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#all they did was screech
iamakiller · 7 days ago
Anatomy of a Killer was perfection as always! I’ve been awed by and in love with your writing since day one.
I’ve always wondered, are there any characters or personalities, real or fictional, from whom you’ve drawn to create your Killer Charlie? Or any other external influences behind his persona? He’s so nuanced and deep that I’m constantly amazed.
As an aside, you and Contesa are both wrong. Gandalf and the Ring Wraiths are tied for best LOTR characters.
Thank you very much.  I’m so glad you enjoyed Anatomy of a Killer.  I must also thank you for your enthusiastic support since the beginning of this blog.
With regards to your question, I have had a fascination with American serial killers since my early teens, when I checked the book “Mindhunter” by John E. Douglas out of the library on a whim and read the whole thing in one night.  I’ve always been interested in the darker aspects of the human mind, and especially the why of a person becoming a killer.  Although I never even considered choosing to pursue psychology or criminology as a career path, nor indeed murder.)  I wasn’t inspired by any particular individual, but I’m sure that the ridiculous amount of knowledge I’ve crammed into my brain over the years played its part.
A major influence in terms of how I chose to unravel Charlie’s story was undoubtedly the Netflix documentary series “I Am A Killer” (I swear I had completely forgotten the name of the show when I named this blog!) which deliberately and carefully unfurls the story of each episode in such a way that you feel horror and compassion in equal parts for the titular individual by the end of the hour.  
Other than that, I'm not knowingly aware of any other influences.  Killer Charlie is all mine, I’m afraid!
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savingjoeys · 3 months ago
Up because Stripes brought Pippin into my room and woke me up. The old tree shattered the window in the nursery. Screech and Boldie had some cuts from trying to get to Pip through the broken glass, but nothing that I couldn’t fix up. Gave them some treats for being brave and good and helping Pip.
See, this is what horrors and drag queens are like when you take care of them properly.
Everyone piled into my room now and they’re all worried. I didn’t wake up, that must have been upsetting; but I sleep upstairs and with earplugs, and with all the noise from the storm I just didn’t register an extra one.
It’s okay though, everyone’s doing fine. I might have to call one of my volunteers tomorrow to help with the shelter, because I know the repair person is going to need me to keep all my clowns away from them, and I know we’re gonna need to fully inspect the room and get the scent of a stranger out of it before letting Daddy put Pippin back in there. Reasonable concern. I’m going to walk everyone outside to the tree so we can investigate it together, too. Poor Pippin is still clinging to me and crying. I’m sorry Pip. Storms are scary, you’re right. Daddy did not know that tree was going to do that.
It’s times like these I get really frustrated that pierrots don’t have a squeak. Quiet distress is so, well, distressing. You feel like noise would help them feel better, you know?
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chickencat8 · 3 months ago
dont appreciate how in this bad dream i just had, this lil old lady antagonized me with a piece of uranium metal
all the geiger counters nearby were going Nuts and she thought it was humerous? wanted me to stop bein scared? and kept trying to wave it in my face
i was withheld in the dream since i was freaking out and trying to get away/didnt wanna hurt her, but now that im awake Lemme just say i will hold no reservations irl
i'd throat punch anyone for puttin me through that >:T throw some fukkin hands around. Go nuts to butts feral on her. Binch.
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absul · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🎉🎉🎉 best friend’s birthday today!!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉
happy happy happy birthday i loveee youuuuu!!!!
i’ve known you for i think almost 5 years now if my maths are core wrecked, and wow that somehow feels simultaneously like no time at all and absolute decades. we’ve been friends for a good quarter or so of my life!!! that’s WILD!!!!!
i know i say it every year and i’m probably starting to sound like a broken record at this point, but i really am just so glad to be able to know you and be in your life. our friendship has been such a treasure to me and i wouldn’t trade our experiences together for anything, ever, even beyond this galaxy. i can only hope that we get many more years to be in each other’s company <<33
but yes happiest birthday!!!!! i lovelove u, & again i hope u have a good day!!! ❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚
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just a rant about mental health here, don’t mind me, i needed it out
i can’t believe i’ve never understood how depression/mental health issues can be SO genetic, i didn’t want to believe it...but like.... 
wtf my double-first cousins have the EXACT same issues, fears, anxiety problems, self-worth nonexistence, and depression than my siblings and i have ?!?!?! (thanks family holidays for giving me the opportunity to over-analyse my faaam) (maybe i didn’t want to admit it because the two youngest didn’t get those in the same issues as their older siblings and mine but OH WOW i just learned during the holidays their parents changed their behavior raising them : Parenting, it’s a job, it takes mistakes and growth to get better)
so yea, anyway, genetics. that sucks. but at least it gives...answers to what the hell is happening to us all...even if none of us should have to deal with all this, why do we have to deal with all this
(and my dad finally used the word Depression to describe his emotional state, i’ve known for years, but he SAID THE WORD. thanks for the validation... now can we all get therapy. now)
#rant#(yes i psychoanalyze my family it’s super weird i wish i didn’t but haha here we go)#(but seriously how the fuck do i manage MY Depression while being concerned and freaking out over my family members’ depression and anxiety#like how the fuck do you build confidence when you’re terrified all the time for Your well-being and your family’s well-being)#(i legit told my parents they need help too and they got like “aaww you cute thinking of your parents you good girl”....#and i wanted to seriously yell at them to listen to me and not brush this off because wtf they’ve been living like that for years ????#(3/3 kids being suicidal at some point....HELLOOOOO GET HELP : YOU CAN'T BE OK HEARING ABOUT YOUR KIDS NOT WANTING TO LIVE)#GET SOME FUCKING HELP IT’S NOT OK AND IT’S HORRIBLE)#i've wanted to flee their house and make a home elsewhere since i came back two years ago but i relapsed and now i'm stuuuuck#i've been trying to find a therapist don't come at me i'm a fucking mess and i've rarely felt this hopeless but i don't want to die#(my aunt gave me a LOT of “God is the only one who can help you” pep-talks yes she did i’m glad it helped her but omg my faithless ass did n#not appreciate those at all*)#so anyway : sorry about that...i always felt like there was something veryyyy fishy in all our behaviors)#(turns out it's Big Anxiety and Depression being passed down from generation to generation)#(no wonder i don't want to make kids)(i'm not keeping that going on oh no no)#(and if i hear one 'but everyone else has it that baaaaad' i'll screech)#(if your mental health is bad : talk about it with your fam and get help)(don't do like us and brush it off forever)#i fucking need some therapy and i'll do that as soon as i got some fucking sleep if i manage to get some fucking sleep tonight#i didn't even get a traumatising childhood but i'm falling apart so i can't imagine what my siblings or people with real problems got throug#all fucking strong unbelievable warriors wtf#i'm a baby complaining for nothing but heyyy let me be a waste of space for a few more years until my next relapse HOPEFULLY please thanks#ugh#ok i'm done#sorry 'bout that#genetics suck
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crashstack · 14 minutes ago
I’m assuming that the “accident” you’re referring to is Walden getting hit? What exactly happened for Henry to do that?
