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sbsrandomshitblog · 2 days ago
I’ve been in a bit of a rant mood today because of friends getting into arguments yesterday, and while that’s not the most fun thing I am super proud of one of the things I wrote in my ranting
I refuse to tie a rope that can be used to hang me.
I’m just a little pleased with myself over that haha
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sublunaryorchid · a month ago
g-guys I’m gonna give the gym a try for the first time since august 🥺 they’re re-opened finally and I don’t wanna get my hopes up but wowie it would be nice to have that back in my daily life
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winterrose527 · 3 months ago
Who could ever leave me, darling? But who could stay?
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absinthemadness · 4 months ago
Imagine Roxas and Axel trying to sleep at like 2am and all they can hear through the baby monitor is “dada” on repeat
The monitor on the nightstand crackled to life. It started with a soft babbling, a tiny yawn and then…
"Dada… dada. Dada."
A small rustle, a babble of confusion. And a twin chorus rising back up.
On it went, a ceaseless chant of two tiny tots, causing the pair in the bed to finally stir. Axel rolled over, squashing his face into the pillows.
"Axel, the girls are awake again." Roxas swatted an arm across space between them, batting at Axel's arm.
"Dadadadada!" Louder now.
"I got them last time. It's your turn." Axel's voice came out muffled, his face still pressed to the pillow.
"Can't fight that logic." Roxas fought a yawn though, glancing at the clock as he rolled out of bed. 2 AM. Both Axel and he looked forward to the day that the girls started sleeping through the night.
Axel rolled over to face the monitor, watching the lights and hugging the pillow to his cheek.
"Dadadadadada…" The chorus trailed off as he heard the door open through the monitor. There was a moment of silence, followed by a flurry of 'Dada! Dada!'
"Shhh, darlings. Daddy and I are trying to get some sleep." Roxas's voice drifted through the monitor, a little crackly but still soothing.
Axel closed his eyes, imagining Roxas reaching down into each crib, tickling the girls' tummies, judging by the giggles.
And then Roxas sang. A soft lullaby that Axel taught him from childhood.
Axel smiled, hugging tight to his pillow.
Both Axel and the twins were fast asleep before Roxas finished singing.
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honorarytenenbaum · 6 months ago
Loooooved the sad and sweet with Richard! Could you do one with Taika? (Your blog is the best! The 👏 fucking 👏 best 👏. So many things I never knew I needed before. So many kinks I never knew I had)
First off, thank you so much. I’m so glad people appreciate this hobby of mine. And second, is it sad that I’ve thought about this one way too much? I really do.
I’ve been super angsty lately. I was just waiting for the right moment to strike.
You’ve been close with Taika for almost half a decade. The internet dubs you as Jemaika’s missing third, often times friend with benefits, and his rock. But it was never you at the end of the aisle during his wedding day.
Like what Margot Tenenbaum once said, “I think we're just gonna have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that.”
After a long time, you we’re finally at peace that it would never be you at the end of the day. 
Hollywood success for him was something you’ve always wanted. When you first saw the billboard for “Thor: Ragnarok,” you took pictures and DM’d him straight away. When he premiered his future Oscar-winning film at TIFF, you clutched onto one another and cried on how he finally made it. 
When he got immersed in work and took on more projects than he can handle, something changed. He was still smiling and laughing. But you knew him too damn well that he’s fake happy.
He slept with anyone that caught his eye; former colleagues, 20something Insta-models, whoever gave him the time of day. He tells you about it when you come over and stay for the night. You don’t say anything—you just listen.
Sleeping around was always something he was known for, especially when he was younger. So when he’s recent split happened, he did what single Taika would do. It’s just that it was more... erratic... more.... chaotic.
So once he stopped venting, you ask: “Taika, is everything okay?”
His manic smile drooped into a frown. The stillness in the room was palpable. 
With one long sigh, he asks you: “Let’s just sleep together, please?”
When he says that, he never meant to fuck or to make love. He meant that literally. Let’s just sleep together. Please hold me closer. Make me feel less alone.
