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#and I adore the kid too he’s such a great kid
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Matthew Macfadyen on The Late Late Show with James Corden 8 June 2020
"Keeley and I, we tried, straight to the beginning of lockdown, we instigated--it was my idea, we instigated this reading hour idea. I thought we'd do a reading hour every day and so, at five o'clock, we all--I insisted, and there was lots of complaining and we all sat in the living room and read our books. And it didn't work. And my son, I heard it--I heard a ping, and he had his mobile behind his book. And then my daughter went, 'Daddy, this is creepy.' So it didn't work."
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firebirdsdaughter · a year ago
For the record…
… Yes, okay, guilty as charged, I’m not personally sure how I feel about Red as he was presented in the press conference. But that is my personal first impression—and I am absolutely certain that he will grow on me, probably very quickly.
And that’s all I’m gonna say on the subject. That I’m not not sure how I feel rn. That I need to see more to form an actual opinion.
This does not mean I hate him already or think he’s a bad character. It’s a really jerky thing to do to start hating on a character from just a short press conference/trailer. Please don’t be jerky, guys.
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alwaysdrowninginfeels · a year ago
*screams in gay*
#rants brought to you by cj#in the tags#BECAUSE OH MY FUCKING GOD I HAVE A LOT TO SAY RN#OH MY GODDDDDD#ok. so. im visiting my oldest brother and his family#he's 11 years older than me. he's 36. he's been married since i was like 11#they have three kids aged 9 7 and 3 (almost 4)#i LOVE my sister-in-law. i ADORE her. she's one of my favorites.#BUT both she and my brother are VERY mormon and have VERY old-fashioned mindsets#and she spilled a TON of tea about family drama that REALLY made me realize how much i don't want to live around family#like. at all. ever. once i move out im moving somewhere i don't have to deal with them.#midwest maybe??? east coast???#fuck idk i just...... WOW ive learned some things these couple days that i just....... REALLY don't want to have to deal with.#and living somewhere where NO ONE ELSE LIVES is a great option#or....... y'know just killing myself is always an option too lol#SORRY THAT GOT DARK I DIDN'T MEAN TO I DON'T WANT TO BE NEGATIVE BUT OH BOY THIS TRIP ACTUALLY HASN'T BEEN GREAT#like the zoo and the mopop were super cool but the conversations with my brother and sister in law just...... WOW made me mad#she said that a movie pressed the agenda of a 'same-gender attraction' and i (being a very closeted lesbian) just nodded#I HATE THE MORMON CHURCH SO MUCH#she even said something about how their ward thinks their kids are angels and she admitted that they're NOT#but that kind of thinking is what fucked ME up. like that kind of thinking of how a mormon family is so perfect is just...... so damaging...#and im just really kinda pissed off about it???? i shouldn't be....... but....... idk im just fucking..... done#im going to see my therapist tomorrow so...... that's good. ill be able to let this all off my chest to him and..... F U C K im just... mad
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btschooseafic · 5 hours ago
Hey you, what’s your dream?
Tumblr media
Pairing: platonic!oc x ot7
Details: manager!oc, predebut/idolverse, partial BTS World!verse
Summary: Yoongi, Hoseok, and Aviva take a breather together.
Warnings: This is a fictional story based on real events. The characters presented here are not the same as their real life counterparts. [Masterlist]
Interlude 5: Sunshine and Coffee  
Best Part - Daniel Caesar, H.E.R
“You’re the coffee that I need in the morning
You’re my sunshine in the rain when it’s pouring”
March 8th 2013
“Hey, Hobi… Yoongi-oppa,” Aviva said, looking up from where she was sitting at the kitchen counter working on her laptop. Sunlight streamed in through the window, outlining her in a glow.
Yoongi squinted.
“What’re you doing here so early?”
“Soonyoungie came home early this morning with, um, a guest, so I thought I’d give them some privacy,” she explained.
“Ah.” Hoseok nodded. “One good thing about living in that teeny dorm with so many other boys for the past three years was that we didn’t really have room to bring anybody back with us.” He tilted his head. “I mean, in some ways, not great, but I usually prefer going to someone else’s house anyway.”
“I don’t care,” Yoongi said, yawning.
“Coffee’s up,” Aviva told him.
“…Please move in with us,” Yoongi said, gazing at her imploringly.
“Hmm. No,” she said flatly. Hoseok laughed as Yoongi sighed and went to pour himself a cup. “Have you guys been to sleep yet?”
“Couple of hours,” Yoongi muttered.
“He fell asleep on the couch,” Hoseok told her. Yoongi glared. “I came in there this morning to film a vlog and woke him accidentally.” He squeezed Yoongi in a hug. “Sorry!” Yoongi grumbled, patting his arm absentmindedly. “Can you believe it’s already March, Avi-yah?” She shook her head. “The cherry blossoms will be blooming soon—me and Yoongi were saying we should go, want to come with us?”
“There’s, um, a festival, right?” She thought. They nodded. She smiled. “Sounds fun.”
Yoongi’s birthday- March 9th 2013
The day of Yoongi’s birthday, the boys had an idea to surprise him with a cake. “Does he like surprises?” Aviva wondered, as she and Jin baked in her kitchen. Jin hummed.
“You know… I don’t know…”
Aviva frowned. “I don’t feel comfortable surprising somebody if I don’t know if they like surprises or not—what if it upsets him?”
“I’m pretty sure he could handle it,” Jin thought. “Yoongi-yah is a tough guy.”
“Yes, but he’s also adorably squishy,” Aviva thought.
Jin nodded. “The duality of man.”
Aviva squinted at him. “Has Kookie been sending you memes again?”
“…Maybe?” Jin licked some batter off of his finger.
“Hmm. Wash your hands before you touch anything.”
“I know, I know.” He went over to the sink.
Aviva leaned against her kitchen table, her brow furrowed. “I’m going to warn him.” She pulled out her phone.
“Eh, wait, Viva-yah!” He rushed over to her, squishing her face with his wet hands. “You’ll ruin the surprise!”
“Too bad,” she said, her voice muffled as she quickly texted him. “Hmmm.”
