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ratld-fandom-support-blog · 3 minutes ago
Raya Acting AU part 3
Interviewer: So your fight scenes were spectacular. You both did all your stunts, you even improvised your own choreography. You two are both trained in martial arts correct?
Raya: Yeah, both of us. We actually go way back. I've been kicking Namaari's ass since we were 12-
Namaari, scoffing: What she means to say, is that fighting choreography usually takes lots of practice and memory and we perfect the delivery and rhythm. Fortunately, we have worked and sparred with each other for such a long time, that everything just came to us naturally.
Raya, nodding: It's also easy to work with someone who is very talented and knows what they're doing and the fighting is even funner when you know a lot of your opponent's techniques and can predict their next move.
Namaari: But for the record, I kick her ass like everyda-
Raya: Aww, dep la~ That's so cute. You must have hurt your head from when I pinned you twice this morning 😜
Audience goes wild: OOOHHHH
Namaari rolls her eyes: Uh- YEAH which I then EASILY wrestled my way out of and headlocked you between my legs 😂
Audience screeching: AHHHHHHH
Raya, smirking: I mean, who knows.. maybe I let chu 😏
Namaari: OMG RAYAAA!
Raya: I mean it's not a bad place to be, am I right folks? 😉
Audience/Interviewer goes ballistic: AHHHHHGGGGGGH
Namaari glaring amusedly at smug Raya after the crowd dies down
Interviewer, flushed, fanning herself, turns to "whisper" to the audience: I'm not a chemist y'all, but that tension is mmM 🤭
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loving-ricciardo · 3 minutes ago
Look I’m just putting this out there that Slovakia is right next to Austria and I am willing to clear out my schedule to be a guide so if anyone from the grid is lurking on here hmu 😚✌🏻
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theswizzle16 · 6 minutes ago
I bought lorde tickets and i bought two even though im not sure who will go with me in the end (i just put my dads name down because you can change it later but also my dad might go with me sooo) but im so excited
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korvanjund · 13 minutes ago
Me: *comments on any tiktok*
Every rabid 15 year old who was raised by twitter: Wow you’re pretty brave commenting where everyone can see your thin ass lips in your profile pic.
I don’t get this?? This has happened like six times over the last few months and my comments are literally never malicious because I don’t do internet drama. But then they redouble their efforts when I’m unbothered because I like my lips. I think my Cupid’s bow is really cute and they’re a nice color. And it took me a long time to get to that point because it’s always targeted for some reason.
I just don’t understand why everyone thinks a comment section is a free pass to be the absolute worst version of themselves.
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superglue2000 · 14 minutes ago
I'm actually counting this as a blessing cuz usually during mania I'm like sleeping 1-2 hours a night (or none), like I said I get fatigued usually anyway so I try to make myself sleep a little bit and I've worked out a system for it. I'll put on a video to let my brain keep active and focused and then go into bed and in conjunction I end up falling asleep :-) Learnt that trick for myself but I'm actually getting like 5 or so hours cuz of this fatigue spell I'm so damn tired so even if it's not killing off my mania I think it's like . Helped it cool off a little bit so win some you lose some
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fandom-food-fire · 20 minutes ago
you have never played tds (truth, dare, situation)? how???? play it in the middle of your college when it opens. tell your principal fuck you on a dare. its fun! 😂
No i haven't! We did plan on playing on the dept trip but my two friends had smuggled in vodka (shh!) and were shit faced on both days and I was baby sitting them so we did not play it then either
Tho I'm not bummed about it because people in my school were really dim witted eurgh
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h-isforhome · 20 minutes ago
i feel like you should know that i don’t even have any of the same interests as you, in fact, i lowkey don’t like any of the fandoms you post about. but my dash is so dead and you post like an absolute madman and so i can always count on you to at least add something new for me to scroll thru. luv u
HI ANON from like yesterday ? i have no sense of time i was soooo sleep deprived when i saw this all i could do was laugh bc i love this message so obsessed w it rlly . i love u 2 btw
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alliummc · 25 minutes ago
TEN, that's so many??? idk how American school works but in my UK school there was like 3 history teachers for the whole school and u just had one of them for each year of school
i know 10 is definitely too many, no wonder i don’t know shit if i changed teacher 10 out of 12 years 😭 but do you keep the same teacher throughout elementary and middle school or something? cause even if my teachers were consistent i changed 3 schools (elementary, middle school and high school?? idk how they’re called) so i would have had at least 3 teachers
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hanarutos · 25 minutes ago
kinda wanna rewrite my essay on how boruto is the root of all narrative failings in naruto 
#like obviously theres others tuff.......... duh#but i think if boruto didnt exist itd be al ot easier to accept narutos other narrative failings#like.... the story sets up naruto to be a revolutionairy. i think we forget that cuz boruto shows him so clearly not being that that#and also bc his methods are a lot less violent than sasukes#or his. hypothetical methods. we dont see him do anything lol#but like....naruto suffered at the hands of the systems in power and was very much aware of that and wanted to chagne things#thats like the whole conclusion of the pein arc#and also even in the war arc....even when it sucks iirc its about naruto being like word...madaras right shit sucks this just isnt the way#to fix things#dont qutote me on that i barely retain the war arc tho lol#and also even in the war arc....even when it sucks iirc its about naruto being like word...madara#and like 698 has sasuke being like kms and naruto being like no#live with me and we will fix the world together!#naruto is aware of how cruelty affects sasuke and gaara and just denies it towards himself#and like.....ok yes theres some shit like when naruto is down with itachis brainwashing sasuke (????)#but thats post waterfall of truth so *ignores it* my oint is overall naruto still clearly understood#that the shinobi system was evil#minato himself said the root of all suffering is the shinobi system lol#so it sense naruto#the first persont o question the system =looong before sasuke in land of the anything.#like all signs point to him doing something#and all early naruto sigsn point to him hating itachi and shit#cuz even if naruto cant accept ppl who hurt him dont deserve forgiveness#he is great at being mad on the behalf of others#so.#if boruto didnt exist and actively show#orochimaru alive#naruto covering up the massacre (??? i think he did get danzou exposed as evil but not the massacre idc about boruto)#and child soldiers still existing.....I WOULDNT HAVE TO HEAR BOOTLICKER NARUTO JOKES!
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judgemental-seal · 27 minutes ago
I wonder what was the reason War let Azrael live after all was said and done, like yes Abaddon convinced him but Azrael was very much sick with dumbassery syndrome, one can say it's cause ya know.... Barn owl will quite possibly smite the shit out of War with no effort but to that I say he'll have to deal with Death afterwards and we know how big brother Death can get. Idk, War definitely chooses his battles and he's shown to only kill when necessary but I genuinely wonder what his reason was. It's also possible that he let Big bird live cause let's admit now, if you have Angel Dimitrescu on your side you already have a one man army, another reason I thought of while writing this is that Azzy is, from what we know, the only guardian for the well of souls and the only living, uncorrupted archangel therefore it could be another Uriel case in where if Assrael were to die, heaven would surely crumble.
HOWEVER, cause I'm not done talking, I forgave Donald duck very quickly so it's possible that he just have an ever present "🥺👉👈" aura and it affected war
I haven't slept yet it's gonna be 5 in the morning
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