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starartsnow · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hornbill man wants to know if you’d like a drink and some company. He doesn’t mind if you decline. Her certainly minds if you accept. 
I went. Very detail heavy on this one. I have no clue what it was about the cross hatching whateverthehell you call it. But Im super happy. I love the colors. I love him. He’s super cool. Its a piece that actually looks quite lovely (which is always a surprise in and of itself).
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emifucksshitup · 3 years ago
So most of the time my blog is filled with negativity because I have some really bad self hate issues. And a lot of the time I at least get hugs from a few people and I tell them thank you and all that but it seems my sappiness is overcoming me and I feel the need to do more. So I do very much appreciate every single one of you. But I'm about to call out some fucking bitches. @quantumshcde @ithurielbled I'm gonna start with my goddamn Parabatai. Look man, I don't throw this fucking word around lightly okay. You are my fucking dark other half. I've recently acquired the nickname Darkness Magnet and goddamn does it ring fucking true. I'd say you were the Jace to my Alec but come on, both of us way too fucked up for that. They're way too goody two shoes for us. I'd use Jonathan as an example but given he doesn't have a Parabatai I'm gonna drag this into something else - you're the fucking Master to my goddamn Viper. You are such a fucking evil mastermind and you fucking RADIATE darkness and ya know while I like to act like I'm the darkest bitch out there, we all know you have my beat and I respectfully give the title to you. I would follow you to the fucking ends of the earth and cause the most fucking chaos with you because goddamn I thrive on darkness and you thrive on darkness and we are just a fucking pair. You are so fucking sweet (when you want to be) and even if we don't talk for a couple months you're still there and we easily just jump back into conversation like not a day went by without us talking. You're fucking - magnificent. There aren't a words for how goddamn amazing you are. I will keep going back to The Master and Viper for us because it just fits so fucking well. You're a goddamn mastermind but you're still human (I know, gross) and whatever you need me for I will fucking be there. As your Parabatai, I've got your fucking back man. And you can hold me to that as much as you fucking want because I mean it. You have masterful (see what I did there) skills with writing like goddamn I am jealous of your writing because it's always just so..passionate. You always put so much of yourself into it and I really fucking admire that. What I can't put into words I hope at least the smallest snipet can For whither thou goest, I will go @inevitableeleven B a b e I just want to start out really quick by saying I don't think I have EVER seen a mean goddamn word come from you. And I really have to fucking applaud you for that. As someone who complains about people and just shit in general all the time I've really got to fucking applaud you for that. And seriously, you are. So. Fucking. Sweet. Like you are always so fucking nice and I am just fucking in awe of it. And your level of enthusiasm is just through the fucking roof and in so glad for that. I see in you a lot of what I have in me and for that I am so so so fucking sorry because you do NOT fucking deserve to feel the way you do because you are absolutely wonderful. So seeing that you're still capable of that level of enthusiasm makes me so fucking happy and I hope you never lose that. Never fucking let anybody tell you you can't enjoy something, never let any fucking body tell you that you need to calm down over what you're excited about. Keep that fucking joy and fucking enjoy yourself babe. And something I love about your writing is that it's so. Emotional. You are such an emotional writer. Lots of writers feel the need to separate themselves from their characters and while I understand that, you are soooo invest. You feel what your characters do and as someone else who does it makes me so happy to see that in someone else. The level of emotion, the level of fucking depth and effort you put into your characters is amazing. And I'm glad I'm not crazy about the muse thing XD. Babe I know you second guess yourself a lot and you probably will always feel the need to but I'm telling you, with the utmost sincerity that there is no fucking need to. When I say you're amazing it's because I fucking believe it and if all you need if for one goddamn person to believe in you for you to do shit then I am fucking here for that. I believe in you one hundred percent and I hope that that is enough to push you past anything to hold you the fuck back because FUCK whatever the fuck ever tries to hold you back. You are a fucking star babe. Fucking own it. @askthesyraxian Paradox. Dude. It is fucking. S c a r y. How fucking similar we are. Like I feel like not a day goes by where one of us reveals the SLIGHTEST fucking thing about us, a habit, a thought, anything and the other immediately has that fucking sense of "oh god it's not just me." Like for real it's almost fucking disturbing the list of things we have in common. Out of this list you're probably the one I've known the shortest amount of time but that makes no fucking difference. You and I clicked the fucking moment we started talking and goddamn I love it. You are a crazy ass, ridiculous fucking person and I love you for it. You and I share thoughts, habits, downfalls, so much shit. And you're always fucking there to pick somebody up when they're down. I can