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#and i was like ‘why are they yelling at each other’
averbaldumpingground · 8 months ago
She leaves her lipstick smeared on your white sheets, an accusation in the morning after.
But you can’t let her stay, not longer than the stutter in her breathing. Not longer than the scratches down your arm she’s made.
She knows that you can’t give her more than this, the stubbed out cigarette, the sunlight slanting too bright through the blinds, the promise that you break to call her later. This in itself feels like too much, the ceiling shadowed when you watch her sleeping.
Maybe she won’t come back, and how she slammed the door is still echoes when you finally pour your coffee. You’re not sure that you care. It’s better for her sake if she stays gone.
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kg2hub · a year ago
((okay. hmm. it's obvious i haven't been here a while so i may not have the whole story but i have a Few thoughts on this. wrote this right after i woke up so it Might not be coherent or explain everything the way i intended it to, so feel free to send in an ask for clarification. no promises i’ll answer it tho, because i kinda don’t want to get more involved in it than this.))
#i'll agree that shipping canon abusive relationships in a way that romanticizes it is bad#what i don't agree with is bullying and sending mean anons to each other about these things? havent seen all of them and#i haven't checked the dates but im sure this has been going on before last night. i reblogged that post for awareness; not as a signal to go#harass people over this on Both sides of the issue. which i Assume might happen simply bc i run such a big blog & more people have now seen#the post. and yeah lmao im disappointed in you if you take part that way. there are kinder ways to explain your point.#ones that don't involve hurting people's feelings about it. explaining Why something is wrong because sometimes people aren't Trying to be#bad people; they may just be misinformed and. yelling at them? isn't going to make them learn anything other than to fear backlash#rather than genuinely considering their actions and deciding on their own after gaining a more informed opinion; whether what they were#doing really is okay or not. we're in the kindergarten fandom. not an actual kindergarten; & personally i guess i'm not a fan of Anyone just#being rude to each other no matter who's in the wrong. no matter if the other person is purposely doing uncomfortable things or not; in no#situation is it necessary when you can just state your point and move on#i'm not defending the act of shipping that ship; everything there is to say about it has already been said to which i agree#just the way this information is said at some points makes me kind of. eh. :/#i don't jump into fandom drama usually but like. no one decides whether we deserve kindness or not based on our actions#there are ways to be firm without being rude abt it. and lookin at both sides there's ways to not be either guilt trippy Or insulting abt it#if they change their mind then great!! if they're still doing the problematic thing even though they aren't ignorant block em and move on#okay that's it im done here#we all do dumb shit and make mistakes. i've made huge mistakes and hurt others when i was 14 and i've grown up since then.#give others a chance to grow up too#oh and i'm applying what i said above to this kind of stuff in general. not specifically the actual situation that happened recently#|| Some Dumb College Kid || OOC.#tw; drama#tw; discourse
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gender-snatched · 16 minutes ago
skdjdksk yeah I also have adhd and I can only listen to podcast either when I'm doing the dishes or when I'm playing stupid games on my phone/laptop, but I can't just listen to podcasts, it'd kill me.
here are a few recs of short podcasts that I really like:
- The Edge of Sleep, 8 episodes 20-30min each, real world apocalyptic (not very scary, a few tension high moments, and I think there's a few (ligh-ish) jumpscares as well? it's been a while since I've listed
- Dreamboy, 8 episodes 30-40min except the finale that's an hour, it's?? a weird one tbh. the main character's gay and I think there's a few other queer characters. there's one (gay) sex scene (that I remember, there may be two?) and it's for sure rated M or R. listen with headphones if you do listen at all
- The Two Princes, there's three seasons, S2&3 are exclusively on Spotify and k don't remember how many episodes there were? but I think there were 8-12 per season. it's real sweet, about these two princes from opposing kingdoms who have this one profecy in common, and it's very gay and sweet and the music is fucking amazing
- They Say a Lot of Things, 10 episodes 20min each, it's about this one haunted abandoned house in this one small town and ghosts and it's fun. a bit spooky but not actually scary. some minor jumpscares mostly because someone yells and it gets suddenly very loud, but you can usually see it coming
- Brimstone Valley Mall, 10 episodes 20-30min, it's about a group of demons that work in a mall and are in a band and get ready to welcome the year 2000 with a concert in hell for Satan. it's fun filled with 90s/early 00s references and humour
- The Strange Case of the Starship Iris, 15 episodes (so far, S2 is still updating) 30-50min, it's about this girl investigating why the starship she was stationed in blew up and there's apparently been a cover up and there's espionage and it's got star trek-y feels and it's fun
some I haven't listened to but are on my list:
- Bubble
- Borrasca
- The Lost Cat Podcast
- Wolf 369
- Dead My Dearest
- The Bright Sessions!! I actually started this one, I have to go back to it, it's really fucking good. it's about a therapist who's clients all have superpowers and absolutely everyone is queer
- Mission to zixx
- The Magnus Archives, a classic, it's the next thing on my list
and a special mention to a few that I have/am listening to and aren't short at all:
- Sawbones, medical podcast by a doctor and her husband talking about curious medical related things. you don't have to listen to the whole thing if you don't want to, you can just scroll through the titles and check out the ones that seem interesting to you. they cover a topic per episode, usually talking about the history of said topic until they arrive at the present and whether it's something that we still do/use today, if it really works, etc.
- Wonderful! Griffin and Rachel McElroy talk about things they like and they're sweet. it's just a lightheaded podcast of two people sharing things they like
- My Brother My Brother and Me, you may know the McElroy brothers, well this is their podcast. it's just the three of them goofing around, answering dumb questions and being funny for an hour
I'm gonna stop now but!! I hope you like some of them <3
- j
Thank you!!! I really need to listen to season 3 of TTP
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happys-crazy-queen22 · an hour ago
Just Be Together
Tumblr media
Gif credit @knockknockchicagopd.
Requested by @tonio-dawson. I hope you like it. Thanks for the request. Sorry it's so late.
Taglist @nocturnalherb16. @jesseswartzwelder. @angel0135.
Going into work today, you dreaded it. It wasnt a bad working environment. Actually you loved working with the unit. But, Antonio. Thanks to a drunken night at Molly's you two confessed that you two liked each other but didnt want to jeopardize your jobs. So it was hard not to flirt and get cozy around each other. You both decided to keep it professionally. It was so damn hard though.
"Hey, can you copy this file for me"? Antonio came up behind you and you turned around. Your bodies centimeters away from each other. His cologne filled your nose. God, he smelt so yummy. You kept in the moan that wanted to escape.
"Sure. I can do that". You placed your hand on the file and Antonio grazed his index finger over your hand. Sending shivers up both your spines.
"Thank you". Antonio smirked and let go of the file. He licked his lips and walked away. Leaving you in a puddle of wetness.
"Girl"? Erin came up beside you and slapped the table bringing you out of your comatose of sexiness.
"What do you want"? You groaned.
"Why dont you just throw him on the table and have your way with him"? Erin giggled as she saw the twinkle in your eyes.
"If I could I would. But we agreed that we would keep it professional".
"That's going to kill you. You know that? What if he gets a girlfriend or something"?
"Has he said anything about seeing anyone"? You shrugged it off but was curious, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear.
"No. But a guy like Antonio wont last single for long. So go get him". She growled playfully slapping your butt.
"I kinda liked that". You laughed.
"I'll tell Antonio. Make sure he slaps that ass every chance he gets. He'll like it too". Erin chuckled, shaking her head.
You rolled your eyes and headed back to your desk. Antonio followed you as you walked. The way your body fit your tight clothes perfectly made his mouth water. Your legs he just imagined them wrapped around him. Your hands running threw his hair. Your lips on his neck. He wanted you so bad.
"Dawson"? Adam spooked Antonio.
"Dude, what"? Antonio asked agitated.
"Jeez, dont bite my head off. Here's that mugshot you asked for".
"Sorry. I'm just a little preoccupied".
"Yeah I can tell. Y/N, is looking really pretty today. Isn't she"?
"Yes. No. I mean- go away. Dont you have work to do"? Antonio yelled, pushing Adam away.
"You better go get her. Or someone else is going to scoop that hottie up". Adam teased but there was some truth to it and Antonio knew it.
"Team, where are we at with finding Mr. Brown"? Voight came walking up the stairs.
"We have some leads but theres no witnesses or cameras so we have nothing to go by". Jay spoke as he chewed on a pin.
"Alright. Let's get to work on finding them now. Y/N, Dawson. My office now". Voight ordered. You knew it was bad when you were called into his office.
Both you and Antonio walked into his office and closed the door.
"Is there anything I should worry about"? Voight started off.
"What do you mean, Sir"? You asked.
"You two are dating so if you two are okay with working with each other there shouldnt be a problem, right"?
"We're not dating". Antonio corrected him.
"Yes, they are. They're just to chicken to say it out loud". The three of you heard the others standing outside at the door. Antonio and you snickered.
"Are you or are you not"?
"We like each other, sir but just worry that it might interfere with the rules". Antonio said while looking at you.
"If you two date that's fine. Just dont give me a reason to separate you. Then we wont have a problem".
"Alright. Thank you sir". You smiled as Antonio grabbed your hand, heading out of the office.
"Finally! Now we dont have to see them drool over each other anymore". Adam exclaimed with a laugh.
"No we'll catch them making out or partially doing it in the locker room. That's what we have to look forward to". Erin giggled as she told them.
"That's not good". Adam quieted down and went back to work. Antonio laughed and pulled you close. 
"Tonight you want to go to dinner with me"?
"I would love too". You leaned in and kissed Antonio. The unit, making gagging sounds and hollering. That's what you had to look forward to but it would be all worth it for Antonio.
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The Mysterious Magic Shop In Mayberry - OT7 x Reader (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Pairing: OT7 x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Mystery 
Synopsis: Yona (Y/N) and her family just moved into the new town in Busan; Mayberry. They get faced with new trials and errors every day after moving to Mayberry. Yona finds a strange shop one day then finds out that she can make wishes that supposedly solve her problems. The shop is owned by six tall young men that welcome Yona with big arms and they all vow to try to help Yona with her trials that will shape her future. 
Rating: E Warnings: None
After looking all around Busan (according to Usagi) they finally found their house. It was a tough one but they couldn't give up, they didn't want to waste money so they refused to take a motel. The money for food all went to long taxi drives. Atticus remembered that the house vividly, so he freaked out when he saw it in front of his eyes.
They were home at last and couldn't wait to check out their house. Usagi sluggishly grabbed the house key and inserted it in the lock, finally putting their bags down they enter with no regrets. 
The whole day was so exhausting for the family, the one that still was thinking properly was Yona. Meanwhile unpacking, she thought a lot about what happened around them.
Why did the whole town look pleasing? Why was everything purple? The people look unreal as well. She could stop thinking about how beautiful the place was. It felt really relaxing but her gut was still saying to not get comfortable yet.
Yona folded her last box and threw it in the trash, she sighs and looks around. 
“Even the stars look so pretty and pleasing...“
The girl was in awe with everything around her, her body was getting warm and fuzzy. The sky was dark but still held light from the moon and beautiful stars giving the town life. Yona was infatuated with the sky, even her fear for the dark just faded away from that moment. The stars lit up and the breeze felt amazing. 
Yona was in her own world when Atticus comes out and pats her back.
“You did really well today sweetie, I’m surprised you didn’t complain.“
“I didn’t complain because it would’ve been embarrassing on my part Atticus. You know that we all are not our usual self because we aren’t from here so we have to show everyone a good impression.“
Atticus was blown away from the mature words coming out of Yona’s mouth, she would only speak like an adult only when she’s upset at them and it was really rare.
