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#and he soothes himself just fine lol
illshineforyou · 28 days ago
Anytime I ever ask my baby’s doctor about helping him sleep longer stretches they’re just like “oh he sleeps short stretches because he knows if he cries you’ll respond so he hasn’t learned to soothe himself” like no dip???! Of course I’m gonna respond to my baby??? You want me to just let him scream himself to sleep every night????? Sir what??
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peterbenjiparker · 12 days ago
Ok I’m sorry if u got this twice lol not sure if tumblr ate my ask💀 but fluffy request: you’ve been out doing stuff all day, you’re exhausted and Peter gives the best hugs
college!peter || wc: 1k || cw: fluff, lil suggestive
peter huffed as he sunk in the couch, gaze flickering from the telly to his wrist watch every few seconds. you were supposed to be home two hours ago but it was almost midnight and he was alone in your shared apartment, with a half eaten chinese takeout box and it's remnants strewn over the coffee table.
it was date night.
you promised you'd be home, you had texted him that you were on your way two hours ago and there was still no sign of you. you haven't returned his calls or texts, a part of him was letting his worries take over but his anger outweighed his worries.
he hadn't had the chance to spend time with you in weeks. uni and his spider-man duties barely left any time for you both to spend time with each other. not to mention the part time job you took up last month to help out with the rent. he lived with you, in the same apartment and yet he felt like he hadn't seen you in days.
sure, he'd pull you closer to him during the rare early hours of the day when he'd just gotten back from patrolling and you were about to wake up to leave for work. he'd kiss your lips, hold you to him and bask in your warmth. but that was cut short by your stupid alarm -
all he wanted was to spend some time with you. to have you talk about your day (mainly, complain about your stupid boss) with a glass of red whine in your hand while he cooked dinner. he wanted to kiss you mid sentence, turn off the stove as you'd place your wine glass aside so he can pick you up and push you on the counter - okay, maybe he was frustrated because he hadn't slept with you in months.
but at the moment, he didn't care. it was date night, all he wanted was you -
“i'm home,” you pushed open the door, sniffling as you wiped your nose with the sleeve of your sweater.
peter pushed himself up from the couch when you shut the door behind yourself. you let your tote bag fall to the floor as you screwed your eyes shut, leaning your head back on the wooden door.
“y/n, i've been calling you for hours,” peter huffed, planting his feet on the cold floor, taking a few steps further to catch a glimpse of you that was previously obstructed by the wall separating the entrance and the living room, “where have you been - ?”
“sweetheart, are you alright?” the anger vanished into nothingness, his frown morphed into a concerned expression as he took your hand and pulled you closer to him. you were drenched from head to toe, your clothes clung to you like a second skin and he could tell you've already caught a cold with the way you were sniffling.
“i thought you had an umbrella in your bag?” he pushed the wet strands of your hair out of your face as you let him pull you further into him, “are - are you okay? do you want me to run you a bath - ?”
you stepped in, circling your arms around his waist and pulling him in as you rested your head on his chest, “i'm sorry i missed date night,” you sniffled and he relaxed. he smiled to himself, patting your head as he rubbed soothing circles on your back.
“y/n, it's fine,” he kissed your forehead, “its okay, it's not your fault - ”
“its not okay,” you pulled away from him, your breath hitching as you wiped your wet eyes with the back of your hand, “i promised that I'd give a night, that I'd give us a night. the classes ran late because this stupid fucking bitch doesn't know how to read the time, she have us the wrong assignments and then balmed us for not turning in the right one. it's the assignment that took me three fucking days to complete, you know - ”
“i know,” he reached out to you, “i know, baby.”
“and work - ” you let out a hollow laugh, making peter grow further concerned, “this bitch had the audacity - what part of we do not sell hotdogs in a fucking ice cream shop does he not get? he threated to report me over it and - and then the car broke down so I had to get it towed away and it started raining and I was late for our date, I-I gave my umbrella to this girl who started working today because I had my car but, I didn't -”
“y/n,” he hushed you and pulled you in, he wound his arms around your waist and held you to him. your fingers curled around the material of his shirt and you hid your face in his chest. “its alright, you had a hard day, I understand. now, quit worrying about the date, I'll take care of you.”
“its okay,” he cooed when you tried to protest and you nodded in defeat, pressing a kiss on his collarbone as you snuggled for warmth, breathing in his intoxicating scent that calmed you. it reminded you that you were with him.
you were home.
“i got you all wet,” you puffed out a laugh, wiping your wet cheeks as he chuckled, looking down at the wet stain on his shirt.
he raised an eyebrow at you, “i thought i was supposed to get you all wet.”
“shut up,” you narrowed your gaze at him playfully, shrugging off your coat. he took the coat from your hands as you took off your shoes. “give me a few minutes then we can cook dinner,” you placed a hand on his back to let him know as he hung the coat on the coat rack, “i'll go take a shower - ”
“good,” he smiled at you as his gaze flickered to the kitchen, “i ordered chinese takeout, I'll heat it up for you while you're - ”
“ - and you're going to join me,” you smiled at him slyly, pulling him towards the bathroom by his arm.
“even better,” he blushed, letting you pull him inside the bathroom and shut the door.
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jinkicake · 14 days ago
Secret Love Affair
Requested: Kenma, Osamu, Sakusa, Semi getting caught in a secret relationship.
Kozume Kenma x Reader
Miya Osamu x Reader
Sakusa Kiyoomi x Reader
Semi Eita x Reader
A/N: Anon, let me start off by saying how much I love writing for this group LOL Also, I truly cannot remember writing this... so... idk,,, Sometimes the smut works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t..... This is filthy, Sakusa’s is my favorite!!!! He’s so much fun to write for!!! Esp. smut!!!! Thank you Sakusa!!!!
WC- 2,358
Kozume Kenma
I can def see Kenma having a successful secret relationship LOL nothing is getting exposed until Kuroo finds out and opens his fat mouth 
Kenma just enjoys his privacy and prefers to keep to himself,, as if he wants his friends hounding him about his s/o
And he was doing good, keeping his little secret going, no one suspected a thing!
But then, Kenma got lazy. It wasn’t his fault, really, he was just so tired from the night before that he forgot all about the marks on his back... And they showed... esp in the locker room
Kuroo tried to help him, he really did, he was covering up his friend in any way that he could before someone saw but Kenma was just not getting the memo
So even as he pushed Kuroo off of him and rolled his eyes, it wasn’t until Kenma heard the loud screams that he realizes just exactly what happened
Of course, Lev had the most vocal reaction which was followed by Yamamoto. Even Fukunaga let out his own little gasp as he tried to avert his eyes anywhere else
The worst part isn’t even the embarrassment Kenma faced from the entire ordeal, from everyone’s reactions, it’s their constant bickering about meeting his s/o
Like obviously if Kenma wanted to introduce you, he would have done so already but his old teammates just don’t get that… 
Poor Kenma has no choice now, he has to introduce you to get them to shut up! 
“Kenma, I’m sorry,” You gasp, trying to steadily breathe with the hand wrapped around your throat. You know that it’s your fault for leaving marks on him but, damn, you couldn’t help it! 
All Kenma has to offer is an eye-roll in return as he shakes his head. He’s a breathtaking sight, really. How dyed strands of his hair slip out of his bun, framing his face perfectly. 
Not to mention the way he is holding onto your hip and rolling his lower half into you. 
Kenma has been fucking you over and over for the last hour, it’s too overwhelming and nearly impossible not to feel everything. You’d be squirming, arching your back into the air as you beg for more, if not for his solid grip on your side. 
“It’s fine.” Kenma’s soothing voice finally makes its way to your ears and you nearly let out a sigh because of it. Something about his gentle tone always leaves you begging for more. “You’re making it up to me now,” Softly, he places his lips on your jaw and kisses a path all the way to the corner of your mouth. Momentarily his bright eyes flicker up to yours mischievously before he lightly squeezes his hand around your throat. 
The small part of your lips as you weakly moan is more than enough for Kenma to properly kiss you. His nose brushes against your own as he covers your mouth, lightly applying pressure before pulling away. Kenma only gets so far, about 3 centimeters, before he kisses you once more with purpose. 
It’s hot. His tongue rubs against your own before lightly drawing shapes against the roof of your mouth. He’s not afraid to get messy, and every noise that leaves your lips causes him to squeeze your throat even tighter. 
You’re left panting and desperate, needing to come more badly than before. Kenma would be a fool not to notice. 
“I’ll fill you up again, just stay patient for me.” 
Miya Osamu
Osamu rarely gets large things like this under Atsumu’s nose so it’s a surprise that that team doesn’t already know about you
I feel like Osamu would also most likely tell Suna or Ojiro if he had a s/o because he wouldn’t able to keep the information to himself (he’d love to brag about it) but….. for the sake of this scenario, Osamu doesn’t say a word!
Secret relationships are always more fun, Osamu likes the tension of sneaking around with you and pretending as if he has no interest in anyone even though you are right there in front of him
He likes to see how long he can keep his lie going HAHAHA especially with the team, he thinks they’re so easy to fool!
Okay but, honestly, Kita knew from the beginning that Osamu was dating someone. Literally from the first day Osamu started dating you, Kita would know. He’s perceptive like that
So when Osamu’s relationship finally gets revealed, Kita isn’t surprised in the slightest
Atsumu is though, definitely, he’ll be screaming his head off… Atsumu can’t figure out if he is in shock from the disbelief or upset that his brother didn’t tell him!
I feel like Suna and Ojiro would pretend not to care but they would be really curious about you,, like what do you even see in Osamu?! 
All of his nosy friends will want to meet you and try to figure out just how the hell you can stand Osamu 
I feel like if Osamu himself, sweet thing, isn’t enough to make you want to break up then having to deal with Atsumu will be HAHAHA
“O-Osamu?” You nearly screech as you grab onto the edges of your table. One moment you’re bending over to reach for one of your magazines and the next, your boyfriend’s head is in-between your thighs. “What are you doing?” You whisper-shout at him despite being alone in your apartment, you blindly try to grab his hair. 
“Let me do this for you,” You hear him murmur against your thigh, smothering a ‘gotta prep you’ into your skin.
“Prep me for what?” You bite, nails digging into the wooden as his tongue runs over your clit. His skillful fingers have already pushed your sleep shorts aside as the digits run up your slit. You have somewhat of an idea about Osamu’s outburst, not that him randomly trying to put his head between your thigh is a rare occurrence but, usually, he is much more talkative than this. 
He eagerly laps at your clit, licking up broadly before sucking the sensitive pearl into this mouth. Osamu repeats the action, over and over again, focusing on your clit as his fingers pull your outer lips apart. 
All too soon, he brings his mouth to your slit and continues his passionate licks. You’re enjoying it plenty, releasing little sighs here and there, almost sitting back against his face. 
The moment he abruptly sticks his tongue inside of you, you’re almost certain that you could’ve come. 
“Osamu!” You whine, trying to tighten around the warm muscle as your body craves for something much larger. The purposely strong strokes of his tongue against your walls nearly has your body grinding back on his lips. 
With time, two of his fingers replace his tongue and he starts to set up a rhythm as he diligently fucks you. 
“You’ll take my tongue, my fingers, my cock.” He murmurs against your clit, sucking harshly again just to show how much his jealousy had worked him up. “You’ll take it all as my good little girl.” 
Sakusa Kiyoomi
(I LOVE WRITING FOR SAKUSA!!!!!) Sakusa cannot keep your relationship a secret from Komori, his cousin will know the second that you two start dating
However, other than that, Sakusa is already a quiet and reserved person so no one will really know
At the same time, no one really asks so…. Sakusa isn’t eager to tell anyone, he doesn’t go out of his way to talk about you 
Sakusa enjoys having you to himself, your presence brings him so much comfort and he doesn’t want that tainted with his annoying friends HAHA
If he can even call the people he met at that training camp, way back when, his friends…. 
With Sakusa’s personality, it would come as a surprise that he did not triple check his appearance before he walked out into the gym because damn, should he have
If he knew that he had to deal with Atsumu rolling on the floor and clutching his stomach -to mask his jealously that stupid omi-omi has a s/o and he doesn’t- then Sakusa would have never left the locker room 
Note to self, future Sakusa, don’t agree to practice with Atsumu (hehe). All he will do is point at the marks on your neck and ask stupid questions like ‘how did it get there’ or ‘you know you have to touch another person to have sex, right’
Your relationship is forcibly pushed into the spotlight then, Atsumu wants to know everything
But don’t worry, it’s not like Atsumu will tell anyone! He’s a trustful, not loose-lipped, libra!  
“How do you take so much cum?” Sakusa grunts into your ear, his core tightening at the feeling of your shared fluids running down both of your thighs. “You got another one for me, baby?” 
You just might have been fucked stupid by Sakusa. 
When you don’t answer he harshly pinches one of your nipples. 
“Tell me if you can handle it, (Y/N).” The seriousness in his voice makes it that much harder to concentrate, you can barely take the way he is fucking into you from behind. Every snap of his hips stings against your ass but the feeling smooths over with each gentle rub of his fingers against your clit. 
“Yes, Kiyoomi.” You sigh weakly and collapse onto the pillows underneath you, gripping at the sheets as Sakusa gently pushes the rest of your body down into a more comfortable position. Despite your tiredness, your boyfriend keeps going. You have to reach out and grip onto the sheets to hold on. The hand that covers your own, squeezing tightly on a sharp thrust, does little to help you keep your sanity. 
“I love seeing you like this,” Sakusa whispers into your ear, licking your shoulder boldly as he does so. “so spread out for me. I could do anything that I want, huh?” 
All you can manage is a weak nod because, yes, Sakusa could do whatever he wanted to you. 
“I’ll stuff you so full of my cum that it’ll be dripping out of you for days. You always knew I liked it messy though, didn’t you?” His voice gets deeper and deeper with each word, almost as if he is holding himself back from releasing moans. 
You know better than anyone just how messy Sakusa likes to get. Only with you, of course. 
The rest of the world could burn. 
“You’ll let me cum again in this pussy again, won’t you?” The kisses pressed against your ear tell you that Sakusa wants you to actually answer with your words this time. So, you do. 
“Yes, daddy.”
Semi Eita
Knowing Shiratorizawa, it makes sense why Semi-Semi was not jumping at the chance to talk about you 
He’s also another reserved person, and lowkey protective, he wants to keep you all to himself! It’s like you’re his sweet little escape~ I dunno, scorpios are possessive like that…. 
It’s kinda hard to keep your relationship a secret, especially from prying eyes like Tendou’s that seem to be everywhere!
But, if Semi has to tell anyone about your relationship, he will be telling Reon! Reon won’t tell anyone!
Reon doesn’t even have the opportunity to tell anyone before Semi accidentally spoils it for himself though
It’ll probably come out as a slip of his tongue, he’s arguing with Tendou and one thing leads to another and he’s talking about how he knows exactly how to please someone
And then, competitive Tendou is just dying to hear more and, Semi can’t help but brag about it and it all just comes out
In the midst of this, Ushijima will just point out the scratch marks on Semi’s arms and back but no one will really pay attention to it…. Except for poor Goshiki, my poor baby’s eyes
Long story short, Tendou will somehow win his argument with Semi and you’ll be introduced to all his besties 
This might be planned or randomly but, they’re all dying to meet you anyway so… please go to meet them!!! Semi will be kinda pissed that you’re not his little secret anymore,, he’ll just have to take his frustrations out on you later HAHA
“Eita,” You delicately sigh as you run your fingers through his soft hair, who knew cockwarming with him could be so relaxing? 
Semi lets out a quiet groan, trying to hide his face deeper in your neck while he stubbornly licks your skin. 
“What’s wrong?” Your question is initially met with silence and you preoccupy yourself by tracing the red scratches cascading down his back. “It’s okay, whatever it is.” 
And Semi wants to believe you, he wants to give in to your sweet voice and believe every word that you’re saying. But then, he remembers how overbearing his friends how. How they want to meet you for themselves, no doubt to tease him or put in a bad word!
Just the thought of you meeting any of them has a strike of jealousy hitting Semi. Your neck is going to be fully covered in marks tomorrow if he keeps biting down on your throat as he is. 
He doesn’t even want to think about his old teammates and their inability to remain subtle. Semi just wants to focus on you and making you feel good, so, that’s exactly what he is going to do. 
“Don’t worry about it, baby,” He finally lifts himself onto his elbows and reaches up to place a kiss on your forehead. 
“Don’t worry about it?” You push back, frowning as you try to imagine what could possibly be troubling him. Semi knocks that look off of your face within an instant with one single snap of his hips, nearly pulling himself out entirely before bottoming out inside of you. 
“Eita, wait,” You cough as you try to cover a loud moan, your eyes nearly bulge out of your head when you notice your leg is already thrown over his shoulder. “you can talk to me.”
“Yeah?” Semi breathes into your ear, groaning teasingly when your walls tighten around him. “How about I talk to you about how much I want to breed this cunt?”
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krazykento · 14 days ago
I take a sip of my tea “hear me out” I say, “jealous eren / armin / levi / and erwin headcanons, i just want to give everyone want they want” i set my tea cup down then walk off, but i come back and say, “maybe oluo too cause some people are closeted oluo simps, they’re just too scared to admit it, like me” i add then turn back around and walk away.
...why am I laughing at my own request 🧍🏻
featuring: eren, armin, levi, erwin, and oluo
a/n: i’m so excited to do these, let’s go🙈 —kami
warnings: slight nsfw, nothing too explicit.
Tumblr media
eren bad at hiding it, so he’d gain some sort of confidence to separate you from the person or give them a hint
he’d start off by budging into the conversation, making himself known and noticeable
if that doesn’t work, then he’s gonna get touchy
it’d start off with a simple arm around your shoulder, gradually turning into having his hand on your inner thigh or moving it down to your ass if you’re standing
it wouldn’t even be in a way to tease you, it’d be to show the person he can literally do this to you and you’d be fine with it LMAO
he doesn’t seem like somebody who’d full on have you drop the conversation or person, but if they’re still naïve about the message, he’d definitely just pull you away and say you guys have something urgent to do
he’d walk off with you and tell you about how the person was clearly trying to get with you, pouty tone as he tries to get some reassurance or validation from you
i think armin is the type of jealous person to make his feelings obvious but not direct
like he’ll start giving the person who’s hitting on you/flirting with you like backhanded compliments:
“oh! um—nice shoes! they kinda look like the ones i saw by the horses, could’ve sworn one shit on them lol”
definitely gives you subtle touches; well atleast he thinks they’re subtle. he’s full on massaging your thigh, pinky finger rubbing over your core purposely. he knows it’ll get you riled up, and the only thing you can do is sit and wait.
he acts innocent when you confront him, but you watch what you say bc you know armin would go all crazy on you all night
definitely leaves very visible hickies on your neck, then invites the person who was flirting with you to lunch the next day.
I think Levi would be best at hiding any sort of jealousy he feels, mainly cause he’d put a lot of trust into you
he knows you’d never do something like that to him, but he can’t help but feel a vacant feeling in his chest when he sees you start to spend time with someone more than him
he’d probably tell you straight up, though i think he’d struggle to open up a bit about how it makes him feel. he’d do his best to show you his vulnerable side and let you understand his side
i don’t think he’d look you in the eye while telling you this, but would when you start to respond at his confession
to see something new like that from Levi would be shocking, though enough to let you know that you should evaluate what you’ve been doing and remind him that you love him
it’d end off calmly, nothing tense in the air but more of a soothed feeling for both of you
erwin would act like he doesn’t care but he has this look that he gives
like eyebrows raised n all
let’s the other person talk and then after he has enough he’ll kick them out or tell them you two have something to do
literally fucks u all night until the only name you remember is his
next day he invites the other person to come eat breakfast with you both
the only topic of the conversation was the sex you two had last night
other person’s just like .... okay
safe to say the other person kept their distance for awhile
this man would try his best to not make it obvious
he’ll be clingy tho, like he’ll come to you and wrap his arms around you mid conversation
kisses your neck as if you’re not tryna talk to someone
the other person would try to include him but he’s busy
eventually you get annoyed and apologize to the other person, dragging him away to your quarters
“are you okay???”
him: “yes why?”
“okay so would you mind not kissing me in front of my cousin? it’s awkward.”
he’s like :0
you’d definitely tease him and one thing leads to another, safe to say you don’t see your cousin again that day LOL
Tumblr media
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herrera-n-hayes · 22 days ago
So could I request this prompt for a one shot ( if it isn’t a problem lol) where Travis is sick? Possibly while at the station ( sorry this is so vague )
Chamomile Tea
So I have just had the most wonderful evening watching five episodes of Station 19 with my best friend and despite the fact that it’s almost 2AM, I can’t think of a better time to write this Thank you so much for the prompt...enjoy...
