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#alpha stuck imagines
imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 1
“Its been a long time.” It was a fact that was blatant. It had been just over 5 years since you had been able to spend any relative amount of time with your brother after he had been caught in the Snap.
He was a victim to the act of Thanos, the Snap that eliminated half the lives in the world, in every galaxy and universe. The Snap had taken many different people from many different families and yours was not an exception.
5 years prior, Peter had followed Tony Stark into space as an attempt to stop the alien creature from gathering all of the infinity stones and preventing the murder of half of every soul in every universe. He had left a kid in his last year of high school, with every prospect and possibility in front of him.
He left a hero, Spider-Man the crime fighting kid from Queens who just wanted to keep his neighbour hood safe. He left for space to help the avengers stop the grand plan of a maniac, though he hadn’t returned.
Peter left for space, and it was in space that he had died. He never came back, and after Thanos had gotten every stone he wanted, he snapped his fingers.
It took a moment and your entire life was gone, everyone you loved and knew was gone and you were left alone in the world, grappling for the family that was ripped from you.
“The fries are still the same.” You state the simple fact, sliding into the booth across from Peter. A menu with a checkerboard background was set down in front of you and your older younger brother, the waitress a familiar face that you had seen a great number of times in the past 5 years.
“Good to see you back, Pete!” She greet your brother with radiating kindness. “Your sister’s been coming here every week at the same time.”
“Ordering the same thing.” You added, grinning at your brother.
“Every week?” Peter questioned, his deep brown eyes sweeping from the menu to yourself. His hair was cut recently, shorter than you’d seen it in the past but you liked it.
“It’s a tradition. Even if you weren’t here, I couldn’t let it pass.” You added to your first statement, studying the menu even if you didn’t have to. At this point, you had memorized it by heart. It was the place your parents took you and Peter when you were younger, and it was the place you both went to feel that spark of recognition and remembrance.
“Every week at the same time.” Your waitress dug her notebook out of the front pocket of her apron, tapping her pen against the top right corner. “I’ll have your usual out. Nice to see you again, Pete.”
After she had left to put your order in, still leaving the menu on the table as usual, the two of you were left alone again to speak.
In five years of you being without May and Peter, you had graduated at the top of your class, applied and successfully managed to gain acceptance to Columbia university where you dive head first into an exclusive and competitive biology program that specialized in genome selection and omega/alpha genetics. The course was specifically focusing on the moment that an omega and alpha came to see each other as true mates. Your program was designated to isolating and understanding the specific portions of DNA that created the specific scents that drove alpha’s and omega’s crazy.
“5 years.” Peter leaned back against the red cushioned bench seat, his fingers drumming against the white table top. “You completed your degree.”
You nod your head and tucked your left hand under your chin, your left elbow resting on the table. You tilt your head slightly to the right, studying Peter as he sat across from you.
He had just come from his school, running here immediately after to meet you before starting his internship under Tony. He had agreed to meet you before heading to Stark Tower as a way to adjust to the changes you had gone through as well as the changes he was forced to go through.
“You’re unmated.” Peter noted, his brown eyes briefly glancing at your neck for a sign of a mating mark.
“Haven’t found the right alpha yet.” You spoke with a laugh, brushing your hair behind your ear. “Besides, I’m only 22. I’m young. There’s time.”
“So you’re working?” Peter asked while glancing at the phone he pulled out of his pocket, his attention focused on the time.
Before you could answer, your waitress came back and set down the plates of food along with an extra thick chocolate shake for Peter. It was and always had been his favourite, even when you were both kids coming to this very diner with your parents.
“I’m hoping to get a brief internship with Dr. Banner at Stark tower.” You stretched your hand out and grabbed a perfectly crispy crinkle cut fry that was on your plate. You blew on the end to cool it before you took a small bite, revelling at the salt and the potato mix that was heaven in your mouth.
“Yeah?” Peter asked eagerly. “Dr. Banner is brilliant.”
There was a matter of great respect, that Peter held toward Dr. Banner. Even before the Snap, and before Peter had become part of the avengers, he had held Dr. Banner in high regard.
Both he and Tony Stark were high on Peter’s influential people list, with your dad at the top. Your dad was a brilliant man with big dreams and expectations of what the world could be. When he and your mom were brutally murdered, taken from the world and your lives, it had devastated you both. It was the end of the innocence you held revolving around the world as a happy place where everything worked out in the end.
“I’m really hoping I get in.” You continued to nibble at your fries, watching Peter fidget in his seat, his eyes flicking back and forth to the time on his phone. “Go, Petey. Or you’ll be late.”
Your approval of him leaving early had brought him relief. He had flown out of his seat, grabbing his backpack and his phone from the table and the seat.
“I’ll see you later?” He tried to leave, but not before you gave him a hug.
“We’ll have dinner soon. Just the three of us.” You shuffled out of the bench seat and hugged Peter tightly to your body. You squeezed the life out of him, unable and unwilling to let go.
“I really missed you, Peter. I’m glad you’re back.” You finally released him to watch him fly out the front door with his backpack dangling behind him, only held up by one arm as he scrambled to answer his ringing phone.
** **
He was late. He should’ve been in the lab 10 minutes ago and while Tony knew his reputation, this was not painting him in a good light. He strived to be on time, that was the minute goal he made after coming back in the blip, to be early or on time.
“Elevator.” Peter ran into lobby, his shoes skidding and squeaking on the marble floors as he came skidding to a stop at an open elevator that was not nearly full. “I’m so late.”
He ran his fingers through his hair, attempting to fix the style. It had been a long day, an even longer day of habitually and anxiously running his fingers through his hair at the first sight of MJ. The style he planned on for his hair was not holding up, not after school and the diner and running through the streets to make it on time.
“Excuse me!” Peter pushed through the people standing in the elevator when it arrived at his floor. “Sorry! Sorry!”
He attempted to apologize profusely while booking it out of the elevator. He was late and the apologies extended to the people behind him would not be the last he’d have to dole out.
Peter turned the corner to head toward Tony’s lab, when he slammed into a shoulder that sent him flying and stumbling back toward the thin, grey carpet. As his back made contact with the floor, two faces appeared above him.
“You okay, kid?” Steve Rogers asked Peter, extending his hand for him to take, yanking him up to stand.
“Cap-captain.” Peter brushed himself off, addressing them both with a mild stutter. “Mr. B-Barnes.”
“Why are you in such-“ Steve had started to ask Peter a question, only to backpedal and cut himself off almost immediately.
He had inhaled sharply, his normally light blue eyes starting to grow darker as the scent that was all over Peter, had sent a shockwave straight through Steve.
The scent was light and airy, it was enthralling. It had struck him with such force and power, it almost sent him careening toward a rut even if it was a week before it was supposed to arrive.
“Where’s the omega?” Bucky asked, pressing Peter for an answer. His reaction to the scent was equal to Steve’s in the way that it had sent Bucky into a tailspin.
“Omega?” Peter’s eyebrows furrowed as he started to inch away from the two super soldier alpha’s. “I-I never ran into an omega…”
Bucky stepped forward, his jaw clenching and his hands flexing as the scent of the omega settled. The scent was fresh, as if it had been within the hour that he had met this omega, though neither one would be sure.
“Where is the omega?!” Bucky pressed him further, his desperation and aggravation growing. The scent from the omega, the scent that had invaded every one of their senses, belonged to an omega that had spoken directly to their souls.
They had picked up on the perfection of such an omega through the scent alone, and that was enough.
“Bucky,” Steve squeezed his shoulder and came to stand beside him, “you’re scaring the kid.”
Peter’s eyes were wide, his mouth dropped in a shocked ‘o’. He had turned the corner so fast he hadn’t even seen the two super soldier’s, and between crashing into them and now, he hadn’t even thought about your scent having an effect on them.
Why would he have thought about it? You were his sister and he was a beta, there was absolutely no effect he could feel from your scent. Yet he hadn’t even thought about the reaction your scent could bring out in others.
Including two super soldiers who were cornering him now.
“I just want to know-“ Bucky start, his eyes growing darker with each syllable.
“Where’s the omega, kid?” Steve asked, keeping calmer than Bucky had though he was also feeling the wary shattering effects of an omega’s scent that happened to speak to them both.
“I’m just trying to-“ Peter looked around for an escape route, finding one when Tony had come looking for him. “Mr. Stark is waiting for me.”
He dipped away from them and dashed toward Tony, squirming as they followed him with their eyes, the lingering questions they kept asking not doling out well for you.
They had no idea that the scent that nearly caused them to go into an early rut belonged to his sister. They had no idea that the omega they were so desperate to find, was a Parker.
Peter was determined to keep it that way.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Masterlist
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15
Summary: It started with the kid, it started when the youngest avenger had gone to the tower to work in Stark’s lab. It started when the kid was rushing through the halls because he was late and when he came around the corner after getting off the elevator, he had sideswiped them.
His apologies fell on deaf ears, they were focused more on the scent that had been clinging to him. The scent of an omega, unmarked and unmated, that spoke to Steve and Bucky like none had before. It was the scent that nearly trigged a rut on the spot, a new experience for both Steve and Bucky.
After the collision, the scent is at the forefront of their mind as they recognize that the scent Peter had been dragging along with him, belonged to their omega. That scent had registered in their hearts, bodies and minds as the one they had been waiting and looking for.
And with that realization, comes a sheer, willful and powerful set of alpha’s who will stop at nothing to take the omega they’ve been waiting for.
The kid, be dammed.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mostly-vo1d · 3 months ago
Wait no, I changed my mind. If teen wolf had any better writers (and Dylan hadn't left for 6b) I would have loved to see how 'bite Stiles and get him to come up with a plan' would have turned out.
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muttpeeta · 5 days ago
Bring on the body hair! All I know is that misogynistic incels are not gonna stop me from imagining jonerys with big wild bushes that get tied together after fucking. 😉 Gonna be locked together like abo but there’s no alpha knots just alfalfa knots.😛 And the only way to separate is when their combined coconut cream 🤤 escapes Dany and their pubes get slick and gooey enough to be untangled. 🥥🥛💦🥴😋
well this one made me gag 🤢 so well done on that food sex anon 😩 oh god i just had a recovered memory of a story i read on livejournal or ONTD a long time ago about a girl who like rarely showered and she found dried spaghetti noodles stuck in her pubic hair during sex or something 😭😭😭
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thefoundationproject · 14 days ago
I have to tell you that I love all the family dynamics in the Soft Wars! Even though it's not always the focus, it always sticks out to me the relationships the characters have with eachother.
Like Rex being the 501st dad. Kix being the total mom that he is just trying to keep them in line. ('Do not eat that thing off the floor!' 'Five second rule Kix!')
Really all the Commanders/Captains/LTs etc. with their respective hoard of little brothers/kids. (They were not trained for this!) Even the brooding 'cool guys' like Neyo, Faie etc. seeing a little brother and 'Baby🥺Must protecc😠'
Bacara being the cool mysterious stepdad to Anakin and Ahsoka. ( But like imagine Rex introducing them. Anakin does not know what to do about his dad having a boyfriend. Ahsoka just thinks he'd be good for Murderball, he looks like he has the build for it. He does. She approves. )
Neyo, his tooka and Vaughn in their little cottage. (Enentee is a genius name btw. Imagine Neyo trying to explain what it means. If they have kids soon enough he could pawn off responsibility, or so he thinks. Omg imagine Enentee meeting the new baby in the family. Neyo's already got the dad who loves the family pet even though he insisted they shouldn't get one routine down, he's totally ready.)
Ultimate mother Ponds, Grumpy (Secretly just as doting) dad Fox and their Ponds' strays. (Headcanon they keep buying out the neighbouring flats to make more room until they give in and buy a house.) Also Ponds gives me Soccer Mom vibes, no I can't elaborate, but he def gets all organic snacks. Would Fox be the dad yelling on the sidelines getting more into it than the kids are?
The CC squads and their dads Alphas! (The original 'we weren't trained for this' teen dads. The vindication when their kids get their own menaces to give them gray hairs.)
Colt and Shaak, the Rancors and all the Littles. (Six put Colt in charge one time and he's been in Dad Mode ever since. The button seems to be stuck.)
Hardcase, Wolffe, Roger and their amazing dynamic! (What would Wolffe do if Roger befriends C3PO? 3PO is a cultured droid who would def know alot about plants. Hardcase would have a blast, he wants Roger to socialise. He's read on the holonet that it's important to have friends with similar interest and he doesn't want Roger to be lonely.)
Domino in all their glory! (Fives and Echo are my faves and I adore the way you write them and the rest of Domino. Droidbait is wonderfully adorable. Cutup is hilarious and def the middle child Look-Away-And-He's-In-The-Vents-Listening-To-The-Adults type. Hevy being a Fusser™️! Total Put-On-Your-Sweater-It's-Cold-Outside type. (Hevy, it's 40 degrees Centigrade and we're inside). Them adopting Dogma and Tup is adorable. )
And all the endless older brother/ little brother dynamics! (Who's the ultimate older brother? Some would claim Cody since y'know Alor, but the Alphas would have some opinions about that. The opinons being all the colours of you're wrong.)
This is a lot longer than I intended but there is so much amazingness and I just had to.😅😅
Thank you very much! Family relationships are my absolute favorite to do. There’s something so inherently sweet about it! They’re just all doing their best, making life better for their youngers however they can, even if they don’t much know what they’re doing, they’re trying.
Rex went into all of this full dad mode. Kix got pulled in and went ‘if I don’tkeep these morons from eating out of the bins then clearly no one will’, and then just went ahead and did that thing.
It really starts with the Alphas. They get handed these CC cadets and decide that this isn’t the way they’re going to do things. And the CCs and CTs both see that and at that point that’s the only thing they know. They don’t know any other way but ‘help the Littles’. From the very first generation, it’s become institutionalized: the moment you have a vod’ika in your sphere of influence, you are in some small way responsible for them. Maybe they don’t need raising, maybe all they need is a little support. You give them that. And yeah, even Neyo and Faie and Appo and Bacara who aren’t immersed int hat culture, it still bleeds through. This is a Little. There are many like them. You are to protec the Littles.
I headcanoned that Bacara taught Anakin dirty Marine hand-to-hand combat cheating tricks to use against the Domino twins. And not only is he great at Murderball, he can throw her an incredible distance. Anakin and Ahsoka both decide that this one’s okay.
Neyo definitely, definitely doesn’t have a tooka. Just like he definitely didn’t always want a woodsy cabin with a nearly 360 view and a lake within walking distance. Funny story, NNT is inspired by Endy, my parents’ cat. Endy’s short for NDC. Cuz he’s definitely Not Dad’s Cat. Endy likes to lie along the back of the couch and watch Wheel of Fortune with my dad. Apparently he gets annoyed when they miss Wheel of Fortune. He’s still NDC, though, apparently.
(Oh goodness, Neyo would be the most doting father. Goodness he’d be so soft and careful. Mushhhhh)
Fox calls all their varied hangers-on Ponds’ strays. Even the ones like Han and Qi’ra that Ponds wasn’t even there for. Even the young Guards that hang around. All Ponds’ strays. Clearly.
(… I never once pictured that but that entirely would track. Both. Both those things would entirely track.)
There is no vindication quite as sweet as watching your grand-cadet give your cadet the exact same headaches your cadet gave you. This is why the Alphas are in Priority Chat. To watch the madness and glee that it’s no longer them that has to deal with that.
(You know Cody gave 17 so much trouble. Far as 17’s concerned, every single time priority blows up is justice.)
6 never told Colt to stopholding his brother’s hand. So he just kept doing it. Thousands of brothers and he’s just gonna… keep doing it.
I have never roomed with … dating? Newlyweds? A Hardcase-and-Wolffe. I admire Roger’s fortitude. (Oh no. Oh no. Wolffe would be so displeased about all of the this. Why can’t Roger befriend the tin can instead? The pyro one? Please? Please????)
Domino! The youngest beans-become-middle-children and all living all of that all the way up. I am Quite Fond of all of them, a whole lot. Hevy and his tendency to always get high up so he can get good sightlines to watch over everyone. Droidbait who’s the sweetest baby and also basically as Ataru as you can possibly get without the Force oh and also a polyglot. Cutup livingto get into places he doesn’t belong, and then being brazen enough to make sure you know he’s there. Echo, who’s never done a thing wrong in his entire life. Fives who trades off big-brothering everyone with Hevy. I love themmmm.
Tup and Dogma’s adoption was inevitable. Domino all have to quibble about who is older/who’s turn it is to ori’vod everyone else. Solution, get dedicated vod’ika that everyone can agree is always the vod’ika. And two of them, because they need to socialize. Like cats.
6 definitely calls Cody Alor’ika to his face, and there’s probably others too. 17 doesn’t have to bother, he can just give his brat a look if he ever gets too big-brother for his britches. What’s also fun to think about is the big-brother-pecking-order among the Alphas. Not Jangotat, Jangotat everyone has agreed is eternal Little. Jangotat disagrees, but he doesn’t get a vote. The others all have various incarnations of ‘I’m older right now’. And yeah, the most constant opinion is ‘you’re wrong’. Except the Jangotat thing. They all definitely agree on that.
Thank you so so so much! I love them a perfectly reasonable amount of course, but I’m always thrilled that others do too!
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fullgazly · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Inside the head of a F1 driver, l’Équipe -  Part 3/7
Pierre Gasly & Esteban Ocon interview for l’Équipe.
Long text, so see under the cut.
Alone behind the wheel, the driver now waits for the lights to come on, then go off. Attention is focused on the red light that will disappear. Everyone has their own method, as Gasly points out: "Some drivers stay in neutral but I've had bad experiences of getting stuck. It's not pleasant at all! " So the Frenchman from Alpha Tauri goes for the first gear, focused on the skid point, which will transmit the engine’s power to the single-seater. In a road car, this point is found on the clutch pedal, often at mid-stroke, and is used for hill starts. “This is different," explains Gasly. “On a hill, you push the throttle to the maximum to prevent the car from going backwards. On a race start, you have to control it. To the millimeter. "
In order to detect this skid point, the engineers had managed to split the gearshift paddle into two sections, one of which allowed the driver to find it mechanically and automatically. This has been forbidden for the past three years, in order to favour the unexpected and put the pilot back at the center of this very special exercise. “But we quickly got into the habit by doing practice starts before the race," Gasly said. “We know more or less where it is. From one weekend to the next, it is more or less in the same place. " And the Frenchman explains, without wanting to be filmed, how he can manage the percentage of his clutch's pedal by sliding his fingers along the upright of his steering wheel, using his thumb to push the clutch instead of releasing his index finger. "To catch the right percentage, it's a lot of practice," admits the Norman.
