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#also yea this is literally just me
thewhizzyhead9 days ago
OKAY WAIT HOLY SHIT I'm kinda regretting my decision to allow my friend to present one of my musical concept ideas for his PhilArts show-and-tell thingy (in front of the MUSICAL THEATRE DEPARTMENT HEAD EVEN) because a. if the teacher doesn't like it then i'll be kinda sad (altho that won't bother me really because I really like the thingy) and b. if the teacher does like it and wants to know more then um holy fuck he is in for a wave of disappointment because my musical concept idea that my friend will be presenting...hasn't been made yet...i haven't started making any of the songs yet...i don't know anything about music to begin with so how the hell will i even write the songs...oh fuck-
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gianiandthekiwi13 days ago
#tw food mention#dont mind me just rambling i dont actually hold grudges against them#thinking about that time one of my group projects had a meeting in like an obscurish town area#and insisted on eating bagels knowing full damn well that im muslim#and that bagel place was not halal#and there was literally nowhere else to eat#so i had a blueberry bagel with cream cheese because it was the safest option#and that time another group had a meeting at the national library#and the cafe in the library was also not halal so i had to eat an overpriced caesar salad#or when school first started and i was scared to voice out and like everyone went to eat at the food court and there was no halal food#so i had to resort to eating a shitty ass salad#like i love salads but its just djcjsjsjdb when its done badly or overpriced#also my school in general has very few halal options but there was this halal friendly salad shop and the owner was really nice#but they closed her shop because of covid so once again i have no food :(#i miss her salads they were so good and cheap and you know had proper vegetables and proteins and not just torn up romain lettuce#OH YEA! this one time the whole group went to eat at a non halal fast food outlet and i just sat there like 馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煣嶐煆烩嶁檧锔忦煣嶐煆烩嶁檧锔#luckily i ate beforehand but still it was so awkward#ik i probably should speak up more but when youre the minority its scary because everyone else has to change their plans to follow your diet
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toomuchdickfort21 days ago
So like. I really like when I go absolutely ham filling in a characters story and then I notice something after I burn myself out on them for a while and every so often it comes to mind that Lawrence was more of a tool than PB has been in a long time and it 100% pointed that out to him. Like, in a universe where Geryon got the sword (and oops signed his life away to Erellise) he was a stubborn ass about it until his boyfriend got killed. Which sort of says something about the both of them. But my point is that Lawrence got really good at being a weapon. And then he died and stayed down for a while and when he came back he couldn鈥檛 remember any of that and he rebuilt himself without that as something new and when he did remember it he felt bad because like... he wasn鈥檛 nearly as helpless as he鈥檇 thought, right? And Sean offering him his body back (his whole body) he was still (very rapidly, in comparison to the Entire Rest of his in-life) remembering like... all of Lawrence Nighy and he kind of missed having flesh and then as soon as he had it he was like 鈥榦h fuck all this form has done is be a weapon and my family is going to Know鈥 and anyway I鈥檓 just thinking about this very messy man
#also thinking about Geryon Bc they鈥檙e kinda tied but like. g had his time last night. now is 鈥榞etting stuck on the phrase 鈥楲awrence was a#weapon鈥欌 time while trying to figure out exactly what Erellise said to him when he found him at that park table#character rambles#elysur#lawrence nighy#geryon amnes#also thinkin about how like. pb taught him how to use a sword (Bc he wasn鈥檛 quite as comfortable with being casually controlled as derrek#was) so like. fancy sad swordsman.#like yea he probably like. fixes shit and helps people move and stuff. but also it would be cool#his current crisis is trying to find some sort of middle ground between like. all of his everything. because going from 鈥榓ll I鈥檓 good at is#being a weapon鈥 straight into 鈥榠f anyone comes to harm around me then I鈥檝e failed them and also I put way more feelings into giving people#flowers than I should鈥 and then suddenly just having all of that? all at the same time?#also he killed Geryon the person who has been in his life for since kindergarten and the only person he has from his life on earth#that鈥檚 gonna give a dude a crisis#and like. things to mull over. Bc I also don鈥檛 know where he鈥檚 gonna end up#I also still think it would be Interesting if Geryon started like. haunting him.#not literally of course the dudes ghost is spoken for but like. anything at this point that he could get away with I think would count as#haunting. Bc now that Larry鈥檚 dropped the 鈥業 can鈥檛 possibly harm this man who made me miserable for a very long time鈥 thing he鈥檚 probably#not really gonna hesitate to throw a rock at the dude as hard as he physically can#and like. he was kinda beefy when he was alive (ironically since like. his whole thing for 90% of the time he鈥檚 been a character has been#like. being a skeleton) and now he鈥檚 got a little bit of extra umph in that. if he hurts himself it鈥檒l fix itself Bc sean has very powerful#magic even if he doesn鈥檛 really realize it#or. doesnt *entirely* realize it.#speaking of which. Geryon would be fascinated with the dude if he wasn鈥檛 a little bit scared of him now.#sean had to power his undeath for a bit and could outright control the dude. and while he didn鈥檛 (more than maybe very slightly) it was a#threat that was made a few times. and that ~frightens~ Geryon#...........insert rant here about Lawrence and Geryon and the destruction they鈥檝e caused in their feelings of powerlessness and#death mention
