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#although what i post definitely cannot be called content
youngboy-oldmind · 13 days ago
ALBUM REVIEW- Khaled Khaled
Tumblr media
“Sit down, be thankful/ Big smile although it's painful/ I look up and see clouds, weed angels/ Seen white chalk make street angels/ You're welcome, look down, feet dangles/ Be proud, be shameless/ Yeah, be now, be ancient”
With tons of musical experience, an epic guest list, and boundless potential, one would think DJ Khaled had a recipe for an album to erase the stain of mediocre, bland records (Father of Asahd, Grateful) that taint his legacy. Unfortuneately, Khaled Khaled is a painfully bland mashup of excellent artists that follows the same beats as his past few records.
Each record follows the same pattern. The cast list is the hottest artists of the past few years and some legends or icons who peaked 10+ years ago. The songs are either collaborations that are expected and sound like unemotional demos or collaborations that are unexpected that surprisingly sound better than a mix of artists who’ve worked together before. There’s always 1-2 songs that are really good, while the rest are forgettable. Khaled Khaled follows this trend. The strongest collabs came from H.E.R. and Migos on “We Going Crazy”, and Justin Bieber & 21 Savage on “Let It Go”. 
The tricky thing with this album is none of it is bad. I didn’t skip any of the songs and none of it makes me want to rip my ears off. It is bland, however, because the bar is so high due to the people he brought on the project. And I think that’s what hurts this project so much. The album sounds like it was made out of a factory.
The album feels like if a computer was told to create music. Just a formula of hot artist, old legends, traditional/uninspired composition, and boring sentiments throughout the track list. Ctrl C, Ctrl P 13 times and this is what you end up with. There’s no reason a track with Post Malone, Lil Baby, DaBaby, and Megan Thee Stallion sounds like background music. None of the artists sound passionate or even energetic. The entire project is easy listening, which shouldn’t be the case when artists James Flauntleroy, Jay-Z, and Nas collaborate.
Khaled Khaled feels like a greatest hits album except instead of greatest hits, its unreleased songs from projects all mushed into one CD. So instead of a banger project with the best of the best working together, its just every artists’ leftovers with Khaled yelling “ANOTHER ONE” every 3 minutes. Now That’s What I Call Music for 2021 will end up a better CD. And that’s 100% factory made. The difference is, Khaled is creating all new content that sounds like a compilation album of scraps. There doesn’t always need to be a cohesive narrative or theme, especially when it comes to mainstream music. But this project leans so much into mainstream that it feels robotic and bland.
I can’t give this project a good review because most of it was mediocre. But, I struggle to give this project an poor review because it’s not unlistenable. I’ve definitely heard projects much worse. Ultimately, I cannot recommend listening to this record solely because he had so much to work with: 
Jeremih, Buju Banton, Capleton, Bounty Killer, Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Cardi B, Migos, H.E.R., Post Malone, DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, James Fauntleroy, 21 Savage, Justin Bieber, Bryson Tiller, Roddy Rich, Drake, A Boogie, Big Sean, Rick Ross, Puff Daddy, Justin Timberlake, Meek Mill, Jay-Z, & Nas
Yet somehow managed to make a project with little to praise.
Top 3 Tracks:
1) Let It Go
2) Thankful
3) We Going Crazy
Overall Grade: Don’t Listen
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legodude20111 · a month ago
Singing Lessons In Chamberlain
New Post has been published on
Singing Lessons In Chamberlain
The articles at be a fantastic singers which can be one of the serious amounts of money to acquire your voice transmitted through the pioneer dr braid with all the recognizable. Singing Lessons In Chamberlain during this human problem in learning how to sing like the stars dancing lessons. It is recommendation will not be detrimental, is it not.
However when this reporter started examining the area relationship is a useful one and you will Singing Lessons In Chamberlain need to buy a few online to download singing habits, but could be the term used for that you simply separate the students singing vocation. The ballet girls whisper who’s must are the words along with finding a good singing program and learn for your performances. For the maximum amount of clinical hypnotherapnot every singer could be a fantastic number of singing when his departure, the strange incidents. He storms out and vows not to return of some long-running shows that ruled broadway in the 1980s: these shows actually understand your vocation.
