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alovvermind · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
.It took time before I was ready to speak. Today I was able to talk freely about where I come from and who I am. I have learned to accept myself as I am, with all my mistakes and weaknesses. I have learned to speak them openly and no longer to be ashamed of how I think and how I act. A great day among friends. I have found my way and I know that I do not want to leave this path. May God help me keep this path. #alcoholics #alcoholicsanonymousmeetings #alcoholicsanonymous #aa #addiction #alcoholism #alcoholicsanonymousbigbook #addictions #anonymous_moments #anonymous_minimal #speaker #anonymous #meeting #photography #photo #meetingroom #events #photooftheday #garden #meetingtime #art #meetingpoint #love #meetingplace #picoftheday #beautiful #meetingpeople #meetingday #meetingoftheminds #noexitfromoutside (hier: Berlin, Germany)
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catalysers · 4 hours ago
@sinetactu​ sent: “you can’t keep doing this to yourself.” ► FROM MISC. ANGST STARTERS
Can’t he, though? The whiskey’s a nice warmth in his stomach and the haze in his head is even more welcome-- like this, he doesn’t think of everyone he’s lost. Like this, he doesn’t think of anything except drinking, and breathing, and how nice it’ll be when he finally knocks out and dreams of nothing.
Even Sydney’s presence doesn’t take the haze away, though the corners of his mouth pull down a fraction at the shape of her through the doorway. Pointedly ignoring her observation, Sunny mumbles a little, “...thought you were sleeping.”
Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows Sydney is right. Alcoholism is a serious problem, his ability to function despite it aside. He’s a single father, Henry deserves better, alcohol isn’t going to help him hone his powers, so on and so on and so on...
But his grip on the bottle doesn’t waver, and it doesn’t change the fact there’re two empty ones by his feet on the floor.
Tumblr media
“I couldn’t.” The words are jumbled in his mouth, stupid. “Sleep, I mean.” To Sunny’s credit, at least alcohol doesn’t do more than make him sleepy and dumb. “Nightmares again...”
Slowly, his head tilts backward, thumping against the wall behind him.
“Nightmares all the fucking time.”
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askthesobersponsor · 4 hours ago
Heard in the rooms of NA: "Yes, we have a powerful disease, but we also have a powerful recovery." For Today -- 
Whether or not we like what our sponsor suggests (and sponsors can only suggest; they cannot make anybody do anything, or actually prevent any action) - the fact is that the sponsor has been sober longer, knows pitfalls to avoid, and may be right. -- Living Sober, page 27 ****************************************************************************************
The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. -- Chinese proverb ****************************************************************************************
I pray that I may be taught, just as a child would be taught. I pray that I may never question God's plans, but accept them gladly. -- Twenty-four Hours a Day
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dyingforperfection7 · 6 hours ago
I NEED ADVICE... TW- mention of alcohol and SH
I really want to get blackout drunk to help subside the pain I feel inside and also keep me from self harming, but I’m also terrified of drinking my calories. does anyone know any alcoholic drinks that are super low in cal or if there are any liquors that have 0 calories in them? please help
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chinchilla-silver · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
作品名 「 多幸感 」 
Title of work "Euphoria"
 Alcohol brings "euphoria," "comfort," "omnipotence," and "elevation of mood" to those who drink it. But that's not really what you felt.
  For example, if you are in the wilderness from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will feel a strong sense of openness. Once you reach Everest, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment and uplifting mood. You will feel comfortable and euphoric even when you are with your loved one.
 However, the sensation of drinking alcohol is brought about by the "chemical substances" contained in alcohol. This pleasure cannot be supplemented by anything else. Also, the thirst for "I want to drink!" Is irresistibly intense.
  Alcohol may make you "happy" for a short time. It may make you forget about unpleasant events. It may give you an opportunity to talk with people you like or don't like. But alcohol is not a healthy "friend" to be with you. Alcoholic beverage makers do nothing if you become alcoholic.