“If I have to answer one more phone call today, I think I’m going to cry” Travis admitted letting himself slouch back in the desk chair. It wasn’t comfortable enough to soothe the aching in his bones but he supposed it was better than dealing with any other chore at that moment. Maya only chuckled from where she was leaning on the doorway of her office, she’d needed a brief break from paperwork and was glad to know she was right that Travis too needed a quick respite from his phone shift. She really hadn’t been in the mood to walk all the way to the beanery for someone to chat to for a few minutes.
“I’ll tell you right now that the best part about being captain is not having to do the phone shift anymore. It’s the worst” Maya admitted, chuckling when the phone began to ring again. It seemed that everyone in Seattle had a query that day. Maya immediately composed herself though, upon noticing how the noise of the phone ringing caused Travis to wince. She folded her arms across her chest and waited for him to finish the call before asking “You alright Montgomery?”
“Yeah, just a small headache” Travis shrugged, avoiding Maya’s gaze. She was far too good at knowing when he wasn’t being truthful, Maya made no reply as she kept her eyes firmly on Travis knowing that simply glaring at him would cause him to crack “Okay fine I have a really bad migraine and everything hurts but I’m fine”
“No, you’re not”
“No, I’m not” Travis slouched back into the chair, glad that Maya’s voice held no pity for him. He hated being pitied “I’m sure I’ll be fine though, there are only a few hours left in this shift”
“Head up to one of the bunks, I’ll get someone to cover your phone shift” Maya ordered, her voice so commanding that Travis didn’t dare argue “If you’re still not good after a nap then I’m sending you home”
“Hey” Vic’s voice was barely louder than a whisper as she walked into the bunk that she knew Travis was in. He had texted her to let her know that he couldn’t sleep and instead of texting him back, she’d made her way to him once she’d prepared a cup of chamomile tea. Travis scrunched up his nose in disgust as he took the steaming cup of tea from her, he’d never liked the smell of chamomile “It’s good for migraines and it will help you sleep”
“It tastes like grass though” Travis protested after taking a sip of the tea “You put honey in it?”
“Of course I did” Vic replied as she sat down on the bed “If I didn’t know how you take your tea by now then I wouldn’t be a great best friend would I?”
“Thank you” Travis smiled “You’re probably going to hover me over me for the rest of the shift aren’t you?”
“Absolutely” Vic nodded, with a serious expression on her face “I’m also going to hover over you once we’re home too. You are going to drink fluids and eat soup and not be an insanely stubborn patient okay?”
“I make no promises about the last part” Travis warned, both of them knew from experience just how frustrating he could make it for her to take care of him. Travis wasn’t sure why he did that whenever he was sick, he supposed he just hated asking for help “I’m going to owe you big time aren’t I?”
“No. You won’t owe me anything Trav, I’m doing this because I care about you not because I’m looking for something in return”
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titanpudding · 24 days ago
hi, can i request 53 and 56 for reiner? i really love your writting ♥
Tumblr media
-ˋˏ just friends?
pairing: Reiner Braun x fem!reader
warning: none
a/n: this took me & got much longer than I wanted to lol!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The two of you walked through the streets of the internment zone. Everything was decorated with colorful flags and there were food stalls as far as the eye can reach, all for the current festival. With a small smile on his lips Reiner had bought you the best ice cream you ever had and now you‘re both on your way to your other friends that were waiting at the market place.
Tightly packed people strolled in all directions and it was hard not to lose each other in this loud jumble, so ultimately Reiner put his large hand on the small of your back to guide you and make you feel safe.
His heart was racing, unsure of what you would think of his move. Because although he liked you (he has for the past few years if he was being honest) and sometimes actually thought you would reciprocate his feelings, he has never confessed.
Indeed – each time he was in trouble you were there trying to sooth his fears. You two bonded so well, so much so, you were attached at the hip. Anywhere Reiner was, you weren’t far behind. He would always remember your loving touch, even if it was just you accidentally brushing his hand with yours. The way you always cared for him he soon found himself drawn to you emotionally. You filled a void in his life that he could never totally explain. In a way you‘d saved him. But then again, a little while ago, you started doing odd things. It was almost as if sometimes you tried to avoid him. Just like how you suddenly got a move on and shaked off Reiner's hand without saying a single word or looking back. The warrior sighed. He found your innocence, or shyness - he wasn't sure, very moving, although at the same time he was annoyed by it. He finally plucked up all his courage and hurried up, grabbed your arm to turn you around to face him and then he cleared his throat: "You mind telling me what's going on?" "What are you talking about?", you replied as nonchalantly as possible, fully knowing what you just did and what he meant. Heat attacked your cheeks and you blushed. "You've been acting strange for weeks now, hell months. Maybe even years. You know what I'm talking about, y/n." "It‘s nothing. I'm fine." Reiner groaned: "Bullshit. You can't even make eye contact right now."
You swallowed nervously and thought of an excuse to end this discussion as soon as possible: "I've been busy with work lately. I'm trying to focus on that more than my friends, I'm sorry." "We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”, Reiner bellowed. There was an awkward silence, followed by more hurt stares from him.
Your body tensed. He was right. He always looked so handsome in the military uniform he wore that soon you found it hard to take your eyes off him. And as you spent more and more time with Reiner, you really fell in love with him that you began to wonder how long you could be satisfied with this platonic relationship for the little time you both had left. But you decided to ignore your feelings and suffer silently, like some heroine in a novel. You just couldn't deal with the disappointment and rejection at the latest when Gabi or Falco would inherit his beast titan so you simply didn't allow your feelings to grow for Reiner. Tried to cut the string you had attached to him. But now he pulled you back in.
"Okay, fine. You're right. You're not just a friend to me. I couldn't get you out of my head, so I needed distance. Thought it would help but it didn't. I love you, I’m in love with you. I have been since that night a few years ago when I stayed up with you to keep your mind off Marcel, Berthold and Annie and I saw the tears that welled in you eyes.“ Thinking back, he gulped: "Okay. And what do we now?" Reiner was nervous. So many thoughts ran through his head that he didn’t know what to think, „Y/N, please say something.“   As if you had any clue. You knew what you wanted to do, to reach up and grab his face and crash your lips to his. But… „Reiner, I think we shouldn’t – Suddenly his warm breath hit your face as he leaned in towards you. You were petrified, the touch of his hands felt cold as he grabbed your face. And he hesitated for a second, waiting for you to pull away from him, to stop him - but you didn’t, because finally your heart ignored your head.
Reiner kissed you, slow and tenderly, almost as if he was afraid that you would disappear as soon as he opened his eyes but you kissed him back.  „That. I want to do that.“, you whispered as you both parted and Reiner delighted in the sight of your dazed expression. Then, you grabbed his face and brought his lips to yours again.
„Should we head back home? Talk?“, the blond man asked sheepishly, still confused with what just happened. He couldn’t believe you just let him kiss you! „But what about Porco, Pieck and Colt? Zeke and the others are waiting.“ „You prefer them over me?“, he joked but the idea still appalled him. He never wanted to let go again. He wanted to wrap his strong arms around you, hold you like the rest of the world didn’t matter. Now his focus was only on you.
You giggled and suddenly had an idea: „Fine, I do. I especially enjoy spending time with Pock, you know. He’s a funny boy. And if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that youre jealous.“, your lips curved upwards into a cheeky smile.
“I’m not jealous! its just… you’re mine!”
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to titanpudding ; 2021
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makaylajadewrites · 26 days ago
You already know I am SCREAMING over here cause I'm so happy for you ;u; Congrats on 400 bby you deserve it <3333 I love you!!!
ahem so anyways, I'm gonna demand emojis now. 🍒 <- Literally any of your WIPS I promise I will believe they are amazing and perfect kay? 💎 <- Moreid as dads???? Yes pls. 🖋<- Follow up to the dads thing cause now I can't stop thinking about it.
Ahhh I love you so much ❤️ Also this is going to be pretty long so I'm going to put a cut in it so that it doesn't fill up the entire dash lol.
🍒 -  an excerpt from a wip of mine (they’re all terrible but I’ll try to find a good one!)
Okay so this is from my current wip that I’m hoping to share in a few days. So I’ll give you a little sneak peak lol
He indulged himself in a couple of drinks, chatted away with a few of the other patrons before they got bored and left, but soon enough, he found himself alone. But just as he was about to stand to leave after his failed attempt at enjoying a strip club, the sight of another man coming to sit beside him at the bar caught his attention, and he stopped dead in his tracks.
Derek had always known that he wasn’t straight. He didn’t have a label for it, since he could enjoy anyone’s presence if they proved to be good company, but he typically leaned towards women. He enjoyed the softness of a woman’s skin and the feeling of his hands in their hand. Women just seemed to fit him a little better - he didn’t know why.
This man was gorgeous though. Gorgeous, with messy chestnut curls to his shoulders that seemed to suit his angular face particularly well. He had sharp features, with high cheekbones and a straight jaw, but the feminine appearance of his lips and the subtle curve of the bridge of his nose took Derek by surprise. He was almost androgynous in nature, and from afar, he might have mistaken him for a women. The second those dark eyes turned to look at him, Derek felt the breath leave his body, and he realized that never before had another man made him feel breathless.
💎 - moreid headcanons! + 🖋 - a mini crappy drabble of a prompt of your choosing
So I actually kind of wrote something like this a little while ago here, in which they adopted a boy. So I think what I’m going to do is just write a little drabble about that:
"Do you think he's ready?" Spencer asked nervously, bracing himself against the bathroom sink counter, looking at his husband in the mirror. Derek stood in the doorway, the couple fresh out of the shower. His arms were crossed over his chest as he regarded Spencer with a fond, amused expression, an eyebrow cocked and his shoulder leaning into the wooden doorframe with a towel wrapped securely around his waist. Tomorrow was their son's first day of preschool. Derek was eager for him to get to know other kids not including Jack and Henry, but Spencer was a nervous wreck about sending him off on his own. Gale was a smart but sensitive boy, and even if he played tough at times, he was clearly more of a bookworm, just like Reid.
"Why wouldn't he be?" Derek asked with a small smile, but his voice grew calm, soothing, "He's already four, Spence. He'll be fine."
"I know, I just... I don't want to see him go," Spencer said, and as soon as Derek heard the wavering in his lover's voice, he approached him from behind and wrapped his arms around the younger man's waist, stroking his hips comfortingly as Spencer exhaled shakily. He could understand why Spencer was upset. This was their child, and both of them wanted nothing more than to keep him safe, but they couldn't shelter him from the world forever. But he didn't expect to for Spencer to start crying.
"Spencer, baby..." Derek said in slight surprise as he realized that tears were falling from his partner's dark eyes. Spencer just laughed through a sob, using the back of his sweater's sleeve to wipeout his eyes.
"I just want to keep him here and safe from the world forever... I don't want Gale to go through the same things I did when I was in school," Spencer admitted to Derek, spinning in his arms to face him, leaning back against the counter and resting his hands on Derek's shoulders. Derek cupped Spencer's cheek, his thumb swiping away the tears that continued to slip down his pretty face.
"He'll be okay... Gale, he's... He's a tough kid," Derek said, watching as Spencer just smiled and nodded.
"Just like his Poppy," Spencer said with a hum of a giggle, leaning in and pecking Derek's lips fondly. Derek just smiled against his husband's lips, holding him close and pressing their foreheads together once their lips parted.
"He's smart too, just like his Daddy," Derek said, and Spencer hummed softly once more, and they shared another kiss before heading to bed for the night.
"Daddy! Poppy! Wake up, I got school!" Gale yelled, jumping onto the bed, resulting in two separate groans from his parents as their legs were crushed under the weight of their son. SpencerH untangled his and Derek's limbs, pushing himself up and just smiling sleepily at Gale who was beaming up at him, his hazel eyes bright and filled to the brim with excitement. It was still dark outside, Spencer realized, and he turned to look at the digital alarm clock and sighed.
"Gale, it's still really early so why don't we get some more sleep rest, okay?" Spencer hummed sleepily, pushing the blankets off of his bare legs and moving to stand up. He noticed that by then, Derek was sitting up too, and Gale had made himself comfortable in the middle of the bed.
"Baby, just let him sleep in here," Derek hummed, and Spencer sighed once more before just giving in and settling back down in bed. He smiled at Derek tiredly, and Derek regarded him with a similar expression as they laid down with Gale between them. It took a little while for Gale to go back to bed, but when he did, he was out like a light.
"What time is it anyway?" Derek asked Spencer, reaching over across Gale to stroke his partner's hair. Spencer smiled sheepishly.
"Two o'clock," Spencer said and Derek just chuckled, withdrawing his hand and glancing down at Gale who was snoring lightly in his sleep, his round face peaceful and at rest.
"He's so excited for school," Derek murmured, and Spencer just nodded his head, beginning to play with Gale's curls, nothing but love in his eyes when he regarded Gale. He had known from the moment they met that he would love this boy endlessly - Gale clearly felt the same way, since the moment they met him at the adoption center, he had clung to Spencer's leg without letting go. It was simply meant to be.
"I know... I'm still worried about him though," Spencer said.
"I don't think that'll ever go away, Spence," Derek said, and the two shared another chuckle before saying their goodnights - again - and getting a few more hours of sleep.
The next morning came sooner than they would have liked. Both men shared a groan between them as the alarm clock went off, and even Gale whimpered a little. But soon enough, all of them were out of bed and getting ready for the day. Derek took Gale to his room to get ready while Spencer took the first shower. When he was finished, Derek took his own shower and Spencer helped Gale gather everything he would need for his first day of preschool. When Derek was out of the shower, he fixed breakfast for his family since Spencer in the kitchen was nothing but a bad idea. At least he could make coffee though, and that was all he needed to function properly.
Once they had all ate breakfast, they loaded into Derek's car and headed for school. Gale was chattering away the entire time, talking about all of the kids he would meet and saying how excited he was for school. With one look towards his husband, Derek could tell that Spencer was most likely going to cry again, and while Gale went on and on about everything and nothing in the backseat, they held hands across the middle console.
In the parking lot, with Gale unloaded from his carseat, he slung his dinosaur backpack on and held his dads' hands as they walked with him into the school building and to his classroom. They said their goodbyes and both Derek and Spencer kissed Gale before he ran off to join his classmates. Some of the other parents looked at them like they were an oddity, but neither Spencer nor Derek paid attention or even cared. It was their son's first day of school, and they were watching him grow up right before their eyes.
Spencer lasted until they were out in the parking lot again, where he ultimately broke down and leaned against Derek who pulled him into a hug, kissing the crown of his head. While Spencer tried to cover his red, tear-streaked face, they walked to the car with Derek's arm around his waist.
"He'll be okay, Spencer," Derek said softly to him once they were inside. Spencer sniffled and just nodded his head, his lips trembling as he turned to look at Derek.
"I don't want him to grow up," Spencer said with a wet laugh, "I want him to stay little forever."
"I know, baby... But he'll always be our little boy, you know that, right?" Derek said softly, holding one of Spencer's hands and reaching over to stroke his face with the other.
"I know," Spencer said, wiping at his eyes, "I know, I just... I'm worried for him," he said again.
"I know you are, but luckily for him, he has two of the greatest dads in the entire world," Derek said warmly, and Spencer just smiled, his dark eyes slightly swollen from crying. But still, to Derek, he was the most beautiful creature on earth.
"I love you," Spencer said softly.
"I love you too," Derek responded immediately, tucking a strand of hair behind Spencer's ear. "More than you'll ever know."
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the-iron-orchid · 29 days ago
Julian’s New Toy (ask prompt)
Tumblr media
Another one that got a little out of hand in length.... lol
Pairing: Jinana/Julian, ~2200 words
Warnings: Buttplug, masochism, biting, oral, 69 (as much as they can lmao), PiV, general graphicness, implied prostate lol
🍋🔞 18+ Only, Minors DNI! 🔞🍋
Tumblr media
Julian fidgets nervously as he contemplates the item in the box. Is this too forward of him? Will Jinana even agree? Is it even his place to want such a thing from hir?
You’re overthinking this, Ilya, he tells himself. S/he has never been judgmental of his wants. But it’s so hard to turn off the part of his brain that insists every eventuality must lead to disaster. S/he has seen him at his best, and at his worst - and somehow, miraculously, s/he says that s/he loves him.
Surely this is not such a big deal.
“There you are.” Jinana’s voice is soft, but Julian nearly leaps out of his skin all the same. “Are you all right, darling?”
“Oh, fine, fine. Never better. I was just, uh, thinking. Didn’t notice you coming up the stairs.” He places his body between the box and Jinana’s gaze… but he knows that those dark eyes miss little.
Hir look says that s/he has noticed the box, but s/he just smiles. “I’ve locked things up, I’ll be down in the shop if you need me. Just a little inventory.”
“OK, that’s fine, inventory is good…” The corners of Jinana’s eyes crinkle slightly with amusement, and he feels his will fail him, the words spilling out of him only half-considered. “Uh hey so I got a little something, well kind of a big something, and I was, you know, maybe hoping we could try it tonight, if it’s not any trouble of course, I mean we don’t have to, and -”
“Julian.” S/he cuts off the stream of words with a finger across his lips, then smiles. “Of course, my love, you know you have only to ask.”
Heat rises in his cheeks, unbidden as always, and internally he curses the pale skin that shows it so well. Silently, he takes the box from behind him and presents it to hir.
It’s heavy in hir hands, and hir eyes widen as s/he sees what it is. “Darling… it’s lovely, but… I’m a little worried it will hurt you.” S/he lifts the item from the box - it’s a plug, made of finely polished metal, the base set with faceted glass. It’s quite a bit bigger than similar toys they’ve used in the past, and heavier.
Julian feels his cheeks burn more fiercely, as heat begins to pool in other places. “I… I want it to hurt,” he admits, looking away. Hir hand reaches up to cradle the side of his face.
“I know, sweetheart. I just don’t want you to be injured. You must promise to tell me if it’s causing you any real harm, all right?”
He nods his head. “I promise.”
“Then go and get ready, darling.” Hir smile sends a little frisson up his spine.
There’s something about preparing himself at hir order that’s exciting all by itself. He knows that s/he likes nothing better than for him to be freshly washed-up and waiting for hir, and just the thought of what they are about to do is already getting him hard. It would be so easy to get himself off beforehand, to help himself last longer with hir... but he doesn’t dare. He belongs to hir now, whole and entire, and he would not have it any other way.
His ablutions completed, Julian takes himself to the bed. It’s bit of a point of pride to arrange himself differently every time - this time, he’s sprawled on his back, one knee raised, the sheet draped so as to barely cover him. One arm is under his head as he tips it back slightly, letting his hair spill back from his face and over the edge of the bed. The shiny new toy rests next to him, along with the little pot of lubricant.
Jinana smiles as s/he enters the bedroom, magically fresh as a flower, as s/he always is. “My goodness, is this all for me?” S/he reaches out to run hir hennaed fingers over his chest, up his throat, his chin, tracing lightly over his lips. Julian takes them into his mouth, sucking at them lightly with a little moan. “And so eager.”
Hir voice is always low, often soothing. But when s/he speaks to him like this, a purr with a husky little edge to it... it feels as intimate as a caress, spurring a reaction every bit as physical. He arches his back a little, giving hir a heavy-lidded look.
Jinana tangles hir fingers in his hair, tipping his head back further, brushing hir lips over his. He feels hir teeth lightly graze over the skin of his throat. They meet with an exquisite little pain, again and again, each one making his hips give a tiny jerk.
He used to curse the way he loses himself so easily, the part of him that immediately starts begging for more. But he knows that s/he loves this, and while s/he will tease him for it, s/he would never want to change it.
He can let himself go, secure in the knowledge that s/he will be there to hold him, that it won’t be too much, a phrase that has haunted his life.
“And how shall I take you tonight, sweetling?” s/he murmurs, causing him to give another small moan in response. Hir soft lips press over the places s/he has just bitten, but do not take away the sting he likes so much. “I think I know just the thing. Want to see the new trick I’ve learned?”
Not waiting for his answer, Jinana releases him, standing up again and snapping hir fingers. All of hir clothing immediately falls to the floor, leaving hir standing nude amid a pile of fabrics. S/he throws hir head back and laughs. “Just think, darling. I could do this to you at any time… anywhere. Now put your head on the pillows.”
The thought sends Julian’s blood racing even more, and the scanty coverage of the sheet in no way hides his growing excitement. It slips away entirely as he wriggles his way up the bed, and Jinana looks down on him approvingly.
“So worked up already,” s/he says. “I love that about you.”
Julian feels himself flush harder under hir regard, warming under hir approval. He doesn’t think there’s anything he wouldn’t do for that feeling.
S/he climbs up on the bed next to him, visiting kisses and bites over his body, making hir way downward. S/he pauses to leave a particularly intense bite-mark just over his hip, making him give a strangled little sound.
His cock is fully erect now, lying against his lower belly. He loves watching hir take him into hir small hands, as s/he does now. S/he bows hir head, extending hir pink tongue to touch the very tip of him, where a growing bead of pre-come emerges. Even this small contact makes him groan with pleasure; when s/he pulls away, a little string of clear fluid stretches between them, and he shudders with need.
