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#and how we’re all supporting him
castielslittlebitch · 2 months ago
i feel like part of the reason some people hate dean so much is they don’t believe in the inherent goodness of people. dean is an asshole and a great example of how some people will act like assholes because of the shit they’ve been through, even though they’re good at heart. it doesn’t make their actions excusable but it allows you to make an appropriate judgement of their character, and recognize that they’re not evil, they’re hurt, and they have the ability to heal, given the right support.
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jaegerbroshoe · 3 months ago
Did I seriously just see someone compare people who side with Eren with incels...
And saying we support him because all we see is the bad in the world and we’re bitter about life is offensive on so many levels. Just admit you think you have a higher moral standing for being so “righteous” instead of making claims about why we support him. Cause you clearly don’t know shit.
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laurenjxuregui · 7 months ago
just bc someone is anti-tr*mp it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re pro-biden 🥴
#i mean#i think we can all agree both options sucked#and a lot of people only voted biden to get trump out of office#bc trump has shown us these past 4 years that he’s an arrogant asshole#and voting republican means voting against women/lgbt/poc/etc rights#which is why i get so mad when people/my family is okay with wholeheartedly supporting him#and a lot of tr*mp supporters are fueled by hate which is why i’m so against it#but voting democrat also sucks for different reasons#it already gets me scared thinking about how they’re about to mandate this stupid covid vaccine#dems are so ‘pro choice’ when it comes to having a right over your own body EXCEPT when it comes to vaccinations#as someone who already has had a severe reaction to one and has watched my sisters life be ruined by one.. idk wtf i’d even do if#we’re all FORCED to get one 🥴#what happened to.. my body my choice lol#they’re already voting on the mandate in new york TODAY !!!#like this shit is bound to happen#and it’s hella scary#that’s why either way whoever won this election we’d be fucked just in dif ways#this is why i didn’t even vote bc i couldn’t morally choose one candidate#when both sides would hurt me and people i love#maybe if this pandemic wasn’t even a thing then i woulda been 100% for biden bc none of this would be an issue#it makes me feel like this was all part of the plan tbh#don’t forget that other countries got covid under control without a vaccine#and it is unnecessary for a virus with a 99% recovery rate#thank u for coming to my ted talk
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verytendou · 8 months ago
Squints. My worldview on familial expectations has been small
#negative#as always twitter has brought me more confusion. there was like a comic abt being called a gifted kid. and w/e#and like yeah w/e it destroyed most if not any chance i ever had at properly learning to do things myself (i still dont know how to study)#but like. all the replies to it are ‘oh im the oldest so my family expected me to be the smart gifted child’ like what.#is that a thing. is that the norm for families. if so why not My family. i’d love that.#i thought pressuring the younger kids was normal bc theyre younger & we glorify youth as a society for some reason.#like where r these supposed oldest siblings carrying the weight of their families expectations on their shoulders. i would like 2 meet them.#maybe its just bc 90% of my friends are youngest children in their families or smth. but even the oldest siblings i have are like 😗🤙 abt it#or their families equally pressure both of them so it doesnt matter bc theyre all getting crushed equally#i know a youngest child whos parents got mad at her for only getting 20 points higher than her older sibling on her sat.#when she is two years younger than him and took it a year before the age youre supposed to. like. its the youngest isnt it????????#i know every families different but im talkin abt general expectation. like even in my blended family me & my younger step brother#(by younger i mean hes the younger of my two step brothers hes still older than me) carry the weight of all this families expectations#on our tiny depressed shoulders like huh. what the fuck is up twitter.#like. we’re both getting crushed in hyper specific yet different ways so we cant even share the burden like Whats the Point then#both our older siblings got told ‘haha! good luck getting into college! we’ll always support you!’ meanwhile we got ‘👁👁’#i thought my bro fucking got around it. thought he pranked our parents out. thought he got them. bc hes going to community college (legend)#but nope. now theyre like ‘and then u can transfer into an EVEN better uc 😌❤️’ like whomst r u.#think he might pull for not even finishing his education though (legend) and go straight into a career if he can though#bc he has the skill to (we’re getting pressured for a Reason u kno?) and if he does that will have been the Long con he has been pushing for#and i salute him. but im already in uni so theres no going back for me dhfjsj like Pwease. we both love what we’re doing rn but like hhhhh#i didnt even realize it until my step dad literally said it to us one day during dinner and i was like ‘oh so many things make sense now hm’#welp! time to go back to being slowly crushed by the world around me in a week 😌❤️ yay school!#also im thinkin abt it and my friend was three years younger and got in trouble for only getting a 1490 as a SOPHOMORE like WHAT#v.txt
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southislandwren · 9 months ago
An open letter to my cattle judging professor:
I’m sorry, it’s not your fault. You sent out a post-class email hoping we had fun today. You asked me during class if I was having fun. You try to be engaging and energizing. It’s not your fault.