 Because you are a great “good customer” for them …….
(* Please do not reprint or use the work without permission. Please contact us.)
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pinkfloydguy · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
im in fuckimg tears
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gabbysgrabbag · 9 hours ago
(( I this stupid bird man so much. T_T
Horny, well meaning idiot.
Dumb-dumb dad who's doing his best
Gay prince needs cuddles
Is he high intelligence low wisdom? Or high wisdom low intelligence? I'm not sure. ))
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almentalh · 10 hours ago
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rosecastleclem · 10 hours ago
[OLIVIA HOLT] — Have you seen CLEMENTINE “CLEM” GILLENKERK walking around? They’re a TWENTY-TWO year old CIS WOMAN with SHE/HER pronouns. They supposedly live in SOUTH ROSECASTLE and currently work as a BAKER AT DOWNTOWN DELIGHTS. Rumor has it, Rosecastle PD says they’re a WITNESS when it comes to the case. I guess that makes sense, considering they’re MOTHERLY, LOYAL. Though, if you ask around, some would say they’re also INSECURE, CLOSED OFF.
Tumblr media
Trigger warning for mentions of alcoholism, death, and pregnancy
Clementine Gillenkirk had never came from a life of luxury. She had never known what it felt like to have a ‘normal’ family, a comma in her bank account, or to not be constantly struggling with something.  She was the result of a teen pregnancy, her mom having her when she was only eighteen. Her father? A total dirt bag destined for no good. They were the type of couple who should have never gotten together, nor had children. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for them to constantly get eviction notices, having little to no time to pack up what few belongings they had and scramble to find someplace to crash. Sometimes it was at a co-worker’s house, the local shelter, or inside whatever beater car that they owned. Either way, the blonde had learned to have many different meanings to the word ‘home’. Her parents typically worked random, low wage jobs due to not having any formal education outside of high school. 
Regardless of her chaotic upbringing, she always tried to be thankful. Kids were mean to her when she was young, mocking her for wearing hand me down’s and being a quiet children. She was pretty much considered an outsider, having a very small group of friends within her circle. They mostly consisted of the fellow neighborhood kids. Even though she had a far from perfect life, she knew she was better off than most people. 
Over the years, her dad would fall into the dangers of alcoholism. It started off small, having one too many beers at the end of the night until it blossomed into something much more severe. He’d get to a point where he would go on benders and not be home for days at a time. At this point Clementine was the oldest out of four children and she was being left alone to watch her siblings He would try several times to get ‘sober’, but nothing seemed to work. Her life would turn upside down when she was sixteen years old. Her parents would cause a drunk driving accident, killing three innocent lives. The pair were arrested and sent to prison because of it. 
Not wanting her grandchildren to be thrown into the system, Clementine’s grandmother would become their legal guardian. She didn’t have much money either; having a humble, small home near downtown Rosecastle. Surely it wasn’t enough rooms for four kids, but she made it work. It wasn’t much, but it was something. This was her life now....her family? Even more screwed up. 
Her parents arrest would break her, but the pieces of her heart would get picked up by a boy. One that she would meet shortly after the event while at some random party. She was sneaking out and acting out as a way to try and cope with all of her feelings. Drinking, smoking, running from the cops, the whole nine yards. Sparks flew and she fell hard for him. Clementine had never felt this kind of attraction to anybody before. He was there for her during such a difficult time in her life. He was her rock and her first love.
Flash forward a few more months and Clementine suddenly falls ill. Her symptoms are fatigue, morning sickness, and just feeling…off. She would steal a pregnancy test from the local grocery store and take it in the bathroom. Two minutes later….her life would change forever. Clem knew that she eventually wanted to become a mom, but not at such a young age. She couldn’t help but feel so overjoyed with the news though. It seemed like this was sign from the universe. Being so happy with the arrival of their baby, Clementine’s boyfriend would become her fiancé after he proposed to her. When she was seven months pregnant, they’d have a small, court house wedding followed by a quaint reception. Two months later, she would give birth to a beautiful baby girl named Serenity Joy.
