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#alpha stucky x parker!Reader
imaginedreamwrite · 27 days ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 15
“How are you feeling?” Peter craned his neck and watched you, his brown eyes studying you with heightened interest and care, before his eyes briefly moved to your baby bump.
“I’m fine,” you smiled and leaned back against the bench, your eyes closing momentarily, feeling the breeze carrying a mix of scents that distracted you from Steve’s smell hovering close, “the morning sickness is gone.”
“You’re five months?” Peter asked, his brown eyes moving toward the protruding baby bump that would no longer be able to be hidden.
“Yep,” you popped the ‘p’ and opened your eyes again, a yawn coming and going, “although considering who the father’s are, the baby is going to be big.”
You placed your hand on your bump and smoothed your sweater down in soft circles, feeling the quickening of your child.
“Would you like to feel your niece or nephew?” When you asked Peter and happened to glance at him, his brown eyes were caught deep in thought, his hand reaching out toward your baby bump. “It’s okay, Peter.”
“He won’t mind?” Peter asked of Steve, who was on a phone call a few feet away from you, his phone pressed up to his ear and his voice a whisper.
“It’s not just his child, Peter,” you grabbed your brother’s hand and placed it on your bump, moving his hand accordingly, “besides, Steve may be one of my alpha’s, but he’s not like that.”
You were focused, concentrating intensely on moving Peter’s hand along your bump until you found your little rascal and all their movements. As your baby moved against Peter’s hand, you crooned softly to your unborn child.
“I’m sorry to hear about your experiment. I know you were looking forward to it.” Peter removed his hand after a minute and placed it back in his sweater pocket. His hoodie was from his school, with the name scrawled across the front in bold block letters, while his jeans were scuffed with a bit of dirt at the knees, a by-product of being the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.
“There’ll be other experiments. Besides, I can still work on it, and I can’t be in it.” You shrugged and stole a glance over your shoulder, watching Steve holding the conversation. “He wants to stay home, Peter.”
At your words, Peter had also looked over his shoulder and then he turned his attention to you. His eyebrows were furrowed, and his lips were pursed, confused and a little taken back by your words.
“Home?” Peter asked, “Captain America wants to retire?”
“They told me I could do whatever I wanted. I want to be a mother and have my career. Steve said he would stay home. Steve said he would love to stay home with our baby.”
At the mention of his name, you knew Steve’s conversation would have ended, and he would’ve shoved his phone back into his black trousers.
“I don’t want to sacrifice one or the other. They want me to be happy, and…” You sighed. “I’m really happy, Peter. I’m going to be having a baby, and I don’t have to sacrifice all those years of hard work.”
“I’m happy for you,” Peter squeezed his hand and let go when Steve approached. Peter wiped his hands on his jeans and stood, addressing Steve with a small smile and a quick ‘Cap’ before he scooped his backpack from the ground.
“I’ll talk to you later, Y/N.” Peter threw his backpack on and secured the hat on his head before stepping away from the bench. “I don’t want to make you late for your appointment, Cap.”
“See ya later, kid.” Steve addressed him with civility and courtesy; any awkwardness from the moment Peter found out about the mateship and the pregnancy was gone and replaced with mutual understanding.
“So, Mr. Rogers,” you slid your hand up to his chest until your hand cupped the side of his neck, “what was the surprise?”
Steve’s touch was equally tender. One hand was resting on your baby belly, and the other was resting on your hip. He was staring at you with such endearment, and it nearly made you melt into the wooden bench. He was such a kind and strong alpha; both of them were.
“Tony said he has a gift for us, and we’re going to be late.” Steve leaned in and kissed you softly, gently pulling you toward him.
“Where’s Bucky?” Your softly spoken words quickly morphed into laughter as Steve started kissing down your neck, tickling your sensitive skin with his beard. You slapped your hand against his shoulder to get him to stop, though the two of you were on such a mutual sort of high from the affection and endearments that you hadn’t pulled away.
“I’m going to pee!” You finally pushed him away and gasped for air after laughing so long. “Stop! You’re going to make me piss myself!”
“Are you okay?” Steve asked with a laugh, helping you stand. “I’m sorry, baby.”
You brushed it off and shrugged, adjusting your sweater as it stretched to its limits with your baby bump. It was one of the last clothing items you could swear that wasn’t maternity, and you were desperately clinging to it. You weren’t ready for maternity clothes, nor were you prepared for the swinging and rather wild cravings that were close to setting in.
“I’m fine.” You smiled and then lightly double-tapped his shoulder. “We leaving or what? We don’t wanna be late for Tony’s big surprise.”
** **
The elevator doors opened to a massive open floor set up with a series of couches by the window. A giant flat-screen TV attached to the wall above a fireplace with a secure metal screen that could be moved to protect from the heat. To the left was a long bar with a series of alcohol bottles arranged in an aesthetically pleasing design.
“What’s this?” You stepped in further, your eyes roaming the cathedral ceilings and the crystal light fixtures. As your gaze wandered to the left side of the floor, you saw a curved staircase that led to an upper floor and a long hall with a series of doors on either side of the aisle. There was a balcony accessible through a glass door close to the living room furniture, and if you had to take your best guess, you’d assume that the kitchen was off to the right beyond the bar.
“This is yours,” Tony spun on his heels and motioned to the penthouse condo, “a little gift for the first-time mother.”
“A little gift? Mr. Stark, this is a mansion!” You kept walking toward the open floor plan living room and the bar, your wide eyes taking in all that you could.
“You need a place close to the lab and your baby. Having your place at Stark Tower will give you both.” Tony crossed his arms over his chest; his arrogance and usual cockiness were replaced with genuine care and happiness for the two super soldiers and yourself.
“Where’s Bucky?” You questioned.
“There’s another surprise upstairs.” Tony nods his head in the direction, moving toward the exit. “I’ll talk to you later, Steve, about your last mission before you retire.”
“Last mission?” You looked over your shoulder, pausing to walk up the stairs to ask Steve what Tony meant.
“Tying up some loose ends before I pass the shield off.” Steve stepped up with you and leaned in, brushing his lips against your temple. “One last mission before our baby comes.”
You rested your hand on your belly and smiled softly. You wanted this baby and were delighted to be pregnant, especially since Steve and Bucky had offered to stay home with your child while you went to work and kept your career.
They were helping you become a mother and a career woman.
“Our baby,” you cooed to your baby in your belly, “moving more every day.”
Steve hummed and slipped his arm around your waist, flexing his fingers and gripping the side of your sweater lightly as he supported you when you started up the stairs again. When you had reached the top, he dropped his arm from your waist and grabbed your hand instead, interweaving your fingers.
“So there’s a surprise?” You questioned Steve, following him n the second floor until you came to a door.
“Just wait and see….” Steve opened the door and stepped in first, shielding you from seeing the room until he stepped aside and the nursery came into view.
You stepped inside and studied the features of the room, from the painted wall depicting a scene of small baby avengers, all miniature and in tiny costumes, to the stuffed cute mobile of the superheroes you knew well, spinning above a secure and sturdy dark wood crib.
“I know we should’ve waited,” Bucky called from the rocking chair in the corner, a wrapped blanket in his lap and a pillow behind his head, “but we just wanted-“
“I love it!” You squealed and picked up a small stuffed bear wearing a costume that looked exactly like Peter’s Spider-Man suit. “This is so adorable!”
You spied a similar bear with a similar uniform to Steve’s, and besides his was Buckys. Your vision was blurred by I shed tears, your bottom lip shaking as you fought the urge to cry in ethereal happiness, seeing the entire room decorated and prepared for your unborn child.
“Sweetheart, are you okay?” You clutched the bears to your chest and turned.
“I’m more than okay,” you were well aware that you were crying, but it was all in happiness and joy, “this is perfect. We’re having a baby! And I’m holding a little stuffed Captain America!”
“We’re having a baby, darling.” Bucky crossed the distance and swept you into his arms, kissing you softly and tenderly. When he pulled away, he kept his arms around your waist and began to hum softly into your neck, effectively scenting you and making you feel more secure and safe in his arms than you ever thought you could be.
** **
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 14
Steve closed the door behind him and took a few small steps to get to the bathroom. As he cracked open the door and peered inside, he caught sight of Bucky standing in front of the mirror staring at himself. His blue eyes were peering into the blue eyes of his reflection, his fists gripping the counter with white knuckles.
He had hung his head once and bit on his bottom lip and his shoulders shook with every deep inhale and exhale. He stood there in silence, going through the motions of breathing and out without ceasing.
“Bucky…” Steve closed the door behind him and then reached forward to place his hand on Bucky’s shoulder. Steve squeezed his lover’s shoulder, successfully drawing his attention off of the porcelain sink and onto Steve.
“Pregnant.” Bucky’s bottom lip trembled, his eyes both remarkably bright and starkly dim. The news that you were pregnant hadn’t even had to be verbally told, Steve and Bucky could sense it. They could smell the difference in your scent, the hormonal shift that happened when an omega became pregnant. It was early, but the signs were there, the hormonal change was there. “Our omega is pregnant…”
Steve squeezed his shoulder again in an attempt to calm him down, to keep him from going past the point of no return emotionally. Bucky was on edge, he was grappling with the news that you were pregnant and the events that conspired hours ago.
You ran, you left. You were gone for hours and were found huddled in an alley shivering. Steve carried you back to the car, he carried you inside Stark Tower and into their home. Steve carried you while you were shivering and shaking, holding you tightly before he finally let you go once you were in their bed.
Steve tucked you into their bed and Bucky brought you hot tea. Before he left you to sleep, he brushed your hair behind your ear and apologized for pushing you. He apologized for pushing you and apologized for making you run.
When he left, Steve stayed with you until you fell asleep.
“She is stressed, Bucky.” Steve drew his attention to himself. “She is scared and she is stressed. This is one opportunity to step up and be the alpha’s that she wants and needs.”
“We’re having a baby, Steve.” Bucky’s smile rose then fell, his eyebrows furrowed. “We’re having a baby…”
“Y/N is scared, Bucky. It’s nothing you did and it’s not your fault that she ran.” Steve comfort him in the same manner that he had comforted you.
“Why is she scared to have a baby? To have our baby? Is it because of what I-” Bucky was losing himself to his emotions again, he was slipping back into a place of insecurity.
“If I had to take my best guess, ” Steve leaned against the bathroom counter and crossed his arms over his chest, “Y/N is afraid that she’ll lose her career. She just started working with Bruce, she has this entire experiment and trial that she’s heading up and now she’s pregnant.”
“We would never expect her to-”
“I know. But she doesn’t know that. And given what happened in the last 5 years, what she went through on her own, she probably thinks she’s going to be alone again.”
From the little that you had mumbled through the tears and the exhaustion, Steve got the impression that you were scared that this pregnancy would send your careening off the course that you wanted for yourself.
You were afraid that both Steve and Bucky would expect you to stay home and give up everything to have a child, to have their child. You were scared that all those blood, sweat and tears you shed would be wasted within a year of you getting your dream job.
“We’ll talk to her tomorrow, Bucky.” Steve locked eyes with him, seeing the same fear in Bucky’s eyes, that were in yours. The fear of losing everything, or at the very least, lose something that has been longed for.
** **
The knock on the door had disrupted the sound of frying pans clinking in the kitchen. Bucky was the one who approached the door and he was the one who greet the woman on the other side was the door was opened.
“Hi May, ” Bucky didn’t flinch or pull away when she leaned in and kissed his cheek.
“Hi, Bucky.” She slid past him with a bottle of wine in one hand and sparkling juice in the other. “Where is she?”
At her question, Steve left the kitchen and appeared in the entranceway with a kitchen towel slung over his shoulder. He crossed his arms over his broad chest, the dark blue button-down he wore crinkling as his arms were folded.
“In the bedroom, ” Steve answered before he nod his head in the direction of the kitchen, “dinner’s almost done.”
“Excellent.” May pressed the bottle of wine into Bucky’s chest and the sparkling juice into Steve’s. “I’ll talk to Y/N.”
May moved throughout their suite until she had come to the closed door that separated her from the room you found solace in. As she stood on the other side, she raised her hand and knocked twice before she slipped into the large and expansive room, spotting you sitting on the bed with your legs crossed and a pillow tucked into your stomach.
“How are you doing, honey?” she stepped to the bed and then crawled on to came lay beside you.
“I’m okay.” Your voice was quiet and shaking, your eyes trained forward and fixated on a picture of your two alpha’s back in the ’40s, back before you and the shit that tore them apart.
“How far along are you?” May asked, stretching out her hand to brush stray hairs behind your ear.
“How did you know?” You asked her your question without answering hers first.
“All the Parker women seem to slip into a panic when they find out they’re pregnant. Your mom nearly skipped the country when she was pregnant with Peter and when she was pregnant with you, she locked your dad out of the house for a week.” May spoke with a fondness, an amusement in her voice.
“My mom tried skipping the country?” You questioned, your vision blurring with the start of tears, the tremble of your lips.
“Your mom purchased a ticket and was in the boarding area before your dad showed up and she changed her mind,” May tilt her head and wiped some a few tears that were rolling down your cheeks, “and the second time your mom was pregnant, your dad allowed her to have her space and got a hotel for the week. When your mom was ready, he returned and brought her favourite food and flowers.”
“We panic, ” you laughed crying heavier, “we try and leave the country.”
“Or lock your alpha out of their own house for a week.” May smiled tenderly.
“It’s not that I’m not excited it’s just…” You covered your face with your hands and laugh-cried into your palms. “God!”
“You’ve sacrificed a lot to get where you are now. You're afraid that everything will turn to dust now that you’re pregnant.” it was as if May could read your mind, it was as if she was in your head. “You’re afraid that by choosing a career or choosing your child, you’ll sacrifice something. You’ll lose a part of yourself.”
You didn’t have to answer, you didn’t have to confirm what she was saying. If you chose your career, would you be labelled a bad mother? Selfish?
If you chose your child, would all your hard work go down the drain?
You wanted both, you wanted to have both. You wanted the career that you have worked your ass off to have and you wanted this child, you wanted this baby because you have always wanted a family however you never pictured it like this.
“I want both, May.” You lowered your hands and rubbed your palms against your knees. “I want to have both and I don’t know if I can.”
May brushed more hair behind your ears in a motherly way. She trailed her fingers down your jawline, only ceasing when another knock on the door interrupted your conversion.
Steve had opened the door and entered enough to look at the two of you, his blue-green eyes cast upon you in concern and caution.
“Dinner’s done,” He announced.
“You’ll be okay.” May kiss your temple before she left the bed, moving toward Steve with direct purpose. Before she passed, she pat Steve’s shoulder and left the two of you again.
“You won’t have to give anything up.” Steve closed the door behind him, slowly moving toward you. “We know how much you’ve sacrificed to get where you are, sweetheart.”
“Steve, ” you shook your head and bit down on your bottom lip, “I don’t want-”
“Doll, ” he took the space your aunt had just occupied, “we have options. If you want to work, I will stay with our baby.”
He reached out and placed his hand against your stomach, spreading his fingertips.
“You would stay home?” your voice was but a whisper.
“If you want to work, you can work. If you want to stay home, then you can.”
You slipped your hand on top of his, feeling a sense of relief settling into your stomach.
“Steve and I, ” Bucky called from the doorframe he was leaning against, “want you to decide. We won’t make you do anything you don’t want to.”
“If I, ” you hesitated, “want to go to work…”
“I’ll stay home with our baby,” Steve rubbed his thumb back and forth against your stomach, “I’ll retire. I’ll stay home and take care of our child.”
“You would?” your vision was blurred again, heavy tears rolling down your cheeks. “You would do that for me?”
“We’d do anything for you, doll.” Bucky approached the bed, coming to sit on the edge.
“You are not alone in this, Y/N.” Steve cupped your cheek with his other hand. “And you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can have both.”
“You can have anything you want.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 13
Days spent in the state of the art lab preparing for the first attempts at the experimental synthesis of medication and DNA modifications that would ignite those receptors that drew omega’s to alpha’s and vice versa. It was the first day of the experiment and the entire lab was buzzing with excitement and hopefulness that this would further limit the repercussions of the Snap and Blip.
With the volunteers already checked into the lab, you were in the midst of preparing for your part in the experiment, when the approach of Dr. Banner had stopped you in your tracks.
On his approach, your stomach tightened as you recognized the face of bad news. You didn’t know what he was going to tell you or what would become of the rest of your day, but you knew that something was going to change.
You could feel it in your bones, you could see it clearly in his eyes and the way he carried himself that there was something unspoken that was bothering him.
You moved away from the core of the lab toward the far left side that was much quieter and would allow for a hushed conversation. When you came to stand in front of him, you shoved your hands into your lab coat pockets, fiddling with the pen to keep your nerves at a low.
“Dr. Banner, what’s the bad news?” You asked even if you didn’t want to. If you could’ve remained ignorant, you would have. However whether you wanted to know or not, Dr. Banner would tell you.
“Y/N,” he crossed his arms over his chest, hesitating to speak, “I know that you’ve spent countless hours preparing for the launch of this procedure-“
“-but…?” You felt the preemptive sting of tears.
“You can’t be a part of the experiment itself. The conditions to be part of the actual testing of the procedure are very clear-“
“What did I do wrong?” Tears blurred your vision, the airy gasps that left your mouth were the tip of the emotional iceberg.
“Nothing, Y/N. You did nothing wrong. You’re brilliant and talented, however the conditions do not allow pregnant women to partake in the procedure.”
