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#and digital because its so fun
thormanick · 3 months ago
my brain said aren’t you tired of being nice
And so i made this
Tumblr media
in relation to my previous post on russian-revolution-tartali-au because it’s one am and i probably need to sleep
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platinummice · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
okay i know it was a while ago but i was tagged by @paladinthrockmorton a hot second ago for wip whenever and then i FORGOT like the himbo i am deep down inside but also basically i still dont know what im doing and i dunno how to colour good but here, Eli before he accidentally started working for the Legion.
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spacemaverick · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
ive never really clearly shown what fun ghoul’s scar looks like. so heres this! taking a laser to the face isnt fun
[Image ID: a shoulders-up digital drawing of fun ghoul, staring blankly ahead at the viewer. he’s wearing his canon yellow shirt and choker, with pierced ears and a lip ring. his bangs are pushed out of his face, revealing a patch of scarring that covers his right eye and cheek. the eye has no pupil, and is a lighter, duller brown than the other. his right ear is also slightly warped. End ID.]
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