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#and i'm here for it
mysjams · 23 minutes ago
they so rarely do good choreos nowadays and the cameraman keeps showing wide shots during intense chorus parts 😐
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shoyotime · 24 minutes ago
Ship your moots...... with each other
no what why they're all married to me and fyi i'm possessive i don't like sharing /j kjddsfs tysm for this anon, this was fun! i hope you're doing great !
@maizumis x @souco : FATE DICTATES IT
@ohajime x @tesoromia : just— ziress has a nice ring to it. but again i suck at ship names so <//3 but i think their interactions are cute
@snoozless x @kohi-zeri x @milktyama : no i got major decision making problems here and didn't know if i should ship kohi with rin or elle so why not both?
@sugabeaniee x @dreampathic : if you think jelli won't support ana with crimes, you're wrong. NO BUT I JUST THINK OF ANA WHEN I THINK OF JELLI AND VICE-VERSA BYE 😭
@amajima x @sunalma : they're one super smart duo no one can tell me other wise
@floralkawa x @missmorosis : *slams hand on the table* DO I EVEN NEED TO EXPLAIN ??!!
@smolmo x @sunalma : yes because idk who to ship mo with :") MAYBE THIS IS ANOTHER POLY IN HERE WITH MO, ALMA AND AMAYA I GUESS- im sorry bye but their interactions are really interesting ngl
@elektrosonix x @king-tobiyolo : something about them screams chaos and i love that
@skusavr x @ahtsuwu : i think they'll be cute :>
@just-a-nekoma-stan x me x @mysterystarz : THIS IS OFFICAL NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE OR I'LL CRY >:((
@discountkiyoko x @sunarinluvr : they'll be the one to spam the community with blad hq pics and that's how they meet and then cue friends to lovers from there onwards
@srkuv x @kurokore : THEY'LL BE THE CUTEST SKJDSF
@kozu-zumi x @leyxiao : two genshin lovers i support 😌✋
@xomiya x @u-make-my-heart-tsumtsum : THEY'RE AMAZING THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER OKAY
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ayrennaranaaldmeri · 24 minutes ago
kids patrick weekes confirmed years ago that tali DID not steal the emissions tech from the Normandy and i understand we all wanna defend ashley from morons but let’s not do that by spreading this theory that was confirmed by her writer to be false. 
 The turians are known to be friendly with the flotilla and both sides traded with each other and you can read his other suggestions on how quarians could’ve acquired it here. Salarians were also working on similar stealth tech iirc.  Parallel development isn’t really that outlandish and entirely plausible for quarians especially, it would even make sense that you don’t see them using that kind of tech until they needed use it to given how careful they have to be about resources.
And look there are so many avenues but that’s not the point. I can understand that byeoware should have clarified this in the game instead of having to be explicitly asked to confirm this but it still hurts my heart bc even if we didn’t get wog confirmation i will never understand how people can accuse Tali of that, she loves Shep and is extremely loyal and wouldn’t betray their trust like that. 
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starryarles · 30 minutes ago
i got one of those pop it fidget things for the lolz but it's actually pretty fun I'm ngl
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asinglelilacbush · an hour ago
For the past month or so, I’ve been doing bits and pieces to finally help get myself together and live the life I want to. At...almost 30, I’m 29 for another month or so yet. The only people that seem to dislike or disapprove of my change is my mother.
Which, to me, is a sign I’m doing really damn well and she realizes it lol
And the thing is, I did it mostly myself. I had the help of therapist advice, medication, and other aids to help me but I’m gradually...pulling myself into society and being who I am unapologetically.
And I know, in the vent post, I said I felt scared to be but...only when I see the pride pictures and support of my gay friends by their families. Because I want to be proud, but I need to build that up again I think. After all, I only realized my demisexuality around 2 years ago;;
And right now I’m being firm, in wanting to eat healthier and have more options, to feel more in control of what I do and eat even if I only basically “rent” a single room in a giant house. To make choices with my body and my life like I should’ve been able to years ago.
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do i get mdzs jpnese edition vol 1 on cdjapan or do i wait in hope i'll manage to grab one copy on amzn jp and save on the shipping costs... the dilemma
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bygodstillam · 2 hours ago
I just really wish that ppl would understand that even IF the shitty “ace” ppl on this site circa 2016 were trolls, there were SO MANY people unironically liking and reblogging them, and that shit got genuinely traumatic, and that means that I absolutely agree ace ppl belong in the community and I absolutely trust individual ace ppl that I know, but I have a reflexive and trauma-induced distrust of the “ace community” at large, and that has nothing to do with me being “aphobic” and everything to do with me literally suffering TRAUMA that was undermined and co-opted by purportedly ace bloggers and supported by their actual ace followers.
Just bc a community belongs in the queer umbrella doesn’t mean I don’t have fuckin trauma tied up in the bullshit they got up to.
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seventeenlovesthree · 2 hours ago
Guys, if you watch the current Digimon episode, don’t let them fool you. If you’re a work safety specialist like me, you’ll learn that you often have to FORCE people to work safely. It’s often not even out of malice if people disregard safety rules - they often simply don’t know better, even if it’s about the most simple aspects. 
Like, no, Agumon, you don’t put your arm directly into cement, what the fuck, and Taichi at least has gloves in this, why doesn’t Sora have safety gloves, Jesus Christ, there are so many hazards, my poor heart.
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vaguely-concerned · 2 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, The Mandalorian (TV) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Baby Yoda & The Mandalorian (The Mandalorian TV) Additional Tags: Fluff, Tenderness, Parenthood, Podfic, Podfic Length: 10-20 Minutes, Audio Format: MP3, Audio Format: Streaming Summary:
A podfic of "The whole future lies in thee" by vaguely_concerned.
"Set right after episode 8 -- Din makes a promise."
-- -- 
fasjdkfhas you GUYS @blackestglass has gone and done it again!!! their podfic is always AMAZING and this is no exception, go give it a listen while we all fight through the grueling wait for more canon soft dad & baby content! 
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cyberangeldust · 2 hours ago
okkkkk so mother’s been at the hospital for a day. again. no idea when she’ll be home. as per usual. but like whatever i’m so tired n stressed it’s like so fine though
ANYWAY i have stuff to do tomorrow. that stuff includes, but is not limited to......
going to the store to get garbage bags n stuff (bc we ran out and Nobody told me......... coughcough........ mother >:/)
taking care of the kitchen garbage (which will be e_e fun)
cleaning up the living room
who knows what else. everyday is a new mystery
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