around you. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you cling to him. Your face pressed into his jacket, mumbling something.
“Huh?” Tsukishima pulls away, his arms still wrapped around you as he looks at you in confusion. “What did you say?” “Can you make me a promise, Tsukki?” He stares, waiting for your request. “Can you promise to never hurt me again?” Not even taking a second to think. “I promise, pipsqueak.”
“You get three strikes, this is your first one” You give a final cheeky smile before muffling your face back into his sweater as he lets out a sigh of relief, placing a hand to the back of your head, bringing his chin to rest above it.
He promises to himself as he holds you close, a smile warming his face.
‘And it will be the last.’
Tumblr media
A/N #2: WAAAA!!! thank you so much again for reading💞 im sorry if tsukki seems a little off, i wanna think tsukki is actually v soft when it comes to emotional and sentimental situations.. at least w the ppl he doesnt mind showing that side to, u kno what i mean?
ohh!!! i also have one more or 2 exciting news!!!
i have another series wip on the way! once im able to get the prologue and at least plan the next 5 chapters, it’ll be posted!! im so excited bc i love osamu sm pls.. oops i said his name 😳
i also plan for another series but, im still debating whether or not to write it bc, as u can see, i cant write angst for shit let alone write in general how r u guys still here ASDFGHJKL😭
anyways, i hope to see you in the next chapter!! thank you so much for putting up with my bad grammar and english, i love uuu guys 💖
Tumblr media
i will now go back to my excessive amount of homework and studying to do, let us pray for my dumbass, amen.😔🙏🏼
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
This is a reupload... I think I’m going to start posting to tags (so if you don’t want to read about the owl house vore stuff then... blacklist the tag T0H vore) ((with a zero, specifically)) If anybody wants me to stop doing that, then let me know! <3 (I have anon on and messages are accepted even people that I don’t follow)
If you have already read this, I’m sorry that I’m posting this again... Well, not really, but I wanted to make the straight to the point. And the point is the owl house vore. So that’s why I cut all the warnings and the read more above the picture... Also this is a photo post instead of a text post.
Contains: pred Luz and prey Amity, safe and cuddly vore, female pred and female prey, willing pred and willing prey (again, if F/F is uncomfy for you then don’t read) Amity purring like a cat
My work is non-sexual. Ns/fw interactions are not appreciated
These characters are 14, keep that in mind while reading
Word Count: 2.6k
Luz and Amity watched each other for a few seconds, before Amity gave Luz a careful smile. She really liked Luz, despite thinking the human girl could be a little dumb sometimes. Or maybe it was because Luz was so dumb sometimes? Whatever it was; the girl always made her heart flutter, and no less so when she was twenty times smaller than Luz. Nor did Amity feel even a twinkle of fear.
The two had agreed to hang out at the Owl House for the day, before Luz had asked her about a certain spell. Just a basic one, meant to shrink the witch casting it down. Either reach a place that was hard to get to, or hide away in small places. Overall, not very good for duals.
The idea had intrigued Luz a lot more than Amity had suspected. For some reason, Luz seemed really fascinated by the idea of holding Amity in her hands. And after a while Amity had agreed to use it on herself. After all there was no saying no to Luz’s puppy dog eyes. The girl could be too cute for her own good.
Luz smiled wide down at Amity. “You know, you’re just as cute as I thought you would be.”
Amity blushed a light pink, as she looked away from Luz. You’re always cute, she thought. But she didn’t dare utter the words. “Thank you.” Was all she could get out. Even if Luz just happened to be flirting with her; she couldn’t flirt back to save her life. Whatever confidence she had from grom night had been gone for weeks now.
Luz looked a bit disappointed by her response, before giving her an awkward smile. “You’re welcome...” Her voice didn’t sound it’s as cheery as normal, but Amity thought nothing of it. Luz shook her head shortly “Uhm, I actually had something I wanted to ask you.”
Amity tilted her head to the side. “And what’s that?”
Luz placed Amity down on the table in front of her, nervously fiddling with her hands. “I was just wondering about… something else that I learned. Since Willow told me about it.” Luz avoided looking directly at Amity. “She brought it up, since I’m human unlike you guys.”
Amity raised an eyebrow. Maybe Luz is talking about something cultural. It would definitely be a nice change, if she tried to learn something about us instead of just assuming everything blindly. Amity felt excited at the idea that Luz wanted to learn about her culture. Maybe she should ask Luz about hers? She had never really thought to ask Luz about how exactly humans lived.
Luz fiddled with her hoodie string nervously. “She told me that you guys have a way to stay safe when you get eaten and I was thinking… Well, you know, I could eat you?”
Amity’s train of thought froze, not believing her ears. One of her ears flicked, trying to make sense of what she just heard. It wasn’t like she hadn’t heard it, but those words coming out of Luz’s mouth didn’t seem real. “You want to eat me?” asked Amity, starting to feel a little weird about the whole situation. “Was that why you asked me to shrink myself down?” She felt insulted. “Just to eat me?”
Luz’s eyes widened. “No!” she shouted hurriedly. “No, Amity, I was just wondering, if you would let me eat you…” Luz bowed her head to the side. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think it would be that much of a weird thing to ask.” Luz’s face reddened in shame. “I just figured since so many creatures eat each other here it would be a normal thing to ask.”
Amity lowered her shoulders. It was true that some demons could eat each other safely, and that some witches did that too… That’s actually pretty observant of her. Amity realized that she didn’t need to be so mean. Luz could easily have thought it was normal. “Well… It isn’t. It’s really taboo, if you’re not a certain type of demon.”
Luz’s face reddened even more. “I’m sorry.” She pulled her hood over her head. “Please just forget that I asked. I should have known.”
Amity’s eyes widened. “Hey, Luz, no, don’t feel bad!” Luz usually wasn’t this shy. “I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s your fault.” Amity hesitated, before she spoke again. “It’s not like I know anything about humans!” She tried to joke with Luz, but her friend kept her head down. She wanted to cheer Luz up, to comfort her.
A deep purring quickly built up in her chest, catching Luz’s attention immediately.
Her eyes went wide in fascination. She completely forgot her sadness, moving her hand over to Amity. She didn’t touch her, but she kept her hand close. “You can purr?!” she exclaimed excitedly, twitching her fingers, but she still didn’t grab her. “Is that a witch thing or an Amity thing?” Luz drew her hand back, leaning her head on the table. “That’s the cutest thing I have ever heard!”
Amity purred harder, wanting to distract Luz from her bad thoughts. She hesitantly moved a few steps closer to her, before she walked up to her to purr against Luz’s cheek. She leaned her head into her, dragging her forehead against Luz’s skin.
Luz squeaked with joy, before she scooped her up in her hands. “You’re like a little cat!” She nuzzled her nose into Amity.
Amity smiled, needed to stop purring for to speak. “I’m not a cat.” She was happy that her purring worked, but she didn’t want to be called a cat.
Luz quickly put her back on the table again. “Sorry, it’s just really cute that you purr!” Her eyes were full of enthusiasm, as she watched Amity. “Can all witches do that?”
Amity nodded, “but some witches prefer not to unless they are hurt.” Amity wasn’t one to purr a lot, but Luz really made her want to purr. The thought made her purr again. She really liked Luz. She loved Luz. But she stopped purring soon after, remembering why she was trying to cheer Luz up. “But, Luz, about you asking to eat me.”
Luz’s happy grin disappeared as soon as she heard the words. “I already said I’m sorry! Can you not dwell of it?”
“I never said no, Luz,” replied Amity, crossing her arms shyly. “I said was taboo and that I thought you had only asked for me to shrink myself down so you could eat me…” Amity realized how much that had sounded as no. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t be willing to do it for you, if you really want to eat me.”
Luz eyed Amity curiously. “Wait, you will actually let me do that?” Her brow furrowed. “You’re not just pulling my leg here, are you?”
Amity tilted her head to the side. “I’m too small to do that.”
“No, I mean are you messing with me?” asked Luz, nervously fiddling with her short hoodie sleeve. “I know this has to be really weird for you… If it’s as taboo as you say.”
“Well,” began Amity, careful to pick the right words. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but nothing is really normal about you.” She realized there was a better way to it. “You’re a good kind of special. Even if you have gotten on my nerves in the past.”
Luz didn’t know what to think of that, and both of them just stared at each other.
Amity spoke up again. “But it’s fine if you want to eat me, I don’t mind.” She drew a spell circle in the air. “I just need to make sure it’s safe for me first.”