It was a horrible accident.
William and Henry were just doing some tune-ups, Sunny and Walden were the last two to get checked. The others were just resting in the other room, tired from the hours of tests and checks on them.
Henry was working on Walden, but he was really distracted and just not in the game. Really, it was his fault the checks were taking so long. He was still reeling over the loss of Charlotte...and thinking over William’s proposition. He got up to go over and talk to William, who was working on Sunny. While they were off to the side, Sunny just huffed and waited for them to finish up so they’d get done with the tuning.
Samson, Henry’s remaining child, who was waiting patiently, and decided to talk to Walden. He was mainly told to not interact with them, Henry said they were still being “tested”, but he was bored. It was a nice talk while they had it, short.
Then with no warning, he stuck his hand into Walden’s open chest cavity. Sam already knew his dad was stressed and sad, but maybe he could fix whatever was wrong with the robot to make him feel better.
Walden didn’t even get a change to warn him before he bumped the springlocks. They came loose almost instantly. Sam’s hand was caught and ripped into by the ribcage. Walden was frantically trying to pry it open, but every little move he made only tore at Sam’s hand more. The poor boy was screeching, trying to pull his hand free while wailing for his dad.
The metal bat was Sam’s. Henry ran over and grabbed it off the table, then turned on Walden. He bashed the side of Walden’s head with a big swing. The first hit made a small dent, but shattered Walden’s eye. It dazed him; it wasn’t a powerful enough swing to get him in one go.
“H-Henry, w-why did you-?”
Why did he? Henry even asked himself in that moment. He could’ve used the key pin they had for emergencies. Those were why they had the slots on the backs of their necks, for this exact reason. It would’ve been only a few seconds for Walden to shut down and for his springlocks to release. Why didn’t he go for his pin?
He just didn’t.
Henry hit him in the same spot, successfully shutting Walden down. The sweet bear toppled over on his side, the springlocks released, and Sam was free but unconscious and without his hand. That was all Henry cared about, that Sam was free. It didn’t matter that he just possibly killed Walden, his own creation with the biggest heart in the world who didn’t even have the possibility of opening his springlocks.
Sunny tore off, shrieking and ready to get her hands on Henry for hurting Walden. William managed to shout for Henry to move; he was just frozen with shock and awe. Henry got up and tackled her to the ground, wrestling her still enough to shove the key pin into the back of her neck and shut her down. She was limp within seconds.
When the others got into the room, it was too late. Walden was presumably dead on the stage, Sunny was shutdown and on the floor, Samson’s hand was torn off and the boy was unconscious. Henry was trying to stop the bleeding. still so furious and adrenalized, and William was still frozen in place.
“One move and you’ll end up like them!”
It was only a day before Henry shut down the others, angry at the world and taking it out on his creations.
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astro-ironman · 22 minutes ago
⤳We’ll Always Have The Moon
word count; 1.3k
[a/n; pure angst 🥺 ]
Tumblr media
huffing in fatigue, you struggle to raise to your feet as you glared at the blonde man, mentally praying bucky would finally walk through the door and save you from the treacherous training, feeling your heart pound out of your chest and throat beginning to dry.
“you need to learn to not just depend on your powers, [y/n].” he raised his fists in defense position, circling around you as if in a boxing ring, causing you to groan and mirror his actions.
“steve-” he cut you off by a jab in the ribs, leading to you to double over in pain, coughing repeatedly and drop to the ground, glaring up at him.
“lunch break- whoa, [y/n]!” finally, bucky arrived, dashing to kneel at your frame and took your hand, supporting you as he took a seat on the mat next to you, chuckling at how steve hadn’t broken out a single sweat.
“bucky, tell her how important it is to use her physical strength.” steve demanded as he collected his things— you were like a sister to him, doing everything he could to keep you safe since the moment he rescued you from a hydra bunker.
“let me have a snack before you beat my ass again! go!” he rolled his eyes at your bratty interruption, showing him the door as you launched your shoes his way, forcing him to leave the two of you in peace.
“you’re special, doll, we gotta find ways to keep you safe, what if one day you’re not quick enough to use your abilities and you end up getting hurt?” he mentions with worrisome, cerulean eyes and handed you a container of sliced fruit— they were uneven and sloppy, which only made you smile, compelling you to place a kiss to his stubble.
the relationship was yet to be defined, you didn’t mind, as long as you were helping his transition from a used weapon to an actual human being, displaying touches of affection every now and then, allowing him to feel at ease with your presence as he began to fall in love.
you were his anchor, and he never meant to let go.
“reports, [y/n].” the comms blared with steve’s voice as you tip-toed into the empty room, the eery feeling sending a shiver down your spine.
“nothing yet, but there’s another room, hold on,” keeping your hands close to your chest, prepared for any sort of scare, you couldn’t help but feel impotent at the feeling of being completely alone, even if you were extremely more powerful than your teammates.
as soon as you slightly shoved the door opened, it slammed behind you, a sudden force taking over your body, inflicting an agonizing pained scream from your lips as you sunk to your knees, your veins feeling drained power-wise.
“kill the lights.”
your cries drowned out, but somewhere around 12 floors above, the super-soldiers caught your voice, rushing as quickly as they could, frightened you’d be gone once they arrived. 
“stop the radiation and infiltrate the media to broadcast.”
not wasting a second, you summoned an orb of power between your palms and launched it without thinking it over, gasping at the sudden sound of a screech of unbarring agony, 
“behold, your precious heroes, your beloved avengers, or should i say murderers!” 
the weak bulb lit up the room as it revealed an injured man that clutched at his gushing thigh, gawking at you with terror in his eyes as you covered your wobbling jaw with your palm, rushing over to him.
“nonono, stay with me, it’s okay.” you sputtered desperately, placing your hands above his mutilated leg as the broken skin began to stitch together, your fear interferring what was supposed to be a speedy recovery.
