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#alpha bucky barnes x reader
sableseb · a day ago
Congrats!!! 500 followers, you deserve every one ❤️❤️ can you write something with alpha Bucky and his sweet little mate? 🥰
Thank you sm💞 Lucky to have you as a fellow writer and follower😙 I had too much fun with this request😅
word count: 955
warnings: smut, praise kink, cock warming, belly bulge, biting/marking, licking of blood
tags: @fuckandfluff @stucky-my-ship @meetmeatyourworst @greeneyedblondie44
a/n: This is my first attempt at this trope. My knowledge of this is only from other fics I’ve read. So, if anything is off, feel free to correct me! And if you have any pointers for abo, shoot me a message and help your girl out.
Tumblr media
You can always tell when your heat is approaching. Everything is heightened. Every sound, every smell, every feeling hits you with such a force at times that you have to brace yourself against the counter to regain control of your body.
You’re sprawled on the couch, rubbing your legs together trying to relive the constant ache that overtakes your core. You can’t risk touching yourself. If Bucky came home to your hand shoved down your shorts, there’d be hell to pay. That said hell is overstimulating you till you had tears, till you were completely numb and fucked out.
So, you wait patiently for your alpha to return home like the good little mate he created you to be. You know Bucky will help you with your situation down there. He never denied you, but he wasn’t scared to dish out plentiful punishments. You have the marks to prove it.
After what seemed like hours of struggling on the couch, you hear the door click open. Your skin is damp with sweat, clit throbbing painfully, and an urge to be filled overtakes you as you catch Bucky’s scent. It’s always the same, fresh, masculine, and addicting.
Arousal starts to pool in your gray shorts, nipples hardening through your flimsy white tank. Bucky smells you as soon as he enters the door. The smell of your dripping sex goes right to his dick.
He makes his way to the living room, seeing you playing with your chest, legs spread wide. His eyes rake over your drenched center. The gray material turned almost black from how wet you are. 
“Did you touch yourself, sweetness?” he asks, coming to stand over your wriggling form.
Bucky knows you didn’t fuck yourself by the way your hand is dry and how worked up you are. He just wants to hear your pretty mouth say it.
“No. Waited for you, like your good girl.” you tell him in a desperate whine, trying to search for some praise. You always loved when your alpha told you how good you are, how warm and tight you are, how pretty you are.
“Hm. That you did, princess. Want me to help you? Wanna cream on my dick? Is that what you want?”
A moan escapes your parted lips. “Yes. I want you to make me feel good, sir. Please. It hurts.”
God, how he loves’’ to hear you beg and whine. His sweet girl, always so obedient, so willing. He pushes your legs to the side to sit perched on the leather couch. 
“Sit up, princess. Come sit on your alpha’s lap.”
You rush to put your legs around his waist, core meeting his clothed erection, already grinding pathetically on him, trying your best to find your release. His hands stop your erratic movements, a smirk forming along his mouth at how utterly desperate you are.
“My sweet girl, that horny? Know your heat’s close. Let me take care of you.”
Bucky’s hand undoes his zipper to fish out his cock. The sight of his swollen tip and thick shaft has a whole new wave of arousal ruining your shorts further. You take off your clothing as fast as you can, your body needing him now.
He sees the harsh marks littered along the expanse of your skin. Bruises and bites fall along the swells of your breasts and the slope of your neck, all of which he created. The bond marking is darker than the rest, showing how he owns you. Mind, body, and soul all belong to him and it turns him on to no end, seeing you painted in his teeth and lips. Knowing you only belong to him.
Bucky aids in helping you sink down on him. The stretch is a big one, but a welcomed one. You crave his fullness, wanting him in you as much as possible. You go to move, to fuck yourself on his throbbing cock, but he stops you once more.
“Nuh uh. Don’t move. It’ll feel good, sweetie.”
His thumb finds your clit, the rest of his fingers resting atop the bulge he creates in your tiny frame. You cry out as he starts rolling your bundle of nerves. You feel so full. You know how good it feels to cum around him, you try to move your hips to match his flicks. His metal hand shoots out to grab your hair, yanking your head back.
He shoves his face in your neck, biting you hard. “I said sit still, princess. Do you want to cum or not?”
“Yes, I wanna cum so badly.”
Bucky goes back to work his finger over you once more, the other hand still fisting your locks as he continues to mark you, teeth sinking in far enough to bring blood that he happily licks up. He feels your walls pulsing around him, he feels so good buried inside you. Your wetness is intoxicating, always gripping him tight and milking him for all he’s worth.
Heat creeps along your spine. The feeling in your lower abdomen is building up, ready to burst. “Faster, please sir. M’ so close.”
He chuckles against your bared throat. “Always my needy baby.”
Bucky swirls his thumb faster, making your thighs tremble. All of a sudden, the coil snaps and you're cumming with broken sobs. You hunch over him from how hard the pleasure hit you. 
“That’s my girl, so good for me.” he whispers against your ear, sucking and nibbling on it. 
You fall limp against him, the throbbing no longer as you lay completely spent. You’re almost asleep before he brings your head up, deep voice snapping you out of your post-bliss haze.
“Want you to taste yourself on my cock, princess. Show your alpha how thankful you are.”
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baby, we could be enough
So, listen, a few months ago I was in a not-so-good place and deleted my Tumblr blog with all my writing on it. But now, I'm back and better than ever. I wanted to repost my stuff on this new writing blog I made. It's probably redundant, but maybe there will be some new people who haven't read it!
Without further ado- alpha!Bucky/vampire!Reader (take ii)
They meet in an ironic place under abnormal circumstances. One may think that Bucky's just being dramatic when he says this, but it's true. It is so strange where an alpha can meet its omega, and they were no exception.
Bucky had been walking home from the forest on a cold winter night a few days before the full moon. He could feel the wolf in his chest roaring to be let out, and his skin felt itchy like it was stretched too tight across his bones. It made him unable to breathe. He was ready to jump out of his human skin, let the wolf take over, and run when his sensitive nose picked up the most enchanting scent he had ever smelled. It smelled like, oh, it smelled like home. Bucky had whined and followed his nose in search of the wolf that was undoubtedly his omega soulmate.
The smell leads him through the dark streets until he catches sight of a church. A lone figure is perched on the top stair right near the entrance, and the mouthwatering smell is stronger than ever. Bucky lets out another quiet whine, and the omega's ears pick it up. Her head turns towards him. Bucky holds his hands up in a gesture of comfort, and she tilts her head, curious now. Bucky prowls nearer, his toes finally hitting the bottom stair, as he makes noises of solace to coax her to come to him. She hisses. But he is not deterred in the slightest. She smells delicious, and Bucky wants her so badly that it hurts. He is finally close enough to see her features, and as she looks up at him, bright eyes wide with fear, he is struck silent, mouth open and gaping. She is the single most beautiful omega he's ever seen. Still, something about her does seem off. Her scent is strangely weak. Maybe she's ill? Oh no, his poor little baby doll, all alone in the cold- sick, unmated, with no one to take care of her!
"C'mere omega," Bucky coaxes. "Let's get ya outta the cold, okay?"
She snarls at him as he reaches his hand out. He doesn't notice a pair of fangs glinting under the streetlights until she nearly snaps his finger in two. Bucky jumps backward about four feet. She's a vampire. Shit. Damn it! Of course, his dumb ass would want to mate with a vamp. Sam and Steve are going to howl when they hear this story. That's just his luck. Gods, is he ever going to find an omega? It has been what feels like forty thousand years. And hell, why does she have to smell so good?
The vamp snarls again. Bucky supposes he should just back away and leave her alone. But then the acrid smell of pain seeps into her scent, and Bucky's eyebrows furrow in response. She's hurt. An internal war starts to wage in his brain.
On the one hand, she is a vamp—his sworn enemy. Or at least, his pack's sworn enemy, not necessarily his. On the other hand, she already feels like his mate, as fucked up as that sounds. The alpha inside him whines about taking care of its intended.
Bucky decides to take a chance.
"You okay?" he asks quietly, crouching on his knees in front of her.
She bares her teeth at him. Blood drips down her chin. Blood that smells like hers. His heart hurts, and he reaches his hand out to wipe the blood from her skin. She snaps at his finger, almost grabbing it with those deadly fangs before he pulls it back just in time.
"You're bleedin'," he says instead. "What happened?"
"None of your business, wolf," she answers through a mouthful of blood.
She spits a glob of it on the ground below her, staining the snow red. She wipes a trembling hand across her chin and glares.
"You're in pain," Bucky says matter-of-factly.
"Thanks. I had no idea."
"Lemme help you."
"I can take care of myself."
Bucky whines. He really can't help it at this point. She is hurt and in pain, and her pained scent is like all things horrible, and she looks close to crying, and the alpha in Bucky's chest is howling for her body to be pressed against his as he shields her from everything terrible and evil in the world.
"Please?" he asks.
"I don't need help, least of all from a werewolf. Go away!"
She spits more blood from her mouth and tugs her thick coat onto her shoulders. It's strange that a vamp would wear such a warm jacket. The cold doesn't bother them at all, Bucky knows. He wants to ask but thinks better of it.
She shakily gets to her feet, and then, and it happens quick, her knees give out, and she topples to the ground. Bucky isn't fast enough to catch her, and she hits her head on the stone step. Letting out a horrified yelp, Bucky rushes over to her and lifts her head from the stair. She groans in pain, which is another strange thing. Vamps cannot get hurt from knocking their heads on a stone step. There has to be another explanation. Before Bucky can even ask, she goes limp, and her eyes close.
She wakes in a dark room that reeks like dead animals. Her eyes open, and she leaps off of the bed she had just been on. Belatedly, she realizes that this is not her house and that the stink that she smells is a werewolf. Her muscles brace themselves for a fight, and she lets her fangs slide free from her gums. She crouches down and scuttles on all fours towards the door. She's about to turn the knob when the door bursts open and hits her right on the forehead. She hisses in surprise and sprints back to one of the darkened corners of the room.
"Shit, you okay?" says a voice.
It's the werewolf from before. This is his house. She is not about to be killed by a stupid dog. Quick as anything, she jumps at him. Unfortunately, he's fast (or she's still feeling sluggish), and he catches her up in his arms. She braces herself for his crushing blow, where he rips her head clean off her shoulders. Make it quick; she thinks to herself as she pinches her eyes shut. She hopes that she will be dead before he starts chewing on her face. But the death blow does not come. Instead, she feels as he sticks his nose in the side of her neck right near her fang, bites, and takes a big sniff. She freezes, confused. The werewolf continues smelling her, and his body begins to vibrate. It takes her a while to realize that he's purring. What the hell? Is he going to eat her or what?
"Um. What, uh." She taps him on the shoulder with a short cough. "Um, excuse me? Um, Wolfy?"
"Hmm?" he hums, still snuffling around.
"Can I ask you to please wait until I'm dead before you start eating my face?"
'Wolfy' suddenly looks at her, his eyes huge.
"Eat ya? Why the fuck would I wanna do that?"
She worries her lower lip between her teeth nervously.
"Why else am I here?" she asks.
"You were hurt. An' I wanted to help ya, I guess. You- heh. You smell mouthwaterin'."
"I'm a vampire," she says.
"I know you are."
"No, I mean, how can I smell nice? I'm told I smell like, like death. Like rot, decay. Blood."
"What?" 'Wolfy' looks distressed at this information. "Who told you that? I'll kill 'em. Gods, you, you smell like clean sheets an' seawater an' -don't laugh- an' the way a library smells."
His face turns pink, and he looks away.
There is a minute of silence as she thinks this over. Is this his way of hunting her kind? Holding them close, letting them steal his body heat, telling them they smell like anything other than a corpse, and then killing them? Does he enjoy doing it this way? Or does she genuinely smell like all those things? She decides to find out.
"Do I?" she says.
"Do you what?"
"Smell like whatever you said I did?"
'Wolfy' smiles at her. It's a genuine sort of smile, and she is still so confused that her head is starting to hurt. She has not had a headache in over three hundred and fifty years.
"Yep," says 'Wolfy.' "Like clean sheets. Cotton. An' the ocean. An' a library. Crinkly old books an' fresh new books an' coffee an' it's beautiful. But you're still in pain, an' it smells like burnin' rubber. What happened?"
"I don't know. Please, can you eat me so we can end this strange little game? I'm getting tired."
"I already told ya that I'm not gonna do that."
"Then, why am I here?"
He stares at her, confusion in his gaze.
"Ya mean, you don't know?"
"How can I make myself any clearer?" she says. "Why am I here? Why am I here?"
"Oh," he murmurs as if realizing something.
She is about to ask him what he just realized, about to ask him if he can put her down so she can get the heck out of here, but he is holding her tighter now, and then he's kissing her. She gasps, her eyes wide open. His are closed, and he's purring again as he kisses her. 'Wolfy' breaks away from her mouth and looks at her expectantly.
"Um, what was that?" she asks, shoving against his rock-solid chest.
His eyebrows furrow, and he looks confused again.
"Ya didn't feel that?"
She glares. "What, the unwarranted sexual advance? Of course, I did!"
"Yeah, no, not that, erm, sorry for that, by the way. I shoulda asked first. But no. Ya didn't feel it?"
A pause.
"What's it?" she grumbles.
"Oh," he says again to himself.
He ducks his head so he can look at her properly. His eyes are stormy blue and the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen. Come to think of it, he is an attractive guy- for a dog, anyway (Gods darn it). He's got a jawline that she would love to sink her teeth into and long, mussed hair that he had tied up in a bun. Even his ears are cute, and she is almost jealous. He smiles at her again, and his smile, unfortunately, makes her want to smile. And his body is so warm. She unclenches her muscles ever so slightly and cuddles him. 'Wolfy's grip on her tightens, and his smile grows. His tongue unconsciously peeks out between his lips.
"Hi," he murmurs.
"Hi," she whispers.
What is happening?
"Pardon me for doin' this, but I gotta see somethin'. Gotta see if I'm right."
"What do you- eep!"
Again, before she can ask him what he is talking about, 'Wolfy' sticks his nose in her neck. She squeaks in surprise when he starts licking at the twin fang marks that still shine red after four hundred years. A shiver runs down her spine. He scrapes his teeth over the tiny holes, and she throws her head back. His gentle exploration turns to purposeful nips, and he grabs her skin between his teeth, sucking lightly. Some strange sensation floats through her head. She suddenly smells bits of freshly mown grass. To drive his point home, 'Wolfy' wiggles his hips, making her aware of the heaviness between his thighs. Okay, well, this just took a strange turn. She isn't sure if she likes it.
"Okay," she says aloud.
"Can I kiss you? Properly?" 'Wolfy' asks, his face still buried in her neck.
She likes it.
His lips are on hers again, and she grins. She pulls the band from his hair, buries her fingers into it. He has such beautiful hair. It is long and dark and full. She tugs, and he whines high in his throat. Her smile grows, and she yanks harder. He moans, low and long, and his fingers dig into her so hard she wishes they would leave bruises.
She has never felt like this in all her four hundred and twenty years on this earthly plane. Never. There is so much want running through her veins. For the first time in a long time, she feels hot. Her skin is itchy, too tight, thinly stretched across her bones. 'Wolfy's scent is getting stronger. His pulse skitters underneath her fingertips, and her mouth waters. Gods, his heartbeat is so strong. She breaks away from his lips, and he whines again at the loss of her mouth. She cannot control herself. She's hungry, and he smells good. She bites his neck, and 'Wolfy' makes a joyful sound. His blood is delicious. She's never had blood like this before. She wants it all. She wants to roll around in it, roll around in him, with him, everything with him.
She bites Bucky's neck, and as soon as her fangs break the skin, he can't help himself, and he cries out, wiggling his hips around as he tries to find something to rut against. He's so hard, and she smells so good, and he loves her eating him, drinking his blood.
"Oh," he sighs, his head lolling, "Take it all. It's all yours, honey. 'M all yours."
She pulls her fangs out of his neck, and Bucky smashes his mouth on hers again. His tongue dances into her mouth, and he cleans off her fangs, humming at the metallic taste of his blood in her mouth. He wants her forever. She smells like him now. She pulls on his hair until he lets her mouth go with a tiny whimper. He chases her lips with his for a moment before she puts a finger over his mouth.
"Is that what you meant by 'it'?" she asks softly.
"You felt it too?" he confirms, licking the pad of her finger reverently.
She shakes her head, disbelieving.
"I did. What does it mean?"
Bucky stares at her, spellbound. Her eyes have turned red, and her clothes are all rumpled. Carefully, not wanting to drop her, Bucky walks them to the nearest wall and presses her back against it. His lips hardly move when he tells her what he has known since he caught her scent back at the church. His heart is jackhammering in his chest. He wants her to say yes. He knows it's irrational, but his ma told him that all rationality goes out the window when an alpha finds its intended. The omega gets delirious with lust that can only be sated by an alpha's knot. Then all the alpha can think is how to keep their omega happy. Bucky starts purring again at the thought of finally having a pretty little omega all to himself. Oh, she's in for a treat! He's going to take care of her so well that she will never want to leave his nest!
Silence. She blinks at him. He tilts his head, waiting for her answer. She blinks.
"What?" she finally says.
"It means you're mine," Bucky repeats. "My intended, my mate. My omega."
She blinks again, and it's getting exhausting. Bucky wants to be kissing her again. He twitches in his jeans, and all he can think of is how perfect she's going to feel all wrapped around his knot. But why is she thinking so much? Gods, he's so hard that even he can smell his desire! How is she so utterly unaffected by it?
"How does that even work?" she says. "That's biologically impossible! Everything I've read and everything I've seen says that we can't mate."
"Incredibly rare." Bucky corrects her, nosing at her cheek. "But not impossible."
"What?" she says.
"You smell amazin,'" Bucky continues dazedly, ignoring her. "I wanna give ya my knot. Oh, honey, will ya let me? You ever get an alpha's knot before? I'll make it so good for ya, I promise. I wanna give you my pups. You'd look so pretty. Such a beautiful omega, you are. I'd take good care a' ya, you know? You'd never want anythin'."
'Wolfy' keeps babbling, but his words are going into one ear and out the other. She cannot believe what he is telling her. He is not serious, is he? If this is how he plays before he has dinner, it's the longest game ever. She doesn't want to be an omega. It's too messy, too subservient! What, does he expect her to roll over and offer up her womb for his rut? No! What does he think this is? What does he think she is? Ugh! Why would she want that weird knot thingy inside her? She doesn't want it within ten hundred feet of her, for goodness sake! It wouldn't feel right; it would tear her in half!
"-Never want anythin'," 'Wolfy' says just before she bashes his nose with her head.
He yelps and immediately drops her to hold his bleeding nose. She springs to her feet, thanking her lucky stars that his blood rejuvenated her and seemed to remove all evidence of prior weakness from her bones. She hisses, fangs bared and fingers outstretched. Here is where he either eats her or she kills him. She has never been more ready for a fight, but he isn't attacking. His hands are over his nose, and he's looking at her with wounded eyes. She narrows her own. 'Wolfy' whines and reaches for her.
"Please don't go," he murmurs. "I didn't mean to say all a' that shit."
She snarls, and before he can touch her again, she leaps out of his open window. She lands hard on her elbow and brushes off her clothes before she's running barefoot across the frozen ground. A wounded howl punches her deep in the chest, and she stops, doubling over as the sensation of agony fills her. She can feel his emotions! He doesn't want her to go, and the feeling of abandonment burns in her heart. She grabs her hair, tearing strands out.
"Stop it!" she screams, just loud enough for him to hear. "Leave me alone!"
'Wolfy' continues howling, and the sound is getting louder now. Oh Gods, is he following her? The branches on the trees around her rustle in the wind. Her ears perk up at the sound of feet over grass. She spins on her heels and bolts. The forest is dark as anything, thank Gods. The winter night fills her lungs, and she takes a deep breath, letting the bright air rejuvenate her more. The grass is cold underfoot, and she wants to shiver, wants nothing more than to be at home and sink into a warm bath and wash all traces of werewolf off her skin.
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itsthestutterforme · 6 days ago
Respect 1/3 (Ari Levinson)
Tumblr media
Summary: You are a Beta that belongs to an all women pack. You and your pack were originally from Virgina but drove to visit family in Boston. You spent hours on the rode and stopped by a bar and grill to stretch their legs. Ari smelled you as soon as you stepped foot outside of the car, he wanted you but he used something that you rarely experienced before.
Characters: Steve Rogers x reader (platonic), Bucky Barnes x reader (platonic), Ari x reader (romantic)
Notes: Heidi is my own character, A/B/O dynamics, mentions of Alpha! Steve Rogers, Beta!Bucky Barnes, Beta! Natasha Romanoff, Beta!Thor Odinson and Alpha! Tony Stark, GIF is not mine
*Y/M/N= your mates name
*Y/A/F/N= your alphas first name
*Y/A/L/N= your alphas last name
Knocking on Steve's door, Bucky opens the door with a wide smile. "Come 'er, ya squirt." He says, wrapping an arm around your neck and pulling you into the house.
"Get off of me, Bucky." You say with a giggle. He drags you into the living room where Natasha, Bruce, Thor and Tony all resided.
Your playful behavior soon shifted when you notice an unfamiliar scent. "Who else is here?" You ask, your voice loaded with alarm. "Relax, Y/N. This is Roma, our new omega," Steve says with an arm around her waist.
"Clearly she's more than just a new omega, she's your omega." You taunt, making Steve growl in warning. "Relax, Steve. I'm just yanking your chain. I'm Y/N honey, nice to meet you." You say with a respectful nod.