She swatted him off of her. “He said he’s okay with surprises, but he appreciates the warning. He’ll pretend to be surprised so the kids won’t be disappointed—and he wants me to suggest interrupting him in the studio, because he thinks it’d make for a good log.”
Jin’s lips pursed. “I don’t know how you’ll convince them of that—the only one who isn’t terrified to interrupt Yoongi-yah in the Bangtan Room is Namjoon-ah.” He paused. “And you, of course.”
“You told him, didn’t you?” Namjoon said, as they washed the dishes at the dorm together later that night. Aviva smiled sheepishly. Namjoon pouted. “Why?”
“I didn’t want to freak him out if he was the kind of person who didn’t like surprises.”
“Huh. Cause you’re that kind of person?” Namjoon reasoned. She blinked at him. “Viva, I’ve seen you jump ten feet in the air when something is even a little bit surprising—honesty, I’m worried about Tae giving you a heart attack one of these days with his surprise hugs.” She frowned.
“I’m not an old lady.”
“No,” he agreed. “You’re definitely not. You’re… beautiful.”
She gave him an odd look.
“I wouldn’t be beautiful as an old lady?”
He groaned. “Just take the compliment!”
“Fine!” He grunted. “But we’re getting off topic, the point is, I worry about you sometimes.”
Aviva reached over and patted his hand.
“Thanks for worrying, Joonie, but I’ll be okay. There will always be surprises in life, whether they’re good or bad ones. I’ll just have to do my best to deal with them.”
“I know you will,” he said, intertwining his fingers with hers so they were holding hands. “You’re strong. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. I’m here if you ever need support.” She smiled.
“Right back at you.” She put the last dish in the drying rack. “Anyway, I like Tae’s hugs.” Namjoon groaned.
“Yeah, don’t tell him that, or he’ll never let go of you!”
March 20th 2013
Yoongi woke up, disoriented after an afternoon nap, and went into the kitchen to make some coffee.
He found Aviva standing at the sink, singing to herself quietly as she did the dishes.
“I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home…”
“I like that song,” Yoongi said. She froze.
“Ah. Oppa.” She turned to him, her cheeks pink. “I, um, didn’t know you were awake.”
“So you snuck into the dorm to do our dishes while no one was watching?” He wondered.
“Ah, no, actually, I came check on you.”
He raised an eyebrow at her. “I told you it was just a headache. I feel better already.”
“I’m glad.”
“But what does that have to do with this…?” He motioned at the dishes.
“Ah, well, I saw you were sleeping, and I didn’t want to wake you, and I know you guys have been very busy with the album recently, so I thought I’d lend a hand.”
“You like Diddy?” He wondered.
“Um, I haven’t really listened to much of his stuff,” she admitted. “But I’ve been a fan of Skylar Grey since she was Holly Brook. Did you know she’s been singing professionally since she was a child?”
He looked at her, smiling slightly, and shaking his head.
“She does background vocals and has a writing credit on that, right? I looked it up.”
“Yeah. Her vocals are great, but her lyrics are what really get to me… they’re very… I don’t know, poetic?” She smiled. “It was especially nice to listen to as an angsty teenager. I’ll send you some of it, if you’d like?”
“Sure.” He looked at her, and then sighed. “Let me give you a hand. I’ll dry.”
“Hmmm. Okay.” She continued washing dishes and then handed them to him. He dried and put them in the drying cabinet, frowning at the wall. “Something on your mind?”
“I’m just… a bit homesick, I think. I used to be really excited to move out—I had dreams of owning a big house, and a fancy car… you know, all that. But recently I’ve kind of just been missing my childhood home, and my parents.” He looked at her. “That must’ve been a big change for you, moving to a whole different country… how do you deal with it?”
“Hmmm.” She gave him the last dish and then leaned against the counter, frowning at her feet as he dried it. “I don’t know. I guess… I cried a lot when I first moved here. But, I didn’t even have a lot of money for long distance calls, and Soonie and me didn’t have internet for ages, and… I was busy, I didn’t have too much time to think about it, I guess.”
“Your mind finds the time.”
“Yeah,” she acknowledged quietly.
“Do you want coffee?” He offered. “I was going to make some.” She nodded. He moved over and started prepping the coffee as she got two mugs out of the cabinet. “What about these days? Has it gotten any easier?”
She nodded again. “Because I’ve gotten better, and more invested in my job, and also…” She smiled. “Well, I have you guys. That’s helped a lot, I think.”
April 21st 2013
Aviva looked up, surprised to see Yoongi dragging Hoseok into her office on an early Sunday evening. She bit her lip.
“Is somebody injured again?”
“What?” Yoongi blinked. “No.” He frowned. “Why would you think that?”
“Who was I called to pick up from Lotte World because there was an egg growing out of his head after he smacked it on a bar?” She said, shooting him a look. Yoongi shrugged. She turned to Hoseok. “And I have an entire box of band-aids and pain patches in my first aid kit reserved just for you, dance boy.” Hoseok laughed nervously. “Besides, you two are usually glued to your work at this point. What’s up?”
“We’ve got a couple of hours of sunlight left, we’re taking off of work early and going to the cherry blossom festival.”
“We are?” Hoseok asked, eyes widening. Yoongi nodded.
“If you still want to.”
“Yes!” Hoseok grinned, pulling him into a hug. Yoongi laughed. Then they both looked at Aviva.
She chewed her lip again.
“What about work?”
“Chief Youngjin already approved it,” Yoongi told her.
She blinked. “How?”
“He likes me better than he likes you.”
“That… checks out, actually.” She laughed. “Okay, let’s go.”
Aviva and Yoongi both brought their cameras.
Hoseok teased them for looking like tourists.
“You’re the one posing for us every three seconds,” Yoongi grumbled.
“If you’re going to be rude, I won’t show you any of my pictures,” Aviva said.
“What? No! I want to see.” Hoseok reached over, but Aviva moved behind Yoongi, hiding her camera between them. “Yah! That’s not fair!” He whined. “I want to see what I look like in your pictures!” She peeked out from behind Yoongi, sticking her tongue out at Hoseok.
Yoongi turned around so that he and Aviva were facing each other, standing almost toe to toe.
“Can I see?”