Without wanting to reveal his secrets either, Esteban Ocon has always practiced his starts on Sunday mornings since he started in F1. So you don't have to skid too much and you have to know how to measure your acceleration according to a bewildering number of parameters, such as the slope of the track, the grip of the asphalt, the weather conditions... Hence all these exercises carried out throughout the weekend. At the exit of the pits when it is possible, or on the grid when this exit is impracticable for the tests (as in Monaco or in Austria).
Then comes the most important second : the start. Esteban Ocon said: "I wait to see till all the cars position themselves, I put the first gear in and concentrate on my reaction time. "
When the five lights go out you need to react quickly, very quickly. At least faster than others. Without any false starts. Article 36.13 a (FIA regulations) "a driver will be penalised if he moves before the start signal is given". The judgement being made by an approved transponder.
"All my attention is focused on those lights, how I'm going to release the clutch and the engine speed when I get going," Gasly said. Having the right reflex. A gesture practiced for years in training on torture machines such as the BATAK (used by Esteban Ocon at the 3,2,2 Perform Center in Egat, in the Pyrenees, see above), which the drivers have mastered since they were young.
Then it’s finally started but it’s not over yet. Far from it. “I am lucky to have a very good reaction time and it has already make a difference in the past. We still manage the skid a little, until the third gear. From then we are pushing hard.” Said Gasly.
Everything then becomes a question of positioning and the ability to analyze a monstrous amount of information that can surprise the layperson. Not the pilot, nor the doctor who helps him to simplify this moment of intense stress. As Professor Antoni Valero-Cabré, from the Brain Institute, explains: "The activity is complex: you have to perceive reality, analyze it and make quick choices. The prefrontal part of the brain will help the pilot to develop a globally conscious strategy. In case of an emergency, he is able to do all these activities unconsciously to plan the motor actions that will allow him to solve the problem. "
Tumblr media
Among car drivers, the processing of information is almost instantaneous.
“If Messi is very good with the ball," continues the doctor at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris, "it's because, as a kid, he played with his friends and spent hours controlling the ball. It's a bit the same principle for a driver. The fact of driving, driving, driving, being exposed to complex decision making, generates certain automatisms that we can engage in a mechanical way, like an automatic pilot to solve a situation quickly. "
Gasly sums it up with a mantra he tries to apply as often as possible: "Ideally, you should always try to find an inside or outside line, which gives you the possibility to brake as late as possible. And not to find yourself in a funnel with little space in front of you."
Easy to say, much less to achieve with nineteen other drivers looking to implement a similar plan. "You can manage it all, but it's different every time," concluded Gasly. “No one is going to do exactly what we planned. Before the start, you can imagine a thousand things in your head. But there are, in fact, billions of possibilities. You can never know. It's all about feeling and making decisions in the moment. Of course, with experience, you can manage the start a little better."
“Depending on the tires you have, you know if you are on an attack or if you are likely to be attacked” Pierre Gasly
“Who will go too wide? Or too much on the inside? Am I going to be able to win something at the end of these first seconds of the race?” Esteban Ocon
"For me," added Ocon, "there's a big part of the preparation that happens before the race." Analyzing the placement, recognizing where the track has the best grip, detailing the opponents' tires, even looking at previous years' starts... "when we talk about the start," says the Alpine driver, " it's the whole first lap. That's when a lot happens. The cars are stuck together, touching each other on the right and on the left. You have to have eyes in front, behind, on the sides. And try to exploit the gaps. "
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oh-for-fic-sake · 19 days ago
The Deal Part Three
Summary: august doesn't know how to lose.
Warnings: Adult Situations +18, Slight Smut, Mentioned Threesomes, M/M, M/F/M, poly relationship, Toys, Seduction, Dom Sub, BDSM, Praise Kink, Swearing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
August hummed running a finger back and forth on the rim of his glass as he watched the screen,you were on the bed rocking onto your new toy like crazy.
"She really does this everyday?" Clark asked from beside him with a frown, but august could see the kid was turned on, licking and biting his lip as you fucked yourself desperately with your new vibrator.
"Everyday, for a week now..." august hummed twisting his chair to and fro flicking his gaze from the subby on screen to the soon to be sub sat beside him.
"... am i? Am i not enough?" Clark asked tentatively blinking at agaust in a way that made the agent smile smugly.
"Its not that kid, shes gone without playing our game for soo long she forgot how addictive it is, how much she needs it" he explained.
"Needs? Have... i mean shes missed it?" Clark uttered feeling less confident in his ability to satisfy you by the second.
"Probably not, well not untill our little experiment"
"Why?" Clark asked still not understanding
"Being a sub is... more then just sex, subs need to submit its therapeutic for them... when in a scene they just let themselves go, all worry and stress disappear. All they need to do is live in the moment and obey" august began slowly as he stopped swaying his chair and faced clark head on pinning him with a look.
It was there, the curiosity. Good. Its what he hoped for, it was why he'd called clark there to 'catch up'
It was time to make his move, top the man of steel whilst having you making your own little porno in the background to help things along.
"So she cant truly relax without it?" Clark muttered still unaware of the agents motives.
"In a sense yes. She craves being dominated, its as natural to her as being a goody two shoes is for you" august purred placing his drink on the glass computer table fendingnoff a smirk as clark took the bait.
"Hey! Im not a goody two shoes-" the kryptonian grunted offended.
But august was prepared, he'd planned this meeting meticulously and his anwser rolled off his tongue with a laugh.
"Your thirty five years old and have absolutly no run ins with the law, no parking fines no speeding tickets hell you never even had a single detention in your entire shcool life! Or have you handed in an assignment or book report in late"
"But i killed a man- i took a life" clark tried to argue but was waed off with another laugh.
"Zod was no man, he was a fucking alien... no offence, you took a life to save billions... so its not really making you a badass"
"Lazer vision is pretty badass..." clark huffed slumping back in his seat now looking like a classic putig brat.
"Oh? Is my litttle clark sulking?" August cooed gravely voice making clark pause at the sultry tone... he must be hearing things.
"Im not sulking! And im not your anything!" Clark growled snapping at the agent.
"Behave yourself!" August growled leveling him with a look, and couldnt help smirk again as clark shut himself up and flushed.
Your desperate cries called out over the moniter as you rutting onto the toy the wet sounds adding to the scene.
Clark flushed finalky turning away from august making the agent preen. Oh he had him in the palm of his hand already~
"Good boy. You are arent you? A very good boy clark- the best" august purred leaning forward gazing at the younger man with a cheshire grin, that only grew wider as clark flushed brighter and shuddered.
"I.. err well yes" clark panted shiftingnin his seat tryingmto keep his eyes on the screen as you wailed and yelped trying to draw out a climax.
"Oh whats this? Your going all shy on me? Tell me is it because i called you a good boy~ do you like praise clark?" Augusut grinned leaning closer still to the now frozen younger male
"N-no its err... i should go-" clark started shuffljng backwards needing to get out of here, because it was true. He loved praise especially in the bedroom, he loved being told how good he was.
August purringnat him whilst he eyes were fixed on you rollingnaroundnin bed toying yourslef into a sexual frenzie was... making him think of thingsnhe probably shouldnt.
"No. Sit, stay... thats it, theres nothing to be embarrassed about, many powerful men enjoy being praised" August growled latching onto clarks arms holding them to the arms of the seat.
"Being taken care of, told what to do~" august purred standing befor the mighty man of steel leaning close to his face.
Clark gulped but didnt move back, he didnt pull away like he should have.
Instead he eyed augusts lips, clark had the overwhelming urge to.aste them.
It confused him, he'd never ever dabbled in same sex relationships, never experimented. Never shared a woman with another before that fatefull night.
But for some reason august was apealing, drawing clark in. August was apble to overpower him, not physically but he commanded obedience.
August held a dangerous cocksure demeanor that clark rarely saw.
"Is that what you want? Clark~ do you want to be controlled and praised just once? More then once?" August hummed dippjng closer and closer, clark couldnt help tipp his head up.
"Y/n is always such a brat. Just look at her, desperately trying to fuck herself into a coma, despite knowing we hadnt allowed her to touch her pussy" august pulled the pffice chair clark was sat in to closer to him, making the kryptonian drown in his scent, the cologne and sweet arousal that was alreading sworling arohnd him.
Clark swallowed dryly, unsure what was happeningnto him, the sounds of yu moaning a crying ot so sweetly, the praise and authority radiating off august in waves.
It was the same dominant aura and comanding deep voice that had made crks cock twitch in both threesomes they had indulged.
Clark had tried denying it at the time, convincing himslef he was cuaght up in the erotic forbidden act. It was just a thrill of the moment thing. It didnt bmean he wanted the older dominating alpha male and all his bravado.
August grinned shifting forward again filling clarks vision, for a human auguast was large, almost as large as he was.
"Sure she'll listen when she feels like it but... I can't help thinking she needs a role model..." clark hummed absentmidely nodding agreeing falling further into his own haze.
"Someone else to show her how she should behave... someone who will get rewarded for being soo good... maybe a good boy?" August purred finally taking the plunge and weaving jis way around the man. His words coiling around the younger male ensnareing him in his carefully constructed web of teasing words.
Clakr gasped as his chin was captured by the agent forcing him to look him in the eye.
"Would you like that clark? Do you want to be not just a good boy, but my good boy-our good boy?" The words hung in the air, winding the man of steel.
"W-what?" He stuttered tryingnto fathom what the older man meant. But couldnt deny the excitment in his gut.
Did he mean it? Would he really include clark in this kink? Make it official and let these forbidden threesomes continue?
"Oh dont play coy, i know what your thinking~ its natural to be curious, just think we could all be one~" august whispered movjng his thumb over clarks bottom lip.
"We could all play together and all get what we need." He purred smirking as clark gave all the right signs, eyes wide, pupils blown wide shifting in his seat as he cock rose, curtesy of both his praise and the loud wanton moans from you bringing yourslef to the edge of rapture yet again.
"You get the praise and love of a little brat, and a strict dom, y/n gets a role model, a dom and keeps her life partner" august listed shifting on his feet again reeling clark in with low coos full of promise.
The agent curled his hand, cupping clarks cheek coaxing him closer luring his face closer.
"A-And you?" Clark dared to utter, feeling both excited, anxious and overwhelmed, he wanted nothing but to jump at the chance, but was frightened at the same time.
He would admit he'd been a little jealous of all the praise you'd got from august in both encounters.
Closingnhis eyes imagining it was him! That the older influential man had been calljng him a good boy, had been teling him how impressed he was, how proud he was!
Clark was embarrassed and had quickly shook away the desperate thoughts. He wasnt gay, why would he have such thoughts?
He summarised he was just too needy and had gone without. You told him how brilliant and big he was, how sexy and strong and fantastic he is in the bedroom but... with august it was different.
The older male praised down at him! Cooing and fussing at him in a different way. Treated him like a sub and clark liked it. Probably too mucn.
"I get the little brat i've been missing and a very very good boy"
"So what do you say, do you want to let go? Be free and experience things you'd only dreamt of?" August preened keeping clarks attention fixed on him asmhe manipulated him, august had noticed clark had a praise kink.
A weakness. A need who was august to pass up useing the little kink to get the subby he wanted~
"I...I'm..." clark hesitated looking passed august to you on the screen who was digging around beside your bed looking for something.
"All you have to do is say the words clark, just say yes sir and you can have all the pleasure and praise you could ever hope for~ both you and y/n we could make this permanent"
"See look? Just watch, y/n needs her dom, needs to be tamed again we could do it clark... you can show her how to be good again~" august breathed over clarks cheek side steppjng him to reveal the screen.
And clark did look, groaning as he saw that you had rolled over and was straddling a different suction cup dildo stuck to a little hand mirror face up on the bed slapping your own ass as you bounced frantically.
"Just say those words and we can help her together" august hummed into his ear like the devil on his shoulder, tempting him
Clark gasped feeling augusts breath on his neck, his wisters ghosting the delicat skin.
Then in a bold move the older man pressed a soft feather light kiss to the kryptonian's neck.
And it worked
"I... y-yes, can we? Please sir" clark breathed out stuttering and jumbling his words unable to hold back his pleading.
"Good boy clark~ such a good seet boy you are~ i knew it, knew youd be brave enough, you've made me soo proud" august showered him with praise biting off a victorious grin.
Clark mewled closingnhis eyes for a second beaming a smile feeling this strange relaxation take over, suddenly he felt free, and small.
It was a feeling he craved, being the strongest all the time was a heavy burden to bare, now he could feel powerless for once.
August chuckled and pressed another kiss to clark this time on his cheek making the younger male's cheeks glow.
August couldnt get enough, the power trip of having the man of steel under his command was far to intoxicating.
"Now why dont you go get our little brat and we can tie her up and show her that good subby's get rewards" august prompted him stepping around clark completely letti g himstand up.
Clark nodded and shot off out onto the balcony and leapt into the sky eagwr to please his new dom and do as he was told.
August took his seat agin wrappjng his fingers around his glass of scotch and raised the glass to the screen that now had both his subs onscreen, as clark wrangled you into his arms wrapping the bedsheet arohnd you.
"Mission accomplished" he hummed smirking as clark wrapped you in your soiled bedsheet before you both disappeared off screen.
He stood and knocked back the last of his drink and padded across the pent house heading to the play room just as he heard both of hos little subs land and enter his home.
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destieltropecollection · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Destiel Trope Collection 2021 | Day 25: College AU
Kisses And Video Chats | @vampamber
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 1,098 Main Tags/Warnings: Cas comes from an overly religious family, long distance relationship, Christmas break Summary: Castiel feels pretty down, since his boyfriend Dean went home for winter break, while he was stuck in the dorms, waiting for the inevitably horrible Christmas with his homophobic family so that it'll be that much closer until Dean gets back. But thankfully, Dean was just a video chat away, and if anything can cheer Castiel up, it's Dean.
College days | @blueraven06
Rating: General Word Count: 1,167 Main Tags/Warnings: Alternate Universe - College/University Summary: It's Castiel's first day of college and he is already late.
early bird gets the shaving foam revelation | @misha-moose-dean-burger-lover
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 2,282 Main Tags/Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, Established Castiel/Dean Winchester, Identity Crisis, Supportive Boyfriend Dean Winchester Summary: Cas clings harder, and his words end up muttered — and reasonably muffled, into Dean’s shirt. “I hate that guy.” Dean raises his eyebrows, belatedly realizing Cas can’t see them from being wrapped around him. “Huh?” “The guy I’m supposed to be.” Cas goes on, gritting his teeth. “Dean, I hate him. He makes my life miserable. And I — I’m just so tired.” And at that, Cas decides the point’s been made, and stops talking entirely, leaving Dean with little more to do than hold on. Well, and think.
Musical Chairs | @vampamber
Rating: General Word Count: 2,309 Main Tags/Warnings: ABO, alpha Dean, omega Cas, scenting, first meetings Summary: Dean didn't even want to take this freaking art history class in the first place, but once he gets there he's glad he did, because somebody smells really amazing. Too bad that somebody is also practically impossible to find. Pointless fluff because reasons.
Free Hugs | @imbiowaresbitch
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 2,611 Main Tags/Warnings: Castiel/Dean Winchester , Meet-Cute, Alternate Universe - College/University, Embarrassment, Roommates, Explicit Sexual Content, Explicit Language, Frottage Summary: Castiel is moving into his dorm for his first year when his older brother Gabriel trips him into the arms of a half-naked hunk holding a sign reading FREE HUGS. Then Cas meets his roommate...
A Little Party Never Killed Nobody | @vampamber
Rating: Mature Word Count: 3,540 Main Tags/Warnings: underaged drinking, top Dean, bottom Cas, drunk Cas, overly serious Cas, Seven Minutes In Heaven, frat boy Dean, frat party Summary: Castiel was only going to the frat party because his annoyingly extroverted friend Balthazar had promised to not force him into socializing for two entire weeks in exchange. He had no idea what to expect when he was shoved into a closet with an incredibly attractive stranger named Dean to play something called "Seven Minutes In Heaven". And apparently Dean had no idea what to expect afterwards.
I Bet You Don't | @verobatto
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 7,636 Main Tags/Warnings: Genius AU, rivals to lovers, University AU, not actually unrequited love, top!Castiel/bottom!Dean Summary: Dean is a psychology and anthropology student and Castiel a biochemistry and Biophysics student. Both of them cold as an iceberg. Dean creates a club named THE NO-LOVE CLUB and makes a research including a bet to study human behavior and courtship. The bet is: THREE DATES WITH HIM TRYING NOT TO FALL IN LOVE. Of course he's the winner so far. And we have a lot of broken hearts. Until he breaks Anna Novak's heart, Castiel's little sister. Imagine two geniuses, one trying to defend his theory and the other trying to break it. Who will win the bet this time?
Christmas Morning on Halloween Night | @Shorty559
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 10,886 Main Tags/Warnings: Homophobic language, breathplay, anal play, rough sex, Dom Castiel, bottom Dean Summary: Sam and Dean are college students where Sam befriends new student Castiel. Wanting to set his brother Dean up on dates never goes good, but Cas looks like he might be a nice fit. The Winchester brothers are throwing costume parties that lead into Halloween where everything changes for Cas and Dean.
The Shots We Don't Take | @a-mandala-rose
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 56,534 Main Tags/Warnings: Hockey Player Dean, Nerd Castiel, Sex/Strangers to Lovers, Homophobic Behavior (Not Cas or Dean), Briefly Described Violence, Injury/Hospital, Hurt/Comfort, Panic Attacks, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Switching, Happy Ending Summary: Still nursing the tatters of a broken heart and trying desperately to stave off the terror of his impending graduation, college senior Cas Novak decides it’s time to blow off a little steam. Not just any hook-up will do, however. The last thing Cas needs right now is a distraction. On the lookout for someone he can enjoy a steamy night of passion with before leaving them behind entirely, Cas thinks he’s found exactly what he needs in cocky university hockey star and well-known playboy Dean Winchester. Dean is gorgeous, doesn’t date, and is the singular most infuriating person Cas has ever met. He’s the perfect one night stand...that is, until Dean decides he wants an instant replay of what was supposed to be a one-time event. Will Cas’ offer of friends, sans benefits, convince the arrogant love ’em and leave ’em hockey defenseman to find an easier score? Or will Dean wear down Cas’ defenses and lure the sexy nerd in the dorky trenchcoat back to his bed?
