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confused-novelist · 18 hours ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Persona 5 Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Akechi Goro/Persona 5 Protagonist, Akechi Goro/Kurusu Akira Characters: Akechi Goro, Kurusu Akira, Takamaki Ann, Sakamoto Ryuji, Morgana (Persona Series), Niijima Makoto, Okumura Haru, Sakura Futaba, Kitagawa Yusuke, Yoshizawa Sumire | Yoshizawa Kasumi Additional Tags: Fluff, Late Night Swims, dorks being dorks, One Shot Collection Summary:
Collection of one shots centered around Goro Akechi and Akira Kurusu. There will be fluff, angst, romance, domesticity, miscommunication, but mostly importantly love.
Y’all, I’m weak to when people want fanfic ideas. I’m going to start compiling them all together.
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shuake-confessions · 20 hours ago
I love that fans of ShuAke are able to deliver fluff and hope in one hand, then severely hurt me with all the angsty potential of the ship. The duality of this ship is just irresistible.
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valuvrblog · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh, to slam your evil sexy goth boyfriend against the table
This is inspired by @thedeerus Swap Persona 5 AU, i really like it.
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I’m basic asf and listen to rex Orange County,,, howerever best friend to me is so fucking romantic. Idk I have a skewed sense of love. But I feel like it fits akeshu so well
“Oh, I still wanna be your favorite boy
I wanna be the one that makes your day
The one you think about as you lie awake
And I can't wait to be your number, your number one
I'll be your biggest fan and you'll be mine
But I still wanna break your heart and make you cry”
I feel like it’s a good akeshu song. Mostly sfrom goros perspective and the complicated relationship he has with akiren.
But with some bits like
“You need to be Yourself, and love somone for loving you instead of someone really cool that makes your heart melt, who knows what you truly felt”
Where I’m 99.999% sure akiren is singing to goro
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lalla-artist · 22 hours ago
Welcome, ladies, gentlemen and nonbinary folks!
I am Lalla, an aspiring artist who needs some money!
Now, here’s my info for the commissions.
If you have any questions, ask me right away, and I will reply to you trying to clear your doubts.
I will open four slots for four commissions, and when all four will be closed I won't accept any commissions unless a slot opens when I finish a commission.
I have every right to refuse a commission, and I want you to be satisfied with my work, so I am willing to change it to your liking if you’re not satisfied with it, I will draw the piece, then I’ll send it to you in the format you want, like a PNG or something else. Then, I’ll need some details for making sure that your commission comes out in the way you want, so tell me everything you can and send me references if you can, and then, I’ll ask you some things if needed.
My email is:
Slot One: Open
Slot Two: Open
Slot Three: Open
Slot Four: Open
PayPal that I’ll link to you when we’ll reach an agreement. If you can please pay me in EUR, but if it is impossible for you to pay in EUR, you can use USD.
Headshot - 18€ - 21$
Bust - 35€ - 41€
Half-body - 45€ - 53$
Full body - 50€ - 60$
Lineart - 45€ - 53$
Colors - 50€- 60$
What I won't draw/do
Realistic style
Physical art
Heavy Gore
What I will draw/do
Total drama style
Digital art
Here are some examples of my drawing style:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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erinmhidni · a day ago
Been craving some smutty, angsty, maybe fluffy Shuake/Akeshu in an RP. If you care, here ya go;
- I only RP on discord, as it’s much, much easier for me to keep track of.
- I prefer writing paragraphs, not a script style or whatever else people do.
- English is, obviously, preferred, as is 20+ as I do intend to (eventually) write smut.
- I am willing to write anything but sexual abuse, which will be hinted at only.
- I will be writing as Ren/Akira.
If anyone is interested, throw me a message. :)
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Goro akechi can’t tell the difference between platonic and romantic affection.
I was going to make goro akechi as your best friend headcannons,,,then irealized they would be no different from romantic headcannons.
I follow this up with I think the reason we see so much shuake without it ever being cannon, and if anything it makes it more tragic.
(if we dont count the fact atlus is clearly homophobic because why tf cant I romance yusuke, or ryuji,,, BUT THE TEACHER OH YEAH GO FOR IT!!! GOD.)
Goro just wasnt loved and as much as he said he “hated” joker, he found himself in jokers company during most his free time.
There is no doubt in my mind goro would be confused as to why this person was hanging out with him. To goros own knowledge joker had no clue about his double life, and was only aware that he was a minor celebrity who opposed the phantom thieves. Which was true for a while.
While I love a good rivals to lovers, this may as well be a rivals to friends. The two words practically synonymous in goros own perspective. Because again, I dont think he can tell the difference. Either he would perceive it a a friendship and not realize how the way he’s caring for joker is a little more than friendly. Or know it’s romantic attraction but knows he can’t have it.
Either way it’s tragic because if it’s one sided with akiren pining after goro. Because yk taking somone you just met to your “go to place” isn’t very platonic goro. When goro dies (or under the assumption he dies) It would hit that much harder. Or if it’s mutual it’s only because goro knows he can’t have akiren, aha pain.
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hart-bun · a day ago
Tumblr media
Heathcliff, it's me, I'm Cathy I've come home, I'm so cold Let me in your window
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hirokiyuu · a day ago
new pef chapter is UP! ty to almond for ur support (soothing my ego) and stella for the same..... and thank u to apple for the m-dashes. those are only there bc of u i love u
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confused-novelist · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Persona 5 Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Akechi Goro/Persona 5 Protagonist, Akechi Goro/Kurusu Akira Characters: Akechi Goro, Kurusu Akira Additional Tags: Fluff, Angst, Movie Star AU, Kinda insignificant if I'm being honest, Just kinda fits with the plot, Miscommunication, Practice Kissing, THE GAYS - Freeform Summary:
Until recently Akira was perfectly content with just pining away over the man he lived with but soon Goro dropped a block of cement on his head in the form of a casual statement. “We should practice kissing.” . . . How wild would it be if Goro conned Akira into practicing kissing with him and feelings began to appear?
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nonnecheri · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
akeshu lockscreens i made a while back! ❤️
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