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#also this is a mood
chi-townsky · 8 hours ago
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we have wnba emojis now!
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kuroolongtea · 8 hours ago
thank you @w-yuren​ 姐 for the tag T_T i do not have a beautiful way with words as you do but these are some that just stick with me for random reasons asdljkdnh
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→ RULES: share some of your favorite lines you’ve ever written!
[16:18] things break.
“talk about what?” oikawa chirps, feigning an almost convincing cluelessness as he gazes at you with chocolate-colored eyes that you know so well. eyes that match the shade of his walnut dining table you both sit at, one meter and two worlds apart.
[19:49] hands on.
the last—and probably biggest—reason why being atsumu’s stylist is so damn difficult is that he’s undeniably, unforgivably, ridiculously attractive.
more is less
See? You do love him—you just need a little alcohol to jog your memory sometimes.
bad news, ch. 1 — acquainted
Over the course of just one day, you’ve somehow become [relatively] acquainted with Iwaizumi Hajime: university student, possible gangster, and maybe half a gentleman.
bad news, ch. 18 — parting
In just ten minutes, you’d said your final goodbyes and parted ways with the most unforgettable person none other than Iwaizumi Hajime: former underground fighter, possible future trainer, and maybe someone that you’d come to know, understand, and love.
butterfly effect
The journey there feels like a blur as you run through the streets in the cold air of dawn, the wind stinging your cheeks and bringing tears to your eyes. Your lungs are practically screaming with exhaustion, your legs begging you to rest while your mind pleads them to hold on just a bit longer, just a few more streets until you reach him.
Your heart sinks with dread, and suddenly feels as though it’s been ripped out of your chest and shattered into a million pieces beyond repair, the fragments bloodied, small and jagged on the pavement.
Tumblr media
tagging: @kenmaki @lemillieon @applepiekyuu @hvnlydmn @todosweetheart @seroto-rin @iwaizoom @atsieu​ and anyone else who hasn’t done it but would like to!
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doolallymagpie · 11 hours ago
weird note I just found from a tomb raider (2013) atomic robo crossover I was evidently writing at some point (probably back in ‘18 or ‘19, before everything got all complicated)
robo: *to himself* is this how the Youths court these days?
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mildcicada · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I never thought not knowing what to expect could be so fun, so I was feeling rather excited.
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berryyshortcake · 16 hours ago
me, on my knees in prayer position: dear god, if you're real, please let me get fucked open by a giant cock, this pussy wants to be ATE and i want a pretty girl to rub her wet folds against mine until i pass out from coming so hard. amen.
god just told me i'd have to put my whole switch thing to use and make your prayers come true ╮(︶▽︶)╭
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readandwritesilver · 21 hours ago
its just me and my live-in-concert recordings of songs against the world
#theyre all i have left#they are our greatest defense against covid#like theyre just. god they make me yearn for people but they fill me with so much joy at the same time#like theres this moment in the live at the observatory recording of tungs by the frights where the whole crowd just SCREAMS the first two#lines. and its just.... sigh#or this other one in this live recording of. im blanking on what but its a violent femmes song n ive only ever been able to find as an mp3#that was on my#grandfather's computer when he died. but he goes 'i almost made it to the end of the song and we didn't get a chance to jam!' and then#theres a citar solo thats i kid you not probably about four minutes long#and the crowd LOVES IT#or theres this moment in this live recording of people ii the reckoning by ajj where hes like 'hey if youre in a clapping mood you should#clap now but no pressure. just if you feel like it' and then everyone claps !! because youre in a big crowd and you all get to clap together#you clap together. rule of society.#or just like. i dont have a single example for this one but when the one chord plays and people LOSE their minds#because its like. thats like a little thing where when youre listening to a playlist on shuffle or smt and its like oh hey thats my favorite#song like you know it by just that one little briiing. and then its like a whole room of people just have that moment together#this is so long im avoiding my civics project lol. but also i just........ miss people. cringe i know.#ben talks
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citrussomebody · 22 hours ago
hi im thinking rn n im gonna make it yalls problem (also bc i wanna talk ab em but idk if anyones online)
-yancy’s friend group inviting dark over to mess around. chaos -hi horror!host -damien and celine comin by the office for a month or two in the winter to chill out (haha puns) -office trips! -office!marvin and horror!marvin meetin up n chattin -anti and blank hangin out
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tybaltsjuliet · a day ago
i will not start shadow and bone at this time of the month i will not start shadow and bone at this time of the month i will not start shadow and bone at this time of the month i will not start shadow and bone at this time of the month
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dindjarinsighsgif · a day ago
Step by step
The sound of breaking glass
What happened here?
