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#also excuse the MESS my RATS made
lol-jackles · 24 days ago
What's your take on Wanda Vision? I think it's one of the most overrated Marvel series ever. It's just a long version of Supernatural's Changing Channels with better CGI, imho. Changing Channels at least has deeper meaning. Wanda Vision is just a story about a supposed superhero who can't escape her lover's death, ended up destroyed other people's lives, then finally got her penance in a way. Never knew Marvel could be that lame and predictable x
Oh man it didn’t even occur to me it was like Changing Channel! I like Changing Channel so much more, though that’s not saying whole lot.  Hmmm, maybe I need to see Changing Channel again, it’s been so many years.
I'll be honest, I watched Wandavision while answering Asks on tumblr so I probably missed a lot of important details.  With that confession disclaimer out of the way...
Sitcoms are my guilty pleasures but making the first 3  episodes complete sitcoms which have no connection with the storyline when you have only 9 episodes did not help in making this series interesting.  Am I right to think the meta-commercials had no significance whatsoever in the storyline other than to, I dunno, confuse people?  Speaking of having no significance with the storyline, did Monica, Jimmy Woo, and Darcy need to be there?  I like them and thought Jimmy and Darcy were underrated in their respective movies, but if you remove those three and the majority of SWORD from the series would anything change much?  
I give WandaVision credit for making me care about Wanda and Vision where I was indifferent to them in the movies to the point I didn’t give a rats ass that Vision died.  Wanda was one of the few good things about Age of Ultron, but then they gave her a cardboard personality in the proceeding movies.  WandaVision tapped into potential of both characters and made their romance adorable and believable.  Vision got a character arc of questioning his identity. Vision vs White Vision was quite cool but very short. How White Vision was defeated with logic was smart but a bit anticlimactic. I don't know where he flew off to but I hope it is revealed in a future project.
Elizabeth did justice to Wanda's storyline as she went through grief, anger, love, and redemption (well, except that Westview hostage thing).  The maturity she displayed in the finale by dissovling the Hex even after knowing what she will lose was commendable. She finally moved on from  Vision's death.  The White Vision twist and the fact that Wanda had not stolen Vision's body was the most amazing reveal for me in WandaVision.  My only issue with Wanda's storyline is they kind of made her a villian in the end.  Even if you ignore her brainwashing and torturing Westview as an accident, she  purposefully did the exact same thing to Agatha in the end, and no one calls her out on it. Not even Vision.  WandaVision is supposed to be a show that talks about grief, but there’s a difference between doing something bad, and, oh I dunno, ENSLAVING an entire town against their will because you’re sad.  They can’t excuse when the main character mess up due to their screwed up morals,  I felt like WandaVision does.
Readers know my issue with MCU villains.  I am one of those who very firmly believe in the principle of "every story is as good as its villain."  Apparently MCU disagrees and thinks every villain should be sympathetic or worse, relatable.  Screw that MCU.   So I just did not care about Agatha. yeah she has a quirky personality but I didn't find her interesting.   I also didn't like how the whole show was “It was Agatha all along!” but she wasn't even the one pulling the strings. It was Wanda all this time.  Wanda vs Agatha was a meh battle. It could have been much better if there was more variety in the attacks. The fight was mostly Wanda throwing hexes at Agatha and dying until she had enough and defeated her.  
Final score: 6 out of 10.  One point deduction for each sitcom episode and another point deduction for the boner joke.
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ligispro · 25 days ago
Redeeming Decay
If you give an apple to someone, only to come back in few days, seeing it decayed and smelly, what would be your reaction?
What would you do if you perceive the stench of a dead rat in your kitchen? Find a means and clean it up right? Why? Because it is within right? What if the smell is coming out from a neighbor's? Would you offer to do same if perceived?
You would agree that most times, a toddler who has pooed on himself wouldn't be uncomfortable moving around in his own mess, but it is expected of a reasonable grown adult to be uncomfortable with the smell and wouldn't need to be told to pick up the toddler for a thorough cleaning.
There are times things that are perishable are left to get decayed, and smelly and no one would lift a finger to find solutions and remedy the situation, as long as it doesn't affect them directly, it shouldn't be any one's sole responsibility. I could remember in my very younger years that an elderly woman who supposedly lived alone, died and as there wasn't a single human to see to the corpse, it decayed and the smell made a lot of people to avoid walking past that path, taking an alternative route entirely. It took an extra week after the evacuation for things to come back to normalcy in that environment. The puzzle still remains “Would that place have been shut down if her kids who weren't staying close didn't come to take care of the corpse?
Do you know that some dumpsites in Nigeria were not authorized sites for garbage, but what do you think happened? Mr. A did it and nobody complained, why then would Mrs. Z find it an issue, hence let us all keep dumping as it is no man’s land but when flood comes, all of them chant woe and look for whom to blame.
It is easier to feel uncomfortable, even get nauseous when something doesn’t smell right, just the way we cover our mouths and hold our noses against offensive odors but we forgot entirely that it took a lot of time and process before it decayed and seem irredeemable, but even if there are chances of redeeming it, it wouldn't ever be as it was, besides a lot would have to go in before it becomes really good again. Hence the need why every "apple" should be adequately taken care of, irrespective of who owns it.
The popular saying that it takes a lot to build, but destruction comes quite easier is so true when you consider how it gets worse by the day as regards to state of the nation. I once heard that with #20, one could live quite comfortable in early 60's up to 80's. Do we talk about how jobs were already available and waiting for school certificate holders, not to talk of how undergraduates were pampered to study, provided with meals and given jobs accompanied with a car after graduating? Would we exclude how quality education could be obtained in public schools where teachers were dedicated to the course and not what is obtainable now, where public schools are now left to the poorest of the poor? A teacher in one of the public schools within the FCT once lamented how the majority populace within the school consists of kids living with foster parents and rest are those from very poor background, while there are still kids of school age whom their parents can't afford an education for them, even in public schools . It is unfortunate that even these teachers in these public schools can't allow their own kids study within the confines of the environment where they are teaching because they do not trust the system themselves. Do you know what they do?
Do we talk about the health sector which has become a shadow of death? If we ask you why? We could guess your response and possibly making of excuses, trying to save yourself and entirely blaming the system. Someone the other time was even surprised that there are unemployed people in the medical field. What do we say also about the security and legal framework? Do you think that the poor are entirely free from the security challenges and how about the legal framework? Do you think that Justice is obtainable irrespective of social status and religion? We all have loads of questions begging for answers but I guess these answers requires individuals that are mentally stable, financially adequate and are have a deep understanding of the Nigerian state .
On this part we would be closing with a remark made from an anonymous Nigerian comedian who once said that "once something goes up in Nigeria, it would never come down"
Punchline: Redeeming a decayed apple isn’t totally impossible… Ask us how at ICSOIL.
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toadygoblin · a month ago
TW: racism, antisemitism, transphobia, ableism
Okay, it's been a really long week, but I figured I might as well put my two cents in about the Schlatt situation. Sorry if this post is all over the place, and I use WAY too many parentheses, (just apologizing in advance). Also, sorry if my spelling is off, trying to type on mobile is horrible.
Okay, here goes.
First, I wanna talk about my relationship with Schlatt's content overall. I first found out about Schlatt through Soothouse, and then CallmeCarson (who I'm not a fan of anymore, for obvious reasons), and back when quarantine started here in the US, I started watching Lunch Club videos. From there I started watching Schlatt's main channel content, and I really enjoyed it for the most part (his Wii videos were always my favorites), and the stuff he posted on Theweeklyslap always made me feel better when I was feeling really sad about life. His iconic video about his mutton chops made me hate my appearance a little less, and his Weeklyslap video about parasocial relationships brings up very important points that every content creator and fan should listen to and learn from.
I will say, though, I was still pretty on the fence about Schlatt as a person, because I always heard about how frequently he was cancelled for stuff he did in the past that he hadn't apologized for. But at the time I just thought it was just Twitter being a hellscape and cancelling content creators for stupid reasons (for example, Quackity , for speaking Spanish, which is HIS FIRST LANGUAGE). And, to be fair, I didn't particularly hate the Jackbox content he's made in the past (though recently, Iv'e gotten kinda tired of getting a notification and it's ANOTHER Jackbox video), but when first saw the original thumbnail... I literally had no words.
I really should have not clicked on the video in the first place, but I did anyway, because part of me was hoping that it was going to be making fun of racist people who do blackface and stuff, but that's not what I saw. Instead, I saw "jokes" about h*tler and the holocaust, making fun of people who put their pronouns in thier bios( which was a slap in the face for me), and all sorts of other horrible shit. I went on Tik Tok afterwards and saw SO MANY people that were upset about the video as well, and then I checked Twitter and Tumblr to see what people had to say, and the general consensus seems to be that everyone was upset with Schlatt for one reason or another.
I'm POC, but I'm not black,so I won't speak on behalf of the the black community, but the video's old thumbnail (yes, he changed it), was really the cherry on top of the rat poison sundae that was this video. I'm also not Jewish, but I think everyone can agree that it is NEVER okay to joke about the genocide of millions of Jews. Niether is it okay to use ableist slurs like the R word, or condone and defend people who do.
I think the fact that a few of Schlatts friends (Justaminx, Iamty, Connoreatspants) were upset with him speaks volumes. In Iamty's recent stream, he explained why he was personally hurt by the video. I recently reblogged a post that includes the part of the stream where he talks about it, if you wanna check it out. Fitz and Swaggersouls, of course, brushed it off, which is super frustrating. I swear, it's like trying to explain to middle school boys why saying slurs is wrong, and them just ignoring you because they don't care. I never really liked either of them, but this seals the deal for me.
Because I lack good judgment when I'm curious about something, I went back to the video to check the comments, and I was disgusted by the stuff I saw. And, of course, there were commentary channels run by 16 year old white boys defending Schlatt, using the classic excuse "ItS JUst A jOke!" and "iTs daRk HumOr!". But I saw a few channels (that usually defend Schlatt when he gets cancelled), weren't covering the situation, and I even saw one video where the commentator mentioned that they were a fan of his content, but that they were extremely disappointed in schlatts recent video. It was kind of refreshing to see, tbh. But also a little sad.
Another thing, I REALLY hate the fact that he's profiting off of the video, complete with a sponsor and everything. He also HAD to have known what kind of trouble he would land in when he A: edited the video, and B: posted it with the original thumbnail. I have heard, though, that he doesn't edit his own videos (please correct me if I'm wrong).
Closing thoughts and statements:
First of all, to the person/people that are doxxing Schlatt: what the actual hell is wrong with you? I have family members that are horrible people, and are racist and stuff, but I would never, in a million years think of doxxing them as a form of revenge. Also, DO NOT attack his innocent fans that still enjoy his content. Obviously the fans that are defending him in this entire mess are not innocent, but still don't attack them. DO NOT send death threats to Schlatt, his friends, or his fans, because that's generally a messed up thing to do.
My thoughts about this whole dumpster fire is that since this video upset me, Schlatt's fans, and his friends, he should apologize for the things that were said and done. I understand that he was probably trying to distance himself from the Dreamsmp stans, but in doing so he lost a lot of long-term fans of his content, which is actually super heartbreaking. Iv'e already unsubscribed from his main channel, but I'm still subscribed to Theweeklyslap, just to see if he'll post an apology and address the problem as a whole, but with his track record, that probably won't happen.
And if that's the case, then I'm done with his content for good.
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hearts1ck · a month ago
what, you didn’t think i could clean up this well? – sapnap x reader
for @quackitree‘s writing event!!!!!!!! im very late lmao but despite that yall should check her out if you don’t follow her already and send her love <3 she deserves every single one of her followers and more :] the title is the prompt i snapped up because i wanted an excuse to write a prom sapnap fic with my ideal prom plans, which actually has very little prom involved fjdkhsjkfd i have never gone to like… any school party since middle school bc i didn’t want to (and covid for senior year, which i would have gone to) lmao so this whole thing is probably very flawed, forgive me
set in spring 2020 in an alternate universe where covid doesnt exist and also this streamer friend group does in the way i want it to lmao idk i just wanted to give yall something feelgood. because apparently the habit i can’t break is appearing to give you guys 5k+ works and then dipping again JFDKH
warnings / cursing, but otherwise this is very g/pg! super cheesy and kinda long so understandable if you want to skip the whole laser tag bit
✧₊∘ make sure to read this before following me - i have (tagged) nsfw on my blog!
“oh my god, quackity, that is not fucking safe, leave bad alone –,” george yells from beside you in the lounge space of bad’s thousand-year-old, baby pink estafette.
“you wouldn’t know!” quackity shouts right back, pausing from where he leans between the front seats. “mans has never been to drivers ed –,”
“all good, bad?” dream checks, and bad makes a hmm? noise from where he leisurely turns onto sapnap’s street.
karl giggles shrilly while he slaps the back of quackity’s headrest. “big daddy of driving?”
bad makes a displeased version of his humming noise while quackity flails – “nooo, is rat’s big daddy two-timing?”
“be quiet!” bad pulls at the funky old-ass-car gear until it settles to a stop, and points one finger into the air. “y/n, you getting sapnap?” you’re already struggling up through the back and pulling yourself out of the sliding camper door until you plant your feet firmly onto the curb.
“go pick up simpnap –,”
“wittle sappy nappy –,”
you book it to sapnap’s front door before you can hear the rest of it. it’s unlocked, has been since you texted sapnap ten minutes ago, and you slip into the front door after texting him a second time –
breaking in rn gonna eat ur valuables 🤩🤤
piss master: noooooo not all 8 crates of kraft im hoarding
sapnap appears in the hallway with a soft smile just after the text chime comes in. “excited for our last school dance?” he starts casually, looking quietly pleased and calm despite not particularly wanting to go to prom in the first place. (it’s senior year, anyway, and sapnap is a sucker for teen cliché.)
you want to answer him, you really do, except he – well, sapnap, he – he looks gorgeous.
you’d expected him to cut his hair, something you routinely begged him not to do throughout the week – “it gets in the way,” he’d said – but, as the unconscious hand smoothing it down proves, he did not cut his hair. it looks like he’d combed it back while it was still wet, so it falls, feathery with the barest waves, through his nervous fingers.
his scruff is neatened up, too, a confident brush instead of something he just ignored, and the lines of his suit stretch over the width of his shoulders in confident lines. his suit jacket is charcoal grey, but the dress shirt underneath is an unconventional slippery black, opened at the collar. it cuts an imposing figure, and the color combination works especially well since you were fully prepared for a simple, unoriginal black-and-white ensemble.
he looks down at himself, adjusts his cuff-links self-consciously before jerking his face up fast enough to mess his hair up just a bit, breaking the clean lines of his figure while staring at you with his pretty eyes, and despite opening your mouth you cannot think of a single intelligent thing to say.
suddenly, you remember the customary boutonniere in your right hand and let it save you. your hand goes out to offer the indigo burst of the bluebonnet stalk, but your body follows last minute, cautiously crowding up to sapnap’s wide chest as you wordlessly pin the pigmented flower to his lapel. he breathes under you and your heart jumps to your throat, loudly beating and useless. this isn’t your first time being close to him, but your hands shake like it is, and it’s stupid.
you don’t even have the willpower to step away from him when you’re done. sapnap leans sideways to grab something off a nearby table and presents you with the sibling to his boutonniere, the only thing the pair of you really decided on together; you both liked the subtle sign that you came together, belong together.
even if his mother expressed very good-natured disappointment over the flower being bluebonnets. she’d seen enough of them on highway curbs to think it the equivalent of wearing milkweed, but sapnap loved the color and you like lupin flowers, and honestly seeing the quiet excitement on sap’s face when you suggested them… you’d wear a mcdonald’s happy meal toy if sapnap made that face over it.
“you good?” he says eventually, smoothing his hands down your upper arms. you suddenly realize you have not said a single thing yet.
“uh. i.” you wave a hand over his chest, as if it will help you, and then point a thumb back towards his front door as if anyone in the van could help you.
sapnap grins. that mischievous, that i just got your ass grin that makes you immediately want to die on the spot with the explosion of butterflies in your chest. “are you blushing?” he coos. “what, you didn’t think i could clean up this well?” he says it with that faux, testing confidence, but the minute he sees you duck your head down to look at the both of your shoes – he is, surprisingly enough, not wearing vans – he guides your chin back up to him with his fingers.
he looks like he’s trying not to smile. you already know, factually, his eyelashes are very long, but the knowledge seems to be pounding against the walls of your skull despite this.
“i mean,” you mutter, “you do look very, very good. pretty – handsome. good. very good.”
it’s sapnap’s turn to blush, brilliantly too, and then his mom walks into the hall.
“oh! i hadn’t heard you come in. you always sneak in so quietly,” she says kindly, gives you a little wave with one hand, but sapnap’s face gets even redder at the implications.
“we should get going, actually,” you stammer, knowing the only two reasons why quackity hasn’t reached over to assault the horn already was either bad’s stone-cold control or karl and george’s particular talent to distract him with their own bullshit.
sapnap’s mom pulls out her phone before you can follow through. “just a couple pictures, and you two kids can run off.” you pose and let her do her thing, sapnap’s palm firm on your waist, big and spanning, even when his mom comes close to hug you both and kiss your foreheads.
“bad’s driving you, right?”
“uh huh,” sapnap says, kisses her forehead back and waves while picking up an extra pair of sneakers.
“if you dare distract him –,” you grimace at quackity going insane on the front passenger seat. “– just stay safe, okay? try to get home before sunrise.”
“nice curfew, mom,” sapnap teases before the door closes behind him, and a skull-shattering horn slams into your ears.
“get in losers, we’re popping off!”
“you’re soooo funny,” sapnap shouts, and karl screams back, “i know right?”
sapnap lets you in first, dapping up dream and flicking george’s forehead before giving karl a friendly shove.
“you took forever, guys, holy shit,” quackity complains.
dream grins like a jackal and innocently suggests, “sapnap makeout session era?” while pulling at the olive green tux he chose, and george gasps.
“hickeynap? did i hear a hickeynap?” karl leans half his body forward, necklaces over his turtleneck winking in the evening streetlights.
“yeah, and there’s no hickey jacobs so who's winning here –,”
“that makes literally no sense sapnap, not a single sense –,”
“wait, guys, grand feasting where? mcdonald's is a bit… overdone,” bad calls, eyes on the rearview mirror.
“WHATABURGER!” sapnap yells way too loud for a cramped van. you want to kiss his cheek for it.
“okay, does anyone have any actually good suggestions?” george offers primly, and sapnap threatens to stand and mess up his pale blue velvet tuxedo.
“we should just hit all our favorite joints and set up on the hill.” you high-five dream for the idea, since the original plan was to essentially raid a fast-food place, pretend to be british like every place in the area didn’t know prom was happening tonight, and then set up on the hill behind the venue and feast until they could be fashionably late.
“i’m ordering online from raising cranes,” you say, and quackity jerks in his seat to order from his phone.
“get me something!” bad calls, and you blow him a kiss – he is driving you all, anyway.
“you want me to order you whataburger?” you mumble in sapnap’s ear, and he grins at you.
“can i pay you back with kisses?”
he pulls your face to his and leaves a wet smooch somewhere on your temple, and you squeal at it – and punz, who was just climbing into the van you didn’t even realize had stopped, calls out “aww, two out of ten! where’s the passion, y/n?”
“they had some passion earlier when we had to wait for eons outside sapnap’s house,” dream accuses, and sapnap kicks him.
karl does his theatrical, high moan and sapnap absolutely rats your ass out: “y/n was just completely mesmerized by my beauty, guys, i was forced to stay at least a couple feet away for my safety –,”
“you dirty liar,” you spit, until everyone goes quiet as bad says, “i feel like the safety threat makes it better for sapnap?” with far too much innocence in his voice. (quackity loses his shit first).
eventually, you manage to collect the absolute mess of food you’d all ordered, even stopping by a mcdonald's with george and ordering in the worst british accent with sapnap, which left the cashier telling george he could drop his, and so george was obligated to throw fries at the two of you once you’d made it back to bad’s van.
the “feast” was cool, slowly watching the sky burn with sunset and darken over the venue building while you all passed around tacos and chicken fingers and soda, shoulders bumping as you laughed. from up on the hill, you could see people start to filter into the building just a bit before seven, and you all cleaned up together with easy excitement.
sapnap takes your hand as you walk down towards the black and gold balloon archways. that’s another thing you weren’t expecting when you started dating, besides his appreciation for ceremony; he’s softly romantic, just a guy who wants to express his affection in kind, teen-movie fashion.
you twist his wrist to take a look at his cufflinks. “no creepers?”
“mmm… my tie’s got creepers on it.” (he didn’t bring a tie.)
“shoulda bought a custom creeper suit,” you mumble while you walk into the building and hand over tickets while the floors thump with bass. “with all that streamer money you’re getting now.”
“you really overestimate my popularity.”
“dream’s starting to get places, isn’t he? commit theft.”
he grins a little bit, says a soft, “deal,” before you all enter the main party room.
sapnap immediately stiffens, since it already got crowded, and you squeeze his hand while you all pick around the dance area to pick a table to settle at. dream immediately wiggles away to pull some goofy moves, beckoning george and sapnap with the self-consciousness of a guy who wired wifi from his neighbors, which is to say, with no self-consciousness at all.
quackity tugs karl into a tango that is miraculously on the beat, and bad stretches from the drive. punz already disappeared to grab snacks for the table, so sapnap doesn’t have an excuse not to follow dream, and based on the very incredulous look george passes him, you figure it's time to help with encouragement.
it’s a shitty prom playlist but you make do, refusing to give a shit for your own dignity when you twirl up to dream, taking his hand to very awkwardly twirl him (he’s too tall to go under your arm gracefully) and then starts doing a frantic kind of macarena, which sapnap mimics, and eventually you all give up trying to get george to dance gently and just grab his shoulders and drag him onto the floor, forcing his completely lax arms into the robot. punz saunters in just in time to hip check him, which makes dream hip check his other side, which makes you hip check sapnap, and something about it breaks the initial dance fear and suddenly you’re goofing off to “happy.” the dj must think enough people have come in to hit you all with the cha-cha slide next, and then you’re right back to that questionable playlist.
well. questionable until “starships” starts playing, and suddenly something unlocks in you – and honestly, everyone else – as you just lose your shit in the ten-year-old hype music. it’s followed up by “dynamite” and “california girls” (dream screams the chorus so loud you could actually hear it over the music) so maybe you all go a little apeshit.
you’re laughing so hard you can’t breathe, and suddenly sapnap’s hands, which had previously been holding yours as he tried to salsa, wrap around you and hold you close to him as he laughs. you’re pressed to his chest while he gasps happily into your hair and you could not be more delighted in that moment, especially when the energy slows down after “yeah!” bleeds into “we are young.”
it’s so stupid, a classic from the 2010s making your heart and body thrum like this, but a long drawn out “toni-i-i-ight…” flows through the whole room, and you can’t help but forget everyone around you in sapnap’s presence, the dressed-up emphasis of his body.
when you look up at him, chin still on his chest, his smile makes his eyes crinkle and half-disappear into his cheeks. god does he look good as you sway together, his new cologne suddenly obvious. the prom theme is starry night, blinking fairy lights everywhere in your peripherals, but it’s sapnap’s eyes that shine the brightest. he spins you, giggling under his breath, just holding you close. you want to kiss the two freckles on his neck, so you do – the closest one, at least, because sapnap’s nose scrunches before you get the chance to peck the one under his jaw.
after the song, it’s clear people’s Big Social Event batteries are running down from the crowd, george and sapnap most obviously. you pass around those cheap cupcakes and cookies while everyone recovers, and everyone subtly eyes each other.
“so… we thinkin’ we can handle some more?” punz checks through a sip of punch.
“i’m a bit exhausted, but i think i could recharge in the car?”
sapnap nods with you, agreeing, and it looks like the others do until everyone’s eyes settle on karl.
because karl’s the one with friends in some cool places who are perfectly willing to take a couple of risks.
“phase two?” karl says with a raise of his eyebrows, and everyone nods. he grins. “then we dip.”
the drive to the laser tag place is mellow from all the gruesome movies about teen car crashes on prom night, but it’s good for your energy when you actually get to the darkened door. a woman appears from the shadows and lets you all in, setting up the queue and explaining how everything’s gonna work while turning the general lights on.
“you get three rounds, practice, free elimination, and then capture the flag. karl knows where the cleaning supplies are and how to shut down the systems, but you all better help him, kay? also, you have to obey the safety rules in there ‘cause i’m leaving, and i don’t want teenager blood on my equipment.” she runs through the rules – no body slamming, no purposeful tripping, and nothing that leaves any stains, ex: fighting.
karl salutes her and leads everyone into the vest room, where everyone starts to suit up while karl records the numbers. he puts them into a randomizer on his phone for the team game later and then explains the rounds. practice gets respawn points under the big lights scattered around the course, elimination is everyone for themselves plus power-ups and three lives, and capture the flag is self-explanatory – though, karl points out loudly, the flags are cool bandanas with a bulky sensor in the middle, which means a cool automated surprise for the team that wins.
you turn to sapnap to see if he wants to ally for elimination, knowing full well some of the others were going to do the same, only to watch him shrug off the grey suit jacket with ease. his back is facing you, so you just meet the sight of the stiff fabric sliding off his wide, dark shoulders. he turns so he’s in profile, then, and carefully rolls up one sleeve of the dress shirt. he does the same with his other arm, pressing the cuffs behind his elbow and flicking his thick forearms, and you think you might die on the spot.
he twists to raise the vest over his head and shimmy into it, arms tensing as he clasps the fastenings together, and then does that thing where he looks up from where he’s bent, hair gone messy again.
yeah. you’re dying.
“need help with the vest?” he checks, because you’ve been standing there silent for a minute and a half again.
“um. yes.”
bad move, since he’s pinching his brow as he focuses on fitting the vest on you gently, tightening the straps, spreading his hands over your shoulders in admiration of his handiwork. he looks really, really good in the dress shirt.
he (sort of) snaps you out of it by pointing at both of your shoes, and you change into the spares everyone brought.“wanna, uh. team up for elimination?” you say so you don’t start drooling on the spot.
he hums, unholsters the bulky laser gun on the hip of the vest, and squints down at the small screen on the back of it. “maybe if you do well in the practice?”
“stone cold, damn. where’d my soft sappy nappy go?”
you all start filtering up the next hall and into the course, the uv lights petering out into a soft purple glow. it’s a bit more risky as far as courses go, still all ramps and soft corners, but just above the doorway is a net bridge made from thick, glowing rope connecting two high points.
“killed him myself,” sapnap whispers. there's a big tv at the other end of the arena, counting down from six until the mercy timer hits, and sapnap grabs your wrist so he can kiss you quickly. “‘course i’ll team for elimination.”
and then the mercy start bell chimes, and you separate to go figure out the course yourself. the two tallest points are similarly built towers on opposite ends of the arena, each marked by those big, octagonal lights. respawn points.
they’re not the only ones lit up; you catalog each one you pass while making your way over to one of the towers, where you notice they’re built a little bit like bathroom stalls, with an upper platform, a space, and then the wall. underneath the platform is a half-level you could probably crawl under if you wanted.
you do, in fact, do well in the practice, only shot five times with just as many kills during the short practice period and coming in third place for it. (george comes in first, shot once, with over ten kills.)
and then there’s elimination. you and sapnap nod to each other, moving back to back before george taunts sapnap and he abandons you to take chase. in seconds your vest buzzes and makes a shattering noise, your gun flickering.
shot by your nightmare
two lives remaining
“funny name, dream!” you shout, and take off towards one wall with a light, bright to signify a power-up. you have to wait for the cool down but then immediately get an extra life, and eye the arena for more power-ups. you catch a lit vest, too tall to be sapnap, and shoot, before following whoever it is back into the course proper, where he’s sniped immediately after cool down.
“i can cover you!” quackity calls out, and the body shifts to reveal karl in the subtle light. you can’t take them both so you pull back, hearing punz shout, “i’m on my last, i’m on my last bad, stop!” and a subsequent, all too cheery, “good!”
then: “oh, muffin, was i on my last too?” and what you assume is the sound of punz running away, laughing.
you notice sapnap is back with quackity and karl, all three of them moving into open space cautiously, and you set your gun up to aim.
“you’re literally so hot sapnap,” karl mocks after sap misses a shot at dream, and quackity, running with it, suggests they all get married, to which sapnap agrees wholeheartedly. he turns around to make fake kisses at the two of them before he, without any warning, presses his gun against karl’s vest and shoots.
karl, gasping, falls flat back onto the hard floor – you could see his wince from where you are.
“we trusted you!” quackity shouts as karl pretends to die. “we loved you!”