"You're friends with a lot of Alphas," she squeaks, making everyone in the room laugh. "Yeah, well what can we say. He has charm." Natasha purrs and you shrug in agreement.
Feeling a sharp pain in your chest, you cry out and collapses to the floor. You claw at your chest as you rest on your knees. "Y/N, what is it?" Bucky asks frantically as he kneels down next to you.
When he places a hand on your shoulder, your head snaps forwards with your eyes glowing an empty blue. Your teeth shifted into your wolf set and you whine in pain. "What's happening to her?" Roma asks but Steve tells her to be quiet.
You're seeing through your mate, Y/M/N's, eyes. He was looking up at an Alpha and a Beta punching and kicking down at him. He put his hands up to cover his face and curl into a ball to block the blows.
Your body spasms when reacting to the blows they were landing on Y/M/N. Tears flood your eyes when you could no longer see through his eyes. "Where are you?" You ask telepathically.
Standing from the floor, everyone was now crowding around you. "Corners Street," he says weakly. "I'm coming baby, just hang on a little while longer." You say, before dashing to the door and ripping the door open.
"Steve we have to go after her. She'll kill somebody." Bucky reasons. "Alright," Bucky grabbed his coat and rushed out the door, Steve going the same. You shift into your wolf form and dash through the streets as fast as your four legs could take you.
Slowly approaching your Y/M/N's lifeless body, you nudge his face with your snout. And his eyes snap open. "Oh thank God," you say in your head. You look from side to side before shifting into your human form.
"It's okay, baby." "Y/N," Bucky calls from Steve's truck and your head snaps to him. Pulling Y/M/N up from the ground, he winces as he puts all of his weight on you. You drag him into the truck and tell them, "Take him to the hospital and keep an eye on him."
"No, you're coming with us. You're bonded and he needs you right now." "I'm going to find them and pull out their entrails. And don't you dare stop me."
You threaten and Steve gets out of his truck angrily. Grabbing your shoulders, he pulls you closer to him and lifts your chin so you're looking up at him.
"You're coming with us." He says, pines and needles litering your skin. He was using his alpha command and you hated it.
"Get in the car," he adds before pulling away from you. Piling yourself in the car, Bucky tried to touch your hand but you growl at him and he retreats.
Steve hops into the driver seat and pulls out into the highway. Your hand latched onto Y/M/N's hand and you really wished you had the ability to take some of his pain away.
His body trembles with pain and you telepathically say, "I'm sorry, Y/M/N." "It's not your fault," he says, squeezing your hand tightly.
Steve looks at the two of you through his rearview mirror. Arriving at the hospital, the nurses put him on the gurney and roll him into the ER to operate. You wipe some sweat from your forehead with your blood stained hands.
Bucky tried to touch comfort you but you push his hand away. Steve and Bucky watch as you pace through the waiting room. Both of them wanting to say things but knew you would shoot them down. Once your anxiety reaches its peak, no one can calm you down.
Hours later, a crew of doctors and nurses came in with disappointed looks on their faces. "Oh God," you say, clutching your chest. A broken howl leaves your lips and Bucky catches you when your knees buckled.
"Y/N," you wake up with a growl, scaring everyone in the car. "Sorry," you mumble. "Had another bad dream?" your pack mate, Heidi, says. You nod in response. It's been a year since Y/M/N died and even longer since you broke contact with Steve and Bucky.
They were good friends and had positive intentions. But whenever you think of them, you think of Y/M/N.
And your heart hurt too much to think about him. Pulling your phone out of your pocket, you scroll through your messages until you saw Bucky's name.
"Come on, doll. Don't shut us out. Not when you need us the most."
"It's okay to let go, Y/N. I understand." He says a couple weeks later and that was the last message you had from him.
Moving onto Steve's messages.
"If you're going to be mad at anyone, be mad at me. Just don't shut Bucky out, Y/N/N. I was the one that forced you with the alpha command, and I'm sorry for that. Just don't take it out on him."
"Y/N, please. At least let us know you're okay."
Your fingers hovered over the keyboard. "I'm doing fine. I found a new pack that makes me feel at home." You started typing, but then you delete your text and shove your phone back into your pocket.
"You guys hungry?" Your Alpha asks from the driver's seat. There were a few scattered yeses but you chose not to say anything.
What you wrote in the text was true. The pack did make you feel at home. You just chose to stay quiet and keep to yourself. Only put your opinion in when asked but when you feel that someone is disrespecting your pack, your family.
Your words tear them to shreds before you need to sink your claws into them. "Y/N, honey, you hungry?' she asks, glancing at you.
"I need a drink, so sure." "Alcoholic drink or regular drink?" She asks. "Both," you say, smiling when you notice her smiling.
Your Alpha recognizes your past and knows that you can step up when she needs her to. And for that she respects her more than the rest of the pack, though she'll never admit it. Pulling into a gravel parking lot, your Alpha parks in the front row and you open the door.
Hopping out, you step out of the way so the remaining nine people can come out. Your bones pop when you lift on your toes and twist your body side to side.
A pack was sniffing in your general direction. Out of the 12 of you, 7 were mated and claimed. The remaining 5 were free reign, or so they thought.
Those five were minors except yourself. You snap at them and all of them looked away from you. Your Alpha was at the front of the line and nods to you, and you stand in your rightful place as the tail. You all walk in and some of the chatter died down a little.
"Nothing to see here, mind your business." Your Alpha states. "A table to twelve please. Could you put two six seaters together?" Heidi asks. "Sure thing, follow me." You all follow the hostess and shot glares at the Alphas that were eyeing your pack.
Sitting down, Heidi passes a menu to each of us. You felt a pair of eyes on you but chose to ignore it. You were not in the mood for another alpha trying to stake their claim on you. "I have to go to the bathroom," "Yeah me too," more agreements grumble in the group.
"I'll go with them," Your Alpha says, standing from the table. You stay with the remaining five women and they converse among themselves about the menu. Hearing a chair scrape across the hard wood floor, you just know that you had to put someone in their place soon.
"Hey there beautiful," a man says, brushing a few hairs behind Heidi's ear. She squeaks and cowers into her chair. "Don't be scared, sweetheart. I'll take good care of you." "She's a minor, you pedo." You snap. "I'll just wait for her to turn of age then," "No you won't. Leave the table."
He places a hand on either side of Heidi and looked down at her. You stand from the table and approach him. He reaches out to touch your chin and you grab his wrist. Digging your claws into his wrist, you twist it until you heard a pop.
He yells out in pain and cradles his broken wrist in his hand. "You see that's what's wrong with you men, you never take no for an answer.. until you're put on your ass." You say loud enough for the whole bar to hear.
"Approach us without common sense and I'll slit your throat." You add, scanning the room for any contenders. This time you find the man who's been staring at you. It's an attractive man with a broad shoulders and chest.
His black button up stretches around his swole biceps and brings out his skin tone pretty well. He had a well groomed beard and a strand of his long, dark brown hair was resting on his forehead and his eyed you amusingly.
A small smile was perched on his lips but before you could say anything, you heard your Alpha crying out in pain. You, Heidi and the three other betas rush towards the bathroom where an entire pack was pinning them down. Your heart races when you see blood trickle down from where they were being held.
You flip over a chair and broke off two of the legs. You plunge each leg into a back and the men collapsed to the ground, struggling to pull it out. Another man run towards you and you drop kick him into the wall. You grab another man's head and slam it against the wall.
Getting a running start, you jump on his shoulders and use your momentum to throw him to the ground. You go into a somersault and kick two men in the face. You felt a hand on your shoulder and turn to see a man swinging at your face.
The next thing you knew, a strong hand grabbed his wrist before it hit you. The man from earlier stepped into view and growls at him. He punches him in the face and he falls to the ground.
Eyeing him suspiciously, he cracks his knuckles and reaches out to grab the throat of a beta trying to run away after trying to violate one of your betas.
The man from earlier hold the beta in front of you and you use your claws to slice open his chest. The beta drops to the floor and you look over your shoulder to see your Alphas pinning the other Alphas by the throat.
"A female pack can't even get food anymore." She retorts. "Ridiculous," she adds, dropping them so they could scramble away. "Are you alright, guys?" Your Alpha asks. You suffered from a few scratches but nothing too serious.
Glancing around the group, the suffered similar injuries. "Hi, I'm Ari. Ari Levinson." He introduced, holding a hand out to your Alpha. "Y/A/F/N Y/A/L/N," she states. "They're did a terrible job representing Boston packs. I'm sorry about that." Ari explains.
"Thank you for helping. It was appreciated." Your Alpha says. "Well it seems like you had it under control," he says, making eye contact with you. "Miss Y/A/L/N, I would like to take your beta out to dinner." He adds.
Who is this guy? You've never had an Alpha ask for your hand before. An Alpha never ask permission for anything, period. Your Alpha ponders for a moment before saying, "She's all yours. What day did you have in mind?"
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imaginedreamwrite · 8 days ago
If I Fall: Part 3
The roof in the bedroom was made entirely of polished wood that came to a point, in a cathedral ceiling with a light fixture at the highest point. The light fixture looked like a painting pulled from deep within the forest. The light was made of metal and was cut to show images of a mother bear and her Cubs, with the mountains in the background, sunset and the peaks of trees, with the physical light at the bottom of the metal piece instead of the middle.
Underneath the light fixture was a lounger that sat before the bed, the black leather had a textile blanket with a gingham pattern adorning the material, the ends fringed and frayed, a sign of its good use.
Beyond the lounger in front of the bed was a set of windows that arched, the clear glass giving way to the views beyond the place you were in. The mountains surrounding were in sight, the snow-capped peaks a foretelling of the cold weather setting in, while the snow on the ground was melting from the last few days of sun that would be hot enough to melt the frozen precipitation.
Your focus came back on the bedroom to the bed you were sleeping on. Made of oak, the bed was massive and could have easily allowed three grown adults to sleep on the top without being squished or without room to move. The bed was a four-poster, with each thick support beam stained naturally with knots adorning the wood.
There was a closet to the left of the bed; two double doors closed with a glimmer of light from the floor appearing beneath the doors. To the right of the closet, a few feet away, was a fireplace set in stone and grout, the red and orange flames dying into vibrant embers at the base.
“Where am I?” You mumbled, moving the blankets off yourself. You shifted your body and came to sit at the edge of the bed, your legs dangling off the side, your toes brushing against the floor.
“What happened?” You questioned yourself on the bruises that littered your arms and legs, the bruises that marred your skin, a combination of blue/black and yellow. The mix of bruises that were both healed and fresh, the bruises that appeared to come from the trauma inflicted to your persons by some unknown means.
You lowered your head, your gaze coming to rest on the shirt that was not your own. It smelled strongly like an alpha, a scent that brought you comfort and made you shudder all in the exact moment.
“Omega,” you point to yourself and then grabbed the shirt with your forefinger and thumb, “alpha shirt.”
You placed your hand on the side of your neck and brushed your fingertips against your flesh, feeling the lack of a bite that would’ve claimed you like the mysterious alpha who had dressed.
“Alpha’s,” you corrected yourself and placed your feet on the ground, steadying yourself when you swayed, “two alpha’s.”
You were unaware, or so you had thought, of any alpha’s who could be near each other for extended periods, and yet these two alpha’s had not only lived together but their scents were intermingled.
“Chopped firewood and smoke, raw honey and sandalwood, gear oil and leather, black ink and charcoal?” You shuffled toward the door separating the room and yourself from the rest of the house. “Who are these alpha’s?”
You had not known fear yet; it had not struck you with intensity, the scent of the alphas. It seemed aged, a few days old and there had yet to be any fresh scent lingering.
Were you alone? Had they come and moved on? Or maybe this was your secluded area? Perhaps this room was neat for you?
“Don’t panic…” you placed your hand on the knob and twisted slowly, pulling the door open as you creeped out inch by inch. The floor creaked under the weight of your footsteps despite your attempts to keep your movements as light as possible, and while you were aware that alphas were here, at some point, their scent still seemed to be days old.
You left the bedroom and were halfway down the hallway when a picture hanging on the wall caught your eye. You stopped moving and turned your head, your eyes studying the monochrome image of two men side by side, their frames and heights alone being conductive of alpha’s, albeit one was larger and a little taller than the other.
“Alpha’s,” you leaned in, your eyes searching the bottom of the image for a date or a name, any indication that could tell you anything about the men in the photo or the year, “1944.”
You tore your eyes from the photograph and fixated them on the large hallway and the wooden logs that encompass the home's structure, while the floors were a mix of carpet in the bedrooms and wood floors throughout the hallway that you could see anyway. However, when you glanced over the balcony overlooking the kitchen, you saw a clear divide of tiles to break up the wooden floors.
“There are at least two bedrooms up and two bathrooms,” you spoke of the ensuite that was attached to the room you were in and the bedroom you’d passed on your way to the hallway. A staircase led down to the main floor, although you could see another staircase that led to an upper floor on the other side of the house.
“What is this place?” You mumbled, placing your hand upon the railing to take you down to the lower floor, every step you took making it harder to breathe.
The railing was wood and iron, the grates keeping anyone from falling were carved metal in the image that matched the light fixture, focusing on the nature of the surrounding mountainsides.
Panic was settling in. Anxiety was becoming a lead weight on your chest, crushing your lungs and making it nearly impossible to catch your breath.
The alpha’s scents were strong. They were not faded as you had expected but relatively solid and potent.
They were here. Or, at least they had been a few hours ago.
You tried to recenter yourself by focusing on the living room at the bottom of the open stairs and carried on into the kitchen.
The living room was designed with one leather sectional and two matching live seats, and a chaise near the stone-built fireplace, losing its flames and turning to ash.
The cupboards were black with white marble tops that shone from the light fixtures above them. The kitchen was massive in size, with a built-in pantry near the fridge, and not one but two cooktops, one gas and one electric.
Built into the left side of the house was a set of doors that led to an enclosed deck, with French doors that were stained and painted to match the cupboards, and through the glass, you could see a dinette set up to the left and a few porch swings to the right.
Beyond the deck, maybe 100ft, was the forest line, the thick and dense cluster of trees that extended beyond your vision, obscuring any path that could’ve been beyond the density.
You turned away from the French doors and focused your attention on the right side of the kitchen to the door that led to what looked like a study, and beyond the kitchen was a small hall that led to another set of double doors.
You took a step, your foot sliding on the wooden floor before you stopped like a deer caught in headlights.
The front door opened with an audible creak that broke the silence and introduced you to the two scents that you had thought were faint.
They entered the cabin and were distracted by the arms full of wood and the torrential downpour of rain that hit suddenly. Yet, when the door was halfway shut, you’d slid your door back and drew their attention to yourself.
“Hi,” one of the alpha’s with dark brown hair had spoken to you, balancing the wood in his arms, “you’re awake….”
The blonde alpha stood behind the brunette with a look in his eyes that spoke to your flight risk. He knew you were going to run; he could sense it.
“Don’t-“ he spoke one syllable, and you were gone.
You ran past the brunette to the open door, sliding between the wooden frame and the door that led to the outside. You could hear them; you could listen to the wood falling to the floor and the sudden jolt of the door as it was ripped open.
You could hear their heavy footsteps as they followed you, the treading of their feet as they trampled through the woods.
The bruises covering your arms and legs were fresh and faded; you had no memories of who you were or how you got here. You were in the presence of two alpha’s, who, by pure speculation, could’ve caused the bruises.
“Stop!” A voice called behind you, his footsteps getting closer to you, even with the rain and your head start. “Please just stop!”
You looked back over your shoulder, catching the glint of metal and piercing blue eyes. You turned around and took a sharp right, sliding in the dirt and mud, managing to hole yourself under the coverings of low-hanging branches. You pressed yourself against a massive rocky Boulder that shielded you from behind; your hands outstretched to grip the rocks. Your chest was rising and falling with each rapid, frightened breath as the footsteps drew closer.
“It’s okay,” the footsteps stopped in front of you, and a voice called from beyond the low-hanging branches, “we’re not going to hurt you.”
The alpha that smelled of charcoal and sandalwood, firewood and cloves, was in front of the tree. But it was the alpha who had smelled of gear oil, smoke, firewood and leather, who had stretched out his hand under the tree for you to grab.
“We helped you,” his hand was not flesh and bone, but of metal, “we found you half-frozen in the river.”
“Lion with the thorn in his paw,” you were scared, terrified even, but you got a sense that they were not the ones who did this to you. You were comforted by their scents, you were comforted by their mere presence alone, and that was enough for you to stretch out your hand and place it in his.
Flesh meeting metal.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 12 days ago
If I Fall: Part 2
Small fragments of wood went flying as the axe struck down into the wood, splitting the thick dried piece of a tree trunk in half. As the flakes fell and the wood was chopped into two, the axe was temporarily set down while Bucky grabbed one of the two and set it on the chopping block. He turned it once, adjusted it to sit where he wanted, and then he picked up the axe again. He wrapped his hand around the handle of the axe, flexing his fingers around the cushioned grip before he lifted the chopping tool and swung it down again.
There was a dense thud as the blade sunk deep into the wood, splitting the half-block into two smaller pieces.
Bucky repeats the same process for the half-block of wood, and when the thick and large piece was cut, he picked up the discarded bits and stacked them under the shelter with the rest.
As he stepped back and lowered the cover of the shelter, he raised his hand and wiped the sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his flannel. He took pause when he caught the brief and faint scent of something and someone new. The scent carried with the chilling breeze, the wind pushing the notes of lavender and citrus, mint and sage, toward Bucky.
He stopped and set the axe down on the ground, the blade partially hidden by grass, as he tried to distinguish and isolate what exactly he was smelling and if that was a genuine product of omega or simply the trailings of one day or weeks old.
He wait; he had to wait for the breeze to come again and bring the scent or leave it stagnant.
He only had to wait a few moments, and then the wind picked up, bringing forth the scent that was now impossible to ignore. The wind carried it through the trees toward their cabin, along with the smell of glacier-fed freshwater that clung to the omega’s scent. The freshwater aroma was more robust than the omega’s, making Bucky believe that the omega was in or near water.
Could it have been an old scent? Could the omega have comes and go in passing? Was it possible that it was all in his head? The desperation causing him to sense what wasn’t there?
“Bucky,” Steve spoke from behind him, an emergency kit in his hand and the keys to one of their off-road vehicles in the other.
“You smelled the omega, too?” Bucky’s voice was wavering, his gaze locked with Steve’s, their eyes searching each other’s for any lies or the ultimate truth.
“And blood-“
“-mated or not, we need to help.” Bucky lifted the axe and swung it, the blade penetrating and neatly cracking the chopping block in its entirety.
He stepped around the nearly broken chopping block and reached for the stash of weapons he kept near the woodshed. They knew that an omega this far in the woods was neither an accident nor without warrant.
There was either an alpha trying to disclose an omega from their presence by attempting to kill them or an omega running from an alpha who would give chase. Either way, there was an omega who was alive, whose scent was still radiating, and the smell of blood.
The omega was hurt, and they needed to help.
Bucky needed to help. He required to undo all the shit he had done to all those omega’s in the past.
He couldn’t allow another omega to suffer.
“I’ll meet you by the river,” Bucky secured his weapons and swiped the first air kit midair as Steve threw it.
While Steve would be driving the ATV, he would have to manoeuvre down the trails and through the trees, a cumbersome event that would take the time that could be spent trying to help the omega.
Bucky could be there in no time, weaving in and out of the trees as he made his way to the river and the injured ‘mega. He could beat Steve, and he could assess the injuries and have them taken care of by the time he arrived.
Bucky held tightly to the bag and began the mad dash. He ran like his life depended on it, effortlessly weaving in and out of the trees to miss the massive trunks, ducking when he came near low branches and even hurtling himself over a mass of dead trees purposely blocking a path.
He landed on his feet with the first aid kit still tucked under his arm. He drew himself closer to the scent that had grown in potency, the smell of the omega stirring a profound reaction within Bucky. He had, upon a time ago, had to ignore the basic and primal instincts every alpha had when it came to protecting and omega.
All omega’s should be protected and kept safe, especially considering their rarity, but Hydra was never one to submit to that idea. They craved power. They craved control.
And Bucky had to help enact that control, and he had to give up the instincts that pushed him toward a place where he kept the omega’s safe.
But not anymore.
Now he was free, and now he could exude all the instincts that came with being a powerful alpha.
“Omega.” He broke through the tree line, coming to the rocky shore of the river, a shallow and slow-moving portion of the body of water that contained the scent of the omega.
Bucky stepped into the water and bent down, spying the flecks of dried blood on one of the rocks under the water. The blood was stained, barely on the stone, but it was enough for him to pick up on.
He stood again, studying the left side of the shore, looking for more signs of where the omega could have gone. He took one step to the left before he stopped and whipped his head around to the right side of the shore. He caught the scent again, but that was not what stole his attention.
It was a whimper.
Bucky bolted toward the sound, the first aid kit smacking against his side as he followed the sound and the scent. He ran through the river; the glacier fed water lapping at his boots in an attempt to wet his feet. He kept on his path until he came to a dead stop; his crystalline blue eyes widened when he saw the omega they’d smelled.
“What the hell?” He muttered, his eyes roaming the omega’s body from the bare feet that were scratched and bruised, likely from running to the bruises littering both arms and the gash on her head.
The omega was laying half in the water and half out, her eyes closed yet whimpers still being emitted from her mouth. She lay there so motionless that Bucky almost thought she was dead.
“Bucky!” Steve drove the ATV as close as possible and then flew off the back, rushing to meet him.
“Her entire body is bruised.” Bucky slammed the first air kit down and unzipped the top, reaching for the emergency blanket.
“She’s going to freeze,” Steve picked her up and held her to his chest, “you need to drive back. Give me the blanket.”
