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#and get washed away
iamakiller · 7 days ago
Anatomy of a Killer was perfection as always! I’ve been awed by and in love with your writing since day one.
I’ve always wondered, are there any characters or personalities, real or fictional, from whom you’ve drawn to create your Killer Charlie? Or any other external influences behind his persona? He’s so nuanced and deep that I’m constantly amazed.
As an aside, you and Contesa are both wrong. Gandalf and the Ring Wraiths are tied for best LOTR characters.
Thank you very much.  I’m so glad you enjoyed Anatomy of a Killer.  I must also thank you for your enthusiastic support since the beginning of this blog.
With regards to your question, I have had a fascination with American serial killers since my early teens, when I checked the book “Mindhunter” by John E. Douglas out of the library on a whim and read the whole thing in one night.  I’ve always been interested in the darker aspects of the human mind, and especially the why of a person becoming a killer.  Although I never even considered choosing to pursue psychology or criminology as a career path, nor indeed murder.)  I wasn’t inspired by any particular individual, but I’m sure that the ridiculous amount of knowledge I’ve crammed into my brain over the years played its part.
A major influence in terms of how I chose to unravel Charlie’s story was undoubtedly the Netflix documentary series “I Am A Killer” (I swear I had completely forgotten the name of the show when I named this blog!) which deliberately and carefully unfurls the story of each episode in such a way that you feel horror and compassion in equal parts for the titular individual by the end of the hour.  
Other than that, I'm not knowingly aware of any other influences.  Killer Charlie is all mine, I’m afraid!
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link-of-asgard · 25 days ago
Your whole life changes when you discover Noddy is full of deliberate racist, sexist, homophobic and antisemetic stereotypes.
From there it opens up a rather deep rabbit hole of the rest of the authors works....
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iliveinprocrasti-nationn · 2 months ago
my teachers,,, frustrate me. they were v nice when i sent out the email and in telling me to take it easy n im thankful for that but also.. it has been three weeks and now they’re talkin to me about finishing all the stuff i missed and gettin stuff done as if im fine,,, jokes on them i was in shock for like 2 weeks and it is only now wearing off bit by bit this is not an uphill experience rn
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asilcorner · 2 months ago
Why would you do this to me because now all I have in my brain is Wakko as Oliver and Yakko singing “why should I worry”
Thank you that’s all I’ll think about today
My brain only realising how hurt Yakko would be when Wakko tells him he’d rather live with whoever Jenny would be:
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sophiathedudette · 3 months ago
#yesterday I was missing my grandma like crazy#she is the only person from my childhood who emotionally supports me#she lives like 2 hours away from me so growing up I would visit her like every other month or something#but I haven’t seen her since Christmas of 2019 thanks to corona#she lives in a rural small town which happens to be a major hot spot for the virus#so she only leaves the house once a week to go get Dairy Queen as a treat#she and grandpa are getting their second shots this week#I try to call her once a month but last month I didn’t get too and I have been missing her and worrying about her#she has leukemia and grandpa has dementia#but she has the most positive attitude no matter how rough things get#she is very hopeful about possibly seeing me in spring#I was afraid to ask how her health was but she told me she got a lot of cleaning done in the house and donated a bunch of stuff#the fact that she has energy to do that amazes me#I have been doing some major cleaning as well#have lots of donations too!#anyways connecting with her has always helped with my anxiety and depression#I was just scared that her health was declining and it probably still is but her optimism and faith is helping her#I’m just scared of losing her and I’m constantly missing her#so glad I finally called her last night#just hearing her voice washed away those harsh emotions#i want her to see how much my daughter has grown#my grandma is so precious to me and she always tells me I’m precious to her#I have a small support group#just her and my hubby#she is an earth angel
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mcdannowave · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
#alex o'loughlin#alex photoshoot#watch! magazine 2017#hawaii five 0#handsome man#steve mcgarrett#shirtless alex#(bc the tummy ^^)#so freaking handsome..And that lil tummy showing there? I Freaking Love It!#it's a bit odd how they kind of removed the forearm tattoo for some reason. since it's still very prominent when you know where to look at#And all this outdoor scenario? I can't help but imagine Mcdanno camping in the woods#easily one of my fav set ups for them.It fits so well.Whether Danny loves it or not 🤣#[Danny.walking behind Steve in a hiking trail]*slaps his own forearm*'That's It.Its the thousand mosquito on me.U own me a massage tonight'#Steve.calmly walking there.huffing a laugh''Sure Danny.Blame the nature and get urself a free massage.I advised to put the repellent''#''I /did/ Steven.But i'm also sweating so much here that it probably washed away''.Danny kept scratching himself#''Then.For your honorable sacrifice of going camping w/ me.I'd also give you a bath.along the massage.Okay?''#'''s a start''.Danny said.already imagining cashing out those prizes.#''No. buddy.It's the final deal.Or u don't remember u leaving me w/ ur aunts and sisters /alone/ when we went to Jersey last year?''#And yeah.To be wasn't a nice move from Danny's part.But he got busy(and also definitely took his time) before getting home that day#''Sry for that.Steven.But those bug bites are really annoying here''Danny kept the pace.following the SEAL#Steve turned around.Skeptical expression on his face#''Danny..they kept asking me when we gonna have more kids.Ur aunt even said that my sperm must be super fertile bc my physic...''#''Okay.And again: really sry for that.They can be very noisy.Specially w/ you''...''U don't say?'' Steve rolled his eyes.Walking again#Walking for 10 more min.They finally reached their destination point on top of the hill.And a splendid view was there.Breathtaking view#Danny took Steve's hand.Holding it firm.Before looking to his side and meeting Steve's eyes''That's why i like camping w/ u''#It was true.Even if there was some inconveniences.The memories he created there w/ Steve were priceless.And Danny cherished them#headcanon tags#mine
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rmjin · 5 months ago
life goes on
#im... completely breaking down because of life goes on like im actually crying and i have snot everywhere rn#im honestly very out of the loop when it comes to bangtan nowadays i hardly know the details of their comebacks#and i only knew life goes on was releasing today bc i saw gifsets on tumblr just now#and i listened to the song and i read the lyrics and i just started crying uncontrollably at tae's and kook's hook#'i cant see the end - is there any way out? - my feet wont come off - close your eyes for a moment'#'hold my hand - let's run (away) to the future'#i never talk about what goes on in my irl but i went through something so personally and mentally difficult in august and september#that i would cry every single day for a month and i signed up for counselling to get me through those times#it was so freaking difficult and those lyrics were exactly exactly exactly how i felt and its honestly so bizarre how much it spoke to me#im not joking when i say that during that time - i literally wanted to run away - i wanted to stop making art#i wanted to stop everything that i was doing bc of reasons i wont tell but i felt so freaking helpless#and i remember praying and hoping for better days to come soon and i remember feeling as though i cant rmb what it felt like to be okay#it was such a freaking difficult time that all i can describe those weeks were just helpless hopeless and suffocating#im just in so much pain but in relief right now to realise that the boys went through such a thing#and the crazy coincidence is in joon's lyrics: 'lets take a rest when winter comes' that im literally taking a break until next year to heal#to heal from what i went through and when i read those lyrics i bawled again bc yes let's take a break please... i want to rest for a bit...#i cant remember the last time lyrics or anything ive encountered have spoke to me as deeply and personally as this#this coincidence is crazy and sad but beautiful and reassuring. it's so freaking painful how those events washed over me as the song played
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