Hir warm mouth closes over him, as far as s/he can take him - which isn’t far, but the way hir tongue moves under the head of his cock makes him want to lose his mind all the same, and he isn’t afraid to be vocal about it.  “Oh fuck, yes, just like that, Jinana please -” His hips strain up to hir, even as s/he draws back.
“Are you ready, darling?” s/he asks, but he has no doubt that s/he knows just how ready he is. He nods his head eagerly.
“Yes, yes, oh yes…” He cannot see hir preparing the plug for entry, but then he feels a slick coolness against his entrance, slowly making its way inside. It starts easily enough, but soon he finds himself having to consciously relax against its size and weight. Just as he is beginning to wonder if he overestimated himself, the ring of muscle inside of him aching fiercely as he is stretched open, the plug pops inside of him. The wave of painful pleasure in its wake causes his belly to contract, forcing a grunt out of him.
“Very good, my dear.” Jinana chuckles and makes hir way back up his body, there to give him a slow, lingering kiss while his body relaxes around the invading object. “Now I want you to do something for me.” S/he smiles and rises from hir position against his side, reversing hirself along his body. Understanding, Julian helps draw hir leg across his chest, then takes hold of hir hips, lifting himself slightly from the pillows to reach hir with his mouth.
He loves everything about this, from hir tart-edged taste to hir scent, to feeling hir hips shudder under his hands as he sucks lightly at the tender lips of hir. He loves feeling hir contract around his tongue as he pushes it deeply into hir and withdraws, fucking hir gently.
The difference in their sizes means that s/he cannot reciprocate fully, but he doesn’t mind. Hir hands stroke him, he feels hir stretch hirself along his body, to where s/he can just tease the head of his cock with hir lips and tongue. It keeps him at a high pitch of excitement that is only amplified by the jolts of sweet, deep hurting that come when pleasure causes his own inner muscles to force the unyielding plug against his insides in just the right way.
The sounds s/he makes and the movements of hir body tell Julian when he should change his tactics, pick up the tempo. He works the tip of his tongue quickly over hir clit in short strokes, feeling a sort of pride when s/he is forced to stop what s/he is doing, resting hir head against his belly and setting hir nails into the skin of his flanks. S/he digs them in fiercely, bringing another delicious bloom of pain even as hir hips start to jerk under his hands with climax. S/he cries out against his skin in hir bliss, and he makes sure that he takes hir as far as s/he can go, pleasuring hir relentlessly, until finally hir hips relax in his grip.
Jinana rests upon his body, and he can feel hir ribcage heaving against him as s/he catches hir breath. His hands caress hir thighs, buttocks, and lower back in long, soothing motions, until s/he finds the will to lift hirself from him.
“Mmm, that was lovely, darling. Perhaps you deserve a little treat for your good behavior.” S/he wets his cock down delicately with hir mouth, then moves hirself to straddle his hips, rubbing more wetness from hir own body on him before raising hirself to take him in. Julian watches raptly as his own length begins to disappear into hir - it always surprises him that s/he can take as much of him as s/he does, s/he seems so very small to him.
Jinana moans aloud as he fills hir up, as far as he can go. “Don’t worry about holding back, my love,” s/he says, slightly breathless. “I just want you to enjoy yourself.”
“Oh, but I want to feel you come,” he counters, reaching out to tease at hir nipples, feeling hir squeeze him with each little spark of pleasure. “I want you to hear you scream my name. Will you do that for me, love?”
Jinana smiles down at him, even as hir hips start to grind slowly. “Anything for you, sweetling.” S/he laughs lightly, and Julian can feel it where they are joined. Then s/he starts to move upon him, and the jostling brings a whole new dimension to the movements of the heavy plug inside of him, a bruising feeling that he may regret come tomorrow, but right now it only adds to it all.
Julian grips Jinana’s hip with one hand, and with the other he gently rubs at hir clit with his thumb, his hand looking exceptionally large and pale against hir belly. Hir own hands fondle hir breasts, pinching at the nipples, and soon he is holding on to his own control with a grim determination. He can tell that s/he is close again by the tenor of hir sounds and the increasing speed of hir movements -
“Oh fuck, you feel so good... oh, Ilya…. ILYAAAA!” The last is nearly a shriek as he starts to furiously thrust himself into hir, even as s/he clamps down on him in orgasm. Hir whole body is wracked by it, and the shocks of sweet pain and sweeter pleasure cast Julian himself into a hellish vortex of climax. The pain that comes with every spasm only sends the next one higher, until a dim part of him starts to wonder if he’s going to survive this. He can hear his own gutteral cries, as if he’s being tortured.
But finally it does let him go, drifting back to himself, where Jinana is slumped against his chest, still joined to him. His inner muscles twitch irregularly against the plug, and he can feel a sort of pulse there, through the soreness that now pervades his whole pelvic floor.
It was worth it.
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jinkicake · a month ago
Take Me High... Now Put Me Back Down
Requested: Awkward little moments with Akaashi, Kuroo, Sugawara 
Akaashi Keiji x Reader
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
Sugawara Koushi x Reader
A/N: For, Anon!!! Okay,, I don’t have any awkward stories of my own... But my friends do HAHAHA So these ideas came from my friends’ stories that somehow fit these characters LOL I hope it is alright, I had to make them awkward and cringey to do my friends justice, ya know? Also... damn I suck at titles
WC- 1,912
Akaashi Keiji
I think Akaashi would be very serious during sex LOL Like he has one mission and he wants to get it done,,,, he is always -usually- focused 
Therefore, if you try to strike up a convo with him in the midst of the act he will not entertain it
Like baby, listen, he has to deal with his talkative ass coworkers all day and also Bokuto (who loves to rant to him over the phone). And don’t get me wrong, he loves his bestie but when Akaashi wants to relax,,, he wants to relax!!!!
He’ll still encourage your conversation though because he is not an asshole but,,,, a sagittarius like him is very serious 
An awkward aspect that I can see Akaashi having during sex is that he is not always confident in what he is doing so… there might be some times where you’re both like ‘so what do we do next’ because no one wants to take the lead HAHAH He is a bit hesitant,,,,
But he does have a habit where he is able to soothe over awkward moments very easily,,, like one moment it’s tense and then the next you both have completely forgotten about what was happening
Akaashi tries his best, he really does
OMG, there might an instance where he cums too early but honestly…. It’s natural he is fine LOL just very embarrassed about it 
Again, the poor thing is so worked up all the time from his stressful ass job like when he gets relaxed and tries to unwind, some things may just come a little too quickly for him
These are some of the only things I can think of when I imagine Akaashi’s little awkward quirks HAHAHA He built different so…. there isn’t much
“Apparently the earth was made from a dust cloud in space, like billions and billions of tiny little particles, isn’t that crazy?” You proudly tell your boyfriend, mentally patting yourself on the back as you think about the previous information you had actually retained from your latest lecture. 
Akaashi all but pants against the crook of your neck, his hair matted down to his forehead as he tightly grips your hips. 
He loves you, he truly does, but how do you expect him to focus on anything other than the way you cunt is swallowing his cock whole. How is he supposed to listen to your lecture story now?
Akaashi is a great listener, he prides himself in being one but sometimes your need to tell stories gets out of hand. 
“Very crazy,” He boldly licks your skin as a response, gently biting down on your neck to silence his whines. 
“Yeah, and the moon was created by another planet smacking into the earth,” 
Akaashi could literally cum at this exact second from solely hearing your voice alone. He doesn’t know if he should be proud of this or not. 
“No way,” He grunts, feeding into your storytelling as he thrusts his hips up into you. He’s rewarded with a soft moan and a nod of your head. 
Of course, Akaashi already knows this. He took his geology course a semester before you, he has learned this before. 
But, you don’t need to know that. 
“A-a-and the Earth was suuuuuper-“ Akaashi’s particular thrusts leave you on an edge, unable to form the words that desperately want to come out. Finally, he thinks. Now he can make you cum and then he can cum-
“I-If you wanted to shut me up, fuck, you could have kissed me or something!” You glare and dig your nails into his shoulders, leaving your boyfriend to curl over you. You must be trying to kill him.
“I wasn’t trying to, (Y/N).”
“Yes, you were!”
“No, I was not.” 
Poor Akaashi will never hear the end of this. 
Kuroo Tetsurou 
Kuroo definitely has his fair share of awkward moments, he becomes so clumsy when he gets nervous or overly excited
There are a few times he accidentally tugs on your hair or nearly crushes you with his large body,,, don’t worry just shake it off~
The ‘ows’ are always followed by a ‘shit, sorry baby’,, Kuroo tries his best okay…
And sometimes, he fumbles over his words and his dirty talk doesn’t match up but honestly, it’s kinda endearing to see him so nervous~
Just knowing that your boyfriend is just as flustered as you are is always comforting, he’s like putty in your hands!
But,, lawd, does it kill the mood sometimes like Kuroo will end up laughing at himself and roll off of you because of the way his words string together. His mind often wanders whenever he’s messing around with you, not because he is bored anything but because he always has such eventful days
However, when you try to do the same, you might just get a faceful of your pillow…. Like if you decide to try and tell Kuroo a joke or some shit about your day as he is balls deep inside of you he will preoccupy your annoying mouth
The poor scorpio is sensitive, okay, like the moment you start laughing or get sidetracked when he is vulnerable and has his dick out, he will not take it lightly…. He gets his feelings hurt easily HAHA
You’ll have to kiss his ass to help heal his ego,,, not to worry though because all it takes is one smooch 
No matter how much you and Kuroo try, you can never be serious during your intimate moments
“Umm, my hair, Tetsurou.” You silently cough as you glance up toward his hand, you nearly wince at the way he is pinning a section of your strands against the pillow. 
“Ah, shit, sorry.” His apology means little because, after one wrong move, your poor scalp is burning. 
“Ow, asshole!” You swat his bicep away before you even get the chance to muster up your angry glare. 
Your boyfriend is not the most graceful. 
“I’m not doing it on purpose,” He grovels out, teeth clenched as he untangles his limbs from your own. You two have been at each other’s throats all week, tension building up and up. It always ends up fine with you underneath him, issues all figured out with simple touches. This time, you just want to tease him as much as he teases you. 
“If you wanted to play rough, all you had to do was ask.” The spit of an insult quickly shifts the tone of the room within a handful of seconds. Kuroo glances down at you with lust heavily clouding over his eyes and it sends a lick of heat to your stomach. You almost feel bad because while you’re trying to hold back your laughter, your boyfriend is blinking down at you owlishly in excitement. 
“Really?” His breathy tone is your last straw and you stubbornly hide your face into your pillow to try in an attempt to silence your laughter. 
“What?” You gasp back in utter shock that he had actually taken you seriously. All too soon, your previous laughter boiled down to nothing but a few shakey exhales. “What,”
“Fuck off.” Your boyfriend gently presses your face back into the pillows, placing one hand on the back of your neck while the other tightly grasp your hip. 
“You wish I’d fuck you~” The purr that leaves your throat is matched with a slight roll of your ass back against his hips. It’s the perfect way to get him flustered, to see how the red blush paints across his face. It’s why you always find yourself getting a faceful of the sheets. 
Sugawara Koushi
Omg,,,,, Sugawara would be the most chill boyfriend who would def have conversations while being balls deep inside of you
Like the man loves cockwarming and prefers it most of the time so… you can believe that he would strike up random convos with you as your legs are over his shoulders
Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes you want to smack him upside the head because you were so close and no you don’t want to hear about the new fragrance cleaner he just bought
Sugawara is the type to fuck you before work, before you go out with your friends, he just fucks you anywhere anytime
You two have a limited amount of time with the other anyway because of your busy schedules so he likes to make the most of it!!! This is why sometimes your conversation times overlap with your sexy times and,,,, it still somehow manages to work out
It never bothers him, he can still always finish even as he tells you about his new lesson plans or the astrology recap he heard on the radio
Even still, Sugawara does have his awkward moments just as any other person
For example, he cannot stand being bored or remaining in one position for too long…. 
So…. You are most likely to get cramps pretty easily,,, with his gemini-ass he cannot stay in the same place for more than five seconds or he will get bored and when Sugawara gets bored he becomes a brat and simply cannot function
Of course, he will help you whenever you’re in need but it won’t be as fulfilling as when he puts his all into it! When you both end up with cramps, it doesn’t work well for anyone… 
“Wait, wait, wait!” You screech and try to move your leg off of your boyfriend’s shoulder. If you had known you were going to be this tense, you would have fucking stretched beforehand. 
“Too much?” Sugawara innocently kisses your ankle before putting your leg down against the sheets, his warm hand rubs soothing against your inner thigh. 
“It’s like some days I can do it and other days, I can’t.” You sigh in exasperation but the noise does not phase your boyfriend at all, he’s still staring down at where your bodies are intertwined. The asshole is captivated by it. 
“I get cramps too, don’t worry about it,” He eases into you slightly and watches as you immediately tense up at the delicious feeling. “You know how many times I had to stretch even before we stretched in practice because of my poor limbs?”
You have most definitely heard this story before. 
“So many times?” You nearly squeak, toes curling, when he finally bottoms out inside of you. The feeling is short-lived and overgrown with something even more gut-wrenching once he starts to thrust his hips roughly. 
“And everyone wanted to say something about it!” He rants, recalling on previous memories of his team’s overall annoyance with stretching. “Yet, whenever they all got cramps then no one wanted to complain about stretching then.” 
“You were a good upperclassman, Koushi.” You praise into his ear as you gently kiss the skin just below it. “Where would they have been without you?” 
“They wouldn’t have gotten to nationals, that’s for damn sure!”
“They sure wouldn’t have,”
You try to block any thoughts relating back to your old school and instead focus on the way your boyfriend is fucking you so earnestly, it’s like-
“Babe, you have to forgive me.” Sugawara stills and stops moving despite the way you tugging on him like a vice. “I have to text these assholes and remind them of how good I was for them,”
You almost want to scream but, you know once the distractions are out of the way then you’ll have him all back to yourself. 
“Right, you do that~” 
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fineanddandy · a month ago
Mr. Popularity (IV)
Summary: Bianca and Chris are on the road to getting a little more serious...
Relationship: frat boy!Chris Evans x black!OC “Bianca”
Warnings: fluff, smut, angst, fluffy smut, mentions of fingering, outdoor sex, 18+ always
A/N: alright folks! We are here! Sorry it took forever but it’s finally done and it’s pretty damn cute. Seems pretty long (didn’t word count it) aaaand I almost left y’all with a smut cliffhanger lol but fuckit let’s get into it...
Tumblr media
“Good morning’d you sleep?”
The birds chirp and sing so beautifully outside in the sunlight, celebrating a new day. Somehow I could smell the fresh morning air in the room, feel it faintly kissing my skin. Waking up I felt amazing, relaxed, already grinning as I stretch against the soft sheets, burying my face in the fluffy pillow that cradles my head. Turning over in the bed, the tip of my nose and lips grace his warm skin. Brushing my nose in the hairs on his forearm I grin wider, love that I get to smell him when I wake up in the morning. Chris lightly chuckles at me snuggling into his arm, soothing down my bed head hair with a sweet sigh.
“Silly girl.” He mumbles down at me wrapping my arms around his hips. “Are you gonna do this every morning?”
Finally I open my tired eyelids to see that happy face peering down at me. “As long as you’re here every morning then yes.”
Laughing, those pretty blue eyes dazzling, Chris leans down to peck my forehead. “Well it’s a good thing that I’ll be here, every morning, for the rest of your days...wifey...”
“AAAH! WHAT! NO!” Lurching up out the bed, I shout myself awake, unfamiliar with the room I’m in for a second before recognizing all the Boston gear. That’s right. Trying to settle my heart by taking a few deep breaths, I pan the room for the owner but he’s nowhere in sight. Fine, that’s good I can try to wrap my mind around the cluster that was that dream. I place my hand over my rattled heart feeling an unfamiliar satiny fabric there. How did his ratty football jersey get on my body? I can’t even reflect on last night I’m too freaked out by my dream. It means nothing. It’s just a dream. A blissful dream only because Chris had me orgasming over and over and over all night. Never exhausting. That’s all. Don’t read too much into it.
Haphazardly collapsing back onto his comforter, I heave a big sigh thinking about how that dream made me feel, how Chris himself makes me feel and automatically I smile, then smother my smiling face into his bedding with a soul cleansing groan. Ugh you’re in DEEP Bianca, I think to myself as I continue to groan loudly into his covers. And that’s when he walks in his room.
“B?” I jerk my head up hearing his voice. “Are you okay?” Chris stands looking adorable in his door with two to-go coffee cups and a small brown paper bag.
“Oh! Uh...yeah,” frantically my hands straighten out my disgruntled look, wiping away sleep from my eyes and fingers combing through my hair. Does this man ever look bad? I know I look like trash but there he stands dumb cute in a dingy vintage Sox shirt and shorts and his favorite cap always turned backwards. “Yeah I’m good. Where have you been?”
Crossing the room with a grin Chris explains, “Got up a little early and worked out for a bit and felt like getting you a little breakfast.” He sits the bag down and hands a cup over to me. “Caramel latte.”
Squinting up at him suspiciously, I take the cup from his grasp. “How’d you know that?”
Chris frowns at me. “What? You don’t remember?”
Completely oblivious, I frown back. “No?”
Opening the bag he pulls out a banana nut muffin, which is also my favorite, laughing to himself. “One time before class I ran in to you at the coffee shop you sat with a banana nut muffin,” he points, “and I took a sip of your coffee. Caramel latte.”
He’s not slick, so impressed with himself he can’t help but smile at me astonished but still skeptical, taking a drink from my cup.
“...uh huh. Well thank you. That’s very creepy...but sweet of you.” I wink taking a sip of the best latte I’ve ever had in my life. It didn’t make sense a coffee shop on campus created such greatness. Putting his cup down next to my muffin on his nightstand, a grinning Chris leans towards me across the bed.
“You’re welcome Bianca.” He croons biting down on his bottom lip. “You’re real cute in the morning...especially in my shirt.”
Smooshing his face away, I turn my head to take a drink. “Excuse me, I like to drink my coffee in peace. Thanks.” Hiding my smirk I take another drink while peeping him from the corner of my eye, smiling and laughing at me pushing him away. But he returns nudging my cheek with his cute nose, pecking me sweetly and muttering,
“Fine. You’ve got an hour before I have to taste you again.”
Again? Swinging my chin back around to face him I scoff in his face. “How the fuck are you not tired.”
Chris kisses my complaint away. “When it comes to you B? I’ll never get tired.” Kissing my snickering lips Chris takes my cup from my hands and reaches behind him to put it away on his nightstand.
“You make me fuckin sick.” I continue to snicker as he stands taking off his hat and shirt. “Hey, hey. You said I had an hour.”
Once he’s popped the button of his shorts he leans back across the bed, smiling while shaking his head. “This won’t take long. C’mere.” Abruptly my back slams into his mattress, his hands quickly up his shirt pinching and tweaking at my nipples while sucking at my neck. Bucking and moaning into him under his control I giggle and whisper in his ear,
“But I really want that muffin...”
Chris snorts a chuckles into the hull of my neck as his fingers slip into my panties eagerly reaching for my clit. “And I want this muffin...” he pants kissing up my jaw to my stretched lips, “so shutup and let me have it.”
He makes me feel so good I can’t shutup, moaning and praising his name each time he rolls his fat tongue over my swollen clit or his thick cock strokes my rippling walls but I let him have me however he wants.
I know walking back in the room is going to be a chore with my roommate hassling me, asking me a thousand questions and opting to tell her the bare minimum. But I get lucky because she’s not there when I drag my worn out body into the room. Even while Chris was taking care of me and feeding me bits of my muffin, scenes from that dream kept popping into my head, literally snatching my breath away any time it did. I didn’t want to think too much about it; it’s obviously too much too soon. I know that I’m no idiot the midst of all my fear and confusion behind it, I felt happy. And that makes me sick. And not because I don’t want those things, any sensible person wants to feel like this with another person but...because it’s him. Pain in my ass, beer pong champion, himbo perpetrating, cargo shorts wearing goof ball white boy...who’s heavily into me. Where do I, nerdy, obscure, no body black girl, come off possibly dating the hottest guy on campus.
“Oh you’re back.” My roommate chimes as the door closes behind her. “And you’re already wearing his clothes?” She points at his jersey over my dress, smiling coyly. “Oh that’s cute. That’s real fuckin hot B.”
Sitting up quickly I tell her, “I had a dream.” I didn’t know if I should tell her about it but I had to get it off my mind and I definitely wasn’t going to talk to him about it. I just needed to bounce it off someone. Immediately she drops her backpack and sits on her bed giving me all of her attention.
“Oh shit!! What happened?” She asks with a very anticipated smile, ready for some foolery.
Anxiously wringing at my fingers, I try to decipher where to begin. “I felt very natural like, even in the dream, I was waking up and turned over and he’s there and I’m cuddling up on him...and he called me,” I rub my hands over my face, “wifey.” I whisper over to her with an uneasy smile, my shoulders up by ears.
