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#also candace sucks with it too but stacy helps
phineasandferbtheories · 16 days ago
Ok, but like. I love the idea that Phineas and Ferb don’t perceive the passage of time the way most people do??? Like Isabella is talking about something that happened the year before and Phineas is like oh you mean when Ferb was obsessed with stop motion animation for like a month? And she’s like yea that time. Or Baljeet’s like talking about first grade and Ferb pipes up like oh was that the year they tried to put me and Phineas in different classes but then got mad cause I wasn’t talking and he wasn’t able to pay attention to anything? And Phineas just shouts out yea that was first grade!!
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forgottenpnffacts · 3 months ago
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You guys have been asking for years, so here it is! (Also available in desktop form.) Updated as of 5-28-21.
Sections: I. Rules (asks and such) II. Important Links (things from the show I think everyone should know/pivotal longposts) III. Helpful Links (fact blog creation, starter episodes, etc)
Don’t ask me about Milo Murphy’s Law.
I don’t answer “How many times in the series does X happen/(character) do X?” AKA list-type questions anymore. I’ll direct you to the answer i’ve given if you ask for a time that i’ve completed already, but i’m not going to go hunting through the entire series for something. Note: “Does X ever Y?” is okay to ask--i’ll give examples, just probably not all instances unless I happen to know them all.
Please do not use extreme abbreviations or non-canon nicknames when asking about a character or thing.
If you want to send me a joke/meme/gift/etc, please do so with the messenger and not the submission box (otherwise i’ll assume you’re trolling).
If you send me an ask and you use a derogatory name or description for a character, i’ll ignore your question.
If you send me a fetish-bait question, i’m going to ignore you (and block you if you repeatedly ask).
If you send me an ask through the submission box or send me a submission through the askbox, i’m probably going to ignore you.
I don’t usually publicly reply when someone sends me a headcanon unless I strongly agree with it/have supporting evidence for it or I strongly disagree with it/have supporting evidence against it, so be prepared for that if you send me your headcanon.
I don’t generally publicly reply to opinion asks like “I always thought X sucked” or “I had a dream about X.” (Though I likely will if it’s a general appreciation ask about some aspect of the show or a character that I also appreciate.)
It’s fine to send asks about this blog, haha! I might start to privately reply if the conversation goes on for longer than a few posts, though, so the blog won’t divert from facts too much (this limit refreshes each day).
You can also ask about me as a person or my opinions about things from PnF, but, again, there’s a daily limit to how many public posts i’ll make.
This isn’t really a rule, but just know that this is a sideblog and I almost never check my activity on here, so if you want to correct me on something or send me a post or whatever you have to send me a message or messenger me.
Important Links (character relationships, interior design, general things)
Character Relationships:
Perry & Doof
Buford & Baljeet
Monogram & Carl
Vanessa & Monty
Vanessa & Perry
Norm & Vanessa
Candace & Stacy (ft. Vanessa)
Candace & Jeremy
Stacy & Coltrane
Phineas & Ferb
Candace & Ferb
Candace & her brothers
Isabella & Phineas
Isabella & Ferb
Isabella & Buford
Interior Design:
Perry’s lair
Phineas & Ferb’s room
Stacy’s room
General Things:
Doof’s life across his ages
Doof’s income
Doof’s degree
Doof owns D.E.I.
Doof is not Phineas/Candace’s dad
Doof’s age
Norm’s age
The teens’ ages
Phineas & Ferb’s ages
Isabella’s dad
Isabella is Mexican-Jewish
Stacy is Japanese
How Phineas & Ferb fund their inventions
Phineas’ intelligence
Ferb’s full name
Why Candace wants to bust Phineas and Ferb
Why Candace can’t just ask Lawrence to bust the boys
Flynn-Fletchers’ income
Bully/Nemesis parallels
Danville’s location
Calendar weirdness
It’s one summer
When PnF takes place
Helpful Links
How to start a blog like this for another fandom
How to introduce people to PnF
My Tag List of characters/things i’ve posted facts for
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