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#alien vs predator: requiem
richard-is-bored · 29 days ago
I can't honestly say whether or not "Alien vs Predator: Requiem" was any good cause I couldn't see what in the fuck was even happening in that movie
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clonewarslover55 · a month ago
Tumblr media
My collection has finally been completed!!! (Besides the newest movies of course. These collections are older)
I had to give in and finally get the Predator movies on DVD! I had alien and AVP So why not finish the collection?! Lol
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framerate24 · a month ago
Review: A Dark Path (2021) | Here Monsters (Sorta? Kinda?) Lie
Review: A Dark Path (2021) | Here Monsters (Sorta? Kinda?) Lie
A Dark Path is a bit of an odd duck. On one hand, it’s clearly a horror movie. The poster looks like it’s promoting a horror movie. The tag line “The Last Noise You’ll Hear Is Your Own Scream” is very Alien-ish, so once again, horror. The movie itself? Not so much. In fact it’s fascinating how much it seems to hate what it is. Initially I thought that it was built upon a similar model as Steven…
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mackthemuser · 2 months ago
Alien vs. Predator: Requiem: An Ode to Ms. Yutani
Alien vs. Predator: Requiem: An Ode to Ms. Yutani
Sometimes even the most minor characters can have a significant impact on a franchise, and none better exemplify this than the mysterious Ms. Yutani (Françoise Fong-Wa Yip), a character who appeared for less than 15 seconds in the 2007 science fiction action horror film Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem, directed by the Strause Brothers. Despite her minimal screen-time, Ms. Yutani makes a move that…
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thefoilguy · 3 months ago
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Predator Mask from Alien vs Predator: Requiem - Aluminum Foil Sculpture
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wiickedkinetic · 4 months ago
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Alien vs. Predator: Requiem
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wiickedkinetic · 4 months ago
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Alien vs. Predator: Requiem
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thefoilguy · 4 months ago
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Predalien from Alien vs Predator Requiem - Aluminum Foil Sculpture
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oni-amour · 7 months ago
watching Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem and goddamn, the Predaliens really are the best of both worlds
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bipedal but they could easily travel on all four limbs? That spiny tail?? biohelmets??? The Yautja body with Xenomorph feet??
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mandibles AND two sets of sharp teeth???
Tumblr media
AND dreadlocks??? Stunning.
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sp00kworm · 8 months ago
Hello :D would you mind if I ask for more stuff for jet? Nothing specific, go wild. Thank you
Pairing: Jet (Female Yautja) x Gender Neutral Reader
Warnings: Violence, Threat and Kidnap.
Word Count: 1028 (Drabble Piece)
Sniffed out and Discovered
They were everywhere. You covered your mouth as the creatures walked through the village. Where they were from, no one knew, but they had slaughtered everyone and everything that raised a weapon to them. Hot tears burned your eyes as you listened to them outside of your home. They were talking, hissing and clicking to one another over the communication units in their helmets. You didn’t dare look. You pushed your back against the back of the wardrobe and waited, tears wetting your hands as you stifled yourself, begging yourself to be quiet. A shuddering breath left your nose as they paused by the door, throats clicking as one tapped on the glass of the front window, curious, checking for movement. You didn’t move. Sweat drenched your back as you pressed yourself further back in the wardrobe, away from sight, praying they just left you alone. A bang pounded into the front door. Another slammed against it before you heard the plastic give way underneath claws and tearing lazers. They threw the door inside and clicked curiously. Food abandoned on the side. Warmth from the thermostat. Another round of clicks started before the group moved away. You listened intensely, hoping the entire troop had decided you weren’t worth the trouble.
 It felt like an eternity inside the darkness of the cupboard. It was silent. There wasn’t a noise in the house outside of the creak of the cooling heating pipes in the walls. They had gone. You swallowed the dry lump in your throat before you opened the door and peered into your room. Silence. Not a soul. You sobbed as you climbed out of the wardrobe and stood up, looking around at the pristine room. You were unaware of the creature cloaked on top of the piece of furniture. The Yautja plunged her head into the wardrobe after you crawled out peering inside for sign of threat before she dropped from the wooden furniture with a soft thud. You froze. A clicking noise sounded from behind you, dangerous and close to the back of your neck. Your hair stood on end as you dared to turn around. You blinked. Nothing. With more balls than you realised you had, you outstretched your hand and reached forwards. Your hands met a heavy chest before a ripple flickered under your fingers. Slowly, you peered upwards, watching as the creature before you revealed itself, the camouflage disappearing from it’s body.
 “What the fuck?” You whispered as you looked at the giant alien creature. Jet black skin covered it head to toe with charcoal coloured spines flared dangerously as you fell backwards onto your backside. It was a female. She had some normal female physical qualities. Curves and a chest. Yet, she was corded with heavy muscle, her stomach hard and defined with abdominal muscles as she prowled towards you. Her arms reached out to snatch you by the wrist, the eyes of her helmet blaring white as her sight on her shoulder aimed at your chest, ready to end you life if you put up a struggle.