“well, clearly you shouldn’t have done that,” sapnap replies, and guns down quackity’s second life.
karl rasps, “go, my love – you can return for my body later –,”
“no! i’m not leaving you!”
“live, quackity, so that i may not die in vain!”
“watch your back, sapnap! i’ll get my revenge!”
“i’ll kill you first!” but quackity already disappeared. sapnap does one more batshit thing and turns to look up at you, where you were sure they hadn't noticed you, with an overconfident grin.
“back for more?”
“cover my six and shut up,” you say fondly, climbing down to the lower floor.
together, you launch a joint attack on george, only to lose one life each to dream, who has apparently been acting like his goddamn guard dog the whole game.
punz nearly takes out quackity a little later, who thinks he died and so threatens to haunt sapnap for his unfinished business – until he realizes he still has one life left.
“i’m gonna make you feel exactly the way i felt!” he shouts, launching himself at you. you dodge narrowly, let him shoot twice before going offense, and just barely manage to clip his vest enough for it to count as a shot.
you turn happily to show off to sapnap, but you’re interrupted by the shattering death alert coming from your vest.
you check your gun.
shot by sapdaddy
no lives remaining
“sapnap!?” you cry, falling to your knees and onto your back.
“i’m sorry, i’m sorry my love. it was the only way.”
“only way for what?”
“i could not bear it,” sapnap rumbles, “to see another man kill you. to see someone else cause your suffering. to see you fall from an uncaring… laser… beam? and uncaring laser beam. it had to be me. if i cannot have your life, i’ll have your death, bloody and true on my hands.”
you blink up at him. “now i get why people have safe words in dnd.”
sapnap flashes a grin and kisses your forehead, before stalking slowly towards dream, who eyes him from afar, walls blocking his laser.
at least until sapnap bursts past him, cutting through open spots and charging towards george. “oh george!” he calls, but before dream can react, punz exoplodes out of nowhere and shoots.
it’s his last life.
he dusts himself off and meets you where you’ve stationed yourself on a convenient perch to watch the game, messing up your neatly-done prom hair when you sing-song “karma…”
it’s tough – punz is an excellent shot, even if he missed quackity, but george is freakishly talented and dream is defending him like he wants to get made fun of.
in the end, it’s inevitable; punz goes down, under dream’s hit no less, who turns brightly to george. he tries to step forward, but then –
george trips him. dream falls to the floor with a confused noise, and george shoots his second life away.
“there can only be one winner,” george says, clear as goddamn crystal. it’s freaky, that he can do that.
“don’t do this, george!” dream shouts from the floor. george points his gun down cooly, before placing his foot on the space between the vest censor and dream’s neck, a firm and dramatic move befitting whatever the hell this elimination game turned into. “we could end it here! go home, live on forever in peace. we’d have a – a farm! you’d love it, george!”
george tilts his head and smiles. waits until dream’s death cool down disappears and his vest lights up again. he chirps, “hmm. i don’t think so.” and shoots dream square in the censor.
he dies dramatically as the light in his vest goes dark, screaming and twitching like madman while the rest of you cheer.
“you know i’m never forgiving you for taking my last life, right?” you tell sapnap as you both jump down from the perch and make your way over to karl, who’s settling teams and grabbing bandanas for the final round.
sapnap mewls in a faked high-pitch, “aww, you awre? how will i evew suwvive, oowoo?” before you turn your back and rush over to karl, begging to be put on opposite teams. “wait i take it back! i take it back! you need to be on my team, we’d be so op.”
“too bad,” karl snaps with a little smile. “your numbers got randomized in different teams. it’s me, sapnap, quackity, and punz on that base,” he points to the tower with the big light that glows a soft red, and “you with dream, bad, and george.”
“y’know blue teams statistically lose more?” dream points out while staring at the color of your teams lit tower, a competitive set to his mouth.
“handicap for george, since the motherfucker is a freak cs:go player.”
“quackity,” punz feigns his hurt tone, “i’m right here.”
“third placers really think they can talk shit,” quackity says right back, like he wasn’t third to die.
karl hands dream a blue bandana and has everyone split up to their bases. when the four of you huddle under yours, dream labels everyone immediately.
“you’re scouting on offense,” he says, pointing at you. “bad’s defense. you’re an organizer, you got this. stick to the base, make sure no one gets close – they’ll think the flag is with you.”
“ohhhhh,” bad says. “i see where you’re going with this. i thought you’d keep it on george and protect him like last round.”
“nah, george is better put to work.”
george smirks. “ohhh, am i, dream?”
you can’t see a blush in the darkness, but the lights reflect off of how wide dream’s eyes go, and you cover your face on instinct.
“george and i will – we’ll – uh. we’ll pass the flag between each other when we can, but if we both get shot the flag’s getting on the floor, and neither of us can run fast enough to respawn and then come back before they get to their base, even with interference.” he demonstrates where the bandana sticks to one part of the vest harnessing with the blocky middle bit, yanking it off and throwing it close enough to george’s vest for it to snap into place. it doesn’t look difficult, but the flags don’t light up at all; you can’t distinguish a color from the one at dream’s side.
“i trust you both to decide when we need help,” george adds, and the mercy timer rings a five second warning. you ready yourself at the base boundary until the counter gets to zero, and then you dash off on quiet feet into the first hiding spot you can reach. you hear bad shoot someone, and realize he’s perched strategically within the base tower, keeping the magnet piece of his harness hidden.
you holster your gun, apologize to yourself and promise to wash your hands after this, and crawl next to the wall until you get yourself under a ramp. you couldn’t see the light of anyone’s vest from the opposing base tower, but it’s the best, least risky spot for the guy carrying your flag because he immediately respawns under the light. you’d have to pry the flag directly from his body without him shooting you first.
suddenly, footsteps pound above you, and you hear punz’s voice shout “dream on offense, no flag!” which is honestly a smart move. you don’t know where the rest of his team is, but they know dream’s position – although, chances are george is subtly passing the flag to him right then.
you decide to make a mad dash to get just a bit closer to the red base tower, and hear karl scream “i seeee you!” as you hear the telltale shooting noise beep somewhere above and behind you – and then the electronic breaking sound. your gun screen grays out. shot by your mom.
you run as fast as you can back to your base, before once again crawling to a new hiding spot. “c’mon, c’mon,” you whisper, before you hear footsteps again, shooting electronic noises, and then eery silence.
“hey now,” dream coos from the bridge that splits the two upper levels that lead to the bases in half. “you shoot, we shoot. bad’s watching.”
“three v. two is pretty good odds,” quackity mumbles in his villain voice, low and challenging and darkly gleeful.
“is it though?” that’s george, tone innocent. there’s the faint sound of him messing with his gun.
“well i’d sure say so!” shifting, then –
“karl, wait.” punz.
punz, karl, quackity. which means – which means –
you can’t fight down the smile. you move as quietly as possible, moving fast only when the stand-off on the bridge coughs up a couple of swapping words.
and soon you’re on the ramp up to the base tower. one turn and sapnap knows you’re there; he aims his gun and you put two surrendering hands up, palms open.
he pauses. you didn’t think he would.
“just wanna say hi and go,” you placate, inching up the ramp towards him. “maybe more than just say hi.”
“begone, thot,” he says weekly.
“ew, dude. expiration date long passed. c’mon, just a kith?”
“...we should wait until we’re married?”
it’s… it’s definitely dastardly, your secret goal here, and you almost feel bad when your toes touch the base threshold. but, well – fuck it. payback for the way he rolled his sleeves up his forearms.
“aww, sapnap,” you whine. “i didn’t get to kiss you in hours.” this is an obvious lie.
“no no no i do not trust you,” he says, pointing his gun at you.
“i’ll move back so fast i won’t even have time to grab the flag!”
he squints. his hair’s getting in his face. you need to kiss this boy. “dream set you up to this, didn’t he?”
“i don’t need dream to wanna kiss you, pandas.”
sapnap wilts, just a little bit, like you knew he would – his older username is weird for him to hear since he changed it, but it’s still nostalgic, and you using it is always soft, always brings him home. “okay,” he sighs. “just one. a peck! less than a second!”
“deal!” you say eagerly, bouncing up to him to hold his jaw and press your lips to his. he sighs into it, even smiles just a bit, and cradles the back of your head and your hair with one wide hand, letting his gun fall slightly to the side.
he pulls away, and you whine, completely, totally, definitely on purpose to distract him and not because you really haven’t had the privacy to kiss him for real in a long while and all you want to do is kiss his stupidly, unfairly soft lips while your hands clutch at his smooth dress shirt. it’s enough for him to dive back in again, and by the time you both pull back you’ve completely forgotten your original plan. shit.
sapnap pats the bandana around his vest fastenings and slowly puts the gun between you two. “it’s what we must do. our love is forbidden.”
“tea, i guess,” you say and skip off like you didn’t completely forget to grab the flag.
that is until you walk under the platform and see that he’s slumped back against the black plastic walling – you wait, realizing he doesn’t know you’re there, until he slides all the way down to the ground. he mutters something, but you’re only focusing on the bandana that’s perfectly within your reach between the walling and the platform edge.
you grab it, yank it off, and run.
“no!” sapnap screams from the platform, alerting the stand-off and sending everyone running towards you. karl skids in front of you and you twist in time to body him, which was definitely against the rules, but suddenly bad is nearby and you shove the bandana into his fist just before karl collects himself enough to shoot your last life away.
“let’s fucking go!!” you scream when bad slides onto your home base, bandana in hand.
“i’m going to kiss you! bad! oh my god!” george shouts with glee, and bad points back at you. george looks over with a massive smile, which only gets bigger when his gaze shifts to something behind you.
you turn to find sapnap storming towards you, eyebrows pinched, and you barely have the time to scream before he tackles you – picks you up in all your formalwear and makes a long frustrated noise into your body.
“i did it fairly! i did it fairly, sapnap!”
“no you didn’t.” he’s muffled by your clothes and vest, but he lets you down slowly so you can look at the face he’s pulling. “you distracted me.”
“no, i took it after i kissed you.”
“i was still distracted!”
“y’all were making out again? yeesh,” dream comments.
“sapnap makeout era,” karl adds gravely, like he’s mourning.
you squint at sapnap, ignoring them. “you couldn’t even see me, how was i still distracting you?”
“you always distract me,” sapnap pouts. “i love you.”
yeah, your whole face heats up. “i love you too,” you say nervously – you haven’t gotten the hang of it yet, but it’s honest.
quackity mimes throwing up so hard he grabs onto bad’s shoulder for balance.
you clean up as promised, locking everything up behind you before you all pile sleepily back into bad’s van. the mellow air is back, but this time because quackity fell asleep on the passenger side and bad made everyone talk quietly while he snoozed.
he changes the route because of it, and drops quackity off first, everyone kindly waving goodbye while he grins, suit mussed and duck tie shoved in his back pocket. the energy doesn’t really return, but the volume sure does, dream wheezing at something george says to punz, karl kicking sapnap’s nice pants and earning a “try that again karl, i dare you,” from your boyfriend.
soon, the van rolls to a stop in front of sapnap’s house, and you step out on tired feet together so you can kiss him goodnight without the whole friend group watching (and then shouting out ratings – you really could do without one of them yelling “four out of ten!” as punz debates how many points the lack of tongue deducts from your score).
you stumble a little on the grass of his front lawn from the height of the van, and his arm slides over your waist with ease, steadying you with warm, happy eyes. his hands don’t leave, either, as you walk towards his front steps only to be pulled back, because sapnap stays decidedly still.
he leans into you so his voice is low and close when he asks, “so, i may have… done something.”
“huh?” you slip your arms over his shoulders just hug him close again; might as well since he’s here and you’re apparently going to stay that way for a hot second.
“i wanna show you something? i’ll drive you home afterward, since i don’t think they,” he nods his chin over at the idle van, “can wait for us, so if – you know, if you’re sleepy or wanna go home, we don’t have to.”
“i am sleepy, but…” but you don’t want the night to end. it's like those two-am discord calls on saturday mornings, eight seconds away from being dead to the world but pulling yourself out of it to hear sapnap’s opinion on whatever weird cheese he picked up at the store. you don’t want to go home and fall asleep without sapnap there, but a sleepover isn’t really an option so you settle for wanting to be awake more than you want to snooze. “show me anyway. your room?”
“nah, it’s – follow me?”
you both wave at the van, where everyone sticks their hands out the passenger side window to return the gesture, and then sapnap is leading you between his house and the adjacent. the worn-down grass cuts a path between the two properties and down towards empty parkland. your eyes just manage to adjust to the half-darkness, moonlight catching on shrubbery, when you notice a soft warm beacon of light in the distance.
“is that the gazebo?” you ask, and sapnap squeezes your palm. your steps crunch satisfyingly on the ground as you climb the slight incline, your eyes widening slowly at what you realize sapnap did.
the pillars are very messily decorated with fairy lights, candles lit around the railing. he had to have help for this, and the idea of sapnap begging his sisters to take time out of their days to do this?
one hit k.o.
especially when you notice the gazebo floor is covered in picnic blankets and pillows, all bright – there might even be a beach towel, not a sliver of scuffed wood to be seen. no, no, there’s definitely a beach towel – and definitely a couple of blankets scattered, too.
“isn’t this like… public property?” you flop onto it anyway, pulling a plush blanket over your legs and expecting sapnap to follow behind. he throws his suit jacket down and does so, cuddling into the pillows and your body.
“we’re actually not allowed to be here after dusk,” is sapnap’s answer, which. well.
“i love you,” you say, because you don’t think you were that convincing back at the laser tag place.
“i know, i know. i love you too.”
and then he’s tucking his arms around you and hugging you in the pillows, face pressed to your hair, leaving you to blush madly at him until he releases you.
you banter back and forth, falling into easy conversation that’s mostly there to keep you awake. it’s always so nice like this, listening to him ramble and then start asking you questions – and poking for real answers.
“i’d be a demon, sappy –,”
“i just said i would be a demon slayer, why would you want to do that. why.”
“you literally killed me today.”
he balks. “in laser tag. because i’m competitive.”
“and i’m a terror to this earth.”
sapnap gives you a look.
you grab the wrist he’s settled between you two and bite very softly. “thsee?” you say through his skin and arm hair. it’s a good skin flavor. washed.
“you’re actually a crackhead.”
you bite higher up on his forearm and he giggles, and then you’re leaning into him to make soft bites up his arm and over his dress shirt until you get to his neck, where you remember sitting your chin on his chest hours ago.
you’re not fixated on his neck, alright? it’s a good neck. anything on sapnap is good. even stupid basketball shorts and high socks at the same time. he’s just… good.
you press your lips to that big freckle there, on his good neck, then do it again and again until sapnap’s chin is moving too hard from laughing, scruff scraping your cheek as you lean away.
“you know that thing about having freckles where the lovers in your last life kissed you the most?”
sapnap shakes his head while he squeezes your waist, kissing the meat of your thumb tenderly where he’d pulled your hand up from its hold on his collar. “i do now.”
“well,” you say shakily, before leaning forward and kissing over his neck freckle even more before he shoves you lightly away, calling you a freak under his breath. “i’m gonna kiss you there, so much,” you roll into him again and then back again before sapnap can fight you off, “so much that in our next life i’ll be able to find you. just cause you’ll have a giant mole right here from when i wouldn’t stop kissing you.”
he stills, then, eyes blinking big. your pointer finger had fallen over the spot while you tussled, and sapnap puts one hand over yours. “i,” he tries, once, before averting his gaze. “i really hope it works like that.”
he doesn’t add anything else, but he does take the hand he’d trapped and brings it forward, just like he did earlier with the other one, to press his face to your wrist – lips quickly following, pursing and pressing against your veins. once. twice. again and again, just like you did with the freckle on his neck.
you grin and shove your face into the pillows as your ears warm at the realization.
eventually, he pulls off and drapes your arm over his side, muttering a soft, “there,” before settling on his side to look you in the eyes.
“hi,” you whisper, and he giggles, which is so… ugh. it’s impossible to do anything when he giggles like that while literally being in your arms.
“you know you’re adorable for doing all of this?”
“you’re adorable. that’s it. end of the sentence.”
“shut up before i fall in love with you.”
he bumps your noses together, and you feel his arms flex where they hold you. “that’s the whole point, idiot.”
“you really do clean up well,” you say quietly. “it’s messed me up all night.”
he shoves his face in-between your neck and shoulder to hide it. this time, you might actually be able to feel the heat coming off sapnap’s face.
“thank you,” he says, a little like he doesn’t know what else to say. then: “i… i like that you like how i look.”
“good, because i always like how you look.”
he tucks his face tighter against his skin. you think he’s going to say something, until your phone chimes once, twice, and you have to groan. you know the ringtone.
sapnap checks your phone for you.
“parents,” you both say in unison. “it’s almost one am,” sapnap tacks on.
“wow, we could have partied much harder.” the effect of your claim is a bit stunted when you closely follow it with a massive yawn, vision fuzzing out where sapnap is still tapping through your phone behind your head.
“bruh, why am i ‘piss master’ in your phone?”
   “because you are one?” he pulls that fake-offended face again and grumbles, so you have to bite. “well, what am i in your phone?”
   he immediately shoves his phone behind him, and you gasp and jump over to grab at it as he screams out “no no no no –,” while you’re going “please please please!” until you get the corner in between your thumb and forefinger and just barely snatch it, throwing it in the air until it lands somewhere in the pillows. you scramble to grab it while sapnap makes his frustrated scream into the blanket he’s closest to.
   “oh my god – at least piss master is funny, how many of these emojis are there?” you tap your name above his messages, and see your name followed by a solid five lines of emojis. the icy face emoji appears in three of them and… hearts are everywhere. “awww… sapnap.”
   “what.” he says into the blanket.
   “you like me!”
   he rolls back up and looks up at the gazebo ceiling like he’s talking to god. “i swear. did i not just throw a game for you?”
   “you put hearts next to my name!” and a ring emoji, but you’re not going to bring it up. not now, anyway. plus the peach and droplet emojis were there too, so. “can i change it?”
   sapnap’s face turns, looking worried for a second. “i guess?”
   you end up deciding on typing out “distraction” with as many emojis as you have the energy to put, sprinkling the ring emoji in, but also at least four toilets because sapnap deserves bullying for talking about piss.
sapnap checks your phone again, since it's the only one he has access to at the moment. “your mom offered to send an uber?”
“face it, babe, bad’s the only one any of our parents trust with driving this late at night.”
“keep calling me babe, it’s cute,” he murmurs. then, in his regular voice, “my car is safer than a van literally produced during world war two.”
“twenty years early, babe.”
“how the hell do you know when bad’s car was made?”
“sapnap.” you drop his phone to grab the sides of his face, now that he’s sitting up. “think about what cars looked like during world war two.”
he squints, then relaxes as it dawns on him, then squints again. “that’s not a sixties car either.”
you roll your eyes and get up, taking a blanket with you. “look it up, dude –,”
“awww, ‘dude’? where’d babe go?”
your phone chimes again, and then so does sapnap’s phone.
“…my mom has your number?”
“why wouldn’t she?”
“alright. okay. come on –,” you start walking, but sapnap isn’t following again. when you look back, he’s looking down at his phone, ears red yet again.
“what in god’s name did my mom text you?”
“oh, no, i just – i like what you changed your contact name to.”
sapnap finally gets up for real, grabbing his jacket and walking around the gazebo to search for the electricity box, turning everything off and leaving the memory behind your eyelids.
“piss master liked the toilet emojis?” you say a little too late, and sapnap socks you very lightly in the shoulder, before dragging you back to his side as you walk back to his house and clamber into his car.
the drive back is easy, a little slow, and sapnap holds your chin when you kiss him as you kick open the passenger door. you bid him goodnight and slam the door closed, hobbling on tired feet to your front door, before you hear another slam and the sound of sapnap’s steps on the grass.
he kisses you like he did in the laser tag arena, in the dark – hard hands, soft mouth, the slightest of smiles. “love you,” he whispers, and you say it back.
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izlaria · a month ago
Someone you like (part 4)
This is the fourth chapter of my “Someone you like” inspired fic. It’s also available on AO3 in case you prefer that platform. Please hit me up to talk about Plance!
Summary: In the days following their arrival on Earth, Pidge finds that conflicting feelings don't just disappear because there are more people around. On the contrary, with the approach of the final battle, they seem to get worse.
FYI, we’re still on Pidge pining hour.
18 and 16 years old
Life was not easy when you were a soldier fighting against an evil, intergalactic empire, but Pidge had found a sort of balance to it all. Now that they were back on Earth and she knew her family was relatively safe, much of the sorrow she’d carried had dissolved into hopefulness.
Much, but not all.
Pidge leaned her head against the wall, hugging the papers to her chest. Being on the Garrison made it easier for her to ignore her erratic heartbeats, because she could just avoid Lance most of the time, but it also sent her into overdrive when she accidentally met him in the hallways. She could usually depend on her mother to be there – Pidge was grounded, after all –, but there were times when not even Colleen could protect her.
She wanted to talk to Lance, of course. He was one of her best friends and no crush could ever change that, but it took a lot out of Pidge to hear him drone on about Allura and all the places he wanted to show her on Earth.
Maybe her evasiveness wasn’t the most mature of Pidge’s choices, but she was tired and lovesick and feeling neglected. She would have to be excused a little pettiness.
“Do you want to tell me why I just saw you ignore Lance?” Matt raised his brows at her, an expression that Pidge herself often mimicked and that was especially irritating to be the target of. He was standing off to the side of her station, gloves still on.
Pidge pushed away from the wall, feeling flustered. She hadn’t realized her brother had witnessed the scene.
“Did I ignore Lance?” Pidge opted to feign innocence. “I was so lost in thought I didn’t really see him there. Or you.” This last bit she said with a touch of hostility.
Matt crossed his arms and hummed, sounding disbelieving. “You always were the worst liar out of the two of us, Pidge.”
She shouldered past Matt with a glare. There was a lot of work to do until the Atlas was completed and the last thing she needed were distractions like her feelings for Lance or a fight with her brother.
“When did you land on Earth, anyway?” Pidge put the papers down on her table and moved to one of the computer screens, where she’d left a new code running. It was an improved version of her and Matt’s previous software for predicting Galra presence. “I could use your eyes on this.”
Matt stood at her back, looking over her shoulder at the lines that lit up the computer.
“This is interesting…” He squinted down at Pidge. “Don’t think for a second that a new challenge will make me forget what I just saw.”
She took advantage of Matt’s positioning to elbow him in the gut.
Truthfully, Pidge knew her brother wouldn’t tease her too much about her circumstances. Matt was caring and even protective when it came to her well-being, so he would never rat her out to Lance or any of the others, even if he disagreed with her actions.
Despite that, she struggled with being vulnerable around him.
Pidge didn’t want to think about it, but the years they’d spent apart had certainly affected their relationship. Before going to space, Matt was more than her brother, he had been her closest friend. But now she had Hunk, Lance, and even Keith and Allura. If she needed guidance, Coran and Shiro were only a call away.
She would always be close to Matt, but he was no longer the only person whose company she valued.
“We should finish this up before mom comes around,” Pidge said, trying to refocus. “She comes to collect me at the end of the day.” She rolled her eyes.
“That still going on?” Matt chuckled as he pulled a chair over to her station. He scanned the reports she had just brought in.
“I can’t even go out to eat with the team. We’ve had to meet in the cafeteria, of all places.”
“I’m just glad the cooking staff changed since I was a student.” Matt wrinkled his nose. “That was just nasty.”
“Except for the burgers.” And here Pidge smiled, suddenly reminded of all the times Hunk and Lance had dragged her to lunch and how they always ended up making a mess of their table.
“On Mondays, that’s right!” Matt glanced at her and Pidge couldn’t quite read the look in his eyes. “Until when are you grounded, anyway?”
“Let’s see, I was fifteen when I was whisked into space, so…” She pretended to do the calculations. “Until my twenty-first birthday, unless dad intervenes.”
Matt snorted. “Good luck with that. He doesn’t really have any weight with mom right now. She’s still upset about the whole being-pronounced-dead thing.”
Pidge groaned, burying her face into her hands. “I’ll be going to war in a month, but I still have no freedom here.” She raised her eyes to look at him. “Can’t you talk to mom?”
“And risk my newfound position as the favorite? You’re on your own, kiddo.” He continued to stare down at the papers for a moment, before turning to face her properly. “You know why she’s doing this, right? You spent three years MIA. We thought you were dead.” He exhaled forcefully. “I thought you were dead.”
Pidge didn’t really know how to respond. Since her arrival on Earth, she’d had versions of this conversation with several people, but her brother had always stood back and given her a little space. He probably knew better than most how overwhelming such a welcome could be. “I am sorry, Matt.”
He gave her a tight-lipped smile. “Turnaround is fair play, I guess.”
“Stop.” Pidge put a hand on his arm. She worked her jaw, trying to figure out what to say. “I never wanted you to find out how that felt.”
Matt nodded once, swallowing hard. Pidge could tell that he was putting his emotions back in check.
“I’m proud of what you’ve done, Katie. Mom might act like you’re still a kid, but I was out there before you came along.” It reminded Pidge that, though he hadn’t been present for her battles, Matt had seen his own share of horrors. “Voltron turned the tide, in no small part because of you.”
“Thank you.” She tried to blink away the tears. Matt smiled and brought his hands up to cup her face.
“My little sister is a badass, so I don’t want to see you hiding behind corners because of some stupid boy.” When she tried to protest, he just squished her cheeks. “Who does not deserve you, by the way.”
Pidge couldn’t help but laugh. She could always count on Matt to make her smile through her tears.
“I thought you liked Lance,” she said once Matt had let go of her face. He grimaced.
“He’s eighteen and a flirt.” Her brother didn’t even try to go back to work, he merely kicked his legs up onto a workbench and crossed his arms. “I would feel better about Keith, even.”
“You say that because Shiro would be just as bad of a protective older brother as you.” She pushed at his chair, making Matt almost lose his balance.
“You would never be alone unchaperoned, it would be great,” he confirmed, still pulling himself back into position.
“You realize that I’m technically nineteen?” She aimed a sharp look at him.
“You realize you look twelve?” Matt shot back, looking unbearably satisfied with himself. This time Pidge had no mercy for him; she sent his chair rolling down the aisle and Matt with it.
“Honestly, you have nothing to worry about.” She wrapped an arm around her middle. “Lance is so enamored with Allura that I could yell in his ear that I like him and the goofball would think I meant it platonically.”
Matt wheeled himself back to her. “Then he’s a fool.”
“You’re just saying that,” Pidge scoffed. “You were just as bad as him when meeting Allura.”
“Look, Allura is beautiful, that’s true, but it doesn’t diminish your qualities.” He put a hand on her shoulder, leaning in close so that their voices didn’t echo in the empty laboratory. “You are funny and witty and smarter than anyone in this damn complex. Don’t you dare compare yourself to Allura.”
Pidge dragged her chair until she was resting against Matt’s shoulder.
“It’s sort of inevitable. She’s the one he likes and I have to accept it.” She looked at the computer, where lines of code kept appearing and disappearing. “It’s just hard to be near him. I feel like I’ll do something and everyone will… know.”
“You spent almost a year pretending to be someone else, I think your acting skills are a little better than that.”
“Didn’t you criticize my lying just a few minutes ago?” she deadpanned.
“Well…” Matt gave her a cheeky grin. “I’ve known you your entire life, so I’m a Katie Holt expert.”
“Of course,” she drawled out, rolling her eyes.
Pidge felt her brother put an arm over her shoulder, squeezing her to his side.
“You’re perfect, okay?” he murmured into her hair. “Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.”
She closed her eyes and let herself fall into his embrace. It was something she had missed, even now that the team was back on Earth. Everything had changed since the Kerberos mission and, while a lot of it was good, Pidge couldn’t deny that she wished Matt would stay with them more often.
“Okay.” Her voice trembled, but Matt didn’t mention it, choosing to tighten his hold on her.
“Knock, knock! Anyone in here?” As soon as the voice sounded, Pidge scrambled to hide her face. She got up and pretended to check a different monitor, turning her back to the door. She heard Lance approach their station. “Oh, hey, guys!” Then, seeming to notice the mood of the room. “Is everything alright?”
“Yeah, man.” Matt was the first to recover. Pidge felt him move, probably trying to keep Lance from getting any closer. “We were just discussing some Holt secret coding.” She almost snickered at this, despite the heartbeat that still hammered in her ears. It was the sort of thing that only a non-techie would believe.
“And I thought us McClains were bad with our ropa vieja recipe.” She chanced a look over her shoulder to catch Lance’s smile. He was always at his brightest when talking about his family.
“You needed something, Lance?” Matt was being a bit more brusque than normal, but his expression was thankfully still amenable. Pidge would have hit him if he just started being a jerk to Lance.
