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#and Loki learning he can be who he wants
the-emo-asgardian · 10 days ago
"the show is retconning all of thor 2011 and pretending loki just always wanted the throne to have power and that he hurts ppl bc he feels weak so he wants to attack them to make himself feel stronger. ignoring all the suffering he went thru and the internalized racism and the mind control. I think the Asgard scene are probably going to be so he can go back and show his younger self as bad and maybe also apologize to his mom eve tho she gaslighted and lied to him" maybe not i think loki is playing the TVA
Hmm I assume you’re quoting someone on another post. And, yes, I’d have to disagree with them too. I think him calling himself weak is actually in character. He’s living in Thor’s shadow his whole life; he has self esteem issues for sure. And like I said before, he’s feeling hopeless at this point. So, with nothing left to lose, he drops the villain facade. Because he was going with that while at the TVA. I mean, look at his interaction with Casey: his thought is “I’m a villain, I have to threaten him.” You can even see him dropping that when Casey doesn’t know what a fish is. He says it too: “A villain.” This is who he thinks he is because of what other have told him; he can’t even see how good he is anymore.
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iamnmbr3 · a month ago
I liked WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier but I’m really nervous for Loki. I’m honestly worried that they’ll mess up his character.
I haven’t actually watched WandaVision or The Falcon & The Winter Soldier but yeah same re Loki. I certainly hope the show does him justice but it’s not a great sign that so far most of the scenes in the trailers feel wildly out of character and tonally inappropriate. I’m also concerned because despite the fact that the show isn’t even out yet, I’ve already noticed a ton of seeming plot holes just based on the trailers (I say “seeming” because it is technically possible the show might explain some of them and I want to be fair). 
This has never happened to me before. Even when a movie has a lot of plot issues, you usually can’t tell just based on the trailer. I’ve never watched a trailer and been like “plot hole!” and yet that’s been happening constantly with this, which makes me feel that the writers didn’t really research the character or the world that carefully. Every clip just leaves me scratching my head over questions like:
Why is Loki's hair a different length when he is captured and brought in if this is picking up immediately after Avengers? Why is the stack of papers of everything Loki has ever said so small if he's 1500+ years old? How does Mobius know everything about him if the papers only have Loki's side of the conversation? If Mobius also watched footage of Loki's life, how did he have time to watch it all if Loki is over a thousand years old? Why is Loki being blamed for breaking the timeline but not the Avengers? If he knows everything about him why doesn't Mobius acknowledge the fact that Loki was tortured and mind controlled by Thanos? Why are Loki's speech patterns, body language, demeanor, and apparent mental state so different from how he was in Avengers and TDW even though this show takes place in the same time period? Why does Mobius say Loki has destroyed worlds when that hasn't happened? Why didn’t the TVA arrest any of the Avengers? If the TVA is a serious organization and views Loki as a threat why is Mobius’s humor in the “talky-talky” scene so childish and reminiscent of a bad comedy for middle schoolers? If he's read everything Loki ever said, why does Mobius say Loki likes to lie when the whole reason Thor trusted him in Thor 2011 was because for most of Loki’s 1000+ years of life he wasn’t habitually dishonest? And again how can Loki be accused of affecting time when he stole the space stone (not the time stone!) due to the actions of the Avengers (who DID use the time stone)!? 
And why are there so many apparent inconsistencies and issues just based on the trailer?! l
#even by MCU standards that's a lot of plot holes. the head writer hasn't written for the mcu before and it feels like he didn't really#care about learning about it and just came up with a plot idea and then plugged loki into an existing character slot#without considering any of the context of the larger world or that specific character#the hair thing concerns me the most in some ways because that was something so easy to get right and yet it feels like they just forgot#say what you will about endgame but they at least made loki in the flashback scene look and feel exactly like Avengers!Loki#tv!loki feels like a totally different character#hopefully im wrong tho and based on audience feedback they will tweak the characterization and what scenes they use in the final cut#this show has so much potential and I really want it to be good#Also I don't want to hear any 'wait until it's out yet before you dare to have an opinion!' condescending remarks. nobody is saying that to#people who are excited. can u imagine being all 'why are you so excited. it's just a trailer. u don't know what the show is like. stop being#hyped!' no of course not. because that would be weird. similarly it is ok for people to feel negative emotion based on the trailer#disagreeing with me is totally fine. but sending me harassing notes in my inbox is not(already had to block some people)#everyone is welcome to their opinion as long as they can be respectful about it#and nobody will be more delighted than I if my concerns all turn out to be unfounded#asks#loki tv series#Marvel#MCU#Loki#loki tv series negativity
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worstloki · 4 months ago
Loki: your wish is my command
Loki: unless i don't want to do it
Loki: then i won't
#all these AUs where Loki’s stuck working for people#as if he wouldn't oppose anything you ask him to do on sheer principle#as if being magically bound to serve someone would stop him making the most of the situation#and what's up with people commenting on Loki's pride in fics#I daresay Loki flaunts himself but I'd also argue any doubts in his esteem would stop that being a weak point#oohhhhh now I want a fic where some sorts of punishments crash and burn because Loki just isn't effected#you know those Avengers-era fics where Loki's been handed over to the Avengers to serve a sentence and/or do what they say?#that except Clint doesn't understand why threatening to use the sceptre to control him in return leaves him unfazed and shrugging#Tony would go for pride I think since he made fun of the showboating hmmm would probably ask Loki to kneel or do weird house chores#I just imagine Loki gets to cleaning and whistles as he goes because hey this is relaxing after whatever the h*ck Thanos' goons were#Natasha prodding for answers on his suicide but Loki doesn't mind sharing bc Thanos already messed with his head to relive it over and over#Loki be like 'free therapist! finally i won't have to practice telling my sob story to a cell wall to work through it!! :D!!!'#i reckon Clint/Nat could team up with the questions actually and maybe even poke at Loki with the adopted/jotun thing#Thor insists Loki needs to relearn how to be good and keeps trying to instill morals in him but Loki's actually the one helping Thor out#idk about Steve but he can argue that he'd beat the dictatorship fascism out of him hsggsaDUSHSHisduhi cue sparring matches#sparring matches where Loki isn't supposed to fight back and/or solely defend himself so he can learn what it is to be the 'little guy'#i bet Loki figures Cap gets flustered easily and uses the sparring sessions as stand-up innuendo sessions lmao poor Steve#Bruce ain't a sadist but could request the easiest punishment in everyone's opinions#it involves not talking and just sitting quietly in the lab so he can ethically get blood/tissue samples and observe things like healing#Loki of course only reacts badly to that punishment and it might have to do with scars and remnants of torture maybe maybe not who can say#hmm I like fics where everyone assumes Loki is super evil and guilty and he's just there chilling and accepting any punishment he gets#probably thinks he deserves it but also it'd be a conscious decision to just take the fall so he isn't seen weak or accused of lying
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worstloki · 7 months ago
Hey. I was wondering, how do you think Loki would be in a school setting? I used to imagine he would be class clown who's lowkey super clever and aces every test. But the more I delve in to meta, I think he'd actually be a quiet student who doesn't ever put their hand up to answer questions & doesn't ever want to do group projects (I mean, who does), & just keeps to himself at the back of the class, avoids interaction with students and teachers, but is super smart. I dunno I just really wanna talk about it with someone, any takes on headcanon student Loki?
okay so the thing here is that not only is Loki outspoken in the comics but from his interactions in Thor 1 we know that despite the mocking comments Loki still makes suggestions and comments when he wants to get things across. Keep in mind that this is after a thousand years, despite the scene at the beginning of the film where Loki Thor and Odin are in the vault and Loki asks “do the frost giants still live” and his question gets ignored. as a child. 
All interpretations are valid of course, but I’m currently thinking he’d be the one kid that always asks the “but why?” and “so basically...” questions and throws humour that will definitely go over most people’s heads in while doing it. 