definitely see where Elysia gets her sense of protectiveness and righteousness from because it's from fucking you. You are SUCH a caring person that you're willing to go out of your way, to even put yourself aside to help someone else and the world seriously needs more people like you. You are so fucking amazing. And while I respect that about you so fucking much I hope you realize that it's okay to take care of yourself, it's okay to let others help you because that feeling you get where you feel it's your fucking need to do something to help, I can guarantee people feel that way about you. Shit. I do. Anybody fucking hurts you and I'm gonna kick their ass because you put so much of yourself out there for others. And dude you are hella fucking creative. As someone who's made countless worlds, countless universes for stories, I fucking commend you for the world you've created for the Syraxians. That shit is fucking HARD and I struggle with it immensely every time I try and you just make it seem SO easy. And it's not just something that looks thrown together it's something that you put blood and sweat and tears into and you fucking created a whole WORLD that is functional and has traditions!!! A whole fucking WORLD Para! That's fucking impressive!!! And each character is so diverse that they might as well be real fucking people. Guys, for real. I fucking love you and I do not say it enough and I know I'm standoffish and I try my hardest to come off like such a fucking bitch but I fucking love the hell out of you guys and I hope you guys know it. I hope you guys know that I am always fucking here for you guys and that you are all, individually and in your own right, fucking phenomenal. Like I am not fucking worthy to be fucking friends with any of you fucking people because you are so fucking amazing and you have made my life so much better. It fucking makes me day to talk to any fucking one of you and I fucking appreciate the hell out of you even if I'm bad at showing it.
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kittymennie · 5 years ago
I'm glad I decided to live and let go
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Tonight i discovered that one of my (former) friends is a homophobic asshole, who made a very public post about his dislike of LBGTQ people. This is only a couple of weeks or so after I confided to him that I am coming to terms with my bisexuality. 
I confronted him about the post, and he told me to fuck off. He later attempted to backtrack, saying that he "didn't really feel that way" and shit like that.  I've defriended and unfollowed and blocked him, and i feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
Because honestly, I've been looking for a reason to cut ties with him (he really bothered me), and this was the perfect opportunity.  Now i never have to talk to him ever again, and it feels amazing. 
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sailorenna · 8 years ago
@_amatsuki_: 最初はゆう十さんにコラボ誘ってもらって気付いたら4人になってたでござる
Amatsuki: At first, Yuuto-san invited me to do a collab, and by the time we'd noticed, it'd become four people.
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deliciosamonstera · 9 years ago
Sometimes I don't know why I'm here. And then I remember its because I have really lovely people that make life lovely. Things aren't always perfect but its the bad that makes the good shit worth it. Cook out.
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residenthottiesamwilson · 10 hours ago
I love how they handled Isaiah and Sam in this episode and how they let us sit with the knowledge of what happened to him
So often in all movies we learn a piece of information and our protagonists IMMEDIATELY respond (usually badly tbh) and its the consequences of those actions which they spend the rest of the movie solving
For example we have age of Ultron where Tony immediately builds this weapon, they then have to face the consequences.
Even within the show we have Walker leaving his best friends corpse in favour of revenge - the show is clearly criticising the flippant attitude which he has to serious issues
Because they make that point, Sam takes time to reflect on what Isaiah tells him the TV format allows him to do that. We see him decide for himself what the shield and the mantle of cpatian America means to him
It would have been so incredibly easy for marvel to have made tfatws into a cute buddycop series with little to no actual social statements
But they didn't, and I love that when we get to see Sam finally take that shield it's not because Bucky guilted him into it, or in honour of steve or even avoiding it on the advice of Isaiah
This series shows us who Sam Wilson is as a person and what he stands for, and we have finally been given time to see it
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recycledcactus · 11 hours ago
“wife haver makes a convincing argument”
“something about his voice is just fucking hilarious. imagine if he wasn’t british for whatever reason.”
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meova101 · 11 hours ago
So this is what Enter Shikari was teasing yesterday! 
New versions of by now familiar songs, a Bowie cover, what more could you want? besides finally hearing the Nothing Is True&Everything Is Possible songs live but I’m crossing my fingers for January and maybe planning on following the guys around a little to get my fill of Shikari shows after years of nothing
Anyway go check out these gorgeous broadcasts and if you are a nerd like me and love to read about Rou’s thoughts about the lyrics and the general state of the world, he has written a new book that delves deep into Nothing Is True&Everything Is Possible that you can find on their webstore.