“Not really,” the other boy responded. He looked around Matt to smile at Pidge. “I was just hoping to catch up with Pidge before your mother comes around.” He shuddered. “Let me tell you, that’s a scary lady. She could almost beat mami with that I’m-not-mad-just-disappointed face.”
“You tell me?” Matt sighed. “That’s one thing I don’t look forward to when touching down at the Garrison.”
“You wanted to talk to me?” Pidge interrupted before they could keep going. Putting two of the friendliest people she knew in the same room was only a good idea if she had the patience for a long conversation. Which she didn’t.
“Ah, are you done ignoring me, Pidgeon?” Lance cocked his hip to one side, looking too sure of himself for his own good.
“I’m working, Lance, something you should be doing as well.” She pretended to fix her glasses, if only to have something to do.
The boy waved a dismissive hand at her. “I’m done for the day and I know for a fact that you’re just working on pet projects until Colleen comes to get you.” When he tried to lean down towards her, Matt moved to stand between them. Lance hesitated, before letting the strange behavior go. “Matt can keep your mom busy if she shows up, right?”
It was difficult to say no to Lance. He was jovial and charming, in particular when he wasn’t actually trying to impress anyone.
“Can you, Matt?” Pidge found herself asking. Her brother frowned at her with uncertainty.
“If that’s what you want, Pidge,” he yielded, when she didn’t back down.
“Let’s go before you get me in trouble, McClain.” Pidge gave a long-suffering sigh and moved past the two boys, who were saying their goodbyes.
Lance caught up to her at the door, opening it with an exaggerated bow.
She walked briskly down the hallway, but Lance had the advantage of his height. For every two, quick steps Pidge took, he only had to take one long stride.
“In a rush to get away?” There was laughter in his voice.
“You’ve seen how mom gets,” she replied, peaking around corners as they moved. “If she doesn’t know where I am for more than five minutes, she seems to think I’ll jump into a ship and disappear for another four years.”
“As if I had it any better.” He gestured to a hallway Pidge knew led to the analytics department. “I’m just lucky Veronica is the only one in my family with clearance to come into the Garrison.”
Pidge snorted. “I should sic my mom on you and Hunk, to make things even.”
Though she’d spent so much of their time on Earth making up excuses not to see Lance, the conversation between them flowed naturally. He had an easy-going energy that calmed Pidge’s more tense nature. While they were in the castle-ship, he had been able to soothe the worst of her worries, until Pidge could actually have fun, despite the fears that troubled her mind.
She didn’t know what would have become of her in this war, if Lance hadn’t been there.
“On the subject of your family…” Lance sent her an anxious look. “Is everything really alright with your brother?”
Pidge could tell he was actually worried, which sent a wave of affection and pain through her chest. She struggled to keep her expression blank.
“We were just talking about the war.” She allowed apprehension to seep into her tone. “I know he has a role to perform out there, but I wish he could stay longer.”
Lance twisted his mouth to the side, an unhappy expression he often adopted when trying to look empathetic. “What has Matt said about it?”
“He misses home, but he can’t really ignore what’s going on with the rebel forces.” Pidge rubbed at her temple. “If we are actually able to end the war, then things might be different, but for now…” she trailed off.
Communications from all around the universe told them Voltron wasn’t the only force preparing for battle. There were a lot of moving parts to consider, especially with the still unknown variable of whose influence had been affecting the Altean colony.
“I know what you mean. After this is all over, I think I’ll take a long vacation to just enjoy good, old Earth.”
This surprised Pidge, startling her from her previous line of thought.
“What, is the Tailor going to retire?” She knocked Lance lightly on the arm, trying for a playful mood.
“No,” he objected. He bent at the waist to look her in the eye and winked. “You know I can’t deny the rest of the universe the beauty of my presence.”
Pidge pushed his face away. It was easy to pretend to be annoyed at Lance when he insisted on acting like this. He was most dangerous when he was genuine. “Be real, man.”
“I am!” He laughed as he stood upright. “It’s just… We’ve been off-planet for so long, I kinda want some time to spend with my family, maybe travel around. I’ve only ever been to Cuba and the US, can you believe it? I’ve seen more of space than of my own planet.”
“Yeah, me too.” Pidge frowned. She hadn’t thought about the situation in these terms before. “I’ve been to Italy and England, but that’s it.”
“We should come up with a plan, get the others in on it.” Lance shot her a smile.
They had walked all the way to the MFE taxiway and Pidge focused her attention on the aircraft that Ryan Kinkade maneuvered across from them. She didn’t want to think of Lance’s warmth so close to her, nor of the future he described.
It didn’t matter how long she avoided him, Lance always found a way back into her life and into her heart. This awareness was painful, when Pidge knew he would never look at her as more than a best friend or a younger sister.
She felt something hit her cheek and looked up at the sky. Dark clouds gathered over them and soon there was another drop.
“Oh, it’s raining,” Pidge commented offhandedly. By her side, Lance let out a laugh. He sounded so joyful that she couldn’t stop herself from staring.
Lance had opened his arms and raised his face to the rain. It reminded her of something he had said months ago, about the aspects of Earth he missed while in space. She was once again struck by how attracted she was to Lance: his cheerfulness, his stupid humor, the curve of his Adam’s apple and the way his uniform clung to him in the rain.
“I really missed this!” he exclaimed mid-laugh.
Pidge stood still, admiring his delight even as her hands closed to fists at her sides. “Yeah,” she breathed out, “me too.”
After they left the mall, there was still some time for Allura to kill before her date and it was decided that she, Romelle and Pidge would stop to grab something to eat. Rizavi and Ina had previous plans, but they encouraged the girls to have some fun together, leaving unsaid that it might be their last chance to do so.
“I cannot emphasize how thankful I am, Pidge.” Allura reached across the table to grab her hand. She and Romelle had insisted on going into a coffeeshop that had recently reopened; the design was minimalist but cozy, a step-up from anything else they’d seen outside downtown.
“And I’ve said it a hundred times already, princess, I don’t mind.” Pidge let her hand go slack in Allura’s, trying not to snap at her friend. While she appreciated the gratitude, the constant touching was starting to grate on her nerves.
“You do mind,” Allura contested, with the kind of serious but diplomatic tone she used when arguing with Garrison officers. “I could see your hesitance when the vendor first offered the trade. None would have denied your right to keep the item.”
Allura pulled back into herself as she spoke. It was strange to see her uncomfortable, since the princess usually kept either a tranquil or a powerful front in the face of adversity. Free from her touch, Pidge suddenly felt bad for not responding more fervently to Allura’s efforts towards a closer bond. In the castle-ship, she had pretended they were simply too different and, on Earth, too busy.
The truth was much less dignified: Allura had seemed like an unapproachable ideal, made solid only to remind Pidge of all that she could not be. She was prim and beautiful and feminine. Once upon a time, before the complexities of her multiple identities, Katie had aspired to this image, to some degree.
“You’re more important to me than a video game.” Pidge tried to be casual with the way she said this, but the knowing glint that shone in Allura’s eyes told her it was unsuccessful. “I’ll have plenty of time to find it again after the war is over.”
“Perhaps you could teach me these games once we are back.” Allura smiled at her, the picture of earnestness. “I was always curious about the time you and the other paladins dedicated to them.”
“It can be pretty frustrating,” Pidge warned, thinking of the hours she’d wasted with Hunk and Lance just to get past some particularly difficult levels.
“I have noticed that you scream a lot while playing,” the other commented thoughtfully, “but that appears to be part of the bonding experience.”
“You can say that again.” She scoffed.
“Why would I say it again?” Allura tilted her head to the side in confusion and Pidge had to disguise her laughter.
“I’m just agreeing with you.” She sometimes forgot that the Alteans weren’t completely used to Earth culture. In the Castle of Lions, the paladins were the ones to adhere to new patterns. Now, Allura and Coran had to slowly learn their customs, like with this date.
“I suppose we did have something similar in Altea,” Allura mused. “Activities like the maze we had in the Castle were quite popular among the youth.” She leaned over the table to speak in a lower voice. “The element of danger was a point of interest, though I couldn’t quite comprehend why.”
“That’s a lie and you know it!” Pidge pointed accusingly at Allura. “You’re almost as bad as Keith with throwing yourself into dangerous situations.”
“Am not!” It was always funny to rile her up like this. Allura was so calm and collected that getting her to sound immature was a reward in itself. The other shook her head and settled back into her seat, straightening her posture. “Oh, I know what you are doing.”
Pidge continued to grin at her. “What am I doing?”
The princess narrowed her eyes at Pidge, but her mouth struggled with a smile. “You and Lance have such a way of getting me to lose my cool.” She tapped a rhythm on the table. “I must admit it is endearing.”
There it was again, the shock of warmth and sadness that had troubled Pidge the entire day. She loved Allura and was even happy for her, but her heart was conflicted by the news of her new-found interest in Lance.
It just seemed so sudden, Pidge hadn’t had the opportunity to prepare herself. Or maybe those two had grown closer in the Garrison, while she tried her best not to see them, and this was simply the outcome of her bad choices.
Pidge was saved from responding by the arrival of Romelle, her arms full of napkins.
“What a bargain!” She proclaimed as the packages fell from her hands and bounced across the tabletop. “They have agreed to serve us their best delicacies in trade of Pidge’s autographs, a video of her endorsement and an appearance once every phoeb for the next five moons!” The blonde beamed down at them. “On that regard, what is an endorsement?”
Allura and Pidge shared a dismayed look over the piles of napkins.
“Surely they do not expect Pidge to autograph all of these.” Allura gave Romelle an hesitant smile, as if her politeness could change the answer they all knew was coming.
Romelle blinked at them. “The cook assured me it was an amazing deal.”
Pidge pinched the bridge of her nose, calling on any patience she could muster. She had nothing against Romelle and the Altean was nice and cheerful most of the time, but her naivete when dealing with human conventions never failed to amaze.
“Oh dear,” Allura fretted. “I should go deal with that.”
“Think you can convince them to give us food without getting me stuck here for the near future?” Pidge teased, to disguise her vexation.
Her friend slid off the booth. “I have reasoned with beings from several galaxies, I cannot fathom a Terran entrepreneur will be more stubborn than certain members of the coalition.” Allura straightened her spine and clasped her hands over her stomach, looking every bit the princess she was. The determination in her expression made Pidge smile.
“I can autograph one pile of napkins and I agree to do a video endorsement, but I’m not changing back into costume.” She turned to look at Romelle, who seemed to be accompanying the conversation with good-humored confusion. There was something almost sly about the look in her eyes. “I’m going into space tomorrow, how was I supposed to come back? Besides, I’m grounded. If mom found out we were finished shopping, she’d already be here to drag me home.”
“I might have been swayed by the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen,” the other admitted in a manner that could pass for sheepish. She eyed the napkins, before picking up a package. “I suppose these are a little excessive.”
Allura sighed. “I will be right back.”
They watched the princess move towards the front of the coffeeshop, where the human owner was talking to another set of customers. Romelle sat down where Allura had previously been.
“Alone at last.” She clapped her hands together and faced Pidge with a seriousness that contrasted with her usual vibrancy.
Pidge narrowed her eyes at Romelle. “I knew you were plotting something.”
The blonde shrugged. “I wanted to talk to you privately and I didn’t think we would get the chance in the Garrison.” She glanced back to where Allura stood waiting for the other customers to leave. “The owner was a darling, but he was a tremendous flirt, so Allura won’t be here any time soon.”
“Do I even have to sign anything?” Pidge rested her chin on her hand.
“He wants a picture with you and the princess and an autograph to hang on the wall, but that’s it.” Romelle winked at her.
“So what do you want?” Pidge tapped a finger against her cheek. She didn’t mean to sound so suspicious, but the girl’s orchestrations made the situation feel a little like a trap.
“To thank you.” The emotion in her voice sounded almost like pity. “For your sacrifice today.”
Pidge groaned. “I already told Allura that the video game wasn’t that much of a loss.”
“I am not talking about the game.” There was a moment of silence, during which Pidge kept very still. “I saw your reaction when we told you about the date. It was only then that I realized: you like pointy chin.”
“What makes you think that?” She raised a brow at Romelle, doing her best to appear natural.
“It makes sense.” Romelle looked up at the sparse decorations that adorned the coffeeshop, her expression pensive. “He’s the one you spend the most time with, after Hunk. I didn’t think you were interested in romance, given your almost complete lack of sentimentality,” and here she made a face at Pidge, “but I suppose we’re all dealing with high emotions right now.”
Pidge didn’t know how to reply. So far, Matt was the only one who had realized her crush on Lance and he’d been thankfully quiet since. The whole day left her feeling off-center, especially with what Romelle now wanted her to confess. Pidge didn’t want to talk about her feelings. She wanted to take her bayard and carve the jealousy and affection and misery right out of her chest.
Romelle took her silence as a sign to go on. “Look, I know we are not close, but you can talk to me.” The expression on her face was so eager that Pidge didn’t immediately protest. “You are… not kind. Not always, at least, but genuine.” Romelle hurried through her words. “Which is more than can be said about others I’ve met since arriving on Earth. And I can see how much you care for Allura, though you hide it beneath your sarcasm and reluctance.”
“Has anyone on Earth given you trouble?” Pidge chose to focus on the subject that was easier to approach. Romelle clearly knew what she was doing, because the blonde gave her a very annoyed look. “The team and I have tried to shield you from the politics of having non-humans around, but it’s not always possible.”
“I grew up worshipping a man who turned out to be harvesting quintessence from the bodies of my family and friends,” Romelle stated coolly. “I can handle the Terrans.”
“Well, this thing has to go both ways.” Pidge leaned back against the booth to gesture forcefully in the other’s direction. “If you want me to talk to you, then you need to talk to me.”
Romelle seemed to consider this, her eyes narrowed. “Fair enough.” She glanced quickly over her shoulder, then leaned forward. “I know we both want what’s best for Allura, but I hope you will be happy, too.”
Her eagerness brought a small smile to Pidge’s lips, even as her chest constricted with the acknowledgement of her feelings.
There were many things in the universe that she valued more than romance: her family, her intellect and ability to continue learning, and now her friends. Pidge would do anything to keep them safe and content, regardless of how she felt about Lance. She would eventually get over him, of this Pidge was sure.
She loved Lance, but she loved herself more.
“I don’t need a boy to be happy, Romelle. I just want this war to be over.”
The blonde nodded at her response. “You have already done so much for me by going against Lotor.” She sighed. “You will always have my loyalty for that.”
Pidge took a moment to study her. Romelle could be energetic and joyful, but she had also suffered more loss than Pidge could really comprehend. She had never believed Matt and her father were dead, even on the early days of the Garrison’s declaration. Hope had moved her forward, but Romelle hadn’t had that privilege.
“Have I ever told you how I became a paladin?” she asked, much to Romelle’s surprise.
“I don’t believe so, no.” The other furrowed her brows in puzzlement. “Are you changing the subject again?”
“I was just thinking that we have more in common than you know.” Pidge lowered her eyes to the tabletop, tracing a series of scratches with the tip of her fingers. “You have met my brother Matt, haven’t you?”
Allura approached as she said this, a tray of food balanced on her hand. “Oh, has Romelle heard of your search for Matt?”
Pidge stood up to help Allura place the coffee without spilling it and grinned at her friend’s enthusiasm. “I was just about to tell her.”
The princess sat down next to Romelle and put her hands to her chest in a show of sympathy. “It is a lovely story, please go on.”
With a laugh, she did.
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fashionablyfailing12 · 2 months ago
Bungou Wonderland Series: part one
Tumblr media
▶six things before breakfast
Tumblr media
Type: headcanon
Warnings: [slight! manga spoilers] suggestive themes at the last part, swearing at the footer UwU
Note: I'm not saying I'm incredibly biased and made it way longer than it should be. But I am. Fucking fight me. Okay don't i love y'all, and in my defense it's out of my hands, I just love him so much. Don't you just look at him and die inside, but like in a good way? Man alive I'll sell my soul just to be in the same room as this rat, this rat that makes my heart clench whenever I see a picture of him and just sigh cuz- how can someone so beautiful exist what??? Like yeah he's like izaya who's fantastic at fucking up people's lives. Plus crime. But jokes on u i like that asshole too- no, i don't have a type UwU
Tumblr media
I↪ My best wishes in waking this man up, he scarcely gets sleep so when he does—it’s like waiting for a rock to come alive and talk to you. His body is badly starved from getting rest that the moment he does he completely shuts down, and you may or may not take this opportunity to calmly admire him, gently lift his head to gather the lump of tangled hair at the back and sweep it under his neck. Without his signature grin and teasing remarks as consequence for your affection.
Sometimes his brows furrow together, scrunching his nose subtly when you pinch his cheeks or brush your thumb across his lips, and it’s the most adorable thing there is.
Oh and for safety reasons never ever wake him up with an alarm or a loud voice, unless you're Dazai and you're really adamant to die.
If it's getting really late in the morning and is arguably noon already—maybe there is one way to wake this man up that won't cause your demise.
Card your fingers through his hair, all the way down to his shoulders as you press soft kisses to his jaw, muttering "it's morning darling," nudging your nose to his cheek. And you'll hear soft hums after a couple of seconds, his eyes fluttering open as long arms wrap instinctively around your waist.
Very sweet until the first thing that leaves his lips is "Mm...shut up." Although softly because it's out of endearment.
He's Fyodor Dostoevsky so of course he wouldn't say it, but he wants you to kiss him somewhere else before he actually gets up, somewhere he can kiss you back to lure you into staying longer in the sheets.
And you best believe he won't make an effort to move unless you kiss him on the lips—and honestly, it isn't too bad of a deal.
II↪So about the waking up thing, sure he's gonna sit up and pat down his bed hair, but he won't fully slip out of the thick blankets and stand up. Partly because he gets so dizzy and why is everything getting dark oh no he's fainting. But he'd love to make some tea first thing in the morning, which is why you often let him rest a little and make it for him instead.
Cocky little shit, but he'll burn down the world for you with no questions asked. And after you prepare tea, he'll clear up the spot beside him and lift the blankets for you to snuggle inside.
Words have always been his strong suit so prepare to get flustered by compliments while making it, he can outright say thanks rather than calling you nicknames and all things beautiful—but he doesn't want to.
Because it's vastly entertaining to watch you struggle and be embarrassed so why would he opt for expressing his genuine feelings and gratitude??? Like who does that???
And so a quick cuddle session is incited, he'll grab a book from the nighstand and read with you, sipping from his cup while you tangle your legs together, leaning on each other's bodies for warmth.
Even though majority of his work is on the computer, that doesn't make it any less hectic and exhausting, so starting his day with you cuddled beside him with his precious tea does wonders for him.
III↪Reluctantly, he moves over to his desk and does a quick rundown of today's tasks, writing down what is urgent and what is menial that can be left on hold, typing away to set up and ready his computer for intensive research and hacking for top-secret government files, trifles.
Another thing he does while skimming through his to-do list, is distracting you with any and everything he can talk about, and why is that, you ask?
He prefers to have you on his lap while he does this, but if you're busy with personal things as well then he won't take it against you...that much.
A little passive-aggressiveness wouldn't hurt.
Because of his goddamn vitamins.
He would never deliberately drink it and tries to avoid it at all costs out of pure spite, "i don't need them," excuse me sir your vision literally goes static each time you stand up too quickly.
"Drink your iron Fyodor."
Needless to say he's stubborn, but like all stubborn brats, he has a soft spot. So maybe just hug him from behind and nuzzle in the crook of his neck as you convince him into being healthy.
And he'll sigh like it's such an ordeal to drink two tablets of iron, but he'll take them anyway.
"I assume this means I don't have to drink tomorrow-"
Just bribe him with a late-night library date to shut him up, or just tell him you'll contact Nikolai to go inside your apartment to convince him instead and just like that the tabs are gone.
IV↪No hard feelings but he loves his privacy inside the bathroom, and gives you the same treatment as he calmly waits for his turn. Though there are some days where he misses you, maybe because of a mission that took him weeks apart from you, or just longing for your companionship, and he'll drop hints that he wants you to take a bath together.
Sometimes he hands you your towel when you're more than capable of getting it yourself—that's one of his hints.
Or when he keeps answering 'in a few minutes' every time you ask why he isn't stepping inside yet.
And when you do agree to join him, you'll see a small smile on his lips that instantly fade once you point it out, so don't.
There's almost no difference between how he acts alone and how he acts when he's with you, but he'll take significantly more time on things that he'd carelessly rush just to stay longer.
Oh boy if you wash his hair??? He might as well be ascending to heaven, you'll notice the tension immediately slip away from his body as you dig your fingers lightly onto his scalp, trailing it down to the nape of his neck.
And it won't be long before he lies limp against your body, eyes closed as you hear deep, satisfied hums rumble in his chest, as if reverberating off your own skin.
Honestly, neither of you would get out if you had the chance, but he has some crimes to do, so eventually he seals your lips with a lazy kiss and offer his hand to help you out of the tub.
V↪His ushanka gets more care than he does—he'll stay up exceedingly late until he can barely move an inch from his desk to get water from a fridge four feet away, but he doesn't fail to put his hat in the laundry, dry it, and brush away anything that touches its fur.
So is it even a surprise when it plays a permanent role in his everyday clothing? Nope.
When he's sure work won't involve going outside, he'll dress less formal and you'll get to see him wear mismatched clothing. Because as long as it's comfortable and keeps him warm, to hell with its dumb aesthetic quotes and repugnant color scheme.
He's confident he'll look good in everything anyway.
And the hat shall stay.
Will never be averse to what you want to wear, and always has something nice to say about it, and you know it's genuine since he points out details people wouldn't normally see at first glance.
Though the best part is when he just plops his hat on your head out of tge blue while you're putting on your clothes, and he fondly grins at you before snatching it off and moving on.
He doesn't do this every day, but I wouldn't say it's quite rare either.
But if both of you have some business outdoors, he'll be back to his regular intimidating attire, and he'll not-so-subtly suggest you wear an ushanka as well.
VI↪Ah, cooking. He can't. You'll never see the day where he truthfully admits to this, and he will never tire of playing it off like he doesn't like cooking nor the idea of it. Although in reality, he doesn't mind. So for the most part, you handle matters in the kitchen.
Tumblr media
He's great at taking instructions though so that makes up for it, you've barely gotten out the words about what you need next and he's already handing it to you.
Don't worry he trusts you, it's just second-nature for him to frankly ask about things he's unfamiliar with, so you'll get questions whenever you put a new spice into what you're cooking.
A sucker for giving and receiving back hugs, and will rest his chin on either your head or your shoulders, sometimes whispering sweet nothings into your ear.
Going too far with teasing is basically a drug for him, so tiny accidents happen when he goes beyond whispering sweet nothings. I'll let your imagination decide what those are.
"Darling," he'll coo into your ear, crawling his hand under your shirt while you brace yourself for another sly remark.
"Oh my god what is it this time-"
"The pan is on fire."
Knows it's his fault but won't admit it just because, but he'll help in cleaning up and fixing whatever mess he started.
But not without laughing.
Also side note: there is one dish he can cook and no one else can oppose him on it, but he only makes it on special occasions and celebrating the victory of his plans.
Up to this day and many more days after, you will remain confused if you want him with you in the kitchen, or out.
Conclusion ↪
An adorable bastard—although he can make anyone swoon with his words, he won't ever verbalize how he feels if he thinks it's 'too human.' But there are some serene moments where he lets himself have the freedom to be human with you, whether he's aware of it or not. His teasing comes from a place of endearment, and when he compliments you, even though his purpose is to see the cute expressions you make, they're honest praise. Not one to initiate affection, but will be offended if you don't give him some.
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Tumblr media
Taglist: @fxrmer-giftedkid @iwillsellyourorgans @dinosaurtsukki @smadhuman
So, anyone smell some favoritism??? Cuz I sure as hell do lmao- I drank nearly an entire bottle of Gatorade-size cold black coffee so I can put this out tonight, and it's four am and i get a huge ass zap of energy when I oh so try to close my eyes, this is fun.
Im gonna fucking die.
Anyway, ily ratman uwu.
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graveyardollie · 2 months ago
Dying Angel - Awakening Demon Chapter 3
Chapter 1 | 2
Ao3 link
Tw for the chapter: Suicidal thoughts, swearing, yelling/arguments, broken bones, losing control of yourself, self-loathing, self-hate (let me know if there is more)
Patton woke up in a strange mood. He had this weird feeling about their new friend. Not in a negative way, but still...something was off. No matter what, he had to make Virgil feel welcome like he deserves. After 5 more minutes of well-deserved sleep, Patton got up from his very comfortable bed and went towards the kitchen to make some breakfast. “Good morning Patton.” said Virgil from the other side of the counter. Patton screamed. “O-oh. Hi, there, kiddo! I’m terribly sorry. I just haven’t really expected someone up this early. My older brother over there will not get up until at least 1PM.”
Virgil smiled a little shy. “That’s okay, Patton. Maybe, I shouldn’t be so quiet after all. I just didn’t want to wake you up. I also tried to make breakfast as a thank you for your trouble in keeping me safe, but...well, as you can see, it didn’t go very well. I’m halfway into cleaning up.”
Patton looked around, a little confused. The kitchen seemed in excellent condition. “Halfway?” Virgil got a little blushy. “Yeah, I...also had to use a small part of the living room. I just couldn’t fit all of my needed stuff here, so..but I hope that’s...okay?”
Patton took a deep breath. Not because he was angry, but because he smelled something...being burned. The living room. He rushed there as fast as he could. Why was the oven in the living room?! How did he not hear all of this? And this smell...was he really sleeping that deep? Gosh, alright. He took the fire extinguisher and stopped the fire from spreading any further. Virgil followed Patton right after. He looked so...tired.
“I’m so sorry, Patton, I probably shouldn’t...I only made things worse, I-” Patton grabbed Virgil’s hands and squished them a little tighter. “It’s okay, Virgil. You did nothing wrong. I actually really appreciate that you’re trying to help us. Maybe the problem is not that you are trying to help, but how. Cooking clearly isn’t something you’re passionate about. Do you want to try something else, maybe?”
“Yeah...yeah, I’d like that.”
Roman had many nightmares that night.
He dreamed about being in the forest again.
The first time Roman went to the forest, it didn’t end well. Patton got severely, hurt and it was all Roman’s fault. But this time, no one knew where he was. Roman didn’t even leave a note. If he was going to die today, then so be it. At least, he won’t go down as a coward but as someone who tried to make this world a little better.
He came prepared. He had a gun and a ton of bullets in his bag. If someone is trying to take advantage of poor people who got so unlucky to be in this forest all by themselves...this will be this bastard’s last time doing so.
He searched for way too long now. No one cared that he was here. Why everything has to be always so brutal in his life? He sat under the tree and closed his eyes. He was so tired. He hasn’t slept at all, hasn’t eaten, and worst of all, he didn’t say goodbye to his little brother. Roman opened his eyes again and looked at the gun he was holding. Was his time coming? Was this really it? Maybe Patton was actually better off without him-
“Well, it would be a real shame losing such a well-looking man from this world~” Roman stood up and backed off. He pointed his gun towards a stranger. “Who the fuck are you?” Roman asked suspiciously.
“Oh, such a gentleman and such cruel words coming from his mouth...they do not fit you at all! But...if you insist. My name is Janus. And I’m here to change your life for the better.” Janus smiled reassuringly.
Roman looked at him, surprised. “How? By killing me like all of the other 30 people? I’m already on my way to do that, so you-”
“Demons forbid, no you silly. I’m talking about real help. You always wanted to be a hero, haven’t you? Your history is drawn all over your face...Your little brother, praised all the time, while you...scolded by your parents like some unworthy bastard. But you still love your brother, right? You want what is best for him...but now he’s a hero again. He will be praised by other people for saving some weird stranger. And you’ll never be anything more than a rat. In the shadows of others.”
Roman felt tears in his eyes. “W-what…”
“I know the truth may be hard to hear...but you are the one who showed it to me.”
“Am I that easy to figure out?”
“Well, those are your words, not mine, but you can put it that way, yes.”
Roman lowered his gun and looked down. “I’m such a mess. What am I even doing with my life…? It’s pointless. I will never be a hero.”
“But you can be a hero, Roman! Take my word for it. People will see you. They will praise you, fear you, and scream your name. Roman, Roman, Roman.’’ His name was coming from all the sides of the forest like a calming echo for his soul. No one will remember that little brother of yours. You will be able to come out of the shadows and be above others. All you need to do is to trust me and...take my hand.”
“All I wanted in my life is my brother to be happy and have a good life. I’m...not sure if I want Patton to be in my shadows. He deserves to be in the spotlight. I am not going to take that away from him.”
Janus looked at him with despise. “What a shame. And I thought I could do it the easy way.” He charged at Roman, and before Roman could even scream, everything turned into darkness.