Atticus sighs, “You sound just like your mother Yona. I’m happy, you aren’t turning out like her than me.“
“Oh, Atticus doesn’t say such nonsense! You are very much important in my life as a mom is, just because you didn’t do well in the past doesn’t mean you can talk bad about yourself now. “ Yona cried
Atticus was so different from how he was now, he was a low life. He didn’t have a job, lived with his father, and dropped out of high school. Atticus finished school years later, but he had to deal with years of disappointment and regret.
He cried a lot and was miserable, the only support was from his sister Gabriella who was happily married and already teaching students at Gimhae.  When he decided to move out of his father’s house, his father just yelled at him once more.
Gabriella was the one to help him move out of his father’s house, Atticus left with some bruises and scratch marks on him.
Gabriella tried her best to stop them but it was too late. Those days were tragic, he had to give up life in Mexico because of those events.
When Yona was born, Atticus was just afraid that she’ll end up like him, which she wasn’t.
“Yona, it’s complicated.”
“It’s complicated for you because you keep seeing yourself in me.”
Yona looked up at Atticus’s brown eyes, she saw the sadness and doubt in his eyes.
“Atticus, you can still become a good man in office.
You have to be motivated to do so. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt so you can move on and take another step.”
The two of them looked at each other, Yona held her hand out. After a few more seconds Atticus took her hand and shook it.
“You got it sugar cone.”
“It’s nice doing the comfort business with you.”
They laughed and looked up at the stars, the breeze began to get heavier.
“How about we get some dinner at a restaurant around town?”
There was a small shop downtown that Usagi saw while walking around the area. Usagi insisted to dress casually to make a good impression so Atticus put on a blank shirt and nice black pants that went to his knees, when he came out of the dressing room Usagi was then starting to question their marriage.
Yona somewhat did the same, she just went with a cool white shirt with some shorts (the ones she wore for the past four hours) and her pink butterfly hair clip.
“Mom, why did you kick Atticus in the balls?” Yona asked,
“Your father has the audacity to wear his old pants he would wear when playing golf.”
Usagi puffs her cheeks like a little kid showing she would probably stay bitter at dinner. The family was ready and so the head out to go to the magic shop. When they arrived, Yona was the first one to speak up and say that the shop was pretty small.
Her short mother just hit her head and told her to not be so negative, after Yona kept her mouth shut. 
The shop had glass doors with a purple tint. 
The glass looked untouched, no fingerprints, no smudges, nothing. Atticus smirks, he was ready to place his finger on the glass until his wife scolds him. “Atticus!”
Yona grabs the bar and opens the door. The place blew cold air that made her lean back a little before she balanced herself.
Atticus and Usagi smile then enter in with no hesitation. Yona was shaken up but then walked in as well.
The shop was not purple, it looked normal. Too normal in fact.
Atticus exhaled and wandered around the shop.
“—Ah! Finally, a place where I feel a little more comfortable!” 
“This place looks like it was built in Europe in the Victorian era...”
Yona walked around the small shop and saw a headshot statue, it was clean and looked new. It took her a while for her to snap out of it when she hears footsteps behind her. She turns around to be met with someone’s chest.
She looks up at the person to see some random guy with plump lips and dark brown eyes looking down at her.
“I —”
“My name is Kim Seokjin, I’m your host for tonight.”
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polonlyubvi · an hour ago
Tumblr media
“ the clash ”
|keigo takami x villian! male reader..|
summary: Eros is cruel. Sometimes, he finds shooting two complete opposites entertaining.
Some things are unfair; The kind of unfair that leaves you questioning yourself —and others— for everything that you have ever done.
Unfair ,frankly, is the most suitable word to describe [name]. Unfairly attractive, unfairly strong, unfairly cool — unfairly evil. These are the feelings Keigo has been feeding towards (name) -- for quite some time, may I say.
(name); whose villainous doing were tracing back far, far before any of the modern heroes were bred; was the main focus of Keigo's attention for a hot minute. A very hot minute.
A this very night, their paths crossed, again.
"Suck my immortal dick, Birdbutt!" resonated throughout the empty neighborhood. (name) and Keigo were chasing each other for, estimately, an hour now; at times, they changed places, so it was hard to comprehend who exactly is after whom.
As much as the idea of sucking the (brunette/blonde/redhead..) off sounded appealing, Keigo could not let himself be lost in this fantasy. As why, yelling out a quick "you wish" he increased his speed.
In the night city, it is a gruesome experience to not get lost, and as well as Keigo knew his city, he let himself be distracted too much.
So, now, here he is; in the middle of ruined houses and burned tents and some papers. Gently, not to damage the yellow-is matter, he picked one up. A family -- he supposed -- of 4 people. A mother, dressed in a flowy beige dress; a girl -young, 7 or 8- standing near her, in a pink tutu, holding up a medal with a bright grin; a man, middle 40's, possibly, in a grey suit; lastly, a boy, maybe in his 16's, Keigo easily recognized him, the boy had his (eye color) eyes closed, smirking proudly and hugging the girl's neck.
"D'you like it?" came a whisper. Soon, a pair of arms found their way around Keigo's waist. He jolted up in surprise, feather digging into whoever it was behind him.
"Ouch," the same voice said, "it'd be a mess if I didn't like you." a breathy laughed was soon following.
"Your own fault," came Keigo's monotone answer.
"Takami," as always, stress on the wrong syllabus, "thou is really tasting my patience," (name)'s arms became tighter, "drop it with the archic bullshit." keigo hissed out, teasingly.
"it's archaic, birdbutt." the villain laughed out, he was too-damn-near Keigo's ear for the latter to fancy the situation.
"thanks, still don't care."
"touche.." (name) purred.
soon, the only thing the duo could think of, were their tongues and the heat that radiated from their bodies. (name) took a few steps, pushing the hero into a wall; he was taller, it looked like a cabedon from aside.
"you have something.. on your wings," (name) spoke into the other's lips, "w-what? the fuck.." keigo spun around, trying to see what the other was talking about.
A breeze. Keigo's feathers perked up, "if you're gone, I'll beat thee archaic ass," he yelled out, when he looked around, he ,truly, saw no one there, "at least.. learn to use them correctly." came a faint whisper; but it was no longer Keigo's concern, he was the one who knew about the many things (name) learned to do in his life.
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A love triangle fic featuring Harry Styles & Timothée Chalamet brought to you by yours truly. x
tags: @if-n0t-l8ter-when @jessespencer @cecilatec @awww-sugar @beige-honey @visionsofsweettea @lucyshea @allskynostars @anais117 @elio-elio-elio123 @staceystoleyourheart @chalametmarvel @misschalamet @ticklishtimothee @apricottimmy @maddyrosew @main-feetoffthetable @myheartdesirepure @toomuchsinning @no1partyanthem505 @madeinthemidnightmemories @weakling-grace @thisandyourshirt @timothee-chalchalchalamet @chalamet-noir @chloefran @waiting-to-be-myself @newletas @aomi-nabi @okaydraco @selenophileangel @biggestmessonhere @osnapitsabbie @emilysprentisss @angxltimmychampagne @angelboyy @stuckysdaughter @thc-chalamet @am4sawa @dreamingformuses @zeffirellio @dulceghernandez @lmfaosoph@hazgoldenstyles
(angst, lil fluff, sensual)
Deep breath. Hold your head high. Shoulders straight, eyes forward, lips pursed, you walked onto the set with the script in your hands, looking down at it and mumbling to yourself.
Don’t think about it. Don’t think about it.
Both of them.
You knew from the beginning that working with Harry was going to be difficult, especially since it had ended only a few months ago. Were you over it? You weren’t quite sure. He seemed to be, holding his own head high, moving about the set with grace and smiling at you as though nothing had happened. You didn’t speak unless it was necessary, and looking at him made you ache. The hours you had spent together, the laughter and lovemaking, the dates and shared memories that would forever linger like a mark upon your heart. It had become a scar.
“Hello, how are you?” Harry asked suddenly, startling you from your thoughts. You looked up at him to find him looking at you strangely, as if he had known what was on your mind.
“I’m fine, thank you,” you replied, smiling automatically, nodding for no reason and feeling stupid.
Moments later Timothee appeared on your left side, and your body was on fire, deep breaths girl, don’t think about it.
“Hey, are we ready?” Tim asked, glancing between you, his curiosity evident. He was standing far too close, and you felt as though you couldn’t breathe.
“I am if she is,” Harry shrugged, looking away and moving across the set to find the director.
“How are you?” Timmy whispered, his voice gentle and needy.
“Please don’t talk to me here, I can’t keep it together.”
A small smirk, he nodded and followed Harry, running his hand through his curls, God he was driving you crazy.
In the lack of their presence, watching them speak to the director, it came flying back into your thoughts, how could you not think about it? About them.
Harry had stormed out of your trailer two nights before, frustrating emanating from him in waves. He wanted to get back together, he wanted to try again. You couldn’t deny that the idea was tempting, but there was a factor, something new that he didn’t know about.
“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, Harry.”
“Why, baby?” He begged, standing closer, needing you.
“Please don’t call me that, it hurts my heart.”
“I’m so sorry.” He backed up, hugging himself.
“I can’t give you what you want, not right now.”
“Because I just can’t!” You said somewhat loudly, getting annoyed, wanting only to have space to figure out your feelings. It wasn’t anything personal, and you regretted it immediately.
He flinched as if you had hit him, backing up toward the door. “Why are you yelling at me?”
“I’m sorry, I’m not trying to yell, I just want you to understand.”
“Well I don’t.”
“I can’t explain, not yet.”
He looked somewhat angry, his jaw clenched. “We used to tell each other everything.”
“And then we broke up.”
He turned on his heel and walked out of the trailer, slamming the door behind him. You sat on the bed and began to cry, praying this wouldn’t get back to the director. You needed this film, you needed it badly.
It wasn’t long before there was a soft knock on the door.
“Harry, fuck off!” You yelled, standing and opening the door wide. Standing before you was Timmy, timid and doe-eyed. “Shit, I’m so sorry!”
“Is everything okay?” He asked, wringing his hands together and scanning your face. He could see the tears, your red nose, and he looked concerned.
“Can I come in?”
You thought about it for a moment before nodding, suddenly feeling somewhat intimidated. He was a stunning person, kind and gentle, and you really enjoyed his company. You were afraid to admit to yourself how much you did, but… you had just told Harry there was a reason. And he was standing next to you.
Sitting down, Tim messed with his hair, touching his chin and neck with anxiety as he watched your face, waiting expectantly.
“He wants to get back together. I don’t.”
He didn’t pry. “I’m sorry that it’s complicated like that.”
You put your face in your hands and sighed loudly. “I just wish he would respect what I want right now.”
“What do you want right now?”
“Space to think about things.”
Timmy nodded. “That’s fair.” He was so easy to talk to. Your heart began to flutter, and it was scaring you.
Standing up, needing to get away from him for a moment, you paced around the trailer, talking with your hands. “I told him there was a reason I couldn’t commit to him again. He refused to accept it. I told him I wasn’t ready to talk about it. He refused to accept that as well. I know he still loves me, but I can’t give him what he wants right now. I still love him too, but I’m trying to move on.” Out of breath, you realized you were rambling, your face flushing. “Gosh, I’m so sorry, I’m just so frustrated.”
“It’s alright,” Tim said quickly, shaking his head. “I want you to feel like you can talk to me.”
