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thegreenzorua3 days ago
Maybe,,, sick N headcanons? 馃憖
he gets sick A LOT
like.. too much
once every two months he's got a cold, somehow, despite never interacting with people
he's also stubborn about wearing socks
and by that i mean that he will never wear socks
he'll wrap himself in blankets and be wearing 5 hoodies but he'll also be barefoot
hot chocolate is a necessity
the kettle is constantly on for cup after cup of hot chocolate
his pok茅mon try to help him feel better but there's not much they can do
they like to cuddle up around him. that always makes him feel better :)
he likes to stay in a dark or dim room while he's sick
because Brightness Hurts 鈩笍
if he needs to get something from across the house he'll take all his blankets with him
he'll basically look like a sentient mass of blankets hovering across the floor to grab chocolate bars from the cupboard
he also has no energy at all while sick, so naps are required
and the best naps are when all his pok茅mon invade his bed and steal his blankets hehe
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laowena month ago
Hey uhhh question-
I am starting to learn Korean and stuff, and I wanted to ask for any recommendations of K-dramas or stuff like that ksndkf
Thanks in advance!
oh i鈥檓 so sorry friend, my kdrama knowledge is extremely limited and it extends just to the small gay ones like where your eyes linger, to my star, you make me dance, wish you, mr. heart & color rush.
oh and well. i watched you who came from the stars once and i thought it was good! if 2013 me can be trusted....... i鈥檝e also heard that navillera drama is good too and it鈥檚 currently airing! but that鈥檚 it 馃様
if anyone wants to recommend some kdramas to this friend, please do!!!
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thegreenzorua2 months ago
N is allergic to pollen, which took him by surprise since he was locked in his room and didn't have contact with them-
Just a small headcanon-
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thegreenzorua2 months ago
I'm just here to say
I rlly love your profile, and all of the content you put out, and I really appreciate the fact you take care of yourself too, taking breaks when you need them
Whatever happens, We'll be here to support you
Tumblr media
*sobs* thank you <3 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
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thegreenzorua3 months ago
Headcanon: N plays Chess, and he's fuckin' great at it.
yes!!!!!! omg yes!!!
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thegreenzorua3 months ago
Okay, that tweet made me irrationally angry-
Our boy did the right thing leaving his father.
I will fight anyone who says otherwise.
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sylvesterwesleythe3rd3 months ago
Guess what fucker/r
You got a simp here-
I'm aware of the effect I have on fellow criminals/law abiding citizens,,,
Now join the Masqueraiders
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thegreenzorua3 months ago
Hey, I love your profile-
You make me produce the happy chemical and I got notifications on-
Tumblr media
ohhHhhHhHhHhH thank you 鉁ㄢ湪鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍
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thegreenzorua3 months ago
May I get headcanons of N? I have a huge brainrot with him atm and I,,,, need more content with him-
If it's x Reader it would be appreciated
Feel free to make it sfw/nsfw
bro i relate
鈥 he doesn't sit in chairs properly. he's always sideways or draped over the chair
鈥 he used to do this on his throne too and it really pissed off ghetsis
鈥 for the first while of living outside of the castle he lived on instant microwavable food because he was never taught how to cook
鈥 his favourite pok茅mon type is dark because their inner voices are very soft and quiet, which is good for him as he's easily overwhelmed by sounds
鈥 he hated elesa's gym because electric type pok茅mon's inner voices are very loud and chaotic
鈥 the best way to calm him when he's overwhelmed would be to have someone play with his hair and give him something to fidget with
鈥 however, he doesn't let anyone touch his hair except his s/o
鈥 he also doesn't like to be touched, but when he's comfortable enough with his s/o he'll be extremely clingy
鈥 the best cuddler. ultimate big spoon
鈥 if you do cuddle with him be ready to constantly be suffocated by his hair
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laowen5 months ago
Soooo I don't really remember why I followed ya, but whenever you put gifs of that drama (Can't remember the name rn >< I think it was Cherry magic?) I ABSOLUTLY LOVE them, it makes me have ideas for my OC's so thanks-
it鈥檚 quite possibly cherry magic! akdjakdjsj i鈥檓 glad it鈥檚 inspiring you with your ocs!!!
Tumblr media
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reginaldcopperbottoma month ago
Thank you for the reassurance anon aaaaa
Fuck yeah infodump time
OKAY SO I AM, UNSURE how much art and info I might dump here because I have a ton of art and it's almost midnight so I don't have much of a filter here we gooooo
Tumblr media
Okay so this image is a redraw of that one PPG meme BUT ALSO I wanna ramble about the characters in it for a moment
The detective brown coat looking ass is Rogergey Icsie right, and he's a masqueraider created by @eluminium because she is poggers. Rogergey is sorta a father figure to all the other masks because he's an 鉁▇Amore Survivor~鉁 and doesn't want people to experience the lack of love and affection and good parental figures he had when he was little and working for Amore. He has a chest scar from a bullet because Amore thought it was a good idea to send preteens on a raid.