Roman woke up all sweaty and disgusting. His breath was fast, and his eyes were full of tears. He checked his phone. 11AM. This was quite early for Roman, but he couldn’t imagine staying in this bed any longer. He needed to get up...and maybe shower.
He couldn’t stop thinking about Janus. The conversation between them felt way too real to be a dream. Although Roman was very creative, so Why does it have to be so complicated?!
He got into the living room, where he noticed Patton and Virgil chatting and chuckling. They were so concentrated on what the other said that no one even saw Roman till 5 minutes later. Virgil noticed first. Patton soon after.
“Roman!” Patton got up and hugged his big brother lovingly. His hugs reminded Roman of their mother. She always had so much love and warmth to give. Sometimes he got afraid she wasn’t saving it for herself at all.
Maybe that’s why Roman always pushed Patton to think about himself too. And perhaps that’s why he is such a narcissist.
“Good morning, goofball. How was your night? Did you sleep well?”
“For once, I slept like a sheep. Not even a nuclear bomb could wake me.”
“Well, that’s good to hear. And the cloudy storm over there?” This nickname did not make Virgil happy.
“Why won’t you go ask him yourself while I’m going to make you something to eat? I’ll be right back!” He smiled at Virgil and proceeded to head to the kitchen.
“So…” Virgil started hesitantly. “How’s it go-”
“Oh, please. Save it. I’m not in the mood for acting like I have the strength to be friendly around you. Go be a fake bitch somewhere else.”
Virgil looked at him with disbelief. “Well, looks like I’m not the one being a bitch here.”
“Excuse me?”
Virgil stood up and got closer to Roman while pointing the finger at him. Roman scoffed. “You heard me. Remember, you’re the one who almost killed me. So I simply do not understand why you’re the angry one. You’re ruining the mood, and you make absolutely no damn sense. Patton is probably crying in the kitchen because of you.” Again, he didn’t even correctly wake up, and he already ruined everything. But, you know what? What does this idiot know about Roman? Nothing.
“You are a nobody in this house. I invited you. I can also throw you trash.”
“Please do. Living on the streets would be so much better than living with you here.” Virgil shouldn’t be saying all of this. He was never so aggressive towards someone before. Something didn’t feel right. Virgil decided to step back a little. He sighed deeply. “Look, man, I’m sorry. I know, I got badly hurt, was unconscious for 5 days. Patton probably took more care of me than of you. You have all the right to feel bad. But please, don’t do this to Patton. I can leave if you want...Your brother is probably worried sick about both of us.” For a split second, Roman’s anger disappeared. He felt like himself again. Virgil had such a calming voice...then...Janus...he heard Janus’ voice in his head. “Take my hand.” He remembered everything turning into darkness.
“Shut the hell up. You don’t know anything. Not about Patton nor me. You’re just a meaningless pimp. A nobody.” Before Roman could think, he threw the first punch at Virgil. Where was all this anger coming from? It was almost like, he couldn’t control he was losing himself. But Roman couldn’t stop. He just kept going.
When he came back to reality again, Patton was holding his hands tight. It hurt. “Patton…”
“I-I’m sorry.” He let go of Roman. Patton was shaking. Even Virgil looked worried about Roman. The anger left both of them, for now.
Roman’s hands were hurting. What happened? He looked around. The living room was a mess. Then Roman looked at Virgil. God, he was an even bigger mess. His hair was going in all directions. He had a pink eye and a broken nose.
But Roman wasn’t hurt at all. Virgil did nothing to him. All that was bruised was his knuckles and Roman’s giant ego.
“I’m sorry, I...I don’t know what has gotten into me. I…” Roman got up. He got a bit closer to Virgil, wanting to help. Still, Patton got quickly between them, more worried about Virgil’s safety than Roman’s. Roman got the message. He backed off.
“Roman, he has been here for a week, 5 days unconscious, so I wouldn’t even count those...Virgil got here because you hit him with a car! And you beat him as an apology? That is unacceptable.”
“No!” Roman flinched. “You do NOT “Patton” me! Not this time. Virgil doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment! He’s here for almost a week now, and you did nothing to make up for what you did. You hit him with a car, then expect him to beg you for YOUR forgiveness? What is wrong with you? I’m going to the bathroom with him to make sure he doesn’t get an infection on his wounds. When we’re back...I want you to not be here. Come back home when you realize you did wrong. And when you’re ready to actually DO better.” Patton was crying while saying all of this. Roman was too. Virgil stood there terrified. Should he feel guilty? He didn’t do anything wrong...he was so confused. Why would Roman hate him so much? Could he possibly be…? No. Roman was a human being. 100%. Right…? But where was this hatred coming from then? Maybe he was just a particular human being. Very annoying as well. Still, Roman deserves a second chance. When he comes back, Virgil will try again. And again. And again. Because that’s what the proper angles do, right? They forgive...and then they get hurt every time they try to. God. What has he gotten himself into?
Chapter 4
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s3cretwhispers · 2 months ago
I've paid half for this apartment since December plus payment for internet and despite moving here in October I only got a parking spot in the driveway since last month and it's only because I got a ticket for parking on the road. Since then my boyfriends parents living in a separate apartment upstairs have made life a living hell. starting fights over the use of the garage, stating that my boyfriend and I got rats in the house from the garage, then a week later found the open dryer vent we both said would be the fucking culprit. They've started purposely blocking my car in so I can't get in or out, because they simply just don't want to park their car in the garage. Like it's a fucking garage, if your car doesn't have holes then you have nothing to worry about, even if it did, the cars been sitting outside for over a year now, rodents are bound to get it especially with it sitting in the exact same spot always. I came to this house to get out of an abusive situation and I've just come into another, just not directed specifically at me, it's just sad honestly. I'm finding myself becoming increasingly annoyed with my boyfriend throughout the months as well. His family will just barge in whenever they feel like it, so we have no privacy. I can't even hang out in my office by myself either because he's constantly in here watching what I'm doing and commenting on it, like sometimes you just want to be alone and I can't even get that because he's always here. I slept in the other day and since he assumes I'll always drive him, he didn't have a ride in, so instead of taking a bus or Uber and saying he'll be late, he calls in and tells them he has covid symptoms when he doesn't?? Like he's using a deadly disease as an excuse so you can get a few paid days off from the government? That was literally his excuse, "oh well I have covid symptoms but I think it's just my anxiety because of the fighting and everything, but I'll just go get a covid test for work and I applied for the sickness benefit" and guess who had to drive him to get the test, waste their gas that he doesn't pay for, same with the insurance he doesn't pay for, when he DIDNT EVEN BOTHER TO ASK ME TO DRIVE HIM. Like boy are you serious? Stop fucking expecting me to drive you everywhere, I'm not a taxi service. I'm pretty sure he hasn't been paying my part of the rent too because it seems like every time I give him the rent money (I usually e transfer a week or two early, BC it works better with my schedule) he manages to get sometimes up to four ounces of weed, and it only happens when I give him rent money, but he's telling me he's paying it so I can't question it. so obviously that's sus, you come into some rent money and magically you have enough for weed even though I know you didn't get paid? The first few months living here with him and his roommate were... interesting to say the least. The roommate was a supposed former drug addict with face tattoos saying the name of the town he's from across his forehead, and a pitbull he used to beat in front of us, and his girlfriend 🤡🤡🤡, I'm also certain he overdosed in the bathroom shortly after halloween which is why I say supposed former addict, he was acting all fucked up all night, and then he got quiet for a while, went into the bathroom and projectile vomitted blood all over the area where the toilet is, and guess who had to clean that up, definitely not my boyfriend or the roommate. I used to think when I moved in that it was mainly the roommate that was making the mess because thats what my boyfriend was telling me, but after he moved out i realized that most of it was my boyfriend, like he was making most of these messes and not cleaning up after himself, letting me clean it up and bitch about the roommate making a mess to him, and he was just like yeah thats fine in his head? I dont understand it. Im honestly just over his shit atm, like I'm not even sure how i feel about this relationship anymore, I dont really want to be with him, he's not really the person I thought he was, and hes overly clingy.
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kenmasangel · 2 months ago
you get shot infront of tsukishima
synopsis : you and tsukishima work as police officers and it is known that this field isn’t safe from dangers, in fact it’s one of the riskiest jobs out there. so what you tsukushim’as reaction to see his s/o getting shot right infront of his eyes?
characters : police-officer!tsukishima;  f!reader
genre : angst, fluff
warnings : injuries/blood, cursing, grammar mistakes
request : i have one AU in where y\n is a spy or work for police or something like that in which she get's shot or something like that and how the haikyuu boys react to it or more specific tsukishima or any other will be ok if you do it
Tumblr media
“straighten your arm, so you are sure to have a good aim,” tsukishima explains, holding your hands so he can guide you correctly.
the sound of the bullet being shot echoed in the practice room, lending on your target perfectly, “see? this is what i’m talking about,” he adds his warm breath carresing your neck. it would’ve sent shivers down your spine but you were taught to keep your composure, to have this poker face and to numb down any type of emotions; after all this was your work and you knew what you signed up for when you decided to join the police. “okay now that i got it let me do it alone,” you straightened your position and he got away from you
3 other shots, 3 other perfect lendings earning a smirk from the both of you. you turn around getting rid of the soundproof headphones, “don’t say anything,” he says before heading out of the practice room
“what? say what?” you hide your smile, now walking next to him
&#144;“you know what i mean y/n, i am not gonna tell you did a good job,” he rolls his eyes
“oh honey, i don’t need you to tell me, i know i did a good job,” he scoffs at your reply
you and tsukishima kei have been working together in the police for 9 years now
he was here before you and he didn’t miss a chance to tease trainee you every time he could
at the time you were focused and had one objective : integrate the police forces
and him butting in your buisiness everytime he could didn’t help and you weren’t afraid to twist his arm and threaten him to break his balls when no one was looking
as you finally got into the police, making yourself a name among all those cocky officers, fake peace guardians and mysoginist dickheads whose ego would get hurt easily by seeing a woman outshining them
tsk, poor things
one thing was sure is that you could always rely on tsukishima
and despite all the bickering, arguments and teasing, you couldn’t help but fall for the man who represented your pillar
of course you could count on yourself more than anyone, but kei was that breeze of fresh air that you inhaled pleasently after getting out of a suffocating room
needless to say he had also fallen for you, fallen really hard
he was known for being the brain of the team, very rare were the people who could go past his cold, inaccessible shield
to say it in another way, almost no one passed his vibe check
by now you guys were living together, everyone knew that you were a thing after you dramatically announced it once the contract’s interdiction to date was over
“omfg y’all, i made it! 4 years in the forces wohoo!” you held your glass in the air making your teammates scream back in entusiasm.
your teammates told you -lowkey forced you- to go celebrate this new chapter of your life in the police forces, it was the end of an era after all; an era that prevented you from many things because of that goddamn contract. you had alos gotten a promotion, everything was doing just great for you.
what no one knew was that you were dating tsukishima for quite a long while actually, you weren’t planning on telling everyone so soon but the events that happened that night lowkey forced you to do so.
“thanks everyone for celebrating with me tonight the beginning of a new era for me! let’s enjoy the night!” you weren’t one for emotional speeches.
everyone was drunk by then but tsukishima, of course, (mr. i am a mature man who doesn’t drink). he was watching over you, laughing at himself when he saw you fighting with your collegue about who would win a spicy ramen competition between, “i don’t care that you’re built like a whale or a blob fish, it doesn’t even matter! i would win that eating competition, i’m tiny but mighty narita-san! let’s wrestle so i can show you,”
“she really called him a blob fish,” he comments amazed at how incoherent what you said sounded. “need someone to share your thoughts with?” a feminine voice made an apparition next to him
“no,” he didn’t even bother looking at the woman next to him
“oh c’mon handsome, playing hard to get?” she gets closer to him. “just take a look at me and you’ll change your mind,” she whispered
“ew you stink, get away from me,” he pushed her off him
“you’re gonna make me sad,” she tried to get closer to him again
“and i am gonna make you feel pain, get the fuck away from him,” you appeared in front of  them, pretty pissed
she looked at you up and down, scoffed “are you his mom? leave us alone, we’re having a great time,” she tried to put her hand on his thigh but he pushed it away “most definetely not,” he answers
“i am his girlfriend, so back tf off don’t make me repeat myself,” you added getting closer to them. “you really don’t wanna mess with me,”
“is she really your girlfriend?” the glue chick insisted
before he could answer you  grabbed his arm and dramtaically pressed your lips against his making all your collegues and the people around you in that club gasp.
i mean the people who don’t know you started cheering and your collegues gasped, that glue of a girl included.tsukishima couldn’t help but smirk against your lips as he wrapped his long fingers holding the back of your neck pulling you closer, it lasted until you didn’t have any more oxygen in your lungs.
he grabbed your hand and led the both of you out of the club, “but baaaabe i till get to wrestle with blob fish-kun,” you pouted
the day after was supposed to be a weekend but you’ve been called for idk what reason
needless to say everyone was off, some remembered few snippets, some thought it was their imagination
anyway, everyone knew but no one really talked it out you know ? some type of unspoken rule or whatever but no one minded
anyway back to the present moment
you’ve been tracking for months a drug network or whatever the heck it is called
after months of intense tracking, following clues, interviewing suspects, sleepless nights and living of caffeine here you were going to finally stop the mfs
and tonight was the night
all your team was ready to catch them it was a matter of hours only
“areyou ready for tonight?” asked you tsukki handing you your coffee
“of course i am, especially after practicing my aim,” he smirks. “thanks by the way,” you add, head still down readeing your reports
“hey... hey yn,” he tris to catch his attention but you just hmm in response. “tsk, dumbass,” he flicks your forehead
“ow, what ? i am busy!” you retort. “yn i know you; you’re not busy you’re stressed, everything is gonna be fine okay? you’ve got this, we’ve got this,” he held your hand
kei was not big on affacetion, he never really showed it especially in public he was more of a sarcatic remarks and teasing type of boyfriend but it never stopped him from showing affection when it was needed, like this moment. it was also not your type to show affection or feelings as you learned how to control them; it was much needed in your job. yet it didn’t bother you when each of you got out of your way to be comfort each other
you smiled at him and peckd his lips quickely before anyone could see, “you know i love you right,” you smiled at him
“well, i’d love me too. i mean who wouldn’t after all,” you roll his eyes at his smugness
“excuse me sir, but i don’t mix up between my personal and pro life. would you please stay 6 feet away from me,” you nag at him
“so petty and for what?” you stuck your tongue as an answeryou continued checking all the reports and files before you went on the spot, everyone was getting ready by now and you were alone in the office when you received a very much unexpected call
“hello? please come help me i’m in depot 5, building 3, neighborhood koenji, in front of the subway station please hurry before they find me,” the call ended brutally
you place that person mentionned was familiar to you, of course it was where you were going to catch the heads of that network of drug trafficking. you quickely went with the procedure to report the call and the emergency to the central
“yuki please be quick we can’t let them go, i am going now tell the others to join me there and send more men,” you blurt quickely before taking your protection and gun and leaving
once you arrived there you parked the car where no one could see it
wearing your protection and your gun tightly held in your hands, you looked for a discrete entery where you could sneak inyou finally ended up getting in from the back stairs leading to the 3rd floor before taking the stairs to go to the depot basement
you tried your best not to make any noise, and when you heard some noise you quickely hid behind a broken furnitureyou mentally asked yourself if you team was going to be there soonyou heard the voice of many men, plastic and metal sounds, anyway; sounds you’d hear in a depot filled with drug dealers, ya know the drill
at some point you heard the sounds vanish and going awayyou waited a few minutes before you thought it was a good idea to come out your hiding spot
as you walked closer to their previous spot you stumbled into a metalic box that was on the floor, “who’s there?” you quickely hid behind a pillar
“i said who the fuck is there ?” the man shot in the air but you didn’t budge
“it’s rats, Mo’, let’s go,” another man added
great, just great yn you mentally scolded yourself
you decided to go wait for your collegues in the third floor since they would get there soon
as you saw the police car parking next to yours you hurried quietly to join them
“y/n you sick fuck they could’ve caught you,” tsukki hurries out of the car to see you
“shush! i couldn’t let them go, i wanted to make sure they didn’t leave,” you explained. “so they are there, all the heads are there. i couldn’t find the person who called thoough, and of course there are many bodyguards; 4 in the main entry, 2 in the back, i also heard there are some on the roof.” you explain when the others came in. “i got there through these strairs leading to the 3rd floor,” you add, everyone nodding
“okay so here’s how it’s gonna go,” starts daichi; since he is the captain of your team. he proceeds to explain how things are gonna go, the way you’re going to catch them ...ect
you, kei, and two others were teamed up together
the plan was going perfectly fine, everything was in order and it was bound to succeed
heads were being captured one by one, everyone getting neutralized
but nothing can go 100% fine, right ?
the four of you were going up to the roof so you can capture the guards there and finish the mission
you slightly opened the door and entered the opened space, before you could comprehend what was happening you a felt a horrible pain in your leg and a compilation of balls being shot in the air
“YN! yn, stay with me, don’t you dare close your eyes,” kei hurries to you after him and the two others had shot the guards and called back up
you felt him wrap his jacket around your thigh tightly, “yn baby please, everything is gonna be fine you-,” he gasps after he felt his hand getting wet after he took your head, his eyes widden seeing how bloody his hand was and as he realized you hurt your head when you fell due to the shock
“kei,” a feint smile appeared on your face before you succumbed to your succumbed and let your heavy eyes take a rest
“YN? YN? no, no, no, no, are they fucking coming?” he asked your teammates who nodded. “baby stay with me,” he squeezed you tighter before scooping you up and deciding it was better to take you down himself and not wait for the emergencies to come since he thought they were taking too long
you woke up with a horrible headache and how your muscles felt so sore, only the febril rays of the moonlight getting through the window illuminated the room. the annoying beeping of the machine next to you increased the pounding in your head
a nurse quickly came in, “hello there, how are you feeling?” you looked at her confused, finding a difficulty in letting the words slip from your dry throat, the only thing you managed to say was ‘pain’. “it’s normal,” she proceeded to ask you a bunch of questions, checking that machine and do her work
after she left you tried to remember what happened but the last thing you could remember was when you opened the door of the rooftop, hearing bullets getting shot and that’s it
“at least i’m not dead,” you sighed, going back to sleep
you woke up due to yelling in the hallway
“i told you to call me as soon as she woke up! you had one job!” you recognized your boyfriend’s voice
“sir, sir!” the nurse called him out but he opened your door and his expression softened as he saw you awake, softly smiling at him and rolling your eyes
he hurried to you, taking your hands in his softly, “i really want to hug you, but i don’t want to hurt you,” he started. he let out a shaky sigh, “ i was so scared, i didn’t want to believe i had lost you,” he burried his face in your chest, you noticed his shoulders started shaking slightly
“hey it’s fine baby, i’m here, you can’t get rid of me easily,” you started playing with his hair. “we’re gonna be old and bitter and people are gonna say how i aged like fine one and how your wrinkles are covering your grumpy face,” you chuckled
he lifted his head to look at you, “what?” you ask, your voice in a whisper
“i love you,” he said, you smiled soflty and carressed his cheek.
“i really want to kiss you but my breath stinks,” you chuckle, he rolls his eyes. “how long has it been? you ask
“week and a half, it felt like forever,” he pressed his forehead against yours, cupping your cheek
“i’m back now, right?” you smiled. “come, ow,” you tried to make somle place for him
“omg careful dumbass,” he leaned next to you and held your hand
“how are the others?” you ask, looking at your interwined fingers
“everything is alright, we got all of them we’re done with this case,” he tried to end the topic. “i’m glad,” you voiced your thoughts
“i’m glad you’re alive,” he added. “i don’t want to be away from you, i want to spend the rest of my life with you,” surprised, you looked at him with wide eyes. “love, life is short especially with our job and i don’t want to take the risk to spend one more day without you being my wife. i want to bicker with you over the dumbest things, see you tease me back when i tease you, wake up everyday next to you and your horrible bedhead, enjoy our food together and i can keep on listing what i want to live with all day long. i know this is not the best proposal ever but i’ll make it up to you,” he balbbered all of a sudden, you just kept staring at him this whole time, tears blurring your vision but you blinked them away, the situation itself was already way too emotional for you
“so, y/l/n y/n, do you want to become old, bitter and grumpy with me?” his eyes were full of hope
“i wish i could hug you right now,” you started. “but yes, i want to!”
he cupped your cheek and kissed you deeply, he still tried not to hurt you
“but you are the one with the horrible bedhead,” you pulled away
“right, you’re the one with the stinky breath,” he teased you
“hey, are you crying? i should be the one crying,” you noticed his glossy eyes
“what are you talking about, it’s allergies, tsk,” he flicked your forehead, you winced in pain and hid your face, over exaggerating, making him worried. “didi hurt you? omg baby i’m so sorry love, i didn’t mean into, should i call the doctor?”
you finally showed your face and stuck your tongue out, “dumbass,” he smiled.
he cupped your face and pulled you into another kiss
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giaourtopita · 2 months ago
Hi ♡ Could I ask for some headcannons of the brothers on how they'd spent Valentine's Day with mc?
valentine's day headanons with the brothers
thank you for the request!! i know it isn't valentine's day here anymore but it still is somewhere else so here you go!! also, some parts are bigger than others!! i hate this holiday but i hope you'll enjoy this!!
warnings; gn mc, lots of cuddling tbh.
Tumblr media
- first of all i would like to say that i think that some of the brothers wouldn't know of valentine's day, or the devildom would have something along those lines but not quite. that is because valentine's day is not an actual religious holiday.
Tumblr media
- he woke up early in the morning and didn't say anything about valentine's day, he was acting normal during breakfast.
- during the student council meating he was taking more and more work to do from home and was more than ready to overwork himself like usual.
- diavolo noticed that maybe lucifer wasn't aware of the holiday in the human realm so he had to physically take all the new paperwork from his arms and force him to go home early for the day.
- mc was upset that he didn't know but then again he's very busy so they couldn't exactly blame him, his attitude towards work and his handful of brothers were too much for one person to handle, human or demon.
- in fact instead of doing something very fancy mc wanted something simple to do with him.
- they decided that spending a relaxing time together would be much better than going at ristorante six and just dining.
- mc prepared his favourite food while he was at the meeting. they thought maybe they could stay at one of the common rooms if no one was going to use them.
- their first choice was the planetarium or maybe the attic, since the latter used to be lucifer's sanctuary.
- when they finally decided which one of the two was more appropriate to use lucifer was already home.
- without any explanation mc dragged him to the planetarium where they also brought their mattress, the food they had cooked and drinks.
- mc and lucifer spent the rest of the day and all of the night in the planetarium eating, having a few drinks and holding each other. it was a nice change for lucifer who barely had any time to himself.
- needless to say lucifer was embarrassed he wasn't able to do anything for them but he started planning for next year so he can make it up to them.
Tumblr media
- he knew about it, the witches were nagging him to give them their money back so they can get valentine's day gifts.
- he was annoyed at them, why do they keep summoning him?? all he wants to do is spend time with mc not with some witches.
- once they stopped with the summons, he started thinking if what to do.
- mc wasn't done with rad for the day but mammon didn't want to wait, once mc was out of one of the classes. they both skipped rad and headed back home.
- mc knew something was up because normally mammon wouldn't skip rad unless he wanted to be punished by lucifer.
- they told it would be better for him if they both got back at rat while they still could but mammon had other plans.
- they went back home and changed their clothes, mammon didn't want the both of them to wear the rad uniform out, people would spot them much easier.
- "mc i saved up some money and you can choose your gift for valentine's day"
- mc didn't really care about gifts, their gift was right in front of them so they just kissed him and informed him that they would rather spend time with him than go shopping on this day.
- they went to a convenience store instead and got snacks so they could eat while watching a movie.
- they started watching the movie and ate their snacks but soon enough they found themselves ignoring the movie and snuggling up against each other.
- mc was petting his hair and mammon was laying on mc's chest. mammon still couldn't help but blush, but he was glad that he got to spend time with mc without his brothers or the witches interrupting them.
Tumblr media
- also knows about it, he has watched many human world anime so he knows.
- levi doesn't really like it because it's a normie holiday but he's allowed to do normie stuff once in a while especially if it's with his normie.
- even though levi was very shy to talk to them about it for valentine's day he had made a whole plan on what to do that day.
- he started buying chocolates and other kinds of heart shaped snacks ahead of time so no one would suspect he would do something a normie would do.
- when it was finally valentine's day all the snacks and gifts he ordered from akuzon.
- he called mc to his room but acted like it was a normal day.
- mc also prepared something for valentine's day, they were going to wear a maid outfit to surprise him.
- when mc arrived in his room, he didn't expect them to look like that. he was a blushing mess when he saw them he even tried turning around to hide how red he looked but mc stopped him.
- he was very excited for valentine's day that he felt like he would ruin his plans by talking about them in front of mc.
- levi gave them all the gifts he got them, mc gave him a soft kiss on the lips right before two laid down on his bathtub to watch some shoujo anime.
Tumblr media
- he knew about valentine's day but didn't really think mc would like it as a holiday.
- he probably thinks it's kind of a stupid holiday anyway but for mc he would celebrate it.
- also acted like it was a normal day.
- using his connections he got them a reservation at ristorante six. since he really likes spending time with mc but he knows that some of his brothers are very clingy when it comes to them he would use this an excuse to go out with them.
- after rad was over for the day satan told them to put on their fanciest outfit because they would go out at night, he also made sure to tell them to keep it a secret from his brothers since they would probably ruin it for the two.
- they talked about valentine's day and what they did during the day, it was so calm and satan had so much fun that he thought maybe valentine's day isn't that stupid.
- once the dinner was over they headed back home, mc bought him a new book. it was a romance novel, perfect for the occasion, they thought.
- mc gave it to him, it was wrapped in a pink wrapper and there was a pretty green bow tied around it.
- satan unwrapped his present and seemed really excited to read it. mc suggested he read it for both of them when it's time to sleep.
Tumblr media
- when mc told him about valentine's day he got very excited, i mean in a way he IS the avatar of love so this is his specialty.
- mc whoever told him that they don't want to go to a club again. mc told him what they had in mind and he got so so excited!!!
- asmodeus is probably the most artistic out the all his brothers so he really liked the idea of going on a picnic date to paint.
- they prepared together two baskets, one with food and another one with art supplies, asmo really liked this idea as it wasn't what he was used to. in his mind, people failed to realise that he was much more than a narcissistic horny person.
- this date cheered him up, and it made him feel truly loved. sure people loved his looks but no one seemed to care much about his personality so this made his heart beat a little faster, in a good way.
- they decided they would paint each other as a competition. asmo won and as a reward he asked mc for a kiss. mc gave him not one but three kisses, one on the forehead, one on the right cheek and a final one on the lips.
- after they finished with the picnic, asmo suggested they take a bath together. asmo started running bath and mc took all the dirty utensils and started washing them. once mc was done they went to asmo's bathroom and joined him in the bath.
- nothing naughty happened except asmo kept kissing mc's neck.
Tumblr media
- he didn't know about valentine's day but when mc told him about he got pumped.
- mc told him they wanted to bake sweets with him to celebrate.
- mc had to warn him not to eat any of the ingredients before they started.
- beel tried his best not to eat the ingredients but he did eat some raw cookies. mc really did appreciate how hard he tried not eating anything so it was all good.
- once all those goods they baked were done, the two ate them. it was a really fun activity and beel really liked it.
- later during the day beel found some limited edition heart shaped chocolate in one of the shops that sell sweets like that. since beel was one of the best customers the shop owner gave him a few of those chocolates for free.
- beel came home excited and gave them to mc as they told him that that's how humans do it in the human realm.
- mc pulled him into a tight hug and told him that they should share the chocolates.
- they spent that night cuddling in mc's bed, beel laid down first, mc gave him three kisses one on each corner of his lips and one on the lips before laying down on beel's chest.
Tumblr media
- mc had been complaining the mattress in their room was too firm for their liking (belphie didn't like it either).
- since he knew about valentine's day he decided to get them (he was going to use it too obviously) a new mattress.
- he out of all people knows the best what is comfortable and what is not.
- he took mc mattress shopping for valentine's day, mc wasn't 100% okay with that however they were he had something in mind for the both of them to do.
- belphie took them there and started laying on every bed. he pretended to be asleep so mc would kiss him to wake up.
- though he did fall asleep a few times on the store, they eventually managed to find a mattress that was good enough for both.
- once it was time to put it on the bed, belphie left for a moment.
- he came back with his cow pillow. mc couldn't believe he was just going to sleep on a mattress without any sheets.
- "this is also your present"... "no it's not my pillow i just got you a matching one"
- mc also bought him a gift. it was a puffy body pillow with a cow print matching to his original pillow.