“WHAT!” She shouts jerking herself alert.
“Yeah that’s what I literally screamed as I woke up.”
“Wifey?! Where did that even come from?!”
Throwing my arms up in the air I collapse back on my bed. “Fuck if I know,” smacking my hands down on my forehead, “but I can’t get it out of my head.”
“You know it could mean nothing right?”
I rub my eyes, recounting it all over on fast forward again. “Yes, of course, that’s what I’ve been telling myself all morning.”
She comes over to sit beside me, fretting over how stressed out I am over a dream. “So what’s the problem?”
Fanning my fingers over my eyes, I look over to her, afraid to say it aloud. “Don’t freak out okay? But...I kinda liked it...?”
But she doesn’t react the way I thought she would. She just smiles at me, her hesitancy making my brain scramble even more. “You’re so fucked.”
Sighing with a pout, I whine, “I know.”
“And you haven’t told him?”
I fling my back off the bed in surprise. “Be serious right now.”
Her hands immediately thrown up in defense. “I’m just asking questions.” Then starts grinning and smiling at me again, poking me, “you wanna be his wifey.” She sings mocking me and I roll my eyes. This is exactly what I wanted to avoid having this conversation because it just throws me into more confusion.
“No—I don’t know—it doesn’t matter. It was just a dream. Hell, I’m not even his ‘girlfriend’ or whatever. We had one night together. That’s it. And well...this morning too but that’s not the point.” In the midst of my confused ranting, I somehow started pacing around the room and she just watches me go on.
“Point is you like him B.” My roommate muses but then snatches my arm as I gear up to give her some snark. “But that’s okay! I mean really, Bianca, it’s okay. He’s into you...let that shit be.”
Plopping back down beside her I huff, “And I am, swear I am. It’s just the dream...” It was a lot...irritatingly so. Like I told her it has only been one night really with him so how could my subconscious do me like this. My roommate puts a comforting arm around my shoulders.
“It fucked you up huh...”
Resting my head on her shoulder, I heave a sigh again. “So bad dude.”’s stuck in my mind. But I needed to get over it. Move past it because I know I don’t want to marry this doof. My roommate’s right though I should let it be and enjoy a dude being into me like this. A dude who pays so much attention to what I’m into, who wants to take care of me. Before I left the house, Chris kissed me so intimately I almost went back upstairs to his room but fuck I had to get out of there. A girl’s body was worn the fuck out and needed a break.
Chris, on the other hand, could run a 5K he felt so great, so amazing. And one of his frat bros could see it when the way he bounced around the house. Digging around the kitchen for something to snack on, his bro watches him with a funny look.
“Yo dude. You look annoyingly happy. Get out of here.” He fusses pointing at the door and Chris just cracks up, finding a bag of chips to munch on. Needing nourishment after making me cum two more times before I struggled to walk back to my dorm like a normal person. Chewing loudly with a very large smile, Chris looks and points at him chip in hand.
“I am annoyingly happy.” Then chomps down on it, still smacking and smiling. His bro laughs rolling his eyes while going to the fridge to grab a beer.
“Feeling accomplished? You’ve been going on and on about her for months now.” He slams it down on the counter, popping off the cap before handing it to Chris who sets it down beside him.
Chris chuckles mouth full. “I feel more than that. I feel...” looking up to the ceiling he searches for the perfect word, “effervescent.”
Raising an eyebrow his bro closes the fridge door. “Wow. Big word. Big emotion bro.” Opening his beer he takes a drink then frowns, asking Chris, “you sure this girl is it?”
Laughing to himself, shrugging his shoulders, he muffles, “I don’t know maybe,” shoveling more chips in his mouth before closing the bag and putting it down. What a silly question to ask. Swallowing, Chris grabs his beer with a smitten grin and takes a drink. “Who cares? Bianca’s just...” but he never finishes the statement, just stares off in the distance, reminiscing his morning with me. His bro leaving out the back door, shaking his head at a lost in the clouds Evans. So sickly smitten with me he can’t get enough of my laughs so soft and sweet in his ear. How I call out his name all tender and deep when he’s getting me all turned on. He could have spent the whole day cuddled up between my legs talking and laughing. He couldn’t wait to see that smile again. That’s when Chris pushes himself off the counter, slamming back his beer and trashing it as he exits the kitchen. An idea motivating his feet up the stairs to grab his wallet and keys and rushes out the door.
Later in the evening, I’m sitting up in my bed re-reading one of my favorite books, fighting my brain from thinking about Chris all fuckin day. Just focus on anything else but what’s new? Is this what it’s like to like a boy? It’s pretty exhausting. I missed him laying all his weight against my side, cuddling me up and chatting about whatever. Sometimes I couldn’t focus on his words, too mesmerized by the way his lips move when he talks. Grinning, infatuated by it all, I just stare at his pretty face. His happy go lucky blue eyes peering up at me through his long lashes. Asking me if I’m even paying attention, and always being honest about it. No definitely not...I can’t stop staring at your lips...a soft knock on my door jerks me out of my thoughts. Placing my bookmark back in its place I go for the door, wondering who it could be bothering me. My roommate was out with that frat bro she met at Chris’ party so shouldn’t be anyone for her. But I can’t help but snort a laugh when I see a well dressed Chris out in the hallway, arms folded behind his back. Goodness this man could wear a polo shirt.
“Oh fuckin Christ.” My hips dip as I cross my arms over my chest, checking out how big his chest looks in this shirt. Holding his big ass arms back like that didn’t help whatsoever. My face is instantly so hot but I can’t resist. “I’m sorry. Are you lost sir? Looking for a Becky? Or a Jenny?” Pressing my lips together I suppress a devilish smirk as Chris lifts a snarky eye brow at me.
“Oh. Actually, yeah I think you’re right. I’m actually looking for Jessica. Let me go...” He turns on the balls of his to head back down the hall but I grab his bulging bicep and pull him in my room with a loud laugh.
“Get your ass!” I shout closing the door behind him and he’s already on the attack with the kisses, giggling and biting at my cheeks. Mumbling ow and turning away with laughs I smack at Chris’ thick chest. “Alright, alright.” He’s like a puppy who hasn’t seen their owner all day. Besides what is behind his back? “What are you up to preppy?” Biting back another smirk I swiftly jump away from him swinging one of his big hands at my ass.
“Sooo sassy considering I fucked it all out of you.” He takes another swing and a miss but grabs at my elbow, chuckling when I playfully yelp at him pulling me back into him. Our lips meet.
“Oh there’s an infinite amount of sass in this body,” I mutter against his pursed lips, “the sass replenishes on its own.” We kiss again as he growls in to my mouth annoyed but amused with my banter. I’m sure he’d like a shot to knock it out of me now.
Pulling away with a smirk, he muses, “you’re lucky you’re cute...and I like you.”
Chris presents a small bouquet of flowers from behind his back and it knocks all the sass out of my system anyway. Suddenly I’m bashful and swooning, taking the flowers from him and his smug grin, noticing my very rapid change in attitude. My insides melting but in a sweet way I stare down at the colorful assortment completely speechless. No one’s ever bought me flowers before. Cupping my burning hot cheek, Chris gently commands,
“Let me take you out on a date.”
I couldn’t hold back my smile expanding even wider across my face, nervously laughing in his. My body’s nearing a fuckin conniption. “What? A date? You’re kidding.”
Straightening up Chris keeps his happy eyes on me still caressing my flattered cheeks. “Why would I be kidding? I like you, so let me take you out. That’s what happens.”
He’s right though. It’s just...placing my flowers down on my desk, I insecurely fold my arms, my shoulders up by my ears. God he’s knocking down all my walls one by one. Annoyingly so with ease. Can’t believe he’s actually asking me out with flowers...but the effort makes me cheese so hard.
“Well,” I chuckle brushing my hands over my aching cheeks because I couldn’t get myself together, “what do you have in mind then?”
Licking his lips as he reaches for my folded forearms, Chris breaks my insecure hold with a soft grin. “Are you actually saying yes B?” He starts to pull me in, wrapping my arms around his narrow waist. Peeping up at his handsome face I can’t but help feel so happy and it’s embarrassing. Seriously couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot.
“Dunno...depends. What should I wear?” I rest my chin on his toned chest, falling in love with the way he has this crooked, devilish smile when he stares at me. Like he could eat me up but love on me all at the same time.
“Something casual but cute.” Carding his fingers through my hair he pecks me on the tip of my nose before ushering me towards my closet. “We’re going to see Rocky Horror.”
I blink a frown, immediately halting my steps because I didn’t hear that did I? “...wait what?” Slowly I turn on my feel to face him. “Did you just say Rocky Horror? As in Picture Show?”
Chris nods in response sitting on my bed, flipping through my book. “Is there any other?”
Scoffing a laugh I clutch my pearls. “You wanna see Rocky Horror. With me. Tonight.”
Chris still flips through the pages until he lands where i’ve bookmarked, stopping there to read, and unknowingly confesses, “I love Rocky Horror. I’ve seen it like over twenty times.”
My head spins, completely thrown that he’s seen one of my favorite movies just as much as me. Never would have I guessed or imagined. Still completely stunned, I mutter, “Who are you?”
Tossing my book back down with a smirk, Chris stands with a goofy menacing glare, creeping over to me. His shirt so damn tight across his big ass chest. “You better hurry and get dressed before I start getting ideas and there’s no movie.” Patting me on the ass Chris kisses me up on my cheek, acting like he’s going to feel up between my thighs causing me to squirm. He couldn’t keep his hands and mouth off me, persuading me to give in to his needs but the date night was his idea. If he wanted to just hook up he shouldn’t have bothered. Still swatting his hands away I pivot out of his reach.
“Alright, alright but you have to behave while I get dressed, alright? No,” Already I have to pop his hand sliding up under my shirt, “touching because then we’ll get distracted and I really, really wanna hear you sing ‘Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me’ all high pitched and off key.”
“Hey. That’s my favorite. I sing the shit out of that.” One more kiss and he’s heading back to my bed to take a seat as I laugh at him shuffling through my wardrobe. I could tell in his tone he meant it but being a witness to it...I can only imagine.
There’s no way I can match his cuteness, a stark contrast in how we dress and present ourselves; Chris constantly looks like the local hunk while I come off as the weirdo outsider, clearly not from here, but it doesn’t stop him from protectively pulling me in his side whenever someone looks at us cross. Townies and fellow classmates side eyeing us as we walk a block to the theater. Chris dips his head down to rest his chin along the side of my head each time my shoulders tense up.
“Relax, relax B...” he mutters kissing the edge of my ear as we get in line to buy tickets. “I got you...”
But no one is bothered by it, especially not me but it’s just so noticeable. The closer he holds me into his body, the better I start to feel. Less self conscious I feel. It’s nothing I’m not used to on my own but Chris has never been a witness. Glancing up at him I notice that his baby blues have narrowed and that his jaw has clenched, eyes following people who walk pass. He’s noticing it more and more and that’s mostly my fault so now it was my turn to calm him down. I take his hand that’s bracing my shoulder tightly and lock my fingers in with his, shoot him a soft sweet smile that softens his scowl. Considering the silly shit, I was actually pretty damn excited to see the movie with him, to sing along and laugh and love Rocky Horror right beside me. And it’s cute as I imagined it would be on the way into town. Chris has the best laugh, the best singing voice and to watch him get so into the crowd participation of it all, my heart couldn’t contain all its commotion. Its frantic beating. Anytime he got way into a song, he would grab me by the shoulders and smile and sing directly into me. Biggest smile I’d ever seen. Man he’s adorable, his high energy so contagious I felt like my skin was buzzing from all the excitement. I couldn’t get enough of it. Our hysterics carried us on out the theater; Chris takes my hand and guides me up the street to the next stop exuding utter joy back at me over his shoulder. Time slows every single time his illuminated eyes landed on mine. The conversation hardly falters, casually bouncing between the two of us in the car. I don’t think we’ve ever vibed off each other like this. I can’t help but let him know...
“This is probably the best date I’ve been on like...ever.” Letting my wide happy smile stretch long over my cheeks Chris and I sit on the 50 yard line of the school’s football field, chomping down on burgers and fries, sharing a six pack of beer. A charming smile bites down on a French fry.
“You’re just saying that because you’re trying to get in my pants.” He teases to make me laugh, tossing back a swig of beer.
Shrugging I confess, “Can’t blame a girl for trying.”
A breath of silence is shared between us as Chris watches me pick at the basket of fries we’re sharing, wondering, “Is it really or are you just hyping me up?”
He thinks I’m lying since I’ve never really given him a compliment before. “No, really, I mean it. But it’s also been a while...” Nervously my eyes look over to him to see how he retains the news but his serendipitous expression doesn’t budge. “Thank you for such a pleasant evening. I’ve had a lot of fun with you loser.” It’s probably the nicest thing I’ve said to him ever but I mean it.
Clapping salt and crumbs off his fingers he goes to sit up on the damp grass, clearing trash and bottles out of the way so he can scoot in closer to me. “Mmm I must say I like modest on you. It’s very cute.” Using the tip of his nose to brush up against my cheek he whispers all deep in my ear. “I’m having a lot of fun with you too. I didn’t think you’d agree to go out with me...since you’ve been putting up a fight for so long.”
Rolling my eyes with a grunt, I lean my body away from him. “Fighting?” The word sounds foreign because I’m not sure if I would call it fighting. Ignoring. Turning a blind eye. Chris jerks me back so he can get back to canoodling.
“Oh don’t play coy with me Bianca.” His lips feel so good behind my ear I can’t help but turn into them. Teeth sliding over my bottom lip, trying to ignore the burning in my cheeks. “You like the fight...the work...” His big hand grabs ahold of my thigh while his lips continue to taste my skin, “and I like a challenge...because I always end up on top.”
And within that second Chris snaps me underneath him, framing my head with his heavy forearms. Scoffing at his pompous smirk, I fight back my own almost rolling my eyes again but they should be tired. He laughs at me resisting the urge. “Okaaaay whatever. You win. Is that what you want to hear?”
Connecting with his pretty eyes always knocks the wind out of me, the corners of my lips reaching for the sky. Sometimes I couldn’t stand how soft and shy he made me, almost wilting into myself under his overwhelming gaze. I could read it all loud and clear, Chris never had to say much with his words but the magnitude of those clear blue eyes said way too much. But I fall into them every time. The grass is so soft and Chris is so heavy, pressing into me at the waist as he exhales loudly, dipping his forehead closer to mine. Struggling to breathe from the weight of how intense all of this felt I barely brush my lips against his.
“ that’s not what I want to hear.” Chris flutters his lids close, giving me a break. I don’t think I’ve ever heard his voice so airy. “You don’t have to say anything B...because I feel it...” A light little peck on my upper lip catches my breath and he can’t help but smile. “I feel it in the way you kiss me. I can hear it in the way you cum.” His tone suddenly sweet and thick like molasses he purposely grinds his hard on right over my core. A fragile moan hitches up in my throat. Draping my arm over his neck, I gently snuggle my face into his, kissing and sighing into his scruffy but soft cheeks. Between that and his tender touch I’m suddenly crazy needy for him. He doesn’t know what he’s saying, or that’s what I try to convince myself while the tips of our tongues dance and tease between our pouty lips, breaths shaky and heavy. Our legs and hips creating a friction.
“Chris...” I whimper-moan into his hot wet mouth, lifting my hips harder into his. God I wanted him so bad I couldn’t keep it under control any longer. His dick so hard and burning hot right against my crotch is driving me crazy. “Chris I want you so bad right now.”
He doesn’t hesitate. His hand is working between us, unbuttoning my pants first then his before he’s tugging my jeans down a bit and stuffing his hand down into my panties. “Mmm right here B?” Urgently I nod, squirming in the grass as his fingers dip and dive in my slippery folds. “But someone catch us. We could get in a lot of trouble.” Chris purrs landing a broad slow lick against my neck and I cry out as he ends it with a powerful suck, his pretty pink lips suctioning around one of my spots.
“I don’t give a fuck!” I gasp out due to him slamming his fingers deep into my wetness. My back arching off the ground, huffing and whining. A sinister chuckle rumbles against my jaw, Chris growls,
“ sweet...dirty little girl.” Sitting up on his knees, with a sinful smile, he unzips his jeans and retrieves his perfectly thick dick, presenting it throbbing in the palm of his hand. “Whatever you get.”
Stretching back over me, I take Chris by the chin and bring him to my waiting lips, needing his locked in with mine as he penetrates me. So we can moan into each other as he stretches me out. It’s my favorite part. I think he’s slowly becoming my favorite person. Chris grabs ahold of me by slipping a strong arm around my waist, picking up his pace, landing determined strokes in to my weeping pussy. Our cries and groans muffled by our deep, passionate kissing. My nails dragging over the cotton shoulders of his shirt. Tears dripping from the corners of my eyes. He could have me anywhere, anytime. My chest and ears aflame. He tastes so good, no one will ever taste as good as him. My soaked walls clench so tightly around him, enjoying every ridge and dimple of his dick as he glides through hitting me so deep. I don’t think anyone’s ever gone this deep before. Holding onto him. Falling deeper and deeper into his abyss I can’t get enough of him. So close to letting go and letting it all swallow me whole.
Chris tears himself away to growl out into the air, burying his knees down to really fuck me. “Ugh fuck Bianca. Fuck you feel so good.” He has ahold of my hips using my throbbing hole to jerk himself off. Biting down on a knuckle or two I choke down a throaty groan. “You feel good baby?” Chris pants down at me, “You like the way I make you feel?”
I’m dripping all around him, fisting his shirt and losing my mind. “God yes. Fuck yes.” I can’t stop sighing the words. They encourage him to wild out even more but his mighty strokes stutter as my walls start to flutter. Everything’s about to break.
“You’re mine Bianca...all mine. You wanna be mine? Hmm?” His whines tremble in my ear, on the verge of losing it and I’m right there with him. I’ll be whatever he wants me to be. Burying my face into his neck, my chest tightens and I feel like I could tear his shirt apart Chris is winding me up so tight. His teeth nibble along the edge of my ear I love how desperate he sounds. How he gulps and chokes and fights for breath fucking me with everything he’s got.
“Yes,” I squeak, my warmth breaking free all over his pulsating dick filling me then I just die, fall apart and moan in his arms. “Fuuuck yessss uuughhh...”Cumming so hard Chris can’t handle it and pulls himself out of me just as he’s about to combust, decorating my inner thigh with his hot cum. Together we cough and gasp for air, blitzed out of our minds, unfamiliar with our surroundings for a few seconds. Collapsing down to the ground we lazily pull up our pants and resituate ourselves, limbs loose like spaghetti. My whole body vibrating my thighs cramping here and there. Holy fuck how does he do this?
“You mean it B?” Chris asks sitting up on his elbow, still regaining his composure. “You’ll be my girlfriend?”
Usually hearing that word would send me into a panic but due to this sex high, I’m all for it. “How can I say no when we just experienced that?” I use my remaining breath to huff a laugh, cupping his cheek with a shaky hand. “But yeah...yeah I’ll be your girlfriend.”
You could have sworn I made his whole life with the way he sighs with the most relieved but joyful smile, taking my hand and kissing all over my fingers. The most heartfelt reaction. As if he’s reborn Chris jumps to his feet and flings me up off the ground into his warm embrace.
“Come on girlfriend. I’m taking you home.”
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snowboiwinwin · a month ago
Hello! If it's okay, can I ask for a "Day6 as boyfriends" post?? Thank you and take care 😘😘
Thank you very much for requesting! Hope you’re well and enjoy this little something I came up with 😘🥰
I honestly love this guy
he isn’t one to seek attention or one to speak up
but i feel like he truly cares and loves with his whole heart
he may seem a little cold on the outside but he is such a sweetheart
so please do not expect him to be huge into PDA
he might have an arm around your waist if you’re in crowded places but other than that? nothing
around the boys he is also distanced
his reputation as leader could be at risk
but when the boys tease him of how cold he acts, he sulks and defends himself but then smooches your face
just to prove a point, not because he is absolutely in love with you, lol
dates with him are always super laid back
a nice dinner at home, movies and snacks
not much but exactly how you like it
Sungjin might be distanced by day but by night he NEEDS your affection and touch
please hold him while sleeping, play with his hair and just love him
i also get the vibes from him that he is quite insecure
he might seem confident but he needs quite a lot of reassurance
just please love him and make him feel like the king he is
“Did you know, that you are the man of my dreams? Like seriously, there is no one else that has ever made me feel this way. I love you handsome, I truly do.”
*blushes hardcore and slightly slaps you shoulder* Ahhhh stop it! You make me feel all mushy and soft.... but I love you too and I’m a very lucky man to be able to call you mine.”
“Look at you, being a bluhsing mess... declaring your love for me. Cute.”