Bucky exchanged the blanket for the keys, but not before grabbing a wrapped cloth to stop the bleeding. Once Steve had both, Bucky bolt back toward the ATV and shoved the key in, starting it again. Steve was quick to get in the pull behind the trailer, clutching the omega to his chest.
“She’s weak, Bucky.” Steve urged him to hurry, bracing himself as the ATV took off from her river.
“She’ll survive,” Bucky called back. “She has to. Just make sure she stayed warm!”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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angrythingstarlight · 15 days ago
Ma’am, you are bringing out a whole new side of me w these alpha!bucky scenarios. I mean I’m absolutely feral for him teasing and mocking me for how needy I am to mark him so everyone knows who he belongs to too
Tumblr media
He loves when you get jealous when other omega flit around him. The way you growl at them is so adorable to him. "Whats wrong little one, you don't like your Alpha talking to other omegas?"
You both know he won't cheat or even think about another woman but you can't help the feral need to mark him again. Maybe it's his influence through the bond that has you climbing him. Bucky laughs when you bite him. "Maybe you should then how well you take my cock too. Show them how good you fuck me."1
And you tease him right back because he can't help touching your bond mark every chance he gets. Everyone knows the giant domineering Alpha belongs to you!
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angrythingstarlight · 15 days ago
I want alpha bucky to knot me and stretching me real good. 🤤
Tumblr media
Oof Alpha Bucky is insatiable. He could knot you anywhere, he loves to tease you in public. "Need you, little one?." He says, cupping your hand between his legs. You whimper, holding your Alpha's clothed cock. Memories of him stretching you so good flashes in your mind, he can feel your arousal through your bond. "You gonna let your Alpha fuck you right here, aren't you. " He purrs in your ear.
Glancing around the crowded Cafe, you decide want his cock more than you want their lattes.
"Yes, Alpha."
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angrythingstarlight · 15 days ago
Alpha Bucky would totally tell you to get sleep because he care about his mate 🥺😉
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Alpha Bucky x reader
Word count: Drabble.
A/N: A/B/O dynamics, so not copy, repost, rewrite or translate my work. Fluff.
Bucky's been watching you struggle to stay awake for the past hour. He knows you're working too hard and you deserve a break.
"You need to sleep, little one." Bucky states as he scoops you up from the couch. Not waiting for your response, he carries you to the bedroom.
"I'm alright."
"Dont lie to your Alpha, I can feel how tired you are." He declares in response to the flare of annoyance in your bond.
You sheepishly smile into his neck, your fingers touch your mark. "Sorry."
He gives you a knowing look when you stifle your yawn. Ignoring your sleepy, mumbled protests that you'll go to sleep in a few minutes and you need to finish your work.
Bucky quips, "and my job is take care of you and that's what I'm going to do."
He flicks back the top sheet and lays you down. "Get some rest and I'll check on you in a bit."
You whine softly when he turns to leave. "Please stay."
Bucky can never resist when you make those cute little omega noises. You whimper when he sighs. "I'll keep doing it," you warn.
Bucky turns around, his blue eyes narrowed but you know he's not upset.
"And I can command you to stop." He retorts, amusement softening his tone.
You smile up at him and whimper his name, soft and low in your throat, his large frame stepping towards you in an automatic response, wanting his distressed little omega to be happy.
"Alpha." You pout, tugging at him through your bond, sending your calming scent around the towering Alpha.
He grumbles under his breath, removing his shirt. "You're spoiled," he says with a shake of his head.
You shrug, biting your tongue so that you won't say that it's his fault you are the way you are. He knows though. The bed dips down as he gets in beside you. Pressing your face against his warm chest, you kiss his chin. "Thank you, Bucky."
He inhales your scent with a content groan before kissing the top of your head. "Sleep. I'll be here when you wake up." He lovingly promises.
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imaginedreamwrite · 15 days ago
If I Fall: Part 1
A/N: Trigger warning for mentions of abuse and un-aliving, nightmares and traumatic memories
** **
“Gotov podchinit'sya.” (Ready to comply)
“Go.” The order was given, and he was sent on his way.
He stalked toward his target, a Bowie knife in his left hand and a thick, twisted rope in the other hand. His blue eyes were rimmed with black paint to give him the appearance of a phantom, of a monster that rose from the darkness to terrorize those he lurked over. “Take it.”
He stepped over the lifeless body of the alpha that was lying at his feet, his eyes wide and his mouth part as blood dripped from his nose and his mouth. He stepped over the alpha and stalked toward the omega cowering against the alley with her back pressed against the ridged and texturized brick that kept her trapped in a figurative cage.
“Now.” He was ordered, and through the blank stare that was pointed directly at the cowering and mated omega, he sensed her fear and resentment.
He felt the fear that changed her scent, the fear radiating from her in thick, dense waves that edged him toward her. There was still a part of him, engrained so deeply in him that made him want to comfort the omega.
And for a moment, he hesitated. For a moment, he stayed his hand and put his weight back on his heels. He gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw, the basest instinct still coursing through him despite all the training and the manipulations to turn him into a weapon for their needs.
He was in the presence of omega, and that omega needed comfort, and it was in his instincts to provide for the omega.
“Now, Soldat!” When the order was barked, he reached out and grabbed the omega by the front of her jacket with his vibranium arm.
She fought against him; she kicked and screamed with every ounce of strength she could muster after seeing him kill the alpha that had marked her. She pulled back her leg and slammed the ball of her foot into his chest, the impact absorbed by his massive broad chest.
He turned the omega and slammed her front into the back of the SUV, keeping her pinned down with his vibranium hand while he grabbed the twisted rope and wrapped it around her wrists, tugging the cord tight to prevent her from moving. He was ruthless and relentless, keeping her tied down and bound as his keeper watched everything unfolding.
“Get rid of the body,” he has pushed aside, “I’ll take care of the little bitch.”
He turned on his heel and stalked away from the SUV and the crying omega. He stood before the alpha and kicked his leg before he bent down and picked the dead alpha up from the wet concrete and threw him over his shoulder.
“YOU KILLED HIM!” The omega cried once, and then he heard the crack of a hand meeting the omega’s flesh, followed by whimpers both pained and saddened as low grunts began.
Bucky shot awake, sweat dripping down his neck and back. His blue eyes were wide and filled with fear, his breathing unsteady as he relived a moment that pained him, a moment in time that had gone against everything an alpha should’ve been.
“Bucky,” Steve woke when he did and placed his hand on Bucky’s left shoulder, his lips tracing the back of his neck as he soothes his lover, “you’re okay.”
Bucky’s shoulders shook when the unsettling guilt that he felt for his role involving mated and unmated omega was plaguing him with nightmares.
Every horrible act he had committed had to be forgiven. But this…what he had done to the omega in the past…
“I can’t forget,” Bucky’s voice shook, his vision blurred by tears that were threatening to roll down his cheeks, “I can’t forget what I did to them.”
Steve slid behind Bucky; he wrapped his arms around his waist and held him tightly as Bucky let loose the barrier, the salty tears rolling down his cheeks. He pulled his bottom lip into his mouth and hit down on his flesh.
“You weren’t given a choice-“
“I still did it!” Bucky’s hands gripped the blankets, his nails digging into the mattress. “I hurt them, and I allowed them to be hurt.”
“You were under Hydra’s control, Bucky-“
He threw himself from the bed, his chest rising and falling rapidly, his breathing growing more unstable. His heart was beating as a war drum, thrashing against its cage. Bucky was a mess of tears, of guilt that riddled him unable to breathe, unable to forgive himself for the pain he had inflicted on the most precious.
He threw open the door and stalked out of the bedroom. He grabbed the handrails and threw himself down the stairs, landing effortlessly on the main floor, the impact of his hand cracking the wood floor snd creating a splintered dip in the wood.
“Bucky!” Steve called after him. “Bucky please-“
He needed air. He needed to feel the cold wind of the fall nights on his skin. He needed to feel something.
He didn’t stop running until he was outside, he didn’t stop until he stood in the middle of their front lawn with his bare chest and feet. He didn’t stop until the wind whipped against him, unleashing a chill that cut through the lingering nightmare.
“Hey,” Steve caught up to him and grabbed his wrist, “talk to me, Buck.”
He kept his eyes forward. “I hurt them, Steve. What Hydra did to those onega’s-“
“That wasn’t you.”
“I was part of it,” Bucky felt another surge of emotional turmoil rising in his chest, “I helped them…I helped them…hoarde these omega’s-“
“You didn’t have a choice, Bucky.” Steve squeezed his shoulders and kissed the nape of his neck, trailing his lips across the right side of his neck to his mark.
“I still….” Bucky shook his head, his bottom lip trembling. “I would be a good alpha…I would be good to an omega.”
“I know that, Bucky. We also know how rare it is to come across an omega who’s unmarked.” Steve mumbled into his neck.
“Hydra didn’t care about the state of an omega’s relationship. They didn’t care if they were marked or not.” Bucky lift his hand and wiped his tears with the back of his hand, his eyes rimmed red and his heart clenching with want.
“God,” he scoffed, “I would be a good alpha. I just want a chance Steve. I just want a chance to undo all the shit I did to them. I want a chance to redeem myself. I want a chance to prove that I could provide for an omega. I want a chance to prove that I can keep one safe-“ Bucky’s voice trailed off again.
“You are the best alpha I know, Bucky.” Steve kissed his mark softly and tenderly. “There will be an omega for us, one day.”
“I want to prove myself. I need to prove myself, Steve.” Bucky lost his strength and his resolve. He crumbled to the cold grass, falling to his knees, with Steve still holding him, comforting his mate.
“I just want-“
“I know,” Steve crooned and stroked his hair, “I know, Buck.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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angrythingstarlight · 15 days ago
So Good For Me.
Summary: Bucky has only one thing on his mind to tonight and that's to make you his. And he hopes you'll never want to let him go.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha Bucky x Omega Reader
Work Count: 2.5K
Warnings: A/B/O dynamics, consenual biting, mutual marking, smut, creampie, rough sex, minors DNI, overstimulation (if you squint). Soft Bucky turned Dom Bucky, size kink, mentions of belly bulge
A/N: Unbeta'd. Do not copy, translate, repost or rewrite my work, even if you credit me. I do not give my permission for my works to be copied or shared on other sites. Likes, reblogs and comments are cherished.
Tumblr media
The reddish-yellow flame comes to life around the wick, swaying and flickering, the soft glow reflecting in his sapphire eyes. Backing away with a pleased hum, he looks over the mantle, adjusting the last of the candles, hints of white tea and vanilla drifting across him in hazy waves.
They remind him of your unique scent as he inhales the air, so sweet, delicate, and fresh. After tonight, he’ll make sure he carries your scent on him wherever he is. Its a gnawing feeling, unfamiliar to him. Wanting to let the world know that you belong to him and he belongs to you.
He's never felt like this with other omegas.
But they've never been you.
Placing the silver lighter on the nightstand, he glances around the room. Anything he deemed too rough, too Alpha was tossed out and replaced with things he hopes you’ll like. Fresh new sheets under the thick duvet, which is now the softest thing he owns. He bought a few all in your favorite colors. His favorite shirts folded neatly along the edge of the bed. He spent a long time making sure he heavily drenched them in his scent.
If you choose even one for your nest-Bucky breaks into a nervous laugh, rubbing the back of his neck.
Bucky knows he shouldn’t feel as anxious as he does, but he can’t help it. The same way he can’t help, the way his heart thuds a little harder in his chest whenever he thinks about you. Here. In his room.
He can’t help the way his stomach twists just a little when he imagines you on his bed, marking his things with your scent, touching his sheets, clothes. Touching him. Letting him touch you. Becoming part of his life, his world.
He could easily claim you, use his Alpha status, commands, and size to dominate you into being his. But here’s the thing. He wants you to be his, but he needs you to want it as much as he does.
Tumblr media
He’s taken his time with you, knowing that you deserve to be wooed properly. Wanting to care for you, cherish you the way you deserve. His Alpha nature wanting to make you happy. Dates to the museums, botanic gardens, movies, any place you like, dinners at fine restaurants, and little hole in the wall diners where you spend the entire time squished against his side in a booth too tiny for his large body, arms, and hands tangled as you eat, laugh and talk.
Bucky wants you to have all the best things, everything he has is yours, even if you don’t know it yet.
His new favorite hobby is finding presents for you, little treasures, each carrying his scent, of course. Personalized gifts sent to your house and work, most for no reason other than they reminded him of you.
Most of them hand-delivered because he can’t get enough of how flustered you get when he gives you something, you have no idea how much he adores your small pleased chirp that slips out when he leans in, asking if you like it little one. It makes his heart sing, knowing how much he affects you.
His Alpha pride blooming the more you fall for him.
Tumblr media
Bucky bounds down the steps when he senses your arrival. Opening the door before you have a chance to knock, he holds back a chuckle when you startle, grabbing your overnight bag before it slips from your hand. “Hi, little one,” he warmly greets, stepping back to let you inside.
You smile shyly in response, your curious eyes darting around the hallway. Anticipation crackling in the air. While it’s not the first time you’ve been in his house, it’s the first time you’ll go further than the living room. You answer his questions about your day and the ride over here as he guides you up the stairs, his large hand splayed across the small of your back.
Bucky hovers behind you, waiting patiently as you stare into his bedroom. After tonight you’ll belong to Bucky Barnes. You swallow down the whimper that wants to escape your throat, your pussy aching at the thought of finally being his, your slick coating your panties.
HIs shuddery breath lets you know he can smell how aroused you are. Glancing over your shoulder, his heady lust-filled gaze makes you bite your lip. His eyes drop to your bottom lip, caught between your teeth, a low growl rising from his chest. The deep sound making your stomach tense in anticipation.
You step inside his bedroom, awash in the soft glow of candlelight, your knees almost buckling when his scent overwhelms you. Stronger than you’ve ever experienced. Fresh rain and plums, hints of evergreen laced throughout. All uniquely him.
Walking around the California king bed, you place your bag by his shirts. “I thought you could have a nest here.” His unspoken with me resonates in the quiet air.
You smile, imagining a large nest surrounding you and Bucky as you touch the soft fabric of his Henley with your fingertips. Your hand stills when you hear his breath hitch, your eyes flicker up to his large body. His hands fisted at his sides as he cranes his head back. You stare at his pulse beating in his neck, the omega in you preening when you take in how badly he wants you.
No one has wanted you the way he has. It’s intoxicating and exhilarating.
You pad over to him, placing your hands on his warm broad chest. Exposing your throat in submission. “Make me yours.”
He's waited so long to hear those words, his control begins to fray, taking every ounce of his being to keep from bending you over the side of the bed and claiming your body.
Still, he promised himself to take his time with you
Bucky grazes his teeth along the curve of your neck, back and forth until you whine, twisting your hands in the fabric of his shirt. “Please, Bucky.”
He hums into your skin, his breath washing over you. He bites down gently, too gently. You want to feel his teeth sink into you, claiming you so bad you’re trembling with need. “Please, please Bucky.”
God, he won’t stop teasing you. His hands shifting over your hips, pressing your belly into his large, hard cock. Warm and throbbing. Your slick cunt drenched and aching. Another plea ignored while you slide your hands into his soft hair and push him down with a whimper. He chuckles, nipping your skin so lightly you want to scream.
“Buc-” your voice cracks when he groans into your neck, his tongue laving the bruises he creating on your skin.
He’s so big and warm. Smells so good. You’ve never wanted anything, anyone more. Every instinct, every part of you crying for him to take you. To make you his girl, his omega, you want him to be your-
Bucky stills in your arms, his grip tightening around you as he grows impossibly harder. He's waited so long to hear that word as well, sweeter than he dreamed.
“Alpha, please.” Breathy and desperate in his ear.
Bucky closes his eyes, his hands sweeping up your back. Your voice is addictive, and he’s going to do everything in his power to keep his name on your lips. You say it again, awakening his dormant feral nature.
His teeth sink down, a burst of pain and pleasure shocking you to your very core and you go limp.
Bucky cradles your body, walking you back to the bed, biting harder into your soft skin until you shiver, crying out his name. Bonding you to him, a connection, so deep and primal that he can’t let go. He feels you, the urge to claim you, take you overwhelming his senses.
Bucky releases you, his dazed eyes darkening as he looks at his mark on your pretty skin. “Mine. Need you right now.” He says, brokenly, frantic and demanding.
“Yours. Love you.” You gasp into his chest, pulling at his shirt, needing to feel his skin on you. He licks the bite and your eyes roll back. Another desperate gasp pulled from your lips. “Alpha.”
He’s so big, you don’t know how he’s going to fit.
“Love you, little one. My pretty little omega” He decorates your skin with soft, passionate kisses along your neck, up across your jaw in between ripping your clothes off, your greedy hands pulling and tugging at his belt as he yanks his t-shirt over his head, the pile of shirts and your bag tumbling to the carpet.
A flurry of torn fabric fluttering to the floor until you’re naked before him. Your eyes roaming down his large muscular body until you reach his cock swaying in the air, the swollen tip leaking.
“Don’t worry, little one, your pussy is made for me.” He arrogantly smirks, covering you with his large warm body, his smooth chest brushing over your sensitive nipples. “I’ll fit-” He groans, slotting a thigh between your legs, “-in your tight little pussy.” He pushes his thigh over your mound, swallowing your needy moan when he glides over your clit.
Bucky swears he’s going to take his time later, bury his head between your thighs until you beg him to stop, tear you apart piece by piece until you’re a trembling fucked out mess but right now he has to be inside you, needing your warmth around him.
His soft lips drape over yours, deepening the kiss as he moves over you, mumbling your name when you reach between your bodies, grabbing his thick cock in your hands, guiding him to your pulsating core. You grab his firm back, keening into his mouth when you feel his swollen head breach your core, his thrust slow and deliberate, his veiny ridges stretching your silken walls.
His groan rings in your ears. “Goddamn, you’re tight, so fucking tight, fit around me so good, you know that, don’t you? You know how good you feel.” He praises, continuing to fill you until his pelvis is flush against yours. “So fucking perfect doll.”
You dig your sharp nails into his back with a muffled cry. So good, so good you think, squeezing your eyes shut as he moves deeper in you, god he’s so good.
It is, it, you were his the moment he laid eyes on you.
“We haven’t even started yet,” he chuckles, swiping his lips over your swollen mouth, “breathe pretty girl.” Another chuckle rumbles over your neck when you arch off the bed as he slides out of you, “Gonna have fun ruining your pussy, fuck, this pussy is going to be mine, isn’t it?” His next deep stroke making you wail.
His words punctuated by another harsh thrust that you feel in your stomach. You try to answer but can only gasp when he lifts your hips, making you take every inch of him.
Bucky moves deeper inside your hot, wet pussy until he can see your belly bulge, his masculine ego enlarging with each sob and moan he drags out of you. He can feel how close you are, the waves of bliss drowning you until you tense beneath him, his pace quickening as he pushes you closer to your high. “Cum for me, be a good girl, and cum for me.”
Your body obeys his hotly whispered command, your orgasm crashing into you. Chanting his name, you rake your nails down his back, grabbing his ass, crying out, “Oh god, Bucky, oh, Buc-,” you sob out, your head lolling back, the candlelight shining over his mark.
His hips slow to a steady pace, never ceasing as he rolls you on top of him. Pleasure sparking through your body with each powerful stroke.
Placing your hands beside his head, you gaze down at him, wheezed gasp slipping through your lips. Bucky offers you his neck, his position almost submissive if not for the smirk in his eyes. And the way his massive hands firmly roll your hips over his cock. “Go on, pretty girl.”
Tears shimmer in your widening eyes, you swallow thickly. Oh. Oh, Bucky. You place your mouth on his broad shoulder, feeling his gland. You’ve never heard of an alpha willing to wear his omega’s mark, to have Bucky offering you his throat is indescribable. To be loved the way he loves you, god you don’t know how you’re going to survive him.
You bite down, feeling the bond open even wider. You feel him, hear him. He loves you so much.
His guttural groans of pleasure make you clench down as he slides out of you. When you release him, looking in wonder at the bite on his broad shoulder, he slides his hands over your hips, murmuring good girl. The room spins as he rolls you back over. Bucky thrusts into you, the headboard slamming against the wall so hard it cracks.
He craves you.
His cock stretching you, going so deep inside you. More tears form as pleasure spreads across your entire body, his solid, heavy chest driving into the soft duvet.
Sweet girl.
“You feel me right here, don’t you?” He presses his hand on your belly, feeling his bulge with each deep thrust. “You’re going to feel me all weekend.” He promises, wild eyes meeting your dazed ones.
Perfect, so fucking perfect.
He places your leg over his arm and grabs the headboard. “Yeah, you are.” He swears under his breath, watching your mouth fall open, a thin high moan emerging from your throat. He grins, knowing he’s found your sweet spot. “Fuck, I could live in your cunt, stay inside you all the fucking time. So goddamn good.”
Love you. Adore you. Worship you.
He laces his metal fingers between yours, pinning your hand over your head. Mine. Mine. Your cries of pleasure making him snap his hips into yours. Wet sloshing of your cunt intertwining with the nearly vulgar sounds of skin slapping. Mine. All mine. His deep moans in your ear as you pant, his name garbled on your tongue as you give yourself to him. “I’m yours, Bucky, please, please I’m so close-” you slur, unable to finish your thought when he changes his pace, your breath rasping out.
“You wanna cum for me don’t you little one, you’re gonna be good for me, go on and give it to me.” He whispers over your mouth, his forehead resting on yours as he watches you fall apart.