“Pregnant?” Your eyebrows furrowed and you wrapped your arms around yourself. “I’m not pregnant…”
“I had to do a final test on the blood we’d taken and on every sample you’d given us to confirm your readiness. When I test your sampled and your blood, I got the confirmations.”
To prove the point he was trying to make, Dr. Banner handed you the tablet in his hands with all the data already loaded snd ready for you to see. On the tablet screen was the clear image of your hormone levels that has shifted as well as the sharp spike in estrogen and progesterone that proved not only were you pregnant, but the levels in which they’d increased had opened the possibility up to their being more than one baby.
“There’s no symptoms.”
“You know as well as I do the symptoms of pregnancy’s may not show up within the first month. Based on the hormone levels, I’d say you’re just under a month.” Dr. Banner placed his hand on your shoulder snd squeezed.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. But in my good conscience I can’t allow you to be one of the constant’s in the experiment. You can still run the trial and head it up if you would wish, however being part of it is no longer an option.”
“Pregnant.” You stared at the tablet while mentally being a mile away.
Kids. You’d always wanted kids, but later on in your life. You were only 22 and you’d just started your career.
You heard Dr. Banner speak yet you couldn’t take your attention off the numbers on the screen. You couldn’t take your eyes off the hormone spikes and the clear data that damned you from your own trial.
“You should tell Steve and Bucky-“
“Excuse me.” You handed the tablet back to him, more like shoved it into his arms, and pushed past him.
“Y/N, talk to Steve and Bucky. Tell them before you-“
“I need air. I need-“ you slipped your lab coat off and tossed it toward a desk chair. Before it could even land on the chair, you were headed toward the door of the lab. You placed your hand against the biometric lock and wait the half second as it scanned your DNA before it let you out. You slipped through the door and moved in a haze, completing everything action that would take you from the lab, to the elevator and then to the lobby of Stark Tower. You moved by autonomy, while your head was reeling and you were consumed by a constant barrage of questions aimed at yourself and your situation.
“Y/N!” Your name was called but you kept moving. “Y/N, stop!”
You kept moving until you collided with a body made of muscle snd strength. After colliding with the body, you craned your neck and studied the man hovering over you, relief and insignificant anguish at the pair of blue eyes watching you.
His brown hair, thick and luscious, was cut short. It was a new look for him after having his longer hair for a while. He was clean shaven too, it looked as fresh as his haircut. His blue eyes were caught between concern and caution, his hands reaching out to grab your arms.
He was your alpha, you should find comfort in his touch and yet…
“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He was holding your arms in gentle grasps. “You didn’t hear me calling your name. What’s wrong?”
Pregnant. You were pregnant.
“I need air. I need to get out of here. I need…” Your eyes dart around the lobby of Stark tower, your stomach churning the burning acid inside.
“You’re okay.” Bucky cupped your cheeks. “You’re going to be okay just-“
“No!” You slapped his hands away. “No im not going to be okay! I’m not okay! I need air!”
“You’re having a panic attack,” he reached for you again, “let me help you.”
You stepped back, your eyes widening as the sting of bile rose in your throat. The word PREGNANT has been at the forefront of your mind, repeating on a record.
You wanted kids, but not yet. You’d worked so hard to get where you are now.
“Baby please-“
You were going to be sick. You couldn’t breathe and you were going to be sick. You felt the bile rise in your throat, the stinging acid that burned as it crawled, the fresh wave of bushes tears making it hard to see as you nearly collapsed from the shock of what had just conspired.
“Are you okay?” Bucky was on you in an instant, an arm wrapped around your waist to steady you. “You’re flush.”
“I need air…” You mumbled under your breath, settling into a panic attack that was sever enough to induce nausea.
“Let me help you upstairs, doll.” Bucky started to help you stand and while his touch was comfortable, it was almost smothering.
His presence as an alpha gave you comfort you knew you needed yet it had also made you feel as if your breathing was even more restricted than it had been. It made you feel as though you were truly gasping for air.
“No!” You pushed him off of you with unknown strength. “No! I need air! I need to be alone!”
You rebuffed him and ran with all you had in you to the exit. You burst through the doors of Stark tower and pressed on even further. You ran until your lungs were burning and your heart was beating like a war drum in your chest and when you finally stopped, you sunk.
You sunk to your knees and wrapped your arms around yourself as you cried, as you screamed your frustrations.
You wanted to be a mother and you wanted your career.
You wanted a baby and you wanted your own mother back.
You wanted a family with Steve and Bucky, and you wanted to see the fruits of your years of hard work.
You cried until you couldn’t anymore. You cried until your voice was horse and your eyes were puffy.
You don’t know how long you were out there, wherever you were. You didn’t know how long you’d spent curled into yourself, crying until your voice was weak. You’d spent your energy running from your anxieties, running from the news that flipped your world upside down.
“It’s okay.” Steve’s voice hit your ears, the suffocating comfort was replaced with gentility. “You’re okay, doll.”
He came to your side and held you, he came to your side and embraced you as you broke down in his arms. You clung to him with as much might as you could gather, silently accepting the shift in comfort as he pulled you into his lap in whatever alley or on whatever street you’d found yourself on.
“You’re going to be okay, sweetheart.” Steve mumbled into your hair, he pressed his lips against the side of your forehead and soothes you with the gentle rocking of his body. “Let me take you home. Please.”
“Take me home.” You went lax in his arms, knowing that you had a lot more processing to go through but it would be better to do it in the comfort of their presence, with them being part of the conversation.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 12
A/N: Smut in this chapter. Please don’t read if you’re not comfortable reading smut
** **
The door smacked against the wall with a heavy thud, the knob threatening to crack the drywall, though neither one of you was too worried about the damage it may have caused. Steve held you firmly in his arms, able to balance you by his hands cupping your ass alone, freeing you to tug on the hairs at the back of his neck while your lips were attached.
The garnished passion between you two was rising exponentially, the warmth in your belly growing with intensity as Steve took one step and then another toward the bedroom in his suite. There were no words that had to be said, the action alone spoke volume.
Your date had went incredibly well, with the two of you enjoying the aquarium to yourselves. You would tell Steve stories about your parents, what they would teach you whenever they brought you here, how scared you were to touch the sting ray as a child, pushing Peter into a shallow touchable exhibit.
You ended the aquarium portion of the date with the taste of wine on your tongue and Steve’s hands teasing your flesh with the simple strokes of his thumb back and forth.
“Steve,” you moaned his name when he dropped you onto the massive and luxurious bed, your head hitting the pillow in the centre at the top, “I want you to mark me.”
The look in his blue-green eyes was breathtaking and exhilarating, it had sent an electric shock straight through you to the apex between your thighs.
If you weren’t wet before, if you weren’t soaking wet and completely drenched, then the look on Steve’s face now would’ve done it.
The look on his face and the way his lips were tugged into a smirk, the way his dress shirt hugged his biceps and his chest, accentuated the strength in his shoulders, all added to the causality of you being so damn horny snd ready for the alpha in the room.
You felt like prey, trapped against the bed by his stare alone, by his sheer will alone. It was as if there invisible cuffs or ties keeping you held down, available for him to consume.
“Do you, omega?” He teased, trailing his hand against the bed, his fingertips barely grazing against your body as he spoke, his eyes raking you up and down. “What do you want?”
You were trapped in your own throat, unable to breathe let alone garner the ability to speak. You were already at an all time high, already getting driven to the point of no return and you weren’t even undressed.
“I want you,” your voice was a whine as your fingers moved to the straps of your dress, slowly pulling the soft material down your shoulders.
“I know you do.” Steve hovered over you, helping you pull your straps down your shoulders, however he hadn’t stopped there. He grabbed the front of your dress and gave it a quick tug, pulling the neckline of the dress down over your strapless bra and even further yet to your stomach. As you lay partially exposed, your chest rose and fell quickly, your nipples hardening under his gaze and his fingertips as he stroked your peaks through your bra. He tweaked and lightly pulled at your hard numb through the material of your bra, luring whines and moans from your mouth.
“Poor ‘mega.” Steve crooned, slipping his hand behind your back, grabbing the back straps of your bra and effortlessly twisting it to unhook the eyes, allowed the bra to fall free. As it fell, it was removed and tossed aside, before he descended upon you and graced your body with his tongue.
The first stroke of his tongue on your hardened nipple had ripped another rhythmic set of whines and moans at the pleasure he was giving you. Your back arched and your hands flew to his shoulders, fingers digging into him as you pulled him closer.
When you had slept with Bucky, it was heat and rut fevered that begged for ruthlessness to cut through the fire that would consume you both.
This was another fire that was burning hot, however this wasn’t as all consuming and smothering.
“Steve,” you lift your hips and rubbed your thighs together, the baser part of you begging internally to be filled, “I need you.”
He pulled his mouth off your nipple with a loud pop, small saliva beads rolling down his chin. He lift his hand and wiped the saliva from his chin, and drew his attention further down your body to your thighs where you were rubbing your thighs together.
“Don’t worry, sweetheart.” Steve grabbed the right and left side of your dress and slowly shimmied it down your stomach, hips and thighs, tossing it behind him haphazardly as it slipped from your legs.
With yourself almost completely bare, it had only made sense for Steve to start kissing a trail down from your collar bone, between the valley of your breasts and to the start of your abdomen.
As his lips met your stomach, butterflies burst in your belly as you were hit with new overwhelming sensations that extended beyond just lust and eroticism. These new sensations that grappled with the deeply intensive feelings of future love and future commitment.
The gentleness behind this act of affection was all Steve Rogers; the man stealing your breath and your heart. And every stroke of his plump lips against your goosebump flesh was another mewl, another vocal sound of your pleasant approval.
“You’re gorgeous, Y/N.” his fingertips stroked your hip bones, in time with his kisses to your stomach. Every softly spoken word was matched with soft touches that furthered you toward a place of inescapable want and need.
“Please,” you whimpered, reaching for Steve’s idle hand, “please I’m going…I need…”
He slipped his hand off your hip and placed a finger against your lips, quieting your whimpers and your pleas. After a moment, he shifted his position on the bed before he slid a hand between your thighs and gently spread your legs.
His arms quickly became the borders in which you were trapped, his blue-green eyes holding you captive. He was a man of pure muscle, a man of such strength and capabilities who had shown such mercy and tenderness. He was an alpha who was in the top tier, along with Bucky, yet he had shown you such gentleness.
Both of them had.
“I’ll give you what you need.” Steve lowered himself down, releasing you from the barricade of his arms. “I know what you need.”
He started another trail of his lips on your abdomen, only this trail had extended down past your belly button to your inner thighs. Steve had quickly hooked his hand around your thighs to yank you closer while simultaneously keeping your legs spread.
He dipped his head and nipped at the skin of your inner thighs, bringing another round of shiver and shudders. You had shift from one to the other, then you were hit with the immense feeling of Steve’s tongue brushing against your dripping, throbbing pussy lips.
Your hands shot to the sheets to grab them with all your light, your head thrown back as strangled shrieks left your throat. He had simply lapped at your swollen lips like a dog taking to water, yet you were losing your mind.
Such a simple act shouldn’t have warranted such a reaction, however Steve was talented with his tongue.
He had so easily lapped at your juices and played with your clit like it was his second nature, like he had been an expert all his life.
“Steve!” You shrieked, bucking your hips against his mouth, nearly grinding your cunt against his face as your internal pleasure well was about to overflow. “Shiiit!”
He held you down and changed his tactic, using his tongue lick and lap at your clit while two of his fingers slipped inside your awaiting cunt.
He was driving the heat in your belly, your pleasure further than it had ever been, save for when you were with Bucky. Ever higher he pushed, ever more he demanded until…
“Fuck!” You grit your teeth and arched your back, the sound of your orgasm bouncing off the walls of his room. It was a tidal wave of ethereal pleasure that made your mind go blank and your eyes water from the intensity.
“Keep riding that high.” Steve had kissed you passionately, mumbling against your lips while he pushed the head of his thick, seeping coco into your cunt.
You weren’t aware of when or how he had removed his clothes so quickly, and it don’t matter.
You were split apart by one of your alpha’s his thick, being cock stretching you just as Bucky had. Only, given the circumstances, Steve was being more tender than Bucky because you weren’t in your heat and he wasn’t in his rut.
“Feel good?” He questioned, whispering in your ear as he pushed his cock further into your pussy. When he had bottomed out, you were sure the tip of his cock had touched your cervix, the seeping tip twitching in your heat.
“God,” you groaned and pushed your hips toward him, “yes! It feel so good!”
His thrusts started slow, his intentions to take his time with you. However, when you had hooked a leg around his waist Steve’s thrusts had picked up.
He fucked against you, he filled you with his cock only to pull out snd slam back into you. It was pleasurable, viscous cycle that left you with no other thought process other than how good you felt.
“I’m going to mark you,” Steve grunt into your neck, “I’m going to mark you as my little omega.”
His lips grazed against the portion of your neck that had yet to be marked. With his kisses becoming more like hips, you turned your head to the side to give him more access.
“I’m ready.” You spoke your confirmation.
Steve pulled out and slammed back in again, drawing small squeaky noises from your lips. “Please just-“
A startled scream drowned out the sound of the bed creaking, causing Steve to double down.
He had bit you and marked you as his, the act that would seal you completely to Steve and Bucky.
“Good girl,” Steve whispered into your ear, “good omega. You’re so good.”
He whispered and spoke endless affirmations and words of love and affection, while came again on his cock.
** **
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 11
“It looks good on you.” Nat’s comment hadn’t exactly eased your consciousness or your worries that how you appeared to look in the jumpsuit would incite ridicule or snide side eyes when you went out into public with Steve.
After all you were no Natasha Romanoff, a woman who had perfected being sexy and seductive. She would look like a model wearing a grungy t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts.
“Why the hesitation?” Nat questioned, tilting her head as she watched you in the mirror turning and twisting in an attempt to get a look at all of you.
“A jumpsuit? I’ve never worn one.” Despite the trend being rather hot lately, you mostly stuck to jeans and T-shirts’, sweaters and lab coats and the occasional dress to appease May. Not that you couldn’t wear dresses more often, or jumpsuits or skirts and heels, however given your work in a high tech lab that could require long hours, you strode for comfort. You didn’t step out of your comfort zone often enough, and that included wearing a jumpsuit that looked beautiful on the hangar, yet not exactly what you expected on yourself.
“If you could see the way Steve and Bucky look at you-“ Nat smiled and got off the bed, moving toward her closet in Stark Tower.
“I know how they fell, Nat. I know that it wouldn’t matter to them, but it matters to me.” You hugged, moving from the mirror to the chair she had sitting near her window. “I don’t…I feel like I’m expected to live up to this image of a perfect omega for Steve and Bucky because of their reputation and-“
“Who expects you to live up to what image?” She came back out of the closet with two dresses in her hands, one was maxi and the other was short.
Both dresses were beautiful, and vastly different. The short dress had a skirt made of lace that would’ve fallen to the middle of your thighs in a conforming fashion that hugged your hips and accentuated your waist, with a flirty off the shoulder jean top.
The dress was navy blue with small cutouts on the waist and below where your breasts would fall. It would fall delicately at your ankles with a side slit that would flash a little more skin than what was exposed at your waist. The neckline of the maxi dress was a ‘V’, that dipped elegantly and teasingly.
“Maybe a dress would suit you better.” She lay the dresses on the bed and stepped back, gazing at the two.
“You have a lot of clothes.” You commented, rising from the chair near the window to approach the bed where the two dresses lay.
“I may be a badass boss bitch, but even a boss ass bitch likes to play Barbie.” She nudged you and winked, whipping around to move to the opposite closet that was designated for just shoes.
“You’re mated right?” You asked, brushing your fingers against the lace of the short dress.
“I’ve been mated for 5 years. We met after half the world was Snapped. She was right under my nose.” Nat spoke with the kind of pride that was endearing and heartwarming.
“She doesn’t live close.” You state, taking in the observation after Nat had been gone every weekend for nearly 6 months.
“She’s moving closer. Most of us try and keep our mates a great distance from what we do as Avengers. It increases the risk once you have a mate who can be exploited. We keep them at a safe distance out of concern for them.” Nat explained, coming back with a pair of gladiator sandals and a pair of booties.
“If the risk is so great then why is she moving closer now?After 5 years?” You didn’t mean to pry, you were just so curious. And Nat was your friend. Your surrogate alpha.
“She got a job in the city, a permanent job that will allow us to have a more stable life.” Nat held the boots above the short dress and then the gladiator sandals above the maxi dress, before she settled on the maxi dress and set the booties down.
“You can’t have kids.” You were saddened for her, knowing the fact that she was sterilized was all part of Hydra’s Black Widow program. They took everything from her, including the chance to have kids.
“My omega and I have come to terms with us never being able to have kids. We’re going to have cats instead.” She held up the option, her choice for you to ultimately decide on.
“I like it.” You commented on her choice, and then slowly started to undo the zipper on the side of the jumpsuit.
“Besides,” Nat took the booties back to her shoe closet, “I’m going to be the fun aunt. Live vicariously through others.”
You grabbed the options and moved behind the changing screen she had set up. You started to pull down the jumpsuit, sliding out of it as if it were butter, and from the softness of the material it may as well have been, before pulling the maxi dress over the top of the changing screen.
“Might as well.” You replied, starting the process all over again.
** **
“Keep your eyes closed.” Steve led you by the hand. “Don’t make me spank you.”