Maybe one day he’ll sit at the back and read a book because he already knows everything the teacher can teach him, and the next he’ll be in the middle row asking for clarification and debunking things by summarizing an entire lesson in 1 sentence and then dragging the teacher onto a tangent which distracts the entire class and gets them discussing the logistics of a dragon airport or something because even when everyone who isn’t the teacher tells him to shut his mouth he doesn’t listen and being ignored has virtually no effect on him. 
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worstloki · 9 months ago
Loki: I have to go feed my Tesseract
Thor: don’t have the Tesseract
Loki: They moved in last week. Here’s a picture
Thor: Loki, that’s... that’s a human person.
Loki, nodding solemnly: my Tesseract
#okay so that joke about having a cat but its actually chat noir or black panther except its loki and the tesseract#because I'm still all for the Tesseract as a person idea and the Tesseract is a they who changes whenever they feel like it#watch Tony visit Loki to see what he's up to and then bump into this 6''10' lanky guy who has eyes that occasionally glow#oh and the skin can switch between tesseract blue or human skin (the tone changes on any given day) so loki aint the only blue one around#watch Tony visit Loki another day and bump into a 5'4'' lady who also has blue glowy skin or eyes#watch Tony visit again and bump into a 5'7'' maybe-a-gal-maybe-a-guy-? who also has their eyes glow when they smile#watch as Tony slowly gets convinced that Loki is either (a) hiding a bunch of these aliens for an invasion (b) has a blue-person kink#in fact watch as Loki leaves the room upon finding out the movie he was invited to watch is about blue people (avatar)#he spends half an hour in the bathroom sobbing and with every passing minute Tony is just more convinced he's right#watch as Tony convinces himself that Loki is hooking up with a different blue alien person every day and just to make sure he asks Thor#Thor can confirm Loki and the blue person sleep in the same room and that Loki only has 1 bed so Tony draws the 'logical conclusion'#and no Tony isn't jealous but watch as he fruitlessly tries convincing the Tesseract to sleep with him too without knowing theyre one person#since the Tesseract and Loki are friends and interact the most with each other Tony assumes 'Tessie' and 'Tess' are alien sweet talk#The Tesseract is recounting Tony's attempts at flirting to Loki and they go to sleep happy#''dont you want to be ... my Tessie?'' ''May I beg your pardon?'' ''I can be your Tess if you'll be my Tessie ;)'' ''goodbye''#watch as the nonbinary shapeshifting Tesseract and ace genderfluid shapeshifting Loki slowly drive Tony insane#loki x tesseract where the tesseract is totally a night light#isnt it a shame that the closest canon thing loki has to a friend is the tesseract of all things?? WRONG!! this is an opportunity#the comedic potential of assumed heterosexuality WILL be squandered by me#watch as the Tesseract learns to exist without someone commanding them to teleport/shapeshift and Loki learns to exist because he wants to#watch as the both of them learn to exist as individuals for themselves#while convincing EVERYONE in the vicinity that Loki is sleeping with enough blue glowy aliens to invade the planet#Ace Loki#asexual loki#LokiIsAceAU#OH#I also want to say that this same scenario can work if Loki is pansexual / something else and I'm not trying to erase any existing sexuality#as a headcanon you could totally interpret it any way you want and the fact that I'm personally hcing Loki as ace#I really hope I'm not offending anyone with this#if anyone is offended I'd be happy to write up a few specific headcanons for other sexualities too?
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worstloki · 10 months ago
Asgardians: *pressure loki into strength training because he’s weak*
Loki: *becomes stronger and faster and more endurable and has a higher stamina than Asgardians on top of an actual fighting style and being smart and being able to use magic*
Tumblr media
#correct me if I'm wrong but Loki is the closest to Thor (in terms of combat) out of all Asgard#we're excluding odin bc he sucks#and thor learnt basic training with a sword just like everyone else BUT he also got his hammer when he was relatively young#well we don't know about when he got the hammer in the mcu but i'd reckon he got it early considering how arrogant he was in thor 1#so anyways Thor's got a magic hammer and doesn't need to practice he just goes straight into battle#we haven't seen Thor do any training on-screen ever but we have seen Sif and other warriors doing so#so Thor basically only gets into situations where he has to fight actual battles#but Loki doesn't have a magic hammer and magic is looked down upon so he would've had to learn fighting if he wants to get respected#sure he could only use magic but this is a warrior society who respect muscles and your ability to throw a spear and stuff#so loki spends years being forced by everyone into strength training and running extra and learning how to fight as a weaker opponent#he learns actual fighting styles and how to combat different kinds of opponents#thor doesn't need to do that when he can just roughly estimate which direction to throw the hammer#so anyways everyone treats loki like dirt because he's small and clearly weak - even GUARDS have more muscle than the prince#sif doesn't have the muscle but she's proven she doesn't need it to fight good and has a reputation and that's good for her but loki doesn't#loki gets disrespected and learns how to fight as a weaker opponent because its the only way people believe he didn't magically cheat to win#he proves that he can throw knives and stab people and continues training and when people accept he can fight without it he brings magic in#it takes centuries for people to get over the fact that the magic is useful and not cheating but everyone insists he keeps training#the asgardians don't even try measuring his strength they just look at his flimsy stature and decide he needs to gain muscle mass#loki wears long sleeves and long pants and covers up so people assume he's got to be gaining some weight right? WRONG#loki remains a twig and his strength barely increases BUT he's still able to fight thor and be pretty evenly matched#the only difference is that now loki can combat different opponents in different situations and in different ways AND be strong#he's got magic and he's smart and he's got enough stamina to run for hours and ridiculous endurance but he had already been strong#loki now has the widest range of skills on the planet - including when it comes to battle#and the worst part for the asgardians? they kept training him about how to take down STRONGER OPPONENTS#he was already much stronger than the average Asgardian#quick review of canon: loki can easily take thor in a 1v1 without trying and we've seen how skinny he was in thor 1 and how he was treated#loki also demonstrates fight styles while thor doesn't and loki also uses indirect attacks despite proving he is capable and doesn't need to#we also know that jotuns have strength which at least rivals aesir but have smaller builds (not height obviously - just less muscley)#so technically loki could be stronger than thor but not use the strength because after centuries everyone has him convinced he's weaker#he uses magic and evasive techniques to avoid a battle of strength but if it ever comes to it mcu loki might just win
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nikkoliferous · a year ago
My personal best guess for how Loki would respond to compliments, based on what we know of his history, would be kind of like the stages of grief. Except it’s more like
Stage 1: “wait, did I mishear that?”
Stage 2: “is this person making fun of me?”
Stage 3: “does this person want something from me?”
Stage 4: “I know this is a trap, but I haven’t figured out how yet”
It would take a long-ass time for him to finally arrive at Stage “Oh, This Is A Genuine Compliment”.
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dontcallmecarrie · 2 days ago
Replying to the commenter who said [not tagging because not sure you’d want to be tagged]:
Justin and Tony have the most inersting dynamic here. Got to be his most favorite villian here (cutthroat enemies in business, but Tony can always get a hug, when he needs it). I wonder what Rhodey thinks about that? And now with Victor, Ivan and Loki in the mix? Unpredictable (from the outside) doesn't even begin to describe that. Great work :)
(in reference to this post.)
Yeah, Justin and Tony’s dynamic here is... something. 
Originally, I’d been going for a Mozart-and-Beethoven-esque sort of thing, with a touch of “yeah circumstances kinda mean we don’t have an option to be anything but rivals”, but then somehow it took on a life of its own.
Also, it is definitely one of those things where it makes absolutely no sense from the outside. 
I mean, they’re Rivals™, there’s no doubt about it— except Tony was the one who decided it, instead of Justin, and they’re both very secure in where they stand, and where the lines are drawn. There’s a mutual respect going on here that we don’t see in canon, and the fact that Justin doesn’t try to pass himself off as a pale imitation of Tony works wonders for his credibility.
Not only that— in a [pretty sad, if you think about it too long] way, Justin Hammer’s probably the closest thing Tony has to a childhood friend. 