The wasp color palette mask man was created by @quec-two and his name is Lucien-Humbert Rousselle and he is also poggers. He ran a theatre scam over a decade ago and spent the money too fast so the cops busted them. Lucien escaped though and found refuge in TM though :0 and through spending time in TM he ironically grows into a better person. He probably adopts Sylvester in the process and becomes a good(?) father figure.
AND then wasp palette looking ass number 2 is Tracy Spacy, my own oc. They're nonbinary and part of the Bowtie Bastards council. They help make decisions regarding a ton of political stuff within the BBs. They tend to butt heads with Elg, the leader/conductor, a LOT and their arguments tend to turn into screaming contests. They have a very professional and stuck up demeanor, but once you get to know them they're just an emotional person and a tinyyyyy bit of a goofball.
Tumblr media
Anyways they are a trio and they are friends :]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Meanwhile these are alternate outfit ideas I made for some ocs. If you followed me for a while, you probably know about Sylvester. However, for Astra and Coraline...
Astra Phel is the one on the far left. She's a space lady lesbian who is also an 鉁▇Amore Survivor~鉁. She acts like a goofball and cracks jokes a lot, but deep down she's still very much affected by the Amore Era. She cracks jokes to try and cope with her trauma or any bad situation, and tries her absolute best to brighten other's days! Also, she is a HUGE flirty gal and often flirts with cops to get what she wants. Also she might have a tinyyyyy crush on Coraline-
Coraline Creed is the one on the far right. She's an ex-military women that joined the Bowtie Bastards after she got kicked out of home for quitting the military. She's a kickass lesbian that doesn't accept nonsense and is way too hard on herself. She can come across to many people as intimidating or rude but in all honesty she's just vibing and doesn't realize she has a resting bitch face. She often spends her day either hitting the gym train cart or trying (and failing) to socialize with people. Her and Tracy share "Dunno how to socialize" Solidarity and they are friends :]
Tumblr media
OKAY SO this is one piece I'm REALLY proud of. I drew it based on the SU Future promo for the Volleyball episode. This picture has a TON of ocs but I'll cover only 2-3 of them
The curly haired kid next to Coraline is Dromayn Protec, who is also created by @eluminium . He eats paper on impluse when taking notes and he can be stupidly brave in serious situations. He is pretty much adopted by Rogergey and they have a father son bond
The character to the right of Rogergey is Alma Nespoli, a character that belongs to @mizu-melon ! She's kinda a bastard leader of her faction, the Mafiore, so she ends up getting dededethroned due to her selfish nature. Where she ends up after that is kinda unknown but me and Melon once talked about the idea of her joining TM and becoming a better person through working in a, non leader position JSJEHHE
and then the character to the right of Coraline is Blair Scott, made by @amai-kurusu ! They're an emo dude that joined the Bowties because he was homeless. He didn't have the best home life and he deserves a hug and a pep talk about how everything is gonna be okay :[
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And then I drew Luigra! Who was made by @charles-calvin-fanclub , and she's the leader of the Crownminals! The Crownminals formed after Luigra stole money from the Bowtie Bastards, a faction she used to be a member of. She spilled boiling coffee on Elg after she caught her stealing in the middle of the night
Alright I'm done for the day JAHAHHAHW
Sorry that was, a lot I know
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otsukun093 months ago
since yan dev did his characters dirty imma put them up for adoption for fun or whatever idk I鈥檓 bored as hell
Ayano Aishi: Taken by @aph-willow-cipher
Osana Najimi: @itzrayla-films
Taro Yamada: Available
Taeko Yamada: Available
Info-Chan: @anxiety-chan
Amai Odayaka: Taken by @just-some-fandom-enjoyer
