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#alpha stuck x reader
imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 1
“Its been a long time.” It was a fact that was blatant. It had been just over 5 years since you had been able to spend any relative amount of time with your brother after he had been caught in the Snap.
He was a victim to the act of Thanos, the Snap that eliminated half the lives in the world, in every galaxy and universe. The Snap had taken many different people from many different families and yours was not an exception.
5 years prior, Peter had followed Tony Stark into space as an attempt to stop the alien creature from gathering all of the infinity stones and preventing the murder of half of every soul in every universe. He had left a kid in his last year of high school, with every prospect and possibility in front of him.
He left a hero, Spider-Man the crime fighting kid from Queens who just wanted to keep his neighbour hood safe. He left for space to help the avengers stop the grand plan of a maniac, though he hadn’t returned.
Peter left for space, and it was in space that he had died. He never came back, and after Thanos had gotten every stone he wanted, he snapped his fingers.
It took a moment and your entire life was gone, everyone you loved and knew was gone and you were left alone in the world, grappling for the family that was ripped from you.
“The fries are still the same.” You state the simple fact, sliding into the booth across from Peter. A menu with a checkerboard background was set down in front of you and your older younger brother, the waitress a familiar face that you had seen a great number of times in the past 5 years.
“Good to see you back, Pete!” She greet your brother with radiating kindness. “Your sister’s been coming here every week at the same time.”
“Ordering the same thing.” You added, grinning at your brother.
“Every week?” Peter questioned, his deep brown eyes sweeping from the menu to yourself. His hair was cut recently, shorter than you’d seen it in the past but you liked it.
“It’s a tradition. Even if you weren’t here, I couldn’t let it pass.” You added to your first statement, studying the menu even if you didn’t have to. At this point, you had memorized it by heart. It was the place your parents took you and Peter when you were younger, and it was the place you both went to feel that spark of recognition and remembrance.
“Every week at the same time.” Your waitress dug her notebook out of the front pocket of her apron, tapping her pen against the top right corner. “I’ll have your usual out. Nice to see you again, Pete.”
After she had left to put your order in, still leaving the menu on the table as usual, the two of you were left alone again to speak.
In five years of you being without May and Peter, you had graduated at the top of your class, applied and successfully managed to gain acceptance to Columbia university where you dive head first into an exclusive and competitive biology program that specialized in genome selection and omega/alpha genetics. The course was specifically focusing on the moment that an omega and alpha came to see each other as true mates. Your program was designated to isolating and understanding the specific portions of DNA that created the specific scents that drove alpha’s and omega’s crazy.
“5 years.” Peter leaned back against the red cushioned bench seat, his fingers drumming against the white table top. “You completed your degree.”
You nod your head and tucked your left hand under your chin, your left elbow resting on the table. You tilt your head slightly to the right, studying Peter as he sat across from you.
He had just come from his school, running here immediately after to meet you before starting his internship under Tony. He had agreed to meet you before heading to Stark Tower as a way to adjust to the changes you had gone through as well as the changes he was forced to go through.
“You’re unmated.” Peter noted, his brown eyes briefly glancing at your neck for a sign of a mating mark.
“Haven’t found the right alpha yet.” You spoke with a laugh, brushing your hair behind your ear. “Besides, I’m only 22. I’m young. There’s time.”
“So you’re working?” Peter asked while glancing at the phone he pulled out of his pocket, his attention focused on the time.
Before you could answer, your waitress came back and set down the plates of food along with an extra thick chocolate shake for Peter. It was and always had been his favourite, even when you were both kids coming to this very diner with your parents.
“I’m hoping to get a brief internship with Dr. Banner at Stark tower.” You stretched your hand out and grabbed a perfectly crispy crinkle cut fry that was on your plate. You blew on the end to cool it before you took a small bite, revelling at the salt and the potato mix that was heaven in your mouth.
“Yeah?” Peter asked eagerly. “Dr. Banner is brilliant.”
There was a matter of great respect, that Peter held toward Dr. Banner. Even before the Snap, and before Peter had become part of the avengers, he had held Dr. Banner in high regard.
Both he and Tony Stark were high on Peter’s influential people list, with your dad at the top. Your dad was a brilliant man with big dreams and expectations of what the world could be. When he and your mom were brutally murdered, taken from the world and your lives, it had devastated you both. It was the end of the innocence you held revolving around the world as a happy place where everything worked out in the end.
“I’m really hoping I get in.” You continued to nibble at your fries, watching Peter fidget in his seat, his eyes flicking back and forth to the time on his phone. “Go, Petey. Or you’ll be late.”
Your approval of him leaving early had brought him relief. He had flown out of his seat, grabbing his backpack and his phone from the table and the seat.
“I’ll see you later?” He tried to leave, but not before you gave him a hug.
“We’ll have dinner soon. Just the three of us.” You shuffled out of the bench seat and hugged Peter tightly to your body. You squeezed the life out of him, unable and unwilling to let go.
“I really missed you, Peter. I’m glad you’re back.” You finally released him to watch him fly out the front door with his backpack dangling behind him, only held up by one arm as he scrambled to answer his ringing phone.
** **
He was late. He should’ve been in the lab 10 minutes ago and while Tony knew his reputation, this was not painting him in a good light. He strived to be on time, that was the minute goal he made after coming back in the blip, to be early or on time.
“Elevator.” Peter ran into lobby, his shoes skidding and squeaking on the marble floors as he came skidding to a stop at an open elevator that was not nearly full. “I’m so late.”
He ran his fingers through his hair, attempting to fix the style. It had been a long day, an even longer day of habitually and anxiously running his fingers through his hair at the first sight of MJ. The style he planned on for his hair was not holding up, not after school and the diner and running through the streets to make it on time.
“Excuse me!” Peter pushed through the people standing in the elevator when it arrived at his floor. “Sorry! Sorry!”
He attempted to apologize profusely while booking it out of the elevator. He was late and the apologies extended to the people behind him would not be the last he’d have to dole out.
Peter turned the corner to head toward Tony’s lab, when he slammed into a shoulder that sent him flying and stumbling back toward the thin, grey carpet. As his back made contact with the floor, two faces appeared above him.
“You okay, kid?” Steve Rogers asked Peter, extending his hand for him to take, yanking him up to stand.
“Cap-captain.” Peter brushed himself off, addressing them both with a mild stutter. “Mr. B-Barnes.”
“Why are you in such-“ Steve had started to ask Peter a question, only to backpedal and cut himself off almost immediately.
He had inhaled sharply, his normally light blue eyes starting to grow darker as the scent that was all over Peter, had sent a shockwave straight through Steve.
The scent was light and airy, it was enthralling. It had struck him with such force and power, it almost sent him careening toward a rut even if it was a week before it was supposed to arrive.
“Where’s the omega?” Bucky asked, pressing Peter for an answer. His reaction to the scent was equal to Steve’s in the way that it had sent Bucky into a tailspin.
“Omega?” Peter’s eyebrows furrowed as he started to inch away from the two super soldier alpha’s. “I-I never ran into an omega…”
Bucky stepped forward, his jaw clenching and his hands flexing as the scent of the omega settled. The scent was fresh, as if it had been within the hour that he had met this omega, though neither one would be sure.
“Where is the omega?!” Bucky pressed him further, his desperation and aggravation growing. The scent from the omega, the scent that had invaded every one of their senses, belonged to an omega that had spoken directly to their souls.
They had picked up on the perfection of such an omega through the scent alone, and that was enough.
“Bucky,” Steve squeezed his shoulder and came to stand beside him, “you’re scaring the kid.”
Peter’s eyes were wide, his mouth dropped in a shocked ‘o’. He had turned the corner so fast he hadn’t even seen the two super soldier’s, and between crashing into them and now, he hadn’t even thought about your scent having an effect on them.
Why would he have thought about it? You were his sister and he was a beta, there was absolutely no effect he could feel from your scent. Yet he hadn’t even thought about the reaction your scent could bring out in others.
Including two super soldiers who were cornering him now.
“I just want to know-“ Bucky start, his eyes growing darker with each syllable.
“Where’s the omega, kid?” Steve asked, keeping calmer than Bucky had though he was also feeling the wary shattering effects of an omega’s scent that happened to speak to them both.
“I’m just trying to-“ Peter looked around for an escape route, finding one when Tony had come looking for him. “Mr. Stark is waiting for me.”
He dipped away from them and dashed toward Tony, squirming as they followed him with their eyes, the lingering questions they kept asking not doling out well for you.
They had no idea that the scent that nearly caused them to go into an early rut belonged to his sister. They had no idea that the omega they were so desperate to find, was a Parker.
Peter was determined to keep it that way.
** **
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Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Masterlist
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15
Summary: It started with the kid, it started when the youngest avenger had gone to the tower to work in Stark’s lab. It started when the kid was rushing through the halls because he was late and when he came around the corner after getting off the elevator, he had sideswiped them.
His apologies fell on deaf ears, they were focused more on the scent that had been clinging to him. The scent of an omega, unmarked and unmated, that spoke to Steve and Bucky like none had before. It was the scent that nearly trigged a rut on the spot, a new experience for both Steve and Bucky.
After the collision, the scent is at the forefront of their mind as they recognize that the scent Peter had been dragging along with him, belonged to their omega. That scent had registered in their hearts, bodies and minds as the one they had been waiting and looking for.
And with that realization, comes a sheer, willful and powerful set of alpha’s who will stop at nothing to take the omega they’ve been waiting for.
The kid, be dammed.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fandom-go-round · a month ago
Anime Masterlist
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:
Hibari Kyoya x Yamamoto Takeshi Dating HCs (fluff)
Tsunayoshi Sawada x Gokudera Hayato [smut]
Stuck in the Wall Kink (Reaper, Michael Myers, Dante, Xanxus) [smut]
Mermaid HCs (Hibari, Xanxus)
 Fate Grand Order:
Cu Chulainn:
Vampire HCs (Lancer Cu Chulainn)
General Knight HCs: Lancer x Reader (Cu Chulainn)
Courting HCs (Lancer Cu Chulainn)
Yandere HCs (Lancer Cu Chulainn)
Mermaid Courting HCs (Lancer Cu Chulainn)
Taking Care While Sick HCs (Lancer Cu Chulainn)
Command Seal HCs (Lancer Cu Chulainn)
NSFW Alphabet HCs Cu Chulainn: K, O, E [smut]
First Time: Lancer x Virgin!Reader (Cu Chulainn) [smut]
Rut HCs (Alpha!Lancer Cu Chulainn) [smut]
Vampire HCs (Archer Gilgamesh) (fluff)
NSFW Alphabet HCs Gilgamesh: A, N, H (Harem) [smut]
Mermaid HCs (Archer Gilgamesh)
Unrequited Love HCs (Lancer Diarmuid) {angst}
Alpha HCs [smut]
NSFW Alphabet HCs Karna: F, A, E [smut]
 Antonio Salieri:
Love Letter Event
 Sakata Kintoki:
Keeping Reader Warm (Trapped in Cave) (fluff)
Black Cat/Witches (Halloween Prompts): Lancer x Reader x Archer (Cu Chulainn, Gilgamesh)
General Mermaid HCs: Lancer x Reader (Cu Chulainn, Diarmuid)
Poly Lancer x Reader x Archer Relationship HCs (Cu Chulainn, Gilgamesh) [smut]
Type of Lover HCs (Lancer Cu Chulainn, Archer Gilgamesh) [smut]
Absolute Boyfriend HCs (Lancers) [smut]
Absolute Boyfriend Lancer x Reader x Lancer (Cu Chulainn, Diarmuid) [smut]
Family Beach Day HCs (Archer Emiya, Lancer Cu Chulainn, Archer Gilgamesh) (fluff)
Colorful Leaves (Halloween Prompt) HCs (Archer Chiron, Rider Achilles)
Fall Festival, Harvest (Halloween Prompt) HCs (Lancer Cu Chulainn, Lancer Diarmuid)
General A/B/O HCs (Lancer Cu Chulainn, Archer Billy the Kid, Caster Nitocris, Saber Mordred)
Yandere Servants for Master HCs (Nameless, Cu Chulainn, Gilgamesh) {dark} [implied smut]
SFW Alphabet HCs (Gilgamesh, Cu Chulainn, Edmond Dantes) (fluff)
Cold Weather (Winter Prompt): Romano x Reader X Spain [smut]
Fuzzy Blankets (Winter Prompt): Germany x Reader x Italy (fluff)
Sledding (Winter Prompt): Itachi x Reader x Kisame (fluff)
Soulmate AU Sasuke x Naruto {angst}
 Hunter x Hunter:
New Year’s Resolution: Leorio x Kurapika [smut]
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fandom-go-round · a month ago
Video Game Masterlist
Stardew Valley/Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons:
Platonic Linus x Reader (fluff)
Shane x Reader HCs [smut]
Fluffy and Smutty HCs (Shane, Maru) (fluff) [smut]
Hand Holding & First Kisses HCs (Gray) (fluff)
Yandere HCs (Dirk, Mistle) {dark}
 Fallout 4:
Chubby!Reader x Hancock (fluffy) [smut]
Parental!Hancock and Shaun HCs
Reader x Sturges Muscle Kink [smut]
Reader x Nick Valentine Fingering [smut]
 Devil May Cry:
Alpha!Vergil x Omega!Reader Heat [smut]
Vergil x FemDom!Reader x Dante (Collars, Cock Cages) [smut]
Stuck in the Wall Kink (Reaper, Michael Myers, Dante, Xanxus) [smut]
Dante x Reader (Pegging, Implied Fem!Dom) [smut]
 Super Mario:
Fem!Reader x Bowser Smut HCs [smut]
Fem!Reader x Princess Boo Exploring Castle [smut]
Fem!Reader x Princess Peach Day Date [smut]
 Dead by Daylight/Slashers:
Wraith Stalking Reader {dark}
Invisible Sex with Reader {Outdoor Sex, Invisible Sex) [smut]
Goth!Mexican!Reader x Wraith HCs (fluff) [smut]
Shy!Reader HCs (fluff)
Huntress x Chubby!Reader (Mind Break, Mommy Kink) [smut] {dark}
Mine: Huntress x Reader [smut]
Male!Reader Breeding Kink (Non-Con, Kidnapping) [smut] {dark}
NSFW Alphabet HCs Legion (Frank): S, T, V [smut]
Knotting HCs (Frank, Joey, Susie, Julie) [smut]
Fem!Reader Getting Fucked into the Ground (Frank) (Dubcon, Humiliation) [smut] {dark}
Hysteria: Doctor x Reader (Non Con, Stalking) [smut] {dark}
Male!Reader x Doctor (Urethral Play, Electrostimulation) [smut]
Blight x Reader (Non Con, Drugging) [smut] {dark}
 Jason Voorhees:
Jason Voorhees x Reader [smut] (fluff)
 Michael Myers:
Michael Myers x Reader [smut] {dark}
Reader Giving the Best Blow Job Ever [smut]
Tentacles for Legs (Non-Con, Bondage) [smut]
Male!Reader Getting a Hand Job [smut]
 Amanda Young/Pig:
Fucking Fem!Reader with Strap On (Non-Con) [smut] {dark}
Cock Warming HCs [smut]
Gun Play with Male!Reader (Gun Play, Weapon Play) [smut]
Afro-American-Japanese!Reader x Deathslinger NSFW HCs [chasing, biting]
 Jake Park:
Clingy!Reader x Jake [smut] (fluff)
Slasher Defending Chubby!Reader (Wraith, Michael Myers)
Period Sex HCs (Michael Myers, Bubba Sawyer, Brahms Heelshire, Jason Voorhees) [smut]
Stuck in the Wall Kink (Reaper, Michael Myers, Dante, Xanxus) [smut]
Smut Scenarios (Michael Myers, Brahms Heelshire, Frank Morrison) (Noncon, Torture) [smut] {dark}          
Mask (Halloween Prompt): Michael Myers x Reader (Murder, Character Death) {dark}
Chasing Reader HCs Part 1 (Michael Myers, Trapper, Clown, Ghostface) [smut] {dark}
Chasing Reader HCs Part 2 (Plague, Pyramid Head, Legion, Pig) [smut] {dark}
Eating Out Hooked Survivor HCs Part 1 (Leatherface, Deathslinger, Legion) [smut] {dark}
Eating Out Hooked Survivor HCs Part 2 (Ghostface, Wraith, Hillbilly) [smut] {dark}
Eating Out Hooked Survivor HCs Part 3 (Blight, Trapper) [smut] {dark}
Oviposition HCs (Trapper, Wraith, Huntress, Spirit) [smut]
Oviposition HCs (Male Killers) [smut]
Period Sex HCs (Legion, Ghostface, Pyramid Head, Trapper) [smut]
Shy!Reader Hinting at Sex HCs (Ghostface, Legion, Trapper) [smut]
Ghostface and Daughter!Reader Adopting Frank (fluff)
Mute!Reader HCs (Ghostface, Legion, Doctor, Leatherface) {dark}
Catching Reader Masturbating HCs (David, Dwight, Trapper, Ghostface) [smut]
Reader Catching People Masturbating (Dwight, Jake, Ace, Felix) [smut]
Killer!Reader Never Killing Before HCs (Trapper, Deathslinger, Oni) {dark}  
Sex Noise and Face HCs (Laurie, Yui, David, Jeff) [smut]
Shy!Reader Sex Scenarios (Ace, Felix, Jeff, Feng) [smut]
Shy!Touch Starved!Reader HCs (Jane, Ash, Huntress, Freddy) (sluff)
Trying to Distract the Killers (Nurse, Michael, Spirit, Pyramid Head) [implied smut]
Jeff Johansen x Reader x Legion Staying Warm (Frank) [smut]
 Bendy and the Ink Machine:
Platonic HCs (Bendy) (fluff)
 Fire Emblem:
A/B/O HCs (Claude, Felix, Caspar, Linhardt)
A/BO HCs (Edelgard, Dorothea, Ingrid, Mercedes)
Character Thoughts (Hector, Eliwood, Mathew, Lyn, Raven)
Character Thoughts (Mondo Owada)
Character Thoughts (Kiyotaka Ishimaru)
Poly Ishimaru x Reader x Owada Non-Despair AU (fluff)
Mondo x Yasuhiro Bondage [smut]
Reader x Hiyoko Japanese Festival (fluff)
Professor Kukui at the Beach [NSFW]
 Shall We Date? Obey Me!
Making Comments on Plus Size!Reader's Weight HCs (hurt/comfort) (Mammon, Levi, Asmo, Beel) (fluff) {angst}
Insecure!Reader x Mammon (fluff, emotional) [smut]
Reader Not Used to Hanging with Boys HCs (fluff)
 Mass Effect
Diplomat!Reader x Adrien Victus HCs (fluff)
Reader x Thane Krios Finding a Cure (fluff)
Reader x Veezera Surviving (fluff)
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fandom-go-round · a month ago
DC and Marvel Masterlist
DC Comics:
Dick Grayson/Nightwing:
Motorcycles: Dick Grayson x Reader [smut]
Refuse: Alpah!Nightwing x Omega!Reader [smut] {dark}
 Jason Todd/ Red Hood:
Home: Jason Todd x Reader (fluff)
Present: John Constantine x Reader (fluff)
Incubus!Constantine x Reader HCs [smut]
 Barry Allen/The Flash:
Date Night: Barry Allen x Reader (fluff)
Taking Care of a Child HC: Barry Allen (fluff)
 Bruce Wayne/Batman:
Dealing with Kids HCs (Batman) (fluff)
Batfam Adopting Mermaid HCs
 Slade Wilson/Deathstroke:
Deathstroke x Reader [smut]
 Arthur Curry/Aquaman:
Hugging and Kissing HCs: Aquaman (fluff)
 Diana Prince/Wonder Woman:
Hugging and Kissing HCs: Wonder Woman (fluff)
Yandere HCs {yandere, dark}
 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern:
Omega!Hal HCs
Coming Out: Kaldur Imagine (fluff)
Incubus!Batboys x Reader HCs (Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, Duke) [smut]
Naga Egg HCs (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary) [smut]
General Centaur HCs (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary)
Alpha!Riddler x Omega!Reader Heat [smut]
Squirting HCs (Bucky Barnes, Dr. Strange, Loki, Batman) [smut]
Bruce Banner/The Hulk:
Picture Perfect: Bruce Banner x Reader (fluff)
Domestic HCs (fluff)
 Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow:
Too Late: Natasha Romanoff x Reader {angst}
 Tony Stark/Ironman:
Broken: Tony Stark x Fem!Reader {angst}
Cello Music: Loki x Reader (Dissociation) {angst]
Take Me to Bed: Reader x Colossus (fluff)
Horned!Reader x Thanos [implied smut]
 James “Bucky” Barnes/Winter Solider:
Grim Reaper!Reader X Bucky {major character death}
Bedtime HCs: Logan x Kurt (fluff)
Enemies to Friends to Lovers HCs: Nightcrawler x Toad (fluff)
Kissing HCs (T'Challa, Erik Killmonger, M'Baku)
Poly Captain America x Reader x Winter Solider Possessive Sex [smut]
Logan Howlett x Reader x Kurt Wagner Stuck in Wall [smut]
Parents Getting a Divorce HCs (Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Dr. Strange) {emotional themes}
Squirting HCs (Bucky Barnes, Dr. Strange, Loki, Batman) [smut]
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fandom-go-round · a month ago
Overwatch Matsterlist
Soulmate AU Shiver, Pumpkin King x Reader HCs
Shiver Soulmate Tattoo
Soulmate AU Nevermore x Reader
How They Show Affection: Shiver, Pumpkin King HCs (fluff)
Relationship HCs: Shiver x Reader x Pumpkin King (fluff) [smut]
Monster Hunter!Reader x Reaper Part 1
Reaper Monster Type in Monster Hunter Story
Monster Hunter!Reader x Reaper Question Part 1
Monster Hunter!Reader x Reaper Touching HCs
Horror Movie (Halloween Prompts): Reaper x Reader {angst}
Reader x Mermaid!Reaper (Moana Based) Part 1
Reader x Mermaid!Reaper (Moana Based) Part 2
Reader x Mermaid!Reaper (Moana Based) Part 3
Reaper Fae HCs
Fuzzy Blankets (Winter Prompt): Reaper x Reader
Radiator (Winter Prompt): Reaper x Fem Support!Reader
Chase: Naga!Reaper x Reader {dark} Part 1
Chase: Naga!Reaper x Reader (Oviposition,Non-Con) [smut] {dark} Part 2
Naga!Reaper x Reader Fluff Part 1
Naga!Reaper x Reader Fluff Part 2
Yandere Naga HCs (Reaper) {dark}
Reader x Alpha!Reaper Knotting HCs [smut]
Beta!Naga!Reader x Alpha!Naga!Reaper Heat HCs [smut]
Beta!Naga!Reader x Alpha!Naga!Reaper Baby HCs {dark}
Yandere!Naga!Reaper x Reader HCs [smut] {dark}
Jaguar!Reaper x Reader Adopting Cubs
Jaguar!Reaper x Reader Courting HCs
Yandere!Jaguar!Reaper x Reader HCs
Jaguar!Reaper With His Cubs HCs
Jaguar!Reaper x Reader Breeding Kink [smut]
Lu Bu!Reaper x Bodyguard!Reader Part 1
Lu Bu!Reaper x Bodyguard!Reader Part 2
Lu Bu!Reaper x Bodyguard!Reader Part 3
Lu Bu!Reaper x Bodyguard!Reader HCs
Yandere!Mermaid!Reaper x Reader Kidnapping HCs {dark}
Insecure!Reader x Reaper Mirror Kink [smut]
Naga!Reaper x Reader Saving from Arranged Marriage HCs
Courting Mermaid!Reader HCs (Reaper)
Sunbathing: Naga!Reaper x Reader (fluff)
NSFW Alphabet HCs Reaper: C, E, F [smut]
NSFW Alphabet HCs Naga!Reaper: F, O, U [smut]
NSFW Alphabet HCs Reaper: S, O, P [smut]
Alpha!Reaper x Reader Knot Getting Stuck [smut]
Cuddle Session (Alpha!Reaper) (fluff)
Playing Paintball HCs (Reaper)
This is Halloween: Pumpkin King!Reaper x Reader
Sacrifice (Halloween Prompt) HCs (Shiver!Reaper)
Changing Weather (Halloween Prompt) HCs (Shiver!Reaper, Pumpkin King!Reaper)
Relationship HCs (Alpha!Reaper x Beta!Reader) [smut] (fluff)
Cock Warming HCs (Shiver!Reaper) [smut]
Bratty S/O HCs (Shiver!Reaper) [smut]
Soulmate HCs (King!Reaper) Part 1
Soulmate HCs (King!Reaper) Part 2
Soulmate HCs (Blackwatch!Reaper) {angst}
NSFW Naga HCs (Reaper) [smut]
Reaper x Small!Reader (Size Kink, Light Humiliation) [smut]
Awkward!Reader x Reaper HCs
Love Denial HCs (Reaper) (fluff) [smut]
Mermaid Child HCs (Reaper)
Ace/Demi!Reader HCs (Reaper)
Dragon HCs, Post and Pre Fall (Reaper)
Non Con Roleplay HCs (Non-Con, Consensual Roleplay) (Reaper) [smut] {implied dark}
 Junkrat, Roadhog:
Junkrat x Reader x Roadhog (Poly, Self-Conscious!Reader) [smut]
Lazy Days (Winter Prompt): Poly Junkrat x Pregnant!Reader x Roadhog (fluff)
Yandere Poly Junkrat x Reader x Roadhog [smut] {dark}
Poly Junkrat x Pregnant!Reader x Roadhog (fluff)
Poly Junkrat x Reader x Roadhog (Threesome, Blow Jobs) [smut]
Poly Junkenstine x Reader x Junkenstine's Monster (Forced Nudity) [light smut]
Junkrat x Pregnant!Reader x Roadhog Happy Family [smut] (fluff)
Poly Junkrat x Reader x Roadhog Oversensitive Reader [smut]
Panty Sniffing (Junkrat, Roadhog) [smut]
Junkrat x Reader x Roadhog Threesome (Gaping, Double Penetration) [smut]
Poly Junkrat x Mommy!Reader x Roadhog (Dirty Talk, Mommy Kink) [smut]
Poly Junkrat x Reader x Roadhog (First Time, Threesome) [smut]
Poly Prisoner!Junkrat x Security Guard!Reader x Prisoner!Roadhog (Non Con) [smut]
 Soldier 76:
Vampire!Soldier 76 x Reader Part 1
Vampire!Soldier 76 x Reader Part 2
Vampire!Soldier 76 x Reader Part 3 [light smut]
Vampire!Soldier 76 x Reader Part 4
Soulmate AU HCs (Soldier 76)
Naga!Soldier 76 x Reader HCs (Eggs) [smut]
Happy Halloween: Reader x Slasher!76 [smut] {dark}
Solider 76 x Reader (Kill La Kill Based)
Rut HCs (Alpha!Solider 76) [smut]
Yandere King!Junkrat x Male!Reader [smut] {dark}
Yandere Soulmate AU Junkrat x Male!Reader
Secretly Married HCs (Junkrat) (fluff)
Yandere!Junkrat x Reader Rejected HCs [smut] {dark}
Yandere!Junkrat x Hostage!Reader HCs [smut] {dark}
Sub!Reader x Sub!Junkrat Figuring Out How to Dom (fluff) [smut]
Yandere Lucio x Reader (Mind Control, Non-Con) [smut]
Anatomy Question: Naga!Lucio x Reader [light smut]
Lucio Adopted Dad HCs
Yakuza!Hanxo x Reader (Stalking, Torture) {dark} Part 1
Yakuza!Hanzo x Reader (Torture, Implied Non Con) {dark} Part 2
Widowmaker x Reader (Dom/Sub) [smut]
General Mermaid HCs (Widowmaker)
Naga!Genji x Male!Reader HCs (Eggs) [smut]
Werewolf!McCree x Reader HCs (Chasing, Knotting) [smut]
Reader x Sombra Soulmate AU (fluff)
Talon!Reader x Doomfist HCs (Size Kink, Belly Bulge) [smut]
Pregnancy HCs (Soldier 76, McCree, D.Va, Zarya, Pharah)
Wet Dream HCs (Reaper, Soldier 76, McCree) [smut]
Mood Music: Junkrat x Roadhog (fluff)
Reaper x Soldier 76 [smut]
Over!Ladies x Fem!Reader [smut collection]
Orisa X Bastion HCs (fluff)
Over!Men x Fem!Reader [smut collection]
Poly Hanzo x Reader x McCree [smut]
Sensitive Neck/Ears Reader HCs (Hanzo, McCree, Soldier 76, Reaper, Lucio) (fluff)
General Naga HCs (Genji, Reaper, Soldier 76, Lucio)
Fall Festival (Halloween Prompts): Platonic Overwatch x Reader
General Mermaid HCs (Genji, Lucio, Reaper, Soldier 76)
General Mermaid HCs (Sombra, Symmetra, Pharah, D.Va)
Dragon Hording HCs (Hanzo, McCree, Pharah, Zarya)
Dragon Hording HCs (Sombra, Symmetra, Genji)
Dragon Hording HCs (Reaper, Doomfist, Moria, Widowmaker, Sigma)
General Dragon HCs (Soldier 76, Genji, Lucio, Zarya)
General Knight HCs (Mercy, Widowmaker, Tracer)
Kissing HCs (Zarya, Mei, Ana)
Cat Breed HCs (Male Collections)
Naga Egg HCs (Male Collection) [smut]
Alpha!Solider 76 x Beta!Reader x Alpha!Reaper Sugar Daddy HCs [smut]
Knot Getting Stuck HCs (Lucio, Genji, Mei, Ana) [smut]
Knot Getting Stuck HCs (McCree, Sombra, Pharah, Solider 76, Reaper) [smut]
Squirting HCs (McCree, Junkrat, Roadhog, Reinhardt) [smut]
Snuggling During Winter HCs (Alpha!Solider 76, Alpha!Reader) (fluff)
Naga Egg HCs (Female Collection) [smut]
Lactation Kink HCs (Reaper, Lucio, Solider 76) [smut]
Stuck in the Wall Kink (Reaper, Michael Myers, Dante, Xanxus) [smut]
Overwatch Characters as Fate Classes (All Characters)
Naga Dick HCs (Solider 76, Reaper, McCree, Hanzo) [smut]
Mermaid Dick HCs (Solider 76, Reaper, Genji) [smut]
Pillow Fight HCs (Baptise, D.Va) (fluff)
A/B/O HCs (Baptise, Sigma)
Chinese Zodiac HCs (All Character Collection)
Pokémon Team HCs (Ashe, Reaper, Solider 76)
Ring Soulmate AU Sombra x Reader x Reaper
Ring Soulmate AU Trying to Escape HCs Sombra x Reader x Reaper
Soft Dom HCs (Reaper, Solider 76) [smut] (fluff)  
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sadp0tat00 · a month ago
NAV- By Member (Kim Seokjin)
This is where I sort my ficrecs by member, all fics are (x reader) unless stated otherwise, personally I don't really like reading mxm fics cos im basically a delusional y/n but sometimes i ran out of xreader, gave in, and actually found some good fics. (updated: 17 May 2021)
moved from @ksjmlizt cos i'm a dumbass and can't figured out how to use tumblr's sideblog
Category: Angst (A), Fluff (F), Smut (S) Status: ✔️ completed, or 🔛 ongoing, or 🛑 discontinued/ haven't been updated for more than a year
disclaimer: these fics are not mine. I'll tag the authors and you guys should go check their other works💕
made-up love song by @floralseokjin 🔛 (5/9)
Single Dad AU, CEO AU, Dilf Jin ♥︎ A, F, S
Your first encounter with Kim Seokjin doesn’t go so well, nor your second, or your third… and maybe that’s because it shouldn’t work on paper. You’re an elementary school teacher living with your best friend, and have never left the country despite hitting the third decade of your life not so long ago. He’s the dad of one of your students, nearly a decade older than you and divorced. Oh yes, and just another minor detail – he’s a multimillionaire. Your lives are lightyears apart, yet somehow, your paths having now crossed, things just seem to fall into place…
Don't Wanna Fall, 2, 3, 4. by @9uk
sugar daddy Seokjin ♥︎ A, F, S
His world revolves around wealth, power and most importantly—women. He’d spoil every one of them by his side or on his bed, with limited edition bags and expensive heels. So why is the CEO of Kim Corporations currently buying you a pet bunny?
