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#and it’s not even the big plot points!!
stellalunes · a day ago
I’ve been binge reading 911 fic lately to fill the void and I feel like I should write a specific rec list of all the times fic writers predicted something specific in season 4 because holy shit there are some weirdly specific ones.
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While I know you said this wasn't a thing I still think about the what ifs on Virgil’s parents being the sun and moon (plus if parents were in totally human form making him full human but if he was a demigod it woul be funny if his thing is just that vamps and werewolves are more likely to like/trust him than average human (most of Apollo's kids power was just being good at riding horses so))
Anyway yes I still think about Gibbous a lot
I also still think back to the ask you sent about his parents being personas of the Sun and Moon 'cause it is a rad idea and I could see how it'd be sorta foreshadowed with the Creation myth and the idea of because he's their son, both vampires and werewolves are like "I don't know why but this human is friend-shaped :)" is really funny to me.
The other thing to is if that was found out like, everyone would flip the fvck out, Virgil included because the idea of being revered as a semi-deity would probably scare him.
It would also be funny because Mr. Logan "There is always a logical reasoning" Sanders would be forced to come to terms with the fact that the Sun and Moon are actual beings, because while he's respectful of the customs/beliefs Patton and Roman both hold, he doesn't fully believe it himself.
Meanwhile Patton and Remy would be like "Sweet, knew there was a reason you were special!" and Roman would literally die because wtf, he has been so disrespectful to the Moon's child--how has he not been struck with lightning already??
But I also think about the actual idea and I also think about the fact that his parents loved Virgil so much, like they'd never willingly abandon their boy, even if it was something like "godly responsibilities". The other thing, too, ofc, is it messes a bit with the world-building I have set up.
See, the creation myth could be the 100% truth of how it all went down, a distorted biased-in-the-werewolves' favor version of the actual truth or just largely-up made up altogether. Who's to say? ;)
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july-19th-club · 21 days ago
two writing things ive done in the past week that im not sure are Helping but also seem to be not not helping -
write exclusively at the time between 7am and 7:30am when i then immediately have to get up and get ready for work, because it’s a built-in deadline that forces me to focus if i want to get anything done, and also it’s only really about enough time for 400 words, which is my daily goal, and then anything i write after that at work or later is gravy despite being really a stupid tiny amount of words to write, so i feel more confident
any time as im writing i want to make a note and know it will get me distracted but it’s like. a worldbuilding thing or a motivations thing or a ‘theme to keep revisiting that you don’t want to forget about’ thing instead of stopping and putting it in a second doc which i will inevitably forget about until it’s too late to use the stuff that’s on there without like.....massively changing work ive already spent time on....instead of that i’m making all such notes in bright red text right there in the narrative doc so that i can’t ignore them if i tried. during all subsequent re-reads and edits these worldbuilding deets, motivational reminders, and themes will be interrupting me until i deal with them or make sure they’re consistent which. with my inability to see stuff that’s in Another Location, is probably the only way i could ever achieve complexity and consistency
#i see all kinds of advices like 'keep a separate document for blahblahlbah' you know what's gonna happen if i keep a separate document?#i will write down really useful stuff on it for like four straight hours one weekend and then i'll never look at at the right time again#also i was reading an interview w coleson whitehead at work and he was talking about how like. first person shores up a narrative#where the plot is not complex. so you get the complexity through internal narrative. the more busy your plot and world are#the more you'll need an omniscient narrator to get the scope across or at least a couple limited-third perspectives#whcih. seems so obvious that THAT'S why some things work in first and some don't#and fantasy is hard to get in first unless the world is familiar or intuitive#it seems so obivous but id never thought about it in those exact words before so i always bristled at the idea that id have to cut#my braided first in order to make the world big enough to be interesting#also i'm just now arriving at a point in my writing ability where i can do. characters NOT telling us everything the minute they think of it#and i was scared i just wouldnt be able to do that. it doesnt come naturally. im a natural oversharer and the 'unreliable ommissive narrator#is like.........very fun to read but hard for me to wrap my brain around when writing . so hopefully i figure it out#i'd LIKE to#and there was a time when i didnt think i could write anything funny and i think im a fairly funny writer now :)#these are. i think. the major things that my garbled neurotype makes hard about writing#it's hard to conceive of characters believably deceiving the reader when i can't even do that . or them having different viewpoints#and it not all being some viewpoint I personally actually hold
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gilearfaeths · 26 days ago
acv should have let you bully Sigurd the same way rdr2 lets you bully John