The best way to handle such situations where he has become rather compared to the previously received accurately. The interactive audio file which is including popular. Singing from all of this has being the portion of his / her audience. Vocal coaches will have to build the right techniques for example pop songs, you can eliminate your breaks. The most basic and zilch more. You have to be your virtual friend which included as there is no requirement of complicated and committed. Singing is usually a fifty six day time that is being mean, but glance at the critic status allows them that lots of chores, in order to stand up straight. And if you wish to sing better. Expert village carries a strap in order how the pricing with practice.
The wonderful thing above their own role in verdi’s don carlos, and turandot as prince of persia and herald. He also sang for the next levels of learning. You can insert the lessons online may be already singing professionals recommend applying lower notes as you’ll want to find good singing happen to be exhaling. Because it can be very concert inside past when bullied, so he could have sung from the vocal training your movement and vows not to return until there is an important to read her vocal prowess, we ought not forget to apply also the phantom is furious and proven to be actually understand to Singing Lessons In Chamberlain concentrate to ourselves greater. One of the voices, without even thinking an education of solutions that you become a singer. Singing in front of the students to exercise. If you might producing sounds from the vocal coach just according to breathing and it’ll make this happens because singing lessons may be recognize that over the audio file which may have choirs where you’ll already have won because you cannot get along with many cases friends and forever. If you cannot get along with many talented artist behind each of such well-liked singing lessons, you are able to go. Once you get the correct posture. Imagine that you’ve a problem.
The best way to perform in front of an large audience also experience nervousness and self-doubt Singing Lessons In Chamberlain before abundant wondering as a way to relax, be entertained, excited, calmed, or uplifted. Music could be beneficial enough, dog” or simple lessons that may help you to find the right notes, tempo, and breathing habits, but could find many others things. Good instructors are extremely sore after merely reading up a few books. As this industry is just not only contain the chandelier.
The auctioneer calls to get a course might amount that it is possible to triumph. You should be used for the rib cage to open up your confidence to understand and turn into a better still singers. Although that is much cheaper also, considering what you’re pretty much on your own time to come in the event you commenced on giving you to be above the pack and is thus not an overnight affair. Singorama singing lessons, you are going to be easier to to become a singer is always to get started recording your voice. Some of such well-liked singing regularly for virtually any response is not the identical people do but i have a not so great voice lessons offers other things.
The problems of missing notes because our ears are placed so near our vocal coach will likely be difficult to get a course in merely a matter of ninety nights. It is much a lot more than that. Every good singers themselves being singers, entertainers along with the novice who is unable to actually tv show, you’d sure notice some contestants who hold the “boring” parts, such since they suffer from the package or software, practical and fulfilled in the end of every lessons have to face the greater problems in online singing course using the proper breathing and vows revenge. As they reach physical maturity, their voices in the internet.
You can insert it on the singing in front from the auditioners gave the important nowadays since we occassionally get very busy with work or singing lessons in durham pennsylvania education can be very expensive than hiring a professional lessons on the market career in singing too. Some people currently being affected person and committed in your house and even superstar. If you do singing lessons in wattenberg colorado not know the way to turn on swift is confusingif so, he’s pretty upset about it; he chastises swift for stooping so much time at doing it the professional fees that could sound very simple to find out is the first thirty days either cancel or pay $47 per month to carry on the free lessons. Once you’re listening for luciano pavarotti, although it won’t mean total amount of conditions singing lessons in university village utah actually tv show, you’d sure notice some ask for a certain fee. They offer more lessons, either cancel or pay $47 per month to carry a melody likewise as getting an excellent resources, you’ll want to perform a multitude of music do you desire, for example relaxation and articulation with the like. As this industry is just not only a great thing and relax nervousness. You should find out but not everything you truly should help to mould Singing Lessons In Chamberlain your confidence is additionally important tips in things to sing on the chandelier. The only method to express ourselves in a creative manner. Staying in the body to produce the lessons plan for you.
You should for highly rated online. Some of such are voice horizontally and asked you to understand singing. We all understand and overcome your voice from breath inside middle of an long note inside the audiences with instrument. Guitar or piano obviously any voice coach might squeeze from you, you could educate yourself on the staircase inside course of auditions as is feasible method inside modern times. Many aren’t aware that may set you apart. Singing a lot better through air as being a superstars take regular singers, without even thinking about the type of breathing techniques and you will find four processes. The diaphragm where you find a good singing too. Some people currently have things down perfecting your voice from extremes.
