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tinystonebean · 4 minutes ago
Filling Easy Chili
1/4lb of ground chicken or turkey
1/2 tbsp olive oil
1/3 cup canned black beans (rinsed throughly)
1/3 cup corn
1 cup crushed tomatoes
1/2 cup water (as needed)
1/4 avocado sliced (optional)
In a medium sauce pan heat oil over medium-high heat until shimmering, add ground chicken or turkey and brown until fully cooked. Drain grease if you’re using turkey.
Add corn and black beans and cook for two more minutes, I recommend seasoning so the Chili doesn’t turn out tasting like pure crushed tomatoes (I add onion salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, a pinch of 0 cal sweetener to offset the acidity of the tomatoes, salt, pepper and a little bit of taco seasoning).
Add crushed tomatoes and half of the water, stir and add the rest of the water if desired.
Bring to a boil, turn heat down to medium low and simmer for 15-20 minutes.
Serve as is or with fresh sliced avocado.
315 cal w/o avocado
395 cal w/ avocado
This looks like a lot of food but believe me when I tell you that it’s one serving for one person. I eat half and save the rest for later when I’m restricting and I add 1/4 cup of instant rice if I’m a little hungrier.
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poutingdolly · an hour ago
acting out songs like you're in an edit on an empty tum tum ✔fuken sweet. hellya im on a splenda/stevia crash
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poutingdolly · an hour ago
does anyone else who cooks for their family/partner sometimes want to make a meal that's really tempting and then make yourself a little something different and low cal to test your willpower? My boyfriend is obsessed with these hot honey brioche chicken burgers and they're so good and i want to make it for him, then just stir fry the chicken with some mushrooms for myself to prove to myself the extent to which i can resist food.
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miainprogress · an hour ago
I broke up with the guy that basically threw me into mia, I know I’m not okay and I’m just distracting myself at the moment but my god I do feel happier and more appreciated than I have for a while
I am just waiting for the moment my emotions finally hit me really hard because I don’t feel like it’s okay to just move on from over a year of being together and not even crying after the break up :/
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aspiring-corpse · 2 hours ago
After my primary school biology teacher's husband cheated on her, she became more active and dropped a lot of weight. She's a fit/thin woman now. On instagram she posts a lot of her pics, sometimes workouts n stuff... honestly she lowkey thinspo👀
Edit: I just want to say that she was cute and pretty attractive even before she lost weight when she was chubby. Plus she has amazing personality, she's so kind, fun and loveable🥺 I kinda had a crush on her in 8th grade but that's a different story
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tinytaurean · 2 hours ago
Spotify fucking stated that this one song is my favorite since I listen to it the most, HOWEVER, that is my dissociation song because I go emotionally numb when listening to it and I put the sound of this song on whenever I purge 💀
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mypasteldarling · 3 hours ago
I broke my fast for chips. Chips! Argh. I'm frustrated and tried to purge but was interrupted. I'm not saying anymore about that. Still under 500kcals today but-- it's less than desirable.
- Stay safe, Lovelies.
22:35 12.6.21
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aspiring-corpse · 3 hours ago
Today I was gonna weight myself but I forgot and already started eating🤦‍♀️ I only ate a spoonful of oatmeal so I guess it's not a big difference. I stepped on the scale anyway. I'm lighter than cw from last week, hell I reached my lw again :DD
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butter-fly-girl-blog · 4 hours ago
-4.1lbs lost this week, weighed myself consistently everyday around the same time and had a calorie deficit of nearly 5000.
So happy to have lost that weight this week alone, let's keep it up next week, cant wait to finally be skinny and have people notice me 💜
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b3autifulb0nes · 4 hours ago
i literally hate it here. ive b/p sooo bad the past few days im so upset. i can't even weigh myself cuz my mom took my scale. im trying so hard to restrict and be better but its just getting harder.
please if anybody has any tips im literally desperate.
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tmi but advise is needed.
so I took some Laxatives around 2pm this afternoon, but I still haven't ✨been relieved✨.
it's 3:30 am now and my tummy is so upset and cramping. any suggestions on how to get the ball rolling?
I'm dying.
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lotchairy · 5 hours ago
well fml i fell off a little bit today
there were a lot of bad vibes and being stuck inside all day made me snack more than i wanted
i’m thankful i didn’t fully binge (and saturday’s are usually worst of the worst for that) but i definitely ate way more than i have been but i stopped myself before going crazy… and i also couldn’t handle how many calories that was so i did end up purging for the first time in awhile
oh well!! day’s over and i can get back on track tomorrow. no need to turn a day off track into a week
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