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#am i cool now
syriansakusa · 4 hours ago
anyway this is all bullshit i jsut wanna live in a spaceship with my ragtag group of friends that r like my family and wear wacky futuristic 80s inspired clothes and park our little ship by a space diner that lies between friendly alien planets and reach over the table to taste my friends alien littke fuckign pancakes when they offer me a piece. also i want a ray gun
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windstrider2017 · 20 hours ago
I cut my hair today and while I love cutting and styling my own hair, I will always hate having to deal with the fucking clippings afterwards omg
#hair clippings from hell...hello we meet again :(#ugh they get everywhere#and i'm remembering the Hair Splinter From Hell that i stayed up all night trying to remove until i finally got that stupid mf out#i got it out tho#also imo it's worth it. i will happily keep cutting my own hair#i took a bunch off this time so it was a little weird to look in the mirror and see it this short again bc it had grown out a bit#not drastically but enough that this is a bit of a difference for sure#it looked cool before too before it got too overgrown for my liking but meh i always cut it a lot when i think it's time for a haircut#ik i'd probably be a good barber or hairdresser and would lowkey consider it as a job option but#for one thing i would rather not be the one potentially responsible for a haircut somebody doesn't like#if i fuck up my own hair that's smth i'm willing to accept and idc but i wouldn't wanna screw up someone else's#just thinking back to last summer when i first cut my hair and i went v quickly from like.#cutting most of it w the longest possible guard and same length all around...except for the top that i did w scissors#to now i'm cutting hair like a pro and doing a sort of fade each time and purposely doing the top a bit messy bc it looks good that way#i use both scissors and clippers to cut it and tbh it's still somewhat long-ish even after i cut a lot off#my haircutting style is literally a mix of meticulous by-the-book and purposefully sloppy diy and it works great#man people at school next year are gonna be so shocked when they see me and i am here for it#i wish i'd done it sooner cause oh man#i went around looking like THAT when i could have been looking like THIS? omg#this is way easier to deal w too. it looks cool when it's messy and doesn't rly get in my face#i still wear hats a lot just bc i like them but i wore a hat to class so much freshman year#bc my hair was ugh and i didn't want to deal w it or have anyone to see that shit lmao#i finally got the guts and the excuse to cut it last summer when it was so long that it was getting in my face and nobody objected#so...snip snip bitches#and here we are today#i had pretty neutral expectations and was just like if it's bad it's bad (whatever) at that point#but it turns out i am a bit of a natural at cutting and styling hair#i am not a natural at common sense tho bc my back hurts from sitting weird and my phone battery almost died...skdjdjd whatever
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beelas-bees · a day ago
I have EXETREME paranoia and I think people forget that!
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jenivi · a day ago
i think... ive become a figure collector
and i can’t go back
#it all started with that one elizabeth figure that was $35....#now i want all the elizabeth figures and all the yosuke figures#i just like seeing my favorites in physical form and admiring the art of the sculptures and paints on them#i know some people kinda make fun of figure collectors but like idk i think its just so cool to have your fav character like.. right there#and you have all this merchandise of them and it makes u happy u know? people like what they like#i think this was bound to happen at some point for me since i always loved getting whatever merch i could of my past hyperfocuses when i was#like 12; i tried so hard to get invader zim and atla stuff whatever i could find at the mall (when i could go to the mall)#i would collect all my fav artists albums like avril lavigne asvajabdja#so yeah i guess this is just how i naturally am#ive been looking at peoples set ups and looking for the cheapest options on proxy websites#i already have a mini collection i cant stop awhiebfaua#im like thinking of how to them set up in my head and what my next collection will be next#i think i need to find a better shelf now#oh god if i like-liked anime idk what i wouldve become#i know im just gonna collect video game stuff#animes cool and all but i never really get attached to the characters like i have with games?? same goes for cartoons ive watchef#ive been thinking of why. maybe its cuz vid games are more interactive so youre like interacting with the character more#than passively-ish watching a show#side note i dont think ill EVER collect ‘sexy’ figurines i just really love the wholesome ones and the ones where they have cool poses !!#sorry this is super long; ​my head has been so occupied aaaaaaa#thank you if you made it to the end i appreciate u💓#jenivi rant#my post
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marsh-marrow · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Behold, my low effort doodles for you all~ -w-
So I've been wearing a fake septum for like... months? And once I get both doses, I can finally go get a real one! Hype!!
( No reblogs pls )
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champgreen · 2 days ago
idk ur cool or smth ily
ziro’s friends can’t read mk vi: kirby’s nightmare love
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thewhizzyhead · 2 days ago
up next on the liveblog is cool girl and i just wanna say that I really love just how many comments there are theorizing on the meaning of the dances (and of course the actual song) both in the cool girl and boys like you music vids. like i dunno i guess it highlights just how good dodie is at making music that can be interpreted in so many different ways and to have interpretative dancing accompany that music highlights that a lot more so yay. also i just spent like 30-ish minutes reading the Cool Girl music vid's comment section so there's that-
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dr0wning-lessons · 2 days ago
mad at myself for not watching the aiden gallagher and gerard way interview sooner
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