Hold On by @basketofverbiage ✔️(4/4)
Warnings: suicide attempt; hospitals; panic attacks
For Love and Money by @jimlingss ✔️(17/17)
Forced Marriage AU, slice of life ♥︎ A, F, S (one chap)
For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger.
The Devil Wears Armani by @floralseokjin
Devil!Seokjin, pwp with a lot of romance and fluff towards the end ♥︎ A, F, S
You never imagined accidentally attempting to sell your soul to the devil would lead to this…
Warm This Winter by@jamaisjoons
Vacation AU, Christmas AU ♥︎ A, F, S
spending the winter vacation with an ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend was not something anyone would ever consider doing. spending the winter vacation with both an ex-boyfriend, his new girlfriend, and the one night stand you’d used to try to get over him, well that was a whole other situation that anyone sane would have fled from. and yet, here you are. caught between your best friend (and consequently your ex-boyfriend), and the very same man who you’d fallen into bed with after a night of wallowing in self pity. all while stuck in the picturesquely beautiful - and cruelly romantic - austrian alps. well. at least you can say you had an interesting christmas.
Aubade by @junghelioseok
One night stand ♥︎ S
it was supposed to be one night—no more, no less. but when your city is hit with what newscasters are calling a once-in-a-lifetime storm and the blizzard of the century, you realize that mother nature isn’t going to let you leave that easily. and neither is kim seokjin.
Mine For Today by @httpjeon
Fake dating AU, date-for-hire AU ♥︎ A, F, S
as part of a special valentines day sale, you make a bid in hopes to get a special discounted date with one of the dreamy bachelors of club ardor. you decide to choose The Romantic.
In the Dead of Night by @ot7always
Vampire Jin, f2l ♥︎ F, S
Warnings: dom!Jin, sub!Reader, non-gory blood and knife injury (it’s there, but mostly humorous and/or with very little specific description), biting (like actual biting), vampire compulsion (nothing concerning consent-wise), marking, hair pulling, grinding, size kink, spanking (hand), fingering, praise, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, creampie, aftercare
Ephemeral by @donewithjeon
Warning: Mentions of death. Oh, and I’m sorry.
Bobsy-die by @jincherie
Wolf AU ♥︎ A, F, S
warnings: holy shit here we go: swearing, explicit sexual content, oral (recieving), fingering, unprotected sex, knotting, mating, cum kink?, impregnation kink?, dom!jin, multiple orgasms (like, two), heats, heat sex, dirty talk, its filth and I can’t believe I wrote it with my own two hands
All Along by @underthejoon
Arranged Marriage AU ♥︎ A, F, S
It’s no surprise when you learn you’ll soon be engaged to one of the Kim brothers. What does come as a shock, is just how determined Seokjin is to make sure that person is him.
Alpha Goes First by @hollyhomburg
Omegaverse AU ♥︎ S
Each pack has its own set of traditions and standards and as the newest omega in bangtan’s pack- you have more than a few things to learn. things come to a head when the youngest alpha tries to breed you before your pack alpha does. Seokjin doesn’t like that one bit.
Until the Light Fades by @bangtiddies (Seokjin-centric mxm ot7)
Fantasy ♥︎ A
To them, Seokjin is a beacon of light, an ethereal being sent to take people out of the darkness. One day, Seokjin’s time runs out.
Love Me and Leave Me by @littlemisskookie
Royalty!AU, Arranged Marriage!AU ♥︎ A, S
You had no objections when you heard of your engagement to a faraway prince. In fact, you were elated! Especially when you caught sight of his handsome face and charming personality. You could see yourself falling for him easily. The only problem? He’s in love with someone else.
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jawritter · 2 months ago
Shame, secret and lies?
Sounds reaaaaaally angsty!
It has some angst potential for sure!
In fact, until I was tagged in this game I had completely forgotten about this one. I wrote one chapter of it in the middle of the night, and just never took it any further. So when I received this ask I had to go back and read it to even see what it was about lol.
This was going to be an Omega for hire Reader x Alpha!Jensen Ackles fic. (Something a little different than the norm.)
Jensen was stuck in Canada while filming, on the edge of going into an unexpected rut. He had to film a sex scene with a beta actor in the morning and didn't want it to trigger anything, so he called an agency for help. Gets a little attached and possessive, and tries to figure out how to get out of the PR marriage to the beta he left behind in Texas so that he could keep you.
So you're looking at ABO Dynamics, plus cheating, lying, and shame lol... ANGST potential. 🤣
Here's a snippet.
You watched as he slipped his wedding band from his ring finger and placed it onto the counter, and you almost felt sorry for the Alpha. If his wife was a beta, surely this wasn’t the first time he’d ever called for an Omega? Still, you weren’t going to ask. It wasn’t your job to care, just to take care of his needs. 
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holylulusworld · 2 months ago
Pawn Sacrifice
Tumblr media
Title: Pawn Sacrifice
Summary: Your adoptive father loses his empire to the dangerous and deadly Shadows of the Howling Commando. To offer redemption you end up in their leaders’ clutches.
Pairing: Alpha! (Werewolf) Steve Rogers x Omega(fem) Reader; Alpha! (Werewolf) Bucky Barnes x Omega(fem) Reader; Alpha! (Werewolf) Thor Odinson x Omega(fem) Reader
Warnings: angst, language, a/b/o, a/b/o dynamics, true mates, scenting, sad reader, cruel Steve/Bucky/Thor (for a moment/mentioned), mentiones of painful heat, implied non-consensual claiming (claiming mark), polyamory, three alphas one omega, implied smut (not the reader), hurt & comfort, snuggling & cuddling, blood, implied virgin reader
A/N: For my story werewolves are like ‘normal’ alphas in any a/b/o story but they are stronger, their senses are heightened, and they can run faster. Also I’m a hoe for Alpha Steve/Bucky/Thor so we got all three in this.
Square Filled: Hurt/Comfort for @marvelfluffbingo​​​​​​ (marvelfluffbingo2021)
Word Count: 2,4 k
Marvel Fluff Bingo 2021
Divider by @firefly-graphics​​​​
Tumblr media
“How do you feel?” your adoptive mother asks, watching you lie on the thin mattress in the small chamber you are living in since your father turned you into a pawn sacrifice.
“What do you think how I feel? I was in heat and almost died. It’s cold in here and I can sense my alphas every day. Did you know they all forced me to listen when they mated other omegas while I was in heat? The pain was overwhelming,” you sniff, wiping your eye weakly.
“Oh-I’m sorry,” she whispers, eyes drifting toward the bloody claiming marks on your neck. “Three marks?”
“The leaders, they claimed me without mating me. I guess they want me to suffer. Everyone believes I’m their enemies’ favorite daughter. Pity they don’t know you found me on the street years ago and took me in.”
“You must understand we couldn’t give our daughter up, Y/N. You had a good life. We offered food, money, and protection. Be thankful.”
“I am thankful, mother,” you spat the last word, turning around to meet her gaze. “Thanks to you and the man calling himself my father I know nothing those alphas will do to me can be worse than what you did,” chuckling humorlessly you curl back in a ball. “You took me in, pretend to love me only to throw me into the lion's den.”
“Don’t be overdramatic. Without our help and care, you would be dead or worse by now. I bet you would’ve ended up in a pack, used and breed until you can’t walk straight,” she spats.
“Good thing I won’t stay here much longer,” weakly grasping for the thin sheet you try to cover your freezing form. 
“You can’t leave. There is nowhere else to go for you,” your adoptive mother spats. “Stop being a brat.”
“I won’t leave this place, mother,” whispering the words you let your eyes flutter shut. “I meant that I will not survive my next heat. Not with my true mates refusing to help me. They don’t feel the influence of their marks, but I do. It’s like the marks are burning me up from the inside. I will be gone soon…”
“Good, then your father and those vultures are even. They are still stuck in the dark age with all their werewolf demeanor and rituals. I will greet your father and sister,” she huffs when you jerk away the moment she tries to touch you. 
“Just go,” losing consciousness again you smile. Hopefully, this is the end…
Tumblr media
“That bastard lied?” looking at you on the bed Bucky growls low in his throat. His eyes flash yellow and he howls, scenting your distress. “We punished the poor girl for nothing?”
“I dug a little deeper and found out they adopted her. No one knew she ain’t their daughter. According to our little rat inside his empire, they only kept her around to use her as a pawn,” Steve runs one hand down his face, growling as Thor dares to lie next to you.
“You can’t just touch her Thor,” Bucky snarls, jaw ticking. “She will cling to you more if you do so. She’s ours.”
“Weeks ago, you didn’t want her. It was you and Steve insisting on punishing the poor omega for her father’s sins. She smells so good,” Thor purrs, nuzzling your neck. “I want her. If you want to ignore your claim, I won’t. She’s mine then.”
“Stop rutting against her,” the two angry alphas crowd the bed, watch you in Thor’s arms warily. “She’s weak, sick even and I can smell her distress. The omega needs the alpha first.”
“Says who?” Thor growls, defending his claim on you. “I’m gonna knot her first and take good care of our pups,” the tall alpha grins. “Maybe it’s time to choose a new leader.”
“You threaten my leadership and my claim on our omega,” Steve growls, eyes bright red now. “I’m the alpha, the leader of our pack. Don’t you dare-“ he pants, watching you turn in your sleep to hide your face in Thor’s chest, inhaling his scent deeply.
“Look at our omega curled in my side,” Thor grins, large hand gently patting your head. “You can have all the others drool all over you, I’ll keep this one. She likes me.” 
A soft whimper escapes your lips when you open your eyes and scent an alpha. You can feel his warmth and for a moment, you let him hold you. “Get your hands off our omega.”
“Omega?” your eyes snap open and you immediately snarl at Thor. He believes you want him to take care of you, but you push him away to roll to the other side of the bed. “Stay away from me – monster. I know what you are…cruel bastards.”
“I think you can keep her,” Bucky snickers, watching you grasp for a lamp to throw it at Thor. “Or I’ll keep her. I like me a feisty little thing.”
“Get away from me,” you growl at Steve who steps closer to sniff in your direction. “A-Alpha?” whining you feel the pull toward Steve get stronger and you know, he must be the alpha of his pack. A strong alpha.
“There you go, doll,” Steve purrs, carefully stepping closer to pat your head. “Now come here and let me look at my mark. I need to see it.”
“N-No,” whimpering you feel your omega suffer. She screams in despair, remembering the treatment you experienced for weeks. “You’ll hurt me again.” tears stream down your face and you curl back into a ball, whining in distress.
“Steve, something’s wrong with her,” Bucky sniffs in your direction, whining. “She’s sick. I think our little stunt to let her suffer during her heat pushed her too far. That girl is close to dying.”
“No-“ Thor growls, scooping you in his arms to cradle you like a baby. “I’ll help her, make her mine. We can’t let her die.”
“Hurts…everything hurts…” weakly you look up at Thor while another wave of sadness forces painful whines to leave your lips. “Hurts so much.”
“We need to take care of our omega. She doesn’t deserve to suffer,” Steve purrs, looking at Thor. “Thor bring her to my room. I need to calm her with my presence and scent. All of us crowding he will do more harm.”
“Why is it you cuddling her? I want her more,” Thor mutters, nuzzling his nose in your hair. “She’s mine and likes me.”
“I won’t repeat myself, I’m the alpha-“
Tumblr media
“Stop wiggling, omega,” Steve holds you to his chest, not letting you fight his embrace. “Y/N, you need to feel me, my skin and breath – my whole being.”
“I don’t want you to touch me or mate me,” you growl, wiggling even harder when you feel Steve’s erection press against the crack of your ass. “Don’t touch me.”
“Shhh … I won’t touch you the way you think I will-“ he places a soft kiss below your ear. “We are sorry for rejecting you, omega. The way we claimed you was cruel.” his voice soothes your pain; helps you relax in his arms. “I’m the alpha of my pack, the leader. I will protect you from now on, take care of you.”
“All you did was hurting me,” you sniff, hiding your face in the palms of your hands. “My father, he said it’s an honor to save his empire, but he lied. He only wanted to shelter his daughter.”
“You’re ours now and will be treated like a queen. When you are full of our pups, everyone will admire and envy you, doll,” Steve nips at your neck, cleans the still raw and bloody mark he left to soothe the pain and accelerate the healing process.
“Yours,” whispering the word you close your eyes. “How can I be yours if you don’t even like me. You’ll hate any child growing in my womb.”
“No,” he purrs, rolling you on your back to get a good look at you. “You’re beautiful, doll,” he whispers, kissing your temple. “Your omega needs to feel me, baby doll. Come here and lie on my chest.”
Watching Steve lie on his back, opening his arms you frown. “I don’t want-“ whimpering you scent the strong alpha, feeling your omega yearn for him. “How can I want you? You’re cruel.” you sniff, turning around to cry in the cushions.
“Omega,” sighing Steve rolls to his side to lie behind you, carefully bringing you in his arms. “I’m sorry, this was all my fault. I was blinded by my hatred, baby doll.” He nuzzles his face in your shoulder, gently kissing your skin.
“What would you have done to me if I were his daughter, not the stray cat I am?” voice small you let Steve kiss the mark he left in a haze. “Will you not answer my question?”
“I don’t know,” he husks, licking over your skin. “Parade you around, let anyone see you are mine and that I filled you with my heir. I’m the alpha, the leader and everyone kneels when they see me. I can’t let your father fool me.”
“He’s not my father,” you hiss, nails digging into the arm holding you close to his warm body. “Don’t call that monster a father. He sacrificed me for his own selfish reasons.”
“I know,” Steve purrs. He shifts behind you to not let you feel his erection again. “But, that bastard kept his word. He gave me one of his daughters. Even though he doesn’t care about you, I can’t say he tricked me. He made a fool out of me and my men.”
“Will you hurt me now?”
“No, omega,” nudging your cheek Steve laughs when you growl low in your throat. “Bucky, Thor, and I will try to make things up to you, Y/N. For your father, he’ll feel my wrath soon enough. No one messes with Steven Grant Rogers.”
“I-I never had an alpha before,” you whimper, scared the alpha will reject you now. 
“Never?” a deep guttural growl leaves Thor’s chest when his eyes land on your vulnerable form in his leader’s arms. “No alpha? Did you never take a knot?”
Shaking your head, you sniff, starting to shake again. “Only ours, Thor,” Steve howls, hands pawing at your body now. “We are going to breed that perfect little omega.”
“Breed, claim, mate…” Bucky growls, watching you turn in Steve’s embrace to hide your face in his chest, seeking comfort in his arms. “Our omega, our queen. The pack's omega, the most respected female.”
“Our goddess,” Thor hums, looking at your neck, admiring the mark he left. “She will take our knots, get filled over and over again and we will praise her for doing so.”
“I want to see her swollen with my child. No other omega will share my bed ever again,” Bucky whines, wanting to feel you too. “Can I kiss my mark, omega?”
“Do it, but be gentle, Buck,” Steve whispers, watching you like a hawk when you scoot closer to him the moment Bucky kneels on the bed to lick his mark. 
“Her skin tastes like heaven, my friends,” Thor’s voice booms through the room, and you shiver, remembering his large hands cradled you gently. “She needs us, my friends. Our omega needs to scent all of us. Let’s bring her to the queen's chamber and let her scent us.”
Tumblr media
“I-I’m so confused,“ inhaling Thor’s scent deeply you purr low in your throat. Steve carried you toward a room they called the queen’s chamber - a warm and cozy room. 
There is a large bed, large enough for you and your alphas. A fireplace opposite the bed and dark red curtains to shield you from any prying eye.
“Just calm, omega,” Bucky whispers. He gently runs one hand over your back, tries to comfort you while you can’t decide if you want to scent Bucky or Steve next. “We are here for you.”
“I can’t decide,” you whimper, scooting closer to Bucky to bury your face in his neck. “Too much and not enough, alphas.”
“Bucky, lie in the middle with Y/N. Thor, lie behind Bucky, I’ll spoon her from behind. We need to surround her with our scent. Our omega needs to feel like a queen tonight, our queen.”
“When do we decide who will knot her first,” Bucky grumbles. He huffs when Steve growls low in his throat, making his leadership known. “Sloppy seconds for me and Thor again.”
“Alpha,” you whine, moving closer to Bucky to nudge his cheek. “I want to scent you.”
“Aw, she gives orders already,” Steve purrs, nuzzling your neck. “You’re going to be such a good omega to our pack. I will knot you and give you your first pups.”
“I want Thor,” you look at Thor with darkened eyes. “He was nice to me when you ignored me. Thor gave me a warm blanket and food.”
“You fucker,” Bucky growls. “I told you to not trust him with her, Steve. Now she clings to him.” the alpha glares at Thor, growling low in his throat.
“If she wants Thor to knot her first, we will accept her wishes,” Steve grits out, hating the smirk on Thor’s lips.
“She’s mine eternal now,“ Thor snickers, “I told you she’ll be mine.”
“I want to scent the other alpha,” you mutter, turning in Bucky’s embrace to sniff at Steve’s chest. “He smells differently. Why?”
“Steve is the leader of our pack, the alpha,” explaining the dynamic of a pack to you Bucky scoots closer to sniff at your hair. “He is the one making all decisions. Steve will punish your father for using you too.”
“He will?” looking at Steve you drink his appearance in. His blue eyes seem softer tonight. A thick beard frames his handsome features, and you wonder if it’s soft or scratchy. “Can I touch your beard?”
“Sure, doll,” Steve laughs when you move closer to touch his face. “Anything else you want to touch?”
“It’s soft but rough at the same time,” humming Steve watches you lean closer to press your lips to his chin. “Tickles too.” giggling you bury your face in Steve’s chest, inhaling his scent deeply. “You make me calm.”
“The alpha of your pack is made to lead and guide you. He also can calm you or ease your pain in times of need, Y/N. Let me be your alpha too,” you close your eyes, smiling when Bucky and Thor move closer to let you scent them.
“What do you want, omega?” Bucky and Thor ask in unison. “What can we do to make you feel better?”
“I want Steve,” you growl, smirking as Bucky whines low in his throat. “And I want Thor, and you. But for now, I want to feel safe …”
Tumblr media
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aroseforyoongi · 3 months ago
All I Want
Tumblr media
Pairing: Werewolf!Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Werewolf AU; Soulmates AU; Best friends to lovers AU; College AU; Roommates AU; Idiots to lovers AU; fluff; smut; tiniest bit of angst if you really, truly squint
Rating: M (smut)
Summary: Jungkook, has been your best friend since the two of you were five years old and he saved you from those bullies in kindergarten. Now you’re both adults, and your friendship is the same as ever. You want him as much more than just a friend, but the problem is that somewhere out there, Jungkook has a Moon-chosen mate.
Word Count: 10.3k
Warnings: Oral (female receiving); Knotting; Multiple orgasms; Creampie (JK turns Y/N into a proper Boston cream donut in this one); Cum eating (would this really by one of my smut fics if this was not a feature?); Impreg/breeding kink (it’s a werewolf fic, what do you expect?); Excessive amounts of cum (like so much; far too much really for any human being to handle but this is fiction); Fingering; Soft dom Jungkook (he’s so soft. If you thought Young Alpha Jungkook was soft, he’s got nothing on this one); Swearing; Bullying; Blood
Oh look, I wrote another filthy Jungkook werewolf fic, because y’all loved Young Alpha so much that I didn’t have a choice. Enjoy this fic where Jungkook and Y/N are complete idiots in love. I tried something new with this one and wrote the smut first. It kind of got carried away and ended up being much longer than anticipated. What I have confirmed to myself is that I cannot write PWP. Even my smut has a plot. My lord is this one filthy. I hope y’all have adequate hydration and a cold shower at the ready. Good luck.
Growing up with a werewolf as a best friend had been a unique experience to say the least. Most of the time, werewolves and humans avoided each other. Not you and Jungkook. Oh no, the two of you were absolutely insperaerapble.
It had all started when you were five years old. Some of the werewolves in your kindergarten class were bullying you for being so much smaller than them. It wasn’t your fault that nature decided humans should be so much smaller. It also didn’t help that both your school neighbourhood were predominantly inhabited by werewolves. In fact, your family were the only humans on the whole street.
When one of the boys began to push you around, out of nowhere, a mass shot out from nowhere, knocking him over. That turned out to be Jungkook.
“Stop it!” he shouted.
By werewolf standards, he was tiny. Despite this, he was still a bit bigger than you. The boys who had been bullying you took one look at him and started laughing. This gave Jungkook the chance to take you by the hand and drag you away before the bullies noticed.
When you were both safe, hiding on the other side of your school, both panting, Jungkook stuck out his hand.
“I’m Jeon Jungkook,” he introduced.
“_____,” you replied, taking his hand.
“_____, you’re going to be my best friend.”
From then on, true to his word, you and Jungkook stayed best friends. He didn’t stay the tiny, little werewolf that saved you from the bullies for long. By the time Jungkook was thirteen, he dwarfed you. His werewolf genetics made it so that he was much larger than the average human man. The fact he was an alpha accelerated his growth. Being both a werewolf and alpha also made it so that he was painfully attractive. Not that he seemed to be aware of this.
Much of your teenage years had been spent pining over Jungkook and glaring at girls who expressed interest in him. He remained completely oblivious to both their interest in him and the fact that he was inhumanly beautiful. You, on the other hand, were just a normal human, with absolutely no hope of actually attracting Jungkook. Especially with such stiff competition.
If that wasn’t bad enough, you truly didn’t have a prayer, because Jungkook was destined to find his Moon-chosen mate one day. The one who he’d spend the rest of his life with. Sure, he could date other people, not that he ever did, but it could never be serious. His mate was almost guaranteed to be a werewolf. It was very rare for werewolf mates to be humans, and completely unheard of when it came to alphas.
Now, in grad school, you were still hopelessly in love with Jungkook, who still seemed completely oblivious to the interest of anyone around him. You tried dating both humans and werewolves, but it never got very far. The chemistry you had with Jungkook was missing with every other partner. Things were easy with him.
It seemed almost pointless to try and find anyone to have a relationship with. They always paled in comparison to Jungkook, and that wasn’t fair to anyone. Though, there was one werewolf who came close to being as attractive as Jungkook in your eyes. Namjoon, went to the same university as you. The two of you were studying completely different things, but often ended up at the campus coffee shop together.
This was one of those days.
“How goes it, _____?” Namjoon asked.
“It goes,” you sighed. “My coursework is killing me.”
Namjoon gave you a sympathetic smile. “I get it. I can’t say I understand. My program isn’t as hard as yours it seems.”
“I should have become a librarian or something.”
“As much as I would love to have you in my library science courses, I think you’d be terrible at it,” Namjoon teased. “The first person who asked you a stupid question would end up with a book in their face.”
You snorted. “Not wrong there.”
The barista interrupted any other potential conversation when he dropped off two massive mugs.
“Two flat whites,” he said with a wink.
“Thanks Jimin,” you said brightly.
Instantly, Jimin’s face fell.
“I’m not Jimin here,” he hissed. “I’m Mesmer. God, _____, get it right for once.”
You rolled your eyes. “Okay, okay, Mesmer.”
“Thank you. Now don’t forget it.”
Jimin quickly rushed off to go help another customer, leaving you and Namjoon alone again.
“Why do we come here?” you asked.
“Because Jim-sorry-Mesmer is our friend,” Namjoon said wearily.
“He was your friend first. I only get dragged along for stuff.”
Namjoon grumbled something unintelligible before reaching into his backpack and pulling out his laptop. This cafe wasn’t the ideal place for studying, but the two of you went there out of loyalty for Jimin, who assumed the identity Mesmer while working.
The cafe was one of these New Age trendy places that kept popping all over the city in response to the increasing witch population. Everyone who worked there assumed some kind of new identity that seemed tied to magic. You didn’t really get it either.
Jimin definitely wasn’t someone you had planned on befriending. Come to think of it, you didn’t think Namjoon planned on it either. Just as Jungkook had saved you from childhood bullies, both you and Namjoon saved Jimin.