“I’m not cute, I am sexy. Now please shut up and focus on the movie.”
dude, Jae literally screams boyfriend material
he would be an amazing byofriend
not too lovey dovey and he will roast your ass whenever there is an opportunity to do so
while Sungjin will give you cute nicknames like “love” and “babe”, Jae will just call you “dude”, “bro”, or “buddy”
but to be honest? that’s why a relationship with him would be so chill and refreshing, it’s different - in a good way
Jae is a sleepy boyfriend, so PDA is a regular occurence
he always holds you somehow
either your hands, or his body flung over yours
he is not too much into public kisses though
maybe he will kiss your cheek or your hand but that’s it
dates with him will be so fun as well
you guys will usually just play video games together
and even if you are not that much into gaming, you will be when you’re with Jae
sometimes, when you’re too tired, he will play and have you in his lap
nothing is more relaxing than leaning against him while he talks in his calm, deep and soothing voice
although he is a fun guy, he is super loving
he will brush your hair for you, tell you he loves you 90 times a day and he will constantly remind you of how beautiful you are
i feel like Jae also struggles with his confidence from time to time, so he knows how important reassurance is! 
please make sure to remind him that you love him and that he is more than just enough!
“Dude, don’t look at yourself like that! You look like an absolute goddess! And I’m not just saying this because I’m whipped for you but because you truly are a blessing to my eyes. If someone dares to say otherwise, they obviously have never seen your sexy ass and need to get their eyes fixed. Sheesh, I really got lucky.”
“Oh Jae, I love you.”
“I love you too, sexy beast.”
“Please... you’re ruining the mood.”
Young K:
oh please, he is an awkward baby
super loving and so head over heels in love with you
but SO awkward
he is always a bit torn between being the lovey dovey boyfriend and being a badass guy
the boys tease him constantly, even worse than Sungjin
so sometimes you will get showered with kisses and physical touch
other times he will treat you like one of his brothers
which is fine by you, as long as you get to spend time with Brian
btw, you also tend to call him Brian, which he loves
it makes him feel like a kid in love
i mean he is in love and sometimes a kid - but you know what I mean
PDA is as I said, something he isn’t always too fond of but sometimes he loves it and will show everyone that you’re his
weirdly enough, Young K is obssessed with your butt
when you guys are cuddling
he tends to lay his head on your butt and just relax there
butt massages are also a thing
he loves you, a lot
no doubt
dates with him are always a surprise
one day you guys will just chill, maybe write songs in the studio
and on other days you will do something more active 
like hiking, going to the arcade or just simply taking walks in nearby parks
he is a pretty confident guy and rarely gets jealous
so he does expect you to be the same
he wants you to feel confident cause he only loves you
there’s no doubt he would ever want anyone else
so when you get jealous, he will take it very personal
he loves you so much and you think he might be interessted in someone else?
“Babe, listen. I find this accusation very offensive. I love you so much, you are the only woman for me. Why would I be looking for someone else, when I have you? Aka everything I will ever need? Don’t let other peoples stares make you feel insecure. The only thing that matters is us.”
“I’m sorry Brian. It’s just... you could have anyone. Yet you chose me.”
“Because all I want is YOU. There’s no one else, you are my person! I love you.”
omg he is literally the cutest
but probably also quite savage
idk i just find him extremely funny
i think he is more on the shy side
he isn’t too overly affectionate 
so please do not expect him to show any type of PDA
not in public and not with the boys
you will get treated like another member
this might be hard sometimes
especially if you are super affectionate (like me)
but he will make sure to make you feel loved to cease all your doubts
actions speak louder than words
definitely something he lives by, no doubt
he will spoil you with nice and romantic dates
omg for dates he will go all out
he will cook, decorate the house with rose petals, light candles
the whole shabang 
another thing i believe to be true is that he will treat you in a super gentle and respectful way (all the boys will, but just saying)
i think Wonpil is the type of boyfriend that will constantly ask for permission, no matter what he does and no matter how long you’ve been dating
he is way too scared to do something you will not be comfortable or okay with, so he will always make sure you are absolutely fine with everything he does
“baby? can I kiss you?”
“Wonpil, we’ve been dating for how long? 2 years? Yes, you can absolutely kiss me, no need to ask!”
“but what if you don’t want me to kiss you? and i just put my lips onto yours? I don’t want to force you.”
“Dude, as long as I am dating you, i want to kiss you 24/7! even when i’m mad, i will always crave your kisses.”
“Don’t dude me! You’re spending too much time with Jae... now please let me kiss you. Thank you.”
ugh I just love this guy
he is so cute and beautiful
and his vocals... imagine him singing you to sleep
i gotta go cry my eyes out now, cause I will never find myself a Wonpil 😭
last but not least, our maknae!
he is literally so sweet and HILARIOUS
the vlog where the attempts to talk in English?
duuuude I died
so I feel like, althouhg he tends to be an awkward bean too, he will constantly make you laugh
he will make a fool of himself, diss the others, talk in English...
anything to make his baby happy!
he will also shower you with aegyo
i just feel it haha
PDA is also a no no for him, he rather saves all the love and affection for when you’re both at home
with affection i mean cuddles 24/7 in bed, kisses (even with morning breath cause nothing stops Dowoon’s love for you) and loads of head massages
ugh he is a sucker for head scratches
i can slo see him trying to teach you how to play the drums
he will even take days off, just to be able to teach you
let me tell you, he ADORES you
please do not play him
you mean the world to him and he appreciates you sticking with him throughout his crazy and hectic life
there will be moments where he just stares at you with literal heart eyes
he finds it hard to believe that he got this lucky
and please, do not ever try to make him jealous...
he will be the poutiest baby EVER
*pouts and waits for you to ask him what’s wrong*
*but you ignore him, so he starts making weird sounds*
“what? you big baby.”
“I’m hurt by you.”
“I’m so sorry that I breathe the same air as Jackson Wang. I will suffocate the next time he is close to me.”
“THANK YOU! it would be very much appreciated.” 
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binjinactivist · a month ago
BINJIN’s Synastry
Tumblr media
Posting it here on tumblr for a more comprehensive take on their synastry, because 280 characters on twitter and twenty tweets isn’t enough <3 these are only aspects since we have no idea what their birth time is!
Hyun Bin’s Sun (Libra) trines Son Ye Jin’s Venus (Aquarius), Son Ye Jin’s Sun (Capricorn) trines Hyun Bin’s Venus (Virgo)
This aspect is basically having mutual support in each other. They share the same, if not similar, perception and common ground that helps them get along. Both of them may have felt an instant connection. His identity, which thrives on social settings, compliments her friendly and eccentric outlook on love, while her capable and persevering identity attracted his analytical take on romance.
Hyun Bin’s Sun (Libra) trines Son Ye Jin’s Mercury (Aquarius), Son Ye Jin’s Sun (Capricorn) squares Hyun Bin’s Mercury (Libra)
The both of them mentally stimulate each other. He admires how rational and objective she can be, yet she might find him superficial because his thoughts and opinions are too diplomatic for her. She might want to challenge him with being much more assertive.
Hyun Bin’s Sun (Libra) conjuncts Son Ye Jin’s Mars (Libra), Son Ye Jin’s Sun (Capricorn) semi squares Hyun Bin’s Mars (Sagittarius)
Both of them are highly sexually attracted to each other. Her sexual expression that mainly revolves through negotiation and foreplay fits his identity, and she may see him as an ideal partner. She might deem him a bit adventurous for her taste but the sex will be intense nonetheless (*ast and *steam i hope you don’t know tumblr).
Hyun Bin’s Sun (Libra) sextiles Son Ye Jin’s Uranus (Sagittarius)
Here they do not have the pressure of being reduced to the shadow of the other, and can stand alone just fine. He finds her very exciting and stimulating as a person, and she’ll do things that will spice up their relationship. There’s going to be constant changes happening.
Hyun Bin’s Sun (Libra) squares Son Ye Jin’s Neptune (Sagittarius)
She might promise more than what she could give to him. This is an aspect where both of them had felt like they have found the one, especially on his part, but his thoughts are very hazy. He might feel a bit of mistrust because she can be a bit evasive because she doesn’t want to hurt him. His savior complex might come in when she has a problem.  
Tumblr media
Hyun Bin’s Moon (Capricorn) squares Son Ye Jin’s Mars (Libra), Son Ye Jin’s Moon (Leo) trines Hyun Bin’s Mars (Sagittarius)
Let me get this out of my chest. This is a baby making aspect because this aspect increases fertility and that they might talk about having babies together. At first she might have been feisty towards him as a way of teasing because of his rigidness, which made him go back a few steps, but as soon as he becomes comfortable towards her he banters back. Then, the sparks fly (Lots of sex too pls calm down). He’s very protective of her kind of like in a Twilight-esque way, and she gives him the emotional connection that she wants.
Hyun Bin’s Moon (Capricorn) conjuncts Son Ye Jin’s Neptune (Sagittarius)
Wow they might have that psychic connection with each other or something because this aspect basically says that both of them are in tune with each other’s emotions. Because of this, it gives off a feeling of attachment to each other even if they are apart. 
Hyun Bin’s Moon (Capricorn) sextiles Son Ye Jin’s Pluto (Libra)
This makes them confide in each other and have these intense feelings that are greatly welcomed by the two of them. Its a really passionate relationship. As he tends to keep emotions to himself, he confides in her, and she soothes his inner emotional problems. Man she hates it when he’s sad. He understands her inner turmoil. (Aspect goals honestly)
Tumblr media
Hyun Bin’s Mercury (Libra) trines Son Ye Jin’s Venus (Aquarius)
She probably loves his voice so much lol I mean, Mercury Libras are very flirty with words. I think because of this aspect, both of them might become a bit more understanding on their difference when it comes to expressing love.
Hyun Bin’s Venus (Virgo) squares Son Ye Jin’s Neptune (Sagittarius)
This is a good aspect for them, but to the eyes of others, it can be unstable. Both of them may have delusional thoughts (especially him). I guess knowing how and where to draw the line between them needs to happen because they might sabotage each other in the end.
Hyun Bin’s Venus (Virgo) sextiles Son Ye Jin’s North Node (Cancer)
Instant attraction. They might have been fated to meet. Everything seemed to fall into place perfectly and they really get along. This relationship has them learning a lot of lessons. 
Hyun Bin’s Venus (Virgo) trines Son Ye Jin’s Chiron (Taurus)
TBH, the 3-degree orb (difference in degrees between planets) of this might have lessened the effects of this aspect, but I’m still putting this out of hope. Healing within each other will be the major theme that revolves around this aspect, and can be a common aspect in marriage. 
Tumblr media
Hyun Bin’s Mars (Sagittarius) sextiles Son Ye Jin’s Venus (Aquarius)
There’s that playful banter we see and both of them satisfy each other well romantically and sexually. She is very attracted towards him, and he makes her feel like a woman. They might be compelled to touch each other frequently.
Hyun Bin’s Mars (Sagittarius) conjunct Son Ye Jin’s Uranus (Sagittarius)
LOL I’m convinced they were probably interested in each other early on because this is fairly intense in a way that its out of the norm. They’re experimental when it comes to sex, and she finds him very hot.
Hyun Bin’s Jupiter (Scorpio) square Son Ye Jin’s Moon (Leo)
Honestly this aspect is nice because they both hype each other up but then they might not see the relationship if it ever goes down to a negative state. They feel their feelings in a much more heightened state. Its like when one offends the other, the offended can feel hurt more that what they have expected.
Hyun Bin’s Jupiter (Scorpio) Square Son Ye Jin’s Venus (Aquarius)
He might spoil her, and the feelings they share is a bit too on the nose for people (look at how the media already guessed in their movie tours). They laugh together a lot and would probably laugh during sex. I think it’s nice if they don’t over indulge but they’re rich so i guess its fine.
Tumblr media
Hyun Bin’s Saturn (Libra) squares Son Ye Jin’s Sun (Capricorn)
If I’ll be honest, this is a very difficult aspect, as he might nag and be critical of her and she might feel discouraged about it. It’s that feeling when you have someone you impress, but the other person isn’t. There’s this teacher student relationship being reflected. On a positive note, this aspect is common in married couples. Squares are meant to be friction and challenge that a couple must go through and with maturity and all the other good aspects they have, then they’ll last long.
Hyun Bin’s Saturn (Libra) square Son Ye Jin’s North Node (Cancer)
This is like, a tie between them, because north node is ultimately your purpose, yet it squares the planet that serves as glue in the relationship. Its like they will still cross each other’s paths even if they break up. This is a long term relationship aspect, and usually from what I’ve read people with this aspect go through on-off situations but they ultimately go back together.
Hyun Bin’s Uranus (Sagittarius) trines Son Ye Jin’s Moon (Leo)
This is the best friends and lovers aspect, because they get each other well. There’s this feeling of comfort coming from her towards him and it makes him easier to open up with her because of how “fun” the leo moon is.
Hyun Bin’s Pluto squares Son Ye Jin’s Sun (Capricorn)
It’s intense and attractive, but it may cause power trips from the both of them if they don’t know how to yield for each other. Then again, they have certain lighter aspects which makes it better for them to slow down and compromise.
Hyun Bin’s North Node (Cancer) square Son Ye Jin’s Mars (Libra)
In this one his purpose had squared with her ability to take action, which can lead to conflict. However, they are compelled to work on this action and he will guide her to harness that action to her own purpose as well as what both wanted.
In general Binjin is that couple who clearly couldn’t get enough of each other, and it can either be their asset or their downfall. Keeping a realistic outlook on the dynamics of their relationship will gladly help the longevity of their relationship. He is the forgiving one, she’s the understanding one. When their birth times fall into an easy place then it can be easier to solve problems like these. 💖
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bxtty-jxnes · a month ago
Prompt: Betty falls sick and Jughead takes care of her
Okayyyy, this was meant to be a short drabble but kind of got away from me lol! 
It’s set pre 5x09 and I apologise if I’ve gotten details wrong as I’ve only been keeping up with the show via gifs and fics. 
Hope you enjoy :) 
Jughead’s Monday mornings tend to fall into a very similar pattern. He sleeps through his 7:30 alarm and scrambles out of bed at 8. He hurriedly gets dressed and foregoes his morning coffee at home, muttering to himself that the staff rooms’ coffee machine isn’t that bad as he runs a comb through his wild bed head. By 8:20 he’s speeding through the streets of Riverdale on his motorcycle, and at around 8:40 he arrives at Riverdale High with just enough time to grab that coffee and organise his classroom before the first lesson of the day.
And usually, every Monday morning, as he goes to grab that too bitter coffee in the staff room, he’s greeted by Betty Cooper’s warm yet hesitant smile, while she holds out his favourite mug, already filled with coffee just the way he likes it (black and with one sugar). Things between them have been tense sine they’d returned to Riverdale, and that was putting it lightly. They’d barely uttered 2 words to one another after the evening of their reunion at Pops’, and for the first few weeks they’d avoided one another at all costs.
But a few weeks ago, after noticing Jughead once again running late for the 4th Monday in a row, Betty had extended the olive branch and thus began the weekly tradition of preparing his morning coffee for him ready for when he dashed through the staff doors.
However, this week, as Jughead once again swings open the doors in a more dramatic manner than necessary, he can’t help but feel a twang of pain in his heart when there’s no steaming cup of coffee, or Betty Cooper’s beautiful smile waiting for him. He comes to an abrupt stop, pushing his glasses further up his nose and searching the room for any sign of his golden-haired ex-girlfriend. When she’s nowhere to be seen, he checks the time to make sure he’s not actually early and perhaps Betty isn’t expecting him yet.
Nope he thinks as his phone screen glares 08:48.
Hesitantly he approaches Veronica and Kevin, who seem to be engrossed in some gossip on the couch.
“Hey, guys.” Both pairs of eyes shoot up to him in surprise. Jughead’s not usually one to socialise with his fellow co-workers, in fact he doesn’t think he’s even had a one-on-one conversation with either of the pair in the last 7 years. “You seen Betty today?”.
Veronica’s eyebrows somehow crawl even higher up her face, and her lips crook into a small smirk. “No, sorry Jughead I haven’t seen her this morning.”
“Yeah, me neither.” Kevin echoes with a sympathetic smile.
“Oh”. Why is he so disappointed? Betty is not his friend. Hell, they’re barely even acquaintances now. She’s his ex-girlfriend. He’s moved on with his life, and Betty is no longer part of it. But still, he’s grown fond of their wordless exchanges and shy smiles each week as she hands over the coffee to him. If he’s being honest with himself, the thought of Betty Coopers smile is what gets him out of bed on these dreadful Monday mornings.
“Maybe she’s just running late.” Veronica offers.
“Yeh.” he nods, rubbing the back of his neck embarrassedly. “Probably.”
Walking back over to the coffee machine, he glumly pours his own mug of coffee and heads for his classroom.
At lunch, Betty is still nowhere to be seen. This morning he had just been disappointed, but now he’s genuinely worried. He finds Waldo in his office and knocks gently.
“Come in Mr Jones.”
Jughead enters and slumps into the seat opposite the desk. “Hey, I was just wondering if you’d heard anything from Betty?”. When Waldo quirks his eyebrow in question, Jughead fumbles “Uhm, it’s just that I noticed Miss Cooper wasn’t in the workshop today is all. Has she said anything?”
“Oh yes, Miss Cooper called in sick this morning. Case of the stomach bug.”
Jughead nods slowly. Part of him is relieved that Betty isn’t hurt or missing like her sister. Another part of him is annoyed at himself for getting all worked up about his ex for nothing. He shouldn’t be this concerned over her absence, it’s dangerous letting himself care for her again, letting her back in.
“Thankyou sir.”
 For the rest of the day, he’s reprimanding himself when his thoughts drift back to her. He’s went 7 years without seeing her, and now she’s off work for one day and he’s in knots. What is fucking wrong with me?
Tabitha also seems to notice that he’d distracted later that evening at his second job. “Something on you mind?” she asks as she slides over a customer’s order across the counter.
“Yes. I’m fine.” He snaps back. He instantly regrets it when she shoots him a very unimpressed raised brow. “Sorry. I’m ok just thinking about stuff.”
She comes to stand opposite him, resting one hip on the counter. “This ‘stuff’” she comments with air quotes, “wouldn’t happen to be a blonde who lives on Elm Street would it? I believe her name begins with a B.”
Jughead rolls his eyes. “What are you psychic or something? Seriously that’s creepy.” He tries to sound annoyed buy really he’s impressed that she can read him so well.
“Veronica may have mentioned you being worried sick about your missing ex-girlfriend this morning.”
“Yeh well Veronica’s exaggerating and she needs to learn to mind her own business.”
“Ok but she’s right isn’t she?”
Jughead refuses to respond. Instead, he picks up the jar of coffee, and wanders to the other side of the diner to offer an old gentleman a refill.
When he’s made his rounds, he returns to the counter to find Tabitha holding out his jacket and a pop’s takeaway bag. “Take this to Betty. It might make her feel better.” She states, and Jughead knows there is no room for argument.
“I don’t think she’s going to be able to stomach burgers and milkshakes with a stomach bug.” He retorts.
“It’s actually soup. But there’s a burger and shake in there for you too.” Jughead smiles at her fondly. “Now take it and look after your girl.”
He wants to argue again that Betty, is in fact, not his girl. But his stomach is rumbling, and he doesn’t want to piss her off in case she revokes the free Burger.
After changing into some fresh clothes that don’t smell like grease and fried foods, Jughead finds himself staring at the ruby red door of the cooper house, the Pops’ takeout bag dangling between his fingers. All the lights are turned out, but he can see the flicker of the TV from the living room.
This is stupid. She’s probably sleeping.
Spinning on his heel he starts to head back down the front steps of the yard, when he hears an awful wretch come from inside.
OK, so she’s not sleeping. And she’s still sick.
With a deep sigh he turns back towards the house and rings the doorbell. After a few minutes of tapping the rubber toes of his converse together and contemplating just dumping the bag on the stairs and making a run for it, the door swings open.
Betty looks like shit, to be completely honest. Her hair is in a messy low ponytail and the baby fly aways’ are stuck to her pale sweaty forehead. There’s a puke stain on the collar of her pyjama top and her cheeks look hollow.
Her eyes widen, half in surprise and half in mortification at seeing him. “Jug what- what are you doing here?”
Her voice is quiet, and he can tell she’s weak by the way she’s fiercely gripping the door to support her weight.
Holding up the takeout bag, he shrugs and says, “I brought soup.” Then he’s gently taking her hand and leading her back into the house.
Jughead helps Betty settle back onto the sofa before he heads to the kitchen to heat up her soup. He demolishes his own burger and shake before the 2-minute timer on the microwave dings. When he returns Betty is curled up in a tiny ball watching episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants.
“Here” he says softly, helping her to sit up straight before passing the bowl over to her. Betty smiles at him, cupping the bowl with both hands and gently blowing. Jughead takes a seat on the opposite end of the couch and watched her carefully. “Betts, where’s your mom?”
“Oh, she took the twins out of town for a little while. After everything with Polly…... they needed a break.”
Jughead nods silently. He knows there’s nothing he can say to bring her comfort. Polly has been missing for weeks, months. The likelihood of her being alive is extremely slim now.  