During introductions on the first day you asked for our judging experience. “I ranked nationally,” said one girl. “I’ve been judging since I was 10,” said another. Countless more were in FFA or 4H showing and judging animals. It’s not your fault I never saw a cow in real life until I was 17.
You called on me in class because I hadn’t spoken up yet. “I like her udder,” I said, trying as hard as I could to think critically. You glanced at the cow, back at me, back at the cow. “Are you sure?” You didn’t know it, but that hurt. I went home and reviewed my notes and cried. It’s not your fault I don’t know what a good udder should look like. It’s not your fault I can barely tell a guernsey from an aryshire.
“Are you having fun?” You asked, so young, so hopeful. “Yeah,” i responded, knowing how to lie. What I didn’t say speaks volumes. I can’t have fun because I am so far behind my peers I will never catch up. I can’t have fun because there’s too much stimulus and I’m overwhelmed. It’s not your fault I’m from a city and chose a major I have no experience in.
I will not end up on your judging team. I will not end up knowing more. You can take your judges and go to the national dairy expo and I’ll take my C and go to my dorm room. It’s not your fault.
#god if someone recognizes my school and teacher specifically please dont show him this. please#this is basically one of my ‘rant in the tags’ post but i had to write to get it out and notes are hard to write in#my judging classes fucking kill my self esteem i cant fucking take it anymore#work is killing me. i work all the time. i worked 7 shifts in the first week and a half.#they ask me all the time to pick up more and i dont know how to tell my boss#if i work more than 4 times a week i will end up k*lling myself#i do not have the mental space to argue with cows when i am focusing on staying alive long enough to get back home#corona is interesting bc i love not having to go to physical classes but also. everyone is a trump supporter#so they refuse to wear masks and they party and they think its fake. i dont have the mental space to deal with that#almost every positive thing about college has been taken away from me and im not really seeing the point in staying#maybe im being dramatic. they closed my two favorite restaurants and derby practices are cancelled#but for my pros and cons list of college vs moving home. derby was one of 3 things#im like. not doing okay. like im As Depressed as i was at McHell. i think thats saying something#i have a tally mark going for how many times ive hysterically sobbed. like open mouth cant get enough air sobbing#we’re up to 3 in less than three weeks 😜#idk i just want to go home and work at udf and go to GHF and see my parents and pets#i think theres like 80 days or something until we get to go home for the semester. just gotta make it until november 25.
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winepresswrath · 9 months ago
I used to be into adversarial JC/lwj but I've seen the light and now I'm really into them really liking each other. Idk how this happened I have nothing to back it up. Realistically it can only exist in aus and my dreams. But I think about them mutually judging people, or JC doing the needed yelling for both of them when LWJ doesn't want to talk, or lwj helping stop wwx from doing stupid shit while also thinking he's great and JC silently approving ben and IDK HOW IT WORKS BUT I LIKE IT.
I’m still into their mutual war of petty antagonism (and very much of the opinion that the death toll makes it pettier) but every time I read an AU where the author has put work into highlighting the reasons they might actually work as friends I surprise myself by how charmed and delighted I am. They are both extremely petty and skilled in the arts of passive aggressive sneering. They do both love Wei Wuxian while thinking he should set himself on fire less often. They’re bad at expressing themselves in different ways, and I think that makes it easy for them to fall into a cycle of misunderstanding that’s particularly hard for them to extract themselves from because Lan Wangji is a champion grudge holder and Jiang Cheng’s instinctive emotional response to rejection is to reject the other person back harder, but I think in the happy universe they’ve got a shot of forming an alliance of eye rolls and disgusted barely perceptible lip pursing. Even in canon, they’re going to live until they’re what, 300 or so, barring any other civil wars or lucky ghosts? It’s not that I doubt their ability to be mad at each other the whole time if they really feel like it but I can also see them making accidental eyecontact over dinner one day and being mutually surprised to realize they don’t actually hate each other.