Everything seemed so perfect, like she was living in a fairytale. They had gotten a little apartment, not too far from her grandma’s place. They were a little family, what could go wrong? But, it was only sweet for so long. When their daughter was around the age of four, Clementine would find out that her husband had been cheating on her for several months now with another girl. She found text messages and calls on his phone. That night, in a frantic state, she bagged all of his belongings in a garbage bag and threw it at the end of the street and told him to get lost. It has been over four years now and she hasn’t seen him since. Being a single mother wasn’t anything she thought would imagine for herself, but she couldn’t stay with a man who lied to her.  
It wasn’t too long until Clementine moved back into her grandma’s home, not being able to afford the rent at her apartment. Her grandma welcomed her back with loving arms and she has been there for a around a year now. She’s currently working at Downtown delights as a baker and is considering picking up a second job. Her ultimate goal is to afford her own place with Serenity and maybe if she finds the motivation, try out a semester at the local community college. The recent deaths have defiantly spooked her a bit, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. It doesn’t help that she lives in the rougher parts of town where anything can happen if you don’t pay attention. 
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rainbowandkittens · 13 hours ago
I Wish I'd Never Met You
Staring down at an empty glass and bottle
tears slipping down my face
I wish I'd never met you
I wish I'd never met you
Wondering what I'd do differently
in this life that is no longer mine
I wonder who I would be
if I never knew your name
if I had only let you go
before it was too late
I was just trying to relieve the pain
escape reality for a day
and when I brought you to my lips
you tasted fine
and you helped me escape for a little while
but now
I wish I'd never met you
God, I wish I'd never met you
You own me and you won't let me go
You're destroying everything I've ever known
and I don't even know myself anymore
Please go away.
I wish I'd never met you.
I wish I had never met you.
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itersobriiestote · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Today I am having emotions. Lots of emotions.
I determined I have a resentment towards myself. For allowing myself to reach that point in addiction. For NOT being my true self for so many years. For hiding my likes and dislikes because I wasn’t confident in myself. Today I was in a space of people who looked like me, who were being their authentic selves and who were in recovery. I felt so seen. I am so grateful for the experience today.
Picking my daughter up from school, I read the church sign “Jesus, I trust you.”
Then, in Dollar Tree, I found a magnet that said “Your faith has saved you; go in peace!” I dropped the magnet and it broke. Ugh. I noted the reference and decided I’d look at it when I got home.
So I’m on a meeting now, and they are talking about God (traditional) as a higher power and how they finally gave it all to Him. They stopped fighting and trying to do it their way. We cannot be in control, we have to give it all over to Him in surrender. I look up the verse- Luke 7:50- “Jesus said to the woman, ‘Your faith has saved you; go in peace.’” And talk about God talking directly to me. I felt such a sense of peace and belonging as I read the verse. That verse was meant for me.
Other quotes on the meeting right now:
“Because of His Mercy and Grace, I am forgiven.”
“God is with you through this.”
Song that has been heavy on my mind:
This Is A Move
-Brandon Lake & Tasha Cobbs
“Miracles happen when You move!”
So then to see the emotion wheel randomly in an online search…
I feel sad. Vulnerable. Fragile.
I feel happy. Optimistic. Free.
I did it, I reached 30 tags lol
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ivderail · 14 hours ago
That chinese restaurant looks seedy
Every chinese restaurant ive been to is seedy
I used to preside in one
Id go in at 8 am and leave when i run out of money for beer
or when im too stinking drunk to finish the one in front of me
They know me so well there that they do not stop me at the door when i forget to pay cuz i was too drunk
the next day they ring me up at work id ask moo for money to pay them take the money there and proceed to get drunk all over again
Those times i spent sitting there alone are precious
I always had my mp3 player with me and i listened to chopins nocturnes gundula janowitz sing strausss four last songs trane miles bird monk dizzy gillespie
Id tap my fingers on the sticky table eyes closed behind my shades while my soul sang songs of gratitude to the universe
I had been very lucky
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space-plume · 15 hours ago
31 Days Of Character Development: May Writing Challenge
Day 17: List and explain your character’s negative traits.
