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#also if u wanna try defending him i dont care lol
simply-jason · 6 days ago
people will really interact with people like xqc and be surprised when he turns out to be a piece of shit.
i feel bad for people, of course, but he has such a pattern of being a dick.
outside of generally toxic 'gamer bro' behavior, the man is a whole bigot. he's been genuinely homophobic and brushed it off as "well i didn't mean it maliciously i just got angry in the moment", and he's done the same thing in the context of being racist (no surprise coming from a competitive overwatch player, honestly).
like i'm sorry but i can't see the appeal in trying to stan a racist and homophobic gamer boy because "he changed for the better" when he literally still harasses people because "it's funny/it's content" 🤷
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magunes · 2 months ago
modern attack on titan friendship headcanons
↳ definitely going to make individual friendship headcanons in the future, but thank you to the anon who requested this! :D (requests r open)
warnings: very brief small mention of recreational drugs, nothing crazy :)
Tumblr media
he’s the friend who will run head first into a fight with you without thinking it through
or he will encourage all of your bad decisions but just because he hasn’t had time to think about the consequences
“want to break into the swimming pool tonight?” “of course i do” (fails to think about trespassing laws)
“wanna try weed” “yeah my brother has a bong it will be fun” (fails to think about pulling a whitey)
definitely the kind of friend who will do anything with you as long as it sounds fun
he’s probably not the friend you go to for advice or support but even if you do he will do his best to make you feel happy
he enjoys spending time with you listening to music or hanging out at the skate park
the friend who texts you at 4am asking what your favourite phineas and ferb song is
the friend who tries to be the mom friend but just can’t help herself
she’ll look at you like “you and eren are breaking into the swimming pool tonight?” followed by a pause and then “well i guess i’ll come to make sure you don’t get hurt” but really she just wants to come and have fun
she definitely trusts you at a new level and so will ask you to do things with her
“i saw these girls do this dance on tiktok and i want to try it, film it with me?” “i heard you wanted to see this movie, so we should go after school, just us” “my uncle levi is taking us to see the fireworks tonight, i’ve already asked your parents”
sometimes she will come to you for advice and in return she gives you all of her honesty, you can trust her to be your most honest and straightforward friend
the friend who makes you diys for your birthday
armin cares about you on a new thoughtful level
bday cake? baked it himself. bday card? made out of card and felts
he also recommends you so many things
“oh i actually read a book about that, you’ll like it” “thats so weird i was listening to a podcast about that, here’s the name i think you might enjoy it” “if you liked that movie you’ll probably like this one”
he is your first like and comment on instagram and he’s always like “you look really nice!”
but he’s also the friend who guilt trips you sometimes
“i guess it would be fine if you didn’t come” “i mean, you don’t have to come if you don’t want to” “i get it if you dont want to hang out with me”
ride or die friend
he is the first person to call you out when you’re wrong but he’s also the first person to defend you even if it’s over something small and stupid
calls you pet names to the point where everybody either thinks you’re smashing or you’re dating, when in actual fact he just likes to call you different things because it’s funny to him
always brings you into arguments you don’t want to be involved in “well y/n said this” “please keep me out of this-” “well Y/N wouldn’t think that, would you?!” “STOP IM INNOCENT”
he bounces off your humour so well and you have so many inside jokes together
jean would be that friend who you could do anything with and it literally wouldn’t ruin your dynamic (unless you both catch feelings, but even then it won’t feel awkward, you’re just at peace when you’re with him)
want to cuddle? he’ll come over and leave a jumper behind for you. want to go and watch a romantic movie? ok but as long as you buy him popcorn
always has a movie quote to say to you or a song lyric for any word you say
example a: [jean sees you pulling up on his driveway and meets you at the door] y/n! where the hell u been, loca??