So instead, they sit silently and watch the tales of Bikini Bottom on screen. Jughead was never the biggest fan of the show, he always thought the voice was too irritating, but it was always Betty’s favourite comfort show, the silliness helping her forget about any anxieties of life, so he doesn’t complain.
Then about halfway through her bowl of soup, Betty suddenly shoots up and sprints for the bathroom. Jughead is hot on her heels, and when he catches up, she’s collapsed to her knees and retching up into the toilet bowl.
“Oh Betts” he sighs, crouching down beside her and rubbing soothing circles into her back.
When she seems to be finished throwing up, he leaves for a moment and she seems to panic, pulling him back by his shirt. “Hey, I’m just grabbing you some water.” He says, brushing back some untamed baby hairs from her forehead.
When he returns, he finds her with her arm slung across the seat and her head bowed. He can see her shake slightly and realises that she’s crying. “Whoa whoa, what’s up.” He pulls at her arm to get her to look up and her eyes are rimmed red.
“I’m so sorry.” She sobs, pushing her face into his chest and gripping his shirt in her fists once again. After a stunned moment of shock, Jughead sets the glass down on the floor and wraps his arms around her, gently stroking her hair. After minutes of soothing and hushing her, he pulls back again to look at her. “Why are you apologising?”
Betty hiccups and her lower lip begins to tremble again. “Because you brought me soup and I threw it all up.” Jughead is unable to contain his laugh at that, which causes her to shove her face back into his chest and shove him slightly. “Is mnot fummny!” He hears her mumble, and he laughs even harder.
Betty rears back with a frown, and Jughead hands her the glass of water as he continues to giggle at her. “Sorry.” He finally says, slightly out of breath. When she continues to glare at him as she sips at the water he explains “It’s just funny that you think I’d be upset about the soup. Betty you’re sick, you can’t help it of you throw up.”
Placing the glass back down with a ‘clink’ Betty’s frown doesn’t waver. “Yeh well it’s not just about the soup.” Her throat feels raw after the vomiting and crying, and so her voice sounds scratchy. “It’s because you’re looking after me even though it’s probably going to make you sick too. And I know you had a shift at Pop’s tonight, which means you’re blowing off work just to help me.”
Jughead sighs, and he shuffles so that he’s sitting cross legged opposite her. “Don’t worry about Pop’s, Tabitha is the one who sent me home early. Also, you know I never get sick, my immune system has become indestructible after my incredible diet of burgers and shakes.”
Betty manages a small smile at that. “How did you even know I was sick in the first place?”.
Now there’s the million-dollar question
“Oh, well you weren’t at work, so I asked Waldo.”
Betty nods, casting her eyes down to where she fiddles with the hem of her pyjama shorts. “Ok. And why are you looking after me? I mean you barely even look at me at work or at the Wyrm.” She whispers shyly.
Jughead swallows the lump that lodges in his throat. “I don’t know. Guess I owe you after all those times you’ve saved me with coffee when I’m late” he laughs, but Betty still doesn’t look up. “Also,”
Finally, her gaze lifts back to his own. They’re still a little puffy and red from crying, but they’re also shimmering with intrigue. “What?” When he doesn’t answer she repeats “What?”
“I’m also tired of trying to convince myself that I don’t care anymore.” He bites his lip and grabs her hands to hold in his. “Because I do still care about you Betty.”
The smile that graces her lips lights up her whole face. “I care about you too Jug.”
They remain smiling at each other like 2 idiots in love until Betty’s face pales again and she’s coughing back up into the toilet.
 Later that night, they’re tucked into the bed they shared all those years ago. Betty is freshly bathed and changed out oof the puke-stained PJ’s. She’s curled up against his chest while he plays with the still wet strands of her hair. “You know that’s the second moment you’ve ruined.” He comments. He can feel Betty grin beneath him and lets out a small laugh himself. “You really pick your timings.”
“Yeh, well it’s a natural talent.” She retorts. After another few moments of silence, she whispers softly “Jug, we’re gonna have to talk before we jump back into anything.”
“Yeh.” He sighs “I know. Let’s just wait ‘til you’re feeling a little better ok?”
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joonsrack · a month ago
Good boy | KNJ drabble
+Pairing: Namjoon x Reader(gender neutral)
+Rating: 18+
+WC: 1.5k
+Warning: NSFW, Sub!Joon, Dom!reader, Gender neutral reader, unresolved sexual tension, sex toys, unfinished, like it cuts off pretty abruptly.
+A/N: I found this in my google docs and i knew that if i didn’t post it right now i never would. So here it is. I might reuse it in a fic someday. Sorry for the abrupt cut :P unbetaed so don’t look too hard pls thank you.
also this is the title past me gave the doc which made present me lol
Tumblr media
You’re both laughing and giggling as you go up to Namjoon’s dorm room, trying not to trip on your feet as you run up the stairs, taking them two by two. The A/C is quickly becoming a problem, your skin breaking out in goosebumps as the wet clothes you’re both wearing go from being wet, to uncomfortably wet and cold.
The car wash had been a success, raising enough funds for your team project in a single afternoon, and then it’d seemed like a good idea to celebrate by drenching everyone with the water hose. The lack of towel had quickly made itself noticeable, forcing everyone to disperse and find a way to dry themselves off. For you and Namjoon, it was pretty clear your destination would be his dorm room. It was closer than yours, and Namjoon has a nice collection of plush and soft towels, courtesy of his mom.
You’re almost sad when you make it to the door, disappointed that you’ll lose the sight of Namjoon’s clothes completely plastered to his body, leaving not one inch to the imagination. He has an impressive body, one that’s been making heads turn for the last few months, ever since he started working out with Jungkook. You’d love his body whatever shape it may be, but the definition he has gained in his chest, and arms, and especially his thighs, is definitely a sight to behold. The way the muscles work as he walks, runs, squats, or kneels… You’ve found yourself staring at them more and more these days. And the short shorts he has on right now, stopping at his mid-thighs, letting just a hint of his thigh tattoo peek out, it’s definitely not leaving you indifferent.  
The moment you step into the dorm, you hang back behind to watch him undress, a familiar sensation tickling up your spin at the sight of your lover taking off his shirt, leaving him clad in his godforsaken shorts and glistening sun-kissed skin. Just as he digs his thumbs in his waistband, you snap out of the trance you were falling into.
“Stop.” You say simply, catching his attention and halting his undressing process. 
You have nowhere to be in the immediate moment, no one waiting for you, nothing pressing to finish or study for. You’ve spent all afternoon being teased by the sight of your sub parading around with his amazing body basically on display, looking worthy of being in a pin-up magazine with his wet white t-shirt and his terrible, terribly short red shorts.
He recognizes the look in your eyes, wetting his lips with a quick drag his tongue as the air in the room turns heavier, warming up.
He shifts his body towards you, be it consciously or unconsciously, and you take yet another moment to admire his amazing physic, wondering who you saved in your past life to have a boyfriend like Namjoon, who likes to let you tie him up and wreck him just right.
“How do you want me?” He asks, voice going slightly lower than usual as arousal probably grows in the pit of his stomach. 
He’s so beautiful, so responsive to your will, so perfect in every way. You want to kiss every inch of his gorgeous face, bite every bit of his lips, and leave traces all over his body. You want to mark up his chest and strong hips and thighs and calves and ankles. You want to hear him whine and moan, you want to make him whine and moan. 
“Get on the bed.” You answer simply, taking your sweet time to walk to his dresser, eyes never leaving him as he complies with your demand. You enjoy the sight of his muscles bulging as he positions himself in the middle of the bed, sitting on his heels with his hands on his thighs, waiting for more orders like the good boy he is.  His shorts are still soaked, but he doesn’t seem to mind that they’ll dampen his sheets; they probably won’t be dry after you’re done with him anyway, wet shorts or not. Your playtimes tend to get messy.
You get what you need from the second drawer, hidden in the back behind his graphic tee, where he keeps his stash of goodies. There’s everything you need for improvised scenes in there, but for the more complicated stuff, scenes that demand a level of preparation, you usually go to yours. Living out of campus has its perks, like decently thick walls that won’t expose your activity to the whole building. 
“Are you going to need help to keep quiet?” You ask as an afterthought, eyeing the little gold satin bag containing his favorite ballgag. “You have to keep quiet or else your neighbor will glare at me, again.”
This seems to confuse Namjoon for a second, head tilting as if trying to answer a math problem. “Jimin? I don’t know why he would do that, it’s not like we’re the only one fucking here.”
You decide against it, a part of you loving how mad it drives your boyfriend’s neighbor to hear you pleasure Namjoon. In some twisted way, it’s like you’re letting him know how good you’re taking care of him, and how nonexistent his chances are at seducing your boyfriend. 
“Oh baby, he’s not bothered by the noise, he’s jealous he’s not the one pulling them out of you.” You purr, closing the drawer with an elbow.
You feel a rebuttal coming, and you quickly drop the content of your hands on the mattress to push a finger against Namjoon’s plush lips, silencing his doubts. 
“You might not have noticed, but I see the way he looks at you, and it’s definitely not in a friendly manner.” You shush him, possessiveness bubbling in your stomach.
There’s a fine blush appearing on Namjoon’s cheeks, which makes you want to coo. But you can’t wait to extend this flush all over his body, so you don’t waste any more time.
“Lay on your back, hands by your head, leg spread.” You order, moving away to leave him the space he needs to assume his new position. He executes quickly, his eagerness making you bite back a smile, and you take a moment to admire his long body laid out in front of you, twitching and begging to be touched. Namjoon trusts you to take care of him, and you always make sure to leave him satisfied.  
“What’s your safe word, baby boy?” You inquire, voice soft but commanding in the rising tension of the room. 
“Crab.” He states, his beautiful eyes meeting yours, twinkling with anticipation. You can see the rise and fall of his chest has gotten quicker, a tent in his shorts already noticeable. He’s probably the most responsive sub you’ve ever met (in your admittedly very short career, but still), always ready to go at a moment’s notice. Once he told you it was because of you, that he had never had this kind of response to anyone else before. You remember making him come many times that night, as a treat. 
You start by leaning over him, sealing your lips to his in a tender kiss to which he responds with a low whine, frustrated by the torturous pace you set. You take your fill of his lips, sucking and biting, earning yourself all sort of cute noises.
“Your hands stay exactly where they are, understood?” You say as you break the kiss, grinning at the way he chases after you. You press him back down with one hand to his chest, a chastising look in your eyes.
“Yes.” He nods eagerly, relaxing his body to lay perfectly still. 
You reward him by pressing a kiss to his jaw, then following the line of his neck to his gorgeous collarbone. You gently dig in your teeth in the taut skin, not hard enough to leave a mark yet, just enough for Namjoon to feel it. You hear a sharp intake of air, and you soothe the skin with your tongue, enjoying the slightly salty tang from a day spent working in the sun.  
You carry on with your ministration, trailing down his torso until you get to a nipple, the peak hardened and looking biteable. You waste no second diving in, kissing and teasing with your teeth the darker skin, swirling your tongue around the peak, pulling from Namjoon some delicious moans. He loves having his nipple played with, always gets whiny from the attention. 
You reach for the first toy; a set of fancy nipple clamps. 
You secure the first clamp on the one you just spent a good minute abusing, then you pinch the second one, getting it nice and puffy. You can see how tense Namjoon is, straining to stay still, how his back wants to arch off the bed; 
But he doesn’t, because he’s a good boy.
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mulberrysilk · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hanamaki Takahiro x reader
summary: Makki comforting insecure reader
cw : angst, insecurity of body image
A/N: I’m feeling really sad and insecure today so my brain wants soft Makki. fsgshdud lol totally didn’t make myself cry when I wrote thisss sorry for the lack of posts today ( sorry for the long a/n too)
Tumblr media
Makki would know. He would know with one look when you’re uncomfortable or bothered, and when he sees that sad look in your eyes that held back and. repressed the pain you’re used to bottling up in hopes it would go away if you left it alone, hurt him. Even when you said you’re fine, he knew you weren’t and the more you lied about how you felt, the more his own heart ached.
He became even more concerned when you began to wear baggy clothing more often when you go out and even around him in the comfort of your own home, like you were hiding whatever bit of skin you could from him. Ashamed. Embarrassed. Disgusted of yourself.
“My hoodie looks great on you,” he commented, eyes on you as you watched the drama on the television, the popcorn you had popped for the both of you, untouched.
“It’s comfy,” you murmured, your hands retreating inside the sleeves. “It smells like you. Makes me feel safe.”
“But I’m right here? Don’t you feel safe around me?” He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer to his side, feeling his heart flutter a little bit when you nestled close into him, curling up against him.
“I do...”
Minutes passed after that small exchange and before Makki knew it, he heard you. The small meek sounds you made, well they shattered him. Your face was buried into his chest, your hands clutching so tightly in his shirt as if you were scared he was going to disappear.
“Hey? What’s up? Baby, what’s wrong?” He gushed, wrapping his arms around you, pulling you to his lap to cradle you. He peppered kisses on your head. “Let it out. I know it hurts now. Just let it out. You don’t have to bottle things up around me okay?”
You could only sob harder in response.
“How do you feel? Tell me,” he cooed, massaging soothing circles on your back with the warmth of his hand.
“I-I f-feel,” you sniffled, not able to bring yourself to say it or even look up at him in fear he might agree with how you saw yourself. “I feel ugly.” You only continued to cry after saying it and Makki felt his own eyes begin to sting, tears threading to form.
Why did you feel this way? Has he done and said something without knowing that have made you feel this way? Why couldn’t he prevented this from happening?
“Don’t say that, Y/N.” He held you closer, burying his nose on the to crook of your neck, kissing your exposed cheek when he was able. “You’re not ugly. Never say that again, baby, cause that’s a fucking lie okay. I’m sorry you feel this way. Tell me what to do. How can I fix this?”
How could he fix the cruel high beauty standards that society has pronounced to be the only standard of beauty? He was guilty of even admiring those so called beautiful women. Yeah they were hot and fit, and all that shit, but they weren’t you.
They can’t take his breath away the way you do. They can’t make him feel the way you do.
“I can’t fix it can’t I?” He mumbled to himself, feeling helpless. How can one person topple a universal standard? “I’m sorry.” He murmured over and over again. “You’re beautiful. Fuck what everyone has to say. Fuck society. They don’t matter.”
Hanamaki didn’t know what else to do. All he could do right now was be there for you. Hold you and love you. He was born going to let go till you were finally okay. You were at not fault for the way you felt.
“The world is ugly. You’re not.”
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call-me-dummy · a month ago
The Reunion - Chapter 27 from Victor’s POV
!!!!! SPOILER ALERT  !!!!! This fic contains spoilers from the events that occurred in Chapter 18 and 27 of the MLQC main storyline on the EN server. Please skip over this fic if you do not want to have the main story spoiled for you! !!!!! SPOILER ALERT  !!!!!
Tumblr media
Pairing: Victor x MC
Summary: My interpretation of MC and Victor’s reunion on the cargo ship after MC returned from the Eternal Winter, told in Victor’s POV. 
Word Count: 3,555
Tags: SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 18 and 27, dealing with loss, allusion to some suggestive themes towards the end but still very much SFW.
Author’s Note: I thought the way the writers wrote the Victor x MC reunion in Chapter 27 was so beautiful! The whole time I was reading it, I couldn’t help but wonder how Victor felt during that moment.
TBH, posting this one was really hard. This idea sat in my WIP for awhile because I usually don’t write my stories about the events of the main storyline, so I wasn’t feeling very confident about it. I went back and forth on this idea so many times before I finally just settled down and let the words flow. 
I tried to stay true to what happened in Chapter 27, but then my imagination went a little wild and I ended up tweaking a few things lol. I also don’t know what actually happened to everyone else between Chapter 18 and 25 so there was a lot of things I made up about this time period. 
As always, please feel free to send any comments/feedback my way! I love reading all of your replies, reblogs, and hashtag comments (I ALWAYS READ THE HASTAG COMMENTS YALL). You’re all my biggest motivators <3  
Victor held the phone to his ear, gripping the device tightly. Goldman hung up minutes ago, but what he said over the phone stupefied the CEO. Victor still couldn’t fully grasp the words he heard. 
Sir, she’s back. 
There was no question over who Goldman was referring to. There was only one person whose return mattered the most to Victor. He asked his assistant multiple times if he was sure, but remained skeptical even when Goldman said, with confidence, that the producer was indeed at the pickup point. 
God help Goldman if he was wrong. 
Victor’s disbelief was unfounded. He was there the day the world lost her. He was the reason she was gone. If only he was stronger, smarter, better… maybe he could’ve found a way to save her. But he didn’t. He failed to protect her and it destroyed him. 
Victor finally set the phone down and walked over to the large window overlooking the marina. The LFG cargo ship was set to depart the moment Goldman returned. He looked listlessly at the view in front of him, the memories of the last few months flooding his mind. He was nothing more than a hollow shell after losing her, a void that he filled with work. The board of directors told him to take as much time off as he needed to recuperate, but as soon as he was discharged from the hospital, Victor was back in his office. Work was the only thing he had left now that she was gone and he immersed himself in it. He worked harder, thus making everyone else around him work harder as well, much to everyone’s dismay. When Victor worked, he didn’t feel the weight of his biggest failure heavy in his chest. 
Work numbed him from the pain. 
Everyone commended Victor on how strong he was for overcoming such a tragedy. He had fooled everyone around him into thinking he was fine. No one knew that he was dying inside. No one knew except for Goldman. His loyal assistant noticed that there were days that Victor wouldn’t go home and opted to stay in his office, taking his meals and sleeping at his desk, using the company’s gym facilities to shower and groom. He didn’t dare say a word about it, knowing that this was his boss’s way of coping with his greatest loss. However, the last straw came when he caught Victor in his office late one night with his face planted on his keyboard, a shiba inu plush toy in one hand and a metallic flask in the other. 
“Sir, I think you need to go home,” Goldman said gently. Victor drunkenly exploded at his assistant, telling him it wasn’t his place to tell him what he needed. But when Goldman actually fought back, expressing his genuine concern for Victor’s well-being, he conceded and agreed to spending time away from the office. 
Those first few days at home were horrible. Work wasn’t there to keep Victor’s mind busy so he agonized over losing the girl and his inability to protect her. His home was a constant reminder of her, from the collection of random gifts she gave to him that he kept on display to the white ramekins that he made her beloved pudding in. Sometimes, when he was lonely at night and couldn’t sleep, Victor would lay in bed listening to her old voicemail messages just to hear her voice again. His father and aunt finally stepped in after seeing the melancholy Moments posts made early in the morning. It was this conversation with his family that convinced Victor to take a trip overseas to clear his mind and deal with his grief. The trip was good for him and he was thankful for his family and Goldman for stepping in at his lowest point. 
But the darkness of his grief always lingered. 
While Victor still battled with his inner demons, something was happening in Loveland that would soon require all of his energy and attention. When he returned to the city, Victor learned of the Special Task Force’s plan to reveal the identities of every Evolver in the city. He was one of the first ones to be exposed, causing a lot of backlash against LFG. However, while he was successful in mitigating the damage done to his company, Victor realized that other exposed Evolvers weren’t so lucky in preserving their livelihoods, thanks to the anti-Evolver sentiment that now blanketed the city. That’s when he decided to create a safe haven for Evolvers, nicknamed No Man’s Island by the community, so they could rebuild their lives. Victor offered Evolvers jobs at LFG so they could continue providing for themselves and their families. Victor knew that if she was here and knew of the dire situation other Evolvers were in, she would want to help as many people as she could and would do so with the determination not to fail anyone. He would do the same, in her memory. 
Victor sighed as he brought himself back to the present moment and paced in front of the window. Sunlight poured in, warming the room, but Victor still felt cold. He hadn’t felt the warmth in anything since he lost her. The sudden chime of the wooden clock on the wall interrupted his thoughts. It was about a 30 minute drive between Le Souvenir and the pier. If Goldman really did pick her up, then Victor would be reunited with the girl in less than half an hour. He wouldn’t believe she had returned until he saw her, but that didn’t stop his heart from pounding at the idea of seeing her again.
After what felt like an eternity, Victor heard three knocks on the door. One of Victor’s bodyguards opened the door and Goldman came rushing in. Victor looked at him with an intensity that could shatter a wall. 
Goldman nodded. “It’s really her sir. I made sure she didn’t know it was me just like you asked. She has no idea who is running the operation. She’s in the cargo hold with some of the other Evolvers right now. Do you want me to bring her up here?” 
An unfamiliar flutter of nervousness settled in Victor’s stomach. After months of mourning her, he was finally somewhat at peace with her loss. Now that she suddenly returned, the whole moment felt surreal to him. He wanted nothing more than to be with her again, but a part of him was afraid to see her. If she was truly back, then there was a chance he could lose her again. No matter what he did, Victor would never escape the anxieties of his failure. 
The CEO shook his head. “Give me a minute,” he said.