He reached down and clicked though them. Hoseok pouted.
“These are good,” Yoongi told her. She smiled at him. “Let’s keep walking while we’ve still got daylight.”
Hoseok noticed Aviva stiffening up as the crowd around them thickened. He leaned over, whispering in her ear.
“Okay if I hold your hand?”
She looked at him, wide-eyed, and then nodded.
He took her hand, humming softly as they walked. Yoongi glanced over at them, smiled, and then snapped a photo of them.
As they walked among the various food stalls, Aviva kept stopping and looking at everything.
“Ah, that looks good,” Aviva said, looking at one stall. “Ah, but that looks good too…” Her brow furrowed.
“Get both,” Yoongi said.
“Yeah, but that’s a lot of food. I’d feel bad about wasting it if I couldn’t finish…”
“Let’s share,” he suggested. “I’ll pay half.”
“You don’t have to do that.”
“I want to.”
“We can split three things three ways,” Hoseok said. “That way we can eat even more for even less money per person!” Aviva chewed at her lip, and then nodded slowly.
“It looks like it might rain,” Yoongi said, shortly after they finished eating. Aviva caught a shot of him staring up at the sky, a pink petal standing out against his dark hair.
“Isn’t it just getting to be nighttime?” Hoseok thought.
Yoongi shook his head. “Still too early.”
A minute later rain pelted down. The crowds thinned, many of the food vendors quickly packing up to leave. Yoongi shoved his camera case under his hoodie, cursing.
“Here.” Aviva grabbed his hand and pulled him underneath an awning.
“Where did…?” Yoongi rolled his eyes, a smile spreading over his face as he watched Hoseok laugh, dancing around in the rain. He cupped his hands around his mouth. “Come here before you catch a cold, pabo!”
“I’ll get him,” Aviva said, handing Yoongi her camera. Before he could say a word, she ran out into the rain. Hoseok spun her around. They were both laughing, until she pulled him back towards Yoongi.
“It’s so weird,” Hoseok said, still laughing as they huddled under the awning. “It’s pouring but it’s still sunny too.”
“Sun shower,” Aviva murmured. “It’ll probably stop in a minute.”
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her-darkest-materials · 14 hours ago
Hi, I was wondering if I could have a matchup? I’m a 5’5 female. I’m slightly chubby but I’m stronger than I look. I like sewing, cooking, and reading. I love to watch horror movies and comedy. I have ADD so my attention span is a little wonky, and I can go on tangents about things I love. I love puns and use them mostly to get a rise out of my sister who hates them.
I like animals and children, and I’ve been called the “kid wrangler” at my church. I’m loyal to a fault especially towards my family and friends. I’m stronger than I look and can lift my dad who weighs more than me. My self-esteem isn't that great, but I have been working on it. I tend to be a bit oblivious to when I'm being flirted with or when I'm flirting with people.
Holy shit yes, squishy chicks who are ready to lift a slasher and YEET! I love it, I cant stop giggling at the idea of you just suplexing one of these boys when they start getting ridiculous.
Without further ado, I pair you with Brahms! The way you describe yourself sounds like someone who would easily do well if they replied to the ad looking for a live in Nanny. You're smart, can cook, sew, read, all those perfect qualities that he would be delighted to know about you and engage in. Being able to cook is a huge plus, because he is a beefy boy and probably could really use someone who can make a meal that reminds him of his own mother's cooking. He might be a little bratty and say its not perfect, but he's lying, he adores your cooking skills and is always going to bother you for seconds AFTER you put away leftovers. Gotta keep you on your toes, y'know?
The good thing is that you like animals and can wrangle kids, because Brahms can be.. both of those. Brahms is a bit of bratty, stubborn kid, but he'll always immediately dote and love on you every chance he gets. He wants and craves your attention, he wants to hold you constantly and nuzzle into your neck, and even if you might be oblivious to it, that's perfectly fine by him because it means that other men won't stand a chance with his leer and your blissful naivety. Whenever Brahms gets to be too uh, well Brahms you can easily pick him up and remind him that you make the rules, which.. is probably what he really wants you to do, but hopefully he doesn't press your buttons too much. He just needs someone who can be honest, blunt, and loving.
Since Brahms comes from such a wealthy family, you really can live a comfortable life and enjoy time at the manor, tending to the garden, sewing pretty things and even selling them from home if you want! A variety of options are available, but you would never have to feel like you need to work hard for a living with him around. He'll keep you safe in exchange for just the love and close comfort that he's craving in his life, and especially needing so he can stop hiding in the walls, praying one day there will be a Belle to his Beast.
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le4ve-me-a-sc4r · 15 hours ago
It’s me again. A lot has happened since we last spoke. I moved into a new apartment. I no longer speak to my mother. I fucked my ex boyfriend. I finally feel safe and settled in my new place. It’s just the rest of my life that’s in disarray. 
I moved into the apartment about a month ago. I’m learning a lot about myself and about what I need to function. The most significant thing is that I need alone time. A lot of it. I need to sit in silence and cook my own meals and sleep in my own bed. I need to see and speak to my friends significantly less than I currently do. 
I also learned that I do not like my job. I am out of the house from 7:30-6pm everyday to make what comes out to $100 a day, after taxes. My job is not generally fulfilling, and I am tired of being tasked with things such as cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen while everyone else gets to rush home at 5:00. Some of the kids are really great, and some of them are nightmares. There’s a little girl named Ha*** who has crystals and knows about astrology and has a lot to say about everything. She is six but has the personality of a teenager. I adore her and she makes me excited to go to work. There’s another student named Gr***** who drew me a picture of flamingos that I have hung up on my refrigerator. We both love Wawa pretzels and hate 7-11 food.
My brother is a tragedy and my mother is a nightmare. She is so depressed and tormented by his undiagnosed illness that it rules her entire life and has ostensibly destroyed her relationships with my sister and I. She rushed us out of my sister’s graduation because she was tired and hungry, and when my sister expressed to my mother that this upset her, all hell broke loose. In a fucking Carrabas restaurant. She cried infront of our server and repeatedly told us to “go to hell”. I feel like a bad daughter for distancing myself from her after that but I know it’s essential for my sanity.