It only took her a second to cast. As it should, in case she was in a dangerous situation. That was the purpose of the spell. It was definitely not created to be eaten by your weird crush. That was also oddly specific, if that was the case.
Luz hesitantly scooped Amity up in her hands again, before giving her a soft smile.
She carefully placed Amity’s legs in her mouth, still watching her nervously. “There’s no reason to be nervous.” Amity reassured her. She wasn’t sure what about this made Luz so worried, but Amity wanted to comfort her. “Everything’s going to be fine!”
Luz smiled, but she didn’t look particularly reassured, and now Amity was beginning to feel unsure. “Actually, Luz, can you put me back down?”
She quickly did as Amity asked. “What’s wrong?”
Amity cocked an eyebrow at Luz. “I was about to ask you the same thing; you seem really nervous about this.”
Luz leaned her chin down on her hand. “I’m just worried about something going wrong… I don’t want you to get hurt.”
Amity wasn’t completely sure what to say, so she went with something simple. “There’s nothing to worry about!” But that didn’t seem to help her friend. “I mean, I wouldn’t want me to get hurt either… I’m going to be fine! What kind of witch would I be if I couldn’t survive being eaten?”
Luz smiled lightly, before she weighed what Amity said in her head. Luz hummed indecisively, but after a few seconds of pondering; she picked Amity up again.
She once again eased Amity’s legs in her mouth, but the worried look in her eyes had disappeared.
Amity felt weird about the entire thing. Luz’s mouth was obviously slimy and damp, but it being obvious didn’t make it any less strange to feel. But it wasn’t all bad; Luz’s tongue felt surprisingly soft and her mouth gave off a comforting warmth.
It was even sort of nice, when Luz’s mouth closed completely around her body. She was comforted by the thought, as weird as she knew it was to think that. That everything around her was Luz made her feel safe, despite the danger she would have been in had it not been for her spells.
She didn’t notice she had begun a tiny purr, before she felt Luz’s tongue froze under her. Her face went red, and she immediately stopped. Luz felt that… Amity winced in embarrassment. She had let herself purr at something like this, when she rarely purred normally.
Luz didn’t pull her back out to say anything about it, but Amity felt embarrassed. I am not supposed to like this!
Her clothes were quickly soaked through with Luz’s spit. She began trying to roll Amity so she would lie on her stomach instead of her back. It took Amity a few seconds, before she realized what Luz was trying do. She wasn’t sure why Luz wanted her to lie the other way around, but she didn’t get much time to dwell on it, before Luz swallowed her legs down.
She could feel Luz’s throat pulling at her legs after the swallow. A tiny spark of fear hit her for just a second as she dug her nails into Luz’s tongue, but she quickly managed to calm down. This was Luz, even if something did go wrong, she could trust her to get her out safely. But Luz’s throat was beginning to push her back up a little. Amity quickly called out to Luz to reassure her nothing was wrong, “don’t worry; I was just startled!”
A second passed before another gulp squeezed her even farther down. Only her head and arms remained in her mouth. She moved her hands a bit, trying to get over the bizarre feeling of nearly all her body being inside Luz’s throat. She took a deep breath, before exhaling it again. This is really weird… But there still was that part of her that liked the closeness of it and the warmth.
She managed to keep herself from purring this time, because of the strange sensation of being in Luz’s throat. Focusing on that, and how embarrassing it would be if Luz heard or felt her purring again stopped her. But it wasn’t luckily enough to start a nervous purr instead.
Luz swallowed again, sending the last of Amity down into her esophagus. She took another swallow just after that, probably feeling uncomfortable with having something as big as Amity sliding down her throat.
Amity relaxed, feeling that sense of closeness to Luz. She liked this way more than she was supposed to. Being eaten might not be that big of a deal, but she wasn’t supposed to like it in any way. Then again, this was going to be her and Luz’s secret. Nobody needed to know that Amity had let herself get eaten by Luz.
The throat slowly worked Amity down into her stomach. She could hear Luz’s heart thumping to her left. It was enough for her to start purring again. After all, what were the chances that Luz could still feel her? They couldn’t be that high.
Luz’s stomach opened up beneath her feet, as she fell down into it with a splat. Her ears twitched at the gross noise, but she quickly forgot about it.
After a few seconds of sitting in the darkness of Luz’s belly, she casted a soft glowing light spell. It blinded her for a bit, before she could start seeing all the strange wrinkles of Luz’s stomach. It pulsed from time to time, but things pulsating like this wasn’t really an abnormal sight to her. She smiled at the thought that this was Luz’s stomach. It still made her oddly happy that Luz had eaten her. At this point she was purring like an engine.
There was a soft giggle above her. “I had no idea you would like being eaten this much, Amity.”
Amity’s face flared up in an embarrassed blush once more. “Shut up!” she shouted, not really meaning it. “I don’t!”
Amity could hear the teasing smile in Luz’s tone. “Oh yeah? You just begin purring up a storm because you’re completely neutral about this?” There was another quiet giggle. “Amity, it’s fine if you like this… I really like this too.” Luz took a deep breath. “I don’t really know why, but I feel like we’re really close like this.”
Amity scowled at the fleshly walls surrounding her. “Well, I don’t like this!” She wasn’t sure why she didn’t want to tell Luz about it; she just knew she didn’t. “I don’t like this at all!”
Luz cackled at her. “Aww is your sour side coming back out again, little lemon drop?”
Amity angrily jammed her foot in between the folds of Luz’s stomach with an embarrassed blush. “Don’t call me that…” she muttered irritably, loud enough that Luz could most likely hear it. She didn’t like that Luz was teasing her and that she easily realized that her purring hadn’t been nervous purring. It was first then she realized that would have been the perfect excuse. I should have told her it was stress… But then again she didn’t want to worry Luz.
“But it’s really fitting!” exclaimed Luz, suddenly really excited. “You know, you actually taste sorta like lemon candy!”
Amity cocked an eyebrow, despite Luz not being able to see her. “I do?”
Luz hummed a yes above her. “Yeah! You do!”
That was a weird thing to know about herself. “Huh, that doesn’t make any sense…”
“Guess not, but it’s true!” Luz still seemed overly excited by the fact that Amity tasted like lemon candy. “But Amity it really is okay that you like being eaten, like I said I really like this too.”
Amity felt a small smile pulling on her lips. At least Luz was just as strange as her. “Alright… I guess it’s not that bad.” She let her foot fall down into the soft flesh, before she squirmed into the folds of the stomach. “I do really like it.”
There was a heart fluttering laugh above her. “That was what I thought.”
Sorry about reuploading. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t my formatting! ^-^ It... It probably wasn’t. The owl house tag is pretty dead, so I think it’s jus the fandom that’s hibernating in the hiatus.
Anyways, here are the top 3 fics I would recommend
Ruining Dinner Dates Forever (Fluff)
Going Through Lots of Denial (aka Encounter with Another Beast) (Angst)
Luz the Owl Beast (Mixed)
They don’t have plot summaries, but the Angst is really angst... Luz is convinced Amity’s dead, but the tension disappears after Luz is eaten herself... Oh and obviously they’re eaten by a beast (that I designed myself)
Anyways, as I like to include a positive message in all my posts... Thanks a whole bunch for reading and tell someone you care about that you love them! <3 Be it a pet, a friend, an SO... etc. Just let the people you care about know that they are loved!
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queenofidealism · 2 months ago
Queeeen! 😆 I live your HC to my ask about ReiKasa and if you don't mind, I'm sorry if I ask too many things but can you make HC of ReiKasa actor AU? Hehehe
Hello dearest, thank you for the interesting Ask! I hope this post fits into your envisioned universe 😉
Reiner x Mikasa (ReiKasa) Actor AU (Gen) Headcanon #15
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Acting Career
Both are very professional in their acting - they each have serious switch energies. They are both different off-screen and on-screen.
Tumblr media
Reiner got his footing in acting as a rising action star. There had even been rumors of him being a stripper when he was in college, which he did not deny, saying that he needed to pay for his degree. In real life, he is the coolest, hilarious and dorky guy ever (He's a party animal!) But when the cams started rolling, he'll switch to the darkest mode needed for his character that it scares the producers at times. Same goes with Eren.
Before Reiner was cast as one of the recurring characters in the SnK series, he's also known as the face of Calvin Klein, Red Bull Energy Drink & Tag Heuer.