“Yeah,” he insisted, his lips curving into a small smile. “You can confide in me.”
Oh, oh God.
You nodded and hugged yourself tightly, closing your eyes, waiting for the inevitable question and not knowing how to answer it.
“Can I… ask what the reason is?” He tilted his head curiously.
You didn’t answer. Swallowing hard, you opened your eyes and looked at him, trying desperately to convey your emotions in your gaze. His own changed almost instantly, his lips parting.
The tension between you had been there since you had first met at the audition, shaking hands and holding back a small giggle. At the time you had still been dating Harry, but there was something about Timothee that intrigued you endlessly. Feeling guilty, you had always pushed it down, never knowing how he felt.
Standing slowly, Tim crossed the space between you, towering over you with his hair hanging down in his face. He stood there for a small amount of time, just watching you, wanting an answer and knowing somehow you would give him one.
“I-I, um…” You stumbled over your words, trying to keep eye contact, wanting to do this right. “I really like you.”
He kissed you, slow at first and then a bit harder, his fingers weaving into your hair and a soft gasp escaping into your mouth. Surprised yet pleased, you wrapped your arms around him and kissed him back passionately, breathing heavily into his mouth and losing yourself entirely in every bit of his touch.
“Let’s do this,” the director announced, motioning for you to join Harry in the bed. You took your deep breath, held yourself together and climbed in with him, laying close and hooking your leg around his hip.
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zoriis · 2 hours ago
dua lipa you say? (i apologize i hate myself for this but i need to yell about my music taste + poe) "pretty please"—first order poe dameron. i don't even need to elaborate. "physical"—it's a relatively simple mission but adrenaline is pumping and you two are HIGHKEY yearning for each other (finn and rey are fed up because starts, confess already). "levitating"—i like to think this is one of the giggly drunk cantina songs it's just so fucking CAREFREE
Nat. Nat. I do not know how to explain to you that I THRIVE on hearing people ramble about Poe and music, both as separate things, and also these things together??? I’m immediately in heaven. 
pretty please: literally every song you’ve recced I’ve immediately slam-dunked into my music library. sOMEHOW I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF T HIS SONG and I’m 75% sure I listened to the album when it came out? 
physical: okay I have heard this one and I’m baffled...why wasn’t it on my library I love this song? But anyway, oh my god, friends of the year award for Finn and Rey oajtotjoatja. Look, sometimes oblivious dorks just need a helpful little shove into confessing.
levitating: IT IS SO CAREFREE I’m digging it oh my god, and definitely
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shiny84244 · 3 hours ago
Wedding day (couple hc 8) for Whole ADA, I just read your Port Mafia one and I really really love it!!! Thanks!
ᭁ characters : ADA members ✦
⊱Title:【Prompt 8: Wedding day】•
Port mafia version
Headcanons promptlist
💚Fukuzawa Yukichi :
Tumblr media
The party time is at sunset.
In a quiet and comfortable place just to celebrate with members of the agency.
Of course, Natsume is also present at this small party.
I'm sorry, Mori. I think Natsume loves Fukuzawa more than you. So he attends in Fukuzawa's wedding party but not yours.
❤Kunikida Doppo :
Tumblr media
He has prepared the wedding himself.
Everything is very precise and orderly, and even Dazai doesn't dare to move. Today is the most important day in Kunikida, so if anyone makes a mistake, they will definitely see this math teacher's scary face.
At the end of the party, Dazai can't stand it anymore and empties a bucket of ice water on Kunikida's head. Also, because Yosano can't cure Dazai, Dazai has to walk around with a blue eye for a whole week.
💙Ranpo Edogawa :
Tumblr media
The table is full of sweets and cakes, more than flowers.
You are eating more than you are paying attention to the party.
He criticizes everyone for the gift and tells them why they didn't bring him food.
💜Yosano Akiko :
Tumblr media
She certainly asks Chuuya to introduce her to the best wines, and Chuuya helps her like a gentleman.
Chuuya also attends the party, and your party ends with his screams, Dazai's annoying laughter, and a drunken Yosano.
Yosano tries to cut the cake with a chainsaw, but in the end Kunikida helps you to stop her.
🤎Dazai Osamu :
Tumblr media
Everyone is surprised that he is getting married.
For the first time in his life, he appears very firm and calm with a pleasant smile.
Kunikida wipes the tears from the corner of his eye and Fukuzawa pats his back with a long sigh.
🧡Tanizaki Junichiro :
Tumblr media
Naomi has prepared all the preparations for the celebration for you with great enthusiasm.
Atsushi, Kyoka and Kenji are all very happy and look at you with sparkling eyes.
Dazai dips his finger into your cake and then runs away from Kunikida who yells at him.
🤍Atsushi Nakijima :
Tumblr media
This kid doesn't have much money, so he is a little embarrassed to buy such cheap rings. Please tell him that you won't leave him because of these things.
Dazai comes between you all the time and doesn't let you be alone. And Atsushi turns red because of embarrassing things that Dazai says to him with an evil smile.
Your celebration ends with a water play by the sea.
💖Kyoka Izumi :
Tumblr media
Koyo bursts into tears of joy.
The snow devil is pouring flowers on your head.
Everything smells like strawberries.
💛Kenji Miyazawa :
Tumblr media
You celebrate at the sunflower farm that he has worked so hard for years.
The cake was baked for you by all the members of the agency with the help of each other.
Everywhere is strangely warm and full of love.
Tumblr media
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New World CH. Eleven
Title: Shit Happens
Words: 1610
Warnings: Strong language, character death (minor), canon-typical violence, mentions of drugs
A/N: If you’d like to request something, send me an ask. I’d love to write for you! 
If you’d like to support me, buy me a Ko-Fi?
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New World Masterlist
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The Walking Dead Masterlist
Sam and Dean
“Why do I need this when I got this?” Gunman said, holding up his gun.
 “First things first, what are your names?” Dean asked. “We’re gonna need to communicate and we need names.”
 “Thomas,” gunman said after a moment. Blondie was Axel, Bigman was Big Tiny, Shortie was Andrew, and the one with kids was Oscar.
 “Daryl,” Daryl said.
 “Alright, now that we’ve introduced ourselves, tell me why I need a crowbar when I’ve got a gun.”
 “You don’t fire guns. Not unless your back’s against the wall,” Sam said, closing his eyes in frustration.
 “Noise attracts them,” Dean said.
 “We’ll run in two by two. Daryl will run point with T. Sam will be in the middle. Dean and I will bring up the rear with you,” Rick said, pointing his knife at Thomas. “Stay tight, hold formation no matter how close the walkers get.”
 “Anyone breaks ranks, we could all go down,” Dean said.
 “If anyone runs off, they could get mistaken for a walker. End up with a knife to the head,” Rick continued.
 “That’s where you aim. They’ll only go down with a head shot.”
 “You ain’t gotta tell us how to take out a man,” Thomas said.
 “They ain’t men. They’re something else,” T-Dog said.
 “Just remember to go for the brain.” Axel and Big Tiny looked nervously at each other and Thomas picked up his weapons. Daryl and T-Dog left first, Sam and the prisoners following them, and Dean walked behind them all with Rick, shouldering his pack. It was time to go.
 Everyone but the prisoners were light on their feet. Every time one of them made too much noise, Dean winced and looked over his shoulder.
 “Man, it’s too damn dark in here,” Oscar complained.
 “You’ll hear ‘em before ya see ‘em,” Daryl said. “Hold your weapon up high.”
 A noise was heard in the distance and Axel freaked. “It’s coming!”
 “Shut up,” Sam hissed. Looking at the wall, Sam saw a shadow moving towards the group and he could hear the tell-tale snarl of a walker. They all got ready to fight but once the walkers were both in sight, the prisoners ran towards them, yelling. It was pure chaos and Rick pinched the bridge of his nose. Looking at his family, Rick saw that they all held the same expression as him.
 “They’re going to get themselves killed,” Dean muttered. Daryl shot one and Dean pushed Andrew out of the way before plunging his knife into its brain. Yanking the knife out, Dean looked at them.
 “That’s how you do it.” Taking his place next to Rick, Dean flicked some of the blood off his knife.
 Moving forward, the group ran into more and Daryl shot one again.
 “Go for the brain. Not the stomach, or the heart. The brain,” he said.
 “I hear you. Brain,” Axel said. Another walker came up and Oscar was quick to put it down.
 “Like that?”
 “Uh-huh.” Axel got the next one and then Sam.
 “Stay in tight formation. No more prison riot crap.”
 More snarling was heard and Sam and Dean watched as the prisoners killed the geeks. They didn’t notice Big Tiny stumble away from the carnage, but when they heard his scream, everyone went running. Rick killed one and Thomas fired three shots into the last one. All the walkers were dead and Dean looked at Thomas.
 “Are you out of your fucking mind?” Dean hissed. “What did we say about guns!”
 He ignored Dean and stared down Rick. With a shake of his head, Sam pushed past Thomas and looked at Big Tiny. He reached for his back and blood was on his hand. Turning him gently, Sam saw scratch marks and he frowned. His eyes met Rick’s and Sam shook his head. Rick shined his light on Big Tiny then turned away.
 “I’m telling you, I don’t feel anything. It’s just a scratch.”
 “I’m sorry, man,” Rick said.
 “I can keep fighting!”
 “You cut that old guy’s leg off to save his life,” Andrew said.
 “Look where it is,” Sam said. “Can’t cut that off.”
 “Guys, I’m fine! Look at me. I’m not changing into one of those things.”
 “There’s gotta be something we can do,” Oscar said. “We could lock him up.”
 “Quarantine him?” Axel suggested.
 “You gotta do something! Why you just standing there, we gotta save him.”
 “There’s nothing we can do,” Rick said.
 “You son of a bitch,” Andrew said. His bat was raised and Dean stepped forward. Then, Thomas hit Big Tiny in the head, knocking him to the ground. After looking at his crowbar, he went to town on Big Tiny, bashing his head in so much, nothing was left. Blood splattered everywhere and Thomas had an unsettling look in his eye. Rick could tell that the other prisoners were slightly in shock and he cleared his throat.
 “We gotta keep moving you said. Shouldn’t stay in one place too long,” Rick said.  
 “He’s right. Let’s go.”
 T-Dog took the front with Sam and Dean was in the back with Daryl and Rick. Thomas was directly in front of them and they kept their eyes trained on him.
 “Ya see the look on his face?” Daryl quietly said. They both nodded. “He makes one move, just give me the signal.”
 The group kept walking until they got to the laundry room. T-Dog entered first, the prisoners second. The room was quiet, no walkers present. Sam’s eyes landed on the clean sheets and he stuffed some in Dean’s bag. Rick had his attention turned to the double doors, walkers clearly behind it. Daryl threw his set of keys to Thomas and stood slightly behind him.
 “I ain’t openin’ that,” he said.
 “Yes you are. If you want this cell block, you’re gonna open that door,” Rick said. “Just the one, not both. We need to control this.”
 Thomas picked the keys up with a huff and walked to the door. Dean steadied his knife, stance wide. Glancing at Daryl, he nodded. Nodding back, Dean faced the doors. Thomas struggled with the keys and Daryl rolled his eyes. When he found the right one, he tried to open the door, but it was stuck. Looking back, he muttered something and then opened both doors.
 “I said one door!” Rick yelled. Dean swore and started swinging at the walkers.
 “Shit happens,” Thomas spat back.