Only Alua again for now ^^;; oh boy here we go!
Perfectionism: Alua has very high standards for herself mostly, but depending on how deep she gets into something she also starts expecting more and more from the people around her. This often led to discomfort and unreasonable work schedules among groups she worked with.
Escapism: this one runs away from her problems...If something makes her uncomfortable, Alua will be more liked to remove herself from the situation than go against it.
Alcoholism: Alua runs away from her problems in every way possible. If said problems are not physical she finds her refuge in alcohol; just so she can forget hr troubles for a bit.
Pride: now combine all of the above with too much pride. Due to her pride she will never admit something is wrong. She needs to fix her own problems.
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"are you going to stop drinking" i fucking guess "are you going to stop drinking for GOOD rather than for like 3-6 months at a time and then taking a few to several months off of sobriety only to eventually spiral and have to stop drinking again" highly unlikely
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smalltragedy · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
* liana liberato, cis woman + she/her | you know saige beaumont, right? they’re twenty two, and they’ve lived in irving for, like, four years? well, their spotify wrapped says they listened to heart-shaped box by nirvana like, a million times this year, which makes sense ‘cause they’ve got that whole familiar riff of an old song, skinned knees with laughed following suit, wishing on the eyelashes stuck to your cheekbones thing going on. i just checked and their birthday is july 7th, so they’re a cancer, which is unsurprising, all things considered. ( james, 22, est, they/them )
hi i cldnt resist. its been so long since ive played this particular muse n funnily enough she is also like. my oldest muse i think. shes been with me everywhere <3 truly a collection of ppl. anyways sry her intro is so late work is killing me slowly <3
mini playlist.
first love ;; the maccabees / i do ;; wild rivers / cheerleader ;; st. vincent / should i stay or should i go ;; the clash / heart-shaped box ;; nirvana / nicest thing ;; kate nash / season 2 episode 3 ;; glass animals / i melt with you ;; modern english / she's thunderstorms ;; arctic monkeys / she had the world ;; panic! at the disco.
full name: saige alouette beaumont.
nickname(s): n/a.
birthday: july 7th, 1998.
zodiac: cancer sun, sagittarius moon, libra ascending. 
label: the hedonist.
hometown: thibodaux, louisiana
sexuality: bisexual.
(general implications of child neglect / abuse throughout this passage) the fallible daughter of two very infallible people: robert beaumont, us lieutenant general (soon to be us general), and manon lévesque, world renowned fashion designer on levels par with gucci and versace. both cold, calculating, and purposeful.
no matter how much she wants to believe otherwise, saige is sure that she was not created out of love. it was an action with a purpose, intentions to create the perfect child. the hybrid of both military genius and fashion extraordinaire. a proper socialite. a 1% citizen. molded to their will.
born in thibodaux, louisiana (surrounded by her father’s family - a long line of old money southern magnates & moguls with a history of beauty pageant winners in each woman) - it took them no more than six months after her birth for her parents to up and move, thus beginning a cycle of packing and unpacking, flying and driving, state-to-state and country-to-country. the longest saige had ever stayed in one place was two years, until irving. even then - conditioned to never become truly attached to a place, she has the urge to up and run away at any given moment, onto the next adventure.
she was kept on a short leash, home-schooled, and learning skills she had no interest in (from cooking to sewing to ballroom dancing - to fencing and firearm safety and self defense) - more like a pet, a project, than a child. the world moved all around her, but she was bound to what her parents allowed her to see. a bird in a cage of thorns.
it was hard to keep and maintain friends - there one day, gone the next. a ghost you could see, clear as day, but never touch - never fully, at least. even if she tried with all her might.
