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#and i thought that was super cool and thoughtful of them
magna-sicut-leonum · 3 days ago
not to expose my daddy issues or anything but i really don’t think companies should send out emails/advertisements about holidays revolving around families (mother’s/father’s day) bc for people negatively affected by those holidays it can really suck lol
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newar · 5 days ago
top 5 big cats
1. tigers!!!
2. snow leopards
3. lions
4. clouded leopards
5. cougars
send me ‘top 5’ anything
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seveneyesoup · 12 days ago
what’s w all those tiktok mirrors huh. they’ll be like i’m OBSESSED with this mirror and it’s just a square plain rectangle mirror w bouba in a clay snake around and over the edge like. okay. it doesn’t cover up the weird mirror edges And it intrudes into the space you’re supposed to use to look at yourself. and the colors are like that weird pale pink and sage green and off blue sky blue that everyone likes like,
#and they’ll have like multiple of these weird mirrors or spray foam or rugs for some reason like. rug? on the mirror?#and then a mirror like 2ft tall will have a Tiny viewing screen bc it’s covered by rug#that’s a lot of wall real estate for so little mirror#and those at least look kinda cool ig? but#not super into mirrors as decor though i Do insist on having a full length one#bc i need to know if outfits like. work or not in practice#bc a flatlay (or mental flatlay) is one thing but actually wearing it on your body is another#and if you can’t see your whole body at once how do you know if it’s a good fit or not#you don’t until you pass a store window or smth and catch a reflection#half tempted to joke that everyone on tiktok is self obsessed#but it’s low hanging fruit and besides i have while not The self obsessed disorder i have one of them#no shade ofc to people w npd y’all are lovely and valid and i’m sorry people are so mean to you all the time#shade to tiktokkers though they actively make the choice to be Like That#ignore me i’m just procrastinating going to sleep bc if i do i’ll have to lay to avoid sleeping on my new piercings#apparently i should have got bars and not rings but it’s too late!#and one of the rings can’t move much and the cartilage is real curvy there so i can’t get up under it to clean so i unrolled a cotton ball#soaked it in saline and have it wrapped around both sides#bit worried the rotation will lead to infection or slow healing bc i rotated my lobe piercings that i did myself#and they took a weirdly long time to heal#and would take turns being infected(?) for a while which at first i thought was from switching jewelry#when cleaning it like oh put the left one in the right ear but#idk bc i started keeping track and it still happened#they’re good now tho
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zeta-in-de-walls · 12 days ago
Hey, I like talking about how much I like Tommy’s little throwaway lines that somehow say a lot. Tommy’s Dream SMP streams are full of these! 
I love how natural they always sound, his chatter isn’t all planned out but he often makes it a point to show his character through such lines. And its a character that is now markedly different from Tommy’s normal streamer persona even though it pretty much started as that.
In the above clip, Wilbur’s talking about the idea of him working in a restaurant in Las Nevadas which Tommy’s not keen about.
 Wilbur: You’ll be set for life. You’ll be a caterer, right? I don’t know if you want to be a caterer?
Tommy: Quite frankly, I’ve run my fair share of businesses. All have succeeded - some have failed - all of them have failed - it doesn’t sound that fun. 
Its such a little moment. Wilbur doesn’t react to it and Tommy continues on talking like he hasn’t just offhandedly mentioned how everything’s he’s ever worked for has failed. 
But it reveals a little bit of Tommy’s character’s feelings. His character has a very low sense of self-worth. He’s never fully gotten past his suicidal thoughts and he’s full of regrets. He’s in a very fragile state, not sure what to do or who to trust and not wanting to be involved in more conflict in fear of causing more hurt. Tommy is not proud of his history and fears the future being the same. It’s why his recent stream was so stressful with how much his history was being brought up. He doesn’t want to make a nation with Wilbur again for instance. And yet he also doesn’t want to fail Wilbur when he needs help and there’s a chance at making things right this time. But he’s in fear of repeating past mistakes. 
So here you’ve got Tommy giving one of his standard lighthearted boastful comments about everything he does succeeding. And then he can’t help but let some honestly slip out. Nothing’s he’s done has succeeded - it’s all failed. He can’t help his persona (which is a shield for his true thoughts) slip.