 He hit one and it fell to the ground. One of them got close to Sam and he hit its head, his knife getting stuck. Another one was getting close, so Dean rolled to the ground, taking his knife and driving it up through the geek’s mouth. Out of the corner of Dean’s eye, he saw Thomas shove a walker at Rick. Dean scrambled towards Rick, but Daryl got there first.
 Soon, all of them were gone and Dean stalked towards Thomas. Sam held him back and he struggled to get out of Sam’s grip.
 “What the fuck was that!” Dean yelled.
 “It was coming at me, bro,” Thomas said, shrugging his shoulders.
 “Yeah, yeah, I get it,” Rick said. “Shit happens.”
 They were staring at the other, everyone seeing Rick’s jaw tick. The room was tense and when Rick heaved his machete into Thomas’ skull, Andrew swung his bat at him. Rick kicked him down, Sam and Dean quickly pointing their guns at the other two prisoners. Andrew ran away and Rick chased after him. Dean was facing Axel, Sam and Daryl facing Oscar.
 “Put the weapons down,” Sam said.
 “Get down on your knees,” Daryl spat. Carefully, Oscar knelt down and threw his axe away.
 “We don’t have no affiliation to what just happened,” Axel said. “Tell ‘em Oscar!”
 “Stop talking, man.”
 “Put your weapon down and get on your knees,” Dean said, cocking his gun. He did it with shaky movements, and T-Dog kicked their weapons away. Once Rick got back, he questioned them.
 “We didn’t have nothing to do with that,” Oscar said.
 “You didn’t know? You knew. Daryl, let’s end this now.”
 “Sir, sir, you gotta listen, please! It was them that was bad, it wasn’t us!”
 “That’s convenient.”
 “You saw what he did to Tiny. He was my friend. Please, we ain’t like that. I like my pharmaceuticals, but I ain’t no killer,” Axel said. He was scared and they could see some tears in his eyes. “We ain’t the violent kind, they were! I swear to god! I wanna live!”
 Dean kept his gun trained on Axel and Rick went over to Oscar.
 “What about you?”
 “I ain’t never pleaded for my life. I’m not gonna start now. So you do what you gotta do.”
 After a moment, Rick pulled his gun away and gestured for everyone to do the same. Quietly, Rick led the prisoners to Cell Block B. Daryl unlocked the door, and Rick shoved Axel inside, Oscar following. Bodies were in the opening of every cell, their brains splattered all over the floor.
 “I knew these guys,” Axel said. “These were good men.”
 “Let’s go,” Rick said.
 “So you’re just gonna leave us here?” Oscar asked. “Man, this is sick!”
 “We’re locking down this cell block. From now on, this part of the prison is yours. Take it or leave it. That was the deal.”
 Rick walked out and Dean looked at the two men.
 “You think this is sick? You don’t wanna know what’s outside,” Dean said.
 “Consider yourselves the lucky ones,” Rick said.
 “Sorry ‘bout your friends, man,” Daryl said.
 “Word of advice,” T-Dog said. “Take those bodies outside and burn them.”
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cuddlemen0w · 5 hours ago
kiss me | Tom Holland x reader
request: I saw your prompt list and I was wondering if I could please request one with numbers 8 and 13 for Tom Holland. Thanks in advance.
8. “sorry, i’m busy.” “doing what?” “making my pinterest board.”
13. “for fuck’s sake please kiss me.”
warnings: none
a/n: your wish is my command :)
Tumblr media
Tom was exhausted. He spent most of his day in his office, doing interview after interview and to add to it he was learning a new script.
He already drank about four green teas, because he just refused to even touch coffee. But now his pride was slowly fading. His eyes were glossy and sleepy from the blue light of the screen and all his moves were slow, exhausted.
He wanted only two things. Either coffee or a energy drink and a kiss.
“Lovie?” Tom called out into the house. His voice soft but still bouncing from the walls. “Do we have any energy drinks?” He still refused to drink the brown, hot liquid.
No response. Weird, he thought. His feet carried him downstairs, where the kitchen and living room was. He found one of the remaining red bulls, quickly opened the can and gulped half of it in one go.
“Where are you at darling?”
“Here!” you called out from the living room. He set the half empty can down and followed your voice.
You were on the couch, wrapped in a big fluffy blanket and hunched over your laptop. Tom found the sight adorable. He moved quickly towards you. His hands found their way around your waist, his face inching closer to yours, only to receive a small nudge to his ribs.
“You don’t want to kiss me?” he pouted, the hold on your waist disappearing. You huffed at his antics.
“You don’t want to give me a kiss?” he felt hurt now.
“Sorry, I’m busy.”
“Doing what?”
You only nudged him more to let you work on your laptop.
“Doing what?” he asked again, crossing his arms and looking over your shoulder.
“Making my pinterest board.”
The pictures on your laptop made sense now. All the ‘aesthetic’ photographs and graphics matched and on the top of the screen Tom could see a title saying, Dating Spider-man.
Few of the pictures were of him, a few of unrecognisable people, either turned around or just their shadows. Some were of various things, like a jacket or what seemed like a room full of posters. He let out a chuckle. “Why would you make this when you have the real deal right here?”
“Come on, love. Give me some attention.” His voice picked volume, not yelling, only whining in frustration.
“I said I’m busy.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake please kiss me!”
You shut the laptop in your lap, facing your boyfriend. “That’s the word I was waiting for.”
“What?” he said as you set the device and blanket away. “I could’ve just say please?” You nodded in reply.
“Please,” he pouted once more. “Kiss me.”
And you did. It lasted for a few minutes, only when you were short on oxygen, you broke out of it. Noses still touching, hands tangling in each other’s hair and goofy grins on both your faces.
“I love you, dork.” A few small pecks followed his sentence.
“I love you more, whiny face.”
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athenathesharkwrites · 6 hours ago
“They’re Fighting Again.” - Esteban Ocon & Pierre Gasly
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: So I wasn’t sure how you wanted the ending to be, I hope you enjoy it though!
Warnings: Explicit language, fighting.
W/C: 1.1K
Tumblr media
‘Why do you hate Esteban?’ ‘Why does Pierre dislike you?’ ’Why does Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon dislike each other?’ ‘Real reason why Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon don’t get along.’
All fake, fall of those headlines fake, you knew why they didn’t get along, you knew why your twin brother disliked Esteban, it was because of you, but to see the theory’s the world could come up with was entertaining, but only the three of you knew the truth.
When you were all just kids, just entering your teenage years, Esteban developed a crush on you and couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, always looking at you with longing looks, and when Pierre picked it up and heard that he had a crush on you, their friendship ended like that and ever since they disliked each other, Esteban still tried to talk to you, but Pierre made sure it wasn’t often, you remember all through high school, Pierre almost never left your side just to be certain Esteban didn’t talk to you, you had tried to talk some reason into him, but he never listened, so eventually you had given up if Pierre had set his mind on something, there was no changing it.
So, when they both managed to make it into Formula 1, you thought it would get better, the only thing that improved was that you no longer had a shadow following you, you could freely move around without having Pierre following you like he was your personal bodyguard, but the two still fought when they saw each other, which caused the world to become curious about them.
“They’re fighting again,” Charles says as he pokes his head around the corner, you let out an annoyed sigh as you lock your phone, you stood from the bench you were seated on and pushed your phone into your pocket.
“Children, they’re children.” You mutter to yourself.
“Why are they always fight and glaring at each other?” Charles asks as he guides you into the direction where the pair were at. “Do you maybe know?” You glance at him.
“As teenagers, Esteban had a crush on me and Pierre didn’t like that, so he decided that Esteban is no longer his friend.” You say. “That’s the short version.”
“There’s a longer version of that story?” He asks as you reach a crowd, you could hear words being exchanged, you nod your head as you push through the crowd, you quickly move between the two, grabbing your twin brother’s shirt.
“Stop it!” You practically growl out. “Fucking stop it.” You glare at your twin.
“He—“ Pierre begins.
“He nothing!” You almost yell out. “Stop it, you’re both causing a scene.” You look at Esteban, seeing that longing look in his eyes, one that you were well familiar with. “This goes for you as well.” Charles used this opportunity to move closer. “Both of you are causing trouble, do you really want to be fired by your teams?” You look around, seeing reporters beginning to move closer. “Go.” You push Pierre to one side while releasing his shirt. “Just go, we’re going to have a fucking talk.” You turn to look at Esteban. “You’re next when I’m done with him.”
“Yo—“ Pierre begins again, only for you to shut him up.
“You’re acting like a damn child, Pierre!” You say and push him forward. “I’ll talk to him if I want to, you have no control over whom I’m allowed to speak to or not.” You’ve had enough, years of this, years of listening and seeing them fight has finally pushed you over the edge. “I’m in control with who I can talk to for fucks sakes.” You manage to move him past the crowd and guide him back to his driver’s room, you practically slam the door shut once you were inside. “I’m so fucking sick of this, Pierre.” He could see the anger in your eyes as your body leaned forward. “This has gone on long enough.”
“Don’t talk to me like that!” Pierre quickly fires back. “He has no right to—“
“He has every right!” You interrupt him. “It’s his life, he can’t choose who he devolves a crush on, who he falls in love with!” Your nostrils flared, Pierre has never seen you this angry before, how long had you been suppressing your thoughts and feelings? “I’m so sick of always being called because you two are about to throw fists at each other, and just because he liked me!”
“He still does!” Pierre says, your mouth drops as you tilt your head back, you almost move backwards from being caught off guard, you hadn’t realized Esteban still had that crush on you, to be honest, you barely saw him, so how were you supposed to know, was it even a crush at this point or was he in love with you?
“That… that still doesn’t give you the right to tell him who he can’t and can fall in love with.” You say a little staggered, but you wanted to get your point across, Pierre needed to realize what he was doing wasn’t right. “So what if he still likes me?”
“He will never be right for you,” Pierre says as he crosses his arms over his chest, his cheeks puffed out.
“No one will ever be in your eyes!” You almost shout as you throw your hands up. “But guess what, you don’t have a say in it either!” Your arms drop to your side. “No one, except me, has a say who is right for me, get that in your head, Pierre, so he still likes me, what is the problem?”
“I don’t like it and I never will!” Pierre says, you step closer to him.
“And that opinion is only valid to you.” You say. “To the rest of the world, to me, to Esteban, that doesn’t count, just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean the world should dislike it with you, it doesn’t work like that.” You take in a deep breath. “I don’t like Esteban in such a way if it will help ease your mind.” His arms drop to his side. “Chew on that for a while, think about how stupid you have been, you lost a friend because you didn’t like the fact that he was crushing on me, I’m going to go talk to him, maybe talk sense into him.” You turn around and exit his driver's room, this time calmly closing the door before making your way to Esteban’s driver’s room, what were you going to say to Esteban? He wasn’t your brother, you probably couldn’t yell at him or curse at him, but you might just do so.
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Dabi x Male! Reader
Tumblr media
✎Pairing: Dabi x Villain! Male! Reader
✎Genre: Angst
✎Word Count: 1,109
✎Warning(s): Yelling/Arguing, Burns/Getting Burned, Swearing & Mentions/Depictions Of Blood
Tumblr media
Of course you were angry, why wouldn't you be? He put himself in danger constantly, having no regards for his own safety. It was infuriating to see him so careless with something so fragile.
"You can't keep doing this to yourself!" You yelled, trying to get through to the man in front of you. Dabi simply scoffed, shoving his clenched fists in his pockets.