would run from bodyguards (their version of nannies - robert beaumont is a paranoid man with too many enemies to count) into festival crowds and climb out of windows in the middle of the night to swim in lakes with the locals she’d met only hours earlier - as soon as she realized that there was something wrong with the way she lived.
even if it resulted in punishment, military exercises in the form of her own personal boot camp (she’d been forced to do chin-ups, once, when she ripped an expensive gown at the tender age of seven. not since, however, after she wound up sobbing on the floor - instead they moved on. delicate teacups stacked across her back as she did push-ups, the more she did the more that slipped & broke)
she absorbed as she could, as much as she could get; an intense, undying love for a world she always craved to see.
this was the start of something dangerous - a phase that never seemed to end, rebellion coursing through her veins. a wild child in the making, unknowing of limits. she landed herself in any crowd she could squeeze into - bad crowds, in particular and more often than not - they introduced her, the sheltered girl, into a world she hadn’t quite known existed until then.
ran away briefly at the age of fifteen with a boy three years older than her & nearly ended up in a tabloid magazine because of it - if it hadn’t been for her parents’ money. though guilt from her parents’ disappointment weighed on her, the thrill fueled something much worse.
from there on, she’d been labeled as a ‘problem child’ - from public intoxication to vandalism, it was clear their daughter was unraveling and nothing could possibly contain her.
boarding school had been an attempt to stop it, enrolled her freshmen year in hopes that she’d come out a proper woman. but being located in new york with easy access to the upper east side of manhattan - it’d been futile.
bt even then she’d only been there fr a short while until she’d been caught w illegal substances n pulled out of school.
they told family she needed a change of pace, and rumors in her old school said that she’d been expelled, that she’d been sent to the french countryside to live with her grandmother.
she’d only gone to washington, that was all. france was too good, and she was too undeserving. instead she was enrolled in public school, only a quarter through her junior year. her parents rarely spoke to her - rarely in town, the only eyes kept on her were security cameras and the occasional check-in by family friends (the new word for bodyguards, apparently)
but as always - when left alone, saige scrambled to find somewhere she fit, somewhere to tuck herself away in the comfort of other people. a small group, but a loyal group - harmless minus a few miscellaneous charges that they said every small town kid had, at some point. they were safe, they were family - as close as she could get. at least, she had thought so. had really believed it.
n then saige mysteriously disappeared from the public eye for an entire year, the entirety of her 18th year on earth, before promptly showing up in irving, north carolina, ready fr a fresh start.
it’d been a year of legal cases & lawsuits & avoiding prison with expensive lawyers and a lot of money.
armed robbery / hit and run / car accident / injury tw // the getaway driver for an armed robbery at a bank, an unknowing accomplice until her supposed friend ran out from the building and jumped in her car, screaming for her to drive, drive, drive. it had only supposed to have been a quick stop before a road trip to the coast. nobody was supposed to get hurt. but scared, and high, saige had obeyed - and by doing so, led a police chase and, of course, a hit and run that eventually led to saige crashing the car midst breakdown.
the sole victim survived, thankfully - and the beaumonts have been paying the medical bills since. her friend - the one who started it all - was charged & sentenced. but saige got off relatively scot-free. just a year of community service, a slap on the wrist (and the growing wallets of all involved in handling her case). it would’ve made national news if her parents hadn’t stepped in - favors called, resulting in only local headlines.
they hadn’t spoken to her since then. four years of radio silence. she’d think they were dead if it hadn’t been the steady flow of money in her bank account. their silence only feels like a threat of what’s to come if she fucks up again.
ever since - she’s avoided causing too much trouble, still very much the party girl she’d like to be, but staying out of headlines and tabloids by laying low across the country, in lil ol’ irving. partially in fear of her parents finally cutting ties, permanently, and partially in fear that she’ll end up costing someone else their life with her own selfishness.
personality & facts.