Goldman nodded and he and the guards left their boss to collect his thoughts. Victor turned back to the window and leaned against the window sill. The ship was leaving the marina now, giving Victor a full view of the ocean. He looked into the distance, trying to find comfort in the calming shades of blue before him. This was the first time in Victor’s life that he was afraid of a meeting. What was he going to say to her? How was he going to react when she walked through that door? What would he do if it wasn’t really her?
He took a deep breath in attempt to steady his beating heart and then called for Goldman and the guards to return. He ordered one of the guards to bring the producer into his office. 
“But keep her blindfolded,” he said. The request was more for himself than the safety of his operation. Victor knew he wouldn’t be able to keep himself together the moment he looked into her eyes. The guard nodded and left the office. 
Victor returned to his pacing. His palms broke into a sweat as his entire body buzzed with apprehension and excitement. The sound of the ticking clock echoed in the silent room.  A few minutes later, the door creaked open. Victor froze in place and turned his head. 
His knees nearly buckled beneath him. 
There she was, dressed in a soft blue blouse and matching skirt, standing just a few feet away from him. The guard that brought her upstairs helped her step over the threshold before letting her go. Goldman motioned for everyone to leave office, giving the two their privacy. Victor grasped the window sill behind him to steady himself, feeling a heaviness in his chest. He had spent countless sleepless nights dreaming of her return, dreams that ended with him waking up and not feeling her next to him. Dreams that left him hopeless. Now that she was here in front of him, he still couldn’t believe it. He felt like he was looking at a ghost. 
“Hello…?” she said with uncertainty, her voice cutting through the thick silence in the room. 
Victor stood speechless, tears welling up in his eyes. Her beautiful voice… it sounded clearer than the voicemails that soothed him to sleep. How he missed that voice. That voice that made him take notice of her when she confronted him about pulling her company’s funding. That voice that kept him awake on his business trips because she stupidly forgot that time zones existed. That voice he couldn’t resist when she begged him to make her pudding. It was like hearing a beautiful melody of a song he hadn’t heard in so long. 
Victor couldn’t see her eyes, but she looked exactly as he remembered her, still beautiful as ever. But the radiance of her beauty was shaded by confusion and fear. Victor instantly regretted the order to have her blindfolded when he saw her lips quivering. He didn’t think about situation from her perspective. She had no idea who she was meeting and whether she was safe or in danger. 
Suddenly, the room went dark as a large cloud moved over the sun. He watched her slightly jolt up in panic. 
“Are...are you still there?” she asked nervously. Victor still couldn’t find the courage to say anything. He was afraid that any reaction from him would make her disappear. 
She pleaded for any kind of response. “Are you there? Can you answer me?” 
The sound of her begging and the fear in her voice was enough to break him. Victor walked up to her carefully and slowly, like he was approaching his most valuable and fragile treasure. She stiffened at the sound of his soft footsteps on the wooden floor, but to his surprise, she started walking forward as well. He stilled as she moved closer to him, feeling for any obstacles in her way. Even while being in an unknown situation, she was still so brave. 
On her next step, her foot caught on the carpet, sending her stumbling forward. She yelped as Victor instinctively reached out to catch her. The moment she was in his arms, every emotion he had bottled up in the last six months exploded. He did his best to keep himself anchored, but he couldn’t stop the tears from falling down his face. Every bit of doubt he had about her existence disappeared as he clutched her waist to keep her from falling. 
This wasn’t a dream. She wasn’t a dream. 
She was real. 
The girl lightly gripped Victor’s suit jacket for support as he steadied her on her feet. When Victor let go, she immediately moved closer to him, seeking his touch again. Her hands landed on the hard planes of his chest and after a few seconds, she let out a soft sigh of relief. 
Just by one touch, she knew it was him. 
“Why… why did you…” she stammered. 
Victor choked back a sob as she reached up to touch his face. Her fingers traced a path from his forehead down to the edges of his jaw, her touch slightly shaky, like she couldn’t believe what she had in her hands. His breathing grew heavier when her fingertips lightly brushed against his cheek, quietly gasping when she felt the wet trail that his tears left behind. Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration. 
“Why aren’t you saying anything?” she demanded as her fingers glided across his lips. Victor gently placed his hand over hers, pressing a soft kiss on her fingertips. 
“This is what you wanted to say to me?” he whispered.
“I’ve missed you,” she said suddenly. She didn’t need to say anything else. Those three words summed up every feeling that was coursing through the both of them. Victor had felt so empty and so helpless without her. But now, for the first time in months, he finally felt whole. Complete. 
“...Dummy,” he said affectionately. Her lips curved into a small smile at the familiarity of his favorite nickname for her. 
“I’m back,” she said, her voice firm. She continued to caress the contours of his face as if she was trying to read his emotions with her hands. Victor couldn’t hold back anymore. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a tight embrace. She relaxed against him, allowing him to press his body against hers. He buried his face in her neck, quickly becoming intoxicated by her scent and warmth. 
He never wanted to let go of her again. 
Victor felt her hands move around his waist, hugging him back. He relished in her touch, nuzzling his nose against her hair. “...Dummy, you’re squeezing too tight,” he teased. 
She scoffed at him.  “So what?”
Victor chuckled at that defiance he loved so much. He lovingly stroked her hair as she pressed her cheek against his chest. He was tempted to use his Evol to freeze time, to stay like this with her forever. Then, as if she realized something, she pulled back and questioned him about his bullet wound. Victor rolled his eyes and rested his chin on top of her head. Even now, after being brought back into this world, she was still concerned about someone else other than herself.
“It’s fine. It’s had plenty of time to heal,” Victor said. He would never admit that he still felt pain from his wound, but it wasn’t a physical pain. He would never heal from the pain from his failure of losing her. 
 “You on the other hand…” his voice trailed off. Thinking about the bullet wound made him think of what he had done to her that day. Images of him holding up the dagger above her heart came back to mind. Victor winced at the memory. 
Sensing his discomfort, she smiled up at him, trying to lighten up the mood. “I’m fine! I’ve come back all in one piece, haven’t I?” she asked jokingly. She had, and for that Victor was grateful. 
She started asking lots of questions about where they were and what was going on. Victor knew she was curious, but he also knew she was trying to keep him from reliving the day he lost her. He listened as she mentioned her loss of her Evol and described how she found Le Souvenir and her journey to the cargo ship. Victor couldn’t help but tease her when he realized that she never knew it was Goldman who had picked her up from the store. 
“Still the same old dummy,” Victor said, shaking his head. He smiled as she pouted at the sound of his teasing. She continued to pepper him with questions, but he stopped her. There was too much that had happened while she was gone and there was no way he could explain it all in one sitting. Not that he really wanted to. Now that she was in his arms again, Victor just wanted to be alone with her, away from all of the chaos of their world, and show her just how much he really missed her.  
He gently stroked her lower back. “We can talk about all of that another time,” he said, his voice dropping low. “Right now, we have more important things to do.”  
“Huh??” she exclaimed, her face scrunching in confusion. 
Victor couldn’t help but laugh. “The six months that you’ve been gone,” he said seductively, “don’t you think you need to make that time up to me?” 
“How can I make up…” 
Victor knew her mind was wandering into dangerous territory by the way her cheeks suddenly reddened. He was mere seconds away from activating his Evol to avoid interruption so he could indulge his woman in whatever fantasy was dancing around in her head when she cried out. 
She pointed to her blindfold. “Victor, can I please take this off?” 
Victor didn’t answer her right away, as ideas circulated in his own mind that involved him using that blindfold in more pleasurable ways.  He grabbed her hands when he noticed she was reaching up to remove the cloth. 
“What’s your rush?” he whispered into her ear. 
She bit her lip nervously. “I… I wanna see you too, okay?” 
Always giving into what the girl wanted, Victor relented and told her not to move as he reached behind her head. As he was untying the knot, Goldman immediately rushed into the office with a look of panic on his face. Victor felt a sinking feeling in his stomach as he lifted the blindfold off her face. 
This couldn’t be good. 
He immediately looked down at the girl who was now blinking her eyes to adjust to the sudden stream of light that flooded her vision. She looked up at him and Victor’s heart swelled when their eyes finally met. For so long he wanted to look into those shining brown eyes again and tell her how much he loved her. To tell her how sorry he was for failing her. 
Victor held the girl tight against him. He couldn’t believe that the peace their reunion brought to him was shattering so quickly. I just got her back damnit. Victor planted a soft kiss on the top of her head before reluctantly letting her go. He looked at Goldman, bracing himself for whatever was coming next. 
“What is it?” he demanded.  
As Goldman explained that the STF, along with their commander, were on their way to board their ship, all Victor could think of was the woman standing next to him. There was no way in hell he was going to let the STF know she was back.
Victor knew they were in a bad situation. The STF had visited LFG premises numerous times before, but never with their commander in tow. He looked out the window at the STF boats that were approaching their location and then shifted his gaze to the wall clock, quickly calculating how much time he would have to get everyone on his ship to safety. With a plan in mind, Victor grabbed a sheet of paper from his desk and started to draw a quick outline of the ship. He smiled when he felt her standing behind him, lightly grasping his arm while she peeked at what he was doing. Always the nosy little dummy. When Victor was done, he quickly explained the plan and sent Goldman off to take care of the preparations. 
As everyone on board prepared themselves for the surprise visit, Victor pulled the girl into one last hug, savoring her warmth in case all hell broke loose in the next few minutes. He instructed her to hide behind his seat, alleviating her worries that the STF commander would recognize her and take her away. 
Commander Leto would only be able to take her away from him over his dead body.  
“Behind me is the safest place you can be,” Victor reassured her. As she sat on the floor behind him, Victor settled in his leather chair with his guards standing closely next to him, hiding her from sight. Goldman returned moments later, confirming that everyone was hidden and preparations were completed. Victor nodded and looked at the wall clock again. In a few minutes, Commander Leto would be in his office to confront him about his operations.
Victor knew it wasn’t a mere coincidence that the day she came back to him, Leto wanted to board his ship to do inspections. Somehow the girl and STF’s plans were connected, but Victor wasn’t going to let Leto get his hands on her. He planned on making the STF’s visit as difficult as possible, just out of spite for cutting their reunion short. His fingers drummed on the wooden desk in irritation as everyone waited for the commander’s arrival. 
Suddenly, he felt a thump behind his chair. A smile crept across his lips as he moved his hand behind the seat. She placed her hand into his, her warmth quelling the anxieties building up within him. She had been strong enough to survive everything she went through after the day he lost her and managed to make her way back to him. Now it was his turn to be the stronger one for the both of them and to protect her like she had protected every one else months ago. 
Victor didn’t know at that moment what the future had in store for them, but one thing was certain. 
He would never, ever, lose her again. 
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aworldoffandoms · a month ago
All I Ever Wanted - Ethan x F!MC
Tumblr media
Authors Note: So, after a couple people asked if my last prompt could have a sequel...thankfully one of the other prompts fit perfectly so this is part two to Miss You More. I had trouble finding a way to end this one so I hope it’s alright lol. Thanks to the anon who sent this prompt in, whoever you are I hope you like it! 💖 Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and reblogged so far. Your support means everything! I hope you enjoy! I apologise for any spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. Prompt is in bold.
Pairing: Ethan Ramsey x F!MC [Nicolette Valentine]
Word Count: 1, 996 (I don’t know how to stop)
Prompt: “All I ever wanted is right here in front of me.”
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluff and Ethan being a cute mofo
Tag list at the bottom of this post.
Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Pixelberry and all characters belong to them.
Boston awakes with the rising of the sun, its streams of light blanketing everything with a soft orange glow as Massachusetts begins the day anew. Bostonian’s are up and well into their morning routines before Nicolette stirs, the sun's rays filter into her room as the everyday noises of life pierce the quiet stillness and finally pulls her out of a pleasant dream of beaches and a shirtless Ethan. 
A small groan escapes her throat as she wakes up, the normal disorientation of waking up from a deep sleep clouds her mind and she has to blink a few times to truly understand where she is. She snuggles into the blankets, her face buried into her pillow before she hears something on the other side of the room that makes her heart jump a few beats faster and a lance of panic to shoot through her like an arrow hitting its target bullseye but she relaxes when she finds it’s just her blinds swaying to the calm breezes through the window.
Her blue eyes squint as she regards her alarm clock and she gasps at the time, the sheer magnitude of her sleep-in hitting her and instantly waking her up. 
Eleven-thirty! Shit! 
Nicolette was looking forward to sleeping in today but she didn’t realise how much sleep she'd actually get. She hadn’t slept in this much since before medical school. It really shouldn’t be a surprise, she reasons. All those late-night study sessions revising for her boards and painstakingly going over each patient file flitter in through her awake mind and she has to shake her head. She can’t feel guilty for sleeping in. She deserves this. 
“No point in feeling guilty. Screw studying and the medical boards right now.”
She takes a deep breath and rolls over, her eyes closed against the sun still filtering in through her blinds, the passing sounds of cars and horns and chattering making her smile. It was the sounds of life, of every single person leading their own lives in their own way and Nicolette smiles at the way her life has turned out. 
Albeit, she thinks, the last couple of years haven’t been all rainbows and smiles but all of that is worth it for the man that makes her the happiest woman on earth. A dreamy sigh escapes her as a little smile lifts up the corner of her lips. She closes her eyes, face tipped to the ceiling as she marvels at the fact that Ethan Freaking Ramsey was her boyfriend, her best friend, the love of her life, the man she wanted to spend the rest of her—
“You seem awfully happy over there, Rookie.” 
Nicolette’s eyes snap open and she bolts upright in bed as a scream escapes her throat at the sight of the lean figure sitting in the chair opposite her bed, his blue eyes intent on her, a gentle amusement shining in them.
“Ethan?! What the—? How? What are you doing here?!” 
Ethan grins and runs his palm over his bearded jaw and stands, immediately vacating his spot on Nicolette’s loveseat to sit on the edge of her bed, his hands immediately come up to release the death-grip she has on her duvet and entwines them with his own, squeezing her fingers, his smile is tender as he looks at her and Nicolette’s heart skips a beat. 
A smirk lines his lips as he says it, a moment away from laughing but his face turns to shock when Nicolette throws herself at him, her eyes burning as a sobbing-laugh explodes out of her chest and she pulls Ethan into her embrace, her arms coming up to close around his neck as he leans into her touch, his palms resting on her back. 
“I thought you weren’t coming back until tomorrow?” 
Ethan doesn’t answer her and he leans back, gently brushing some hair behind her ear and smiles warmly at the dishevelled look of his girlfriend, the raw beauty of Nicolette in the morning, hair askew, freckles unbarred by the make-up she occasionally wore to work and her ratty ACDC band shirt she’s had since she was sixteen hiding the perfect curves he so surely missed the last two weeks away at his Medical Conference in L.A.
He’s quiet as he runs his gaze over her and a gentle smile lifts his lips, memorising every little detail that made her Nicolette and his heart warms at what he sees. She was perfect to him. Everything about her drew her to him, like a moth to a flame, a siren call,  and he’d gladly lose himself in her call and draw himself into the flames for her. Nicolette was his sun and she was the gravity that pulled him to her every single moment of the day. He was so lucky. 
Nicolette just stares back, her own eyes skimming over Ethan’s features, the blue iridescent ocean of his eyes that she gets lost in every single time he looks at her, the shape of his lips that made her heart skip a beat each time he threw her a private smile her way on any given day of the week, the strong line of his jaw that she had a strong fascination with and the beard. Wow. She fell in love, even more, each and every time with that scruff of his. 
Nicolette’s cheeks redden at the intensity of his gaze once she realises he hasn’t lifted his yes from her and she gives him a smile, tilting her head to the side to kiss his palm that holds her face and Ethan’s heart melts at the gesture and his feelings almost overwhelm him that all he can do is kiss her so he guides her face to him until their lips meet and both of them melt into it, as if both were unaware of the anxiety and the tense set of their shoulders of being apart and the relief of being together again. 
Nicolette breathes a quiet sigh when they part and she leans back, raising an eyebrow in confusion. 
“As much as I enjoy this surprise, Ethan. Why are you really here?” 
Ethan gives her a gentle smile before kissing her cheek and scootching over on her bed until is sitting beside her, and Nicolette follows by lying on his chest, their legs entwined, an arm wrapping around her shoulders, a hand resting on her hip and the other, his fingers trailing a soothing path through her hair. 
“Can’t a guy surprise his girlfriend once in a while?”
Nicolette laughs, snuggling further into Ethan’s embrace, breathing in his natural Ethan scent which melded finely with a hint of sandalwood and scotch. It felt just like coming home and Nicolette couldn’t be more at peace. She squeezes him tighter. 
“You definitely can. No qualms there, babe.” 
Ethan chuckles, kissing the top of Nicolette’s head, his hand on her hip lazily drawing non-consequential patterns on the sliver of skin that peeks out from her shirt that had ridden up and Nicolette shivers in delight at the affectionate touch.
It’s quiet, both of them relishing in being with each other again, each not wanting to let go of the other. The sounds of Boston cast a tranquil atmosphere over them both before Nicolette’s thoughts rush to the forefront of her mind and she sits up, her hand on Ethan’s chest scrunching up the fabric of his henley shirt. 
“Wait! I just realised…” 
Ethan raises an eyebrow quizzically and his eyes regard her with curiosity at the direction her thoughts had taken. 
Nicolette plays with the buttons on Ethan’s henley, her brows furrowing as she talks. 
“Why did you come home? I mean...don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you did it’s just...” She pauses, gathering her thoughts before continuing, her hand absentmindedly running up and down Ethan’s chest, not wanting to let go of him by any means. “This conference was a big deal and you just leave in the middle of it just to come to see me? I thought you wanted to go? This was an amazing opportunity! You had another couple days there and I just don’t want you to—” 
Ethan puts a finger to Nicolette’s lips and gives her a tender smile, the warmth in his eyes when Nicolette looks up and her breath almost slips away from her and she doesn’t move under his touch. 
The nickname is gentle, sweet, and holds so much emotion that Nicolette wants to burst into tears right then but she collects herself despite her eyes burning and the lump in her throat threatening to choke her. Nicolette’s eyes shine with her unshed tears, nonetheless, as Ethan sits up, his hands coming up to cup her face with the same amount of gentle tenderness that’s mirrored in his eyes. He runs his thumbs along her cheekbones as he talks, his voice soft and warm like a beautiful summer day in the sun. 
“Nicolette,” Ethan begins, the soft smile on his face widens into a smile just for her, the strength of it reaching his eyes and making them shine, the bright blue of them stuttering her heart. “I am surprised that you don’t know by now how much of an effect you’ve had on my life.” Ethan smiles again, leaning forward to press a quick kiss against her cheek. “You’ve made me believe in the impossible. You’ve changed my views on plenty of things. The most important one is love. You’ve given me a chance to be happy. To be fulfilled with much more than awards and research grants and fame. All I need to feel content and happy and fulfilled with the way my life has you.” 
Ethan pauses, his palms coming to rest around the nap of Nicolette’s neck, the warmth of his touch seeping through her and warming her from the inside out, the swell of emotion filling her to almost bursting. He leans forward so their foreheads rest together and Nicolette closes her eyes, the intimacy of the moment between them crackles as Ethan murmurs his next words, the weight of them hitting Nicolette like a train. 
“All I ever wanted is right here in front of me and I don’t need or want anything else. You are it for me, Nicolette. I was never the one to admit or even believe in something as ridiculous as forever. You above anyone else knows how stalwart I am on particular things, but... you are my forever and that makes me happier than all the accolades and treasures in the world.” 
Ethan had been so caught up in the moment, a moment full of truth and happiness that he’s almost drunk on the feeling that it takes him a second to realise that Nicolette hasn’t responded to his declaration. He opens his eyes to find her silently crying, tears tracking down her beautiful face and he immediately leans forward, wrapping her in his arms. 
“Nicolette! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I never want to make you feel—” 
Nicolette stops him, sniffling and wiping her eyes. “No. No. Don’t apologise. I’m just blown away, that’s all. I didn’t realise you felt so strongly. It just made me emotional. They were beautiful words.” She gives a watery chuckle before continuing, her hands coming to rest on Ethan’s chest. “I really can’t believe that you are real, to be honest.”
Ethan gives her another one of his private smiles, the one that was just for her and he tucks some fly-away hair behind her ear, trailing his finger down her jaw until he grasps her chin gently between his thumb and forefinger, guiding her lips to his until they’re inches away.
“Start believing, sweetheart.” 
“I have a lifetime to believe it, Ethan. Now kiss me, already.” 
Ethan chuckles, accepting her demand with delight and as their lips connect, both smile into the kiss, their hearts alight and beating just for each other. 