- once they made up the bed, belphie made mc use their new pillow and mc made belphie try out his new pillow. resulting the two in falling asleep while spooning each other.
(i don't even know if half of what i wrote makes sense it's 4:30 am and i have to wake up in a few hours i-)
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propertyofabelmorales · 2 months ago
1706 words, blue jones x reader
summary: sorry, i killed your valentine but i kind of feel bad about it so i can be your valentine instead if you want...
warnings: cuddling; mentions of character death; amber really goated; blue is just a fucking idiot
Tumblr media
Maybe his decision was a little rash, but Blue was used to having to think on the spot. That's how you survived in his profession. Granted, this situation was comparably much safer than other situations he’s been in.
Well as it turns out, not thinking through the consequences of your actions can doom you just as much. And god, staring at you in that gorgeous fucking dress in that restaurant - whatever the fuck it was called - some pretentious michilin star place in the city… Blue was seriously considering the fact that he probably should have drafted his will before coming here.
You spotted him from your seat and your eyes widened. Quickly checking the clock, you realized your date was well past half an hour late. Seeing your brows furrow as you began to stand, Blue rushed over, holding a hand out to keep you in your seat. 
“Blue? Have you heard from Jason? He was supposed to meet me tonight.” Blue grimaced and sat next to you. Your eyes flickered down and concern washed over your face. “Is that blood on your suit?”
He remembered you mentioned a client that wanted to have dinner with you on Valentine’s Day, free of charge on your own personal hours. He also remembered you gushing about how excited you were because “Jason is so cute,” and “Jason is so sweet and considerate.” 
Well, now he supposes he should say “was.” The fact that you were supposed to meet Jason tonight happened to slip Blue’s mind hours before when he had to... dispatch your beloved Jason for trying stealing his shit. 
“Right, so here's the thing, sugar.” Blue offered you a smile to reassure you. “Jason isn’t coming tonight because I… I shot him.”
Your bottom lip dropped, mouth agape as you stared at the jerk in front of you. You weren't really sure what you expected, maybe you should have expected this. Blue’s done much worse in the past. But fucking christ- killing your valentine has got to be near the top of his list of his worst wrongdoings. 
“You’re kidding, Blue.” You bit the inside of your cheek, taking a deep breath to help calm your tears. The first guy to show interest in you since - you don't even remember how long. “You're kidding. And it’s not a very funny joke.”
“Listen, okay? That boy turned out to be a little rat. He's been stealing money from me. I couldn't let that slide.” Taking the wine glass that was sitting on the table, lying in wait for your former Valentine, and taking a sip out of it. You scoffed. “Hey, at least you don’t have to fuck him anymore.”
“You're an asshole.” You finally felt a tear fall and stood up. “You fucking killed my Valentine?!” 
Blue merely raised his brows and downed the rest of his glass. That actually went a lot better than he expected. “Come on now, let's not make a scene, dollface-”
“No, NO I can just not believe- I cannot even fathom this new low you've reached. You killed my Valentine. And you’re fucking telling me the silver lining of this situation is that I don’t ‘have to’ fuck him anymore?!”
Blue blinked. So... poor choice of words.
“Fuck you, Blue. Honestly. Fuck you-”
Blue watched as the waitress put a hand on your shoulder. “Excuse me ma’am, could you please calm-”
“No, no it's okay. I’m on my way out already.” You turned to Blue just as you grabbed your jacket. “Get fucked, asshole.” 
Maybe it was that he felt bad or maybe it was that he just didn't want to hang out in that restaurant with people staring at him every now and then but Blue followed you out, jogging up to catch you. “I can take you home, sweetheart.”
“I’d rather fucking walk. Thanks.”
“All the way from the fucking city? Come on, you have to fucking dance tomorrow. And fallin’ flat on your face because of blisters isn't exactly sexy. Let me drive you.”
“That’s what you’re worried about right now? If I can do my job correctly tomorrow?”
Blue stopped you, squaring your shoulders to him. “Come on, sugar. You dont- You don’t have to talk to me the whole way back. Just let me take you home. I'm sorry, alright? I apologized.”
You huffed and followed him. The drive home was silent as promised and the moment you got back to your quarters, you climbed in bed, not bothering to take off that damned dress or the heels or your makeup. You let your hair down but the rest could stay. You needed to lie the fuck down and process - did Blue Jones fucking kill your Valentine?
Blue saw this as one of the few things he might actually be ashamed of having done. Is it weird that he honestly feels bad about this petty little thing? Probably, considering all the other shit he's done to other people. 
He sent Amber to check on you. He figured you'd rather see her than him. You’d probably rather see anyone but him.
“She didn't wanna see anyone. Said she wanted to be left alone.” 
Blue nodded at Amber from his seat, contemplating the options. Did that mean leave you alone like you wanted someone to push harder or leave you alone like actually leave you alone? God, he felt like shit. “I think she’s crying.”
“Yeah, I kinda got that part. Thanks, Amber.” Blue snapped
Amber winced and thought for a second. “You know what might help?” Blue raised a brow. “I mean, you wanna help right? That's why you sent me to her room? You care?”
Blue suddenly looked up at her  with wide eyes. “I care about all you girls! Come on, it was kind of a shitty situation, of course I feel bad.”
“Okay, well then maybe… I'm thinking it might help if you… Well, okay. She felt wanted by Jason and maybe she felt like he was someone that could… connect with her emotionally… y’know? D-despite our job and all? Maybe you could be that guy for her... for one night?” 
Blue’s eyebrows furrowed and Amber sighed. 
“Put on a nice suit, get some chocolates and a teddy bear… maybe some champagne and go comfort her.” Amber suggested. “You… killed her-”
“Yeah, I know.”
“She’s probably lonely. We got a lot of tips today… Gifts from some of the more emotionally involved clients. You should take some up to her.” 
Blue sighed and then stood up. “Get some dark chocolates up to my office. And yeah, a teddy bear. But a decently sized one. Not that obnoxious one I saw on the way in.”
A smile spread across Ambers face and she nodded. 
When Blue got to your room, he opened the door and rolled a cart in. You sniffled - a sound that had Blue’s chest sinking in a way he’d never felt before - fucking asshole, he really is a fucking asshole.
“Hayyyy...” Blue greeted as the door closed. He rolled the cart closer to your bed and straightened up, smoothing down wrinkles on his suit. “Sweetheart?”
“Fuck off.” You muttered, hiding your face. 
“Come on, can you look at me, sugar?” Blue paused and licked his lips. “Please? Pretty please, doll?” 
You looked up, glancing at him. He looked good but you looked like shit. Blue grimaced when he saw your puffy eyes and damp cheeks. 
“Do you wanna have dinner?”
You stared blankly. “You’re fucking kidding.” Blue smiled at you and pulled a teddy bear out of the cart. “No. I don’t wanna have dinner with you. Are you- Are you actually dumb?” 
Blue sighed as you turned back to your side and took the box of chocolates out. He opened the box quickly as you tried to tune his entire presence out of your mind. 
“Baby…” Your heart warmed with the nickname, eyes opening when a thud sounded next to your face. You saw the open box of chocolates right in your eye line, luring you in. Damn, chocolate sounded wonderful right now. “Baby. Please. I’m tryna be nice.”
You didn't respond, trying hard to push down a smile as Blue awkwardly shoved the stuffed bear into your arms.
You heard him sigh and then crawl in next to you. You confusedly accepted the affection as he wrapped his arms around you. With a content sigh, you sank in his arms and finally allowed yourself to smile when he kissed the back of your neck through your hair. 
You took his hand in yours and cuddled deeper. Blue smiled, awkwardly watching you. You were beautiful, somehow. You just looked peaceful and cute. And he felt this need to hold you. He didn't want to let go soon. He wanted to stay for a bit - a long bit.
“I’m sorry for-”
“Don’t ruin the moment, Blue.” You snorted, turning in his arms. Blue chuckled and you watched his face, loving the way his eyes crinkled with his laugh. 
In a brave move, you cupped his cheek and kissed him gently. Blue hummed, leaning in to deepen it. He never felt such soft lips in his life. It made him think of how they would feel- stop, that’s not what she needs right now. 
You whimpered into his lips and scooted closer, kissing him deeper. Blue moaned and wrapped his arms around you tighter, wanting just as bad to keep you close. 
One hand left your back briefly to reach for your chocolates and you giggled against him, pulling away and smacking his hand just before he could touch any of your precious candies. “Get your own.” You laughed.
Blue smiled, pressed his forehead to yours once you looked back at him. “There’s that gorgeous fuckin’ smile.”
Your smile widened and you kissed him again, pushing his shoulder down to lie on the bed as you took your position over him. “Do you wanna see some other ‘gorgeous’ expressions I can make?”
 You smiled at him, giggling at the flustered expression you managed to put on his face, despite looking like a mess. You might have thought you looked like a mess but Blue thought you looked like an angel right then.
He nodded eagerly at your suggestion and you leaned down to kiss him again. When your hands met his belt and started to undress him, Blue managed to make a mental note for later: Thank Amber for her suggestions.
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geminirules · 2 months ago
Not Another Cliché Love Story.
Asshole Hero → Chaper Two
Word Count: 2.1k
Warnings: None.
Tumblr media
The next day, you walked beside Chan talking a little, getting ready to head to your English class, he offered to walk you because his Geography class was just across from your class. Nara had Drama and she left you quickly, excited to have the same class as her crush. You stopped by your locker to put your books inside, as Chan waited patiently for you. He offered to carry your books but you didn’t want to bother him, so you just but them in your locker.
After you closed the door of the locker, you turned to Chan waving at him as he went to his class, and you entered your class. The teacher greeted you and you sat in the back of the class.
You noticed how the students were looking at you with their eyes wide and you were confused. Why are they staring like that? You shrugged thinking it was the fact that you were the new girl.
That wasn’t until you saw two fists on your desk, you looked up and met the dark brown eyes you were staring at during lunch. It was none other than Jung Jaehyun.
He looked more handsome in person, and him looking at you like that made you feel nervous. You smiled at him, but he just kept his straight face on.
“You’re sitting on my desk, new girl,” Jaehyun said casually, but he was still staring at you with a demanding look.
You rolled your eyes, “Oh? But I don’t see yourــ Oh! Now I know!” you said something clicking in your head. If your new life is looking more like a cliché romantic novel, then what was about to come is going to be so cheesy, or worse scary.
“Wait wait, I got this. Try again!” you said and fixed your posture, Jaehyun looked at you confused why were you acting like this.
“I said that’s my seat!” Jaehyun said irritable and you gathered your things making him more confused. He was thinking about what made you change your mind so suddenly? Weren’t you insistent on sitting on the disk?
“What the hell?” Jaehyun asked and you turned your head towards him and raised an eyebrow. “What? I thought that was your seat,” you replied and he scoffed.
“I swear you were so insistent to sit there, what made you change your mind?” he asked and you shrugged and said.
“Listen buddy, I know how this works. You tell me that’s your seat and then we argue causing the teacher to yell at us. And maybe you would sit somewhere else, but after class, and for the rest of the year, you’re going to make my life a living hell. And I don’t want that because I already am living in hell, so yeah.”
Jaehyun stared at you blinking in disbelief, to say that he thought you were super weird was an understatement. You left him and sat on the front desk. He looked at you with a judging look, before he sat down as the class started.
“God, kill me now,” you whispered looking around with a pained look on your face.
You had P.E, besides the fact that you aren’t that much into sports, you were all alone. It’s not like you have a problem being alone, but it would’ve been better to have someone you knew in the same class.
You sat down as you looked around seeing students talking together, you huffed looking down at your hands finding them more interesting. A loud squeal erupted from one of the girls, you looked up annoyed by the sound of her screeching, your eyes widened and you sighed.
“Of course,” you whispered as you saw Jaehyun entering with Minghao and Dongmin trailing behind him, and of course he wore his infamous smirk.
Now you took a good look at him, his body wasn’t as muscular as Dongmin, he was more on the lean figure, but that doesn’t mean he looked bad, no, he was still handsome.
Jaehyun must’ve noticed that you were looking at him because he caught your eyes, once he saw you, he raised an eyebrow at you as if asking you something. You just turned your head looking away from him.
The coach spilt the class in two teams, and to your amazing luck, he forced you to play. You stood next to a girl, she gave you a small smile easing your nerves, you gave her a weak smile and the game started.
“So, we’re on the same team.” the girl said and you nodded weakly and she just chuckled. “Don’t be tense, I’m Jihyo by the way.” she introduced herself and you smiled.
“Nice to meet you, Jihyo. I’m Y/N.” you said and she smiled. “Nice to meet you too, Y/N,” Jihyo replied.
Another best friend for life. Identified.
You were a good basketball player back in middle school but seems like you weren’t as good as you were before. You sighed as the team captain, Minghao,  told you kindly to sit down if you want, you smiled thankfully at him and didn’t let him repeat his words.
You sat watching them play, you didn’t want to admit it, but Jaehyun was good, and he looked incredibly attractive while playing, his arms flexed every time he held the ball. You were too engrossed in checking him out to notice the ball that was about to hit your face.
“Y/N! Watch out!” Jihyo yelled and you looked up only to find the ball hitting you in the nose.
You cursed loudly as you held your nose, Jihyo ran over to you and took your hand away from your face.
“Oh god, it’s bleeding.” Jihyo said as you looked at her in panic, “God Jaehyun! Could you have hit it any harder?!” Jihyo barked and Jaehyun rolled his eyes.
“It’s not my fault, she wasn’t paying attention, if she were, she would’ve been able to dodge it,” Jaehyun said rolling his eyes and Jihyo glared at him.
“If you weren’t such a bad player you wouldn’t have hit me.” you shot back standing up to look at him ignoring the agonising pain in your nose.
A chorus of gasps filled the air and the student looked at you not believing that you just insulted the basketball captain and his skills. Jaehyun looked at you and chuckled sarcastically.
“Did you just say that I’m a bad player?” he asked you his eyes narrowed, you were too angry to take back what you said.
“So now you’re deaf too?” you shot back and he glared at you. He was about to say something but you winced in pain and held your nose again.
“Enough! Jihyo, take her to the nurse’s office.” the coach ordered and Jihyo took your arm as she leads you to the nurse’s office. And Minghao as the team captain, he had to go with you to make sure you were okay.
Jaehyun was fuming with anger, he couldn’t believe that you insulted him and his skills, he turned around and saw Dongmin looking at him with a pointed look.
“What do you want now?” Jaehyun asked rolling his eyes.
“You do know that it’s true that it was your fault,” Dongmin answered and Jaehyun huffed. “Really? Whose side are you on?! I’m your friend!” Jaehyun said and Dongmin shrugged.
“I’m on neither side, but to let you know, you were distracted,” Dongmin said and Jaehyun sighed knowing that was true.
“Okay, maybe you’re right I was a bit distracted,” Jaehyun answered and Dongmin smiled, he patted his back as the coach announced that they were dismissed. Dongmin stood up and walked saying with Jaehyun behind him.
“You’re still apologising to her.”
“Oh come on!”
Luckily your nose wasn’t broken, or else you would’ve gone back and broke Jaehyun’s nose. You were angry, beyond angry. Who did he think he is to get away with hitting you in the face?
“Hey, you okay?” Jihyo asked and you looked at her nodding, “Yes, thank you so much Jihyo, you didn’t have to do this.” you said gratefully and she smiled.
“No no! It’s okay, it’s nothing.” Jihyo replied and you smiled at her, you turned to look at Minghao who was looking at you with concern.
“Thank you for helping me again, Minghao, even though you have an asshole as a friend,” you said rolling your eyes and he chuckled.
“He isn’t that bad trust me, maybe he got mad because he got his man period or something,” Minghao said and you laughed, the door opened and you saw Nara and Chan walking in.
“Oh my god! This is your second day and you already got into trouble!” Nara scolded you and you rolled your eyes.
“Who do I have to fight?” Chan said cracking his knuckles and you chuckled shaking your head.
“Don’t worry about it Chan, it was an accident,” you said and he rolled his eyes knowing you were lying but kept his mouth shut.
Nara noticed Minghao who now moved to the end of the room, she narrowed her eyes at you and smiled evilly thinking of something messed up.
“Minghao came with me and Jihyo because he was the team captain and had to make sure I was okay.” You explained quickly and Nara smiled.
“That’s so sweet of you! You kept our little Y/N safe!” Nara said and he smiled awkwardly at her.
“Anytime, sorry I have to go, I have a class in a few minutes.” Minghao said and you stood up as well.
“I feel better too now, let’s go. Staying here makes me feel sick.” you said and Nara linked her arms with you.
You left the nurse’s office and turned to Mingyu again smiling thankfully at him. “Thank you again for helping me.” you said and Minghao smiled brightly.
“Y/N, it’s okay, really. Get better soon though,” he said and you smiled nodding as he excused himself and left.
Jaehyun walked inside the class as he kept a poker face on, he couldn’t believe that Dongmin was forcing him to apologise to you or he will rat him out to the coach. His eyes wandered across the class looking for you, and he did. He mentally groaned and walked over to you.
He didn’t want to apologise because in his opinion you were the one to blame, you weren’t paying attention and also insulted him. He thought you were weird too, why were you acting like a know-it-all? And why did you think that he was going to bully you? He wouldn’t do that because this wasn’t who he was, he would never bully anyone.
Jaehyun approached you as you were typing on the phone with a small smile on your face, he cleared his throat making you look up at him with doe eyes. When you saw him, your smile was replaced with a scowl.
“What now? Are you going to hit me with a chair or something?” you asked and Jaehyun rolled his eyes.
“Listen new girl, I’m doing this for my best friend, and he’s threatening me, so. I’m sorry for hitting your face.” he said and you smirked slowly.
“Oh, looks like you’re never the one to apologise, aren’t you?” you said and crossed your arms against your chest.
Jaehyun looked annoyed and you smiled and he said, “Be thankful that I’m apologising even though I did nothing wrong.”
You blinked thinking of all the possible scenarios. So, he apologised and if you’re not wrong, you have to accept his apology to show him how generous and thankful you are. And him knowing how much of an asshole he is for acting this way as he notices your kindness and boom, this is how your romance is gonna bloom.
But, unfortunately, we don’t get what we want, and looks like Jaehyun is facing the same consequences.
You looked at him with a fake smile and said, “Well, thank you for apologising, but I don’t accept your apology.”
Jaehyun stared at you dumbfounded and was about to say something but the teacher has already entered the class, he eyed you and left to go and sit on his usual desk.
“Alright class, you have an upcoming project, and today I’m pairing you up.” The teacher said as he got a paper and started calling out the names.
You twirled your pencil in boredom waiting for your name to be called. After about four more names, you heard your name.
“Y/L/N Y/N and Jung Jaehyun.”
You dropped your pencil in shock, you saw this coming, but not this soon. You turned around and looked at Jaehyun who was glaring at the teacher, his glared turned towards you and you smirked turning around.
This is going to be so much fun.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Chapter Two of D-Men is now live! 
The prequel to Feudal Connection’s Best Dark Fanfiction 2020 Cell Mates continues! For the awesome and beautiful event @inuparentsday​, we see Izayoi and Toga finally meet! And get a few more looks into the world before Cell Mates. 
Art by @kirrtash​ for the event can be found here!
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Tumblr media
Chapter Two
As far as cells went, this was far from the worst Toga had ever been in. After all, he’d been married once. 
He laughed at the joke inside his head; even Miya would have laughed at that one. The monk was nearby, watching and waiting. Or he was supposed to be. The whole point of allowing these humans to capture him was so they would know where they were and what they knew. And just how many of them there were. 
It wasn’t just for his kind, it was for the humans as well. If MiLady and her croons discovered this place first then they would blow it up and call it a gas leak. Accidents tended to happen to humans that knew too much.
Toga wasn’t surprised his weapons were taken but they took his clothes too! Including his jacket! More than just for warmth, the fire rat robes it was made of kept his chest from being easily pierced. It was his armor and he very much wanted it back. Especially with the guys in lab coats coming in close and carrying needles.
He hated needles.
“Are we sure these will even work?” A skinny one with thick glasses asked.
They all looked to the tall guy with long hair. He was the one that ‘greeted’ Toga when he arrived. They’re boss, Toga didn’t so much as sit a little straighter as the tall man stood before him. The only thing that separated them was a thick layer of glass. Did they think the caution stickers on the front of the glass somehow made it stronger? None of them seemed to realize that, if he didn’t want to be here, it would be nothing for him to leave their small prison.
“What’s your name?” The man asked.
Toga eyed the needles again as the men stepped closer. “Well… my enemies call me Fighting Fang. While my friends call me Toga.”
He put it to the humans to decide; friend or foe.
“Will this needle pierce your skin?”
Twerking up a brow, he eyed the man carefully. “Yeah…”
“Good. Dr. Yosh?”
The boss gestured to the skinny one (a Dr. Yosh it would seem) and he stepped up to the glass. Pressing some buttons that Toga could hear and not see, a small hatch in the glass opened up. The cage was just long and deep enough for him to lay down on the raised floor. Miya would bitch at him later but unless he wanted to break out of this cage without any idea how much these humans knew about them then he would have to let them take his blood. 
Just as he said it would, the needle broke through his skin and allowed them to take his blood. Toga wasn’t impervious (hence the need for his armor) he just healed quickly. So quick that most wounds were similar to the needle under his skin like a pin prick. Right now, Toga wasn’t sure which was more annoying. A shot to his gut or the Prick smirking at him. 
“Guess you’ll be calling me Fighting Fang then.” He spoke as calmly as possible to the man in charge as they stared one another down.
“Is that a threat?” Dr. Setsuna asked.
“No. I just don’t like you.”
The jerk laughed and took a small vial of Toga’s blood. “Like I care.”
He had spoken softly as if he didn’t know Toga could hear him. When Dr. Prick looked over his shoulder back at him, he was clearly gaging to see if Toga had heard him. Resisting the urge to flip him the bird, Toga remained as if he had heard nothing. The point was to learn what they knew; not give them more information. 
Maybe he could steal his blood back on the way out? He also wasn’t sure how much it mattered; he and Miya had watched them collect samples of Snowflake’s blood she left behind that night. What was some more blood for them to play with?
Tumblr media
“Dr. Hime? You’re still here?”
One of Takemaru’s lab partners stood in the doorway of her lab. She wasn’t leaving until they did. And even then, she was going to take a peek at whatever they were working on. “Yes, of course.”
“Dr. Setsuna has another sample for you to examine.”
More blood. Was there a point to studying this one or would he simply tell her not to worry about it a few hours from now? Izayoi took it regardless. It was a piece of the puzzle and she hoped it would help her understand the samples she had already. 
Extraction, Quantification, then Amplification. Steps she had run so many times in her lifetime that it was muscle memory. It was how she knew she hadn’t made a mistake when again, animal DNA was present with the strange markers that even she couldn’t identify. This time it was canine DNA. 
Was this some kind of joke? Was Takemaru messing with her and wasting her time?! Fuming, she left her lab and stormed over to the one across the hall. The lab assistants were still in a tisy with excitement and all Izayoi could think was that they should have their coffee privileges revoked. 
“Dr. Setsuna!” 
He turned and smirked at her as she stomped over to him. “Dr. Hime, you’re still here?”
Like she was going anywhere with all this bullshit going on. “Yes.” She answered with a hiss of irritation.
“Well then. Since you’re so… insistent, I suppose you can get a peek at our new project.”
She hadn’t expected it to be this easy. Takemaru was bragging and it only made her feel sick as he placed a hand on her shoulder to guide her around. A sickness that grew when she spotted the man that had entered through the loading bay was now in a cell. A cell that wasn’t constructed hastily; it had been there long before the man showed up.
And there was more than one.
The man looked alright, laying out in the cell like it was any other night or as if it were his couch. His eyes found her and he sat up a little straighter in his box but it didn’t allow much movement. It was more than enough for her to feel light headed. 
The blue streaks on his face she saw before. Now in a white t-shirt and pants like a test subject, she saw matching marks on his arms and one peeking from under his shirt on his side. But that wasn’t what had her struggling to breathe. It was his eyes. They were amber. Like crystalized sap that was held up to the sunlight. They glimmered and glowed and stuck to her; as if sticky like sap too.
“Izayoi, this is our new specimen.”
She wanted to glare at Takemaru for his informal tendencies as well as calling a man a specimen. But her eyes refused to leave the strange man. His long, flowing locks didn’t help; he was very handsome. 
Now close, he grinned back at her through the glass and winked. “You can call me Toga.”
Before she had a chance to say a single sound, Takemaru stepped between and started pushing her back. “As you can see, we have a lot to do here and it is already very late.”
“Wait! You can't just lock him up…”
“He volunteered. There is no harm being done here. Now excuse us, Dr. Hime, as we get to work.”
She was shoved back out into the hall and the door was locked behind her. The sound echoed off the walls. 
“Volunteered?” She said to herself. They had no clue she’d been there when they ushered the man in with cuffs on his wrists. 
Izayoi hated lies.
Busying herself with blood samples and other tissues from other cases sent her way; Izayoi bided her time until the sounds of others in the hallway came to her door. It was one am and those bastards were finally leaving. The locks on the door clicked loudly and Takemaru followed behind the others; leaving last. She waited a beat to make sure no one was coming back and rushed to the other end of the hall. There were video cameras in her lab but that was due to the nature of her work. Many of her cases involved criminal activity so she never questioned the need for her and her assistants to be watched. Izayoi had to hope it was a different story for Takemaru’s lab. But with them imprisoning people she had little doubt they were filming in his lab.
Her ID/access card in hand, she swiftly ran it through the reader; not surprised in the least when she was denied access. Glancing around her twice (making sure she was really alone) she pulled out another ID card. Takemaru was so full of himself that he had a bad habit of leaving his card in the break room. Izayoi had intended to give it back to him but after two weeks of his patronizing ways and his ease with getting a new one, she didn’t feel the need to be so… helpful. Instead, she helped herself. 
Takemaru didn’t even cancel the card. How is it an idiot like him got promoted over her? She rolled her eyes at the thought; she lacked an important piece of anatomy and that was it.
Slowly, Izayoi made her way to the back of the large lab; looking for cameras as she went. Not in sight of the ‘cage’ yet and already the man somehow knew she was there. “What are you doing here so late?” Taking the last few steps, she revealed herself and the man wasn’t surprised in the least. “Someone as pretty as you shouldn’t be out this late alone.”
“So if I was ugly it would be okay?”
He smirked and gave her a wink. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
His eyes were hypnotic. Maybe that was why he was in here? That didn’t make sense, why would Takemaru care about magnetizing eyes. “I’m not sure you understand the meaning of that proverb…”
“It means that everyone is beautiful to someone. So no, even if I found you unattractive, it still wouldn’t be alright that you were out this late alone.”
Izayoi shook her head. Not because she didn’t like what he had to say but because it was far from the point. “What are you doing here?”
“Me? I’m enjoying this lovely cell. Isn’t that obvious?” He gestured as much as he could to his small surroundings. Which wasn’t much.
He leaned forward until his breath fogged up the glass. “Cause I’m special.”
At some point, Izayoi had gotten closer too, her hands now on the glass between them. “Why does your blood have canine DNA mixed in?” Her eyes danced from his amber eyes to his blue streaks. “They… would have sanitized you… washed the paint off your face…”
His head tilted to the side at her but then he held up a finger; the long claw on the end of it made her shiver. Then he licked the finger and ran the wet digit right through the middle of the mark on his arm. “Not paint. Just skin.”
“A tattoo?”
“Who would get tattoos like this? On purpose?”
“Same person who donates their body to science while they’re still alive?”
He rested his head against the glass and (although impossible) she swore she felt the heat of his skin through the glass on her fingertips. “You got me there, I guess.” He stared up at her through his lashes, watching her every micromovement. “Izayoi, right?” She nodded. “My friends call me Toga.”
“And those who aren’t so lucky?”
He sat up at that and crossed his arms in defiance. “What are you doing here? You don’t strike me as the type to be into freak shows…”
“I came to… get you out.”
He huffed, a broad grin on his face that made his eyes sparkle. “You don’t even know me. I could be a killer.”
Izayoi considered his words carefully as well as his demeanor. “Two blood samples came to my lab tonight. One that had feline DNA mixed in. It arrived before you did. Then I got another sample of completely different DNA. Which I can assume is yours?” He didn’t nod or react in any way but she continued regardless. “Did you kill the person with feline DNA?”
Toga scrutinized her, studying her face. “I didn’t. But I did get you your blood sample if you know what I mean.”
“You hurt her?”
His smirk returned at the mention of a gender. “Clever. And yes. But believe me when I say she deserved it.”