K came over two weekends ago. I fully intended on things being platonic and did not expect anything more. We took my kitchen chairs out to the balcony and stared at the creek while we talked about plastic surgery and our friends with kids. I made him tea and he held out his mug for a cheers. When I talk to him I feel grounded in the present moment, like the complete opposite of self-conscious. He got up in the middle of our conversation to give me a hug. I missed him too. I missed our long talks and the way he speaks about ideas and concepts rather than other people. I love talking about life with him.
I tweezed his eyebrows and he asked me to show him where the liquor store was. I asked if I should dress up and he said that’s what he always does. He grabbed my sides when he zipped up my dress and I wondered why his touch felt so familiar despite it having been so long. He knew I was nervous about not wearing a mask in the store so he went back to the car with me to grab them. He bought Espolon because I recommended it. When we got back to the apartment, he changed into a black turtleneck and we took a shot together. He said it was “to friendship”. 
I picked him up from downtown at 2:20 in the morning. He was drunk, but not visibly. I could only tell because he talked the entire ride home without taking a breath. He told me about the entirety of his night. He taught his younger friends how to go to a bar. 
I made us lychee martinis in the kitchen. When I was mixing the drinks, he came up behind me. I asked if he was okay and he said he just wanted to see what I was doing. I realized what was happening. We sat on the balcony and talked about his family. I drank quickly, trying to play catchup. He reached out to me, wanting to hold my hand. Our secret language came back to us. I was surprised he remembered. Clinking our glasses, reaching for each other’s hands. We were in our own little world for the night. He reached under the ankle of my sweatpants and felt my skin. It was a strange place to touch but I didn’t mind. He asked to sit closer to me and I pulled his chair right next to mine. I turned to face him and as the conversation went on, I inched closer until I was sitting in his lap. I kissed him and he kissed me back. We made out on the balcony until I was ready for another drink. And then we were in the kitchen and I felt how hard he was when we were making out. I still didn’t think we were going to really hookup at that point.
I changed into the last clean pair of pajamas I had, a golden colored cami with a pair of black lace shorts that have an almost completely see-through back. I told him not to look. I remember we started to fuck on the loveseat before he picked me up and carried me to my room. I remember the night in pieces. I remember him inside of me and on top of me and him telling me what to do more than he normally does. I remember telling him I loved him and him falling on top of me before he fell to my side and came inside of me. 
We fucked until the sun came up and we could hear the birds singing. We took videos on my phone of me sucking his dick. The room was dry and the fan by my bed was loud. I remember having trouble spitting and my knees sinking into my memory foam bed. We fell asleep until the next afternoon.
I showered and brushed my teeth and crawled back into bed with him. We laid there for hours, almost touching but not quite. When I woke him up he told me he was thinking about how Biden hadn’t cancelled our student loans despite his wife having gone to our school. I laughed. I gave him an advil and a glass of water. He laid his arm out so that I could nuzzle into him. “So much for one of us sleeping on the couch,” he remarked. I told him I would have. 
We made out again and I remembered how much I missed his lips. It felt so much better to kiss him than it did to be with anybody else. He reached under my shirt and grabbed my boobs but didn’t do anything else I was familiar with. I wondered why he didn’t lift up my shirt and flick his tongue over my nipples like I was always used to. He fingered me and I went down on him but it was so hard to spit that I probably should have stopped. He told me what to do in a way he never had before. Use two hands. Work your mouth around it. I was caught off guard but I wanted to please him. He asked me if I liked sucking his dick. “What do you think?” I asked. “Can’t you tell?”
He fucked me and it felt like something was missing. I was probably so sore from the night before. He probably needed to play with my clit more than he was. It just felt good to be with him. We fucked in front of the giant mirror by my bed. He laid me across the bed so that my head was hanging over the edge. I watched us upside down. He told me where to position myself and how far apart to spread my knees. He fucked me from behind while he watched himself in the mirror. My hair was a mess and I looked like shit, but I looked like I liked it. 
He told me he had to cum way before he did. He asked if he could do it in my mouth and I told him to cum on my face. He kneeled on the middle of the bed and I was too close to the wall to get a good angle. He face fucked me until I couldn’t breathe and I asked "are you going to cum for me?” I told him to slap me with his dick and he listened. He came on the left side of my face and I watched him. That’s always my favorite part. 
There was cum all over my sheets. I didn’t feel like washing them so I bought new ones later that day. He stayed at my house until 3 or 4 and when I hugged him goodbye he said he had a lot of fun.
We haven’t really talked since. Maybe he hated fucking me or spending time with me made him miss the other girl. Or maybe he realized he never stopped loving me in the first place.
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putthedindirtbaby · 17 hours ago
the fuse video at pete’s parents house is so cute. i love how excited and happy pete gets when he hears his mom pull up. and she just smiles at him and is like “shit guess that is my life with my kid now”. and patrick literally helping her bring in the groceries. he literally went grocery shopping with pete’s mom bc there was only the one car when they went out. and then when dale is talking about music she has like this endearing smile and says “i do think patrick has a great voice” like it’s very clear that the wentz’s are a super loving group. like dale really adores patrick too. idk it’s cute
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iamvegorott · 19 hours ago
46 with phantomhero please?
46. “Dance with me.” ------------------------------------
Chase and Marvin finished their dance with a kiss, everyone cheering and clapping for the newly wedded couple. Chase stepped back and squatted down, catching the two kids that had ran to him. Chase then waved over and Robbie rushed over, joining the hug while Marvin laughed.
“They’re so happy.” Jackie sighed, sitting at one of the tables with Phantom. The others who had been sitting with them were around the room, watching the scene as well.
“And you’re adorable,” Phantom said with a grin, giggling when Jackie’s face went slightly pink.
“Alright everyone, now’s the time for the couple’s dance.” Bing, who was the DJ, spoke into a microphone. “Go ahead, grab your loved one, and pop to the dance floor.” Bing flicked a few switches before a slow song started playing and he slipped out from behind his stand, heading over to Google.