example b: “jean, STOP!” “in the name of love <3 before i break ur heart </3”
has crackhead energy with you and it only gets worse when you guys are around sasha and connie
but also i can see jean relying on you as an emotional outlet which isn’t always a bad thing as it just means he trusts you a lot
the friend who when you ask him to not look yet but that girl behind you- and he looks right away and makes it obvious
or he deliberately does things to make you angry
forever sending you playlists
additionally he’s the friend who has a playlist for any occasion or mood and as soon as he hops in the car he’s like “hey bub how we feelin? are we feeling Vibe Checked, or are we feeling Sad Tunes?” “i hate you”
the friend who always embarrasses you in public without trying
like he’ll dance and sing out loud and people will stare and you genuinely just want to vanish
your parents love him and he will invite himself over to hang out with your family without you even knowing
like jean, connie also has an answer to everything but every answer he has is a reference to a movie
he does not know how to read the room so he is popping jokes all damn day and sometimes you just pray he shuts up before he gets into trouble but he can’t stop himself
definitely the friend who pulls funny faces when you’re doing a presentation at the front of the class
also the friend who cracks you up to the point where you’re both just silently moving up and down unable to breathe
he always wants you to take ootds too “please take it next to this palm tree” “people are looking dont put me in this situation connie PLEASE”
“i know it’s 3am but do u wanna meet up and watch the walking dead and order pizza”
this girl is forever awake at ungodly hours
but she’s also the friend who sends you stuff knowing you’ll wake up and find it funny in a way of hoping ur day starts off great
the friend who really gives her best effort to be supportive but sometimes it just does not deliver well at all but you fuck with the effort
she’s also the friend who mooches things off you but forgets to give something back in return and by now this bitch owes you AT LEAST fifty quid
cannot stop sending you tiktoks
always has the craziest stories that leave you in awe or in stitches, her life is like a movie and at this point you don’t even care that she makes some up just to see you laugh
ALWAYS defends you even when you’re so clearly in the wrong that it’s just pathetic for her to be backing you up, but if you’re going to go down looking dumb then of course she will join you
the friend who is kind of stuck with 2014’s humour but you let it slide because you love him too much
he misses vine so much and definitely quotes vines too much
still trying to keep a snapchat streak with you for whatever reason you have no idea why
the friend who always invites you to anything he does ever just because one day you might say yes
“wanna walk my dog with me” “my moms sending me to the shops to get her some stuff, wanna come?” “i’m gonna try and find tadpoles wanna join”
when you’re watching a movie he cannot stop listing trivia and it’s not even annoying anymore it’s actually endearing
even if nobody else is listening to you as you talk you can bet that marco is avidly listening and always interacts
buys you lunch sometimes because he’s feeling nice
he’s also the friend who sometimes just lies to your face about things because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings
always calling you on facetime for no reason
ymir does not understand the concept of a phone call, she MUST be looking at you as she talks or else none of it matters
she’s a little bit of a peer pressure friend but not in an uncomfortable way and she won’t pressure you into crazy absurd things
“have a little bit of alcohol at least” “how do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it?” “literally everyone else is coming so you HAVE to”
pretends she doesn’t care but she’s the friend who REALLY does her part when saving you a seat somewhere, and i mean like she has her legs on that chair saving it for you, doesn’t matter who walks up to her trying to take it
a bit of a reckless friend who never wears her fucking seatbelt and it gives you intense paranoia
she keeps it 100 with you always but on occasion she will suck up a lot just to make you feel happy
definitely a flirty friend
she is the friend who probably likes stuff you show her but she will always criticise at least one thing about it without meaning to make it sound shitty
“i mean, i agree that team iron man makes more sense but why are we mad at bucky for killing tony’s parents when tony killed wanda’s?” “why do you ruin everything i love”
buys you random things saying “saw this and thought it was funny lol i thought of you”
likes hugs and is unapologetic about it and she’ll always hug you goodbye before you leave somewhere
up your ass blowing smoke
if there has ever been a friend who just wants to make you happy it is her
if you genuinely look terrible and everybody knows it historia is the only person saying you look good
bad haircut? “I think it suits you” bad grades? “you did the best you could and thats what matters!” can’t sing? “i thought you sounded great, y/n”
bless her soul but she should not be blowing your trumpet like that
likes walking to school with you
if historia needs advice she’ll find you and ask for your opinion after she’s received a harsh one from ymir
she’s also the touchy friend but in a nice way
hugs you when you show up and hugs when you leave, and comes up behind you and wraps herself around you, leans up against you when the groups all talking, holds ur hand in crowds because she doesn’t want to get lost
the overlistener but it’s nice that someone cares THAT much about things you’re saying
the friend who is of no help whatsoever
