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appleziel · 7 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Izuku & Yagi Toshinori | All Might Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shouto, Class 1-A (My Hero Academia), Class 1-B (My Hero Academia), Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Todoroki Enji | Endeavor, Sensei | All For One, Original Male Character(s) Additional Tags: Mind Control, Mind Control Aftermath & Recovery, Time Travel, Hurt Midoriya Izuku, Class 1-A as Family (My Hero Academia), Past Rape/Non-con, Post-Season/Series 05 Summary:
On December 24, an unexpected incident with an illegally-boosted quirk user launches several members of the U.A. High School faculty three years into the future. They expect the world they arrive in to be largely similar to the one they left behind.
It's not.
That's because on December 23, while visiting his home residence during winter break, Izuku Midoriya is abducted by a man with a powerful brainwashing quirk.
For the displanted U.A. faculty members, it's only been the blink of an eye.
For Izuku Midoriya, it's been three nightmarish years serving as a tool of mass destruction under the thumb of a power-hungry criminal tyrant. Now, it's up to the faculty to help Izuku and his former classmates fight back against a criminal empire led by a seemingly unstoppable villain...while finding their way home to prevent the terrible future from happening in the first place.
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nyctophilla-nightmares · 34 minutes ago
hi did the artists' works you're using in your fics allowed you to repost/use with no credit?? bc its incredibly rude to do that to artists, just asking for confirmation!
Ah yes! Ofc don't worry I almost every time credit artists at the end of my fics it's prolly the tohma one that i couldnt give credit cuz i found it on Pinterest and there was no name under it, it was just the "from mobile Twitter" but honestly pls dont worry i would never want to take another person's credit, and especially for art works. 🛐🏳
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sunlit-squid · 2 hours ago
(whispers from a distance) “never be your friend” will be updated either late this tuesday or early this wednesday. i got super busy with real life stuff and also this chapter was. really hard to write 
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florenceisfalling · 2 hours ago
"please don't leave me here" with jackie and anyone? 👀
i wish i had a record of when you sent this ask but im pretty sure it was over a year ago. anyway now that you have like zero investment in this fandom anymore, here's saidi/mantodea again
i literally watched like 15 videos abt electric locks for this but i didn't want to try to describe "bridging contact points" and shit in a tense scene so u got,, an attempt here. also i barely talk about jackie so to those who dont know: he's in a long fight against an ex-friend of his named daniel who owns a really shitty corrupt company. anyway
Jackie's heart is beating like a drum, like a hammer, like the hand he hears slamming against the door in front of him.
"Hoodie!" Mantodea's muffled voice screams, "I know you're there! Don't leave me in here, asshole!"
Smoke is rising all around him, knocked over shelves spilling out their contents on the grey concrete floor. It smells acrid in here, and it's getting hard to breathe; the heat presses as a vice on Jackie's face. Yet he hesitates, his gloved hand not quite grabbing the door handle. This could be a trick, couldn't it?
As if on cue, there's another bang from the other side of the door, followed by a yelp - it must be hot to the touch. The voice returns, most the rage sapped from it and replaced by panic, "Please don't leave me here!"
That settles it. JB reaches out, trying the door handle and being stopped by the metal click of the lock. Shit. It's electric, now-melting rubber buttons sticking out of it, and he doesn't have a code. He doesn't have time to get a code.
He decides on the age-old method of bashing the crap out of it with his baton.
The metal dents and bends under the pressure until a seam eventually splits and he can jam his fingers inside. He rips off the lock's cover plate and lets it clatter to the ground. The flames that dance across the book shelves and walls are licking at his back now, drawing closer on the floor and making it hard to see past the blurry tears in his eyes. He fumbles around in the maze of metal and wires for a minute until he manages to pull back the spring of the lock, yanking the door open before the metal pin can slide back in place to crush his fingers.
Mantodea stumbles forward, gasping in relief and grabbing his shoulders to keep herself stable. Cursing and shaking, she waves around an unmarked folder before she drops one side of it, letting every page fall out. "Blank! They're all fucking blank, it was a trap!"