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abunnycotton · a year ago
#some of my highschool friends really had me enraged reading their take on this protest situation#(pls dont read further if this topic may upset you)#it’s just so clear theyre being fooled by the trashy media they consume#and theyre supposedly ‘’smart’’ people. ok we were in the advanced class and some of them became specialist doctors#but the backwards thinking ohmygod#i know we’re raised in this conservative culture and all through our education it’s all spoonfeeding and memorising for tests#no critical thinking whatsoever#and i had the chance to get out of there and learn here#the irls i saw having the right take on this situation and supporting BLM are the ones who studied abroad (mostly to the west) before#is it really that bad in my home country🤢#and when i tried to explain things using subtle approach. they just ignore my messages and started talking about other things in groupchat#ive been saving posts from#here and twitter to post on my IGstory#i was so glad to see one of my close friends posting about the injustice too#didnt think of him as someone political#but he talked about checking your privileges and how to use them and confront your own/family/friends racism#im pretty proud of him. we talked about our cultures racist views and how hard it is to educate our own friends smh#not gonna stop posting tho#also i followed @yerongsss on insta and they allow you to share their comics about this issue#so i’ve been linking their post pic by pic on my IG story#they talked about how the media only chose bad things and not all protestors are looters (which was one of the things my irl friend pointed#out as being Bad hence the protestors are Wrong) smh the things i had to tolerate#i have to stop ranting now Wow thats Long. if you read up to here thank you and i hope youre safe and well#💮
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bibluemoon · an hour ago
my partner is a cis man who has a lot of sexual trauma and had difficulty being intimate with me for a long time, and sometimes still gets sex repulsed even though we’re always making sure his boundaries aren’t being crossed. sometimes, things will come on his timeline online and he’s not prepared for it and boom, sex repulsion for a couple weeks. we’re working on it. i also have trauma due to an SA. we’re patient with each other. we’re happy with each other, in fact we’re going to get married!
but anyway, one of our mutual friends recently came out as a woman and has been undergoing procedure to get hormones, as well as buying clothes she likes and makeup and stuff. i messaged her to tell her she looked happier than ever, very cute, and that i was happy for her. she ended up confessing she had always had a crush on my partner and i, which took us both by surprise. i said i was flattered and my partner said the same but that he wasn’t interested (being engaged and all; also, just not romantically into her). she somehow convinced herself she was dating me and that we were a poly couple, despite me never offering to date her, and she talked about dating me to our mutual friends more than she actually talked to me.
she ended up turning on us both when we told her this wasn’t okay by calling my partner transphobic because she probed him about his sexual preferences, leading him to reveal that he was repulsed by penis. she lied to me about my partner calling himself super straight to her face (which i knew was fishy because i talk about trans issues with my partner very often so i think i would know). and tried to get me to leave him on the count of him thinking poorly of me because i’m non-binary.
she also got pissed at him for his gender identity and got upset when he wouldn’t explain to her why he thinks he’s cis. she kept telling him that the way he sees himself is more aligned with non-binary views and when my partner would tell her that to him he didnt feel a connection with that label, and that being seen and talked about as cis didn’t bother him, she was upset at that.
i find it extremely ironic how a trans person got upset with someone for deciding that he’s cis, trying to ‘diagnose’ him with non-binary, then somehow making the “disliking penis = transphobe” connection. also, trying to get me to leave a partner who has been nothing but supportive in my bisexual and non-binary journey, and actively helped his younger brother transition when his family was opposing it. i have to stress that NEVER once the transphobic shortcut of penis=man was made. my partner has always stated that genitals don’t have a gender and that he just straight up has trauma.
all this to say, people don’t owe you an explanation on their preferences. people don’t owe you a 5 pages essay on why they will or won’t date you. and you’re not entitled to a lengthy explanation on a friend’s gender identity either. those are such intimate things and acting entitled to them makes you a terribly toxic friend/person.
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doctenwho · an hour ago
Happiness is Homemade
Tumblr media
Hello! Sorry it’s been a while, I wasn’t quite sure where to take this? I like stepping out of my comfort zone, and writing babies is definitly out there! Thanks for the request!