Well, I can only guess
You seem asleep
As I try to put you on the bed
As I find traces of regret
You are lying on the floor
Trying to remember
What happened the night before
You, are you really that sure
That I'm the prince who'll wake you?
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swashbucklery · a day ago
Hi! I have a question for you, if that's alright. I've been wanting to get back into watching legends of tomorrow (I watched all of season one and part of season two when it was first airing, but I got a little bored and side tracked and then arrowverse killed off og laurel and I didn't want to watch Sara deal with that lol). Do you think I would be okay starting back with season three? It looks to me like that's when a lot of cool characters come in and things get more fun
Oh my gosh anon. ANON. Nothing makes me happier than to answer the question Should I Watch DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, I love this show SO MUCH and think it's for everybody!!!
So like.
I will say that I genuinely enjoy all seasons of this show, including season one. I know this places me in the minority of fans but I think part of it also depends on like. With every show I think there's a particular facet or trope that fans tend to connect with that pulls them in. And for a lot of shows, the fandom broadly has one or two of the same facets bringing them in but I'd argue with Legends like - the cast is so big and each season is so unique that there are parts of fandom accessing this show for completely different and sometimes opposite reasons.
I love S1 and S2 but part of the reason that I love it is because my access point for Legends is Sara. Character-wise she hits all the tropes that I love and I just - idk. There are lots of other characters that I love, but she's my Big Time Favourite and the things that I love about S1 and S2 are really her arc.
So in terms of reccing a starting season, it's a bit tough because I don't know what your "in" will be, anon.
I love S2 because it really sets up Sara stepping into her own as captain, and also establishes Amaya's backstory and allows her to take her place as a critical part of the team. It is also the season where the show really started to find its feet in terms of weirdness; if you skip ahead I’d still recommend watching 2.09 (Raiders of the Lost Art) as it really is a gem.
(I was going to rec a bunch more episodes and then I realized I was just reccing the entire back half of S2 but. . .IDK it’s a good season! It picks up in quality significantly after the crossover; restarting from 2.09 onwards is actually not a bad approach to it but certainly not required.)
S3 is a great place to start! It brings in Zari pretty early, and for a lot of people she’s another character who kind of brought them in to Legends. Adding another woman shifted the balance away from Men Screaming At Stuff quite a bit more and it made a huge difference in the energy and tone of the show that i think brought a lot of new viewers in.
S3 also adds in Ava and the Bureau and look I think this show is so much more than one wlw ship and has value both because of but also far beyond that, but IF YOU LIKE WHEN WOMEN KISS OR WHATEVER this is the season that also introduces that.
A caveat: We do not speak of Crisis on Earth X; if you decide to get into the show via this season I would highly recommend not putting yourself through this crossover in particular.
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kawaiianimeredhead · a day ago
#just me and the boys#aka the moods#i am so so tired of today abd its barely fucking started#i want to take every computer/laptop and printer around me and throw it against a fucking wall#the laptop at work's storage is full and it has been for over a year#but now some things need to update on it and its too full to do that#and ive deleted as much as i can and someone else who knows slightly more than i do also confirmed the laptop just has a shit amount of#storage and noe the fucking printer specifically scanner is fucking up then i get home and my laptop here is being slow as shit and thats#not realky new and i cant say ive actively tried to fix things but regardless its annoying its currently causing me issues and then my dads#printer whicb us the same kind of printer i have at work actually is now bot accepting the ink catridges for some reason snd insists#that it needs the set up catridges whatever that means#combined with i just hate being here and the puppy has peed twice inside when apparebtly yesterday besides at night when i was home watching#she disnt pee inside at all so now my parents are both especually annoyed about tjings#not me just they already got annoyed at the computer abd each other for differenr reasons and then i got semi pulled into#and just so many other things#and its all so so fucking annoying#nick called and sounded like he was in a good mood and im fucking annoyed that wad exactlt when i was getting pulled into things and when i#called him back a couple min layer his mood sounded a little less pleasent i think just cause it was enough time to get distracted or someth#idk but it annoys ne#i dobt even want to be at this house i want to be at that house#tag rambles#dont mind me#screams
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cola-losers · 2 days ago
whats the point of making gay ships straight?
What's the point of sending this dumbass ask?
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