Tumblr media
Meanwhile Mikasa is a multifaceted & talented actress who began her career as a child actress/commercial models. You could see her extensive filmography as she took on guest roles and recurring characters in older tv serials in the 90s & early 2000s. This woman also made a lot of cameos in the MV of famous rock & pop bands.
Mikasa is already a famous household name before her breakout role as the main actress for SnK The Series. She is the face of Dior, Simone Pérèle & Anna Sui.
After SnK The Series became a global phenomenon, both Reiner & Mikasa were appointed as Goodwill Ambassadors for UNICEF from the cast of the series.
SnK The Series (SnKTS)
When they were both cast into their respective characters, these two started out as acquaintances/ fellow castmates.
Mikasa was cast at the main three leads. Reiner was a recurring character until he geta a bump into the main roster for the final season.
These two barely have any direct lines with each other, but when they do have direct action/lines together, or just standing next to each other in a frame, fans can feel the intense vibe between these two.
Therefore, from S3 onwards, one can expect Reiner & Mikasa to be travelling together a lot for promos, fan panels & interviews.
Since they are the few actors on set that perform their own stunts, they spend a lot of time together with the stunt choreographer for most of their action scenes. Reiner and Mikasa have an amazing onscreen fight scene chemistry.
Any behind-the-scenes recording or media interviews would see these two playing pranks on each other or just tease each other mercilessly but one can see that they both have a soft spot for each other.
Dating Rumors
They both started noticing each other's endearing qualities since the first table reading for the series' season debut. They become fast, casual friends because they're both fitness enthusiasts & foodies.
These two would usually arrive on set 3 hours early & hit the gyms or do a quick run. After a while they'd usually do them together.
Reiner would be the one who's constantly checking if he might have accidentally hurt her in one of their fight scenes. Off-screen, their chemistry is very apparent amongst the production members but they insisted they're very comfortable friends.
There's a secret betting pool among the writers of the series that these two would end up married by the time the series wraps up.
One of the executive producers even said that if they end up married, he'll gift their firstborn child with his or her own education trust fund.
Tumblr media
Reiner & Mikasa both have dating rumors but not with each other because they're so good in keeping things professional. Mikasa has fans speculating a lot, especially when a lot of musicians or sports stars shared that she is their dream date or big time crush. She's been linked to famous DJs & idols while Reiner has been linked to Victoria's Secret models & popstars. All of those were just rumors.
On red carpets of premiere, press tours, fan panels and after party, they're always photographed with a group of other cast members. Eagle-eyed fans would notice the subtle touches, secret whispers and longing looks from one to the other. Reiner would usually wear a tie that matches the color of Mikasa's dress. On-site fans would notice Reiner offering his hand for her to take when she wears heels or fixing her hair or her dress trains.
Levi and Hange, fellow married castmates who also had a secret relationship prior to their wedding, had been the one who's been Reiner & Mikasa's respective wingman/wingwoman. Armin and Annie, who are openly dating each other had been in cahoots in keeping their fellow castmates' relationship on the DL too. Annie had almost spilled the tea in an interview 🙈
These two are so private, they don't post anything about each other on their SM accounts. Reiner always posts about his fitness regime and hiking trips with Jean, Armin, Connie and occasionally Levi. Mikasa would post pictures of her, Hange, Annie, Sasha and Pieck on their vacations or her pictures of her cat, Primrose. But Annie's SM posts have almost exposed Reiner & Mikasa's relationship during one of their group's private getaways in Cabo.
Even the paparazzis were unable to spot them without non-family members or castmates around. But media was able to sniff their possible relationship when pictures of their secret vacation in Italy with their families were leaked online.
Their budding romance is comparable to Rose Leslie & Kit Harington from GOT or Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively. Paps pictures of Mikasa sporting a huge diamond band on her finger has the rumor mills swirling. Some fans have been able to deduce the identity of her mysterious fiancé when she's seen with a fresh tattoo of the monogram letters R and B on the inside of her wrist, while Reiner has been spotted having the letters M & A tattooed on his.
Referencing to this post, prior to their wedding news, the moment Reiner appears on the cover of Men's Health Magazine with his nude pecs on full display, fans are finally able to confirm that he is Mikasa's mysterious husband-to-be based on the tattoos on his chest.
As soon as the news of their upcoming wedding was made official with the release of their official pre-wedding pictures, they legit broke the internet.
These two would spur fans to do a forensic on all past official promo, behind the scenes stills, making of & event images that would make people go, "Holy crap, the signs were all there!" If there's a mag cover caption best to describe the news, it'll be with "Married! When did it all even begin?"
Extremely Private Married Life
They had a closed, private wedding on a cruise ship in the summer. It was attended by fellow cast members and Mikasa & Reiner's other close celebrity friends.
Even after they're married, paps had a huge challenge trying to snap pictures of them together.
During the filming of the final season, Mikasa would be like Gal Gadot, filming her own stunts at 20 weeks of pregnancy. She was very persistent in not using a double. That even made Reiner sat restlessly on the sides whenever the cameras started rolling.
Tumblr media
EDIT: The showrunners also decided to inject an indirect fan-service by featuring their characters right next to each other in the Final Season's official poster & key art for merchandise as they've been married & have given birth by the time the Final Season was ready to debut.
After her baby bump got too big and was getting a lot harder to cover, the production crew forced her to use a stunt double for long-shots.
When their twins were born, the new family had an exclusive feature with Harper's Bazaar. All proceeds from the rights purchase went straight to UNICEF.
The Executive Producer had setup the twins' college trust fund the moment the their names were officially announced by UNICEF on their website.
Thanks for the Ask, dear! ❤ I had loads of fun with this 😆
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luvspence · 2 months ago
contact names
spencer reid x reader
synopsis: a love story told through contact names
word count: 1.5k 
“hi dr. reid, or u-um spencer? is that all right? can i call you by your first name? i was wondering if i could get your number, so we could have a line of communication and all”
you stood in front of him, smiling brightly. this was your first jet ride of your first case. you believed first impressions were important, and a little more important when that first impression was with him
you’d gone to the same college as him, given you went around 12 years after he did, and his name was always brought up. when you were a criminal justice major and cal tech, spencer reid was a name that was hard to not know. you studied his analysis, you read his doctoral papers, and you admired him from a far. just an alumni, smart one, cute one at that, but just an alumni, someone to learn from
okay so maybe you had a crush on him, but of course you didn’t that was ridiculously, you’d never even met the man
but there you were, somehow you fought your way through school, the academy, and the baus hiring process, and you went from admiring learner, to colleague
he was beautifully perched on the edge of the jet seat, staring down at the chess set, playing against himself
“oh hello, and spencer is quite fine. just appreciative to be called anything other than morgan’s chosen nick name of ‘pretty boy’. i mean i guess it is a compliment? well it feels degrading in a sense, i digress,,”
he chuckled awkwardly
when he was nervous, he rambled, and you made him nervous
he and garcia had thoroughly researched you before you had joined
you were top of your class at cal-tech, top of your class at the academy, your published work was astonishing for someone your age, you had numerous letters of recommendation from highly regarded professors
you were nothing short of excellent, and nothing short of beautiful
long hair with bangs that perfectly framed your face, dimples on both of your cheeks, a smile that could light up any room you walked into
so needless to say, spencer already had a crush on you before you walked through the bau doors
“ and oh i’m regarding that phone number, let me...”
he shuffled through his satchel, files, books, tea bags and granola bar wrapper being pushed a side in search of his business card
“shoot, i can’t find it, here”
he pulled his phone out
“why don’t your enter your number, and i’ll text you so that you can save the contact as well?”
“oh perfect!”
you grabbed his phone typing in your number, and handing it back
“t-thank you!”
you turned to walk away
“oh wait! could you spell your last name for me? i wouldn’t want to get it wrong”
you spelled it out, he typed in the letters into his phone
now you were officially in his phone as plainly
“y/n l/n”
you guys quickly went from colleagues to friends
ever since that first text that spencer sent to share his number, you two were inseparable
carpooled to work and back
sat next to each other on the jet
office spaces next to each other
coffee “dates”
hotel slumber parties during cases
friday night game night traditions
endless conversations
book recommendations
and of course
a blinding amount of romantic tension
a couple months into you working at the bau you were sitting on spencer’s desk, him reclined in his chair
“i’m telling you! i’m amazing at gin rummy”
“mhm okay”
you hit him playfully with a file
“mhm? what is that supposed to mean? do you doubt my skills?”
