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#and i’m like
enemy-to-the-state · a day ago
me: *has ordered from starbucks by myself on many occasions and sometimes i even end up ordering for other people because i anticipated those situations ahead of time and was able to perform the task*
me: *thinks that walking into starbucks this time, my dad will order, and thus i don’t mentally prepare for it*
my dad: ok, ash, take my card and order
me, brain going immediately static: there’s coffee at home
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curiosity-killed · 2 days ago
Having four coffee drinkers in the house and giant mugs means I’ve been getting to drink about double my normal coffee quantities this week which translates to slightly less than my daily coffee intake in college and my brain is so good
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andithiel · 4 days ago
Wip meme
Rules: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it! Tag as many people as you have WIPs.
I was tagged by the sweetest @fictional @graymatters and @eleonorapoe (I can’t believe I get to be tagged by such lovely talented people) (although I have to say WTF Lynn, why do you have to call me out this way?! The last time I did this (in November, I checked) I had nine WIPs, and since then, I’ve finished one of them, started and finished another (this is not counting the three ficlets I wrote for Drarropoly and the spite porn I wrote for the troll), and started FOUR more, making my total of WIPs thirteen 😩) Okay, anyway, rant is over and here’s the list. I’ll be happy to talk about all of them, but maybe more covertly about two of them.
🪄 Pants on fire - actual document
🪄 Onlookers drabble
🪄 LGDiL pwp sequel
🪄 A lot like love 2
🪄 Coffee shop Jeddy
🪄 Epistolary angst
🪄 Melting the ice 2
🪄 The one where Harry can’t get it up
🪄 Wireless
🪄 Stuck in the middle of you
🪄 A secret fic that I’m not sure I should even mention and the title is too revealing
🪄 Fique Problematique
🪄 Rock and sea and symbolism and shit
Tagging (oh god thirteen people?!) @etalice @sassy-sassy3 @amelior8or @lqtraintracks @tomoewantsdolls @orpheous87 @glittering-git @eva-eleanore @malenkayacherepakha @phd-mama @keyflight790 @unicornsandphoenix @jeldenil (only if you want to of course! And sorry if you’ve already done this and I didn’t notice.)
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kyunsmaindish · 4 days ago
i basically got into it with my roommate for the second time about maybe changing the rules for having people over because she had her friends over from 7-11pm on the work night and when i confronted her about it she basically said that she shouldn’t have to ask for permission since she pays rent and utilities and i’m like ??? girl I ALSO PAY THAT WHAT and i just feel like it’s common curtesy to ... listen to ur roommate’s concerns?? im just like hey i think maybe it would be better if u tried planning stuff a day in advance so i’ll know and get ready and she was just like uhm sweatie i cant predict when u’ll feel bad and also this is my place
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kelssiel · 5 days ago
i swear i’m finding more and more ToS violations on AO3 every day so like here’s a link to their very readable non-confusing abuse policy because i swear if i see one more “link to my ko-fi! XD” i’m gonna turn fucking violent
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likedaylighht · 17 days ago
Tik tok has taught me a lot about myself but the most unexpected thing is that I have a thing for white boys playing guitar
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mrandomshitsandwhich · 17 days ago
Ppl who r making anti cheating things sick soggy ass
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lonely-journal-keeper · 18 days ago
Every one on one conversation with my mom turns into her saying something along the lines of “what if I divorced your father. Jk jk jk... unless?”
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bibble-kinnie · 18 days ago
Me and my IRLs did a fan fiction trope tierlist and it’s really funny because all of them ranked miscommunication really low and meanwhile im like *laughs in Zukka*
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curiosity-killed · 18 days ago
Me: my degree is in systems-based international development with an emphasis in sociology and experience in social science research and communications
My work: so how should this organization position itself globally in terms of international debt relief?
Me: ....okay I’m not sure where I lost you but—
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my-mass-hysteria · 21 days ago
I am doing better I believe brain got the message that some people don’t hate me
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interstellarpumpkin · 21 days ago
Normalise going into a room and shouting the vibes are off if the vibes are in fact off
It’s like if somethings awkward it’s better to just say yeesh this is awkward
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theinfamousjack · 23 days ago
Full List of my HP LGBTQ+ Headcanons
Harry: Bisexual, and maybe a little femme when he grows more confident in himself. Pronouns: he/him
Hermione: MtF trans. Pronouns: she/her
Ginny: Bisexual GNC. Pronouns: she/her
Luna: MtF trans. Pronouns: she/her
Neville: Gray asexual, demiromantic. Pronouns: he/him
Seamus: gay. Pronouns: he/him
Dean: bisexual. Pronouns: he/him
Lavender Brown: bisexual. Pronouns: she/her
Parvati Patil: lesbian. Pronouns: she/her
Oliver Wood: Aro/ace. Pronouns: he/him
Fred Weasley: aromantic. Pronouns: he/him
Charlie Weasley: Aro/Ace, non-binary. Pronouns: he/they
Draco: bisexual, aromantic. Pronouns: he/him
Blaise Zabini: non-binary, toric. Pronouns: xe/xem they/them
Pansy Parkinson: MtF trans. Pronouns: she/her
Millicent Bulstrode: butch lesbian. Pronouns: she/he
Cedric Diggory: bi-curious? Pronouns: he/him
Remus: FtM trans, bisexual or pansexual (haven’t decided). Pronouns: he/him
Sirius: Genderfluid, gay. Pronouns: he/she
James: Bisexual. Pronouns: he/him
Lily: Pansexual. Pronouns: she/her, and maybe she/they.
Dorcas Meadows: Demigirl, pansexual. Pronouns: she/they
Marlene McKinnon: lesbian. Pronouns: she/her
Tonks: non-binary/genderfluid, pansexual. Pronouns: she/he/they
Snape: Gray asexual. Pronouns: he/him
Professor Sprout: cottagecore lesbian. Pronouns: she/her
Dumbledore: Gay (obvs). Pronouns: He/him
Grindelwald: aro/ace. Pronouns: he/him
Newt Scammander: asexual, non-binary demiromantic. Pronouns: he/they
Queenie: MtF trans. Pronouns: she/her
Tina: Demisexual. Pronouns: she/they (?)
Teddy Lupin: Non-binary, pansexual. Pronouns: they/them
James Sirius: omnisexual. Pronouns: he/him
Albus Potter: Gay. Pronouns: he/him
Scorpius Malfoy: Bisexual GNC. Pronouns: he/they
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so i‘m upstairs doing art while my parents are downstairs in a conference for how to handle teenagers or something, and Then i go downstairs to get some food because ✨hungry✨ and my parents look me dead in the eye, wait like 5 seconds (cue awkward eye-contact) and say one word, in the tone as if someone just died:
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