Dabi let out a dry chuckle, leaning back on a nearby wall, acting as though he had so many other things to do. "Who's gonna care anyway? Besides you, that is," he questioned. You rolled your eyes, anger no longer the words to describe what you were feeling in this moment. "Stop fucking caring about this shit. It's not like I'll change, so stop wasting your breath."
You walked up to him, never breaking eye contact. "Why wouldn't I care? You're my boyfriend. I love you, and I don't want to see you hurt," you tried to reason in a calm tone. Dabi stepped closer, leaving no space between the two of you as you looked into each others piercing eyes.
Dabi simply responded in a low, gravely tone, "I don't care if you're my boyfriend. I push myself like this because I need to, and if you can't understand that then maybe you should get out." Your eyes widened, clenching your fists tight enough to draw blood, making sure the tears threatening to escape were held tight.
"If you want me to leave so badly then you're gonna have to make me," was all you could manage to muster. Dabi grumbled, irritated with your persistence and how much you seemed to care. Why couldn't you just make it easier and pretend none of it mattered?
Silently, he grabbed your arm and dragged you out of his room. You tried struggling out of his grip. Saying those words and tempting him, you didn't really think he'd follow through. You merely thought he'd come to his senses and keep you here with him. As you continued to squirm, his grip tightened and you could feel the faint heat of his palms grow hotter and hotter. You tried pulling away harder, but that only angered him more.
"Get off me!" You yelped. Dabi grit his teeth, mumbling something incoherent as he tightened his grip for the last time. Once he'd realized what he had done, he pulled away, fear and regret immediately painting his face. You pulled your burning wrist close to your body, stepping as far away from Dabi as you could, leading to your back hitting a nearby wall. Holding your wrist in your other hand, small drops of blood slipped through your fingers, a shock of pain enveloping your burnt wrist.
You glanced at the silent figure in front of you, tears of shock and hurt slipping from your eyes. "I'm sorry..." Dabi whispered. You weakly glared at him, to focused on the agony of your wrist.
Without answering, you left the room, unable to say anything. Finding your way into the bathroom, you locked the door behind you. Shuffling through open drawers and cabinets, you felt your mind travelling elsewhere. How you hated your thoughts. Once you found the sad excuse for a first aid kit, you opened it quickly, and pulled out the small amount of bandages left.
Once you finished wrapping your wrist up you stiffened at the sound of a knock on the door. "Let me in," the familiar voice softly pleaded.
You shook your head before you verbally answered. "No. You wanted me to leave anyway, so I'm only listening to what you said," you remarked. You heard a quiet sigh from the other side of the door. "You don't want me to care anymore, so I won't. Now, leave me alone." After a moment of pure quiet, you heard footsteps grow silent as they moved farther away. Breathing out a sigh of relief, your knees hit the ground as your chest rose and fell, trying to catch your breath as tears escaped.
Was it because of the pain or because of Dabi? They way Dabi loved you so furiously and passionate, only to hurt you in a way he could never take back. The 'I love you's' exchanged between the two of you felt like distant, painful memories now.
Tears rolled down your face, hitting the cold, hard floor. You hands shook as you tried to steady your breathing.
Dabi laid down, staring at the ceiling. His mind raced through all the things he could've done differently. If only he had just accepted your help when you gave it to him. You, his boyfriend, if you could call each other that anymore, ran through his thoughts constantly. But, the truth was, he wasn't going to change no matter how hard your tried, or that's what he thought. He needed to push himself, he needed to prove to everyone he was worth it. He's here for a reason.
After calming down, you stood up, examined yourself in the mirror, and threw water on your face. When you opened the door you let out a tired sigh. Deep down you knew you had to talk to Dabi. You couldn't simply forget about this.
Knocking on the door to Dabi's room, you felt your nerves collect in bundles once again. It felt like an eternity until the other male opened the door. You met each other's eyes but quickly looked away simultaneously.
"We need to talk," you demanded. Dabi simply responded with a nod, moving out of the doorway to let you in. You walked in, standing beside the door. "You can't take back what you did. I hope you know that. But, I want to try and grow from it, if you want to," you reasoned calmly.
Dabi hid his happiness well. Of course he wanted to, and he was beyond ecstatic to hear you did too. "Yeah, I'd like that." He nodded, sitting down. As you sat beside him, you could feel Dabi's eyes on your wrist.
"It's fine. I managed to put bandages on it. It's gonna heal good, so don't worry, 'kay?" You explained as Dabi nodded. "And, I know you might not like this. But you have to stop pushing yourself. Everyone thinks you're strong, even if you don't see it. You're a feared villain for a reason, so that doesn't mean you need to push yourself constantly."
Dabi let his smile slip out this time. He never could've imagined what it felt like to hear those words from someone, and even if he tried, he couldn't put this emotion into words. "Thank you," he muttered.
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ayennator · 8 hours ago
The one where Rei was nervous about something...
It was early morning, Joss was in the kitchen making food. Scrambled eggs to be exact, Rei’s favourite.
“Bubba! Gising na!!!” he yells at the top of his lungs.
“ETO NA GISING NA MY GOD” Rei replies as she lazily gets up from their bed. Before leaving the room she fixes the bed and herself. “Hi love” Rei greets him before she hugs Josiah from the back. Joss was only wearing his sweatpants, nothing up top. Her skin on his.
“Bango-bango naman ng baby ko” Rei sniffing Josiah’s armpits earning a nervous laugh from him
“Beb stop, nakikiliti ako! The eggs are gonna fall off!” With her arms still wrapped around Joss’s waist she starts humming, sloppily placing kisses to his back and swaying him with her. “How long are these eggs taking?” Rei asks him.
“Sorry po, eto na po ma’amser” he chuckles as he lifts the frying pan off the oven, turning around to the counter top and placing the eggs on the plate he had prepared before. “Let’s eat na” Joss turns around to Rei who was still clinging onto him like a koala hanging from a branch. “Grabe lambing naman ng baby” he says as he puts the pan on the sink. Facing Rei, he asks “Are you okay?” slightly concerned as he held her chin up, he wasn’t complaining that she was being clingy for once but this wasn’t very ‘Rei-like’ she was usually very grumpy in the morning, specially when he woke her up early only ever giving him the greasy. She much preferred cuddling in bed
“Is there anything you wanna say?” “No naman, don’t you like my hugs?” Rei asks pouting her lips. Truth is, she did have something to say, it’s just that she didn’t really know how to say it to him or when to say it. Softly caressing her arms Joss gives her a kiss on the forehead “Bubba I’d never get tired of your hugs” I’d love to spend every morning with this man Rei in her mind. She loved when Joss slept over in her apartment. Mornings were always so sweet when he was around. Lazy mornings starting with their cuddles or seeing Josiah wake up early to make her breakfast, it was all she could ever ask for. Josiah pulls a chair out for Rei “Sige na, let’s eat” as he sat down on another chair.
“Bubbs, the new Spiderman movie is coming out next week, you wanna watch with me?” Josiah giddily asks her. Playing with her food Rei answers “Hm? Yeah sure”.
Her hands were slightly shaking from nervousness. She wasn’t really sure if now was the right time to ask this question but she really wanted to. “Huy! You don’t seem okay” Joss holds her hands “Baby why are your hands so cold? Are you feeling okay, your trembling.” He places the back of his hand on her forehead
“You don’t seem to have a fever but you shaking, hey whats wrong?”
Joss gently held onto her cheek, lovingly stroking it as Rei nestles her face on his large hand, “Beb, I’ve lost count on how many questions I’ve asked you, and you haven’t ans—“ “Move in with me” “Huh?” “I said move in with me” she pauses.
“You practically live here narin naman, I have a cabinet filled with your clothes, some of your study materials are here, you sleep here quite a lot. Beb, move in with me?” Josiah was really taken a back. He didn’t know how to answer her proposition. “Huy! You’re scaring me, say something please?” But Joss wasn’t able to think of anything to say. So this was what she was nervous for? He thought. “You know what Joss, it’s okay have a think about it first. Maybe I’m taking this too fast, tell me your answer when your ready” Rei starts to clean the table up, she barely ate any of the food Joss had made. Rei you’ve done did it you dumbass! Look what you’ve done to Joss! It looks like you broke him! she silently criticised herself feeling rather uneasy. As she was about to stand up Joss grabbed her her wrists prompting her to stop her movements. Their eyes locked onto each other. “Okay” “Okay?” “Okay, yeah. We’re gonna do this. I’m gonna move in with you.” He meant it. He was just shocked when she asked, that’s why he didn’t respond immediately, but he did want this. “You don’t have to respond now, have a think about it—“
“I want to” he pulls her towards him, sitting her on his lap and quickly enveloping her into his arms giving her the warmest embrace.
“No I really want to, I was just taken aback for a bit. I didn’t know you had been thinking of this” he buried Rei’s face onto his chest, lightly caressing her hair. He felt his chest slightly getting wet. Oh fuck I made her cry he thought “Bubba, hey I’m sorry! Please don’t cry” Rei smacks his chest “You little shit! I really thought you were gonna reject me” she continued while letting out small sobs.
Joss lets out a little chuckle before bringing her face into his, placing a soft kiss on the lips, “I love you” It was funny to Joss that Rei would ever think that he could even think of rejecting anything she asked for, hello! He couldn’t even say no to her shaving his head for their Anniversary last year. He was a man in love and he was willing to do anything she would ask for. “You know I can never say no to you right?” he says bring her into a big bear hug.
“Hey! I‘m meant to be the one crying! Why are you crying?” “Shut up! I was really nervous and I thought I was gonna get rejected” she responds, clinging onto his shoulders. “Wala ng bawian ha, you’re gonna live with me” placing a swift kiss on his shoulder “Wala na”
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bigskydreaming · 8 hours ago
And one more bit from the “Kings of the Sky” AU albeit several installments in, because I just......don’t know when or why I stumbled into an obsession with the dynamics between Dick and Jason and Cass as the eldest three Wayne siblings, but its there, its real, and its happening. I’ve stopped fighting it. I just....enjoy writing those three being dumb siblings who are dumb like so, so much.
Anyway, in this AU series, Jason doesn’t go to Ethiopia and die, but rather eventually joins Dick at Titans Tower more regularly and is Flamebird. Both are closer with Bruce here than in canon because Dick helped Bruce and Jason get through the Garzonas stuff and Jason helped kick Bruce in the direction of Dick and adoption papers right after the Brother Blood storyline. Then Cass is actually the third to join the family, by way of Babs, and she’s Batgirl and then Black Bat, but there’s a period of time when its just Dick, Jason and Cass as the Wayne kids. 
(PS - this is the same series as where Jason ends up with his own age group of Titans, and accidentally falls into a love quadrangle of doom that is absolutely NOT a polycule dammit, with Tom Bronson (Tomcat), Ray Terrill (The Ray) and Todd Rice (Obsidian). Which amuses his brother and sister to no end).
Tim and Duke are both next, but sorta at the same time? Like Tim’s story takes a sharp turn when Robin II never dies and obviously is Flamebird now like Robin I is Nightwing, and Tim winds up in foster care after his parents die differently than in canon. Duke is also in foster care at this time, though a different placement, and while no Robin has died here, its been awhile since there’s been one in Gotham, and to kids who grew up with the idea of there always being a Robin, that feels weird and wrong ultimately. 
So Tim and Duke both hit on the idea of being Robin like, at around the same time and totally disconnected from one another, and that leads to them both joining the Batfam around the same time, and co-sharing Robin until Damian arrives much later and they both move on to new identities. But there’s no real confusion between Robins because Duke is the daytime Robin with more yellow coloring in his costume and Tim is the nighttime Robin with more red, and people say Red or Yellow if they ever need to differentiate which Robin they’re talking about. Anyway.