“no not at all, i just know i’d crush you”
you raised an eyebrow
“okay dr reid? you wanna go?”
he pulled a deck of cards out of his drawer
“i’ll deal”
he said, shuffling the cards
7 rounds later, you had beat him by 27 points
he looked down in defeat
“HA HA HA!!!!”
“i let you win”
“UNTRUE UNTRUE! you knocked and were so confident that you had won, but guess what? I HAD GIN” you laughed un controllably while spenxer rolled his eyes
“they don’t call me y/n “gin rummy god” l/n for nothing!”
he perched his face in his hands, staring up at your giggly face that still remained seated on his desk
“who calls you that”
“everyone! and now you have to!”
he laughed, pulled out his phone went to his contacts
he typed in
“y/n “pretty okay at gin rummy” l/n”
he showed you the screen
you squinted in to read it
it didn’t take very much longer until you and spencer were dating
it happened one day on the jet, you were flying home and while sitting next to spencer instinctually laid your head on his shoulder
that wasn’t too abnormal, but spencer bent his neck down to kiss you softly on the forehead
you looked at him
he looked at you
finally an action that couldn’t be written off as platonic
with scared eyes he looked at you, looking like he had just committed a grave crime
as he had forgotten that you two were not dating, you had forgotten that the entire team was also on that jet
so you grabbed his face and kissed him, kissed him long, gently wrapping your arms around his neck, until you heard an “ahem” from derek
he laughed, you and spencer just stared at each other an also burst into laughter, and from then on, you were his girl, his love, his object of adoration, his lady
3 months into your relationship, spencer had gotten a concussion
he was okay, just unable to fly
you were about to board the jet, face buried in spencers shoulder
“i don’t have to go spencer”
“yes, yes you do”
“i don’t want to leave you”
“y/n i will survive, and it’s not like i’m gonna be alone in the office, i’ll be consulting virtually through garcia”
you pressed a kiss to his lips
“okay, i’ll miss you”
“miss you too”
you let go of his hand and jogged up to emily who was boarding the plane
“you two are vile” she said laughing
“not funny!”
the case was tough, even tougher with spencer not around
though he and garcia made quite the duo
“hey spencer could you call y/n for me? i’m on this line with derek”
“yeah of course”
he pressed your contact on his favorite list
your name saved as “m’lady”
garcia noticed immediately
“m’lady?! M’LADY??? if you two aren’t the cutest pair of 18th century literature nerds i don’t know what is”
he giggled, you picked up the phone
garcia started shouting
you started to laugh
“garcia do you have that list of names i asked for?”
4 years, 1 built in library, and 3 cats later
spencer knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you
it was a warm saturday, and you and spencer went to the museum of natural sciences
you were standing in front of the aquatic birds exhibit
you were reading the swan description
“swan, largest waterfowl species of the subfamily anserinae, family anatidae. most swans are classified in the genus cygnus. swans are gracefully long-necked, heavy-bodied, big-footed birds that glide majestically when swimming and fly with slow wingbeats and with necks outstretched. swans mate for life, and can actually die from heart break if their partner dies, interesting”
“yeah, swans are usually a symbol of love and marriage”
“how sweet, such romantic birds”
spencer took your hand
“i’m gonna love you forever, just like these swans”
he kissed your forehead
“forever and ever spence?”
he got down on one knee
“forever and ever”
you wanted to wait until the perfect moment to tell the team, refraining from wearing your ring until you two could figure it out, but by an unfortunate accident, they secret was out
“hey y/n, i didn’t get a chance to save your number earlier, would you mind?”
an officer at the local precinct was asking you, as to have a more direct way of contact
the entire team was sitting around a table as you typed your number into the officers phone
“oh and y/n i’m sorry how do you spell your last name”
“r-e-i-d, reid”
you froze
in most of your circles you already started going by spencer’s last name, this detail slipped your mind
derek was the first to say something
then emily
you and spencer looked at each other
“okay, we’re in engaged”
the entire team started hugging and cheering, the rest of the precinct joining in
“so when were you planning to tell us?” hotch asked with a raised eyebrow
you laughed
“would you believe me if i said that contact name incident was planned?”
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forbidding-souda · 2 months ago
nsfw alphabet for gundham please? tysm!
NSFW A-Z with Gundham Tanaka
I got you!!! 
Some of them are copy and pasted from past posts bc I’ve done them before
-Mod Souda
Tumblr media
A - Aftercare
He has kind hands, ones that can hold you.
His ability to communicate is not the best, but he is willing to take criticism.
Cuddling is still a really weird thing for him. He’s stiff and can’t take the skin on skin contact for more than an hour. 
B - Body part
To touch? He likes to run his fingers up and down your naked back. He feels every curve, every muscle, and lets his index finger trace your spine. With each of your breathes, your ribcage expands, his hands following the rhythm. 
The pain of his fingernails digging into your shoulders with each of his trusts reminds you of the small red lines you still have from the night before - trailing from your shoulder blades down to the curve of your ass.
C - Cum
Okay let me get this one out of my system. But like,,, overstimulating this fucker?? womp womp womp. You have to wrap his hands up so he won’t try to hold onto you. Just watching him squirm is enough. 
But the lewd noises that leave his mouth are all you need to make sure he won’t stop cumming. Even when it’s sensitive, and he’s begging for a break, you won’t stop until he can barely talk anymore. 
By the second time you’ve made him cum, over twenty minutes has passed. He can still hold up his fight. 
Still call you pet names and bite his lips with an anxious laugh. 
But by the fourth, or fifth time, you just smile while listening to his wet ah’s.
D - Dirty secret
He likes smells. Things like slick, cum, sweat, or even your breathe when you pant against his lips. 
The smell of you getting home from a run, where the sporty clothes you wear are so easy to peel off.
E - Experience
Zero. None. Nada. Absolutely none.
Doesn’t even like watching porn or other couples kissing.
He’s like ok *walks away*
Not much of a contact person to this day, too.
F - Favorite position
From behind. Yeahhh.
It helps him with the anxiety, since you can’t see him.
He doesn’t have to worry about you judging him. There’s no need to be self conscious from that angle.
G - Goofy
Not very goofy, and if anything, he takes it surprisingly seriously. He doesn’t think of sex as a fun activity, or something to do to spend time.
H - Hair
I think he cares a lot about the hair on his head to not care about his body hair.
I’m also thinking that he probably doesn’t even have that much.
I - Intimacy
He’s very tense, and a little drawn back. Always clenching his fists and biting his lips. 
Only when he’s overstimulated does he let go of himself fully, letting his tongue fall out of his mouth as his whole body loses all of its battle.
J - Jack off
He hardly ever. Like, it’s such a rare occasion. But he has to be completely isolated. No background noise. Nothing to distract him from himself. 
He makes sure to barricade the door so no one can get in. He likes to masturbate bent over, usually with his shoulders on the bed and the rest of him stiff. With one hand stroking himself, the other hand will grasp the bedsheets in an attempt to release the pleasure somewhere else.
K - Kink
He likes having his hands tied together by his own scarf. To be forced down by something so sentimental to him is almost irresistible.
Humiliation is something that edges him without effort. He gets flustered easily, almost too easily, and it’s something you take advantage of.
L - Location
The guest room, since it does not home his hamsters. He would not want his precious babies watching the lewd actions he does.
M - Motivation
This mf gets turned on just by hearing your shower run. The idea of you being naked, even not in a dirty sense. 
He can’t help but let his mind wonder at it. 
He just loves showering with you. It’s almost the only thing that keeps him going.
He gets turned on the moment the two of you are isolated, and in the situation where you stand right in front of him, putting your hands on his sides. 
The contact is so sexually passive-aggressive. Like you’re holding him in place. Smaller things, like both of your hands on his shoulders, throws him into shock for tiny seconds.
N - No
Any type of animal play. Things like cat ears or the petnames kitten or puppy.
He does not find the idea of animals to be sexy. At all.
O - Oral
Not really a taker or a giver. He doesn’t like the idea of it, and would much prefer using his hands. 
With that, he can dig his face into the crook of your neck as he does.
P - Pace
Very rough, even if it’s unintentional. Even his kisses are rather aggressive. 
He is just a big hunk of a man.
Q - Quickie
No way. None at all, unless he manages to drink Teruteru’s altered soup again.
R - Risk
.. A little.. he likes risk a little bit. He likes the way it makes his heart increase. 