Your walls spasm over his cock, making his pace fraught and erratic, he lets go of the splintered headboard, finding your clit between your sweaty bodies, swollen and sensitive, his thumb swirling around your bud hard and fast until the coil snaps. Another orgasm rocking you, making you clench down on him.
“There you go, such a good girl, my pretty girl.” He coos, smiling as you thrash under him. “That’s it, knew you could take it.”
He grinds his hip down so hard you cum again, grunting when you clamp down, “shit you’re still milking my cock-” You tremble, not hearing him over the roar in your ears. “Gonna fill you up, wanna see me leak out of your pretty, greedy little cunt.” He groans, his words making your stomach flutter. You love when he loses control, his words rushing out of him as he pounds you into you, chasing his high, his eyes focused on your face.
You nearly cum again when warmth blooms in your core, his hot spend coating your walls as he goes still, only his hips jerking slightly until he collapses on top of you.
“How are you feeling?” he asks, turning you on your side, his cock nestled within you.
“Amazing, Bucky.” You rasp out, snuggling into his sweat-slicked chest. Your tired giggles ending in a yawn.
“Me too.” Bucky kisses your forehead, pulling back with a smile. “Didn’t mean to wear you out like this.” His smug tone making you give him a look that says you don’t believe him, his shrug in return replying he knows. “Go to sleep, I got you.”
You drift off feeling protected and cherished in his arms, your unbreakable bond strengthening with each whispered affirmation of love, pulling you closer to him. Bucky’s deep voice drifts over you as he continues to praise you for being so perfect for him. He watches the candlelight dance over your sleeping face.
He scents your neck, inhaling you, a dizzying combination of the both of you wafting off your skin. Yeah, he's going to make sure you always smell like this. Reverently touching his mark, he murmurs, "good night sweet girl."
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imaginedreamwrite · 16 days ago
If I Fall
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Summary: They had retired from the fight and they’d staked out their peace in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by a thick and dense forest, and the nearest town nearly an hour and a half away.
They found their peace in the woods and with each other. As Alpha’s, they took the company of beta’s but had never settled with one, ever hopeful to one day come across an omega.
But omega’s were rare. Most omega’s had been claimed or went into hiding when their population was on the decline, to avoid being hoarded and passed around like animals.
Omega’s, if found and mated, had two alpha’s to keep them safe and secure against the violent and crazed unmated alpha’s who would stop at nothing to have an omega for themselves. Steve and Bucky almost gave up entirely on finding an omega.
And then, in the crisp fall morning before winter set in, a scent blew across their property. The scent was invigorating and inviting, addictive and had nearly sent them into a rut.
Upon arriving at the source of the scent, they find an omega unconscious laying in the shallow edge of stream with bruises covering her arms and her legs. The omega bears no mark, no lingering scent of an alpha.
And the omega will die if they don’t help her.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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luminnara · 17 days ago
It’s Been A Long, Long Time | Ch 12 NSFW
Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13
Warnings: ABO, nsfw, smut, rut/heat
Tags:  @kyrah-williams @oceanmermaidwitch @shawnie--jo @super-cape @ferxaniti @ softtrbl @fandomsstolemylife00 @youngblood199456 @nightlygiggless @darlingely @ bluemoon-icecream @kaz11283 @jenjen8675309 @dollfacev8 @witchinpractice @mystical-b3ar @sukeraa @momc95 @book-lover-2006 @rebekkah119 @lupinpetersclearwaterodairparker @woohoney @whatawildone @lilymurphy03​
Tumblr media
Over the next few days, Amoretta met several more members of the team. She finally got to thank Pepper Potts, Tony’s omega, for having all of her new clothing delivered, and when she met the woman, she felt like she could understand why she was in charge of Stark Industries. Pepper was formidable, in a way that Amoretta had never seen before. She wasn’t a super soldier, or a mutant, and she didn’t have any unnatural powers, but she was assertive and confident and always moved with a purpose more akin to the way alphas like Steve and Bucky did. If Amoretta wasn’t able to smell her secondary gender on her, she absolutely would have doubted that Pepper was anything other than alpha...but she was glad that she wasn’t. She hadn’t seen anything of the world for more than a few decades, and it was almost...what was the right word? Inspirational? To see an omega who could command so much respect from not only her ragtag little pack, but the entire world. 
Tony was even more annoying than the first time they met, determined to push Bucky’s buttons as much as possible. He knew when to back off, though, understanding that if he wasn’t at least a little bit careful, he would lose a limb. Bucky wasn’t pleased with the other alpha’s casualness when it came to Amoretta, snapping in his face a few times when the situation seemed to call for it. The Winter Soldier was incredibly protective of his omega, always lurking near her, always looming over her whenever anyone else tried to chat. He was doing his best to stay relaxed, to seem like he was competent and in control of himself, but whenever anyone overstepped their bounds, he was infuriated. He would raise his lip in a nasty snarl, grabbing Amoretta around the waist and pulling her back up against him while he leered at the offending party, which usually involved Tony in some way.
She was getting along alright with Steve and Natasha, both of whom were smart enough to give Bucky as much space as possible. They were always polite with Amoretta, giving her curt nods and making innocent small talk, neither of them willing to risk life and limb for a conversation. Steve knew how hard Bucky could hit, and Nat had an entire career’s worth of wary feelings about HYDRA’s best assassin, and they had both decided that maybe they should stay out of his warpath if they could. 
Wanda Maximoff was another omega, and Amoretta got along well with her. She was a mutant, and while Amoretta couldn’t exactly relate to that aspect of her life, she understood how it felt to be different. Wanda had the entire world keeping an eye on her, waiting for her to slip up and hurt someone with her powers, which many thought were too powerful to be left to an omega to control. 
Amoretta disagreed. 
“That’s bullshit,” she snarled one night in the lounge. She was situated on Bucky’s lap, as usual, his vibranium arm locked around her waist in case she decided to jump up. She had proven to be a handful, always wanting to run off, and he was somewhat frazzled by it. He needed to keep an eye on her at all times lest he panic, but in order to do so, he needed to be able to keep up with her. That was difficult, seeing as she was quicker and nimbler than he was, and a big part of him wished that HYDRA had never thought to make her a super soldier and give her the option to outrun him. 
“They aren’t wrong, though,” Wanda said, looking down at her hands. “Back when we were...well, right after Sokovia, I...messed up a few times. I caused a lot of damage because I wasn’t thinking about my surroundings, and...I killed more than a few people, probably.”
“So? Is that really your fault?” Amoretta bristed. 
Bucky’s grip tightened. “Doll…”
“What?” she asked, turning to look at him. 
“It’s not exactly easy to think about the bad things you’ve done in the past.”
She stared into his steely eyes, her own expression stubborn and unchanging. “Things happen, don’t they? Isn’t that just life?”
Wanda looked uncomfortable. “I did bad things, Amoretta.”
“So...that’s bad.”
Amoretta shrugged. “It happens.”
“You can’t be so nonchalant about this!”
“Why not?” she asked, genuinely confused. “It happened. It’s over with. You were good enough to join the Avengers. Isn’t that what matters?”
“No!” Wanda protested. “The entire world is breathing down my neck, and it’s been years. Just because I was born powerful doesn’t mean I get a free pass to do whatever I want.” She sighed. “You’d better watch your back, too. They don’t think omegas like us should be so strong.”
Amoretta frowned. “What do you mean?”
“Super soldiers, mutants, CEOs...those are still all alpha jobs.” Wanda shrugged. “People like us are unnatural.”
Amoretta didn’t like that. 
She didn’t like it one bit. 
When she tried to ask Bruce about it, he was less than helpful. 
“I’m in the same boat, I guess.” He said, glancing over his shoulder as he checked on one of his lab instruments. “Me? I’m as omega as they come. The other guy? He gives people a run for their money.”
“I thought things changed,” Amoretta grumbled, slumping in her chair. 
Bucky had taken a rare break from sticking next to her so that he could go work out with Steve, leaving her in Bruce’s care. As much as he trusted everyone else in the tower to have his back, he absolutely did not trust them around his omega, and Banner was just about the only person he felt suitable for the job. 
Unfortunately for Amoretta, Bruce’s day to day routine was boring.
“A lot has changed.” he shrugged. “A lot hasn’t. Alphas still hold most of the powerful positions these days, and a lot of omegas are content with that. People like us fall outside the normal parameters of society...for more than a couple reasons.”
“The rest of the world is scared of us,” she said. “That’s how Wanda made it seem.”
Bruce sighed. “I’d say they’re wary.”
“Don’t they need people like the Avengers? Didn’t you the world?”
“A few times. And a few worlds.”
“So shouldn’t they all see that you’ve got things under control?”
“It’s not that simple. The Avengers exist to protect Earth, but there are plenty of other people who are enhanced, or have the technology to do whatever they want, and as far as a lot of people are concerned, we’re all in the same boat.” he looked back at her again. “There was an absolute media circus when everything about Bucky went public.”
“Why?” her nostrils flared angrily. 
He gave her an exasperated look. “He’s a war criminal and an assassin. HYDRA used him to shape the entire last century. You think that the second he was out in the public eye and involved with the Avengers, the media wasn’t eating up his story? They dug up everything they possibly could about James ‘Bucky’ Barnes. They made documentaries, they did those 60 Minute specials...they were absolutely fascinated by Captain America’s best friend, who went from war hero to public enemy number one and back again. I’m sure they’ll have a great time with you, too.”
“...What do you mean?”
“Well, whether you officially join the team or not, it sure seems like you’re stuck with us.” he joked. “As soon as you show your face at one of Tony’s galas, or you’re spotted outside with anybody, they’re going to start asking questions.”
“I hadn’t really thought about that.” Amoretta frowned. “Then again, I’m not exactly used to the concept of everybody having a TV, so…”
“I wouldn’t worry about it too much.” Bruce wheeled his chair across the room to check on some chemicals. “Pepper insisted they hold off on the next public event until after you go into heat, anyways.”
“What? Why?”
“Because it could be coming any day now, and Bucky already hates formal parties.” he snorted a laugh. “It’s hard enough to get him to go be personable without his omega reeking with pre-heat pheromones. Besides, knowing our luck, you’d manage to go into heat then and there, and I think we both know that would be the biggest possible mess. And I do mean literally.”
Amoretta felt her cheeks heating up. “You really think it’s coming soon?”
He swiveled around to look at her. “Well, your blood draw yesterday didn’t show any traces of leftover suppressants. I imagine your impending heat, and Bucky’s rut, are part of why he hasn’t been willing to take you outside the tower yet. Oh, that reminds me…”
Bruce stood, walking over to a cabinet mounted to the wall. He opened it, searching for something, and a few seconds later, he was tossing a small, plastic-wrapped box over to her. 
“What’s this?” she caught it, scrunching her nose as she tried to read it. All she saw were unnecessarily complicated drug names, though, and the back was just a list of warnings and directions. 
“Birth control. If you want it, of course.”
“...For what?” she sounded genuinely confused. 
“In case you don’t feel like getting pregnant so soon. Without suppressants, you’ll be going into heat. This isn’t going to impact that at all, it’ll just keep you from conceiving.” Bruce shrugged. “Up to you. Just wanted to give you the option.”
“I...didn’t even really know this existed, honestly.”
“A lot has changed for omegas. Civil Rights movements in the 60s impacted a lot of different groups, us included. And of course, I’ve got access to the best products on the market...minimal to no side effects, guaranteed to work, all that jazz. It’s fast acting, too.”
“So...I just take this, and I still go into heat like normal?” She asked skeptically. “I just...don’t have to worry about getting pregnant?”
“Yep. Normally, you’d take it a day or two before your heat is due to start. Since we don’t exactly know what your cycle is like, it might be a good idea to start it soon, just in case. Just keep taking it for as long as you can, and even if you start forgetting it while you’re in heat, it’ll do its job.”
“’s not going to mess me up?”
“You’d be surprised how far technology’s come. Plus…I may have led a lot of the research that went into producing some of the best suppressants and birth control in the world.” He winked. “Most of the omegas on the team and in SHIELD take something similar if they aren’t on suppressants. You’ll need a higher dose than them, admittedly, but based on everything I’ve seen in all the tests we’ve done, you aren’t in any danger. We’ve got much gentler, better stuff than what HYDRA used on you.”
Amoretta looked down at the box again, lost in thought. She had sort of resigned herself to the possibility of getting pregnant right off the bat; that’s what she was used to, back in the day, where the only contraceptives available were all herbal and weren’t necessarily guaranteed to work. She knew she wanted pups with Bucky, and she knew he wanted a family, but Bruce was right. About everything. Because of course he was, he was Dr. Bruce Banner. She was going to be dealing with the rest of the world soon, and the idea of suddenly being unveiled to the public as not only an ex HYDRA prisoner, but Bucky’s mate, was scary enough without the added possibility of being pregnant right off the bat. 
“Basically, it works more as a spermicide,” Bruce said when she still hadn’t spoken up. “That’s why it doesn’t impact you or your hormones. Neither you nor Bucky will even be able to tell it’s there, so it won’t mess anything up. Just kills off all the swimmers. And then of course if you forget beforehand, you can always take something right after your heat.”
“Sorry, I’m just amazed,” Amoretta admitted. “Thank you, Bruce. I mean it.”
“Ah, no problem.” He waved her off with a shy smile. “Just trying to make your transition to modern life as smooth as possible.”
“No, seriously, this is amazing!” She jumped up, rushing over to hug him. “What else have you made? Is there—“
“Dr. Banner, Miss Amoretta, I’m sorry to interrupt,” FRIDAY said suddenly. “But Captain Rogers wishes for me to inform you that Sergeant Barnes has started his rut.”
Bruce immediately stepped back from Amoretta, not wanting his scent to be on her any more than it already was. “Well, that’s earlier than expected. Better pop one of those pills if that’s the route you’re taking, Amoretta.”
“Yes, it is.” She handed the box back to him so that he could open it for her. “Where is he, FRIDAY?”
“Sergeant Barnes is waiting for you in his apartment. Captain Rogers also wishes for me to inform you that he would, of course, escort you there, were the circumstances different.”
“Of course.” Amoretta said, unable to hide the grin that was quickly finding its way onto her face. 
“Here,” Bruce dropped a couple pills into her hand. “You ate today, yeah? ...good, okay, take these with some water—okay, fine, a juice box works too—no, you don’t have to swallow them together, do it one at a time if you have to, that’s fine. Good? Good, okay, come on, let’s go find your boy, I’ll walk with you.”
He was like a mother hen, tittering around her, grabbing a few extra water bottles out of the mini fridge before leading the way out into the hall. 
“God, already?” Maria Hill stomped out of the elevator, covering her nose with the back of her hand. “The whole tower is gonna reek at this rate…”
“Hey, at least Thor’s not around,” Bruce laughed as he and Amoretta stepped inside and took her place. “Remember that time they were back to back? Couldn’t get anything done for two full weeks.”
“Ugh, don’t remind me!” The beta called as she power walked away, grumbling about Asgardians and Super Soldiers.
“Alright, take these,” Bruce said, shoving the water bottles into Amoretta’s arms as the elevator doors closed. 
“You’re not coming all the way, are you?” She observed as she took them.
“Oh, hell no. You think I want to get caught up in that?” He shook his head. “I’m going as far as your floor, and then it’s straight back down to the lab for me.”
“Right, yeah. That makes sense.” As the elevator rose and the two omegas grew closer and closer to Bucky’s floor, the scent of his rut began seeping in. “Jesus, he really does stink…”
“Told you.” Bruce said. “And this is just day one. See why I thought it might kickstart your heat?”
“Oh yeah.” She took a deep breath. “ actually might.”
When the elevator stopped and the doors opened, she was practically knocked back by the musky pheromones hanging in the air. Bruce gave her a little shove out into the hall, not daring to set even a single toe outside the elevator, and thankfully, she didn’t need much encouragement past that.
“See you on the other side!” He called as he pressed the CLOSE DOORS button down as hard as he could. 
But Amoretta was already running towards the apartment, barely paying any attention to what Bruce was saying. Her alpha needed her, she could smell it, and the closer she got, the foggier her own thoughts were becoming. 
She skidded through the door, FRIDAY closing it behind her. 
“Alpha rut protocol has now been engaged. Welcome home, Amoretta.” The AI said, the door locking. 
She didn’t really know what that meant, and she didn’t care. The second she was inside, she was searching for Bucky, and it wasn’t long before he had appeared in the bedroom doorway, sweaty and shirtless, his chest heaving and his eyes dark as he watched her. 
“Omega,” he growled, his voice impossibly low, just like it always used to be when he rutted. 
She hugged the cold water bottles to her chest, suddenly glad that they were fresh out of the fridge. Her own skin was feeling warm, the air around her heavy and hot and oppressive, and at first, she thought it was sweat that she could feel between her thighs. 
Then, she caught the smell of her own slick, and she realized what was happening to her. 
Bucky stalked forward, and Amoretta couldn’t take her eyes off the bulge in his pants. She was suddenly drooling as she thought about how hard he was, heat pooling in her core as she felt herself producing even more slick. Her heart was hammering in her chest, her fingers were tingling, and her thighs were already trembling with a desperate need for her alpha and his knot. 
“Come here.” Bucky ordered. 
She immediately dropped the water bottles and rushed towards him, pressing her face against his chest. She wanted—no, she needed—to be completely covered in his scent, and as he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up, she let out a cry. Sharp cramps were suddenly shooting through her abdomen, painful enough that her knees might have buckled if he wasn’t there to hold her. 
Bucky pushed his nose up against her throat, inhaling deeply and growling. “You need your alpha…”
“Yes,” she gasped, sweat prickling at her brow. She felt like she couldn’t get enough air in her lungs, her skin suddenly on fire. Was she in heat? This definitely didn’t feel normal. She couldn’t remember ever responding to Bucky like this, but she was quickly losing the ability to question herself. She was entirely focused on him, and his scent, and the ache between her legs, and the need to feel his cock inside of her.
He carried her to the bedroom, tossing her down on the bed and making sure the door was closed and locked behind them. He didn’t want anyone else even getting a glimpse of his omega right now. Her scent was driving him wild, that sweet, inviting, fertile scent wrapping around him and making him salivate. Oh, he needed her. He needed her bad. 
“Strip.” He growled, but he didn’t wait for her to take her clothes off. He just grabbed a handful of her shirt and ripped, tearing it off to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. 
Less layers to get through. 
“Bucky,” she moaned, arching her back for him. She had devolved into a complete mess, her long hair splayed out on the sheets, her cheeks flushed with arousal. 
“Amoretta,” his voice was deep and gravelly as he pulled her sweatpants off and tossed them somewhere behind him. He leaned in, nosing at her slick-soaked panties, and when another wave of cramps hit her, he could feel her pussy spasm through the thin fabric. 
“Bucky!” She whined, a few hot tears springing into the corners of her eyes. She wanted the cramps to stop, wanted him inside her, wanted to feel his knot alleviating her pain and desperation. 
He seized her panties in his teeth, pulling them down her thighs and then tearing them in two when they had reached her knees. She didn’t even have the chance (or the desire) to be angry about it, willingly lifting her hips for him and moaning when his lips found her pussy again. 
He was impatient, though, not content to simply eat her out. His cock was straining against the fabric of his pants, and all he wanted was to bury himself in her heat. The scent she was giving off was fucking delicious, just as strong as his, if not stronger, egging him on and pulling him in as she trembled and sweated and cried out underneath him.
“Shh,” he purred, supporting himself with one hand on the bed while he tugged his waistband down with the other. “Let your alpha take care of you…”
“Please,” she begged, tears running down her cheeks as another wave of pain and desperation washed over her. 
She had never felt like this. Her entire body was on fire, and the only thing that seemed to be making it at all better was him. His skin felt cool to the touch, even if he was just as sweaty and warm as she was, he was like a cool glass of water on a hot day. 
His lips found her scent gland, biting and sucking at it as he pressed the head of his cock against her. She could hear him suck in a sharp breath when he felt just how wet she was, and when he hesitated for half a second, she let out a low growl of her own and lifted her hips again. 
“Fuck me,” she snarled, wrapping her arms around him and digging her nails into his shoulders. 
He snarled right back at her, fangs scraping against her jaw in a warning, but they both knew he wasn’t going to do anything.  Even in this desperate state, he couldn’t possibly bring himself to hurt her. It was all just talk, a bunch of bullshit posturing with the goal of making her listen. 
She had no intention of listening.
Amoretta kept pressing her nails into his flesh, even as he finally slipped his cock into her. They both moaned at the sensation, Bucky holding her down with a hand on her hip while he loomed over her. Even though there was no one else around, he couldn’t stand the thought of someone seeing her; she was his, and his alone, and he was determined to keep it that way. He didn’t even want FRIDAY to catch a glimpse, as irrational and impossible a thought as that was. His omega was in heat, and he was rutting, and as over stimulating as it all was, Bucky only had two thoughts on his mind:
Keep her safe.
Fuck her brains out.
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imaginedreamwrite · 18 days ago
Everything Has Changed: Part 15
“How are you feeling?” Peter craned his neck and watched you, his brown eyes studying you with heightened interest and care, before his eyes briefly moved to your baby bump.
“I’m fine,” you smiled and leaned back against the bench, your eyes closing momentarily, feeling the breeze carrying a mix of scents that distracted you from Steve’s smell hovering close, “the morning sickness is gone.”
“You’re five months?” Peter asked, his brown eyes moving toward the protruding baby bump that would no longer be able to be hidden.
“Yep,” you popped the ‘p’ and opened your eyes again, a yawn coming and going, “although considering who the father’s are, the baby is going to be big.”
You placed your hand on your bump and smoothed your sweater down in soft circles, feeling the quickening of your child.