Jackie watched as other couples got up and made their way to the dance floor; Dark and Anti, Wilford and JJ, Mad and Mare, Bim and Yandere, Edward and Henrik. Jackie stayed where he was and looked over when he noticed someone standing next to him. Phantom bowed a little and held a hand out.
“Dance with me.” Phantom smiled.
“I-I don’t know how.” Jackie rubbed the back of his neck.
“Don’t worry, I’ll lead.” Phantom winked and Jackie smiled back at him. Jackie took Phantom’s hand and allowed himself to be taken to the dance floor. “We’ll make it simple, put your hands here.” Phantom placed Jackie’s hands on his waist. “I’ll put mine here.” Phantom wrapped his arms around Jackie’s neck. “Now sway.”
“This isn’t so bad,” Jackie said after a few moments of their dance.
“It’s easy when you have a great mentor.” Phantom placed his head down on Jackie’s shoulder. Jackie just smiled and pressed a kiss to the top of Phantom’s head. He perked up when he felt a tap on his shoulder.
“May I step in?” Mare asked.
“Uh, sure?” Jackie looked around real quick and saw that some other couples had split up. Dark and Wilford were now dancing along with Anti and Marvin and JJ and Chase. “Oh!” Jackie caught on and stepped aside, laughing as Mare and Phantom went straight into what looked like a choreographed dance, and by the looks of it, something they made as children.
“Come on.” Mad slipped in front of Jackie and held his hands out. “Have to keep the train going.” Jackie laughed more and adjusted to the different hand placement. Mostly having one hand up and holding Mad’s, not too much to throw him off.
“They’re having fun,” Jackie commented as he saw Phantom and Mare spinning in a circle with Blank.
“Remember when you had a crush on me?” Mad asked, his grin showing that he knew what he was doing.
“That’s so rude.” Jackie stuck his tongue out. “And I didn’t have a crush.”
“You sure? Mare thinks so.”
“Mare’s the jealous kind.”
“You’re not wrong.” Mad chuckled, glancing over Jackie’s shoulder. “And speaking of the jealous brothers.” Jackie didn’t have long to react to that before he was spun around and face-first with Phantom.
“Hey.” Jackie greeted.
“Hey.” Phantom greeted back, both noticing that the slow song was over. “Want to get a drink?”
“Sure.” Jackie held his arm out and Phantom rolled his eyes and linked his arm with it.
“So, who do you think is going to get married next?” Phantom asked as they walked.
“Henrik and Edward,” Jackie said without missing a beat.
“Really? I was going to say JJ and Wilford.”
“I might have seen Edward doing some ring shopping on his phone.”
“No!” Phantom gasped, grabbing one of the pre-poured cups. “How long do you think?”
“I’d say a month.” Jackie picked up one as well and started sipping.
“When are you going to propose to me?” Phantom made sure to time that question perfectly to get Jackie to spit out his drink. “I’m kidding.” Phantom sat his already finished drink down. “Now, let’s go dance some more!” Phantom grabbed Jackie’s arm and started pulling. Jackie quickly downed the rest of his drink and tossed the cup into a nearby trash can as he was dragged right back to the dance floor.
Angst/Fluff Prompts Link
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rubykgrant · 22 hours ago
The more I think about, the more I’m pretty sure Tucker was probably the youngest of the original Blood Gulch group; like, the first lines we hear from him are asking Church what the Reds are doing, and when Church snaps at him, Tucker responds like a pouty kid going “Don’t yell at me”. Then later when he hears Church talking about somebody he used to know, Tucker asks “Do you think I was a good kid, Church?”. Lots of other little stuff, too (him trying to grab the extra sniper rifle from Grif, making meaningless threats to Wash when he tells Tucker to train... and then Tucker just does what he says anyway, ect). My point is, yes; Tucker is a very capable person, when he’s not goofing around he’s pretty smart, he’s a good leader and a great father... but also, when in situations that aren’t life-or-death and he doesn’t have to stress, he just gets to be immature, and it is actually adorable
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foxymoxynoona · a day ago
foxy!!! do you pay attention to everything your kids show you? i have three needy kids here 2 hyper nephews and 1 bratty niece. all of them crave my attention and i feel so bad because sometimes i snapped / get angry at them. im very busy and they’re all like “ [my name] look at this!” “[my name] I made thjs for you!” “ [my name] let’s play!” and they always want to hug me and kiss me. not that I’m complaining but it’s so freaking hot in here I’m sweating like a pig 🥲 even when I’m in a zoom meeting they still cling onto me like a koala bear 😩
This is very real!! It's why I'm not havign a third child yet, because the demands of two are already maxing me out, but I want to give them the attention they need while also helping them learn some independence and healthy boundaries when the "receiver" of their demands (usually me) reaches a limit.
1. The mom voice, when my child is literally narrating the things he's doing and I'm saying "uh huh. uhuh. wow. great." I swore I wouldn't do this. I do this. But I have a PRETTY good sense of when he's actually telling me something and I need to tune back in. I occasionally use this voice with my husband too and he teases me big time.
2. The touching: my kids are on top of me ALL the time, and I put a great deal of thought into how I handle this because I don't want to shut down their impulse for affection. We just do a lot of consent stuff now with my older son, even with mama. He has to ask before he kisses, stuff like that. because his well-meaning affection was just veering into too much.
3. Mama Bear comes out at night if bedtime is taking too long, at which point I tell them, "It is past your bedtime, I need some me time now. Get in bed." And my tone of voice I guess is enough, haha. Or similar, "Hey, my ears are really tired, let's take a few minutes to let them rest." the noises don't stop, but at least my 5 year old understands I need him to go make noises elsewhere for a little bit, hah.
Yeah, the demands are REAL. I adore my children and I adore how affectionate they are and how eager they are to share their world and thoughts with me. But by the end of the day I usually spend some time just sitting alone in a quiet room, haha
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disisphlebotinum · a day ago
Baht Oyunu - Episode 1
Smells like potential.
We’re talking to the camera in this one.
Her family fears first love more than anything?
I kind of like the song in the opening credits.
6 months ago this girl was really lying to herself.
Wait, they are married?!?! I’m so confused.
This guy is so gross and so rude. That whole bit about the ring I could have done without.
The translation on the video I’m watching sometimes just has ??????????????????????????????.