Gives him a high without the touch of others.
Makes him feel a bit empowered whenever the two of you get caught.
S - Stamina
Has a really good stamina, surprisingly. A very powerful man.
Once he starts enjoying himself, it’s hard for him to calm down. He’s obsessed with the way you kiss and the curves of your body. So beautiful to him. All he wants is to grip onto the headboard and kiss all over your collarbones.
T - Toy
Hhhhhhhhhh the first thing that comes to my mind of course is vibrators <3. 
Do I think this man is a bottom? Yes. 
Okay, wait another idea just came to my head. 
Because I don’t think Gundham is a very contact-y sexual person, so what if instead of penetrating his partner himself he just uses a vibrator on them. 
Omg I might be on to something there.
U - Unfair
A bright smile comes to his face whenever he hears you whine against his rough kisses. He is such a tease when he feels confident enough. Your noises fuel him more than anything.
V - Volume
He isn’t loud unless you’re the one taking control of him. Usually, when he’s dominant, he is focused on you, and not himself. But the amount of ah’s that fall from his lips when you play with him is infinite.
W - Wild Card
I’m just gonna use this to say why do people think he’s into pet play ya’ll PLEASE- animals are like his escape route from his horrible childhood why would he be sexually attracted to something animal-related I am HORRIFIED.
X - Xray
I feel like his shit is long as hell.
He’s packing ngl.
don’t argue with me because you won’t win
Huge titties huge dick
Y - Yearning
Nah, I don’t think he would go out of his way to seek out sexual things. Kisses are even hard for him to get through at times. Is he touch-starved? Yes. Does he want to be touched? Not all of the time.
Z - Zzzz
More breathless than tired.
Will still get up to feed his animals and make sure they are okay - as if they would get worried that he was gone for so long.
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realcube · 2 months ago
moan in their ear prank
Tumblr media
characters ♡ tsukishima, tendō, iwaizumi, kenma & suna
content warning ♡ cursing, kinda crack in iwa’s, suggested punishment, sexual references, fem!reader & nsfw themes - minors dni
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kei tsukishima
♡ you meant for it to be a harmless prank but everything you do to him while he is trying to study ends up as harmful towards yourself-
♡ you just had to sneak behind his desk and chair to grab your backpack which was lying on the other side so in the process, you casually leaned in to his ear and produced the most hushed, pornographic moan that you could
♡ his eyes widened as he turned to look at you with an expression which was filled with a mix of disgust, shock and horny. which resembled the look he pulled when you asked him what a Iguanodon is 
♡ it took a moment for him to lubricate his dry throat and process what you just did, but once he thought of a suitable response, he blurted out, ‘what the fuck was that?’
♡ a sly smirk graced your features, you didn’t even spare him a glance as you dipped down to grab your backpack and pull it over your shoulders, ‘nothing.’
♡ once you finally laid eyes on him, you couldn’t help but snort at his stunned look which you rarely got to see as most of the time, it’s extremely hard to catch him off-guard, ‘anyway, i should probably get going. see ya lat--’
♡ though, you couldn’t even turn around before tsukishima grabbed your wrist be glad he was sitting down or else it would’ve been your throat- , ‘you’re not going anywhere.’ then he proceeded to pull you onto his lap
♡ you giggled at how uncharacteristically bold he was being before placing a kiss on his cheek, ‘that was hot, i’ll admit. but i really need to get going - i’m in a bit of a rush.’
♡ his seductive smirk fell into a frown and he was quick to drop his bedroom persona, ‘fine, then. go be a whore somewhere else.’ he said, abruptly pushing you off his lap and focussing his attention back on his work
♡ you gasp, luckily finding your balance after he pushed you then making your way to the door, lingering there for a moment just so you could peer over your shoulder and hum, ‘alright. but you know i’ll always be your whore, kei.’
♡ tsukishima exhaled sharply through his nose, adjusting his glasses as the corner of his lip pulled into a small smile, ‘unfortunately for me, yes.’ 
♡ a few moments passed and you must’ve been admiring his effortless beauty for a bit too long as he suddenly turned to you and snapped, ‘i thought you were in a rush? why are you just standing there?! it’s freaking me out- or are you gonna moan for me again?’ he chuckled at his own teasing but when he saw that you were giving him love-dovey eyes again, a light blush tinted his face as he waved his hand for you to go away, ‘whatever, just get lost. goodbye, i love you & all that stuff.’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
satori tendō
♡ he was sitting on the couch playing a game on his phone or sumn and nothing interesting had been happening lately so you took it upon yourself to make something interesting happen
♡ you approached the couch and plopped down next to him, your mouth hovering over his ear for a few moments - your hot breath tickling his skin - before you moaned in the most erotic way possible 
♡ he physically perked up then twisted his neck to look at you with an amused smirk, ‘someone’s horny.’ he commented, his attention quickly returning to his game
♡ you were excited to see his reaction but that was so underwhelming-
♡ your bottom lip jutted out to form a pout as you poked his cheek, ‘yes! aren’t ya gonna do something about it? i always help you when you’re horny!’
♡ ‘i’d love to help you out, princess. but i’m on the 48th level of candy crush. priorities.’
♡ you blinked rapidly, your gaze flickering between the phone screen and your clown of a boyfriend, ‘you know there is like..over eight thousand levels, right?’
♡ he side-eyed you with his eyebrow raised as if to say ‘fr?’ and you simply nodded in response 
♡ the app was soon deleted, ‘fuck that.’
♡ he tossed his phone aside and sighed as he stared into the void since he thought that his entertainment for the next few hours had been lost 
♡ but being the caring girlfriend you are, you were quick to swoop in and tilt his chin up to meet your longing gaze, ‘no, fuck me, satori.’
♡ and he did so gladly
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hajime iwaizumi
♡ you did it to him when you saw him just lookin scrumptious asf while he making was pasta for dinner
♡ you slipped your arms around his waist and nuzzled your face into the back of his neck like you usually do when he cooks
♡ but this time, you hopped onto your tip-toes, lightly thrusted against his back and moaned quietly in his ear
♡ to your surprise, instead of getting flustered or mad, he just laughed
♡ though, it wasn’t one of his cute, toothy-grin chortles; but rather an intimidating string of low chuckles - as if he was mocking you 
♡ which he was
♡ you raised a brow, peering over his shoulder to see if he was perhaps amused by something else but unfortunately for you, he was ready to meet your gaze with a deadly glare 
♡ so were railed on the spot <3
♡ you may be wondering what happened to your pasta but dw bc he rearranged your guts while adding oregano to that shit-
♡ multi-tasking king ✨👑
♡ like you were bent over the counter, face pressed against the cold marble and you stared directly at the fire of the stove beside you which tickled your face with a warm sensation as iwaizumi filled you up with an even warmer sensation 
♡ one of his hands massaging your waist while the other was stirring the pot 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kenma kuzome
♡ your first mistake was doing it to him while he was streaming 
♡ his camera was broken but the show must go on so it was just his voice + minecraft gameplay + you but the fans don’t need to know that 
♡ since his camera was off, kenma allowed you to sit on his lap as he played but under two conditions: you will not talk or make any noises and you can’t interfere with his game
♡ a small price to pay for some kenma snuggles :3 so ofc you obeyed
♡ well, for the first hour or so, at least
♡ after a while, it got boring just watching him play so you brought out your switch and started playing for yourself but even that became boring quickly too
♡ then the idea hit you 
♡ you were straddling him hence his ear was already by your lips, so it’s not like you’d have to move from your position
♡ plus, his mouth was very close to the mic so if you were quiet enough, the viewers probably wouldn’t hear a thing 
♡ though, you didn’t do too much reasoning, you kinda just acted on urge when you leaned in, pressed your lips together and hummed a faint moan
♡ his eyes widened and he visibly froze - if he had cat ears, they’d jolt upwards 
♡ his gaze immediately landed on the chat to ensure that nobody was going to mention it but his sudden silence probably made it more obvious that something happened
♡ the chat wasn’t flooded with inquiries but there were a few questions as to why he paused and if he was alright; so fortunately for your ass, it appeared as though nobody had heard a thing
♡ kenma hesitantly continued mining, explaining through gritted teeth, ‘oh, sorry, guys. my cat-’ he paused to pull his head back to shoot you a deadly glare accompanied by a snarl, ‘won’t shut the fuck up. shoo, kitty, we can cuddle later.’