She coughs and the folder is shoved into Jackie's chest, where it, too, slides to the ground. To keep her up, he wraps his arm around her and starts to move towards the exit; he feels a sudden burst of gratefulness for the masks they both wear over their mouths and noses.
While JB has his eyes set on getting out, Mantodea looks ready to kick and scream and snap someone's neck. "I - I can't believe I thought it'd be that easy- th-they nearly killed me! And it's all for nothing, the stupid pages are blank!"
The duo scrambles over broken pieces of furniture covered in flames, barely breathing through the smoke and barely keeping themselves from the scalding heat. Jackie swears he can feel blisters forming on the few exposed parts of his body, but finally they reach the door with the glowing EXIT sign, and they tumble into the street with raspy coughs and wheezes.
After a few minutes of catching their breath and dialing the fire and rescue service, Jackie finally and exhaustedly pipes up, "Why did you care about the pages? Wouldn't you... wouldn't you want those company files destroyed?"
Mantodea glares at him, some of her now-singed hair hanging in her eyes. "You... you think I'm on Daniel's side? Jesus, no. Whoever baited you here lied to me, too."
Jackie sighs with relief despite himself at the confirmation that she's on his side. She doesn't stand on enemy lines like he thought, oh, there's hope in the world.
But that leaves other problems.
"We have to get out of here," she says, a snarl marring her face.
"Wait, wh-why? The fire brigade will be here, and then-"
She shakes her head and raises her hand to stop him. "No, no, you don't understand. Daniel's been trying to smear you and me both, remember? Who do you think he's going to blame this arson on?"
A few moments of silence, followed by a short and simple "...Oh."
They leave the street in quite a hurry after that.
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chicoree · 2 hours ago
Random fact but I was actually debating about counseling/therapy to come to terms with emotional abuse and cheating by previous ex bfs and I was like ‘nah it can wait plus it costs money and I think I can deal with them later’ but reading BFB actually pushed me into stopping myself from being a dumbass and choosing to better myself despite what I’ve experienced, with firstly getting help from a counselor. Oh and the Atsumu content’s a plus because he’s my favorite LMAO.
Okay fuck your ex boyfriends drop their names I'm gonna go beat them tf up (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ Or I'll hold them and you can ream 'em out.
I'm proud of you for taking the first step, though!!! Honestly, therapy can work wonders and it's a big decision to make, so seriously. Proud of you. I hope that it helps and that you come out stronger, happier, and healthier!!!!
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kingdomofdrawings · 2 hours ago
Here some informations about my TPN x Genshin Impact
We start with Norman:
Tumblr media
(Watch our for some Spoilers for Genshin Impact story)
- Norman is an Adepti
- Rex Lapis found him when he was only a baby
- Since then he became Norman’s dad
- For obvious reasons, Norman doesn’t talk much about the fact that Morax, the Geo Archon, is his dad
- But it doesn’t change the fact that he love his dad
- He consider Xiao and Ganyu like his big brother and big sister
- Madam Ping was the one to take care of Norman when his dad, the Geo Archon, has important thing to do and couldn’t take care of him
- When Rex Lapis was announced as dead during the Rite of Descension, Norman didn’t want to believe it
- To try to not think about the fact that his dad was now dead, he did the most work possible
- One day when he was doing some chores for his grandma, Madam Ping, he ran into a particular girl with emerald eyes and hair the color of fire
That’s it for now for Norman and this Au
Don’t worry, it won’t take long for me to post the next part
Anyway, Hope you like it
Comments, Likes and Shares are really appreciated Please do not repost without permission first and without giving credit
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the-dreadful-canine · 2 hours ago
Absolutely not belated Six Sentence Sunday 👀
Thank you for the tag @oxygenforthewicked and @emerald-amidst-gold 💕
Tumblr media
Snippet of a future chapter. Because person A taking care of sick person B is my favorite trope. [uhhh, spoilers ahead?]
Worry buds and spreads in my chest like wild vines the closer I get to the edge of the village, my eyes not finding Solas in any of his usual spots. He isn't not at the herbs garden, nor is he sunning in front of his house, he isn't even at the battlefields where he occasionally stops by to silently judge the recruits.
