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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 1
“Its been a long time.” It was a fact that was blatant. It had been just over 5 years since you had been able to spend any relative amount of time with your brother after he had been caught in the Snap.
He was a victim to the act of Thanos, the Snap that eliminated half the lives in the world, in every galaxy and universe. The Snap had taken many different people from many different families and yours was not an exception.
5 years prior, Peter had followed Tony Stark into space as an attempt to stop the alien creature from gathering all of the infinity stones and preventing the murder of half of every soul in every universe. He had left a kid in his last year of high school, with every prospect and possibility in front of him.
He left a hero, Spider-Man the crime fighting kid from Queens who just wanted to keep his neighbour hood safe. He left for space to help the avengers stop the grand plan of a maniac, though he hadn’t returned.
Peter left for space, and it was in space that he had died. He never came back, and after Thanos had gotten every stone he wanted, he snapped his fingers.
It took a moment and your entire life was gone, everyone you loved and knew was gone and you were left alone in the world, grappling for the family that was ripped from you.
“The fries are still the same.” You state the simple fact, sliding into the booth across from Peter. A menu with a checkerboard background was set down in front of you and your older younger brother, the waitress a familiar face that you had seen a great number of times in the past 5 years.
“Good to see you back, Pete!” She greet your brother with radiating kindness. “Your sister’s been coming here every week at the same time.”
“Ordering the same thing.” You added, grinning at your brother.
“Every week?” Peter questioned, his deep brown eyes sweeping from the menu to yourself. His hair was cut recently, shorter than you’d seen it in the past but you liked it.
“It’s a tradition. Even if you weren’t here, I couldn’t let it pass.” You added to your first statement, studying the menu even if you didn’t have to. At this point, you had memorized it by heart. It was the place your parents took you and Peter when you were younger, and it was the place you both went to feel that spark of recognition and remembrance.
“Every week at the same time.” Your waitress dug her notebook out of the front pocket of her apron, tapping her pen against the top right corner. “I’ll have your usual out. Nice to see you again, Pete.”
After she had left to put your order in, still leaving the menu on the table as usual, the two of you were left alone again to speak.
In five years of you being without May and Peter, you had graduated at the top of your class, applied and successfully managed to gain acceptance to Columbia university where you dive head first into an exclusive and competitive biology program that specialized in genome selection and omega/alpha genetics. The course was specifically focusing on the moment that an omega and alpha came to see each other as true mates. Your program was designated to isolating and understanding the specific portions of DNA that created the specific scents that drove alpha’s and omega’s crazy.
“5 years.” Peter leaned back against the red cushioned bench seat, his fingers drumming against the white table top. “You completed your degree.”
You nod your head and tucked your left hand under your chin, your left elbow resting on the table. You tilt your head slightly to the right, studying Peter as he sat across from you.
He had just come from his school, running here immediately after to meet you before starting his internship under Tony. He had agreed to meet you before heading to Stark Tower as a way to adjust to the changes you had gone through as well as the changes he was forced to go through.
“You’re unmated.” Peter noted, his brown eyes briefly glancing at your neck for a sign of a mating mark.
“Haven’t found the right alpha yet.” You spoke with a laugh, brushing your hair behind your ear. “Besides, I’m only 22. I’m young. There’s time.”
“So you’re working?” Peter asked while glancing at the phone he pulled out of his pocket, his attention focused on the time.
Before you could answer, your waitress came back and set down the plates of food along with an extra thick chocolate shake for Peter. It was and always had been his favourite, even when you were both kids coming to this very diner with your parents.
“I’m hoping to get a brief internship with Dr. Banner at Stark tower.” You stretched your hand out and grabbed a perfectly crispy crinkle cut fry that was on your plate. You blew on the end to cool it before you took a small bite, revelling at the salt and the potato mix that was heaven in your mouth.
“Yeah?” Peter asked eagerly. “Dr. Banner is brilliant.”
There was a matter of great respect, that Peter held toward Dr. Banner. Even before the Snap, and before Peter had become part of the avengers, he had held Dr. Banner in high regard.
Both he and Tony Stark were high on Peter’s influential people list, with your dad at the top. Your dad was a brilliant man with big dreams and expectations of what the world could be. When he and your mom were brutally murdered, taken from the world and your lives, it had devastated you both. It was the end of the innocence you held revolving around the world as a happy place where everything worked out in the end.