♡ he waved his hand and you buggered off before you got caught cackling at the fact he called you ‘kitty’
♡ his chat genuinely believed him and he got a few donations solely bc they found out he’s a cat person
♡ so yeah, if anything you did him a favour but that didn’t stop him from fucking you into next week as soon as the stream ended 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rintarō suna
♡ any excuse to fuck any excuse to fuck any excuse to fuck any excuse to fuck any excuse to fu
♡ you’re just sitting on his lap, cuddling - as y’all do - when the idea occurs to you 
♡ but a mistake you made was that you carried out this prank with no intention to actually do the dirty- you just wanted to see his reaction 
♡ he thought you were just craning your neck out to place a kiss on his cheek but when he hears your melodious moan ring through his head, he turns to look at you with an eyebrow raised 
♡ ‘that’s no way to ask for my dick. try again, but nicely this time .’ he snickered, lightly patting your head, clearly amused by your little pout
♡ honestly, he has such a soft spot for you - like you just existing near him makes him feel all warm inside 💕
♡ furrowing your brows, you whined, ‘i don’t want your cock, anyway. it was just a joke to see ho--’
♡ ‘you’re so horny for me, it’s kinda embarrassing.’
♡ his cocky smirk was simply met by your blank stare
♡ there was a long while of silence between the two of you; which you spent wondering why you were even with him while he was entranced by the thought of your pretty face with his dick half-way down your throat <33
♡ until eventually he broke by whipping off his shirt, lassoed it around your neck and pulled you in so your lips crashed against his, ‘you sure?’
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absurdthirst · 2 months ago
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Marcus Moreno x F!Reader
Comments: Part of the Quarantine AU - Marcus Moreno ‘verse
Tumblr media
To say you were a little stir crazy would be putting it mildly. There was only so much a person could take before wanting things to get back to a normal rhythm.
“Oh my God…I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d go to a fucking gym right now.” Marcus admitted, shaking his head. “Something other than going for a damn run.”
You hummed as you nodded. “I cannot wait for the dance studio to be open again.”
“Dance studio? I didn’t know you went to a dance studio.” He sat up a little straighter on the couch and tossed you a confused look. “How long have you been going?”
You winced. You hadn’t really meant to say that out loud. You had been thinking about the routines that you had been working on before all this quarantine shit had started. With the fact that you had basically moved in with your boss, you hadn’t had privacy to practice the new moves that had been sent. But it seemed to be pretty easy.
“Uh….3 years?” You shrugged your shoulders as you waved your hands up, signifying that it wasn’t a big deal.
“3 years! Every time we try to get you to dance you claim you can’t.” He frowns at you, quirking his lips to the side as he gives you a disbelieving look. Often the Heroics held events where there was dancing but not one of the Heroes, including Marcus, had ever seen you dance.
“No. I said I didn’t want to dance. Not that I couldn’t.” You argued.
He grinned as he motioned to the living room floor. “Show me.”
“Absolutely not.”
“Come on. You laughed your ass off when we were filming that stupid Heroic routine for charity. You owe me.” He narrowed his eyes at you.
Shit, he had you there. There were plenty of mistakes and once he’d almost fell off the damn table when it suddenly cantered too far off balance. And you had wheezed laughing. Especially when Miracle Man had nearly knocked Marcus off the table again during the next take.
You pointed a finger at him threateningly. “I don’t want this shit getting around. This is….for me. Not for anyone else.”
“What do you expect me to film it and send it out to everyone?” He shook his head, disappointed.
You sighed. “Fine. Let me go get changed.”
You left the living room and went up to the spare room, grabbing the bag that you hadn’t shuffled over to Marcus’s room. It held an outfit you enjoyed dancing in and mid thigh high heeled black boots. Fuck, you can’t believe you were showing him this.
After changing, you came back downstairs. You smirked at the way his eyes widened as he took in your appearance. Tight black leggings and a tiny black spaghetti strap top. Marcus shifted on the couch and you didn’t miss the way that he adjusted himself.
“So, uh…what kind of dancing….”
You grinned as you connected your phone to the Bluetooth speakers and selected your dance playlist.
“It’s not a full routine. Only snippets of songs.” You warned. “But I’ll show you a few.”
He nodded, leaning forward to brace his elbows on his knees in interest.
You closed your eyes as you hit play, walking to the middle of the larger room to get in position. You were going to think of him as a fellow dancer. You and other dancers always played up your acts while others were watching or if you wanted to record it.
You kept your eyes on him as much as you could as you moved. Body undulating and writhing, you danced like it was a private show for him. When it actually was.
The way he reacted was thrilling. First it was the surprise, like he’d been hit by a truck. Then the way that his hands subtly clenched into fists, he knees spreading a bit wider. Eyes narrowed, even though you knew if you got close enough you would find his pupils big, crowding out the warmth in his brown eyes.
You went through a few songs without stopping. Starting off with Dirrty, you went on to show him the moves for Hollerback Girl, No Excuses and Buttons.
When you were done, you were smiling and slightly out of breath. “So, now you know.”
“Holy shit.” He got up and stalked up to you, wrapping his hands around your waist and tugging you against him. Through the thin material between them, he pulsed heavy against your stomach.
“That was….holy shit you’re flexible.” He sounded in awe.
You laughed as you brushed your hands through his hair.
“No wonder you don’t join us. You’d kill every man in a damn club.”
“Not true. But I’m glad you like it. So…yeah.” You faded out, a bit embarrassed.
“Yeah, it’s true. But I’ll just enjoy that I’m the only one that gets to see it outside the studio. I can’t wait for that place to be open too.” He breathed, nuzzling against your neck as his hands wandered down to your ass.
“What are you doing?” You asked, with a knowing on your face.
“Showing you exactly how much I enjoyed watching you dance.” He ground his hips against you as his teeth grazed your skin and he started pulling at your clothes.
“But put the boots back on. They’re fucking hot.”
Here is one of the routines you did for him. This is one of my favorite choreographers.
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Quarantine AU:
@softsliders29​ @justpedropascal​ @20th-centu-fairy-girl​ @icanbeyourjedi​
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yiiiikesizzy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10  Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15   Part 16   Part 17   Part 18   Part 19   Part 20   Part 21
Daryl Dixon x fem!Reader
Summary: Daryl Dixon always thought he wasn’t good enough for love. But one woman comes into his life and changes that.
Warnings: sexual assault (not too descriptive), hurt/comfort, major angst
AN: Skip the italics if sexual assault makes you uncomfortable please!
I needed time alone. The meeting was a lot to handle, and I needed to get outside these walls. I haven’t been outside in what felt like forever. When I made my way to the gate, a rifle in hand, I was stopped by Sasha.
“You okay?” She asked softly. I smiled at her and patted her shoulder.
“You know how it goes. Gotta get some air from this stuffy place. Connor is being cared for by Daryl.” I pursed my lips as she nodded at me, rocking on my feet as I waited for her to get the hint to open the gate.
“Oh, right.” She chuckled, opening the gate and watching me walk out.
“Be careful!” She called out. I waved her off and smiled. I walked down the road in silence, looking at the map in my hands for the next town over. I might as well get some things while I’m out.
As I got to the town, I found a convenience store. This was pretty easy. I checked all around for any threats before walking inside. The door chimed as I went, closing it softly and scanning the shelves after looking around for any walkers. There were none.
I sighed softly as I began to fill my bag with things that weren’t spoiled, stale chip bags and candy bars. It’ll be good for the kids. I chuckled at the thought of them. I loved my son. I’m glad he met Jesse’s boys. It was hard to get him out of the house to meet new people, but he liked the boys. Maybe not the youngest. He called him too much of a scaredy-cat.
“Well, what do we have here?” I heard behind me. I quickly turned with my gun raised, but his was cocked and ready to go. I didn’t let my gun drop, staring the sleazy-looking man in the eyes. He had a wife beater on paired with an overshirt. Jeans and boots adorned his lower half. He was big, much taller, and muscular than me.
“I say you put that gun down, pretty lady.”
“No. Put down yours.” He quickly shot into the roof, making me jump.
“Don't make me ask again.” I didn’t want to kill him. Brendon's words stuck in my brain.
Murderer. Murderer.
“Fine. Fine. Just take what you want.” I told him, slowly taking my weapons off. I sighed heavily as he patted me down, touching me in places I never want to be touched by my man like him.
“Okay. Now, what’s in the bag?” He asked. I grabbed the bag and opened it.