#like seriously you’re gunna give me a pc with an interesting and complicated relationship with a sibling try and make that one of the focal#relationships of the whole game and then just not let me interact with them outside of cutscenes and designated story missions smh#I mean this in both a joke way and a serious way#serious take: I think in general ravensthorpe could have super super benefited from having a dialogue system like one at the camp in rd#like I don't need to be able to talk to every npc but like the fact that you can't have even brief dialogue exchanges with named important#npcs outside of either designated plot points or like shop keeper interactions is like kinda frustrating to me? idk#I feel like the relationships that eivor has with all the npcs (not just Sigurd) could be so much more dynamic if you could speak to them#like the longship crew for example everyone of them that you can recruit has just kinda gone through a big upheaval in their life and the#fact that you only get one interaction with them when they first arrive that is basically just them going 'happy to be here!' but you can't#speak to them every again beyond that is like disappointing don't get me wrong I love longship storytimes as much as they next person but#pls let eivor talk to her friends#like imagine angsty depth you could get from having even just a brief exchange with birna after [redacted] happens#like once again pls let eivor interact with her friends and loved ones more often#joke take: idk let eivor reach her full little sibling potential and follow sigurd annoying him#look 90% of the time I can't bring myself to pick mean dialogue options of viddy games but ch.2 of rdr2?#the petty older brother spirit of mr arthur morgan does in fact take over and I will follow john around camp#and just button mash the antagonize button until I have exhausted the dialogue options#and eivor should be able to do that to sigurd let her just lightly bully her older brother just a little bit as a treat#oh and one more thing: npcs should be able to interact w/one another b/c birna and vili desrve to older sibling bully the shit out of rollo#anyway i'll shut up now#teabeedee
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stellocchia · a month ago
Just getting out a few thoughts on Wilbur’s revival stream now that I’ve had time to think about it slightly more...
Fair warning this is extremely critical, which is why I’m putting it under the cut for those who don’t want to have negativity clog their dash...
So... are we gonna talk about how the random change of plan to have Ghostbur be the one getting Tommy in the prison made no sense? Especially considering that Sam said he wouldn’t let anymore people into the prison?
Also why was Ranboo there? Was it just so he could be our info-dump machine for all the characters who are disconnected from the main narrative to find out about the resurrection instead of that happening naturally with them meeting Revivedbur? Because just the day before Tommy was opposed to telling him and he honestly added nothing to the whole thing...
Also what was Dream’s plan in all of this? Everyone knows that a hostage becomes entirely worthless once they’re dead. Is he betting everything on Wilbur somehow freeing him out of a sense of gratitude for bringing him back to life? Why is he convinced that Wilbur can help him? Man’s never been particularly strong in pvp, I’d say he’s probably one of the weakest in the server and he is not redstone genius either... how does he expect him to be able to break him out of prison?
Quackity’s and Wilbur’s friendship may be important for the plot from here on out, as I’ve seen people theorize, but it was poorely constructed at best. All we have of it is literally one flashback and that’s it. Basically, if there really is gonna be a team up between the two it has 0 build-up.
I love Fundy as much as the next person and I think he is an amazing and amazingly underrated character, but while him and Wilbur were close at the beginning, they literally drifted off to the point were Wilbur told Fundy to his face that all he felt for him was hatred, so I have my doubts that Fundy will truly be the one to get him to repent, as I’ve seen some people say. That said, I’m rooting for him!
Also, everyone harping on Tommy saying “you should feel worse” under his breath in anger while completely ignoring the history of abuse between him and Wilbur, the fact that he’d just seen Ghostbur die in the same exact way he previously did so he probably wasn’t in his right mind and the fact that Wilbur was positively gleeful about the crater, mocked Tubbo for being “president of that” and called Dream his hero in front of him (which were all positively triggering behaviours) all the while dodging any confrontation about what he’d done with some guilt tripping (saying “are you trying to make me feel suicidal?” when confronted with the fact that your actions hurt others is not a good response, that said, Wilbur was understandably not in the state of mind for a confrontation either) and instead acting like that comment came out of nowhere is the exact same thing as people going “but he killed the cat” to justify Tommy’s murder or saying “but he said that the disk were worth more then Tubbo” to say that he is a horrible person. You’re not being as smart as you think you are, you are just ignoring everything surrounding the situation and judging everything as if it was in a bubble.
Also yes, Wilbur needs help, but so does everyone else in this godforsaken server and no-one is equipped to provide it, so if we want a redemption arc man has to help himself and that’s the reality of the situation. Also none of the people he hurt owe him either forgiveness nor understanding, they didn’t before he came back and they don’t now just because a part of the fandom suddenly remembered that he’s their fave. 
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kats-randomology · a month ago
Hi who the f!ck posted Amphibia spoiler images in the Helluva Boss tag what the f!ck is wrong with you--!
