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#and he don’t got it
tenshindon · 7 hours ago
I am still thinking of 22nd yamtien what of it
#snap chats#I personally believe tien shoulda been a dick#just a#how you say#lil longer 😩#anyways the tournament timeline makes me violent#the amounta bullshit I woulda churned out if there was maybe an extra day or two#‘snap you can fudge the timelines’ yes but no <3#I like being as accurate as I can when it comes to timelines don’t look at me#there ain’t an ish if you do that by the way I just like to make myself go insane#22nd tien I miss you#you come out once in a blue moon and when you do I Perosnally short circuited#Solely Cause it’s so out of nowhere and I’m just 👁👄👁#eyo is yamcha seein this shit 👀👄👀#I will never get over the literal two-second scene from the bojack movie on god#I HAVE already written a fic for it I HAVE however I just can’t get over it#like what was your business there sir why the FUCK you lookin at him like that#tien can smile at people and not look like we got another motive he can do this he’s done it before#the fuck kinda look was that Literally 🥴 like the fuck is that#SO MUCH SHIT ILL NEVER BE OVER THST I REALLY WANNA DO THINGS WITH BUT DOTN KNOW HOW TO#the fact tien got a fixation on punishment/discipline like what the fuck Certified Freak 😫#can’t even say I did that cause what I did was redemption 😔#I will figure bullshit out I swear I got a lot of ideas#and i don’t know if I wanna draw em or write em I hate it here#also I haven’t even articulated them in my brain yet fuck 😫#I live in a personal hell I’ve curated for myself
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xenosaga · 7 hours ago
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prettyboydream · 10 hours ago
dude at this point i think george is gonna come back w a video that’s like ‘minecraft but i’m on the plane to florida’ or some shit
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fruityhag · 11 hours ago
I used to have Bo Burnham as my HC for Remus and now that i’ve finally taken the time to watch inside i have to say... i’m horny. I think he still fits.
oh no baby what... no...
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sweetest-honeybee · a day ago
I want to animate but I don’t know what. I’ll take suggestions but like I’m an mature so it can’t be something super difficult
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gaysnowchester · a day ago
hm. generikb pretending he’s on hermitcraft up to and including impersonating the hermits, AND to be getting welcome back bits and subs is,,,,, really scummy
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