Crashing (A.K.A. The Magic of Peppermint) | @lotsofquestionslimitedanswers
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 91,411 Main Tags/Warnings: mutual pining, angst with a happy ending, slow burn, implied/referenced self-harm, implied/referenced homophobia, death of an abusive parent, implied/referenced child abuse Summary: It’s the middle of Dean’s junior year of college and Dean had never paid much attention to fellow English-major Castiel Novak until they crash into each other at the Barnes and Noble on campus. The second Castiel’s coffee spills all over Dean, Dean can’t get the dorky English nerd out of his head. Chaos ensues.
Playing It Safe | @darknessbound3
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 160,544 Main Tags/Warnings: Top!Cas/Bottom Dean, BDSM Undertones, Roommates, College AU, First Meet, Gay Dean Winchester, Gay Castiel Summary: Fresh out of high school, Dean Winchester accepts a full ride to play football clear across the country. He barely glances at the name of the town, let alone anything else - he just needs to get the hell out of Hayward and move on with his life. He moves in with identical twins just off campus, and while one thinks he'll be the reason Dean sits the bench all year... the other apparently wants to drag Dean out of the closet ass-first. New town, new friends, new rules. Would it really be so bad if he left the old Dean behind?
The Closest Thing We Have to Magic | @ellen-of-oz
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 221,231 Main Tags/Warnings: Alternate Universe-College, Alternate Universe-Modern with Magic, College Professor Castiel, Graduate Student Dean, Slow burn, Enemies to friends to lovers, top Castiel/bottom Dean, top Dean/bottom Castiel, Minor Ruby/Sam, brief past Meg/Castiel Summary: Dean Winchester is a graduate student at Stanford University’s School of the Occult. A naturally-talented mage but a lazy professor and student, he figures he’ll coast through his final year the way he always has: with charisma, charm, and a natural aptitude for magic. All that changes when his thesis advisor, Dr. Castiel Novak, turns out to be the strictest and most challenging educator on-campus. Unfortunately for Dean, the uptight professor is nearly his age and infuriatingly gorgeous. But Castiel is keeping a secret, a powerful talent that’s more a curse than a blessing when he’s targeted by seditious parts of magical society. Can Dean and Cas put aside their animosity—and undeniable chemistry—long enough to instill real change in the magical community? Or will sinister plots and hidden agendas keep them apart?
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fandom-go-round · 21 days ago
DC and Marvel Masterlist
DC Comics:
Dick Grayson/Nightwing:
Motorcycles: Dick Grayson x Reader [smut]
Refuse: Alpah!Nightwing x Omega!Reader [smut] {dark}
 Jason Todd/ Red Hood:
Home: Jason Todd x Reader (fluff)
Present: John Constantine x Reader (fluff)
Incubus!Constantine x Reader HCs [smut]
 Barry Allen/The Flash:
Date Night: Barry Allen x Reader (fluff)
Taking Care of a Child HC: Barry Allen (fluff)
 Bruce Wayne/Batman:
Dealing with Kids HCs (Batman) (fluff)
Batfam Adopting Mermaid HCs
 Slade Wilson/Deathstroke:
Deathstroke x Reader [smut]
 Arthur Curry/Aquaman:
Hugging and Kissing HCs: Aquaman (fluff)
 Diana Prince/Wonder Woman:
Hugging and Kissing HCs: Wonder Woman (fluff)
Yandere HCs {yandere, dark}
 Hal Jordan/Green Lantern:
Omega!Hal HCs
Coming Out: Kaldur Imagine (fluff)
Incubus!Batboys x Reader HCs (Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, Duke) [smut]
Naga Egg HCs (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary) [smut]
General Centaur HCs (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary)
Alpha!Riddler x Omega!Reader Heat [smut]
Squirting HCs (Bucky Barnes, Dr. Strange, Loki, Batman) [smut]
Bruce Banner/The Hulk:
Picture Perfect: Bruce Banner x Reader (fluff)
Domestic HCs (fluff)
 Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow:
Too Late: Natasha Romanoff x Reader {angst}
 Tony Stark/Ironman:
Broken: Tony Stark x Fem!Reader {angst}
Cello Music: Loki x Reader (Dissociation) {angst]
Take Me to Bed: Reader x Colossus (fluff)
Horned!Reader x Thanos [implied smut]
 James “Bucky” Barnes/Winter Solider:
Grim Reaper!Reader X Bucky {major character death}
Bedtime HCs: Logan x Kurt (fluff)
Enemies to Friends to Lovers HCs: Nightcrawler x Toad (fluff)
Kissing HCs (T'Challa, Erik Killmonger, M'Baku)
Poly Captain America x Reader x Winter Solider Possessive Sex [smut]
Logan Howlett x Reader x Kurt Wagner Stuck in Wall [smut]
Parents Getting a Divorce HCs (Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Dr. Strange) {emotional themes}
Squirting HCs (Bucky Barnes, Dr. Strange, Loki, Batman) [smut]
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destieltropecollection · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Destiel Trope Collection 2021 | Day 22: Meet Cute
Trick Or Oh No, Please Don't Cry | @deansmultitudes
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 1,360 Main Tags/Warnings: Modern AU, Dad!Castiel, Halloween, Fluff Summary: Dean expected the Halloween night, spent on giving out candy, to be rather uneventful. And it was, at least, until the tiny disaster happened.
Losing A Few Teeth | @vampamber
Rating: General Word Count: 1,481 Main Tags/Warnings: dentist office, high on nitrous oxide Dean, drunken marriage proposal, first meetings Summary: Dean probably should’ve had his wisdom teeth removed ages ago, but he's never been fond of doctors of any sort, and that included dentists as far as he's concerned. But when he wakes up from getting them removed, the nitrous oxide makes him a bit drunker than expected. Proposing marriage to the hot nurse with the ungodly amazing blue eyes level drunk, apparently.
irresistible | @kitmistry
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 1,529 Main Tags/Warnings: Top Castiel, Bottom Dean, Porn with Plot, Strangers to Lovers, Celebrity Castiel Summary: Well, hello there, Mr. Dark-and-Handsome. Dean can spy what is surely a demi-god, talking with a few ladies across the room. The ladies all coo, and blush, and cling to him with adoration written into every curve of their shapely bodies. The demi-god, though, is cool and aloof. He smiles politely at them, but doesn’t single any of them out. Doesn’t even really look like he’s paying that much attention to them, actually. His strikingly blue eyes scan the room every now and then, without focusing on any person or art piece in particular. The demi-god turns his face so he’s looking somewhere to Dean’s left, and holy. fucking. shit. That’s Castiel Novak! The movie star!
My Honey Bee | @vampamber
Rating: General Word Count: 1,774 Main Tags/Warnings: ABO, alpha Dean, omega Cas, true mates, scenting, first meetings Summary: Rolling his eyes as Sam excitedly made his way to a booth selling what looked like weeds as far as the alpha was concerned, Dean started wandering in the opposite direction. Wrinkling his nose in horror at an older lady selling hideous crafts made out of freaking corn husks (do people even buy crap like that?), he was suddenly hit by the most delicious scent ever. He knew he recognized it from somewhere, but he just couldn’t place it. It was sweet and thick, and even had him drooling a little from how good it smelled.
To All The Places I've Never Been | @vampamber
Rating: General Word Count: 2,814 Main Tags/Warnings: first meetings, barista Cas, pilot Dean, referenced Sam/Eileen Summary: Castiel has always wished that he could travel the world and see all the beauty and adventure awaiting him. Working at Starbucks for minimum wage, though, usually makes travel like that way too expensive and impossible. And working at said Starbucks in an airport only adds insult to injury. Maybe the cute green-eyed pilot that just ordered some coffee can sweep him away from here?
The Fortune Teller | @expectingtofly
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 3,038 Main Tags/Warnings: Fortune Teller!Cas, Eileen/Sam, Normal Life AU, Beach Vacation, Fluff, Inspired by the song "Fortune Teller" by Robert Plant and Allison Krauss Summary: Dean doesn't trust any of this hippy bullshit—as he likes to call it. But he's at the beach on vacation with Sam and Eileen and they've dragged him to a fortune teller, so he reluctantly follows. Cue an attractive, charming fortune teller and a palm reading Dean wants to dismiss, but can't seem to shake.
Winchester's Haunted House | @deansmultitudes & @kitmistry
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 3,417 Main Tags/Warnings: Modern AU, Past Character Death, Ghost!Cas, Halloween, Haunted House Summary: For the Halloween evening, Dean turns his new home into a haunted house for neighboring kids. But once all the guests are gone, is when the real haunting begins.
Heat powered by you | @Mistofstars
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 4,177 Main Tags/Warnings: Destiel, cold winter night, holding hands for warmth, first encounter, Fluffy, Romance, duracell campaign Summary: Just two strangers in a cold winter night, who have both missed the last bus home. Luckily, there is a bus shelter that provides warmth – as long as you hold hands to close the electric circuit. Too bad that Castiel appears pretty infuriating to Dean. Or is it something else? P Inspired by the Duracell campaign "Moments of Warmth".
The Christmas Market | @gii-heylittleangel
Rating: General Word Count: 4,377 Main Tags/Warnings: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Christmas Fic, First Meet, Meet Cute Summary: Being alone in a country he didn't know was never Dean's plan. Still, he tried to make the best out of it and, in the end, he thinks he really did.
Muse | @twisted-pride
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 4,605 Main Tags/Warnings: temporary character death, implied/referenced character death Summary: His life is but flashes Castiel has remembered from dreams, recreated in monochrome, if only so that Cas could prove this man wasn’t made up. After all, he’s certain he’s alive, that he’s someone out there that Cas just can’t get out of his head: he’s stuck with Cas too long to be fictional. And yet -- and it sounds silly in Cas’ head -- he’s never met the man. Someone he has drawn and painted for at least a decade, one that’s haunted his dreams even longer, and he didn’t even know his name. --- Ever since he was young, Cas has been haunted by this phantom of a man, both in his dreams and in the real world. No matter what Cas does, where he goes, the man is there too. In every mirror, every reflection, in puddles and car windows and the faintest reflection of Cas in the metal pitcher at restaurants. He's certain the man isn't the result of an overactive imagination or a ghost with unfinished business, but if he really is experiencing someone else's dreams, why is it only this stranger that Cas sees in his dreams and no one else? [Prophet AU]
This Charming Man | @expectingtofly
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 4,993 Main Tags/Warnings: College AU, Fluff, First Kiss, Inspired by the song "This Charming Man" by The Smiths Summary: Castiel is not having a good night. He was on a bike ride, until some asshole nearly hit him with his car, sending Cas veering onto the shoulder. Now he has a flat tire and has to walk his bike back to his college dorm. And, it looks like it's about to rain. Then said asshole returns, apologizing and offering to give Cas a drive. Sure, he's attractive and Cas' own age, but he could also be a serial killer for all Cas knows. Either this night is looking up or it's gonna get a whole lot worse.
Splash | @notfunnydean
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 5,132 Main Tags/Warnings: Dean wears a bikini, Genderfluid Dean Winchester, Feminization, HHomophobic Language, genderphobia, lifeguard!cas, First Time, First Kiss, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting Summary: Dean is an idiot. Since it’s hot outside and Sammy wants a break from his studies, they decide to check out the local pool. Feeling brave Dean decides to finally be himself for once. Will he regret that?
A New Perspective | @kingdumbass
Rating: Mature Word Count: 5,471 Main Tags/Warnings: First Date, Meet Cute, Blind Date, Artist Cas, Language Summary: A recently dumped Dean is begrudgingly dragged off of his couch by his brother Sam to attend an art show. As it turns out, getting off the couch can be a good thing sometimes.
The Samhain Feast | @deansmultitudes & @kitmistry
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 5,840 Main Tags/Warnings: Magic AU,Wich!Dean/Familiar!Cas, Animal Sacrifice Summary: The end of the harvest. The one day the veil between our world and the otherworld is thinnest. The day when a witch coming of age can try summoning and binding a familiar. The Samhain Feast is a tradition so ancient, no one remembers how it started. Dean has attended every single one of them since he was old enough to walk, watching witches meeting their familiars and bonding with them. This year, it's his turn to make an offering. And hope one of the familiars chooses him.
Dear Santa | @imbiowaresbitch
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 5,854 Main Tags/Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, Meet-Cute, Misunderstandings, Top Castiel/bottom Dean Winchester, First Kiss, Fluff and Smut, Frottage, Rimming, Anal Sex, Happy Ending, kinda a christmas fic Summary: Castiel takes his 8-year-old son Jack to the mall, where Jack decides he HAS to speak to Santa. Cas is glad he did.
123 notes · View notes
cc1010fox · 27 days ago
Rating: Explicit Pairings: Bacara/Fox, Thire/Fox Summary: Bacara learned an important lesson about CC-1010: he learned through practice.
Fox was acting strange. Bacara glanced up from his book to meet his stare, again. This time, he was also met with a smile, and Bacara had to wonder what his intentions were. Fox was known to smile entirely too much around certain clones, that charming little smile that often came with a half-lidded sultry gaze and an admittedly cute duck of his head. He never smiled at Bacara like that, though. What did he want, he wondered.
“Bacara,” his brother called out above the chatter in their shared barracks, then beckoned him over with a wave of his hand.
It seemed like a friendly enough gesture. Normally a bit of an outcast, Bacara was...hopeful. He let caution slide, tucked his book under his pillow, and walked over to the other’s bunk. Fox was seated on the edge, his legs spread comfortably wide. It would have been socially acceptable to sit beside him, but that seemed too familiar to Bacara. Instead, he stood before him, arms braced on the frame of the bunk above him. Brows raised curiously, he waited for Fox to speak first.
Fox seemed perfectly comfortable with the expectation. He wasn’t like Bacara. Social interactions came easy to him. “What is “tat”? I’ve always wondered.”
Bacara must have slipped up and spoken the dialect of Mando’a he’d been taught with Alpha-17. Normally, he kept it to himself, so as not to isolate himself further, but, sometimes, he couldn’t help himself. Concordian was his preferred language after all. He answered softly. “It’s what you would call “vod”...”
“Where does “tat” come from?” Fox asked with what Bacara decided was genuine curiosity. He couldn’t be too certain, though, as Fox was...enchanting. He could have easily been manipulated by him.
“It’s Concordian, the language spoken on Concord Dawn,” he explained, then braced himself for the judgment.
“Oooh,” was the reply, along with a sort of acceptance in the form of a nod. “I heard the template was from Concord Dawn. Are you fluent?”
There was no judgment, no insistence he speak standard Mando’a like the rest or settle for Basic so they could all understand him. Bacara was stuck in a surprised silence for a moment, before he finally nodded.
“Can you teach it to me?”
That was how it started. In the following weeks, Bacara learned an important lesson about CC-1010: he learned through practice. Every day was a new conversation laced with Concordian words, and he insisted on being corrected if he was even slightly off in his pronunciation.
“Are you sure?”
“It was perfect.”
“I don’t sound like you when you say it,” Fox said, sounding certain of his self-assessment. He’d gotten to be as familiar with Bacara as he normally was with Thire, he noticed, as he brought a hand to his cheek to force his attention on him. He then enunciated, exaggerating with the shapes of his mouth and the movements of his tongue. “Neyar.”
Bacara chuckled, a sound only Fox seemed to bring out of him. “You’re not going to sound fluent when you do that.”
“Bacara,” Fox chastised, “watch me.” He sounded serious, but he looked cute. Again, he spoke, and Bacara did as told, he watched him, watched his lips, watched his tongue move between them--He’d been hyper-focused on them for a while now.
“I told you, Fox, you’re perfect.” He hadn’t realized what he said until those lips stretched into a knowing grin. “I mean your pronunciation. It’s perfect,” he corrected.
Fox never stopped grinning, though.
“You seem distracted lately,” Alpha-17 observed, and Bacara couldn’t deny it.
He’d had a certain fellow clone on his mind for some time now, the one who embodied everything Bacara wasn’t socially. He’d always wanted to be close with his brothers, but what he felt for Fox was different. It was something he’d never even considered. “I am,” he admitted, his eyes giving him away. Rather, it was the direction of them.
Still waiting in line for his meal, Fox was chatting with an amused Thire. He raised his hands as if holding a blaster and mimicked firing it three times, undoubtedly boasting about his talent. Typical.
Bacara smiled.
“Fox, huh?” Apparently, Alpha-17 wasn’t blind, but he also didn’t sound happy for him.
Bacara decided to ignore that. He was still performing above expectations. His distraction wasn’t hurting him as a soldier, just when he was addressed outside of training. He didn’t need to be lectured, he needed the advice of an older brother. Nervously, he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. “How do I know...if he feels the same?” he asked.
“With Fox? You’ll know sooner than later. Just...” Obvious hesitation drew out the pause longer than necessary. “ careful.”
Fox was smiling entirely too much. On top of that, he seemed...prettier somehow, Bacara noted. His face seemed brighter, like after training. It must have been his imagination.
“Why do you always stand?” Fox asked him, and Bacara didn’t know how to respond.
If he sat beside him, their knees would touch, he would leave his scent on his blanket--It just seemed so...intimate. The other clones would hang all over each other and cuddle up together in each other’s bunks, but Bacara wasn’t one of them. He was the outcast. He didn’t know what was expected of him.
Fox being Fox, he wrapped his arms around Bacara’s waist and pulled him closer. Bacara would have fallen over him if he hadn’t been holding onto the edge of the upper bunk. “Come sit in my bunk,” he told him.
“You...want me to?” Bacara asked. The question must have reminded him he didn’t because Fox’s grip loosened. Bacara swallowed as he chanced a look at him.
Strangely, Fox looked confused. “Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I?”
“I don’t know...” Honestly, he was just too embarrassed to explain.
“Bacara...You don’t know how much I like you, do you?”