The flutter in your stomach and the soft laughter eluded to building feelings that were skyrocketing you toward a place where you were going, and ready, to give Steve permission to mark and mate you just as Bucky had.
“I’m just curious.” Your voice trailed off into a giggle as Steve purposely brushed his fingers across a ticklish spot on your waist. “You haven’t told me a thing.”
Steve didn’t reply, yet he led you with careful precision toward your destination while you put your faith in his skills not to send your careening down the sidewalk or into oncoming traffic.
Realistically, it wouldn’t have mattered what the date was. You would’ve done anything with Steve as long as you were with Steve. The destination didn’t matter.
Still…you weren’t always the most patient of people and being led around with your eyes closed had made you antsy.
“Just wait to open your eyes.” He let go of your hand and moved behind you, covering your eyes with his hands just in case you happened to take a peek.
“I’m waiting…” your voice pitched in a slight whine, your eagerness to see where he was taking you.
“Open,” Steve lowered his hands from your eyes, “your eyes.”
When you had basked in the sight of your date, you were with a powerful wave of nostalgia that crashed into you. The memories of your parents taking you and Peter out on trips to the science museums and the planetarium’s had all come rushing back with potency that actually made you more emotional than expected.
“Steve..” The memory of your dad lifting you onto his shoulders as a child to better see the various life kept behind glass, was forefront in your mind. “I haven’t been here since my parents took me last-“
“-before they died.”Steve finished your sentence. “I asked Peter what you liked to do when you were younger.”
“The aquarium was always my favourite.” Your mind wandered, your eyes became distant as you revelled in nostalgia. “My dad wanted me to pet one of the sting ray’s that came to the surface in their shallow pool. I remember crying because I didn’t want to feel how slimy they were, even though I never knew if they were or not.”
“Did you ever end up touching one?” Steve pondered.
“No,” you shook your head with a laugh, “I did push Peter into one of the shallow touchable tanks though.”
Steve laughed with you before he grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers, tugging you along behind him as the two of you moved through the first set of doors and then the next.
“We have the place to ourselves?” You asked after seeing the emptiness of the building, aside from the people working.
“I pulled some strings.” Steve shot you a smile when he looked over his shoulder.
“I didn’t know you had strings to pull.” You stepped closer to him as he approached the front desk.
“I also volunteered to come back in my Captain America suit for the children’s miracle network for St. Jude’s hospital.” Steve only had to approach the desk, and the wrist bands were already sitting on the metal desk with the woman behind the desk grinning from ear to ear.
“You are so lucky!” She squealed, a rather bright blush on her face.
“I really am.” You stared up at him with amazement, not able to look away even when he started putting the band around your wrist. “Steve’s one of a kind.”
The woman behind the desk wished you a good time, while throwing in a comment about starting from the left and moving to the right side of the building. As you stepped away and the pair of you started walking through the first exhibit, you brought up the topic of him volunteering.
“Do you do that often?” You stepped by a tank of brightly coloured fish and every bright coral. “Volunteer at aquariums during your downtime for sick children? Is it possible that you’re actually a perfect person.”
Steve crossed from the right to the left, where you were, and slipped an arm around your waist. He squeezed your waist gently, gazing at the same beautiful sight that you were.
“We all try to.” Steve spoke quietly, as it was just the two of you. “We spend so much time around evil and battles, wars that never send. Seeing a bunch of sick kids in our uniforms is a welcomed break. They’re always so excited to see us.”
“You really love kids.” It wasn’t a question but a statement; a fact.
“I’ve always wanted a family.” Steve moved on with you following him. “It’s been the American dream for almost 100 years.”
“Go to war, survive, come home and have a family.”
You peered at some of the brightly coloured fish swimming back and forth with no real worry or path.
“I’ve been fighting a long war.” When Steve spoke, he was tired. When he spoke, you could hear the figurative exhaustion in his voice from the years of fighting that was draining on him, the constant wars that never ceased.
“Maybe it’s time to pass the shield on.” You suggested, though you did so quietly. “Even the great Steve Roger’s needs a break.”
“I’ve been thinking about it.” Steve quipped, his eyes focused on the tanks and the array of colours brushing from behind the glass. “Giving up the title of Captain America.”
“Retirement would look good on you.” You placed your hand on his chest, stealing his attention.
“And you,” he grinned, stealing you into his arms, “would look good with your hand on a stingray.”
** **
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Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 10
The walk up to May’s apartment building was short yet not uneventful. As you stepped up to the door and opened it, a hand shot out from behind you to hold it open, at the same moment that you felt a comforting caress from one of your alpha’s.
“Good timing.” You grinned, thanking Bucky for opening the door, and Steve for simply being in your presence. “I was just about to walk up. May asked me to pick up some groceries. She’s attempting to cook, though neither her or myself is good at cooking.”
You motioned to the grocery bags in your arms, briefly and temporarily shifting their attention from you to the bags. Their blue and blue/green eyes flickered toward the assortment of groceries in the bag before they landed back on you.
You studied them and felt the effects of having your alpha’s, and one that had marked and mated you, so close. Bucky and Steve looked impeccable, respectively, wearing dress shirts that were tucked into a pair of dark wash jeans and black dress pants, with Bucky wearing the jeans and Steve wearing the pants. Bucky’s sleeves of his dark blue dress shirt were kept as normal while Steve’s light grey, almost white, sleeves were rolled up to his elbow. Both men were clean shaven, and both of them had started to grow their hair out, after having it cut, enough to style their hair in a typical 40’s swoop.
“You don’t know how to cook?” Steve questioned, taking your left side while Bucky took your right.
The three of you started walking up the stairs to your aunt’s floor and her apartment. The staircase as wide enough to comfortably fit the three of you side by side and the only time one of you had to step back was when the staircase curved.
“Nope.” You popped the ‘p’, shaking your head.
“Steve and I both can.” Bucky quipped, brushing his arm against yours. “Next date we have I’ll cook for you.”
“Then i’ll have to stay overnight.” Your reply was immediate, and sent with a flirty smile and a wink.
“You have no idea what you do to us, sweetheart.” Steve reached for and grabbed your hand.
“If you feel close to what I’m feeling right now, than I have a very clear idea.” Your voice dropped in tones, your breath hitching in your throat as you sidled close to Steve, your hands running up and down his chest, feeling the hardened and toned planes of his abdomen, of his pectorals that just drove you wild.
“You keep that up doll,” he smirked, running his hands down past the cut of your skirt, and then back up and underneath. His thumbs stroked the back of your thighs, emitting a shudder and the faintest whimper from you as you pressed against him, “and we’ll have another incident like at Stark Tower.”
“Would that be a bad thing?” You looked up at Steve with a clear and solid gaze, a message clear in your eyes that you were all in no matter what.
“You know we can’t,” Bucky came from behind you and places his hands on your shoulders, slowly rubbing your arms up and down.
The dinner you were supposed to have with your aunt and Peter, would not and could not be missed for very public sex in a hallway of your aunt’s apartment complex. You knew that and they knew that.
But damn…
“Besides,” Steve gently grabbed your chin with his forefinger and his thumb, “you already had one sporadic mating. You deserve to have the next one happen after a night of dinner.”
“We’re having dinner tonight…” you made the point with a pout.
“Sorry ‘mega.” Steve still kissed you anyway with the sweet intensity that made you curl your toes. “You’ll have to be patient.”
“You’re a good omega,” Bucky kissed your cheek, “and we’re so damn lucky to have you.”
Your heart fluttered with their sweet words and gestures. You didn’t know you could ever feel this way about an alpha, let alone two. They made it impossible to think of nothing other than their lips and their eyes and their hands and their…everything.
You were consumed by Steve and Bucky.
“Well then,” you stopped outside your aunt’s door, “would captain America like to go on a date with an already marked omega?”
“That depends,” Steve smirked again, a cheeky and handsome devil he was, “does the other guy get jealous?”
You glanced over your shoulder, watching Bucky with his hands shoved into his dark wash jeans and a playfulness flashing in his blue eyes.
“I think he’ll be alright.” You spoke to Steve while watching Bucky.
“Just don’t touch what doesn’t belong to you.” Bucky joked.
** **
May was smitten. Peter was pouting, slightly.
Since the arrival of Steve and Bucky, along with the bottles of wine they’d brought May, she hasn’t been able to keep her eyes off of them.
Not that you could really blame May, the two of them were captivating on a bad day. And now that they were dressed, looking seductive and sultry, they were even more captivating.
“Are you sure you don’t need any help?” May called from the living room.
You were sitting opposite of her, your feet tucked under you as you lounged on the couch. With the groceries you bought, Steve and Bucky were confident in their ability to make some of the best Italian quick dish that you’d ever tried.
“Have you told May about the fight?” Peter mumbled pointedly looking at you as May quickly became distracted by asking Steve and Bucky more questions.
“Are you?” You tilt your head. “What did she say when she saw those gnarly black eyes? What did you tell her?”
Peter shrugged. “May worries too much.”
“Yes,” you poked his shoulder, “but what did you tell her when she noticed?”
“I wasn’t going to tell her I got into a fight with your alpha’s-“
“She would’ve already guessed, Peter. You flew out of her that night with a fire lit under your ass.” You pointed out.
“Who’s fault was that?” He hissed.
“Yours.” You shift your position on the couch. “You didn’t have to react that way, Peter. I’m not a child.”
“I know you’re not-“
“Than why are you treating me like one? I’m your sister!” Your voice grew in pitch and volume, gaining May’s attention.
“I missed out on the chance to keep you safe when I went with Mr. Stark and I didn’t come back. I-“ He sighed and rubbed his hands down his face.
“They are good men, Peter. They’re good alpha’s. They will treat me with nothing but respect and dignity. They will keep me safe and give me a life that every omega dreams about.” You reached out and placed your hand on his arm. “Trust me, Petey.”
“I do trust you. And I just want you to be happy.”
“I am.” You looked over your shoulder, Steve and Bucky bringing food to the table. “I’ve never been happier.”
This was it, you thought, this is what happiness was. Steve and Bucky were your happiness. They were the kind of men your mom and dad had always wished you could find, and while they weren’t here to see them or meet them, seeing May’s approval was perfect in its own right.
“Dinner’s done.” May called from the dining set up, motioning you both over with that certain spark in her eyes that showed her appreciation.
“It smells amazing!” You complimented as you approached. “I am surprised by both of you. Super soldiers and the ability to cook. What can’t you do?”
You crooned, kissing Steve quickly before you moved to take the place next to Bucky. As you approached the seat, he had pulled the chair out for you and when you say, he pushed you back in.
“What a gentleman!” Your aunt exclaimed, resting her elbows on the table with her hands folded under her chin. “Chivalry clearly isn’t dead.”
May was smitten, Peter was still pouting, barely though, and you were elated.
You were elated and in love. You were in love with both perfect men.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 9
The entire room was bright and full of state of the art equipment they would make it possible to test and formulate something that could recreate the properties of marking, to replenish a mated alpha and omega’s connection after the Snap and the Blip. That’s what everyone on this specific team was trying to do. That’s what you were trying to do.
Under the direction of Dr. Banner, the project was well on the way. Your specific job, as you’d focused your entire schooling biology, was to break down the specific strands of DNA that had shifted and changed when a couple marked each other. You would study the specific DNA that had changed, and try to artificially create that change in the lab.
It was your dream job, working under the genius of Dr. Banner. It was your dream to work in a high tech, state of the art lab while trying to make a difference for omega’s who suffered a great loss during the Snap.
“There has to be a connection there previously.” You explained to Steve after he asked about negative connotations surrounding the use of this and how to prevent an alpha from using it on omega who wasn’t willing or knowledgeable. “There has to be a connection between the alpha and the omega or the omega and the beta. This is used for reestablish and fix what the snap and the blip broke and fixed.”
“So,” Bucky asked, “if an omega and an alpha were mated before the Snap, and the alpha or the omega were snapped away and came back during the Blip, this formula would help reestablish and connect the two again?”
“Exactly! It would fix the connection that was there previously. It would replenish it which in turn will increase the health of both parties because-“
“-they’re not whole without their mate.”
“Are you almost done?” Peter‘s voice came from behind you.
“I have to run one more simulation and then I’m done.” You wheeled yourself around, turning your back to the computer. “I thought you had class?”
“I finished early.” He slowly moved around the table, his eyes studying the fragments of DNA behind the glass.
The black eye’s he got from the fight with Steve and Bucky were both healing. They’d gotten to the stage of being yellow and dull which was a good sign for Peter. He had come out that, despite it being two against one, with no real damage other than bruises and minor scrapes and cuts, yet that had been nothing compared to the scolding May had given him.
“What did you want to talk to Dr. Banner about anyway?” You pried, spinning back around to face the computer screen.
“The supressant’s I gave you.” Peter answered coolly. He still hadn’t gotten over the mark on your neck or how you constantly smelled faintly like Bucky. Or the fact that since you’d been marked by Bucky, Steve and himself have been flocking to you.
Peter hadn’t gotten over seeing you pressed against a dark corner with Steve’s lips attached to your neck and your fingers woven into the hair at the back of his neck. Peter hadn’t come to terms with your position as an adult, and an adult who could make her own decisions without consulting her brother.
“Not this again.” You rolled your eyes and sighed.
“They should’ve worked. I just want to know why.” He shrugged and picked up a vial of suspension and then placed it back onto the desk top.
“Maybe they weren’t supressant’s. Did you ask what they were before he gave them to you?” You asked, raising an eyebrow as you turned in your chair and glanced at him.
He looked sheepish. He played with a pen that was sitting beside another computer, rolling the smooth cylinder between his index finger and his thumb, bizarrely interested in its composition.
“You did ask, didn’t you?” You pressed him, and received your answer by his silence.
“They caught your scent from me, when you had hugged me in the diner. I knew they had your scent and I tried to prevent them from marking you.” Peter finally explained, speaking of one of the first afternoon’s you’d spent together before your internship.
“So you gave me supressant’s that might not have been supressant’s?” You asked with a sigh, standing from your desk. You straightened your lab coat and tugged at your t-shirt before you eventually followed Peter out of the venom lab, toward Dr. Banner’s office.
You followed behind him, less curious that he was about the ‘supressants’ that he had given you. He seemed aggressive and persistent about the pills he had given you, as if they could be the answer and the solution to Bucky marking you.
If Peter had his explanation, that could take away from you being marked and mated to them.
But by Peter’s own confession, they were affected by your scent before you had any real interaction with them. By your scent alone, they were drawn in.
It appeared as if supressant’s or not, something would have happened.
When you entered his office, you were quick to sit on the left, tucking your feet under your chair with the toes of your shoes pressed tight against the floor. Peter was to your right, sitting slouched with his legs stretched out and his arms crossed over his chest. There was a sour look on his face, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes narrowed.
“Are you pouting?” You watched him from the corner of your eyes.
“No.” Peter denied your question quickly, yet he hadn’t changed his facial expression.
“You wanted to know what pills you had taken.” Dr. Banner started speaking. He was leaning back against his leather desk chair with a pen in his left hand, staring pointedly at Peter.
You tilt your head and leaned toward every so slightly, staring intently at Peter. You shot him a look, your lips twitching as you felt the threat to smirk or smile.
“I’m sorry for taking them from your lab.” Peter apologized and sat up a little further. “But I needed something more potent than-“
“They weren’t supressant’s.” Dr. Banner cut Peter off, a smile made from pure amusement on his face. “The pills you took were along the lines of fertility pills.”
The silence that followed his statement was awkward and long. The news broke, from the horse’s mouth, and that had made Peter shoot up with wide eyes.
“They’re made to be given to omega’s who have difficulty with regular heats. The pills are meant to kick the omega into a heat that is supercharged. Their scents are stronger, their heat themselves are more powerful. The pills should only be used with omega’s who have the intention to mate or have children due to the craze that can come from the heat going unchecked.”
Your laugh came after the shock wore off. It was boisterous and had you near to the point of crying from laughing to hard and so much.
“You gave me-“ you wheezed.
“It’s not that funny!” Peter hissed.
“-sex pills!” You doubled over, your vision blurry and your lungs burning. “You thought you were giving me supressant’s but really you were giving me pills to START my heat!”
Your laughter still hadn’t died out, even after Peter had curses you under your breath. You followed him out of the lab, small giggles leaving your lips.
Peter stalked away from the lab with that pout still on his lips. He moved past you and past the approach of Steve and Bucky, mumbling under his breath.
“What’s so funny?” Steve asked while stopping you from moving too far.
You all but collapsed in his embrace, your giggles dying down to your sharp intake of breath. You placed your hands on Steve’s chest and beamed up at him.
“Irony.” You said. “Peter tried so hard to keep me from you and Bucky, but in doing so, he only pushed me further.”
Steve’s eyebrows knit together and a small look of confusion took place on his handsome, beautiful face.
“I have to get back to work.” You stood on your tippy toes and kissed his cheek before moving to Bucky. “May wants to invite you both to dinner. Saturday night at 7!”
“We’ll be there.” Steve grinned.
“We’ll even bring you Pinot Noir, sweetheart.” Bucky added with a cheeky grin.
You pulled away from them and turned, shuffling back toward the genome lab, shaking your head over Peter’s blunder.
** **
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Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 8
“Tell me your story.” Wine was poured, fresh bread was sitting in a metal basket on the table and Natasha sat across from you. “You seem like you have an interesting one.”