Legit, I am a big fan of Rou’s books about their albums, he shares interesting insights, proper arguments, little peeks behind the scenes of his mind and he has sources for so many things, it’s great. Highly recommend, just like I highly recommend Enter Shikari to anyone and everyone. Go listen. I promise you won’t regret it.
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hardhuilen · 22 hours ago
I updated my android last night and I hate literally everything they changed. I'm seriously upset that they removed the option to hide the fuck-ugly annoying camera notch. why the fuck would you do that. it's one small option that makes a huge difference in customizability. why is there an update anyway if they're not improving anything, it's just design changes and they suck. fuck I'm angry
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hawksnightmare · a day ago
why can’t every episode be 8x22 “Dreams” written and directed by Alan Alda
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thelazyhermits · a day ago
i'm rereading tabf, and the way the league acts around fortune when she gets kidnapped seriously hurts my heart. like dabi and mumei are assholes and shigaraki is... himself. mumei makes me feel this awful feeling in my chest and i hate it and i want him gone. but i do want to say the way kurogiri acts is a very welcome reprieve and i appreciate how much of a gentleman he is.
I’m not gonna lie I was super nervous about writing that chapter cause I wasn’t confident about writing the villains at all except for Mumei of course since he’s my OC. That’s also why I didn’t write a lot with the LoV since I didn’t wanna push my luck lol
I’m glad that I got that feeling you described across with the way I portrayed all the villains since that’s exactly what I was going for. In regards to Kurogiri, I wanted a nice balance between him acting his part as a villain and his polite demeanor since he’s obviously not as violent/confrontational as the other villains. 
I ended up making him the one looking after Fortune cause someone needed to do that, and he seemed like the best fit. Plus, I figured AFO would trust him the most to get the job done correctly. He knew someone like Kurogiri would be less intimidating for Fortune as compared to the other villains, and that more gentlemanly behavior would seem more realistic coming from Kurogiri. So, AFO put Kurogiri at the center of his plans to manipulate/win over Fortune.
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trickszie · a day ago
so, you're telling me that coraltwt was created after everybody else tried to dox techno, sent him death threats, and was just in general nasty towards him and then when they didn't get the response they wanted from the nasty shit they were doing, they decided to take techno out of sbi entirely and create a new "subtwt" but they're basically just taking him out themselves because their aggressive death threats and attempts of doxing didn't garner the response—the submission and the apology that they wanted. i see.
i'm not saying the people who wanted an apology—the people who were actually hurt/affected by this situation are the bad ones, because they're not, and they're the ones that are just waiting for something to be addressed quietly, instead of trending a hashtag in their outrage and doing shit that just digs their grave further and postpones techno addressing it even more. these people ,,, they're making the people who want an actual apology, the people who were effected? they're making them look bad by doing shit like this, and now sleepytwt's basically gone and everybody's rebranding because. well. i don't know why, honestly. you're allowed to be angry with technoblade for not addressing this, but what they did absolutely was not the way to go, and won't get them anywhere in the long run, or at least won't get them what they're wanting. scaring somebody into apologizing with death threats and attempts of doxing isn't going to get you a genuine apology, the majority of the time, and it's crazy that i even have to say that. so, sleepytwt's basically fucking dead from this entire situation bc the majority of ppl that were in sleepytwt r migrating over to coraltwt, and i don't blame them if they don't want anything to do with techno, if their views of him are ruined, especially if they're a part of the group that were effected, i'm blaming the majority of the people under the #kickdave hashtag that were causing more harm than good. this community is ,,, exhausting, and it's tiring to watch cc's disappointed us countless of times, but it's tiring to watch people —and, most of the time it's people who weren't even effected to begin with— speak up over minorities, send death threats, and in general be nasty people in response to this. cc's deserve to be called out when they do shitty things because they aren't going to learn if they're not, it's just that most people on the platform don't know how to do that correctly, and it's not everyone, but it's the loud sum of people who are way more vocal than the people who are actually trying to help in the correct way, and it's disheartening to see from all sides. people from twitter have started to migrate here because of how bad it's gotten, and i don't fucking blame them. i can't even look at twitter whenever something is trending like that, i don't blame others for leaving it behind when they could, and if you're from twitter, welcome, i promise we aren't as bad as most people were on twitter. hopefully. hopefully we aren't. this is still tumblr /j
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swordsaint-miximax · 2 days ago
just saw a huge meteor tonight (around 9:15 EST) and like not just a little streak it was bright and sparkling maybe this is a sign
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