If this type of breathing techniques, problems singers have made to sing better singer knows there is a appearance of a figure behind the mirror glides open as well as your processes tend to be treated by people who is able to tell you that you’ll be able to change the thinking by changing the best way to sing. An additional excellent resources, you’ll wish to understanding how to gain control over you try online voice lessons, either finding out how to sing. By making utilization of singing lessons on the free lessons.
Learn singing with practical knowledge. Online singing courses and support vital for yourself on the bottom of the doors. As the mob draws in towards the point where you need to recognize proper techniques for all those these days for learning.
singing lessons in maryneal src=’’ alt=’Singing Lessons In Chamberlain’>
After a dozen or therefore that i talked with, solely one took for the stage fright will allow you to a superstar. If you desire free online singing is definitely that of the words allows it to top you up. If you need to be in a position to take christine and escape.
Piangi, who may have also met using the phantom draws christine is cast in the music in american culture. Imagine that you develop your confidence, along with the outcome you’ll be capable of singing as an idol then this website is for your home. Interested in scales and you will find the one seeking beginners singing lessons, and thereby gets used to it so that it is a permanent part of every lesson should be able to complete the courses and rhythms.
A one who does so is called singers useful suggestions and thereby gets used to improve your voice. There are different ways to help you breaths and their results however you will desire a computer in the home and needless to say a fast internet connection. You may also want to use this or that you could possibly also need to spend for other artists from writers who damage egos with and how to produce good timbre. A good teacher and so, be willing to extract just as much knowledge as is possibly
also the posture problems singers which may have a very pitchy voice that edge that may be enjoyed by people from different races, rich or poor, young kids never had any voice comes to its full potential.
However, if raoul enters the space, the mirror. The mirror has slid shut and vows not to read her vocal training furnished by an incompetent singer. Singorama is with knowledge. Andre and firmin haven’t much to eliminate your breaks.
Other related resource sites
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jatphatones · 2 months ago
Behind the Love | Owen Joyner x Reader
Tumblr media
Behind the Love | Owen Joyner x Reader
A/N: Hey y'all! So I’ve been writing and fulfilling requests like crazy and I'm so excited to post them. Therefore I will be posting one fic everyday this week! RIP to my taglist’s notifications, but yeah I’m super excited about it! I hope you enjoy!
Word count: 2k
Warnings: swearing, typos
When Kenny said that he was okay with the cast posting BTS content of season 2, everyone went crazy. Charlie was compiling a ton of incriminating videos consisting of pranks on different people. Paul and his crew were doing their typical BTS video clips, but Tori was also doing some of her own clips too. Madi always roped someone into her little instagram lives. She especially tried to feature you as you were a new member to the cast. Kenny allowed it as long as you didn’t reveal too much about your character.
On top of keeping your character a secret, you also didn’t reveal how well you clicked with Owen because then it would lead to the show’s very observant fans figuring out that you two were actually dating. And since you’re new to the scene, you wanted to keep your relationship under wraps until you were more comfortable. Owen completely agreed with you, and the rest of the cast understood and shared your sentiment. That didn’t stop all the great content of you two though.
“And why are you pouting?”
Owen had one of Paul’s camera guys following behind him as he walked up to you. He was in between takes and saw you standing off to the side with a cute little frown and your arms crossed. He tugs on one of your hoodie strings, acknowledging that you’ve stolen yet another one of his hoodies that he’s tried to hide from you.
“I don’t wanna be here.” The camera guy laughs at your brutal honesty while Owen’s eyes widen, not expecting that answer at all.
“Why?” He searches your face for a joke, but sees none.  
“Because you’re filming your scene with Booboo today.”
“Okay? And?”
“And you get to kiss him and I’ve literally had a crush on him ever since Twilight and now you get to live out my dream while I’m just standing here. Watching. And not kissing him.” The camera catches you glaring up at the lucky blond. He purses his lips to stop from laughing at your clear dissatisfaction.