The comment seemed off handed, especially coming from someone like Natasha Romanoff. If you were to compare life stories, it wouldn’t be a competition on who’s life was filled with more adventure and action and of course tragedy. While you didn’t know all the details, you knew the bare bones of her tale, from the red room in which she was trained to be a master assassin, to her becoming one of the avengers after Clint had saved her. You knew the foundation without knowing everything in between and that was enough to make her story far more interesting than your own.
“So do you.” You countered while reaching for the glass of wine that was in front of you. You wrapped your hand around the glass and lift it to your lips, sipping on the blanched wine within the glass, the taste a direct balance between sweet and bold.
“Yes,” Natasha confirmed, “my story is built on violence. What’s yours made of?”
You bid your time by sipping slowly on the expensive wine, letting the taste fill and burst in your mouth. The wheels in your head were turning, the story she wanted you to tell and the story you wanted to tell were starkly different. She wanted to hear everything, she wanted to know what made you the omega you are today, however your story wasn’t without its own tragedies.
“What happened after the Snap?” She asked, leaning her elbow on the table, resting her chin on her palm. “Let’s start there.”
You looked away, still clenching the wine glass. You didn’t want to victimize yourself. The Snap was over and you came out on top. You survived the Snap and its after effects, you pushed through.
“Both May and Peter were snapped. Peter never came back from space and May never came back from work. I watched the news that night and heard that the Avengers had lost, Thanos had take half of life in every universe, in every world in every liveable galaxy.” You spoke while analyzing the dips and the curves in the design of the cutlery wrapped in thick cloth. “I was trying to go to school, I was trying to make sense of the world without my only family members I had. Rent went unpaid and an eviction notice was served.”
You couldn’t look at her; you couldn’t look anywhere but the cutlery.
“What did you do? They had shelters for omega’s. Why didn’t you go to one?” Natasha’s voice had drawn your attention back to her.
She was watching you, she was studying you from across the table. There was a deeply stricken vein of empathy that was radiating from her to you. She lost family too. She lost people she loved.
Everyone did.
“He took more alpha’s than omega’s. That was the general consensus after the dust had settled. The omega shelters filled up quickly with mothers and fathers, children without parents. Young kids were left completely stranded. I was 17, I could survive on my own. I wasn’t going to take a place in the shelter when there were so many others that needed help.” You sighed and moved the tip of your index finger around the rim of your wine glass, tracing the smooth edge.
“What did you do?” Natasha pressed, invested in your story. “Where did you go?”
“I lived in my car until I went to university. I lived in my car while finishing high school and took odd jobs here and there to be able to afford gas. Some days I had to choose between gas and eating, but most days I could afford to do both. It was a hard two years but I survived.” You skipped the parts about the attempted break in’s.
You missed the part where alpha’s who survived were so driven by anger and chaos an the need to feel something, had tried to break into your car to get to you. Because of your situation you couldn’t afford supressant’s, which meant your heats went unchecked. During your heat’s, you would drive out of the city into the middle of nowhere and deal with it in an area where no alpha’s could find you.
That still didn’t stop them from trying to break into your car during their ruts. That still didn’t stop the fear that you would wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself drug out of your car with an alpha standing over you demanding that you give yourself to him or face the consequences.
“Of course you survived. You’re tenacious. You’re credibly intelligent and brave, with the ability to face challenges without blinking. An alpha can sense a strong omega, and there is none stronger than yourself.”
You smiled and again wiped the small tears rolling down your cheeks. Being able to spend time with Natasha, though she was a alpha female, was a relief. You didn’t have many female friends, as you’d focused so much time on your university degree instead of solely trying to find an alpha, which had cast a lot of your friends to the wayside.
But why couldn’t you do both? Why couldn’t you find alpha’s, start a family, have kids and still have your career? Why couldn’t you be a mother and a career woman? Why did it have to be one or the other?
“Thank you,” you spoke half your thoughts, “for taking me out today. I had a lot of fun and it was a good distraction for the idiots at the tower.”
Natasha scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Hit the nail on the head with that.”
** **
Your return to the tower with Natasha in tow, reminded Steve of the few times Mrs. Barnes, Bucky’s mother, had scolded him.
Like his mother, you were a fierce omega who took less crap than others and who could be more intimidating and predatory than an alpha.
When you had come back to the tower, you’d descended upon the three of them with a sour look on your face and barely restrained rage of an omega.
“Unbelievable.” Was the very first word you’d used to address them all. With “immature” to follow.
“We just-“
“Shut up, Peter!” You snipped at him, fully sending the beta kid into a defensive position as he curled into himself.
“Are you satisfied? Are you happy now that you’ve destroyed an entire training room?” With your hands on your hips, and your eyes narrowed, your vehemently angry expression soon bounced to Steve and Bucky. “And you two-!”
“Look doll we’re really-“ Bucky spoke was cut off again.
“Shut. Up!” You took command of the conversation. “I’m talking, you listen.”
They three of them felt cornered by you, an omega who was about to tear into them to set them straight. It wasn’t uncommon for omega’s to stand their ground and stand up against alpha’s who found themselves overly bossy, just as it wasn’t uncommon for omega’s to knock sense into alpha’s who needed to be knocked down a peg. Physically and emotionally.
Omega’s may have typically been less confrontational and less domineering, yet they weren’t throw rugs that should and could be beaten into submission.
Submission had to come with permission, it had to come from a place of respect and love.
“Peter, I am an adult. I know that you were technically born first and before the Snap you were older, but that’s changed now. I’m a grown woman and I am a successful biologist who is starting a career working with Dr. Banner. I appreciate that you want to keep me safe and want to protect me, but I will not have you fighting Steve and Bucky in my defence. You’re my brother, not my guardian.”
Your attention moved back to Steve and Bucky, your eyes looking both of them up and down with fiery irritancy.
“And you two idiots, I am your omega but I am not going to be pushed around. I am going to do whatever I would like in this relationship and I will not be bullied into something I don’t want. We are mates and I will willingly submit if I am treated right. You fuck it up and I’ll push back.”
“With my support.” Natasha nod her head, watching you with pride. “I will also be the future Godmother of any of your children.”
“Should it happen-“ you added. “We are in a relationship and I expect to be included in all decisions. You will not become barbarians if I choose to do something you don’t want. It’s a discussion, understood?”
“Understood.” Bucky grinned, nudging Steve with his elbow.
“Yes, ma’am.” Steve also agreed, he also gave you your way. “Understood.”
“Good.” You looked at the three, hands still on your hips. “Are we done with the immaturity? Can we move on?”
It was immediate, the agreement. It was immediate and it had passed from the three of them, into you.
“Good. Peter, we’re leaving. You have school tomorrow.” You turned on your heel and left, as if nothing had happened at all.
** **
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 7
Peter was quick to know Bucky off of his feet. He hadn’t seen Peter coming and he had no time to prepare himself in defence. Peter swung his legs toward him, kicking him toward the wall of the training room. He made contact with the wall, leaving a hole in the plaster and drywall after he’s pulled himself out, yet he didn’t have time to recover.
Peter was quick to shoot his webs toward Bucky, the material acting as cement to keep him against the wall and while he was restrained, he went after Steve.
Peter blocked the blow from his offensive punch, twisting Steve’s arm back behind his back. Peter kicked out his feet and set the super soldier to the ground into his back, his web shooter pointed at his chest.
“We can talk about this, kid.” Steve tried to reason with Peter, holding his hands up in defence. “You don’t need to start a fight.”
Peter was aware that Bucky had managed to pull himself out of the web bindings. He was aware that Bucky was trying to corner him and cut him off. He needed to kick their ass, if not for you then for himself.
“Your war buddy bit my sister.” Peter had mirrored Tony, using the term ‘war buddy’ instead of mate. He used the generalized term instead of referring to Steve and Bucky as part of a triad that you were now in.
“We’re mates kid.” Steve jut out his leg, flipping Peter onto his back, before he jumped to his feet. “Your sister didn’t protest either.”
Peter’s lip curled, a growl rumbling in his chest. He raised his hand and shot his web shooters toward Steve, causing the super soldier to fly toward the same Bucky had slammed through, only instead of being cemented to the wall, he was stuck halfway between the wall.
“She was on supressant’s!” Peter attacked Bucky, throwing a punch to his chest, which he had barely managed to block. “You took advantage of her!”
He kept throwing punches, he kept swinging his fists toward Bucky, every third landing as the soldier was forced back, unable to hold his ground.
Bucky and Steve may have been alpha’s, and they may have been enhanced, however that didn’t seem to matter. Not only was Peter holding his own, and was able to hold his own, but he was able to put them on the defensive and hold them there.
“They didn’t work!” Steve struggled to get out the webbings in the same manner as Bucky struggling to get a footing against Peter.
“Peter!” He heard you arrive, he heard you shriek his name to get him to stop attacking your mates, yet he turned a blind eye and chose to ignore you.
It was because if you that the three men were fighting. Didn’t you understand that he was doing this for you?
“Steve! Bucky!” All of them were ignoring you, all of them were fighting for you for some reason.
Peter was fighting to defend your honour, that he swore Steve and Bucky had stolen. He was fighting to keep you safe from two alpha’s who were sniffing you out, and now had marked and mated with you.
Steve and Bucky were fighting Peter to make him understand that this was meant to be, that you were part of their relationship and the three of you were a triad. They were trying to get through to the kid, knock some sense in him. You wanted this as much as they did, you wanted them and they wanted you. It was a mutual decision that was centred on a basest understanding and recognition of two alpha’s and an omega who shared a connection.
“Is this really what you’re doing? Fighting like a bunch of children?” You pressed again, trying to talk over them as they fought.
They all knew you were there, they could sense your presence in the room with them, yet they hadn’t stopped. It was a constant and changing struggle to get the upper hand, to prove that each party knew best.
“Well if that’s how you’re going to act then…” you start then stopped.
“You had no right!” Peter pinned Bucky to the matted floor. “You had no right to take advantage of her!”
“Oh no…I feel faint…someone help me…” You held your hand to your forehead and bat your eyelashes, trying to appear as if you needed help, but still, they carried on.
They carried on fighting and sparring and throwing punches at each other, eventually growing oblivious to the fact that you were no longer there.
** **
The headache that formed shortly after leaving those three knuckleheads to beat each other for stupid reasons, was based at the front of your head but was quickly moving toward the back, the throbbing pain was agonizingly aggravating your brittle temper.
The three most important men in your life were being idiots who thought they could solve their problems by using their fists.
You had given up on them for the time being, letting them sort themselves out in their own way. You left the training floor for the main lobby, settling on getting a coffee from one of the machines in the lobby.
“Parker!” Your last name was called, and as you glanced over your shoulder, you saw a redhead strutting toward you.
You recognized her as the Black Widow by her avengers title, Natasha Romanoff by name, and she was moving toward you with purpose.
“Natasha.” You smiled small, being a little taken back by how powerful of an alpha female she was. “What’s up?”
She rolled her eyes and jut out her hip, placing her hands against her jean covered hip bones, a small frown replacing her smile. You caught on her annoyance, the spike in that emotion mirroring your own.
“Men are idiots.” She claimed. “Especially alpha males who think they having something to prove.”
You nod your head in agreement without verbally agreeing. She was a strong woman and an even stronger alpha female. The presence of her made you both more comfortable than other alpha males and less comfortable. There was something about dealing with alpha males that could be boiled down to a few generalized rules to keep under their radar.
However alpha females were entirely different. They played by different rules that you couldn’t quite figure out.
“They’re immature. All of them.” You shift your weight from foot to foot, the effects of your heat slowly dwindling away.
“You’re still affected by your heat?” She asked, stepped closer to you, pressing her wrist against your forehead. “It’s the tail end of it.”
You looked at Natasha and then looked away, feeling that little skip and jump of your heart. It was a natural reaction to being around an alpha, especially such a strong alpha, even if you weren’t mated to her.
“It’s not bad.” You told her and then squeaked when she wrapped her arm around your waist and pulled you into her side.
“It’s okay, babe.” She squeezed your waist. “Surrogate alpha will take care of you. Now, follow me. We’re going to take you shopping and then get you something to eat while those assholes work out their tension in the training room.”
You didn’t dare argue, nor did you deny her. You followed along, allowing her to drag you wherever she wanted.
** **
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 6
When Steve had returned to their suite, you were gone. By the time he had entered the front door, your scent had still hung heavily in the air, yet you weren’t physically in the suite.
Bucky was alone, sitting on the couch reading a book with a plain black cover, the only colour was lettering in luminescent gold. His right leg was crossed over his left, his vibranium hand holding the book while his right hand was busy fishing through a bowl of mixed snacks for the pretzels while ignoring the rest.
“When did she leave?” Steve sighed, coming toward the living room dragging his feet.
“She was going to leave this morning,” Bucky lowered the book and grinned wide, “then we ended up sleeping together twice more before she left.”
It wasn’t a brag that he slept with you twice, for the sake of sleeping with you. Rather, it was a declaration and proclamation, spoken relief and pride at being able to connect physically and emotionally with their omega. It was the connection, it was the mating that solidified and strengthened their relationship that was still budding, yet had proven to be just what they needed.
“I’m glad.” Steve came to sit on Bucky’s other side, grabbing a handful of the mixed snacks in the plastic bowl, though he didn’t pick out any one part.
“How’d it go with Tony?” Bucky asked, raising an eyebrow.
“We have to talk to the kid.” Steve explained with a sigh. “We have to be the one to break the news to the kid.”
“If Y/N doesn’t do it first.” Bucky countered, digging out more of the pretzels.
“How was this morning?” Steve posed another question, this one about the morning itself and not the sex, or rather the multiple times you had sex.
“We have a lot in common.” Bucky smiled to himself, his gaze unfocused. “Y/N likes the same kind of books, we have the same base humour.”
There was silence that broke between them as Bucky reminisced on the morning, and Steve felt a breath of relief. They had, for so long, been separated by war and ice, Hydra and SHIELD, Wakanda and the Snap, and now things were starting to come back together. They had fought for so long and so hard to have what they had now, and finding their omega who completed them, who seemed to fit so seamlessly into their lives, it was relieving.
And Steve couldn’t be happier knowing that Bucky got the first, real connection. Steve was elated that Bucky was the one to have those first moments because after everything that had happened, after everything they’d been through, it was what was owed to Bucky.
He was owed a happy life.
“I’m happy for you, Bucky.” Steve stretched his arm across the back of the couch, his fingers playing with the hairs at the back of his neck, stroking the hair line softly.
“I’m happy for us.” Bucky corrected, glancing to his right, his blue eyes meeting Steve’s blue-green’s. He enjoyed the sliver of silence before he spoke again, a playful smirk on his face. “So we have to talk to the kid?”
“I think it’d be better coming from us than Tony.” Steve admitted, though his gut told him that the kid wouldn’t have a very good reaction at all.
** **
You did your best to hide the mark on your neck, and while it worked to disguise the bite that labeled you as taken, it did nothing to suppress and hide the smell of Bucky, and traces of Steve, that clung to your skin. It did nothing to minimize the change in your scent that occurred when an omega had found their alpha.
Or in this case, alpha’s. And while you hadn’t directly been bitten or mated with Steve, there was enough of him in the suite, enough of him in Bucky, to adhere to you.
Which was only a problem now that you were supposed to attend a weekly dinner with Peter and May in their new apartment. Peter had specifically given you the supressant’s, that clearly didn’t work, to prevent you from being marked and mated by Steve and Bucky. You were left to break the news to Peter and May, that they had not only been horrible to suppress your heat but that by using them, you’d been marked and mated.
Your total tally of times you’d mated with Bucky by the end of the night, and the morning, was at a whopping 4 times throughout the night and 2 times before you’d managed to leave.
There wouldn’t be an alpha within 100 miles who wouldn’t smell Bucky on you, wouldn’t smell his claim.
“Aunt May,” you’d smiled tight as you greet her when her front door opened, “I brought you a house warming gift.”
Your aunt stood beyond the threshold, her long brown hair straightened as usual, her glasses perched high on her nose, though they were only used for reading.
“Thank you sweetheart.” If she noticed your mark of change in scent, she hadn’t commented on it right away. “Come in.”
However when you stepped inside, she pulled you in for a hug and then stiffened. She took a rather sharp inhale, her arms squeezing you tighter as a high pitched noise escaped from her mouth. When she pulled away, she moved your hair off of your shoulder, gaping with wide eyes at the healed mark proudly sitting where Bucky placed it.
“When did this happen?” She wasn’t angry, she was surprised.
“The day before yesterday.” You smiled sheepishly, shifting your weight from your right leg to your left. “On the first day of my internship…”
She gasped, and then her eyes lit up. She pulled you further into the apartment, right into the kitchen. She placed you were she wanted you, not far from the stove, while she dug in the fridge for a bottle of wine.
It was a sweet red, typical of May’s tastes and your own. You preferred sweeter wine opposed to bitter, though if you had to have a wine that was less sweet, it would have to be white wine.
May had next grabbed a wine glass, handing it to you to hold while she opened the bottle of wine. Once it was opened, she poured you a glass and then herself some, before she finally rest against the cupboards not too far from where you were.
“I want to know everything.” May smiled, lifting the glass to her lips to sip on the sweet, red wine.
“I haven’t told anyone, I haven’t told Peter. Is he here?” You guess he wasn’t, judging by the lack of screaming and disapproval radiating through the apartment.
“He headed to the store to get a few things for me.” May took another sip of her wine, setting it down to her left. “Do you think he wouldn’t approve?”
