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#amanda please
abbyscameron · 6 hours ago
So in 20x05, there's a scene where Arlo Beck is talking about "finding love" and about trying to find a way to open yourself up to having the love that you deserve
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enchantedaffairs · 10 hours ago
“as much as it seems like you own my heart, it’s astronomy we’re two worlds apart”
of course i’d somehow spiral listening to this song and eventually fall into a breakdown over them... god
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shedidntevenswear · 2 days ago
ok so i know the easter eggs and clues that Taylor leaves around are always very clever and completely left-field, but there is like Taylor’s brand of stealth and then there is just like general sneakiness and hint dropping. Like Taylor has a very specific style of chaos. There are not an infinite amount of possibilities, they all still live within her realm of influence.
This is why I find the most outrageous theories that essentially just rely on Taylor being mentioned publicly by someone she has met ever in her life and extreme reaches, I gotta roll my eyes. I swear some people (mostly on tiktok) break their backs reaching for the thinnest theories just for likes/views and a gold star if any part of it end up being right. 
Decoding Taylor was so much more fun when it was a fun communal experience and not a competitive sport.
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manitka-blog · 5 days ago
Kickstarter Announcement!
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Announcing my upcoming Kickstarter! It is currently being reviewed but should be up within 3 business days!
The main goal is 300$, and that 300$ will cover the first 3 sticker designs (Shed happens, Skelly Slime, and Creepy Cutie!)
If we can reach 100$ over we'll also unlock my Amanda Young (The Pig) design. And if we can reach 200$ over we'll unlock the Creepy Carousel design!
Each sticker is vinyl and will be roughly 3"x3"
Reblogs are appreciated, I really want to finally fulfill my dreams of making my own stickers! I've got so many more designs I'd love to be able to make into stickers! : )
I will reblog this as well once the Kickstarter is up and running!
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amii-stuff · 5 days ago
What was the inspo for your alias? (the name you use here basically)
it’s basically just a shorter ver of my irl/birth name
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billys-toilet · 5 days ago
Incorrect Saw Quotes #105
Amanda: You’re giving me a sticker?
Adam: It’s not just any sticker- it’s of a cat saying “Me-wow”
Amanda: I’m not a child
Adam: Then give it back
Amanda: no it’s mine-
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pagetsbrewsters · 12 days ago
i’m not saying mank deserves awards but i’d really like it if amanda won an oscar
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as-ben · 13 days ago
If you don't cry during the Slipping Through My Fingers part of Mamma Mia, you are not a cool kid.
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This blog makes me feel safe enough to admit,,,I entirety thought Danse was a poc. His helmet thing covered his hair, his nose is a little wide at the bottom, his skin is brown. I thought he was just lightskinned. When I saw him without the uniform for the first time I thought my game had bugged out.
I’m gonna be completely honest I have no idea how to respond to this so I’m just gonna talk about my Sole Survivor.
Her name is Roxie Doyle and she’s a sniper who romances MacCready. Her faceclaim is Alexa Demie. She’s a genius with noodle arms who is surprisingly charismatic for someone who’s always in the back and never misses a shot. Mac taught her how to snipe at the ghoul hotspot cemetery. She can speak English, Spanish, and Irish (her husband, Nick, was 100% Irish on both sides and she wanted to impress his family so she learned it). I also think it would be really funny for her to be allergic to mutfruit due to passive lines.
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vilecrocodile · 16 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i have not played dead by daylight. yet.
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shedidntevenswear · 18 days ago
...note for note, it's pretty much an identical remake, which is technically difficult to pull off. "I would just love for people who are kind of outside of the technical world on this to appreciate what a monumental thing this was that the players did; it is so hard to do that. And it's amazing that they played those parts note for note with that kind of conviction."
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shedidntevenswear · 18 days ago
honestly it’s my bad for assuming taylor has been rerecording across albums for months now, because it makes so much more sense that she would want to do it like she did the originals and create little mini-eras where she is fully focused on that one album and then basking in the glow of its warm reception before moving on to rerecording the next one. 