“Not much.” He sighed and rubbed his head with his gun, making my brows furrow. The next thing I knew. I was clocked in the head by the butt of it, making me fall to the floor.
“Ah!” I screamed out in pain as my body made a large thump into the ground.
“Come here bitch.” He seethed, grabbing me and pulling me into his back. My eyes widened as I knew what would happen. He sat on my stomach, beginning to cut off my clothes. I cried out and began to fight back, making him growl at me. He wrapped his hand around my throat, cutting off my air supply. He started. I was crying harder.
I turned to my left, finding my knife. I was starting to lose consciousness, my eyes fluttering shut. Then I felt it. My hand gripped the knife and plunged it into his throat. He stopped what he was doing, his hand running up to his neck. I could breathe, gasping for breath as I did. He slowly fell onto me as he died. I pushed him off of me and just... cried. I looked at my tattered clothes and slowly stood. I grabbed his overshirt and pants, quickly putting them over my naked body. I looked at his lifeless form and kicked him. I kicked and kicked and kicked until my leg hurt, screaming out with every hit. I grabbed the knife from his throat and went to stab his brain but stopped.
“You deserve to turn,” I whispered. It was time to go home. I was limping; the pain was unbearable. I grabbed my gun and his weapons, putting them into the bag.
When I made it to the gate, Abraham was on watch. Sasha quickly opened the gate and ushered me inside.
“What happened?” She asked. I brushed past her quickly, no words uttered.
“What happened to your clothes?” Abraham asked. I turned to him and stopped, tears threatening to spill.
“Don’t worry about it,” I grunted, beginning my walk again. I heard footsteps behind me as I sat in my backyard, turning to find Abraham.
He didn’t talk, just sat next to me.
“I know you don’t like me, but...”
“Yeah?” I scoffed, wiping my tears away.
“I know.” He said. I looked at him quickly, my body shaking.
“A girl I was friends with... before I met up with Rosita and Eugene, she was like you. Spunky, a good person. And one day, she came back from a run, different clothes, that... look in her eyes. She didn’t stop crying.” My tears came back like hot waterfalls and stained my cheeks.
“I should’ve fought back harder.” I cried. Abraham quickly hugged me, holding me tight against him.
“Nah, nothing you could do.” He whispered. I clutched onto him like my life depended on it and wept. I cried and cried until my body buzzed with numbness.
“Let’s get you home and cleaned up.” He helped me up and wrapped my arm around my torso, making sure I didn’t limp anymore. We passed others, and they gave us curious looks, but Abraham sent them away.
“Where’s Connor? I don’t want him to see me like this.... not again.” Abraham gave me a look full of anger and sadness, getting the hint that this wasn’t the first time.
“He’s with Jesse’s boys.” He explained to me. I smiled softly and nodded as I bit my lip.
“You go to the bathroom and get yourself clean. I’ll wait by the door.” He instructed. I nodded once more and entered the bathroom, and winced at my reflection. I had bruises around my neck, I was covered in blood, and my hair was messy.
I stripped out of the clothes and sat in the tub before turning the water on. I watched as the blood rolled off of me, collecting onto the drain. I couldn’t cry anymore; my tears all dried up. But I wanted to. I licked my dry lips and turned my head to the door.
“Tell me a story.” I heard shuffling behind the door before he started telling his stories. I sat under the water for maybe thirty minutes as we just... talked.
Once I was ready to leave, I wrapped my towel around myself and looked at my reflection once more. The bruises and scars were still there. No matter how much a scrubbed in the shower, they wouldn’t go away.
I changed into my clothes and left the bathroom. Abraham was sitting on the floor by the door and looked up at me. He smiled and stood, pulling me into another hug.
“I’m always here for you, even if you hate me.”
“I don’t hate you. I never did.”
“Oh really?” I chuckled at that.
“Really. You’re just a big brute who uses his fists instead of his voice... but you’re still family. And I appreciate you.” His smile widened at my words, and he gently rested his hand on my shoulder, squeezing lightly and letting out a sigh.
“Okay. Let’s get that neck checked out.”
“What?” He asked, his brows furrowing.
“I don’t... I don’t want anyone to know.” I said shyly and bit my lip.
“Okay. We can make up a story.” He agreed, ushering me downstairs. Daryl was there with a confused look, Connor running to me.
“Well, I’ll get going. Check out her neck for me.” Abraham told Daryl. The man gave me a curious look that quickly turned into anger as Abraham sent me one last look before shutting the door.
“What happened?” The three of us sat down on the couch. Daryl reached up and moved my hair away, looking at the large bruise and my bloodshot eyes.
“Just ran into someone bad.”
“Are they dead?” Connor asked. I looked down at him and nodded.
“Yeah. He’s dead.”
“Why did he do that to you?” He inquired, tilting his head to the side. I sighed and shook my head.
“Some people are just bad, bubs,” I explained, running my hand through his growing hair. Daryl gently brushed his fingers over the bruise and huffed.
“I’m okay,” I reassured, grabbing his hand and smiling at him.
“Connor, go upstairs. We’ll tuck you in soon,” I told Connor, who quickly got up and ran upstairs.
“What really happened?” Daryl's gruff voice spoke, breaking the small silence that fell upon us.
“There was a man. He... he was so big... I couldn’t do anything to stop him.” I began to cry again. I felt like I needed to tell him. Like he deserves to know.
“What did he do?” I shook my head, not able to speak the words.
“It hurts so bad, Daryl,” I told him and threw myself into his arms. He rubbed my back softly and held me tight, whispering soft nothings in my ear.
“It’ll be okay. Hey, it’ll be okay.” He repeated, rocking us backs nod forth. I felt as though he knew what I meant, and that made my heart break.
“Let’s get going. Connor needs to be uh... tucked it.” I sniffled softly and stood on shaking legs, and Daryl quickly stabilized me.
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Pretty When You Cry
Chapter 3: The Trojan Horse
Tumblr media
A/N: Hi quick thing; if your tag isn’t working, I’m going to message you. I think there may be something in your settings under “hide _____ from search results” or just “hide ____” but either way, if one of those are off, I cannot tag you. After 3 new posts if you’re tag doesn’t work and you haven’t responded to my message, I might remove you... omg that sounds so mean. Also I’ve decided that I will no longer be following a 10 day updating schedule for PWYC, they will be less scheduled, but there will be announcements when the next chapter is 2 days away.
Summary: Reader was always a good girl, that was until she met Professor Reid. What will the hot shot FBI agent make Reader realize about herself? Will she let herself fall for a man who may or may not be able to love her the same?
Pairing: Professor!Reid x Fem!Reader
Category: R - Mature Content - 18+
Series Content Warnings: language, alcohol abuse (mother), virgin!reader, smut, absent father, toxic relationship, mentions of drug abuse, sexual harassment, and Cat Adams
Chapter Content Warnings: language, toxic relationship, absent father
Word Count: 2.2K
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The most beautiful thing a morning has to offer is a split second of peace before having to start the day’s journey. Waking up to a wall artificially decorated in sunlight seeping through the blinds, the shadows casting lines of black across the rays breaking free. The feeling of warmth and serenity under heavy duvets specially chosen to mimic the silence one experiences when their head is under water. 
But my favorite part was always the silence. 
Yet, Danny’s snoring as he laid deadweight next to me stole any sense of peace and quiet. Instead of waking up with a fresh mind and deep, calming breaths, I woke up with racing thoughts asking myself how many mistakes I made.
“Danny, I’m not cheating. You need to understand that,” I tried to reason with him. My voice held too much poise for someone who’s been accused of something as disgusting as infidelity, but I believe I have Danny and I’s set routine to thank for my level of calmness.
“I understand that now, babe. I’m sorry, it’s just the thought of losing you, you know?” No I do not. “It makes me crazy sometimes. It’s only because I love you.”
“I know, but it doesn’t make it okay.” I felt like I was scolding a child for hitting someone in Kindergarten, but then again, Danny has never really matured past the age of 6, so maybe I was.
“Jesus, it was one mistake. Are you ever going to let it go?” Danny was starting to put up walls of defense, ones that underwent training in preparation for any fight I shot back. 
But I was not in the mood for battle.
“You’re right. I’m too tired to fight with you, so consider it forgiven. Let’s just go to bed,” I mumbled back, already tiredly stumbling my way to my bedroom. Danny’s attention peaked, leaving his slouched position on my love seat almost immediately.
“To sleep, Danny,” I warned, already watching the excitement drain from his eyes.