Apologies that this is a bit shorter than usual, I just really wasn’t sure how to write new baby fluff, but hopefully it’s okay!
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 2,231
Summary: Read the Prompt above :)
Tumblr media
(Picture is not mine, credit to the creator!)
Alec can’t help but stare down at the beautiful baby in the hospital bassinet. He’s captivated by the baby. The small, tiny little human who’d come into the world just a few hours earlier. The last time Alec had felt this captivated by anything was when Daisy had come into the world all those years ago.  
Beside him, reclined in the hospital bed is (Y/N), sleeping after a long night of labor and pain, but out of that had come their son. She’d done all the work of it, while he’d stood idly at her side coaching her on and being supportive of the process, excited to meet their little one. It was one of the best days of his life, up there with the day his little girl was born.
“’ello, little one,” Alec greets, hand snaking into the bassinet to stroke the back of his finger across his son’s tiny little cheek. He’s so small, Alec is almost afraid to touch him. “We’re very happy you’re here.”
The newborn stretches just the slightest bit, mouth opening into the cutest little yawn Alec’s seen in upwards of fifteen years. He stares down, unable to wipe the grin off his face as he watches the newborn move against the restraint of the swaddle he was tucked in.  
He carefully slips his hands under the newborn, lifting him cautiously before cradling him against his chest as he moves to the armchair he’d spent the past few evenings sleeping in after (Y/N) had been admitted towards the end of her pregnancy. He reclines back with the swaddled infant, just looking at his small face and rounded cheeks.  
His son makes little noises, and then his eyes are slivering open, unfocused and wide. He can’t see yet, Alec knows, but that doesn’t stop him from grinning at the child like he was a treasure to be found. One hand brushes along the infant’s cheek before settling to card through the soft tufts of hair on the baby’s head.
The baby had his mother’s eyes. Beautiful and bright, and Alec is immensely happy his son got one of (Y/N)’s prettiest features in his opinion. The baby’s hair, tufts of his own reddish-brown locks—a full head of hair that the nurses had smiled over when he was born.  
The baby’s nose definitely belonged to (Y/N), but most of his other little features Hardy remembers his little Daisy coming out with too. The side-by-side newborn comparison would be adorable—they could almost be twins, Alec’s sure.  
He hadn’t seen a more perfectly newborn since he’d held Daisy like this when she’d first come into the world. His heart hadn’t been this prideful, and happy since that very moment.  
He was holding his son this time around. His baby boy. He’d secretly always wanted a son too. The perfect combo—a daughter and a son—but then Sandbrook had happened and the divorce shortly after that. He’d never really thought he’d find another person he’d love enough to even consider having a child with.
Until he found (Y/N). He’d known from the moment he laid eyes on her that she was the one. She sparked feelings in him he hadn’t felt since he’d first started dating his ex-wife.  
Alec smiles fondly down at the newborn who stirs just the slightest bit, limbs giving the faintest struggle against the swaddle he’s wrapped in before he relaxes and settled back into sleep. He’s so cute Alec doesn’t know what to do with it.  
“You look adorable holding him,” (Y/N)’s voice mumbled from the bed, and it was only then that Hardy realized she was awake. Bleary eyes looking at him and their son, smile small but so incredibly real it made Alec grin in return.  
“The adorable is all this guy,” Alec replies, slowly sitting up straight and standing slowly to join you on the bed. “I assure you, that’s all his mother bleeding through in his features.”
“I don’t believe that,” your eyes lit up as they fell on the child in Alec’s arms, a fondness at seeing the man you love cradle your newborn son in his arms filling your chest, “he looks a lot like his daddy.”
Alec couldn’t argue with that. Pride blooms in his chest as he stares fondly at the baby in his arms, standing idly by your beside from a moment before leaning down cautiously.  
He carefully passed the newborn down into your arms, before perching on the edge of the bed to watch over the both of you. His arm eased around your shoulders, and you didn’t resist leaning into his side, cradling the baby to your own chest as you stared down at him. Alec couldn’t seem to drag his attention away either.  
This was the family you’d always wanted too. You’d always dreamed of having a baby with a perfect man. Alec was far from perfect, but he was the closest you’d come, and couldn’t have been happier than you were in this moment.  
