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#alicia ostriker
jshoulson · a day ago
Today’s Poem
In Every Life --Alicia Ostriker
In every life there’s a moment or two when the self disappears, the cruel wound takes over, and then again at times we are filled with sky or with birds or simply with the sugary tea on the table said the old woman
I know what you mean said the tulip about epiphanies for instance a cloudless April sky the approach of a butterfly but as to the disappearing self no I have not yet experienced that
You are creating distinctions that do not exist in reality where “self” and “not-self” are like salt in ocean, cloud in sky oxygen in fire said the philosophical dog under the table scratching his balls
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sagmoonn · 6 days ago
I waited and was patient finally you emerged and were immediately soaked you stared at me without love in your large eyes that were filled with black sex and white powder but this is what I expected when I embraced you. Your firm little breasts against my amplitude. Get in the car I said and then it was spring.
Alicia Ostriker, Demeter to Persephone
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sagmoonn · 6 days ago
I know you drink  lamentation, too, like wine so I dully repeat you hurt me I hate you I pull my eyes away from the hills I will not kill for you I will never love you again unless you ask me
Alicia Ostriker, psalm
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feral-ballad · 13 days ago
I want to be a shrub, you a tree. I hum inaudibly and want you to sing arias. I want to lie down at the foot of your mountain and rub the two dimes in my pocket together, while you dispense treasure to the needy. I want the gods who have eluded me all my life, or whom I have eluded, to invite you regularly to their lunches and jazz recitals. Moreover I wish to stand on the dock all by myself waving a handkerchief, and you to be the flagship sailing from the midnight harbor, a blue moon leading you outward, so huge, so public, so disappearing—
Alicia Ostriker, from The Imaginary Lover; “Listen”
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bellonaarbore · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
next time I’ll do the startling thing I’ll have the knife in my teeth I’ll be the star you can be the horrified one
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feral-ballad · 19 days ago
I beg and beg, loveliest, I can't seem to help myself, while you quiver and pull back, and try to hide, try to be invisible, like a sensitive irritated sea animal caught in a tide pool, caught under my hand,
Alicia Ostriker, from The Imaginary Lover; “Listen”
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tenderrot · 19 days ago
love like a knife
1. "I'll do the startling thing / I'll have the knife in my teeth / I'll be the star / You can be horrified one." - alicia ostriker, the imaginary lover
2. "We keep telling each other, I love you and I love you, and we do, though we both know where the knives are." - laura van prooyen, this child
3. "Something touched me, lightly, like a knife-blade. I felt I was bleeding, though just a little, a hint. Inside I flared hot, then cold. I thought of you. Whom I love, madly." - mary oliver, march
4. "Something / just now / move through my heart / like the thinnest of blades" - mary oliver, knife
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feral-ballad · 20 days ago
...your mind performs like a circus, sharp as a sword somebody has to swallow,
Alicia Ostriker, from The Imaginary Lover; “Waiting all”
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missedstations · 29 days ago
“When Love” - Alicia Ostriker
when love floods a person            it cuts a canyon
that deepens year after year            carrying silt away leaving
the essential person            revealed letting everyone see
the layers of yellow            sandstone, red basalt grey granite
when love washes over a person                        it washes the person away
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voirlvmer · a month ago
when love washes over a person / it washes / the person away
Alicia Ostriker, from “When Love”
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