No. He hadn’t known, but, now, it was all beginning to make sense. Of course Fox looked prettier, with his little smile, his hooded eyes, and the subtle tilt of his head. Of course he looked prettier, with his face alight with a warm blush. Bacara felt stupid. How had he missed the signs? Did Fox think he didn’t like him because he’d ignored his interest? Desperate to hold his interest, he leaned down and pressed his lips to his brother’s.
Bacara had learned that Fox knew how to kiss. It felt awkward and clumsy, until he followed Fox’s lead. Then, it felt perfect. Every press of his lips, every stroke of his tongue, and every teasing scrape of his teeth seemed to suit preferences Bacara hadn’t even known he had.
Somehow, Fox was still smiling entirely too much, though, even though Bacara’s mouth hadn’t left his all evening. Currently, Bacara was crouched in the floor between Fox’s legs, and Fox was leaning over him, their mouths locked in a never-ending kiss.
“What?” he mumbled into the kiss, curious of the other’s smile.
“It can’t be comfortable down there,” he finally laughed. Fox was right, it wasn’t comfortable to stay crouched for so long.
No, Bacara hadn’t entered Fox’s bunk yet. There just hadn’t been a need. Besides, he wasn’t sure what to do with himself in there. Would he be expected to sit by him? Would he be expected to lay on the bed? He didn’t know.
“If you’re not going to come into my bunk with me, stand up,” Fox ordered, point two fingers upwards for emphasis. Bacara obeyed, as he usually did, and stood, as he normally did, braced on the bunk above him. If it weren’t for Fox’s playful tone, he would have been worried he’d done something wrong. “There are so many things we could do in here. Maybe I just need to give you a taste.”
Bacara almost bravely remarked on how he’d tasted Fox plenty over the past few days, when he felt a palm stroking the front of his pants, fingers curling to outline his--In a slight panic, he grabbed Fox’s hand. “What are you--? They’ll see us,” he whispered, indicating the other clones that were currently ignoring them in favor of their other brothers.
The way Fox laughed was both confusing and endearing. “So? You know how much sex happens in this room.”
No, he didn’t. Admittedly, he didn’t pay much attention to the others, but, now that he was listening, he could hear the telltale sounds of masturbation and what was obviously sex. He wished he hadn’t noticed honestly. Now, his body was reacting to it.
His realization must have been obvious. “You didn’t know? Stars, you’re cute.” That wasn’t the only reaction Fox noticed. He worked his hand free from Bacara’s lax grip and formed his own grip around the thick erection forming in his pants. “Am I corrupting you? I kind of like that.”
In a week, Bacara had learned Fox knew a lot about sex. Most importantly, he knew how to have sex, which was more than Bacara had known during their first time.
It had been a good incentive to finally join Fox in the bunk. 
The mattress shifted under every thrust, not built for so much movement, and Bacara felt his foot slip off of it and onto the frame. Fox whined about the loss of rhythm when he adjusted, but he made up for it, picking up the pace.
Fingers curled in his hair, gripping firmly, almost painfully, but he loved it. He loved everything when he heard that whispered, “Bacara...” Fox sounded so desperate when he was close. It made Bacara want to give him everything he desired.
So he did. He found that angle he liked, along with that rhythm he liked, and made him whimper his name until Fox’s come was pooled between the muscles of his abdomen. It took Bacara minutes longer, but only because he held back to watch Fox writhe under him, overstimulated and high from orgasm. He only showed mercy when he saw tears. Then, his thrusts became erratic and he found his release inside of Fox.
Fox liked to embrace for a long while after sex, no matter how much Bacara had to pee afterwards. He didn’t mind really. The clinging made him feel wanted. “Thire’s jerking off to us,” he heard Fox whisper, amusement in his voice.
Bacara only grunted. He still wasn’t used to the audience they had.
“It’s kind of sexy.”
He groaned in response. “I don’t think I’ll be up to a round three tonight.” He’d learned that Fox’s libido was more active than his own.
Bacara remembered that Fox learned from practice. That was how he knew how to kiss. That was how he knew so much about sex. The sex that happened in the room, a lot of it was Fox. Bacara was realizing that now. He’d smiled entirely too much around certain clones in the past, before he’d smiled at Bacara.
Bacara had stayed after training to talk to Alpha-17 about a recent lesson, and, when he returned, Fox was not in his bunk. He pulled his book out from under his pillow and slid into his own bunk to read, trying to ignore the telltale sounds of sex and the whispers.
“Thire...” careful.
He should have listened.
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pbandjk · 28 days ago
Alpha Jeon 9
Genre: Werewolf au /angst/ fluff/ smut
Pairing: Jungkook x f. Reader
Word count: 7.1k
Warnings: loss of virginity, fingering, oral (female receiving), bumpy first time sex, unprotected sex, knotting, a tiny sprinkle of dirty talk, unintentional edging?
Summary: You’ve been raised to be a Luna since you were born. You’ve always had an idea of how your future would be, there was little room to imagine anything different. You’d meet your mate and fall madly in love, and the two of you would take over for your parents once they got older. But what happens when a certain wolf comes in and throws all of your plans on their head?
Part: 9/10 Series Masterlist
You sit alone in Jungkook's office, which he has stopped calling his own, but you refuse to accept when a knock interrupts your reading. You’ve grown to recognize who’s on the other side of the door by the sound of the knocks. Just now, you can tell Namjoon’s on the other side without seeing him, and you call for him to come in.
“Luna.” The worry in his voice makes you look up from your reading.
“What is it?
The deep frown on his face makes your heart rate increase. These days it seems like the only news is bad news. “The rogues.” You swear your stomach drops out of your ass. Somehow you already know what he’s about to say. “They’ve hit your parent’s village.”
You’re out of your seat in a second, brushing past him. “Does Jungkook know?”
“I sent Jimin to go tell him.”
Namjoon follows your hurried steps down the stairs and out of the pack house. You aren’t sure where you’re going, but you couldn’t sit still. Your family, are they hurt? Injuries aren’t uncommon in these attacks, especially for the pack leaders. Thinking about the people you’ve spent your entire life preparing to protect in danger makes you dizzy.
“Luna, we aren’t sure where they went after the attack,” he calls after you. “They could be waiting in these woods in between, ready to strike our village.”
That last part causes your steps to stumble. You have at least double the amount of patrols than you did the day of the previous attack, so everyone should be fine without you if you went to check on your family. Even still, you would feel bad abandoning your pack that you’ve sworn to protect. Your duty lies here now.
“Do you know if anyone was hurt?”
“We haven’t got a report back, one of the patrols just spotted the rouges escaping the village.”
Your heart is begging you to go and check on your family, but you know you can’t abandon your people so soon, not if they plan to hit your pack next. You signed allegiance to them, and to Jungkook. What kind of Luna would you be if you ran away now?
“Send someone to get a report.” You reluctantly turn around and head back towards the pack house.
Namjoon bows to you. “Yes Luna.”
You’re running on pure adrenaline at this point as you decide to head towards the village homes and find Yoongi who’s on duty. He looks up at your presence, and you must be showing your emotions on your face because his also contorts in concern. You’re already messing up, you’re supposed to be the steady rock for your people to lean on in times of crisis. “Send everyone inside, and make sure they don’t come out until I give the signal.”
He gulps, glancing around. “Are we under attack?”
“Not yet.”
You quickly make your way to the market and find Taehyung who helps you escort everyone there safely back to their homes. You try your best to bury your nervous energy so it doesn’t radiate to everyone else, but it almost feels impossible. You’re not sure how Jungkook remains so unfazed all the time.
Speaking of, he comes jogging up to you from somewhere calling your name. You wait for him, leaving Taehyung to handle things. Instead of stopping in front of you, he scoops you up in his arms, cradling you close to him. “Have you heard back yet?” Others may have not recognized it, but you can see the worry in his stoic face, and you can hear it in his voice.
You shake your head, pulling back from him. If you let him hold you for any longer, you might break down. You send him a tight smile to let him know you’re not okay, but you don’t want to talk about it until anything’s confirmed.
Once everyone is safely inside, you pace around the empty village, as if waiting to spot something.
“Luna.” A man comes jogging up to you out of breath. Once you realize he came from the path leading to your parent’s village you freeze with bated breath. “A few villagers were injured trying to protect their property, but they’re in stable condition. Your family was unharmed.”
Finally, you let your shoulders sag a little, and allow yourself to breath again.
Jungkook had wandered off, but he finds you soon after. “Did you hear?”
You nod quickly, and before you can stop it, tears of relief flood your face. He steps close to hold you, but you push him away. You need to collect yourself.
He gulps, trying to hide his hurt. “The pack members who reported the incident are waiting in the conference room for a briefing.”
“Let’s go then.” You turn and walk a little faster than normal, as if to keep a distance between you two. You know it’s hurting him to not be able to comfort you, but you need to deal with this situation with a level head. Jungkook wouldn’t let his emotions get in the way of being a leader when his pack needs him, so you aren’t either.
“While we were patrolling, we caught a glimpse of the rogues leaving the raid of Alpha Doh’s pack.” The two young men giving the report are clearly younger than you and Jungkook, but old enough to be out of school.
“How many were there?” Jungkook asks.
The boys glance at each other, and one of them decides to speak up. “I don’t know the exact number, but I know if they were to come up on one man, he’s a goner.”
The thought makes your stomach sink. You hate that all of your closest friends will be the ones on the front lines, and that you’re having to put young people like these two out there to risk their lives. They probably feel like they have to in order to protect their pack. No one should be forced to risk their lives like that, especially so young. They should be off having fun with their friends, not patrolling for hours on end, probably scared to death.
The thought of this makes you even more emotional, which makes you frustrated. Clutching your fist tightly under the table you turn to Namjoon to say, “Tell the patrols to stick in pairs, not too close, but in eye range of each other.”
He nods, writing down your instructions.
This is all you can do for now. Wait like sitting ducks.
Everyone in the meeting dismissed themselves, and you go to follow but a hand pulls you back. “Y/n.” You don’t like the way he says your name, like you’re a little kid who’s pretending they didn’t do anything wrong, and he’s the parent trying to get them to confess.
“What?” You pull your hand away and try to turn away from him, but he grabs your arms, holding your in place.
“I know you’re not okay.”
Your throat burns when you speak. “I’m fine. My family is okay, so I’m happy.”
He sighs, and before you can realize what he’s doing, he’s got you wrapped tightly in his arms, your face buried in his chest.
You bite your lip hard, but the tears still escape.
“It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. There’s a lot going on.”
You want to say, “I’m not overwhelmed”, but all that comes out is a choked sob.
You’re not sure how long you stay like that, holding onto each other tightly. Once your tears subside, you lean up to look at him. “How are you so calm?”
He offers a small smile. “I’m not. I’m just not good at showing my emotions. I guess that includes when I’m worried.”
It gives you a weird sort of peace to realize he’s also worried. You should probably wish he weren’t for his sake and the pack’s, but selfishly you’re glad that you can feel a little less like a failure.
No one gets much sleep the next few weeks. Jungkook leaves early in the morning to go patrol, and you’re a nervous wreck until he gets back. You both are rarely at home because all your time is spent at the pack house or in the village in case an attack were to happen. Namjoon brings you food that Yunseo prepares for you guys, but you can hardly get yourself to eat.
You have people patrolling all borders of the village, day and night. You know your people are exhausted, and you almost wish they would just attack already.
Maybe they aren’t attacking because they’re scared of your patrol, and they’re waiting for you to let your guard down so they can strike. Regardless, it leaves your people in a state of constant worrying and caution.
It’s gone unspoken, and you’ve been too afraid to confront Jungkook because you know what kind of reaction he will have, but you both know your resources won’t get you through the winter. You’ve yet to go trade at the capitol, and it’s costing you. Whenever you bring the subject up, it elicits the exact response you expected from him. He shuts you down right away.
“You know how good this will be for us,” you attempt to persuade him once more.
He doesn’t bother looking up from where he sorts through the papers in his office. “Doesn’t matter.”
“It’s been weeks!” You throw your hands up in exasperation. “Could the rouges seriously sit out there that long, undetected and still be ready to attack?”
He makes his way to another stack, still not looking at you, as if this conversation doesn’t deserve your undivided attention. “It makes no sense why they would skip over our pack. It’s still dangerous out there.”
“We’re gonna have our first snowfall soon, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. And then what?”
He suddenly turns towards you, and you flinch back at his hard stare and tone. “Nothing in this world is worth the risk of losing you. Don’t you get that?”
That definitely wasn’t the response you were expecting. You don’t really have a response, so you let him walk away. You’re frustrated at how every option you’re stuck with seems to come with a risk. If you go, there’s a chance you’ll be attacked. If you stay, there’s a chance you won’t be able to make it through the winter.
You’ve fought off rouges before, you should be able to do it again, especially if you take some of the guys with you. You laugh at how much you’ve started to sound like Jungkook
You’re ready to argue about it again when you finally return home, but Jungkook beats you to it. “I’ve decided that i’m going.”
You stumble a bit, trying to process what he just said. “What?”
“I’ll go do the trade. I’ll have a better peace of mind about you being here, with everyone to help you. This way I won’t have to travel with as many people either.”
You let out a humorless laugh. “So you get to tell me what to do to keep me safe, but I can’t do the same with you?”
“No,” he says as if it isn’t absurd. “I’m sorry, but I just can’t send you out there into their trap. I’ll do whatever to keep you safe, even if that’s neither of us going, and having to ration.”
“You don’t get to tell me what I can’t do. This isn’t a one way leadership.”
“I don’t care if you get mad at me over it. I’m not budging on this.”
Taking him up on his bluff, you storm out of the cabin, heading to Jenni’s. Hoseok lets you in, and you plop yourself onto her couch in a huff.
“What’s going on?” Jenni asks from the kitchen.
“Your brother's being an ass.”
Hoseok nudges her to let him take over, and Jenni comes to sit with you in the living room. “Do you want to talk about it?”
You hesitate, but you figure it might be helpful if you get her on your side. “Jungkook said you have an annual trade with the capitol at this time of the year.”
She nods.
“Well, he doesn’t think it’s safe for me to go because of the rogues. He wants to go himself, and leave me here.” The last part slips out, and you aren’t sure if she picks up on it or not.
“Why don’t I just go?”
You immediately roll your eyes at her, shutting her down. “No.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s not safe.”
She lets out a laugh, and you notice the irony as well, but you don’t care.
“Maybe we can just put off trading for a little while. I’m sure they’d understand.”
“We can’t. They have a strict schedule, there’s no way they’d be able to fit us in for a long time if we miss this meeting. Plus, their stuff is first come, first serve.”
“They won’t meet with just a pack member will they? Even someone like Namjoon?”
You shake your head.
“Do you feel like Jungkook will handle things better here if you go?”
Your head jerks to her in surprise. “What?”
“It seems to me like it really boils down to who you think can run the pack best, under a possible rouge attack.”
Jungkook is used to doing this by himself, you aren’t. The idea of being left in charge of the whole pack by yourself, is the most terrifying thing in the world. Hundreds of people relying on you.
At least now the responsibility is evenly split, maybe even more towards Jungkook. It’s hard for you to admit, but recently you’ve realized just how much you rely on him as a crutch. You could maybe use the excuse that it’s because he knows the town better than you, but you know there’s more to it than that.
“I’ve never ran a pack by myself.”
She nods, understanding the unspoken words. “Maybe you should tell him how you feel.”
You nod like you agree, but inside you’re thinking you probably won’t tell him that. He should be able to trust you to run things on your own, but you can’t. You’re ashamed of yourself.
It’s late when you return back to your cabin. A few candles are still lit, but Jungkook isn’t in the living room. You decide to take the couch for the night, not wanting to be the first to break your silence. You didn’t think he would either, but you’ve only lied down for a few minutes when you feel another body slide in behind you. He tries to burrow his face in your neck but you pull away, and he lets out a noise that's close to a whimper.
“You’re not gonna give up on this, are you?”
You shake your head.
He sighs behind you. “If there was one thing I understood about my parents' failed relationship, it was that he put his duty first, and she didn’t. I want to put you first.”
That wasn’t what you were expecting him to say. You feel for him and his worry about repeating his parents’ mistakes but, “This isn’t that. I made this decision, that you know someone is going to have to do. I made a promise to take care of this pack the same as you did. And I plan on honoring it, by my own will.” You turn to him finally, and you immediately want to erase the worry creased on his face. “As much as I want to honor that promise, I’ll also try my best to not let it come between our relationship. This situation though, is completely out of our hands.”
He doesn’t say anything, so you continue. “It’s also not just because I’m trying to put myself in the more dangerous position to save you.” You gulp, trying to voice your insecurities in the most logical way possible. “I think you will do much better guarding the town here. I would be absolutely lost on how to handle everything if an attack happened.” You’re their leader in their eyes and I don’t think I would make them feel safe, are the words you keep to yourself.
“That’s not true.”
“It is! You’re so calm and collected, and seem to have every procedure memorized, but I know nothing about that stuff. I wouldn’t be able to protect everyone as well as you could.”
“You can learn.”
You nod. ‘Okay, but it will take a while. We have to decide something right now.”
“It’s not that much-”
“Jungkook.” Your call of his name catches his attention from whatever rant he was going to do. “There’s no arguing. You’re better at handling things here, and I’m clearly the better trader.”
He goes to say something again, but he slowly realizes what you said at the end and his eyebrows furrow. ”What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It’s true! I’ve been doing it for years.” Because you found the out of the serious heavy talk, you keep running with it. “Plus, you’re terrible at bargaining. I could have scammed you before and you’d be none the wiser.”
You’re poking succeeds as he looks completely offended. “Hey!”
You laugh before you can stop yourself and Jungkook, as a defense attack, goes for your weak spot. He attacks your sides, tickling you. You gasp for air, begging him to stop which he eventually does, after tears are running down your face from laughing so much.
You can’t find it in yourself to be annoyed at him because of the laughter from both of you, you feel a little bit lighter than you did before.
His wide smile slowly fades as he grows serious. “Fine.” You’re confused until he continues, “But, you have to take at least two of the guys with you, and at least four patrols, maybe more depending on-”
You don’t let him finish his sentence because you’re pressing your mouth over his. He whimpers against your lips before sayin, “I can’t handle you being mad at me.”
You suppress a giggle at his childish pout, and he tugs you tightly into his body.