Like, yeah, they’re rivals, but Justin’s one of the only people outside Tony’s family who looked at him when he was a kid and saw him, instead of projecting their expectations of “Howard Stark’s prodigy son” and constantly demanding more from him. Not to mention Justin’s always acted incredibly mature— though he’s not a genius, he gets people in a way Tony took years to learn.
[...or so Tony thinks, meanwhile Justin’d just say he was winging it and is blissfully oblivious to the impact he has to some of the people around him.]
They might not have been very close at first, but Justin’s always been the mom friend in one way or another— and sometimes acted more like a parent than Howard did which is hilarious on a number of levels. 
Like, what does it say when the kid who’s apparently going to grow up to be one of your biggest competitors treats you with more common courtesy and kindness than your own father? What does it say that some kid who’s two years older than you, who you see a handful of times a year at most at fancy social meet-and-greets is consistently the one who greets you with a smile and asks how you’ve been and makes cracks about how fast you’re growing— is the one who you associate with dad jokes, instead of the one responsible for half of your genetic code?
aka remember when I said Justin quasi-adopted everyone remotely near his age? Yeah, I wasn’t joking about that. It’s a thing.
They’re not friends, they can’t be. Circumstances won’t allow for it, simple as that. But there’s a mutual respect there that means something, and sometimes gets misinterpreted as something else by others [because Tony is openly bi, whereas Justin has never publicly expressed interest in anyone].
Rhodey’s the one who has the best idea of their dynamic, but even he sometimes has a hard time wrapping his head around how easily Justin and Tony can separate their professional rivalry from their own personal thing. Like, he respects it— but sometimes, it’s kind of jarring, seeing them exchanging pointed barbs one moment, and Justin asking if Tony’s eaten lunch the next. 
This rivalry is clearly very good for the both of them: Tony shines all the brighter, and Justin’s reputation is ironclad because it is a rare man that can be capable of going up against Tony Stark on a regular basis. 
But overall, it’s not...
In most things, Tony’s closer to his friends [for obvious reasons]. 
It’s just that— well, Justin’s known him the longest, known him before he perfected his masks and so even if Tony had successfully managed to hide he was dying from even his closest friends, Justin was able to tell something was very, very wrong. 
The Avengers, meanwhile, just don’t get it.
Cabal has been a thorn in their sides ever since Loki escaped custody, and while dealing with them would’ve been a pain in the ass already simply because of the legal snafu that came with one of its most prominent members having diplomatic immunity, there’s been a weirdly personal element ever since Tony got wind of its suspected roster.
One that nearly overshadowed Thor’s family problems, even, simply because while Loki was a nuisance and Whiplash was a headache, its suspected founder was untouchable. 
Or, at least, about as close as it came— there was no way anything but the most iron-clad of accusations had a chance of sticking, not when he was the American government’s go-to for weapons, not when all of his suspected ties in the underworld vanished at the ghost of a hint of someone sniffing around. 
Either way, there was no denying it: Justin Hammer was a formidable opponent.
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gwenavibra · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
r. bucky barnes x reader | w. 1.9k | cw. minors DNI, violence, alcohol consumption, some angst, fatws spoilers [kinda], loki spoilers [maybe, but not really], sexual tension, some smut implied, lovers to enemies kinda, reader really hates Strange.
note. hello lovelies! first off, shoutout to my one and only@fairyevans for all the help, ily bby astro💜 second, this is my little baby and I really hope you like it. feel free to give me some feedback. as always, be nice and tomen agüita💋
DO NOT repost, translate or copy in any way my work, these are my babies, treat them as such and respect them (and me).
time(less) AU: part I | part II | part III | part IV
send in your request | add yourself to my taglist
Tumblr media
[previously on]
As soon as I appeared in my room, I noticed I wasn’t alone. Someone’s broken into my apartment. How the fuck. I was about to freeze time when I remembered the reprimand I’d just gotten. Damn. Okay. Let’s go old school on this. Summoning two daggers in my hands I slowly stepped into the living room, a familiar tingling in my skin. No, it can’t be. I must be dreaming, because there’s no way in hell James Barnes was laying on my couch like he owned the place while he played with my favorite knife.
– Good, you’re home.
Tumblr media
[a few thousand years ago]
Around it time stood still, and they worshipped it like a god. No one really knew what it was, where it came from or what it could do, but nothing around it seemed to ever perish. Animals and plants, space and time, all stood as it once was, never changing, never dying. My parents thought it would save me. They had no idea what it would do to me. It’s not their fault, I never really blamed them, they did the best they could with what little they had. Back then things were different, and I wasn’t strong enough to survive on my own. Hell, I wasn’t strong enough to survive at all. That was until we heard the stories, of a place so deep within the forest only a few could reach it alive. Only someone desperate enough would take that chance. Turns out, we were.
It was supposed to be a simple ritual, say some prayers, we didn’t really know. Expect the unexpected, that’s what they told us. We had no idea how over our head we really were. The stone, now I know it very well, it’s a part of me. The memories of that day, it’s like it happened to somebody else. I remember my father carrying me, my legs couldn’t hold me up anymore, we’d been walking for so long now. I didn’t know it at the time, but the oxygen level around it was extremely low. My mother was the first one to fall, my father next. I don’t really know how I actually made it there. There was a voice, like a chant dragging me near. Its light attracted me like a moth to a flame.
My body was too weak, as it turns out. My soul, on the other hand, was stronger than it ever was. As I felt my body perish, I learned my first and most important trick: I can always come back. It took me some years to find a new body, even longer to perfect my skills, but eventually I did it. The stronger I got, the more I learned, the more trouble I seemed to find myself in. Thanks to the powers of the Stone and my particular coming to life, I wasn’t really part of the timeline. Which means that I wasn’t supposed to exist, but it didn’t really disrupt it as long as I behaved. I existed outside of space and time, or so they said.
Tumblr media
It took me a second to process everything, why was he in here? I just ran into him a few hours ago and he didn’t show any signs of knowing who I was. Doing a quick sweep of the are I noticed the balcony doors were open, we were on the 30th floor. I get the whole “Winter Soldier” thing, but did he learn how to fly all of a sudden or what? My thoughts were interrupted when I saw him approaching me. I want to say that my first reaction was purely my self-defense instinct kicking in but, in reality, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. Bucky had lowered the knife and was moving slowly, carefully, like he didn’t want to scare me; his lips were moving, but I couldn’t hear anything as my body moved. It was so fast it took him by surprise and I’m proud to say he stumbled in his feet; with a kick to his chest, I didn’t exactly knock him down, but it was a good start. As I charged in with my knife, he catched my fist and turned my arm as to pull me close to his chest.
[present time]
Now, what happened next may be considered cheating by some, but to those people I say: bite me.
With a flick of my wrist, Bucky’s movement slowed down long enough for me to free myself and turn the tables in my favor. It was mere seconds, nothing that could easily be noticed, I hoped, but it allowed me to push him off of me, and as I took my momentum, my legs surrounded his head as I flipped him on to the floor. By now, he was moving normally and was struggling to let out of my hold. I growled as I squeezed my tights around his head, I could tell he was holding himself back and, in reality, I wasn’t really hurting him. The man’s a super soldier, if I wanted to hurt him, I would have to try harder. For a moment, he stopped struggling and I eased my hold, maybe I did hurt him, had he gotten weaker?
He hasn’t, in fact, he’s a pretty sneaky bastard, if you ask me. He noticed my hesitation and took advantage of it. As if I weighted nothing, he quickly flipped me and held my hands with one arm as he pushed my body to the ground. At some point, in the middle of the struggle, I’d lost my knives, not that it really mattered, I could always summon a different weapon. It was hard to think straight, however, when I could feel everything pressed so close to me. It was like time hasn’t passed and I hated myself for it. I hated how much power he held over me. I hated that under his arms I went back to that seventeen-year-old girl that danced the night away and laughed till her stomach hurt. I hated that my body reacted to him, recognizing his warm as my own, claiming him; an ache deep within me screaming his name, begging for him as many times before. I let my forehead rest on the wooden floor as I took a deep breath, stopping the tears from falling, a sob wanting to break from my chest. His voice brought me back to reality, like a siren incantation, luring me to that happiness I’ve so desperately craved.