“[y/n], what the hell did you do! sam, take that man to the quinjet!” steve kicked open the titanium door, his fist closed around your forearm as he pulled you out of the room angrily, causing you to anxiously search for bucky.
“you walked right into their trap! didn’t i tell you to be careful?” the irritation possesing him as he yelled in your face, bucky lowering his head as he wished he could’ve stopped the scolding— but all he did was avert your pleading gaze in need of rescuing.
“stevie, i-”
“haven’t i told you to balance out your powers with strength? you almost killed a man! and they’ve got it on every single news channel!” he roared, causing you to flinch as he rubbed his hand over his dirty cheek, feeling heartache once he heard your sniffles, the panic taking over as you imagined how horrid the scene must have looked.
“i’m sorry..” you whimpered as he sighed, feeling as he pulled you in for a tight embrace, knowing the inescaping emotional toll he predicted you’d spiral in.
which didn’t hurt as much as the plan he began to contemplate in order for your safety.
“leave me alone, please.” you sniffled, bringing your knees to your chest as you attemped to hide from him, listening to him sigh and take a seat on the ledge right next to you.
he glanced up, admiring the starry night you’d ramble on and on about, naming your favoirte constelations and how the stars where always perfectly aligned.
“it’s not your fault, doll, there was no way you could’ve know.” he tried reasoning as you scoffed, tapping your feet against the roof, eyes feeling heavy due to the crying on your way back to the compound.
“is that what steve said? or is that why he bought me a ticket to god-knows-where tomorrow morning?” you choked out, glancing over at him as his deep blue eyes attached with your own, causing you to helplessly sob in though of never seeing him again.
he’s lost so many people in his long, long life, every single time making it hard for him to breath, and he always put himself at fault.
you didn’t deserve this life he had been trapped in, he just needed to know you’d be fine, for his sake.
“the world knows about your powers, doll, we need to keep you safe, i want- you need to be happy.” bucky cautiously reached for your hand and rubbed his thumb against your skin, just like you taught him not so long ago.
“i’m only happy when i’m with you, bucky, please just.. fight for me, just this once... im begging you..” you cried, throwing your arms around his neck as your tears drenched his dark t-shirt, fighting the feeling of the hole in his heart that began to form.
you wished this wasn’t real, that your powers had never meant to become an obstacle between the person who owned your heart, that it’d just be you and him, forever.
“don’t let him send me away, bucky, please, i love you- i don’t wanna be without you..” you whimpered, gripping at his shirt as you gazed up at the stars, cursing them as you once prayed you and him were destined to be together.
“why don’t you care anymore? do something, anything- don’t make him send me away,” your voice cracking as you slowly weakened in his arms, knowing this was the dead end.
bucky was suddenly ready to let go, but you weren’t.
“you see that up there,” he pointed at the glistening shine the moon provided, beaming down on the two of you, acting as a spotlight as if the show was almost over.
he held your cheeks in his rough palms as if you were made of glass, terrified you’d fall apart when all you’d ever done is piece him back together.
“every night, i’m gonna look up at the sky and think of you.” your defeated [e/c] eyes bursted in tears once more, pressing your forehead against his, shattering his soul at the way you collapse, holding onto a string of hope he could no longer give.
“please, i don’t wanna go..” your trembling hands caught his metallic one as he gentally reached for his dog tags, slipping them on past your [h/c] hair, swinging around your neck.
“we’ll always have the moon, doll, i promise.”
[a/n; i hope you cried because i did, although i don’t think i’ll do a part 2 just to let it sink in :( ]
chris evans and sebastian stan + characters taglist!
@sohoseb @harrysthiccthighss @0mrs-evans0 @amelia-song-pond @moonlacebeam @littlezombie666
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uncpanda · an hour ago
The Ties that Bind: Somebody’s Watching
Synopsis of series: Being the older sister of a literal genius? It’s not easy. Raising said genius from childhood on? An act of love. Uprooting your life again when he gets in over his head? A no brainer. Finding a new family and support system for yourself? Well, you suppose that’s just luck.
Master List
AN: Based on season 1 episode 18. The character of Joel, is based on Joel Goran from the show Saving Hope. No other elements will be taken from the show, just him, because he seems to fit. You don’t need to watch the show to understand anything :)
What’s something you guys would like to see in this series? Any special moments? Any special episodes?
Tumblr media
You’re in line waiting for your morning cup of coffee when you see it; your baby brother kissing one of your favorite actresses ever. Your eyes go wide, and you jump out of line to grab the magazine off the stand. You bury your nose in the pages and read through several lines about Lila’s mystery man, and you cackle. Like actually cackle, because he is never going to hear the end of this. It is your DUTY as his older sister to frame this magazine and put it out for everyone to see. You buy two more copies and head into work.
Your co-teacher, Lesley, is waiting in the classroom for you, and when she sees the smile on your face and no coffee her brow furrows, “What’s up with you? You’re never smiling this early.” 
You pull the magazine out and toss it to her, “My brother has been making out with Lila Archer.” 
She snataches the magazine up before you can finish, and then she’s all smiles too. “Can I go share this with everyone we know?” 
“How else are we going to take pictures of everyone with it to send to him?” 
 She’s gone a second later and you start settling in. You’d been teaching for nearly seven years now, since you were twenty-two. While Spencer had been earning his first PHD, you had just graduated with your BA. More than once he had sat in the back of your classroom tutoring kids who needed it or organizing supplies, or even organizing your desk. Almost every teacher in the building knew him, and they had all been shocked when you had come in nearly silent one morning and announced Spencer was joining the FBI. 
Even now, nearly three years later, they still demanded updates on their favorite boy genius. And you were happy to regale them of Spencer’s tales as he had told them to you; nothing too gory, and never too much detail. 
You push the article out of your mind when students start filtering into the classroom, and you get to work. You’ve just started the novel Ghost by Jason Reynolds, and your kids are loving it, that’s more than enough to keep you occupied for a while.
When lunch rolls around though, you’re ready to call. You figure out the time difference in your head, and you figure he’ll either be at work or waking up from a nap; maybe both? You dial. 
He picks up on the second ring, “Hello?” 
You dive right in, “So, I don’t know which I’m more mad about, that you were in the state and didn’t come visit or that you made out with my favorite actress and didn’t tell me.” 
“WHAT?” The screech comes through and you grin.
“I love Lila Archer Spencer. Not as much as you apparently,  but I really like her stuff. Is there any chance you can get me an autograph?” 
There’s a little bit of sputtering, before he says, “You are ridiculous. I’m going to tell mom!” 