Nobody had an issue with Jimin being gay or the fact he occasionally wore dresses and knew how to do winged liner better than anyone you’d met. No, the problem they had was the fact that he was a werewolf that never grew.
The day you and Namjoon had saved him, the two of you had been walking to lunch, chatting about morning classes. The sound of a whipped dog whimpering caught your attention, and you ended up dragging Namjoon into an alley.
To your horror, four massive werewolves were beating up on someone much smaller than them. The second the bullies saw Namjoon, who happened to be an alpha, they took one look at him and ran off. What they left behind was largely a puddle of blood and what looked like raw hamburger meat.
“That’s a werewolf,” Namjoon gasped.
You looked at him, confusion written all over your face. “How can you tell?”
“The smell.”
You’d have to trust Namjoon on that, because the quivering mass in front of you didn’t look like much of anything at all. When you saw mass start to move and stand up, you jumped back. It startled you.
“H-h-h-he-he-help m-m-m-me,” it choked out.
In an instant, Namjoon was at the side of whoever this was and helped them up.
“Call an ambulance, _____,” Namjoon ordered.
Fumbling with your backpack, you pulled out your phone and typed in the number for emergency services. The dispatcher on the other end assured you that someone would be there soon.
It took several weeks for the mass in the alleyway to recover, but when it did, you found out that it was actually a he, named Jimin. From then on, Namjoon took him as a member of his pack. This didn’t stop the bullying completely, but it did help make things a lot easier for Jimin. Most werewolves took one whiff of Namjoon’s smell on Jimin and they went the other way.
From that moment on, the three of you had become friends. Even though sometimes Jimin drove the two of you up the wall with his antics, he was loved and supported no matter what. After he had recovered from being beat to an inch of his life, Jimin started to live with Namjoon so you saw a lot of them together.
“What’s the plan for today?” Namjoon asked, pulling you out of your memories.
You shrugged. “Tae’s coming over and we’re going to watch movies and play video games. At least, I think we will?”
“Sounds more fun than my night.”
“Why? What are you planning?”
Namjoon groaned, placing his head on the table. “I have a cataloging assignment and it’s a group project. My three other partners haven’t done anything so I’m probably going to get stuck doing everything.”
“Ouch.” You placed a hand on Namjoon’s back in an attempt to provide comfort.
“This shit was supposed to end in high school,” he continued. “Why do I still have shitty groupmates now?”
“Can you switch?”
“Project’s due in three days. My prof won’t let us.”
“Ouch,” you said once again.
Namjoon opened his mouth to say something else, but was cut off when your phone lit up, signalling you had received a text.
Jungkook: Where are you?
Glancing at the time at the top of your phone screen, you swore. It was past the time you said you’d be home.
“Shit! Sorry, Joon! I gotta go,” you said.
As quickly as you could, you downed the rest of your latte, and rushed off. Thankfully you hadn’t unpacked your backpack, so you were able to just sling it over your shoulder and go. The other good thing was that the apartment was extremely close to the cafe Jimin worked at.
You managed to get home in record time, and when you burst through the door, both Jungkook and Taehyung practically fell over from surprise.
“Sorry, I’m late,” you apologized. “Lost track of time. Was at Jimin’s cafe.”
Jungkook nodded. “No worries. You’re here now. How’s Jimin?”
“I’m pretty sure Jimin is fine, but I can’t be sure about Mesmer.”
“Oh! Does he work at that fancy place nearby?” Taehyung chimed in.
You nodded. “That’s the one.”
“Alright! Let’s get to enjoying our night!” Jungkook cheered.
You left your backpack on the floor and went to join the two werewolves on the couch. It was a bit of a tight fit but the three of you managed to make it work. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay civil for very long.
Taehyung and Jungkook kept egging each other on, while you focused on staying ahead in the racing game that was being played. They were practically shoving each other off the couch.
In order to stay safe, you moved to the nearby armchair, where no stray body parts could catch you by accident. It only took an instant for Jungkook to notice you were gone. He turned around, pouting.
“_____, why’d you leave?” he asked.
You rolled your eyes. “You two were killing each other over there. I’m quite happy right here.”
“I feel so unwanted.”
“Taehyung will love you.”
From beside Jungkook, Taehyung vigorously nodded. “I will always love you.”
To add to the impact of his statement, Taehyung grabbed onto Jungkook and pulled him into a giant bear hug. You suppressed your laughter as Jungkook let out a howl of rage once he realized what was going on.
Taehyung’s momentary distraction provided you the opportunity to send a blue shell at Jungkook’s character, sending it careening off the track.
“I’ve been betrayed!” Jungkook howled. “By my two best friends!”  
The doorbell ringing provided you the opportunity for a moment of relief from the two werewolves who had begun wrestling again in earnest. When you got up from the armchair, you were forced to duck out of the way of a wayward fist while Taehyung and Jimin roughhoused.
On the other side of the door, patiently waiting was the pizza delivery. The driver pulled out his card reader and you tapped your phone against it. When the little ding of affirmation resounded from the machine, you eagerly took the six boxes and shut the door behind you.
“Food’s here,” you called out.
From the living room, a crash could be heard, followed by two bodies scrambling to get up. You sped off to the kitchen before they could beat you to it so that the pizzas could actually be put onto the table for once.
When Jungkook and Taehyung appeared in the doorway, they got stuck trying to shove each other out of the way. You merely sighed and went to go get plates for the pizza while they worked things out.
“Are you two going to be okay? Do you need a room?” you called over your shoulder. “I feel like I’m intruding on something intimate.”
Instantly the two werewolves sprang away from each other. While Jungkook looked confused, Taehyung hung back looking longingly at his friend. The look was only there for a second before he schooled his face back into its usual goofy grin.
Your heart sank a bit for Taehyung. The two of you had commiserated on several occasions over your shared attraction to Jungkook who didn’t seem to have an interest in either of you. At least you were always able to console Taehyung with the fact that there was a Moon-chosen person out there for him. The same could not be said for you.
“Alright, let’s eat,” you said, breaking the tension.
Setting plates down on the table, you stepped back quickly enough so that the two werewolves could try to murder each other over the best pieces. There was a reason six pizzas had to be ordered. You’d only have maybe half of one. Even that might be split into two meals, depending on how the night went.
These two on the other hand were going to easily consume the other five and a half pizzas, while possibly wanting more.
“_____, aren’t you going to eat?” Jungkook asked with a pizza slice hanging from his mouth.
You nodded. “I will. I just prefer to avoid potential death when I try and get my dinner.”
The other two werewolves shrugged and went back to trying to shove each other out of the way for pizza. The one good thing about them finding mates, you decided, was that they might finally be civilized. For years now, you’d tried, and failed. Hopefully someone else could do what you couldn’t.
After a seemingly endless battle with each other, the two werewolves finally broke apart, and began walking back to the living room, laughing about some video game they played together. In these moments, it was so easy to imagine that they were just normal young guys. Not immortal beings who could turn into wolves at will. Sure they roughhoused a lot, but it wasn’t like they were trying to tear each other apart. Mostly. There was some plausible deniability.
You waited several more moments, just to make sure it was safe, before going to the table and grabbing some pizza for yourself.
“_____, come back,” Taehyung called.
Eagerly you took your food and rushed back to the living room where they had set up the pullout couch for movie watching purposes. There was an obvious space that had been left between them, which you assumed was for you. As if reading your mind, Jungkook confirmed it, and patted the space next to him.
“Come here,” he said. “We made room.”
It was a bit of effort to maneuver yourself into the space that had been made for you while also holding onto a plate of pizza. Somehow you managed to do it. Once you were comfortable, Jungkook immediately threw an arm around you and pulled you into him. He balanced his plate on his lap and ate with his free hand while the other stayed firmly around your waist.
Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Taehyung looking visibly uncomfortable and you felt bad. In an attempt to make this a little less awkward for him, you tried to move out of Jungkook’s hold, but he merely held on tighter. To make matters worse, Jungkook even leaned over and placed a kiss on the top of your head, taking a moment to deeply inhale your scent.
Taehyung coughed awkwardly. “So, what movie are we watching?”
“Oh! Let’s watch this horror movie,” Jungkook suggested. “It’s about this girl who inherits a family demon or whatever.”
“Oh! I’ve heard of it!”
It took Taehyung a minute to find the film and as soon as it loaded up, dread pooled in your stomach. Horror movies were absolutely not your thing. It wasn’t so bad in the moment, though you jumped at every little sound. The worst was after the fact, when you were alone in bed, imagining that the horrors from the film were coming to get you.
This movie wasn’t just scary, it was downright horrifying. Within minutes, your pizza was left untouched while you buried your face into whatever part of Jungkook you could reach. If it was this scary right away, you knew you wouldn’t be sleeping for weeks.
For the duration of the film, even though you couldn’t see it, you could hear everything in excruciating detail. It took very little imagination to figure out what was going on in the film. By the time the credits were rolling, you had burrowed behind Jungkook, shaking like a leaf.
“Alright, I’m heading out. I have stuff tomorrow,” Taehyung announced.
You raised a hand in farewell in the general direction that you thought Taehyung was located. His laughter could be heard as he left the apartment. A few moments after that, Jungkook gently dug you out and put you beside him on the pullout couch.
“You okay there, _____?” he asked.
You shook your head. “No. That movie was awful. Why would you do that?”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was so bad.”
“I’m not going to sleep for a week!”
Jungkook seemed to consider something for a moment, his eyes focusing on the ceiling.
“Why don’t you let me clean up here, and then we can sleep on the couch together,” he suggested. “Nobody will touch you with a werewolf around.”
This seemed like a fair compromise considering Jungkook was the cause of your distress in the first place.
“Okay,” you agreed. “Don’t take too long!”
Jungkook leaned over and placed a quick kiss to the top of your head before flashing a thumbs up, and rushing to the kitchen to clean everything. Alone in the living room, you pulled your knees to your chest and glared suspiciously at every shadow. All the normal little noises that came from simply living in an apartment caused you to jump.
Someone walking with heavy footsteps on the floor above turned into a demon on its way to find you. The sound of pipes creaking was a banshee about to warn you of your impending death. Everything was frightening.
“_____? You okay?”
Jungkook’s voice broke you out of your thoughts. When you looked up, he was watching you with an extremely concerned expression. He quickly crossed the short distance to the couch and climbed in. Blankets and pillows had been brought along to make this more comfortable.
It didn’t take long for the two of you to get settled. Jungkook wrapped his arms around you, and rubbed comforting circles into your back.
“Everything will be okay,” he soothed. “Everything will be fine.”
In his arms, you were able to easily drift off, feeling safer than ever.
When you woke up, the following morning, Jungkook was still holding you close, and you felt refreshed. This was the best sleep of your life. Not that you’d ever admit it to the other person on the couch with you. He’d never let you live it down.
As soon as he felt you stir, Jungkook woke up. He looked down at you and offered a soft smile.
“Morning, _____,” he said.
“Morning,” you mumbled.
Slowly, you and Jungkook separated from each other, and you immediately missed the warmth of him against your body.
“What do you want to do today?” Jungkook asked.
You shrugged. “Want to go out for breakfast?”
Instantly, Jungkook brightened. “I know just the place! They opened up recently and they do steak for breakfast.”
“Are there other things?”
“Yeah, but come on, _____, steak!”
You shook your head. “I’ll pass on that as a breakfast food, thanks.”
Jungkook shrugged. “Your loss. Come on! Get ready to go!”
With renewed vigour, Jungkook was up and rushing to get ready. You, on the other hand, slunk over to the bathroom and tried your best to hurry. A morning person, you were definitely not. By the time you had managed to wash your face and brush your teeth, Jungkook was already calling you from the doorway.
“Give me five minutes,” you called back.
“Hurry!” Jungkook whined. “I’m hungry!”
If you were within throwing range, you would have lobbed a pillow or something at him. Not that it would actually do anything, but it would make you feel a bit better. As tempting as it was to pout, go even slower, and be childish about the whole thing, you decided to behave.
If you didn’t get a move on, however, Jungkook would pick you up and carry you out of the apartment himself. Not wanting to push him to do this, you rushed out of the bathroom and got ready as quickly as possible. Even though it really didn’t take all that long, Jungkook was still huffing and puffing.
“You look like the Big Bad Wolf,” you teased.
Jungkook glared. “You would too if you were as hungry as I am!”
Biting your tongue, you just rolled your eyes at Jungkook instead, and walked out of the apartment before he could say anything else. As soon as the two of you were out of the building and on the street, the stares began. It had stopped bothering you a long time ago, and now you just accepted that people weren’t able to figure out why someone like you would be with someone like Jungkook. You were perfectly aware that he was too good for you.
At first, you did your best to ignore them, but at some point it became impossible. Once you got to that point, you decided to do something daring.
Taking Jungkook’s hand in yours, you laced your fingers with his, and moved a bit closer to him. He barely even registered the action. If people were going to stare, you figured you’d given them something to look at.
Even though being in any kind of a relationship with Jungkook was always going to be in the realm of fantasy for you, there was no harm in indulging a little bit. Especially when the man in question had no issues with it. He was always more than happy to hold your hand in public.
As if he could read your mind, Jungkook slowed down for a moment, and placed a kiss on the top of your head.
“I’ll be so sad one day, when you find someone,” Jungkook whispered.
He said it so softly that you doubt he intended you to hear. His words caught you off guard. Why would he be worried about something like that. There was a Moon-chosen mate out there, waiting for him. You were completely unnecessary.
Not sure how you’d even begin to address this with him, you decided that the best thing would be to pretend you’d never heard anything at all. It was the safest bet. For now, you were more than happy to just spend the day with Jungkook.
The hours passed by rather easily, and at some point, one of your friends asked if you would like to go clubbing. Having not been around other women in a while, you were more than happy to accept. A bit of girl time was needed to balance out all the testosterone you’d been subjected to recently.
When you and Jungkook returned home, you hurried to go get ready. It didn’t take long to find the perfect outfit for night out. You knew that some heads would definitely be turning tonight. Hopefully they were the kind that were good at making you forget about Jungkook, even if only temporarily.
The main part of the apartment was devoid of Jungkook’s presence. He must have gone to his room.
“Jungkook, I’m going out,” you called.
There was no response, but you didn’t think much of it. As you were about to put on shoes, Jungkook suddenly appeared. He did not look happy.
“What do you mean you’re going out?” Jungkook asked in a voice that was cold as ice.
You sighed. “I’m going clubbing with friends. You’re free to come along.”
At this, Jungkook turned up his nose. “I hate places like that. You know this. Besides, you shouldn’t be going anyways. It’s not safe.”
“Why do you care?”
“I don’t like seeing so many eyes on you. I hate how all those males look at you. Like you’re some kind of meat,” Jungkook spat.
The look he was giving you was enough to make your knees weak, and you began to become uncomfortably damp between your legs. A fact that hadn’t gone unnoticed by Jungkook. His nose twitched in response to the new scent in the air, but he otherwise remained stoic.
“Then what are you going to do about it?” you challenged.
Jungkook took two steps towards you. That was all it took to have you backed up against the wall.
“You’re not going,” Jungkook said simply. “I’m your alpha and what I say goes.”
You glared at him. “I’m not a werewolf and I’m not part of your pack so you can’t order me around. Doesn’t work.”
“Are you sure?”
Jungkook’s voice was dangerously low, and he placed his hands on your waist, pulling you into him.
“I think you should stay,” he said softly.
Your breath caught in your throat. He knew what kind of effect he had on you. Whenever he didn’t want you to do something, he’d do this. His one hand trailed it’s way down your skirt and began to play with the thin material of your underwear.
“I don’t think you’re in any state to go out tonight. You’d be such a perfect piece of prey,” Jungkook said softly.
Just as quickly as he had appeared, Jungkook stepped away, and disappeared into his room, leaving you a complete mess. This could only mean one thing: his heat was impending. For the most part, Jungkook really didn’t care what you did. When you were ovulating, he tended to say that you should probably stay home. It was only when his heat started to grow near, that he became possessive. You always figured it was because you were the only female around him and it was because he was an alpha. Jungkook had an instinctual desire to protect.
After a few moments, you picked yourself up and realized that you were definitely in no state to go clubbing with friends. If there were any werewolves there, they would pick you out in an instant and it wouldn’t be pretty. That was even more true if they were also nearing their heat. You doubted that most male werewolves would be able to have anywhere near the self-control Jungkook had.
With your mind made up to stay home, you send a quick text to one of your friends to explain you were going to have a night in because you weren’t feeling very well. She sent a very suggestive series of emojis and you replied with a rolling eye one. All of your friends were very aware of your feelings for Jungkook, and loved to tease you about it.
“Jungkook,” you called out. “Do you want to watch a movie or something?”
As if by teleportation, Jungkook appeared at your side, with phone in hand. He looked much more at ease than before.
“Pizza?” he asked.
You nodded. “Sure.”
While Jungkook dialled the nearby pizza place, you went to your room to get changed. Initially, you had been annoyed at Jungkook, but it was hard to stay mad at him when you knew he wasn’t fully in control of his own reactions right now.
Thankfully, the rest of the evening passed by with no other incidents. Not even when you mentioned going out with Namjoon at some point.
“We’re going to get coffee and study,” you explained.
Jungkook shrugged. “Whatever you want.”
“Are you sure?”
A look of confusion crossed Jungkook’s face.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” he asked.
“Because of the whole “clubbing incident” that happened less than an hour ago,” you said.
“Oh! Shit! Sorry, _____. I didn’t even… That was awful of me.”
You waved a hand dismissively. “It’s fine. I get it. Your heat is coming soon and you’re not totally yourself.”
Jungkook shook his head. “Yeah, my heat will be here soon, but that’s no excuse. I was a dick. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it, Kook.” You offered him a genuine smile. “Incident forgotten. Just don’t do it again.”
Much of the tension that had existed since the “clubbing incident”, as you had dubbed it, dissipated almost instantly. Things were much better now.
The following day, Jungkook was huffy and moody. He spent most of his time holed up in his room, avoiding anyone and everyone. His heat was definitely near.
“Jungkook, do you want food?” you called out.
“No,” Jungkook called back.
“You need to eat!”
“Don’t wanna.”
The childishness of this stage of his pre-heat always drove you insane. The only consolation you had was that it would all stop once he found his mate. When that happened, however, Jungkook would no longer be yours. He’d leave you to spend his immortal life with someone else and you’d be left alone. There was a reason why humans and werewolves tended to avoid spending time around each other.
Part of it was prejudice, but you realized that a big part of it was also the fact that if you weren’t a werewolf’s mate, heartbreak was inevitable. Unless someone was one of the rare humans that got lucky, and ended up mated to a werewolf, they’d end up growing older and eventually dying. The werewolf, on the other hand, stopped aging after they turned twenty-five and just kept living on indefinitely. That immortality was a gift few humans would ever be granted.
Before your wallowing could get bad, you were distracted by a text that appeared on your phone.
Jungkook: It started.
Two words, and yet they spoke volumes. Jungkook’s heat had come earlier than expected and you were worried. He still hadn’t found his mate, and he was one of the oldest werewolves you’d ever met who was unmated. At twenty-five, he was long past that age.
You: Tell me if you need anything.
The only response from Jungkook was a thumbs up emoji. You knew that he wouldn’t be sending anything more substantial for a while. At least not until his heat subsided a bit more and that could take a long time.
It had been days since much sound could be heard coming from Jungkook’s room, and you were worried. His heats were something you’d dealt with for years at this point, being his best friend and roommate. It was a normal part of the year, where, in April, Jungkook would hole up somewhere for a week or so and just deal with the experience on his own.
A system between the two of you had been devised to handle food. You would leave a plate in front of his room, and then scurry off before hiding in your own room to text him about the delivery. It wasn’t a perfect system and you needed to time it in the low periods of Jungkook’s heats when he was most clear-headed, but it was the best you had right now.
Based on your calendar, however, Jungkook’s heat should be over. Last year had been difficult on him and this year you had a feeling would be the same. He had yet to find his mate and you were getting worried. He was getting up in years and every single heat without a mate, after a certain age, was unbearable.
As much as you wanted to give him privacy, you wanted to make sure he was at least alive. It was taking a lot of willpower to force yourself to knock on his door. He hadn’t eaten lunch or dinner yesterday, and breakfast today was untouched as well. He had to be starving. All texts had also been ignored.
“Jungkook,” you called out while slamming your fist on the door. “Kook, are you alive in there?”
At first you could hear nothing in response, so you pressed your ear against the wood of the door. Heavy shuffling could be heard on the other side, followed by a strained panting.
“_____, you should go,” Jungkook gasped out. “Please.”
“I’m not going anywhere, Kook,” you insisted. “Not until you tell me what’s going on.”
“I… I can’t tell you.”
“It’s… not… fair… to… you…” Jungkook panted.
Every single word sounded like agony coming from him and your heart tore in two. The sweet werewolf you’d spent so much of your life around. He was your childhood best friend and the one you were hopelessly in love with. Even if nothing could come of it, you were stuck with these feelings.
“Jungkook, please talk to me. I trust you,” you said softly.
From under you, the door shifted just enough for Jungkook to be able to poke his head out. He looked like death warmed over. Even that was a generous description. He looked absolutely awful.
“Jungkook! You need to go to the hospital!” you exclaimed. “You’re dying!”
With great effort, Jungkook shook his head. “I’m not. Mostly. I’ll be fine.”
“Then what’s going on.”
“It’s been too… long… without… my… mate..”
At the last word, Jungkook looked ready to pass out from the sheer exertion of the effort he was putting into speaking. Your heart broke at the sight of him.
“Why don’t I go find her?” you asked. “Or him. It might be a him. Is it a him? I have no idea how I would even do this, but I’m willing to try for you, Jungkook. Just let me help you.”
“Stop!” Jungkook roared.
In an effort to get some space between the two of you, you took a few steps backwards. As much as you wanted to reason with him, Jungkook wasn’t in his right mind. Whatever he wanted, you’d be willing to provide if it meant he’d have an easier time getting past his heat.
Now that you were out of range of the door, instead of shutting it like you expected Jungkook to do, he instead opened it further and took a step forward. He was completely naked, and while you would have normally loved the chance to oggle him, now was not the time. Like the predator you knew he was, Jungkook stalked forward. Each footstep was heavy, as his body was weighed down with exhaustion. With each step forward he took, you moved backwards. This slow motion chase continued until your back was pressed against the nearest wall.
It took Jungkook a few more steps to catch up with you, his dark eyes never leaving yours. This was the most animalistic you’d seen him in over twenty years of friendship. When he finally stopped in front of you, he bent down so that he was eye level with you, hair hanging in front of his eyes in a way that did little to hide how dangerous he was at this moment.
Moving his head forward, Jungkook nosed at your neck, inhaling deeply. Goosebumps covered your skin as his nose ran along the sensitive skin of your neck.
“So sweet,” Jungkook said softly.
As much as you tried to resist the urge, your body had other plans. Wetness began to pool between your legs as your arousal began to build. The combination of Jungkook pressed against you and what he was currently doing was proving too much. Years of pining after him had taken their toll and you were willing to take whatever crumbs he threw your way. It was immediately apparent that Jungkook noticed when he stopped his scenting of your neck. A low growl resonated from his chest.
“You shouldn’t be tempting me,” Jungkook warned.
You tried your best to squirm away, but Jungkook’s hands shot out, placing themselves on either side of your waist. He pinned you tightly against the wall as he parted your thighs with his own.
“Such a bad girl,” Jungkook continued.
While one hand stayed firmly attached to your hip, the other trailed down your side, until it made its way to the waistband of your pyjama shorts. Jungkook made quick work of both those and your underwear. He simply tore them off of you in a motion that was so quick, you only realized it when you felt the cool air of the apartment on your bare skin. Glancing down, you saw the torn tatters of your clothes floating to the carpeted flooring.
Now that your lower half was completely exposed, Jungkook’s fingers made their way to your folds, parting them, and running his index finger along your centre.
“So wet,” Jungkook hissed. “You have no idea what you’re doing to me.”
Anything you were about to say died in your throat as soon as you saw the look in Jungkook’s eyes. He was feral at this point. Pupils blown with lust, he was practically salivating. Much to your relief, Jungkook stepped away, releasing you from the wall. This was only a temporary reprieve, as he knelt down and clamped your thighs in his hands, while shoving himself face first into your pussy.
You gasped at the feeling of his nose brushing your clit, as his tongue roughly lapped at all of your essence that was flooding from you at this point. Thankfully, Jungkook had a good grip on you, or else you would have instantly collapsed to the floor the second he got near you in this way.
One hand moved away from your thigh, while the other tightened its grip. Jungkook’s fingers were digging into the soft flesh of your thigh, and while you were sure it would have hurt under normal circumstances, you were far beyond the point of caring. Much to your embarrassment, this was the fastest you’d ever become so turned on, but you were willing to blame it on the fact that your painfully attractive best friend had his head shoved between your legs.
“Jungkook,” you whined out in an embarrassingly high pitched tone.
A deep laugh reverberated through him, the feeling of it vibrating against you, while the hand that had moved away from your thigh, made its way to your pussy. With no warning, Jungkook shoved two fingers in, stretching you out in a way that hurt so good, and began to pump them in and out at a bruising pace. Your body bucked in response, shoving yourself further onto his face. This seemed to delight Jungkook and he began to eat you out even more earnestly.
“Ah! Jungkook! I’m close!” you screamed out.
The combination of his fingers and his sinful mouth were enough to practically throw you over the edge. Instead of getting there slowly, over time, like you did with previous partners, you were flung out of a proverbial cannon.
Legs shaking so badly that it was a miracle even Jungkook could hold you up with his superhuman strength, your orgasm crashed into you a truck. A massive gush of your essence burst forth, coating Jungkook’s face with it, but you did not care one bit about that.
It took several long moments of Jungkook working you through the orgasm before you finally stopped shaking and were able to mostly stand straight. When he was sure that you weren’t going to fall over if he let go, Jungkook withdrew both his face and his fingers from your pussy. Despite your best efforts to try and show some self-control, you let out a whine at the loss of contact.
Jungkook stood up, never breaking eye contact as he did, while sucking all of your essence off his fingers. His face glistened, and he looked proud of himself. Unfortunately, you weren’t given much of a chance to bask in the sight of him this way, when reality set in. No matter how much you wanted this to continue, there was no way Jungkook could go any further. Things had already gone too far.
“Jungkook, this was a mistake,” you choked out.
Every word felt like shards of glass on your tongue, and the pain was only worsened when you saw the hurt on Jungkook’s face. The expression was on his face only momentarily, before being replaced by one of neutrality.
“I see. I’m sorry. It’ll never happen again,” Jungkook said stiffly.
Gone was your playful best friend. The one who would go on midnight excursions to all-day breakfast restaurants. The one who had tutored you in statistics for ten hours a day so that you wouldn’t fail the course. The one who dried every single tear you cried, and replaced them with kisses on your cheeks until you were left a giggling mess.
In his place was the alpha that Jungkook was meant to be. Everything about him exuded power and seriousness. Your body unconsciously shifted away from him, recognizing that he was still the predator and you were definitely his prey.
“Your mate, Kook,” you insisted. “You have a mate. You can only do things during your heat with your mate. I know you’re not thinking straight right now, but that’s okay. I can do it for both of us.”
Of all the reactions that you expected to see from Jungkook, him being nearly doubled over with laughter was not one of them. The shock didn’t last long when you realized that his expression had softened and he was only looking at you with so much love that your heart ached. You were dying to bask in the warmth of his affection. To run into his arms and beg him to stay with you.
No matter how much you wanted him, it could never be. When Jungkook took a step towards you, you went backwards again. This time, you didn’t have much space until your back hit the wall.
“You think I would want to touch someone who isn’t my mate right now?” Jungkook growled as he prowled towards you. “That I’d want to put my hands on anyone else right now? How poorly do you think of me, _____?”
Despite being terrified of your werewolf best friend, you couldn’t help but feel a bit combative.
“Well, then why are you doing anything with me?” you demanded. “I’ve been in love with you for years. I don’t need either of us getting hurt.”
That last bit came out completely unintentionally, and as soon as it registered in Jungkook’s ears, his expression changed to one of surprise for the briefest instant.