You inform everyone of your plan the next morning, and Jungkook decides to send Jimin and Yoongi with you. You can tell they’re having similar thoughts to Jungkook, that it’s high risk. But, they don’t express these worries. Instead they show support and nod at whatever Jungkook tells them to do.
“I’m excited.” Jimin bounces up to you after the meeting. “I haven’t left the village in forever.”
You try to smile back at his optimism, but you can feel worry radiating off of Jungkook and it’s affecting you. Although he agreed to let you go, that didn’t mean he was feeling good about it. His foreboding makes you feel like you need to fix it.
Jungkook is quieter than usual on your walk back to the cabin. You don’t regret your decision to go, but you still feel like you need to cheer him up. You don’t have much meat to spare, but you know you’ll get some on your trade, so you decide you’ll cook up his favorite dish to lift his mood.
However, you don’t make it very far inside because he wraps you up in his arms, his mouth finding yours in a desperate, almost sorrowful kiss. You reciprocate the desperation, as if trying to show him that you aren’t going anywhere. At least not for the night.
He’s the first one to pull back, your head still reeling from the kiss, he mutters against your lips, “I love you.”
You stiffen up in his arms, trying to let his words sink in. The words travel from your ears, leaving a chill all the way down to your toes. After being met with silence, his eyes wearily glance up at you. You can tell he’s starting to panic, so you jump into action to reassure him.
You’re not able to express how you feel with words, so you kiss him again. You can feel his relief in the kiss. His hands grip your waist, pulling your body flush against his. Yours travel up his arms, one stopping to grip his shirt, the other finding purchase in the hair on the back of his neck.
You’ve both been so tense and had too much on your mind to be intimate with each other. The last time you felt this fire in you was weeks ago.
He ducks his head down to suckle at your neck, and you lean your head back for him. You let out a whine when he reaches a particular spot, your grip on each other tightening. When you make the noise again, he hoists you into his arms and stumbles towards the bedroom.
A little clumsily, he sits you down on the bed. His eagerness to touch you is exactly what you wanted from him last time. Now, you can tell he’s not hesitant at all, he’s not in his head or overthinking anything.
He lets his body guide him as he leans in for another kiss, letting his hands travel freely on your body, tugging it into his hands and closer to him. Somewhere along the messy make out, he wiggled his way into laying between your legs, and your hips keep seeking that sweet friction of rubbing your bodies together.
His mouth leaves yours and he breathes hard above you. “Are you sure you wanna do this?”
Your brain is so mushed and glossed over with his affection that you have to think hard what he’s referring to. “Yes. Are you?”
He lets out a laugh. “What do you think?” He leans up to sit on his knees, and without losing eye contact he rids himself of his top. “I wanna touch you this time.”
You want to tell him that it can be both, but words are lost when he has your shirt in his hands, lifting it off you. He freezes for a moment, just staring. He acts like it’s the first time he’s seen you naked, but recovers quickly by leaning down to kiss your neck again. He doesn’t spend long there however, leaving a trail of hot kisses on his way to your collarbone, then your chest, leaving marks along the way.
He kisses his way around your breasts before ultimately taking your nipple in his mouth. His mouths gently at your breast, the other getting attention from his hand. Once he learns how you respond, he gets carried away with making you feel good. You let out a whine when he sucks your nipple in his mouth, laving his tongue around, even nipping with his teeth before he eventually switches to the other. Your hands search for something to grip, settling with one in his hair, and the other in the sheets.
He must have noticed how desperate your center is for attention because of how it keeps seeking anything to touch, your back arching, your body in search of his. He reaches down to undo the laces of your pants and you help him tug them off, not even caring when he chuckles at you.
You notice a moment of hesitancy again and quickly grab his hands to tuck into the band of your underwear. He gets the hint and removes them as well, leaving you completely naked now.
Despite taking your pants off, he returns his mouth to a similar place. You’re about to request something different when he begins kissing his way down your body, not leaving an inch untouched. When he reaches the top of your pubic bone, he glances up at where you’re waiting with bated breath.
“Is this okay?” You’ve never nodded so quickly in your life. Your legs are still spread from where you were holding his hips, and he glances down at you for the first time. He licks his lips like he’s looking at a meal, and you can tell from the way he gulps and his hands stutter that he likes what he sees. His fondling of your breasts was enough to make you leak all over the sheets.
He doesn’t make anyone bold moves at first, just kisses around like he did on your chest. You let him nose around, exploring your body, content with just having him so close.
He sucks a bruise onto your inner thigh, and you lean a hand down to touch his face, grabbing his attention. Admittedly, your patients are running thin. “You don’t have to. I’m ready for you now.”
You know those words go straight to his dick, but he decides to ignore it. He kisses your thigh again, but this time he moves closer to where you’ve wanted him ever since he put his mouth on yours.
You really weren’t expecting him to dart his tongue out, licking up your slick. You cry out in a gasp, the sound clearly encouraging his actions because he does it again, and you can’t help but lean your head back against the bed. The noises that escape are completely at their own free will.
Just like you did with him, he learns what you like by how you respond. His confidence grows more and more, and soon he has his mouth completely buried in between your legs. You don’t even know if he means to keep paying attention to your clit, but boy does he. He works his muscle against you, and sucks back up your juices and his spit, the lewd noises shoot straight to your core. Maybe you’ve envisioned this scene before in your head, but nothing compares to how it actually feels to have him there. Glancing down, you notice the way his hips grind against the bed, and you love knowing that he's getting pleasure from pleasing you.
You miss kissing him, and touching him, so you drag him up to you. His mouth finds yours again, and you feel obscene, tasting yourself on him. Wanting to return the pleasure, you run your hands down his toned chest, the hard muscle flexed beneath your hard, before ultimately gripping him through his pants. You don’t even have to take his pants off, because he does it quickly, letting his cock spring free.
You’re sure you’re returning the same gaze he gave you earlier, and you can’t keep your hands off him, gripping him in your hand like you did last time. He grabs your hand from him, and you’re afraid you’ve done something wrong when he brings it up to his mouth. You’re startled when he licks a stripe on the palm of your hand, but soon understand when he brings it back down to his length. You swear the groans that he lets escape as your hand works him are more powerful than his touch. He lets his head hang, settled into your neck, peppering kisses there.
He suddenly leans back, his own hand traveling lower. You feel his fingers prod at where his mouth was earlier. He seems apprehensive, so you use your own hand to guide him. You’re already wet enough that his fingers glide in easily, making you gasp at the feeling.
“You okay?” he asks and you nod again, whining when he starts to move his fingers. He watches you as he experiments with moving his fingers. He pulls them upward, and you let out a groan, your back arching in response. He has a smug smirk now, and you would be annoyed if it didn’t feel so nice. “You like when I do this?”
“Jungkook.” You plead his name, but you’re not sure what for.
You feel like you’re being teased endlessly, so you grab his hand to stop it. “Just fuck me now.”
He pauses and your face flushes with embarrassment. You’ve never talked like that before, and you know it catches him off guard, but you also notice the growing hunger in his eyes. Instead of settling between your legs like you expected him to, he lays back, pulling you so you’re straddling his waist.
“I don’t want to hurt you,” he explains. “I’ve heard it can hurt.”
A small smile plays onto your lips. It’s endearing that he’s concerned about you. You’re sure most guys, alphas especially, would not be so considerate.
Impatiently, you take his cock in your hand again, doing your best to guide it to the right place. When it finally gives way, you stutter your movement for a bit, trying to adjust to the stretch. He groans beneath you, his eyes squeeze shut. It’s a dichotomy of uncomfortableness and pleasure, but you know it feels good for Jungkook, so you keep going for him. Slowly, you sink him further into you until your body rests atop his.
He swears and it’s your turn to chuckle a little at him. He glances up suddenly, as if remembering something. “Okay?”
You nod and steady yourself with your hands on his chest, and he helps guide you with his hands on your hips. You can only go slow at first, trying to get used to the feeling of him inside of you. There’s a small amount of pain, but you try not to concentrate on the good feeling instead.
You take your time once you start gliding yourself up and down him in a motion you think is right. “Does this feel good?” You’re worried he’s not enjoying it because he’s not saying anything.
“Yes.” His grip on you tightens, and his hips suddenly stutter beneath yours, causing his cock to hit a new place at a different pace, and you lean forward in pleasure.
He apologizes but you shake your head. “Do it again.”
He does so, and you meet him halfway, your rhythm becoming more impatient than you were before.
You lean yourself up so you can kiss him, feeling your pleasure building up, almost reaching its crest. You hold your body over his in the exact position you found feels the best as his continues to pump into you from below, his cock gliding along your walls that keep trying to tug him closer. You’ve never been so close with another before, but somehow you want to be closer, trying to press yourself firmly against him, take him in further. You gasp when your pleasure reaches its peak, you tighten around him and grip onto the sheets, groaning as you lay your head on his chest.
Your body sings with pleasure as he still moves beneath you. You’ve shown him with your body how you feel, but you realize you still haven’t said it aloud yet. Sitting up, you can tell from his face that he’s close. There are words that you’re dying to spill, so you don’t stop yourself. “I love you.”
He grunts and his rhythm stutters, then he pauses beneath you. You feel his seed spill into you, but unlike last time, it keeps coming. You feel like you’re growing fuller, almost like his cock is growing inside of you.
“Jungkook,” you whine out when it feels like you’re going to burst.
His eyes are still shut, and you’re not sure if you’re imaging it until he says, “Does it hurt?” He’s been groaning beneath you, like he’s still coming down from his own high.
You ignore the question, not wanting to answer until you find out, “What’s happening?”
“It’s called knotting. It only happens with alphas.” Knotting. You had read about it before accidentally in your search for answers about mates. “It’s to increase chances of getting pregnant.”
Oh. “Well, I definitely won’t be pregnant. Unless my medicine is faulty.”
He nods like he understands, though you feel like you sense a little disappointment in him.
The tension finally releases from inside of you, and you feel his cum start to drip out of you, mixing with the mess you already pooled around his torso. When he returns to normal, you roll off him, causing him to slip out of you, both of you letting out a noise of disappointment at not being attached anymore.
He pulls you into his side, not wanting to lose touch. You rest your head on his chest that’s still breathing hard. There’s a comfortable silence, and you almost fall asleep until he says, “Do you want children?”
You’re confused. He’s acting like you have a choice. “Of course. It wouldn’t matter anyway. We’re expected to continue on the family line.”
“I don’t expect anything of you.” He brushes his finger along your jaw to get you to look up at him. “Y/n, you’re more important to me than expected rules and regulations. All I want is for you to be happy.”
His words squeeze at your heart. You aren’t sure how you got so lucky to end up with someone like Jungkook. A lot of Alpha’s expect their partners to follow the same rigid pattern they’re expected to take. And maybe you were one of those people at a certain time, but having to wait for your relationship with Jungkook has proven that things work out on their own time and you don’t have to rush them just because you want them badly.
“I do want children,” you let him know so he doesn’t get your feelings twisted. “Just not right now. What about you?”
You brace yourself for his answer since it’s not a conversation you’ve had yet.
“Yes. I’d have children with you right now.”
You let out a laugh, unknowingly feeling relieved. Since you've always wanted kids, you had a slight worry Jungkook would just agree to having kids because it was his duty, but you can hear the earnest longing in his voice. “I think that’s just the hormones talking. I want to wait until I feel certain I’ve settled into my role. When we do have kids, there’s gonna be times when I won’t be much help.”
You still have a lot to learn about being a leader before you decide to put your job on hold to become a mother. You’re not in any hurry, even if Jungkook’s eagerness is a little tempting.
“How about, I raise the children, and you can run the town?” He proposes.
You giggle again. “I’m sure we can work something out.”
You mindlessly trace a pattern on the bare skin of his chest, causing goosebumps to form on his skin. “We need a bigger house if we’re gonna expand,” you think out loud.
“That won’t be a problem. We can have one built.”
The idea of having your own home together, with your future children in mind feels like the ultimate step. Sure you’re already married and live together, and you had an idea that you’d have children, but a house...that was something tangible.
You decide to put food on the back burner and settle for something quick so you don’t have to spend much time apart. You can’t keep your hands to yourself the entire night, alternating between having your head between each other’s legs, or having him inside of you.
Eventually, he makes you go to bed, saying something about needing your rest for the trek tomorrow.
When you wake, you glance behind you to see Jungkook’s already up, but he remains wrapped tightly around you. “They’ll probably be waiting for me,” you say when he doesn’t let you wiggle out of his arms.
“They can wait.”
He guides his hard cock that was pressing against your back, down to settle against your heat. His hand around your waist drops to rub slow circles until you’re groaning, pushing your body back into him. You’re the one to take a hold and guide him into you.
He lets out a grunt, and you groan, pressing back until he’s fully settled into you. Neither of you move for a moment, just embrace each other.
“I love you.” His voice is gruff in your ear.
You return the sentiment and he finally starts to move his hips, and his hand moves to hold you by your breast.
You hear a sniffle behind you, and immediately turn. The sight shatters your heart. “Don’t cry.”
“I’m not.” He denies despite obvious tears running down his face.
You cup his face, and kiss his tears away. “I’ll come back to you. I promise.”
As expected, everyone is waiting for you at the border.
“We had people already scope it out. All’s clear.” Namjoon lets you know when you arrive.
Along with Jimin and Yoongi, there’s already a group walking ahead of you, and some walking around the perimeter of the path.
Now is the part you dreaded the most. Saying goodbye.
You’re not sure if they’re intentionally doing it, but the guys scatter and leave you two alone. You’re the first to move, and you embrace him in a hug, holding him tightly. You’re also the first to kiss him, but he responds back with vigor, almost pushing your head back with intensity.
You pull back eventually, and he rests his forehead against yours. “I love you,” you say first. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
He kisses you again, and you let him do it as long as he pleases. Hesitantly, he pulls away, leaving you breathless. “I love you.”
With that, he steps away from you. You try to make your steps away from him sure and confident, as to not give him a reason to worry or regret this. You want to show him he made the right decision. You keep glancing back over your shoulder, and Jungkook is still standing there, until you walk out of sight.
A few minutes into the walk, something white comes into your peripherals. Soon after, they start falling faster and tiny clusters of white are dancing all around you. By the time you make it to the village, the ground is completely coated white, and your feet trudge through the gathered powder.
After an agreement is made at the capitol, you’ll both gather your things and meet halfway on the trail for a trade off. That means it’ll be a few days before you get the actual goods, but you think you can make it till then.
The capitol is as busy as ever, you have to weave your way around the people who are unfazed by the crowd. Your group stands out, not only with the uncertainty of the crowd, but also looks. The capitol always has a new sort of fashion that your pack doesn’t.
The pack house is situated in the hub of the town, and you have to crane your neck to see all of it. It’s at least three times the size of yours and you do your best to try not to feel intimidated. You’re greeted at the door and directed down a long hallway of doors.
In a second of uncertainty, you wish Jungkook were with you. Not only because you miss him, but because you tend to hide behind him in all business sorts. You’ve never fully trusted yourself to be the one to take charge. Instead, you usually sit back and let Jungkook take over, only adding your opinion where you see fit.
But, you made this decision, and you have to see it through. This decision you made to come you think will be for the greater good of the pack, and you let yourself feel a little proud of yourself.
The pack members of the capitol could be what your father would call “stuck up”. You suppose they reserve the right to be as such, they always have their shit ahead of everyone else.
Before stepping into the meeting room, you swallow your nerves and put on an air of confidence. Right now, you’re not only representing yourself and Jungkook, but also the rest of your pack.
The trade goes pretty smoothly, your years of experience come in handy, and you do your best to not let yourself be scammed. You can’t help but imagine what would have happened if Jungkook had come instead of you. Surely, he wouldn’t be as negotiable as you. It’s another small thing you let yourself take pride.
“We have made new advancements in medical supplies,” one of the lunas adds on as you’re trying to wrap it up. The thing about the capitol is, it’s run by multiple alphas and lunas who rule over their own sectors of it, but come together for things like this.
“We didn’t come for medical supplies,” you respond as politely as possible.
“Still, you can never be too safe when it comes to saving lives.”
She’s got you there. Plus, you figured it wouldn’t hurt to get something beside meat. You’ve already traded enough to be good for the winter.
You arrange a time to meet for the final trade, and at sunset you make your way to your rented cabin for the night. The room is two beds, and Jimin has the pleasure of staying with you. It also seems that Jungkook has assigned people to watch guard outside of your room, and you know it would be useless to try and get them to leave and rest.
The night is unsurprisingly sleepless. With being in a new environment, worrying about what’s happening back home, and being separated from Jungkook are enough to keep you from sleeping all together.
Jimin apparently couldn’t sleep either, and to entertain yourselves he started telling you embarrassing stories about Jungkook, some of which had you clutching your stomach with laughter, and you would momentarily forget where you are and what you were worrying about.
Hoseok was going in for his morning shift of monitoring the isolation cabin, cursing that guy for making him have to do this everyday on top of his other duties.
He walks up to the cabin with his head down, his hands going out to undo the lock out of habit. His body freezes when he finds his job already done for him, the metal lock hanging open loosely. Swearing, he yanks the door open and his eyes nervously dart around, but he finds the single room cabin empty.
His heart feels like it just dropped out of his ass. It technically didn’t happen on his watch, but he knows Jungkook will find a way to fault him for it. He groans, rubbing a hand down his face in frustration.
He wants to throttle whoever’s turn it was before his, but he knows they’ll hear enough from Jungkook. He just hopes the guy ran away instead of toward the village.
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You Think Something Else is out there ?
Note: This isnt about knockout only just know hes hilarious 
Tumblr media
 The three humans sat in there last classes, waiting to be released to go hang out with there alien robot friends. Miko was loosely going through the history book when she stopped seeing an image of an old carving the woman seemed to hold what looked like a cube of energon in her hand and up to the sun as she held what looked like a sword in her hand which looked similar to Optimus’ Star Saber just a lot more epic. 
She looked up seeing her teacher busy grading work she pulled out her phone taking a quick picture, flipping to the next page see seen a statue of the same woman taking another photo then hiding her phone away. The bell rang as she closed the book and grabbed her bag. Rushing out of the class she walked down the steps to wait for Jack and Raff. She looked at the photos as someone came up to her side. 
