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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#ancient lore
cryptidcaptain · a month ago
anyone here remember when I was a bleach blog sjfjndmdmd
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philgennuso · 3 months ago
The Creation Of The Milky Way (#Art #Poetry)
The Creation Of The Milky Way (#art #poetry)
Phil Gennuso Arts Some ancients tell us, that eons ago, these sweet goddesses joined together, and created the Milky Way.
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fruity-hub-blog · 3 months ago
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Much like Clockwork has a something to help him channel his power, so too does the Master of Space. 
There are differences though, the main one being that while the Staff of Time changes to fit its user, Space is rather unyielding. The only indication that a new Master of Space has come into power are the small charms that adorn the main fixture. Each one represents a Master of space.
Look below the cut for the history of the Masters of Space!
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Neutrino - The first Master of Space
Aside from their name, there is very little known about Neutrino. It’s said that they created the very fabric of space, but this is most likely folklore. 
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Nova - The Second Master of Space
Nova’s time as Master of Space was short lived and, again, not much is known of him. It was told that he mostly ignored the Code of the Ancients and this blatant disregard for the rules the Ancients bind themselves to resulted in a messy end for him. 
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Photosphere - The Third Master of Space
Photosphere held the position of space for an unprecedented amount of time, nearly half the time of the known universe. Their rule was peaceful and space was well cared for under their watch. They did, however take a page out of Nova’s book and disregard some key parts of the Code of Ancients, the most notable example being the restriction on relationships. They fell in love with the Master of Time, Pendulum, and the two had a long and happy relationship. 
This set a precedent for future ancients that rules could be broken on occasions and that they had more power and agency than they were led to believe by their predecessors. Once the two of them decided they wanted to retire, Photosphere elected to stay behind to train the next Master of Time, Clockwork, before they retired themselves. 
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Chondrite - The Fourth Master of Space
Chondrite was the only planned successor of the previous Master of Space. As such, his predecessor was able to plan and find a person that would one day fit the role perfectly. It is unknown then, why he had such a problem with harnessing his powers. It took him nearly one hundred years to be considered a fully realized ancient, while most came into their own within a year or two. 
Some blamed Clockwork, the new Master of Time, for not training him properly. Others blamed Photosphere for choosing someone less than ideal. Only Clockwork and Chondrite knew the truth however. Photosphere did the best that an Ancient could to pick a worthy replacement, but in doing so restricted space itself from having its say. Space was rather unhappy with that, and did its best to make that fact known.
Chondrite did eventually make peace with space, and became quite the accomplished Master of Space. 
It was a short thousand years later however that he would meet his end in the battle against Pariah Dark along with his fellow ancients Sol and Tempest. 
Tumblr media
Caldera - The Fifth Master of Space
The current Master of Space, recently selected by space itself, still in training.
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gendzl · 5 months ago
minorly popular spn blogger??? UM WHAT
I churned out a lot of destiel/spn content circa 2012-2015, eventually gathering such a large following that I panicked & deleted my blog, and then immediately logged the fuck back in as a nobody.
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tiffanyink · a year ago
The Priestess
“The Priestess” is an original ink/acrylic painting by Tiffany Rankin. 
My love of myth and history inspired this art piece. She is the head priestess of a forgotten religion.
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shadeofvampire · 2 years ago
“They’d beaten the odds and the ancient lore, and they’d proven that one’s nature could never be truly set in stone.”
- Amelia Novalic, A Shade of Vampire 69: A Birth of Fire (p. 42).
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spaceofmagic · 3 years ago
Another dream vision.
And I need a place to talk about it.
I don’t remember what was happening before it. There was this old man, he was blind and paralyzed from the waist down. And this old cloth, it was black and all ripped up. Now, there was an actual book that we were reading about all this, and I remember the way the book was written, there was lore about this thing I will describe next. So, this man had been blind and paralyzed his whole life (I think) and I remember moving him onto a bed (I remember feeling the weight of his body). He put this cloth on. It was very old and tattered, and it was greyish black. Next, he put it on his face. He began talking to someone, something, pleading with it. Immediately when his face touched the cloth it molded and melted into his skin, which turned black and he began to plead with this thing. I think it was a demon. Actually, I’m certain it was a demon. The next part I remember is this cat. It was described in detail how it was murdered, which I will write next. If anyone is easily triggered about cats dying, like me, please skip ahead.
She was alive at first, but I don’t remember much about that part. She was strangled up against a set of bars like you see in prison, but they were dirty, like it was in a sewer. She had had the front of her throat pressed against a cloth as fine as silk, and her back held the weight of a thousand (pounds? Some form of measurement, the weight was definitely 1000 though) -actual context from my dream. She suffered immensely from the look of the pictures. Her eyes were still open. I will also be writing this sentence so that nobody who comes across the post who is triggered will take anything from this paragraph accidentally.
Now, I remember a book in this dream, though I only know bits and pieces. This man is the only known survivor of -actual context, the next word is the name of the thing that I can’t remember the name of
This is where it gets interesting. I remember only three letters of the name, rew. It wasn’t terribly long though, it was in a foreign language. It had horns, I remember that much although the faster I write this the faster the pieces slip so I’m trying at the speed of light. I know it was a demon, and I know that this man was the only one in existence to ever speak/love from seeing him.
It was such a weird dream all the way around. We were in this tent/ house thing. I don’t exactly remember the full details of the rest of it, that took the cake in my opinion, but there was a part where me and these three kids, one of which was still a baby himself, watched this weird VHS tape where this ugly squat of a baby turned into a mandella. It looked like what you’d see in an acid trip, it just started with a child. The rap singer Logic was definitely involved in there somewhere (I love Logic) and then all the sudden this thing was happening. I remember it, maybe not so clearly, but it was different than the rest of my dream. Anyone want to put in there input? Maybe someone has heard of that ritual somewhere, it’s definitely ancient lore. I wouldn’t know where to begin looking. T fucked me up. And now that I just edited it, I’m amazed by what a wrote, because the whole dream is basically gone now. All I know is what I’ve written down.
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elciasdiary · 5 years ago
Dinosaurs Had Feathers
Not sure why this comes as any surprise. Not counting the obvious genetic relationship with birds, humans have told stories of dragons with feathers in many parts of the world for centuries. Some of those tales come from places where plenty of fossils have been turning up with feather evidence.
Why wouldn’t the beasts upon which those stories are based not have feathers?
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