You crossed one arm over your waist, resting your hand on the inside of your elbow. Your other hand was holding the wide curve of your glass where the stem met, your finger tapping the side.
“No,” you paused to take a rather large gulp, “well maybe. Its complicated.”
“Who is it?” May asked, her hands reaching for her glass despite just putting it down again.
“Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.” You spoke without shame or hesitation, just caution.
“Really?” Aunt May smiled to herself, a cheeky little grin that made her look even younger than she already did. “They’re handsome.”
You couldn’t deny that. You couldn’t deny how beautiful Steve and Bucky were, how ideal it was to have such powerful and strong alpha’s who would take better care of you than anyone else in your life. The relationship you’d eventually have with Steve and Bucky would last until your dying breath, and while there was no guarantee that it would all be sunshine and rainbows, at least it would be true.
And wonderful despite the times that may not be pleasant.
“They’re beautiful.” You sighed dreamily. “Both of them. And Bucky is just…” butterflies fluttered in your stomach at the thought of him, at the thought of his hands and his eyes and his mouth.
“You don’t need to explain it to me, Y/N. I felt the same way about your uncle Ben.” She sighed wistfully. “I used to be as blissfully taken by the prospect of alpha’s and omega’s, beta’s and whoever.”
That magic, the hopefulness, you figured, probably died down a large amount when your uncle Ben died. That was probably the start of your aunt’s wonderment with other couples and other couples happiness, because she didn’t think she could find hers anymore.
“They’re good people, May.” You set your glass down, your smile faltering to be replaced by a frown. “They’re good men. I think my parents would’ve liked them. My mom especially.”
Your aunt May wasn’t far behind you, in the way of setting her glass down. When it was secure on the counter, she came to hug you, squeezing you tightly. She would’ve held you for as long as you needed, as long as you wanted.
“I’m happy for you. Maybe sometime-“ she had pulled away, her voice falling way to the sound of the front door opening and closing, your brother coming in with a few bags in his hands.
“I got everything you needed, May.” He hadn’t suspected anything at all until he raised his head and caught sight of the mark on your neck, the healed and fully permanent marked that made you Steve and Bucky’s.
“Peter-“ you start, stopping yourself when the bags fell from his hands, and his normally warm brown eyes, grew cold.
“Peter just listen-“ May had even started to try and calm him.
He was stoic, and he hadn’t said a word, which was even worse than him screaming and swearing, taking all his verbal anger out on you. It would’ve been the preferred method rather than stoic anger, that was absolutely deadly.
“Peter can you please listen to me?” You moved toward him, reaching out your hand to touch his. “Please, Petey…” he smacked your hand away and stepped back, his whole body looking as if it were vibrating from the surging anger, the rage at what had been done, at what he couldn’t prevent.
“I’m going to kill them.” Those four words were all Peter had said before he disappeared from the apartment. The door was wide open and door handle ripped from the wood, tossed in the middle of the hall.
“I have to go.” You bolted toward the door, swiping your purse from inside the closet. “I have to go before he does something he’ll regret.”
You apologized to May as quickly as you could, and then you too were gone.
** **
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Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 5
Tony was at the front of the board room with his arms crossed over his chest and a scowl on his face. His purple tinted glasses were resting on the table in front of him while a hologram image of two people, one beta and one omega, was broadcast in the centre of the table for everyone to see.
“Tony-“ Steve Rogers, sitting beside Natasha Romanoff, had begun to speak but was cut off and silenced by Tony.
“I don’t want to hear it, Rogers.” Tony snipped, casting his gaze upon the image in the centre of the table, before directing his attention to the other half of the problem. “You are just as much to blame as he is.”
Tony slowly crossed the distance between the windows behind him and the avengers sitting around the table. It was a discussion to see what could be done about what happened, a discussion or counsel of sorts to decide whether or not punishments would be enacted.
But moreover, it was a way to have neutral parties involved to prevent another fight between Steve and Bucky, and Tony, which would include Peter.
“It was an impossible situation, Tony.” Steve began his defence of Bucky and himself. “There was too much at stake-“
“An impossible situation?” Tony’s lip curled. “How is that an impossible-“
“The omega’s scent was stronger than it should’ve naturally been. Not only was it stronger, but it was far more potent. It was at levels that would’ve driven her crazy had Bucky not intervened.” Natasha came to the defence of Steve and Bucky. As an alpha herself, she knew full well that omega’s who were driven too far, via unrelenting heat by medical intervention, would often have their mind broken. They would snap, they would become a former shell of themselves and there would be no coming back from that point.
“Intervene?” Tony felt the ticking of the time-bomb of his patience and of his self-control. “That was not intervening. He bit an unmarked omega after threatening her-“
“He didn’t threaten her, Tony!” Steve cut him off, the anger of the verbal attack of both his mates was making the super soldier alpha ready to jump in their defence. “You know as well as I do that the mark wouldn’t have taken if she didn’t want it.”
That was an undebatable fact. If an omega was bitten by an alpha, and the omega didn’t want it in some frame of mind, the body would reject the bite almost immediately. It was a safe measure to prevent alpha’s from taking any omega against their will and to prevent them from being marked for life to someone who wasn’t inherently meant for that omega.
“What am I supposed to tell the kid?” Tony sidestepped one argument for another. “He expected his sister to be safe in the tower-“
“She’s a grown woman, Tony.” Nat spoke up again, mirroring him by crossing her arms over her chest as well. “I know Peter wants to protect his sister, however she is of age. She’s a legal adult.”
“The law will agree with Steve and Bucky on this, if it comes to a court.” Other than Natasha, Steve and Tony, Sam was also in attendance, and he too had spoke up in defence of Bucky.
“Y/N Parker consented to James Buchanan Barnes.” FRIDAY’s voice chirped through the speakers, exchanging the hologram picture of yourself and Peter, with a video image of you and Bucky.
The video was enhanced and refined to show the exact moment where the words ‘it’s okay’ and the audible ‘yes’ had slipped from your lips. You were pressed against Bucky, he was shielding you from view, but you had still said yes. You had nod your head, you had given him consent to make the mark.
“Bucky would’ve backed off.” Steve was the first to speak after seeing the footage. “He was in his rut, it was sudden and it was powerful, but if she had said no-“ Steve reasoned, getting cut off by Sam.
“You know he would’ve backed off, Tony. Bucky would have never-“
“What am I supposed to tell the kid? What am I supposed to tell Peter if he asks why his sister is now marked for life?” Tony was exasperated. He knew there was no argument, he knew that while it had happened suddenly and rapidly, you as said yes. You had given Barnes permission to bite you, and that was enough to hold up against the law, against Peter and against himself.
“I’ll talk to Peter.” Steve said, standing from where he was sitting, moving purposefully from be board room to leave the meeting.
“Take the vampire with you when you do!”
** **
When you removed yourself from the bed, you took the blanket with you. You kept it wrapped tightly around your shoulders as you shuffled from the bed to the window to the right of the headboard.
There was an impeccable view of the Manhattan skyline from the bedroom, the city stretching for miles and miles on the other side of the glass. From your remembrance, their suite was on the upper floors of Stark Tower, somewhere in between Wanda Maximoff’s and Natasha Romanoff’s yet not as high as Dr. Banner’s.
Their suite was homely, simply decorated with relics of the past that reminded them of a time long ago. A record player was in the corner of the living room sitting on a storage chest with brass buckles, playing a vintage record, possibly Ella Fitzgerald. The tune was slow, a long song that played into her husky, rich voice.
You tore your attention away from the view of Manhattan, moving further away from the window to head to the door. Before you had grabbed the handle and turned, to open the door, a picture caught your eye. It was black and white, aged as much as the record yet it was in pristine condition as it was kept behind glass.
The picture was of the two super soldier’s, Bucky in his Howling Commando uniform and Steve in his Captain America uniform. The two of them were standing side by side smiling, probably one of the last times they were together before Bucky fell from the train and Steve went into the ice.
You hummed as you studied the picture. They were so young, still plagued by war, but there was ease in their faces that had been replaced throughout the constant battles.
You attention was once again stolen by the sound of clattering dishes coming from beyond the bedroom. With this newest distraction, you grabbed the handle and turned the doorknob. You pulled the door open with your right hand while your left hand held the blankets tightly around you.
You were slow to exit the bedroom, your bare feet shuffling against the wooden floors as you moved beyond the safety of their room. As you came out of the hallway, you were once again reminded of how huge their suite was.
To your left was the stairs that went to the second floor and the guest bedrooms. The metal staircase was winding and just as beautiful as the rest of the suite. Beyond the stairs was the living room that was as open as the rest of the main floor, aside from the 3 bedrooms on the other side of the suite and the other four bathrooms.
The living room itself was just as finely decorated as it’s a leather sectional set in a large and squarely ‘U’ shape, the perfect position to see the massive plasma screen TV that was mounted on the wall.
In the middle of the living room set up, was the double doors that led to the patio attached to the building, a series of patio furniture set outside and set up to host at least 10 people.
With the living room to the left, the kitchen was to the right and still open concept, with the only exception being a tremendous sized island with a coverup built into the marble countertop, which had paired with the one behind the island that was built into the cupboard system that complete the cooking environment.
Bucky was in the kitchen, fiddling with some pans and a carton of eggs, and while he had realized you were there and awake, he hadn’t greet you off the bat.
You continued moving throughout the living room until you came to a bookshelf system built into the wall, with every single shelf taken up by stacks of books. Some of their spines were cracked and bent, a sign of well use, while others appeared to be brand new and not yet read.
The books that caught your eyes off the bat, immediately jumping out to you, were the series of books written by J. R. R. Tolkien.
They had every book he had written, though none were more loved than The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Ring. Every spine had shown wear and tear, though they were clearly still in good shape.
You couldn’t help yourself, you’d reached out and pulled The Hobbit off the bookshelf and turned it over, studying the picture on the front of the book in great detail.
“That’s a first edition.” Bucky spoke from over your shoulder, staying close to you yet giving you your personal space.
“A first edition?” You took a peek at him over your shoulder, taking note of his well fitting jeans and plain black shirt, his black and gold vibranium arm in full view.
“I got it in 1937.” Bucky finally sidled up to you, his fingers brushing against your own as he reached for the book. “May I?”
You nod your head and let him take the book, though you didn’t peel your eyes away even as he opened the cover and showed you the black ink on the first few pages of the famed novel.
“1937. A first edition.” Your smile was growing without hesitation. “I am so jealous.”
“You like The Hobbit?” Bucky questioned, closing the book again.
“I love J. R. R. Tolkien.” You bit the inside of your cheek, shifting your weight from foot to toot. “My brother is obsessed with Star Wars, I like Hobbits and Elves.”
Bucky smiled in return, shifting his attention between the book and yourself and back again. After the second time, he flipped the book over so the cover was face down, and handed it back to you.
“Take it.” He gently pushed it toward you. “It’s collecting dust here.”
You hesitantly grabbed the book from him, unsure whether you should accept it or not. It was his, and it was damn valuable.
“Are you sure?” You questioned, even sliding your foot back as if to go put it back on the shelf.
“Yes,” Bucky laughed small, “take it, Y/N.”
With his assured blessing, you held the book tightly to you, eager to dive back into the fantasy world of Middle Earth. In fact, that was what you wanted to do the moment you got back to your Queen’s apartment, after taking a shower that is.
“So,” Bucky cleared his throat, his eyebrows furrowed, “are you okay?”
There was an air of awkwardness between you two, given how quickly and savagely your heart had come, resulting in a sporadic mating and marking. It was awkward now, yet not painfully so. There was clear affection and attraction, though the affection was in its infancy, it was there.
“I’m fine.” You affirmed, shifting your weight again. “I uh…should go through.”
“Are you hungry?” Bucky and yourself spoke at the same time, your words intermixing.
“Sorry.” You apologized, rocking back and forth on your heels. “Go ahead.”
“Are you hungry?” He asked, motioning yo the cooking food behind him.
You were tempted to stay. You were tempted to steal away back into the bedroom to eradicate the last dwindling effects of the heat but you knew better. You knew that you were already going to have to explain a lot to not only May, but Peter and Dr. Banner and you would rather bumble your way through explanations without smelling like sex.
“I am and I would stay but I should actually go.” You chewed the inside of your cheek, wondering just how you would make your escape with no bra, no parties and no shirt. “If I could borrow some clothes…”
You pulled the blanket up higher, heat rushing straight to the apex between your thighs when Bucky had appreciatively looked you up and down, his atoms spoke bobbing.
“I ripped most of them, didn’t I?” There was almost a haze that’s affected both of you and kept some details blurry and foggy while others were crystal clear.
“I just need a shirt…my jeans are still in tact.” Your voice trailed off and you avert your eyes back to the bookshelf.
“I’ll find you something.” Bucky mumbled, walking toward their bedroom, stopping halfway to look back at you. “Are you sure you don’t want something to eat?”
You shook your head, thanking him anyway, and then watching as he left you alone in the living room again. You wait for his return, and it wasn’t long before he came back with a shirt for you to wear, and your broken bra.
“Keep it.” You spoke too quickly when he tried to hand it to you. “Never mind. I’ll take it.” You swiped it away from him, hooking the broken straps on your left fingers. “Thank you for the shirt.”
Bucky nod his head, his eyebrows furrowed as the two of you were cast in silence again. When the silence started to head toward discomfiture, again, you cleared your throat and started to move toward the bathroom.
“I’ll just…get dressed and get out of your hair.” The blanket trailed behind you as you moved, and when you were safely in the bathroom, you dropped the blanket.
You set the book down on the bathroom vanity, focusing on pulling the shirt over your head. You were unapologetic as you pulled the shoulder to your nose and inhaled sharply, comforted by the scent of not only Bucky, but Steve as well.
You let the shirt go, the edge of the soft cotton falling to your middle thighs, safely covering your breasts and your vagina from being exposed.
Before you left the bathroom, you caught sight of your mating mark in the mirror. Despite being bitten yesterday, the mark was almost entirely healed and permanent on your flesh like a tattoo. It wasn’t raised or red, there wasn’t a single sign of infection, and that gave you a great deal of peace.
“Y/N?” Bucky knocked on the door, slowly opening it to present you with your missing article of clothing. “I have you jeans.”
You shuffled toward the door, grabbing your pants from his hand, mumbling a thank you. When the door was closed once again, you put your left leg into your jeans and started pulling the leg up before repeating the process with your right leg.
You jumped, pulling the material up the rest of the way, butting the silver piece and then pulled up the zipper. With the shirt still grazing your middle thighs, you grabbed the end and twisted the fabric, knotting it just above the button of your jeans so you weren’t swimming in it entirely.
“Thank you for the shirt.” You opened the door after grabbing the book, stepping back out into the living room. “And the book.”
You continued moving throughout the suite to the front door, reaching for and grabbing your shoes. You slipped them on your feet, adjusting the the tongues of them. When you were finished, you stood with your back to the door and your eyes bouncing from Bucky to the clock, to the living room and kitchen, then back to him.
“You’ll make it home okay?” He took a few steps to close the distance, shoving his hands in the front pockets of his jeans.
“Oh yeah,” you replied, “I’ll be fine.”
There was another fleeting moment of silence.
“If you’re not doing anything next week-“ you cut Bucky off by leaning in and brushing your lips against his cheek.
“I’m free Friday.” You stepped back, fireworks bursting in your stomach. “Actually, I’m not. I’m supposed to have dinner with May.”
“Saturday?” He spoke, hopeful.
“Saturday is good.” You could feel your heart slipping a beat. “Saturday is great. Saturday is actually one of my favourite-“
The book nearly clattered to the floor when Bucky swept you into his arms, his lips becoming one with yours. You melted into his strong, imposing body, your arms wrapping around his neck. You crashed into him, jumping and wrapping your legs around his waist when he picked you up.
Leaving was all but forgotten when he started carrying you back to his bedroom. Your lips moved against each other with passionate desperation, the heat radiating from you to him and back again would not be ignored.
“I can always leave later.” You spoke breathlessly against him, crooning as your back met the mattress and he hovered above you.
** **
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 4
A/N: This chapter contains smut and graphic details around sex. Please do not read it if it makes you uncomfortable
** **
Immeasurable heat was coiling in your stomach creating a haze that was hard to see through, hard to breathe through. All you felt was Bucky, all you felt was his hands on your body, his hands on your hips and the gentle stroke of his tongue against the newly bite mark that had you mewling against him.
Your entire body, every ounce of you was electrified and buzzing, your thighs soaked from your slick that was dripping from your swollen, sensitive pussy lips.
“It’s too hot.” You whined, gripping the front of his shirt with white knuckles, your body pressed firm against him. It was as if the world had faded and it was you and him. The rest of the faces, the rest of the people were simply colours and pixels in the background, alluding to a universe in which it was just you and Bucky among shapes and objects.
“You need to leave her alone.” Tony spoke, his voice cutting through the haze.
“He can’t.” Steve countered. “He won’t.”
“What do you expect me to do?” Tony raised an eyebrow, still in his suit and still on the edge of forcibly removing Bucky from you.
“They’re too far gone, Tony! To try and remove her from him-“
“He’s almost feral,” a woman called, a woman you would later recognize in your memories as Natasha Romanoff, “Barnes is at the point where he would destroy anyone in his path who threatened the omega.”
It was noice spoken by shapes, soloists, pixels. You only saw Bucky, you only wanted to see Bucky.
“You need me.” He hummed against your neck.