Once again, Jungkook was right in front of you again, pressing you against the wall.
“How stupid are you, _____?” he asked softly.
“Wha-what are you talking about?” you asked, while trying to shift away.
“You, you idiot, are my mate. Always have been.”
This time, your knees actually did give out from hearing Jungkook’s confession. He was quick to catch you, gently picking you up, and holding you tightly in his arms. You’d seen him throw a twelve hundred pound stag like it was nothing before. You must have been as light as a feather in his arms.
“You heard me right,” Jungkook affirmed. “You’re my mate.”
“I can’t be,” you argued. “I’m human.”
Amusement danced in Jungkook’s eyes. “The Moon doesn’t care about whether our mates are human or not. You’re going to be immortal either way. It’s how the bond words.”
Jungkook began to walk towards his bedroom, and before he could make it all the way through the doorway, he stopped, hesitating.
“That’s assuming you want any of this,” he said softly, suddenly sounding unsure. “Once the bond is in place, it can’t be taken back. You’re tied to me for the rest of your immortal life.”
You grabbed onto Jungkook’s face and pulled him close to yours, eliciting a small grunt of surprise from him. “You listen here, mister. I’ve been in love with you since we were five years old and you saved me from those bullies in kindergarten. So, I’m very much okay with being your mate. You hear me?”
Jungkook nodded vigorously. “Loud and clear.”
This was the permission Jungkook seemed to be waiting for, as he practically flew the remainder of the distance to the bed. Despite his eagerness, Jungkook lowered you to the bed with such gentleness that you were taken aback. From this vantage point, however, you were able to get a close look at him.
Jungkook’s skin was covered in a sheen of sweat, while his body trembled. If you weren’t paying close attention, you wouldn’t have noticed. From the way he was acting right now, you’d almost completely forgotten about the fact that he was in the middle of his heat. To exert so much self control must be absolute agony for Jungkook.
Hovering over you, Jungkook looked into your eyes. His expression held so much love for you. He was looking at you as if you had personally brought the moon and stars down for him.
“I love you, _____,” Jungkook whispered. “So much. I love you so much.”
For the first time that night, Jungkook kissed you. He pressed his lips to yours with such tenderness that you could have cried. You could feel the passion in his kiss, and all of the emotions that he had been holding back.
The time you two stayed there, kissing each other, could have been a few moments or it could have been hours. You’d have no way to know in Jungkook’s dark room. All that mattered was his body pressed against yours, and your mouths moving against each other in synch.
Despite the fact that Jungkook was an immortal being, he needed to breathe just as much as you did and the two of you pulled away from each other when the need for air became too oppressive. Jungkook looked down at you, a silent plea in his eyes.
“Please, _____,” he begged.
Despite not knowing what you were agreeing to, you nodded anyways, and Jungkook’s shoulders immediately sagged in relief. You felt one of his hands trail down your body until his fingers were parting your folds once again. The amount of time it took for you to become soaking wet again was embarrassingly fast. No other partner had this effect on you.
“I need to get you ready for me,” Jungkook explained softly. “It won’t be bad, I promise. The knot’s going to hurt though. I can’t lie to you about that.”
Merely mentioning his knot caused you to wince. You’d heard horror stories of knots causing massive amounts of damage to unsuspecting humans. Even for other werewolves on the receiving end of them, they were painful. You hoped that being Jungkook’s mate would make any difference at all how much this hurt. It was doubtful but you hoped to be proven wrong.
Slowly, Jungkook moved so that his cock was lined up with your entrance, and he moved his hand away. The bulbous tip of it brushed at your entrance, teasing you. Jungkook grabbed hold of his cock and ran it up and down along your folds.
“Jungkook,” you wined. “Don’t tease.”
“Ah, ah, _____,” Jungkook chided. “Only good girls get their alpha’s cock. Do you deserve it?”
You nodded vigorously. “Yes, please.”
Jungkook nodded approvingly, and he put his cock against your entrance again, pushing the tip in just a bit. He began to enter you, agonizingly slowly, but it gave you a chance to adjust to his size. As a werewolf, he was well-endowed, stretching you wonderfully. There was a slight burn as he continued to push in, but it was nothing compared to how good it felt to be filled by Jungkook.
It felt like an eternity before he was all the way in, and the strain on Jungkook was obvious. He was using so much self-control to avoid simply ravaging you. It was definitely appreciated as you wanted to keep your body intact as much as possible.
For a long time, Jungkook stood there, simply looking down at you with hunger in his eyes. He looked ready to devour you.
“My little human,” he said softly.
One hand was on your thigh, while the other found its way back to your pussy. Jungkook’s thumb ran small circles over your clit, causing you to push yourself further onto him. As much as he tried to contain it, Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh at you.
“Such a good girl. So eager for my cock,” Jungkook purred. “I’m going to move now.”
You nodded, at a complete loss for words. Gently at first, Jungkook began to thrust in and out. He began to pick up speed as he went until he could find a comfortable pace. Once he found it,  Jungkook lowered himself over you, keeping himself balanced on his elbows.
Unable to resist, you reached up and pulled him down all the way. For once, it was you that initiated the kiss. This seemed to please Jungkook. He let out a low hum as his lips moved against yours. It was a sound you knew well. It meant Jungkook was happy about something.
Pulling away, Jungkook looked down at you with absolute adoration.
“You’re all mine, _____,” he whispered. “All mine forever.”
“Only yours,” you confirmed.
“I’ve been waiting for so long.”
Before you could reply, Jungkook kissed you again. This time it was much more rough, a sign that his control was beginning to slip. From what you knew of werewolves, it was impressive that he had any self-control right now. It was just further proof that he was an alpha.
Needing to breathe, Jungkook pulled away. The feral desire was back in his eyes. All hints of softness that had been there moments before were gone.
“I’m going to take you properly now,” Jungkook grunted. “Breed you nice and good.”
You nodded, letting him know that it was alright. In one swift motion, without ever pulling out, Jungkook flipped you over so that you were on your knees, backside exposed to him. Even more impressive, Jungkook never broke the pace that he had set. Somehow continuing to thrust while also maneuvering you.
Once you were stable, the new pace Jungkook set was brutal. He was thrusting with abandon, slamming his hips into you. One hand reached over and began to play with your clit, urging you towards another orgasm. Being so focused on Jungkook, you hadn’t even been paying attention to your own arousal which has been steadily building. As soon as Jungkook touched your clit again, your walls clenched tightly around him, and he grunted at the squeeze.
Much to your shock, when you began squeezing Jungkook’s cock, it seemed to expand even more inside of you, creating an even tighter fit.
“So good,” Jungkook groaned. “You take me so good. I’ll fill you up, _____. Get you nice and bred. You’ll be full of my pups and everyone will know you’re mine.”
At his words, your pussy clenched even more tightly around Jungkook and his hips stuttered, unable to keep up the pace he had set. The thumb that was rubbing circles on your clit picked up speed, driving you closer to your orgasm. With a final thrust from Jungkook, you were sent tumbling headfirst over the edge, towards your orgasm.
Body shaking, Jungkook had to hold you still so that you wouldn’t topple over. Despite his support, it was too much, and you collapsed onto the bed in a shivering heap. This did little to deter Jungkook. Instead, it seemed to only urge him on more. With a few more thrusts, you felt the telltale sight of his release. It was just a small spurt of his essence at first. Almost immediately after, it was followed by a loud growl from Jungkook. His cock twitched violently within you before he coated your inner walls with his cum.
Jungkook continued to milk his orgasm long past the time you’d have thought he’d be done. Every time you thought he was finished, he released even more cum. You had no idea how it could all be contained within you. Despite this, you loved the feeling of it in you.
The enjoyment wasn’t meant to last. At first, it was a small feeling of tightness but it quickly began to build, and you realized that it was Jungkook’s knot inflating. It rapidly increased in size and you were sure you were going to be ripped in half from it. White, hot pain coursed through your body
“Jungkook! I can’t take it!” you screamed out.
A soothing hand ran along your back and Jungkook made soothing sounds to try and calm you down.
“It’s okay, it’ll be okay,” Jungkook said softly. “You can do it. You were made to take my knot.”
“I can’t do it,” you cried, tears pricking your eyes.
“Shh… shh… you can.”
As much as he wanted to provide you with more comfort, Jungkook was still milking his orgasm. The knot inhibited his movements, but cum still kept spurting from his cock. You could feel it leaking out and running down your thigh.
With a great shudder, Jungkook finally stilled. He gently moved the two of you so that your bodies were in a spooning position on the bed. Jungkook made sure to take great care to avoid hurting you by accidentally tugging on his knot.
“I’m so sorry,” Jungkook said softly as he peppered kisses against your shoulder. “I know it hurts now. It’ll feel better soon, I promise.”
You winced, very aware of the knot that was in you. “I highly doubt it.”
“It’s always the worst the first time. At least, that’s what I’ve been told.”
“How long does it last?”
Against your back, you could feel Jungkook shrug. “I’m not sure. It seems to just deflate on its own. Sometimes it can be a few minutes, other times a few hours. I think it’ll be a while since this is the first time and I’ve wanted you so badly.”
From within you, you could feel Jungkook’s still hard cock twitch, and it forced out a bit more cum out of you. At this, Jungkook let out a soft whine.
“I was hoping it would all stay,” he said, sounding disappointed. “I’ll just have to breed you again and again to make sure you’re carrying my pups.”
You turned your neck as much as you could to try and look at Jungkook. “Am I supposed to be pregnant after this?”
“After I’m done with you, you will be.”
His eyes darkened as he spoke and heat flooded your core. Your pussy clenched around his cock and Jungkook hissed.
“You like that don’t you, _____?” Jungkook asked. “Being full of my cum? Letting me breed you over and over again?”
You nodded. In response to his words, your body ground itself against Jungkook without realizing it. He grabbed onto your hips, holding you steady as he began to thrust in and and out, as much as his knot would allow. There wasn’t much movement at first, but slowly, Jungkook’s knot deflated just a bit. Not by much, but just enough for him to be able to thrust a bit more freely.
His momentum began to build and it was clear that he was only chasing his own high right now.
“_____, you take me so well,” Jungkook moaned. “My little human takes my cock so well. Look at you, all pretty and full of my cum.”
Your walls clenched around his cock and you felt the small spurt of cum that was quickly followed by a much larger release. Unlike before, when Jungkook couldn’t stop pounding you as he milked his orgasm, this time his thrusts were much slower as he lazily released all of his cum into you.
Just as before, there was a seemingly impossible amount of cum coating your walls. It pushed out some of what was inside you already, creating an even greater mess on the sheets. By this point, you didn’t care.
Once again, Jungkook’s knot inflated, but this time, instead of making you feel like it was ripping you in half, it was almost enjoyable. You liked the feeling of being so full of Jungkook.
“Naughty girl,” Jungkook playfully admonished you. “You did that on purpose. You just wanted more of my cum didn’t you?”
One of his arms wrapped lazily around your waist and Jungkook pulled you as close as he could.
“Are you okay?” he asked while nuzzling your neck. “Does my knot hurt again?”
You shook your head. “This time it didn’t.”
Jungkook breathed an audible sigh of relief. “Good. I’m glad.”
Without warning, Jungkook moved his hand away from your waist, and with his index finger, he collected some of the cum that was leaking out. You let out a small squeak of surprise at the sudden contact. Jungkook took his index finger and popped it into his mouth, making lewd noises as he sucked his finger clean.
“We taste so good together,” he moaned.
Once his finger was clean, Jungkook did it again. He continued to collect all of the cum that he could until it was all cleaned up. Every time he did, you could feel your pussy clench in arousal.
“You like that, _____?” Jungkook asked. “Maybe after my knot deflates, I’ll clean you up even better.”
“I’d like that,” you said, feeling lightheaded at the thought.
“I know you would. But do you know what I think you want more?”
Jungkook rolled your clit between his thumb and forefinger, eliciting a gasp from you. “I think you’d like it if I filled you up again. You’re so desperate for my cum after all.”
In response, you ground yourself against him, pushing his cock deeper into you.
“You know, you could just ask,” Jungkook teased.
Suddenly, you gasped when you felt Jungkook’s knot inflate even more. It burned and your body tried to move away from the feeling, but Jungkook held tightly to you. Soon, however, your focus was drawn to the fact that you could feel Jungkook cum inside you again. Nothing had happened to stimulate another release and you were confused.
“Kook,” you gasped out. “How?”
Jungkook shrugged. “I just love filling you up, over and over again.”
“I don’t think I can handle any more.”
“I think you can take more. I’ll clean up everything that comes out.”
True to his word, while his cock released even more cum into you, Jungkook began to eagerly clean up everything that was leaking out. He lewdly moaned every single time.
“I think you enjoy this more than anything,” you teased.
Jungkook shrugged, collecting one last mouthful. Just as he finished cleaning up his finger, he stiffened, going completely rigid. You were about to ask him what was happening, but before you could he wrapped his arms around you, nuzzling his face into your neck.
“It worked, I can feel it,” he whispered.
“What did?” you asked.
“I bred you. You’re pregnant. I can feel it.”
There was so much excitement and love in his voice, that you couldn’t help but lean into him, basking in his warmth. Much to your surprise, instead of feeling anxious and confused from a confession like this, it was happiness that you felt. A family with Jungkook. It was something you’d imagined for years but never dared to actually hope it would be a reality.
“Really?” you asked.
Jungkook nodded into your shoulder. “You’re going to look so beautiful. All round and full of my pups. You’ll be glowing like the goddess that you are.”
One of his massive hands came up your stomach and he rested it there, possessively. You placed one of your hands over his, giving his fingers a squeeze. Laying there on the bed with Jungkook, connected to him in the most intimate way possible, you began to look forward to the future you’d have with each other.
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imagineaworlds · 3 months ago
I Love You (Part Forty-Five) -- Aaron Hotchner
Written By: @desperately-bisexual
Request: None.
Warnings: SMUT!! Cursing. Dom/sub relationship. Sir kink. Sex toy. Brat taming. Bondage (ropes). Forced orgasms. Overstimulation. Oral sex (male receiving). Dom dropping.
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Reader
Word Count: 11,148
Timeline: Season 6 Episode 24. Three months after part forty-four.
Tumblr media
Hotch was always gone nowadays. Between work and running errands for the three of us always stuck at home, he was just too busy to sit and relax. I missed him. I missed us, specifically, and how we used to spend every second together, and how good we were together at work. I missed work. I missed driving to Quantico every day or getting on the jet for a thousand different cases. I missed the bullpen, the roundtable room, Garcia’s office, my desk, throwing papers at Morgan’s head as he worked across from me, or teasing Reid, whose desk was across the aisle from mine. Everyone knew that I was anxious to get back— Hotch most of all. I loved our daughter more than anything in the world, but I loved work just as much. I understood now how Hotch felt about Jack.
“Elle was antsy to get back to work after Garner,” Hotch would always tell me whenever I would sneak into the office to look at some of the cases sitting on his desk. I jumped in my own skin as he caught me snooping. “You Greenaways are all the same.” He laughed and snatched me away from the office, practically carrying me down to the bedroom so that we could cuddle while watching Emily sleep in her crib.
At least we got those moments. They were scarce, but we tried to make as much time as possible, even if most of that time was spent sleeping. When he wasn’t around, though, I still tried to include him as much as possible. It was hard for him to talk on the phone whenever he was gone on cases, but I still sent him pictures and videos of the kids to keep him updated, like when Jack held Emily in his arms the other day and he was making fart noises in her face in order to get her to laugh. He called me immediately after I sent the first video. His voice was shaking on the other end, and I knew that something was wrong, so I asked, and he told me that Haley never sent him videos of Jack when he was young. She sent him one, and after that, they stopped altogether. I realized in that moment that he was terrified that I was going to stop sending him videos of Jack and Emily, and he would end up missing out on everything in their lives, and then I would leave him the same way Haley left him. So, I kept sending them. Every chance I got, I was recording one or both of the kids and sending them straight to Hotch’s phone.
It had only been three months since Emily was born. Sometimes it felt like an eternity, other times it felt like time was passing by too fast. When Hotch wasn’t around, it felt like time was moving at a turtle-like pace where I spent every waking moment counting the seconds until he would come home; but then, when he would be there, holding me in my arms, it felt like it came and went with a snap of my fingers. I wished I could have switched time. I wished that I could have just spent an eternity in his arms, not worrying about when I would see him next or if he would even come home.
I suddenly jolted awake when I heard Emily crying in her crib. “Shit.”
Hotch had called last night to tell me that they were finishing up a case and that he would be home soon, but his side of the bed was empty, and all of his stuff was untouched, which meant that he was going to be later than expected. So, that meant that I had to grab Emily and try to calm her down.
I sighed and sat upright. Emily continued to cry and shriek in her cradle until I leaned in to pick her up. As I cradled her in my arms, leaning back against the headboard so that I could close my eyes and rest for a little longer, I hummed a toon for her. Hotch’s favorite song was Blackbird by The Beatles. Since Emily had been born, he had been singing her to sleep with that very song every chance he could get. It seemed like it was the only way she could fall asleep now. I worried that the tradition and schedule was going to ruin her sleep patterns—and I guess I was right since she kept waking up throughout the night whenever he wasn’t there to sing to her. I kept trying to hum for her, despite that.
I was half asleep when she started calming down. I decided that putting her back down in the cradle wasn’t going to help—and even if it would, I was too tired to move. Having a baby was exhausting. With Hotch gone so often, I was having to endure these long nights alone, and the house was so quiet during the day that it sent a shiver up my spine, not to mention I was so bored whenever Emily would be put down for a nap in the middle of the day and I couldn’t call Hotch because he was busy. I couldn’t wait to get back to work. I knew that it didn’t make sense to do it just yet, but I was practically dying to get back. If anything, I’d ask to go back in a week or two. Hotch wouldn’t like the idea, but I was sick of sitting around with a sleeping baby all day while I was just drained. I needed a case. I needed something to keep my mind busy besides my daughter. As much as I loved her, I needed work, too.
“I could get used to this,” Hotch said. I opened my eyes while perking up to see him standing in the doorway, holding his go-bag in one hand and a bag of chocolates in the other. “Coming home to my gorgeous wife and our perfect daughter…” He set down his bag and hurried over to me on the bed so that he could kiss my forehead. He smelled like the jet. “I brought you your favorite chocolates from Seattle.”
“Mmm… Gimme.”
Just as I said it—not having even reached for them or anything along those lines—Emily started squirming and crying in my arms. There it was. Every time there was a bit of peace with Emily, she suddenly started losing it again. I couldn’t win. So, I sighed and slumped back again, ignoring the pleasant surprise Hotch had for me just so that I could try to focus a little more energy into dealing with my precious, perfect, miracle—No. The truth was, she was all of that, but she was also a little screamer, whiner, and… Oh, I loved her… I just had to remember that.
“Here, you take the candy, I take the baby,” Hotch said. He set the bag down between us, then reached to take Emily. “Oh, listen to our little singer.” He adjusted her in his arms with a bounce while standing up again so that he could bounce on his toes.
I opened the bag and took one piece of chocolate before setting the rest of them on my bedside table. “For the past four days,” which was how long he was gone for, “all I’ve done is change diapers and sit around, waiting for her to start crying again. Nothing helps.” Within an instant, Emily stopped crying, instead opting to start cooing and laughing at him. I rolled my eyes. “I hate you.”
“Mhm. I’m sure.” He shook his head at me and sat back down. “Listen, Jack used to cry every time I held him. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t seem to get him to calm down and love being in my arms. Even when he was already asleep and I’d pick him up just to hold him and admire him, he would suddenly wake up, as if he could tell that it was me, and he would immediately start crying. I hated it. The worst part was, every time Haley or Jessica would take him, he wouldn’t fuss a bit. I didn’t understand why. But now I’m on the other end of that deal, and I can tell you, Y/N, it’s nothing you’re doing or not doing. She’s just…” He smiled down at her. “I don’t know… But it’s nothing you can control, baby. I promise.”
I sighed. “One would think after carrying her around for nine months and then staying with her for the last three while you’ve been off at work, she would warm up to me, but nope.”
“She will eventually. We’ve got the next eighteen years at least with her. We’re going to be just fine.”
I smiled and snuggled up against his side, hiding my cold hands under his soft, warm shirt. His abs flexed against my freezing touch for a short moment before he relaxed and shuffled down on the bed somewhat so that I could rest my head on his shoulder, and he could kiss my hair. He inhaled deeply. Despite the fact that Emily didn’t like settling down in my arms anymore, at least we could afford to have little moments like these.
“Are you going to fall asleep again?” he inquired quietly, trying not to disturb me if I really was. I shook my head, though. “There’s something I need to tell you, then.” I hummed a question against him. “Cody and I had a meeting today.”
Uh oh. Personal meetings with the Director were never good during work hours. We had a friendly relationship with Cody, which allowed us to invite him over for dinner occasionally, and for our wedding ten months ago. But meetings during work were never good. Cody meant business while we were at Quantico, and him and Hotch liked challenging each other’s alpha personalities like it was fun for them or something.
“They’re making changes to the department again.”
I groaned, “I swear—”
“It’s okay. They’re just going to be contacting different people in the unit with different offers in order to consolidate their forces into other departments.”
“One of these days, I’m going to storm in there and ask why the hell he keeps sticking his nose in our business when we’ve been his best unit for at least the last ten years—or since you took over.”
“He’s getting pressure from the higher ups, baby. He’s doing his job, the same way we are. I’m just telling you this because if you’re approached by another department, you should tell me immediately.”
“I’m not going to leave the BAU, Aaron. I don’t care what deal it is someone has for me, I’m not leaving the one place that feels like home away from home. For the first time since I graduated high school, I feel like I have a purpose. People care what to hear what I have to say, people trust me, people love me, and people consider me family there. No offer can make me abandon my family.”
Hotch tensed in response to my words. “I think you should consider taking an offer in another department that doesn’t require you to travel as much,” he said quietly. I turned my cheek to look at him. “With Emily and Jack, our hands are so full, but we’ve been making it work because you’ve been at home. What happens when you’re back in the field?”
“Would you take the same job, if you were offered it?”
“Probably not.”
“Because I love the field.”
“Y/N…” he whispered in my ear, reaching over to lift my chin with his fingers. “You should really consider it. I don’t want you to get hurt out in the field.”
I put my hand over his. “Aaron, if there’s no pressure on you to stay home with the kids, and you just get to stay with the BAU because you love it, then I should be shown the same consideration.”
He kissed my cheek. “You’re right.”
“I know.”
He chuckled lightly. “I love you.”
“I love you.” I turned to look at him and kiss his lips slowly and passionately. And then his phone started ringing, making Emily squirm before letting out a cry that practically said: “Why have you awoken me from my slumber?!” I sighed. “Aaron—”
“I know, I know.” He passed Emily over to me gently before he started rolling off the bed so that he could answer the call in the hallway. “I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay.”
“I’ll be back in a sec.”
As he left the bedroom, I adjusted Emily in my arms, bouncing her lightly while cooing against her nose that everything would be alright. I was so done with the shrieking. Someday, I was going to give her a lot of shit for all of this yelling, crying, and pooping. She was going to hate the way I would inevitably tease her about it endlessly, but she was my daughter… my perfect baby girl… I wanted to remember her like this forever and always. When she was big, and maybe expecting a kid of her own one day, I’d tell her about how she kept me up night and day with her shrieking. This would all be a distant memory before I would even know it. I felt my heart break somewhat. I didn’t want her to get any bigger than this. Growing up meant that she would want to explore the world, and I knew just how cruel other people and places could be, and especially to innocent, precious little rays of sunshine like her. I didn’t want her to get hurt. Ever. I wanted to just keep her safe in my arms until the end of the time. I could do that, right? No… But I could cherish this for a little longer, at least.
“They need me in the office for something,” Hotch whispered to me while walking back in. I let my eyes fall shut in order to hide my disappointment. “Here…” He reached out for Emily, offering to help calm her down and put her in bed before he would leave. I let him. As he lifted her and rested her tiny torso against his shoulder, giving him a chance to pat her back while bouncing on his toes slowly, he started humming Black Bird for her. I smiled and slumped against the pillows. “I’ll call Jessica to see if she can stop by later to watch the kids so that you can rest for a bit,” he said after noticing how I was already out of it.
I nodded with my eyes still closed. “Thank you.”
Emily started calming down. Her cries and shrieks slowly turned into pants that turned into coos before she fell asleep in his arms. “And like that…” he whispered, “she’s out like a light.” I heard him shuffle to the crib so that he could set her down. Our bed shifted as he sat next to me. “Baby,” he put a hand on my thigh, “call me if she starts fussing again and your humming doesn’t work.” I nodded. “Y/N, I’ll stay, if you need.”
“No,” I insisted weakly. “Go. I’ll be fine. I just need to sleep.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Just… Aaron…” I opened my eyes to look at him. “Promise you’ll let me come back for the next case?”
He stared at me for a moment while registering what I said. When it dawned on him, he shook his head. “I can’t promise that.” He grabbed my hand and kissed my knuckles. “I’ll see you later tonight. I love you.”
“I love you, too,” I whispered, my eyes falling shut again.
Not even an hour later, however, Emily started crying again, and Hotch was already long gone again, leaving me to roll out of bed and lift her up into my arms. I didn’t bother trying to sing to her again. Apparently, that was Hotch’s thing, and I was stepping on his toes by making the futile attempt. So, I just sat there and cooed to her while heading downstairs to make some food for myself and also Jack who would be waking up in a few minutes to start playing video games and watching movies for the entire day. I smiled when she managed to fall asleep after feeding, giving me a chance to make myself a lazy breakfast.
When Jack woke up, he came running downstairs in his pajamas, he begged for me to grab the Cocoa Puffs from the top shelf in the pantry. Hotch and I had to put them up there because Jack was getting addicted to them. He was eating them 24/7. But, on occasion, especially when Hotch wasn’t around, I would let Jack have some. So, I carefully handed Emily over to him so that I could grab the box from the top shelf and pour a fair portion into a bowl for him.
Afterwards, when he had shoveled every single pebble into his mouth and then proceeded to slurp down all of the chocolate-y milk, he put the dish in the sink for me, like I asked, then scurried off to watch TV, like I assumed he would. Only, this time, I decided to join him. With Emily in my arms, I dragged my feet all the way from the kitchen to the living room, where I crashed on the couch. Jack turned on something from Cartoon Network. You know, Saturday morning cartoons. I had Emily sitting on my stomach, letting her little hands play with my fingers up until the point where she started trying to chew on them. I shook my head and kissed her cheeks. At least she wasn’t teething yet. JJ warned me that if I thought Emily’s cries and shrieks were bad now, I just had to wait and see how bad it would get within the next few months or so when Em would start teething. Shit. I was hardly getting sleep as it was, I couldn’t imagine it getting any worse.
Halfway through a cartoon, Emily fell asleep against me. Her little breaths slowly turned into hiccups, which made me laugh. JJ used to warn me all the time when I was pregnant that Emily could hiccup in the night, which would keep me up. I guess I got lucky, though, because she only hiccupped once, and it was while I was at work with Garcia. We were sitting in her office, waiting for the team to call for help or with an update. We were ridiculously bored. At some point, Garcia revealed that she had a huge tub of Twizzlers hiding under her desk. Together, we went through all of it, and I supposed that was the trigger for Em to start hiccupping non-stop. It wasn’t annoying, like JJ said it would be. No, it was funny. When it started, I jumped, thinking that something was wrong, but then Garcia started laughing when it kept happening, at which point we realized what was happening. That was the only time she ever hiccupped, though. I almost wished that it would have happened again while Hotch was home, just so that he could have laughed with us.
Finally, when she stopped hiccupping during the cartoons, my smile faded and my eyelids started getting too heavy to keep open. So, I did what felt natural… I slowly fell asleep with the glow of the TV in the room and dumb cartoon sounds ringing in my ears.
I woke to the sound of the front door opening. The TV was off, Jack long gone to go play soccer outside, it seemed by the way I could hear the soccer ball hitting the side of the house over and over again as he practiced his passing. I rolled my eyes. At least Emily was still asleep on my chest, no sign of waking up any time soon. The drool soaking my shirt was a downside, though.