So [Tim and Duke] run into trouble eventually and then when running from trouble they run into each other and they’re like….huh. Awkward. And then they decide well, might as well both run from trouble in the same direction, I guess. So they do.
“Did you have a plan for dealing with these guys?” Tim yelled at Duke. The other boy looked back over his shoulder briefly and gave what would probably have been a half-shrug if he didn’t awkwardly try to barrel-roll over a car two seconds later.
“Umm, sorta?”
“How sorta are we talking about? Maybe the two of us together could fill in the gaps in the plan and come up with one full plan?”
“Uh yeah, no, its not that kinda sorta. I meant sorta in the sense that I thought I had a plan but it didn’t work and that’s why these guys are after me. Sooooo…”
“Not helpful, basically.”
“Yeah. Pretty much. And hey, I don’t hear you offering up a plan! Did you even have one at all?”
“Uh….I mean I kinda didn’t think I was going to need one because I figured some kid running around in a mask making a nuisance of himself was the sorta thing that was bound to attract Batman. And so I was just pretty much running around until that happened, and then I’d make a case for how I obviously need training and Gotham needs Robin and if its not me its likely to be someone else trying eventually anyway so why not be me?”
Duke paused just long enough to squint at him. “That’s a terrible plan.”
Tim rolled his eyes. The effort didn’t pair well with his huffing and over-all exertions from running for his life and all that, but necessity demanded. “Yeah I know, that’s why I never said it was a plan! It was mostly….more…idea-ish.”
“I’m just saying, I thought I was doing this wrong, but at least I had a plan! I mean yeah, it might have ended up with me accidentally busting in on what I thought was a bunch of Riddler’s henchmen setting up some kind of clue thing, only it was actually a bunch of Intergang type guys with alien space guns or some shit all dressed up as Riddler henchmen for some reason? I dunno what they were trying to do honestly, but so yeah I might have ended up running away on foot from like twenty of them and some kind of hovercycle -”
“I’m going to cut you off there and say wherever this is going its probably not the superior vantage point I think you think you have.”
Meanwhile, Batman was not going to be coming because he’s off on a JLA mission. However, in his absence Dick and Jason are in town filling in, and they finished taking out the bad guys several blocks back and caught up to whomever was running from them, figured out the situation and are currently sitting on the edge of a rooftop watching them realize they’re totally lost and trying to figure out where to go from here. Mostly because Dick and Jason are incredibly amused listening to their back and forth and also just…this whole situation.
Dick justifies not piping up to let them know they’re safe now by saying this is good intel gathering so we can offer Bruce our assessment as to whether they’re gonna try and keep doing this whether we train them or not, and also how they handle this whole being lost situation. Not knowing they don’t have to run anymore isn’t going to hurt them and really, this is a good field exercise almost.
Jason justifies not piping up by saying this is fucking hilarious and I will hurt you if you end this any sooner than we have to, I deserve this, I had a rough week.
Which is right around the time that Cass pipes up from where she’s been lurking unnoticed behind them this whole time: “Oh no. Was it Tom? Or Ray? Or was it Todd?”
And she does it right in Jason’s ear so he kinda aborted-shrieks and almost falls off the roof except Cass is ready for that and grabs his arm to steady him.
“I hate when you do that!” Jason growls in an attempt to cover up how badly she got him and also because he hates when she does it which is why she does it a lot. Again, they don’t hate each other at all, but they do seem to act like it a lot, and neither of them is entirely sure why. They kinda just started doing it and have each been trying to get the other back ever since and ended up locked in an unending spiral of gotcha-gotchaback, except, y’know, Batfam style.
Dick occasionally picks sides just to muddy the waters. And then he randomly switches sides without warning, so neither of them ever wants to risk getting too peeved at him even when he’s helping the other, because that might push him fully over to the other side and leave them permanently outnumbered, so they’re kinda stuck, which is exactly as he likes it, lol.
“Why are you Satan,” Jason hisses dramatically as he gets up and stomps over to the other side of the roof to sulk, lest she almost knock him off again. Its not the almost falling part that bothers him, its that she’s the one that snatches him to safety each time. She’s like a freaking cat toying with a - yeah not going there, just blaming Selina. Knew them hanging out was going to be bad news for me somehow, he gripes.
Cass just shrugs and smoothly sits down cross-legged right where she is, grinning Cheshire-cat style at him from there. “Childhood trauma,” is her answer.
“Great, and now you’re stealing my comeback on top of it?! Is nothing sacred to you?”
She offers another shrug. He would like to return those for store credit please. Maybe get something useful instead. “Haven’t decided yet. Babs is still helping me explore my options. We’re going alphabetically and we’re only on  the E-religions.”
“God, you’re the worst. I can’t believe you ruined sisters for me.”
“You already used that same line last week when you came out of your room still half-asleep and she was just sitting directly across from your door waiting and staring unblinking and you yelped and dropped your laptop on your toe, and then cursed so loud that B came running around the hall thinking we were being invaded,” Dick reported idly, still perched in the same position he’d been in all along and watching the boys below them. “Just in case you thought no one noticed when you recycle.”
“I noticed too,” Cass added solemnly.
“I have no siblings,” Jason intoned. He threw up his hands dramatically and then loudly jumped down to the street below with a little help from the fire escape. It drew both Duke and Tim’s attention and they startled before realizing it was Flamebird. And that he’d landed on the street and was stalking past them while barely acknowledging them. And that that was Nightwing standing on the roof now with his hands on his hips yelling after him.
“Oh, reeeeeeal subtle. You’re not having fun anymore so you gotta make sure nobody else does either. Wow, the Brat-like behavior, just jumped out of the shadows with that one!”
And that was Flamebird not even turning around and just yelling back. “I HAVE NO SIBLINGS!”
And also they were both pretty sure that was Batgirl crouched on the roof next to Nightwing now, and she was…..sticking her tongue out at Flamebird’s back? No, Batgirl very much definitely was sticking out her tongue, that wasn’t in doubt, it was more just….very unexpected to see.
What was happening right now?
Eventually Tim and Duke have inevitably worn down [Bruce’s] resistance to training them by insisting they’re gonna keep doing this and if its not them its gonna be someone sooner or later anyway. Because, as they put it, you guys may not know this but Gotham’s gotten used to Robins by now and it freaks people out not to see one and Robin’s as important as Batman really and there needs to be a Robin and its not just us that will think that, like look at the fact that already two of us had the exact same idea, huh? And also, we’re gonna keep doing it anyway, sooooo….there’s that.
And then Cass vouches that they’re both 100% serious about that.
And then Dick vouches that as a former determined daredevil kid that was absolutely going to keep doing the same thing no matter whether you’d helped me or not, B, I also am of the assessment that these two mean it all the way.
And not to be left out and just to have something to contribute but also grumpy because his brother and sister are picking on him and he’s eighteen going on ten, Jason throws in: “And my assessment is that they both definitely seem dumb enough to keep doing this without help anyway and they definitely need help or they definitely will die, I’d give it a month, month and a half tops.”
And then Bruce dryly thanks his children for their contributions, their keen insights in this matter have been absolutely invaluable, he has no idea how he would make a decision here without it.
“Oooh, a rare sighting of Bat-snark in the wild. Someone call Nat-Geo quick, maybe he’ll do it again,” Dick says.
Bruce sighs. Duke and Tim look like they’re trying to decide if they’re allowed to be amused or if that’s also part of some weird Bat-test that they’re probably taking without even knowing it.
So Tim and Duke move in, start training together, and then also get sent to school together and it takes a month or so of settling in before they decide whether or not they actually are happy about this. There’s a period of deciding they’re supposed to be bitter rivals who snipe at each other back and forth across the dining table at every available opportunity, but that changes the first night Dick and Jason come back from the Tower since Tim and Duke have moved in and where Cass is also home instead of at the Clocktower with Babs.
Since all three of the older Batkids, upon seeing Tim and Duke squabble at dinner, decide to obnoxiously coo about how adorable it is watching the kids play. Which pretty instantly cements Duke and Tim as realizing their best chance of surviving the sudden acquisition of three older superhero ninja foster siblings who all can be as obnoxious as they are dangerous but also as much as they are - Duke and Tim are convinced - all quite insane.
A belief further cemented the next morning, with all three of them having spent the night at the Manor as well. Treating Duke and Tim to their first Saturday morning episode of the Cass and Jason show.
In this episode, Jason emerged from his bedroom in his pajamas still but warily peeking his head out first to look both ways down the hall before deciding it was clear…..and then makes it just almost to the end of the hallway leading to the stairs, when Cass drops down from where she’d been waiting perched above the other side of the door, in such a way as to suddenly fill the doorway just in front of him, hanging upside down suspending herself just with her feet wedged above the doorway, all while keeping her hands crossed her chest, a dead-eyed expression on her face, and with her tongue hanging out like she’s some kind of vampire hanging upside down in mid-slumber.
Jason shrieked and stumbled back a foot before catching himself and shoving two fingers in a cross shape in her direction.
“Demon! DEMON! Goddammit, I abjure thee, that’s supposed to fucking do something about having a demon sister, now what the fuck does it take to banish you!?”
“Can’t be banished,” Cass informed him, still upside down. “Can be bought though.”
Jason halted. “What?”
“I’m really surprised you never figured it out,” Dick said from his room further down the hallway. He was leaning against the doorjamb, arms casually crossed.
“Why did you think she never goes after me?”
Jason swiveled back and forth between his siblings suspiciously, trying to scry both their inscrutable (and in Cass’ case, still upside down) faces for signs they were telling the truth. “You’re telling me that Little Miss Monstrous has been a pain in my ass from day one and the reason she’s never so much as eked a single boo in your direction is you’ve been bribing her all this time?”
Dick shrugged. “Its all about getting in on the ground floor.”
Jason squinted, still unconvinced. “Nuh-uh. No way. You’re just fucking with me. Like if this is for real, what have you been buying her off with?”
Dick smiled beatifically. “Cuddles and hugs.”
“NO! NO! Bullshit! I am NOT falling for this crap again, you are not gonna get me this way this time. I call BS, fuck you, nuh uh, you’re lying out your ass and your ass-face both.”
“Wait, what is this ‘this’ that I did before? What ever are you talking about?”
“You know damn well what I’m talking about.”
“Is this about the Care Bear you had when you were fifteen?”
“Shut upppppppppppppppp, I didn’t have a Care Bear then, you’re such a - “
“Oh, I dunno, I’m preeeeetty sure there’s some holiday photos from that year that would say otherwise, pretty definitively in the form of you and your Care Bear….”
“That I only had because you literally just gave it to me as a present solely so that you could claim that I had a Care Bear when I was fifteen, you douchebag!”
“Just because I gave you the Care Bear didn’t mean you had to keep the Care Bear and hold the Care Bear and love the Care Bear, Jay. You chose to do all that.”
“I only kept the damn thing because you’re an asshole who lied about it being a family heirloom so I felt like I had to or I’d be a total jerk. Is nothing sacred to you?”
“I didn’t lie! It is a treasured family heirloom! Its the first Care Bear I gave to my little brother to teach him the important and valuable lesson that Care Bears - say it with me now - “
“Finish that sentence and they will never find your body.”
“CARE!” Cass shrieked from behind him before jumping on Jason’s back and bearing him down to the floor in an undignified tangle as she splayed atop him like a starfish and he stared up at the ceiling in a kind of strangled frozen fury, like there was so much emotion he wanted to process he’d overheated and now was stuck like that until he cooled down.