“Hey- Woah it’s just me.” Jack spoke with Raff next to him. “You okay?”
“Yeah,” She spoke, “Hey have you seen this before?” 
She pulled out her phone and showed Raff and Jack the photos as the three walked to meet there guardians.
“Yeah that was in our history text book why??
“It was?” Raff asked. 
“Yeah.” Jack spoke.
"I swear! On primus. I've seen this face somewhere." Miko swore.
"You're probably-"
Jack was ran into as books cascaded onto the floor.
"No its okay. Let me help you."
The young woman- in her last year of highschool thanked him.
"Im Y/n..." she spoke softly.
Jack smiled, "Jack. Jack Darby-"
The teen froze as Y/n pulled back her heavy hair swooping it behind her shoulders.
"I- I uh..." Jack flustered.
"Are you okay?"
He nodded only as she smiled looking at the other two, Raff flushing at well at the beatiful girl.
"W-well see you later?" She questioned walking around the group with a wave, out of ear shot Miko spoke up.
"She was hot!"
"What!? We're all thinking it!"
"Lets just go to the base!"
In silence the group went to there gaurdians and back to base. Settling in after there hellos Miko was still stuck on the same photo.
"I GOT IT!" She shouted causing everyone in the room to flinch.
"What?" Jack asked.
"That picture of the lady! In the wall! Thats the girl we went today!"
"Your insane!" Jack protested.
"I just dont know why she would be holding an Energon cube-"
"What?" Ratchet chimed in.
Miko rushed over with her laptop, "this lady was in our history book, we ran into the same lady today except she was our age maybe."
Ratchet looked at the photo with a long hum in thought, "By the allspark. Someone! Get Optimus in here! Now!"
Arcee rushed to get there leader, Optimus walked in calmly as Ratchet was busy baffled by who he was looking at.
"Ratchet? There seems to be a problem?"
"No!- Well yes! Look at this!"
Miko showed him the laptop, "Optimus thats Y/n!"
"Wait! You know her?!" Raff asked.
"Thats her name!? What is she?! A prime?! A god?! Shes atleast and aft kicker right?!" Miko questioned in a hurry.
"Y/n is one of the strangest and strongest femmes out there. She matches the strength of a Prime and the knowledge without being a prime." Ratchet informed, "she was able to morph herself into diffrent species."
"Like a changling?!" Miko asked happily.
"You say it as if she was just skilled. This femme took on power Miko." Bulkhead spoke up. "She'd over throw Optimus and Megatron quicker than any of us to even get the word 'I' out."
"Did you know her well Bulkhead?"
Bulkhead nodded elbowing Jackie as he did as well.
"She rolled with the wreckers for a cycle or two." Wheeljack spoke. "She saved my aft one or twice."
"Oh! I know wjo your talking about now!" Smokescreen spoke, "she's legendary among the gaurd!- She'd speak to Alpha Trion almost everyday! For eons! I only had the chance to speak to her once! But she was absolutely amazing!"
"She was quiet magnificent." Optimus spoke. "I knew her while I was still an archivist. We were very close."
"What happened?" Raff asked curiously the whole room listening now.
"Raffel that is a -"
Optimus stop Ratchet from interfering, "We had let personal feelings drive us."
"You had a girlfriend?" Miko asked.
" one way to perceive it." Optimus spoke, "but we were much closer than others. We had and understanding most could not reach."
"Sounds like you really liked her." Jack told, rubbing the back of his head.
"That is one way to precieve it." Optimus spoke
The bots looked at each other as there leader was usually quiet about his deep feelings and relationships.
"Did you guys...seperate?" Miko asked.
"I was told she died attempting to talk Megatron out of his ways." Optimus informed, "It would be great to see here once more. If it was true."
"We can talk to her!" Miko spoke, "if she's disguised as a human! We can help!"
"You've done so much for the humans here. We could atleast help you guys get one more autobot on your team." Jack agreed.
"If we mention Optimus Im sure she'd jump at the opportunity." Raff chimed in.
"We get Y/n on our team. We win this war far more then by a mile." Arcee spoke.
"Plus you'll get to see Y/n again! Its a win win!" Bulkhead said.
"She's a total aft kicker Im in." Wheeljack pitched in.
"Won't she know where all the primes are?" Smokescreen asked, "She'll know where to find artifacts too won't she?"
"I hate to agree with them. But they do make some good points." Ratchet agreed.
"Very well. If you are all in agreement." Optimus spoke, "we will make a plan."
The next day came quicker than Prime could imagine it. His mind racing throughout the night and day, until the kids returned from school, with a fourth sleak car behind them.
The kids hoped out and the four csrs transformed. It was almost odd to him.
"It's really her!' Smokescreen fanboyed shaking Wheeljack as he sighed.
The group parted as Y/n stood there, her form tall, sleak, and slightly chromed. She smiled wearily at Smokescreen waving a few digits in a small hello.
"She said hi to me!"
Turning herself with the feel of eyes being bored into the metal of her helm she was faced with Optimus. It was clear to him now- the deep scar that crossed diagonal over her face. It was thick in silence as Y/n cleared her throat looking away from the bot.
"I. It is an honor to see you again sir." Y/n spoke a servo over her spark as she bowed her head.
"It is an honor to see you as well. I was told you didn't survive after your talk with Megatron." Optimus spoke placing a servo on her shoulder.
She looked up at him, the two lost for words as Ratchet silently and skillfully unhurried everyone out of the main room, including the humans.
Now alone Optimus placed another servo on Y/n's shoulder.
"I missed you."
Y/n flushed deeply, "I missed you too."
It was silent as Y/n put a servo on his faceplate.
"I suppose I did not concel myself as great as I thought." Y/n spoke with a soft chuckle.
"I should have known you'd come here." Optimus spoke, rubbing her faceplate softly.
"I crashed okay?" Y/n smiled thinking back years ago- where she had crash landed on the planet by mistake.
Optimus smiled in return, leaning down he kissed her, her hand resting on the back of his helm pulling her deeper into the kiss.
The two pulled away quickly as Fowler walked into base.
"Agent Fowler. I was not expecting you today." Optimus spoke as Y/n cleared her throat.
"I had informed Ratchet that I'd be arriving." Fowler spoke, "And who is this?"
"This is Y/n." Optimus spoke as she placed a servo over her spark bowing her head slightly, "She is on our side."
Y/n nodded as Fowler introduced himself, briefed Optimus then dismissed himself.
"You can come out now!" Y/n called as the bots and humans filed out of the hall.
"It. It is an honor to meet you all." Y/n spoke tying to avoid the obvious conversation.
"Are you and Optimus equal in strength?!" Miko asked happily, and on came the stew of questions, but the question that threw the two ofd was bound to come.
"Are you and Optimus a thing?"
"Miko!" Bulkhead scolded.
"Ah...uh...perhaps." y/n answered.
"Sorry for Miko. Shes just like this whenever she meets some one new." Arcee spoke. "It's good to have another femme on the team. The names Arcee.:
The two shook hands as Y/n smiled. "Its an honor to meet you. I am Y/n."
"Long time no see Wrecker." Wheeljack spoke as Y/n smiled
She spoke with a tease in her voice., "Still lifiting measly borders the two of you?"
Bulkhead laughed as Wheeljack smirked, "I'll take you on any day all day."
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imagine-loki · 29 days ago
Stitching The Wounds, Chapter 10
TITLE: Stitching The Wounds CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 10 AUTHOR: fanficshiddles ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki and Kilgrave are Alphas and feel a spark with the same omega. RATING: M
Loki and Kilgrave noticed that Leona was playing up a little more over the following week.
She was quite bratty and chatting back a lot cheekily. Earning her quite a few spanking sessions from the both of them.
Leona was desperate for them to claim her. She was getting worried they were changing their mind about wanting her as their omega. Since she thought they would’ve done it by now.
Even with plenty of blowjobs for them, they still didn’t cave. She had even resorted to just wearing a thin nightgown to try and tempt them. Sure, it worked to an extent, as she found herself with their fingers or face buried between her thighs on a regular basis. But it wasn’t quite what she had been hoping for.
Loki and Kilgrave were downstairs, Loki had just put some curry in the slow cooker for later. Kilgrave was on his laptop on the sofa, corresponding to some emails.
‘Where’s Leona?’ Loki asked as he walked into the living room.
‘I thought she was in the kitchen with you?’ Kilgrave asked, closing his laptop.
Loki raised his nose to the air and sniffed. ‘Do you smell that?’
Kilgrave sniffed the air too and hummed. ‘I do.’
The two could smell Leona’s arousal, so they both rushed for the stairs and headed up. They burst into Leona’s room, finding her completely naked with her fingers buried inside of her while she writhed around, moaning.
‘Leona!’ Loki barked. ‘What are you doing?’
‘What does it look like I’m doing?’ She snarled at him, continuing on with pleasuring herself.
Kilgrave pounced and grabbed her ankles, hauling her down the bed towards them. She let out a squeak of surprise and tried scrambling away, but Kilgrave flipped her over onto her stomach and as he knelt on the bed at her side, he pinned her hands down above her in one hand and swiftly brought his free hand down onto her backside.
She screamed as he unleashed complete havoc on her, Loki watched at first and then joined in. Both of them spanking her at the same time, enjoying the way her bum turned bright red so quickly.
Leona had an orgasm half way through the spanking, unable to stop herself. It was a mixture of being over powered in such a way and the spanking itself.
When they had administered twenty smacks, they eased off. Kilgrave rolled her over, releasing her hands. She went to move, but Loki quickly got on the bed at her other side so she was stuck between them.
Leona tried to wriggle downwards but Loki reached out and put his hand around her neck, not tightly, but firm enough to keep her in place as she closed her thighs together tightly.
‘Where do you think you’re going? Hmm? Naughty omega.’ Loki growled, giving her a slight squeeze to remind her who was in charge. She moaned lightly and closed her eyes, making the two Alphas smirk.
‘I think we need to have a little talk about your behaviour this week.’ Kilgrave said, placing his hand on her stomach.
Loki rubbed his thumb up and down the side of her neck as she glanced between them both out the corners of her eyes.
‘What, can’t handle me anymore? So you’ve decided not to claim me?’ She hissed at them.
‘Is that what you think?’ Loki raised an eyebrow at her.
Leona huffed and looked up at the roof.
‘We can more than handle you.’ Kilgrave slid his hand up and squeezed her breast, then tugged at her nipple, making her whine.
‘Why haven’t either of you claimed me then?’ She whined again and tried swatting Kilgrave’s hand off her breast and tried tugging at Loki’s wrist.
‘Because you haven’t begged us yet.’ Loki grinned wickedly, squeezing her neck once more before sliding his hand down to tease and pluck at her other nipple, that had up until that time been neglected.
Leona attempted hitting them both again, trying to sit up to get away from them. ‘I don’t beg!’ She spat at them and finally thought she was getting somewhere…
Until Loki slipped his arm around her middle and pulled her back down, he then straddled over her thighs quickly and started tickling up and down her sides. She started screeching in laughter and squirming to try and get away.
Kilgrave chuckled and joined in, he moved above her and sat over her hands so she couldn’t protect herself and he started tickling her underarms, while Loki’s tantalising fingers continued spidering up and down her sides.
‘Nooooo! You assholes, NOT FAIR!’ She screamed between laughing.
She knew exactly what they were doing and she knew how to stop it. But she was so stubborn she didn’t want to give in.
Loki tickled down her sides and across her stomach, sending her into hysterics with Kilgrave still tickling her underarms.
Eventually, with the two Alphas grinning wickedly down at her while they had her stomach hurting from laughing so much, she knew she had to get them to stop. They would win this battle.
‘STOP! PLEASE, PLEASE! YOU WIN!’ She cried out, still laughing and squirming under them.
Loki and Kilgrave shared a look, beaming happily that they had won. They eased up straight away, Kilgrave leaned over, chuckling, he pressed a kiss to her forehead.
Leona huffed at them both when they got off her. But she strangely found she was even more aroused now than she had been before her tickle attack. She pressed her legs together tightly and whined.
‘What’s wrong, pet?’ Kilgrave asked, stroking her arm.
‘I’m horny! Please, let me cum.’ She fluttered her eyelashes at them both, giving up entirely of not begging.
Loki chuckled and moved back between her legs, he stroked her a few times and cooed. ‘Oh, you are absolutely dripping, doll.’
She lay back and let the pleasure of Loki’s fingers overcome her. Kilgrave knelt at her side and played with her nipples, sending sparks of pleasure through her.
‘Are you sure you want to cum, hmm?’ Loki teased, slipping two fingers up into her, curling and twisting them just so, his thumb took over rubbing her clit, making her mind and body turn to utter jelly.
‘Yes! Please, Loki!’ She cried, not wanting to risk not getting to finally cum.
‘Who do you belong to, doll?’ Loki asked firmly, rubbing hard against her g spot and clit.
She writhed around as an orgasm started to crash down on her. Kilgrave tugged hard on her nipple when she didn’t respond straight away.
‘YOU! BOTH OF YOU!’ She screamed in her orgasmic state as she came all over Loki’s hand, clenching hard around his fingers.
He worked her down slowly, then sucked his fingers clean while moaning after removing them from her.
‘We will claim you tonight, pet.’ Kilgrave whispered huskily, stroking her hair back from her face.
Her eyes widened slightly and she glanced at Loki, who nodded in agreement with a big smile.
‘But not until after dinner, make sure you’ve got your strength up.’ He winked at her, making her stomach flip in complete excitement.
Leona went downstairs with Loki and Kilgrave after getting cleaned up a bit. Her mind was racing with so many thoughts. Not only about them finally claiming her tonight. But she was slightly amazed that instead of beating her into submission to make her beg, they tickled her instead. Such a different tactic and something she had never expected in a million years.
And even more surprising for her, was how effective it had been. They had her begging within minutes.
It was slightly scary for her, but mainly arousing and exciting how they were dealing with her. Incredibly dominant, but not using fear or abuse.
Maybe they truly were meant to be her Alphas after all…
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sharkface-daydreams · a month ago
Whats all your plural feels about rvb? I'm not a system but im really curious what people in systems think about DiD in it
ohhhh boy lol it's a lot of things really. I'll try not to ramble too much... but I'll put it beneath a cut for scrolling's sake
I do want to say first that we aren't a DID system, but more in line with how osdd functions. but I think in rvb the way the fragments are isolated from each other and have that amnesia thing going on is more in line with DID proper?
rvb is unique (probably) in how the fragments aren't confined to a singular body which has always been super interesting to us (especially as someone with body dysphoria it's ... soothing? to think about being able to just. download yourself into another body. a super sick robot body. 😎 that's the dream baybee)
then there's the whole thing with Maine+sigma=meta that gets to me because sigma, for all his faults, wants to collect everyone together again and be whole and 'human' once more. like yeah he went about it all the wrong way ofc, taking over maine's mind and having him kill his friends to get at the other fragments... not good. but I absolutely understand that urge to connect with other pieces of your system (even if maybe he didn't realize this consciously? like he knew he was a fragment of some other ai but I don't know if he thought he just needed to collect 'enough' fragments to become metastable or if he knew he needed to collect the freelancer ai fragments specifically bc they were all a part of the alpha.) (and like I obviously can't speak for any other systems or even any of my headmates, this is just me, feeling that empty ache when I can't reach any of my headmates internally 🥲)
and then doc + omalley feel a lot like how our median systems work, kind of chilling up front together and equally likely to chime in with something. (although I guess especially early in the series you can't really call how doc and o'malley interact 'chilling' lol) honestly the more I dig into them the more their system origins mirror our own bc we were very isolated as kids and neurodivergent so our classmates were extremely shitty to us. he's constantly forgotten, ignored, sidelined, told to go away, and I think when Omega gets in here he's like "well I won't stand for this, I will make them listen" and while he doesn't technically stay I think that leaves a very big impression in docs organic mind that, you know what? I don't have to fucking take this. but I wonder if the pull between his commitment to pacifism and standing up for himself was too great and so he's effectively split along that line. we've actually had a headmate split like that bc of irreconcilable differences. (different context obvs)
I also really vibe with epsilon having his memories of the other fragments hang around bc he's lonely bc Im effectively front stuck (can't 'switch out') and get isolated in my little corner of the brain and it's hard to hear anyone else in here and it's hard for them to contact me too and sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing if I'm just imagining them or they're actually taking to me... but he's right, it gets lonely lol
and for something even darker! Maine as the 'Abandoned Meta', going from a head full of sound and life and thoughts and constant noise before the emp to just.... nothing. grey emptiness and silence. no purpose, no sigma there to guide them, no one to even look at or talk to. before all that was being a freelancer agent and that imploded so there'd be nothing to go back to even if they hadn't scooped him up to put in jail. and even if he had buried himself inside his mind to protect himself when Sigma took over and they started adding five too many minds into one already overloaded... the shock of the sudden change can't have been pleasant. even if there's the relief of not having all those other minds jammed into yours, it's still gonna feel like... ok. u know when u have a loud party for a long time but then everyone goes home and you're left by yourself in the quiet and suddenly it's too quiet and empty and now you have to pick up all the drink cups and take out the trash and vacuum? and the quiet is a relief but it's also weird and kind of lonely and you're tired and there's a lot of work to do to fix everything up again? I think it'd probably feel quite a lot like that.
I think those are the big things that stick out rn, I appreciate u asking :) hope I didn't confuse you too much lol
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anditendshowyoudexpect · a month ago
face to face
Tumblr media
He yearned for it and he feared it more than anything. He tried to imagine it but all that came to him was trusting blue eyes and the gentle heat of the cheek pressed against his cheek, as though his imagination, so wild and unreserved all these years, were losing confidence and courage the closer, the more real her presence was. It’s for the best, he thought, because it’s impossible.
He heard her before he saw her, and still, he wasn’t ready. He was never ready for her. In an uncanny manner, she always managed to take him by surprise, from that first day, when he dove out of the way of rapidly rolling wheels and turned to look at the very young woman, almost a teenager, a long braid under a straw hat, who jumped off and dropped her bicycle to stare at him with an odd expression in big blue eyes. He only shook his head, half-bewildered, half-annoyed, rubbed his shoulder that ached from the too sudden movement, and walked on, none the wiser about the new page that was opening in his life. He was now a little jealous of that Shtolman: that Shtolman was at the very beginning of that sweet and occasionally maddening road—getting to know the “young lady on wheels”, as he kept referring to her in his head for a while, too stubborn to acknowledge the scale of the crushing defeat his heart and mind were suffering at her artless, barely conscious and therefore very irresistible offensive. That Shtolman was free, and who knows what his life would be like now, had he trusted his own heart a little sooner. Ah, Mr. Court Councillor, youth is wasted on the young… That Shtolman was bolder, lighter, more playful and self-confident.