This offhanded comment won’t go anywhere. But this and many other little comments like it really help contribute to Tommy’s character. It’s oddly subtle, displaying his feelings not in big gestures but little throwaway comments you might dismiss. They’re scattered all over his streams and I often notice extra stuff I missed if I rewatch a stream. And every one is like a stab to the heart because Tommy’s character is not a happy one. His real thoughts and feelings are often quite depressing. This way of sprinkling in little remarks like that one is pretty cool from a meta standpoint and it’s part of why I find Tommy’s streams quite immersive and always pay attention to them. Even when he’s joking around, he’s in character and can throw out an unexpected line at any time. 
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everymlmhybrid · 12 days ago
I gotta give in and get the combination BDG and Will Graham glasses. I have to accept my fate
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yashley · 17 days ago
I just really need the energy of jester’s chaotic “do doo dooo do do” improv Sending disasters* to be transferred to laura playing a bard in c3
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aeruh · 22 days ago
Honestly with the way Bryde kept talking about “the trees” I thought he was going to end up revealing he was one of the tir e e’lintes but I’m not mad about what he ended up being instead
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kittenscully · 26 days ago
i can’t believe i’m still getting anons lecturing me on an opinion i posted last week
#it’s literally not about peiple posting takes that are unoriginal.#it’s about the disrespect of getting into a show from the 90s and either assuming there’s no fandom space for it already or not caring#and deciding you’re just going to talk about it as if no one’s cared about it for decades and you’re Rediscovering it#like deciding that you’re just going to start making your content the experience of you watching this show instead of . i don’t know.#seeking out and engaging with the preexisting content and community#and that’s something new people were doing last year and that’s how we made a community#and now? the entire vibe of it is different and it’s because people are establishing themselves by writing commentary and posting screencaps#or whatever in the privacy of their own blogs#rather than seeking out other people here and being friendly and supportive and trying to become Part of the preexisting community#that’s you know. been here for decades with new waves of people every so often#and it rubs me the wrong way because even tho most of you don’t see me this way#this time last year i was posting one of my earliest xf fics. and i was doing it to try to establish myself#but i was doing it after months of being super friendly and engaging towards the preexisting fandom and enthusiastically supporting#their content and basically just trying my best to be really sweet and friendly to everyone bc i genuinely thought everyone was so cool#*cool#and that’s how i got people following me back and that’s how i got people supportive of me. by being friendly and supportive of them#it was my ENTIRE thing for MONTHS#and i think it’s sad and a bit annoying that people are missing out on that#lily.txt#also i’m opinionated and wont shut up just because someone who clicked anon tells me it’s A Bad Take Hun
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niuxita21 · 29 days ago
If I wasn’t supposed to ship Gretchen and “Jeanette” on The Wilds, then the show did something very, very wrong.
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sp-ud · a month ago
As a black person, if Ranboo's given shit for his skin and him "not actually being biracial" and shitting on cosplayers heads will r oll. I've always wanted to make funney jokes about "haha c!Ranboo is half black" but like, that situation would be So Hostile.
you know i actually remember there being someone who made a high school au of the dsmp. and the main focus was c!ranboo, who they made a black person with vitiligo. and i was actually shocked at the lack of discourse i saw about it, but i think its because the creator of that au just... doesnt respond to it. and i blocked the au tag they used for it so if they do every address any discourse about it, i wouldnt know lmao.