“Would you like to feel your niece or nephew?” When you asked Peter and happened to glance at him, his brown eyes were caught deep in thought, his hand reaching out toward your baby bump. “It’s okay, Peter.”
“He won’t mind?” Peter asked of Steve, who was on a phone call a few feet away from you, his phone pressed up to his ear and his voice a whisper.
“It’s not just his child, Peter,” you grabbed your brother’s hand and placed it on your bump, moving his hand accordingly, “besides, Steve may be one of my alpha’s, but he’s not like that.”
You were focused, concentrating intensely on moving Peter’s hand along your bump until you found your little rascal and all their movements. As your baby moved against Peter’s hand, you crooned softly to your unborn child.
“I’m sorry to hear about your experiment. I know you were looking forward to it.” Peter removed his hand after a minute and placed it back in his sweater pocket. His hoodie was from his school, with the name scrawled across the front in bold block letters, while his jeans were scuffed with a bit of dirt at the knees, a by-product of being the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.
“There’ll be other experiments. Besides, I can still work on it, and I can’t be in it.” You shrugged and stole a glance over your shoulder, watching Steve holding the conversation. “He wants to stay home, Peter.”
At your words, Peter had also looked over his shoulder and then he turned his attention to you. His eyebrows were furrowed, and his lips were pursed, confused and a little taken back by your words.
“Home?” Peter asked, “Captain America wants to retire?”
“They told me I could do whatever I wanted. I want to be a mother and have my career. Steve said he would stay home. Steve said he would love to stay home with our baby.”
At the mention of his name, you knew Steve’s conversation would have ended, and he would’ve shoved his phone back into his black trousers.
“I don’t want to sacrifice one or the other. They want me to be happy, and…” You sighed. “I’m really happy, Peter. I’m going to be having a baby, and I don’t have to sacrifice all those years of hard work.”
“I’m happy for you,” Peter squeezed his hand and let go when Steve approached. Peter wiped his hands on his jeans and stood, addressing Steve with a small smile and a quick ‘Cap’ before he scooped his backpack from the ground.
“I’ll talk to you later, Y/N.” Peter threw his backpack on and secured the hat on his head before stepping away from the bench. “I don’t want to make you late for your appointment, Cap.”
“See ya later, kid.” Steve addressed him with civility and courtesy; any awkwardness from the moment Peter found out about the mateship and the pregnancy was gone and replaced with mutual understanding.
“So, Mr. Rogers,” you slid your hand up to his chest until your hand cupped the side of his neck, “what was the surprise?”
Steve’s touch was equally tender. One hand was resting on your baby belly, and the other was resting on your hip. He was staring at you with such endearment, and it nearly made you melt into the wooden bench. He was such a kind and strong alpha; both of them were.
“Tony said he has a gift for us, and we’re going to be late.” Steve leaned in and kissed you softly, gently pulling you toward him.
“Where’s Bucky?” Your softly spoken words quickly morphed into laughter as Steve started kissing down your neck, tickling your sensitive skin with his beard. You slapped your hand against his shoulder to get him to stop, though the two of you were on such a mutual sort of high from the affection and endearments that you hadn’t pulled away.
“I’m going to pee!” You finally pushed him away and gasped for air after laughing so long. “Stop! You’re going to make me piss myself!”
“Are you okay?” Steve asked with a laugh, helping you stand. “I’m sorry, baby.”
You brushed it off and shrugged, adjusting your sweater as it stretched to its limits with your baby bump. It was one of the last clothing items you could swear that wasn’t maternity, and you were desperately clinging to it. You weren’t ready for maternity clothes, nor were you prepared for the swinging and rather wild cravings that were close to setting in.
“I’m fine.” You smiled and then lightly double-tapped his shoulder. “We leaving or what? We don’t wanna be late for Tony’s big surprise.”
** **
The elevator doors opened to a massive open floor set up with a series of couches by the window. A giant flat-screen TV attached to the wall above a fireplace with a secure metal screen that could be moved to protect from the heat. To the left was a long bar with a series of alcohol bottles arranged in an aesthetically pleasing design.
“What’s this?” You stepped in further, your eyes roaming the cathedral ceilings and the crystal light fixtures. As your gaze wandered to the left side of the floor, you saw a curved staircase that led to an upper floor and a long hall with a series of doors on either side of the aisle. There was a balcony accessible through a glass door close to the living room furniture, and if you had to take your best guess, you’d assume that the kitchen was off to the right beyond the bar.
“This is yours,” Tony spun on his heels and motioned to the penthouse condo, “a little gift for the first-time mother.”
“A little gift? Mr. Stark, this is a mansion!” You kept walking toward the open floor plan living room and the bar, your wide eyes taking in all that you could.
“You need a place close to the lab and your baby. Having your place at Stark Tower will give you both.” Tony crossed his arms over his chest; his arrogance and usual cockiness were replaced with genuine care and happiness for the two super soldiers and yourself.
“Where’s Bucky?” You questioned.
“There’s another surprise upstairs.” Tony nods his head in the direction, moving toward the exit. “I’ll talk to you later, Steve, about your last mission before you retire.”
“Last mission?” You looked over your shoulder, pausing to walk up the stairs to ask Steve what Tony meant.
“Tying up some loose ends before I pass the shield off.” Steve stepped up with you and leaned in, brushing his lips against your temple. “One last mission before our baby comes.”
You rested your hand on your belly and smiled softly. You wanted this baby and were delighted to be pregnant, especially since Steve and Bucky had offered to stay home with your child while you went to work and kept your career.
They were helping you become a mother and a career woman.
“Our baby,” you cooed to your baby in your belly, “moving more every day.”
Steve hummed and slipped his arm around your waist, flexing his fingers and gripping the side of your sweater lightly as he supported you when you started up the stairs again. When you had reached the top, he dropped his arm from your waist and grabbed your hand instead, interweaving your fingers.
“So there’s a surprise?” You questioned Steve, following him n the second floor until you came to a door.
“Just wait and see….” Steve opened the door and stepped in first, shielding you from seeing the room until he stepped aside and the nursery came into view.
You stepped inside and studied the features of the room, from the painted wall depicting a scene of small baby avengers, all miniature and in tiny costumes, to the stuffed cute mobile of the superheroes you knew well, spinning above a secure and sturdy dark wood crib.
“I know we should’ve waited,” Bucky called from the rocking chair in the corner, a wrapped blanket in his lap and a pillow behind his head, “but we just wanted-“
“I love it!” You squealed and picked up a small stuffed bear wearing a costume that looked exactly like Peter’s Spider-Man suit. “This is so adorable!”
You spied a similar bear with a similar uniform to Steve’s, and besides his was Buckys. Your vision was blurred by I shed tears, your bottom lip shaking as you fought the urge to cry in ethereal happiness, seeing the entire room decorated and prepared for your unborn child.
“Sweetheart, are you okay?” You clutched the bears to your chest and turned.
“I’m more than okay,” you were well aware that you were crying, but it was all in happiness and joy, “this is perfect. We’re having a baby! And I’m holding a little stuffed Captain America!”
“We’re having a baby, darling.” Bucky crossed the distance and swept you into his arms, kissing you softly and tenderly. When he pulled away, he kept his arms around your waist and began to hum softly into your neck, effectively scenting you and making you feel more secure and safe in his arms than you ever thought you could be.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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noshame-bb · 22 days ago
‘a switch’ ch.2
hey everyone! I’m literally the worst writer here, it’s been so long since I’ve updated but, here it is! The dialogue and stuff won’t be exact, it’s mostly from memory lol. Thank you guys for sticking with me, and paitently waiting! Also, here is a taglist for anything you want to be tagged in!
Paring: alpha!bucky barnes x omega!reader
Rating/Warnings: angst, i think a swear word?
There will be smut in future chapters!
Tumblr media
Waking up, you were confused, disoriented. You rolled your head to the side, seeing white. The white of the med bay bed sheets, which means, you lost the fight. 
You didn’t know how to feel. The way he made you feel, the warmth, safely, security-home. You knew it was wrong, he was a killer, with no remorse. Even when you stared into those cold blue eyes, your omega preened at the thought of some sort of contact with you al- him. You didn’t get to think much more before Steve walked in. 
“Y/N” He said in a sympathetic tone. “Don’t worry Steve, I'm fine. Do we have anything on our ‘Winter Soldier’?” You asked. You weren’t fine, your arm was in a sling, swollen black eye, and red handprint on your cheek. From him. 
“Yeah, I knew him. It’s uh- it’s Bucky, my best friend-” He stopped, choking on emotions. You knew all about Bucky Barnes. Steve told you all about him. How he was always there to fight for Steve. He was there to be his wall of support. Or how much of a womanizer he was. He could get any woman he wanted, slept around, eventually wanted to settle down that was before he- well, you know. 
“Oh Steve, I’m so sorry. The good news is, that means it’s not him right? That there brainwashing him?” You said, trying to put off your soothing omega pheromones, to keep him calm.
“Yeah yeah, it would make sense.”
*Bucky's POV*
I sat in the chair, thinking about the fight. Who was that man? Why did he feel so…. Familiar? And that girl. She just- she was a distraction. Her scent, lavender vanilla and peaches. It was like he could feel every emotion she felt, the arousal, the fear, the hurt. He shouldn’t, he shouldn’t because he was beta, beta’s don’t feel the things bonded pairs do. Alpha, the way she said it, so innocent and serine. It made his mind clear up for just a second, and his heart hammer. The question is, why did she say it?
“Soldier, mission report.” Bucky looked up to the commander.
“That man, on the bridge. Who was he?” The commander sighed
“Mission Report.” Bucky sighed.
“I knew hi-”
“I said, mission report soldier” This time Bucky didn’t answer. Everyone in the room stared at him. Waiting for an answer, The commander just kept asking the same question, over and over, getting angier every time he didn’t answer. He finally stopped and looked at the man in the white lab coat. 
“Prep him. He remembers too much.” That’s when Bucky started to panic. He couldn’t forget everything again. Not her, not- not him, not the man that brought him familiarity, not the woman who felt like home. He can’t lose those emotions he hasn’t felt in, my god, decades. He started to protest, moving his way out of the chair, ready to shout at the man. He tried, he really did but, he was quickly shoved back in the chair by the shoulders. They put the rubber in his mouth, and quickly hooked him up to machines. 
The pain was unbearable. He would scream and shout, although it would be muffled by the static of each machine and rubber in his mouth. 
*y/N’s POV*
You were finally discharged, with the instructions to keep the sling on until further notice. Steve knew this would make you mad, mad because that meant you had to sit out and work on intel. You hated intel. 
“Steve, it's not fair! I’m perfectly fine!” Steve only looked at you and sighed. He put his hands on his hips, and towered over you, using his alpha status to keep you in place. That’s unfair. 
“What happened up there huh? You would have to fight tooth and nail, to get him in. And he left without a scratch. Why?” That’s when you froze. Under no circumstance could Steve find out what happened. He couldn’t know that you called ‘Bucky’ alpha or that he knocked you flat on your ass because you were distracted. 
“Nothing happened. I knew I couldn’t take him.” Steve scoffed and rolled his eyes.
“That’s bullshit Y/N and you know it.” You wished, prayed and hoped that he would just drop it. 
“Language Steve” You said with a smirk. He dropped his head with a smile. He mumbled under his breath, something along the lines of “no one will ever live this down” and “little shit”
You walked away, and ran to your room. Worry was coming off your body in waves, and you were sure that the whole compound could smell it. You knew he was only questioning because he was uncertain, he was feeling out of control.You paced and paced before your body finally tired out, and decided it was time for a nap. Who knows, maybe sleep will wash the stress of the past couple of days away. 
When you woke up, a few hours later, it was from your phone going off. You reached your arm over to your nightstand to pick up the phone ‘Steve’ it read. 
“Steve? What’s wrong?” 
“Y/N listen, Lemurian Star launches in 3 hours. We need everyone one deck for this, are you-”
You cut him off before he could continue, “Yes! Send me the coordinates and I’m on my way” You hung up and frantically started to pull off the sling and get in gear. Your anxiety started to spike, your omega pacing at the thought of seeing her al- the alpha again. 
After receiving the coordinates from Steve, you got on your motorcycle and sped off from the compound. On the way there, your thoughts bounced around in your mind. What would he do when he saw you? Would he remember you, or want to kill you? You had to calm down your omega, if he smelled the worry and fear wafting off you, he would surely take you down quickly. 
When you arrived, the first person you saw was Nick Fury? You thought he was- you know what? No, you weren’t going to even ask questions. 
“Nick” You gave a little head tilt. He cocked an eyebrow
“Oh so she suddenly knows me, huh.” Everyone could sense the annoyance coming off the both of you. 
“Alright, Nick can get us to the ship, Sam will uh use his wings to take down anyone in our way. He’s going to put the first chip in, while you,” He looked to me, “and I will get the second and third chip in.” 
“Where will Natasha be?” It was a simple question but, it came off as ‘is she fucking helping at all?’
“She and Furry will take down everyone from the inside. We can’t let anything stop us. Agent Hill will control everything from the control room and give us direction, is that clear?” He looked around to everyone. 
“Alright, let's do this.”
Jump to the present. Sam is flying below the ship, where the chips lay, avoiding every bullet he can. Cap is, well he’s about to jump off the ship so Sam can catch him. 
Honestly, it was a mess. You were on the other side fighting off men, thankfully with no bullets, and waiting for instruction. 
“Sam, what's your status?” You heard Steve yell in the coms. 
“First alpha in, I’m grounded, sorry Cap.” 
“It’s okay I got this.” Steve said. 
You sighed, “Alright Steve I’m on my way to you.” 
You both got to the bowl of the ship when you saw Steve stopped on the walkway. “A lot of people are gonna die, Buck.” That’s when you froze. Bucky, was in a stance of defense, shoulders squared, jawed clenched, ready to fight. Steve, he was trying to keep him calm, maybe talk him out of this. You knew that wouldn’t happen, he seemed different from the last time you saw him. He was more, alpha, he wasn’t as-soft?- as he was. They stared at one another for a minute before Steve glanced back at me. 
“Please don’t make me do this.” Steve said, choked up with emotions. Silence. Steve took that as his que to start a fight. He threw his shield before Bucky blocked it and threw it back at him. While they fought, you took it as an opportunity to get the chips in the last remaining spots. Steve was pushing Bucky further away so I could slip past. Not, before a few bullets were shot at me, you didn’t take it personally. 
You got to the opening and pulled at the chips you had, and entered them. You heard grunting, metal hitting vibranium, cracks and bullet wounds, behind you. You were distracted enough that you didn’t realize you didn’t have the third chip. 
“Steve!” You yelled to get his attention.
“Steve, I don’t have the third chip!” 
Steve could only nod and do his best. Bucky had gotten him on a narrow path that led to the glass bottom. He tried to throw the chip at you before Bucky knocked it out of his hands, and dropped to the bottom. They both dropped down to retrieve it, Bucky to crush it, Steve to get it to you and stop the murdering of billions of people. You wanted to drop down and help but, you would only be a distraction. You could feel the pull towards Bucky when Steve held him in the air, you when he snapped his arm. You knew that one look from him and you would do anything he said. You heard a body drop, and Steve jumped over the walkway to you. He didn’t get far before there was a gunshot, and Steve dropped to his knees, 
“Steve!” You yelled. He waved you off as he started to get up, and threw you the chip. “30 seconds Cap!” Agent Hill yelled in your earpiece. Then, another gun shot rang out, Steve fell to the ground completely, and you froze. You finally realized why you were there, and pushed the chip in. “Charlie locked.” You breathed out. You ran to Steve to help with his wound. “Alright guys, now get out of there.” 
You sighed and looked at Steve, you both knew what you had to do. “Fire now” You said in the coms. “But-” You cut her off, “Do it!”  The line went dead, and you saw missiles being shot at the main ship. You helped Steve to his feet, just before one hit the bowl. You heard a scream as a metal frame came down. Bucky. You looked to Steve, “We have to go help him.” He nodded, grabbed his shield and jumped down. We got down there, in time to see him slide out from the metal, clutching his metal arm. Another standoff, this time you stood next to Steve. 
“You know me,” Steve said. Again, hoping to talk some sense into Bucky. You made a bold, uncharacteristic move, “Bucky listen, you know him, you don’t want to hurt him.” He looked at you at that moment. Your eyes pleading for him to stop. Begging for him to sense the bond, and listen. His body stiffened, trying to figure you out. He felt the instinct to protect, to nurture, to provide, just like an alpha- no, that’s not possible. He wasn’t-
“No I don’t” That was his last words before he threw a punch at Steve, knocking him down. You tried to intervene but Bucky knocked you into a beam, making you imobile for a minute. Steve was still trying to make him remember. “Your name is James Buchanan Barnes,”
“Shut up!” Bucky yelled, still throwing punches. “I’m not gonna fight you.” Steve said before he dropped his shield, threw the glass. “Your my friend” Bucky only roared, and charged at Steve. “Your my mission.” he started to throw punches, left and right, at Steve’s face. He needed to be stopped. He was gonna kill him. 
“Bucky! Please Stop! You're hurting him!” You yelled out. Bucky turned his head to you. His gaze softened for a second, as if he was going to listen to his omega, before he shook it off and remembered why he was here. He kept shouting, and hitting, making Steve’s face swell and bruise. 
“Then finish it, because I’m with you till the end of the line.” Bucky paused, as if to reminisce. Suddenly, the glass where they stood shattered, making Steve drop through. “No!” you shouted before trying to jump to save him. A hand caught your elbow, and you gasped. Bucky stared straight into your soul. You could see the alpha emotion run across his face. You pulled your hand away, and set it on his cheek. To your surprise, he didn’t pull away. “Alpha” was all you said before you jumped out the opening. 
Luckily for you, you found Steve quickly and brought him to shore. Just after you saw Bucky come down into the water, and pop back up. You were dizzy, overheated, and ready to pass out. You checked Steve’s pulse and made sure he was still actively breathing before you plopped down on the muddy earth. You laid next to Steve’s unmoving body. And Bucky walked over to the two of you. Your eyes started to squint, as if to say ‘let us rest’, you focused on the blue sky and clouds, trying not to think about the alpha coming into your view. 
“Omega” he said in that sweet baritone voice. The voice of an alpha. Your alpha. You didn’t get a chance to return a comment before a comment before once again, everything went black. 
You woke up with a grown. You could feel that you were in a bed, a very uncomfortable one. The sheets and the pillows smelled of your alpha, pine, metal, fruit- that’s what confused you. Where were you? You finally open your eyes to see concrete walls, unfamiliar ones. 
What the hell?
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luminnara · 25 days ago
It’s Been A Long, Long Time | Ch 11 | alpha!bucky x omega!oc NSFW 18+ ONLY
Tumblr media
Should I start adding gifs to these??? Let me know!
Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12
Warnings: ABO, smoooot, mild dom/sub undertones
Tags:  @kyrah-williams @oceanmermaidwitch @shawnie--jo @super-cape @ferxaniti @namjoonwatcheshentai @fandomsstolemylife00​ @youngblood199456 @nightlygiggless @darlingely @ bluemoon-icecream @kaz11283 @jenjen8675309 @dollfacev8 @witchinpractice @mystical-b3ar @sukeraa @momc95 @book-lover-2006 @rebekkah119 @lupinpetersclearwaterodairparker @woohoney @whatawildone
Day by day is exactly how they took it. 
In the morning, Amoretta awoke to a knock at the door and a very growly Bucky, who only relaxed when FRIDAY announced that it was simply someone dropping off the new clothing Pepper had ordered. Not wanting to spend a single moment longer without her own clothes, Amoretta practically flew out of bed, running to the door with Bucky only a few steps behind. 
“Slow down!” He snapped, voice still low with sleepiness. He didn’t want to let her out of his sight, but she had woken up so energetically that he was beginning to think that might be a tall order. 
Amoretta ignored him, popping out into the hall and coming back only a second later with several bags in her hands. “Are these really all for me?”
Bucky had to smile at the look on her face. “Sure are.”
She dragged them all into the living room and plopped herself down on the floor. “Where are these all even from?”
“Wherever Pepper and Tony shop.” Bucky shrugged.“I don’t exactly go shopping much. I remember how excitin’ it was when my ma took us all to Macy’s, though.”
“What’s that?” Amoretta asked as she began tearing through the tissue paper in one of the bags. 
“Big, huge department store.” He flopped down onto the couch. “We could never afford much, but I guess we went there once. God, we must’ve looked so outta place…”
“Buncha poor kids, wandering around getting our dirty little hands on all that nice stuff?” He snorted a laugh. “Surprised we didn’t get kicked out for offending someone.”
“I grew up poor, too.” Amoretta said, somewhat distracted as she held up a shirt. “Guess the only nice part about being so isolated is there weren’t any big stores like that for me to want to go to.”
“What was it like?” He asked.
She shrugged. “Snow in the winter. Lots of stuff leftover from World War 2...unexploded bombs and things like that. HYDRA nabbed me in the fifties, could be way different now. Maybe it’s a tourist destination.” 
“We could always find out.”
“...not sure if I want to.” 
“That’s fair enough.”
Any threat of an awkward silence was thankfully thwarted by Amoretta looking through the shopping bags. She pulled out entire outfits—shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants, shorts, shoes, loungewear—and by the time she was holding up lingerie, Bucky was desperately trying to figure out how Pepper had known what sizes to order. 
“Look at this!” Amoretta exclaimed, jumping up with a lacy red bra in her hands. 