This one froze, neither alive nor dead.
She stood in front of him, entirely real: exactly the same as before and completely different all at once. Only her eyes betrayed her, and what he saw in them killed his soul and brought it back to life with unbidden hope.
Of course, if the man by her side had been someone worthy of her and not a probable ruthless murderer and state criminal, he would have stepped aside, he would be her invisible guardian angel and he would never disturb her peace… “Liar,” said a calm voice inside his head. Liar, he agreed. He would step aside if Anna had stopped waiting and forgotten him.
But this other, grown-up, reserved Anna still didn’t know how to pretend with him—all her attempts at indifference came out so cruel that it defeated the very purpose. And when he realized that, when he finally saw the old Anna under the inexpertly worn mask of the new one, he could no longer help reaching for her through the bars of his cell, he couldn’t help saying what he wasn’t supposed to say, couldn’t help look at her and touch her in the way he had no right to. Giving her up was giving up living. He would breathe, walk, eat, drink, work, even smile and joke—but he wouldn’t be alive.
…She stood in front of him, and he had never seen her so fragile and delicate, she stood in front of him, composure forgotten, tossed aside, shuddering with sobs, her unconcealed pain raw and open and cutting his own heart. And he cursed himself and he was mad with joy, kissing her tears away and making desperate promises to himself that he—
 “You know how ridiculous you look, don’t you?” the man sneers, nodding at him, of course, meaning the sunglasses planted firmly on the bridge of his nose.
“Surrender, Mr. Krutin,” he says in his even, formal policeman voice, although every cell of his body screams where is she, what have you done with her you monster. “You have nowhere to run. All—or almost all of your connections have been tracked down and cut.”
The man arches an eyebrow, not a sign of worry on the smug, wry face at the sight of the gun trained on him.
“You seem to be of a very high opinion of yourself, Mr. Shtolman. But you don’t know the half of the threads I hold in my hands, and I assure you, a man like you can never get in my way.”
Oh, he would be so happy to smash this sneering face with the truth, to stuff this smirking mouth with the detailed facts of what every decent person in his and Anna’s life has done in the past two months, how nobody could stand aside while the young woman with a heart big enough to embrace the entire world was in the hands of a villain, finally, how the guard department is worth its salt after all. How bombs were disarmed, dangerous and greedy people were caught, dazed people brought back to their senses, and with every new development, the circle around Krutin was shrinking. But reveals and explanations like this belong in interrogation rooms when the criminal is safely handcuffed and about to be convoyed off to whatever fate awaits them, or in drawing rooms with a calm, wise detective lighting his pipe to entertain respectable guests of a respectable mansion. He doesn’t owe this man anything except the final reckoning and he is not going to indulge an inflated ego and an inflamed mind.
Something must have changed in his expression, because Krutin’s eyes narrow.
“Not that I care,” the man drawls, seemingly indifferent, “but how did you know where to find me?”
He smirks almost despite himself, his heart now filled with warmth.
“You know how,” he says before he finally asks the only question that matters. “Where is she? Where is Anna?”
The man shrugs.
“There is no Anna anymore.” For a moment, he thinks he misheard it. “She’s gone.”
…wouldn't hesitate for a moment.
There is no pain and no rage. There is—nothing. Nothing left. Darkness falls over him, darkness devours him, darkness squeezes the trigger. The monster staggers but doesn’t fall why won’t he fall and pulls out a small silver box from the depth of his coat—and there is a bullet stuck in the ornate lid and when the monster opens the lid, nothing happens, and the monster lets out an almost inhuman howl full of mad fury and launches himself at him. Darkness helps, darkness slows the world and his heartbeat and squeezes the trigger once again, although the monster still reaches him, knocking him down and the gun out of his hand. The monster is bigger, younger, stronger but he—he has lost everything and no monster can stop him, and darkness helps again, reminding him coldly that he is still clutching his cane and the cane has a surprise inside. An awkward jerk of a pinned hand and the knife cuts through the layers of fabric and finds the muscular but ultimately too weak flesh, and the monster’s body pressing on him convulses. He sees the disbelief and an almost childlike hurt in the monster’s eyes, and darkness twists the knife and watches impassively the monster’s eyes roll back in pain, and pushes the heavy flesh off him, and leans over the defeated foe, and pulls the knife out only to plunge it back into the pliant flesh and see more blood gush out and pull it out again and it’s not enough, not enough, it’s never going to be enough, and he crawls off and scrambles back to his feet, and brushes away the fragments of the shattered glasses off his face, and looks around, searching for his gun gun gun gun gun gun the word buzzes in his head, keeping all other thoughts away, but still they seep through, breath through and let themselves out, out through the eyes, out through the ears, out through the mouth until he is blind and deaf and prostrate on the ground, as though praying for it to swallow him whole, and the gun suddenly finds itself and his hand closes on the grip and—
A click. The unmistakable sound of a hammer being cocked, and, instinct-driven, darkness roars and propels him up to face the new danger— …and retreats, leaving him to gasp for air.
She stands in front of him, holding a big, long-barreled revolver with both hands. Spirits can’t do this. Can they? She stands in front of him, and she is as beautiful as he remembers her—more beautiful, because she is real. Hair falling in free waves, cheeks flushed pink. She is alive and she stands right in front of him.
Anna, he says, no, exhales, and there are no words in any human language to describe the storm inside his head and his heart.
The alpha to his omega.
Life itself.
Anna, he pleads, terrified—
—because she is pointing the revolver at him, and her blue eyes are ice, not looking at him but at some distant point behind his shoulder, and he is both the happiest and the most miserable he has ever been, like a blind man who regained sight in a world that lost all light a moment later.
I hate you…
I hate you!
You will shoot yourself in an hour.
Anya, he whispers, defeated, taking a step towards her.
Jump forward, try to deflect a shot… but a bullet doesn’t care whom to kill in a mess of bodies and limbs.
And his hand drops to his side helplessly, hopelessly, letting go of the gun.
Wake up, please, wake up.
He has had many nightmares but none as dreadful as this one.
He thought he knew what it was like, the real, gut-wrenching horror, the true, infinite despair. He didn’t.
If he were a romantic idiot, he would think that death by her hand is the best death he could ever wish for.  But he is just an idiot idiot idiot how could you believe the monster, so, to him, it’s utter nonsense: how can he wish for this? What is going to happen to her when he’s dead? She will wake up eventually and see what she has done and— How is she going to live with the consequences, with the knowledge that she’s killed the man she loves?
Perhaps he is still a bit of a romantic idiot because he thinks that at least her face will be the last thing he sees, and, surely, he deserves at least that, and he wants to take in every single feature of it. He will not look away or squeeze his eyelids shut.
She is alive, she lives, she lives…
It’s going to be all right.
I love you.
I love you.
And in the seconds before her index finger presses on the trigger, it’s not his entire life that flashes before his mind’s eye. It’s the silhouette of a very young woman, almost a teenager, walking away from him in the indigo haze of moonlight, autumn leaves rustling under the wheels of her bicycle.
What was that wondrous moment…
He smiles.
It comes as a roll of thunder, as the end of the universe.
And then—then?—smell of gunpowder fills his nostrils, and he blinks and his brain registers with a delay the thud of something big and heavy falling down behind his back and whispers: look. And he looks and he sees the blue ice break and melt.
Released by a trembling hand, the revolver tumbles on the ground.
Sunlight gleams on the polished steel, still smoking in the still chill air of the world that is no longer cold.
…but the greatest of these is love.
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rjshepherd · a month ago
I need more submissive karl in heat 👀 with the same partner from before. Maybe their first time being exposed to karl in such a state? Let The Service Top Shine And Praise The Good Boy
ok its spicy under the read more as usual lads
- so im not a HUGE fan of making people, particularly abused men with agency into little UWU helpless baby subs when it comes to sex.
but that being said
karl is a little helpless when it comes to heats. They come on so strong and he is still a human, unlike the lycans. he’s just not equipped to deal with so many hormones flooding his body at once, even after having heats by years. he sort of just. malfunctions. Can't do things that yesterday he could do with ease, struggles with basic tasks because he's out of his mind with fever and horny. i don't know if id say "he needs an adult" but he def needs someone sober and not lust drunk to keep him out of trouble and remind him to eat.
- this submissiveness is absolutely not by choice. were it up to him he'd keep the bravado even when bottoming. He forces himself to keep going, pretend hes not having this kind of heat until he literally collapses with either fever or exhaustion and is usually just stuck lying where he fell until a lycan comes across him or the heat wears off. its a little different with you around but either way, hes not happy about this situation and he's sure as hell going to let you know about it.
- He cant take care of this himself so he's dependent on you. but that doesn't mean he's a patient man. i always say he's a bottom but he's not the most submissive person alive. there's a lot of "hurry up and fuck me already" or " get moving i cant wait any longer". its a cross between demanding and begging. if he can move without too much pain, he likes to top from the bottom if you know what i mean.
- i think the first time you came across him like this was different. You had NO IDEA what to expect and probably didn't even realise he was in such pain because he was so adept at hiding. now days you can tell, maybe even have a calendar so you can prep a few days before. but the first time was an absolute shit show. i can see it happening in a few different scenarios, you can choose which one you like best:
1. Karl wanders into the lycans den, desperate for some relief from his heat. the hormones have him almost floating towards the other infected like a loonytoons character smelling food, hes powerless to stop its pull on him. after a few hours of searching you finally find him in the lycans den, looking bloodied, like he's been in a fight. You dont know it until later, but that's just how lycans mate. there's no difference between fighting and fucking for them and this is how karl as been dealing with things for years. You freak out, dragging his semi-conscious ass from the bottom of the lycan pile and back to the factory to patch him up. When he finally comes to he's almost feral; he's having trouble making coherent sentences, body freaking out because he's not surrounded by the scent of the lycans. Feverish and painfully aroused in seconds he tries to shy away, get up and go back to the lycans but he's just too weak. He tries to hide his embarrassment from you as he spreads his legs, making a space for you between them. i see a smile creep onto your face as you realise what he's asking you to do for him. Imagine his surprise when you do actually clamber onto his bed whispering sweet nothings "dont worry darling, im here now. ill take care of you."
2. after a few days of just avoiding you, snapping at you and generally being a grumpy unlikeable fuck you both crack. You get upset first and that sets off karl. Hes shouting and shaking and finally he just slides down the wall, too tired to put up a fight anymore. before you know it he's angry crying from the stress of it all and finally just tells you whats wrong: he's harder than a slab of concrete and needs you, just you, to fuck him so he can finally get some peace. sitting on the floor of the bathroom or something it's hard not to see the tenting in his jeans " that looks painful." you mutter " want your alpha to take care of you?" you offer.
Karl whimpers, hand flying to his mouth to stifle the sound. EVENTUALLY he nods, letting you know he's game "good boy" you murmur crouching down in front of him . just your words had such an effect on him? he must be really suffering. so why didn't he just ask? pride probably. maybe he was embarrassed that you or your scent affected him so much. you're just a tiny uninfected human how can you have such influence over the most powerful lord in the village?
having you crouch there, gazing right through his tough facade is doing things to him. He's a little hesitant at first, spreading his legs or bending over to present himself to you. but it's such a sweet gesture, who are you to deny him? you literally fuck him into the floor where he fell, in the middle of the factory where anyone could see. maybe he uses his powers to help you lift him up so you can fuck him against the wall. he's taking most of his weight but he's acting like its all you, clinging to you for dear life as you rock his world. don't forget to praise him as you go, he is your good boy after all.
3. karl wakes up besides you with the worst heat he's ever had. His scent doesn't actually affect you but yours is REALLY affecting him. you can definitely smell his, regardless. If this is how strong it is for you, it must be absolutely MADDENING for poor karl. it's like a fog that's filled the whole room. Karl is almost incoherent with lust, able to do little more than whimper and beg for you to help him out. how you've come around to becoming the alpha's alpha is beyond you, but you aren't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.
His hands are already down the front of his shorts, desperately trying to find some relief for himself but he just cant . He's dropped all pretense of shyness or embarrassment; he just doesnt care at all right now. you have a little chuckle to yourself "so shameless." you laugh , leaning over him. you inhale deeply running your tongue along the shell of his ear. Karl shudders "a-are you going to help me or not?" he huffs, eyes clenched shut . You answer his question by clamping your teeth down on his neck. Karl keens, back arching in pleasure but its not enough to push him over the edge. you slap his hands away to take care of him yourself. He's hopeless when he's like this. "you keep forgetting darling." you say as you sooth the bite with a kiss " no one can touch you like i can." i think this is one of the few times Karl ever submits to you completely : He needs you but he doesn't just want you to bred him, no, he wants to be yours, wants you to mark him for the whole pack to see. you have a blank cheque for mayhem. Make as much of a mess of Karl as you want, cover him in bites and kisses from head to toe, fuck him so hard he can't sit down for days or love him so gently he clings to you and cries in joy when he finally finds relief from this heat. He's yours now, you can do whatever you want with him ~
in the days after , karl is walking around with a love drunk expression, black and blue from bites and hickeys but happier than he's been in weeks. The other lords might raise a few eyebrows but as long as you two are together ,who cares what they think?
there you go nonnie, i enjoyed this IMMENSELY. in fact i genuinely might take all 3 of these scenarios and write some ftm or pegging specific reader x karl stuff. its good shit and since ive fleshed it out here half the work is done already lmao. theres a lot of karl fics out there rn but theyre all top, macho karl taking care of the reader ( which is great dont get me wrong) but i like to cater to a different audience ~
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destieltropecollection · a month ago
Tumblr media
Destiel Trope Collection 2021 | Day 10: OMG They Were Roommates!
Showing Affection | @destielshipper4cas
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 1,760 Main Tags/Warnings: Friends to Lovers, Fluff, Cuddling & Snuggling, Pining, Omega Cas, Alpha Dean Summary: When Dean’s girlfriend breaks up with him because he ‘isn’t capable of showing affection,’ he is hell-bent on proving her wrong. His best friend and roommate Cas seems like the best test subject to do so. After all, showing affection comes easy to him when Cas is concerned.
Hot Mess | @vampamber
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 3,069 Main Tags/Warnings: pwp, recreational drug use, Cas acts like endverse Cas, voyeurism, mutual masturbation Summary: When he’d placed the ad for a roommate, Dean hadn't exactly got what he expected. The first guy to answer had been exactly what he expected, sure. Gordon seemed perfectly acceptable on paper, but something about him creeped Dean out. He did a quick background search on the guy after he said he'd think about it, and was glad he did. Two different assault charges, even though they were almost a decade ago, still made Dean decide to never call the guy, no matter how desperate he got. The second guy that showed, though? Dean had no idea what he’d been thinking, even letting him through the door. He reeked of pot, and looked like he might've been at least a little high during the interview. But he had great references from all his former roommates, and nothing came up on the background check Dean did after he left (not even a possession charge, like Dean had expected), and since New York was such a damn expensive place to live, he called him up and said the room was his.
My Love is Carried to You By My Feet | @one-more-offbeat-anthem
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 3,337 Main Tags/Warnings: snowed in, friends to lovers, roommates, sickfic, writer!Castiel, nursing student Dean Summary: Dean and his roommate and best friend, Cas, are snowed in together for the time being, which wouldn't be so bad if Dean hadn't been hopelessly in love with Cas for years. And then Dean gets a cold.
Pizza Man | @imbiowaresbitch
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 3,406 Main Tags/Warnings: The Pizza Man (Supernatural), Explicit Sexual Content, Anal Sex, Top Castiel/Bottom Dean Winchester, POV Alternating, Love Confessions Summary: Dean and Castiel are roommates in their third year of college. Cas frantically shows his best friend a horrible typo on the latest ad for the pizza place where he works, just knowing it's going to ruin his night.
You're My Home | @maleyah-givemetomorrow
Rating: Mature Word Count: 3,724 Main Tags/Warnings: Genderfluid Cas, bisexual Dean, protective Dean, hurt/comfort, Soft boys, getting together, friends to lovers, coming out, first kiss, cuddles, fluff Summary: His tongue is glued to the roof of his mouth, when he tries to speak, so the one word sounds like a whole effort, slurred and gruff. “Cas?” There’s a sharp intake of breath and then the hesitant clicking of heels on the floor. “Dean…? You’re awake?” “Mmyeah,” he groans. He wants to move, but he fell asleep in the worst position and he’s stuck in the sheets, his legs tingling violently. “You alright?”
Infamous | @verobatto
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 3,815 Main Tags/Warnings: Pornstar!Dean, roommates, smut, top!Dean, bottom!Castiel, friends to lovers Summary: Dean is secretly in love with his best friend and roomate Castiel. But it's not the only secret he keeps. Dean is one of the most hot bisexual Pornstars in the industry. Dean knows Castiel never would find out his secret because the guy is the most puritan socially awkward man in the world, and he would never watch a porn movie. But Hannah, Castiel's girlfriend, decides to play him a joke and one night he surprises her boyfriend with a gay porn movie called 'Infamous'. Imagine Castiel's face when he sees Dean, the friend he knows for years, playing the main role with a magnificent performance.
Revelations | @shealynn88
Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: 6,727 Main Tags/Warnings: Concern that someone is suicidal (they aren’t) Summary: Dean is a mechanic in Sioux Falls. Castiel is the new gas station attendant. Dean needs a roommate, Cas needs a place to live. And thus, they were roommates!
Yes Homo | @celipuff
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 10,012 Main Tags/Warnings: Roommates, Top!Cas/Bottom!Dean, Top!Dean/Bottom!Cas, Switching, Bisexual Dean, Gay Castiel, Dean’s First Time With A Man, Mutual Masturbation Summary: Dean tells himself that jacking off next to his best friend isn’t homo if they don’t touch. The problem is... once he sees it? He absolutely wants to touch.