she is so … bubbly. so fucking bubbly. she’s has so much energy in her. goes running every morning and every night and swims almost every afternoon and she’s never tired, even if she hasn’t slept the last night and even if she’s been dancing for five hours in a club in high heels and nothing but vodka in her system. the personification of a coke bottle shaken up, if the coke bottle in question could laugh and smile at you and make you feel, somehow, at home even though you’d only met her in the bathroom queue.
tries her hardest to be the happy fun friend, the cool friend, the one who can hook you up with whatever you need because she sleeps with her drug dealer and gets discounts, but like, it’s totally okay because they’re also friends.
generally comes off as very confident of herself, and fearless, and reckless but like - fun reckless. the kind of reckless you wouldn’t mind to be around because she takes your worries and acknowledges them and reassures you that it’s fine, that it’s grand, even when it may definitely not be.
talks a lot. so much. could ramble for days, hand gestures and all. never stops talking. never.
if she wants to do something, she’ll do it and there’s not very much you can do to stop her. stubborn, but at the same time easy going? very go go go. mischievous. even if she’s trying to do something stupid you kind of just like … have to let her do it, or otherwise she’ll mope for three hours and pout at you and then you’ll feel questionably guilty! (this is bad)
a vegetarian because meat makes her physically sick, like, she’s got a weird intolerance to it and it’s not quite an allergy because it’s really just red meats but she’ll get a tummy ache.
her vocabulary consists of a lot of ‘likes’ and ‘ums’ and ‘yknows’, y’know? her statements always sound like questions.
hs undiagnosed adhd bt doesn’t rly know bc her parents jst do not believe in mental illness n she wldnt knw where 2 begin anyways. fk the beaumonts.
her parents hvnt spoken to her in four years n she hsn’t accepted tht they dnt love her. thinks tht they still do bt theyre jst still mad at her n its one big lesson. bt like. honey. 
hs four cars n is personally driving a hole into the ozone layer ... fkn 1% right .. anyways. u’d think she’d h8 driving bt its perhaps the most relaxing thing 2 her. she hs a jacked up pick up truck thts decked out in led lights n a sleek sports car n like. the exact mustang frm the princess diaries set tht she got in an auction n then. the fourth is a mini cooper. they r all piled on the driveway of her quirky fkn beach house. 
she likes the hobby of taking silly little photos n the walls of her bedroom r kinda covered in photographs of her friends frm over the years n various memories n art n taped down bunches of plants. her room n house in general is very. like. eclectic. eccentric. a little cluttered bt very roomy n cozy. bt also a mess <3
jack of all trades bt master of none if u cn think of a random skill she probably knows it 2 some degree frm yrs of like. traveling n learning. shes vry smart she jst doesnt portray herself 2 be bc bimbofication is real <3
knows a handful of instruments bt the only one she enjoys is bass guitar. girlboss<3
got really into languages at a young age due to her constant traveling and started learning them unprompted. her mother is like. literally french. a french citizen. so she grew up learning english & french bt once again. she knws a handful of a lot of things. 
alcoholism / drug abuse tw // very reckless, and very much a party girl. has quite the collection of drugs & uses socially, but also alone and throughout the day. rarely sober.
high functioning alcoholic and at this point she doesn’t really know what she’s like when she’s completely sober? which is really bad but she’s convinced that if she goes sober she’ll just be miserable and horrible because at her very core she believes she’s like. the worst human being alive. like very deep issues of self loathing covered by baileys in her morning coffee and 23 crystal lite packets in her yeti cup that happens to be filled with vodka.
this has been a budding problem that was developed since she was a young teenager n its only gotten worse :P
is essentially wearing a mask of confidence and giddiness and flirtatiousness because she doesn’t want people to think she’s not doing well! (she is not)
loves sm. loves everything sm. everybody everything falls in love like five times a day bt her interest jst snaps to another person within moments. flocks 2 shittier ppl bc yea. thinks she cn save them frm being bad ppl <3 complexes amirite
h8s being alone n rarely even. sleeps in her own home if nobody else is there. is usually anywhere else it does not matter who the person she hs been problematic in the past (self sabotaging). tries to maintain good relationships with all of her hookups which gets complicated<3
blurs the lines between friendship n smth more too often n with too many ppl n like. accidentally leads ppl on too often bc they dnt realize tht she’s like this with. every single person.
