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#and if they inculcated this little contradiction deliberately and plan to follow AoA's theme kudos to them
stellophia · 2 days ago
can we talk about the fact that if there really was such a thing as a "sacred timeline" with a proper, predetermined flow of time nobody could deviate from as the TVA claims, the TVA wouldn't exist to constantly prune any variants in the first place? The very fact that the TVA exists is proof in itself that all choices Loki and other individuals make are their own, because if it really was all predetermined, the TVA wouldn't have to constantly police everyone and everything to make sure it all goes according to the Time-Keepers' plans. Mobius's telling Loki that he was born to cause pain and suffering and death, that that's how it is and how it always will be is neither Loki's fate nor a moral failing on his part, it's the result of a conscious, deliberate choice by the TVA to ensure Loki is allowed no other path to take.
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