“I didn’t know I could love anything as much as I love him,” you admitted quietly, tearing your eyes away from the baby to look up at Alec.
Alec gives a hum of agreement, just enjoying sitting with you and the newborn baby. It was the first time the three of you had sat together, since you’d been exhausted after delivering the baby and could hardly stay awake. The newborn had been whisked away to be cleaned up and have a checkup—being measured and weighed for the birth certificate.  
He’d only been brought back minutes prior to you waking up.  
Alec had stayed by your side, only stepping away to make phone calls—to Daisy, and Ellie and, well, that was about it—and to check in on little baby Hardy. You’d wanted to be the one to tell your friends and family, and doing so had slipped your mind, but you knew you’d get around to it soon, after the daze for your son’s birth finally settled.  
You didn’t really want to be overwhelmed by friends and family so soon after your son’s birth, but you’d get into contact with them because you knew they were itching to meet the baby.  
You’d managed to sleep after the baby had been born, but not much longer than a couple hours. You’d been awoken by the nurse who’d returned the newborn in the bassinet to your hospital room, leaving quietly as to not disturb your sleep after spending the night in labor.  
You weren’t exactly a light sleeper, nor a heavy sleeper, but you were certainly a light sleeper now that there was a small being depending on you. It was odd, how easily the wheels of the bassinet on the tiled flooring had woken you up, but you were glad considering you’d seen Alec being so soft with his newborn son.
You only wish you could’ve been around to see his first time being a daddy back when Daisy had been born. You couldn’t imagine him being anything but a doting father. Things had been a bit rocky for a while, when Alec had left Daisy with her mother when he’d first moved to Broadchurch, but you could tell he loved his daughter more than anything.  
And it was no different than how he was staring down at the baby boy in your arms.  
Alec reached over to stroke the baby’s cheek again, gazing down fondly, almost as if to prove your thoughts. His smile was light, but it stretched ear to ear, prideful and joyful as he gazed down at the child.  
“How does it feel to be a daddy again?”
“Amazing,” Alec breathed out, gaze finally pulling away from the baby to settle on you, “I... missed this. I missed her being so young; holdable. Teenagers aren’t quite as cuddly. He’s perfect, don’t you think?”
“Perfect,” you echo, leaning forward to press a kiss on the child’s head. “Speaking of Daisy, will she be coming to meet her new baby brother?”
“Yes,” Alex smiled with a fond laugh, arm reaching around your shoulders and fingers settling on the newborn’s swaddled feet, “she’s incredibly excited. I told her to finish up her classes for the day, but she’ll be catching a bus to Broadchurch this afternoon. I’ll be picking her up from the bus stop around six.”
“I’m glad,” you smiled. You’d been with Alec long enough that Daisy was practically your child too at this point. She spent weekends, most holidays and all long weekends down with the two of you, and had expressed on different occasions that she preferred to be with you and her father than with her mother.
You were sure her new baby brother would only add to the preference.
You loved the teenager, and she loved you as well. She’d been ecstatic when you and Alec had announced the pregnancy to her.  
Wrapping around the both of you and hugging you tightly. She even been spending her allowance from her mother on baby items she thought were cute and came down for a week to help the two of you build the nursery.
It was adorable how excited she was to have a sibling. Alec had been nervous that Daisy would’ve been upset, so seeing her so excited had definitely thrown him for a loop—especially as the young girl wrapped you in a hug as her father stood gaping.
“Millhur’s just waiting for the call to come meet him, won’t let up on it. Never seen her so excited.”
“Maybe in a few hours,” you let out a light laugh, eyes falling back to the now sleeping newborn, “Daisy should meet her baby brother first, but then I don’t mind Ellie coming around. Maybe she’ll have some words of advice for me, she went through this not that long ago.”
“Millhur’s always got advice,” Alec agreed fondly. His eyes settled on his son, “she says she’s got some of the boy’s old clothes for us if we’d like them. I know we’ve already got a full closet for him and all that stuff from the baby shower, but he definitely won’t stay this small for long.”
“Can’t hurt,” you shrug, trailing your fingers through the baby’s soft tufts of hair, “babies do grow like weeds.”
“Tell me about it,” Hardy jokes, “it feels like Daisy was this small just yesterday. Now she’s a teenager, and is interested in boys and... God, I don’t even want to know. I don’t think my heart could take it.”