Part of me knows that I shouldn’t have caved so quickly, I should’ve kept pushing back until inevitably too much force was weighing me down, and I snapped. But leaving Danny always seemed like a good idea until he stared down at me with eyes ready to fill with manipulative tears, and the only thought that consumed me was what would I become if I left him.
I would be a hypocrite.
Danny’s phone blared as his alarm for his 8 am class today took over the room. In the split second between the start of the noise, and Danny’s waking up, I managed to roll to my side and shut my eyes. Pretending to be asleep is a lot better than talking to a frustrated Danny.
I heard the startled noise leave his mouth before I felt him shift to shut the alarm off and sit up. From the way his movements stilled, I could tell that he hunched over with his head in his hands probably contemplating the same thoughts my mind wouldn’t stop replaying.
In an uncharacteristic show of affection, Danny must have believed I was asleep, and softly stroked my cheek, brushing the hair that laid across my face behind my ear. 
I waited the longest 10 minutes of my life for Danny to leave my apartment, and once he did, I let out a shaky breath of relief that traps itself in my lungs every time Danny is with me.
When the click of my front door echoed, the tears roamed freely.
As far as peace offerings go, the Trojan Horse is historically one of the most famous betrayals. Odysseus, famed for his intellect, thought of an idea to leave a wooden horse as a gift for the city of Troy, only for said horse to be filled with his men ready for battle. The Trojans fell for this ploy, and when the soldiers exited the wooden trap, they defeated the Trojans and won the war.
When I sat anxiously listening to the trill of an impending phone call to Dr. Spencer Reid, I did not expect the call to be my Trojan Horse.
“Hello, Dr. Reid speaking.” Even over the phone, his voice held an angelic tone to it, softly pulling me deeper into a darker fantasy.
“Hi, Dr. Reid, it’s Y/N,” I spoke into the receiver not quite as smooth as his greeting, my voice a pitch higher and the words rushed through. If his profiling skills worked over the phone, he had the courtesy to not mention it.
“I believe I told you to call me Spencer.” The smile in his tone ignited the butterflies in my stomach with more ferocity than the day before. There was no reason for them. Spencer was just a simple man, and my refusal to let him convince my brain he was more than such was stronger than my heart slowly wanting him to.
“Maybe I would if this wasn’t a professional call, Doctor.” The sarcastic tone I held made no room for professionalism, and I would like to believe both he and I knew that.
“Professionalism comes in many different forms, Y/N. Someone like you must already know that, however,” Spencer shot back, his tone both light and domineering, taking control of this conversation before I even had the chance.
“And what is that supposed to mean, Doctor?” When I was a child, I was quick to respond with the utmost of sophistication and control, but Spencer took that skill from me, leaving my only defense to his wit to be refusing to call him Spencer.
He only laughed in response to my question, and part of me believed that it wasn’t because he didn’t hold the answer, he always did, but because he knew that answering would leave the control of the conversation for the taking. I would not hesitate to grab reigns, Spencer knew that as well.
“I did some asking around for you. Turns out the BAU does offer internships to college students. However, the length of the internship extends past your graduation date, and the internship is only applicable to students who will remain enrolled in courses for the entire duration of it. Unfortunately, that means you’re 2 months too late.” I didn’t subside the soft ‘dammit’ that escaped with his explanation.
“But,” he continued, and I perked up from my slouched position on the arm of my couch to listen fully. “I did pull some strings, and when you’re done getting your PhD, a BAU profiler training position is yours for the taking.”
There were a lot of things in such a small sentence I could’ve focused on. I had barely mentioned that my goal was to receive my PhD, and yet, Spencer had remembered. He had fully listened to me, and instead of everyone else in my life telling me not to follow the path I set for my life, Spencer believed I could without saying it. I did not realize the substitution of ‘if’ for ‘when’ would have this much effect on the rhythm of my heart, but here we are.
But what really stood out to me the most was that Spencer had gone out of his way to help me continue down my path, and gave me an opportunity that would have otherwise gone out the window inevitably.
“You... you did that for me?” I couldn’t help but ask, and when I did, I grimaced at the way I sounded. 
“Of course,” he responded, as if my question was preposterous, but it wasn’t. He was just not fully understanding the reason for my shock.
“Why? I mean, not that it isn’t greatly appreciated, it is, but why?” Again, he chuckled softly into his phone, still not grasping the severity of his kindness.
“I guess it has to do with the fact that I believe there’s something special about you.” If the wind hadn’t been knocked from lungs before, it had been now. 
“Oh, um... thank you, Dr. Reid. I hope I don’t disappoint you,” I stumbled back, my cheeks a fiery red, and my stomach twisted in knots. I had no right to feel like this, and I couldn’t let it continue. “In your class, I mean.”
“I have an inclining you won’t,” Spencer replied softly. I had to get off this call before he said anything else that my heart would capture and lock away in a cage only to release them at awful hours during the night. By the grace of God, a serial killer granted me just that when I heard the soft muttering coming from someone on his end.
“Something just came up, and I’m going to have to let you go,” Spencer said, his words coming out apologetic.
“That’s okay. Go save the world, Spencer. I’ll see you in class tomorrow.” I hit the red end call button on my phone before giving him the chance to reply. 
Softly, I put my phone down on my coffee table and leaned all the way back until I was staring at the blank ceiling of my apartment. A pit started to bubble in my stomach, a mixture of anxiety, butterflies and curiosity; a deadly poison. 
I was the city of Troy; I lost the war.
The next morning came faster than I would have liked, even with my sleepless night full of thinking of my conversation with Spencer. He saw something in me, something nobody in my life saw, or at the very least cared to tell me they did. I felt like a high school freshman again that night, reading too deeply into the words an older man told me when the end goal in their mind was nowhere near mine.
Yet, I had no clue what my end goal actually was. It wasn’t like Spencer was doing anything more than helping out a student, one that he could easily see had a reputation for perfect attendance and grades since kindergarten. I had only convinced myself for the past week that his lingering eyes during our first meeting, and surprisingly easy going conversations over coffee and internships were more than a series of events that meant nothing.
But with the way he did nothing to hide the way he watched me take my seat directly in front of him didn’t feel like nothing. Not when the itchy lecture hall chairs scratched at my bare thighs that peaked out from under my white tennis skirt, and definitely not when I caught him watching me cross and uncross my legs three times since sitting down in hopes of finding a more comfortable position.
Then the time came when class started, and as quickly as it came after my arrival, his gaze on me left to address the rest of the class as he introduced our first assignment.
It was fairly simple; we were to receive crime scene photos and any evidence from a cold case dating back to 1993. The assignment was to come up with a profile, geographic profile, suspect list and a series of events taking place before, during and after the crime. We were to hand it in by next class, and judging by the quiet protests and sighs of annoyance coming from my peers, not many people believed it was a week’s amount of work.
Dr. Reid continued with the lecture after that, teaching with the utmost passion about the difference between stressors and triggers. Spencer liked to talk with his hands, using them to further annunciate each of his points. My eyes consistently fell down to them, analyzing the veins that flowed through them and disappeared under his suit jacket. 
His hands were like a map I couldn’t help but want to trace delicately with my fingers.
A dreamy sigh from the right of me pulled me from the thoughts, and when I turned find to the source, it was another girl in my class who didn’t have the decency I did to keep her daydreams about our professor to herself. Taking a look around the room, I realized that almost all of the girls, and very few guys were also dreamily staring at Dr. Reid. Some going as far to twirl their hair and bat their eyelashes. I couldn’t stop the eye roll as I returned to facing the front even if I wanted to.
Spencer caught it though, and when my eyes fell back onto him, he only smiled and let out a breathy laugh.
“That’s all the time we have for today. Don’t forget about your assignment, and if you have any questions about it, don’t be afraid to email me so we can set up a time to meet during my office hours. Have a good week, everybody.” 
At that, the students filling the auditorium got up from their seats, some mumbling a ‘you too’ back to Dr. Reid before descending down the stairs and to the exit. I took my time, packing my notebook carefully so as to not rip the sticky notes filled with more annotations sticking out the sides. By the time I was done, it was just Spencer and I left.
“See you next week, Dr. Reid,” I said as I walked by him. His eyes shot up from his satchel, and he smiled down at me from the small stage his desk sat on.
“You too, Y/N.” With that, I sauntered out the lecture hall.
Dr. Reid didn’t take his eyes off my descending figure until he no longer could see me past the wooden doors. 
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