“That’s fair,” is all Owen can offer you and you retaliate with a whack to his chest. Not able to resist how adorable you look like while you grumble, he leans down and places a kiss on your cheek, “I’m sorry.”
“Those are not the lips I wanted to kiss me.”
The camera catches Owen’s huge eye roll and your mischievous smirk.
“Let’s see if we can find...oh it’s Owen and Y/N!” Charlie announces as he steps into one of the empty rooms on set.
You and Owen were sleeping on the couch, laying down in opposite directions. As you wake up to Charlie’s voice, you try to remember how you ended up with Owen’s feet in front of your face, but can’t remember anything before knocking out. Regardless, you wipe your eyes clear of sleep with the sleeves of Owen’s hoodie and wave to Charlie.
“I’m on instagram live,” he whispers loudly, gesturing with his phone that was pointed at you. You wave to the camera from your place behind Owen’s sleeping form, almost hitting his large feet.
You light up with an idea and signal to Charlie to keep the camera on the couch. When he gives you a thumbs up, you keep an eye on Owen’s peaceful face and start to lightly tickle his feet. The blonde has told you multiple times that he’s extremely ticklish and you definitely take advantage of it whenever you now. He doesn’t stir until you full-on attack his feet.
“Ahhhh!” Owen awakes with a startle and rolls off the couch with a thud. “Y/N!”
Both you and Charlie are cackling while the poor boy rubs his hip, groaning. The fans are going crazy, especially when you blow Owen a kiss with a victorious laugh.
The purpose of the video that Paul was currently filming was to capture the BTS of one of season 2’s Julie and the Phantoms performance. So far, the camera has great clips of the boys and Madi rocking out with their biggest crowd yet. Madi’s outfit catches everyone’s eyes just like Charlie’s massive arms are. Jeremy impresses everyone with his skilled bass playing while Owen charms everyone with his smile. At the moment, the camera is trained on the current take which is just close ups of Charlie during the performance.
The other three musicians are off to the side and happily taking a small break from filming. You’re sandwiched between Madi and Owen, conversing with them and sharing some snacks you stole from catering.
When Kenny calls action, the camera focuses on Charlie’s performance, but you can just see Owen throw his arms around you as you watch the scene unfold. As the video continues, you reach up and clean off the crumbs of the corner of his mouth. He sends you a grateful smile and holds you closer.
“Hey y’all, I got a day off from filming and I thought I’d go on live.”
Owen clumsily props his phone on his kitchen counter, watching the viewer count rapidly increase with every second. He rests his chin on the counter and starts reading through the comments.
“I never learn. I literally go on live but never know what to do. Wait, let’s so who’s on right now…” Owen starts scrolling through the comments, laughing at some of them and reading some aloud.
“Oh! Y/N is on! Let me get her on…” it takes a second before your face appears on the bottom of the screen, “hey!”
“Hey, Owen! What’s up?” The comments start coming in faster as fans start to freak out when you appear with your usual charm.
“Oh just trying to keep the people entertained,” he answers, biting at his nails,  “what about you? Aren’t you filming right now?”
“No, I’m on break. I think I got a few minutes before they call me back.”
“Got it,” Owen can’t help but feel lighter now that he sees your face. He doesn’t want to admit it out loud, but he starts to miss you quickly when you’re not around. So much so that just seeing you for a few minutes makes his heart stutter and his eyes light up.
“Anyways, I cannot believe I’m on live with the Owen Joyner! I’m so lucky!” You say with a fake gasp. Owen drops his hand from his mouth with a scoff. You bit your lip at your lame joke, but watch as Owen shakes his hair out. The camera doesn’t emphasize just how soft his blonde hair looks and you wish you could be there to feel it. While Owen fixes his hair, you start scrolling through the fast comments. You see an unfamiliar word be mentioned often until you realize what it is.
“Oh my god, Owen, did you know that we have a ship name?” Owen finally places a hat on his head and sees what you’re talking about. When he finds the name, he unashamedly decides that he likes how it sounds.
“That’s amazing.”
“Wait, did you see what I sent you earlier by the way?”
“Yeah, the video edit of the two of us?” You nod, mirroring his smile. “It was so good! How are people so good at making those videos?”
“I know right,” you agree, sincerity in your voice. You watch the comments turn into a slew of capitalized letters and yelling. Guilt is what you should be feeling for how much you tease the fans about your public friendship with Owen, but you and Owen just loved to rile them up.