You let out a light laugh, eyes still stuck on the baby.  
He didn’t have a name yet—it was a big decision. You and Alec had different name ideas, and could barely agree on anything past Alec for his middle name, even though Alec hated his first name. You liked it, and it was a nice little idea for him to have his dad’s name somewhere in his name.
His first name however, you were hoping would come to you after meeting the baby. You and Alec had bounced ideas around, Daisy even offering a couple on her last few visits. You’d even scoured the internet and baby books for name ideas, but none seemed right for you son.  
You stroked your fingers over the baby’s cheek, smiling down at him as Alec watched over your shoulder. “What do you think about Emmett?” you asked him softly.
The question was both to the baby, and to Alec, who’s face scrunched up thoughtfully.  
“Emmett...” He tested it, frowning, “Emmett... Emmett.”
You resisted the urge to laugh as the baby curled in closer to you, making a little grunting noise that melted your heart. Alec was still frowning hard when you glanced up at him, his face pulled back in disdain as he thought about the name, clearly trying to bring himself around to the idea of it.  
“Noh,” Alec shook his head, “Noh, I don’t like it.”
You did laugh at that. It was the same why he spoke about his own name, which was always a bit funny too you. “I don’t know, he seems to like it,” you teased.  
Alec furrowed his eyebrows, looking down at the newborn, who grunted once again, shifting in the swaddle almost as if he could feel eyes on him. The man deflated, hand coming down to stroke the baby’s rosy cheek, “you think?”
You shrugged, pulling your arms up so the baby was cradled closer to your neck as you leaned back into Alec, “I think he’ll like whatever we decide, don’t you?”
The man bit his bottom lip, gaze softening, “maybe Emmett wouldn’t be the worst?”
“So not off the table?” You teased with a laugh.  
“Well...” Alec cleared his throat, “maybe under the table on the floor?”
“I can live with that,” you snorted a laugh, leaning into Alec’s side, snuggling in even tighter. “I love you.”
Alec leaned over to press a kiss to the top of your head, “I love you too.”
His gaze dropped to the newborn, “and I love you too, little one.”
“Little Emmett,” you joked, wanting nothing more than to annoy Alec a little. You could tell he was already softening about the name suggestion despite his initial dislike.
“Don’t push it,” Alec laughed, settling his cheek on top of your head. “We’ll discuss it.”
Hopefully you liked this! Thanks once again for the request, and thanks for taking the time to read! As always, if it’s not what you were looking for, feel free to prompt again! 
Also, if you’ve read some of my other things, you’ll know I’m awful at naming things, so there’s a little nod to the American version of Broadchurch, Gracepoint, where David’s character’s name is Emmett, just incase you haven’t seen it :P Feel free to name the baby whatever you desire though!
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kawaiiauthormuffinzonk · 3 hours ago
Big sis Trish headcanons
Tumblr media
Made purely cause I love her and she deserves happiness! UwU
First things first is that she’d be extremely supportive as a big sis but also slightly protective towards of you
She already had to grow up without a dad along with the fact that her mom does her best to make sure she’s grew up happy and loved
So Trish would absolutely try to do the same for you
While Donatella is at work Trish would be doing her best to help you with anything.
Despite what most people think when initially meeting/seeing her she’s actually really intelligent and wouldn’t mind at all if you asked for her help
You Also wouldn’t even need to ask about getting a makeover cause she’s already getting nail polish, picking a playlist of songs and pulling out a rom-com
She absolutely adores having nights where the two of you just commentate on movies while having a mini spa set up
Trish has trouble making friends due to her appearance and you’ll probably have to face the same thing so the two of you rely on one another
Because of this the two of you are practically inseparable which makes it easy for the two of you to read one another. If your upset Trish already knows and talks back against who insulted you while you help express what Trish actually meant (because she sometimes makes things seem more like insults/orders)
She’d Definitely be supportive if you came out cause she’s a Lesbian queen. (She’d also definitely hit someone with her channel purse if they dared say something homophobic or transphobic to you)
Once Donatella dies and both your lives are flips when learning your dad was the apparent boss of passione she becomes very protective
She becomes much more guarded towards people (other than you) and does her best to be a shoulder you can cry on
Donatella’s death hits her hard but she tries to act like it doesn’t in public but once behind closed doors she’ll occasionally break down in your arms which probably leads you to do the same
The constant uncertainty of the situation is something that weighs on her heavily especially since she worries for both your futures
Until your both placed in the protection of team Buccarati. It starts off a bit….rocky though unlike before you both can tell this group of mafiosos are different
The first facts is that they have people around both your ages since all the others the two of you were stuck with we’re old stuffy men.