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thebuttsmcgee22 days ago
Tumblr media
#anyways hiya yall!#the butts chronicles#honestly today wasnt that great but hey. hey~#hm. oh yea thats what I was gunna rant about. so I really do love how Crash 4 looks!#the style brings the whole series to a zany but not too wild take while looking cartoony in a eye pleasing way#but I have a certain gripe with Crash's design in particular.#I get that the N Sane trilogy had that weird (but imo cool) realistic look but they had the right idea with keeping his#skin mouth. like that area around his mouth is just peachy skin and with the one pupil thats slightly bigger than the other.#like I love when designs use old cartoon elements and the mouth piece thats just skin but in a uncreepy way is a favorite.#like Sonic! or mitchell mouse. or Banjo! kinda like Bugs and Conker but they have fur on their mouth places. tho its still differentiated.#also there were little nuances with Fake Crash's design that are just like. gone in 4. his ears were droopy and his eyes were the same#but were creepy! he also hunched a little. and sometimes his fur was just a little shade darker.#but oh well. cant win em all. at least mostly everyone else looks great! especially Cortex like man he looks so much better.#not to shit on N Sane Trilogy but yea he looks a whole lot better.#anyways again. I drank milky and ate goldfish today. hrm. honestly probly shoulda ate more.#also was thinking about my honest faith in humanity and how so much of it selfish and while it's important to balance out selflessness with#selfishness it's even more important to realize that sometimes that selfishness can literally cause the suffering of others.#Its been so noticeable due to the pandemic. I still feel the weight of everything crashing down if it kills one of us. I feel the unease.#The reality that if one of them dies then thats it. If I die then I'll at least want them to be okay and they should be. Only if its me.#If one of them died then honestly bad things will happen. My mother could die we could then lose the house#A lot of bad things basically. but enough about that last night I saw the funniest fuckin meme#it was megatron related lmao. but yea hope yall had a great day tho!!!
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favoniuscodex28 days ago
Sry, just wanted this out there: a bounty hunter that's a cowboy is a class traitor b/c many times cowboys came from marginalized groups who were already the target of the law themselves. If you meant cowboy as in "wild west themed" my b & feel free to ignore!
edit 2: my initial response was long for no reason lol so here鈥檚 actual response: yea i鈥檓 dumb and forgot the term wild west existed. didn鈥檛 want to use the term western (as in the movie genre) to avoid any confusion w/ audiences who might not be familiar w/ such a term and instead just made it more confusing. i 100% meant wild west. :DDD i just forgot the term existed
ty for the concern tho !!! i always appreciate ppl like,,, speaking their minds on this type of stuff so i can clear up any kind of confusion ! :D also, everything in this ask is 100% facts. i just butchered my terminology because brain no think
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enbybennygecko29 days ago
me and my braincells talking abt fallout characters being trans and also gay聽
Tumblr media
#ALSO me talking 2 ash abt it as well thank u ash#think im gonna dump my hcs here because i am cringe but i am.. free..#anwyayz i think danse is trans but hes like.. not genderweird trans hes just like I Am a Man. Masculine. Dont Call me a girl.#hancock is literally gnc. like in game. he uses he/she hes trans and genderfucked <3 also hes pan because I relate to him and I get to#project#ALSO he has adhd i think.#valentine is also trans i WOULD hc him as gay but. if its been like 200 years and he still aint over his dead fiance.. Hes never gonna get#over it. also dont mistake this as me hcing him as straight hes more like.. ace/aro canonically#also hes autistic you cant tell me otherwise so yea hes genderfunny too#DUE to that.#maccready i love him but. he gives me such cishet vibes.. or cis bi maybe idk. hes cis.#i dont like hcing girls as trans idk why.. maybe cause im tme it makes me feel weird. so. curie and piper are bi i think they would prefer#gals..#x6-88 is trans too i think but like. Not genderfunny hes just like Im a man. also i think all the synths are traumatized in some way so That#Too..#preston is trans too i think. just because i like him. also i think he would b bi#ALSO cait would b a lesbian i think. shes gnc af#also not talking abt strong on purpose i dont like him i liked the super mutant companions better in new vegas and 3 :/#zane.txt#this is purely the companions in fo4 but... the ones in new vegas are trans as well.#i havent rlly thought abt the ones from 3 cause they kinda Arent characterized well aka dont have any backstory but#charon is def trans I KNOW this is a bad trope kinda but i think it would be funny if his birthname was like sharon and he just changed one#letter#i dont think hes genderfunny either i think hes just. I am a man. and he passes real well cause hes 6'8#butch is also trans you cannot tell me butch 'im a barber not a hairdresser!' deloria isnt trans.
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