“did you do the hw?” “i didnt even know we had homework sorry”
you go to his house and all this fool has to drink is protein shakes and it’s sickening
reiner is a friend who will jump into a fight for you but only after seeing you jump into it first
like if you’re fighting someone he’ll sit back smirking with his arms crossed for like a few minutes and THEN he’ll give a hand
unintentionally mansplains stuff to you but not because he wants to patronise you but just because he genuinely misunderstands and thinks you don’t know what you’re talking about
he absolutely wants to have a handshake with you and he WILL have one
“where my hug at” kind of friend
reiner is such an unbothered friend like you could tell him the most scandalous secret and he will genuinely die with it, like he won’t tell a soul until you do
has terrible memory so he forgets your birthday every year and forgets every conversation you ever had so forever repeats himself
always seems to toe the line but never goes over it, he treats you with a level of respect but boy sometimes he does push his luck to get a reaction
responds to text arguments with cup pong requests
never replies to your messages but it’s because he has no notifications on his phone for anything
still pokes and waves on facebook
offers you his jacket if it’s cold outside
probably a little bit of a pushover so he always tries to give you his things “berty stop giving me your lunch you will be hungry” “but if you want it you can have it” “i DON’T”
insists on trick or treating every year for halloween
always asks you to do very unthreatening and random things
“will you paint my nails for me?” “will you be honest and tell me if i look weird in this skirt?” “i want to look at the gerbils in pets at home do you want to come with me just to look”
always showing you videos or movies he likes and does that thing where he’ll keep looking over at you to gauge your reaction
complains about doing anything but will still end up being the only person who offers to do it
sends really dry text messages but always has so much to say on a phone call
she’s not very good at giving advice at all but she always wants to help you
picks up on the little things about you and commits stuff to memory even if you only mentioned it once
three years ago you told her you liked peaches and she now when she sees them selling peaches in the cafeteria she’ll get you one
if you do any extracurricular activities like band and you’ve got a performance she will be the first friend who buys a ticket
she likes it when you send her quizzes to do
the friend who can be silent in a conversation but you know is always listening and remembering things you say
she’s also very honest and she tries to sugarcoat it but at the end of the day people need to hear what they need to hear not what they want to hear
cries at movies you pick out but threatens you when you laugh about it
always randomly invites you over to do something or for a sleepover
she lets you pick the music for the car or the movie and she is always open to things you suggest to do, she’ll do anything if it makes you happy and makes you like her :)
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tamiddyinyourcity · a year ago
What the fuck.
Saturday, April 25th of 2020.
I feel.... not amazing.
It's harder to type when stressed, but I put on the pink string lights I set up today to add a bit of a scenery change.... hopefully this makes me feel better. A small tilt in how my room feels for me, but one step closer to the sanctuary that I need for myself right now......
What's stressing me out:
I found out about a Netflix franchise called "I Am Not Okay With This"... The comic book is a lot harder hitting. Maybe even triggering for me, due to mentions of PTSD, her awkwardness, her naive and cringey baby gay phase, low self esteem, the nerdy friends she enjoys the company around but have a crush on her.... certain things. Plus knowing that the comic itself ends with her killing herself in the most GRUESOME way possible, exploding her own fucking head.... Gosh, to think that I thought Dear Dumb Diary was hard hitting when I was growing up.... Fuck, man. If I smoked cigarettes, youd see me go through a whole fucking pack right this second.
Remembering the terrible incident with Mark; the guy who took me to a great nearly 5 star restaurant, buttered me up with chocolate souffles, orange zest crumb cakes, and lobster, steak, all of that... (in insanely small portions; god, rich people LOVE to have lobster claw soup smaller than 1/3 the size of a fucking shotglass,) and then despite a night that would have been otherwise successful, still took a small piece of dignity that I can't get back that night. The night was almost perfect, until he fucking ruined it doing what he did... I won't beat myself up over it at all, not anymore. I needed the money for travel, artwork, food, and things I couldn't get at home or from the average job. (Not one I was going to be sane enough to keep, both due to my disability AND a dysfunctional household where food and rest were seen as very low tier things for me to be able to have at all....)
I talked to Cam again today. He's good for occasional idle conversation. I appreciate that he didn't give me the cold shoulder after the *several* messy online posts I'd made online, after the *many* messy breakups we had.... I still feel bad about not having the guts to reach out to Jasper or Marcus. Not like I knew them too well, they were just good people; Marcus was ridiculously fun to hang with, that night he and I collabed and drew a stripper with ginormous titties, nipple piercings, and a "tramp stamp, but on the front, since shes got a spinal disease and is stripping to pay for it", on the wine bag my ex had brought to the Halloween party. We kept slapping it, all night long.