Kizana Sunobu: Available
Oka Ruto: Taken by @foxychan666
Asu Rito: Available
Hanako Yamada: Taken by @just-some-fandom-enjoyer
Osoro Shidesu: Taken by @starscream-in-adhd聽
Megami Saikou: Taken by @disneychanneloriginalmovie
Sakyu Basu: Available
Inkyu Basu: Available
Kumi Demura: @itzrayla-films
Horuda Umetsu: @itzrayla-films
Kyuji Konagawa: Available
Otohiko Meichi: Available
Hazu Kashibuchi: Available
Toga Tabara: Available
Raibaru Fumetsu: Taken by @otsuchan09 (me >:))
Shoku Tsuburaya: Taken by @ibukidoessleep
Kenko Sukoyaka: Available
Seiyo Akanishi: Available
Saki Mayazumi: Available
Aija Ashtomi: Available
Kokona Harukawa: Available
Tokuko Kitagawa: Available
Riku Somatoma: Available
Shozo Kurasawa: Available
Tsuruzo Yamazaki: Available
Shin Higaonna: Available
Chojo Terojima: Available
Daku Atsuzawa: Available
Supana Chijimatsu: Available
Kokuma Jikihara: Available
Geiju Tsuburaya: Available
Boru Sadatoshi: Taken by : @faerociousbeast
Enji Yodagawa: Available
Mana Tanahashi: Available
Eiko Nunomaki: Taken by @kyuudomo
Miyuji Shibakoya: Available
Gita Yamahato: Available
Beshi Takamine: Available
Dora Tamamoto: Taken by @chiken-uh
Kiba Kawaito: Available
Budo Masuyama: Taken by @alter-egov1
Mina Rakuyama: Available
Sho Kunikida: Available
Shima Shibahara: Available
Juku Renbutsu: Available
Fred Jones: Available
Rojasu Norubiru: Available
Sukubi Dubidu: Available
Dafuni Bureiku: Available
Beruma Dinkuri: Available
Kaga Kusha: Available
Horo Guramu: Available
Yuka Zaishi: Available
Meka Nikaru: Available
Homo Kurusu: Available
Itachi Zametora: Available
Hojiro Zameshiro: Available
Unagi Denkashiza: Available
Iruka Dorofino: Available
Mantaro Sashimasu: Available
Uekiya Engeika: Available
Himari Fujita: Available
Sakura Hagiwara: Available
Sumire Suzuki: Available
Tsubaki Uesugi: Available
Gema Takagaki: Available
Ryuta Ippongo: Available
Pippi Osafune: @itzrayla-films
Mai Wakahara: Available
Hoshiko Mizudori: Available
Kokoro Momoiro: Available
Hana Daidaiyama: Available
Kashiko Murasaki: Taken by @kashikocore
Musume Ronshaku: Available
Aoi Ryogoku: Available
Shiromi Torayoshi: Available
Akane Toriyasu: Available
Kuroko Kamenaga: Available
Dairoku Surikizu: Taken by @simplyskit
Hayanari Tsumeato: Taken by @simplyskit
Gaku Hikitsuri: Taken by @simplyskit
Hokuto Furukizi: Taken by @simplyskit
Umeji Kizuguchi: Taken by @simplyskit
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reginaldcopperbottom3 months ago
Ok so I've, made a LOT of ocs I never posted on Tumblr dot com
Melon is part of Ribbon Raiders ( @milkywayskylines ), Cavendish is part of One Eyed Retribution ( @amai-kurusu ), and both Tracy and Coraline are part of the Bowtie Bastards ( @eluminium )
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sweetwaiffleu4 months ago
Tumblr media
Commission For @amai-kurusu!
Thank you so much for commissioning me, remember drink water to stay hydrated uwuwuwuwuwu!
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reginaldcopperbottom4 months ago
Guys the world is ending I actually drew Henry Stickmin himself holy fuck
Tumblr media
But with a bit of a spicy flavor. I drew him as members of some fan factions I really like! Most of these are unofficial designs I did for fun and to practice coloring like the official games
Credit to all the fan factions under the cut ^^
From Top Left to Bottom Right
Crownminals Henry - @charles-calvin-fanclub
Bowtie Bastards Henry - @eluminium
Masqueraiders Henry - oh wait that's me
Ribbon Raiders Henry - @milkywayskylines
The Daring Hunters Society Henry - also @milkywayskylines
One Eye Retribution Henry - @amai-kurusu
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reginaldcopperbottom4 months ago
I think Blair ((@amai-kurusu 's oc)) is, very neat
And Elg ((@eluminium 's oc)) is also, very neat
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dellinquents5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Student opinions on: Art
Positive Opinion Honorable Mention:
Mana Tanahashi is in the Art club, but doesn鈥檛 have art as a positive despite her profile stating she enjoys making bizarre art only she gets.