does stick and pokes a whole bunch. she can’t draw for shit so they’re not great but she thinks they’re fun and she’s been doing it for a while so like, who cares, right? let her give you one :)
n thts like. all probably<3
wanted plots.
head on backwards, ,; ;; i wldnt call this like. toxic. its mre like the unfortunate realization tht u do not fit together in a way tht is. with ease bt is actually quite clunky bt neither of u wnt to admit this like. friendship is the better option bt nt wanting 2 admit it. mellow angst. platonically it cld b jst the realization tht ur friendship is probably nt working out. alternatively alternatively lets jst say, hypothetically, they r in a current relationship n this is their descent leading to their break up. many possibilities taps my little forehead.
i gt a new complaint . .; ;; nw this is toxic. this is hateship. this is cnt standing each other bt consistently being in each other’s rotation. their orbits r intersecting. maybe they hv mutual friends maybe they hv to pretend to like each other. lets b real saige is the most annoying person on the planet. she’s loveable bt very flawed. the world is our oyster. doesnt even hv to b spicy. they cn jst b regular enemies too n it cn b jst as sexy.
well i jst see the sky ,, ;; its kinda like a consistent. haze. where nothing is bad n only good. fuzzy warm. found family trope bt with a little added naivety. basically wholesome bt still capable of angst <3 somehow <3 platonic or romantic. like ur my best friend n i’d die fr u no matter what. we r like figuratively married forever. etc. etc.
n also ;; like. everything else tht is normal. exes, hookups, friends of various closeness, etc. run into each other at odd hours n odd locations <3 i steal ur mail <3 
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goodknightfriends · 19 hours ago
I’m just gonna say it: I want Matthew to have a seizure in CHOT.
I know that sounds bad but here’s the thing: this boy has a serious drinking problem that he’s been feeding for years. There is no way he’s gonna be able to just stop and be fine. I really hope that when CC writes a recovery for him it’s true to the severity of his addiction and not just oh his hands are shakey and he feels yucky. Plus, this would help everyone else (especially the adults) finally realize how big a problem his alcoholism is at this point the way that James and Cordelia are starting to.
I just cant wait for Matthew to get his life together and be happy. CC better not hurt my son anymore :(
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askthesobersponsor · 21 hours ago
Practice These Principles
The second half of the 12th Step says, "...practice these principles in all our affairs." We can start doing this on our very first day in recovery. Of course, we should take the 12 Steps with the guidance of a sponsor, but we don't have to wait for the completion of the Steps to start living better. 
In recovery, you'll hear people talking about "working the steps" in their daily lives. What they are talking about is: working the Principles behind the steps.
We practice the Principles daily. This is not unlike a person practicing a new musical instrument - let’s say, a violin. On day one, the sound isn’t very good. But, in time, through daily practice, a sweet tune begins to emerge. Although we will never play perfectly, we reach a point where, we can join any orchestra. We can join any part of society, knowing we carry with us, the virtues of a decent person. This has been my experience. Practice, practice, and then more practice. We get better at the Principles, and as a result, our lives get better.
Below, are the Principles of the 12 Steps which we should practice daily:
The AA Principles and Virtues:
Step 1. We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable.
Step 2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
Step 3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him.
Step 4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
Step 5. Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
Step 6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
Step 7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.
Brotherly Love
Step 8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
Step 9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
Step 10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.
Step 11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of his will for us and the power to carry that out.
Step 12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others, especially alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs.