I don’t think this dude even likes her.
I like her friend. Her friend’s being honest.
I’m not trying to compare everything in Turkish to SCK, but you cannot tell me that the first thought wasn’t Serkan Bolat when the dude driving the car showed up. He looks like he could play Kerem’s younger brother.
Does that count as first slowmo?
This isn’t against the scene or tropes. I just really don’t enjoy second hand embarrassment and that is all that chick and the suave dude were giving me. Is that meant to be a blind date?
Oh I get it now. If her first love leaves her then she will be unhappy for the rest of her life. I guess in the long run we are going to learn that she never actually loved him? We know he definitely doesn’t love her.
Oh great this dude is an ass too.
This shit about meat is not for me.
He doesn’t need a date, he needs a mirror.
I don’t think there is a man in the world handsome enough that they could convince me to eat raw meat for the first time in 15 years.
I think I hate this guy. I’m glad his date made a scene.
I do like her telling him he is soulless and deserving.
Damn. They do have chemistry.
I wish I could have understood the insults she called him. I’m not going to complain about the translation. I know they did the best they could. I’m just bringing it up to explain that there is some context missing for me.
I literally forgot about this dude, the one Ada is married to.
Is this present day? Are we on our way to run a dude over?!
I love when they say “bye bye”
Damn Ada is good at lying to herself.
So the chick that Ada’s husband is kissing is a close friend of the ass that got her friend? We’re so messy already! Oh he works for him! That’s so much weirder!
I hope he gets to see Ada run them down.
Oh she didn’t hit them! He hit her! I did not see that coming.
I am enjoying her yelling at him for being an idiot way too much. Like marriage and a few kids later too much.
For a selfish asshole he is kind of taking good care of her, while her husband drools over other people in the bath. Nice! I want his earbud to fall into the tub.
His excuse for being a poohead is that she loves everything too much and works too hard? Never mind, it’s just that another girl is more beautiful and more talented than she is. Fuck this guy.
I’m saying it now, if they make me watch this show where this couple with chemistry get close to getting married, but don’t survive the first wedding, I am rage quitting.
I need people to stop telling Celine to shut up. She is the only one who speaks to Ada with any kind of sense.
I’m too distracted by them arguing in his office to think of anything to type.
Ew. I hate Ada suggesting she change herself to be more like another girl for a guy. That all just here.
I love her ripping the lock off the door to just read to him. That was adorable. The fact that he looked almost amused felt nice, but I knew he was going to trash it.
I don’t know why he isn’t surprised someone took a video of him being a dick at the restaurant.
What does Bursa mean? Is that a place?
She really threw his shit out the window.
These aunts are going to kill his guy. The aunts showed up. We went from crying to having some food to literally bouncing on a dude’s stomach.
I wish she hadn’t had to blackmail her way to a job, but I appreciate that she is clever when it is not about the idiot who I hope isn’t too big a part of the show.
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Tumblr media
Warning: THIS POST CONTAINS EXPLICIT SEXUAL NSFW CONTENT! If you are under 18 or don’t feel comfortable with these types of posts, you may not want to read under the cut.
This of course includes smut but also focuses on the emotional aspect of being intimate with your lover. Links to other diaboys’ versions at the end!
As Ayato climbed on top of you, you hooked one of your arms around his neck, your free hand gripping his collar and pulling him down closer. He let out a quiet groan into your mouth. He wanted to go farther tonight, you could tell. He had pressed down against your shared bed and was fully on top of you, kissing you deeply. He pulled away and looked at you, his pupils dilated. “Ayato...” you said, looking at him nervously. “I know you’re not ready to go all the way. But let Yours Truly make you feel good.” You nodded and touched his face. Ayato grinnned and leaned down to kiss you again. You melted into the kiss and ran your fingers through Ayato’s hair. Ayato helped you take off your shirt and you helped him take off his. He then unhooked your bra and admired your breasts. You looked away shyly, resisting the urge to cover your chest. “What, you think I’m not gonna like them? As long as they’re your boobs, I’ll love them!” You couldn’t help but burst into laughter at his words. Ayato gave you a childlike pout at being laughed at. His face then became more serious, he leaned down and kissed your cheek, resting his hand above your breasts, but not actually touching it. “Can I...?” Ayato asked. You , taking nodded. Ayato fondled them with both hands, looking like a kid in a toy shop. At first the unfamiliar sensation was weird and awkward, but as your body relaxed it started to feel good. “Mm...Ayato...” you moaned quietly. Ayato grinned at you, his ego swelling from you moaning his name. “You’ll be screaming my name in a minute. Everyone will hear you belong to Yours Truly?” “Huh-?” You blinked, blushing. Ayato started to pull down your pants. You laid back and let him, taking the time to admire how amazing he looked shirtless, with his toned chest and lean yet athletic figure. He slid his hand down into your underwear and began to rub. You let out a whimper and bit your fist. “Don’t hide your moans. I want to hear how good I’m making you feel.” You felt a finger enter you and you moaned, arching up. “That’s what Yours Truly wants!” The pleasure blurred your senses and you hardly noticed Ayato had pulled down your underwear. He laid down beside you, still pleasuring you. You touched all over his firm chest. “Jerk me off while I finger you.” Ayato said. You obeyed with little hesitation, helping Ayato free his member. He wrapped your hand around his shaft and moved it up and down his length, then returned to fingering you. You moaned, subconsciously spreading your legs wider. Ayato’s cheeks were pink and his breathing was shallow as you pumped his member with your hand. “Am I...doing it well?” “Fuck yeah, I feel great.” Ayato was an impatient man. He wanted to see you cum, feel it on his hands, hear your beautiful cries and watch your face twist with pleasure. He pumped faster his faster and you gasped, writhing and moaning. He repeatedly hit a sweet spot and you finally orgasmed, moaning loudly. You slumped back against the bed, exhausted. “Yours Truly is pretty good, huh?” You giggled. “Yeah.” You curled your fingers around Ayato’s shaft again and held it in a firm grip, moving your hand up and down. You saw his eyes cloud with lust before he closed them. “Fuck...” He twitched in your hand and then tensed and groaned, reaching his climax. After cleaning up he held your naked body in his arms. “I can’t wait to make you cum again.” You chuckled, shaking your head. He could be so adorable at times. He kissed the top of your head. “I love you.” “I love you too, Ayato.”
