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#also idk if soccer has quarters that might not be true
redrobin-detective · 7 months ago
Detective Conan Movie Ranking
Hey so while my laptop has been down I binged all 23 main Detective Conan movies and was gonna give a brief review and breakdown
Favorite (9-10) one of my favs High Medium (6-8) enjoyed, probably will watch again Low Medium (3-5) not bad but forgettable, might rewatch but maybe not Ugh (0-2) just bad, I don’t want to see it again
1. The Time Bombed Skyscraper (1997) [6] Relatively simple bombing plot but some good character action and development. Not as good as I remembered.
2. The Fourteenth Target (1998) [5] Criminal is targeting people close to Kogoro, some good scenes but not my favorite. Liked it more than I remembered which wasn’t a lot.
3. The Last Wizard of the Century (1999) [9] The Kaitou Kid is after a Russian Fabergé Egg. A true classic, one of the best. This whole movie is nostalgic with a good mix of action and heart. I love it every time I watch it. 
4. Captured in Her Eyes (2000) [3] Ran witnesses a murder attempt and loses her memory. Pretty bland and kind of a dumb plot, not inherently bad just not my thing. Expectations were low.
5. Countdown to Heaven (2001) [7] Several key figures in the creation of a building are murdered. The turn where DC movies became a little more action oriented, fairly good mystery, good effects and good character development. Liked it more than I remembered.
6. The Phantom of Baker Street (2002) [9] A rogue AI traps a bunch of kids in a virtual reality 19th century London to solve the Ripper case. As a Sherlock fan this is near and dear to me, like #3 its a warm, comforting movie. Always makes me smile to watch.
7. Crossroad in the Ancient Capital (2003) [5] Conan, Heiji and the rest are in Kyoto when a slew of antique smugglers are murdered, explores Heiji’s first love. Its okay, had some good deductions and bonding btw Heiji and Shinichi but the plot was a bit boring. 
8. Magician of the Silver Sky (2004) [9] The Kaitou Kid is planning on stealing a jeweled ring aboard a plane. Unironically probably my favorite, I just love this one so much for the half batshit/half emotional plot. Best use of Kid in the movies. 
9. Strategy Above the Depths (2005) [7] A series of murders occur on a luxury liner. It takes a fairly simple plot and spins a genuinely compelling murder mystery with som good character moments for Ran, Conan and Kogoro. Liked it more than before. 
10. Private Eye’s Requiem (2006) [8] With their loved ones held hostage at an amusement park, Kogoro, Conan and Heiji need to solve a cold case. The plot is a bit weak but this movie has the second best use of Kid and is hysterical from a meta POV. Love it every time.
11. Jolly Roger of the Deep Azure (2007) [4] One a small island, the group chases after treasure hunters and potentially pirates gold. Such a fun premise that ultimately falls flat but it’s got it’s enjoyable moments. Honestly couldn’t remember any of this movie.
12. The Full Score of Fear (2008) [6] Prior to a big music concert in Japan, a famous singer is targeted. The plot was kind of weird and forgettable but idk, I genuinely liked this. Definitely the calmest of DC movies, kind of a nice break from the usual chaos.
13. The Raven Chaser (2009) [9] A serial killer is on the loose and Conan finds himself competing for clues against the Black Organization. Another classic, a tight, fascinating plot, probably the highest plot related stakes in the movie verse. 
14. The Lost Ship in the Sky (2010) [7] The Kaitou Kid targets a jewel from an airship targeted by bio-terrorists. Kid is a little bit too bastard in this one tricking Ran like that but the plot is pretty interesting and has some nail-biting moments. 
15. Quarter of Silence (2011) [4] A train is bombed and the investigation takes them to a snowy village where an unsolved case resurfaces. Again, has some good moments and good visuals but overall was pretty forgettable. I barely remembered it. 
16. The Eleventh Striker (2012) [5] Soccer stadiums are being bombed and its a race against time in the midst of final matches. Same as above, good moments, good action but kind of boring. I liked it slightly more than when I first watched it.
17. Private Eye in the Distant Sea (2013) [1] A spy has been identified onboard a Japanese naval vessel with promises of more murder and mayhem. I was so bored throughout this entire movie and the plot was boring and meandering and didn’t make much sense. 
18. The Dimensional Sniper (2014) [3] A disgruntled American ex-sniper targets those who wronged him. Japan counters with their own sniper. Centralized on American military culture, it focuses on precision shooting with some nice effects but the plot is laughably bad.
19. The Hellfire Sunflowers (2015) [7] The Kaitou Kid targets van Gogh’s Sunflowers but is he becoming murderous? This one is kind of wild but in a fun way. The criminals motivation is baffling but a morally ambiguous Kid and Kid/Conan interactions are delightful. 
20. The Darkest Nightmare (2016) [8] A Black Org member steals a list of all the spies in the BO but loses her memory and she must decide if she wants to go back. Another heavy BO movie, it’s both poignant with crazy, physics defying action scenes. Really enjoyed it. 
21. The Crimson Love Letter (2017) [7] A Karuta card tournament is being threatened while Kahuza battles a girl in cards for Heiji’s love. This one I hadn’t seen before and it was very interesting, Kazuha got the well deserved spotlight along with some fascinating Japanese culture. 
22. Zero the Enforcer (2018) [1] Amuro accuses Kogoro of bombing a building leading to a legal and physical battle of wits and will. I..... I legit was so lost half of this movie. It jumped around wildly and borderline made no sense. Also I’m just not an Amuro fan so I couldn’t dismiss its flaws like I can with Kid movies. 
23. The Fist of the Blue Sapphire (2019) [2] Kaito Kid targets a sapphire in Singapore during a karate tournament and kidnaps Conan. This is the exception that proves the rule, the only Kid movie I legit didn’t like. Its so nonsensical and Kid again is too bastard to be likable. What even was the plot?
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