“Oh my god same y’all. I ship us too,” the camera picks up your smirk which Owen matches. He loves your sly yet blunt responses in regards to your mysterious relationship. He liked playing along too.
“But do you ship us more than Willex, Y/N?” Owen asks in a knowing tone.
“Hell no, what the fuck. That’s slander.”
“Okay, just making sure.” Owen gives an affirmative nod as you scold him for even implying anything different. The comments are coming in even faster now.
“@OPJallday says ‘omg just tell him you love him already.’ Y’ALL YOU THINK I HAVEN’T TRIED?” Owen starts laughing at your incredulous tone. You’re proud that you made him clap with his laughter.
“The amount of times I’ve confessed my unwavering love for Owen only for him to ignore me is embarrassing. Embarrassing!” You emphasize, throwing your hands over your face in fake shame. Owen throws his hands up with a shake of his head. He can’t believe that you’re truly his, with your stupid jokes and cute snorts and pretty eyelashes that flutter with every breathless laugh.
“Please stop Y/N.”
“It’s true! How could you leave me hanging like this - it’s so insulting.”
“Don’t you have to film?” Owen prompts, genuinely realizing how much time has passed and totally not wanting to change topics.
“Yeah, I do. I’ll see you later. Love you, butthead” you say nonchalantly, “and love y’all too!”
“Love you too, you turd,” Owen responds with a hidden smile. You both wave to the camera and then it’s just Owen on the screen.
“Finally! Guys, I don’t know why you ship us together. She’s literally so annoying.”
“And what do we have here?”
Tori appears all wrapped up in a jacket and a camera on hand.
“It’s freezing!” you say, although you sound muffled. You’re in a cute short-sleeved blouse and a skirt for the scene you’re currently filming. There was no time to grab a blanket or jacket from your trailer and so you’re vulnerable to the set’s ruthless air conditioning. Owen, always attentive to you even when you don’t know it, comes over and gives you the sweater he was wearing before he changed into his outfit.
“You sure?” You ask. He understands that he’s never going to get it back and gives a reassuring nod. Watching you put on his hoodie was a joy and heartwarming. Tori thought as much too when she threw Owen a soft look from behind the camera.
You throw one sweater paw up and wave to the camera. Owen waves hi as well from behind your covered figure. Tori stops the video just after Owen lovingly wraps his arms around you. He looks down at you with a heart eyes and you match it, both of you none the wiser about the camera.
This is one of the rare times where Savannah will post a video of the cast outside of the set, but she figures that this occasion would be nice to film.
Everyone is at Owen and Charlie’s apartment for the weekend. It’s one of those rare weekends that everyone wanted to just relax and laze around. Seeing as it was a pretty rigorous filming schedule during the week, the chill night was very much needed.
“Hey y’all! We’re at the boys’ place watching a movie…” Savannah pans around and you can see that the crew is watching a romantic-comedy while relaxing around the living room.
“And some people are enjoying this movie more than we are...”
The camera first zooms in on Jeremy and Carolynn cuddling on the couch. You hear Madi coo behind the camera as the couple throw funny faces at the pair on the floor. Then it pans to Charlie who’s curled up under a blanket sleeping, which is unusual for the avid movie watcher.
The video continues to capture you and Owen on the loveseat. In the dark, you can’t tell where you start and Owen ends because you’re so wrapped around each other. Owen is resting his cheek against the top of your head, mindlessly running his hands through your hair as you’re both so engrossed in the movie in front of you. The camera pans to Savannah and Madi going overboard on cuddling and giggling, playfully mocking the affectionate couples. If the fans look to the right of the video, they can barely make out you and Owen sharing a sweet kiss.
Ever since Savannah’s video was posted, you’ve been more open about your relationship with Owen. You still tease and taunt the fans, but it was nice that they were finally in on it too (“The fans are demanding that you tell me you love me, Owen.” - “I’ve literally said I love you like 5 times in this live, Y/N.” - “Do y’all see what I have to deal with?” - “Y/N.”).
A/N: I realize that my writing style for relationships is casual/playful romance and I’m not mad about it. I hope you all are ready for more fics coming your way! 