Izayoi couldn’t explain it but she did believe him. He could have been telling her what she wanted to hear though; he was in a cage and at her mercy. “I need to get you out of here now. Before anyone comes back.” She looked at the keypad but there was no card access. You had to know the code. “Any chance you caught the code for this?”
“They didn’t share that sort of thing with me.” She passed him a glare and he chuckled softly. “I did hear the keys. If you press them again, I’ll know which ones are the right ones.”
“If I put in the wrong code it’ll set off an alarm for sure.”
“What if we broke the glass?”
She looked around the lab for something to use. “It’s way too thick, I’m sure. I could maybe try a chair but there’s probably an alarm set to it too…”
Loud squeals filled the air as well as a red flashing light. Izayoi turned back to the glass but it was gone; the large and thick layer was now mostly on the floor in large chunks. And the cell was empty.
Now she squealed, spinning on her heel to find Toga right behind her, breathing down her neck. “Holy shit!”
His hands went off, showing off his claws again. “Sorry. But I didn’t want you getting in trouble”
Her mind spun as she looked between the man and the broken cell. “Could you get out the whole time?! What the hell?!”
“I was just visiting,” he said casually while slipping his hand into hers, “I’m going to need your help getting a few things.”
Tumblr media
His ‘jail break’ was a little earlier than he had originally planned. But the Doctor was so damn cute, he couldn’t help himself and was showing off a bit. She also seemed to know the most about him and his people out of all the others in this place. Which wasn’t much.
Her hand felt so small in his and he was trying to focus on not crushing it. She also wasn’t pulling away from him even with his claws. Dr. Izayoi Hime was intriguing to say the least. And her scent had his other senses in overload. Toga knew better than to get in over his head… for now anyway. He had more important things to worry about, following Izayoi’s scent back to her lab. 
“I’m going to need those blood samples you have.” She shook her head at him and his response (without control) was to pull her closer. Now towering over her, he looked deeply into her fawn colored eyes. “It’s not safe for you to have them.”
Izayoi’s heart skipped and settled quickly. It was clear she appreciated honesty. So how honest would he have to be with her now to keep her safe? Because at this point, he was very attached to her and he didn’t just mean their hands. 
“Cameras…” She didn’t point and he felt like an idiot because he could hear them clearly now as they turned. “If I just give you the samples…”
“I get it.” He held up a claw and placed it to her neck carefully so as not to cut so much as a fine hair on it. “Please, get the samples and trash them.” She moved and he followed, keeping close to her while trying to keep watch. The lights were still going crazy and the siren was really getting on his last nerve. “Do you know where they’re keeping my clothes and the weapons I had on me?”
Dr. Hime finished dumping the blood down the sink and then filled the vials with some kind of liquid solution. “I might know.”
They said nothing more while in the room with eyes and ears. Toga kept his wits this time as they entered a room at the far back of the facility. Only to have Izayoi lead them to an elevator. It was the same one they had put him in when he got here and he had counted the floors. They were on floor twenty out of twenty-four. Toga had no clue how many floors were owned by the scientists but now he knew floor twenty and floor sixteen where theirs as Izayoi led them off on the lower floor.
She took his hand again but when he heard the whir of a camera and yanked her back. With one arm around her neck he felt the situation looked far more threatening for the Doctor. “Sorry about this…” he took a deep whiff of her scent and her soft black hairs tickled his nose, “actually, that’s a lie.”
Her hands were gripping his forearm but they did nothing to hide the small shake she did from his honesty. Nor the thumping her heart did from his closeness. It all made her scent permeate more and she smelt like sweet peach blossoms. 
Izayoi took one hand off him to point. “It’s the room up there but there’s another lock on the door.”
They stumbled up to the door and he pulled it open easily. “Must have forgot to lock it.”
“The building is on lock down,” she hissed when he lied to her, “that means everything locks automatically.”
Once out of the hallway, he let her go completely and began to search. “Well, I was right about one thing. You hate liars don’t you?”
She was stunned at the doorway. “Yes.”
“Guess that means you’re not a fan of that Setsuna guy?”
The little huff she did as well as the roll of her eyes was adorable. “He’s my boss.”
In a small locker along the wall, Toga smelled his scent. He popped open the locker like a can of soda and turned back to Izayoi, her eyes wide. “He’s a dick.”
Toga didn’t give a shit about his shirt and slacks, they were replaceable. So the only thing he grabbed was his jacket; the fire rat robes. “We came all the way down here for a worn out coat?”
He was shoving his arms through it and searching the rest of the space hastily. “Not everything is as it seems.”
“Is that your way of dodging the truth?”
Stopping, he looked back at the perturbed beauty with a grin. “It’s not a lie. I just don’t have the time to explain it more than that.” Izayoi rolled her eyes but no longer seemed pissed. “I have to find my swords.”
“Swords? You go around with swords?! What are you a ninja??!”
Laughter spilled out of him and he causally wrapped an arm around her waist to ‘escort’ her out. “Ninja. I like that.”
Out in the hall again, he held Izayoi tightly to give off a sense of captivity. Toga was certainly taking advantage though, turning her so her curves pressed against him. She had to tilt her head back to look at him; her light browns actually made him shiver when they found his eyes again. “I don’t… I don’t know where your swords are.”
She was whispering and it wasn’t because of the cameras. He was pretty sure they couldn’t hear much over the sirens that continued to irritatingly blare. “That’s okay, we’ll find them together.”
Before she could say anything else, he had the two of them back at the elevator. He was no longer hiding his demon speed; she had already seen his strength a few times. Izayoi looked pale and he felt her go slack in his arms. So he switched to carrying her. Sweeping an arm under her limp legs and lifting her was easy since she didn’t fight him on it. The many floor numbers were before him while Izayoi blacked out in his arms. 
“Alright… if I was a demon sword… where would I be?”
“Demon?” Izayoi murmured.
He doubted she would remember this. As it were, she was likely to think the whole night was all a nightmare. Leaning in, he whispered in her ear. “That’s right, Izayoi. I’m a demon.”
“A dog demon to be exact. Some call me Fighting Fang while others call me The Great Dog General.”
“Fighting… Fang…?”
She was really out of it and if her heart and breathing wasn’t regulated, Toga would have been concerned. It was all just too much for the sweet Doctor. “Yeah. But as I said before, you should call me Toga.”
He pressed the floor they started on, twenty, and the box lurched. “Toga…”
Izayoi was grabbing his armor tightly in her fist; she was starting to rally. “My friends call me Toga. And you are definitely a friend… at least.”
The elevator was fast and they would be back at her lab soon. And Izayoi was blinking away her confused and overwhelmed sleep. Toga would never be able to explain it other than he felt it was his last chance, his only chance, lifting Izayoi up and gently pressing his lips to hers. It gave him a rush, a shot of adrenaline that had his heart racing and his body tingling. 
Her eyes were wide open when he opened his. She might remember that part but he had no problem with that. “Welcome back.” He smirked.
The ding of the elevator pulled her bright eyes from his and they moved in sync to put her back on her feet. She tried to walk out on her own but he couldn’t stand that; grabbing her and pulling her back like she was in danger. There was nothing to fear, only him. But she didn’t fight him (yet again) as he pressed her to him. 
“What are we doing back here?”
“We aren’t doing anything,” she got his meaning instantly, glaring up at him, “I’m going to find my swords.”
Izayoi shoved him hard. It did nothing but he noted her anger regardless. “There are seconds left until the building will be swarming with cops and other people with guns!”
He huffed. “They really need to work on their response time…”
“It’s the middle of the night and we’ve never had a break in before.”
“This isn’t a break in, it’s a break out.” Gently, he pushed her into her lab. “Stay here and wait for your friends. I’d say I’d see you later but…”
“You’ll never make it.” She said, stepping out of the safety of her lab and up to him.
“I think I’ve proven my abilities tonight. I’ll be fine.”
Her hands shot out and grabbed his arms. It shouldn’t have stopped him but it did. “Toga, listen. You need to leave now or they will keep you forever.”
“Izayoi, I let them bring me here in the first place…”
“And now they know more about you! You don’t think they’ve already set things in motion to make it harder for you?” He really doubted it since Dr. Setsuna had been at many of their battle scenes after the fact, collecting whatever he could and yet he still put Toga in that pointless cell. “I’ll find your swords and get them to you.”
He twerked a brow up at her in true interest. “You? Won’t that break some code of ethics and go against your personal morals?”
“It would be worse if they locked you up again.” 
She was flushed, her skin hot with embarrassment and he felt a need to touch it; to feel the heat. Brushing the pads of his fingers along her cheeks he soon had her blush against the palm of his hand. Her head tilted back again and he instantly thought about her lips on his. They had been soft and warm. Just a peck, he hadn’t gotten a taste but he imagined she was sweet like her scent. 
But he was also running out of time.
Miya was going to kill him, messing around like this and completely forgetting his mission. But Izayoi was a good distraction, pulling her close and whispering into her face. “Alright, Dr. Hime, I will entrust the return of my swords to you. Listen carefully. You can NOT touch them.”
“How am I supposed to get them if I can’t…”
“Then find them and tell me where they are. I’ll come back and get them. Either way, don’t touch them. It will kill you.”
She was shaking her head but he knew she would listen, pulling her the last few inches to plant his mouth on her forehead. She leaned into it, pressing her skin deeper into him. He had to force himself to let go of her and it was a struggle. One he had never felt before; not for anyone as his muscles strained just to push her back enough to break contact. 
“Thank you, Izayoi.”
He caught the small stumble she did when he released her completely; stepping back and speeding away. There was a window at the end of the hallway and he was at it in a blink of a human eye. Looking back over his shoulder, Izayoi was still watching him; her eyes were wide again and her mouth parted. Toga had to force himself again to keep moving away from her, breaking the glass with ease and leaping out of it. Twenty stories was a bit much, even for a demon, so he had to bounce his way down off the building next to him. Rolling to his feet once he hit the bottom, he dared to look back at the window high above. It was nothing for him to make out all the details of the shattered window and marks he had also left on the side of the building.
So he could make out every detail of Izayoi’s astonished face as she hung dangerously out the shattered glass; watching his every move.
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whyennwhenyouareyn · 3 months ago
Hello ! Could you do a harry × hufflepuff!reader with the promps 6 ans 14 ? Thank you !😊😊
A/N: Hi! Sorry if it’s a bit long... This was the first request I got off anon, lmao 
ENJOY!! Prompts used: 
6. 'Don't make me hex you into the next year! ' 'I'd like to see you try.'        14. ‘My Ammortentia smells like you...’
Strawberries: Harry Potter X Hufflepuff!Reader
It was just another day in Slughorn’s Potions class, you stirring your cauldron while daydreaming.
‘Who do you think yours will smell like?’ asked Luna. ‘I feel mine is going to be a Crumple-Horned Snorcack.’
You stuffed your knuckles into your mouth to prevent yourself from giggling. ‘I, um, don’t know.’
‘What do you smell? I know it’s weird... for you, having a soulmate or whatever.’
See, that was one of the things you adored about Luna.
You couldn’t possibly keep a secret around her, somehow, she just knew. But it also allowed you to seek her consolation at times without having to embarrass yourself by telling her what it was.
Well, she was Luna Lovegood after all.
You were one of the best potion students, and were fairly good at all your other classes, Luna and Cho kept asking you why you weren’t a Ravenclaw.
You just hoped your Potion skills could help you find out who you were meant to be with...
You swallowed, snapping out of your daze. ‘Uhm, yeah, not sure. Hope it’s someone nice.’
‘That’s sweet.’ Luna remarked in her same, breathless voice. You smiled.
‘Alright, now, time’s up.’ Slughorn clapped his hands together. ‘Who wants to share what their Ammortentia smells like? Miss Diggory?’
You cursed internally. ‘Yes, Professor.’
You took a sniff. ‘Sir, it’s, um, treacle tart, um.... pumpkin juice? Yes, and...’
You sniffed again.
‘... muddy grass?’ You spoke.
‘Very good, miss Diggory!’
‘What was it?’ Luna asked as you left. ‘The muddy grass?’
‘Can you stop doing that?’ you joked. ‘It’s freaky.’
‘Don’t change the subject Y/N.’
You sighed. ‘It smelled like, I dunno like quidditch robes or something. Maybe it’s a sporty guy.’ You mumbled.
You didn’t have to specify who, it was Luna.
‘How do you know what boys’ quidditch robes smell like?’ Luna questioned as you whacked her with your book.
You traced shapeless patterns on the grass, softly caressing your yellow scarf with your other hand.
It was a scarf you were very proud of.
Your brother had given it to you, and it was the last thing he ever did give you, to be completely honest...
Your tiny ‘revisit’ was interrupted by a sneer behind you.
‘Hey Diggory, who did your potion smell like?’ Malfoy asked in his horrible, drawling voice. ‘Longbottom?’
‘I seriously don’t understand what you’ve got against Neville.’ You spoke. ‘And no, if you must know. It smelt like someone else.’
‘Bet it was a grave.’ Malfoy sniggered. ‘Oh, where’s your brother?’
You tensed up immediately, but stroked your scarf to calm down.
‘Patience is one of the most important qualities a true Hufflepuff should possess,’ Cedric had told you. ‘And you, Y/N/N, are one of the best Hufflepuffs I know.’
‘Where is he?’ Malfoy continued.
‘Shut up.’ You spoke through gritted teeth.
‘It’d be nice if he’d passed some of his qualities onto you.’ Pansy lazily called. ‘At least he was good-looking. Look at you, bag of pickled toads.’
‘Shut up, prat.’ You warned.
‘Blimey Diggory... is your brother dead?’ Malfoy asked. ‘I didn’t even notice...’
That was the last straw. ‘
Oh, fuck patience.’ You muttered under your breath, lunging at him.
‘Argh!’ Malfoy groaned as you socked him square in the stomach. ‘Geroff me, you lunatic!’
‘What’s going on?’ Harry, Ron and Hermione had approached you.
Understanding the situation, Ron and Harry both seized either arm of yours while Hermione ripped Draco off of you before both of you could hex each other too badly.
‘Get-off-me!’ you snarled in Harry’s face.
‘GET-OFF-STUPID-PRAT-’ you struggled against his firm grasp. ‘IDIOT-CEDRIC-NOT-FUNNY-’
‘What exactly are you trying to say?’ Hermione asked, confused.
‘Shut up Granger, I don’t want to talk about this.’ You spat, snatching your bag up and ‘accidentally’ whacking Harry with it, before leaving.
‘What happened?’ your friend, Hannah had asked when you had stormed into the common room.
‘Malfoy.’ You curtly answered. ‘And Potter.’
‘You know, I don’t see why you hate him so much.’ Ernie walked up.
‘Who doesn’t hate Malfoy?’
‘No, no, I meant Harry.’ He spoke.
You groaned.
This was a subject they’d brought up millions of times.
‘He is a prat, for one.’ You began. ‘He’s so bloody proud... all the teachers fawning over him, Slughorn calling him ‘special’, heck, even Snape would be happy now that he’s suddenly become excellent at Potions. I reckon he cheats off Granger.’
‘Nah, Hermione isn’t like that.’ Hannah said.
‘And he is thick-headed.’ You finished.
‘Oh, is that it?’ Ernie smirked. ‘You’re jealous of him?’
‘Good morning.’ Professor McGonagall crisply greeted. ‘In the five years you’ve been with me, you have learnt that Transfiguration is not a topic to be messed around with. And as you start your sixth year, I expect you all to behave more mature with this subject, especially you, Mr. Smith.’
Zacharias Smith scowled at her.
‘Now.’ She continued. ‘Who remembers what I had told you all at the beginning of your first year at Hogwarts? Miss Diggory?’
‘Transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic you will learn at Hogwarts,’ you recited, trying to imitate her voice. ‘Anyone messing around in my class will leave and not come back. You have been warned.’
The class howled with laughter.
‘Charming, Miss Diggory.’ Professor McGonagall sarcastically remarked, but you could’ve sworn you saw the corner of her lips twitch.
You grinned to yourself.
‘Now, as Miss Diggory said.’ She spoke. ‘There will be no messing around. I demand silence as I declare... the Gryffindors shall be joining us today.’
You knew by ‘silence’ she meant your groans.
You stuffed your handkerchief into your mouth before groaning quietly.
The red-scarved students made their way in.
McGonagall began assigning partners.
‘Weasley with Macmillan, Brown with Smith, Granger with Abbott and Potter... with Diggory.’
‘Not with him!’ you yelled at the same time as Harry yelled ‘Not with her!’
‘Yes, definitely together.’ The Professor mumbled.
You scoffed as Harry sat next to you, both of you glaring daggers at each other.
‘Look, I don’t want to fail this subject.’ You warned. ‘My career depends on it, so will you try to act civil?’
‘Yeah, I’ll try.’ Harry sneered. ‘Do you even have a career plan?’
‘For your information!’ you hotly began. ‘I do. I want to become an Auror.’
‘Auror?’ a small flicker of interest flashed in his eyes but vanished as you rolled your eyes and turned to your work.
Harry sniffled.
He paused, terror rising up inside him.
He croaked out. ‘Do you... can you smell strawberries? And vanilla?’
‘Oh.’ You frowned. ‘Um, yeah, the strawberries would be my shampoo and... the vanilla would be my lotion, why?’
‘No reason.’
‘Oh, merlin’s arse.’ You muttered, trying to get past a horde of boys wanting to ask you to Slughorn’s Party.
You knew they didn’t like you; they just wanted an excuse to attend it.
‘FOR THE LAST TIME, SOD OFF!’ you yelled, shoving past.
They still followed you.
You ran to the library, where you met a certain Chosen One.
‘Don’t mind me.’ You huffed. ‘Please, I’ll do anything, just don’t tell them I’m here!’
Harry opened his mouth to say that it was alright, but stopped as a smirk settled on his face.
‘What?’ you asked. ‘Merlin’s arse, please! I told you, I’ll do anything!’
‘Anything?’ he cheekily asked.
‘Hmm... let’s see.’ Harry smirked further, thoroughly enjoying himself.
'Don't make me hex you into the next year!' you warned.
'I'd like to see you try.'
Brandishing your wand, you tried thinking of a jinx while Harry stood there with an amused expression on his face.
‘I’ll tell them you’re here.’ He said lazily.
‘Oh, alright!’ you snapped. ‘You win, I’ll give you whatever you want, now let me hide!’
‘Promise, MOVE!’
You dove behind a shelf and stayed.
Meanwhile, Harry was having the time of his life.
He wasn’t going to rat you out to those guys anyway, but there was something on his mind and he couldn’t pass up the perfect opportunity.
As a stampede of boys rushed over, Harry realised why you were so desperate to hide.
‘She’s not here.’ He coolly spoke. ‘Try the Hall.’
‘How should we know you’re not helping her hide?’ a Ravenclaw demanded.
‘Have you met me?’ Harry sarcastically said. ‘I don’t help my enemies.’
Yes, as lame as it had sounded, they seemed to buy it.
‘I don’t help my enemies?’ you questioned, climbing out of the shelf.
‘It... it sounded cooler in my head.’ Harry muttered.
You supressed a giggle. ‘Well, O’ Chosen One, what can I do for you?’
‘Er, about that.’ Harry began. ‘I wanna ask you something first?’
He smirked again. ‘Do you actually have a date?’
You covered your face and groaned. ‘No, they don’t even like me, they just want to get out of detention or come to the party, most of them.’
‘Mmhmm.’ Harry said distractedly.
‘Do you have a date?’ you shot back.
‘I will, by the end of this hour.’ Harry nonchalantly replied.
‘Whatever.’ You huffed. ‘What do you want.’
‘Be my date for Slughorn’s Party.’
If you had been drinking water, you were sure you would’ve spit it out.
You opened and closed your mouth like a goldfish.
‘What?!’ you finally sputtered.
‘Be my date for Slughorn’s Party.’ He repeated.
‘No.’ you stated. ‘No, no, no way, no.’
‘You promised!’
‘WHY DO YOU WANT TO TAKE ME?’ you yelled. ‘Take Ginny Weasley or Cho or something.’
‘But I want to take you.’ He said.
‘Our deal did not include so many questions.’ Harry cut off. ‘You’re coming, that’s final.’
‘Oh, well, fine!’ you snarled, stomping off.
Damn your loyal arse.
‘I look ridiculous.’ You remarked, looking in the mirror.
‘Nonsense, you look amazing!’ Hannah squealed. ‘I’m so jealous, I wish I could go too.’
‘Yeah, yeah.’ You muttered.
You were wearing a(n) F/C dress, complete with your H/C hair falling elegantly onto your shoulders.
‘Oh, I forgot to ask.’ Hannah spoke, ‘Who’s your date?’
‘You do not want to know the answer to that question.’ You said. ‘Believe me.’
Hannah shrugged. ‘You look hot! Have fun!’
You walked in the direction of the Gryffindor common room, waiting for your ‘date’ to come along.
‘Hurry up, Potter.’ You muttered.
As if on cue, a voice sounded behind you.
‘Someone say my name, Diggory?’
There he stood, in all his glory, Harry Potter, the Boy With a Large Smirk Plastered Across His Face.
‘Can you not do that?’ you whined.
‘That weird face.’ You spoke. ‘It’s annoying.’
‘My apologies. Shall we, m’lady?’ he offered you his arm in mock-kindness.
‘Of course.’ You played along, taking it.
‘Where is this positive energy when you threaten to break my arms almost ten 
times a day?’ he quizzed in amusement.
‘Shut up.’
That’s how you were feeling.
You desperately wished you hadn’t agreed to come to this stupid party. Harry seemed to notice your gloomy mood.
‘What’s wrong?’ he whispered.
‘Look at this.’ You muttered in disgust. ‘Look at all of them, sapping over each other when they barely know the other.’
He laughed. ‘Wanna slip out?’
‘Where are we going to go?!’ you asked in exasperation.
‘I know somewhere.’
‘The Astronomy Tower?’ you questioned.
‘I like coming here when I’m bored.’ Harry shrugged. ‘Looking at the stars calms me.’
You nodded, understanding.
‘Let’s... sit.’
You sat down as Harry copied you, settling down next to you.
‘This is nice.’ You remarked.
‘What is?’
‘Not having to fight with you.’ You explained as Harry laughed.
‘Maybe we just assume too much.’ He suggested, causing you to giggle.
It was a sound pleasant to Harry’s ears, and for some reason, he wanted to hear it again.
‘I never asked.’ He began. ‘And I’m sorry. How have you been, er, holding up?’
He didn’t need to explain, you understood.
‘I’m fine.’ You answered. ‘I do miss him, awfully so, but... nothing’s changed much.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘I mean that it’s still the same.’ You explained. ‘Nobody comforts me. Nobody knows me as Y/N Diggory, my best friend or Y/N Diggory, the girl from Hufflepuff, none of that. I was always Y/N Diggory, Cedric Diggory’s stupid younger sister. And now I’m Y/N Diggory, the late Cedric Diggory’s mourning sister.’
‘Oh. That’s... well, at least you’ve got your parents.’ Harry mumbled.
You let out a mirthless laugh. ‘I’d trade places with you, then. See, it’s the same at home. I’m just... an extra waste of space. Even mum and dad preferred Cedric. I’m the useless one, you see. Next to their beautiful son Cedric, I was always second best. Y/N. Their second-born. The less talented one. The stupid one. The non-attractive one.’
Your voice cracked a bit at the end, but you composed yourself. ‘I’m being thick, you probably think I’m stupid.’
‘I don’t think you’re stupid.’ Harry muttered. ‘How come you never cry? Like Cho, I mean.’
‘Because I don’t want to appear weak for him.’ You sighed. ‘You see, as much everyone preferred Cedric over me, I still loved him. I loved him quite a lot, actually. He hated it when I cried. I remember once when we were young, Cedric fell out of a tree and hurt his leg so badly, I started crying because of how bad it looked. He didn’t have any of it. He always told me, ‘Whatever happens, Y/N/N, don’t cry. You’re strong. You’re tough. And I can’t bear seeing you in tears. If and when a day comes where you cry because of me, I swear I will never forgive myself.’ And there he was such an idiot. Put his name in the Goblet. Went along and got murdered by Voldemort, didn’t he?’
Harry didn’t speak, so you continued.
‘I just wonder.’ You whispered. ‘You know, if he’s watching us this very moment. Somewhere from up there.’
You gestured to the stars.
Your head was turned towards the sky, but Harry couldn’t stop staring at you.
‘And so I know.’ You said, ‘I know if I cry, he’s up there somewhere, feeling disappointed in me. I don’t need anymore of that. I’ve had enough of ‘Diggory’s sister Y/N’ and ‘The ugly one’ or ‘the useless one’ it’s maddening.’
‘I don’t think you’re useless.’ Harry whispered. ‘Nor ugly. And you always were Y/N Diggory to me.’
‘That’s a bit consoling.’ You mustered a weak smile. ‘Thanks.’
At that moment, a familiar smell made it’s way to your nose and you gasped.
‘Your hair.’ You shakily whispered. ‘It... it smells like fresh, muddy grass.’
‘Oh.’ Harry flushed. ‘Er, yeah, sorry, I had Quidditch earlier this evening.’
‘Oh my god.’ You muttered. ‘No way.’
‘If I tell you something, Potter.’ You began. ‘Don’t make fun of me.’
‘I would never.’
You swallowed. ‘I think...My Ammortentia smells like you...’
Harry didn’t speak.
‘Go ahead, laugh.’ You muttered, trying your best not to cry then and there. ‘Run away. Hex me or something.’
Harry couldn’t think straight.
Your delicious scent was ever-so inviting, the strawberries fresh in your newly shampooed hair.
His gaze kept unwillingly flickering to your soft-looking lips, covered in a light tint of cherry lip-gloss.
As the lips he was looking at pressed themselves into a think# line, his gaze shifted towards the rest of your face, and to his horror, you were crying.
‘No, no, no, no!’ he said quickly.
‘What?’ you hiccoughed a little, ‘Go ahead, call me names or just leave.’
‘No, Y/N!’ he pressed. ‘Don’t cry, no please. I didn’t mean... no, I was just thinking. I think my Ammortentia smelt like you too.’
You let out a tiny gasp.
Neither of you knew what you were doing, somehow, your lips had messily collided and were now moving in sync.
You brought out a hand and tangled it into Harry’s untameable hair as he softly caressed your cheek.
Both of you parted, lips swollen, gasping for breath.
‘Well...’ he began. ‘That was unexpected.’
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dandelion-dreams · 3 months ago
Sixth Times the Charm
Pairing: Diluc x GN! Reader
A/N: this is for @favoniuscodex​ hehe, inspired by her post here 
Warnings: it’s a whole load of fluff it could be a cake
Word Count: 3,671
The five times Diluc tries to kiss you and the one time he does
Tumblr media
The first time Diluc tries to kiss you it’s Kaeya’s birthday. Frankly, Diluc didn’t care, but he knew you did, so he didn’t protest when you alerted him that you would be baking something for his adopted brother. As usual, Diluc was busy managing his wine business, which meant he was out and about for the day. You and Diluc had been together for nearly half a year and the two of you were taking everything one step at a time. The shadows of Diluc’s past had haunted him for so many years, but you promised you would be with him at every step of the way, acting as a beacon of light and allowing him to heal slowly. Hesitant and nervous touches as if you were glass became intertwined fingers as you strolled through Mondstadt, a rare but gentle smile painted upon his face as he watched you. And after months of watching every facial expression cross your face and holding you close to his chest, Diluc felt the urge to take another step forward. So as he stepped into the winery, he was greeted with the inviting scent of cookies snaking through his home. He could hear the whispers of the maids as they giggled about the sweets you were making and how wonderful they looked. Entering the kitchen, he was greeted with the sight of you darting across the room to open the oven, displaying a fresh batch of cookies waiting to be eaten. Flour was dusted on your hands and there was a smudge of chocolate on your cheek. It was an adorable sight to Diluc, and his heart nearly burst when you noticed his presence and sent him a grin, your eyes twinkling in delight. The red haired man watched as you gently laid the tray of cookies on the table to cool before bounding forward to embrace him tightly. He could smell cookies and cupcakes in your hair, mixing with your shampoo, the scent making his shoulders drop in relaxation. You pulled away far too quickly for his liking to tend to the cookies, patting him gently on the chest. In the middle of the table sat a basket with a blue towel and a card addressed to Kaeya, his brother’s name written neatly on the envelope. The wine owner refrained from rolling his eyes and instead directed his attention to one of the cookies sitting in said basket. While you were distracted moving the cookies from the baking tray to a cooling rack, Diluc shot his hand forward to steal one of the cookies meant for his brother. But you were no fool to his antics and slapped his hand gently, earning yourself a look of feigned innocence as Diluc took a bite out of the warm treat. You wrapped your hand around his wrist and directed it down so you could also take a bite out of the cookie, your other hand immediately coming beneath your chin to catch any crumbs. Diluc chuckled and put the cookie down on the table, moving forward and raising his hand to your lips, gently brushing away some crumbs that lingered at the corner of your mouth. The way you stared up at him through amused eyes made his heart want to burst and he was about to lean down to press his lips against yours when there was a sudden known on the door and the two of you sprung apart. Adelinde stood in the doorway, an amused smile on her face as she noted that Kaeya had just arrived upon your request. Face as red as his hair, Diluc let out a fake cough and excused himself from the room, claiming he had gotten a gift for his brother, despite saying he didn’t, just days ago. He shook his head as he swiftly made his way up the stairs. It was only one failed attempt, he would surely get it next time.