That was when Dick leaned over him and solemnly added one final thought, as though it was a crucial addition of the gravest importance:: “A lot.”
Jason’s eye twitched.
Dick’s eyes went wide in response. “Uh oh. He went to the Danger Zone. Run Cass. We’ve unleashed the dogs of war!”
Cass was off and on her feet in a second, taking off down the hall like a rocket. “Not the dogs of war!” She yelled.
Dick was only seconds behind her when behind him, Jason rose like an eruption, growling wordlessly and sparks practically flashing from his suddenly flinty eyes. He charged after them like an enraged bull.
“Kenny Loggins wouldn’t want this!” Dick yelled over his shoulder as he rounded the doorway and vanished. Jason rounded it in hot pursuit.
“Poison Ivy won’t even be able to make compost from what’s left of you when I’m through!”
The yelling and running vanished into the distance. Duke and Tim finally looked at each other blankly.
“What?” Tim asked. Duke shrugged helplessly.
A door opened at the end of the hallway. Bruce stuck his head out. “Is it safe?”
Tim just stared at him.
“What?” Duke asked.
LOL mostly I just want to get to the tail end of the series, when Dick and Jason go undercover as supervillains in the Society of well, Supervillains....Dick as War Shrike and Jason as Gray Jay. (A kind of bird usually known for or referenced as being thieving and unpredictable and unexpectedly dangerous despite its size. Jason never went into the Lazarus Pit here and so isn’t as huge as he is in canon, he’s on the smaller side due to his early life’s malnutrition. Living with Bruce helped him catch up enough that he’s not TINY tiny, but he’s still smaller enough that this particular mantle fits him a little better than it would his massive canon depiction).
Cass also partakes in the undercover storyline, just showing up uninvited in a persona she’s crafted for the mission and calls Black Swan. And War Shrike and Gray Jay are both so startled and obviously a little freaked by her unexpected arrival, that combined with her being ticked at her brothers for leaving her behind, RUDE, and them sufficiently cowed and guilted by her wrath, that it all adds up to the other villains as being clear evidence that she is the boss and they are her advance minions. 
Which mollifies and satisfies Cass immensely, and leaves Jason grumpy that their mission was hijacked and also his sister is The Worst, and leaves Dick temporarily disgruntled because This Whole Thing Was His Idea DAMMIT but then five seconds later finding it hilarious because Dick is a chaos connoisseur and he has an appreciation for whimsy and the unexpected.
“I can’t believe you not only gate-crashed our extremely sensitive and delicate undercover operation, but you completely hijacked it as well! This is so typical,” Jason grouched.
Cass simply swept ahead of him and strode down the hallway with lethal grace. “Silence minion.”
Jason spluttered behind her and she grinned to herself. He really made it too easy sometimes.
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veenxys · 9 hours ago
Hey! Could I get a imagines & head canons for |Fem x Bakugou | Fem x Shinsou | Fem x Kirishima | (Seperate) | Fluff | Still at UA |
Could you write them falling in love with the fem reader? Maybe small things that she does that makes them fall in love with her? And OFC she’ll be so oblivious because she’s an insecure bby 🥺 and doesn’t know why someone would like her (maybe as far as to love her) romantically. Her best friends would TOTALLY be Jirou and Mina. I would absolutely LOVE to see Jirou and Mina trying to help each guy and of course try to hint to the fem reader that someone has a crush on her...
She’s working hard to be #1 hero and won’t back down without a fight!!!
Some of the little things she does could include clicking her pen whenever she’s happy or thinks of something that makes her happy. So in class (if it’s quiet enough) sometimes they’ll just hear her click her pen. (I thought this was SO CUTE I got this idea from somewhere. AHJSSJSH)
Her favorite flowers are sunflowers 🌻 (don’t know why you would need that, maybe they giver her a bouquet or something, idk 😂). She loves how they always face the sun, and she loves them even more after finding out that when they can’t see the sun, they face towards each other. (I read that fact of sunflowers facing each other somewhere online, again, I thought it was so cuteeeee. AKFJDKSKSJ)
Sorry if this is too vague or too much.
Make sure you drink some water and maybe get something to eat! :)
If you’re feeling stressed or anything, just take a deep breathe and know that I, and I can bet a bunch of your followers too, are cheering you on! Keep up the great work! <3
»»————- ★ ————-««
a/n: hi angel! thank you for requesting, i rlly love your idea <33 i hope your well and pls be safe! 
»»————- ★ ————-««
⤷ Bakugou
Bakugou always thought that love would be something big and scary, that he would quickly notice when he was falling in love with someone.
But he never thought he would fall in love with every detail of you, things that he would normally ignore in anyone else.
He was very frustrated, and still can't understand how he let it happen.
But well, there is nothing he can do now...
At first, he found it annoying when he heard the click of the pen, but after he realized it was you he started to like it, because he knew you were happy. Without realizing it, Bakugou always smiles when looking at you while you do this.
Bakugou likes to put his jacket on your shoulders when it is cold, he doesn’t care if he will feel cold afterwards: the important thing is and always will be you.
One day when you arrived at class you saw all the girls around your desk, when you went there you saw that someone had left a small sunflower for you and the girls were trying to find out who it is. And Bakugou couldn't help but smile when he saw you jumping with joy.
He thinks your determination is incredible, he loves to train with you but always gets a little lighter because his biggest fear is to hurt you.
He is hopelessly in love with you and doesn't know how to deal with it, but well, Mina and Jirou know perfectly well what to do.
And it will be quite normal to see Mina and Jirou walking alongside Bakugou while they talk excitedly with him and him trying hard not to yell at them, because if he wants to date you he needs to follow your friends' advice.
»»————- ★ ————-««
⤷ Kirishima
Kirishima can't get enough of looking at you. He spends all the time looking at you like a fool in love.
Every day he falls even more in love with every detail of yours, and he makes it very obvious because he can't hide the sparkles in his eyes and the smile he has whenever he is close to you.
Jirou and Mina always say that he is in love with you, but you refuse to believe them because you don't know what he saw in you..
But honestly, Kirishima could make a list of all the little details of yours that he is so passionate about.
When you're having a bad day, Kirishima does literally everything to help you. Seeing you smiling is the best thing about his day and he does the impossible if it is necessary just to see you well.
He knows you like sunflowers so he loves to take you in a field full of sunflowers. He loves to see happiness in your eyes and his heart melts in his chest every time you hug him in thanks.
He could spend hours and hours just listening to you talk. He loves your voice but he also loves to know more about you because honestly you are the cutest thing he has ever seen.
After a while, he and Jirou and Mina are always together. Speaking as if they have the biggest secret in the world to hide and you don't really understand why they talk looking at you, but soon you will understand... <3 
»»————- ★ ————-««
⤷ Shinsou
Shinsou quickly noticed the little things you do, and he always smiles while looking at you.
At first he looked at you because he just thought the way you clicked the pen was cute. 
But he couldn't help falling in love. It was the little things, the little looks you gave that made Shinsou's heart race.
He never wanted to be friends with anyone, but something about you attracted him to the point where he didn't think about anything else. Only you.
It takes a long time, but he accepts that he is in love and tries to get close to you. And he is genuinely happy when you start a friendship.
He always plays with your hair, with your fingers (comparing the size of his hand with yours), and every time he hears you clicking with the pen he asks you what happened, because he also wants to know the reason for your happiness.
He also tries to get close to your friends but it is a little difficult for him, but for you he does anything. And quickly Mina and Jirou realize what is going on between the two of you and they are more than ready to help Shinsou.
They give him tips and advice, they also tell him about your favorite things.. etc etc. Shinsou is confused at first, but he is very grateful that they help him.
And so he tries every day to win your heart the same way you won his: with the little things.
»»————- ★ ————-««
- 🏷 tags! @1nterbad, @togasbloodbag, @blossominglark, @mhasimp666, @sweetlilhoneybunny, @anarchythedork, @gluchie, @pasteldaze, @call-an-ambulance-but-not-for-me , @insomniacwreck, @kleeixe, @yesuraloser. <3 
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Day 10: “I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Know”
Words: 917
Pairings: Prinxiety
"Yeah? Well then you're wrong. That obviously wouldn't have happened."
Virgil and Roman had been bickering for over an hour about the meaning of Ella Enchanted and some specific scenes in it. Logan had sunk down after about thirty seconds, and Patton made the excuse for needing to try out a new baking recipe (that he would surely mess up on) after about five minutes. Thomas was sleeping, and he usually wakes up exhausted anyway.
"No, she was clearly innocent. She just has a different version of 'good' and bad, just like Logan says about your brother!"
"Well maybe he should reconsider the fact that my brother is evil?!" Roman shrieked. How dare Virgil say such a thing about his twin? How dare he, one of the sides who hated him the most, talk about him and DEFEND him?! It was preposterous.
"That's my whole point, Princey! Neither of them are exactly 'evil', just following a moral code that doesn't always add up to the same as ours," Virgil growled in response. "You know, you didn't think so highly of me when I first showed up, and now we are talking like a relatively normal pair."
"That doesn't make him any better! He hurt Logan, he hurt Thomas, and he hurt me! Doesn't that count for something?!"
At the same time they spoke over each other.
"WHY ARE WE EVEN ON THIS SUBJECT? We were simply arguing about Disney! This is a very uncomfortable situation-"
"I mean nobody seems to be able to recognize danger except me, so you clearly aren't doing you job very well, hmm, Gerard GAY?"
"Excuse me I do my job very well, thank you very much."
"Oh ho ho, I bet you don't even know what Remus is capable of. I am! I know-"
"Can we stop talking about Remus for ONE. SECOND?"
They both glared at each other.
"Okay, then, what do you propose we converse about?"
"Why don't we talk about you?"
"Well if you insist-"
"NO, Roman." Virgil chuckled a little bit, and stared at the other like he was missing a huge thing. "I mean talk about why you have the need to talk about something that obviously happened but you only ever imply things? For instance, Remus."
"Shut up. I know he hit you on the head, but you hated him before even that. So does that regularly happen? What? Or Janus! He manipulates you and all you ever do is make a face or dramatically yell at him. That's not all you want to do, I know. Or even me! Do I hurt you too, talking about Disney in this way or always hitting down your ideas and hopes and the things that keep you happy and alive?"
"Oh." Roman mumbled.
"Well, I don't know," Virgil hated the sudden quietness to his voice. "I guess... I guess I just get frustrated. With Janus, he makes me feel good, but only through deception. And a prince is supposed to be smart as well as brave, but it seems like I'm never smart enough to realize it until later. And Remus is just... if Thomas decides to start listening to Remus, to make him the main Creativity... I don't want to be selfish, but I'm more worried about being in his position than the fact that Thomas would likely end up in jail-"
"That's not selfish-"
"And then you were just this dark personality and I hated you for the fact that you were obviously better for this than me. I mean you are so much more loved by the fanders and you must realize that when I said 'Everyone loves the villain' that I was being truthful, right? I just couldn't bear to see my own world crumble at the feet of someone I admire. It was painful!" Word vomit at this point.
"But Logan and Patton have problems too! Patton blindly supports me, but I don't want that! I want him to look at my ideas, really think about them, and then decide that he loves them and will help me out! I know that's selfish, people always try to tell other people that they are wrong or just blatantly don't support them. And Logan always steers Thomas off of my way, and I know it's still selfish but I desperately want him to go my way! He should make a ton of money and then get rich and then run away to live his life! To go on adventures and I'm just spitting by now I'm sorry but doesn't it make sense?"