“...Oh, I’m lookin’.” his chest rumbled with an appreciative growl. “I’d rather see that on you, though…”
With a wry little smile on her face, she grabbed the matching thong and jumped up, running into the bedroom to change. Bucky leaned back, propping his heels up on the coffee table and sighing contentedly as he waited for his omega to come charging back. How’d he manage to get so lucky and find such a cute little mate? Especially while he was brainwashed out of his mind with HYDRA? 
It was probably better not to question it, and just enjoy it. Having Amoretta around was already doing wonders for his own emotional wellbeing, and she’d only been there for a few days so far. Sure, whenever she was out of his sight he started getting antsy, and yeah, he would absolutely beat the shit out of anybody who even looked at her for a second too long...but he was feeling better than ever at the moment, like some missing piece of him was clicking back into place. 
He briefly wondered how he would have acted all those years if he remembered her the entire time. If they hadn’t kept wiping his mind and starting over with a clean slate whenever they got him out of cryo. How angry would he have been, without his omega by his side? While she was frozen in that bunker, if he had known that he was missing her, how hard would he have fought to get to her? 
And how did HYDRA control his ruts without her around, anyways? 
Bucky frowned. He hadn’t thought about that. She had been frozen for decades while he was still going through the usual motions—thaw out, reprogram, kill, wipe, freeze—and he had absolutely no recollection of how HYDRA had taken care of his cycle during that period. He doubted they would have been stupid enough to offer him another omega; even if he went for it, he would have killed them, and they’d be back at square one and having to bring him new omegas every time. Had they managed to put some kind of suppressants into him after all? Or did they just keep managing to freeze him at just the right times and disrupt his body’s rhythm so that he couldn’t go into a rut? 
He had no clue, and he hated it. He hated that he didn’t know so much about his own past. He hated that if he had just been stronger and been able to overcome what HYDRA did to his mind, Amoretta wouldn’t have spent so long living in cells and sleeping in cryo tanks. 
But this was his chance to make up for all that, right? He could prove to her that he was a strong, capable alpha. He would show her that he could provide for her and take care of her, and he was determined to do whatever it took to make her happy. 
At the moment, though, he was focused on his own happiness. 
“Omega,” he growled loud enough for her to hear, “You’re taking too long.”
“Be patient,” she called from the other room. “Good things come to those who wait.”
In truth, she was checking herself out in the bathroom mirror. The lingerie was dainty and lacy, the cups of the bra gently nudging her tits upwards. The thong that matched it was already so far up her ass that it was almost painful, and for someone who couldn’t remember ever wearing something like that in her life, it was a weird fucking sensation. 
As she looked in the mirror, Amoretta sighed. She hardly recognized herself. Her cheeks were slightly sunken in and her eyes were still tired, but for once, she looked and felt like she was alive. Visiting with her alpha had been all that got her through her time living with HYDRA, and now, he was going to be with her every single day. 
She was already feeling better. Her chest didn’t ache as she was forced to watch him leave, and she wasn’t filled with nauseating anxiety as she thought about him and wondered if he was okay. She didn’t have to force herself to go through the motions of waking up, eating, exercising, and sleeping every day while she waited for his next rut to start. 
And she didn’t have to cry herself to sleep wishing she had something that smelled like him. 
Now, he was there with her, just in the other room. He was waiting for her. She was standing in his home, surrounded by his scent. He was there to keep her safe and take care of her, and nobody was going to wrench him away again and leave her all cold and alone. He was there, and he was going to be there forever, and maybe, just maybe, it was finally time to let her guard down and live her life. 
She wasn’t even sure if she knew how to do that...but she’d figure it out, step by step. Currently, step one was showing off her new lingerie to her alpha, and that seemed easy enough. 
When she walked out, Bucky’s eyes were dark and predatory. He was watching her every move, tense and ready to pounce, but he didn’t need to; she came right up to him, straddling his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck as she grinned. 
“Well?” she asked. “What do you think?”
“What do I think?” he asked, voice low and thick. “...I think I wanna leave these on while I fuck you.”
His tone brought a blush to her cheeks, heat rushing down into her core. Before she could reply, he had his metal hand on her hip while the other drifted down to her pussy, his thumb immediately finding her clit and rubbing little circles around it. His motions coaxed a soft moan from her throat, her fingers grabbing at his hair and tangling in his dark locks while she desperately worked her hips over his thigh. 
“That’s it, baby,” he cooed, his voice husky. “You wanna cum for Alpha?”
“Mm...mhmmm…” she whined, voice hitching as he nudged her panties aside to stroke her pussy lips. 
He slowly pushed a finger into her, grinning like a cheshire cat as she buried her face in his neck and shuddered. She was already so wet, slick soaking his sweatpants, the sweet, thick scent of it filling his head until her pleasure was all that he could think about. He wanted--no, needed--to hear and feel and smell her orgasm, so much so that it felt like the only important thing in the entire world. 
She was already so relaxed for him, her pussy eagerly taking another finger as he worked them in and out of her. He could feel her teeth on his neck, just below his scent gland, and a huge part of him wished she would sink those little fangs into him and mark him then and there. After all, what better time to claim his omega than while she was in his lap, panting and whining and begging for more?
“J-James,” she moaned, breath hot against his skin, “Please...Please, I wanna, I wanna cum….”
“Such a good omega…” he purred, kissing the side of her head. He was holding her hip tightly enough to leave bruises, but she didn’t seem to care, and neither did he. If he could, he’d cover her in marks, leave hickeys and bites all over her so that everyone could see...but he knew they would heal before she could show them off, and there was no fun in that. It would take a truly massive bite on her scent gland to leave any kind of scar, and he was reserving that for after he had courted her. 
Heh. Courtship....he was sort of doing it all backwards now, wasn’t he? There were supposed to be gifts and dates first, and then the fucking and knotting...but, it wasn’t like they had only just met, right? They’d been a pair for decades, even if it wasn’t under the most typical circumstances. 
And besides...the noises she was making were just too delicious to pass up. 
“Come on, baby,” he breathed, adding a third finger and stroking her walls. 
She sighed at the addition, happily working her hips in time with his ministrations. “I want to, I wanna cum...wanna cum for you, Alpha…”
“Gotta get you nice and ready to take my knot,” he growled.
That seemed to do it. 
The thought alone was enough to tip her over the edge, a loud, needy whine pouring from her lips as she unraveled. He could feel her pussy squeezing at his fingers, pulsing around his hand, trying to milk him for all he was worth, and the feeling had his cock absolutely straining against his sweatpants. 
Fuck, he loved his omega.
Withdrawing his hand, he made a show of licking her slick off of his fingers, the heady scent of her arousal clouding his senses. 
“Fuckin’ delicious, doll…”
She sighed happily, slumping against his chest as she caught her breath. “Thank you, Alpha…”
“Oh, I’m not finished with you yet.”
His voice sent a shiver down her spine. 
“Bed. Now.”
She practically shot off of him, sprinting into the bedroom. By the time he caught up, she was already on her hands and knees, peeking back at him over her shoulder like usual. 
“Such an obedient omega,” he growled in appreciation, running a hand up her spine. “You always know exactly what I like…”
“I know you, Alpha,” she said, wiggling her hips slightly. 
He hummed, smoothing his hand back down to her ass. Fuck, he really liked that thong, but he liked what was under it even more. 
“Gonna breed you,” he said, voice dropping even lower with lust as he hooked a finger in her waistband. “Gonna fill you up…”
His words had her gushing slick again, the juice only making her already soaked panties wetter. He leaned in, grabbing them with his teeth and pulling them down her thighs before swiping his tongue over her folds, pulling a surprised moan out of her. 
“So fucking tasty,” he growled. “Like a five course meal…think I could live off this if I tried.”
Her hips bucked back toward him impatiently and he laughed, nipping at her clit before he stood back and shoved his sweats down. He caught the way she bit her lip as she glimpsed his cock, but just a moment later, she was crying out as he pushed the tip inside of her. 
“Alpha!” She whined, gripping at the sheets. 
“That’s it…” he huffed, watching his cock disappear into her. “You take me so fuckin’ well, omega…”
Amoretta devolved into a symphony of moans and gasps as Bucky started thrusting, his cock dragging over every perfect spot inside of her. He wasn’t much more eloquent; he was full of growls and breathy moans, his bare chest brushing her back as he pushed her down and fucked her into the bed. 
When she felt the beginnings of his knot catch on her, she let out a sound that was so good, he immediately buried himself balls deep, snarling as he latched his teeth onto her shoulder. It swelled, throbbing inside of her, and as he came, she sighed happily. 
“Thank you, Alpha,” She said, turning her head to the side so that her cheek rested on the bed. 
“You’re amazing,” he swept his tongue over the bite mark, watching as her skin already started to heal itself. “Remind me to thank Pepper for the lingerie.”
Amoretta laughed as he laid her down on her side with him. “I’ll do my best to remember.” She tried to move and found herself thoroughly stuck to him, his early morning knot feeling even larger than usual.
“So much for getting out of bed.” He snorted, grabbing the crumpled top sheet and pulling it over them. 
“Do we really have a schedule?” She asked, turning to look at him. 
“Not at all. No way they’re draggin’ me away from you anytime soon.”
She let out a happy breath. “Good. I don’t think my heart could take much more of that.”
She hadn’t meant for it to come out as serious as it did, but the statement settled around them like an uncomfortable blanket. They spent a few moments in awkward silence, neither knowing what to say.
“Bucky, wait, I didn’t mean—“
“...I’m sorry.” He finally said, avoiding her eyes. 
“For what?” Amoretta asked, reaching a hand up to cup his jaw. 
“I shouldn’t’ve left you all those times. I didn’t…” he cleared his throat. “It must have been hard. For both of us.”
“ was.” She sighed. “Sometimes, it hurt so much I thought I might just die.” She could smell the sudden worry in his scent, an alarmed, burnt edge to the cloves. “B-but I didn’t. Clearly.”
“I still should’ve been strong enough to be there for you.”
“You didn’t have much of a choice.”
“But I wish I did.” 
“ do now.” 
“I know. And I’m choosin’ you, always.” He nudged at her jaw with his nose, pressing his lips against her skin. “The Wakandans made sure I was free from all that mental conditioning. There’s nothin’ anyone can do to keep me from my omega now. That’s a promise.”
Amoretta felt her heart soar. “Swear it?”
“Pinky swear.” He reached for her hand, hooking their pinkies together. “After my knot goes down, we’re gettin’ breakfast. I’m fucking starving.”
“Don’t you think we should shower first?” She laughed, squeezing his pinky with hers. “Or do you want Tony to give you shit for smelling like slick at eight am?”
“’re right.” He rolled his eyes. “Fine. Shower first. Then I’m makin’ the biggest batch of French toast you’ve ever fucking seen.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before anyways, so that’ll be easy.”
“...Darlin’, there’s an entire world of food that I’m gonna introduce you to. You have no idea what we’ve got at our disposal here.”
“Oh yeah? Like what?” She giggled as he peppered her face in kisses. 
“Everything you could ever want.” He said. “And if it’s not already in the kitchen, we can get it delivered. We’ve got all of New York City right outside.”
“I still wanna see it,” she grumbled. 
“You will, doll.”
“Well…good question.” He thought for a moment. “Guess maybe we’ll see what Bruce says, and then if you’re feelin’ up for it, we could go out in the next couple days?”
It wasn’t as immediate as she hoped for, but it would have to do. “...alright, deal.”
“Tony’s always goin’ on about some shawarma place. ‘N that Peter spider-kid thing or whatever he is always has his nose in good food over in Queens.”
“...Spider-kid thing?”
“Shoots webs outta his hands.” Bucky shrugged. “Works at an ice cream place I think.”
“Is that normal?”
“Which part?”
She gave him a look. “Which part could I possibly be asking about?”
“Hey, I dunno!” He laughed, holding his hand up in mock surrender. “Besides...I don’t even know what normal is for people like us. Used to be a lot simpler back in the day.”
“Yeah,” She sighed, a little bit of nostalgia rushing in and making her heart ache for a life she could never return to. “But...we might not have met otherwise.”
“I think we woulda.” He wrapped an arm around her, hugging her to his chest. “I can’t imagine a life where I didn’t meet you.”
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imtherain · 26 days ago
So I haven’t posted anything for Bucky before, and I ADORE him, so this happened. It’s a bit of comfort, a bit of touching, a bit of idk. It’s also ABO which I haven’t posted before so please forgive me if it’s terrible XD
Warnings: ABO, Fingering, Shower Time, idk
Here you go!
You’d lived at the Avengers compound for a while now, and it was nice being away from the turbulent outside world where anyone could be an Alpha and set you, an Omega, off. You’d always been rather sensitive to the scents of Alphas, more so when you were near your Heat cycle, but even day to day, it could be a trial. Alphas could casually scent you and come looking for a hit, or just to harass you for being an Omega. So, living with the Avengers crew was nice. When someone was being too nosey, you simply left the room or wing of the place. If you needed space, there was always space to be had. And Tony was good about making sure you had all the suppressants you needed, as he knew from his mate, how hard those times could be without an Alpha to take care of you.
However, as with all suppressants, there were drawbacks. Even on the high end designer stuff that Tony provided, you could still go into a surprise Heat. It was unlikely, or so all the doctors always claimed, but the chance was still there. Just like how you were only 99.9% protected from pregnancy while on the pill.
You woke with fire in your skin. It was the middle of the night, or maybe early morning, you weren’t sure. All you knew was it was dark and there was likely no one else awake. You sat up in a panic, looking around as though you knew someone or something should be there. But it wasn’t.
You had almost forgotten about the brain fog that started the Heat. How everything got hazy, like a hot summer day. Then the fire started. And then the worst part for an unbonded Omega...insatiable lust. You were right between the first two stages as you stood and began pacing the room. Had you forgotten to take your supplements? No, of course not. You took them every day, at the same time, for the last five years you’d lived with the Avengers. Nevermind that before that, you’d taken them as consistently as you were able. So why was this happening? Why now?
Somewhere down the hall, Bucky stirred in his sleep. There was something uncomfortable crawling around under his skin and he couldn’t quite shake it. By the time it woke him, you were already on your twelfth lap of your room. Each lap getting faster and faster as your blood began to boil. Bucky climbed out of bed, his own feet restless, as he made his way into the hall.
You jumped when you heard the knock on the door. No one should be up and you had made sure not to make any noises. It had been a fight to keep from whining out for your missing Alpha, not that you had one specifically that you were missing. You had hoped none of the Alphas that lived with you would notice if you stayed locked in your room until the Heat passed.
The knocking came again, louder this time and a voice came through the door.
“Y/N? You alright in there?” It was Bucky’s voice. He was one of the two unbonded Alphas at the compound, the other being Thor, who often wasn’t around as he had his own business in space.
“Fine!” You called back, voice harsh and unnatural to your own ears. Bucky knocked again and you heard the handle of the door jiggle as he tried it.
“I can smell you, Y/N, let me in,” Bucky said. Shit, you cursed in your head. What did he want with you then? He’d made it clear that he wasn’t interested in bonding with just some random Omega, and while you’d become friends in the time you’d lived together, you had no reason to believe he wanted that from you.
The draw of an Alpha brought your feet to the door, but your pride kept you from unlocking it.
“Go back to bed, I’m fine,” You said through the door. You could feel the heat of him, could tell he had his forehead pressed against the wood of the door. You could almost hear his breathing, coming in short, fast, pants. “You don’t need to worry about me,” He slammed his fist against the door.
“You know damn well I’m not going to be able to leave you like this, just open the door and we can talk,” He said. You could tell his teeth were bared and it made your stomach flutter. He’d be a good Alpha. You knew that. Not only was he fiercely loyal, he was a goof, and could be so soft and gentle when he wanted to be. Not to mention what you were sure he’d do if he was in a Rut…
You didn’t realize you’d unlocked the door until Bucky came spilling in from the hall. He shut the door behind him, relocking it, as you backed slowly across the room from him. Without the door between you, your scent washed over him, flowers, ripe fruit, vanilla maybe. He hummed as he took a deep breath. 
“I don’t know why this is happening right now,” You said quickly, both alarmed and aroused by Bucky’s presence in your room. He’d never been this kind of alone with you. Your body hummed with need and your mind pushed you another step back.
“Don’t worry, Y/N, it’s ok.” Bucky purred. You wondered suddenly what he saw when he looked at you. You were covered in a sheen of sweat, your eyes, likely wild, and your hair was mussed from sleep and from running your hands through it too many times. “Let me help,” 
“I don’t want a pity knot,” You snapped, and it was true. While you were sure he’d be great in bed, you didn’t want him to sleep with you just to satisfy the need in your blood. You were selfish and wanted more than that. Bucky chuckled, but there wasn’t any humor in it.
“No worries there, I couldn’t knot you right now if you asked me to,” He ground out through his teeth. Your heart hurt at that, thinking he meant he wouldn’t want to knot you. He must have seen the way your face fell. “Shit, Y/N, not like that...I’m on suppressants, just like you. Hell most nights I can barely get it up at all I take so many,” He added. You looked at him like he was crazy. Alpha suppressants were rarer than Omega ones, and most Alphas chose to not bother, finding plenty of willing Betas to fill their needs if there wasn’t an Omega around. Unlucky for you, only an Alpha would satisfy the fire in your blood.
“Oh,” You sounded angry and ran your hands through your hair. Your feet began to lead you around the floor again. “Just go back to bed, I’ll manage,” You snapped.
“Don’t get feisty with me, ‘mega,” Bucky warned and your eyes darted back to him for a moment. The Alpha in him was still drawn to you, even if he couldn’t perform his most base Alpha instincts.
“Ok, so now what? You can’t fuck me better, what do you plan to do?” You demanded. Bucky took a long moment to look over you.
“How do you normally manage a Heat on your own?” He asked. “I hear showers can help,” 
“They only help cool your skin off, and that’s usually short lived,” You began scratching at your arms, feeling rather like a Hollywood depiction of a junky, begging for a hit. In some ways, you supposed you were just that. “And masterbation ...lots and lots of masterbation. Maybe call the Alpha line.” Bucky chuckled at your candid response.
“Let’s get you in the shower first then,” He came across the room and tried to herd you into your bathroom. You dodged him at first, skittish, knowing if he touched you, you’d mewl and beg for more. “I’m not gonna hurt you, doll,” He murmured.
“It’s not you I’m worried about,” You told him. He was watching you hand picking at your opposite arm, not liking how your arm was turning red from your ministrations.
“Come on,” He urged and you watched him for a long moment before slowly walking towards him. He stepped aside so you could go into the bathroom on your own, but he followed you in. “How cold do you like your shower?”
“Cold,” You told him, stripping out of your clothes. Bucky watched and you pretended his eyes on you didn’t make your Heat curl up in your pelvis and vibrate happily. It didn’t help that all this time living here, you’d had a little crush on the man. And who wouldn’t? He was sweet, thoughtful, and drop dead gorgeous. You didn’t wait for him to finish turning on the shower before you stepped in. As soon as the water flowed, you made sure your face was covered by the spray, standing there until you felt like you could breathe again.
“What else can I do?” Bucky asked. When you looked at him, your brain was clearer than before, the water cooling the fire in you. He looked a mess too, like he was stressed and waiting to pull his hair out. You wondered why he was a mess like this, surely the suppressants got rid of the Alpha’s need to take care of an Omega in need, right? “Please, Omega, tell me what I can do,” He was just outside the spray of the water and you looked at him for a long moment before closing the door on him with a sharp snap.
Bucky stood, dumbfounded, on the outside of the shower for a long moment before an unhappy growl formed in his throat. He wondered why you were being so difficult, weren’t Omega’s supposed to want help? Weren’t they supposed to look for an Alpha?
“I don’t know if I can stand this,” You said, just loud enough for him to hear over the shower. “I haven’t had a Heat in years, and never one without an Alpha,” You said. “I’m scared,” You felt tears spring to your eyes. What would happen? You’d heard such horror stories about Heats without Alpha’s, especially when they were Surprise Heats. Normally, you’d call the Alpha hot line, and get someone to come sort you out, but you doubted there was anyone who could make it to the compound, or that security would let them in.
“Don’t worry, ‘mega,” Bucky’s hand was on the glass door and it brought you some small comfort. “I’m right here, I’ll take care of you,” He said.
“Why?” You asked, feeling so small. In all your time at the compound, you never thought he’d like you enough. Sure he was friendly, but to help you through a Heat? Especially when he would get nothing out of it with his being on his own suppressants.
“You’re my Omega,” Bucky said with certainty. “That’s why,” You felt yourself begin to sob now, unsure of how to feel. You’d dreamed of finding an Alpha that wanted you, ever since you found out you were an Omega. But now? You didn’t believe in fairy tales, and you didn’t see why he’d want to claim you. As you’d been told before, what’s so special about Y/N?
A strangled sob came from your throat before you could stop it and even with the shower pounding down on you, Bucky heard it clear as day.
Before you knew what he was doing, he pulled open the shower and stepped inside, still in his joggers and tank top, wrapping you in his arms. For an absurd moment you froze, hearing the shower tink off his metal arm, before you melted into his embrace. He smelled like sandalwood, trees, metal, and something else, something sweet like Tennessee Whiskey. He held you for a long time before speaking again.
“I’ve known for awhile now,” He murmured into your hair. “That’s why I started the suppressants. I didn’t want to accidently jump you and ruin things for you,” He said. “I wanted us to come together naturally,” 
“Really?” You whispered. You were still crying, but it was hard to tell the difference between tears and shower water. He hummed into your neck as he pressed his face there. You felt him inhale deeply, scenting you through the water.