“What are you, twelve?” 
In the background you hear some say, “Fourteen.” 
“I’m not having this conversation with you.” 
“Now, come on Spencer. When I started dating Joel, I let you meet him after the third date. Can’t you do the same with Lila and me?” 
He hangs up on you, and you laugh. Lesley pokes her head in a second later, “Everyone’s ready.” You can’t help but grin. 
“I’m going to kill my sister!” 
Morgan glances up, as Reid storms in, a brown box cradled in his arm, and then looks over at Elle, “Did you know he had a sister?” 
That’s a question for another time, “What she’d do pretty boy?” 
He’s too frustrated to answer so he just  gestures towards the box. And really, Derek can’t help but go snoop. He grins at what he finds there, a framed picture of Lila kissing him in the street. 
He takes it out, “This . . . is a very nice frame.” 
He kind of wilts, “She swore she’d get revenge when I spent an entire afternoon outsmarting her boyfriend.” 
Elle smiles, “Doesn’t that just come natural?” 
He shrugs, “He’s an orthopedic surgeon . . .and I may have spent six hours quizzing him about the latest articles and techniques.” 
“How’d he do?” 
Spencer shrugs, “He was passable, but I out did him quite a few times.” 
“You should go for your MD, that would really show him.” 
“Nah. I don’t feel like doing five years of residency.” 
Derek grins as he shrugs the frame back in its box, before he catches sight of the note, In your messy scrawl it reads, “Seriously though, can you get me an autograph?” And Derek can only smile, because despite the annoyance written across Spencer’s face, there’s also fondness and it’s one that only comes from having siblings. As he walks away he notices Spencer on the phone, and a second later he hears, “Hey Lila, it’s Spencer. I was hoping to ask you for a favor . . .” 
Tag List:  
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inarizahki · an hour ago
I saw Mafia!Sugawara on your blog and had to jump on. What if reader got kidnapped by Karasuno and she ends up falling for him because he’s the only one who treats her decently 🤪
idk why that emoji sent me anyways yeah that’s stockholm bb but here you go slkdjKSJD
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, stockholm syndrome, dubcon, oral, foot worship
Tumblr media
he’s bigger than you thought he would be.
the ache in your jaw is a sign of that as you bob your head up and down the length of the grey-haired man’s cock, your walls clenching down on nothing as wetness seeps into your panties. there’s no relief for you, not when your wrists are still handcuffed behind your back.
this isn’t what you expected you would be doing—at least, not willingly—when men spilling from a screeching van had snatched you right off the streets, blindfolding you and slapping a pair of metal cuffs on your wrists. but your saving grace had come in the form of a smiling Sugawara Koushi, a man who treated you with nothing but kindness even when his colleagues were far from gentle with you.
it wasn’t hard for you to drop to your knees for him. 
you weren’t ignorant, you saw how he looked at you sometimes. and after weeks of being held captive, your initial feelings towards him, combined with your boredom, had turned into a different monster altogether.
“fuck,” Sugawara sighs from above you, one hand fisting into your hair as you take him deeper into your mouth. standing with his back pushed against your cell’s door, just in case any of his men or even his boss tries to walk in, he leans his head back, closing his eyes and breathing out, “you’re good at this, angel. who else have you done this with, hm?”
his words have you moving your hips, trying to get some sort of friction. you nearly cry from relief when the man above you slides a foot between your thighs and you grind down on it desperately, chasing your own pleasure.
Sugawara laughs breathlessly at your eagerness and the sight of drool and spit pooling in the corners of your mouth, dripping down your chin. “greedy little thing.”
your eyes water when his hips jerk forward, driving the head of his cock further down your throat and making you gag. his cock is heavy on your tongue, a mildly salty taste flooding your mouth as you lick the underside of his length. he must be getting close; both of his hands are on your head now, pushing down when only one had just been resting there before. wet sounds—of his cock pistoning in and out your throat, balls slapping against your chin—fill the room, mixing with your choked off whimpers and whines.
when you finally swallow around him, he comes with a silent groan, pushing your head down all the way so he can spill his load down your throat. his eyes flutter shut again and his head drops back to lean against the door.
“that was amazing,” he sighs, opening his eyes and smiling down at you. “you did so well.”
“Koushi,” a different voice, accompanied by a heavy sigh, comes from behind the door, and heat rushes into your cheeks when you recognize the voice that belongs to Sugawara’s boss, “you finished?”
Sugawara looks a little startled, ears pinking. you find it a little fascinating, considering how unashamed he had been just moments earlier while stuffing your mouth full with his cock. he glances down at you, eyes softening a little at the sight of you—on your knees, looking up at him with watery eyes—before he gently brushes a palm across your cheek.
“yeah, for now.”
Tumblr media
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edosianorchids901 · 2 hours ago
You want fish? I’ll give you fish
Prompt for Ace Omens May Flash Fishtion - “rain of fish”
Aziraphale relaxed in the Bentley’s passenger seat and gave a contented sigh. Crowley’s inevitably hectic, breakneck driving no longer sent him into a tizzy. Oh, he still complained quite loudly whenever they dashed between cars or nearly annihilated pedestrians, but he’d adapted. In fact, he rather enjoyed their drives, particularly because he could just sit and gaze at Crowley for long, uninterrupted stretches of time.
 And then he was, in fact, interrupted by a loud wet thump against the top of the car. He jumped, and Crowley let out a string of colorful profanity.
 Several more thumps followed in quick succession. “Goodness, what is that?” Aziraphale asked, twisting to look out the window. Dark blobs rained down all around them and splatted against the ground.
 “Shit shit shit.” Crowley yanked on the wheel, and the Bentley skidded off the side of the road. Once the car screeched to a halt, he leapt out, snapping his fingers.
 Aziraphale scrambled out as well and looked up. Crowley had miracled protection over them and the Bentley, shielding them from the torrent of mysterious projectiles. Now, he was pacing around the car, muttering and smoothing out dents.
 “This is rather unusual,” Aziraphale said, still completely baffled as to what exactly was falling from the sky. And then he looked at the wriggling forms all around them. “Are…are those fish?”
 “Mm.” Crowley wrinkled his nose in distaste. “I forgot.”
 Aziraphale blinked at him. “I’m sorry, my dear, you forgot? You forgot what?”
 Crowley hooked his thumbs in his pockets and rocked his weight from one foot to the other, gnawing on his lip. “Y’know how we had a bit to drink earlier?”