“I didn’t mean to wake you,” Hotch whispered.
I shook my head. “It’s okay, baby.” But then I realized who it was that was standing there and why that was odd. I tilted my head in curiosity at him. “Wait…”
Since he had been called away so early and left in such a rush, I was sure that he was headed off on a case elsewhere in the states. Yet, there he was. Standing there in his suit—which he must have changed into either before leaving when I fell asleep, or maybe even when he got to the office if he didn’t want to disturb me—he smiled shortly at me. At first, I didn’t think anything about it. I figured that we were both just tired, and he was probably busy, so I didn’t ponder on his short, yet still sweet, smile that he sent me, and I reciprocated.
“You’re home early.”
“Yeah…” He sounded like his mind was elsewhere.
“Is everything alright, my love?”
“Has anyone called with an open position?”
I furrowed my brows. “No.” Why was he asking?
Hotch swallowed hard before moving to approach the couch and sit down beside me, offering to take Emily from my arms. I watched him curiously. He was being awfully quiet for someone who just got home and would usually shower me in kisses and a thousand different ways for him to tell me he loved me. But he seemed like something awful was weighing on his mind, which was so concerning to me.
“Baby, I’m gonna have to go,” he admitted quietly to me while looking down at Emily. “I’m so sorry.”
I shrugged and smiled with relief. “Okay, so you have another case. I’ll see you in a few days.”
Hotch didn’t say anything. He kept his gaze glued to Emily as she played with his finger using both of her tiny hands. Something wasn’t right. If Hotch was being sent on another case, he wouldn’t have come home, especially not early. He would have stayed at the office and he would’ve just called me to tell me that he wouldn’t be coming home for a few days. This was different. He was acting differently.
Emily kicked against his elbow as she continued to wrestle with his finger. I cooed her quiet before looking back up at Hotch. “What is it?”
He lifted his gaze to meet mine. “They’re sending me to the Middle East to lead a task force.”
My heart sank in my chest. I let out a breath of disbelief then hid my face in my hands. A task force in the Middle East? What was he talking about? The BAU didn’t handle things like this— especially if it were just him. He warned me that morning about the possibility of reassignments, but I didn’t think this was what he had in mind, and I thought that we were going to talk about it before either of us accepted or declined any kind of offer that would be thrown our way. We just had a baby, and now he was being sent on a mission that was going to leave me alone for months? I didn’t know how to do any of this on my own. I wanted to go back to the BAU desperately, but that was because I was confident that between Hotch, Jessica, and I, we could balance it all. Jessica was struggling to keep up with Jack and Emily as it was… I couldn’t imagine what would happen if Hotch left. There was a strong chance that I wouldn’t even get to go back to the BAU if this actually happened. That didn’t feel fair. Why did I have to give up my dream so that he could lead a task force that he didn’t even want anything to do with? Or… did he want this and he just never told me? If so, when did he decide that it was something he was interested in pursuing, and why the fuck did he not tell me? It suddenly all made sense to me why Haley always got so frustrated with him. Our family was right there in D.C. and Virginia, and he wanted to tuck tail and run off to who knew where in the Middle East. 
“Don’t do this to me, Aaron… Please…” I lifted my head away from my hands so that I could look at him again. He seemed so sad to be leaving, but he wasn’t doing anything to prevent it. This was an opportunity, not an order. He could have turned it down whenever. “I can’t do this alone.”
“I’ve already talked to Jessica. She’s offered to move in until—”
I scoffed. “So, you’ve already made up your mind and talked to Jessica about it before you talked to your own wife.” I shook my head.
How could he do this? At first, I was distraught because I couldn’t bear the thought of being away from him for so long, especially while our daughter was only three months old, which wasn’t old enough for him to be away from her. He was the only one who could get her to sleep nowadays. The only one. No matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t get it to happen. I couldn’t do it all alone… I had never spent so much time away from him before Emily, but at least I knew that he was coming back to me every case. Now, I didn’t know anything.
I grabbed his face between my hands and turned his cheek to make him look right at me, though he was fighting to still look away. I was going to make him face this. If he was going to make a decision like this, he had to at least look me in the eye as we talked about it. I pouted at him. “Please stay,” I begged.
He let out a shaky breath. “I can’t.”
“Please.” Shouldn’t that have been enough? Shouldn’t his wife begging him to stay with his family been enough to convince him to never leave again?
“I can’t… The decision’s already been made. I’m leaving in a week…”
I hit at his shoulders roughly, a choked back sob finally escaping me. A fucking week. I was going to lose my everything in a week, and there seemed to be nothing I could do to stop it. Was this fate? Were we always destined to fall apart like this? The worst thought I had in that moment was, what would Haley have done if she were still around and in my shoes? Maybe she would have taken this chance to leave him. Honestly, if she were still alive, I probably would have run to her, of all people, and asked what to do; even though I already assumed that she would tell me that it was time to leave him. But I didn’t want to. I loved him more than anything, and I didn’t want to have to leave him just because he was leaving us. That didn’t seem entirely fair.
“How long will you be gone?”
“I’m unsure.”
“What will you be doing there?”
“It’s classified.”
I chuckled. “Of course it is.”
“Baby, you know that I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.”
“Is that what you told Haley before you left for that last case before she decided to leave you?”
“Y/N,” he growled with a bitter tone.
“I’m sorry,” I apologized.
I knew that was wrong of me. I knew that bringing that up was unfair. Hotch and I always promised to fight for each other, even if it meant fighting with each other from time to time. Haley never gave Hotch the same courtesy. That was why she left and why I wouldn’t. Maybe Hotch should have thought about that before taking this offer in the first place. This offer… How could he beg me to tell him if someone called me with an offer, but he didn’t tell me first when he got an offer and before accepting it? I was so pissed… I couldn’t even bear to sit with him any longer. I knew that if I stayed on that couch with him, my anger was only going to grow, and I was inevitably going to hate him. Not on my watch, though. I just needed time to let this blow over so that I could try talking him out of it again later.
I took Emily from him without asking. Hotch hesitated for a moment, practically reaching out for her again before she was even out of his arms. I shook my head at him. “Maybe you should go talk to your son about why he won’t have a dad for a while.” I stood and left the room with that last stinging line.
The next morning, I was still angry. I think yesterday was spent sprinting between depression and denial over and over again while trying to find some kind of acceptance in between, but there was none. So, I woke up in the morning to find Hotch still resting peacefully, as if nothing were wrong, and I was mad. I was fucking pissed. He had fucked up a handful of times in the past—just like everyone else—but this was probably the worst. It felt like we were approaching the end. With our newborn in the cradle next to our bed and our son just down the hallway, I knew that it couldn’t be the end. It just couldn’t. But how was I supposed to believe that when he was going to be gone? We were going to both be alone on opposite sides of the world…
Perhaps there was one thing, however, that could remind him of why he married me. Maybe it would even be enough to convince him to stay. But I couldn’t do it while Jack was around. Saturdays were Jack’s relaxing days, then Sundays were his homework days, which meant that he was going to be working down in the dining room all day, which was too open for us. So, it had to wait until Monday. The good news was, that on Monday morning, I was still just as pissed as I was on Sunday. In fact, probably more so now. Yesterday, while I was sitting with Jack to help him with his homework, Hotch didn’t ever approach us. He didn’t ask to talk to me, he didn’t talk to Jack, and he didn’t even sit down to spend time with us or eat meals with us. Fucking ridiculous.
So, while Hotch was dropping Jack off at school, I started preparing my plan. At least, the first half of it, because the rest of it required Hotch to actually be there. When I was ready, I carefully lifted Emily out of her cradle and carried her to her own room to sleep, just in case. Then, I heard the door open. I rolled my shoulders back to fix my posture, as if I were suddenly dawning a new persona, and then I headed downstairs.
“Jessica called, Y/N,” Hotch said from the front door, meanwhile I was still on the stairs, “she said she’s going to be traveling next month, so she won’t be able to look after the kids. We might have to think about getting a nanny since you’re going to be heading back to—” He stopped when he saw me turn the corner. “I…” He chuckled to himself. “What’s this for?”
“Not you.” I turned away from him, the short skirt of my dress flaring up somewhat, revealing how I wasn’t wearing any panties.
I spent most of the morning walking around in that dress, bending down in front of him every chance I got, reaching up for things like the clean towels in the closet or a book up on the highest shelf in the living room. Hotch was silent about it at first. Then, he started testing the waters to see if I was really being bratty or just obvious. He learned quick that I was being bratty. When he asked if I could grab the laundry, I simply said, “No.” When he asked if I wanted any breakfast, I said, “No,” and walked away. Around ten, he asked me if I wanted him to pick up Jack from school later, and all I said was, “I don’t care.”
Next thing I knew, Hotch stormed across the room, held his hand out, and then he pressed his grip against my neck as he pushed me and against the wall. I gasped for air. It didn’t seem to matter, though, because Hotch only squeezed tighter, and he pressed his thigh between my legs. He glared at me. His eyes searching mine, I could see the hints of anger and lust brewing inside of him, something that she was trying to hide, to no avail.
“What the fuck are you doing?” he growled.
“Nothing? Nothing, what?”
“Nothing, Aaron.” I was testing him. He huffed before moving his grip around the back of my neck so that he could start leading me towards the bedroom. “No, wait— Aaron—” I started playfully struggling against him because I didn’t really want to escape from him. At least, not yet. “Baby, I’m sorry!”
Hotch didn’t respond to me. He just opened the door angrily, then led me to the bed with him, still careful to ensure that I wouldn’t trip or hurt myself on my way there. As we approached the end of the bed, Hotch pressed on the back of my neck with his palm, forcing my face down onto the mattress. I hissed at the feeling. When I tried to stand up straight, Hotch increased his strength, pinning me down. I finally gave in, my knees buckling in response to the way his aggressiveness made me embarrassingly wet. But before I could get too comfortable, Hotch made another move. While he grabbed my wrists in order to spread my wingspan across the width of the bed, he also kicked his foot between my ankles with a short and stern demand to spread my legs.
When he was sure that I wasn’t going to budge, he carefully stepped away from me, then moved towards the closet. Shit. Shit, fuck, shit, shit, fuck—Hotch had been so careful with me since we found out that I was pregnant. We hadn’t used the black box since the honeymoon. Of course, since having Emily, it was hard to find time here and there to actually get to all of the fun stuff in the box. I mean, there was hardly any time for us to fuck at all—but we managed to find time since it was an important part of our lives and our relationship, and we knew it. But this… I didn’t think he was going to snap like this.
“Do honorifics mean nothing to you now, brat?” he hissed while pulling out two length of ropes.
“I said I’m sorry!”
He leaned down to whisper in my ear, “Stop speaking out of turn,” as he took my left wrist and looped the rope around it. “Got it?” I nodded. He chuckled at how I caught sight of the trap before it could catch me. He kissed my shoulders. “We’ll use Colors.” I nodded again, knowing that he was probably on edge, too, considering this was the first time we were using ropes in a long time. After roughly tying my left wrist to one of the bedposts, he said, “Color, baby girl.”
“You’ll tell me if it’s Red?”
“Yes, Sir.”
With the reassurance, Hotch moved towards my other wrist, which he tied to the other bedpost. “Maybe you’ll learn your lesson this way.” Suddenly, he flicked the skirt of my dress up, leaving me entirely exposed to him. I gulped. “Stay like that.”
He stepped away from me to grab something else from the black box, but I couldn’t hear what it was until it was too late. He pressed a vibrator right against my clit. My legs buckled again, the mattress and the ropes barely catching me. When I tried to close my thighs around the toy to try and grind against it, or maybe even to escape it, Hotch pressed his legs between my knees to make sure that I wasn’t going anywhere.
“Don’t even think about cumming, slut.”
“Fuck,” I cursed under my breath while hiding my face in the covers.
“Brats don’t get to cum.” He started moving the toy up and down my slit, making sure that every sensitive part of me felt the full force of the vibrations. “I’m gonna keep it right here,” he pressed it directly against my clit again, “and if you cum, things will only get worse. Got it?” I whimpered. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up roughly. “I asked you a question.”
“Yes, Sir.”
He let go of me and turned up the speed of the toy. I cried out somewhat and tugged at my restraints as hard as I could, as if it would help make him stop. Even if I escaped, he wasn’t going to stop. He would inevitably just pin me down himself and make sure that I stayed there the way he wanted, taking what he had to give me. Fuck. My stomach was already twisting into a knot. I felt so out of practice with all of this. My stamina was suffering the most, which meant that my orgasm was already approaching, and it was going to be damn near impossible to hold back.
“Sir, may I cum, please?” I begged before I could get too close to the edge.
I cried against the comforter. “Please.”
“I said, no.”
I tensed my stomach as much as I could in an attempt to stop myself from getting any closer to cumming than I already was. “Please, please, please…” the plea kept escaping me without thinking. I knew that it wasn’t going to do any good. I knew that he was probably grinning behind me while watching me struggle against the ropes that were keeping my arms spread, and at how I was wiggling my hips in protest—even though it was probably just making the stimulation worse. “Sir,” I choked out, “I can’t—”
“Hold it.”
But I couldn’t hold it back any longer. My legs shook as I tipped over the edge, my orgasm washing through me ten times harder than I had anticipated, making me scream into the mattress. Before I even came down, though, Hotch shoved two of his fingers into me and curled them right into my g-spot. I struggled again. It was too painful to keep going, but Hotch didn’t care. I had cum without permission, especially after being a brat all day, and that was a big no-no. Not that he didn’t expect this outcome. He knew exactly what game it was that he was playing by denying my orgasm and then proceeding to force it out of me, anyhow. He was hoping that I would break the rule. He was counting on my broken down stamina betraying me during the one scene where I needed it to help me out the most; because no he had every reason in the world to make my life a living hell.
“Did that feel good? Hmm?” he asked.
“Yes, Sir.”
“It felt good to break my rule and cum without permission?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“It won’t feel good in a few minutes.”
My eyes widened as I glanced back up at the wall. “No, please, wait—”
“Green,” I answered reluctantly. As much as I hated the thought of what was in store, Hotch hadn’t actually crossed a line with me yet.
Hotch kept the vibrator pressed against me, ignoring the way I was still trying to close my legs and pull against the ropes, and that was when his fingers started thrusting in and out of me at an unrelenting pace. “You want to cum, huh? Fine… Cum. I’m not going to stop.”
My knuckles turned white against the ropes as I kept pulling as hard as I could. “I’m sorry, Sir. Please.”
“Are you sorry? Walking around in this dress all day… Teasing me… How did you think this was going to end?”
“I— Fuck—” I stopped myself when he added another finger inside of me. “Please, I’m so sorry.”
“I don’t believe you.”
I made an attempt to buck my hips away from the touch of the toy and his fingers, but he moved with me and then pressed harder to make sure I wouldn’t budge. I was too sensitive to keep going. I probably had another orgasm in me, but that was all, considering how out of practice we were with this stuff. If he tried to go any longer than that—
“Fuck!” I cried, shaking against his touch. “Please!”
“Cum,” he demanded when he felt me tighten my walls around him. I shook my head. “Do it. You said it felt good, so do it again.” I kept shaking my head in protest, but my body had decided that his words were enough to convince me to tip over the edge, so I came again, this time with a little less force considering how tired I was getting. “Poor baby…” he cooed when he saw me shaking helplessly.
“Please…” I whispered. “I can’t…”
“You don’t get to tease me and think that there won’t be a punishment in store for you, slut. You know the rules.”
“I was just mad…” I croaked. Hotch slowed his fingers and turned down the toy somewhat. “I just wanted to keep you here. I’m sorry…”
He turned the toy off and carefully slid his fingers out of my wet entrance. “Are you dropping?”
I shook my head, but Hotch was already working on untying me. “I was just mad,” I repeated. I was just mad and thought that I had to do something to make him mad, too… I was just mad…
Despite what we had done, I still wasn’t over Hotch’s decision, or the arguments that we were having. I was sore from straining my muscles, and my mind was exhausted. So, I was really just done with being around him constantly. I needed a break, and I figured that the best way to do so was by texting Morgan to see if he wanted to grab some lunch with me, and when I got the go ahead from him, I slid out of bed, got dressed into something more appropriate, and headed out without saying anything to Hotch.
When I arrived at the restaurant, I turned off my phone so that I could give Morgan all of my attention. I approached the hostess’ table to tell them that I was meeting someone. They grabbed a menu for me before leading me through the dining room and to the back door where the patio was open since it was such a nice day out.
“They live!” Morgan cheered from the table across the patio. I smiled and hurried over to him, my arms out to catch him in a hug after he stood. “It’s so good to see you, baby cakes.”
I squeezed his neck as tight as I could. “Freedom’s nice.”
He laughed and released me. “I’m sure.” He pulled a chair at the table out for me, then pushed it in under me slowly as I sat down. “How’s my goddaughter?”
“Always crying.”
“I told you I’d take her today.”
“You had her yesterday.”
“For an hour.”
“You know what, next time, she can just sleepover at your house with you and Clooney, and you can get up every time she throws a fit,” I joked.
I squinted at him before glancing down at the menu to consider what I wanted. The thought struck me that if Hotch were really leaving, then we were probably going to have to get a nanny, like Hotch said when he came home from dropping Jack off at school, but it would also be nice to have Derek’s help. He always offered, after all. There were a handful of times over the past few months where he kept asking to take Emily to the park, or to introduce her to Clooney—which was a big no-no with me right now since he was such a big dog—and so on. Maybe it wasn’t too far out for me to ask if he’d be willing to help out just a bit. I mean, I didn’t mean that he had to constantly be there or answer my calls every time, but… Since she had been born, Morgan had been hanging out with Emily every Sunday that he was in town, so maybe he’d be interested in hanging out with her more often than just Sundays. Then again, he had his own life. He was still in his playboy phase, so it was unlikely that he wanted to carry a baby around all the time. Though, babies were chick magnets… Hmm…
“Something’s on your mind,” he finally said.
I looked at him. “What?”
“You’ve been staring at the menu.”
“Yeah, ‘cause I’m thinking about what I’m going to get.”
“Mhm. Hey, remember that conversation we had when we talked about how I always know when something’s wrong with you? Yeah… I remember. And it’s still true. So, tell me.”
I sighed angrily, slamming the menu shut, and set it on the table while rolling my eyes. Not at him, of course, but just in general. “Did Hotch tell you that the Director is trying to rearrange the BAU’s funds again?”
“Yeah. He warned the team that we might get offers.”
“Did you?”
“I was offered Kate’s spot at the New York Field Office again.”
“Are you gonna take it?”
Derek immediately shook his head. “No. I love where we are too much. Besides, NYC is too dirty and smelly for me.” Yeah, well, the Middle East was all dirt and sand… Maybe Hotch should have considered that aspect, too. “Y/N,” he began warily, “did you take an offer?”
“No…” I croaked, looking down at the napkin on my lap.
“Did Hotch?”
My lip quivered as I nodded.
Morgan sighed. “What is he—” He stopped when the waiter came over with our drinks. “Thanks.” When the waiter was gone, Morgan continued, “What was the offer?”
“A task force in the Middle East. The rest of it is ‘classified’, apparently.” I shook my head in disappointment while picking up my drink.
Morgan eyed me carefully but didn’t say anything yet. He was waiting for me to find the words to describe how it was that I was feeling about the whole situation, but the truth was that there were no words. I knew that I was angry, I knew that I was depressed, and I knew that I was going to be very lonely for a while because of how this was making me feel and react. I was lashing out at Hotch, and that wasn’t the right thing to do. Some part of me understood that. Some tiny, little piece of my mind was screaming at me to do better, to support Hotch like I normally would because I didn’t want to turn into Haley; but reality took the wheel instead of reason. The reality was that Hotch was leaving his family at a time when he needed to be around more. I just had a baby, our daughter was so young that she still needed her father around, and Jack needed reassurance from his father that he wasn’t being forgotten. But Hotch had decided to run from all of that. He made the choice to leave, and so I got angry, and I wanted him to fucking know it. Not that it would help.
“I don’t know what to do,” I admitted. “Is it weird that I just want to go numb?”
“Then, why can’t I?”
“Because you know in your heart that you have to solve this—if not for your relationship, then for yourself. I know you, Greenaway, and you don’t like leaving pieces of your life unresolved. Whatever the decision ends up being, I know that you’ll at least end up feeling at peace with it eventually because you’ll know that you did all you could.”
“I want him to stay.”
“What does your life look like if he doesn’t?”
“No. I mean, really, what would your life look like? How would you make it work, because I know for damn sure that you’re not going to give up on him.”
I hated it when he got all wise on me because that was when he started to make the most sense. “I—”
“Alright. What can I get for you two?” the waiter said while speeding over to our table and flipping his notepad open.
After we ordered and turned in our menus, he hurried away, and I looked at Morgan again.
“Realistically, Jessica would have to help out more, which isn’t fair of me to ask of her, even though, apparently, she’s offered to move in with us while he’s gone. I just don’t want to do that to her. But Hotch was right when we talked on Saturday about it. He’s going to be gone and I’m going to be busy with work. There’s no one around who can rush home if Jack or Emily suddenly need something important. Like, I can’t just drop a case because of it, you know? When Hotch and I were working together, it was easy because one of us could stay at work while the other ran home. But now… That’s not an option anymore. So, realistically, my life is going to boil down to family or work, not family and work.”
“And you don’t want to have to make that choice.”
“Of fucking course not. I’ve been dying to get back to work, Derek. I can’t stay holed up in the house any longer, I swear.”
“So, you need an extra pair of hands,” he said, almost like he was alluding to something.
My eyes widened at the realization. “No—”
“—Absolutely not!”
“Why not, pudding?”
I squinted at the nickname. “Because you have a dog, a line of girls waiting to fuck you, and your own life to worry about.”
“Well, Clooney can either stay downstairs all the time because you guys got those godforsaken baby gates—” Yeah, we all hated those because we kept forgetting that they were there, so we kept tripping, but then it was also ridiculously hard to open them while juggling a baby in one hand and trying to get the lock undone with the other— “Or, he can stay with a friend.”
“So, we do musical chairs, but with our babies. You get Emily, and your friend gets Clooney?”
“Why not?”
I shook my head. “I can’t believe…” I started laughing.
“Listen, Y/N, I really want to help out. You’re my best friend, and Hotch means a lot to me—and I know how much this opportunity means to him—and Emily’s my goddaughter, so, of course, I want to help out as much as I can. It’s not a big deal. Please, let me help.”
I stopped laughing long enough to gauge just how serious he was. His posture was still straight and unchanged, his eyes were soft like he was pleading, and his breathing was steady, which meant that there was no hint of an act or a lie. He was being serious. When I thought about asking him to help out here and there earlier, I didn’t anticipate this would be the outcome. But how could I say no? I mean, even if I did, it wouldn’t have made a difference. Derek Morgan was going to jump every obstacle between him and Emily until I would inevitably just give in to his offer; so, why not just make it easy for him?
He smiled. “Okay.”
When I arrived home, a smile still on my face as I recalled a stupid joke Morgan cracked during lunch, I set my stuff on the table next to the door and hung up my jacket on the coat rack. The house was dark, which was… peculiar. It was Monday evening, which meant that Jack should have been running around or doing his homework downstairs. And there was no hint of Emily crying. Peculiar. Where had everyone gone?
That was when I turned into the living room to see Hotch sitting there, facing the TV, which was off. Odd. I carefully approached him in case he was holding Emily in his arms and she managed to fall asleep. But once I got close enough, I realized that he was just sitting there. He was staring at the wall.
“Hi,” I welcomed cautiously. He didn’t say anything. “Aaron?” He looked at me shortly, anger washing over him before he turned back to face the wall. “Where’s Jack?”
“A friend’s house,” he answered shortly.
“Sleeping upstairs.”
“And you?”
He didn’t answer.
“What’s wrong?”
“Where were you today?” he asked quietly and calmly, even though there was a bite behind his words that insinuated that he was secretly boiling with rage. I sighed and shifted to take his hands. He moved away from me. “I dropped today.”
I stopped. “What?”
“I Dom dropped, and you weren’t there. I called you three times, and you didn’t pick up. I’ve just been sitting here all day, freaking out, thinking that I actually hurt you this time around, and that maybe that was why you were avoiding me… and that…” He took in a deep breath and looked away from me. “Where were you?”
“Baby, I didn’t know—”
“Where were you, Y/N?” he repeated, this time his anger breaking through.
I swallowed hard, then sucked in a shaky breath, none of which was helping me calm down for his sake. Hotch had never Dom dropped. Ever. I should have known that the one time I would disappear after a scene without a trace and without talking to him, it would take a toll. I should have known. And, yet, I didn’t do anything to prevent this because I was so caught up in the idea of escaping him and our stifling home long enough to just feel my legs again. Realistically, what I should have done was told him initially how I was feeling. I should have told him that I liked all the attention, and I liked what we were doing, and I was okay with the punishment I received for being a brat, but that I needed a break from all of it. I should have told him that I was mad at him. I was mad because he was leaving, and not even the sex was going to keep him home with me.
He would have understood. He would have cared for me and made sure that I didn’t drop, which would have been enough aftercare for him to not drop. But I wanted to see my friend, and I didn’t take my partner’s feelings into consideration. That wasn’t right. Not only did I fail in that moment as his submissive, but as his wife, and as his partner for nearly four long, blissful years. We were more open than this. We didn’t abandon each other’s feelings like this. All I could think was that I was sorry, but I knew that wouldn’t fly in this situation. I needed to do more.
“I was with Morgan, getting lunch.”
Hotch buried his face in his hands. “You could have told me that.”
“I had to turn off my phone so that I could focus on him. I’m so sorry, baby.” I tried reaching out for him again, and this time he let me. I put my hands on his shoulders, then slowly started squeezing, massaging away his tension, releasing all of the anger that was building up inside of him. “How long have you been dropping?”
“Since you left.”
“Okay…” I kissed his bicep. “Okay. I’m sorry. Did you have lunch?” He shook his head. “You need to eat. Do you want a sandwich or a salad or something?”
He moved to put his hands over mine. He brought them over his shoulders, moving me so that I was sitting on my knees behind him, my chest pressed against his back. “Can we just…” He let out a sigh after kissing the back of my left palm. “There’s some leftover pizza in the fridge. I’ll have that.”
I kissed the back of his head. “Alright.” I let him kiss my hand again before I shifted off of the couch and headed to the kitchen.
Once I had the pizza reheated for Hotch, I carefully balanced the plate and a cup of iced tea for him out to the living room. I slowly handed it to him while sitting down. He silently thanked me before setting the glass down, then settling his grip around one of the piece’s curst. I scooted closer to him so that I could rub my hand over his back as a comfort. He melted somewhat. He continued to eat through the two separate pieces before drinking the iced tea. Then, when he was done, he relaxed against my touch, letting me run my fingers through his hair over and over again.
“Baby, if I knew, I would have stayed. If I knew, I would have come back. I am so sorry, I wasn’t here, Aaron. You’ve never dropped, so it didn’t cross my mind.”
He sniffled. “I don’t know why it happened. I’ve just been so fucked up since I found out that I’m leaving, and I’ve been taking it out on you, and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t’ve gone that far with you this morning.”
“It’s okay. I was fine with it, Aaron, I swear. I know you think you hurt me, but you didn’t—you never have, and I doubt that you ever could.” I carefully grabbed his hand, but he reached around to hug me. I kissed his neck. “Look at me.” He did so. “How do we handle this in the future? Tell me what I need to do, and I’ll make sure this never, ever happens to you again.” When I offered getting him some food, I had just guessed that was what he needed, but everyone handled dropping differently.
“I don’t… I don’t know,” he admitted. I brushed my fingers through his hair. “I wouldn’t know what would help…”
“Well, there’s a handful of things. You know me, I like physical touch. Being held by you and loved by you is enough to help me not drop or to stop dropping entirely. But some people like service—like food, or clean, warm clothes or sheets; others like distractions, like movies or exercising; I’ve been with someone who always needed sexual release when she Dom dropped.”