“I’ve wanted you so bad, Y/N, I could hardly stand it, and I woke up feeling you tonight, feeling your unease, and I knew it was true. You’re mine,” He kissed the soft spot behind your ear before nuzzling your earlobe. “Please don’t be mad at me for waiting,” Suddenly a lot of things made Bucky always seemed to show up when you were around Steve, Peter or Thor alone. How you never seemed to have to walk yourself to bed at night. How there was always a seat for you at the dinner table. Among a million other things...glances that you’d dismissed, scents you’d caught and ignored. Smiles that were just a little too wide.
“Alpha,” You purred, pressing yourself back against him.
“Yes,” He responded in kind, his hands kneading their way along your sides. “Tell me how to make you feel better,” He begged. You took his metal hand and brought it to your breast. He took the hint and began to rub you until you mewled and pressed your backside into him. “Oh, my love, my omega, I wish I could,” He cursed under his breath. “It’ll take two days for the suppressants to be out of my system, shit,” His mouth was against your skin the whole time, teeth grazing you between words.
“Please,” You moaned. The mix of your Heat and the knowledge he wanted you set your skin on fire again, the cold water doing nothing to stop it. You took Bucky’s other hand and guided him to your center, which ached with so much need. “Touch me,” Bucky groaned as his fingers ghosted over your mound.
“I’ve thought about this a million times,” He purred into your ear. “But I don’t actually know how you like it,” You both chuckled at that and you turned your face to him, your nose brushing against his lips. He leaned in to kiss the tip of your nose and you giggled at that before you Heat made you roll your hips into his hand, which was sitting idle between your legs.
“Go slow until I start whining,” You told him, knowing how you normally behave during a Heat. “The orgasm builds slower that way,” You explained. “The relief lasts longer,” You rolled your hips again and this time his deft fingers entered your folds, slowly rubbing past your clit into the waiting warmth behind it. You moaned at the feeling and he rubbed his fingers slowly through you, testing to see which parts were the most sensitive before settling on a rhythm you both could handle. It didn’t take long before you started whining, leaning against him for support as you tried to grind your hips into his hand.
“You like that baby?” Bucky asked, his teeth teasing the shell of your ear. “God I wish I could do more for you,” 
“You’re doing fine,” You breathed. “Just...don’t stop.” He took your lead and began to circle your clit faster, his fingers working until you cried out, reaching back to bury your fingers in his hair as your orgasm crashed through you.
“Does that feel good, baby?” Bucky asked. You nodded, blissed out for a moment, the cool water soothing every inch of your skin.
“More,” You said, turning to look at him. “I want more,” Your eyes were blown open with lust and Bucky chuckled. 
“It’s going to be a long night, huh?” He chuckled. You reached up and pulled his face to yours, covering his mouth in kisses until he caught on and kissed you back. He pressed you up against the shower wall and your hips rutted against his clothed waist, begging for friction. “That’s it baby, do what you gotta do,” If you hadn’t been so concerned about your own lust, you might have noticed his eyes were dark with lust as well. That he was thinking of all the ways he could make you cum, without ever taking his pants off.
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leosmeditations · 27 days ago
Green Finch and Linnet Bird | Chapter 5
SFW dark!alpha!stucky x omega!reader
Tumblr media
Demons'll charm you with a smile, for a while But in time... -Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Chapter 5 warnings/before you read: 4.5k words, nudity, mention of sexual assault (not in detail), references to nsfw/nsfw desires. Ask, @, or dm if there's anything I need to add to this.
You blinked awake to find softly filtered sunlight dancing across your face and a computer humming in your ear. Your head was on Steve's hip, your body clinging to his leg. Despite the laptop perched in his lap, he had one arm wrapped around you, holding you to him. His fingers ran through your hair in a slow, steady rhythm, punctuated by mouse clicks and keystrokes. You stirred, rubbing your eyes.
A soft "Morning, princess" floated down to you from on high. You murmured a wordless response.
Steve closed his laptop and set it to the side, pulling you gently but insistently onto his lap. You molded yourself to his shape without even thinking about it, bringing your knees to your chest and burying your face in his shirt. You inhaled his scent deeply, sending a shiver of pleasure down your spine. You hummed contentedly; your hindbrain purred in delight.
"You like that, huh?" Steve's voice was low and almost raspy, a testament to the earliness of the hour. "You like smelling your alpha and remembering who you belong to, don't you, baby?"
You whined and clutched at Steve's shirt, somehow managing to nuzzle deeper into him. You felt, more than heard, a low chuckle rumble through his chest as he buried his nose in your hair, his warm breath gently tickling your scalp. "God, you smell amazing. What a good little omega you are," he growled. "Such a sweet little thing for your alphas. That's all you've ever wanted, isn't it, sugar? You've acted so tough your whole life, but on the inside you're such a needy little thing. You just need a big, strong alpha to take care of you. Isn't that right?"
You nodded into him. He hummed his understanding.
"I know, sweet girl. I know. That's why Bucky and I took you, love. We knew what you needed better than you did. And now we're gonna take care of you. We're gonna give you everything you need, little girl."
Bucky had gone to sleep with you. Where had he gone?
You whimpered and curled in on yourself, feeling strangely alone without Bucky beside you. Steve immediately noticed your distress.
"What's wrong, sweet girl?"
Your lip quivered.
"W- where's Bucky?"
To an omega, an alpha's scent is a drug. Just one whiff can activate an omega's hindbrain. The hindbrain, in turn, triggers the release of serotonin and dopamine into the omega's brain, while at the same time blocking the omega's norepinephrine receptors. The result is a state of calm happiness and markedly decreased anxiety. The more often a specific alpha triggers this neurochemical response, the stronger the "high" triggered by that alpha's scent. The same happens in reverse when an alpha smells an omega. Collectively, this process is known as scent bonding.
Though you didn't know what scent bonding was, Steve did. And he knew that, as with any drug, an addict would go through withdrawal if they didn't get their hit. In this case, an omega who scent bonded with an alpha would experience an intense craving for their alpha's presence if they had gone too long without them.
And he was watching it happen before his very eyes.
He could barely believe it. You were already starting to scent bond with them. The cravings weren't strong yet, not really, but they were undeniably there.
You were more susceptible to this than either he or Bucky had dared to hope.
It was going to be even easier to do this than they'd thought.
Steve let none of these thoughts show externally. He simply gave a long exhale, breathing a sigh of apparent relief at the simplicity of your distress. "He's just in the kitchen, sweetheart. He's making breakfast."
As if on cue, your stomach chose that moment to do its best impression of a Lovecraftian mating call. Steve laughed. "Guess we should go find him then, huh?"
You nodded solemnly. "Mm-hm."
"All right, then." Steve simultaneously stood up and picked you up like you weighed nothing, effortlessly going from sitting on the bed to standing on the floor and somehow keeping his arms wrapped around you the whole time. You kept forgetting that he was stronger than normal men, that he was enhanced. You didn't mind the forgetfulness, though; it turned simple things like getting out of bed into pleasantly surprising reminders of his strength.
Steve meandered out of the bedroom and down the hallway to the kitchen, bouncing you in his arms ever so slightly with every step. In no time at all, you had reached the kitchen. There, you found Bucky humming over a griddle full of pancakes and bacon, with heaps of already-cooked food stacked on a plate to his side. He glanced up when he heard Steve's footsteps coming down the hall and positively beamed when he saw you in Steve's arms, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.
"Well, hello there!" he called cheerily. "You're out earlier than I expected. How are my two favorite people in the world doing on this fine morning?"
"Pretty good. This little one's been clamoring to see you from practically the second she opened her eyes."
Bucky melted. "Has she now?" he cooed. "Well, I can take her if Papa Steve is willing tend to the griddle for a moment."
"Papa Steve can absolutely do that," Steve replied playfully. "Why don't you come over here and switch me, Buck. I don't want her to get burned by any flying grease."
"Was just about to suggest that myself." Bucky gave the food on the griddle one last check to make sure it could survive being left alone for a moment, then wiped his hands on the kitchen towel and made his way around the kitchen peninsula to you and Steve. "Come here, princess."
You were passed from Steve to Bucky in the blink of an eye. Steve replaced Bucky at the griddle as you nuzzled into Bucky's chest, moaning softly as you inhaled that wonderfully unique scent you hadn't even realized you'd been craving. Bucky did likewise, burying his nose in your hair exactly as Steve had mere minutes ago. The two of you stood there for a moment that lasted an eternity, savoring the unique pleasure of simply being each other's presence.
Finally, Bucky spoke. "So you were pretty eager to see me this morning, huh?"
"Uh huh."
A sudden pressure in your abdomen made you realize just how eager you had been to see Bucky. You whined uncomfortably.
"What's the matter, doll?"
"I need to go to the bathroom," you admitted, blushing.
"Goodness, pumpkin! Good thing you said something." Bucky began to carry you down the hallway to the bathroom, but was stopped by a word from Steve.
Bucky stared.
"She can go by herself. You know where the bathroom is, right, sugar?" Though the first sentence was addressed to Bucky, the last was addressed to you, leaving Bucky no room to argue.
You nodded. "Just down the hall."
"Okay, then." Bucky gently set you down, making sure you had your balance before he let go of you. "Make sure you wash your hands, princess."
"I will."
Bucky's eyes followed you as you padded down the hall, watching you until the door clicked softly shut behind you. When he was sure you were gone, he spun around to face Steve, hissing, "What the hell-"
"She's scent bonding, Buck," Steve cut him off. Though both men were speaking in code, they kept their voices low to avoid alerting you to the conversation. Steve busied himself by taking the last of the food off the griddle as he waited for Bucky to respond.
Bucky's eyes widened. If he hadn't been so practiced at controlling his facial expressions, his jaw would have hit the floor. "No fucking way," he whispered. "After less than a day? That's not possible. That's not fucking possible."
Steve shot him a look that said you better fucking believe it, asshole. "I saw it myself, Buck. The second she realized that you weren't in bed with us, she was desperate for you. It couldn't be anything else."
Bucky sank into one of the soft dining room chairs, fingers pressed to his temple.
"I don't know if our scent is more potent because of our enhancements," Steve continued, "or if the suppressants just fucked her up worse than we thought. But it doesn't matter either way. Don't you see, Buck?"
Bucky wrenched his gaze away from the empty space in front of him and looked at Steve. Steve looked back, intense, excited. "This is a game changer."
"You're absolutely sure it was scent withdrawal?"
Steve nodded. "Looked like something straight out of a textbook."
At long last, a wide grin split Bucky's face. "This is perfect, Steve. We won't even have to keep spiking her food. She'll be ours in no time."
Steve grinned back, relieved that Bucky had come around. "Damn right she will be. And she's already halfway there."
The sound of a flushing toilet and running sink pulled both men out of their hushed reverie. Instantly, they wiped all traces of the conversation from their expressions, replacing hungry excitement with blithe cheer as they awaited your return. In a moment, you were back in the kitchen.
"Feel better, baby?" Bucky asked you. You nodded.
"You're just in time, sweetheart," Steve declared. "Food's ready."
The three of you wended your way to the table, bringing out syrup and butter and juice and dishes and food until the table was set, the food was laid out, and the three of you were ready to dig in. Steve and Bucky served you as they had the night before. Once again, you dug in as they started serving each other.
The three of you ate in silence for a minute or two, then Steve snapped his fingers, making both you and Bucky look up. Steve finished chewing the food in his mouth, swallowed, then said, "I forgot to tell you, princess. You have a doctor's appointment today."
"Oh yeah," Bucky remembered. "It's right before lunch. Sorry for not letting you know sooner."
You paled. "Why are you taking me to the doctor?"
"To get you off those suppressants, peach," Bucky said.
"Why do I need to go to the doctor to do that?" Your voice was high pitched and anxious. "Why can't I just stop taking them?"
"It doesn't work like that, sweetheart," Steve explained patiently. "You can't just stop taking them, especially since you've taken them for so long. You have to stop them slowly, a little bit at a time, and we need the doctor to figure out how to do that safely."
"And the doctor needs to check you out and make sure they didn't hurt you at all," Bucky chimed in.
You huffed, but said nothing.
"Hey, what's the matter, baby?" Steve had lowered his voice, clearly attempting to soothe you. You shook your head, your eyes squeezed tight shut, withdrawing in on yourself until you were atom-sized, unable to be seen with the naked eye.
"I think I know what it is." Bucky said quietly. "When was the last time you saw a doctor, doll?"
You swallowed hard, picking at your food with your fork. "It's been a long time," you whispered. "And the last time- the doctor, he was an alpha, and my mom was out of the room and he- he-"
"Oh, baby," Bucky said softly. "It's okay. You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."
You buried your face in your hands, shoulders heaving as your body was wracked with silent sobs. Bucky and Steve's eyes flicked from you to each other. It was clear that you didn't want them to try and comfort you right now. And for once, they left you alone.
"This'll be a good opportunity for us," Bucky said grimly, voice hushed. "We get her through this appointment in one piece, she's gonna trust us a hell of a lot more."
Steve huffed and pursed his lips, but nodded. "As much as I hate to admit it, you're right." He looked at you sadly, remembering how hard you fought against coming with them when they met. The context of what he had just learned about your past made that memory a thousand times more grim. "No wonder she didn't come quietly."
"Hey," Bucky said softly. "It was for the best, Steve. She probably never would've had a chance to get over this trauma if it weren't for us. Shit, man, she'd probably be on suppressants for the rest of her life, miserable because she'd never trust an alpha enough to get close to them and settle down. Her life's gonna be a lot better now, Steve." He leaned forward slightly, meeting Steve's worried gaze with his own firmly confident look. "She has us."
Steve swallowed. "You're right, Buck." He looked at you again, his resolve steeling at the sight of you curled in on yourself, your sobs showing no signs of stopping. "It's for the best."
"She's pretty much done with her food," Bucky observed. "You alright with cleaning up while I calm her down?"
Steve nodded slightly. Slowly, Bucky got up and went over to you, crouching next to your chair.
"Hey, sweetheart." His voice was soft, cautious, testing the waters. "How 'bout we go wash your face with a nice cool washcloth. Would you like that?"
You nodded numbly.
"All right then." Bucky stood up. Steve silently began clearing the table.
"I'm gonna pick you up now, okay?" After you gave another small nod, Bucky gently lifted you into his arms and carried you to the bathroom you had spent so much time in yesterday evening.
He sat you on the counter just as he had the day before. You hugged your knees to your chest the instant he let go of you, unable to go without some semblance of physical comfort for even a brief moment. He dug a washcloth out of one of the cabinets below the sink and briefly ran it under cold water, then wrung it out slightly and came back over to you.
“Look at me, baby,” he instructed you gently.
Hesitantly, you did as he said.
"Shit" was Bucky's immediate thought.
Your face was a mess. Red. Blotchy. Puffy. Tears had left shining trails on both of your cheeks.
He sucked in a sharp breath. Fuck, as much as it hurt him to see you this way, his heart was pounding with excitement. You looked so beautiful like this, so tearstained and helpless. You were theirs, now. From now on, he and Steve would be the ones helping you. They would be the ones catching you when you fell, cleaning and bandaging the scraped knees and bleeding fingers, kissing the bruises to make them feel better. They would be your shoulder to cry on, the people whose arms were synonymous with home. And someday, they would be the people to show you the true meaning of pleasure, to teach you what being an omega was truly about. He could picture it now, see you writhing beneath him, face streaked with tears from the pleasure and the pain, bruised and battered, moaning obscenely and begging for more. His hindbrain thrummed, purring eagerly at the thought.
Though it took more than a little effort, he managed to master the desire bubbling in his chest, quieting it from a demanding shout to a dull roar. Though he would have to wait until your first heat to do everything he wanted with you, he would have plenty more chances to see you this vulnerable again, even before you were fully weaned from your suppressants. After all, you were going to have to go through a lot of painful things if the plan was going to succeed.
Patience, Bucky, he reminded himself. It'll be worth it in the end.
It will all be worth it in the end.
He took the cool washcloth and began to wipe your face, slowly, carefully. You sucked in a sharp breath at the initial feeling of something so cold on your face, but the shock quickly abated as the coolness of the cloth soothed your burning skin. Bucky wiped your face and neck with meticulous care, his ministrations drifting over your eyes, nose, ears, mouth, cheeks, forehead, and neck. By the time he finished, the washcloth had warmed up considerably. He ran it under cold water again, wrung it out harder this time, then laid it on the back of your neck.
He stood between your knees again, like he had yesterday, and settled his hands on either side of your waist. Wordlessly, you scooted closer to him, until your chests were almost touching. You wrapped your arms around his neck, resting your forehead on his breastbone. He moved his metal arm to wrap around the small of your back, cupping the back of your head in his other hand.
Though you were still drowning in the sea of sadness that had been triggered in you, you were far past the point of crying. You just needed him to be with you, needed the simple comfort of knowing that you didn’t have to face this day alone. And he knew it.
He stood with you for a long time, tracing soft circles on your side with his thumb. Only when your breathing eased and your last few sniffles ceased did he shift, pulling back and holding you at arms' length to observe you. When you hung your head, staring at the floor, he hooked his forefinger under your chin. Your breath caught in your throat as he titled your chin up, leaving you with no other choice but to look at him. His eyes roved over your face, searching yours like they were windows to your soul.
“Let's take a shower, kitten." His voice was low, with a primal, characteristically alpha rasp that bordered on a growl and made your hindbrain quiver. The statement was clearly not a request.
"I don't have any clean clothes." You mentally kicked yourself the second the words were out of your mouth. What a stupid thing to be worrying about right now.
"Don't worry about it, love," Bucky murmured. "We ordered you some. They got delivered early this morning." You instinctively braced your hands on his shoulders as he grabbed you solidly by the waist and lifted you off the counter. "Start undressing, sweetheart."
You began to take your clothes off as he did the same, leaving the no longer cold washcloth abandoned in the sink. Though you moved slowly, his clothes were in a neat pile on the counter in the blink of an eye. As you finished undressing, he began to run the shower, turning on both showerheads and adjusting them to the right temperature. He finished fiddling with them just as you joined him in the shower, going to stand under the stream of water he wasn't using.
Bucky busied himself with washing his hair, using a shampoo and conditioner that quickly filled the bathroom with a scent like that of the woods during a summer rain. You simply stood there, arms crossed in a tight self-hug as you stared into space and let the warm water wash over you.
Bucky rinsed the conditioner out of his hair and looked over at you, only to realize that you had barely moved since stepping under the stream of water. His fingers roved over the wall, searching for a hidden button which he soon found and pressed. The two showerheads turned towards the middle of the shower of their own accord. A portion of the wall slid up to reveal a recessed niche from which a long, thin third showerhead emerged, filling the remaining empty space between you and Bucky with falling water.
He took a step closer to you. You stumbled slightly as he turned you and pulled you to him, your back to his chest, so close the two of you were almost touching. He wordlessly began to lather your hair with the same strawberry and marshmallow shampoo he had used when he gave you a bath yesterday. Was it your imagination, or had his fingers been gentler yesterday?
He rinsed the shampoo from your hair and followed it with conditioner that had the same fruity scent, then grabbed one of the washcloths hanging from a bar on the wall and started to wash your back, one hand on your shoulder to keep you in place while the other scrubbed your skin. The soap he used smelled of vanilla and coconut, the scent subtler and less assertive than that of the shampoo. He quickly finished washing your back and held the washcloth over your shoulder.
"Wash," he commanded.
He huffed softly when you didn't make a move to take the washcloth from him, instead crossing your arms tightly over your chest. "Doll, you need to take care of yourself," he said, his voice slightly more gentle now. "It'll help you feel better."
You rocked in place for a moment, staring blankly at the floor, then:
"Don' want you to look at me." You muttered the sentence as though it was something shameful.
"Why not?" Bucky murmured. The hand on your shoulder ran down your arm, brushed against your fingers, then trailed up your thigh to snake around your waist and pull you close. You shuddered. Every last muscle in your body tensed. You were more than “almost” touching him this time; you could feel every inch of his wet skin against yours, every beat of his pounding heart, every steady rise and fall of his chest.
"You don't have to hide from me, kitten." Bucky's words were possessive, more growled than spoken. His lips brushed your ear, then ghosted down to your neck and left a soft kiss just above your throbbing jugular. "You're beautiful. Just the way you are."
For a moment, there was no sound in the bathroom except for the rainlike patter of water hitting skin and tile. You swallowed. As much as your hindbrain wanted to believe him, your mother’s voice called to you, swimming out of the depths of your memories to make a desperate appeal to your better judgement:
Never trust an alpha, she said.
He’s helping us, your hindbrain argued.
Too dangerous. Never trust an alpha.
He’s looking out for us.
Or he says he is. Never trust an alpha.
He’s taking care of us.
And you don’t know why. Never trust an alpha.
Maybe he loves us, your hindbrain said. You certainly never did.
Your mother’s voice went quiet in your head.
That’s right, your hindbrain continued triumphantly. You gave us suppressants for years. You hurt us. Abused us. But he has been nothing but kind. Which one is truer love?
You know nothing of love, your mother snapped. If you want to let him hurt you, be my guest. But don’t you dare come crying back to me.
Fine! your hindbrain retorted. Watch me.
You took a deep breath and released the tension in your shoulders, your jaw, your back. Cautiously, you relaxed against Bucky’s chest, only letting yourself melt into him once he gave a hum of pleased approval that left your hindbrain throbbing. Your arms uncrossed as if of their own volition, lowering slowly to your sides, baring your chest to Bucky’s gaze.
“There’s my good little girl,” he praised softly. “Such a good girl for your alpha. See?” He nuzzled his chin into the crook of your neck. “Nothing to be scared of. Say that for daddy, baby: ‘there’s nothing to be scared of.’”