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shedidntevenswear · 21 days ago
ok but these pictures could have been from any time, we’re going to need a picture of meredith next to a newspaper with today’s date
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cycat4077 · 22 days ago
Let's get hypocritical! - Rollisi 2.0
Okay, so despite the title coming out as a parody of Olivia Newton John's “Let's Get Physical” in my head, I'm actually gonna get serious again...and make myself look like a hypocrite 🙃
So, last week I went off on a rant about Rollisi and how I was just not feeling it anymore. Rollins needs to get her act cleaned up and really find herself before she should ever think about being with Sonny. While Sonny has been hanging around for her for ages.
I was also happy to see Sonny smile over the phone with the mysterious girlfriend/date because I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY.
But after tonight's episode I'm all flippy floppy again...
We got to see the girlfriend! We got to see her!!! ...and I was underwhelmed...?
Don't get me wrong, this woman is strong af. She's a fighter, an advocate, an independent person with a purpose in life. Mad respect, yo....but it’s not Sonny..?
Sonny seems like the type of guy who just wants to have a family. A loving wife to enjoy life with and children to raise and love. He seems like the type to want to live a simple, unproblematic life outside of his job. After all, it’s pretty much only “problematic” when it comes to work (both as a detective and an ADA).
But this woman, Nicole, is going places. She doesn't seem like the type to just wanna settle down and have that quiet life. In her spare time she's fighting for justice...and while that may be right up Sonny's alley professionally, that's exactly the problem. It's his job. If they are together, his work life would also bleed into his home life because of her.
Meanwhile, we know that Sonny enjoys spending time with his family, playing with his nieces, going home for family things. His life outside of work seems kinda chill. Yet, we have this amazingly powerful woman which is the total opposite of that. 
Yes, opposites can attract but do they always last?
(Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Sonny would have anything against a spouce who was ambitious or successful, but there’s a fine line there.)  
Sonny cares about Nicole. He does. His smile is genuine and he seems affectionate. He brought her in to SVU to HELP her solve her sister's disappearance. He was protective of her too.
But she also betrayed his trust, holding that press conference without telling him and essentially putting her sister in even more trouble. And I think that was a sign for Sonny to reassess things.
In the hallway at the end, that hug was stiff as heck. He didn't know where to put his hands. He wasn't feeling the same "honeymoon" effect that you could see off him from last episode's phone call or even early in today's.
But let's take a look at the scene they cut. The one where Sonny is cooking with Jesse. That is the definition of Sonny Carisi right there. Caring for others, helping out, being chill, cooking in the kitchen, being the "dad" friend towards whomever he is around. He is in his element when he is with family. And Rollins, Jesse and Billie are his pseudo-family. He's the only real dad figure I think those girls know. It comes natural to him. It really feels to me like he belongs there
(My mom when I showed her this clip: Aww, he’s gonna make a good daddy. Need more proof than a mother who knows?) 
So where does that leave us? Well, Sonny is most comfortable around Rollins and her little family. He loves them. He loves Rollins. It's clear he does just from everything he's done for her. He cares about her unconditionally. It makes him happy.
But again, Rollins is the thorn in the side of this ship. She hasn't come to terms with the fact that Sonny is there to stay as long as she asks him to. She's afraid because of her past. Rightfully so, but she needs to grow. She needs to put Sonny's needs before her own MORE OFTEN. And we, the audience, need to witness this growth.
Compare the hallway hug with Nicole to the elevator hug with Rollins....there's really nothing to compare. One is a realization that there may not be anything there afterall, while the other is a true, genuine display of affection and unconditional support.
I know Rollisi is going to be endgame. They have been dancing around it for years. But the show isn't about romance. It's about the victims. About the crimes. So (fortunately) romance subplots take a back seat.
Maybe, and I hope this will be the case, this scare with her dad will really force Rollins to evaluate herself and her life. Maybe it will make her realize what she has - who she has, and allow her to start appreciating it more. Maybe we'll finally see that personal growth and that unconditional love returned to Sonny.
The fact that Sonny has a girlfriend now will probably come up when Rollins gets back. It may turn into a partial love triangle *sigh* but may make things move along. I believe this is why they had a convenient "family emergency" for Rollins coincide with a "girlfriend" for Sonny.
So, I guess I was just blowing off steam last week. I know in my gut that Rollisi will eventually become a thing, but my heart just wants what's best for my favorite character, that Italian string bean, Sonny Carisi.
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