 “Just a bit,” Aziraphale replied, pursing his lips as he thought about the five empty bottles. It had been a thoroughly enjoyable, if overindulgent, afternoon. “You got rather enthusiastic, as I recall.”
 “Ah, I sobered up before driving. ‘S not the point. Point is, you said you wanted fish—sushi—and I was really drunk, and...”
 Realization and amusement slammed into Aziraphale as fish bounced off the invisible barrier. “Did you really miracle a rain of fish because I wanted sushi? And on a more important note, I think you missed quite dramatically. Your generous gift is falling from the sky several minutes from our cottage.”
 “Yeah, yeah. I noticed I missed. Was drunk.” Crowley made another face and snapped his fingers, halting the cascade of scaly creatures. “Guess I better, uh…clean this up or something.”
 Aziraphale glanced at the aftermath, shook his head, and gently shooed all the fish back to their homes via miracle. “While I appreciate the thought,” he said, struggling to suppress laughter, “I prefer my fish prepared at home or a restaurant rather than scattered all over the road.”
 “Ngh,” Crowley said, cheeks flushed. “Get back in the car, angel.”
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realbumblecrumble · 2 hours ago
Just a small comfort fic for @thatkidwholikesthunderbirds :D
There was only one thing he loved as much as his brothers, and that was swimming. He did it every day, once in the morning, and sometimes once in the evening to release the day's stress.
Sometimes his brothers and sister joined him.
Sometimes he swam alone. But he didn't mind. It gave him time to think.
But today he had Scott and Alan with him. Virgil was away on a trip, and Kayo was elsewhere. His brothers were enjoying themselves in the deeper end of the pool while he stayed in the shallower end, happy to just watch them. It wasn't too often Scott just had time to relax and have fun.
There was a small, strained smile on the aquanaut, and his thoughts slipped back to the morning. God.. His smile disappeared faster than John's pancakes in the morning. The Hood had decoded to try and get their ships again, only for Three to get damaged.
Alan had been devastated, but Brains was already working his magic on the ship. It was up to the brothers to keep the youngster distracted. Scott was nailing the task like the pro he was. Gordon, not so much.
Time to change that.
Taking a deep breath, Gordon silently slipped under the surface and glided towards the duo, smirking as he tapped Alan's legs and swam off. The resulting screech nearly made him laugh.
He popped up out of the water behind them, laughing freely. "I should've recorded that!"
"GORDON!" Alan made a leap for the blond, only to hit the water when he moved.
Gordon grinned and tacked the eldest, who was inching away. "Oh no you don't!"
The brunette yelped and went under.
If they all came in soaking and exhausted but bearing big grins, Virgil and John said nothing, they merely smiled.
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mxmaelstrom · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ten minutes ago, the birds had been chirping away like they usually did.
Now they were silent.
Then they heard the clicking and screeching.
They jumped into action, all spinning round to try to spot the Clickers, peering through trees and foliage to see if they could even glimpse them yet, hands gravitating to weapons.
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miashimaa · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairings: Midoriya x POC Fem! Reader, Bakugou x POC Fem! Reader, Kaminari x POC Fem! Reader
Warnings: Fluff, Slight Cursing, VV scared fathers.
A/n: I just thought about this a few days ago and thought it would be so funny so why not💀.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Manz came home so tired
Today was a tough day for him
He just wanted to shower, eat then sleep and cuddle up into you
And that was the plan
Until he walked thru the front door,,,
And heard screaming🚶🏽‍♀️
He stood there like “😀”
“Babe..!” He called out while taking his shoes off at the door
He heard another shriek and then yelling
He was literally so confused
He walked further into the house and literally when he was ‘bout to round the corner guess what he see??
He sees your kids high key beelining outta the bathroom
all 3 of them, both sons and daughter,,
the oldest being 6 which was your oldest son, then your other son was 4 and then your daughter was 1
they were all just running (and crawling) around the house naked for no god damn reason
And when he walked in the bathroom chileeeee
he found you slumped over the tub looking tired asf
“Izuku Midoriya..” you rasped out
He froze up so quick
“Y—yes my love..!” He answered
You got up and threw the towel
“Go get ya kids before I whoop they ass"
He sighed and dropped his head
Now the kids was jus playing but when they heard that..
Chile they couldn’t have moved quicker
Your 6 year old son picked up your daughter and practically skipped his ass to the bathroom with his brother right behind him
Tumblr media
Now idk what he thought was gon happen
Cuz him and everybody else know y’all’s kids are demon spawns
With his 6 year old daughter and son mmcht.
And he thought it wouldn’t be a problem to just leave you alone wit them
Without saying a god damn thang
Like fr you turned around to ask this man for sumn and he was gone
You was ready to beat his ass
And at this point ya kids too
Cuz they was running around with they nappy head and crust still in they eyes
And you was sitting here trying to catch they bad asses
It ain’t help either that they was using they quirks to run from you
“Lord Jesus don’t make me commit murder in this house” you said to yourself.
You decided you was gon call their father cuz you wasn’t gon put up wit this
When he answered,, nigga ain’t get one word in before shit started happening again
“Katsuki get yo ass home and take care of your kids before I buss they lil hard ass heads open”
He then heard the screams of the twins in the background playing and laughing
“Damn it fine I’m coming” he said gruffly
He moved so fast cuz he knows you don’t have patience when the kids act like this
Maneee he came home with the speed and swooped them kids up so fast
“You know your mother is crazy why the hell are you two provoking her?!” He said
“We didn’t wanna go to mommy!” Your daughter said
“Nigga bathe them yourselves ‘cause they testin’ my patience” you said as you walked away to the kitchen
Bakugou just shook his head and laughed at you
“You see what you two little bad asses did? You better go tell her your sorry after I’m done” he said gruffly
They jus made up they faces like he be doing as Bakugou took them to the bedroom.
Tumblr media
Hell he’d be screaming for his own life when you get mad
So basically them kids on they own
Chile you was trying to feed your 4 month and 3 year old sons
And they don’t got a speck of seriousness in them for nothing
Even if they little mannn with Kami personality in them they for sure don’t take shit seriously at all
So that’s how your kitchen table and the wall next you is full of baby food, mashed potatoes and chicken gravy
You was so mad
“DENKI KAMINARI!!” You screamed in frustration.