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starrfaux · a month ago
i'm also kinda frustrated about like irl, i'm super nice. like, tbh it's kind of a problem (a little ranty-rant after the break)
but honestly, i just like being left alone. like there's some people i'll talk to. and usually those people like.... don't require me to perform for them all the time. like we can just be excited to acknowledge that the other hasn't croaked and that's enough. but a lot of other people need you to like.... be nice to them, but also entertain them and impress them for a while and i just i feel like all of that could be avoided if i just don't talk to people? like, stop being nice to folks, even in passing? like, there's one girl at work. no one really talks to her. idky everyone else doesn't but i know i've been specifically avoiding talking to her because she seems too eager to like.... maintain some type of friendly work relationship? and i feel like if i talk to her she will especially like.... latch on to me and wanna talk to me all that time, even when i'm on my breaks just trying to hide from people and microdose on vacationing but i made the mistake of talking to her. about hair. she has locs. now she won't leave me alone. and she does exactly what i feared: eating up all of my break times just to talk when all i want to do is astral project to the nearest star system for 15 minutes and forget i even have a job or a human life or like, my neighbor. he's new to the neighborhood. and i happen to keep running into when we take our dogs out. i figure that maybe if we let our dogs meet then maybe they'll stop flipping out when they see each other and just like.... USE THET BATHROOM? SO WE CAN GO BACK INSIDE???? but then like, it got to the point where my neighbor specifically would wanna come outside and talk to me for like, an hour? like, bruh, i just wanna go back inside? like, if i see him outside with his dogs, i either wait for him to go back before i leave my yard or i go back inside. once i walked over into a field by my house, waiting for him to pass so i could take my dogs to pee without them flipping out at seeing his dog, and like..... he followed me over there???? like bruh. i know you know i've been avoiding you all of these last two weeks. I just wanna spend 7 minutes taking my dogs out to pee, not 60 just talking + another 7 after you finally leave for them to actually pee. I don't wanna be outside taking my dogs to pee at 11pm and it's the same things at work. like, of course you're supposed to be nice to customers. but like, the adhd in me has such a rehearsed and scripted way of providing customer service, it's like a shopper's wet dream. so customers literally seek me out like fucking homing missiles just to have me help them instead of having my coworkers assist them, because i'm "the nice one." like, if we have 500 customers in one day, i'm sure i'm dealing with like, 450 of them and like.... i just try to be nice so people won't give me a hard time and they'll leave me alone, but it seems like being nice just keeps people coming back, which is giving me a hard time and people won't leave me alone 🙃
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oakantony · a month ago
more of the year I lived in japan. you can read the first parts in this tag.
remember the principal's assistant/secretary that taught me how to say しつれいします? he became my guarantor. I spoke with him, we signed the papers, and I was set to move into my new apartment at the beginning of october. I thanked him profusely--gave him a thank you gift of some American candy--and started the really arduous process of cleaning my current apartment so I could get my $1500 deposit back. mind you, I paid this deposit to move into a filthy fucking wreck since my predecessor left the place an actual dump, but if I wanted that money back... It was my responsibility to tidy. There were heaping bags of trash I took out every. single. day. every nook and cranny of this place was CRAMMED with trash. americans really, really don't understand the japanese method of trash-sorting (every day of the week, you put out a different "type" of trash, like paper on one day, plastic on another). 
it was the first week of september when things actually started getting, like, really bad in my placement, which is such a shame, because I was finally getting optimistic about my future: I was getting a new apartment! my terrible commute was going away! the other teachers at my school helped me super willingly, replacing my interactions with my terrible supervisor!
there's no amount of optimism that could help the shit that came at me next.
and before I can really dive into everything, I gotta introduce you to the other JETs. because I finally got a phone, I was able to finally connect with the other participants in my area, and much to my surprise (and--at first--joy), these participants had social outings almost every single night. yeah, even on school nights. JET participants have a bit of a reputation of being party animals and this group was no exception.
there was a slight problem: this group had already been hanging out for three weeks regularly and I was a complete outsider. I wouldn't say they were super cold/rude/standoffish...except for one exception. there was a girl in the program that had my same name. when I started meeting up with the group, this girl was RIDICULOUSLY rude to me--outright hostile, in some cases. she genuinely put me in danger more than once by intentionally sending me to the wrong area of town/giving me incorrect directions/straight up sneaking away so I'd find myself totally alone in a strange place.
this might sound stupid, but I feel like she disliked me because we had the same name, and it bothered her to "share" it in the group. she saw herself as THE Oak Antony and I was an annoying imitator--or something. this is just a theory, though, because when I finally confronted her about it months later, she told me I was being "crazy" and that she'd been "nothing but incredibly kind." 
but I'm getting ahead of myself. lol.