The second time Diluc tries to kiss you it’s far past midnight and he’s just stumbled into your shared room after patrolling Mondstadt as the Darknight Hero. His coat is dropped on the chair sitting by the desk in his room and his hair is a rat's nest as he flicked on the lights to the bathroom. Diluc wanted nothing more than to climb into bed and let himself fall against the soft comfort of his bed, but he forced himself to clean up. As he dragged himself back to the bedroom, his eyes about to shut, he caught sight of your sleeping figure wrapped up in blankets, a peaceful expression upon your face. He knows this is the first night you’ve been able to get a decent amount of rest after you had received multiple commissions that required you to travel far for the past week. It was unfortunate that the day you returned, he had to watch out for monsters that were suspected of attacking Mondstadt that night. As Diluc slipped beneath the covers to join you, he watched as your eyelashes fluttered against your face before opening to reveal sleepy orbs that only caused him to fall harder for you.
“Welcome back hero.” You mumbled and Diluc hummed quietly, entranced by the peaceful sight. He let out a heavy sigh, feeling the burdens from earlier in the day seep away as he felt you snuggle closer to him. For the first time in a while, Diluc truly felt like he could let his walls crumble and relax, allowing for a wave of exhaustion to wash over him as his eyes flickered around the room. What once was a lonely place, Diluc admired how you had slowly wormed your way into his life and helped him to open new doors. His room which was once mostly empty save for a wardrobe, bedside table, and bed is now mixed with your items, scattered around the room. It brought him a sense of comfort to see how easily the two of you fit together in life, and as he looked back down at the sleeping figure beside him, his mouth curved up to a gentle smile. From the faint light of the moon shining through the window, he can see the calm expression on your face, eyelashes fluttering as you dream of something sweet. Diluc’s eyes flickered down to your lips and he told himself that he should just do it now. The red haired man doesn’t know how long he’s been in this position before he shifted and wrapped his arm around you to bring him close. You grumbled out some unintelligible and Diluc freezes, only for you to bury your face into his chest, pulling him down to sleep. The moment his head hits the pillow, Diluc can feel sleep beginning to overtake him and he gives up on this opportunity. He was sure another one would present itself soon.
The third time Diluc tries to kiss you he was working at the Angel’s Share, hair tied up in a messy ponytail with one of your hair ties, a drink mixer being shaken in his hands as he quickly makes and serves drinks for the patrons who are sitting at the bar. It was an unusually busy night at the tavern and the drunken shouts from people in the tavern made Diluc sigh in annoyance. The only sign of peace in the rowdy room is the sight of you sitting in the corner of the tavern at an empty table, nursing a glass of grape juice while you pore over a book that Lisa had recommended to you. Despite the loud laughter and drunket shouts for Venti to play another song, you remain focused on your work, blissfully ignoring the mess that Diluc would have to clean up. Charles noticed that Diluc was often glancing over at you every few seconds and offered to watch the bar so Diluc could join you. The wine owner thanked him with a nod before navigating through the crowd to slide into the chair across from you, your eyes only looking up to meet him. He could see the amusement in your smile, a teasing remark at the ready on your tongue. He chose to ignore what you had to say, instead, gently pulling the book that laid on the table towards him, flipping it over to see the title. He scoffed at the sight. Of course it was a romance book, Lisa had recommended it to you after all. You reached forward with one hand to grasp his, gently intertwining your fingers just as he heard the sound of glass shattering and Charles letting out a groan. Diluc closed his eyes for a moment before a soft apology slipped from his lips, indicating that he would have to deal with this mess. You merely let out a chuckle and pulled the book back towards you, getting reimmersed into the story. Diluc stole one last glance at you and shook his head, wondering how you could be so calm in this hectic environment.
He isn’t sure how much longer he had been working behind the bar until you slip through the crowds to alert him that you’re heading home. With a quick glance at the clock, Diluc realized that it’s already late, yet he must remain at the tavern to close it in a couple hours. The crowd had already thinned, but there were still people laughing with one another, and a highly intoxicated bard slumped over in his chair. Diluc hummed as you bid him farewell but just as you’re about to walk away, his hand shoots out to grasp your wrist, pulling you back so you’re standing face to face. His breath caught in his throat as you stare up at him with a questioning gaze. He was so close to leaning down to capture your lips when the same bard who was just slumped over had woken up and bounced out of his seat, throwing his arms around both you and Diluc.
“My favourite---hic---Mondstadt couple!” Venti slurred and Diluc pinched his eyes shut, letting go of you to pry off the bard. You laughed and slipped out of the door, just missing as Diluc grabbed Venti by the back of his outfit and pulled him towards Charles, gruffly asking the man to get the bard back to his home safely. Diluc turned back to the bar, staring at the place the two of you were standing just moments ago. Was his luck really that bad?
The fourth time Diluc tries to kiss you, you’re both finishing a commission. Well, in Diluc’s eyes it was the Knights of Favonius being lazy, but you had gladly taken up the task from Jean, noting that you didn’t have much else to do anyways. You weren’t too far away from the city, but it was far enough that Diluc had brought horses from the winery with both of you. The commission was fairly simple, eliminating some hilichurl camps that had popped up along the roads and were scaring away adventurers and merchants. With both your weapons out, the hilichurls stood no chance against both of your Vision powers. Diluc literally danced with fire, swinging his claymore with might and bringing the blade down upon a mitachurl’s wooden shield, effectively cracking the item down the middle, flames burning it to ash. That one second glance you had taken at your lover was all the distracting a Geo Samachurl needed. It raised its staff and you were too late to notice the way the ground shifted beneath you, a stone protruding from the ground and hitting you hard, sending you flying back a few feet and tumbling to the ground. Blinking the spots that danced in your vision you barely saw the group of hilichurls about to hit you with their wooden weapons when a phoenix made of fire flew over you, disintegrating the hilichurls instantly. One moment you were blinking blankly at the space in front of you and the next Diluc was kneeling in front of you, helping you sit up. Dizziness rushed through you as you swayed, your head pounding from taking the hard hit. You raised your hair to touch the back of your head and hissed at the sudden pain, noticing the small stain of blood on your fingertips. Diluc’s eyes darkened at the sight and he gently moved his arms beneath your body to help you stand, one arm wrapped around your waist as you leaned into him, closing your eyes for just a second.
“Hey. Hey, open your eyes.” A gruff voice demanded and you forced them open to find yourself slumped over a horse, Diluc’s arms holding you steady. You furrowed your brows in confusion at the sudden change and was about to ask Diluc, but his eyes were trained on the road ahead of you, rapidly trying to get back to the city as soon as possible and get you to the Cathedral. You could hear him gently calling your name but your head rolled back against his chest and darkness flooded your sight.
You woke up the next day to bandages around your head, your body resting in one of the rooms of the cathedral. Diluc was sitting in a chair, head resting in one arm on the side of the bed, his back rising and falling with every breath you took. You wiggled your fingers and shifted, a soft groan escaping your lips at the soreness in your body. The small movement jolted Diluc awake and his red eyes were frantic as he looked around quickly before focusing on you, a sigh escaping him as he stood up.
“Are you okay?” He asked, eyes flickering up to your head. 
You nodded and stared at him, “Can I get a hug?” Your voice came out raspy and he raised his eyebrows before letting out a huff of amusement and moving forward to gently wrap his arms around you, careful to avoid your injuries. He barely pulled away, staring into your eyes as thoughts ran through his head. What if he had lost you? What would have happened to him? Despite his cold demeanor, Diluc found that you brought out a better side of him, where he was slowly learning it was okay to be open. While others had tried their best to pull Diluc out of the seemingly endless ocean he had been drowning in, your appearance into his life was like a breath of fresh air, pulling him out of the tides that swept over him and carried him away from shore. He raised one hand and gently placed it on your cheek, focusing on the eyes that stared at him curiously, asking what was going on inside his head. He shook his head in ignorance and moved forward only for the door to be pushed open, shocking him and causing your foreheads to collide.
“Oh goodness Master Diluc, (Miss/Mr.) (y/n) are you okay?” Barbara’s frantic voice pulled you both apart, Diluc rubbing the spot on his forehead as he watched Barbara fuss over you quickly, asking if you were feeling any pain in certain parts of your body. Just seconds later, Jean and Kaeya came into the room, greeting the wine owner and asking Barbara about your condition. Diluc did his best to listen but he could only think about how this was another failed attempt.
The fifth time Diluc tries to kiss you he had taken you to the forests by Springvale with his falcon, hoping to spend some quiet time with you while he let his prized bird wander free for a bit. The sun is high in the sky, not a cloud in sight as you both bask in the warmth of Mondstadt. The forest is quiet, except for the occasional chirping of birds, yet it’s a silence that both you and Diluc enjoy, hands gently intertwined as you watched his falcon fly. You steal a glance over at the wine owner whose eyes are closed. You can’t help but admire how calm he looks, forehead free of creases from frowning, and the way his long red curls fall down his back like a waterfall. Diluc looks ethereal under the light that streams through the trees, the shadows that once chased his every step gone from sight. You can’t help but think back to every special moment in your life with Diluc. Though he could be closed off and uninterested in many affairs in Mondstadt, Diluc brought you into a world of peace that bloomed with colour. He noticed the small details in everything, and though he would seem like he brushed them off like he didn’t care, you noticed the way his eyes would light up when something piqued his interest, and the way one corner of his lips would twitch up ever so slightly when he found something amusing. Feeling your stare upon him, Diluc opened his eyes to look at you and your breath caught in your throat. Diluc’s eyes shone like rubies sparkling under the light, the red piercing through you as you stood frozen beneath his faze. You could see the fire that burned within them, his passion to protect his home and his loved ones. It was an eternal fire that fueled his courage, determination and love, and matched the red gem that hung from his belt. You could get lost in those ruby gems and it was only when Diluc called out your name for the third time that you were pulled out of your thoughts to focus on what he was saying. Face flushing in embarrassment from being caught, you brushed aside his concerns and stepped closer to him, resting your head upon his chest and allowing him to wrap his arms around you, his comforting scent bringing a smile to your face. There was a call from his falcon and he stepped away for a moment to extend his elbow out, the majestic bird finding it’s spot there, claws digging into Diluc’s favourite coat. You raised a hand to gently run the back of your index finger over the bird’s head, soft sounds of delight coming out from its beak. Diluc stared at you and the way you so easily bonded with everyone in his life and his heart skipped a beat. He moved forward close to you, about to pull you in close when there was an excited squeal behind him, followed by the sound of something exploding. Both of you scrambled away, Diluc’s eagle taking off to fly above somewhere as you and Diluc turned to see Klee running over to you, a massive grin upon her face. There was a shout of her name and you both looked up to see Albedo running towards her, quickly picking her up off the ground as he apologized for interrupting the two of you with her mischief. Diluc was silent as he stared blankly at the alchemist but you stepped forward and brushed aside Albedo’s worries, laughing gently as Klee apologized sadly. Just as Albedo was about to pull her away she squirmed in his grasp and leaned towards you, asking if you would go fish blasting with her soon. Albedo let out a sigh and began to scold the young girl, carrying her away from you and Diluc. The man next to you watched them disappear from the forest before he shook his head. Would anything go his way?
The sixth time Diluc tries to kiss you you’re both on the roof of the winery. It was a rare clear night, the stars in full glow and a full moon shining down upon both of you. With his back against the curved roof and yours against his chest, you play with his fingers in your lap. His hair is down and some of it brushes over your shoulder, the silky strands seeming to glow in the silver light. In the manor beneath you, the sound of someone playing the piano begins to snake its way into the open air, the simple yet beautiful melody prompting you to stand and turn to pull Diluc up with you. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you wrapped one arm around his waist and held up his other. He caught on quickly and a small smile appeared on his face as he wrapped his other hand around you, pulling you in close as you swayed together on the roof of the winery beneath a moonlit starry sky. Diluc’s movements are effortless and smooth thanks to years of practice under his father’s order. You close your eyes for a moment and revel in the feeling of being swept off your feet by Diluc. He stopped for a moment and you looked at him curiously, watching as he moved to just hold you in front of him gently.
“May I?” His voice barely came out in a whisper and his eyes flickered down to your lips before looking back at you. If your smile could have grown any bigger it would have and you nodded, allowing for one of Diluc’s hands to sprawl out on your back and pull you into him, his lips meeting yours. You could feel him smile into the kiss, his other hand rising to your cheek as you pulled away for air, face leaning into his hand before you pressed a sweet kiss to palm.
“Finally.” He breathed out and you tilted your head in confusion. Diluc’s pale face flushed red as he recounted the instances where he had tried to kiss you before. Laughter bubbled up from your throat and Diluc groaned but didn’t push you away. Taking his face in your hands you tilted his head back up and pressed another soft kiss to his lips. Fireworks exploded in your chest and you both only pulled away when you needed air to breath. Resting his forehead on yours, Diluc smiled, eyes bright with love and happiness. He finally got it.
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hi queen Syd!! *bows to your majesty* Can i request Ranpo Dazai Chuuya and Kunikida taking their s/o who is very clumsy and always falling down but also very shy and sleepy to a karaoke bar?? AAHHH IM SORRY!! *runs away in embarrassment*
Sure! Sorry if some of them are longer than others, and please also ignore the change in tenses between characters, sometimes writing just takes you places and it doesn't match up with what you’ve already written. Oh well, enjoy!
****This is sfw, but there are mentions of alcohol and a tame description of a drunk person. You have been warned! 
Tumblr media
+ Ranpo loves your clumsiness, and he thinks it’s cute that you’re shy!
+ If you go to a karaoke bar with him, he will expect you to sing for him while he playfully heckles you from the audience, but if he sees you getting too nervous, he’ll stop
+ When you get off stage and ask when you’ll be singing a duet, he’ll look at you confused, and say he doesn’t like to preform. That’s obviously not true, the man lives to show off
+ If you’re persistent, he will defiantly cave and sing with you as long as its a lovey-dovey song. He’ll pretend he’s making fun of it and overact, but really he just wants an excuse to show you how much he loves you
+ After a fun night, he’ll treat the both of you to some animal style French fries and you’ll fall asleep together cuddling on the couch
Tumblr media
~ Dazai loves to see you being shy. He thinks you’re so cute, and he’s grateful that only he can see you when you’ve opened up. He would hate to have to share you with someone else
~ He doesn’t get embarrassed, so when he sees that you’re hesitant to go up onstage, he will go up by himself and sing an embarrassing song to show you it’s ok to let your guard down
~ If you choose to go up and sing a duet with him, he’ll be glued to your side the whole time, missing words and messing up countless times because he’s too busy staring at you
~ “My Belladonna was so enchanting,” Dazai would say after the performance, “Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to show off one of my talents”
~ He pulls you into a hungry yet modest kiss; he really is talented...
Tumblr media
+ Karaoke with Chuuya is always a treat, despite your shy and clumsy nature. You fall more in love with him every time he has a little to much to drink and sloppily dedicates the next song to you (even if he isn’t the one singing it)
+ While he’s always loving and warm, Chuuya gets especially affectionate on these nights, and can’t keep himself from complementing you on everything from your beauty, to your ability to read upside down (something the gravity manipulator never learned how to do) 
+ If you feel insecure about your singing voice or your ability to preform well, these fears will be thrown out the window after seeing Chuuya sing his little heart out to “Man After Midnight” by ABBA
+ With tears of laughter rolling down your face, you help Chuuya off the stage while he’s babbling about how much he loves you and how much he has to pee
+ “You sang beautifully tonight, Chuuya” you say as you help him back to the car
+ “I sang tonight!?” he would reply with a hiccup
+ These nights provide endless entertainment for the both of you, and you can’t wait to show him the videos of his “singing” when he sobers up. Chuuya isn’t the only one that enjoys their s/o’s embarrassed face, and you can’t wait to hold him close as he tries to hide his red face with his hat
Tumblr media
~ Kunikida is an odd mix of “desperate to prove he’s laidback” and “completely not laid back at all”
~ Because of this, he always jumps at the opportunity to sing karaoke, but then always backs out at the last second
~ Always wanting to support him, you try not to let your hesitancy at his bravery show, but this does make you nervous. After all, the both of you are shy
~ Yet again, you see Kunikida standing on the stage, with a look on his face that screamed “I’ve made a huge mistake”
~ The music starts and you see him nervously dig around in his pocket and take out his Ideals notebook
~ oh no, did he really...?
~ Yup. He wrote down the lyrics so he wouldn’t forget them, even though karaoke bars always have the lyrics on the screen
~ It was too painful to watch, and you know in your heart that Kunikida would do the same for you, so hopefully he’ll understand...
~ You do the unthinkable; you pull the fire drill
~ The bar descends into madness, but you and Kunikida lock eyes from across the building. While your boyfriend can’t sing, you’re grateful he’s brilliant, because he understood everything the moment he looked in your eyes
~ In a blink of an eye, he had hopped off the stage, grabbed your arm, and was running with you out of the building and to the car
~ The two of you didn’t speak until you had safely arrived at home 5 minutes later. Kunikida stopped the car and looked at you with bewilderment and gratitude
~ “That was illegal what you just did” 
~ “I know, I-I’m s-sor-”
~ You were cut off by your boyfriend grabbing your face with both hands and kissing you. He pulled away to look into your eyes
~ “My ideal woman is the perfect partner; and a perfect partner would never let their other half embarrass themselves like that” said Kunikida tenderly as he swept a piece of hair behind your ear
~ “And my ideal man wouldn’t rat me out to the fire marshal, would he?” you asked, perhaps a little too innocently for the joke to land
~ But Kunikida chuckled and pulled you into another kiss
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aizawaskittenwhore · 4 months ago
𝕙𝕠𝕨 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕡 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕠𝕟 𝕨𝕒𝕤𝕙 𝕕𝕒𝕪
≛ ft shota aizawa, ejiiro kirishima, katsuki bakugo and izuku midoriya with a black!reader.
≛genre: fluff
≛warnings: light swearing, izuku and kiri being adorable supportive boyfriends
≛a/n: honestly i’m procrastinating on chapter three, so have some soft wash day hcs with our 1-a bbys and our fav sleep deprived teacher🥺
having long hair himself, he’s well prepared and has virtually anything you might need
but he understands that your hair textures are so different
so he does his homework on black hair and how to take care of it
we love a s/o who educates THEMSELVES
and when wash day comes around, this man is more than ready to help
need a denman brush? he’s got it. curl smoothie? duh. growth oil? hair masks? heat protectant? rat tail combs? of course. diffuser? baby have you SEEN his hair, mans owns too many blow dryer accessories it’s almost embarrassing.
he’s patient during the detangling process, letting you take the lead
he knows how bothersome it can be to have people try to help when you’ve got a set way of doing things
so he lets you do what you have the energy to, and he does the rest
he’s so gentle, and kisses your forehead as an apology when he hits a particularly painful snag
he’s quick too, making short work of the process and decreasing it by a solid 20 minutes, which if you know the pain of wash day, it means a LOT.
he’s not a super romantic person, but he does his best to make washing your hair a relaxing experience
he’ll lower the lights, and run you a hot bath, coaxing you between his legs, sitting on the edge of the tub while he massages the shampoo into your hair slowly
his nails are blunt for obvious reasons, but he makes an effort to scratch as much as possible, and his heart flutters just a bit with how at peace you look
he focuses on the roots as that’s the only place that needs such attention and rinses with cold water to seal up your cuticles
he’d help you towel off and will sacrifice one of his comfier long sleeve shirts to help you dry your hair, since you mentioned towels add frizz and remove moisture.
he’s so good with the LOC method, applying just enough oil to seal, but not weigh your curls down too much.
always delicate with your ends
he lets you work the parts you can reach, and for places like the back of your head, he takes over, working the leave in conditioner in with ease
shota can two strand twist tf out some damn hair no i don’t take criticism
he’s also obsessed with the way your hair shrinks, though he’d never admit it
so much length compressed into gorgeous coils, he wonders how the hell does hair just...defy gravity🧍🏾‍♀️
all in all, wash days are the highlight of his day, plus it gives him an excuse to whip out the matching bonnets he gets for y’all every time he goes on a beauty supply run
surprisingly enough, he’s another patient one
but this is both in part to him having done his research due to his thick hair, and he’s had black girlfriends in the past
so wash day ain’t nothin new to him, when you come to him the next morning dreading what the day had in store, he’d already whipped out the box holding your shared hair supplies, towel and brush at the ready.
he can be a little overzealous when it comes to brushing out your curls, having grown up on the “you just tenderheaded” bullshit
but he makes sure to never actually hurt you, or tug too hard
he’s also a firm believer in finger detangling, opting to use the brush for your ends, and going over the section with his fingers to get out any lingering kinks
will trim what needs to be trimmed, to him length is not worth retaining if it’s split half to death💀
once detangling’s done, he’ll breeze through the shampoo section
which brings us to his favorite part: deep conditioning
he’s partial to Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s products, combining their Heal & Renew deep conditioner with the Midnite Train leave in to get you allllll the way together.
this, plus a hot oil treatment will have you ready to marry this mf on the spot🧎🏾‍♀️
he knows your hair is a huge source of pride for you, so he does his part to help keep it voluminous and defined whenever he can
does give unsolicited advice (criticism)
but knows when to pull back, knowing that nobody knows what’s best like you do
still won’t keep him from getting pissed at you for not having had a trim in 4 months tho 🤷🏾‍♀️
his strength is cornrows, he keeps a perfect grip that isn’t so tight it’ll snatch your damn edges out but tight enough to last you a while
you always find a way to con him into braiding your hair down before you do an install. how? he don’t know
he loves you, that’s how.
wash days with katsuki are so frustrating, but the both of you wouldn’t give them up even if the world depended on it.
i can’t think of a more supportive (yet clueless) bf
but that doesn’t mean he’s not ready to learn!
it starts when he asked you if you wanted to go out saturday, and you said you couldn’t cause you had to wash your hair
he was like ?????
let’s just go after????
and so you had to break it down to him that your hair requires a lot of attention and care that you NEED a whole day to tend to it, not just wash
he nods, face lighting up as he proposes that he just come over and help
you’re a little hesitant, as you don’t just let anybody play around in ya hair like that
but he says he’s really intrigued and he wants to learn, so you agree
he mostly just watches, not wanting to mess up your flow, but participates on some of the easier parts, like working the curling cream into your locks
he’s also really good with massaging your head while you wash, his fingers nearly putting you to sleep
his sectioning needs a little work, but it’s nothing practice can’t fix
although you really gotta catch him up on what certain things actually mean
mf nearly had a heart attack when you said the words “hot oil treatment” and spazzed thinking you was about to put ya head in some damn chicken grease🕳🤸🏾‍♀️
over time though, he gets better at things like flexi rods, and even learns to do how to do crochets (my heart just MELTED)
he even takes some pointers and gets better at taking better care of his own hair. between hero work, hittin the gym, hanging with you and having “bro time” his hair is the last thing on his mind
plus it’s dyed, so he should be taking better care of it anyway🙄
wash days with kiri are so fun tho, and you’ve even made a habit of spiderman kissing whenever you’re upside down and scrunching your curls🥺🤎
asks!!! so!!! many!!! questions!!!
honestly is just happy to be there
wants to know what everything is, what it does, if you like it, etc.
also takes notes on what you do and how you do it so he’ll remember for the future 🥺
he’s so nervous when you ask him if he wants to help
he doesn’t wanna mess it up, your hair’s so pretty 🥺🥺
he has curly hair too, but it’s much easier to manage, so he’s wayyy outta his depth
you help him through each step though, and with some time he gets more and more comfortable
shampoo is his favorite part cause he gets to try and make your hair do different shapes (the number one hero is secretly a big ass baby...who knew)
he’s another one that’s amazed by the way your hair can shrink
he knows your hair’s pretty long, you got a blowout one time and you swear he had a mini stroke for a good five mins with the way he just....froze
he fell even more in love with your hair that day
so to see it so short just wows him
if you’ve got really short 4c type hair, he wants you to go green with him so y’all can match🧚🏾
gets really good at protective styles (especially box braids)
cause at heart he’s a hero and wants to protect everything he loves from harm
yes, that includes protecting your curls from split ends and keeping em fresh.
thanks so much for reading! let me know if you guys want more of these, and feel free to throw me a like or a reblog if you enjoyed! mwah!
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winterknight1087 · 4 months ago
Hardly the Villains
Summary: Roman is the superhero Prince, who fights against the Dark Sides, consisting of Green Menace, Viper, and Shadow Wing. What happens when Roman discovers the real identity of these villains will change his outlook of them.
Word Count: 4868
Warnings: sympathetic Remus, sympathetic Deceit/Janus, fighting, injuries, cursing
Pairings: eventual romantic LAMP, romantic Demus, brotherly creativitwins, brotherly anxceit
AO3 Link       My Writing
@rosesisupposes I am so sorry this is a little bit late! 2020 ended the same way it went. But still, I hope you enjoy your @sanderssidesgiftxchange present! It was a fun challenge to work on a superhero fic focused on Roman and Remus!
"Here hold this."
The masked hero barely had time to catch the thing thrown at him, much less identify what it was, before the stick of dynamite blew up in his face. If it were any other super villain, then this would have been the end of the hero. Yet, Green Menace didn't seem to get the memo that he was supposed to try and kill the hero.
The hero let out a squawk as, for the third time this week, his face and hair were covered in cartoonish ash. He heard the cackle of the villain as Viper told Menace that they needed to go.
"Til next time, Princey." Shadow Wing announced.
“Stop flirting and let’s get out of here.” Viper stated to Shadow, not caring if the hero heard or not. The hero did hear, but he also couldn’t see Shadow’s reaction as the villain scooped up Viper and vanishing into the shadows.
"Well, this was fun!" Menace cackled before pulling a paint brush out of nowhere and painting a tunnel on a wall.
The hero knew better than to go after Menace at that point. All of Menace’s powers followed cartoon logic. He had flown straight into too many walls to know that only Menace could use those dumb paintings to travel. So, the hero sigh and flew off.
“Like honestly, does that fiend have any idea how hard it is to get that gunk out of my hair?” Roman scrubbed his hair with the towel around his head.
His boyfriend didn’t even bother looking up from his book. “I highly doubt that he knows considering that he is smart enough not to be here after your fights.”
“Sure, I have to take a shower anyways, because of normal fight dirt, but that fiend just has to give me that dumb stick and I have to spend 5ever trying to get the stuff out of my hair!”
“You could try asking him not to hand you the stick of dynamite.”
Roman gave the book Logan was holding determinedly in front of his face, the glare meant for the nerd. “Right, yeah, sure. Something like ‘Excuse me, fiend I fight at least three times a week, can you like not hand me your explosion gunk sticks? Thanks boo.’ How’s that sound?”
“Sounds perfect, RoRo! Just make sure to use your please and thank you’s!” The third boyfriend said, swooping in with a plate of cookies.
Logan finally lowered his book to glance at his watch. “Hmm, you are getting faster at washing that stuff out of your hair, Roman. Patton usually has eaten half of his baked goods before you return.”
Roman managed to let out an offended squawk before the windows suddenly blew in, knocking the bug screen inside the house. The gust of wind responsible seemed to spin around Patton before vanishing. The man let out a small giggle before the chaos appeared.
Remus was shrieking as he scrambled through the window. Logan managed to count to two before a furious looking goose followed the chaotic man in. Remus was already running down the hall to his room, but the goose didn’t seem to be deterred, even if the goose had to make its nest and raise its chicks outside this fiend’s door. The goose would get its revenge eventually.
This time, Logan got to ten before the front door was thrown open with the other two. Janus barked at Roman to help him before sprinting down the hall. Roman shut his eyes to let out a breath, but a crash and something shattering sent him after his twin and twin’s boyfriend. Virgil let out his own breath before saying something that couldn’t be overheard by a loud beep.
“Patton, stop trying to give me a filter! It’s not going to happen and I think a murderous goose deserves a swear or two!”
“What did Remus do this time?” Logan asked, unnervingly calm about this entire situation.