And, not much to say for Jasper, which makes me kinda sad. Not much to say? I liked their hair color, a light golden brown in some photos, and a really fun sense of humor. I actually am starting to cry as I write this, since yknow, that was the first really good night in ages where I felt like.... really welcomed by those I loved, and cared about, yknow? Or like, i dunno, that it wasnt me obsessing or fixating on just one person, that it was.... the reverse. Multiple people, accepting me for who I was, even with "google 'donkey punch'" as my instagram bio, or telling stories about that time I had almost got a decapitated penis in the mail before.
Anyway, I don't know.... It felt like shit, losing the positive connections like that. Me and Audrey still talk, but once a blue moon, since we were never close before I had met Patrick. (We talked about lucid dreaming and her artwork, and now we seem to talk even less now that the awkward 'u kinda tormented my roommate lol' vibe is ever present....)
But, Cam and I still talk, which feels good. He had a "my guess is ill never be able to know what fully happened, since he frames you as the one who did wrong, and you probably frame him also, so.... i figure its none of my business" mindset, which I respect. (But also am wary of, since several perpetrators I know had friends who could hear the worst of my side and still try to pull a 'Quaker' and 'not choose either', but in the end, still defended their homie... Yikes, being able to see how people will really lie to women's faces about if their friend was cheating or not, but eh, thats a whole different unrelated story to unpack some other different day...)
Cam messaged me about lucid dreaming, and honestly I would've told him more in-depth the ones I've been having recently, (i told him about the one he guest starred in,) but honestly.... I don't know. Hard to really feel comfortable talking about the Patrick situation. Its easy to vent on a tumblr page that I believed no one else read in an attempt to blow off some steam, but like.... Very different, describing to someone that you're dreaming about your ex months later, in very vivid and symbolic dreamlike situations, about overworking your mind by thinking of "what ifs" instead of dealing with the fate dealt out to you..... I don't even know if he knows HOW the most recent breakup went down. And I am a girl who is rarely able to lie, but is good at blocking out memories, or great at keeping silent and giving half answers. I don't know how well the "I'm having dreams about wanting to be with my ex despite hating him, since I feel guilt over pulling a domestic on his front porch", and... I don't think I'm super ready to talk about that yet.
So I feel like I was a bit vague describing certain parts of my dreams, relating to chasing people in an unhealthy way..... without the context of what happened with Patrick, or even bothering to describe the events with Rowan, really. I dislike not sharing the full truth of my experiences with others, it still feels like lying anyway to me........
But it's not being dishonest, if they never asked me, right? It's not lying, if theres no context for anything to be seen as a truth or an instance in the first place.
I've got to eventually let myself move on. I guess the main reason I feel so much guilt, is since it was like that Zack #2 situation. Lighting doesn't usually strike twice. The first time I ever lost my shit to that heavy extent with a man? Could be written off as "seventeen year old autistic minor upset that her nineteen year old college fwb sees her as unworthy of a date, basic communication, or respect at bare minimum and struggles with heartbreak after years of similarly traumatizing situations". As a "bad phase", or "you had been so young, dont worry about it, youve changed over the years and i would have never guessed youd done something like that, he probably deserved it, what a pizzafaced asshole"....
The 2nd time, its much harder to prove the "I'm not crazy, I just have bad taste in men and respond very poorly to situations that could be avoided". (Or wait, maybe its even easier? All he had to do was not stall a hangout for so long, or just agree to simple terms, or ban someone hostile that wasnt me from his birthday party, but nooooo.)
A lot of my friends still hate him. And definitely gave me the cold shoulder when we started hooking up after the shit he had put me through.... I don't blame them. He was so lame, rude, flat out shitty. And for fucks sake, he was congested all the time.... I found it cute, but its still pretty fucking gross to know hes never found out how to clean his goddamned nose. 21 years on this planet and you're congested for no reason???? Even with advice????? Eat your own shit, asshole. (Sorry, the swearing is kicking in again.... hes a very upsetting individual to think about.)
And the knowledge that for someone who's very anti-abuse, to do that.... was not amazing. But I can't change it, nor do I intend to lie about it. I guess it'll just be an example of what not to do in relationships, you know? (Or well, we broke up during both instances......)
Also, in IANOWT, there's a character named Stan.... reminds me too much of my nerdy ex-compadre. Probably the line, "My favorite part was when he went down on me. He was good at it. Stan must've done his homework"....
A super annoying thing, knowing that a pretty blue eyed geeksquad looking motherfucker with good tongue skills has to be on my mind.
And the other alternative is the UK version of a pretty blue eyed geeksquad looking motherfucker. But less geeky, more perverted, and still depressing but not nearly as much.
