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#agent woo
thedragonemperess · 57 minutes ago
Agent Jimmy Woo didn't ask Scott Lang out at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp just for us to say that Loki is the first LGBTQ+ character in the MCU to say it on screen
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zemosbanner · a day ago
mobius stans upset over the fact that we didn't see mobius this episode:
me, a jimmy woo stan:
Tumblr media
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marvel-sambuckyvibes · 5 days ago
One day Sam and Bucky are watching Buzzfeed Unsolved on the TV while they cuddle on the couch, it's four so a new episode is on. And then, the screen is doing the photo-cuts and ominous music and suddenly the episode is on. The topic? The suspected murder and cover-up of Howard and Maria Stark. Sam starts to turn it off, but Bucky says, "Wait, no. I want to see if they mention me." Sam reluctantly puts the remote down.
And then Sam has to go through forty-five minutes of hell with a few ad-breaks in between as Bucky corrects and scolds Buzzfeed for getting certain details wrong. "No, it was actually 45 degrees that night." "Hey, it was actually __ o'clock." etc etc. Then there is the last fifteen minute portion, dedicated to the Winter Soldier and if the government was hiding his crimes, the UN framing, and even have a picture of Bucky, and Bucky yells in both English and Russian about all the inconsistencies and how the government literally pardoned him, and Sam sits there the entire time with his face in his hands
->But he also knows deep down that Bucky has come to terms with his past
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thedragonemperess · 5 days ago
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ends with Strange sipping lemonade on a beach chair, Jimmy showing Wong card tricks, Wanda playing with Billy, Tommy, and Vision in the water, Darcy and Monica building a sand castle together, and Mobius and Loki riding a jet ski in a mini version of the hex
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rt8815 · 7 days ago
Check you out, Jimmy. Escaping cuffs and shit 😁
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rt8815 · 7 days ago
Darcy: "Hey, there he is. The guy who almost got murdered by his own murder squad."
Hayward: "You work for me?"
Darcy: "I actually don't know."
Monica: "She's with me."
Hayward: "I see. And which one of you is the sassy best friend?"
Woo: "There is no time for you to diminish your colleagues when you're about to start a war you can't win."
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rt8815 · 7 days ago
"I uh, try not to speak ill of people."
"Then allow me. Hayward's a d-"
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rt8815 · 7 days ago
"The twins were subsequently radicalized, volunteering at HYDRA."
"That's an oversimplification of events, but, yes."
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Darcy: Man, this is so great getting to hang out with you. I forgot how cool you were.
Woo: Aw, Darcy. You are so sweet. I love hanging out with you too.
Darcy: Shh, I'm on video chat with Monica.
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IF ANYONE IS ON TWITTER AND COMFORTABLE W TWEETONH AND SHIT TWEET #AGENTSOFSWORD WE DID IT ONCE WITH #RENEWAOS, we can do it again! (Monica running around with darcy and Jimmy and doing aos type shit can be so personal to me, y’a know?)
everyone head to twitter! we have twitters attached to @fansofcolor if you need something tweeted!
mod laina
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red-lipstick-bisexual · 11 days ago
Here's a list of characters that we must protect and I don't take criticism
1. Jimmy Woo
2. Monica Rambeau
3. Darcy Lewis.
4. Norm from WandaVision.
5. Joaquin Torres.
6. Casey from Loki
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Darcy: There are some things beyond our understanding. We must accept them and learn from them. Because these moments of crisis are also potential moments of faith. A time, when we either come together or fall apart. Nature always has a way of balancing itself. The only question is, what part will we play?
Woo: Did you just make that up?
Darcy: No, I read it in a fortune cookie once.
Darcy: A really long fortune cookie.
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Darcy: I ripped my favorite bra in half last night while I was undressing in a drunken rage.
Woo: What was the rage all about?
Darcy: Monica wouldn’t stop to let me get McDonald’s french fries.
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janetsnakehole02 · 14 days ago
Jimmy Woo 🤝 Joaquin Torres 🤝 Casey
being underrated cinnamon rolls that deserve the world
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detectivedeckerstar · 15 days ago
Jimmy Woo 🤝 Joaquin Torres 🤝 Casey
Stealing the fandoms hearts with like 2 scenes of dialogue
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darcywoo-coffee · 15 days ago
Wandavision and everything is not what it seems have the same energy
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