Virgil ran a hand through his hair. “Jan told Remus to get out more and enjoy the sunlight for once. Remus pulled out his meme skills and informed us he went to the park. Then as Jan was congratulating him on going outside, Ree pulled out the goose and it did not like that. We’ve been following the idiot and goose since 4th Street.”
“I’ll go grab the three of you some water then.” Patton hummed as he went back into the kitchen, ignoring the screeching and thumps from further down the hall.
“I am pleased to hear you are getting exercise at least, Virgil.” Logan commented, returning to his book.
“I swear the rat is going to give me a heart attack one of these days, and then I won’t hear the end of Jan’s whining.”
“I do not whine.”
Logan lowered his book, questioning why he was even bothering to try and continue reading. “Also, why would Janus whine to you if you were the one to have a heart attack? I would assume he would whine to the rest of us, as I doubt he would whine to his boyfriend.”
“Janny, you would 100% whine that I was making the rat look bad.” Virgil stated, rolling his eyes.
“I thought I told you to stop calling me that.”
A voice at the front door cackled. “But Janny makes you go red and it’s cute!”
Logan raised an eyebrow at Remus, who now stood at the door as if nothing had happened. “Did you climb out your bedroom window to avoid the goose?”
“No,” He grinned. “I climbed out to avoid my bro bro twin. Pretty sure he’s still screaming at my door. Where’d Goose Janus go?”
“Well, Janus is right there, however, I am unsure what has become of the goose.”
“Nooo, that’s Human Janus. I asked about Goose Janus.”
“Do not call me Human Janus either.”
“VeeVee, your brother is being mean to meeeeeeEEEee!!!!”
Virgil rolled his eyes at the two of them. “Where is the goose, Jan? I don’t want to be running after the rat and a goose across town again.”
“Roman managed to get it into a pillowcase. He had the top clutched for dear life while screaming at Remus. Which means, we should probably get out of here before the goose is released.” Janus commented.
“Oh, you three are already leaving?” Patton asked, carrying three water bottles.
“Patton, you are amazing.” Janus stated, snatching a bottle from him and downing it in a single gulp.
Virgil rolled his eyes at the figure going for a second water bottle. “Probably for the best. Prince Whines a Lot isn’t exactly agreeable after… work.”
“Oh, OK. We’ll see you guys later then!”
With that, Virgil shoved the other two out the door, muttering that he wanted to go lay down and not move for the next year. The two left in the living room could hear their third partner ranting at a door down the hall, oblivious to the fact the resident was gone. There were also muffled goose noises that worried Patton.
Logan sighed, setting his book aside. “I’ll call Animal Control to come get it. You want to go inform Roman that his twin is gone?”
 Roman’s day had been absolutely terrible. He had gotten a flat tire, some dragon witch at the store stole the entire stock of Crofters before telling him off for being in her way, and he accidentally dropped his phone so it now had a giant crack on the screen. So, when he walked in to see muddy footprints and what he would argue was the stench of a dead rat in the wall, in the summer, he was not exactly kind as he turned to face his twin.
Remus was curled around his laptop, furiously typing away on it. Roman noted the muddy boots that made the muddy footprints were hitched up on the coffee table, spreading the filth there too. Remus muttered something about ripping someone’s ears off and shoving them up their butt and that was the line for Roman today.
“Are you serious, Remus! This place is a disaster! When I left, it was spotless! And what is that smell?! Did you run a secret trash dump in here while I was gone?”
“Oooooh, that is an interesting idea.” Remus cackled, still not looking up.
If Roman had the ability to shoot laser beams out of his eyes, Remus would have already been a crisp of a crisp. “What are you even doing?”
“Hacking into a multibillion company for a sweet payday.”
Roman managed to get halfway through an eyeroll before realizing what his brother was actually doing. “Great, I’m going to have to burn that couch!”
Remus finally glanced up at the other, eyebrows knit. But before he could ask, his phone let off a ding and he decided that was more interesting. He snatched it up and started grinning. Roman watched Remus quickly throw everything into his backpack. He jumped up and grabbed a duffle bag that Roman hadn’t noticed. If Remus was covered in mud, the duffle was mud disguised as a bag. Remus sang out a ‘smell ya later, bro bro’ before he was out the front door, leaving Roman in the middle of the mess.
Roman took a deep breath as the door slammed behind his twin. He took another. One more deep inhale and he let out a frustrated scream into the arm desperately trying to muffle it. Now his throat hurt on top of him needing to clean up the mess his idiot of a brother left behind.
“Come on, Roman. Mom is paying off your car payments and rent for letting the bastard stay here. And you like not having to use 85% of your paychecks just to pay for those. Plus, the bastard spends most of his time out of the house with those irritating friends of his. It’s fine! It’ll be fine!”
He kept muttering this to himself as he angrily cleaned up the mud. Once he got as much as he could up, he took a seat (on the opposite couch as he now had to get rid of his favorite couch) to Google how to get rid of the stench. Like honestly, what did that bastard do to make it smell so bad in here? Roman thought it would be a bit better once some of the mud was gone, but nope, still just as bad.
Almost louder than Remus’s snoring, the Hercules song Zero to Hero started blaring from Roman’s work phone. He was instantly on his feet, heading to his room as he pulled it out of his pocket.
New message:
Human Computer: The Dark Sides are robbing the regional Walmart financial offices. That is two streetlights left of the so called ‘lame’ coffeeshop, Prince.
Moral Compass: Aww, I just put on the new episode of Steven Universe Future though!
Human Computer: I am sure they will apologize if you inform them of this. Prince, have you seen the message or am I going to have to hack your personal phone and laptop to get your attention?
Prince: 10-4 nerd
Roman grabbed his katana before rushing out the back door. He grinned as he twisted the watch face and pressed the newly appeared button. Sometimes making Logan watch cartoons and daring him to make cartoon gadgets was worth the mutterings and frustration Roman faced from his partner. The hero costume shimmered around him, concealing his identity as he took off into the sky.
Roman could hear the alarms going off. Even if Logan hadn’t specified where it was, Roman would have known where those fiends were. He knew that Patton would give him the scolding of the century if he knew, but Roman welcomed this attack. It gave him a means to take his frustrations off on some villains who constantly tormented the town.
“Sorry, Princey. Can’t let you go any further.” A voice commented behind the hero as he took in the scene.
“Oh look, it’s the talking shadowling.” Roman commented, turning to see the villain.
Honestly, seeing Shadow Wing always took Roman’s breath away upon first sight. Long wings were stretched out, barely flapping in order to keep the person up. Shadows were cascading down the wings, mimicking black flames falling to the ground. As for the villain, Shadow always reminded Roman of Wesley in his full Dread Pirate Roberts getup from the Princess Bride.
“Ooof, pretty sure you used that insult last week. Running out of creative material there, Princey?” That insufferable smirk!
“At least I have a variety, Raven Boy.”
“Mmm, creativity is not my department. Anyways, what’s up with the big knife you’ve got there? Wanna try slicing shadows?”
Roman had enough time to pull out the katana before the strange ball of frozen darkness was dangerously close. He barely managed to slash it. He still preferred Shadow’s cold blobs over being handed the explosive gunk stick Menace always handed him. Roman watched Shadow take off into the sky before swooping down close to the ground.
A ball of darkness landed right before Logan, or as he was in his own hero costume-the Human Computer. The villain was already rising back up into the air, ignoring the fact that he had just barely missed the hero’s sidekick. Roman threw himself into the fight, angry about the day, sure, but this villain just went after his boyfriend! There must be vengeance!
“Oooooooh, Shadow really does have interesting flirting methods!” A new voice commented.
Shadow threw some of his shadows at Green Menace, who was eagerly cackling. Roman quickly scanned, searching for the last of the evil trio. No sight of Viper. Then Menace’s voice forced Roman to turn back to seeing what the villain was cackling about. He did have to admit Menace and Shadow seemed to be close friends at the very least. Why does that hurt Roman?
“Let’s get this over with. I have SUF to watch.” Shadow commented.
“Okie dokie, bro-kie!”
“Say that again and I am sending you to the bottom of the Mariana Trench and leaving you for the eldritch horrors down there.”
“Pleasssssse, even they would ssssend thissss trash back to ussssss.” Ah, there’s Viper.
Menace was grinning as he pretended to wipe away a tear. “The two of you really understand me.”
Roman twisted the katana, mentally mapping out how to try and take these three down. It was always a difficult fight but Logan and Patton were better ground support while the dark trio kept to the skies, out of reach of almost everyone and thing. And because Roman was certain of this fact, he didn’t see the safety hazard strike him down.
All Roman knew was one moment, he was getting ready to whap Menace and the next, he was in a huge crater, staring up at four figures in the sky. The air was knocked out of him and his body did not want to move for the next year. Before he could reorient himself, the new figure knocked an entire building on top of Roman, trapping him under rubble. Not that the hero noticed as he lost consciousness.
 The three villains stared in shock at the new figure. The new enemy hummed disinterestedly at the pile where the hero had landed. The new figure turned to look over the three standing before them. He had planned this entire take over and subjecting these three useless tools to his will. Half of his plan was already complete, now just to deal with the amateurs.
All three of them had lost the easiness they had with the hero. Now, they look furious. In fact, Green Menace looked like he was about to rip the world apart with his teeth. The new figure didn’t place much thought on that, expecting that reaction.
“Now then. You three idiots see how a real villain does it.” He stated. “I will be merciful and offer you positions as my lackies, but this is now my town.”
Shadow was already pulling all of the shadows towards him as Viper hissed at the newcomer. “No, you will not. This is our home. We will not let anyone else terrorize our home. We might not be heroes to the people here, but we will not let someone come terrorize the town we have under our control.”
“Shadow, Viper.” Menace’s voice was chillingly serious. “Now.”
Shadows shot through the air, stealing the sunlight and replacing it with waves of fear and terror, as a long snake managed to coil around the newcomer. However, Green Menace was the most terrifying to onlookers and the new villain. Menace was out for blood and would not rest until the bastard was twenty feet under for hurting his twin brother.
 “…kidding me?!”
“What else were we supposed to do, Vee? Leave him there?”
“Take him to the house the two of you share! Hate to break it to you, but your brother is a complete dumbass; I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that he doesn’t know the truth. So, he’s not only going to wake up after a massive fight, in a strange place he has never been in, he’s also surrounded by his enemies!”
For all the luck in the world, of course this was the first thing Roman heard as he gained consciousness. The hero tensed as he opened his eyes only the smallest amount to see the trio of villains standing in front of him in a dark room. He desperately wanted to look around and see how much danger he was in, but that would require that he open his eyes and if they weren’t torturing him because they thought he was still unconscious, then he wasn’t going to let them know he was awake.
“I agree that he probably hasn’t figured it out yet, but if we left him, rescue services would have found him and if one of our identities are revealed, all of them are. What do you think the government’s first reaction to having the superhero Prince unconscious in some hospital would be? Hmm? We are working with what we can do. We wouldn’t be able to make it to the twins’ house without being spotted. We have our tunnels to get here.”
Wait… That meant… They knew where he lived. Oh no, they knew where he lived. That meant Remus would be in danger as well. It meant Logan and Patton were in danger. It meant that Virgil and Janus were in danger. It meant that everyone Roman knew and cared about were in danger because of these villains.
“I know that this entire situation is bad, but we’re doing the best we can. Even the walking ray of sunshine and nerd said this was the best option.”
Pound. Pound.
“Where is he?! How badly is he hurt?”
Roman’s heart might as well have stopped in that moment. These villains could do whatever they wanted to him, but he will not let these fiends harm a hair on Patton or Logan’s head. In an instant, Roman was on his feet, and shoving the closest figure to him against a wall. As he looked at the face he had pinned, his heart might as well be stopped as that would be a kinder fate than this. The face he saw, was the face of Virgil Storm-Ekans.
Roman stepped back in pure shock as his eyes swept to the other two villains, taking in all three shocked faces. Standing in front of him were both his brother and Remus’ friends, but also the trio of villains, perfectly mashed together. His twin brother in Menace’s sparkling green and black costume probably found in some thrift store, looking like some knock off Luigi. Janus in Viper’s black and yellow suit complete with the dumb cloak and hat. And Virgil in… Virgil in a black Wesley outfit with huge shadow-y black wings wrapped tightly around him.
“I-No… Noo… This isn’t- it can’t”
Patton appeared, blocking Roman’s vision from the three he hated. “Roman, hey, hey. Shhhh. It’s OK. Come on, let’s get you back on the couch. You’re OK, your safe.”
Roman was gently forced onto the couch before Patton started to heal the injuries he had. Soft blue light shone from his hand as each wound healed and vanished. Roman’s eyes were still trying to take in the mess, however. A creak pulled his attention to a set of stairs to see Logan calmly walking down, looking at something on his phone.
“Lo, do you have information on who the hell Orange Traffic Cone was?” Virgil asked, his wings fluttering nervously as they unwrapped from around him.
“I was going to ask the same of you. They were obviously some kind of villain, so I assumed you three would have more information on who or what they were.”
“Well, isn’t this a wonderful situation we have.” Janus grimaced. “I doubt they will be returning, however.”
Logan adjusted his glasses as he glanced over at Roman, pleased to see the boyfriend was healing up well. “Well, after that impressive show of power, I doubt anyone will try to take over the town from you three. I do wonder how the three of you gained so much power though.”
“We were the ones to find the dumb radioactive stone and spend more time around it, Logan. Proximity to the source of all of our powers.” Janus commented.
“Ah, that does make sense. It would also probably explain the extra developments as well.”
“Call them what they are, Lo. Mutations. Freaks like me… us have mutations.” Virgil spat.
Logan looked over the other, noting that the wings were tightening around the youngest of the group. “You are not a freak, Virgil.”
Virgil scoffed, “Yeah, right.”
Logan narrowed his eyes but could tell that it would take a while to improve the other’s confidence, so decided to try and improve the mood. “You are not a freak, Virgil. I know you do not accept it right now, but hopefully in time. Now, Remus, a question I have been meaning to ask. Did you really dump cow manure on the executive’s desk?”
“Wait, was that what was in that disgusting bag of yours?!”
“It was bull shit!” Remus cackled.
“What-what is going on?” Roman intruded, weakly. “Is-is this some kind of prank or a dream?”
“Roman, have you truly not realized who the ‘dark sides’ are?” Logan asked, curiously. “Did it not occur to you that if you got superpowers, at very least your own twin brother would also develop some powers as well?”
“But-but- they’re evil!” Roman screeched.
Remus knelt to look his twin in the face, concern filling the red-tinted hazel eyes. “Ro- did- do you really think that? Do you really think us evil?”
Words would not escape Roman’s chocked throat, but that seemed enough of an answer to the rest of the room. Virgil and Janus instantly backed away, granting Roman more space as Logan moved forward and took the seat on Roman’s other side. Remus looked at his twin in so much shock and pain that Roman wanted to lie through his teeth.
“Roman, while these three may violate legal codes, they are hardly evil. They are more like Robin Hood than some evil monster.”
“But today-“
“We were stealing from Walmart to give money to a homeless shelter full of full-time Walmart employees, Ro. What happened with that rando was unexpected. We still don’t know who they were or what their intentions truly were.” Virgil said, softly.
Patton took Roman’s hand into his. “RoRo, have you not even wondered why despite all those fights, you never actually ended up hurt? Not even a bruise most times.”
“That literally every hit that would actually hurt missed? Like I get thinking that of Remus, but of Jan and me?”
“But- what about you throwing one of those dark snowballs at Logan earlier?!”
Logan barely stopped himself from rolling his eyes. “Roman, I’m not sure you’ve realized yet, but Patton and I knew who these three were. Virgil was tossing me a flash drive that I designed to aide them in hacking through complex security measures that I was able to use to further hide the true amount they stole.”
“You were helping these fiends?!?”
“Well, it’s not acceptable that a multibillion company lets their employees live in poverty.” Patton softly admitted.
“Why-“ Roman was just so lost and confused. “Why didn’t anyone tell me? Why was I left out?”
“Most of us thought you already knew. Virgil pushed for a verbal confirmation that you knew before letting the idea that you didn’t know rest. It’s not like we made any effort to discuss work out of very specific locations, which rarely intersect between all of us.” Logan answered.
Roman ran a hand through his hair, trying to process all of this. The rest of the room glanced around at each other. A silent agreement to give the hero a moment was passed around. Once they seemed to understand the decision, Janus glanced at Virgil before turning to Patton.
“Hey, literal sunshine. Can you possibly take a look at Virgil’s wing and see if you can heal whatever happened to it?”
“I’m fine, Jan.”
“Bullshit. Don’t make me pull the older brother card on you, little shit. You only hold your wings that close to you when they are hurt.”
“If you’re hurt, I can fix it! You don’t need to be in pain!” Patton said, jumping up.
“Seriously, I’m fine, Princey over there was the one who got hit with an entire building.”
“Vee, let Pat look at your wing. Traffic Cone did a pretty bad number on you, trying to knock you out of the air.” Remus said softly.
“Come on, kiddo. I’ll need access to your back to see if the joints are alright, but you’ll feel a lot better afterword!” Patton said.
“Ugh, I can see the fight is already lost.” Virgil muttered, before taking his black shirt off.
Roman had a lot of information to process, but that didn’t happen as he saw how ripped the other was. He had thought Virgil was hot and Shadow Wing hotter, but seeing the two combined, yeah, Roman was gay. At least he was also poly so could ask his partners if they were interested in romancing a certain shadow. Which if his super gay mind could actually remember anything, he would remember that they were actually already pushing to ask Vee out.
“OK, you have a bruised muscle and some of your feathers are gone. I also think you have a broken bone somewhere around here.” Patton said, pulling Roman out of his gay panic.
Janus immediately moved over, looking over the feathers before letting out a breath. “You are one lucky bastard, Vee. It’s mostly tertiary and a few secondary ones. But that means you were close to getting taken out by that knife.”
There was a small mischievous cackle near Roman. “So bro bro. You crushing hard on Virgil yet, or do Jan and I need to undress him some more for you?”
“Whaaaaat, I’m just trying to set up my bro with my hoe’s bro.”
 2 months later…
 “Oh come on, Princey. Surely you can do better than that.”
Roman was glad that most people couldn’t see details of them from the ground. If they could, they would see that Prince had a huge smile as he dodged his boyfriend’s shadow ball. It wouldn’t do him any harm, and in fact all of their boyfriends found comfort in the gentle cool kiss of them by now. No, Roman was determined to tag the sensor on the other’s arm, indicating that he won the game today. Can’t win if Virgil won.
Below, Remus and Janus were breaking into an Amazon warehouse to steal food, blankets, and clothes to donate to various homeless organizations. Once they were done, the two of them would join their third partner in crime to ‘escape’ from the Prince while the Prince pretended to hate them. Prince would fly off, talk to police about what happened, watch the Human Computer bury the actual amount stolen so that the company would just write it off. The Moral Compass would gently push a calm acceptance upon everyone so that there would be less struggle to hunt the villains down.
Then, the three of them would go and change out of their hero costumes and pick up the trio from their downtown townhouse. They would go home, order pizza, and watch movies all night, laughing and having fun. The next day, they would spend the day dropping off items at various homeless shelters. Roman would see how much it meant to the shelters to receive the donations, and it would make him wonder why he ever thought the trio were evil. Then the group would split so Remus and Janus would head to the townhouse while the four boyfriends would head to Roman’s planning a nice night with their partners.
And honestly, Roman wouldn’t have it any other way.
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biihoebi · 4 months ago
for @what-goesaround-comesaround for the Newsies Winter Gift Exchange 2020
aaaah ok so this unbetad because usually I bully you into betaing my stuff so it's quite stream of consciousness but whateverr. also maybe I took some creative liberties on the historical accuracy but who cares
(its kind of a shit show but shhhh Irish Spot)
read on ao3 here
While it was Jack's father who taught him not to starve it was his mother who taught him the value of his heritage. Which is why when the new kid at the lodging house was sitting at the end of his bed, distressed over a throwaway comment Albert had made, Jack was doing his best to comfort them.
"He said I was losing my accent" Rua had all but wailed. "How can I be Irish without me accent. And Granda said he used to have flaming hair like mine before it went dark with age. Then I won't even look Irish." they continued.
"But yer Irish by blood not by hair or by voice. I mean my hair ain't red but you'd be hard pressed tryna tell me I isn't Irish." Jack sighed. "Look, I've never stepped foot in Ireland, youse is ahead of me there, but my Mam kept it alive in the stories she told. Some were legends and some were just memories of her and her siblings getting into all sorts of trouble in the fields. And I can speak Irish just as good as the next guy, no matter what Spot Conlon says" he finished. Rua let out a short sniffle.
"But my Mam works in a factory. I never see her no more" they said wiping their face with their sleeve.
"We ain't the same, I'm Irish sure but I was born here. Youse is better off asking Spot about this, he was born in Dublin, didn't come here til he was about 8. And seeing as Albert started this whole mess he can be the one to go to Brooklyn to deliver the message after he's done selling. Now it's time for newsies to go to bed, you ain't no use selling if your half asleep." Jack declared.
To a bright eyed and bushy tailed Rua morning couldn't come soon enough and neither could the circulation bell nor could the final sell of the day. By the time Albert left for Brooklyn every newsie in Manhattan knew about it and was sick of hearing about it.
"Just because Albert's gone today, don't mean Spots gonna visit today. Heck he mightn't even visit at all. Do youse really think this is a big enough deal for the King of Brooklyn to take time out of his busy sche-
"Stop shit stirring Boots" Jack interrupted sternly. "Just because Spot doesn't like Brits like you doesn't mean he won't help out a fellow Paddy" he joked. At that Boots straightened his back
"I'll have you know Mr Kelly that Spot Conlon said I's is the best 'Brit' he knows" he said, smugly straightening an imaginary tie.
"Best of a rotten bunch" a new voice chimed in. Every newsie in the room suddenly started scrambling to look half presentable. "I got your message Kelly, now where's the young wayne?" the person continued. In response Jack stepped aside revealing Rua, who had been hiding behind his legs.
"I-I'm Rua" they stuttered out. The man crouched down to their eye level.
"I'm Spot Conlon, but I thought youse was supposed to be Irish. Where's me 'dia duit'? It's like you ain't even tryin'. No wonder youse losing yer accent" Spot said. That did nothing to help the already nervous wreck that Rua was.
Spot shot up suddenly, shooing everyone but Jack, Rua, Crutchie and Race out. He sat down on the middle bed and kicked his feet up, gesturing for everyone to follow. Ever the rebel Race decided to lean against the bunk instead while the rest settled into the surrounding beds. "Look, Jack says youse is struggling with moving on with yer life while staying Irish. I went through the same thing when I first came 'nd look at me now, King of New York"
"King of Brooklyn" Race coughed out which Spot shot daggers at him for.
"I'se is the King of New York, don't let no street rat tell you otherwise" he spat "but I wasn't always, I was once a youngin like you, fresh off the boat with only my poor parents and a sack full of stuff between us…"
The dock bustled with workers and passengers alike. Some leaving but most stepping off boats and into their new lives. Among those coming off was a young Seán Conlon. With wild hair and big eyes filled with the wonder and excitement of seeing somewhere beyond the slums of Dublin. It was an outbreak of TB amongst the tenements that did it in for his parents.
Seán didn't have long to admire the new world he had just entered before his hand was grabbed and he was dragged off into a long line filled with fellow immigrants. Hours passed before the tired young boy would make it through the front door to his new home. It was a small one room apartment completely unlivable by today's standard but to someone from the worst slums in Europe it might as well have been Buckingham. "Go bhfoire Dia orainn, tá sé linne!! Níl aon theaghlach eile ina gconaionn liomsa?" Seán gawked in awe.
"Tá, ach bí curamach, níl cead agat bí ag caint as gaeilge nuair a tá tú taobh amuigh" his father responded.
"Cén fáth?"
"Mar ní maith a lán daoiní, duine eile ag caint as gaeilge agus sin é sin a bhfuil."
"Ceart go leor"
That night Seán lay awake in his bed wondering why anyone could dislike speaking Irish. Well besides the British but Uncle Seamus always said that their opinion didn't matter and that he and a few of his friends from the Irish Republican Brotherhood would soon rid Ireland of them. Whatever that meant. His father would always laugh alongside and say 'that would be the day' while his mother would give out to him for encouraging Seamus.
It wouldn't be for a few weeks that Seán would find out what his dad was talking about. He was out selling papers to help make ends meet, as small as the room was all three of them had to work hard in order to pay for it. He stood there waiting at the gate for the circulation bell to ring, when it happened. On his first day one of the older kids taught him a few tricks and gave him a few pieces of advice. One of those pieces was 'stay away from Acton Williams'. An unspoken rule he had managed to avoid up until that point.
Acton had walked right into him, dropping a strange wooden item in the process. Seán liked to think that his mother raised him right so he apologized and bent down to pick up the trinket
"Brón orm" he mumbled as he crouched, item in hand.
"The fuck you say to me?" Acton grunted. Seán froze realising his mistake and everyone went silent at the sound of Acton's voice.
"I was just saying sorry" Seán rushed out, trying desperately not to get baited so soon after joining the newsies. Acton let out a laugh.
"That's not what you said though is it?" he said " see I think youse was speaking some stupid language from the stupid country you came from. So I'mma ask again 'the fuck you say to me?"
"I said 'brón orm', you heard me the first time," Seán said, gaining confidence. It was one thing to be intimidated by an older kid who would definitely knock your block off but his Nan taught him better than to let someone talk shite about Ireland. Acton scoffed.
"I pity the Mum who raised such a rude brat " he spat taking a step towards Seán.
"Yeah well I pity the Mam who gave birth to such an ugly ogre"
And they were off! Acton could easily outrun Seán's tiny legs so his only hope was to lose him with twists and turns through the back alleys and busy streets. After what felt like hours of running, Seán finally ran into a deadend. Turning to face a panting Acton, Seán gulped and started reciting any and all prayers he could think of to any saints that popped into his head. In fact it wasn't until Seán went to clasp his hands in prayer that he noticed what he had picked up earlier.
A slingshot!!
Grabbing the nearest rock Seán loaded the sling. 'Dear St Anthony, pleeaassee help me find the ability to aim well' he prayed as he scrunched his eyes shut and released.
The next thing Seán heard was the large thump an unconscious Actons body made as it hit the ground. Opening his eyes to examine the noise he had heard Seán was shocked to see his feeble attempt at fighting back was actually a success. Seán quickly pocketed the slingshot and left before Acton had time to wake up.
"...and that's what it means to be Irish" Spot finished proudly
"Beating up British people is what it means to be Irish?" Rua said in awe of Spot's story. Spot grinned.
"See, this kid gets it" he joked, ruffling Ruas hair.
"That was a lovely story yer highness but how is that surppsoed to help 'em keep their accent" Race chipped in.
"Well what about you then Higgins if you have so much to say? D'you have any stories worth listening to?"
"What about being Italian? Well I-"
"Italian? Are ye not Irish?"
"No? What made you think that?"
"Yer surname is Higgins"
"Yeah, Higgins is a classic Italian name"
Jack and Spot made eye contact for a good minute before bursting out laughing. "Yer telling me this entire time youse never knew you was Irish?" Jack choked out between laughs. Even Rua stifled a giggle.
"My own mam was a Higgin, Racetrack" Spot roared. "Yee just can't make this stuff up" he said wiping a tear from his eye. Race's face was a brilliant red as he sputtered out excuses.
"Yer just joking, right guys? Right guys??"
At the gates the next morning Seán stood there absolutely shitting bricks. What had happened yesterday had been a stroke of luck but if Acton decided to continue the fight he was dead meat.
"Wait, is that Williams? No way what's with the giant bruise on his forehead?" a voice spoke interrupting Seán's train of thought.
"No way that's a bruise, he doesn't get those" another shot back. Soon a whole symphony of voices were arguing over whether it was a bruise or not.
"Wait a minute, weren't you getting chased by him yesterday, newbie? How come there's not a scratch on ya, and why's there only a big bruise on him?" the first voice said piecing the puzzle together. Soon everyone was crowding around Seán, looking for the story of what happened.
"Look nothing really happened" Seán reassured trying to downplay the situation "he chased me for a bit before I eventually shot him with this sling and he passed out on the spot."
Apparently telling them he knocked out the bully of the newsies was not the right thing to say to defuse the situation. Some started cheering for him others just rolled their eyes at his story.
"He clearly made that up on the spot" one voice chiming in.
"Nah, look at Acton, that's a massive bruise, obviously from being shot with a sling" another rebutted. Eventually the crowd settled a bit and someone had the common sense to ask for his name.
"Oh! I'm Seán." he responded. Everyone groaned.
"Not yer real one, yer newsies one" someone said. After Seán told them he didn't have one, everyone put their thinking caps on.
"Let's call him Spot, 'cause we'll never really know if he knocked him down on the spot or made up that story on the spot."
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