“Please!” You cried, “I don’t want to hurt you! I just…I want to live. Please.” You cried as her claws scratched at your soft skin, leaving red gouges in your arm as she let you hang in the air, looking at your soft body and wet, tear stained face. Her other hand reached for the spear fastened to her back. She watched your eyes close with fear.
“Pathetic.” She rumbled through the helmet, “Weakling.” You cried out as you were dropped to the floor, your coccyx bone banging against the hard wood. The creature sneered, “Unworthy of Yautja prize. Leave.” The automated voice whirred again, “Or join train of slaves. Choice is yours.” She hissed as she took a dangerous step towards you, the belt of human skulls around her hips swinging dangerously as she reached for the spear on her back and extended it, dipping the pointed tip under your chin.
 A choice.
“You call that a choice?” You asked around your own fear, “Be a slave or die?” You scoffed at her as you cried, tears dripping off your jaw, “I want to live!” You growled in a fury, adrenaline fuelling your limbs as you scrambled to your feet again.
The Yautja watched you, her head tilted, the tendrils attached to her slopping scalp rippling over her shoulders as she turned to look at your room, “To live in…this?” The voice of her helmet churned out, “Like insect?”
“This is what our life is. To have a home. A life. A job and a family.” Your voice quivered as the spear tip slid along your jaw, “This is normal. Your lives of killing for sport aren’t what I want.”
The Yautja paused behind you, “What is your name?” She gurgled as she trailed her claws over your head and through your hair, admiring the softness of everything about humans.
You swallowed and answered her, your tears coming to a stop, “What is yours?”
The Yautja clicked her name in her own language before the translator caught up, “The Jet Terror.” She dragged you back by your hair and watched you quiver underneath her claws.
 With a hissing laugh she let you go, reaching with one great clawed hand to remove her helmet. A great hiss of air sounded as the airlock snapped free of her head and face, falling into her claws to reveal her face. Yellow, piercing eyes looked at you as her spines flared. Mandibles extended as the Yautja gave a roar, laughing once more as you flinched away in fear. She clicked as she came closer again, her skulls and bone adornments clicking with the sway of her hips. She towered over you, nearly eight-foot-tall and made of muscle.
“You’re coming with me.” She snapped before she replaced her helmet, fastening the wires back into their ports as she grabbed you, heaving you over her shoulder, “Learn new way of living.” She hoisted you higher with another mocking laugh, “Or die trying.”
You looked at your room and house as the female took you from everything you once knew.
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A New Direction for an Old Franchise
Hey @geek-gem, since you were the one to get me interested in the Predator movies, I’d like you to be the first person to withness my ideas for a new direction for the franchise.
Basically, my idea is a “preboot”; not quite a prequel, not quite a reboot, we’re just going to be vague enough to so that it can fit in with the established continuity. These are basically immortal Predator stories that can fit with any of the established movies if the fans so wish. Anyway this project’s working title (and I’ll definitely want to change it if it’s produced) shall be:
Predator 2000 B.C.
Essentially, this movie takes place in prehistoric times and follows the Yaujta’s first encounter with humans and how humans become considered worthy prey by the predators.
(We end with a reversal of the original movie’s ending. The Yaujta asks a pinned human “what the hell are you?”, to which the human replies with the same, before blowing both of them to hell while laughing.)
Sequels that follow will move up through time. Things like Predators in Feudal Japan, stalking a veteran Samurai, Predators taking on pirates (the pistol from Predator 2), Predators in Victorian London (maybe a Jack the Ripper connection?), Predators in the WWI trenches hunting soldiers. Think of it like Assassin’s Creed, where each movie takes place in a different time period. The main thing to avoid is settings like Los Angeles and South America, places we’ve already seen the Predator.
The whole idea about this movie series is basically about how encounters with these creatures have shaped humanity on the small and large scale.
There are only two problems that must be overcome: How the make sure the human characters are not simply interchangeable punching bags for the Predators to eviscerate, and how to make sure the plots aren’t simply a rehash of the first movie.
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sp00kworm · 9 months ago
What do you think it would be like for Jet Chopper and Wolf if they met a exorcist? As for why I'm asking this, I have the conjuring series on the brain if this isnt your thing feel free to ignore this.
A/N: I had to look up a lot of bits to make sure Yautja even had any forms of religion. Apparently the most well known one is from Alien vs Predator where some form of thunder god is depicted and that’s why Scar’s clan mark themselves with thunderbolt scars? Or so people seem to think. 
Their clan, like every other, has a Shaman and dedicated religious body to their own God. But, even from a pup, she took little notice in any of the nonsense surrounding religion.
She will be curious about why humans believe in such things and why they also think a spirit would wish to do harm to anyone.