this party animal group consisted of two married couples and four single girls (five, if you include me). one of these married couples were famous in the internet anime space. think, like, the most famous person you know on anitwt, and you’ve got the right idea of their “fame level.” and they wanted me to know it. they introduced themselves to me and before they even said their names, they said they were "the couple that ____." funny enough, I don't even remember their names, right now... I'd have to look it up. but I remember _____. (apologies for the censorship; I don't want to like...out the group... and if I said what ____ was, you'd be able to google their names in seconds.) the point: I didn’t really jive with them and their strange pride in being...famous. very, very nichely famous.
of the four single girls, one of them was this really bright, bubbly, and not an anime fan. I immediately gravitated to her. look. i'm a weeb. I get it. but I also want to crawl into a hole and die every time I hear a white person scream "KAKKOOIIIIII" at a hot japanese stranger on the street. which means I avoided...those people. so, Bright and Bubbly became my closest friend.
for about a week.
a few days after we met, her city had a festival! I traveled to the festival to visit and it was actually amazing. we danced with strangers, drank shots, drank beer, played festival games, and ate so. much. streetfood. 
her house, however, could only be accessed by car. which meant--when we got wasted, we couldn't go back to her place. so we hopped on a train and went back to my apartment. when we got home--at maybe 3am--I set her up on the floor with a bunch of blankets (I still had no futon). I passed out under my trench coat on the "couch."
at around 5am, I was woken up by the sound of dripping. drip drip. drip drip drip. it was pitch black still. I fumble off the couch and reach up to pull the overhead light cord and illuminate the room.
there's vomit.
it's on the walls. some splashback hit the ceiling--even the ceiling light. thus the dripping. the blankets are soaked brown with it. I somehow, out of sheer luck, managed not to step in any of it on the floor while getting the light. but it's all across the floor. and Bubbly is not there. I do some spider-manning to get out of the room and see the light on under the door to the toilet.
"Bubbly??" she stuck her head out and looked at me, eyes rimmed in red. "I think some of the street food was bad. And I drank too much. I'm gonna go home." "I, uh, oh my god? What happened?" "Sorry. I can come back tomorrow to help you clean if you want but I gotta go home." O_O
she cleaned herself up enough to grab her bag, her shoes, and walk out the door. she was sober now and able to find her way home and I was left with...this. I did the only reasonable thing a person could do: I tore up the stained sheets to use as rags and used them to clean the apartment. then I soaked them in boiling water on the stove, bagged them, and put them out for burnable trash pickup that week. it took me the entire day and the vomit and bleach stench never really left, because I couldn't open up my windows. if you recall: factories. so it was either a vomity bleach or gasoline smell--pick one. I picked, uh, crying myself to sleep, back to square one: no bedding. 
I didn't buy any until I moved into my new place, either. I saw Bubbly again, several times, but, uh, we never hung out one-on-one again. I didn't even get to see her house, which was unfortunate; it was apparently a traditional kominka style, surrounded by rice fields. :'(
anyway. the next week, mid-september, was our prefecture orientation--and my pool of potential friends was about to expand WIDE open. once again, I was optimistic, and once again, shit went sideways, fast.
I, unfortunately, have to put some trigger warnings on the next several parts: sexual assault, stalking, and death. (I told you: my experience on the JET programme was horrific--though at least I survived it. :\) I'll put markers for each of these events at the start of the paragraph so you can skip over them if you need to.