OH TAG:  @senseofduties​​ @polishchoicesfan​​ @princess-geek​​ @i-bloody-love-drake-walker @binny1985​​ @fanficnewbie​​ @x-kyne-x​​  @thecordoniandiaries @rainbowsinthestorm​​ @jens-diamondchoices​​ @hopelessly-shipper​​ @my-heart-beats-for-ya​​ @landofenchantedwonder​ @flyawayboo​​ @stanathanxoox​​ @oofchoices​​ @thequeenofcronuts​​ @heauxplesslydevoted​​ @trappedinfandoms​​  @perriewinklenerdie​​ @riverrune​​ @caseyvalentineramsey​​ @nithya @kaavyaethanramsey @whippedforethanfreakingramsey​​ @theeccentricbiblophile @maurine07​​ @openheartthot​​ @takemyopenheart​ @queencarb​ @drariellevalentine​ @drakewalkerfantasy​ @pixelberrychoicesaddict-blog @starrystarrytrouble​ @buzz-bee-buzz @anything-but-reality​ @doilooklikeiknow​ @mvalentine​ @jamespotterthefirst​ @anntoldst0ries​  @nishas-paradise  @tenaciousdeputydreamfriend @choicesaddict5​  @fireycookie @thegreentwin​
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mxvladdy · a month ago
I can't stress enough 'wows' in tve way you write along with the fact that it's you first few posts (i think? Pls correct me) can you do luci mammon and satan with a reader who takes naps bc of overthinking? They just tug their sleeves and shot them a tired look, while looking down shying away. Also, have a nice day and take the time to be yourself!
Aw thanks fam! I am fairly new to posting my works, I tried twice before this with two different writing blogs but I deleted them both bc I felt discouraged. I’m older now and I feel a lot better about my writing, so third time the charm and all that lol! I’m so glad you like my writing! I know I need some work on grammar and expanding my vocabulary.  
This was a super cute prompt ;.; I hope I did it justice!
He is a mix of jealous and pissed. He wishes he could fall asleep so easily when he gets inundated with too many things at once. But also- just don’t do that? Where were your manners?
He starts noticing your little peculiarity in class. Specifically that you tend to nod off in advance alchemy and rune scripting. You were being so studious, jotting down notes, ask great questions. Next thing he knows you're out like a light.
He is shocked for a moment before he will wake you up. Your wide doe-eyed frown does nothing to him. JK his hearts clench at your wounded look.
He makes the other brothers report to him about your behavior and odd sleep habit. Were you ill? Was this just something humans did? Devils, was Belphie rubbing off on you?
They all say the same thing. One moment you are working hard or talking to them about a topic you are passionate about, and the next you are yawning hard enough to pop your jaw and shyly asking to lay down.
Well-he can’t have that.
If you are going to fall asleep around anyone it’s going to be him.
He sets up remedial lessons with you after dinner to make up for the work slept through. You sit by him at his long ornate desk while he tutors you on what you missed.
You weren't having any problems,  you even finished a few pages. He is proud and then-
“I can almost hear those gears slowing my dear.” Lucifer interrupts himself mid-explanation of Zosimos of Panopolis and Maria the Prophetess's theories of alchemy in human medicine.
You jerk awake and turn to him blinking owlishly. "Yeah, I just need to lay down." You admit.
Lucifer eyes you critically. This was sudden, were you ill? You had been fine moments ago, bright-eyed and enthusiastic. He cups your face, turning it from side to side. "So suddenly? We haven't even discussed the properties of mercury yet." You hum letting your eyes droop. He was always so warm.
"Hour nap break? Please?" His stern gaze softens at how your nose scrunches up cutely as you yawn.
“Very well.” He relents letting you slick over to his couch. You flop over face first with a grunt of satisfaction. You toss and turn for a while, moving his pillows around unsatisfied.
“Luci-” You call in defeat. He ignores you at first. If you wanted to nap fine, he would get some work done in the meantime. “Luci~” You say again. You could see his brow twitching. “Lu-”
“My dear,” He shoots you a withering look. “You are treading a thin line. If you have the energy to call for me you have the energy to study.” You say nothing at his brisk tone, instead of opening your arms to him to join you. “You tempt me.” He purrs hiding his smile behind his paperwork.
“Learned from the best.” Lucifer shakes his head laughing at your smug reply. He glances over you to his grandfather clock. Hmmm-perhaps he could spare a few minutes. He rises elegantly discarding his tie and waistcoat to his abandoned chair. Running a hand through his hair he snorts at your little whistle.
“Move.” He commands. You shake your head patting your belly. “I will crush you.” He laughs but lays over you regardless.
“Good-you’re warm.” You say muffled in his shirt. Wrapping your arms around his middle you drift off. Lucifer holds you close, running a still gloved hand up and down your side. Perhaps he should bring out some more complex topics next time. If this was the outcome-
He noticed you get drowsy before in class. Your cute little head jerks as you nod off, hands rubbing at your face as you fight to stay awake before giving in to the need to sleep. It was adorable- not that he was watching you because of that! He was just doing his job of looking out for you
Ye-that was all.
Honestly, he thought you were just like him. He never cared for the books being forced on him in class. Boring useless crap in his opinion. He much rather sleep through a lecture on stats too.
Now books on photography? That's where it's at. He has a legitimate passion for it.
He likes being behind the camera just as much as he likes being in front of it. Though he doesn't snap photos often.
He doesn't need more beratement from his brothers than he already gets. Sides, he just feels like they would look down at this like everything else he does.
He'll share his hobby with you though. You at least seem interested in it. He'll show you his collection of vintage to high-tech cameras and talk your ear off about the makes, models, and features.
You nod along and ask questions from time to time, smiling along with Mammon while he prattles on about color theory next to you on the floor.
He was just getting to Auguste Lumiére when he feels a gentle bump on his shoulder.
"O-oi!" Mammon starts, shaking his shoulder to rouse you. You look up at him, blinking the sleep from your eyes. "Was...was I that boring?" He deflates a little, all previous excitement gone in a flash. You had seemed so interested...
"What? Oh, no. No Mammon I'm sorry. It's really all fascinating," You grab for his sleeve so he couldn't run away. "It was just a lot of information all at once. I just got a bit overwhelmed."
"So you fall asleep?" He raises a brow not believing you for a second. Who falls asleep when something is interesting? He'll admit he's fallen asleep while listening to Levi talk about a new anime or Asmo with a make-up release.  But that's because it had been boring. "Is that like a human thing?"
You shrug snuggling closer. "I don't know- but it's a me thing. Give me five? I'd love to hear you talk more about your collection, promise."
Mammon glows scarlet at your words. "Of course you do!" He puffs out his chest excitedly. “I got great taste.” You nod into his shirt before drifting off again. He tilts his head slightly to look at you chuckling internally when your breathing and heartbeat slow down. Damn, out in seconds. Well, better get comfortable.
Uncrossing his long legs he picks up the camera he had been showing you. The old Polaroid lens reflects his face back at him. He remembered the day Land had debuted this marvel of engineering. He just had had to get his hands on one. It was useless now, he had much better quality cameras than this old thing, but he remembered you reminiscing about your human friends and their portable camera. Would you take some pictures with him too? He would take one now, but the sound of the flash would definitely wake you up.
He fiddles with it for a few more minutes, opening and closing the film canister and checking for any parts that needed fixing as he waits. You stir at his side a few minutes later with a little mew of satisfaction. Mammon hears your joints creak and pop as you stretch. "Morning." He says sarcastically, earning himself a light punch to his shoulder. "Ready to continue?"
You nod eagerly, perky and aware. At least for the moment.
He didn't really notice at first the pattern of your behavior.
You would come over for book club. Which was really just him reading his current novel and you picking something at random to gain a little random knowledge.
You would find a comfortable position on his bed, curl up nice and small and read. Then after a bit yawn and start to snooze.
He first thought it was the atmosphere of his room. It was quiet, warm, and the sound of flickering candles and the rustle of paper sometimes caused him to doze too.
But when it starts happening outside of class he notices.
Hmmm….this is new.
He looks it up in his human anatomy books and finds nothing.
He's not particularly worried about you per se. You always bounce back quickly after a quick snooze.
Then you start dozing when he is talking… >:(
Like his brother/dad he is a little miffed at first but then your behavior reminds him a cat and he loves you 10x harder now
Satan stops in his pacing of the back gardens. His book of poetry hanging limply in his hand. He had been reciting some of the most fascinating lines of work from Lord Byron's later works and wanted a human's perspective. He had thought you were interested. You never complained before when he asked you out here. Perhaps you were just being polite all those times before. Anything to soothe wrath. He snaps his book shut sharply, take some perverse satisfaction in the way you start out of your light sleep at the noise.
"Why'd you stop?" You ask wiping at your face.
"No point talking to someone that doesn't wish to listen." He snaps tersely.
"Oh-Satan, no I was listening. just got to be so much so fast." You flush. “You had some great points going, I just needed a minute.” He watches your eyes grow heavy again, and it dawns on him.
"Do you just sleep when overwhelmed?" He asks incredulously. In all his years with humans, this was new. You shrug making grabby hands for him to move closer. He scoffs but moves into your space. You grab at the hem of his shirt and pull him down to sit next to you. He goes willingly getting comfortable by your side. You eye his lap longingly, hands clutching around his coat sleeve. “Fine-” He rolls his eyes. “Come here you odd thing.” You smile in triumph and crawl into his lap. Once settled you nuzzle into his warm chest.
“Wake me up in ten? I want to hear more about your conversations with Byron.”
“I’ll hold you to it.” He kisses the top of your forehead, opening his book to read again with one hand. You hum at his soft kiss, returning it sleepily with one of your own before passing out again. Ten minutes go by in an instant and Satan looks down at your peaceful face. He smiles to himself, perhaps he’ll let you sleep for a little while longer. You’d need it for his next point.  
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greenorangevioletgrass · a month ago
Sam x reader and he's the first person to ever go down on her and she's just... shook? ❤️🥺
aw HEEEEELL yes! also idk how to write a short blurb skdhskhd but happy reading!
warnings: drinking, banters, oral (f), reader is one prideful bish lol
"Nobody?" Sam echoes your last word incredulously, shifting in his seat so he's facing you. "You're kidding."
"I'm serious." you take a swig from your beer bottle.
He scowls in disapproval. "Some shitty-ass men you've been dating, huh?"
"Oh, come on. Some of them are... They're either not into it, or they're not very good at the other stuff, so I didn't even bother."
"Exactly! Sounds pretty shitty to me." he looks at you pointedly.
You just roll your eyes at this man before you. "Besides, I've been without it all this time, I think I'm fine."
"Aw, Y/N..." he tuts in sympathy. "You're missing out on so much."
"And how would you know that?" you challenge him, looking him straight in the eyes.
He meets your gaze and he doesn't waver. He's still in that cocksure Sam Wilson mode. "Uh, because I genuinely like going down on a girl? And girls genuinely enjoy what I do?"
Maybe it's the buzz from the alcohol. Maybe it's the banter that makes you feel like at home (even though you're on the floor of your hotel room in Seoul) and that you've known each other forever (it's only been a week since the mission's first brief and your first meeting.) But he has piqued your curiosity; as much as you're doing fine without it, you also wonder what it feels like. Whether it's as good as people make it out to be.
And whether Sam lives up to his expectations.
"Really? What do you do?" you cross your arms in challenge.
"How 'bout I just show you?" he throws it out there as casually, although you don't miss his eyes glancing down at your cleavage.
"Be my guest." you set your beer bottle aside.
He does the same, scoots over, and leans in to kiss you.
It got very real very quickly, and it takes you everything to coolly put a stopping hand on his broad chest.
"I thought you were gonna show me how you go down on a girl?"
"Don't worry, we'll get there," he reassures you with his signature smile. "If you're up for it, of course."
"Oh. Sure." your hand relaxes, smooths down his t-shirt.
He takes a good look at you, like he's making sure you want this, and only closes the space between your lips when you find yourself leaning into him, too.
Sam kisses with ease. It's easy to forget how nervous you actually are, being more intimate than you've ever had with anyone. It's easy to follow the flowing rhythm of his languid kiss, his resting palm on the side of your face.
"Let me know if you wanna tap out," he murmurs softly against your mouth.
Ever so thoughtful, this fella. You can't help but smile teasingly. "What, and miss out on your state secret?"
You share a quiet laughter as he deepens the kiss again. A subtle way of saying, we're doing this. He indulges himself on your lips before wandering along your jaw, down your neck, with his teeth grazing and tongue soothing your skin.
Not in apprehension, but in wanting more.
God, you forgot what it's like to be kissed like this.
His hand trails up your knee, drawing featherlight invisible patterns as he pushes the hem of your dress up. It coincides with him biting your neck, and your breath hitches.
"Get on the bed."
You don't waste any moment to sit on the edge of the bed behind you, making way for him to kneel between your legs.
He pays attention to your inner thighs the same way he did your neck. Unhurried kisses, unfaltering hickeys, unfazed pace to makes you buck into him.
His finger finds your panties, damp with arousal, and he can't help but trace the outline of your nether lips there.
"Anyone ever made you wet before they even touch you here?"
"Yeah, you definitely need better men," he offhandedly comments while helping you out of your underwear.
You cradle the back of his head as he nears your core. "Sam, what if I'm not... good?"
He smiles in reassurance. "You can't not be good. Just sit back and relax. I got you."
And then kisses you down there with the same ease he did earlier, boldly tasting your wet folds and licking your swollen bud in a way that steals your breath.
"See? You're doing so good, baby," he hums into you, and the vibration is driving you a little mad.
Soon he's got both of his hands on your ass, pulling you in while he devours you. Warm tongue running up and down your slit, and swirling your clit, and fucking your pussy until he finds the thing that makes you sing.
And he's been there for ages. You briefly wonder if he's getting tired of eating you out. And it's completely okay if he is; you know it takes a lot to make you come and--
"God, I could do this forever..." you hear him mutter, although you're not entirely sure if he's talking to you or just to himself.
But as you grind your hips, he delves even closer and takes everything you give him with like he's craving for it. Picking up the pace he's on your clit and letting his beard burn deliciously with the growing burning in your core.
Your breaths grow ragged and the moans you let out are increasingly more desperate. "Sam... Fuck, I'm gonna-- I'm close..."
"Let go, baby. I got you," he replies immediately, and sucks your clit until you fall apart under him.
Gushing, trembling, convulsing against him.
And the feeling doesn't go away. Not completely. Not when you feel Sam's finger entering you, stretching you in a way that his tongue couldn't. And it takes you an extra few seconds to realize that he's still going.
"What?" He looks up at you. "You don't think I'mma get you off just once, right?"
You look at him, speechless.
"Just lie back. I ain't done with you yet." he winks and then sinks another finger into you. Pumping it in and out while his tongue circles your already sensitive nub.
It really doesn't take long to send you over the edge the second time. Your orgasm takes over in a violent wave and you have to push his head away for a little break.
He crawls over you and plants a kiss, chaste but filthy with arousal at the same time, with a cocky grin. "How'd I do?"
"Ugh, you know how you did," you groan, too prideful to admit. "I don't suppose you're a good fuck too, huh?"
"Only the best, baby. Want me to show you how it's done?"
"Sure. Just out of curiosity."
He looks at you as if saying he knows what you mean. It's not like you're trying to hide it either. But he just said, "Sure. Out of curiosity."
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paganchristian · a month ago
Tumblr media
A cucumber vine.  I love these flowers!  They remind me of little marshmallows, puffy and bright like those marshmallow shapes you can get that are imported from Italy, I think ( I saw them at Walmart one day), or marshmallow peeps or something.  Maybe an icing sculpture made with cake decorating tips. The fuzzy, furry leaves, crinkledy and erratic, uneven, pointy jagged lines.  I also love cucumbers.  And all of the cucurbita (sp?) family - the melons, squash, pumpkins, gourds.  I just love the plants.  I hope we might have a pumpkin patch if we can find ones that do well in our baking humid climate. Part of it I think, is, I feel like I could sit or lie low and hide in the lush, huge, tall leaves.
But the vine thing, makes me think...  About the parts and the whole, about cultivating a plant, and about pruning things to make them thrive all the more.  And how we are all supposed to be one, and how only God is supposed to be real.  But how also we each are actually very real too, and very individual, but maybe it’s more like we’re a part of God?  And so in that sense the whole set of questions regarding “Why”, Why this and why that...
It then might feel more logical.  God can let himself be pruned back.  He can let himself be pruned back and lose parts of himself, as the whole is still there and maybe thrives all the more, just like a fruit tree that is pruned back the right way might thrive, and might fruit all the more, oftentimes.  And I wonder,...  Might it be that God created us as free-choosing sections of himself, that somehow, he turned off his will, and let some other will exist in us, even though it’s still really him, but almost, maybe?  Kind of like subconscious, like we turn off our will, in a sort of speaking, when we sleep and we dream.  It’s us, but not our conscious self and we do things in dreams that we might not do in real life.  Maybe even,...  
I mean, could it be possibly, that some of the negative things in the world that exist, they actually spar us on to action?  Because God might be able to use some of us like puppets, the way that hardships and challenges can make us grow and recognize things that we couldn’t see or couldn't’ do otherwise, if not pushed into a corner or shown things by the power of contrast or argument?  To make the sleeping parts of himself wake up and learn things? To help them? 
And if that was true, and that line of thinking was accurate and we are just parts of God that are not dominated by his conscious will then if he lets us hurt ourselves and die, and be destroyed because of our fatal sins and mistakes that aren’t correctable, is it any different, from experimenting to see how something will do, when we try something new on ourselves.  Since we are somewhat conscious and we can choose to follow God, to do good, to the best of our ability, there is still the moral crisis and the call to action, hurry, change, do the best you can, follow God, receive God’s grace, do what is right, and so on and so forth..  but,  If we are only partially conscious we might choose wrong.  And though it would be sad for God to see parts of himself that have to be destroyed, it wouldn’t be cruel if he is only doing it to himself and he will be fine, and well and whole and healthy regardless of whether he ends up having to prune back a lot of himself.  And,...  in the end he (and we, as a part of him, if we aren’t pruned off, but the pruned parts will just die, not suffer eternally),... He, and we, in Him, will all  thrive more.
Now ok, I know this is probably not something that most Christians would agree with, if any.  Not that I have to have anyone agree with me, because after all I am a pagan-Christian, not a standard Christian, not confined to others’ ideas and understandings of life and religion, but of my own life and experiences and feelings, logic and heart, only.  But I do wonder if some Christians might actually agree.  Or if they heard this idea of mine, if they would agree it’s possible.
I wonder,...  Because some of the ideas I have heard spoken about by some of the Christians in the Christian group I am drawn to,...  Well, some of those ideas are all about oneness and all about mystery and all about grace and how nothing at all happens without God’s grace and how we are stuck and self-destructive when we haven’t yet received God’s grace.  Yet they do say, try, try to save yourself, with God’s help too, because it also takes your cooperation and not just God’ grace alone.  
But there is one thing that I think seems as though it might be implied, and that is, can people really be almost or truly entirely doomed?  And if so, why?  If they are beyond God’s grace if there are people who never get enough of God’s grace, even if everyone is influenced and given grace in the sense of blessings and guidance, because I think that is also a belief that they have.  But maybe they get a lot of grace and blessing, yes,.. but not enough to save them in the final end of it all, win which case, maybe they will be pruned back by God who is just in all truth, pruning back his own self, which is not separate from him, a d that is his own personal autonomy and not hurting anyone else, not even himself, unless you misunderstand it all.  
And God can love himself so much because he can be so immense, so diverse in all his aspects, God can do anything.  But maybe?  Could this make sense so that I can see how to come to a sense of peace with the horrible feelings and worries and sense of being out of control that I feel when I think that I might be doomed?  Or my family and friends might be doomed?  
When I think that God is madly in love with me and with each of us, can it help me understand the strange confusion so I can embrace the love he has without fear and doubt and worry anymore?  Because God is so immense and mysterious that he can be deeply, personally involved in everyone’s lives all at the same time as though he has a zillion different brains that are all connected, but can interact one-on-one with each of us, yet all know what all the other brains are doing?  Lol  Well, why not, God is God.  So God can love himself just like that.  Maybe.  
So that might help me accept his love more.  Why would God madly love every tiny, flawed aspect of himself, like me?  Because he is infinitely loving as well as appreciating all the untold, unformed as of yet potential we each have.  If we are made in God’ image and waiting to blossom into that perfection then maybe that is why he can be so deeply in love with us.  But when we are blossomed into that perfect culmination of all the best that we can be, it will not be like every other part of God, .. Because God is like a flowering vine with a million different kinds of flowers and fruits, all of them perfect.  Maybe.  Something like that.  I wonder..  Could it be? 
So I wonder if this can help me soothe my distress and yet, it sounds so far out there, I guess only some kind of mystical experience and understanding of these things might help me feel at peace with this outlook and interpretation of things?  Well God, could it be?  Is it this?  So I ask and I would ask him, if I felt I could.  Maybe I can, but maybe I am.  But maybe,...  I have to wait till it feels sincere, as though I’m saying this to him, in the right way, the right tone and the right intent and meaning, when I say and feel it all, then maybe my question might be answered, if it’s the right time for me to understand and have the answer and to really get the answer, deep in the feeling of my being. 
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