Also, my prison pen pal replied to me.....
So not only did the guy I originally replied to not respond, but two 30 year old black men that were arrested for multiple crimes now know my name and address. I'm guessing they stole his letter. Poor Christian Texas John.
Unless he willingly handed over my letter and photo to two perverts because he didn't want the platonic friendship.... then, Christian Texas John, go eat some prison ass.
(I feel bad even writing that, since that does sometimes happen... Hopefully, John isn't a stupid asshole enough to do that. But who knows? He did attempt to brutalize a person with a lethal weapon, and I never got the full context for that, but, eh....)
So yeah, clearly that's...... not great. All I can do is tuck away the letters and chuckle, even if I was extremely pissed off and upset yesterday night. One of them somehow has a twitter still active, and the other tried to pretend I messaged him instead of John, and went "Haha yeah great to find someone with things in common as me!", then proceeded to ask me to reply with a "sexy fantacy" i wanted to happen.
Do men ever not wanna get on my nerves? Please? For fucks sake, i swear the main reason I date guys is because theyre supposed to be more predictable, but they either surprise me with their bullshit, or end up living to my worst thoughts about any outcome of seeing them. (Like how I expected only sex from Matty, he made me feel loved, then gave me what i can describe as comparing the feeling of being tripped off a building and feeling my legs, hips, spine, skull, and ribs shatter in pure agony as i bleed from inside out... and he's just up on the roof, smiling down at me, and walking away to go meet someone else he decided was worth the effort.)
Even if the wound has healed, the scar still exists too large to ever be forgotten like that.
I also feel bad for throwing the things with Rowan back into his face.
Even if he also ended up being a nightmare of a guy, he still was a dream for the time being.
Hopefully he forgives me, and my words don't linger so strongly in his mind. Sometimes words people say won't kick in until years down the line, and really hurt when they do....
He's alright. I don't need to check in on him. He has loads of other girl friends to womanize and perv on, girls closer to his area to flirt or sext with, and other people to play with the feelings of, then pretend he didnt see it coming, despite doing everything exactly as he would've in serious pursuit of anyone else.....
He's a prick with a patchy beard. He won't kill himself. He would just go off his meds and start tweeting about hating his life, or something.
Miss him or not, i still dont need that shit, you know?
Peace out yalls.
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rotmanticism · a year ago
bakistan trip thots
here’s a super long post detailing my thoughts and observations while staying in pakistan im also going to include the two days i spent in saudi arabia anyways this is going to be long  so here we go-
Saudi Arabia:
I....don’t even know where to start with this one. Visiting Mecca and Medina was dreamlike, but the rest of the country...The best way I can explain it is that I was constantly on edge. There’s just something so unsettling about the people there. Not the laborers of course, who almost all were pakistani, which was pretty funny since we spoke more urdu than english in s.a. But going back to the holy mosques, Al-Haram didn’t feel real. It still doesn’t. Touching it felt even less real. I still can’t believe I went there. I actually experienced a supernatural event there. I was standing in line, waiting for fajr to begin, when i felt three fingers tap my shoulders, but when i turned around, it was just women standing in the row behind me, and they were too far too touch me...i’d like to think an angel patted my shoulder :)
Masjid-e-Nabwi s.a.w is GORGEOUS. like seriously breathtaking!! i gotta give it to the sauds on this one, they went off. i was also lucky enough to visit the prophet’s grave. i couldn’t see it bc they’ve put a barrier up (:/) but knowing im just a few meters away from him....what i prayed most there is that i would return to that very spot, but when im dead.
Jeddah international airport SUCKS. how the khaleejis have billions of dollars but literally dont have running water in their bathrooms is beyond me ffs
Oh, Lahore. For context, I visited Lahore again after nearly a decade. And so much has changed. To my pleasant surprise, the city has developed immensely. In certain parts of the city, you couldn’t even tell this was part of a developing country. One thing I was really happy to see tho was the sharp reduction of child beggars. There are still children laborers, but they’re from impoverished families, not homeless orphans. Said orphans are (hopefully) being taken care of by the new bureau of children’s welfare. there were a bunch of signs for the bureau with a hotline to call if you saw a child in need. Of course, poverty still exists, and things have become considerably harder ever since Imran Khan has upped the sales tax to 16 (!)%. I actually saw a sign that read “Don’t mind the tax- it’s building your country” lol. Maybe if those mf’s didn’t allot 80% of the annual budget to the army, you wouldn’t have to make like a living hell for the impoverished.