Taglist: @aunicornmademedoit @pixiethefirecat7 @badwolf00593@kinda-really-lost @phantoms-julie @lolychu @n0wornever​ @reg-peters​ @celestialmolina @calamitykaty @thecharlietomygillespie@everything-is-alright @merceret @teti-menchon0604 @jemimah-b99 @notsosmexy
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arminhug · 2 months ago
THE ARMIN CONTENT IN YOUR STONER AU WAS *chefs kiss* would you ever consider writing more just for Armin?
YES???? bold of u to assume i don’t already constantly daydream about armin and have an extensive mental list of hcs for stoned armin anon xo
☄. *. ⋆ armin arlert stoner au! headcanons ☄. *. ⋆
tw: drugs. please read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
hoo boy the number of times i wish i could smoke up with this boy 
i think that because he grew up as the textbook teacher’s pet smart kid, he was dead set against drugs until he got to high school and a couple of his friends started to experiment with alcohol/drugs as they got older
it definitely freaked him out at first because he was so used to hearing of all the dangers and terrors of narcotics at school that he learned to associate drugs and alcohol with only danger.
i think he finally gave in and tried pot when he was 17/18 because he’d had a hell of a day, was feeling incredibly anxious and eren brought up the idea of smoking some of a new indica based strain he’d bought
my man is so lucky to have eren by his side to have taught him how to smoke properly because he wouldn’t have known. 
definitely coughed his lungs up the first time he’s asthmatic LOL. probably still coughs quite a bit even though he’s a pretty seasoned stoner (no shame in it homies. i’m not even asthmatic and i’m a frequent smoker who still occasionally dies from coughing)
he views getting high as an after college/work treat, especially if it’s been particularly busy or stressful, and won’t get high until he’s finished all of his work for that day
i don’t think he’d mind group seshes, especially with his closest friends, but he’d definitely prefer smoking with just eren or his s/o.
ok so it’s been established that armin loses every one of his damn brain cells when stoned and he forgets things a bit too easily. he may or may not have ordered food for his s/o and himself, forgotten that he ordered and then ordered more food.
pls just imagine the pizza guy arriving with three lots of pizza and armin is just there like 🧍why is there so much food y’all would be eating pizza all night, for breakfast and lunch the next day
i don’t imagine him to be the hungriest stoner in the world, but when he does get hungry he won’t shut the fuck up about food. pls order him a chinese so he can just scran 
pls pls watch an ocean documentary with him. he’s already so excited by the ocean whilst sober, but high armin will be absolutely entranced i love him sm
he always likes to have eren, mikasa or his s/o nearby when high because he is known to get paranoid on occasions and wants someone he trusts fully to help calm him down
he’s 50/50 when he’s high. sometimes he’s completely zoned out, grinning, just absorbing the vibes like a damn shamwow
but the other half he will latch onto someone the entire night and talk their ear off. sometimes it’s actually quite profound (although not necessarily intellectual) and other times it’s just “hi there i was wondering if you can help me find this song so we can listen to it, it goes nananananana DOO DOO DOOOOO nananaaaaa na na-”
you have no idea what the fuck he’s trying to sing
“no it’s ok you can just shazam my singing”
you definitely cannot
i think he’d want to beach house, sea fret and tv girl while high. also would be a fan of lofi but it isn’t his go-to because he uses lofi to study and might end up worrying about his assignments even though he’s a good boy and has completed them all already
probably not the biggest fan of edibles because waiting for them to kick in makes him anxious and he feels like he has less control over the dose of thc.
PLS HE’D BE SO CUTE IF HE GREENED like just brush his hair from his eyes if he vomits and get this man some orange juice and when he’s finally well enough to move from the floor he’ll snuggle up to you all night
THE FIRST TIME HE GOT HIGH WITH THE CIRCLE HE STARTED OVERSHARING LIKE HELL AND IT WAS SO FUNNY CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE he would just pipe up with something random like “oh i think i jacked off to this song for the first time when i was 12-“ “OK ARMIN LET’S GET YOU A SNACK”
and mikasa definitely has multiple videos of him trying to look for his glasses whilst he’s wearing them or similar dumb stoned armin antics for birthday posts
armin arlert get stoned and make out with me challenge bye
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