Hotch squinted at me. It wasn’t that he disliked hearing about past partners, but he didn’t like being compared to them. That wasn’t even my intention. I only brought it up because it was hard to tell him that it was okay if he wanted to cum while he was upset. That didn’t make him a bad guy. Even though it was a long time ago, and she and I were young, I could remember vividly how she’d tell me if she felt off after a scene, and I would just know what to do, and she’d immediately feel better. That was how we worked. But I never thought that Hotch would need it, too. I hadn’t seen this coming—which was very much my fault—and so now I needed to find out how to prevent this in the future. His job as my Dominant was to make sure I was in a safe environment before, during, and after play scenes. I neglected my job as his submissive to show the same courtesy. She would have never let that happen because she knew herself well enough to warn me, but Hotch hadn’t seen this coming.
“Just,” I patted his chest, “whatever you feel like you need, tell me. I don’t want you to ever have to go through this again—especially alone. Okay?”
He nodded. “Yeah.” He stayed quiet in order to consider all of his options. I continued to brush his hair back out of his face. A thought that was hitting me was that Hotch hadn’t cum before I left, which could have been part of the problem in the first place. He was so caught up in the idea of punishing me that he hadn’t even taken the chance to fuck me, or even use my mouth. And then, like he was reading my mind, he said, “Could you…” He gulped and rolled his hips instinctively. I smiled lightly. “I’m sorry… That’s stupid…”
“No, it’s not,” I insisted, shaking my head. “Just relax.”
I slid off the couch and landed on my knees before crawling my way between his thighs. He was already hard in his pants from waiting with anticipation. The point wasn’t to tease and play with him. The point was to make him relax and have him release the stress and anxieties that came with dropping. So, I immediately fiddled with his belt, buttons, and zipper, then pulled his pants down—with the help of him lifting his hips up, of course. When he was just in his boxers, I grabbed onto his waistband, then looked up at him. His head was already thrown back against the cushions, his arms stretched out over the back of the couch. While sliding his underwear down, allowing his erection to spring free against his stomach, I asked if he was alright. He nodded shortly.
When I took his shaft in my dominant hand, he hissed and tensed. I shushed him quietly to make sure that he would relax again, and I didn’t move until he did so. As his thighs on either side of my body released the tension that had built up, and his hands turned from fists to laid out palms on his chest, I pumped my hand up and down a couple of times before moving to luck my tongue over his tip.
“Fuck, Y/N—” He stopped himself from moaning too loud because Emily was still asleep upstairs. “More…” He tangled his hands in my hair. “Please.” I let him push my mouth onto as much of his length that would fit—and then some. Rather than pulling on my hair, like he normally would, he instead opted to run his thumb over my cheek bone to encourage me. “So good,” he whispered when I started bobbing my head quickly. He held me as I hallowed my cheeks and used my tongue for extra stimulation. The goal was his release, that was all. There was no need to waste any kind of time. “Baby…” He was so breathless, and I could feel him tensing up again, so I snuck my hands under his shirt to feel up his loose abs, careful to avoid the scars that had been there for years and would be there for the rest of his life. He removed his hands from my hair. When I felt his fingers dance over mine through his shirt, I spread mine so that we could interlock. “I’m gonna—” His abs tightened against my touch, a thousand curses and breathless moans escaped him, and his hips bucked around slightly as he came. “Fuck, fuck, fuck— Shit—” He whimpered submissively as he rode out his orgasm. When I was sure that he was done, I slowly pulled off of him and swallowed, and I wiped my lips clean with my fingers. Hotch sat up to slide his pants on. “Come here.” I sat with him, but then he moved us so that we were spooning together. “Thank you.”
“Do you feel better?”
I kissed his bicep that was against my cheek. “Good. I’m glad.”
Silence hung in the air for a few minutes as we both caught our breath, and I was thinking about how he didn’t want me to leave today, and I didn’t want him to leave in a few days… It was all so messy.
“We do have to think about getting a nanny,” Hotch whispered. I scoffed. “I’m serious. With me gone and you heading back to work, it just makes sense that we have someone here all the time with Emily who’s not Jessica.”
“Well, maybe if you stayed, we wouldn’t—”
“I’m not fucking staying, Y/N,” he hissed. “I’m sorry, baby, but I don’t know how much clearer I can be.”
“I’m not going to stop trying to keep you home with me, you know?”
He hummed a “yes” in my ear while pulling me closer. “I know.”
“Will it help?”
“Probably not.”
I screwed my eyes shut to stop myself from crying quietly against him. “I love you, Aaron. More than anything in the world. I just don’t want to lose you.”
“You always feel like you have to control everything around you, Y/N, I understand that—in fact, that’s a reason I fell in love with you in the first place. But sometimes you can’t control everything… And when that happens, you just have to admit it and try to move on with your day.”
“I can’t.”
“You’re going to have to try if you’re going to get through this.”
I brought his hands up to my face and kissed his knuckles while thinking about how I couldn’t bear the idea of having to get through anything without him by my side. He was going to be gone for who knew how long. He was going to be who knew where in the Middle East, doing who knew what, risking his life who knew how often. How was I supposed to survive that? How was I supposed to sit around in our home or at the office and do nothing? How was I supposed to trust that he wasn’t going to get himself killed out there? I just didn’t want to think about it anymore. For once, I just wanted to pretend like he wasn’t leaving at all and that I had nothing in the world to worry about.
“I love you,” he whispered in my ear. “More than anything in the world.”
A tear slid down my cheek. “I love you, too.”
criminal minds family: @peggy1999 @gorgeousdarkangel @alex--awesome--22  @oceaneblu @brithedemonspawn @absolutemarveltrash @bshelley322 @rousethemouse @sunshinepower17 @weexinling @pettttyyyc​ @Braty-angel
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puff-intheclouds · 3 months ago
(disclaimer: this is satire and should not be taken seriously. enjoy this masterpiece.)
“He admired y/n’s silky blond hair as he gazed into her ocean blue eyes.”
(stop this.)
(- Mod Puff! ☁️
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angrybirdcr · 4 months ago
Marie’s Weekly Recs ⦃10⦄
Tumblr media
APPRECIATION MASTERLIST // Here you can find different fanfics (Mostly Marvel, CEVANS & S.STAN RPFs and their characters but also most recently The Mandalorian too!) sorted by characters, but you can also check the WEEKLY RECS section to read the fics of the week
These are fics that have been recommended to me and that I’ve read/liked/reblogged at some point with small comments/reviews.
FIC RECS are Open!! Please feel free to send me your recs so that they can become part too!! Help us to spread the love!!
Please keep in mind the conditions sited on HERE!
Divider by me! // Feel free to use but credit please!😉
Tumblr media
💌 mean one-shot  //   📖 means series
🔥 means smut  // 🚨contains warnings
💖means fluff // 💔 means angst
🔗means AU //
Tumblr media
Love Galore by @afriendlyblackhottie// 📖 🔥 💔🚨🚨
Summary: It’s been two years since the last time Andy saw you. Even after all that time he’s still the one you come to when don’t have anyone else to turn to. Pairings: Andy Barber x Black!Reader Warnings: 18+ only, smut, swearing, infidelity, Daddy kink, mentions of abusive relationship, mention of death, breeding kink, missionary, rough sex, squirting, creampie, oral (female receiving), degradation, dirty talk
Did I say Daddy!Andy? The amount of kinks found within this series was amazing! If want to read about a different version of Andy then this fic is definitely for you!
Late Night Cravings by @angrythingstarlight//💌💖🔥
𝘚𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘺: : Your late night pregnancy cravings lead to Andy stuffing you with another treat. 𝘗𝘢𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨: Andy Barber x Reader 𝘞𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴: Smut, 18+ Minors DNI, Fluff
Oh this was incredibly fluffy and hot altogether!! Daddy!Andy becoming a daddy and taking care of his sweet baby mamma has no comparison!!
Hirsute by @avintagekiss24//💌🔥🔗
pairing: werewolf!andy barber x black!reader warnings: 18+ ONLY, dub con, exophilia, #monster fucker, smut, sex, rough sex, anal sex, slight pain kink, slight choking kink, vaginal fingering, cockwarming, masturbation, hand job, squirting, explicit language
Oh, the combination of Bucky and Andy Barber meet Werewolf world meet eager reader in a mysterious way?? Uff 🔥🔥🔥 I must warn you tho about the insane level of heat this fic had!!
Tumblr media
Love Nest by @autumnrose40// 🔗 💌 🔥 💖
Pairing:  Omega Steve Rogers/Alpha Female Reader
It completely captivates me the balance of the romance with the smut in them and the beautiful nest there
The Secret Queen of My Heart by @sweetflowerdreams//🔗 📖💖
Pairing: King Steve Rogers (x Reader) Warnings: Royal AU, mentions of infertility Summary: As the King of a powerful and large country, Steve is forced to make decisions to protect and secure the future of his kingdom.
Another beautiful Royal AU to add to my collection of masterpieces! King!Steve in any shape and for will always hold my heart. I can already sense the problems about to arise as he looks for an allowed solution to his predicament and I look forward to read more about it!
Promises and Sacrifices by @pagesoflauren​//📖💖💔🔥🔗
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale  or Steve Rogers x Asian!reader period!AU Summary: Just before the beginning of your first season out to society, you meet one man in the rain while your father hosts another as his esteemed guest. With your attention divided, both men stand a great loss in light of your possible rejection. Warnings: swearing, love triangle (no throuple), racism/racial prejudice, eventual smut, angst. More warnings to come!
This is just a premise of what is yet to come and I’m truly excited for that! I absolutely love period romance and this one right is the promise of one amazing ride and I’m here for it!!
I Might Have To See It By Myself by @fandomfic-galore//💌💖🔥
Pairing: Steve x Reader Warnings: smut, swearing, belly bulge, oral, choking, rough sex. Square filled: Belly bulge for @star-spangled-bingo Summary: Steve and the reader have been friends for years but what happens to their friendship after the serum.
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Pure FIRE!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 That’s the best way to describe it without giving too much away!! Did I mention size kink?? Oh, yessss!!  Wonderful work! Go ahead and read this one, you won’t regret it!!
Creeps and Confessions by @tuiccim//💌💖💔
Pairing: Frank (Endings, Beginnings) x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: Cheating, angst, fluff, innuendo. Summary: Heartbreak and mending?!
Frank being an utter asshole and Bucky the gorgeous sweetheart  that he is. I loved readers’ strong reactions here and Bucky’s support, being there for her when she needed it
Unrequited by @sapphirescrolls//💌 🔥 💖
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Black Reader Summary: Breaking up is hard to do. Warnings: 18+, smut, angst, bit-o-fluff.
A beautiful story about Bucky getting the love that he deserves despite the difficulties that she has to get through him, but once she does they both enjoy a beautiful romance.
Nothing Else Compares by @xbuchananbarnes//💌💖
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader  Summary: after a night out with the boys, Bucky ends up getting married. A year later, he reunites with his wife, only to find out she’s engaged to someone else.
You don’t notice the length of this story because you’re so enthralled by their interactions, so sweet, so clumsy yet so meaningful! The way that they dance around their feelings before finally admitting their love even after everyone from their circle could already see it before them...💖💖💖
Crawl Home to You by @msmarvelwrites//💌🔥💖
Summary: “For as long as I live, I will be yours. You’re stuck with me, unfortunately for you. I’ll crawl home to you, always.” Pairing: 1940’s!Bucky x reader Warnings: High levels of angst, explicit sexual content (+18), foreboding fluff… A possible part 2?
This was heartbreakingly beautiful! When words are not enough to express what burns inside you then you must let your body do the talking
A Maiden’s Tale by @world-of-aus //📖💔💖🔗
Pairing: Mob!Bucky x Dolores (arranged marriage) / Mob!Bucky x Maid!Reader Warnings: fluff, angst, smut (chapters will be marked accordingly) Summary: Growing up you found yourself working with your mother for the Barnes residence. You didn’t expect to make friends, much less find a person your heart loved. A love that you couldn’t have because it wasn’t written in their books, so you have to forget. Fast forward years later and your once more working for the Barnes residence, but now you’re working for their son, the one your heart yearned for, but will the set arranged marriage keep the two of you from one another.
This keeps getting better! I still can’t believe how Bucky would let her act like that to others, I’m now looking forward to see how that plays out for him
Sharing is Caring by @moondancewrites//💌💖🔥
Summary: reader x bucky where reader is always sharing her desserts with bucky/he just thinks she’s polite but she literally NEVER shares her food with ANYBODY else/she likes Bucky. Another character sees her offer bucky food and they confront Bucky alone like “dude. She shared??? With you??” He confronts her/they confess/they have sex (I am a sucker for your smut!) Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: Smut, language, fluff
This recently came across my dash and it completely wrecked me! In the best of ways! This is so sweet and steamy altogether! She’s so cute sharing with him and showering him with love and the ending is fire!! 
Jewelry by @merecless //💌💖
Pairing - Nomad!Steve x Fem!Reader Rating: Mature for innuendo but still an 18+ blog
Fluff and Humor in the right amounts to entertain you from beginning to end. Such a sweet piece!! Go ahead and check it out!!
Scenting Home by @sweetflowerdreams//🔗 📖💖🔥
Pairing: Alpha Steve Rogers x Omega Reader Warnings: a/b/o dynamics Chapter summary: Steve goes with you to the registration office to make your introduction to his pack official as well.
Yes!! I’m in love with this series even more with each passing chapter. The way that Steve behaves with her, so protective, possessive, caring... He always makes sure that she’s properly taken care off and feeling safe. 💖💖💖
Not So Happy Ending by @stxvercgersslut​//💌💔
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader Description: Not everyone gets their happy ending, Steve just happens to be one of the unlucky few. Warnings: Death, lots of angst.
O.M.G!! 😭😭😭 The levels of angst here went off the roof!!Have you ever listened a heartbreak? Well, if you haven’t then you definitely will with this fic here, Steve’s heart breaks like a vase falling off the highest table... unfixable. 
Swept off Her Feet by @nomadicpixel//💌💖
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Rating: Adult Summary: Your first-time meeting ‘Captain America’ is less than ideal. Now he’s everywhere you look.
An undeniable chemistry that ignites a beautiful romance!!! You must read it to find out their story!!
A Single Shot of Love by @bostongirl13//📖🔗🔥💖💔
Pairing: Mob!Steve Rogers x reader Summary: She is a federal agent and he is the boss of one of the most powerful mafia.  Fate wanted their paths to cross, which could cost them both more than they were willing to sacrifice. Chapter warnings: murder, a description of a dead body
Nothing enthralls you more than mystery, the bits here and there that let us know about a deep story behind her shield, a dangerous path that seems to be catching up with here and add am agent with somewhat dubious intentions and a sexy man dressed in black staring right back you and you get the recipe to one amazing fic that I can’t wait to read more about
Time To Run by @syntheticavenger​//📖🔗🔥💖
Warnings: 18+ going forward. A tiny bit of angst and fluff before Steve begins his journey to exact justice on Brock. Pairing: Mob Boss! Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Here we watch Steve’s super protective side with her and how that protection also extends through his loyal partners, she find in them the family that failed to protect her but that threw her to the wolves instead. Now she’s learning with him to get back her confidence and to finally get the chance at true love with him
You Make It Real by @autumnrose40//💌💔🔗
Pairing:  Steve Rogers/OC Maggie/OFC Summary: Steve does the unthinkable and now pays the consequences
Loved the angst contained on here, when everything is a matter of perception what did you really see? vs what was the true behind it? Steve sadly takes the wrong step and now must see his love walking away from him
Smitten For You by @jbbarnesandnoble//💌💖
Pairing: Modern!Sam Wilson x Tall!Reader Summary: Morning runs, snowball fights, puns and coffee dates :) Warning(s): FLUFF, play fighting (do either of those need to be a warning? idk) BAD PUNS, I edited it once, but it’s 12:53am and I’ve been exhaused all day so that means nothing.
We don’t have enough Sam Wilson fics and this is definitely sweet! Loved the puns too! Sammy is such a an adorable dork!!
Tumblr media
Maybe In The Meantime by @starlightcrystalline//💌💖🔥
PAIRING: Colin Shea x Fem!Reader  WARNING: 18+ ONLY. Contains smut, fingering, unprotected sex (wrap before you tap), alcohol.  SUMMARY: You’ve just moved into a small studio apartment in Boston. Your love of loud music brings your neighbour to your door.
Oh, this has all the right checkmarks for extreme hotness and heart attack inducing content!! Having Colin as your neighbor, your hot and sexy neighbor, coming into you (pun intended! 😏😅) with the promise of more?! Where do I sign??
Tumblr media
My World by @chuckbass-love//💌💖
Pairing: Johnny Storm x Fem!Reader Warning: None, all cute and fluffy. Soft Johnny.
Incredibly sweet! Softie! Johnny is a dream and I can definitely see him like a great dad without losing his wit and game with the ladies, he’s got a big heart!
Feeding the Flames by @sweater-daddiesdumbdork//📖💖🔥
Summary- 2.5k Johnny Storm x You. Johnny always had a wild side, needing the rush of speed and adrenaline. You might have a bit of a dangerous streak in you as well. After one of his competitions, he sneaks you back into the Motorsports Arena to give you a hell of a ride.
The most cleaver use of a bike that I’ve ever seen... Oh, holy guacamoly!! I felt the temperature rise in the space with their steamy session, I really don’t want to spoil you but I can tell you without a doubt that it will evoke many many emotions but regret won’t be one of them!!
Tumblr media
Just 2 Months by @denisemarieangelina//💌💖🔥
Pairings: Chris (or whatever character you want Chris to be) and reader Warnings: Making out, sexual thoughts, nakedness. NO ONE UNDER 18+ PLEASE
A few words full of warmth and love, thoughts of closeness and a deep bond. I always love her sweet stories full of emotions!!
Tumblr media
Coffee and Muses by @bucky-the-thigh-slayer//💌💖🔥
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female Reader Summary: You meet him at a coffee shop, he’s kind, he’s beautiful, and he’s the grandson of your new employer. Love brews between you, but what happens when he keeps secrets? Warnings: Some fluff, a tiny bit of angst (nothing major though), there is always cursing in my fics, and SMUT including some butt stuff (why am I obsessed with writing butt stuff recently? Let’s not look too deeply at it). OBVIOUSLY THIS IS 18+ ONLY, PLEASE RESPECT THIS IF YOU ARE A MINOR OR I WILL BLOCK YOU.
I was delighted by this story! It navigates Ransom so well, it shows you his softer side, his caring side. He gets to redeem himself while confessing his feelings
Tumblr media
A/N: Another successful week of reading!! I’m loving the journey of so many wonderful stories here and so many talented writers. I’m really looking forward to read more of them!!💖💖💖 
Note: You might notice that some of the fics on here have longer comments than others, I have to clarify that it doesn’t mean that I loved them less or more than the others but I simply don’t want to sound repetitive. How so? Well, just a small reminder that, like the disclaimers at the top mentioned, I’ve already liked, reblogged and reviewed all of these stories individually during the week, so this list is the compilation of all of those works that I had the blessing to enjoy. 
Thanks for the support!🤗💖  A big hug to you all! 
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sugamamacustard · 4 months ago
Hello! Just read your jealous Omgea reader x Kuroo and fell in love with ABO again. If your taking request, can I have a continuation of that? With alpha and the team just taking care of her and making sure she is recovering and knows she’s loved? I just feel like the boys would just be stuck by her side from now on and making sure she’s okay.
Here you go! I tried my hardest,  but it ended up much shorter than I wanted. I hope your okay with that! 
 -> Please Don’t Let Me Go (Pt. 2)
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noona-clock · 4 months ago
What’s Your Sign?: Aquarius
Genre: Future/Space!AU
Pairing: Yunhyeong x You (Female!Reader)
Warnings: None
Words: 6,180
Author’s Note: Since I’m so fascinated by astrology, I decided to do a Zodiac series! I will be writing a one-shot fic for each sign featuring different members from different groups (and even an actor!). Each story will be posted on the 5th of the month during that sign’s season. Please reblog, comment, or send in an ask with your feedback! Thank you for your support 💜
Tumblr media
Yunhyeong’s eyes blinked open as the soft trilling of his alarm clock began to gently float through the air, and as he did every morning, he forced himself to sit up to decrease the chances he would fall back asleep.
As the alarm began to get slightly louder as the seconds passed by, Yunhyeong cleared his throat and opened his mouth to speak the first words he spoke every morning: “Computer, turn off alarm.”
The trilling cut off and the eerie silence of outer space settled in his bedroom.
Honestly, he should be used to the absolute quietude of being in space, but... somehow, he wasn’t. It still put him on edge and made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.
“Computer, what’s the weather like on Earth?” he asked as he swung his legs over the side of his bed and stood up, sliding his feet into his slippers.
“Please specify a location,” the computer replied, and even though it was literally a computer, Yunhyeong was pretty sure he detected a hint of sass in its tone.
“All right... how about... Paris?”
“Please specify. There are fifty-three locations on Earth named ‘Paris.’”
Yunhyeong pursed his lips in slight annoyance before retorting, “What’s the weather like in Paris, France?”
“It is currently three degrees Celsius in Paris, France, with a 36% chance of precipitation, 68% humidity, and winds of 14 km/h.”
Well, it certainly didn’t spark any romantic images of the City of Love in his head, but it was interesting to know, at least.
I guess.
“Thank you, Computer,” Yunhyeong murmured as he turned around and bent to make his bed.
He didn’t start every morning asking the computer in his living quarters what the weather was like on a prominent Earth city, but maybe now he would. Maybe he would have to add that into his usual morning routine, right in-between getting out of bed and smoothing his sheets down over his mattress.
I mean, it had been a full two years since he’d lived on this space station, so it was probably time for a small change... right?
As long as the change didn’t get in the way of his research, of course. That’s the whole reason he was out here in the first place, alone on a privately-funded space station: to research and, hopefully, breed new species of plants.
Climate change was (and had been) really taking a toll on Earth, but technology in the last few decades had allowed most, if not all, humans to immigrate to various other planets and space stations in the Alpha quadrant. But living in space and on non-Earth planets meant having to figure out whole new ways to farm and live off the land -- even when there was no actual land.
So, Yunhyeong had been delegated by the government to conduct research and experiments on a fully-equipped space station to try and grow new edible plants.
It sounded boring, yes, but it really wasn’t! I mean -- not for him, at least, because Yunhyeong loved to cook. More than anything, really, he loved cooking.
He just felt at home in the kitchen, and nothing excited him more than experimenting with ingredients and coming up with new recipes. Even if the dish turned out to be basically inedible, he never felt defeated or like he should just give up. On the contrary, cooking energized him! And it felt that much better when he got a recipe right.
Honestly, that’s the only reason Yunhyeong had accepted this position even though it had meant living by himself for... who knows how long? 
He was an outgoing extrovert, but being constantly alone was overshadowed by the fact he was constantly cooking and growing his own ingredients -- and being paid for it!
...Still, though. Sometimes he did have to admit that it would be nice to have some company. Someone with different taste buds who could try his recipes and give real feedback.
When he’d asked his manager why it had to be a solo mission, the reasoning had made sense: adding another person into the mix increased the probability for conflict, and it was pretty vital that Yunhyeong stay focused on his end goal.
Totally understandable.
But that didn’t stop him from daydreaming at night just before he fell asleep.
We... won’t get into that, though. The day had just started, after all!
After making his bed (and, today, hearing about the weather in Paris, France), Yunhyeong ducked into his closet to change into one of his government-issued suits. All of his clothes were basically the same, and while it had bothered him a bit after first moving here, he’d gotten over it pretty quickly. No one else was here to see him, so what did it really matter what he wore? The clothes he’d been given were perfectly fine, and he would have plenty of time to dress a bit more flashily once he returned home.
As he always did, Yunhyeong quickly but thoroughly brushed his teeth after getting dressed, ran a comb through his hair, then set off toward his hydroponics lab.
Once he began his work -- taking cuttings of new plants that were growing, jotting down observations of changes which had happened overnight, experimenting with the sand from a nearby planet and seeing how its cellular structure changed when different liquids were added to it -- he realized that today would be just a typical day. Another day as same as the ones before it.
It had actually been quite silly of him to think that something so trivial as asking about the weather conditions on Earth would somehow have an effect on his day.
Except... it kind of had. Nothing major, of course. He still got his work done as he always did, and he was still incredibly focused. But he also found his mind had been slipping, daydreaming about Paris, France -- especially centuries ago when films were in black and white and men walked around in suits with hats every day. 
Paris back then seemed so romantic, didn’t it? He imagined the whole city had a sort of candlelit glow about it even though there had definitely been electricity at that time. But candlelight made it dreamier and, even though he was a botanist by trade, Yunhyeong was a total sucker for anything dreamy.
(Did this have something to do with the fact that an old girlfriend had once told him he had very dreamy eyes? Perhaps.)
By the time his mid-day meal break rolled around, he’d gotten plenty of work done and made plenty of progress with his modified Thyme plant; he also found that the almost-ancient song “La Vie en Rose” had become stuck in his head.
Since he didn’t have to work for the next hour or so, Yunhyeong asked the computer to play the song through the station’s intercom system.
A warm but immediate thrill emanated through him as he heard the opening notes, and he told himself he would have to play music more often -- any music. He hadn’t realized until just now how lifeless this space station truly was. 
He lived here, but was he really living?
It’s not like he expected this situation to turn into some sort of romantic film where a beautiful stranger happened to be passing by and fell in love with him at first sight. He was level-headed enough to realize that would never happen! 
But he could still have fun, couldn’t he? Off the clock, of course. His job was too important and time-sensitive to risk losing focus because he wanted to have more fun.
No, he could absolutely wait until he’d finished work for the day before turning on some music and letting loose.
Oh, boy, he could just imagine it now: some good music flowing through the intercom -- maybe some Jazz music. A nice glass of wine. And his mother had sent him a very nice pair of silk pajamas recently that he hadn’t yet worn --
He was, apparently, at the age where jazz music, wine, and silk pajamas was considered “fun.”
But, to be fair! He was in outer space! On a space station! By himself! Growing plants for a living! What other kind of fun could there be?!
It’s not like he could just go out to a restaurant or a club with some friends and --
A sudden and very loud banging interrupted his thoughts, and Yunhyeong was so startled that he almost dropped his glass of water.
His brow furrowed immediately as he took a few steps out of his kitchen, craning his neck past the doorway to look toward the entrance to the station.
The station didn’t really have a “front door,” per se, but for all intents and purposes, someone had just knocked on his front door.
More than knocked, actually. They sounded like they wanted to smash the door right off its hinges!
“Who in the world could that be?” Yunhyeong muttered to himself as he cautiously crept toward the entrance. He hadn’t received word that a supervisor was coming for an evaluation or anything, and he couldn’t imagine someone would come all the way out here for an unannounced visit.
Just as he reached the keypad to unlock the inner door, his mysterious visitor knocked loudly again, though they sounded more desperate this time.
Yunhyeong quickly typed in the code, and after hearing the hiss of the door unlocking, he turned the handle and opened it.
You rushed in as soon as the gap was wide enough, barreling past Yunhyeong and nearly knocking him over.
“Whoa!” he cried, startled and very, very confused. “Who --”
“I’m sorry, I don’t have time to explain,” you answered after you’d just barely come to a halt a few feet away from him. “But the police are probably going to be here soon, and I need you to tell them you don’t know anything, okay? You’ve never seen me before. Where can I hide?”
Yunhyeong stared at you, blinking slowly in astonishment.
“I -- I’m sorry?” he stammered.
“Where can I hide?” you repeated, your voice hurried but quiet. “Please, I must hide. I’m fairly certain they’ll be here any minute now.”
“The police! I just --” you hissed, though you stopped yourself short and took a deep breath. “I can explain everything later, I just need somewhere to hide.”
Yunhyeong stared at you some more, and now that you weren’t blabbering on about hiding from the police (seriously?! Hiding from the police?!) he was able to take a few moments and gather up the situation in his head.
You -- a complete and total stranger, of that he was sure -- had just showed up at his space station asking to hide from the police.
...This couldn’t be real. Right?
And what made it even more unbelievable was the fact that you were actually quite beautiful.
If he had to be totally honest, your attractiveness was one of the very first things he’d noticed.
He was an adult male who’d been living entirely alone for an extended period of time, okay?! Can you blame him for noticing that someone was incredibly pleasing to look at?!
But then his thoughts of your looks were interrupted by his thoughts of what you’d said.