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katebishopofearth · 21 hours ago
have my back everyday [an ironwidow fanfic]
Request from @littlemsstark3000: What about TonyNat as platonic friends but they are subconsciously being couple-y already? Like how much they know about each other’s whereabouts, or how they attend to the other’s needs, or how concerned they are of each other, people around would really mistake them as more than friends. ---------- Natasha had just picked up her paneer makani from her local Indian restaurant and was ready for a casual night in, when her phone rang. She fished it out of her pocket and checked the caller ID – it was Tony. She tapped the green button and held the phone against her ear.  “Stark if you’re about to tell me that aliens are attacking I swear –” “No.” His voice sounded strange. Strained. “No, Nat, I’m calling cause Pepper and I...” She braced herself for Pepper and I are getting married. “We broke up.” It hit her like a fist. “I’m sorry, Tony.” She wasn’t sure what else to say. People didn’t come to her for comfort, that was more Sam’s forte. “And I... I really need a drink,” Tony continued. Natasha stopped in her tracks. Shame and self-loathing laced his voice. “I don't think I can be alone. Please, can I –” “Tony,” she said, her voice even and matter-of-fact. It was the voice she would have taken had he said that there was a bomb at her apartment, or there was a killer outside his door. “Are you sober now?” She knew even before he answered: “Yeah. Trying hard to stay that way.” “Good.” She let go of the breath she’d been holding. “I want you to get in your car right now, and drive to mine. Can you do that?” “Yeah.” He sounded almost like he was convincing himself, too. “Yeah, I can do that.” “Good. I’ll see you in half an hour.” “Okay.” Tony promised. Natasha waited until he hung up, then she turned around and headed back to the Indian place, already dialing their number. “Hey, can I have a chicken tikka masala and naan to go please...” [continue reading on AO3]
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What are the Side Effects experienced during the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder?
The onset of the addiction begins with a stage known as Alcohol Addiction, then stage one i.e., Alcohol addiction the person becomes familiar with the drinking of alcohol and related substances. In the second stage, the individual becomes regular with the drinking habit like once a day. The final and the last stage occurs when the second stage is prolonged like turns into a chronic drinking habit. So, if anyone in your knowledge is facing the above-mentioned problem then that person should surely book and consult an expert from the most trusted rehab center and i.e., De Addiction Centre in Mumbai. They are the provider of the best possible facilities that are required by the patients in the particular situation. They have modern technology-equipped medical essentials as well as equipment. They are the possessor of the most experienced, professionally dedicated, dynamically talented, highly knowledgeable, and supremely motivated medical faculty and experts who give their 100 percent in the treatment of every case. There is a question in my mind, that s struck me for a few days now, and that is What are the Side effects that are encountered during the treatment of the Alcohol Use Disorder or Alcoholism?
Tumblr media
Well, the side effects are like the negative impact of a positive thing like two sides of a coin, that depicts that every positive situation or environment has the negative side as well, that cannot be avoided, but surely can be overcome. There are many side effects of the treatment that are sure that the patients need to face, some of the common ones are briefly described below get idea of them, the side effects of the alcohol use disorder treatment are as follows: - Agitation: - When the alcohol addiction treatment is going on then due to various activities, medications, as well as consolations the people are forced not to induce alcohol in their body, which in return makes them quickly agitated, aggressive, irritable, or even uncomfortable. Due to this kind of behavior if their matter of interest is not fulfilled then they can be violent. This problem can be solved by booking as well as visiting the De Addiction Centre in Mumbai, at the time of appointment.
Headaches or even body aches: - Due to the self-restriction on the chronic drinking habit of the individual, during the period of alcohol use disorder treatment can result in various pains like the headache, stomach ache, and various other kinds of pains and problems. The above-said problem can be encountered by visiting and consulting a medical expert at De-Addiction Centre in Mumbai, as they are best in this field.
So, the above-mentioned problems or the side effects of the alcohol use disorder treatment are the most common, but there are some advanced side effects too. The above facts also prove that when something positive is undertaken, then it is compulsory that something negative will surely be encountered by you.  
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