You took a shuddering breath. “Th- there’s n-nothing to be s-scared of.” Your voice trembled, but you managed to stumble your way to the end of the sentence, afraid of what would happen if you didn't.
“Good little girl,” he crooned. “You’re safe with me.” He rubbed your shoulder. “Say that for me, little girl.”
“I- I’m safe with you.” Somehow, the words came easier this time.
“Good girl.” His voice was like honey. For a fleeting moment, you felt like you were drowning it. “Now: Daddy loves you. And we’re gonna take good care of you. Say it.”
“Daddy loves me.” Your voice was stronger now. Steadier. Though the words felt foreign and strange as in your mouth, they fell easily from your lips once they were formed. “And you’re gonna take good care of me.”
“That’s right!” he cooed. “What a good, obedient little thing you are, kitten.” You glowed at the praise, a pleased shudder running down your spine. Your hindbrain was in control now. There was no turning back.
“You’re gonna be a good girl now and wash yourself, aren’t you?”
You nodded.
“‘Yes, daddy’, baby girl. Use your manners.”
“Yes, Daddy,” you parroted obediently.
“Good.” He left another soft kiss on your neck, then straightened and handed you the washcloth. “Here.”
You took it from and began to wash your body without a second thought, closing your eyes and humming happily to yourself as you savored the sweet smell of vanilla and coconut. You didn’t see Bucky’s eyes roving over you, committing to memory every curve of your body and mark on your skin. You didn’t see him lick his lips as he eyed you, his face transformed into the near-predatory expression that he only let show when you couldn’t see him watching. It was so hard, so extremely hard for him to just take a shower instead of giving into his most primal urges and absolutely destroying you where you stood. But he managed to.
It was hard, but he managed.
You were totally unaware of the way his body and mind reacted to seeing you like this, of the amount of effort he had to exert to control himself.
Patience, Bucky, he reminded himself, for the second time today. She’ll know soon enough.
She'll know how you feel soon enough.
In no time at all, the two of you had finished showering and helped each other dry off. He led you into the bedroom and produced leggings and a soft, baby-pink knit sweater dress for you to wear that, of course, fit you perfectly. For himself, he pulled clothes at random from his closet, ending up with black stretchy jeans and a soft black hoodie. When both of you were dressed, he took you by the hand and down the hall away from the kitchen, taking you to an area of the apartment you hadn’t seen before.
He led you into a decently sized and simply furnished living room. The midmorning sunlight streamed through floor to ceiling windows that took up one wall of the room and offered spectacular views of the city. You smiled when you saw Steve in the room, relaxing on an L-shaped beige sectional whose longest side ran perpendicular to the windows. A TV faced the sectional, the murmur of a news program issuing softly from its speakers.
Steve greeted you and Bucky warmly as the two of you entered. You watched from the sidelines as Bucky and Steve shared a quick kiss before Bucky slid onto the couch next to his mate, both men settling easily into positions that had become habit as a result of a long, happy relationship.
Bucky patted his lap, the action an implicit invitation that you happily obeyed, the lower half of your body in Bucky’s lap, the upper half in Steve’s. You hummed with contentment when you felt the their touch, felt the comforting pressure of their hands on you. Steve played with your hair and rubbed a hand up and down your upper arm as Bucky’s hands found homes on your hip and calf.
You closed your eyes, losing yourself completely in the comfort of being in both alphas’ laps while they absently caressed you, causing Bucky and Steve to share a knowing smile.
You were drawing closer to them all the time, trusting them more with every second you spent in their presence.
You truly were fated to be their omega, their little girl, and every emotional step you took towards them proved that.
Their plan was working. And they couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.
Tumblr media
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sagechanoafterdark · 27 days ago
Preview Tuesday: Coming Home
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: soft Bucky is in love
A/N: Here is a preview of the A/B/O fic inspired by a conversation on the Smut Hub discord with @navybrat817 and @book-dragon-13​ about nests. It was a very fun conversation and we’ve all shared some amazing nest inspiration pics that were so sweet I had to write something. 
I hope that everyone enjoys the preview!
Tumblr media
You had a sort of magical ability when it came to building nests. It hadn’t been more obvious than after he’d come back from an amends trip, the knot of guilt so tight in his chest that even strangers on the street could smell his distress.
“Bucky what’s wrong,” you asked, smile falling as you practically gathered the distressed Alpha in your arms. “What happened?”
Burying his face against your scent gland the two of you shivered, “I’m just so tired, doll.”
Hands slid up and down his back in the entry of your apartment soothing him as the anxiety in his chest threatened to burst right there. Bucky couldn’t even remember you taking him to your bedroom let alone getting him out of his clothes and into your nest.
Coming to he felt distinctly different than the first time he’d been here. This time he was enveloped by the sweetest of scents, so potent here in the most intimate of places tangy with sweet fruits, biting with cinnamon, and bright with the scent of summer sunshine. 
It was your scent and he found himself submerging further into the soft downy blankets and pillows and never wanting to stop. Your hand stroked lazily over his chest, playing with his tags, your honey sweet gaze locking with his, full of empathy and worry.
“Feel better now Alpha?” You asked, a whispered edge of trepidation in your voice that was hard to miss. You wanted to please him, to comfort him, and give what you could. 
Now he was aware of it, the ease in his chest and haze that only came with contentment, a lightness that being in a space constructed by you could bring him. It might have been more than a couple of decades since he’d been in a nest but they never felt like this.
“Yeah, Sunshine,” he rumbled, tracing the back of his hand against your cheek. “Much better now.”
To Be Continued...
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It’s Been A Long, Long Time | Part 10 Alpha!Bucky x Omega!OC
Another fluffy one!
Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11
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As Bucky rummaged through the kitchen for food, Amoretta began to realize that she had no idea what a lot of it was. 
“I’ve never had an American pizza,” She said from her spot sitting at the island. 
“Really?” He glanced over his shoulder at her. “Makes sense, I guess. HYDRA wasn’t exactly known for their taste. What do you want? We’ve got a whole freezer full of American delicacies for you to try.”
“Surprise me. I’m not picky.”
“Your stomach better be able to handle real food,” he said, pulling out a frozen pizza. “I don’t feel like dealin’ with Banner hulking out on me because I fed you.”
“I feel fine,” Amoretta rolled her eyes. “I haven’t even been nauseous since the last time I woke up. I just want food.”
“That’s my girl.” He grinned, punching a few buttons to get the oven preheating.
She stared. 
“ this decade, everything is...already made?” She asked, eyeing the oven cautiously. 
“This is nothin’. You can microwave an entire dinner in like, five minutes these days.” 
“Seriously?” she stared at him, mouth agape. 
“Yeah, it was a whole thing like, sixty years ago.” he shrugged. “Still don’t get the jell-o obsession. Glad I was brainwashed through that one, honestly.”
“So we’ve got instant food and robot voices in the ceiling, but Howard Stark couldn’t make a hoverboard?” she raised an eyebrow. 
“Yeah, well. Howard Stark probably could’ve done a lot of things if HYDRA didn’t want him dead.” Bucky grumbled. 
“Did you kill him?” Amoretta asked, incredibly matter-of-factly. 
Her casual tone surprised him. He knew she didn’t have any kind of connection to Tony Stark or his father, but damn, was he not expecting that. People were usually slightly more horrified to hear about his old life. “...Yeah, I did.”
“Wow. Was it hard?”
“I guess the act itself was pretty easy, back then.” he sighed. “Living with it now isn’t, though.”
“I’m guessing Tony knows?”
“Oh yeah. He found out a while back. Had to tell him myself, actually.” he glanced back at her. “Made it look like a car crash. HYDRA wanted it to be quick and clean, no room for anybody to go poking around and asking questions.”
“So Tony thought it was just an accident all this time?” Amoretta asked, grabbing a nearby juice box. “That must have been a shock for him, hearing the truth.”
“Wasn’t very fun, I can tell you that.”  
“So he forgave you? I mean, you live in the same building, so he can’t completely hate you…”
“It’s complicated, I guess.” Bucky shrugged. “A lotta shit went down right around the time I started remembering everything and then got away from HYDRA. Save the world a couple more times, and...well, I guess Tony did forgive me. You’re right.”
“I bet it helps that you’re the biggest, toughest alpha here.” Amoretta said smugly. 
He barked a laugh. “Yeah, the others all know their place.”
As he tossed a frozen pizza into the oven, Amoretta leaned her chin on her hand and sighed. To anybody else, he was doing the bare minimum in terms of cooking, but to her, he was going above and beyond. That, coupled with the way he so easily admitted to being the top dog around the tower? If she wasn’t so hungry, she would probably be trying to jump his bones then and there. 
As he turned around to lean against the counter, he caught her checking him out and grinned. “See Somethin’ you like, doll?”
“The whole package,” she winked, jabbing the little plastic straw into her juice box. 
“Wow, you two are still flirting, even after all these years?” Bruce teased as he walked in. 
Bucky stiffened at the intrusion, nostrils flared as he pushed off the counter to stand up straight. When he realized he could only smell Bruce, though, he relaxed, content to let the omega join them for the moment. 
“You give me hope. Really. Maybe chivalry isn’t dead, after all.” He said, plopping down on the chair next to Amoretta. The smell of sex was lingering around them, and Bruce could tell that neither had bothered taking a shower or doing anything past throwing on some clothing so that they could make a mad dash for some food.
At least they were getting along well.
“What are you doing up so late?” Amoretta asked, turning to face him. 
“I’m always working odd hours.” He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to work out all the kinks left by a long night of hunching over computers and lab machines. “Plus, I’m usually alone when I come up here at three in the morning.”
“Yeah, well…” Bucky grumbled. “...Amoretta got hungry.”
Bruce gave him a quizzical look for only half a second before he realized who he was talking about.  He then turned to the other omega in the room, offering her a smile. “Your name, I assume? Glad to hear you remembered it.”
“Everything’s coming back.” She said. “Slowly but surely.”
“Well, you’re definitely healing quickly. Tomorrow we can do a few tests, see how much of those suppressants you’ve still got in your system.”
At the mention of heat suppressants, Amoretta squirmed uncomfortably. “Uh, about that...can I even come off them?”
“What do you mean?” Bruce asked. “I didn’t see anything that would indicate that your body needs them to survive. Adjusting to your more natural hormone levels might be a little rocky, but like I mentioned before, we can always figure out a gentler, more modern alternative if you prefer staying on them.”
“No, it’s not that…” she blushed, the faintest hint of pink rising to her cheeks as she saw Bucky watching her attentively out of the corner of her eye. “I’d like to go into heat again, I just...don’t know if I will.”
She heard Bucky growling quietly and glanced in his direction. “Don’t talk like that, doll.”
“Why not?” she retorted. “It’s the truth. I have no idea what’ll happen now.”
“I think it’s best if we wait and see what your body does,” Bruce said with a shrug. “Admittedly, I don’t know very much about how the super soldier serum affects omegas, because,’re the only one, and if HYDRA kept any of your health records, they weren’t in the files Natasha found and released.”
“Then how long do I have to wait to find out if I’ll go into heat?” Amoretta asked impatiently. 
“Now something I don’t entirely know.” Bruce shook his head. “Your body moves quickly, thanks to the serum. You’re essentially detoxing right now, and I imagine the suppressants will be gone by next week. I’ll run some more blood tests on you tomorrow, though, and see how much is even left in your system.”
“And then what? I don’t even remember if my heats were regular, it’s been so long.” Amoretta grumbled. 
“Well…” Banner’s gaze shifted to Bucky. “When’s your next rut?”
The alpha huffed indignantly at the question. “‘Scuse me?”
“If it’s coming up in the next few weeks, it could trigger Amoretta’s heat.” Bruce said, just as nonchalantly as when he and Steve had first spoken with them the day before. He was incredibly relaxed, focused on the medical and scientific aspect of everything rather than the personal side of it, as always. 
Bucky considered his words. “You think so?”
“Look, no offense, but you two are very into each other. I can smell it all over you.” Bruce snorted. “I think there’s a good chance that once Amoretta’s off those nasty suppressants, her natural cycle will start to come back and then be kickstarted when you start releasing all those rut pheromones and stinking up the whole tower.”
Bucky rolled his eyes. “You say that like I’m the only one.”
Bruce gave him a pointed look, and as she watched the two of them, Amoretta realized she was missing something. 
“What?” she asked. “What are you talking about?”
“You wanna explain?” Bruce asked the alpha. 
Bucky rolled his eyes again. “Apparently nobody else here has ruts as strong as mine.”
“Barnes, don’t be modest. They’re practically legendary.” Bruce said. 
Amoretta was thoroughly confused now. “But I remember your ruts. I thought they were normal...I mean, you were always big and tough and scary, but that’s just you.”
“You’re also a super soldier,” Bruce pointed out. 
Bucky sighed and dragged a hand through his hair. “I tried all the suppressants Bruce and Tony could come up with, but nothin’ ever worked. They, uh...everybody pretty much has to avoid my entire floor until it’s over.”
“What? Why?” Amoretta asked. 
“Because I’m not--I’m not some stupid knotheaded idiot!” Bucky said. “I just...have pretty bad ruts.”
“What he means is he’s loud, reeks of rut, and is angry as hell the entire time.” Bruce chided. 
“I stay in my apartment,” Bucky growled defensively. “I don’t even bother anyone. Never had a single omega complain.”
Bruce put his hands up in surrender. “No argument there. But you have to admit, you always have longer ruts than the other alphas here.”
“Yeah, because I…” Bucky trailed off, looking sheepish. He turned to the oven a moment before the timer went off, using the now-ready pizza as an excuse to avoid the conversation. 
“He’s always refused any omegas,” Bruce said to Amoretta. “Even the ones Tony’s tried to hire.”
“Because I never wanted any of them,” he said over his shoulder. 
Amoretta felt her heart flutter a little. Hearing him say that he never had any other omegas, even those whose job it was to come help him through his ruts with no strings attached, made her blush like a schoolgirl. Even though that had once been her own job, if her specific situation could be considered a job, it made her feel special to know that he had never wanted anyone else.
“You should’ve seen the last fight they had about it.” Bruce said. “Tony was at his wit’s end. He must have tried to hire every single available omega in the state before he finally gave up.”
“Why does he care so much?” Amoretta asked, laughing a little. 
“Because as much as Tony doesn’t want to admit it, Barnes here is kind of the big alpha in charge.”
“Why doesn’t he want to admit it?” she asked, confused. 
“It’s hard to avoid pack dynamics, even if we wanted to.” he said. “Even if the Avengers aren’t actually a pack, most of us live here and are together all day. There’s several alphas all occupying a relatively small territory, and that means that one of them has to come out on top. Tony’s pretty used to people rolling over and going belly up for him, but not your boy here.”
Even though there was a slightly teasing tone in Bruce’s voice, Bucky heard what he said and straightened up. He was posturing, his inner alpha glad to know that everyone else understood that he was the biggest, toughest, most formidable one around. He didn’t even necessarily want to be in charge; Steve was more suited for a job like that, or Thor, if the guy would stick around more. Bucky wasn’t looking for glory or for everybody in the world to know his status, and he definitely wasn’t one of those showy alphas who liked to peacock and strut around for everyone to see them. 
But, he couldn’t deny that he was, somehow, just naturally in charge. 
Maybe part of it was because of the way that he so rarely fought. He was usually the one to finish arguments, the calm, collected one…though, when it came to Amoretta, he had been anything but calm. In only a couple days, Bucky had gone from one of the most in control alphas in the city to a snarling, territorial beast of a man who was determined to do whatever it took to keep his omega safe and happy. 
Amoretta didn’t seem to mind his demeanor, at least. 
“That’s because he’s the best,” she purred, looking at Bucky. 
“Damn right I am.” the alpha said, puffing his chest out. “Now come on. Eat.”
He presented Amoretta with a hot, delicious-smelling pizza, setting a slice down in front of her. She didn’t seem to notice its temperature, diving for it immediately and scarfing it down as if she were starving. As he thought about it, Bucky realized that she probably was, and he wondered if she had ever even gotten to taste pizza before. Coming from a remote village and being brought to HYDRA in the fifties meant that even if she had tasted it before, it probably wasn’t the same as this frozen Red Baron shit that Steve insisted on stocking the fridge with. He couldn’t understand why she seemed to enjoy it so much; it was a far cry from the pizza he could go grab literally anywhere in the city, but when she looked up at him expectantly, waiting for more, Bucky wondered if there was something he was missing.
“You really eat like this every day?” she moaned appreciatively as she took a bite out of a fresh slice. 
…Okay, maybe her standards were just dangerously low. 
“This is nothing,” Bruce chuckled, daring to look towards Bucky with the hope of getting his own slice. “Just wait ‘til Tony orders catering.”
She took a massive bite and swallowed, grimacing at how painful it was, but not entirely caring. “HYDRA was careful to only give me the blandest, worst slop to eat. They said it was healthy, but honestly, if this pizza is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”
Bucky let out a loud laugh, taking a slice for himself now that his omega was eating. “You won’t want for anythin’ now, doll. Midnight snacks whenever you want.”
She sighed happily. “I never had anything like this back home, either.”
“How much do you remember?” Bruce asked curiously. 
“Not much.” Amoretta shook her head. “My village was in the alps, like I said before, right near the Austrian and Italian and Slovenian borders. It was small, and pretty isolated, especially in the winter, so we never had much outside influence.” as she remembered, she sighed. “I wonder what it’s like now.”
“I used to wonder the same thing about Brooklyn,” Bucky chuckled, shaking his head. “It’s different, but’s the same as I left it.”
“Have you ever gone back to see your old home?” his omega asked. “Or...tried to see if you’ve got any family members around here?”
He paused, almost spooked by the suggestion. “...No. No, I haven’t.”
“Would you?”
Bucky had to think about it for a moment. He had never considered going back to his old neighborhood. He had wondered about it, sure, but after everything he had been through, everything he had done...he was scared. 
“...I don’t know.” he admitted. “Doubt anybody is still there.”
“You don’t know that,” Amoretta protested. 
“It’s been a long time.” he sighed. “People move around a lot more these days than they used to. Anyone who could be tied to me is probably far away from Brooklyn now.”
“You still owe me a trip.” the omega said quietly. “I want to see it.”
He looked up at her. He was met with the biggest, most earnest eyes he had ever seen, and as he looked into them, he couldn’t find a single reason to worry, or be afraid. It was as if Amoretta was telling him that it would be okay to just go look, that it was okay that everything that had happened...happened. Bucky was beginning to feel like maybe, just maybe, he could start to let go of his past, stop dwelling on everything the Winter Soldier had done. 
“...Alright.” he said, mustering his confidence. “Alright, yeah. I’ll take you to my old address.”
She was absolutely beaming. 
“I can’t wait!” she squealed, making grabby hands for more pizza. “I’ve never been outside in an American city. Oh, what do I wear? Do I have clothes for that now? You know, back home, we didn’t really get the latest fashions. We didn’t even have running water, really, aside from the Lord’s house…”
Bucky handed her another slice of pizza, listening to her every word as she thought out loud. Bruce grinned, shaking his head slightly. Amoretta was from an entirely different world, practically, from a time and place that had been largely free from industrialization, left behind while Europe charged forward in the wake of World War Two. He guessed that her village had been rural, based on what she had already said, and from what he knew of harder-to-reach villages throughout the world, that meant they went without very many technological advances. Especially considering that she had last been there in the fifties.
He found it absolutely fascinating. He had had his fair share of small towns and villages while he traveled and tried to avoid the hustle and bustle of larger cities, and during his travels, he had found that he much preferred the solitude that they offered. They tended to be quieter, and generally slower-moving than places like New York, and he of all people knew how to appreciate that. 
“I’m sure you’ll have plenty to adjust to,” he said. “As for clothes, don’t worry. Pepper already arranged for some to be delivered, and they should be here by morning. If you need anything else, you can just ask FRIDAY, or have Barnes here escort you to a store. You just mention Tony Stark’s name, and you’ll get whatever you want.”
Amoretta was absolutely brimming with excitement. “Really?”
“Absolutely.” Bucky said. “Whatever you want, Princess.”
The pet name had her beaming. “Can we go tomorrow?”
“You don’t even know what’s coming yet. Don’t you wanna see what Pepper ordered?”
She rolled her eyes. “I don’t even know who that is.”
“Pepper Potts is Tony’s omega,” Bruce explained. “She also runs most of Stark Industries.”
Amoretta was astonished. “There’s an omega in charge of the company?”
“Sure is.”
“And that’s allowed?”
“You do realize that you’re an omega super soldier, right?” Bucky asked. 
“That’s different!” she exclaimed. “I know omegas are never given the serum, but HYDRA at least had a reason to do it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an omega being in charge of anything….”
“Pepper is feisty,” Bruce laughed. “Tony put her in charge a while back. She runs things better than he ever did, honestly. She’s more organized. You’ll probably bump into her in the next couple days, assuming you two grace the rest of us with your presence again.”
Bucky rolled his eyes and looked away. “Yeah, yeah. Consider yourself lucky I haven’t kicked you out yet.”
“What can I say? I’m harmless.” Bruce said. 
The omega turned towards Amoretta, swiveling in his chair. “Anyway. How are you adjusting? If there’s anything that could help you ease into things more, just ask FRIDAY and she’ll take care of it. Anything at all.”
Amoretta shrugged. “I can’t really think of anything...there’s a lot to get used to. I still can’t really wrap my head around FRIDAY in general.”
“It’s a lot,” Bucky agreed, giving a half hearted glare up towards the ceiling.
“But...I guess I’ll just have to see how things go.” Amoretta said. “Day by day? Or...something.”
Her alpha let a small smile onto his face. “Day by day is just how I wanna take it, doll.”
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