"I'm so sorry, I didn't know about all of this." Virgil felt overwhelmed. How had Roman, the one whose mouth never seemed to stop running, hide all of that from them? And he admired him? How could he do that? Virgil was Anxiety. The disease of the Mind Palace, even if the others pretended he was not.
"It's fine, I should have probably not told you all of that, sorry."
"No! I wanted you to be honest, and that you were! So, I don't know... Thank you?"
"Yeah. And thanks to you too, I guess."
They sat there for a moment before Roman shuffled across the couch and into Virgil's side, wrapping his arms around him and hugging him like that was the first time he'd ever felt touch.
As the paler one drifted his fingers through Roman's hair, the silence finally seemed to work between them.
yeet I tried
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academiaghosts · 14 hours ago
Not That Important
where Harry yells at y/n and she hides something important
Tumblr media
A/n- Here's another imagine called Not that important, Hope you like it!
Part 1
Going on tour was something Harry always looked forward too. Over the past 4 years we've been together, he was always excited about touring, meeting his fans and giving them new music to sing along to.
Of course whenever he toured, I couldn't go along with him. I had my whole life here, my friends, work, family, and he understood. We always tried to talk to each other every single day when he was away. Sometimes I'd get a call from him in the middle of the night, and I'd pick up half asleep, only to see him beaming like the Sun itself. I loved him with my whole heart, sacrificing a nights sleep to talk to him was nothing.
This time too, when he left for tour, things were exactly like they used to be. We talked everyday, sometimes late at night. I'd use my lunch break at work to facetime him, listening to him ramble about the way the lighting was giving them trouble, or how Mitch always made it a point to grab the phone from Harry whenever he was talking to me, to say hi himself.
Tumblr media
But one week into the tour, things started to change. Harry still called me everyday, but he spoke less. Mitch's appearances in the calls became scarce and slowly disappeared. I tried to ask Harry about it, but he'd turn the topic around, asking me about my day. I always took the hint and diverted his mind from whatever problem he was facing, hoping he'd solve it soon enough.
But he didn't. Instead, he started getting irritable day after day. His calls started becoming less frequent, and whenever I'd call and I try to speak, he would cut me off, to tell me he was called for work and had to go. I still had hope that he'd come around. But he was miles away from me, which made things so much more difficult.
It was late in the evening and I had just reached home from work. I had an awful day. You know, those days when everything seems to go wrong, and no matter how much you try, things just don't work out your way. Normally on such days, Harry was always here to comfort me, snuggling with me on the couch while we watched a Disney movie, while I ranted to him about the day. He always assured me and helped me forget the troubles of the earlier hours. Whenever I was down, I just needed Harry. But he was on tour, so I had no other option but to call him, hoping it would help.
I dialed his number, hoping he'd pick up. The day was beyond awful. Our temporary boss was a pain in the ass, always yelling and ordering people around like they were slaves. Everyone at work was just waiting for Mr. Smith to come back from the event he was attending. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard a faint Hello.
"Hi baby! Ho-" "Do you know what time is it y/n?", he sounded angry. No, this is the last thing I need today. "I thought it was evening where you are Harry..", my voice was getting squeaky, and tears were forming in my eyes. "I just had a really really bad day, and I was hoping I could talk-", my throat closed a little while I told him about my day, but he interrupted me before I could say another word. "Y/n, are you kidding me? It's midnight!! I have a rehearsal tomorrow, and you're calling me to cry about a bad day? Are you serious rn?", "I'm sorry, I just-", tears were streaming down my face freely now.
He hung up the phone and left.
"No you know what? I don't have time to listen to you ranting about your day like a pathetic little child. You're an adult for god's sake!! I shouldn't have to listen to every single inconvenience that happens while I'm away. When I'm there, I have no fucking choice, you know, but don't. Just don't start fucking crying about your day alright? I need to get sleep.", his words were harsh, and they hit me straight in my gut. I couldn't control the desperation in my voice now. Why was he being so mean? What did I even do? "Harry, you don't mean any of that, please tell me you don't. You always call me to rant about tour stress, but when I need you today, you won't even listen. And I'm sorry, I didn't know it was midnight, I thought it was evening, I must have set the wrong alarm......I'm sorry", my throat closed itself at the last word, sobs threatening to escape.
"You know what, just don't call me anymore, I already have so much stress from tour, I don't need another person adding to it.", he hung up.
Everything I was holding inside exploded in painful sobs. I threw my phone to the wall in desperation, sending it flying over the cabinet, crashing straight onto the floor, cracking it's screen guard badly. But I couldn't bring myself to care. All I could think about were his words. How he threw them in my face when all I needed was some comfort. I didn't even need an elaborate speech from him. Just knowing he was there, that he would call me as soon as he gets up would have been more than enough for me. But he didn't. Instead, he asked me to not call him again, ever probably.
And who was I to say no to him?
The next few weeks passed in silence. Total, stark silence from his side. Things at work were getting worse and all the motivation I had for taking care of myself was vanishing with every passing second. I missed him. And I was scared. What if he realises I'm not good enough for him and finally leaves me for good? What if he thinks I'm just holding him back? I was always known for being the most confident person among my friends, but three weeks of silence from someone make you question things.
The house was getting messy and my thoughts were tangled up. Mr. Smith was back in office so the stress at work started easing. He was the kindest man ever, always being considerate to all the employees. I knew I needed to get myself together, otherwise I'd fall apart. But falling apart seemed easier somehow. So much easier.
The loud rings of the phone sent me barreling out of my thoughts. I got up from the couch, and metaphorically from my mind mess too, and went to grab my phone. The name on the screen stopped my heart.
It was him. It was really him.
I fumbled with the buttons and quickly pressed answer. I expected him to say something, but all I heard was a sob. He was crying. "Harry? Are you okay? Oh my god, I thought you..", my breathing was erratic and tears were forming in my eyes. I was sure I'd never hear from him again. "I'm.... I'm so so sorry y/n.. I don't know...", he was not breathing properly, I was just hoping his asthma won't kick in.
After some silence, I couldn't hold any longer,
"Why did you do it Harry? Why did you shut me out for weeks? Hell, I was okay with you not wanting to hear me talk, but you could have texted me to let me know you're okay!! I know you're going through something Harry, and you're not telling me, but shutting me out, making me go insane, especially on the day I needed you the most? That's not right H.", I was crying too, but his sobs still made my heart sink.
"I promise baby, I'll never do this again, and I didn't mean anything I said that day, I was being stupid. Instead of handling the problem, I took it all out on you. I'm literally the worst person ever, you called me because you needed me that day, and I yelled at you, I'm sorry for that baby please forgive me.." "it's okay baby, it's all fine, I'm okay, so are you, I forgive you H"
"I just, I had a fight with Mitch. It was so bad, and I thought he'd leave the band, but that's no excuse for how I treated you baby, I'm sorry, please please forgive me, please-", his words were cut off by loud sobs and painful intakes of breath. He thought he was about to loose his best friend. Of course he was acting how he was acting.
"Oh H, it's okay baby, just, please promise me you'd talk to me when things are not going well? I can deal with your anger H, but I can't deal with your silence. I thought you were gonna leave me H!", I couldn't control my sobs any longer and let them out, trying to even out my breathing. He loves me, I know that, but it still hurt to be away from him.
I could hear it in his voice, how much he regretted it. And I felt bad for him. But the words, they were harsh, and they were imprinted in my head now. I don't know how long it'll take to forget them. But hopefully, I will after some time.
The next few days went well. Work was smooth, and everything was okay. I felt so much better since me and Harry made up again. He called me everyday, telling me about his day and asking me about mine. "Baby, are you eating okay? I'll know when I come back so don't lie!", He was afraid, that I'd spiralled into a bad phase over those few weeks. And there was no way to convince him I was fine, other than to facetime him while eating, and sending him updates through out the day. He regretted everything he said that day, so he was making sure I didn't keep anything from him. But I was still hesitant to talk about the little things that didn't matter earlier. It wasn't intentional, but something in my mind always stopped me from telling him about the little inconveniences, like how I had fallen from stairs at office one day and sprained my ankle a bit, or how the subscription of my favourite magazine had run out, but their website was down, or how I had accidentally cut my finger instead of the onions and the ointment stung. I didn't even realise how I'd started turning the conversation around everytime he asked me what I did that day, instead making him tell me all about his.
Anytime he suspected anything, I found myself making up an excuse. I swear I didn't do it on purpose, it just, happened.
Every single time.
Masterlist / Part 2
This was Part 1 of Not That Important! Hope you enjoyed reading it☺️ There will be a Part 2 to this imagine as well, angstier than this one, where y/n would end up hiding something bigger than a tumble down the stairs. How will Harry react?
That we'll find out in Part 2!!
Requests are open, send in your ideas and opinions on this imagine, or any other imagine!! Feedback is always appreciated!!❤️
Happy reading sunflowers 🌻
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Attention || Shouto Todoroki x Reader
Chapter 13 - Fear
Your class was split into teams of two against two with one group acting as villains and the other as heroes. Since there was an odd number of students in your class, one team had three people in it. The three consisted of you, Uraraka, and Izuku.
To make it fair to the other team you were fighting against - Bakugou and Iida - the three of you only got ten minutes instead of fifteen.
"What can I do?" you asked, interrupting the conversation between your two teammates. "I'm sure I can be useful somehow."
They both looked at each other, seeming to be contemplating it for a moment before they turned back to you. Uraraka spoke first, "Actually, we think it'd be easier if you just stayed back and let us handle it. I can go for Iida and Deku can go for Bakugou. You can stay here as backup."
You furrowed your brows and crossed your arms over your chest. "Backup?"
"O-oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that, (y/n)! It's just that-"
You shoved past them ignoring the protests that arose. They froze as you created a wind current to propel yourself through the air and into the building.
It was like surfing on wind. The current below your feet allowed you to travel quickly through the halls. You knew Bakugou would likely ignore Iida and head straight towards Izuku so you made sure to be ready to fight. Your flight time didn't last long though; the ill-tempered blond was already in front of you.
"Get out of my way." Small explosions lit up in his hands, a large smirk on his face.
You turned the earpiece on and started to speak to Izuku and Uraraka, "You can handle Iida, right? I'm going for Bakugou."
Uraraka made a sound of confirmation but Izuku hesitated, "Are you sure? Kacchan is way too powerful, (y/n). He might-"
You rolled your eyes and interrupted again, "I'll be fine." Before he could continue to protest, you turned off the earpiece.
"Guess I'll just have to kill you too then!" The smirk on his face widened as he jumped and made explosions behind him, moving forward from the force of the blast and reaching towards you with his other hand.
"Now, Katsuki. That isn't very heroic of you."
He yelled and let out more explosions when you dodged him the first time. "Don't call me that, shit face!"
Your hand glowed as you shot fire towards him, spinning midair to avoid his oncoming attacks. "Shit face? Is that the best you can come up with? All our other classmates already have their own unique, insulting nicknames."
He was about to shoot off another attack but you quickly fired cold water at his palms, extinguishing the heat that once flowed from his palm. He needs sweat to create explosions, so why not cool him down? "What the hell did you just do?!"
You smirked and grabbed onto his arm while he was caught off guard, wrapping the capture tape around him swiftly.
"Get this shit the hell off me, dumbass!" You jumped back at the anger on his face. "I'll fucking kill you!"
"You won't, considering how easy that was."
Bakugou's eyes widened, wearing a weird look you've never seen on him. Fear.
"Team A wins!"
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