Speaking of the army...they play such a complicated role in pakistan. On the night Solemani was murdered, I was woken up by an air-raid siren. I was just lying in my bed in complete fear, not knowing if India was attacking us or not. Because I pray, I know which direction west is, so I was just holding my breath and telling myself if the plane comes from the west, it’s ours and we’re fine, and if it comes from the east, we’re fucked. Of course it came from the west and the next morning when I asked my mom about it she told me it was just a practice drill, and the sirens for if/when india attacks are unmistakable. There’s also the fact Lahore is right at the border, and if there was ANY bombardment we’d know about it before any siren had the chance to go off. so while the army suctions out billions of dollars for itself (the most expensive housing schemes in lahore (DHA, Askri, Cantonment, etc. are all owned by the army), no one can really speak against them, because unlike the u.s army, they do play a role of defense for the population, and people have the utmost faith in the army. i asked my friend if the army should liberate kashmir, and she strongly said yes and insisted that the kashimiris be restored their human rights, but when i asked if she was scared of the resulting war, she said no, because she knows that “our army is stronger than india’s. that’s why they’re too scared to start a war outright with us.”
I actually visited the Wagha border. I thought the ceremony itself was hilarious in how stupid it was, and yes I gave myself a moment to be toxic and joke with my cousins at how much smaller and skinnier than indian army was than our punjabi rangers, but overall, I left the flag-changing ceremony feeling anxious and sad. Sad because on the other side of the border is Amritsar, the city my great-grandfather lived in. And I’m likely to never see it. The partition should not have happened, but when I visited the history museum and saw the exhibit of the refugee trains that came to Lahore with more dead passengers than living’s a sad truth that such dire circumstances had been created by the evil british empire that the partition was a necessity. A look at how muslims are being treated today in india only confirms every prediction jinnah had about the fascist hindutva caste rule that grips india today like an iron vice. im not trying to defend the pakistani state in any ways, as it itself is bigoted and straight up feudalistic lol, but i have greater hope for its populace of eschewing itself from religious sectarianism than i do for india atm. 
And oh, how my heart hurts for Kashmir. I visited a boy’s orphanage that was especially for Kashmiri orphans...Meeting those sweet babies, and seeing the sadness on their faces...When my mom asked about the poor condition of the place, the man in charge very sadly said “i know you wont believe me, but this place is much better than what we rescued these boys from”. all i can say is death to the illegal indian occupation and peace and liberation for the brave and resilient people of Kashmir. 
I also visited a women’s shelter for victims of domestic violence. That definitely triggered by ptsd, but that shelter is run by the government, unlike the orphanage, and i was really happy to see it was in really excellent condition. However, that was really the only positive there. While the shelter has an amazing skills program where they empower women to become financially independent by teaching them reading writing and other basic skills...all the women there were so broken down in the inside. and it killed me bc i had seen those looks a million times in both mine and my mother’s faces back when we still lived with my father. when my mom asked how she could help one of the women, she replied “by making me into a man. otherwise there is only suffering”. i kinda wanna cry just writing that. the patriarchy is the worst thing there is about pakistan, and i wanna tear each and every abusive man apart!!!!
ok let me try to get to the more positive parts....besides the sad things i mentioned above, living in lahore is so fun! every time you leave your house is an adventure. shopping in the bazaars are exciting and intellectually stimulating as you design your own clothes and bargain the prices, the street food is TO DIE FOR, all the people are super kind (literally if you’re trying to reverse or make a u turn on a busy street, a random person will come and help you without you even asking). the rikshaws are so cute, i loved all the goats just chilling, the old lahori architecture is gorgeous, and of course, all our food is delicious. all my relatives are so sweet, and they made me realize how lonely life in america is. 
OH, i forgot to add, there are chinese propaganda posters EVERYWHERE in lahore. i’ll make a separate post for that, but the effects of the CPEC is very clear to see in lahore. one thing about all the developmental projects that was nice is that there was a very clear focus on aesthetics, and i can happily say that lahore really does look like the city of gardens once more :)
Islamabad......Before I say anything I just wanna say every other bitch in that city has a white man. I simply don’t get it. Ok I do, since Pakistani men suck, but did we really have to go after the colonizers....Anyways, the city is gorgeous. I can see why it’s one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The backdrop of the himalayas only add to the charm. It was pretty bougie tho. 
Hmm I think I said everything. If not I’ll just make another post lol. 
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