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Fun Fact
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#also it's a little hilarious that that's what he measures potential dates by apparently πŸ˜„
drei-satzzeichen Β· 2 days ago
β€žesp since they cut one of his queerest sentences from the book in the audio playβ€œ made me curious- do you remember anything in particular? :D
Yes, I do. Peter offers him his number (in case he changes his mind about letting the boys help him) and Finnley literally says: "Meinst du, ich will n Date mit jemandem, der nicht mal richtig surfen kann?" (slightly paraphrased probably, because it's been a while since I read the book, but he explicitly says 'date'.)
Also the fact that on the last pages he keeps calling Peter "Superboy", but that thankfully made it into the audio xD
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