You needed somewhere to hide, and even though he absolutely should not let you hide in a government-issued space station... his romantic sensibilities took over.
I mean, hadn’t he just been thinking a very short while ago about a beautiful stranger somehow appearing on the station?! And how he’d never considered that it would actually happen because things like that don’t ever happen in real life?
But it was happening now! A beautiful stranger had somehow appeared on the station!  You were most likely a criminal, and there was a very good chance he would lose his job if anyone ever found out he’d helped you...
But, I mean, come on. You can’t blame him for thinking this was just a tad exciting!
So... yes, he was going to help you! And if you ended up staying here and falling in love with him, then so be it!
“My lab,” he said, nodding toward the door behind you.
You let out a soft breath and murmured a thank you before turning on your heel and darting into the room.
He followed you, pointing out the small storage room where he kept his extra equipment and watching carefully as you rushed over to it.
As soon as the door slid closed behind you, there was yet another knock at the station’s entrance.
Yunhyeong’s eyes widened slightly for two reasons: 1) He hadn’t had any visitors in a very long time, and now, all of a sudden, he was about to have two? 2) You had been eerily correct about the police showing up any minute -- if this was, in fact, the police. 
He wasn’t sure who else it would be, so he made a hasty retreat out of his lab and back toward the entrance.
Again, he quickly typed in the code to open the door, and he had just barely touched the handle before the new visitor -- or visitors -- let themselves in.
“Excuse us, Sir,” said a middle-aged but very fit man in an Intergalactic Police uniform. “I’m very sorry to disturb you, but we’re looking for a wanted criminal and thought we’d tracked her down to this area.”
Yunhyeong gulped, nervous that he wasn’t a good enough liar to help keep your cover. But he would do his best!
“A -- a wanted criminal?” he asked as he knit his eyebrows together in worried confusion. “What -- no, I haven’t seen anyone. It’s just me here. I haven’t had any visitors for... well, quite some time. Or ever, really. I’m doing government research, you see, so I don’t really have time for anything except my work.”
The policeman nodded slowly, and the younger woman in uniform behind him let out a short huff of breath, obviously frustrated their lead hadn’t taken them any closer to catching you.
“Understood,” the woman murmured before adding. “So sorry to bother you, Sir. If you catch word of anything, please contact us as soon as you possibly can. We believe she should be considered armed and dangerous.”
...Excuse me?
Yunhyeong’s mouth fell open slightly, and his brain was starting to yell at him to tell these police officers the truth. He hadn’t seen any weapons on you when you’d come in, and you had certainly seemed more panicked than dangerous... but they were saying quite the opposite!
Except... he hadn’t seen any weapons on you when you’d come in. 
If he remembered correctly, which he had to assume he did since you had just come in a few minutes ago, you weren’t wearing large or baggy clothing, so there really wasn’t any place to hide a weapon -- unless it was a very small weapon. In that case, Yunhyeong felt almost confident that he could manage to take it from you somehow.
Plus, your beauty was definitely clouding his judgement, and he wanted to get the chance to actually talk to you before letting you go and never seeing you again.
So, instead of coming clean and being a useful, helpful citizen, Yunhyeong simply nodded. “Yes, of course,” he assured the officers. “I will keep an eye out.”
The officers turned to leave, but the man stopped before he could turn around all the way.
“Actually, would you mind if we just did a quick search?” he asked in a very polite tone. “Just protocol, of course. Plus, she might have beamed in without you knowing, and we wouldn’t want to leave without knowing for sure you’re not in any danger.”
Yunhyeong raised his eyebrows but then took a step to the side and extended his arm out into the station to allow them inside. “Please, be my guest.”
The female officer headed back toward the kitchen where he’d been putting together his lunch not even ten minutes ago while the male officer basically made a beeline for his lab.
“Ah, that --” Yunhyeong said, following him and peering into his lab over the man’s shoulder. “That’s my lab.”
“What did you say you do again?” the officer asked curiously.
“I’m doing research,” Yunhyeong answered. “Plant research. For the government.”
The officer let out a low hum of understanding and continued to stand there, presumably eyeing his equipment and searching the room for any signs of an intruder.
But the longer he stood there, the more quickly Yunhyeong’s heart began to beat.
Finally, the officer took a step back and turned on his heel to search other areas of the station.
Yunhyeong let out a soft breath as soon as the officer was out of sight then went back to the station entrance to wait for them to finish.
After only about five minutes, both officers met him at the door, thanked him for his cooperation, and wished him a nice day before stepping into the small chamber separating the inside of his station from the void of outer space and beaming themselves out.
Yunhyeong closed the inner door, turning the handle to lock it and letting out an anxious breath. But he didn’t have time to lean back against the door and gather his thoughts because there was currently a wanted criminal hiding in his lab.
He practically ran to the doorway of his lab, grasping the doorframe and calling out, “They’re gone, you can come out.”
A few seconds later, the door to his equipment storage room opened, and you peeked your head out.
“They searched the station and just left,” Yunhyeong explained, his heart fluttering inside his chest upon seeing you again.
You let out a breath and stepped fully into the lab, closing the door quietly behind you. “Thank you,” you murmured as you began to make your way over to him.
“Sure...” he replied expectantly, waiting for you to start explaining the situation.
When you stopped a few feet in front of him, a cautious and bashful smile tugged at your lips. “So...” you started, your voice a bit shaky. “I, uh -- It’s really not as bad as you might be thinking.”
Yunhyeong couldn’t stop from smirking -- just a tiny one. “Well, the police said you’re a wanted criminal who should be considered armed and dangerous, so what I’m thinking is pretty bad.”
Your eyes widened and you held your hands out in front of you, waving them a little to assure Yunhyeong he had it all wrong. “No, no -- I’m not armed, I swear! And definitely not dangerous. Just -- This is going to sound like I’m making it up, but I promise you, I’m not.”
Well, now Yunhyeong was really intrigued. “Go on,” he pressed.
“I... Well, for the last couple of years, I’ve been working on a... project.”
“That doesn’t sound shady at all,” Yunhyeong chuckled.
“I was trying to create a clone,” you explained hurriedly. “Nothing shady, exactly. It’s kind of a long story, but I got a research grant and decided to try cloning but it didn’t turn out like I expected because my clone kind of went rogue and she is the armed and dangerous one. Not me. But the police don’t know it’s a clone, obviously, so they’re looking for me when it’s really all just a big mistake!”
Your story did sound a bit far-fetched, and Yunhyeong shouldn’t have believed it.
But... for some reason... he did. There was just a look in your eyes that told him you were being truthful. A timbre in your voice that emanated sincerity.
So, he believed you. Despite logic telling him he shouldn’t, he did.
One corner of his lips lifted into a half-smile then, and he said, “Well, you’re welcome to stay here for a bit. Are you hungry?”
A look of pure relief washed over your exquisite features, and you held out your hand toward him. “I’m Y/N, by the way. That’s my real name, you can look me up.”
Yunhyeong let out a soft laugh as he shook your hand. “Don’t worry, I believe you. And you’re safe here. I’m Yunhyeong.”
“Thank you, Yunhyeong,” you replied, your hand gripping his firmly. 
But then, suddenly, your grip loosened, and you wavered a bit where you stood.
“Oop!” Yunhyeong uttered as he reached out to steady you. “You all right?”
You grasped onto his forearms, and when you tilted your head to look up at him, he saw your complexion had blanched quite a bit.
“Yes, I --” you murmured. “Sorry, I guess I haven’t eaten in a while, and the adrenaline’s worn off, I’m so sorry.”
“No, no, come eat,” he said as he moved to slide one arm around your back and then began leading you toward the kitchen.
You continued to apologize as he helped you down the hallway, and once he’d pulled out a chair at the small table, he assured you there was absolutely nothing to be sorry about.
To be honest, this whole situation was quite thrilling for him. A mistakenly wanted criminal who had almost fainted from hunger? He had never cooked a meal for a mistakenly wanted criminal who had almost fainted from hunger before, but he now felt like this was what he’d been meant to do. Born to do.
I mean, he’d always loved helping and taking care of people, and he certainly loved cooking.
(Plus, you were just so gosh darn beautiful. It was his absolute pleasure to have you in his home and serve you a home-cooked meal!)
He whipped you up the quickest but heartiest thing in his repertoire: a ham sandwich. But his ham sandwich was not just any old ham sandwich. Of course, not! He used only the best mayonnaise, only the best lettuce and tomatoes grown right here on the station, only the best bread he’d baked himself last night, and only the best ham... which was not really the best ham because, living in space, he had to use his food replicator. And he hadn’t yet found one single food that was quite as good when using the replicator. It was fine, but it just didn’t taste exactly the same.
Oh, well. He hoped the rest of the fine ingredients would make up for the slightly less than average ham.
“It’s not much,” he said when he set the plate in front of you just a few minutes later. “But it’ll do the trick.”
“Oh, no, are you kidding? This is wonderful,” you said breathlessly, your eyes widening slightly as you gazed at the sandwich. “You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been eating the past couple days. This seems like a feast compared to that.”
Yunhyeong couldn’t help himself; after hearing that remark, he pulled out the other chair at his table and slid into it, his brow furrowed with curiosity. He set his elbow on the table and rested his chin in his palm before asking, “What happened?”
You took a huge bite of sandwich first, closing your eyes with pleasure as you chewed. And then you began your story.
You told him all about how your clone had gone rogue for reasons you still hadn’t figured out. She had replicated weapons and gone on a crime spree, robbing and killing anyone she could get her hands on. You actually got choked up as you told him, and Yunhyeong had to resist the urge to reach out and put his hand over yours.
Of course, you had tried your best to stop her, but that had only made it easier for the police to confuse you for her and make you their target.
Once you’d realized the police were on the hunt for you and not your clone, you’d gone into fight or flight mode -- and you had chosen flight. You’d hidden anywhere you could find, only staying in one place for a few hours.
“How did you end up here?” Yunhyeong asked, taking your empty plate and standing up to make you another sandwich. You’d eaten this one so quickly, and if you really hadn’t eaten much real food over the last few days, there was no doubt you had to be famished.
“Honestly... pure happenstance. I just found a small space station on the map, punched the coordinates into my transporter, and beamed right in.”
A smirk tugged at Yunhyeong’s lips but he turned to start making your sandwich before you had the chance to see.
Pure happenstance. Luck. You hadn’t come here by design; you’d just picked his station and beamed yourself in unknowingly.
“Y’know...” he began as he took two more slices of bread. “It’s funny because I’ve been on this space station by myself for quite a while now, and just this morning I was thinking about some beautiful, random stranger just happening to pass through. But, obviously, I was thinking about how it wouldn’t happen.”
“That,” you said before clearing your throat. “That’s a strange coincidence.”
When Yunhyeong glanced over his shoulder, he saw your expression had turned shy, and it made him feel a little shy. Which was odd because he was rarely ever shy.
“Very,” he murmured in agreement after turning back around and continuing to make your second sandwich.
It was comfortably silent for the next minute or two, the only noises that of Yunhyeong spreading mayonnaise on bread and tearing up the lettuce to fit better on the sandwich. But then, when he turned back around to join you at the table and set the plate in front of you again, you murmured a soft but earnest “Thank you.”
“My pleasure,” Yunhyeong replied before once again sliding into the chair across from you. “And... you’re welcome to stay here as long as you’d like.”
You had just picked up the sandwich to take a bite, but upon hearing his words, you paused. Your brow knit together, forming deep wrinkles in your forehead. “Oh, no, I --”
“I think you’d be safer here than anywhere else,” Yunhyeong interrupted gently. “The police have already been here, and there’s no logical reason they would come back here to look for you. At least, not for a while. And maybe we could get this all squared away in the meantime. Find your clone and clear your name.”
You stared at him in slight confusion for a few moments before shaking your head a little and asking, “But... why? Why would you... help me?”
Yunhyeong let out a soft chuckle and lifted his shoulders into a shrug. “I guess... it’s been a long time since I’ve even talked to another person face-to-face. And you’re innocent. I can’t just let you go and risk you getting caught and arrested when you’re only guilty of an experiment gone wrong.”
For a split second, he thought about adding on the fact that you were incredibly nice to look at, and he was becoming overwhelmed with an urge to take care of you. But when he remembered the shy look you’d gotten after he’d just said the word beautiful, he decided against it.
For now, at least.
You slowly put the sandwich back down on the plate, and before Yunhyeong could try to distinguish the expression on your face, you burst into tears.
“Whoa,” Yunhyeong murmured, his head jerking back in surprise. “No, please --”
“I’m sorry,” you sniffed, bringing your hands up to cover your eyes and cheeks. “I just -- It’s been difficult the past few days, and I thought --”
Without hesitation, Yunhyeong got out of his chair and crouched down next to you, resting one hand gently on your back and the other on one of your wrists.
“It’s all right,” he assured you in the gentlest voice he could manage.
“I can’t even remember how many times I thought I was going to die,” you admitted, your voice muffled and interrupted by sniffling sobs. “And you have absolutely no reason to help me, but you are, and I’m so relieved, and I just --”
Yunhyeong shushed you, rubbing your back and watching with concern as you began to wipe your cheeks.
You then turned your head and looked over at him, tears still brimming in your eyes.
“Thank you,” you choked out.
Yunhyeong’s lips curved into a smile, and he moved his hand to your shoulder, squeezing you there. “You’re welcome. You’re going to get through this, okay? I can help. I work for the government, so I bet I can get in touch with someone who can straighten this all out.”
You shook your head a bit and gulped down the large lump of emotion obstructing your throat. “But I -- I can’t do anything to repay you --”
“I told you that I’ve been living here on my own for a long time, right?”
You nodded.
“Honestly, having some company is repayment enough. Just... be my friend,” he said with a tiny shrug. “For as long as you’re here, that’s all I ask in return. Be my friend.”
Yunhyeong’s heart burst when he saw the corners of your lips lifting into a small smile, and it began to glow in his chest when you nodded again.
“If you’re going to keep feeding me delicious food, I can definitely be your friend,” you assured him.
“Hey, if it’s delicious food you want, you’ve come to absolutely the right place,” he grinned before squeezing your shoulder one more time and then standing up to let you eat your sandwich in peace. “Listen, I’ve got to get back to work soon, but feel free to look around and make yourself at home. There’s not much, really, but there’s a shower and some extra clothes.”
“Okay,” you said quietly, nodding and wiping away the last of your tears.
As you turned back to the table and began to eat your sandwich, Yunhyeong quickly made one for himself to take back to the lab. Since he’d been interrupted by... this whole situation, he hadn’t been able to actually have anything to eat during his lunch break. But as long as he turned away from the plants and equipment to eat, it should be fine.
“I’ll just be in the lab,” he said after completing his sandwich and heading out toward the hallway. “Let me know if you need anything, okay?”
“Okay,” you answered just before he stepped through the kitchen doorway. And then you called out, “Thank you again! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this!”
Yunhyeong simply smiled to himself.
Hopefully, he would be able to get back into his work mindset -- at least for a few hours or so. He needed to try his best to get as much work done as possible because he had a sneaking suspicion you were going to become more and more of a distraction the longer you stayed here.
Tumblr media
Even though he had been given no parameters as far as work hours when he’d started this position, Yunhyeong had set a schedule for himself to try and keep some semblance of a normal life. He, like most people, needed time to unwind after working all day, but if he had no specific clock out time, it was very possible he would work well into the night.
So, from his very first day on the station, he’d set an alarm for six in the evening so he could force himself to stop working and enjoy his evenings.
And, unsurprisingly, his evenings after work always started off with cooking.
But, unsurprisingly again, this evening was a little different than most.
Or... all. It was different than all of the evenings he’d had on the station thus far. Every single one.
Over the past several hours, he’d only heard your presence on the station a few times. He must’ve been too focused on work to notice much else -- either that or you’d just been incredibly quiet. But, apparently, you’d been up to a lot because when he locked up the lab for the night, he caught sight of you standing by the window in the living room across the hall. Your hair was wet and you were wearing a pair of his pajamas, something that unexpectedly tugged at his heart.
“Hey,” he greeted as he stepped into the room. “I’m all done with --”
He trailed off when you turned around to look at him. Your face had been scrubbed clean, and even though you really didn’t look much different -- if at all -- the sight of you standing there, fresh-faced with damp hair and wearing his pajamas... it made his heart jump up into his throat and his breath catch, for some reason.
Truly, it had been far too long since he’d had any social interaction.
You must have thought he was staring at you for reasons other than that, though, because you bashfully looked down at the pajamas and said, “I wasn’t sure if it was okay -- I can just wear my own clothes if you --”
“No, no,” he interrupted hastily, taking a step closer to you. “No, it’s fine. Sorry. Wear whatever you want, really.”
Your lips curved into a soft grin, and you gestured behind your shoulder with one hand. “I was just admiring the view,” you told him before turning back around to gaze out the window.
Yunhyeong joined you, taking several large steps to come and stand next to you.
He glanced very briefly out at the scenery before him, finding his eyes were of a mind to settle on you instead.
Either he had forgotten just how beautiful you were or the relief of being safe had melted your anxiety and heightened your attractiveness because... wow. The slope of your nose and the curve of your lips were stunning and enticing. Your eyelashes, your cheeks, the way your hair framed your face.
“It’s so beautiful,” you said, your gaze fixed on the stars and planets visible from the window.
Yunhyeong almost laughed because you had voiced aloud his thoughts almost exactly.
“Yes,” he agreed with his eyes still locked on you rather than the outside view. “Yes, it is.”
You continued observing the scenery for a few more moments -- long enough for Yunhyeong to get his wits about him, thankfully, and when you turned to look at him, he was fairly certain it wasn’t obvious he’d been staring at you.
“So,” you stated. “What can I do to help?”
“Well, you’re in luck,” he answered with a grin. “I mean, unless your idea of fun isn’t quite the same as mine... But I was planning on making pasta for dinner and then breaking open some wine, putting on some music -- Jazz, if you’re into it -- and just... relaxing.”
And, now, if you were there, he could actually have a chat. A good, old-fashioned chat.
But... if you liked to create clones in your spare time, then you most likely weren’t the type of person to label that type of evening as ‘fun.’
“That sounds... amazing,” you replied, somewhat breathless.
Color him surprised!
“Yeah?” he asked, trying to tamp down his excitement. “I’ve come up with a pretty great recipe for spaghetti sauce. I can teach you how to make it?”
Your lips curved into a smile, and you nodded quickly. “Yes, please. I would love that.”
As Yunhyeong led you to the kitchen, he found himself already daydreaming about... well, so many things.
Cooking with you. Drinking wine with you. Listening to music with you. Chatting with you. Getting to know you better. Allowing himself to open up to you so you could get to know him better.
Then, of course, daydreams about all that led to daydreams about later on down the road. Cooking with you and sneaking kisses in here and there. Drinking wine and listening to music and snuggling on the couch with you. Chatting with you those really deep chats that only surface when you’re fully and entirely comfortable with someone.
He still hardly knew you, of course, but at this moment... he could imagine himself falling in love with you. And even if that never happened -- or even came close to happening -- just the idea of it was enough.
He wanted it to happen, of course, and he was definitely going to try as long as you were willing.
But, if today had taught him anything, it was to never assume. Never assume things can’t or won’t happen. Never assume that, just because every day previously had been the same, today wouldn’t be different. Anything could happen!
And he knew this had absolutely no bearing on the events of today, but... Yunhyeong planned on asking the computer what the weather was like on Earth more often.
Just for fun.
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mymoodwriting · 4 months ago
Out Of Love
Omega!Reader x Alpha!Key
Genre: A/B/O
Warning: None
Words: 2.6K
One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight (Coming Soon)
Prompt: Everyone knew the rules, at eighteen, omegas would be taken from their families. It was a kinda harsh reality for them, and the years leading up were just as bad, or so you’ve heard. All you could ever do was watch and maybe lend a hand to your schools only omega, but you could never imagine or understand their pain. You even felt guilty sometimes for how great of a life you had in comparison. Loving parents, awesome friends, it was the best, but nothings perfect and past mistakes will always catch up to you, even if you don’t know about them.
Tumblr media
    You couldn’t believe that you were actually going on a class trip, well, more like a school trip. Key had taken you into town before, you thought it was in secret, but apparently not. The townspeople were all really nice and welcoming. Apparently they were also well aware of the private school nearby, and the students that attended it. The town was probably what you’d call exclusive, as all its citizens were approved by the government to interact with omegas, young ones that is. You couldn’t really believe that, but it was hard to deny that bit of relief it was.
    Being there, and not having to hide, it was a reminder of the past for you, and probably a sense of normalcy for everyone else. Since you were in town to get a dress for prom, at one point or another everyone went into the little dress shop the town had. There were so many to choose from, and of course the men also had suits to pick out. It was fun to try them on and get excited over how you and your friends looked. It may only be one night, but it was an important one nonetheless.
    The dress you picked would be sent to the school, so you could spend the rest of the time in town to enjoy yourself. It was a good day overall, everyone enjoyed the time off campus, and no one wanted to go back. Of course you had to, some of the teachers wound up ushering everyone back before sundown. The energy the next day was very high, and everyone helped set up decorations. It was the party before the big graduation. Of course you were curious as to what came next, and even mentioned it to Key, but he told you to enjoy the present and not worry about the future, you were going to be okay.
    All the girls basically gathered in the dorms hallways and lounges to help each other dress and do makeup, even the female alphas were allowed in for that occasion only. You didn’t know what to expect of the night though, it was going to be different than what you would have had back home, but mostly cause of the environment. You have nothing to compare it to really, so as long as it was a good night, that’s the memory that would stick.
    As expected, like it’s ever any different, you all couldn’t go too wild while the staff were chaperoning the event. It wasn’t until you got to the gym that you could mingle with the boys. You were quite excited to see Jason, and getting the corsage was a lovely moment as well. It all felt perfect, and there weren’t any conflicts to worry about since everyone in school got along. You still blushed like crazy though once Jason got the courage to ask you to dance.
    It was a dream to be dressed so nicely, and to be asked to dance, like being a princess. You weren’t expecting any surprises, so you were rather excited to see Key and the others come in, appropriately dressed for the occasion as well. You were happy, but at the same time a bit curious since it seemed that other students knew them as well. They seemed to be rather popular, and you didn’t necessarily want to join the crowds gathering around them.
“Why are you sitting alone?”
    Key startled, nearly causing you to drop your drink. He laughed, but quickly apologized.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to freak you out.”
“I’m fine. I didn’t know you would be coming.”
“It was a last minute thing. We wanted to see you all dressed up for prom.”
“I see. I didn’t know you were popular around here.”
“Popular? Oh, no, we just visit often, a lot of agents actually do.”
“Yeah. A group is gonna be assigned to one of them eventually, so it’s beneficial to come by and get to know them beforehand.”
“Oh… I’ve never seen any other agents before.”
“They usually only come to see those they’ll most likely be assigned. It’s best not to form relationships with strangers.”
“So… if you’re talking to me…”
“Yes, we’re assigned to you. Your birthday is coming up as well.”
“It is…”
“We should have a big celebration.”
“What can we even do?”
“You’ll see. How’s the night going?”
“It’s pretty fun.”
“You look lovely as well.”
“Thank you. I see you guys also have suits, go to parties often?” 
“We picked you up in suits, it’s our uniform.”
“Very fancy.”
“We work for the government, seems appropriate.”
“If you say so.”
“I do, now, can you spare me a dance?”
“You want to dance?”
“Why not, it’s prom, so come on, you only get one.”
    You blushed when he offered his hand, and of course you took it. He was very much like a gentleman, and he knew how to dance too. 
“Can I ask you something?”
“Graduation is coming up… will you be there?”
“Of course.”
    It was certainly a nice way to end the night, he even helped escort you to your room. No one went to bed that night though, just a lot of late night snacking and reminiscing.
    The next big thing for everyone was graduation. Prom was near the end but not quite, cause now everyone had to crack down on studying for finals. This wasn’t like normal school, you wouldn’t pass for the sake of passing, there would be no problem with summer school or even retaking a year if you failed. At least you could actually see the fruits of your effort, pass or fail, and everyone was pretty serious about their studying, and helpful to one another.
    Taking the test was one thing, but the anticipation of the results with another. Everyone was anxiously waiting for their scores. That day was a relief to everyone, pass or fail, just to be done with it. Now of course came the big day, graduation. You always knew the day would come, but you never thought it’d be like this. You were happy, and always reminded yourself that this was a special day, even with its sad bits.
    For some reason you found that you were nervous while on stage. It didn’t make sense at first, but then it dawned on you that you didn’t really know what came next. There was no college you were going to, or a summer job to take. All you knew was that you were going to be taken somewhere and looked after for the rest of your life. It wasn’t just nerves, it was also some fear, the fear of the unknown. You weren’t so sure you’d actually be able to get up when your name was called.
    While trying to calm your nerves, you looked out into the crowd, and actually locked eyes with Key. He smiled and waved at you, pointing you out to the others. You knew he was going to be there but you didn’t expect to see him until after. His energy certainly helped calm your nerves, and you could enjoy the rest of the ceremony. Once it was over and you were let out into the courtyard you were swarmed by the boys, all of them wanting to take pictures with you in your gown.
“You look so pretty.”
“And smart too.”
“Don’t we all?” You laughed. “A lot of us graduated.”
“Yeah but we’re only looking at you.”
    The whole school was having a big celebration, Key, and many other agents stuck around. Another night of celebration, you weren’t used to partying that much, but the atmosphere was always great. While everything was settling down you were enjoying some soda with Key.
“So… what next?”
“What do you mean?”
“I’ve graduated, and my birthday is in a few days.”
“Ah, that. I didn’t want to bring it up just yet.”
“It’s okay. Not knowing is just making me more anxious.”
“Well, maybe tomorrow you should start packing. It’s best to leave before you turn eighteen.”
“I see, where will I be going?”
“Some place nice.”
“I can’t say too much, sorry.”
“What about the others? Will I see them again?”
“Maybe. There are multiple places omegas can be sent to.”
“Oh, how many places are there?”
“I… I honestly don’t know. There’s usually one for every couple of regions.”
“Are they close to the region they come from?”
“Somewhat, but the higher ups ultimately decide where you go.”
“Has… has anyone ever stumbled upon one of these places? I heard they’re super secret.”
“You’ve never heard of anyone finding an omega care facility, have you?”
“Tight security.”
“Something like that.”
“When will we go?”
“How about your birthday? We can spend the day in town, and head out at night.”
“What if you drink?”
“We don’t drink often, I can ask Onew to be designated driver too.”
“Okay, I can work with that.”
“Good. Now it’s getting late, you should sleep.”
“But it’s a party.”
“And? You gotta be tired, I don’t want you to suddenly pass out.”
“Alright, I’ll go.”
“I’ll take you up then.”
“See, you could have just carried me when I passed out.”
“Is that what you want?”
“No. Let’s just go.”
    You thought it might be weird to pack up your things, not like you had much, but you weren’t the only one. Since the underclassmen didn’t really have anywhere to go, they’d have a lot of activities to keep them busy over summer break. All those who graduated were packing and moving out as well.
“You think we’ll see each other again?”
“Maybe.” You said. “I’m certainly gonna miss you.”
“Me too, it was really great to have you as a roommate.”
    You wound up alone, as your roommate was picked up before you. It was kinda lonely, and empty, but you didn’t mind, you had something to look forward to. The morning of your birthday you woke up to a knock at your door. You were still groggy so you didn’t register anything until you opened the door.
    The boys held up a cake, starting to sing. You giggled, letting them sing and then blowing out the candles.
“Do you have any idea how early it is?”
“Gotta start the day right.”
“Are you all packed up?”
“Alright, we’ll load it up, you just get in the car.”
    They had a whole day in town planned for you, and of course they had some gifts. You were moving, so some housewarming gifts were appropriate. They were all great, probably some of the best you had gotten in a while. You stayed out late and had a big dinner, it was just like being out with friends. Although you were having trouble staying awake as it got darker. You were dozing off in the restaurant, leaning against Key.
“I see someone’s tired. We should hit the road.” Key gently shook you. “Come on, let’s go.”
    Key took you in his arms and headed out, getting you into the car. The hum of the car wound up lulling you to sleep, and you completely forgot about what would await you when you woke up in the morning.