Molly Ringwald is Still a Bitch | @kingdumbass
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 13,871 Main Tags/Warnings: College AU, Roommate AU, Mutual Pining, Top!Dean/Bottom!Cas Summary: Castiel has got it bad for his college roommate Dean, but Dean would never fall for a guy like Castiel... Would he?
Grow For Me | @imbiowaresbitch
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 20,082 Main Tags/Warnings: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, top Alpha Castiel/bottom Omega Dean Winchester, Explicit Sexual Content, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Biting, Claiming Bites, Mpreg, Misunderstandings, Alternate Universe - Roommates/Housemates, Mutual Pining, Sexual Tension, Sexual dialogue, Happy Ending Summary: Dean is desperate for a housemate after Charlie moves out. After interviewing several potential tenants with near disastrous results, he meets Cas. Can the lawyer with the strange habit of talking to plants fit into Dean's life?
The Winchester Breakfast Special | @thefandomsinhalor
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 33,602 Main Tags/Warnings: Modern Setting AU, Top Castiel/Bottom Dean, Castiel Has a Crush on Dean, Hurt Dean Winchester, Pining, Miscommunications Summary: Watching Dean cook breakfast after a long night of steamy passion is something Castiel gets to witness on nearly every Sunday morning. The only problem is that the meal in question is never cooked for him: He’s just the roommate.
alone together | @dothwrites
Rating: Explicit Word Count: 74,239 Main Tags/Warnings: Quarantine Fic, Roommates, Mutual Pining, Idiots in Love, minor angst, Domestic Fluff Summary: Like the rest of the world, Dean Winchester’s job sent him home with the supplies necessary to work from home and a vague farewell of “We’ll see you when this all blows over”. Unlike the rest of the world, Dean Winchester is entering into a quarantine with Castiel Novak, his incredibly hot and incredibly uninterested roommate. How is Dean supposed to concentrate on his job while Cas is just a few feet away, being...well, Cas? Castiel Novak was already working from home, so the news of social distancing doesn’t affect him that much. What does send him into a panic is the knowledge that Dean Winchester, his stunning and straight roommate, will also be working from home for the foreseeable future. After spending so long trying to distance himself from Dean, Castiel now has to face a future where Dean is present. All. The. Time. They’ve got food, Internet, and all the toilet paper they need, but neither one of them is prepared for quarantine.
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ashley-jones · a month ago
Past and Present
Chapter 3
Warning: Teasing, virginity loss, slight breeding kink, and sex (doesn't go into full detail, and very short)
Tumblr media
Just like that Diana found herself back in the courtyard of the western lands asking the daiyokai lord for any help of getting back home. The young yokai boy was right by her side the moment she was let through the gate, his clawed hand wrapped around hers and bringing her to his father. When he stopped and watched his father train the new upcoming warriors. "Can you fight Ninjen?" Sesshomaru questioned. She looked down at the boy smiling softly. "I can, my grandfather taught me when I was younger. Hand to hand, sword fighting, and I can shoot a bow pretty well." she said softly. "Can you fight?" she asked softly. He nodded while staring at his father. "Yes.. Each year I have to fight my father that way he can prove he's still the alpha of the west.." he whispered. "I have to fight him tonight.." he slowly added.
Diana was confused but said nothing as it was most likely tradition for the yokai's. "Sesshomaru.. Where is your mother?" the teen asked quietly. The small boy looked up at her with saddened eyes then looked up at the sky. "She sits in her castle.. she never comes down unless she needs father.." he whispered. The teenager looked up staring into the sky, unable to imagine the pain the boy must feel without his mother. "My father died, when I was little. I know it's not like your situation, but I remember feeling so alone without him. I could never imagine my mother leaving or disappearing.. If she were, I have a feeling I would no longer be on this earth.." she whispered. "Please stay.." the boy all of a sudden said.
"Sesshomaru. Do not ask the ninjen of something that is most likely impossible." the lord ordered. The boy just looked down slowly unhooking his hand from hers and slowly walked away. Brown eyes following him, and noticing the change of emotion in the boy. It made her think of the great demon that sat in the clearing with Inuyasha.. Was this the reason Sesshomaru was so cold? The boy seemed to be all alone, and just wants someone to be there with him.. "Where you unable to get home ninjen?" the yokai questioned. She finally turned her head back and looked up at the yokai. "u-uh.. no, we kinda got stuck I guess.. I n-need a book.. But there are no villages near by.. At least none that my companions could seek out.." she stumbled through her words.
"I have thousands of books my dear, is there a specific one you are searching for?" he questioned. "I need to find a book of any information on an upcoming well, a well that is placed to be pushed between eras, mine and then yours. It's a mix of demon but also spiritual." she explained. He hummed deeply, placing his hand on her lower back and began leading her inside.
He opened an oak door for her allowing her to step inside first, and stepped in after letting the door shut behind him. The great dog demon took notice of her doll eyes widening at the large bookcases that held thousands of books. He could feel his beast growl seductively within, wanting nothing more than to slam the female into one of these bookshelves and sheath himself inside one of her virgin holes. The strange outfit wasn't helping his sexual frustration either. If was tight against every curve of her body, leaving no room for imagination when he could see the perfect format right in front of him. He loathed to have a females touch, weather it was human or demon.
He and his mate have been separated for quite some time, only seeing each other when their heats get extreme. So sexual tendencies haven't been a normal act like most yokai lords have, so having a very young and pure female in front of him was slowly causing him to go feral. The moment he saw her protect his pup against the half breed, was the moment his beast wished to claim her, and he planned for live the day in her era to do so.
Tōga slowly snapped out his frustrated daze and walked towards one of the shelves pulling out one of the books. "Midoriko? I've heard of her.. I actually did a report on her for my freshman year." she whispered. "She was the most powerful Miko to ever walk the lands of Fedual Japan, she created the shikon jewel that my sister now holds.." she explained softly. "Your sister is a Miko?" he questioned. "Yes, her name is Kagome, she's 2 years younger than me.." she happily said. "She can also go through the well. Well I can't go through the well, at least I never was capable of doing so before.." she whispered.
"Maybe something drew you in, instead of going to this era your sister does, maybe you were brought here for another reason." he whispered. His voice was rasped and low, it was so smooth and it actually reminded her of dark chocolate. She looked up at him slowly crossing her arms, blood rising to her cheeks. "No.. I'm not like my sister, she has reasons to be traveling through the well.. She's saving those she cares for, protecting somethinf that she was born to do.. I was born a normal little girl withing nothing special about me." she whispered. "From what I saw yesterday, I see and sense something that is very special inside of you dear." he whispered. "You just need to unlock it." he rasped out.
"How do I unlock it? I don't even know how I did what I did yesterday.. I just saw your boy running and in fear, and then I saw Inuyasha run at me.. And then it was there." she quickly said. All her life she has been normal.. Right?
No, she hasn't always been normal, she's had experience with extreme power that laid within her veins. She's terrified her whole family plenty of time when red would shoot from her hands or chest for no true reasons. She'd lose control of whatever was inside of her, at least until she met Andy. When she met him everything changed, his aura caused her body to weaken that way this ability would never show. Are these abilities coming out because she's away from the one person that concealed them from the world? What was she capable of? Could she control it? What if she couldnt get back home to her family? She never got to say goodbye. She never got to say her last 'i love you's' to her family.. Never got to have her own family with the man's she's been with for the past 3 years.
"What do you sense about me?" she whispered. She hadn't even realized she had been backing up until her waist hut the side of a wooden desk. Her heart beat was pounding so hard, she thought that it might actually tear from her chest. He was so close to her, and it made her nervous, but it also brought a calmness to her body. "I sense that your scared of something, and it isn't me. Your heart pounds because you fear of being stuck and not returning to your loved ones. I can also sense a slight arousal leaking from you each time I step closer. But underneath the sweetness of the coat that covers you, I smell power that no yokai nor Miko could ever hold." he rasped out.
She didn't know what possessed to her to finally stand up straight, or how she found the confidence to finally look the man in the eyes. Her cheeks red and lips slightly parted, she was now pinned to the desk behind her, and she couldn't fight against this man even if she needed to do so. Diana hated being forced into submission, her and Andy had gotten into plenty of fights over the alpha male bullshit.
But the man she stood in front of right now, he was the most powerful of all the lands; Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's father, a daiyokai that holds more power than she could ever dream of.. If he wished to dominate her, he would. Tōga could do things to her she wouldn't even be able to think about in all of her 17 years of life. He was an alpha. And right now she was pretty much his little toy.
Her hand quickly went to his chest stopping him from coming any closer. "I h-have someone back home.." she whispered. "A-and my friends.. t-they're waiting for me to return to the cle-" she was cut off by a moan that escaped her. The yokai's tongue traced along the curve her throat. "They can wait." he growled. "I cannot." he mumbled. His mouth latched onto a certain spot that sent the female into a shivering mess. Her fingers grasped and gripped onto his kimono trying to push him away.
But the moment was Glady interrupted when the lords son walked in calling for his father. That caused a deep feral growl to leave the lord, his fangs grazing her skin and hand grazing across her covered cunt. He moved away and looked back at the bot, shielding the shaking female. "What is it Sesshomaru?" He growled. "Lord Kirinmaru is here father.." the boy coldly said. He then turned and walked out without anything else to say, leaving the lord his newly found arousal alone once more.
His golden eyes moved back towards the female smirking at the flushed look. His body turned and forced her back against the desk immediately going back to her throat. His company could wait, for he could not, he chose to ravage the females virginity and fill her to the brim with his cum until she was handing him offsprings. Her whimpers and his growls filled the room, her back now sliding against the desk, clothes sliding to the floor creating a pile of white red and black.
Her knees now spread and pushed against his hips, arousal on full stand of 12 inches. And soon blood filled his senses as his hips slammed forward, earning a pained scream from the female below him. Her back arched and chest now pressed against him letting out pitched whimpers, tears falling down her cheeks. The lord licked the salted streams from her cheeks his hips pounding into her with no mercy. She was tight and soaked, claws digging into her waist and slowly dragging up to her stomach marking her In a way an alpha shoulder. Soon pained whimpers turned to pleasured moans, head falling back against the desk. Red coursed through her veins as her fists clenched against the edge of the desk.
"Mine." he growled.
Tumblr media
Inuyasha was growling deeply, eyes set on the same spot Diana had walked off 2 days ago. He was starting to get agitated, but each time he went to run into the woods to get her himself, Sesshomaru would stop him. Then the two would get into an argument, and swords would end up drawn..
Speaking of which, Diana walked down a small path with Tōga's son. He had fallen behind from the sample learning group he was in for the day and she had offered to help him catch up. But as soon she heard metal clashing together she stopped and realized how close she was to the clearing. Sesshomaru stopped and looked up at her with a confused look. He then turned towards the sound and went to walk towards it but she stopped him.
"Let's not concern with others fights.." she poke softly. "But they're on the western lands." he replied. "I know, but they're my... Friends.. they don't get along very well.." she softly explained. "Ah, they must be restless because you plan to stay.." the boy said happily. She looked at him confused then slowly kneeled down in front of him smiling sadly. "I can't stay.. I wish I could, but the people I love are hundreds of years from now.. But I told you, we'll meet again in the future." she whispered. "No." he growled. His growl reminded her of a puppy, it wasn't threatening but instead quite adorable. "I don't wish to meet you in the future. I wish to have you now." he ordered. "Hunny I can't. I'm sorry." she whispered.
"Sesshomaru, you've fallen behind." came a woman's voice. The boy looked over seeing his teacher, his hand slowly falling from Ashley's arm. "My apologies.." Diana whispered. She slowly stood and watched the boy walk away with the woman. She felt awful for telling the boy she was leaving, it made her grip the book in her hand tighter.
"The hell is wrong with you two?! Your still on the western lands, you both are gonna gather the attention that we don't need!" she scolded. Inuyasha laid on the ground, and Sesshomaru was now leaning against the tree. Both of them where looking to the side instead of at her, feeling as though they were being scolded by a mother. "I found a way to get us home.." she slowly added. "Did you warn my father?" Sesshomaru questioned. "Yes." was all she replied with.
Diana opened the book to the page Tōga had marked for her. "The bone eaters well has nothing to do with the actual well but instead the spiritual and demonic energy that fills it. I need Sesshomaru's blood, and then something with spiritual." she explained. "Oh yes, we're just gonna march through this lands on the search for something spiritual.. Their are no human villages you dumbass!" Inuyasha snapped. "Sesshomaru you've been struck by one of my sister purifying arrows have you not?" she questioned. "Yes. But it was not my body that she hit but instead a replacement." he answered. "Where?" she questioned.
Sesshomaru pulled his kimono down off his left shoulder. She walked over and took notice of a pink glow slowly appearing. "Your gonna take us home my lord." she whispered. He looked down at her glaring slightly then towards Inuyasha. "Or at least take us to your guys era that way I can find my sister." she mumbled.
Like that Sesshomaru now sat across from the teenage girl, the book laid out in between them. Her hands raised above the book and soon they already a bright red glow appearing and quickly shooting to the middle creating a glowing orb. Inuyasha stepped closer as a blue light beginning appearing above the book, and soon a purifying circle surrounded the three. The pink purifying after glow from Sesshomaru shoulder sank into the blue glow and immediately a large light shot up through them, sending them into a space like environment. But as soon the environment was their it disappeared, immediately the three where at the bottom of a well. "You did it.." Inuyasha whispered. "Holy shit you did it!" he yelled.
(Art is not mine!)
Tumblr media
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clotpolesonly · a month ago
Things I Learned In The Storm
@teenwolflegacy’s Bitten Betas Week day 6: AU gets an AU where Erica survives and escapes, thank you and goodnight
| Gen | 1k | Canon Divergence | Erica Lives | Character Study |
(also on AO3)
Erica is used to pain. She hates to thank her lifetime of health struggles for anything, but it might be the only reason that she makes it to the closet door. The floor and her hands are slick with blood. Her shaking fingers slip as she tries to hoist herself high enough to reach the knob. She hits the ground and every inch of her screams.
She doesn’t, though. A whimper breaks through, dangerously loud, but nothing else. She tastes more blood. When the agony dulls enough for conscious thought, she carefully wiggles her tongue to make sure it’s still attached—the irony would be too much if she made it through sixteen years of seizures without biting her tongue off only to do it now.
Her tongue is intact. The same can’t be said for the rest of her. She hasn’t catalogued her injuries; sometimes it’s best not to know. All she knows is that, miraculously, she isn’t dead.
If that alpha bitch really wanted to kill her, she should’ve stuck around to make sure the job was done.
The muscles in Erica’s core won’t—can’t—engage, so she has to rely on her arms to push her upright. Once she’s got her shoulder braced against the door and her hand on the knob, it occurs to her to pause. It’s a struggle to hear anything past the pounding of her pulse and the rushing in her ears, but she listens.
No sign of life. No one in the hall, anyway. She and Boyd hadn’t been able to hear anything outside of the vault, so she didn’t expect to be able to hear inside of it now. Hopefully, if any of the alphas are in there, they won’t come out for a while.
It takes three tries to grip hard enough to turn the doorknob. She realizes her mistake when the door gives way under her weight.
More pain.
It’s fine. She’s felt worse.
Or maybe she hasn’t. Honestly, once pain reaches a certain threshold, it all runs together.
She breathes through it until her lungs seize up.
She waits for the spasm to pass.
Breathes again.
As she crawls, it occurs to her how fucking dirty these floors are. Her wounds will probably have dust and grime caked into them by the end of this. The nurses at the hospital would be horrified, especially that tiny redheaded night nurse who used to chastise her for not washing her hands before every meal, even when she was too weak to get up and walk to the sink. Erica hated her. She’d always tried to will herself to recover faster just so she could get away.
She tries to will it now too. It’s probably only her imagination that she feels like it’s working; alpha wounds take longer to heal. Isaac took hours to heal after Derek broke his arm during training, and whatever her injuries may be, they’re worse than one broken bone.
How long has it been since Kali dumped her in that closet? Hours and seconds feel the same right now. The space between every heartbeat is all that exists. That and the trickle of blood running into her left eye. It stings.
Erica can see the front door now. It’s standing open, letting in late afternoon sunlight. That stings too. She hasn’t seen sunlight in weeks.
If she can just make it to that door—
Normally, Erica tries not to delude herself about her odds of survival. She gave up on optimism around the time she realized her epilepsy wasn’t going to go away or get better. The doctors hadn’t been certain she would live to see thirteen, let alone sixteen, and every day before the bite was a game of Russian Roulette. She’d never envisioned herself growing old, or living long enough to have kids of her own. She hasn’t even looked at colleges.
She’s always known she was living on borrowed time, and lying to herself about it never made her feel any better.
Now, though.
If she can just make it to the door.
All she has to do is make it that far. If Erica can just find somewhere to hide, out of sight of the entrances the alphas use. For now, Kali thinks she’s dead. That will only last until one of the alphas comes across the trail of blood from Erica dragging herself through the halls, but she only needs an hour or two. Just long enough for the bleeding to slow. For her to get on her feet.
The door is so close. Erica’s vision is blurred, grey spots creeping in on her from the sides, but she follows the glow of sunlight. If she pushes with her feet, she can move a little faster than just pulling with her arms. The motion sends shards of agony through her left hip—broken? Maybe—but the rubber soles have good traction.
Hefting herself over the metal lip of the entryway is a monumental effort that leaves her shaking and limp. The concrete of the front step is hot enough to burn. In a weird way, it feels good. The vault was so cold.
Boyd is still in there.
She forces her screaming muscles to engage. The rough concrete shreds her elbows to leave more blood in her wake, and the descent from each step to the next is a trauma in and of itself, but she makes it to the sidewalk.
Everything is spinning.
She’s used to that too.
She swallows back bile and blinks the fresh blood out of her eyes. There’s a row of brushes a meter or two away. She can make it that far. If she makes it that far, she can rest.
Once she’s rested, she’ll run. She doesn’t care if her hip is broken and her abdomen is torn open and her brain is bruised six ways to Sunday. No one has ever been able to save Erica before, and she’s not gonna start waiting for a rescue now. She’ll run until she finds Derek, or Scott, or Stiles. Hell, she’ll even take Allison at this point. As soon as her body will cooperate, she’ll run until she can’t anymore. He may not know it, but Boyd is counting on her, and Erica won’t let him down.
Kali is gonna regret underestimating her.
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