Feedback is always appreciated my loves! ❤️
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weasleysandwheezes · a day ago
Bill Weasley Fluff Alphabet
another alphabet because I simply cannot help myself, I love these and I’ve been in such a fluffy mood lately
but, here it is!! hope y’all enjoy this one for one of the most underrated Weasley boys!🥰
author’s note: as always, reblogs and likes are very appreciated, but please do not repost as your own!
Tumblr media
A = Admiration (what do they absolutely adore about you?)
Bill is an absolute sucker for your wicked sense of humor. as the oldest, he struggled finding ways to show that he wasn’t the overly strict older brother, and his coping mechanism was mostly dry and sarcastic humor. but when you came along, he fell head over heels because you could make a joke out of nearly anything.
B = Body (what is their favorite part of your body?)
Bill’s favorite part of your body is definitely your cheeks. he loves how rosy they get whenever it’s a bit chilly out, or how whenever you try to lie, they heat up and he can feel it against his hands when he gently cups your face.
C = Cuddling (how do they like to cuddle?)
Bill was never really much of a cuddler, but that all changed completely in due time. sneaky cuddling in his childhood bedroom soon turned into cuddling on the couch in the living room of the burrow when he was visiting, and cuddling just about anywhere you could in your own home. Bill’s favorite way to cuddle with you is with your arms wrapped around each other’s abdomen and your head on his chest, with him rubbing your back. not only is it great stress relief for him, it also works wonders for you.
D = Dates (what does their ideal date with you look like?)
despite being an adventurous cursebreaker with a bit of glamour in his life, Bill does not have the “all that glitters is gold” mentality. he won’t go out of his way for a fancy date every night, but if there’s a nice restaurant you want to go to, he’s already making reservations as soon as you mention it to him.
Bill’s ideal date is a night in, ordering takeout, and maybe binge watching a show that you both like, and ending the night by dancing around the living room to the music playing from the muggle vinyl player.
E = Emotions (how do they express emotion around you?)
being the oldest of seven siblings in total, six of which being boys, Bill had to learn from a young age how to get a hold on his emotions so he wouldn’t accidentally let his anger out on his siblings or anyone else. though, if anyone picked on you or his siblings, they’d feel the infamous wrath of Bill Weasley.
when it came to showing his emotions around you, Bill was terrified at first, terrified of coming off as “too emotional” and being potentially hurt. after quite a bit of reassuring, Bill learned to be as open in expressing his feelings as he possibly could with you.
F = Family (do they want one? If they do, when?)
when he was younger, Bill didn’t really think much of having a family; he was too focused on becoming a cursebreaker and traveling the world. as he got older though, and after the war ended, he knew that he wanted to start a family, but he also knew that he didn’t want to be like his parents and have seven kids.
G = Gifts (how do they feel about gift giving? What are their habits when it comes to this?)
oh he’ll deny it to the ends of the earth and back, but Bill Weasley is an excellent gift-giver. any time he finds something that he knows for a fact you’ll love, he buys it, and he’s always sure to have spare money on him just in case the need arises specifically for that reason. Bill loves to spoil you, even if you tell him it isn’t necessary at all.
H = Holding Hands (when/how do they like to hold hands?)
Bill is also a sucker for hand holding, even as simple a gesture as it is. he’ll hold your hand in public, at home, anywhere. his favorite way of holding hands though is a classic; your hand lazily resting in his, a few fingers intertwined with his other hand resting on top of your clasped hands.
I = Injury (how would they act if you got hurt?)
major injuries? Bill is already on it, getting together everything you need to be taken care with, making sure you’re comfortable, and he’s pretty fussy about making sure you get some rest.
minor injuries? he doesn’t really give much mind to it, unless you decide to be dramatic about it. accidentally nicked your finger while chopping vegetables for dinner? he already knows by the dramatic wail that he needs to get to the kitchen asap and help you get it bandaged up.
J = Jokes (do they like to joke around with or prank you? how?)
Bill’s not entirely strict, so he knows how to let loose every once in a while. he won’t plan elaborate pranks or hurtful jokes, but he will play jokes on you by trying to convince you that you said something you really didn’t say, or he’ll playfully hide something from you that you’ve been looking for for hours on end. he can never keep up the joke though, and always ends up ratting himself out by his giggling.
K = Kisses (how do they like to kiss you?)
Bill’s favorite kind of kiss is a simple one, he’ll pick you up bridal style and press tons of quick pecks to your lips before ending with one, slightly longer than the rest. there is most definitely a photo of this exact situation that has been framed and is now proudly displayed on the end table or mantel.
L = Love (how do they show you they love you?)
Bill’s main love language is words of affirmation. sometimes he gets to feeling insecure and all he needs is a cuddle and you to give him a little pep talk, and he’d do just the same for you on a bad day.
his second love language is quality time. after a long stay in Egypt, he loves coming back home to you and wants to do anything and everything together, even if it is just going for a walk.
M = Memory (favorite memory together?)
Bill’s favorite memory is from the first time you visited the Burrow with him, meeting his family for the first time. everyone had immediately taken a liking to you, and he loved that everyone in his family approved of you and wanted you around more.
your favorite memory is from your first “official” date with Bill, when he gave you one of the leather bracelets that he always wore, signifying to you, that he believed you were special enough to have it for yourself.
N = Nightmare (what is their worst fear?)
Bill doesn’t have a lot of fears, but his worse fear is being perceived as a failure because he didn’t do one little thing right on the job. Bill loved his chosen career, and would hate for anyone to criticize him for how he does the job, or to fail during a mission and cause an entire chain reaction of bad events. these thoughts are usually kept at bay by you consistently reminding him of how great he is at his job and just how many lives he could potentially be saving by doing so.
O = Oddity (what is one quirk they have?)
no one would ever guess it, but Bill’s biggest quirk is that he’s actually quite insecure about himself. how he looked, how he presented himself, he always got anxious over thoughts of that and how he was perceived. after being attacked by Fenrir Greyback, Bill subsequently grew more insecure about his appearance, knowing that everyone would see him differently, but you would constantly remind him just how handsome he is and that he’s definitely still the best looking of all his siblings.