“Pah. What harm can a ghost do? Throw things at me? I will throw a vase back.”
She spends most of her time rolling her eyes at the Exorcist, and even more time rolling her eyes at whoever hired them.
“A waste of coin.” She hissed, “I would rather respect the Shaman than listen to this drivel.”
A lot of angry stomping around them and coughing on purpose at the incense being wafted.
Decides to tell them about their own Gods and how they pay homage to them before hunts and trials.
She brings a dead beast in not long after and snorts about performing a real ritual to appease the spirits of the ancestors.
Although he was a Hunter, he knew the respect one should have for the religious icons who controlled the spirits and appeased the gods.
He knew the Shaman well in his clan. The female Yautja was once a great hunter yet turned to the ways of religion in her old age. Still, he knew one or two males that got their knees clobbered by her during sermons.
An exorcist is a new one for him.
“Spirits of oomans seek to do harm?” He has a lot of curious questions.
In general, he’s going to avoid wherever they’re working due to his teachings as a pup.
“Let the spirit wrangler work. Omens do not bode well when the ancestors are angry.”
Wolf (AvP Predator):
He doesn’t have a lot to say, just watches out of his one good eye as the exorcist does their thing.
“Do not touch that.” He hissed as they picked up a skull.
He’s generally touchy as they move around doing their own thing.
Says nothing apart from a gruff goodbye. He never believed much in superstition ever.
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sp00kworm · 10 months ago
Maybe a Yautja (a random one or OC, up to you) witnessing a close(ish) friend go through some rough night terrors/mares, like screaming and being terrified kind. Otherwise they're regarded as very capable (khmmasskickerkhmm), chill but sometimes too distant/reserved. Wish you the best!! 💚💜
Pairing: Wolf (AvP: Requiem Yautja x Gender Neutral Reader)
A/N: This was a little harder to write but I hope you enjoy!
Humans had the constant tendency to move in their sleep. Wolf opened on, bright eye as he felt a foot smack him in the back, his hand flashing to snatch at your ankle, prising you away from his bare back, fingers tight around your skin. You didn’t wake up with the vicious pressure.
“’Ooman. You move too much. Cease.” He released the ankle before rolling to push himself up on his elbows, peering down at your small form, tucked up against his back, fingers flexing and scratching at his spines, “’Ooman?” He questioned with a growl, claws curling as you didn’t respond, flinching against him, back bowing forwards as your mouth opened. No sound came out for a moment, face scrunched in upset. Wolf watched curiously. Never before had he seen you show such terrified expressions. You were calm. Always. Collected and enjoyable to hunt with on any day. The Yautja turned his head, good eye glancing you up and down as your hands found his arm and clutched tightly, fingers curling into his skin tighter and tighter. He glanced at the half moons in his arm and snorted before hearing you gasp, eyes flying open as you rushed upwards, hands flying to clutch at your chest.
 Wolf watched quietly. The forest around you buzzed with insects and the rummaging of small animals around the trees. You clutched tightly at your t-shirt, hoping to calm your racing heart before it escaped through your mouth. Silence. You could feel the Yautja’s eye on your back.
“I can feel you staring, Wolf.” You grumbled as you raked your hands over your face, “If you have something to say, I suggest you say it.” With a glare, you turned on the makeshift, grass bed and looked the Yautja in the eyes.
Wolf rolled his shoulders, “You had a nightmare. Common among humans.” Analytical as always, he rolled onto his side again and settled for ignoring you. If you were embarrassed, it was better to leave you alone to stew rather than embarrass you further by bringing it up.
He listened to you stay still.
“Wolf…Can we talk?” You asked quietly, “I…I can’t go back to sleep after that. I would prefer some company.”
Wolf flexed his mandibles in a yawn before laying on his back, “Speak then.” He rumbled as he reached for his blade and a whetstone.
 The knife slid along the stone with a calming noise. The rhythmic slid made you sigh into your knees as Wolf waited for you to speak.
“I don’t usually have nightmares.” You joked coldly as you sighed again, looking at the leaves above you both in the canopy, “But sometimes things get to everyone, you know?” You hummed, leaning your cheek on your knees as the Yautja continued to sharpen his knife.
“Yautja do not have such dreams. At least…” He flexed his mouth parts in contemplation for a moment, “At least I do not.” He pointed to his chest, “Fear is weakness. Killed for it on hunt. If I was scared of Xenomorph, I would not be alive.”
With a bark of awkward laughter you watched the Yautja slide one huge knife away before he snapped the bracer from his wrist and began to sharpen his wrist blades, “Somehow, Wolf, that makes me feel better.” You laughed softly as you laid back on the makeshift bed, “I hope I can be like you one day.” You joked.
“’Ooman too small and fragile.” He snorted before offering you a stone and a knife, “Take your mind off it. You have to sleep otherwise I will leave you behind.”
With a smile you took the small knife and whetstone from the grumpy Yautja.
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