My man came galloping down hall at the sound of his full name
“BABE?! WHAT’S WRONG?! AM I IN TROUBLE?” he screeched while turning the corner, going into the kitchen
“No but your sons boutta make me rip my hair out..” you told him, leaning back in your chair
“My sons?” He questioned, walking into the room
“Yes your sons. They acting like you right now so no these ain’t my kids,, they yours” you say looking up at him
You turn to see both of them bobbing their little heads of blonde hair and giggling
“Babe please feed them.. cuz if they slap these spoons outta my hand one more time—“
“Ok ok calm down I’ll feed them! Go wash off” he cuts you off and says before you can say anything else
You nod and get up and kiss him then walk away
Kaminari turns and looks at the boys
“You like making life difficult for mommy don’t you?” He says while laughing
The boys giggled
He laughed with them then sat down at the table
“Don’t worry I do too!” He laughed
“I HEARD THAT!” you called out
“SORRY MAAM!” Denki cried, not wanting to get in trouble with you
Tumblr media
©Property of Miashimaa. Please don’t rectify, repost or modify without my permission. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.
Taglist: @develith @uniquabackyardigans @unfazedrose @kiribis-confesion-page @darylthekidd @gm4176 @blackweebtrash @erensbbg @shamwizzy @kloudyisdepressed (Open ! click here to be added!)
Tumblr media
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arianadevareux · 4 hours ago
Ed trying to steal you away from Bruce when he sees how much Bruce likes you. (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Part 1
(For  KaibaSlaveGirl34 on AO3)  
Edward wasn’t surprised that you rejected his offer for dinner that evening, but he did feel a great deal of satisfaction after you agreed to meet with him another time. The ever present petty part of him wanted the two of you to leave arm in arm, mid-party. The headlines would mock Bruce’s loss and rejoice in your superior choice. 
Nonetheless, he’d still be leaving with your phone number. 
When Harvey showed up, Edward saw the perfect opportunity in front of him. After his initial annoyance at the spontaneous attack, he started scheming.
“Say, Harvey, since you so graciously decided to ruin my party, why don’t you help me have a little fun?”
Tumblr media
Like the other guests, you were trying to get away from the chaos. While navigating the room, trying not to get trampled while you calmly headed toward an exit, A pair of Harvey’s goons halted your exit. You tried your best to fend them off, but they managed to take you to him.
“Let’s see how much Brucey boy will pay to keep you safe. How’s that sound?”
The next several minutes went like a blur; you were dragged away, Batman arrived to try to save the day, he got buried in sand, and Harvey and his remaining conscious goons made off with you. 
“Hold it right there!” The last thing you were expecting was Ed to come to your aid. It was difficult to see from your position - slung over the back of one of the aforementioned goons - but it sounded like Ed was taking them out. At least, that’s what you were hoping for. 
Once the thug dropped you, you had a pretty clear picture of what had happened. “Edward?”
He was now facing off with Two-Face. Edward was fighting against the villain to take hold of his weapon. In the scuttle, it went off and Edward let out a screech. “You shot me!” A good punch right in the nose knocked Harvey back, and Edward, now limping, scared him off before coming to help untie you.
“How did you... Wow, thank you, Edward.”
He helped you up, wincing slightly, and gave you a triumphant grin. “So, how about that dinner?”
“I think, first, the hospital. Your foot’s  bleeding. A lot.” 
Edward looked down, then back up again, down again, then back up. “Y/N, what’s black, white, and red all over?”
“A newspaper?”
“Yes, but no. Right now it’s my foot and shoe, covered in blood.”
“Right. Let’s go call an ambulance.” 
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jhonievanboeijen · 4 hours ago
3th of May 2021.
It has been a long trip but we have finally arrived at the Charlottenberg Shopping centre, one day earlier than expected by accident cause all the other grocery stores on our way here were already closed. Chantal and I have been driving for 1338 kilometres and we already had such a trip, we had to get tested for Covid-19, we saw inactive border control at the border in Germany with a massive test site next to it. We got questioned at the Danish border is we had drugs in our car for more than three times while they had the drug dog and standby, and we have seen a phenomenal sunsets while we were crossing the Øresundbron. We had a stay in an Airbnb in Malmö, and a tremendous change in landscape.
We decided to go to the Hypermat because that one was open until 22:00, we just needed some dinner, breakfast for the morning and maybe something to drink. We drove past the mall we were going to visit the next day and when we drove by we were amazed by how big it was. The Hypermat was at a different parking lot and we saw that the shopping centre was split into two buildings. We parked the car on a mainly empty parking lot but were not surprised due to the time of arrival, we got a shopping card and ran inside. Once we had entered the Hypermat we were shocked by how big this supermarket was, how much products they had and how cheap certain items were. I was amazed, this store was about three times the size as the big Albert Heijn near my house and almost three times as high. For the first time Chantal and I did not have with finding something vegetarian to eat, we did both have an issue with picking something because of the amounts of choices we had. We got some dinner, some breakfast and a snack, before we went back to the car. We also didn’t want to spend too much time already in this supermarket because tomorrow we will have all the time in the world. We paid for our groceries and went back to our mobile home near the ski resort. We cooked and had dinner, took a shower and got ready to go to bed.
Something that keeps on going through my mind is the fact that when we drove here we have hardly seen any people. These stores are built for customers from Norway, how is it possible that this store is still so packed with products? Maybe the Norwegians still come here via their work? Did the economy recover? I remember hardly seeing any fresh produce, of didn’t I look well enough? Maybe I was overwhelmed by the size of the store and overly excited. Let’s see tomorrow, my head is overflowing with thoughts and I cannot make any connections anymore. I feel I’m starting to drift off, I notice how tired my body is when I hear a loud screech next to my window, immediately after it is dead silent. I turn around and put the blanket over my head, I don’t know what the sound was I just heard, but I do know I am not willing to figure that one out tonight.
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sheerxfiction · 5 hours ago
Quiet [Zebra X Reader]
Description: You are a quiet type of person. At least most of the time. When people get to know you and deserve to see your sass, oh boy do they see it. Especially when you polar opposite of a human being friend is the one trying to edge you on to crack under his annoyances.
A/N: Did I slam this out while sitting on the floor? Absolutely. The lack of Toriko content is still infuriating to me so I'm hoping revamping and moving these bitches to tumblr brings life back into the fandom because fuck me do I ever miss it.