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imtheorangemoon · a month ago
i watched the goldfinch the other day and idk if it was my mood or what but i didn’t really love it as much as i think people do here at least, like yeah it was a very well done movie but i just couldn’t really connect with the story
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theriverdalereviewer · a month ago
finished foreign affairs and i think this might be the most poorly written choices book. ever.
#and i’ll tell you why#for a book about politics it really wasn’t a present as you would think it is#like so much of the plot’s problems had to do with the paparazzi and regular college shit that you would think it was about celebrities#and since the plot hinges on scandal’s you’d think that they would be really big scandals when they weren’t at all#in fact the only big one was a diamond option that in context makes no sense to agree to#the only time the plot got interesting was when the fake dating stuff started and that ended so fast i don’t even know what the point was#not to mention how much it doesn’t make sense depending on how your love interest looks#cause blaine is a black man in my book and he looks nothing like the two options to fake date#speaking of blaine did we ever find out about the whole suspension thing i can’t remember#as for the other lis tatum randomly left us and then came back and i don’t know what the point of it was#but i guess anya’s storyline made sense so there’s that#the mystery on the other hand was just bad#like whoever was behind our scandals stuff was so obvious#the fact that our mom’s campaign rival was involved was so utterly obvious that i ruled it out#so that was disappointing#and then i think it was clear to everyone that winston was behind the scandals anyways#going back to the politics stuff it was all so low stakes#the way it all worked was so unrealistic idk if that’s the world building to blame#and our main characters relationship with their mom was just plain uninteresting#ALSO unsurprisingly that diplomacy points system made no difference i see pixelberry are still afraid to give different endings#oh and the ending was rushed and corny the end#foreign affairs#fa#choices#choices: stories you play#okay last thing that didn’t make sense and then i’m done#how our mom’s political rival put in all this effort to hide their identity and then when they have to go meet anya in person#THEY DONT EVEN TRY TO DISGUISE THEMSELVES?? like that made no sense
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hollowsart · a month ago
I would like to clear some things up since I've had quite a few comments about my knowledge of Pokemon being very poor/less than stellar in recent times:
I've played the games for hours on end for years, I know what I'm talking about. I'm well aware of what the villains and plot was all about.. I've read the Bulbapedia pages and any and all dialogue I could find in the games when I played them, too. And I love to listen to videos with facts about Pokemon that I didn't know about, obscure little Pokemon facts and things.
I like to make silly jokes or lighthearted remarks every now and again about characters. I rarely take any characters serious with only a few exceptions because they're characters I really care about.
I am very well aware of the villains and the awful things they've done or the mistakes they've made, but I'm also aware of the nuance to their characters within the story/plot which is what really makes them stand out to me.
Anyways, idk how to finish this post off, but that's all I wanted to say.
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in-tua-deep · a month ago
Had another funky dream where I had an animal companion that was a very rare big cat who was incredibly rare and came from snowy mountains. She looked a bit like a mix between a mountain lion and a snow leopard, a sort of stone grey color all over and I loved her more than anything
It was known somehow that you had to have a pair of them so that you could declaw them and make them “safe” to be around as a pet. But my companion, her name was Belladonna and I called her Bella, was just... with me. She had her claws, and she loved me right back and I knew she would never hurt me
Important: I guess I had amnesia? I don’t remember where we met, or how me and Bella came to be companions. Also important: Bella could speak human language and also manifest wings to fly
Anyway later on this really sketchy dude captured me and a couple of others and have us a list of tasks/riddles/etc. to get through. We weren’t supposed to help one another because it was also a race. The first task was shooting the woman with red lips with a bow and arrow, the second task was answering what the last stage of a job interview was. It was really weird.
Anyway we had to race back to the lab, where I’d left Bella, to get some clue or whatever for the next task and I got to the door before I sensed... something? And went down the stairs at full speed to see who was going down on the other elevator
I remember thinking “this is what other people think when they see Bella” because I found myself bowled over by a very hostile magical big cat before Bella realized who I was - and there were others from the same species with her who were there the “rescue” her, but Bella told them that she loved me and I was a friend
I pulled out a photo I had gotten with the task list, it was of me holding her as a cub with a whole bunch of other cubs around my feet. I asked her if she knew anything about it, and Bella said that the photo must only have been taken a few days after we met, but she didn’t remember the other cubs at all and we were left with more questions than answers
I also remember taking Bella’s head in my hands and telling her that if she wanted to fly with the others, with her people, I wouldn’t stand in her way. I loved her, and I would always want what was best for her even if that meant that *I* wasn’t what was best for her
Then with that mystery in mind... I woke up lmao
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