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#and he’s like
enemy-to-the-state · 3 days ago
me: *has ordered from starbucks by myself on many occasions and sometimes i even end up ordering for other people because i anticipated those situations ahead of time and was able to perform the task*
me: *thinks that walking into starbucks this time, my dad will order, and thus i don’t mentally prepare for it*
my dad: ok, ash, take my card and order
me, brain going immediately static: there’s coffee at home
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anya-dev · 18 days ago
if ollie was that worked up over the cigarette scene i can hardly imagine how he was doing after the tattoo touching scene. or the piggyback scene. or the argument in his kitchen. in fact ollie’s route is basically just riling him up more and more and it must be driving him crazy and i love it
He’s going to implode sooner or later. The man prides himself on his self control is it???
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arugulafriend · 3 months ago
My step dad is so annoying I’m like look at this thing I find funny and he just goes >:(( that’s not funny I don’t get it
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hihi zozo 🥰
🍺Favourite drink?
👾Do you believe in aliens?
m a y b e (????)
🌅Are you a morning or night person?
night lmao
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dabo-simps · 4 months ago
dying over the way niki and tommy interact on twitter cause niki is so nice to him and he's always like 'yup' or 'nope' to her and it's hilarious
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speechlessxx · 4 months ago
not me convincing my dad chris evans is a senator 💀😂
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justasheithblog · 2 years ago
After the war is over, when Shiro and Keith get married, they decide to adopt a bunch of kids. Because Keith knows how hard it is to grow up without having parents, and Shiro didn’t have much of a family, either.
When their kids get older and bring friends home, Shiro and Keith unofficially adopt them, too. Their children’s friends get their own gifts every holiday season and they each get nicknames.
Shiro and Keith leave their front door unlocked every night and keep food stocked in pantry for whenever they have company over. Because sometimes those kids’ own houses aren’t places where they want to be, but no matter what, Keith and Shiro’s home is always a safe place for them to come to. There’s plenty of blankets and pillows, and always room for an extra seat at the table.
Shiro and Keith’s children pretend to be embarrassed about it, but secretly they love their parents. Sometimes they send a text as a heads-up if they’re coming home with an extra person.
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teenjudas · 2 years ago
i’m genuinely so curious as to why guys ask for nudes (especially if they requested my insta 30 seconds beforehand)
like are you really so technologically incapable you can’t google porn? why ask me?
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