You never really had a whole lot of friends in your life. You were a relatively quiet person, so you never exactly made the effort to chase after people for their friendship. Those who were friends with you were incredibly patient, and really committed themselves to that role despite how soft spoken you were, never turned away by your quiet nature as true friends would do. Having only a couple friends was no issue to you and you were quite satisfied in that state; but then you met Toriko one day, and your friend group began to grow at a rapid rate. Being introduced to Coco, Sunny, Rin, Komatsu, and many others now, you found your circle being filled with loud and boisterous people that you never expected to know. The lot of them weren’t bothered by how quiet you were, nor were they offended like many other people in the past. In fact, thanks to their openness and how friendly they were, you became a lot more open as a person, speaking more often in conversation amongst them. Everyone you met soon became privileged enough to hear your sassy side, and it brought them all so much delight and laughter when you put your foot down on someone who was deserving of a verbal lashing. It was unexpected the first time, but soon they realised your quietness was what allowed you to get creative with the insults, sending rude individuals off in shame after getting obliterated by your choice of words.
Then one day, you met someone who was a complete polar opposite to you; the type of person you never thought you’d encounter in your lifetime. Toriko introduced you to a man by the name of Zebra: the loudest man you’ve ever heard, and possibly the noisiest thing on this planet. Seeing as he was recently released from prison, the man felt the need to ‘stretch his voice’ pretty much all the time, which was what made that contrast between the two of you even more apparent. He, like many others, was offended by your silence in situations where he wanted to make himself heard and known, your lack of reaction driving him bat shit crazy.
Zebra immediately went into a rampage the first time he met you; yelling and calling you cocky for keeping your cool and being silent despite his outrageous outbursts, seemingly trying his damnedest to instil some form of fear in you. In that first meeting though, you only snorted at his antics and walked off after his comment, causing him to go into an uproar about how you were ignoring him. You found the entire thing hilarious, chuckling as you engaged in casual conversation with Toriko and the others. Eventually when the brute decided to calm himself, he too slowly became integrated in the conversation, quickly realising that he would never get a response out of you or anyone else if he kept losing his mind in front of his friends.
Despite his nature, you liked him and his attitude from the start, even if he was in drastic contrast with you. You didn’t know exactly why, you just simply did. For months Zebra kept being as loud and as insulting as he possibly could, just to see if he could break through to you or even get a tiny rise out of you at all. It all seemed to be an impossible task though, every instance of his incessant screeching being brushed off by you like it was no big deal with a tiny laugh. It was honestly quite infuriating to him; not being able to bother you in the slightest with any of his threats or outbursts being such an odd occurrence to him.
Eventually though, Zebra put a great amount of effort into trying to break down your rock-solid barrier of silence, yelling and cursing at you for at least a solid ten minutes in succession. You were simply having a meal and just so happened to be in the same room as him, which gave him an excuse to terrorise you. You had become relatively good friends by now, so of course he would go great lengths just to attempt to irritate you. He approached you and sat at your table, growling at what you were eating, how you were sitting, and finding new and creative insults on your quiet nature to throw around here and there. You had just about had enough of him talking your ear off during your meal though, and you took in a deep breath before you finally decided to interrupt his rambling for the first time in the months since you met him.
“Oh shut the HELL UP ZEBRA!” You screamed, your voice passing a decibel level no one thought a person as collected as you could be capable of surpassing.
Zebra went silent simply out of pure shock. It wasn’t shock from your retaliation against him though, but instead by how incredibly loud you were when you did so. “When could you…” Zebra slowly began to question, his own voice now fairly quiet due to his surprise.
“I’m a human being. I can raise my voice quite loudly whenever I need to.” You answered simply in your normal tone. “It really isn’t that shocking of a concept.”
“But you’re so… so quiet all the time.”
“Yes, and you unfortunately are not.” You shot back.
Zebra growled and narrowed his eyes at you. “You better not be getting cocky _______.” He grumbled with hostility in his voice.
“Oh no I am gonna get cocky. But you should seriously consider trying the quiet thing more often. It’s healthier for you, and you’re a lot cuter when you aren’t shattering the god damn sound barrier with your voice.” You commented.
Hearing the word ‘cute’ as a descriptor for him in the same sentence made him pause, still looking at you with narrowed eyes. Slowly his cheek began to take on a pinkish tint, warming up as they gradually deepened in colour. He could feel the heat rise, and being flustered irritated him even more.
“Shut… Shut the fuck up.” He stammered poorly as he failed to raise his voice. “Quick being so fucking cocky.”
You could stop yourself from laughing now, having turned his attitude completely around with a few simple words.
“Well would you look at that. Who knew that I would be the only one who could tame the big bad Zebra and get him to quiet down.” You chuckled.
He was definitely silent now, completely flustered and reduced to grumbling incoherent words that were more than likely some sort of insult. He didn’t want to shout at you at this point in time, but he was frustrated and wanted to show that in some way to make it known that you were irritating to him. This made you grin, and you got up from your chair to approach him across your table as he sat there sulking, staring at you with eyes that attempted to maintain an assertive look about them.
“Yeah, you’re definitely cuter when you’re quiet.” You said with a low tone, leaning over and kissing him.
Zebra didn’t expect that in the slightest, his blush flaring up tenfold from being caught off guard. He damn near fell out of the chair he was sitting in but caught himself on the table, you leaning in more to make sure he felt every bit of your kiss. You thought for sure that he would’ve shoved you away by now, but it was a welcome surprise to have him maintain the contact with you. Surprisingly, his lips were incredibly soft for a man so scarred, even where the gnarled flesh met the rest of his skin. Clearly he took care of himself behind the scenes. It was pleasant, and he even kissed you back a little which made your heart spark with a surprised delight. Eventually though you pulled away, looking into his eyes which had all but lost that hostile gaze about them.
“So, will you quit being so obnoxious around me, Zebra-san?” You questioned, raising a brow as you leaned casually on the table.
“... On one condition.” He answered, starting off with a bargain.
“You have to… be my partner. In both senses. As my chef, and as… mine.” He said in the quietest voice you’d ever heard him utter.
You could only chuckle, pleased with his request. “Of course! We’d make a great combo.” You agreed. “Everyone will be happy to hear this. You make it so obvious that you’ve got a crush, so everyone will be glad to see that painful little dance over with.” You then grinned, stepping back from the table with a wink.
“Oh fuck right off.”