    You slowly opened your eyes, finding yourself leaning against Minho, Key at your other side. You sat up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. You were still in the car, nothing but trees surrounding you. The sun was up, so you could only imagine how long you’ve been on the road.
“Morning.” Minho greeted. “Here, have some water.”
“Thanks. Where are we?”
“Almost there.”
“Have we been on the road the whole time?”
“No, we’ve had a few stops, but you’ve been sleeping the whole time. You must have been tired.”
“I guess so.”
“You can go back to sleep, there’s not much to see around here.”
“You said we’re almost there, so no point in sleeping.”
“Alright, then I guess we can put on some music.”
    It wasn’t long before you came upon these buildings. You stepped out of the car, looking up, and then glancing around. The building seemed out of place in the middle of nowhere, but definitely easy to protect, and hard to find. Key and Onew lead you inside and you were immediately hit with the scents of everyone near you, and they were all alphas. You immediately felt somewhat intimidated.
“Come on, I’ll show you to your room.”
    Key took your hand and led you over to the elevator bank. Your eyes wandered around, seeing all the agents, but you didn’t really see any omegas. You went up to one of the top floors, and suddenly the place looked like a hotel, but the doors were pretty spaced out from each other. You went down the hall till Key stopped in front of a door, pulling out a key card and opening it. 
“This is your place.”
    You came into a one room little apartment. There was some furniture, a TV, a little kitchen, but no stove, and your own room with a queen size bed. You were actually kinda impressed with how cozy the place was.
“This is mine?”
“Yup. The others will be up with your things soon.”
“So… how long will I stay here? Is this just my home forever?”
“More or less…”
“It’s complicated and I can’t really explain everything right now.”
“So, what can you tell me?”
“I can give you a tour of the place. So come on.”
    Key took your hand again and led you out of the room. He explained the the building you were in was the dorm building, and the one next door was the office. For the most part you’d stay in the dorms, and also go outside into the field. The center of the dorm building was where the cafeteria was located, along with game rooms, a library, and lounge. Above and below all that were the omega dorms, and the first couple floors, and top floors were where the alphas were located, keeping the omegas nice and safe in the middle.
    You were shown the field, a lot of wide open space, and were told that you needed to have an alpha with you to go outside. It was just a precaution, and it didn’t have to be him. Your phone had been updated with all their numbers, so you could ask any of them to accompany you when you wanted. After the tour he took you back up to your room, and he explained the house rules to you. At ten the doors locked, so you wouldn’t be able to leave your room, and you had to scan your thumbprint to get in. 
    You only had access to your room, and omegas weren’t allowed in each others rooms. Alphas had key card access to the rooms of the omegas they were assigned to, even after curfew, but he assured you they wouldn’t really barge in without prior notice. It was some tight security, and seemed like a lot of rules regarding the dorms, but you’d get used to them. When you got inside you saw your bags, so you could start unpacking. Key stuck around to help you.
“So… can I hang out with others?”
“Of course. There’s plenty of places to do that, just not your rooms.”
“Okay, so do I always need an alpha with me?”
“No, you can roam the recreational floors, and go to the cafeteria by yourself, you just need an escort when you go outside.”
“Got it.”
“And don’t be afraid to ask us any questions, don’t want you to get in trouble by accident.”
“What happens if I do cause trouble?”
“Best not to find out. Now I do have some paperwork to deal with, so I’ll leave you to get cozy.”
“So when will I see you again? Or any of you?”
“Whenever you want really, one of us can always make time for you if necessary.”
“No problem, I’ll see you later.”
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hawksahandful · 4 months ago
“bound” | Embry call 🐺 x reader |
warnings: none
summary: paul finally introduces you, his sister, to the pack and you end up falling for one of them
“am i even supposed to be here?”
“well i mean you’ve known for a while now and haven’t met anyone”
“okay,and what does that have to do with me?”
“you have no friends,if anything i’m helping you” he shrugged and got out of the car, its been a month since Paul told me his secret, and we’re family plus the best of friends and got the okay from his alpha.
“listen if you’re gonna dog me about not having friends i’ll happily walk back home”
“fine,fine come on.”
i walked slowly dragging my feet in the sand to annoy him, sadly getting no reaction out of him, and we soon meet a group of people who were just starting up a fire.
“hey,this is y/n my sister” he nudged my shoulder making me look up
“hi,nice to finally meet you all ” i say giving a small smile to the nice looking group.
“hi, im sam ive heard lots of good things about you, please make your self comfortable the rest of the group should be here soon”
paul nods his head towards a log and we walk over to it
“so you talk about you little sister,huh who would’ve thought?” i say mocking him
“and theres more?” i asked him slightly shocked
“well i mean the only people here are the girls, Leahs the only one that can shift the others are there girlfriends and well you know rachel” i nod my head showing him that i understand but its way too cold for me on this beach
“come on lets get closer to the fire or youll get sick”
he dropped me off by the fire and went to go socialize , i started talking to the girls i got along with them really well turns out Emily is Sam’s fiancé,Kim is Jared’s girlfriend and Leah’s a really good friend i know i can rely on.
soon other’s arrive which i’m guessing are the rest but i’m to busy shivering by the fire in a blanket
“who’s the shivering floppy burrito?” i turned around to see a pretty tall guy with curly hair and eyed him up and down letting my short temper get the best of me getting ready to say something only to get cut off causing me to get more agitated
“this is my very nice sister,y/n” i sent him a sarcastic smile
“oh the annoying know it all?” the curly headed guy says, then i realize who it is
“ohh paul is this the quil” but before i could continue paul shakes his head while looking down, and quil sends me a smile
“you know i noticed this was the quil because like you said, he cant keep your secrets” i sent him a fake smile, his smile dropped then someone pulled our attention
“paul where’ve you been hiding her, i need her on my side to make quick snarky remarks” he walks up to us “hi i’m jared, you are now officially on my”quil comebacks team” i shook his hand and chuckled, by then i had met just about everyone i became really good friends with these people who accepted me like family
everyone soon started going over to their significant other enjoying the night on the beach,and i stay next to leah. another car soon pulls up next to ours and three more guys come out, leah gets up and introduces me to them
“y/n this is jacob,embry and my brother seth”
i greeted them all but stayed focused on one, he stayed focused on me too,we walk back to the fire and i soon find out we’re the “singles club”, everyone soon engages in their own conversations and i stay to myself i was completely stuck on embry, his eyes,smile,muscles and russet skin, he was beautiful.
im staring into the fire deep in my thoughts
“so from what i hear youre pauls sister?”
“yep” i turn my head only to be met by his brown eyes,stuck, nothing else was there just me and him, a smile slowly crept on to both of our faces, then we slowly pulled out of the trance and make conversation talking about the things we like to do,slowly getting more and more comfortable with each other.
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gamerwoo · 5 months ago
[SVT Imprinted] Chan: Pup
Anonymous asked: Hey I saw that Chan hasn’t been requested for your imprinted series yet so can I request him pls? Something angst smut with a fluffy ending if I may?
Tumblr media
Characters: Chan x female reader
Genre/warnings: werewolf au, college au, angst but not a lot tbh, kinda fluff ig???, smut (it’s not too in depth tho, dom!chan, implied overstim, unprotected sex but he pulls out [but also still use protection duh], kinda angry sex)
Word count: 2,522
Summary: You didn’t know a lot about werewolves considering Minghao told you about them when you were pretty tipsy at a college party while the two of you were supposed to be playing Seven Minutes in Heaven. But what you do know is that the wolf in his pack that has imprinted on you is too young for your taste.
a/n: the reader is written to be older than chan so if that’s a problem for u uhhhh idk dont read this ig lmao
Previous | Next | Imprinted Masterlist
It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the youngest of Minghao’s pack had imprinted on you. Well, it would’ve taken a rocket scientist to get you to notice when you were only coming over for emotional support for your new friend, but after you finally started paying attention to something other than Hao, you’d seen the obvious signs.
And felt them.
The pack teased him about it constantly, telling him their ‘little puppy is growing up’ which would make him frown and insist he was an adult. Which, yes, he was, but…you were still older. You were his elder, and the idea of dating a younger boy made you a bit uncomfortable. You normally dated people your age or older, but that was just your preference.
You had explained this to Chan once when he was following you around the house like a child, grinning at you like you’d brought him home a box of kittens. You had to sit him down at the kitchen table and explain that you weren’t into younger people. His face had fallen for a moment, but then he regained his composure.
“You know what, that’s fine. I can prove that I’m just as mature,” he swore before standing up and marching away with more drive in his eyes than you’d ever seen.
But you still doubted he could change your mind, pull or no pull.
So began the next few weeks full of cheesy gestures, lots of longing stares, and Chan appearing out of nowhere to carry your books and backpack for you. While you were definitely flattered, you couldn’t help but continue to see him as just the pup of the pack. You didn’t tell him this, as you felt bad for the poor kid, but he could see in your eyes that you weren’t convinced.
It was definitely starting to get to him.
“What am I supposed to do?” Chan groaned out of frustration when he’d gotten home from a late class one night. His hands were gripping his dark hair, tugging angrily at the strands. “It’s not like I can suddenly age myself up for her! How come Yoona went for Minghao? Not only is he younger than her, but she had a mate already!”
Minghao just shrugged in response, holding the girl in question in his lap, his arms around her. Jun, who had his hand in hers, looked up at her and chuckled, shaking his head.
Aya sighed, brushing hair out of her face, “Chan, she can’t ignore the pull forever.”
“Well can we get to the part where she just falls for me?” he whined, laying back into the couch and slowly sliding onto the floor. “This is torture!”
“Tell me about it…” Joshua muttered.
“Everything will work out,” Seungcheol assured Chan before glancing over at Joshua, “for both of you.”
“How do you know that, though?” Chan wondered, still groaning as he covered his face with both hands.
“First of all, you’re being over dramatic,” Eunmi informed the youngest wolf, coming into the room to sit on the arm of the chair her mate was sitting in.
Seungcheol glanced at Eunmi before turning back to the dark-haired wolf laying on the floor now, “She’s right. But besides that, you should just believe in me; I’m your alpha.”
“So I know what I’m talking about.” he scoffed. “What do you mean, ‘so’?”
“Since she doesn’t come over as often,” Juri began, “why don’t you invite her over for dinner?”
Chan removed his hands from his face, sitting up so suddenly it made him dizzy, “That’s…actually smart.”
Juri frowned, resting her head on Seungcheol’s shoulder, “Don’t sound like I don’t usually have good ideas.”
Chan ignored her last comment, getting up and racing out of the room to go text you, “Thanks, Juri!”
Soonyoung looked away from the Uno cards in his hands and over to the alpha and his mate, “We’re all leaving the house when she comes over, right?”
Aya snorted, “Duh. _____ is going on a date with him whether she wants to or not.”
“Isn’t that kind of…mean?” Juri asked slowly.
“Uno!” Seokmin grinned as he placed a draw four card onto the deck.
Soonyoung looked like he was about to start throwing his cards and flipping tables.
Faye couldn’t control her laughter, “No, but that is!”
Minghao had told you to come over, saying it was a family dinner. You had only really seen Minghao at school now that he had finally confessed his feelings for Yoona to her and Jun, so he didn’t need you to come over constantly to comfort him and be his only shoulder to lean on. You were happy for him, and you were happy that neither of you were only spending time with each other. Minghao deserved to have a social life just as much as you did, and neither of you needed to be stuck in that room all the time.
You did miss talking to the boy you’d become close with, though. That’s why you agreed to join their family dinner. However, when you got to the house, you noticed the lack of vehicles in the driveway. You got a weird feeling in your stomach, but you ignored it, assuming they had moved the vehicles to the garage that Minghao had told you they were planning to clean out.
When you collected your phone and keys and went to the door, you were greeted by Chan, who looked incredibly nervous, “Hey, _____. Did you get here okay?”
“Yeah,” you replied, stepping through the door when Chan moved to the side to allow you in. “Where is everyone?”
“I’m…trying to figure that out too…” he admitted, scratching the back of his head in confusion.
You paused in the middle of kicking your shoes off, one hand on the wall to keep you balanced as you looked at the younger boy, “They’re gone?”
“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “There’s food on the table but the house is quiet and nobody’s in their rooms…”
Your entire face suddenly felt hot, but it wasn’t from embarrassment or anything else but pure anger. Your mind immediately went to the idea that Chan had set you up for some forced date. How could he do that? Didn’t he get that no meant no?
You rolled your eyes, putting your shoes back on, “Yeah, sure. This was a really fucking dumb plan, you know.”
“I-- …What?” Chan’s eyes widened when he realized you were blaming him. “But, _____! I-I didn’t do anything!”
“Cut the shit,” you told him sharply as you threw the door open again. “I can’t believe you’d force me to go on a date with you.”
“_____, I didn’t--!”
“You know, Chan,” you laughed dryly, marching out the door and back to your car. Chan followed, running after you. You opened the door to your car, turning to look at him, “I was actually pretty impressed with your behavior lately, but you really are just as immature as I expected in the first place.”
You saw Chan exhale with force, his golden eyes narrowing, “No I’m not.”
“Well this plan-_”
“This plan wasn’t mine!” he insisted more forcefully, and you could tell by the way his eyes were starting to spot red that he was angry with you for accusing him and implying he was some sort of child in your eyes. “Do you think I would actually put you in a situation that would make you uncomfortable? Do you actually think that?!”
“Chan, I-_”
“Do you actually think that lowly of me?”
Before you could even process his question or your thoughts to gather into a reply, he had turned on his heels and stormed back into the house. You frowned, feeling an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach. Your heart ached in a strange way, and you assumed it was because of the pull Minghao told you about.
Mechanically, you shut the door and walked back to the door, opening it slowly and peering inside. As if he knew you’d come after him, Chan was standing in front of the door, a hurt expression on his face.
“Chan…” you sighed, looking into his red eyes. “Look, I…I’m sorry. I don’t think lowly of you, but-_”
“You know how I feel about you, _____,” he stated, reaching for your hands with his. “You know I would never do anything to hurt you or make you uncomfortable, yet you blamed me for this without even stopping to consider I might be innocent. You jumped to conclusions and-_”
“And I acted like a child,” you mumbled, looking down at the floor. 
Chan let go of one of your hands and reached behind you to close the door. He had to lean to fully reach, so you backed up cautiously, but he followed until your back was against a wall and he was standing right in front of you. You were surprised that you didn’t hate the closeness, but your stomach started doing flips when he smirked, his red eyes glinting mischievously.
“If you’ll give me a chance, I can apologize and prove to you I’m as mature as I say I am,” he said lowly, licking his lips as he looked over your body.
Your mind went blank, but you found yourself stiffly nodding anyway.
That’s all it took for his lips to crash hungrily into yours, a low growl emitting from his chest that started a fire in your lower abdomen. Your arms wound around Chan’s neck as he placed his hands on your hips and pressed his body against yours, his heat radiating through the barrier of clothed between the two of you.
Everything happened so fast that you didn’t even realize Chan had lifted you up and had brought you to his room until you were on his bed. That was when he finally broke away from your heated kiss, taking no time in removing your shirt from your body, as well as his own.
Considering how eager he seemed, he took his time kissing across your skin and telling you how beautiful you were, relishing in the soft noises you made and the way you pulled him closer and tugged at his hair.
Instead of him getting impatient, you were the one to start whining for him to keep going. He chuckled to himself, licking his lips as he removed the rest of your clothing before taking off his own teasingly to watch you squirm and try yourself to get it off faster. You even tried to flip positions, but Chan was far too strong for you to overpower.
“Nice try, _____,” he winked as he leaned over you. “It’s cute seeing you try to take charge.”
“This doesn’t make you-_”
“This doesn’t make me what?” he teased as he slowly slid his length into you, causing all words to escape you, only a moan coming out. He smiled smugly down at you. “Something wrong?”
As much as you wanted to give him a dirty look and put his ego in check, you couldn’t even form words; the pleasure from how well he filled you was just too great for you to think of anything else.
Because of his anger – that you had to remember you caused – his thrusts were at a mind-numbing pace that had his name falling from your lips while your nails scratched desperately at his skin. He encouraged your moans and mewls of pleasure by whispering in your ear things like ‘tell me who you belong to’ and ‘louder, baby, I can’t hear you’. Those noises you made only egged him on to go rougher and get you to your high faster.
It didn’t take long for you to warn him you were close. Somehow, he found it in him to go even faster, making you cry out his name loudly as your nails dragged down his back, creating red trails that were sure to be there for a while. He refused to stop until your body relaxed back onto the bed, and you were twitching and whining from over stimulation.
Carefully, Chan pulled out of you and pumped his length until streams of white were falling onto your stomach as he let out a high moan. You were in awe as you watch him above you, his features looking absolutely gorgeous.
He let out a deep sigh when he’d come down from his high, and immediately told you to stay put before he left the room. You had to say you were surprised he was going to get something to clean you up right away. Most guys would’ve just collapsed beside you and let you take care of it. Maybe Chan was just as mature -- if not more -- than the people you were used to dating. 
He returned quickly with a towel, cleaning you up and retrieving your clothes for you before he put his own back on himself. With the two of you fully clothed again, he sat on the edge of the bed beside you. It was so strange how he always naturally looked innocent, but only minutes ago, he looked anything but.
“Does this mean you accept me?” he asked shyly, brushing one of his hands against yours.
You took it before he could pull it away, nodding slowly, “I supposed…my taste in significant others have changed.”
You laughed softly at his excitement hearing that, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek, but he turned his head at the last second so you’d kiss his lips, “Hey, what the hell, you little shit!”
“Come on, let’s go eat the food Juri made for us,” he told you, ignoring the fact you were pointing at him for his little trick. He pulled you to your feet, but carried you on his back when he realized you looked too uncomfortable to walk – again, you figured you deserved it. As he carried you down the stairs, he hummed softly as he thought. “You know, _____, if you think I’m a child, you should meet Soonyoung.”
Over dinner, you found that Chan had a lot of insightful views and deep thoughts that even most people you’d dated that were older than you couldn’t ever comprehend if they tried. You assumed that it was probably because he was the youngest and took after the elders in the pack, but he seemed to have acquired his own opinions that weren’t like those of the pack. Like, he didn’t think violence toward the pack that was giving them trouble was going to do them any good, but he knew his pack wouldn’t agree. 
He also made sure to warn you of the oncoming danger. You were filled in on everything that had to do with Jinsoo’s pack, and how Joshua had imprinted on a girl who was the mate of someone from that pack.
“But don’t worry,” he smiled at you, “I’ll keep you safe.”
And even though he was younger than you and the youngest in the pack, you trusted him with your life.
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tomurasprincess · 5 months ago
WIP and Request List
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here is my absolutely crazy idea to make a full list of my inbox, WIPs, and upcoming fics. This was part of “Operation: Clean Mari’s Inbox Out 2021.”
Mostly everything left in my inbox should be on here, although I may have missed a few things. Please see my Rules and FAQ page if you have any questions on how I answer asks/why an ask hasn’t been answered or isn’t on here.
Under the cut so it can be updated occasionally.
Tumblr media
Updated: June 02, 2021
Tumblr media
☆彡 Happy Birthday to You 
Shigaraki x Twin Reader
Collab Fics
☆彡 Is this Really Wrong? (April 26th)
Alpha Shouto x Omega Sister
Shouto is an alpha and you’re his omega little sister. You refuse him, but all he really has to do is wait for your next heat…
☆彡 Three Headed Beast
Shigaraki x Reader
☆彡 Daddy’s Little Girl
☆彡 Possible Among Us Bakugou sequel
Tumblr media
Upcoming Thirst Posts/Drabbles/Possible Fics
☆彡 Yandere Ghost Hawks
☆彡 Mermaid Bakugou who wants to make human reader into a siren so that she can be his mate.
☆彡 Among Us AU: Kirishima as imposter with a married reader, kills off reader’s husband so that they can get reader instead.  Can take requests for character. 
☆彡 Corrupt Mafia Shouto whose assistant sees him murder someone and tries to run from him.
☆彡 Endeavor and daughter reader, he catches her stealing some of his new hero merchandise, comes into the room and finds her fingering herself while wearing the clothes.
☆彡 Shigaraki kidnapping All Might’s daughter and breaking her on video
☆彡 AFO kidnapping and mindbreaking All Might’s daughter. (Will probably make this a sequel to New Beginnings and combine with the above request).
✵彡 Medical Play
Doctor Hawks taking advantage of sick reader
☆彡 Pro hero Bakugou: Bakugou is a pro hero during training camp, gets kidnapped by League and AFO has his daughter at the bar. Fucks her in front of Bakugou and makes him fuck her too.
☆彡 Aizawa meeting a former student who became a villain after graduating, kidnaps her and punishes her.
☆彡 Bully Hawks and Dabi cornering reader at a party
☆彡 Manipulative marriage counselor Shouto convincing patient to leave her husband and be with him instead.
☆彡 Reader in heat getting passed around in an alley by Shigaraki, Muscular, and Dabi
☆彡 Reader is Enji and Rei’s adult daughter that they spoil rotten and fuck regularly 
☆彡 Reader is part of a cult of All for One who runs away, only to be found years later
☆彡 Stalker Tamaki
☆彡 Mr. Compress training pro-hero reader and showing her off on stream once he’s broken her 
☆彡 LoV forces Aizawa to fuck a former student on camera.
☆彡 Bakugou getting caught fucking his little sister and simply continuing.
☆彡 Omega who hasn’t presented yet, until her bully corners her and she goes into heat.
☆彡 Overhaul putting you on display and forcing you to touch yourself in front of him
☆彡 Overhaul taking advantage of his quirk to trap you with him
☆彡 Overhaul punishing a cute assistant who finds him getting himself off
☆彡 Incubus Dabi corruption kink with Shouto and his twin sister.
☆彡 Shin Nemoto fucking Overhaul’s SO
☆彡 Overhaul punishing reader for being an undercover agent
☆彡 Kirishima being obsessed with Bakugou and his little sister
☆彡 AFO putting you in a cat tail and collar and making you beg to be stuffed full of cum
☆彡 Being left as a present for Overhaul to pay off a debt
☆彡 Kirishima having an unrequited crush on Bakugou’s sister, goes delusional and fucks her anyway
☆彡 Iida being pushed into an arranged marriage and choosing his little sister who is obsessed with pleasing big brother Iida
☆彡 Big brother Iida corrupting little sister (Combine with one above)
☆彡 Gang Orca breeding his wife over and over, even as she insists they can’t have any more kids. Ends up having his sons breed their mother as a rite of passage.
☆彡 Half goblin Shigaraki, reader accidentally gets lost in the forest. Goblin Shigaraki decides he wants to keep her and pulls her into his cave to fuck her.
☆彡 Yandere dragon Kirishima who snatches his darling to his cave to breed her full of his eggs as his mate
☆彡 Forest God Shigaraki who leads reader off the path in the forest and uses his aphrodisiac powers to fuck reader and beg to be bred by him
☆彡 Fantasy AU where reader is a creature that needs her pelt to transform, gets her pelt stolen by Shouto, Kirishima, or someone else who forces her to be their wife.
☆彡 Several camboy AU requests
☆彡 Fox hybrid Shigaraki who goes into a rut and breeds you
☆彡 Peppered Moth Shigaraki finding a land inspector and making her his mate
☆彡 Dad!Zawa getting jealous of his little girl with someone else
☆彡 Daddy
Dad Katsuki
☆彡 Bully Dabi with a masochist darling
☆彡 Kirishima Merman Oviposition
☆彡 DoL Bakugou fucking reader in the middle of the hall
☆彡 Hawks falling for a double agent for the PLF
☆彡 Shinsou’s daughter is a camgirl and he watches the streams
☆彡 Vestal virgin reader with god Dabi or Shigaraki
☆彡 Hawks stealing Dabi’s darling to save her
☆彡 DoL Bakugou sharing his darling with his friend Kirishima
☆彡 Enji using ice to fuck his darling who loves cold things
☆彡 Mermaid AU with Bakusquad
☆彡 Pervy Kiri helping reader with period cramps by drugging and fucking her
☆彡 Shigaraki and Kurogiri with hypnotized reader
☆彡 Bully Bakugou having reader wear a collar with his name on it
☆彡 Dadzawa losing his wife in childbirth and becoming obsessed with his daughter
☆彡 Minor goddess reader of purity being blackmailed by another god into sleeping with them
☆彡 Naga Kirishima sharing his darling with Bakugou
☆彡 All for One with a sick darling 
☆彡 Dabi kidnapping Hawks’ mate
☆彡 Alpha All for One helping his sister through her first heat
☆彡 Endeavor getting jealous of his assistant getting married and trying for a baby
☆彡 Aizawa somnophilia with his daughter and Hizashi
☆彡 Shie Hassaikai having a glory hole for members with captured reader
☆彡 Orc Kirishima having reader strapped to his chest as you cockwarm him
☆彡 More Giran’s daughter lewd
JJK Requests
☆彡 Yandere Gojo stalking reader until he sees someone touching his darling, kills the person and fucks reader right there around the body.
☆彡 Itadori falls in love with reader and Sukuna takes over to fuck her
☆彡 Gojo kidnapping his darling and breeding her
☆彡 Sukuna takes over Yuuji and fucks reader who has a hard time resisting because she had a crush on Yuuji
☆彡 Angel Yuuji and Demon Sukuna, fucking reader in a competition to get reader to side with heaven or hell
☆彡 A/B/O verse, Sukuna takes over Yuuji and fucks Yuuji’s little sister.
☆彡 Reader is a weaker curse who accidentally gets eaten by Yuuji, ends up in Sukuna’s domain and gets punished for being there
☆彡 Watersports
Megumi forcing you to pee yourself
☆彡 Stuck in a wall with Gojo
☆彡 Toji and Gojo threesome
☆彡 Sukuna corruption kink with Yuuji and his little sister
☆彡 Himbo Yuuji not knowing that Sukuna fucks his darling every night
☆彡 Gojo using curse techniques to pleasure reader
☆彡 Sukuna bribing reader with letting Itadori go if she fucks him 
☆彡 Gojo and Nanami tag teaming their underling
☆彡 Inumaki using his cursed speech on reader
☆彡 Mahito monster fucking 
☆彡 Sugar daddy Gojo
☆彡 Big brother Sukuna getting jealous of his little sister flirting with someone else
☆彡 Yuuji and Megumi drugging Yuuji’s little sister with an aphrodisiac 
☆彡 Big brother Inumaki using his cursed speech as an aphrodisiac on his sister
Tumblr media
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kim-taehung · 5 months ago
all works here include smut, and are my own. minors and plagiarisers dni.
© kim-taehung 2021. all rights reserved.
💦 - smut, ❤ - fluff, 🤡 - humour
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung (V)
it means you're a monster fucker (💦 ❤ 🤡 wc: 900)
“it isn’t a vampire kink.” - y/n, with a vampire kink
Tumblr media
Lee Seokmin (DK)
come over (💦 ❤ wc: 900)
and now you're staring at your phone screen, watching as your boyfriend gets himself off on camera while you're stuck in the library; mouth watering and underwear clinging to you.
Tumblr media
Byun Baekhyun
revelation pt. (i) pt. (ii) (💦❤ wc: 2k, 1.4k)
almost getting caught is the fun part. a trilogy that chronicles y/n and baekhyun's growing discovery of the pleasures of...public pleasure.
Tumblr media
Jung Jaehyun
Suds (💦 ❤ wc: 1k)
rules: first person to move does the dishes for a week. nothing is off-limits.
thirst asks
morning sex //
Tumblr media
Lim Jaebeom (JB)
what baby wants, baby gets (💦 ❤ wc: 5.9k) ft. Hwasa
alpha jaebeom x alpha hyejin x omega reader
Tumblr media
your heat hits and your alphas take care of you.
thirst asks
alpha jjp x omega reader, heat (ft. jinyoung)
Park Jinyoung
thirst asks
alpha jjp x omega reader, heat (ft. JB)
Ahn Hyejin (Hwasa)
what baby wants, baby gets (💦 ❤ wc: 5.9k) ft. GOT7 JB
alpha jaebeom x alpha hyejin x omega reader
your heat hits and your alphas take care of you.
Tumblr media
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