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jewishdarkling · 2 hours ago
In the live action remake of Aladdin, there is a scene where Jafar explains to Aladdin why he should take the “opportunity” of going into the Cave of Wonders, and his entire argument hinges on Aladdin’s attraction, or love for, Jasmine. Given Marwan Kenzari’s (Jafar’s actor) comments about Jafar’s past and his motivations, the following speech Jafar gives Aladdin comes off as even more “bitter ex seeking revenge” than it does at first hearing it:
“Well, at least she told the truth about one thing…She was toying with you. It amuses her to meet commoners. Did you actually think she liked you?…People like us must be realistic. You see, I was once like you. A common thief…You’re either the most powerful man in the room, or you’re nothing. You have stumbled onto an opportunity. I can make you rich. Rich enough to impress a princess. But nothing comes for free.”
Jafar’s wording here can be construed as actually being about himself and his past with Jasmine, as we know from the following quote from Marwan that Jafar, being of a similar age to Jasmine in this version, was likely raised in the palace alongside her, which has led him to not only call the Sultan “Baba” (“father”) at one point, but to seek his approval just as much as he seeks to steal his power for himself:
“In my imagination, the character Jafar was picked up, as he mentions himself to Aladdin. That he once was a street thief like Aladdin and I think his mentor might have been the Sultan as he was growing up, and I think, for instance, I don’t know if you’ve ever read Othello but the way Iago — an interesting detail that character’s name is Iago — starts poisoning Othello’s ear and that’s because of jealousy and I think jealousy might be a motivation for Jafar as well. I think there’s a fine line between having someone as a mentor and at the right moment taking over the mentor’s place, replacing the alpha wolf, so I think definitely there’s a relationship there between the Sultan and Jafar, it’s just that the blind ambition became too big and that’s why it developed the way that it did.”
Given that Marwan has also described how Jafar has feelings for Jasmine, we can see how his speech to Aladdin is not actually about Aladdin and Jasmine’s relationship at all, but actually about a past relationship between Jafar and Jasmine. At one point in their childhood, Jasmine had an interest in Jafar; whether her interest was romantic or platonic, we don’t know, but through Marwan, we know Jafar, at least, harbored romantic feelings for her. However, it is clear the two had a falling-out as they grew older; whether it was because of Jafar’s “blind ambition” or for another reason, the result was Jafar’s resentment against her. Because of this resentment, he views their past relationship as Jasmine having lied to him, and merely “toying” with someone she thought was below her (“it amuses her to meet commoners”). Given that one of Jafar’s demands later in the film is to marry Jasmine, we can assume that one of his motivations for possessing the lamp is his feelings for Jasmine, believing that she could only ever love him if he was powerful enough, if he was no longer a “common thief” (“you’re either the most powerful man in the world, or you’re nothing”).
I think it would be quite interesting to see a sequel or a novelization dig deeper into Jafar’s character and his past with Jasmine, and as the character is technically still alive in the live cinematic universe, it is quite possible to bring him back. I will leave you with this quote from Marwan:
“I was always interested in Jafar’s feelings for Jasmine, and as I was reading this script, I was wondering how far we could take that…But there’s a specific reason why Jafar says “I want to marry your daughter,” and in my imagination, I would see a sequel to this film where you would see Jafar’s real motivation, that would be the love for Jasmine or something in that direction.”
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jewishdarkling · 2 hours ago
I love the implication in Aladdin (2019) that all three of our main characters, so to speak, are potential “diamond(s) in the rough.” Of course, we know and it’s confirmed that Aladdin is a diamond in the rough, considering the Cave of Wonders allows him to enter.
Princess Jasmine, though she never attempts to enter the Cave of Wonders, can similarly be described as a “diamond in the rough.” She is still trying to figure herself out and what she wants out of life, but throughout the course of the film, we learn that, even more than she desires love and the approval of her father, she desires to help her people. She quotes her mother at one point, saying that the royal family ought to be “only as happy” as their “least happy subject.” By the film’s end, when Jasmine becomes the first Sultana of Agrabah, she has transformed from the “rough” to the “diamond.”
Jafar is where this gets trickier, but I think there is enough evidence in the film to label him, also, as a “diamond in the rough.” When Jafar reveals where he is taking Aladdin, he gives Aladdin a speech about how Jasmine deceived him (“she was toying with you…did you actually think she liked you?”) that comes off as…well, incredibly personal. Given that we know Jafar started out as a thief on the streets of Agrabah who eventually made his way to the palace (and Marwan Kenzari, Jafar’s actor, has been quoted as saying that Jafar was much like Aladdin when he was picked up and raised by the Sultan), Jafar has in him just as much potential to become a diamond as Aladdin and Jasmine do, or he did at one point. Unfortunately for Jafar and for the other characters, he chooses to remain in “the rough,” so to speak, while Aladdin and Jasmine decide to become “diamonds.”