Maybe he's at my cabin, we are supposed to train today so it would make sense for him to fetch me there" I try to reason with myself, not believing my words for a second and already picking up my pace. Solas is a creature of habit, he would not change his routine out of the blue.
I step inside my cabin long enough to grab my staff and dart back the way I came, this time reaching out for him and getting only a weak echo back. Please be sleeping, I repeat like a mantra as I make my way to his house.
The last ember of hope for his well-being is doused by the way his aura, always a solid presence is now giving in like the slush under my boots and oozing from underneath the door.
I raise my fist to knock, but as soon as I touch the wood the door opens, unlocked. And with no wards. I push it open and it catches on something that keeps the door from opening all the way, but the gap is enough for me to squeeze trough.
The sight at the other side of the door makes me bite back a colorful stream of words: the weight pushing back at the door was no one else than a sweat-covered, panting and worryingly red-faced Solas. His body was bent in an odd angle on the floor like he barely made it to the door before passing out.
I know it's supposed to be six sentences but it's Monday and therefore I refuse to math 😌
Can we even tag if we're late to the party? If you're reading this and wanna do it too, I just tagged you to a Six Sentence Whenever 🌟
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Wip tag
Thank you for tagging me Kei @blu-riie 💙💙💙 I love the snippet you shared. 😭💙
This is from one of my upcoming COBB fics with autistic Simon and agender Baz:
Simon’s pov
“I choose all my clothes for comfort, no matter the style or the colour, even if it doesn’t fit the ‘norm.’” I can almost hear the quotations when Baz speaks. (Rolling his eyes at the word is a bit of a dead give away too, as they say.)
“I do that too. I haven’t met many people who share this opinion,” I confess, glad that Baz and I seem to understand each other. “Or dare to act upon it.”
“It seems there are more of us out there than we think,” says Baz with a smile. “I have my grandmother to thank for my baldness. Nan isn’t from England. The way she looks, speaks and dresses doesn’t fit in, and people had trouble accepting her, especially when she was younger.”
He pauses and I am not sure what to say. I usually say ‘thank you’ so as not to seem rude but that might not fit here. I nod a bit, hoping he’ll continue and he does.
“But my nan is a very strong woman. She always says ‘It’s not my fault British people are boring,’ and wears the most colourful suit jackets and jumpers with big beautiful roses embroidered over the fabric.”
“Like you,” I say, smiling, remembering all of Baz’s colourful shirts with unique motifs I’ve never seen anyone else wear.
“Like me.” He smiles too.
Share a few sentences or a sketch from your WIP. (No pressure. 💙💙💙) (If I didn't tag you but you want me to tag you next time, let me know and I will.)
Tagging @satsukii @shemakesmeforget @extraordinothing @dreamingkc @otherpeoplesheartachept1 @wellbelesbian @simonsnowsfreckles @asocialpessimist @waywardlesbian @gampyre @banjjakbanjjak @consultingravenclaw221b @lesbianspacedad @tbasilpitch @maybebrilliant @seducing-a-vampire @adamarks @commeunoasis @knittininja @itookthesenseofhumorinthedivorce @palimpsessed @simonsknows @uselessstardust @angelsfalling16 @findingniamho @the-pandora-jar @wolfywordweaver @snowybank @ifsnowbazwerereal @mae-berry @isthisisagoodkiss @milo-fanarts @ineffable-grimm-pitch @great-skies1 @motherscarf @theflyingpeach @nonbaznary @xivz @sourcherrymagiks @vampire-named-gampire @carryonmylovelies and anyone else who wants to do this. 💙💙💙
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raksh-writes · 3 hours ago
Hello lovely! Are you taking requests?