“I need you.” You parroted, though not without your own want and need. “It hurts, Bucky. I can’t take it anymore. It’s burning me from the inside out.”
“They’re going to fuck each other. It can either happen here,” Natasha commented coolly, “or you can let Barnes take her someplace more comfortable and deal with it later.”
His hand slid around your back, a trail of warmth following the path of his hand. He had stopped the trail until his large hand had gripped your ass through your jeans, shifting you closer to him. He had angled your body without any resistance, allowing himself to grind his thick, aching hard on, his tireless bulge against your covered core.
You gasped, your head nearly thrown back and your eyes about to roll back in your head from the thrash of white hot pleasure that made you unbearably weak.
“He will face consequences.” Tony hurled the vow before standing down, ordering the few beta agents to back up to give him room. “Get him out of here. Now.”
With the departure of Tony and the beta agents, Bucky’s grip had loosened on you just enough to temporarily ease the haze. Though he was still shielding your body with his, and his hands were still full with you, he had left a little space to allow you to breathe easier.
“You can’t keep her here, Bucky. You need to take her someplace private. Don’t let everyone see this.” Steve was the clarity Bucky needed. Steve was the voice of reason that got to Bucky.
“I’m not letting her go, Steve.” Bucky’s voice was filled with untethered lust, boiling and bubbling and all consuming.
“You don’t have to let her go.” Steve countered. “But don’t make her first time with you be a public event.”
You reached up and cupped Bucky’s cheeks, bringing his attention back to you. Your eyes met, your gazes locked and stayed locked. His blue eyes were dark and deep, a glimmer of the animalistic alpha that was raging within. “Let’s go.”
The words were spoken and had an immediate effect on Bucky. He had closed the minimalistic space between you two, securing his hold on you as he turned and started stalking away from the reception desk back toward the elevator, to take you back to their floor.
“It’ll be over soon.”
** **
Your back hit the mattress in a hurried state, your shirt was ripped in two and discarded as you crawled back on the bed until your head nearly hit the top of the headboard. He was watching you with iridescence surrounding him with a radiant glow that made Bucky appear as if he was the embodiment of sun himself, a burning and intense heat that was all consuming.
You were waiting for it. You were waiting for the fire and the heat, the delectable burning of skin touching skin.
You were exposed, your jeans gone and crumpled in the living room, kicked under a couch. Your shirt was ripped to shreds, your bra on the brink of being broken from the sheer force of him pulling and tearing your shirt.
All that was in tact was your underwear, the plain yet pretty material soaked through from your slick, drenched from the sudden and rampant heat that sent you into a tailspin. It was sudden, it was powerful and you were helpless to stop it.
To stop him.
Not that you wanted to, not that you were overtly motivated to stop Bucky from biting you, from taking you back to their floor. You hadn’t stopped it nor had you spoken the solidifying rejection of Bucky and Steve.
You didn’t want to. You knew they were good men and even better alpha’s.
“Do you want me to beg?” Your voice was hoarse and raspy from desire, your legs shaking from the rippling waves of desire, want and impatience.
“I won’t make you beg,” Bucky told you, removing the layers on his body, bringing your attention squarely to him, “not tonight anyway.”
He slowly got onto the bed, the mattress dipping from the weight of his body at the point of his knees. He ascended upon you, covered your body with his in the blink of an eye. His hands moved to the sides of your head trapping you in his hold, while he drove his knee between your thighs, opening your legs to him. He was hovering above you, his lips mere moments from touching yours.
“I will still give you a chance to back out.” He spoke with clenched teeth, as if the prospect of letting you go, of loosening you from his grip was causing him physical pain and you imagined it would have. You were already marked, you were his.
If you really hadn’t accepted the mark, the claiming bite, it wouldn’t have take. If your body and mind had sensed something detrimental about Bucky, your body would’ve rejected the claiming mark.
Yet, your body took his bite almost too naturally. There was no qualms from the part of you, the basest part of you that was an omega, about having Bucky as an alpha. You wanted it, you were pleased by it.
“I want you,” you slipped your hand around his neck, pulling him closer, “to take me.”
His lips met yours, his fingers wrapped around the band of your simple panties and hugged. You heard the elastic snap as they came undone, those too were discarded to the side with little regard.
Bucky’s kiss grew with intensity and ferocity as he grabbed the back of your knee and jerked your leg until you were bared to him. With his mouth occupying yours and his hands working at both his jeans and the remnants of your bra, you were blissfully welcomed into a state of eroticism.
“Bucky…” you gasped when he rid you of the remnants of your bra, your breasts exposed and your nipples hardened. You gasped his name as he pulled his lips away from yours and focused their attention on your hardened nipples that were aching to be suckled.
“Omega,” he grunt, positioning his cock at the entrance of your cunt, “sweet little omega…”
You had never felt as exposed and wet, you had never felt such a gush of slick coating your pushy walls, dripping down your thighs and coating the bed below you. That was all Bucky, that was all a reaction to your heat that was begging to be dealt with in the most sexualized manner.
The tip of his cock, bulbous and seeping, was inch by agonizing inch, being pushed between your swollen, slick pussy walls. His cock was being pushed into your awaiting heat, your cunt welcoming him as a lifelong friend that you didn’t know you had.
“Shit.” You grimaced, feeling your walls already being stretched by the sheer size and width of Bucky’s cock. It was delightful, it was enough to make you weep from pleasure, but you had never experienced an alpha who was so big.
“It will feel good.” He promised you, soothing you by crooning into your ears. “I know how to make my omega feel good.”
His held your hip in his right hand while his vibranium fingers were teasing the little hard nub above your pussy. It was the distraction you needed, it was the distraction you wanted.
You arched your back against him, feeling positively stuffed when he bottomed out, his cock nearly splitting your in two. He was in you from tip to base, his cock stretching your walls, claiming them as his own.
“You feel so good.” Bucky grunt against your neck, rocking his hips slowly when your insignificant groans of slight pain had shifted to airy gasps and moans. “You were born for this, weren’t you?”
Your fingernails dug into his back, your legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him deeper into you, though it seemed impossible. You were lost to the feeling of fullness, to the feeling of immeasurable heat and warmth that was cascading through your body from your head to your toes.
“Yes,” your voice was almost indistinguishable, “yes I was made for this.”
He rocked his hips, he thrust his cock in and out of you. His fingers were still teasing and pinching your clit, the motion of his fingers and the vibration bringing you toward a place of madness.
“You are my little omega.” Bucky flicked his tongue against your left nipple, he lapped at your hardened tit like a babe hungry for milk. His lips were latched into your nipple while you were moaning, whining, whimpering and melting against him. Every action and every touch was electrified and it was bringing you to an all time high.
“No.” Bucky grunt after removing his mouth from your tit. “No you don’t get to cum yet.”
He pulled out of you and with a quick jerk, flipped you over to your stomach. He was on you in an instant, his hands gripping your hips as he aligned his cock up with your entrance and then he slammed back into you.
Your mouth opened wide in a delightful yet strangled scream, your fingers gripping into the mattress, your nails digging and cutting through the sheets as he fucked you from behind.
“You want my cum?” His voice took a turn, it deepened to a point that was beastly. “I’m going to fill your hot little cunt with my seed.”
He was ruthless, slamming against you, sending the headboard crashing into the wall. He was an animal fucking his bitch, a man so crazed by lust there would be no reasoning with him.
“Yes!” You squealed when he grabbed your hair and pulled you back. He had pulled your back to his chest and ran his arm up your bare stomach, his hand wrapped around your throat. “Oh Bucky…”
“If only you could see yourself,” he nipped at your earlobe, “taking my cock like a good little whore.”
He held your neck but hadn’t squeezed. He held you possessively against his body as he impaled you in his thick, throbbing length.
“You’re going to take all my cum.” His thrusts became sloppy, uncoordinated. “You’re going to take it all.”
You were going to go crazy, you knew that.
“Give it to me.” You were desperate for release. “Give it all to me.”
Bucky turned his head and bit down on the newly created mark. He bit back into the mark that still hadn’t healed, and it sent you overboard. You weren’t able to do anything than scream his name as your entire body shook with your orgasm that left you unable to think. Your mind went blank as a white hot orgasm ripped through you.
You fell to your hands and knees while he was still cumming. You could feel the head of his cock twitching as spasming as he spurt his thick, hot seed into your pussy.
You were next hit with exhaustion that made you collapse onto the bed. You were helpless to move, and like before, Bucky took care of you.
He pulled you into his awaiting chest and wrapped the blanket around you. He kept his arm around your waist to hold you against him, his body was your cocoon. He was protecting you, he was shielding you as your body, as your pussy, twitched from being used so well and so roughly.
Despite being so exhausted, you still wouldn’t have changed a moment.
** **
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 3
Stark Tower was the highlight of midtown Manhattan, a beacon of hope and technological advances that drew crowds of tourists, agents and hopeful interns all vying for a chance to see, to work or start their careers within the walls of the tower. It was a skyscraper that bore the name of its founder at the top in bright, luminescent letters that shone as a beacon in the darkness.
Stark Tower would be the location of the internship you spent the last five years working toward. You had spent countless hours studying, staving off a social life to pursue your dream in biological studies and genome sequencing, you’d spent many nights with your nose in a book until the late hours of the night to push yourself further.
You worked hard for this, you’ve worked harder for this internship than you’d ever worked before and how was your time to shine. Working under Dr. Banner in a multimillion dollar lab was your dream, it was the opportunity of a lifetime and it was the end result of your exhaustion filled tears.
You took your suppressants, you kept your mind sharp and focused on what you needed it to be and now you were here, now you were ready to start your internship under one of the most brilliant men on the eastern seaboard, maybe even in the country.
“Parker?” An agent dressed in a well cut dark blue suit called your name from beyond a security gate, the badge attached to his suit informing you that he was a lower ranking agent, perhaps a new recruit.
“Here.” You walked toward the security gate and the agent with everything you would need in your small backpack in your right hand. “I didn’t expect an escort.” Your comment fell on deaf ears.
The agent unlocked the security gate and let you step through. You followed him in silence until you got into the elevator and then you stood on the right side while he took the left.
“I’m a little nervous. I took suppressants before I left, actually I doubled up. I don’t want anything to jeopardize my chance to work for Dr. Banner.” You started to ramble, your nervousness stemming from the opportunity you were given and the building heat that started in your stomach.
“Are you sure they’re working?” The agent quipped, standing further against the wall than before. He was a beta, young and a little cocky, yet his scent didn’t do anything to you. However, it seemed that yours had affected him.
“They should be. They came from Dr. Banner himself.” You frowned, your lips pursed as you pulled on the shoulder seam of your sweater, tugging the soft material to your nose.
“They’re not working.” He angled himself away from you, scurrying off the elevator as the doors opened.
You watched him move with furrowed brows and a frown on your lips. You had been taking the suppressants to appease Peter, and you’d doubled up on the pills this morning to try and hide your scent and mask it as a beta’s instead of an omega’s. You’d never noticed a shift in your scent, you’d never noticed that it hadn’t worked, simply because you were so used to your own.
“Is it that bad?” You asked yourself as you stepped off the elevator and took the steps toward the receptionist desk and the omega sitting behind it. “I’m here to see, Dr. Banner. I have an internship-“
The heat that was warming and building in your stomach exploded. A startled gasp had left your mouth as you felt the effects of a sudden and violent heat burst through you. You reached out and gripped the desk with white knuckles, your knees giving out. You slammed yourself against the front of the desk to avoid crumpling into a ball on the carpet.
“Are you okay?!” The receptionist came around the desk, kneeling in front of you.
You clenched your hands and screwed your eyes tight as the scorching heat surges through you. There was a scent, no there were two scents, that were being picked up by you. There were two scents that belonged to an alpha and both of them were making you fall further into a sudden and overpowering heat.
“You’re in heat.” The omega gasped and stood, running around the other side of the desk.
Your hand that was holding onto the desk slipped as you fell to your knees. Your entire body was screaming at you to move, to do something to ease the heat that was burning you from the inside. You were in a heat, that was true, yet you’d never felt such a heat that left you in such a manic, depraved state.
“Help me!” You screamed, your voice quickly become hoarse from the intensity of your screeching. “CAN SOMEBODY-“
You screaming stopped when the scent of an alpha, the most potent and powerful you’d ever come across, slammed into you. It was thick and porous, the smell of leather and machine oil, the sharp prick of sandalwood and citrus. It came from an alpha who made your entire body shake for another reason entirely.
“Alpha.” You whispered as you were picked up from the floor and held against a broad and solid chest. You were picked up from the floor only to be trapped against the front of the desk and his body, his heat intermixing with yours giving you little relief.
“Omega.” His voice was little more than a growl, an animalistic claim as he nudged your head to the side, exposing your neck to him. “Mine.”
He nipped at your neck, tightening his grip on you as another few alpha’s and two beta’s approached the two of you.
“Barnes,” the first alpha’s voice had cut through the heat, bringing you to a sudden yet brief clarity, “let the omega go.”
You managed to spy Tony Stark from the corner of your eye. He was not in one of his Tom Ford suits that were standardized for him, but rather he was in an iron man suit standing just beyond you and the man you’d now realized was Bucky Barnes.
“He can’t do that, Tony.” Steve Rogers was on the other side of Tony. “He’s too far gone.”
You moved your attention back to the man trapping you against the desk and in his arms. You gazed at him, your attention briefly flicking toward the metal arm that was resting against your hip, squeezing you possessively. Your heat was rising and falling, both encouraged and subdued by being so close to him.
“We’re moving past introductions and going straight to the biting then?” Your question had made him snap his head, bringing his attention away from staring Tony down with an animalistic challenge, back to you.
His blue eyes were blown wide, the normally blue irises were nearing black. His fine cut jaw was clenched when he pressed further against you.
“I know you and Barnes are a package deal,” Tony took a step further toward Bucky, “but he has to let the omega go.”
“She is our mate, Tony.” Steve countered, coming between Tony and Bucky and you. “He is set off and you can’t stop this. You know he won’t let her go.”
Too far gone, those words resonated in you and with you. They made you shudder against him, shiver under his touch.
“I’m Y/N Parker.” You spoke to Bucky, drawing his attention back to you, distracting him from physically shielding you from the others.
“Bucky.” He managed to speak, he managed to tell you his name through the intense growling.
“Now that we’ve been introduced, we’re not strangers anymore.” The heat surging through you would not go unquenched, and you had recognized, in the primal sense, that Steve and Bucky would be your alpha’s. “You can do it, Bucky.”
You brushed your hands against his chest, your fingers tracing the small details in his black compression shirt that made him look like a beast as a man. “We both know we’re not getting out of here without something happening.”
He nudged your head to the side, answering you by attaching his lips to the side of your neck. He started lapping and nipping at your flesh, the simple yet erotic actions making you quiver against him, small and desperate squeaks and moans being pulled from your mouth.
He was pressed against you though he wasn’t unmoving. He had somehow shifted you so your thighs were straddling his leg as he effortlessly held you against the desk while allowing you to find release against him.
“You’re mine.” He grunt against your neck. “You are my omega. You are Steve’s omega.”
Your body started moving on its own volition. Your body started gyrating against his thigh, the heat and the wetness building between your legs was bringing you toward a point of an orgasm.
“Yes.” You dug your nails into into back, tilting your head further to the left. “It’d okay, Bucky. Its okay.”
You felt his lips part and then his teeth sunk down on your neck. The raging fire was consuming you both as he marked you his, as he claimed you by the mating mark. You were moving without control, your mouth part as you came against his leg, as you felt that sweeping rush settling into you.
He bit you and you came. He bit you, he claimed you as his own solidifying your future as a mated omega.
“Yours.” You mumbled through your orgasmic high. “Yes, I’m yours. Forever.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 2
Peter felt unsettled. He felt unsettled from the moment he had scurried into the lab to work with Mr. Stark to escape the barrage of two alpha’s who were clearly affected by the scent that didn’t belong to him yet clung to him. The scent of an omega was triggering enough if its properties spoke or called to the basest desires of an alpha, yet it seemed as if your scent had done more.
It was as if your scent had barbs that were digging into the two powerful alpha’s, completely taking over their sense of reason and restraint.
They got the scent, your scent, and they were hooked immediately. It was reactive, it was unnerving to have both super soldier alpha’s asking about you, his younger older sister.
It unsettled Peter, and as such, it made him want to protect you from them. It wanted to make him protect you as best as he could, because there was still a present full stab of guilt that riddled him.
Thanos came, Thanos snapped.
Thanos snapped, and you had to spend 5 years alone without aunt May and himself.
He was your older brother, he should’ve been there for you, he should’ve protected you back then but he couldn’t.
Maybe this was his second chance. Maybe this was his opportunity to do what he couldn’t have done 5 years ago.
And now, after seeing and sensing the urgent need, desire and intensity at which Steve and Bucky spoke of you, Peter knew that he had to act.
After he was done with his time in the lab under the direction of Tony, Peter slinked over toward the lab that was run by Dr. Banner.
Peter used the security codes he had been given to gain access to the high tech lab that focused more on the medical side rather than advancing personal and public technology. As he pushed the clear glass door open, and stepped through, his attention was quick to fall on a series of suppressants that were sitting bottled on the desk.
He moved toward the desk with the suppressants on, and turned over the bottle to see any inscription. He didn’t see anything written on the bottle, however he had overheard Tony and Bruce talking about a new development that would fix an issue revolving around omega’s and their heat cycles.