Amai Odayaka,聽Ajia Ashitomi,聽Shin Higaonna,聽Chojo Terajima
Tsuruzo Yamazaki,聽Geiju Tsuburaya,聽Boru Sadatoshi,聽Enji Yodogawa,聽Eiko Nunomaki
Sakura Hagiwara,聽Tsubaki Uesugi,聽Gaku Hikitsuri,聽Hokuto Furukizu,聽Hayanari Tsumeato
Uekiya Engeika,聽Sho Kunikida
Hoshiko Mizudori,聽Homu Kurusu,聽Mina Rakuyama
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dellinquents5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Student opinions on: Gossip
Negative Opinion Honorable Mention:
Muja Kina - Not a student, but as a rival we know she has negative feelings towards Gossip. Mida Rana - Not a student, but as a rival we know she has negative feelings towards Gossip.
Kizana Sunobu, Tsuruzo Yamazaki,聽Tokuko Kitagawa,聽Inkyu Basu
Musume Ronshaku,聽Kashiko Murasaki,聽Hana Daidaiyama,聽Kokoro Momoiro,聽Hoshiko Mizudori
Gita Yamahato, Enji Yodogawa
Oka Ruto, Megami Saikou, Amai Odayaka, Taro Yamada
Sakyu Basu,聽Kyuji Konagawa, Otohiko Meichi, Toga Tabara, Horuda Umetsu
Riku Somatomo, Kokona Harukawa, Shoku Tsuburaya,聽Kenko Sukoyaka,聽Saki Mayuzumi
Shin Higaonna,聽Chojo Terajima,聽Daku Atsuzawa,聽Supana Chijimatsu,聽Kokuma Jikihara
Uekiya Engeika, Himari Fujita, Sakura Hagiwara, Sumire Suzuki, Raibaru Fumetsu
Pippi Osafune, Midori Gurinishi, Mai Wakahara, Hojiro Zameshiro,聽Mantaro Sashimasu
Miyuji Shibakoya, Dora Tamamoto, Geiju Tsuburaya,聽Mana Tanahashi,聽Eiko Nunomaki
Aoi Ryugoku, Kuroko Kamenaga, Kaga Kusha,聽Meka Nikaru,聽Homu Kurusu
Umeji Kizuguchi,聽Hokuto Furukizu,聽Gaku Hikitsuri,聽Hayanari Tsumeato,聽Dairoku Surikizu
Sho Kunikida,聽Juku Renbutsu, Shima Shibahara
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dellinquents7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Classroom Seating Charts Version 2
Version 1 here
Classroom 3-1
Teacher: Karin Hanabusa
Kenko Sukoyaka, Shozo kurosawa, Choji Terajima, Boru Sadatoshi, Gita Yamahato
Sho Kunikida, Rojasu Morubiru, Horo Guramu, Hojiro Zameshiro, Himari Fujita
Ryuto Ippongo, Kyuji Konagawa, Akane Toriyasu, Kashiko Murasaki, Umeji Kizuguchi
Classroom 3-2
Teacher: Kaho Kanokogi
Shoku Tsuburaya, Tsuruzo Yamazaki, Shin Migaonna, Geiju Tsuburaya, Miyuji Shibakoya
Budo Masuyama, Fred Jones, Kaga Kusha, Itachi Zametora, Uekiya Engeika
Gema Takagaki, Toga Tabara, Kuroko Kamenaga, Musume Ronshaku, Taro Yamada
Classroom 2-1
Teacher: Rino Fukahori
Seiyo Akanishi, Riku Somatomo, Daku Atsuzawa, Enji Yodogawa, Beshi Takamine
Juku Renbutsu, Sukubi Dubidu, Yaku Zaishi, Unagi Denkashiza, Sakura Hagiwara
Osana Najimi, Raibaru Fumetsu, Ayano Aishi, Hana Daidaiyama, Gaku Hikitsuri
Classroom 2-2
Teacher: Shiori Rikitake
Amai Odayaka, - , - , - , -
Sakyu Basu, Inkyu Basu, Hayanari Tsumeato, - , Dairoku Surikizu
Pippi Osafune, - , Aoi Ryugoku, - , Hokuto Furukizu
Classroom 1-1
Teacher: Reina Nabatame
Saki Mayuzumi, Kokona Harukawa, Kokuma Jikihara, Eiko Nunomaki, Kiba Kawaito
Shima Shibahara, Beruma Dinkuri, Homu Kurusu, Mantaro Sashimasu, Tsubaki Uesugi
Mai Wakahara, Otohiko Meichi, Shiromi Torayoshi, Hoshiko Mizudori, Kumi Demura
Classroom 1-2
Teacher: Natsuki Aburaya
Aija Ashitomi, Tokuko Kitagawa, Supana Chijimatsu, Mana Tanahashi, Dora Yamamoto
Mina Rakuyama, Dafuni Bureiku, Meka Nikaru, Iruka Dorufino, Sumire Suzuki
Midori Gurinishi, Haru Kashibuchi, - , Kokoro Momoiro, Horuda Umetsu
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