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btw it’s super annoying seeing people only describe wish dragon as ‘aladdin but chinese’ like first off the wish granter’s character arc is completely different and that feels pretty significant, plus the limited romance, but also idk tropes like wish granting and prince and the pauper/cinderella type stuff doesn’t seem uncommon enough to decide that’s all the description it needs, also the main message of aladdin was about self acceptance and selflessness where the main message in wish dragon was about how human connection is the only truly meaningful thing
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ultrafreepics · 5 hours ago
Aladdin Dream Meaning
What does it meaning Aladdin in the dream? To dream of Aladdin implies incredible adventures of love and money, always accompanied by dangers and tensions. It is clear, Aladdin symbolizes a strong spirit able to manipulate the world and to achieve things like nobody. Dreaming of Aladdin like a partner of trip conversationalist and friendly is expressed the arrival of a commercial adventure that…
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fuzzychildchopshop · 10 hours ago
ALADDIN by Artfrog75
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alexapillustration · 12 hours ago
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❤🧡 Princess Jasmine 🧡❤
💙 Colors of the Month, June 2021 💙
Breaking the Zelda character streak and decided to paint Princess Jasmine! I saw the colors of the month for this month and I immediately thought to paint her in the red outfit, I mean the colors are so perfect! Im not 100% satisfied with how she came out and I wish her pose was better drawn and composed, but oh well 😅 Whos your favorite Disney princess? Mines Princess Jasmine if it wasn't obvious 👀
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disneyliveaction · 17 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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You don't need to thank me. But I hope you accept my apology.
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klaineccfanficlibrary · 18 hours ago
There was an aladdin au named street rat and the prince on scarves and coffee, do you have a copy of it? Thank you!
Here ya go! ~Lynne
The Street Rat and the Prince by sunshineoptimismandangels
Kurt is a Prince being forced to marry against his will. Blaine is a street rat, just trying to get by. An evil sorcerer, unscrupulous  guards and an unbending law stand work to keep them apart, but maybe with a little magic their love will win. Klaine/Aladdin!Au
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crazydazeymuses · 19 hours ago
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Why do we analyze, break down and criticize
                    THE CRAZY ONES?
🌺   OC/Crossover Friendly.
🌺   Para, multi-para, one-liner.
🌺   Rated PG-13(ish).
🌺   Personals, do not reblog.
                  MUN.  MUSES.  RULES.  CREDIT.
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These lyrics from Prince Ali in Disney’s Aladdin:
“Prince Ali, mighty is he, Ali Ababwa
Strong as ten regular men, definitely
He's faced the galloping hordes
A hundred bad guys with swords
Who sent those goons to their lords?
Why, Prince Ali”
Are made into these in the Broadway version:
“Prince Ali! Mighty is he, Ali Ababwa
Strong as ten regular men, definitely!
He once slew seventy Turks
Mustaches, sabres, real jerks!
Who gave those bad guys the works?
Why, Prince Ali”
The movie is from 1992, the Broadway show is from 2011.
Why did they change it? It is probably because they were aiming to be less goofy than the movie and it sounded more realistic to give the name of an actual ethnicity. But it is interesting that they made this choice in 2011, when the original movie had already been criticized for its problematic depictions and Orientalism.
Does it really matter? No, it is a line from a Broadway show that very few people will see or care about, not from a movie that millions of small children will watch every day at home. But I think it shows that the prejudice against Turks is still not really considered to be politically incorrect, which I of course knew, but here is a proof from a Disney production. Again, I am not even really annoyed, offended or angry, I can see the thought process behind it, but it is interesting.
Edit: Apparently the lyrics in the Broadway show were Ashman’s original lyrics. Ashman’s lyrics were written in the 90s which makes it a bit more understandable than it would be if people making the show randomly decided to change the lyrics in 2011.
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kazoosandfannypacks · a day ago
Guys why is no one talking about this?:
Tumblr media
I noticed in this scene last time I was watching through and realized I’d never seen tumblr address it:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also I was reading about this on the wiki and guess who played The Genie in Aladdin on Broadway???
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Quick sketch while i was talking to my Sister on Phone. I like how it turned out ^^
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aisakatiare · a day ago
Ya casi no me da tiempo xdd
Day 2: Disney movie
Elegí una de mis escenas favoritas, de una de, mis películas favoritas. Sinceramente disfruté mucho hacerlo 🤧❤🤍🦈🦆
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inmydrcams · a day ago
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americaneldritch · a day ago
Arkham Community College: American Literature 101: The King in Yellow is a Fool 
In the first episode of Arkham Community College, professor Aladdin Collar explores the original design of the King in Yellow, as envisioned by illustrator and author Robert W. Chambers, and how the original design was Xeroxed into oblivion as it was reprinted. 
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inmydrcams · a day ago
d*sney sure 'we should hire a pop singer to play snow white and give her some new pasek & paul songs, that's sure to work great with the original's tone'
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jewishdarkling · a day ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Aladdin (2019) Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Jafar/Jasmine (Disney) Characters: Jafar (Disney), Jasmine (Disney) Additional Tags: Childhood Friends to Lovers, Lovers To Enemies, Enemies to Lovers, dark!jasmine, Brief depiction of domestic violence Summary:
Jasmine and Jafar meet for the first time when they are thirteen.
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