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ari-is-anxious · a month ago
Tumblr media
Look,, look at her,,,, my beloved-
(also I am continuing to flagrantly ignore standard anatomy and I am having the grandest of times thank you for asking)
#okay so izzy (@thewhizzyhead) drew some very smart parallels between checkate & cheerwives in her reblog of my last bit of fanart and so#*phineas voice* ferb...i know what i'm gonna ramble abt today (also please please go check out her tag ramble it's v cool + insightful!)#so the parallels between cheerwives + checkate r especially interesting to me because i always drew similarities between cheerwives + katev#obviously kate and cairo are (on a surface level) pretty similar and their arcs and bestfriend relationship parallel eachother nicely#(again. go read izzy's tags beneath my last post she goes into it in-depth there & i don't intend to retread her super well-put points)#and then riley and eva have multiple similarities between them#the work ethic and focus on success (eva's whole song is basically 'i just came here to pursue a scholarship please. stop') and the-#captaining of their respective teams most obviously#and then it's especially interesting because cheerwives + kateva sort of begin + end the show in opposite states#at the beginning of watt cheerwives is incredibly close and dependent on eachother for support whereas kateva don't even know eachother#and then by the end of watt cheerwives is effectively broken up and not speaking to eachother whereas kateva is in a committed relationship#okay now pivot back into checkate v cheerwives territory because i wanna get this thought down before i forget#okay so while cairo + kate/their sides of their respective relationships parallel eachother thematically#i'd say that chess and riley parallel eachother in their character role as it pertains to their best friend. see- i've always thought of#cairo as a sort of honorary move on member (as by the end of the show she's very much lost someone close to her for the foreseeable future)#but that also comes in viewing riley as an honorary ghost. and that especially becomes true when you draw connections between the state of-#cheerwives + checkate in the lead up to one of the members' 'death': by the time chess is dead/riley's tied up both relationships still-#unresolved conflict with eachother. checkate have a huge fight and kate walks off before they can resolve it. the next time kate sees chess#she's dead. and similarly- cairo and riley have a fight in the kitchen and (after finding 3 dead bodies and blaming the freshman together)-#proceed to not to talk to eachother for an ambiguous period of time. the next time they have a personal conversation w/ eachother is after-#riley's had her breakdown—and even then they're pressed for time bc the police are coming. in both relationships there was a failure in-#communication- a failure to even attempt to resolve it- and now they're out of time. they're respective stories are intended as lessons abt#miscommunication- the shortness of life- etc. so then bringing it back to the kateva parallels i wonder how they're supposed to fit into it#but i'm quickly running out of tag space so i'm afraid that discussion will have to wait 'till another day! soon kateva...soon#we are the tigers#watt#wattroleswapau#roleswapau!mattie#move on tw#death ment in tags
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alexpalou · a month ago
does any1 have that picture of micks tires after uhhh silverstone round 1 last year ?
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jenivi · a month ago
it REALLY sucks that theres a lack of rouge the bat merch. the only ones i’ve seen are the GE plush, the ufo sonic x plush, and the small sonic x figure (which is pretty rare and hard to get now, unless you have like hundreds of dollars). it’s just cuz they only see her as ‘big booby bat’ and unmarketable 😔 shes so much more than that. if they ever make any more rouge merch (that isnt like a shirt or mug), i would buy her in a heartbeat.
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this is a stan account for the boys now actually
#i thought you guys were joking about hating them 👁👄👁#like. people need to stop talking because they sound like idiots!!#i have alot of feelings as to why to boys are important i just dont know how to express it#anyways i would sell my sould for the boys i love them#like!! ivan looks so cool!! and the guy playing him!!!#and rafael!! hes my favorite i love him#also seth and henry seem very interesting#and scotty and bo friendship superiority i love them#and josh!! and kirin!! beloveds!!!#like its gonna be super interesting idk why people think this is gonna ruin the show lmao#also please shut up about how the only new cast member you like is miles because he posts photos with the girls ❤❤❤#like its actually so annoying how people are treating new cast members#people are forgetting that these are real people!! with feelings!! that probably saw the comments on the instagram post!!#and the people who are like 'the boys are gonna take time away from the girls' are the same people that#actively ignore all the characters of color#like. since when do you care about the other girls?? i thought you only cared about shelby and toni??#also yes i know toni is not white but she gets more attention than the other girls and it seems like the only reason she gets that attentio#is because of her relationship with shelby#when will white people be stopped#in conclusion im super pumped for the boys#hmm shall i put this in the main tag#idk maybe later#also do not try to fight with me on this istg#oh and also since the boys seem to parallel the girls there will probably be a queer relationship which is good!!#im just hoping its not two fan favorite white boys#anyways. im very excited that there is going to be a hispanic character because i rarely see myself repersented on screen :)#the wilds#<- im feeling confident
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