“I’m really hoping I get in.” You continued to nibble at your fries, watching Peter fidget in his seat, his eyes flicking back and forth to the time on his phone. “Go, Petey. Or you’ll be late.”
Your approval of him leaving early had brought him relief. He had flown out of his seat, grabbing his backpack and his phone from the table and the seat.
“I’ll see you later?” He tried to leave, but not before you gave him a hug.
“We’ll have dinner soon. Just the three of us.” You shuffled out of the bench seat and hugged Peter tightly to your body. You squeezed the life out of him, unable and unwilling to let go.
“I really missed you, Peter. I’m glad you’re back.” You finally released him to watch him fly out the front door with his backpack dangling behind him, only held up by one arm as he scrambled to answer his ringing phone.
** **
He was late. He should’ve been in the lab 10 minutes ago and while Tony knew his reputation, this was not painting him in a good light. He strived to be on time, that was the minute goal he made after coming back in the blip, to be early or on time.
“Elevator.” Peter ran into lobby, his shoes skidding and squeaking on the marble floors as he came skidding to a stop at an open elevator that was not nearly full. “I’m so late.”
He ran his fingers through his hair, attempting to fix the style. It had been a long day, an even longer day of habitually and anxiously running his fingers through his hair at the first sight of MJ. The style he planned on for his hair was not holding up, not after school and the diner and running through the streets to make it on time.
“Excuse me!” Peter pushed through the people standing in the elevator when it arrived at his floor. “Sorry! Sorry!”
He attempted to apologize profusely while booking it out of the elevator. He was late and the apologies extended to the people behind him would not be the last he’d have to dole out.
Peter turned the corner to head toward Tony’s lab, when he slammed into a shoulder that sent him flying and stumbling back toward the thin, grey carpet. As his back made contact with the floor, two faces appeared above him.
“You okay, kid?” Steve Rogers asked Peter, extending his hand for him to take, yanking him up to stand.
“Cap-captain.” Peter brushed himself off, addressing them both with a mild stutter. “Mr. B-Barnes.”
“Why are you in such-“ Steve had started to ask Peter a question, only to backpedal and cut himself off almost immediately.
He had inhaled sharply, his normally light blue eyes starting to grow darker as the scent that was all over Peter, had sent a shockwave straight through Steve.
The scent was light and airy, it was enthralling. It had struck him with such force and power, it almost sent him careening toward a rut even if it was a week before it was supposed to arrive.
“Where’s the omega?” Bucky asked, pressing Peter for an answer. His reaction to the scent was equal to Steve’s in the way that it had sent Bucky into a tailspin.
“Omega?” Peter’s eyebrows furrowed as he started to inch away from the two super soldier alpha’s. “I-I never ran into an omega…”
Bucky stepped forward, his jaw clenching and his hands flexing as the scent of the omega settled. The scent was fresh, as if it had been within the hour that he had met this omega, though neither one would be sure.
“Where is the omega?!” Bucky pressed him further, his desperation and aggravation growing. The scent from the omega, the scent that had invaded every one of their senses, belonged to an omega that had spoken directly to their souls.
They had picked up on the perfection of such an omega through the scent alone, and that was enough.
“Bucky,” Steve squeezed his shoulder and came to stand beside him, “you’re scaring the kid.”
Peter’s eyes were wide, his mouth dropped in a shocked ‘o’. He had turned the corner so fast he hadn’t even seen the two super soldier’s, and between crashing into them and now, he hadn’t even thought about your scent having an effect on them.
Why would he have thought about it? You were his sister and he was a beta, there was absolutely no effect he could feel from your scent. Yet he hadn’t even thought about the reaction your scent could bring out in others.
Including two super soldiers who were cornering him now.
“I just want to know-“ Bucky start, his eyes growing darker with each syllable.
“Where’s the omega, kid?” Steve asked, keeping calmer than Bucky had though he was also feeling the wary shattering effects of an omega’s scent that happened to speak to them both.
“I’m just trying to-“ Peter looked around for an escape route, finding one when Tony had come looking for him. “Mr. Stark is waiting for me.”
He dipped away from them and dashed toward Tony, squirming as they followed him with their eyes, the lingering questions they kept asking not doling out well for you.
They had no idea that the scent that nearly caused them to go into an early rut belonged to his sister. They had no idea that the omega they were so desperate to find, was a Parker.
Peter was determined to keep it that way.
** **
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