Sleep hasn’t been a friend to either of you lately. But when you lie next to each other, clinging onto one another for warmth and dear life, sleeping suddenly has a new profound purpose.
Tumblr media
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odogender · 7 months ago
hearing this song live was one of the first times i fully accepted myself as trans it’s so goddamn meaningful to me and i just... Fuck Dude i’m having emotions in this chili’s tonight. i just remember screaming the lyrics and there were rainbow lights flashing everywhere and i jfjsnsmsmsdjkskssm. yeah
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killerkrisquinn · 7 months ago
Just going to become a nun or something.
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reeeyachi · 7 months ago
hi. dropping in ur and ysabel's asks to drop a random thought/hc: togashi couldve easily kept something interesting from us by not showing us the apology scene. Like, say, Killua confessing his feelings in the heat of the moment, to reassure Gon. Gon wanting to comment on this, but Killua interrupting to say that he has to take care of his sisters for now. and Gon understanding and not pressing the matter, letting Killua go for now, even though he loves him too.
i finally got around to answering this ask. i’m so sorry it took so long. my brain was just super fried and unable to process ani stuff this week kfjdsklfjldf
togashi not showing us how gon and killua met again after gon woke up from coma will always be a mystery to me. i don’t know, i personally think that it should be an important element to the plot, or just the flow of the story. because it’s gon and killua meeting AFTER everything that had happened. there should be some kind of heartfelt moment, right? some kind of dramatic reunion shit because after all the build up between the two of them leading to the final scene with pitou, there should be some closure, right? but sensei just decided NOT to show us. why would he do that?
i personally feel like it’s because he didn’t intend for them to have closure at that point. because he has plans for it in the future.
this headcanon KILLS ME because i strongly think this might have happened. if not, they might have had a conversation on how they felt about the situation, about what happened, the words said and left unsaid. gon wouldn’t just say “sorry” and pout. and killua wouldn’t just say “okay” and smile it off.
they MUST have had a conversation about their feelings, dude!
just observe their dynamic before they separated. killua’s already on teasing mode and gon’s already throwing tantrums like nothing happened. would this happen if they never got the chance to get things off their chest? i don’t know, i want to believe that they have. SOMEHOW.
but WHAT IF, gon was unable to respond to what killua had said. or what if killua told him “No, Gon, you don’t need to give me an answer. I’ll be fine” after a long, long pause. what if gon DID want to say something but was holding back because killua already sounded confident and happy with his decision. BUT WHAT IF gon told killua what he feels while apologizing after all, but killua knows that they would walk different paths from then on and just said “You’ll be okay, Gon.” and gon just couldn’t do anything about it. he couldn’t hold on to killua longer than he wished. he couldn’t insist what he wants for the both of them.
this is sad, but, at that point, i headcanon gon seeing himself as darkness, and he couldn’t just lure killua into that -- not when he looked like he found his own light.
the possibilities of that one MISSING SCENE are ENDLESS
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psalm40speakstome · 9 months ago
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. Epsiode Three.
Kwak Dong Yeon’s character was really making me think of and felt like such a good example of this quote. Still a broken little boy who deserved all the love he never got.
Tumblr media
And I honest was cheering him on when he showed up at the place with his Dad and gave that speech...I hope it brings his character healing....
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mettheminabookstore · 9 months ago
are we just gonna ignore penelope scott singing “i die at 22 to feel alive at 21″??? or “i don’t wanna suck you off just to hold the spot of every mental health professional you never saw” from mommy fwiend??? or “while people die every day i wouldn’t have it any other way i just think they should feel good while they are alive” from american healthcare?????? her songs are complete bops holy shit
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citylightsandstars · 11 months ago
not to be a 17 year old on main but if malcolm bright ever winked i think i would die
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catboyifier · a year ago
hands on trackpad and keyboard. face buried in large stuffed sheep. large stuffed sheep pressed against edge of desk. head absolutely overflowing with thoughts
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