Peter had put the pieces together and had come to the conclusion that these pills were equaled to the suppressants that you could get from the drug store, only since they were developed by Dr. Banner, they would be far more effective.
With his decision made, Peter shoved the small bottle of pills into his jeans pocket, then he turned and made his escape from the lab without leaving a trace behind. This would be the solution, this would allow him to protect you from the alpha super soldiers who had their eyes on you, while making him feel as though he was doing right by you.
** **
It was later than you’d usually like to be and by the time you arrived back at your apartment, the sun had long since set and the moon had taken its place against the black, spotted canvas.
You were exhausted, completely drained by the time you stood outside of your door with your apartment key in your right hand and a plastic bag carrying take-out resting on your left forearm, tucked against your abdomen for balance. You were too tired to cook, too lazy to pull ingredients from your fridge to craft a meal before you went to bed.
You had turned your key and opened your apartment door, pushing it open with your foot while simultaneously trying to remove your key from the lock. After pulling the brass key from the aged silver lock, you stepped inside your apartment and closed the door behind you. Without hesitation, you locked the door behind you, kicked your shoes off and moved toward your kitchen. You flicked the light on and set your plastic bag of take-out on the counter, taking out the containers one at a time.
You were halfway done removing the takeout containers from the bag when you felt as if something wasn’t right, like someone was watching you. You stilled your actions and slowly reached for a pullout drawer to your left, fishing around for a knife you’d kept inside, mostly for chopping vegetables though it was also convenient and easy to grab.
“I have a knife!” You called as warning, pulling the weapon out and slowly moving around the other side of the kitchen, spotting a figure on your couch, laying down with a blanket over his head. Your fear gave way to ease when you recognized the shoes laying on the carpet to the left of the couch and the backpack with a small spider charm you’d gotten him after he was blipped back.
“Peter!” You shrieked, loosening your grip on the knife when he shot up with wide eyes. “What the hell?!”
He threw the blanket off and groaned, rubbing his eyes free of sleep. He looked tired even though he was just caught sleeping on your couch.
“I was waiting for you.” He sighed, dropping his head to rub the back of his neck with his knuckles, working out some of the tension. “What took you so long?”
You sighed and turned around to put the knife back in the kitchen where it belonged. After the drawer was closed and your heart had a chance to recover from being scared half to death, you finished unloading the containers of food you’d ordered, setting half in the fridge.
“I had a lot of things to wrap up for my class before going through security protocols for Stark Tower. I got into the program.” You told him from the kitchen, explaining your lateness while not questioning why he hadn’t text you or called you.
“You got in with Banner?” He asked from the left side of the kitchen, his arms crossed over his chest. “You heard already?”
“I found out this afternoon.” You popped the tops off the food containers and reached for the cupboard to your right, stretching your hand out to grab a few plates. “Are you hungry?”
“You can’t work with Banner.” Peter said, moving further into the kitchen. His dark eyebrows were furrowed, his lips pressed tightly together. His brown eyes were troubled, a flash of fear and worry soon replaced by determination.
“Why not?” You turned and rest your back against the cupboards, mirroring his stance with your arms crossed over your chest and your eyebrows knit together like Peter’s. “Why can’t I work with Dr. Banner? I’ve worked hard for this Peter, I’ve worked my ass off for the last 5 years to get to this place.”
He was silent for a moment, pondering and then he dropped his arms and sighed. He looked like he had a great deal to say but couldn’t get it out. Either that or he didn’t want to speak what was on his mind, but something had troubled him.
“Petey,” you reasoned, “come on. You can talk to me. What’s wrong?”
“I missed out on 5 years of your life. You’re different. You’re not my little sister anymore, you’ve graduated high school, you’re almost done college and now you’re starting an internship with Dr. Banner who is brilliant.” Peter sighed again and then he moved from the kitchen back to the living room and his backpack.
You followed him, studying him as he bent down and dug in the front pocket, pulling out a yellow container with a tight white childproof top. “I just want you to be safe.”
He extended his hand toward you, holding out what you assumed were suppressants for you to take. They were different than the ones you got from your doctor, with these ones being formed powder with a tiny, almost unrecognizable ‘f’ on the pill. They were half your usual dosage of yours usual prescription yet that could’ve meant they were that more powerful and potent.
“I appreciate it, Peter.” You took the suppressants from him, turning the container over in your hand. “But I already have some suppressants.”
“Not these.” Peter state quickly. “These are directly from Dr. Banner. They’re better than the ones you can get from the doctor and it would just…”
“I’ll take them. I promise. I’ll take them tonight and I’ll take them before I start with Dr. Banner on Thursday.” You closed your hand around the small yellow bottle before wandering back toward the kitchen. “You might as well eat while you’re here. I have lots.”
You set the sepressants on the counter, then opened your fridge and pulled a bottle of water from the shelf built into the door. You were aware that Peter was watching you, and that was why you unscrewed the top of the pill bottle and grabbed a small compressed powder suppressant from inside, popping it into your mouth.
“Happy?” You spoke after washing the pill down with water.
“Relieved.” The weight from his shoulders was removed and the ease settled back in. “Thanks, Y/N.”
** **
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 1
“Its been a long time.” It was a fact that was blatant. It had been just over 5 years since you had been able to spend any relative amount of time with your brother after he had been caught in the Snap.
He was a victim to the act of Thanos, the Snap that eliminated half the lives in the world, in every galaxy and universe. The Snap had taken many different people from many different families and yours was not an exception.
5 years prior, Peter had followed Tony Stark into space as an attempt to stop the alien creature from gathering all of the infinity stones and preventing the murder of half of every soul in every universe. He had left a kid in his last year of high school, with every prospect and possibility in front of him.
He left a hero, Spider-Man the crime fighting kid from Queens who just wanted to keep his neighbour hood safe. He left for space to help the avengers stop the grand plan of a maniac, though he hadn’t returned.
Peter left for space, and it was in space that he had died. He never came back, and after Thanos had gotten every stone he wanted, he snapped his fingers.
It took a moment and your entire life was gone, everyone you loved and knew was gone and you were left alone in the world, grappling for the family that was ripped from you.
“The fries are still the same.” You state the simple fact, sliding into the booth across from Peter. A menu with a checkerboard background was set down in front of you and your older younger brother, the waitress a familiar face that you had seen a great number of times in the past 5 years.
“Good to see you back, Pete!” She greet your brother with radiating kindness. “Your sister’s been coming here every week at the same time.”
“Ordering the same thing.” You added, grinning at your brother.
“Every week?” Peter questioned, his deep brown eyes sweeping from the menu to yourself. His hair was cut recently, shorter than you’d seen it in the past but you liked it.
“It’s a tradition. Even if you weren’t here, I couldn’t let it pass.” You added to your first statement, studying the menu even if you didn’t have to. At this point, you had memorized it by heart. It was the place your parents took you and Peter when you were younger, and it was the place you both went to feel that spark of recognition and remembrance.
“Every week at the same time.” Your waitress dug her notebook out of the front pocket of her apron, tapping her pen against the top right corner. “I’ll have your usual out. Nice to see you again, Pete.”
After she had left to put your order in, still leaving the menu on the table as usual, the two of you were left alone again to speak.
In five years of you being without May and Peter, you had graduated at the top of your class, applied and successfully managed to gain acceptance to Columbia university where you dive head first into an exclusive and competitive biology program that specialized in genome selection and omega/alpha genetics. The course was specifically focusing on the moment that an omega and alpha came to see each other as true mates. Your program was designated to isolating and understanding the specific portions of DNA that created the specific scents that drove alpha’s and omega’s crazy.
“5 years.” Peter leaned back against the red cushioned bench seat, his fingers drumming against the white table top. “You completed your degree.”
You nod your head and tucked your left hand under your chin, your left elbow resting on the table. You tilt your head slightly to the right, studying Peter as he sat across from you.
He had just come from his school, running here immediately after to meet you before starting his internship under Tony. He had agreed to meet you before heading to Stark Tower as a way to adjust to the changes you had gone through as well as the changes he was forced to go through.
“You’re unmated.” Peter noted, his brown eyes briefly glancing at your neck for a sign of a mating mark.
“Haven’t found the right alpha yet.” You spoke with a laugh, brushing your hair behind your ear. “Besides, I’m only 22. I’m young. There’s time.”
“So you’re working?” Peter asked while glancing at the phone he pulled out of his pocket, his attention focused on the time.
Before you could answer, your waitress came back and set down the plates of food along with an extra thick chocolate shake for Peter. It was and always had been his favourite, even when you were both kids coming to this very diner with your parents.
“I’m hoping to get a brief internship with Dr. Banner at Stark tower.” You stretched your hand out and grabbed a perfectly crispy crinkle cut fry that was on your plate. You blew on the end to cool it before you took a small bite, revelling at the salt and the potato mix that was heaven in your mouth.
“Yeah?” Peter asked eagerly. “Dr. Banner is brilliant.”
There was a matter of great respect, that Peter held toward Dr. Banner. Even before the Snap, and before Peter had become part of the avengers, he had held Dr. Banner in high regard.
Both he and Tony Stark were high on Peter’s influential people list, with your dad at the top. Your dad was a brilliant man with big dreams and expectations of what the world could be. When he and your mom were brutally murdered, taken from the world and your lives, it had devastated you both. It was the end of the innocence you held revolving around the world as a happy place where everything worked out in the end.
“I’m really hoping I get in.” You continued to nibble at your fries, watching Peter fidget in his seat, his eyes flicking back and forth to the time on his phone. “Go, Petey. Or you’ll be late.”
Your approval of him leaving early had brought him relief. He had flown out of his seat, grabbing his backpack and his phone from the table and the seat.
“I’ll see you later?” He tried to leave, but not before you gave him a hug.
“We’ll have dinner soon. Just the three of us.” You shuffled out of the bench seat and hugged Peter tightly to your body. You squeezed the life out of him, unable and unwilling to let go.
“I really missed you, Peter. I’m glad you’re back.” You finally released him to watch him fly out the front door with his backpack dangling behind him, only held up by one arm as he scrambled to answer his ringing phone.
** **
He was late. He should’ve been in the lab 10 minutes ago and while Tony knew his reputation, this was not painting him in a good light. He strived to be on time, that was the minute goal he made after coming back in the blip, to be early or on time.
“Elevator.” Peter ran into lobby, his shoes skidding and squeaking on the marble floors as he came skidding to a stop at an open elevator that was not nearly full. “I’m so late.”
He ran his fingers through his hair, attempting to fix the style. It had been a long day, an even longer day of habitually and anxiously running his fingers through his hair at the first sight of MJ. The style he planned on for his hair was not holding up, not after school and the diner and running through the streets to make it on time.
“Excuse me!” Peter pushed through the people standing in the elevator when it arrived at his floor. “Sorry! Sorry!”
He attempted to apologize profusely while booking it out of the elevator. He was late and the apologies extended to the people behind him would not be the last he’d have to dole out.
Peter turned the corner to head toward Tony’s lab, when he slammed into a shoulder that sent him flying and stumbling back toward the thin, grey carpet. As his back made contact with the floor, two faces appeared above him.
“You okay, kid?” Steve Rogers asked Peter, extending his hand for him to take, yanking him up to stand.
“Cap-captain.” Peter brushed himself off, addressing them both with a mild stutter. “Mr. B-Barnes.”
“Why are you in such-“ Steve had started to ask Peter a question, only to backpedal and cut himself off almost immediately.
He had inhaled sharply, his normally light blue eyes starting to grow darker as the scent that was all over Peter, had sent a shockwave straight through Steve.
The scent was light and airy, it was enthralling. It had struck him with such force and power, it almost sent him careening toward a rut even if it was a week before it was supposed to arrive.
“Where’s the omega?” Bucky asked, pressing Peter for an answer. His reaction to the scent was equal to Steve’s in the way that it had sent Bucky into a tailspin.
“Omega?” Peter’s eyebrows furrowed as he started to inch away from the two super soldier alpha’s. “I-I never ran into an omega…”
Bucky stepped forward, his jaw clenching and his hands flexing as the scent of the omega settled. The scent was fresh, as if it had been within the hour that he had met this omega, though neither one would be sure.
“Where is the omega?!” Bucky pressed him further, his desperation and aggravation growing. The scent from the omega, the scent that had invaded every one of their senses, belonged to an omega that had spoken directly to their souls.
They had picked up on the perfection of such an omega through the scent alone, and that was enough.
“Bucky,” Steve squeezed his shoulder and came to stand beside him, “you’re scaring the kid.”
Peter’s eyes were wide, his mouth dropped in a shocked ‘o’. He had turned the corner so fast he hadn’t even seen the two super soldier’s, and between crashing into them and now, he hadn’t even thought about your scent having an effect on them.
Why would he have thought about it? You were his sister and he was a beta, there was absolutely no effect he could feel from your scent. Yet he hadn’t even thought about the reaction your scent could bring out in others.
Including two super soldiers who were cornering him now.
“I just want to know-“ Bucky start, his eyes growing darker with each syllable.
“Where’s the omega, kid?” Steve asked, keeping calmer than Bucky had though he was also feeling the wary shattering effects of an omega’s scent that happened to speak to them both.
“I’m just trying to-“ Peter looked around for an escape route, finding one when Tony had come looking for him. “Mr. Stark is waiting for me.”
He dipped away from them and dashed toward Tony, squirming as they followed him with their eyes, the lingering questions they kept asking not doling out well for you.
They had no idea that the scent that nearly caused them to go into an early rut belonged to his sister. They had no idea that the omega they were so desperate to find, was a Parker.
Peter was determined to keep it that way.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Masterlist
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15
Summary: It started with the kid, it started when the youngest avenger had gone to the tower to work in Stark’s lab. It started when the kid was rushing through the halls because he was late and when he came around the corner after getting off the elevator, he had sideswiped them.
His apologies fell on deaf ears, they were focused more on the scent that had been clinging to him. The scent of an omega, unmarked and unmated, that spoke to Steve and Bucky like none had before. It was the scent that nearly trigged a rut on the spot, a new experience for both Steve and Bucky.
After the collision, the scent is at the forefront of their mind as they recognize that the scent Peter had been dragging along with him, belonged to their omega. That scent had registered in their hearts, bodies and minds as the one they had been waiting and looking for.
And with that realization, comes a sheer, willful and powerful set of alpha’s who will stop at nothing to take the omega they’ve been waiting for.
The kid, be dammed.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
ImagineDreamWrite’s Masterlist
Marvel Series:
Caged Bird - Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier soulmate au
** **
Criminal - 1940’s mob!Bucky Barnes
** **
Everything Has Changed (old) - alpha!Stucky x reader, A/B/O au
** **
Home, The Place Where I Belong - Steve Rogers brings his wife to the future, from the past
** **
Sugar Baby, Be Mine - sugardaddy!Steve Rogers
** **
Into The Wild - older!Steve Rogers x younger!reader, age gap au
** **
Into The Woods - alpha!Stucky x reader au, reader gets trapped in the mountains with Steve and Bucky
** **
Dulce Periculum - mob!Bucky Barnes x nanny!Reader
** **
Evermore - gladiator!Bucky Barnes x reader, fantasy-ish au
** **
Sanctioned - dark!Bucky Barnes, dystopian au, very dark themes with misogyny
** **
Timeless - Loki x reader, reader dies every 20 years
** **
Beautifully Broken - Alpha!Stucky x reader, A/B/O au
** **
Everything Has Changed - alpha!Stucky x parker!Reader, Peter Parker’s sister, A/B/O au
** **
A Rose And A Bullet - mob!Bucky Barnes x undercover cop!Reader, bachelor/mob au
** **
The Vow - dark!Bucky Barnes, faked/forced marriage au
** **
Way Down We Go - dark!Steve Rogers x reader, lawyer au,
** **
If You Love Her - bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x reader, age gap, bodyguard au
** **
Baby Girl - Stucky x reader, soulmate au, reader is Peter’s girlfriend, sees in black and white until meeting Steve and Bucky
** **
Runaway - dark au, dark!Stucky x reader, infertility, kidnapping, semi-forced relationships
** **
The Auction - Stucky x plus-size!Reader
** **
To All The Avengers I’ve Loved Before - Stucky x reader, love letters not meant to be delivered leads to a triad relationship
** **
Love Like Ours - hades!Bucky Barnes x Persephone!reader, mob au
** **
Multiverse Marriage - Steve returns the stones, accidentally causes skinny!Steve and nomad!Steve to appear in their reality, future foursome’s, polyarmory relationships
** **
If I Fall - alpha!Stucky x omega!Reader
** **
Bucky’s Daisy - Bucky au drabble
** **
(FUTURE) Single Loser’s Club - fake dating Bucky Barnes AU
** **
Sinful Temptations - triplet!Steve Rogers/Andy Barber/ Ransom Drysdale/Reader, polyamory, polyamorous relationship
** **
Dirty Little Secret - age gap Andy Barber, semi-dark Andy Barber
** **
Alpha, May I? - alpha!Ransom Drysdale x omega!Reader, A/B/O
** **
Surrogate Daddy - soft!dark!Steve Rogers, nanny!Steve Rogers au, possessiveness, protectiveness
** **
Hellfire - priest!Steve Rogers, dark!Steve Rogers, age gap
** **
Moonflower - Curtis Everett, alpha!Curtis Everett, alpha/omega relationship
** **
Double Or Nothing - biker!Andy Barber x biker!Curtis Everett, biker au, polyamory, threesomes, daddy kink
** **
Toy Soldiers - Captain Steve Rogers x reader x Jake Jensen, polyamory, threesomes
** **
Harry Potter Masterlist
Old Marvel Masterlist
** **
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mypoisonedvine · 4 months ago
saturday night sleepover masterlist (always updating!)