– Not that I complain about being between your legs, doll, but we have some things to discuss first. – He practically growled in my ear, he was pissed, I could tell by his tone. I could feel his warm breath against my neck and it made me shiver, cursing under my breath as the slight movement made me brush against him. I could tell I wasn’t the only one affected by the closeness and I enjoyed the little fill of pride in my chest.
– The only thing we have to discuss is how did you break into my apartment and how soon are you leaving – Trying to get out of his grip only ended in me grinding against the very hard bulge on his pants and it made you flush as he groaned in your ear.
– Now you’re just being a tease, princess. I’ll let you go, only if you promise to be a good girl for me and behave. Hmm, sugar, think you can do that? – He said that so close to my skin I could feel his beard scratching my neck and a tingle sparked my lower belly as I wondered if it would still feel as good that burning between my legs. I could feel my body heating up and this wasn’t about the physical struggle anymore, this was different, I hadn’t felt this in ages.
Being unable to find my voice and cursing myself for my weakness, I just nodded and he slowly stood up, releasing his grip on me. As the old gentleman I remembered, he offered me his hand to help me stand up and I just snapped it away and huffed, refusing to look at him as I made my way to the bar. I needed a drink, immediately. Really, could my day get any worse? Leaning into the marble counter I reached for my favorite tequila and chugged down a drink. I felt the burning liquor run through me as some kind of cleansing water and after taking several breaths I turned to see Bucky. He hadn’t said a word yet, but he was studying me, I could feel it, his eyes were piercing through me. Throwing my jacket on a chair I took a moment to enjoy the appreciation in his eyes as he checked out my chest in a top. Motioning for him to sit down, I offered the bottle I was just drinking from. As I saw him drink from it, I couldn’t help but thinking it was almost poetic, like an indirect kiss. Licking my bottom lip, I sat in front of him in the coffee table.
– So, Sarge, what brings you to my humble abode? And what can I do to get you out of it?
– I have some questions for you first – He leaned back in the chair and I nodded for him to speak, may as well get this over with and I could find out how much exactly he remembers, if anything – How do you know me?
So that’s a no in remembering, okay. Well, the how is a little fuzzy, Sarge, I just remember playing the medium gig at the fair and you suddenly showing up when I was having fun with your girlfriend. The thought made me laugh, his first words to me were “This is a scam”, and yet he stayed and listened to everything I had to say. Clearing my throat as I bit my lip trying to hide my smile, I shrugged my shoulders like it wasn’t a big deal.
– Everyone knows Captain America’s BFF.
– Then why did you run away when you saw me in the street?
– Are you trying to tell me you usually have fangirls screaming your name and asking for autographs?
– Not exactly… But you don’t strike me as the type to get scared. Back then when you were fighting me, you were upset, not afraid. I need to know why.
– You don’t think I have enough reason to be upset? You breaking into my apartment and all?
I noticed he was growing frustrated, I knew what he wanted to know, but I just couldn’t tell him. How do you tell someone your souls are technically bounded, because you technically did a spell before he went to war so he wouldn’t die? Also, I couldn’t deny there was a small part of me that felt hurt that he actually forgot about me. I certainly never forgot about him, and it’s not like all this time I’ve been tanning in a beach.
– Look – I paused for a moment as he leaned closer to me and I could inhale his scent, he always smelled so good – Why don’t you just tell me what you want from me? – He looked at me for a minute and I did my best not to squirm under his gaze.
– I have a job for you.
– Hmm?
– I’ve heard about your work. It took me some time to find you, everyone seems to believe you’re a ghost; but I saw you that day, at Sharon’s party. Let’s save us the time when you deny it, you were there, I know you saw me and for a moment everything stood still and you disappeared, wanna explain that, sugar?
– How did you–?
– Yeah, I also noticed your little trick back there. My guest is you’re some kind of sorcerer, like Strange…
– Excuse you, I am nothing like that man – I snorted with disgust; his eyes opened with surprise and a little laugh left him.
– My bad. Didn’t mean to offend you, dollface.
– So, what’s this job you got for me? Aren’t you one of the good guys now?
– I… I’m working on it. That’s why I want you, you’re gonna help me find The Power Broker.
Now that, I was not expecting it.
Tumblr media
taggy tags [I'm sorry I had to post this again, the tags weren't working):] : @certainaesthetic, @aquahogcodes, @aquariusbarnes, @fuckandfluff, @agentofbarnes, @twoghostsfromeden, @coffeebooksandfandom
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themculibrary · 5 days ago
The Avengers Team Masterlist
5 Times an Avenger (or two) Looked Out For Peter (ao3) - Fangirl_Disaster Rating: General
Summary: +1 time they all did.
Just as the title says. The Avengers looking after Peter Parker because he is their spider-baby.
Accommodations (ao3) - Resonant Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: Five reasons the Avengers don't want to live together, and five reasons maybe they do after all.
and you needed someone to show you the way (ao3) - SailorChibi Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Bucky/Steve/Tony, Clint/Phil/Natasha
Summary: Tony knows what the team really thinks of him. It's a delicate balance: they tolerate him because of his money and his toys, and he gets to stay on the team and fight with them. He's okay with that. So long as he hides the fact that Steve's and Bucky's names are written on his skin in the most embarrassing act of one-sided love affection ever, everything will be fine.
It just figures that a fantastically stupid villain, a kidnapping plot and a video camera will bring Tony's well-kept secret out into the open.
Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club (ao3) - sara_holmes Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Bucky/Clint, Steve/Tony
Summary: Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club. (Invitation and pending mental health evaluation required.)
"When Steve brings Bucky back to the tower for the first time, Clint’s first thought is that Tony Stark’s pride and joy is quickly becoming a less of a very tall and expensive ‘fuck you’ in the faces of investors who don’t believe in self-sustaining energy, and more of a superhero rehabilitation center."
Boyfriends, compromises and learning to like oneself.
Division of the Heart (ao3) - TylerM Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Tony Stark is sick.
Surely that's not going to be a problem? When he doesn't tell the team a normal cold is a little more complicated with the Arc Reactor, things get a little out of hand.
- A simple excuse for some sick!Tony and Protective/Family Avengers. What more can you want? (Hopefully not actual substance.)
Faces (ao3) - Unbreakable92 Rating: Teen And Up
Summary:  Steve has created his own family on the streets with Clint, Natasha and Thor. He thought his family was complete until two little kids by the name of Tony and Bruce come along and they adopt the children into their group, deciding to be the best family the two little ones could ever hope for despite their dire situation.
Five Times Natasha Throws Up On One Of Her Teammates (ao3) - Frances Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Clint/Natasha, Pepper/Tony
Summary: And one time she doesn't. 5 + 1. Now complete.
Jammin' Down the Pedal Like He's Never Coming Back (ao3) - windscryer Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Steve doesn’t need a driver’s license while living in New York and going most places by Quinjet or chauffeur, but it would occasionally be useful. And it’s better to have it than not, right? The rest of the Avengers aren’t so sure of that.
AKA five times Steve followed the rules of the road and one time he broke every last one of them. With extreme prejudice.
Just A Rather Very Intelligent System (ao3) - DarkestSight (Daylight) Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Five times Jarvis took control of the Iron Man armour without the other Avengers finding out and one time they did.
Like Today Never Happened (ao3) - Nefhiriel Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: No one should be able to just steal Captain America's health. The Avengers are all agreed on that. And yet there Steve is: stuck in a hospital bed with a whole slew of medical issues - and nothing about this is remotely okay.
They've got to make this right. They've got to fix this. It's just going to take a while.
Steve is reverted to his pre-serum state, and the Avengers deal with the fallout.