P = Pet Names (what do they like to call you?)
Bill’s a guy who likes to stick with the classics, yet still be a bit casual about it.
so names like sweetheart, honey, babe, baby, and love are all most commonly used.
Q = Quality Time (how do they like to spend time with you?)
Bill’s preferred method of quality time is traveling together and seeing the world, even if he is away from home a lot because of his job. if he could, he’d take you everywhere with him without so much as a second thought.
R = Rhythm (what song reminds you of them?)
Bill’s calm yet wild personality alone reminds you of songs such as Welcome to The Jungle by Guns N’ Roses and Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey.
S = Secrets (how open are they with you?)
Bill is as open as he can be with you. he respects your decision to trust him to the point that you can be an open book to him, and he is more than willing to reciprocate that to you, telling you anything that you want to know.
T = Time (how long did it take you to get together?)
it didn’t take very long from the “just talking” phase of your relationship before you ended up together. about a month or so in, you both realized that you really liked each other, and Bill set up an impromptu “date” that went so horribly that he doesn’t want to count it as your first date, even if it technically was— no matter how many times you tried to tell him you loved it. during that date was when you agreed to be with him and the rest is history!
U = Upset (how do they act when you’re upset?)
Bill can pick up on your feelings very easily, so if you’re even the slightest bit upset about anything, he’s the first one to realize it. he’s already got all the essentials though—ice cream, chocolates, your favorite movie, and his old jumper that you love to wear that he can’t fit into anymore, and plenty of goofy jokes to make you laugh. on top of all that, he’ll cuddle you until you feel better, and if you fall asleep on him, it doesn’t bother him one bit.
V = Vaunt (what are they proud of? Do they like to show you off?)
Bill is proud of how accomplished he is as a cursebreaker, and he’s also proud of you and how successful you are at your job. but most importantly, he’s proud of how much the two of you have gone through and how you made it out of any situation together perfectly fine, and how much you’ve grown together. this man will show you off any chance he has, and to say that you’re the one he gets to come home to every day? that’s really just the icing on the cake for him.
W = Warrior (how do they feel about you fighting? Would they fight for you, beside you, etc?)
Bill knows that you have a tendency to want to fight for what you believe is right, and he entirely supports that because he shares that point of view. he’ll gladly fight beside you, but when push comes to shove, he’ll fight for you any day.
X = X-Ray (how well are they able to read you?)
even when you have up the biggest front you can possibly put up, Bill is able to see entirely through it. he knows you’re strong and that you don’t like to show a moment of weakness, but if you’re hurting, he can always see it.
Y = Yes (how would they propose to you?)
Bill’s more casual than people give him credit for, and his proposal would reflect that. he’d never go for something public due to the pure intimacy of the moment. on one of your many nights in at home, Bill would take his chance to catch you completely off guard and ask you to marry him. the way he went about it was a simple, yet romantic gesture; he made your favorite dinner all by himself, lit a few candles to set the mood, and waited until the movie was over to pop the question.
Z = Zen (what makes them feel calm?)
Bill is most calm when he can have a day off at home. traveling takes a toll on his mental and physical well-being, so having at least a few days at home to recoup always does the trick for him; plus, he loves it whenever you play with his hair and braid it or put it up in a ponytail.
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mintfilms · a day ago
epex as
Tumblr media
epex as : high school stereotypes 
──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
✶˚ pairing : epex 
✶˚ genre : fluff
✶˚ warnings : none
✶˚ note : i’m very bad at stuff like these so i’ll apologize to the anon who requested it and credits to the gifs usesd ! have a great day ahead, everyone !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wish definitely the athlete kid
like he already told us about it so
he’s always present during sports day or week
and would participate in a few games here and there
would hang out at the field
but sipping chocolate milk HAHHAAHHAHA
sorry dawit i just see it
would be popular 
and alot of people would cheer for him whether he wins or not
“ training later?”
Tumblr media
keum would be the famous artist kid
he’s always performing for festivals / occasions in school with the dance team
because he’s in the dance team
also would be a sweetheart to everybody !
he’d lowkey also be one of the campus crushes 
but he doesn’t know that
so when someone gives his gifts, he’ll just smile and accept them
not knowing he made someone fall ten times harder
“ thank you for the plushie!”
Tumblr media
mu would be the quiet, friendly kid
would help you with your homework if you ask him
he’s a friendly giant as i label him
because it’s the truth
he’d always be around, though
running errands for teachers and all that
would shyly greet you if you greet him at the hallways
“ ah, you need help with history? i’ll help you then”
Tumblr media
a-min would be one of the class clowns
definitely loud too
everyone still loves him, though
because he’s cute and all that when he laughs
probably got people liking him but he rejects them sigh
i’d be one of them jk
but he’d still be friends with everyone
would dance too
“ for three! damn it didn’t shot”
Tumblr media
swerve swerve swerve
absolutely would be the popular kid 
he’s an eye candy to everyone around the school
maybe even outside school
would probably not be into him having admirers so much
so he’d lowkey hint it to them
playing txt’s anti-romantic
but still would be friendly if you’re friendly with him
Tumblr media
ayden would be the kid in the student council almost every year
he’s smart and i can see him like that
would go around decorating the school when festivals are near
running towards the gym
or the theather room
or the music room
purpose : checking if everything is alright and intact
10/10 would be part of the top 3 or even top 1
“ is everything ready for the festival? the decorations? the performers?”
Tumblr media
music kid 100%
i saw this one pre debut picture of him with a pencil in his mouth and a piano in the background
so he’s definitely the student who’d sing all the time
would spend his free time at the music room with his friends
and sing his heart out
also would go to karaoke after exams
“ request a song and i’ll sing it! hurry!”
Tumblr media
the nerdy, shy kid
who think he’s mysterious and all that
but everybody doesn’t believe him
because he’s just adorable yes
would probably be the first to go home when the bell rings
you guys should see his pre debut pics
he’s so cUTE
“ i’m not free this weekend”
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