Tumblr media
to keep my main masterlist from getting too big (hint: it’s already too big) I will be putting all the headcanon and drabble requests I fill during my saturday night sleepovers here!  I’ll update every week (hopefully on sunday but we’ll see)
lee bodecker with a shy reader
yandere!lance tucker
alpha!ransom and omega!reader
stucky x petite!reader
epilogue for bankrupt
epilogue for the wrong idea (which already has 5 or so epilogues but this is a bonus one and the furthest in the future)
fluff with daddy!bucky and little!reader
dark!bruce banner
follow-up to home for the holidays set on valentine’s day
soft!dark nomad!steve
comforting bucky after a nightmare (but smuttier than the last time I wrote that lol)
epilogue for the perfect fit
dark!ransom kidnaps the reader
dark-ish/yandere alpha!ransom
you find out (dark/yandere) bucky planned your entire lives and manipulated you
alpha!charles blackwood
forced into a breeding experiment with the winter soldier
calling bruce ‘dr. banner’ during sex
daddy!lee x little!reader
unrequited love angst with bucky
dark!therapist!bucky ‘helps’ his married client
kiss prompts:
‘Kiss Meant To Distract The Other Person From Whatever They Were Intently Doing’ with mafia!bucky
‘When One Stops The Kiss To Whisper “I’m Sorry, Are You Sure You-” And They Answer By Kissing Them More’ with jake jensen
‘War’s End Kiss’ with bucky
‘Kiss Under a Full Moon’ with dark!chase collins
‘Needing To Kiss To Hide From Bad Guys’ with johnny storm
‘Routine Kisses Where The Other Person Presents Their Cheek/Forehead For The Hello/Goodbye Kiss Without Even Looking Up From What They’re Doing’ with johnny storm
‘Lazy Morning Kisses Before They’ve Even Opened Their Eyes, Still Mumbling Half-Incoherently, Not Wanting To Wake Up’ with ransom drysdale
dark!lee is inexplicably in 2021
dark!jake is your roommate
gunplay with the winter soldier
sharing a room with stucky
dark!40s!steve is obsessed with a singer
soft!dark alpha!bruce
dialogue prompts:
"do you see them when you look at me?" with bucky
"we should skinny dip" with jake jensen
"on your knees" and "I'm gonna ruin that pretty makeup" with freezy
"I trust you. do it." with bruce
"lipstick's a good look on you" with lance tucker
alpha!40s bucky and omega!reader + part 2
soft!dark mike weiss and his nurse
soft daddy lee helps the reader relax
breeding and jealousy with dark!sam
breeding and biting with alpha!ransom
fluff with soft!lance tucker
yandere prompts: (all dark!)
“that fits you so well! no it’s not too revealing!” + “come here baby” with lee
“stay still! you don’t want to make me angry” with jefferson
“these are yours? I had no idea!” with jake jensen
“baby come out wherever you are” with nat, bruce, and peter
“this hurts? imagine your girl flirting with other men” with soft!dark lee
“I wonder how much more you can take of this until you finally break” + “I love how you beg for me to stop” with daddy!jake jensen
“get up! it’d be a pain to have to drag you” with loki
cuddling with daddy!bucky
soft!dark jake jensen a/b/o
lee bodecker and sister!reader (warning: incest)
soft!dark alphas ransom and andy
soft!dark(ish) jefferson with stepsister!reader (warning: stepcest)
alpha!tony with a breeding kink
more fluff with soft!lance tucker
soft!dark alpha bruce
mini-sequel for the martyrdom of st. valentine (warning: slightly stepcest?  fostercest? is that a thing?)
dark!bucky makes ‘amends’ (slight tfatws ep 1 spoilers)
comforting bucky after he is deprogrammed in wakanda
shower sex with johnny storm
mini-sequel to dishonorable discharge  (warning: incest, dark)
comforting chubby!charles blackwood
hooking up with alt!bucky
soft!lance tucker comforts the reader
dark!chase collins plans to create the perfect heir with his half-sister  (warning: incest)
alpha!zemo and half-sister omega!reader  (warning: incest)
daddy!stucky and little!reader
stepbrother!peter parker (warning: stepcest)
soft!dark zemo takes you with him when he escapes
alpha!zemo and half-sister omega!reader, part two (warning: incest)
dark!steve with breeding and size kinks
sam lets bucky and steve watch
pet play with lance tucker
dumbification kink with jake wyler
dark!daddy!bruce ignores the safe word
yandere!peter parker is your barista
dark!bucky shares you with his friends
sub!zemo with mommy kink 
you only marry zemo to have his heir but catch real feelings (+ part 2)
daddy!zemo and little!reader plus dumbification and aftercare
dark!carter baizen bullies the reader
[brief ramble about dark!laszlo kreizler]
sequel to dark!lee in 2021
sub!laszlo kreizler
soft!dark, brother!jake jensen (warning: incest)
continuation for peaches & cream
random drabble about young!zemo
3-in-1: enemies to lovers with zemo, fake dating with bucky, and sharing a bed with bruce
the return of soft!lance
arranged marriage with zemo
soft!dark sharon (kinda?)
free use with stucky
dark!laszlo kreizler coerces a virgin patient
domme!pepper potts 
epilogue for twice
yandere!alex kerner
hooking up with anthony mackie in his trailer
soft!dark sharon carter
somnophilia and breeding with dark!zemo
aunt may with bondage and mommy kink
yandere!andrea marowski
dark!ransom and mr. freezy kidnapping
headcanons about daniel brühl with an injured SO
dark!din djarin wants a replacement child
dark!charles blackwood and his half-sister (warning: incest/halfcest)
yandere!skinny!steve stalks a stripper!reader
sharon shares her pet with sam, bucky, and zemo
anal with zemo
dark!obi wan ‘trains’ his padawan
pure fluff with jake jensen
yandere!david kern
you and bucky are sharon’s playthings
andy barber freely uses his housewife
somnophilia with daddy!bucky
dark!loki as d.b. cooper
laszlo helps you during a panic attack (male reader)
alex kerner gets angry when you accuse him of cheating (soft!dark...?)
dubcon breastfeeding with natasha
general hux with a breeding kink
how mobius and bunny first got together (prequel to loop)
alpha!zemo in the raft
sub!loki and domme!reader
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shakespeareanqueer · a year ago
Tumblr media
END OF MONTH EDIT: Totally updated for the entire month of January! I did not, in fact, update this post every day like I said I would but I came pretty close. I’ll try to be better next month. 
Ok ok ok ok so I’ll be totally honest. I intermittently forgot and remembered about Becca’s 366 Day Reblog Challenge  for the last 23 days. But I have in fact reblogged more than a fic per day on my fic rec sideblog @shakespeareanqueer-recs.
So I’m going back and adding the tag and making this master post. At first I was only going to do one for each day, but then I decided it’s important to me that these fics not only get the notes they deserve, but also the reach, and my main blog has 600 followers while my side blog has only 15. Sorry that makes this post super long though!
And from now on I will do it on the days. And I’ll keep updating this post.
If this doesn’t count and I don’t get my prize at the end, I will be disappointed but I’ll understand. It’s my bad for not keeping up this month. 
January 1st
@plumfondler​‘s A Little Bird Told Me (Bucky x Sam’s sister!Reader, smut)
@plumfondler‘s Bucky x F!Reader one-shots/drabbles: Truth (drabble) ; Never Have I Ever (smut) ; Breaking Point (smut)
@avengerscompound's Your Anniversary (Steve x F!Reader, parents)
@bolontiku‘s Pretty Stupid (Bucky x F!Reader)
@panicfob‘s Keeping Secrets (Bucky xF!Reader, secret relationship, New Years)
@avengerscompound‘s Can We Keep Her - Bon Appetit (Stucky x F!Reader, smut)
@lancsnerd‘s Working Out the Kinks (Thor x F!Reader, smut)
January 2nd
@scarletwillowtree​‘s The Soldier and the Artist Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 (Bucky x F!Reader, soulmate AU)
@sunriserose1023‘s Never Stopped Us Before  (Random Drysdale x F!Reader, smut)
@jobean12-blog‘s Hungry Eyes (and one very small bed) (Bucky x F!Reader, ‘there’s only one bed,’ smut)
@plumfondler‘s Untitled Drabble (Bucky x F!Reader, gang!AU, smut)
@avengerscompound‘s Can We Keep Her - A Binding of Three (Stucky x F!Reader, wedding)
@mushyjellybeans‘s Close To You (Single!dad!Bucky x F!Babysitter reader)
@plumfondler‘s I Love You Anyway (Bucky x F!Reader, best friends to lovers, smut)
@plumfondler‘s Slip of The Tongue Part 1, Part 2 (Bucky x F!Reader, smut)
@plumfondler‘s I Like Us Better When We’re Wasted (Bucky x F!Reader, roommates, smut)
@plumfondler‘s Happy Halloween (Bucky x F!Reader, Halloween, Smut)
January 3rd
@buckysknifecollection​‘s Howl Part 1 (Alpha!Steve x Omega!F!Reader, Omegaverse, smut)
@buckysknifecollection‘s Always take care of you (Bucky x F!Reader, smut)
January 4th
@beccaanne814​‘s Midnight in Manhattan (Bucky x F!Reader, New Years)
@avengerscompound‘s Can We Keep Her - A Family Christmas Part 1 (smut), Part 2 (Stucky x F!Reader)
@captain-kelli‘s An Easy Fifty Bucks (Steve x F!Reader)
January 5th
@thottybarnes​‘s Only Happy Accidents Chapter 2 (Steve x F!Reader, Accidental Pregnancy)
@imaginativemarvel‘s Soulmate AUs: Loki x F!Reader: Visit Me  ; Bucky x F!Reader: Pretty Boy , No Regrets  , Not a Joke 
@imaginativemarvel‘s Bucky x F! Reader Drabbles: Communication ; Bite Me
@avengerscompound‘s Can We Keep Her - Practice Makes Perfect (smut) ; The Big News (Stucky x F!Reader)
January 6th
@imaginedreamwrite‘s Into the Woods Part 13 (Alpha!Stucky x Omega!F!Reader, Omegaverse, smut)
@thottybarnes‘s Only Happy Accidents Chapter 3 ; Chapter 4 (Steve x F!Reader, accidental pregnancy)
January 7th
@thottybarnes‘s Only Happy Accidents Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 (smut) Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 (Steve x F!Reader, Accidental Pregnancy) 
@crispychrissy‘s Exfiltration (Steve x F!Reader, smut)
January 8th
@avengerscompound‘s Bartoned Chapter 12 (Clint x F!Reader, Accidental Pregnancy)
January 9th
@avengerscompound‘s Can We Keep Her - Baby Names (Stucky x F!Reader)
@yikeswtfmate‘s Meet me In the Hallway (Bucky x F!Reader, roommates)
@avengerscompound‘s Catch and Release Chapter 2 ; Chapter 3 ; Chapter 4 (Stucky x F!Reader, smut)
@sebbbystaaan‘s That is not easy! (Bucky x F!Reader, teaching him hockey)
@avengerscompound‘s Bartoned Chapter 13 (no smut) ; Chapter 14 (smut) (Clint x F!Reader, accidental pregnancy)
January 10th
@avengerscompound‘s Can We Keep Her - Little Super Soldiers ; Welcome Home ; Grown Up Time (Stucky x F!Reader)
It has come to my attention I did not reblog one on January 11th so
January 12th a (pretend it’s January 11th)
@kentuckybarnes‘s Until You Break My Heart Chapter 9 (40s!Bucky x F!Reader)
January 12th b
@sherrybaby14‘s What You Need (Loki x F!Reader, one-shot, smut)
@imaginedreamwrite​‘s Into the Woods Part 14 (Omegaverse, Alpha!Stucky x Omega!F!Reader)
January 13th
@kentuckybarnes‘s Until You Break My Heart Chapter 10 ; Chapter 11 (40s!Bucky x F!Reader)
January 14th
@kentuckybarnes‘s Until You Break My Heart Chapter 12 (40s!Bucky x F!Reader, smut)
@moonstruckbucky‘s Say Love (Bucky x F!Reader, one-shot)
@thottybarnes‘s Only Happy Accidents Chapter 13 (Steve x F!Reader, Accidental Pregnancy)
January 15th
@tropicalcap‘s 2AM (Stucky x F!Reader, one-shot/drabble)
January 16th
@wkemeup‘s Double Blind (Bartender!Bucky x F!Reader)
@jobean12-blog‘s Welcome to Paradise (Bucky x F!Reader, beachy meet-cute)
January 17th
@avengerscompound‘s Catch and Release Chapter 5 (Stucky x F!Reader, smut)
@marvelfansworld‘s Into the Woods Part 15 (Omegaverse, Alpha!Stucky x Omega!F!Reader)
January 18th
@saiyanprincessswanie‘s Peanut (Bucky x F!Reader, pregnancy)
@avengerscompound‘s Bartoned Chapter 15 (Clint x F!Reader, accidental pregnancy)
@1-800-jmsbckbrns‘s Omegaverse Drabbles: ‘Little’ ; ‘Us’ ; ‘Code Pink’ ; ‘New Beginnings #3.2’ ; ‘New Beginnings #3.1′ ; ‘Health and Home’ (Alpha!Stucky x Omega!F!Reader)
@buckysknifecollection‘s Undercover (Bucky x F!Reader, fake marriage)
@stuckonspidey‘s Ring (Peter Parker x F!Reader)
January 19th
@sergeanttucker‘s Movie Night (Bucky x Reader, smut)
@sinner-as-saint‘s Secret Part 3 (Stony x Peter’s best friend!F!Reader, smut)
January 20th 
@avengerscompound‘s The Routine (Sam Wilson x F!Reader, pole-dancing, smut)
@shreddedparchment‘s Merry Christmas, I Love You (Bucky x F!Reader)
Apparently I skipped a few days so I’ll make up for it with
January 23rd a (pretend it’s January 21st)
@iwantutobehapppier‘s Convalescence (once-dark!Steve x F!reader, Bucky x F!Reader sort of briefly, smut)
@jobean12-blog‘s Let It Snow (Bucky x F!Reader, snowed in, smut)
January 23rd b (pretend it’s January 22nd)
@starksparker‘s Hamartia Chapter 13 (once-dark!Peter Parker x Stark!F!Reader)
@sleepypanda27‘s Chocolate Chip Cookies (Bucky x Pregnant!Reader)
@thottybarnes‘s Safe House (Bucky x F!Reader, Reader pulls Bucky out of funk)
January 23rd c
@heli0s-writes‘s Stargazer (one-sided Steve x Reader, Bucky x F!Reader)
@avengerscompound‘s Catch and Release Chapter 6 (Stucky x F!Reader) 
@avengerscompound‘s Bartoned Chapter 16 (Clint x F!Reader, accidental pregnancy, smut)
@imma-new-soul‘s Beauty Is Everywhere (Bucky x F!Reader, Bob Ross fluff)
January 24th
@sinner-as-saint‘s To You (Alpha!Bucky x Omega!F!Reader, Omegaverse, smut)
@jobean12-blog‘s Where is my Shirt? (Bucky x F!Reader, smut)
@bucky-smiles‘s Dear Rebecca Chapter 1 (Bucky x Reader, epistolary)
January 25th
@green-eyeddragonfanfiction‘s The Terrigenesis Incident (Stucky x Reader, sex pollen-esque, smut) 
January 26th
@sagechanoafterdark‘s Alpha One Part 3 (Bucky x Reader, Omegaverse, smut)
 January 27th
@captain-ariel-barnes‘ Bound to my Broken Soul (Alpha!Bucky x Omega!reader, Omegaverse)
@captain-ariel-barnes‘ S’mores Part 1 (Alpha!Steve x Omega!Reader, omegaverse)
@nastybuckybarnes‘ French Fries (Alpha!Stucky x Omega!Pregnant!Reader, Omegaverse)
@welldonebeca‘s Did You Just Growl (Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader, Omegaverse drabble)
@221bshrlocked‘s Animals Awaken (Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader, Omegaverse, smut)
January 28th
@firewolf-marvels‘ The Chase (Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader, Werewolf/Omegaverse, smut)
@misssavenger‘s Alpha (Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader, Omegaverse, smut)
@waiting4inspiration‘s The Red Cloak Part I, Part II, Part III (Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader, smut in part II)
January 29th
@buckthegrump‘s Late One Night (Alpha!Steve x Omega!Reader, Werewolf/Omegaverse, smut)
@heli0s-writes‘ Summer Skin (Bucky x Reader, fluff/angst)
@sserpente‘s A Cage of Golden Glass (Loki x Reader, forced marriage, smut)
January 30th (sshh just pretend)
@propertyofpoeandbucky‘s Some Alpha: Part 15 (Chubby!Alpha!Bucky x Omega!F!Reader, Omegaverse)
January 31st
@nacho-bucky‘s You Go To My Head (40s!Bucky x F!Reader)
@nacho-bucky‘s Chocolate (Bucky x F!Reader, fluff)
@nacho-bucky‘s Baby, Look (Bucky x F!Reader, parents fluff)
@bucky-smiles‘s Untitled Steve x Single Mom!Reader Drabble
@avengerscompound‘s What Makes Him Happy (Tony x F!Reader, smut)
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