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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
little-skinny-girl · 2 hours ago
Just a little reminder that my dms are always open for whoever wants to talk to me, express their feelings, talk to someone or just be ana buddy’s im here, always :)
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skinnyisbetter · 4 hours ago
my ed is getting worse.. i ate one meal in two days and i feel bad about myself
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heyskiniskini · 5 hours ago
i’m 64.8 this morning
I’m really doing it 🥺
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lalilfille · 5 hours ago
meal log 4/14/21
egg and plain toast - 143cals
vegan sausage - 220cals
1/2 apple - 47cals
total: 411cals
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skaterth1n · 6 hours ago
i want to be thin the way that guys are thin
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tinyfragilebitterfly · 7 hours ago
looking exactly the same as when i started in my head but being able to fit into a size 2!!!!!! is a weird feeling
like i’m huge but
i’m not..?
very confused
also i’m bloated rn so that’s fun
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wannabelightweight · 9 hours ago
Looking for an ana buddy or coach // also fine with groupchats
I'm starting out again and I don't want to fail this time. I'm looking for someone 16+, preferably in Europe due to time zones, but if you're not from there, that still works. If interested, feel free to PM me, we can chat on here, or over instagram, telegram, discord, or iMessage. Reddit is also possible but might be a bit harder.
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totallygenericsnowflake · 13 hours ago
LMAO I just ate something that had double the amount of calories I thought it had.
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