Mind the Cap (ao3) - Nefhiriel Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: The story of how the Avengers alternately interrogate, pester, and adopt Sam Wilson.
Nonage (ao3) - Del_Rion Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Loki’s idea of an – unintentional yet effectively hilarious – practical joke is to turn Tony into a 5-year-old. The remaining Avengers soon realize they may not be able to handle the boy-genius. While Thor hunts his brother down in order to turn Tony back to his older self, the rest of the team seeks help from a man who, in the past, was more of a father figure to Tony than Howard Stark himself: Edwin Jarvis.
Part of the Team (ao3) - lisa912 Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Peter/Gwen, Pepper/Tony, Bruce/Natasha
Summary: After the attack of the Lizard, Peter, the Spider Man, is offered to join the Avengers, which he accepts on condition that his identity is not revealed. Now, his new life, which is full of a whole new fun, lots and lots of danger, and a very deep friendship, as an Avenger begins with some very cool, and at the same time very weird, colleagues!
Purple Converse (ao3) - cat_77 Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: If asked, none of them could have claimed to have had exceptionally stellar childhoods. With the help of an overprotective handler, an extraterrestrial au pair, and a billionaire sugar daddy, maybe things would be different this time around.
Some Things Shouldn't Be a Chore (ao3) - scifigrl47 Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Tony, Clint/Phil
Summary: Steve takes things like personal responsibility and respect seriously. Tony's got people he pays to take care of that kind of thing, and anyway, he's pretty sure that he's going to die of some exotic disease in his workshop, because Dummy's still a little spotty about what is 'clean' enough to put on an open wound. The rest of the Avengers are in this for personal gain, except for Clint, he just enjoys being a dick.
And some things shouldn't be a chore.
To Be Modified As Necessary (ao3) - ignipes Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Tony
Summary: They only need ten rules to ensure (relatively) peaceful cohabitation.
to find a secret (behind the ruins) (ao3) - dapperyklutz Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Bucky, Jane/Thor, Clint/Natasha, Bucky/Natasha
Summary: As is the case in Tony’s life, it starts with an accident.
“This... is not the coffee pot,” he says dumbly.
“Astute observation as always, sir,” JARVIS replies dryly, though there’s no mistaking the hint of astonishment in his voice.
Tony blinks once more before he gapes at the hammer in his hand. Specifically, he’s holding Thor’s hammer. He has Mjölnir in his hand.
Like, what even.
Or, 5 occasions Tony wields Mjölnir in front of his teammates (and he shies away from it every time), and 1 time he wields it for the whole world to see.
Your Light Will Guide Me Home (ao3) - windscryer Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Tony has a broken wrist, a drugged supersoldier, and a kidnapper with delusions of supervillainy who is just competent enough to be annoying. Thank god he's also got some experience with these kinds of things and a team of superheroes waiting for some kind of signal to tell them where to go.
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sailingintothenight · 6 days ago
Imagine Peter meeting Loki's daughter, (Y/N) Laufeyson:
Tumblr media
(Not my gift)
A/N: I was planning on doing a story on this imagine but I'm not sure yet. Maybe i will or maybe not. Romanoff is alive here because yeah.
Just a short imagine about how I think Peter would meet Loki's daughter:
After Tony's death, Peter knew nothing about a new initiative that included other little future avengers: The Romanian twins Nica & Alexandre and the daughter of the God of Mischief.
For young Peter Parker, the same one who had fought an infinity war and an endgame alongside the greatest and most honorable avengers, the thought of spending his days caring for small avengers and large social misfits, was the least tempting idea of the world, but when he learned that Tony himself had asked him to do it before he died, he had no choice but to accept.
"Okay... so you want me to be friends with them." Peter trailed the sound of the O between his lips as he narrowed his eyes, because a part of him collided with an invisible, metaphorical wall that did not allow him to understand everything correctly. “One question first: what about the music through the speakers? It's a piano."
Happy sighed, so long and heavy as if his soul no longer fit in his body and he needed to expel it. "It is to know where (Y/N) is. She teaches Morgan 2 times a week."
“(Y/N) Laufeyson."
It was then that Peter's eyes widened and his mouth suddenly went dry upon hearing the last name that was born from someone else with a kinship to the god of mischief, the same one who once wanted to end the earth in his alliance with Ultron during combat in NY.
"Are you talking about Laufeyson, like Loki Laufeyson?" Peter blinked, losing sense of the world around him.
"Yes. He was my daddy, but not in a dirty way of course." Peter was startled by the sound of an angelic voice that pierced his ears like sweet honey, staring with puzzled eyes at the young woman, who could be his age, standing behind him, arms folded as he shot Peter a suspicious look. “Don't be scared by the last name. You should be more afraid of the person behind it. Excuse me."
On your way to the chairs that were placed in a circle in the center of the room, Peter followed you with his gaze the whole way, catching inside his eyes the daisy you were wearing behind your ear and the way your hair was fluttering with your walk. Your Led Zepelin t-shirt was slightly bigger than you, making you look like those vintage girls MJ used to see on a page called Tumblr.
"Wake up boy, I didn't bring you here to daydream." Happy said, giving Peter a warning look that wouldn't scare even Morgan. "Help us Tony, I see this was a bad idea."
"Well kids, thanks for coming." Said Romanoff, whom the children did respect enough to keep silent every time she spoke. “I think we've had a very progressive week in terms of controlling your powers and knowing how to use them when it's due. I've worked a lot with the twins, as well as (Y/N), who has come a long way these weeks. (Y/N) Would you like to share with us?"
"Uh, okay... Hello." You said, changing position in your chair. “I am (Y/N) Laufeyson, daughter of the god of mischief. Uh… I can blow things up with my mind, including heads, although this device on my arm minimizes the power of my telekinesis. Thanks to Tony. I'm good with knifes too, courtesy of my dad, so stabbing you would be the easiest thing in the world. And sometimes I have the urge to burn this place to the ground, but then I say, Nah. What for? I like it here." You chuckled, making everyone else uncomfortable. "I think that's all. Thank you."
“At least she said thank you.” Said Happy quietly, fixing the perfect knot in his tie, and fighting the urge to wipe the silent sweat that begins to collect on his face. Peter is more than surprised, but he is able to hear Happy's next words. "(Y/N) will be in your class next week, so good luck kid, you'll need it."
I know this probably sucks but hey, a little bit is better than nothing. Thank you for reading!
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myrkvae · 7 days ago
𝑪 𝑯 𝑨 𝑶 𝑺  𝑬 𝑵 𝑬 𝑹 𝑮 𝒀 .
Tumblr media
Loki’s chaos energy incorporates a lot of separate strengths and powers from many varying types of magics.  He’s already been practising magics that could vaguely been broken down to two categories as follows:  Galdr,  which mostly surrounds the use of runes and incantations,  as well as Seiðr,  though that involves some element of clairvoyance which,  as of yet,  Loki’s not perfected—  but such is why the norns are mostly happy to host him and have done many a time.
He was also granted half of Ginnungagap’s power in the wake of his murder in Infinity War.  In bringing Loki back from what ‘should have’ been his permanent death, Ginnungagap gave her final mortal breath to him,  as well as half of the universe’s strength.  The two,  because of this,  work in a persistent tandem,  one half of a whole,  that begets both birth and destruction and everything in between,  sometimes all at once.  This is on top of what is outlined below,  and is probably a subject for another post. 
Chaos energy opens the doors to a whole lot more than his general magical practices.  Please note:  this is all taken from Mike Vasich’s novel,  LOKI,  and such is canon to my interpretation and not all.  Vasich’s chaos energy is not Marvel’s,  it’s a completely different animal known to only few.  Below I’ve outlined a few key strengths.