Hello to you too, sweets! ^^
Not at the moment, no, but I thought about it after Im done with my thesis and uni. That depends on how my wrists feel, tho 😔 That said - if you have one, feel free to send it in! 😊 No promises but if it sparks joy or gives me some inspiratiom, I might very well write it - just not too quickly ;p The shorter it could be, the bigher chance I could get to it sooner, too. And if I know right away its not something I'd write, I'll tell you too to let you know ^^
So yeah, not currently, but you can absolutely leave it in my askbox. Always a chance it'll inspire me ^^
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cascreamtiel · 4 hours ago
I eat cheerios because they're heart healthy. and my heart has been severely damaged. so intothesilentland if you're out there-
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impossible-rat-babies · 7 hours ago
Love the amount of crime shows I watched as a child being useful
#in retrospect watching law and order svu as like. a ten year old#wasn’t a good idea but hey. shit happens#im actually writing fhr stuff so that always sticks in my head as these more beat up law and order like. PD stations#where as twc always has a more modern feel to it#high second story ceilings bc it’s a converted warehouse#and the second floor is a lofted space where the captain has his office#and the enclosed offices for the detective and such are along a wall with the large refurbished warehouse style windows in them#and the open area of the office is where the cubicles are with carpet#the front desk area is polished concrete and is visible throughout the whole station#ah shdjdjd it’s a whole layout in my head#the station in the fic isn’t important but the station in twc is. very important LMAO#(it’s in big contrast to how I imagine the Ranger’s headquarters)#which is mostly a stark white walls + polished concrete floors and a lot of glass#with occasional accents of dark wood and greys + Ranger blue#it’s all very. modern art museum in my head#like the talk w Chen in the first book is on this sort of walk/causeway that overlooks four stories down to the main areas below#and out another side is just this partial section of a huge wall that is glass and overlooks the city#and on the higher floors it’s easy to see memorial park#thank you to the number of art museums and the action movies I’ve watched#I always have a picture in my little brain of what a scene looks like and it’s interpreting that scene into writing#which includes the background#but that says something about writers giving enough information to build a picture for the reader#Owen talks
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cxmplexity · 7 hours ago
i may or may not have made a playlist for when y’all read utpt
Tumblr media
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dantteri · 8 hours ago
11 and 22?
hellooo thank you for the ask <3
11. What do I envy in other writers?
brevity. simplicity, flexibility, knowing when to stop planning and start writing. shamelessness, not stressing about the opinions of people who are looking for reasons to hate you anyway, the ability to dive into concepts with no research and no structured plans yet still come out with something that moves and breathes. the ability to infuse value into concepts more happy than painful, to turn slice-of-life into an art, to do something meaningful without a plot. speed. focus. both writing non-sequentially (in the meta form) and using flashbacks. vocabulary. the ability to create atmospheric pain and gloom that feels meaningful and not just self-flagellating.
22. Rereading my old works and how I feel about them:
all the time, to an embarrassing extent. there's this 6-month period where I love what I've written and I reread it often but then it hits the cutoff and I'm like oh....cringe and terrible, this needs rewriting. I've orphaned and anonymised most of my early fics because I can't stand them, plus they were carlando, but when something's fresh I reread it obsessively. the earlier chapters of rallyfic need a total rewrite. it's not a hard and fast timeframe though: fsfic may be the best thing I've ever written and it gets better with each reread, and on the other hand I cringed to reread who was, and is, and is to come just days after I posted it, but I think that has to do with the highly personal nature of the piece.
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patricidesam · 8 hours ago
I'm putting off finishing reading the last 2 chapters of this almost 400k wincest fic I've been working my way through for months by reading slipknot rpf, daddycest fics, and sophocles
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todosweetheart · 10 hours ago
I think I might just stick to headcanons and drabbles from now on lol
I’ve written 137k+ words for this fandom over the last 2-3 years and I’m v tired of long fics because it feels like I can’t go anywhere with them. Like all of the words and phrases I’ve ached to write when my inspiration was running high have been all used up. All of the WIPs that I planned or currently have more than 2k words with flow so ugly and I hate everything I write.
All in all, I have writer’s block haha. Even art is becoming tedious because it takes just as long as writing. So I’m sorry to anyone I’ve disappointed because they want more content and part 2’s!! There’s a lot going on irl too and this summer is gonna be busy busy 😞
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luvdsc · 10 hours ago
first i get notified about someone copying my writing style / format / fic ideas (i think?? i skimmed really quick but i saw some similarities) and then i find out someone else copied my navi / format / ideas like my god, i know it’s fanfic and it’s not that deep but is it so hard to be original ): 
i am really too tired to deal with all of this, so i’m going to take a bit of a break for now. i hope you all stay safe and have a nice week ahead, honey bees 💛
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