The group also seems more like a family (though giorno is seemingly cast out for awhile) than a group of criminals
She eventually begins letting down her walls when she notices you getting close to the others.
She especially gets close with Bruno after seeing him become a father figure to you
But nothing good can last forever since the two of you are now wanted targets and the two of you have a squad of assassins after you two
When the assassins are after the two of you she’s always by your side helping you if your overwhelmed or scared.
Lemme just say tho that if any of the assassins even get a glance at you she’d go out of her way to punch them
Like She doesn’t even have her stand yet and has no idea how they have weird abilities but she doesn’t care and will punch them (she won’t even care if it breaks a nail)
Once the group reaches Venezia and everyone learns the truth of what your father actually wants she’s PISSED
She already had to grow up without a father but after learning he was still alive she hopes that maybe he could be there for you
But no! He’s trying to kill you both!
After this she’s much more determined and ready to fight than before which surprises everyone but you and Bruno
Trish has always been emotionally strong so it made sense that she’d be determined to find out the truth
When she gets spice girl her stand is basically gonna be besties with your stand
Like spice girl is just gossiping with your stand about stuff (it’s actually funny to watch)
Spice girl totally loves playing small pranks on your tho and also likes to do small things like braid your hair or help Trish paint your nails
Once in Sardinia and the group decides to team up with the assassins shes glares at them allot
She’s still sour with them but since she’s determined to find out the boss’s identity she knows it’s best to get more people to help team bucci
She eventually warms up to them though if you help her (but even then she’s still on edge around them)
In rome when the finall battle happens and everything is finally ok Trish hugs you while crying
The two of you may miss Donatella but you’ve both found a new family plus assassin uncles (who Trish still has a bit of a grudge against)
Tumblr media
Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted. I’ve been focused on school and my Wattpad stories lol
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anxietymom · 3 hours ago
I’m not part of a “mom group”. When I first had Casey two months ago, a family member invited me to join the Facebook group she runs for mother’s. I figured it would be a good thing to be a part of given that it was all about support and giving advice...yikes. Mom groups, I quickly discovered, are a breeding ground for judgment, negativity, and just generally making other moms feel like shit. Maybe they aren’t all the same but, from the other women I have talked to, the verdict is pretty similar. If you use formula you’re a bad mom, if you use nipple shields while breastfeeding you’re weak. If you complain about how hard breastfeeding is...well how dare you. Sleep training is a no no, letting your baby fuss for a bit before picking them up is just cruel. God forbid you use disposable diapers instead of cloth (or visa-versa), and let’s not forget about how whichever way you choose to discipline your child, you’re wrong.
I believe that we all do whatever works for us. It doesn’t matter what Susie Smith says is the best way; if you find something that makes your life easier then that’s the way to go- as long as you know, you’re not harming your kid. I co-slept with Casey for the first week of his life because if I put him down he would scream. And scream. And scream. A lot of people made me feel bad for doing it, but at least I was getting enough sleep to be able to care for my baby properly. After the week of co-sleeping, when Casey started to move around more in his sleep, we decided to try him in his own room in his crib because he absolutely hated his bassinet. The looks of horror, the snide comments, and the flat out accusations of being a shitty mom that I got was unreal. But Casey slept a full six hours after we moved him to his room and my partner and I sleep way better now too. Selfish? Perhaps it is, but I think the good outweighs the potential bad in this case. I know that this sleeping arrangement wouldn’t work for everyone, lots of parents keep their infants in the room with them way longer, lots of parents co-sleep too. Like I said before, if it works it works.
We all do the best we can, we’re all just as clueless as the next person and trying to find some type of balance in a world that got turned upside down and inside out once our babies arrived. Who am I to tell another parent that they’re doing it wrong? I don’t even know what the hell I’m doing 99% of the time. It doesn’t matter if Jane isn’t breastfeeding, or if Linda is using cloth diapers; their babies are healthy and loved and that should be all that matters.
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