Essence manipulation:  your essence,  my essence,  is essentially the building blocks that make us,  us.  so we’re talking your memories,  your cognitive functionality,  your soul,  pretty much,  if you want to be poetic.  Loki can send his own essence into another’s and he can mould it as he will.  he can literally turn you into a sentient acorn and leave you like it for the rest of eternity as access to your essence gives him the ability to touch and bend your physical form.  it’ll look much the same as when he shifts,  but it’s very different.  should he do this,  it’s entirely up to him what he does and for how long he does it for.  changing a living thing into another living thing takes a lot more work and strength,  but he’ll turn you into a pebble no problem.  if in doing so he reduces your essence to nothing  (meaning there’s not even a shred of you left)  then he cannot bring you back.  you’re dead.  oh,  and it might hurt depending on how gentle he wants to be.
Shifting:  loki can change shape,  we all know it,  he knows it,  he does it.  however,  differing from those who simply shape-shift,  loki can become what he has turned himself into.  he rarely does this because,  i mean,  it’s not really required,  but he can do it.  the danger is then shifting back when every part of you is gone,  however,  so it involves some argument with the chaos energy itself.  basically,  not a fun time if he gets it wrong,  but he’d never know.  his family would just be left with an actual pet cat instead of loki as a pet cat,  for example.  given that this is rarely a priority for him,  it could be his least-practiced power. 
Necromancy:  since birth,  death,  and life are all essentially chaos itself in the running,  it makes sense that this is something he would be able to tap into after practice.  this involves a level of essence manipulation on his part. recently,  he’s learned that he is indeed able to bring one back from the dead permanently much like Ginnungagap did to him.  he brought his eldest daughter back from death after she drowned as was lost to them for a time.  the actual act of returning life to the dead requires a great deal of suffering and sacrifice on his part,  so it makes perfect sense that he has only so far been able to complete the action once,  and it was for the sake of someone he loved dearly,  his daughter.  Moder has pieces of him within her due to this;  in a hypothetical sense,  Loki essentially had to shred himself and rebuild the both of them from the scraps.  He can do this again with a lot of effort and pain,  but it’s likely his focus instead is on communication and exploration to obtain insight into the future or to steal power from the dead for himself on a temporary basis.
Entering a Gnostic state:   gnosis is an altered state of consciousness which allows him to focus solely on one point of interest and one only.  it’s essentially a form of self-hypnosis and can be reached using three methods:  the first is to essentially slow one’s body down almost as if it were dead,  loki might fast or deprive himself of sleep in order to gain for himself this sort of hypnotic state in meditation;  the second is mindlessness reached through intense arousal,  sexual arousal,  pain,  sensory overload,  fury,  really anything that knocks your brain on a spiral,  except to such an extent that you literally lose your mind and are left with nothing;  and the third and most tricky is inducing a vacuum in the mind,  an empty head—   if loki gets good enough he’ll be able to have a conversation with you,  build a house,  change a nappy,  whilst also affecting chaos’ order on the other side of the universe,  no effort required.  that’s the aim,  effortlessness.
Synchromysticism (is a very long word):  the art of finding any and all coincidences in the known universe  (and probably beyond)  and piecing them together to allow for understanding to gain insight into the context of said coincidences where others will not.  he essentially does the math that you literally can’t in order detail what has happened and why it has happened,  and how.  it’s a tricky business,  though.
Some real intense Telepathy:  whilst loki’s telepathy isn’t necessarily begotten by his chaos energy it is made all the more intense,  and therefore dangerous,  by it.  loki can not only read your mind,  but he can go through your memories like a filing cabinet and bring them all back to reality for you.  this goes for sounds,  sights,  scents,  emotions,  tastes,  everything.  the room you’re in vanishes,  your life up til that point is forgotten,  and you do not exist beyond what he wants you to.  it’s a method of torture,  mostly.  it’s what he used on Valkyrie in Ragnarok.  it’s beyond cruel.
Reality Manipulation:  see above.  he can bring anything into reality and mould it any way he damn pleases.  something as simple as a glass of wine,  or Asgard itself.  It isn’t real,  but it sure looks it and feels it and smells like it and anything else you can think of.  It’s reality for the moment he allows it to be.  the children are very familiar with this,  as after Asgard’s destruction,  loki rebuilt the entire realm for them within his own head and projected it for the kids to explore.
Chaos Energy defends itself: it’s that kinda bastard.  it does plenty without loki’s say or even his real understanding.  now when i really say chaos energy defends itself,  it is of course loki’s subconscious self defending himself.  this all comes to light when you see how jötnar are made:  tougher bones,  nigh unbreakable skin,  and probably a load of other stuff i’ll eventually go into.  he’s a tough nut to crack,  and that’s if you’ve even been fighting him and not whatever palpable projection of himself he’s thrown up.  but he can set you on fire accidentally if you upset him.  his bad.
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blackcatstudios · 8 days ago
Osmosis Jones—Thrax Headcanons
These are just some of my stupid headcanons for the smoking hot villain of Osmosis Jones the Movie, which literally represents me as a person. No NSFW, however, sorry it’s a personal preference of mine.
. I like to think he’d parade around with a boombox on his shoulder, blasting 90’s rap music at full volume just to annoy people. Low key though, he loves rap music, heavy metal, alternative rock, and R&B, knowing the words to like every Usher song, while screaming out Cannibal Corpse at the top of his lungs ( or however he breathes, I have no idea ).
. Thrax is definitely bisexual, tending to prefer men more so than women—but he does love to hit on a pretty lady every once and awhile too. I also tend to think he’d be aromantic, greyromantic at the most. Romance just really isn’t his thing, he’s more into sexual relationships than anything. I’m not saying he can’t fall in love, it just doesn’t happen often. He needs someone who can keep up with his fast paced criminal lifestyle, sarcastic wit, and murderous tendencies without disgust. He needs to be mentally stimulated constantly, too.
. There was a theory going around the Internet that Thrax was a biological weapon of warfare created in a lab, which I’m going to hop on to some degree. In my opinion, he grew up rejected, bullied, and mistreated by the predominantly beneficial bacteria he lived with in the lab where he was engineered. They hated pathogens like him, shunning and abusing them just for being dangerous ( I like to think that the organisms in Osmosis Jones have childhoods, like how humans do, so that’s what I’m going to go on from this point on ). In this world, pathogens are like racial minorities, subjected to cruelty because people are afraid of them. Thrax probably received much of this, which explains why he became so embittered in the future, feeling the need to prove his power to others. He was an orphan, his parents dying after his creation from sheer exertion. Scrounging on whatever he could find, he learned to be resourceful, cunning, and ruthless from a young age. I’m also going to say right now, that in my take of OJTM, organisms can live as long as humans, longer even at times if they hop bodies through other means. So, Thrax was accidentally released into the outside world when an employee at the biological lab threw him away in a dumpster. He was in his late teens, developing his plan to kill humans to showcase how strong and deadly he was to those who wronged him. But he waited several years, practicing on unsuspecting victims before putting his scheme into action during the events of the film. He would be in his mid thirties by then, in my opinion. I forgot to mention earlier, that he was also a victim of homophobia, due to his love for both men and women. The first person he ever seriously dated was a boy his age, when he was ten. When his classmates at school discovered him and his boyfriend hiding in his locker sharing a kiss, he was made fun of, and physically beaten for it. That led him to conceal his sexuality for years. He was actually attracted to Ozzy, but didn’t want his villainous persona to crack, so he pushed those feelings aside.
. In real life science, bacteria—be it good or bad—have no gender. So, using this information I am going to say that Thrax, Ozzy, Leah, etc. can change forms, switching between male, female, non binary, agender, or both at once. They can reproduce with no limitations in terms of what sexual organs they have, so a male could get pregnant in this world. Anyways, Thrax would be like Marvel’s Loki ( LOVE HIM TOO, OH MY GOD ), identifying as fluid in his gender. He uses his original name, but doesn’t mind he/him, she/her, or they/them pronouns at all. He’d have a blast switching between genders, morphing his physical appearance however he desired and whenever he wanted. Ooh, that’s a cool fanfic idea, I’ll use that!