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bakubitch-minusultra · 5 hours ago
Why Do You Love Me (Katsuki Bakugo
sO wHy Do YoU wHy dO yOu WhY dO yOu LoVe Me anywho heres a short fic bc my mental health has been absolute trash and i need a way to project my feelings without actually projecting my feelings l o l
“Why can’t you see that I fucking love you?!” Bakugo shouted as he shot up from where he had been sitting on the couch. These fights weren’t uncommon for you and Bakugo. But this time you were fighting in front of two of his friends. Both Sero and Kirishima looked at the two of you as you both got in each other’s faces. Bakugo truly loved you, he really did. But between your constant neglect and your excuse being because you don’t really love me was bound to make the poor boy snap at some point. These fights usually ended in about five minutes, with Bakugo apologizing and leaving a soft kiss on your forehead as he leaves to go stay with a friend. He always said it was his fault you don’t trust, that you’ve done nothing wrong. Even when you’d screech at him and hit him to the point that the neighbors have to call the cops. It always ended with him taking the blame and the damage to his reputation, while you remained unscathed, untouched, and content.
This fight was no different than the others, Bakugo simply offered you a seat on his lap as the four of you watched a movie. But you declined, stating that he didn’t love you, and prompted to sit in between Kirishima and Sero. But them being the loving friends that they are, told you that you shouldn’t sit between them. Now you and Bakugo are fighting again and the others don't know how to react.
“Because Bakugo you don’t love me! That’s why!” The hot tears in your eyes began to flow down and you felt your temples start to ache as you kept your jaw clenched. It was a subconscious way for you to guilt trip him. Any other time he’d stop then and there. He hated seeing you cry. But now he was genuinely pissed and heart broken. You chose his friends over him because of your sick delusions that Bakugo constantly tried to break away from. Sharp, fast crackling noises filled the room along with a faint smell of smoke and caramel.
“Woah man c’mon don’t-” Kirishima started because of the split second fear that Bakugo was going to hit his significant other, but the crackling stopped and all that could be heard were the sniffles Kirishima and Sero assumed came from you. But now, the tears were coming from the one that was truly hurt.
“IF YOU SAY I DON’T LOVE YOU THE FUCKING FINE I WON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE!” Bakugo quickly pushed past you as you stood there dazed, not fully comprehending what just happened. Bakugo continued to ignore both Kiri and Sero as they tried their best to attempt to sort this out. “Kiri you’re my ride home. I’ll wait in the car.” The door slammed behind him and everything went silent.
ask me questions!!
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marvelousmsmol · 7 hours ago
Marichat May Day 11 - Take a Break
Summary: Alya and Nino have had a hard time convincing Marinette to get away from her sewing machine for their friend group trip to the South of France. Luckily, a certain cat is willing to step in and help.
“I’m just a little worried. She doesn’t want to go at all,” Alya whispered to Nino as Adrien approached. They were all supposed to meet after school to discuss plans for their trip together at the start of summer break. 
“What are you talking about?” Adrien asked as he sat down on the bench next to them. 
Both Nino and Alya frowned. “Marinette doesn’t want to go on the trip with us because she says she has a lot of stuff she needs to work on.” 
Alya was saying something else after that, but whatever it was, Adrien didn’t hear. A plan was formulating in his mind, perhaps no a complete plan- and maybe not even a good one- but a plan nonetheless. 
Marinette was going to come on the trip with them. Adrien was going to make sure of it.
As Chat perched on top of the roof across from Marinette’s house, he was astounded by just how long someone could spend cooped up in their room. He had been waiting since this morning for Marinette to come outside and so far nothing had happened at all. If he listened close enough, he could hear the sound of her sewing machine running, and it had been for four hours straight. 
Just when he was about to give up, the noise stopped. Chat leaned farther forward to see if he could see her through the window and watched as Marinette opened the trap door to leave her room and walk down the stairs. He tried to push down the excitement he felt. It was go time, and Chat was sure this would work.
Marinette waved goodbye to her parents as she left the bakery, stepping out onto the sidewalk. Chat stood to his feet, bouncing up and down a few times to psych himself up before jumping onto the street below, standing directly behind her. 
Marinette screeched in surprise as Chat scooped her up into his arms, but she had no time to protest as he launched off the ground and back up onto the rooftops of Paris. For the first few seconds, Marinette fidgeted slightly in his arms and he had to work hard not to drop her. Eventually, she stilled, her arms wrapped around her neck with her eyes locked on the ground below. 
“What the hell are you doing?!” Marinette screeched at him. She looked about ready to throttle his neck, but thankfully was holding back.
“A little birdy told me that you’re planning on cooping yourself up in your room all summer,” Chat said. “I have to tell you, I was appalled at the news.” “Who even told you that?” She asked, rolling her eyes.
“Your friends,” Chat answered. “Who have been working so hard to plan a fun trip for all of you, by the way, and really want you to go with them.”
“So, what? They asked you to kidnap me?” Marinette scoffed. “Force me to go.”
“Well, they didn’t ask,” Chat said. He landed safely on one of the rooftops, still holding Marinette in his arms as he unhooked his baton from his back. Holding it perpendicular to the ground, he began to extend it further and further, till they were perched high up above the city. “I simply decided to take matters into my own hands.”
“Take me back down right now!” Marinette shouted, clinging to him tighter as she looked at how far the distance to the ground was.
“It’d be a lot less scary if you kept your eyes on me,” Chat told her, but she still kept her gaze locked on the ground. “Marinette, look at me. Okay, look at me. Please.” 
Slowly, Marinette turned her eyes toward him, taking deep breaths as her mouth hung open slightly in shock. “Why- why did you bring me up here?”
“We both know you have a tendency to get stuck in your head,” Chat said. “You can have a one-track mind sometimes, and maybe that makes you forget a few things… like the fact that your friends really want to spend summer break with you. That I do.” 
“I have so much to do,” Marinette protested.
“You’ve got time. You always have time,” Chat assured her. Slowly he began bringing them back to the ground. 
Once they were both steadily standing back on their feet, Chat released Marinette completely from his arms. She stepped away, taking a few deep breaths, and, without warning, turned back around and punched him in the arm. Chat hissed in pain. “That’s for kidnapping me,” Marinette said, glaring at him. Her gaze softened. “But you’re right. I could maybe slow down just a little bit.”
Still clutching his arm as it smarted with pain, Chat managed to smile at her. “Thank you.” 
Marinette clasped her hands behind her back, rocking back and forth from the balls of her feet to her heels. “So,” she drawled, “you said that you wanted to spend time with me, too. Might that maybe involve not holding me hostage five hundred feet above the city?” 
“Well, that depends,” Chat said, pursing his lips. “Did you happen to have anything in mind?”
“Ice cream, maybe?” Marinette asked, shrugging her shoulders. “Right now?”
Chat responded by scooping her up in his arms again as Marinette let out a giggle, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Why not?” Chat asked. “I’ve not nowhere else I’d rather be at the moment.”
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