. Humanized version headcanon now! If he wasn’t a virus, Thrax would be a sexy, tall and imposing, and brutish black man with his trademark dreads, an attractive face, killer sense of fashion, and lethally intoxicating personality you couldn’t help but love. He’d kind of look like a younger, more gorgeous version of Morpheus from The Matrix, whom he is partially based off of! He’d be a crime overlord, with the alter ego of a brilliant scientist who specializes in biological warfare for the CIA or something like that. Everyone in the Underworld would know his name, but never see him, like Moriarty in Sherlock. He’s a psychopathic, sociopathic manipulative dude, who uses the charm he oozes to seduce everybody into liking him before he backstabs them. Another great fanfic idea, LOL.
That’s all I’ve got right now, guys. Let me know if you want more, and feel free to send your own requests in for Osmosis Jones, Sherlock, Disney or Pixar. I’ll post my rules as soon as possible!
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lokispancake · 8 days ago
Heads Up!!!
I just wanted to say that I know that yall are tired of hearing about this, but I really want the truth out there. Even though this is something I hate talking about, which I know is horrible. I, personally, struggle a lot with internalized misogyny and I know it's something that I need to work on.
The reason I feel The Witch's Heart is transphobic, aside from the other things I've listed, is because not only did I feel like Angrboda invalidated Loki's masculinity throughout the book. But because I also felt validated while reading those parts of the book. I know what it feels like to be told I'm not actually a man because I used to wear dresses or because I like to read. There are also trans men who enjoy doing drag and wearing dresses and makeup.
I feel like if I felt invalidated while reading those scenes, then there is a chance that they might as well.
And I really wish Genevieve Gornichec would had taken transmasc individuals like myself who aren't perceived as traditionally masculine into consideration when she had written that.
Not only that but......
It's that time of year again.
TERFs and transphobes have come out to play, and unfortunately they are once again in positions of power. It is possible that some of y'all might consider me biased. But from what I've seen, once people start punishing minorities for speaking out against mistreatment they're bound to do it again to others. And that is not okay, and it is absolutely NOT okay to invalidate a trans person's or any other minority's experience with transphobia or abuse in and outside of their communities.
What you're about to see took place in a FB Heathen and Pagan group called The Way Of Fire & Ice. And it happened for almost the exact same reasons that I was banned from Loki's Wyrdlings -- because I defended myself against mistreatment. Which is what prompted me to leave the group.
The Way Of Fire & Ice group is owned by a man named Ryan Smith, who is also the author of the book The Way Of Fire & Ice. I've known Ryan a long time and up until this point, I've considered him a friend. Unfortunately, it's also been long enough for me to see that he seems to be a bit two-faced. Meaning he is a COMPLETELY different person in the comment section where everyone can see what he has to say. And at this point, I'm convinced that he cares more his reputation than the people he claims to be trying to help.
Anyway, this what prompted the conversation --
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And this is my conversation with Ryan, and lemme just say I know I was disrespectful when I referred to the staff member (the person called Juliet) in my first message. I was triggered at the time and having an anxiety attack and had forgotten her name, and unfortunately, it did not occur to me to think of something more respectful. I'm very sorry if that comes off as disrespectful or misogynistic.
And also I know I'm not supposed to defend myself or make excuses when I apologize. It's a bad habit that I developed as a child cause I learned that I would be punished worse if I didn't explain myself. I'm working on it, I swear.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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promiseiwillwrite · 10 days ago
Come Out.
I've been circling up on the ridge for days. The mark is down there. I know it. I can smell it.
I have found an excellent hide. There is cover, and I can see right down to the clearing in the middle of the valley. I have settled, and I am waiting.
The feelings have welled inside me, and am getting dangerously close.
I have to be what they want me to be or I am not believed, or heard or seen or valid. I have to play the part, find out what the expectation is, learn the dance and perform it perfectly, so that they will be mesmerized, and fooled into wanting me in their life. Because I am really not good. Really just some copy cat, that has never had an original thought.
I hear it in there... I point the rifle. My breath comes shallowly as tears fall. I feel how impossible it is supposed to be. I feel that I am not allowed to just be myself, or big or loud or inconvenient. I am not allowed to choose what I want to be and do just because I want to be and do it.
I am not allowed to Ask Things of others.
It is connected... You see.
And who said I wasn't allowed? My Parents? Who failed to help me understand that I am a valid human person, whether anyone thinks that or not? The same criminal thinkers who pressured a five year old child to Lie in order to cover up the marks left by their abuse?
The people who cannot, even to this day, tolerate the idea that I might not want to give my everything away to other people, or support their narratives, which they have made up, that do not actually reflect reality.
I see the circle. And it isn't a Rifle. One of the things that happens sometimes when you follow Loki, is that Sometimes he travels with Thor. And sometimes when you are all Drunk and camped in the wilderness, Thor will teach you to wield the Mjolnir. It's fine. I have small hands.
I am not allowed.
Allowed I not am.
d m t o l a w i o a l n e
Moana will do TED.
Her talk will cover drawing strength from her ancestors, and the resilience required for managing comeback tours for unruly deities.
What life do you want? When you know you can choose anything, and no role is required? Who will you be when your reference, your locus of control becomes internally oriented? Will you step fully into your power as a Lord of the Sith and take over the Galaxy? Will you choose the life you have now, with less restrictions?
I stay my hand. I have to hit it in just the right place, because I know it will just fucking grow back if I miss.
So the onus is on me, for the entire rest of time, I have to figure out what I want to do and be outside of the roles I have thought I needed to play for others.
and it won't be perfect. It will just be real. Grossly, uncompromisingly real.
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thedelusionreaderbitch · 10 days ago
Coming out as Asexual to the Crows (when they're your parents) Headcanon!
Tumblr media
A/n: So I do have a request I'm finishing up but I wanted to do this before that comes out so... Ya!
Jesper and Wylan:
- So it's always been this thing like 'use protection' from your parents because even if they are overprotective as hell they understand you're a teenager and they rather educate you then not
- So this has always made you a bit uncomfortable because you genuinely didn't want to have sex, like?????
- So when you find out the label of Asexual you bring it up with your parents because your family had always been very supportive of LGBTQ+ Rights
- But to seem sneaky you don't bring up asexuality really soon you were actually very smooth
- But beside's the point
- And they don't really comment on it and your a little frustrated because you had a plan bro! Participate!
- So you just like 'I'm pretty sure I'm Ace!'
- And you cover your hands over your mouth right away because oh shit, oh shit! This was not the way you wanted to come out to them!
- There's an awkward silence for a couple seconds before Wylan is like 'thank god I really didn't want to have those talks anymore!'
- And ya'll burst out laughing
- Because this is just great, the best way to come out to your parents
- You do talk a bit more in-depth with them because you want to be proud of who you are
- You also mention you want to come out to all you're uncles and aunts as soon as possible
- You off mention about just sending everyone a letter
- And the next day Jesper takes out an Asexual flag from- somewhere...
- Yelling that Asexuality is real and etc.
- Of course, your whole family joins in
Nina and Matthias:
- They kind of already knew
- Like your Nina's kid
- And also Matthias's but imagine him before becoming whatever Brum made him into
- And your family is just generally open (but not too much obv.)
- And when you don't show any sexual interest in no one their like okay and move on
- So when you came out to them it wasn't a surprise
- But you can bet your ass that ya MoMA was like
- Loki same with your dad he was yelling at his friends that he officially got to go to his first pride parade with his child!
Inej and Kaz:
- So same with Nina and Matthias you guys would be very open about your life
- There was almost no secrets
- Till this one
- And you felt really guilty but...
- You had already learned from your parents that physical touch was not needed in a relationship
- But they also said something about everyone is natural if they have/want to have sex and bla bla bla
- And they weren't trying to be bad or anything
- I think they were generally trying to give you the talk about the 'birds and the bees'
- they failed. I'm sorry but they failed, hard
- So when you get a S/o
- Your S/o already knows your ace
- They come over for dinner
- And your S/o offhandedly mentions how they beat up someone for you that was being a homophobic jerk and saying you weren't natural. You get the jest of it
- Inej and Kaz are just like what?!
- And you burst into tears
- And their both at your side is like 'no we love you either way! Just be careful! We love you! 💕'
- And you hug them
- And Inej and Kaz might have failed at the 'birds and the bees' but they did not fail at being amazing parents nor loving you 24/7!
Shadow and bone taglist:
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bonjour-rainycity · 10 days ago
Heyyy, so for the vampire origin story, based on my blog? I’ll also add a couple of details. I really love history, specifically us ww1 and 2 history, I really like marvel movies, not the comics as much, I’m not good at cooking. I know this is so random, but I don’t know what else to put. Ummm, I’d say I’m caring but I can be a bit selfish. OK ALSO HAVE YOU WATCHED LOKI YET IT IS SUCH A GOOD SHOW. ok yeah, let me know if you need anymore 💜
I honestly think you had a pretty similar human life to Esme's (not her tragic ending, thank goodness). What I mean is -- you grew up in the late 1890s in a small town in the US Midwest. Your town was sleepy, and small, and you really just wanted a life of adventure. You were always trying to swim in the creek and climb trees and sneak into places you weren't allowed to be.
By the time you learned how to read, you read every book you could get your hands on. The owner of the small local library knew you well and would always send word to your house if he got a new book in. This led you to become a teacher and, though you still found your life quiet and sleepy and a little boring, you were content to spend the rest of your life in your small town, teaching others your love of history and knowledge.
Then the War hit.
Your life was turned upside down as all the able-bodied men from your town were shipped overseas to fight in the Great War. Life still went on, but it was different from before. You felt your heart tugging you somewhere, longing for a place, a feeling, something you never had.
It clicked one day when you visited the nearby town. A worn, sun-damaged flyer hammered to the wooden door of a hardware shop long ago abandoned:
Though you hadn't an ounce of experience, you trusted in your ability to pick up skills and knowledge quickly, and despite your friends and students begging you not to, you signed up immediately. Your training took you to the East Coast, somewhere you've never been before, and you were delighted! Finally, a bit of adventure!
The dangers increased though, when your cohort was called to France to aid those injured or sick while fighting in the trenches. Still, you stuck to your grounds, helping heal soldiers and civilians impacted by the horrific war. You couldn’t not care for them -- they were in need. 
You were alone one night, cleaning up your nurse's tent. You'd just had to amputate a leg, and, though the soldier survived, the blood was everywhere.
A passing nomadic vampire, a woman who had been changed a handful of years ago in Portugal, had been making her way up North when the War started. Like the other vampires in the area, she decided to stick around, knowing that death was rampant and no one would notice the bodies of countless drained soldiers.
The woman crossed by your tent -- the overwhelming scent of the blood led her to believe someone was dying there. Much to her disappointment, she did not find a bleeding soldier, but a healthy nurse covered in someone else's blood.
'No matter,' she thought. 'No one would miss just one nurse. They'll think she ran off.'
So before you could react, she lunged, intending to suck all the blood from your body and bury you nearby. She dragged you deep into the countryside where no one would find you. But another vampire, a newer, less controlled one, happened to be running nearby. He smelled the blood and couldn't resist. He attacked the female vampire, hoping to kill her and take your blood for himself. The two fought over your body, ripping each other to shreds.
While the two vampires painstakingly worked to put themselves back together, three days passed. By the time the vampire who had unwittingly become your creator was able to stand and reattach her head, it was too late -- you were nearly done with the transformation.
Knowing the Volturi would kill her if she didn't take responsibility for her newborn, she reluctantly instructed you in the ways of your kind. After the first few weeks, you realized that you couldn't stay in the war zone -- you couldn't kill those you had, weeks earlier, worked so hard to save. So you and your creator changed plans, intending to run on land to Southern Africa and then swim to Australia. But while in Egypt, you met the Egyptian coven, and became quite fond of their company. You and your creator parted ways, and you stayed with Amun, Kebi, Tia, and Benjamin for a while. They were cold to you at first -- not very trusting of outsiders -- but your caring demeanor soon won them over, Amun's eyes sparkling as he said you reminded him of an old, blond friend of his.
He promised to introduce you one day, and you're very much looking forward to it.
Ask me about your Twilight origin story!
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voidghostbur · 11 days ago
it's really just disheartening especially since not even a month ago dream talked about how much his mental health was affected by stuff and then literally yesterday with Mask mv and showing how the comments hurt and ahhhh man people say that a cc's feelings are not more important than a group that was hurt, and while that is true, it's not just that black and white.....
communities are so valid in feeling upset but it becomes thousands upon thousands of people just needlessly sending ONE PERSON hate and that has to be so overwhelming and scary...i honestly don't know how or why he's still on twt.
i mainly stick to tumblr, but i'd go on twt to see updates and stuff but even then like just bc twitter fucking sucks i'd see the things people were 'liking' and so inevitably i'd get caught up in everything and it's just sad to see it all happening...I don't blame you at all for wanting to take a step back. I'm lowkey trying to shift my focus on to something else (hahahhaha lowkey trying cause it's shifting to loki hahahahahha)
i completely agree. i think anyone who is upset bc of everything that is going on is super valid bc it can be a lot. especially if it is a cc that you watch regularly and have hyperfixated on. its okay to be upset or overwhelmed.
and its so much fucking worse for the actual cc in question because they have thousands and thousands of people attacking them, like you mentioned. they are still people with real feelings that get upset from meaningless words on the internet just as much as anyone else. and with this particular cc, they are still super fucking young and still learning and they are going to fuck up and make mistakes, that's literally the whole point of growing up. you have to be able to make mistakes in order to learn from them. that's just how it is.
but unfortunately, it's easy for people online to forget about that and to take out their pent up anger on some random faceless minecraft youtuber that has a huge following because it becomes impersonal and they can justify it more. its sad and disheartening, but unfortunately that's just what it is.
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folkesange · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Kulning,by definition, is an archaic Scandinavian vocal technique meant to summon cows and goats from high mountain pastures. It’s an intense, concentrated, and piercing sound without vibrato and should have a clear and forward focus. What’s unique about it is that it’s a song. It echoes. Kulning is rife with quarter and half notes also known as “blue tones” typically utilized by women. The song is fascinating, haunting, and often sorrowful – like a high mountain siren’s lure.  
 Pre-The Dark World, Janie couldn’t sing to save her life…of course, this was while she was alive. Elves are fond of song. Though Ginnungajane is the primordial void, when the Aether fragments began to manifest she culturally was imbued with that of the dökkálfar. Shiväisith was her first language before she could no longer speak, but she was fluent in all dialects of Elvish. She can understand it still, though she sometimes pretends not to when provoked. Why she can sing and not speak is directly tied to dökkálfar magic and the fact that space herself is quite musical, which I’ll also dip into. Elves are totally and completely tied to music, which is why someone who in life was completely tone deaf suddenly is a space siren.
Kulning is typically sung in Swedish/Norwegian, but in Janie’s case it’s usually in Elvish. She does flip languages depending on which song she chooses. She taught herself this technique over the past eight years mainly because in spite of that yawning abyss she’s become, deep down she’s still very eager to learn. Being the fabric of the multiverse has made her beyond lazy in terms of performing what one might think is a basic task…another lovely trait that I want to say is courtesy of Loki. He’s been spoiling her rotten for well over a decade.
Space is also full of strange noises that are inaudible to our ears. She’s a vacuum, yes, but not at all silent. Black holes chirp, 1% of all white noise is relic remnants from the Big Bang, the void hisses, plasma waves sound like alien birds and so on. Janie’s constantly immersed in pitches so unusual that she, too, can reach those unbelievable highs and lows that perhaps only advanced beings can sense never mind actually hear.
When not kulning, her actual singing voice is frictionless and can be felt on an elemental level. Ginnungajanie’s voice claim has always been Amalie Bruun. You can listen for yourself here.
As for what kulning sounds like, brace yourself ( I mean it !! ). This is the same voice claim as her singing voice here and here.
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