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#again…first draft😂😂
delusioninabox · an hour ago
Some parts of my first draft read like a shit post but I'm willing to live with that. 😂
“So,” Lisa said.
“So?” Ash repeated, straightening Pickles’ crate in the back of the van.
“Were you really so wildly talented that you made that guy faint?” Lisa grinned.
Ash dropped the supply bag on their foot. “Ow!” They hopped up and down on their other foot, scowling as Lisa laughed. “That’s not— That’s not why he fainted!”
“Oh, let me guess!” Lisa sat on the back edge of the van. “You were too attractive? Too funny? Or, maybe, too full of yourself?”
Ash kicked at her legs and she howled with laughter as she pulled them up into the van to protect herself. They said, “He was just scared of snakes or something! It’s not like this hasn’t happened before.”
“Yeah, but the other times you didn’t go white knight and swoon to save them.” Lisa brought her knees to her chest and smirked. “Now that I know your type is nerdy schoolteacher, I am absolutely not letting this knowledge go.”
“Ugh!” They groaned. “It’s not like — not like I made a scene or something.”
“Au contraire, it was very much a scene in its own right.”
Ash’s face grew hot and they focused once more on packing the van. “I’m not going to see him again, so it doesn’t matter anyway.”
Lisa pouted. “Spoken like a true lost cause.”
“Takes one to know one.” Ash snorted. “Now get out of the van before I lock you in there with the animals and hope Roger bites you.”
“Spoilsport.” Lisa slid out of the van with a sigh and hopped back onto her feet. She headed to the front seat while Ash closed the back and locked it. “At least do something fun your afternoon off instead of reading to your cat.”
“I do not read to Fudge,” Ash said, getting settled in the passenger seat. “Fudge serenades me with the worst meowing imaginable while I read. Those are very different things.”
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those70scomics · a day ago
is JS going to be one of those stories where J/H will only get together again (like, actually together) in the last chapters? because apparently the story's going to have more than 80 chapters and making us wait for so long is just mean lol. i know there's a lot to the story but i am a very anxious person and i want to see them together again this year if possible
(great story btw, it triggers me a little but i always read a few fluffy J/H one-shots after i read the new chapters to lighten my mood)
Jackie Stargazer has eight-eight chapters. Answering your question precisely is difficult due to the nature of the story and spoilers. But you will see plenty of Jackie and Hyde together in many kinds of intimate ways long before the end of the story. Intimacy doesn't necessarily mean sex; and as you've read in the story, sex doesn't always equal intimacy.
Also, sex ≠ romantic intimacy.
(great story btw, it triggers me a little but i always read a few fluffy J/H one-shots after i read the new chapters to lighten my mood)
Totally understandable. 🤗 I had to take many breaks while writing Jackie Stargazer. Write lighter stories. JS took me eight years to finish. I wrote a lot of other T7S fanfics during that time, including every One Difference story and my outline / first draft hybrid of Those Who Play with Demons*, which is already 811 pages -- and not quite done yet. 😂
*TWPWD isn't a light story in the least, but it has a lot more humor and is a lot of fun to write (except for the parts that aren't 😅).
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happy ffwf! :) what's the fic you've been most relieved to finish?
happy ffwf!! i actually just finished the first draft of my sarahmay // sambucky wip and i am Extremely Relieved, so does that count? 😂
in terms of truly finished fics, i'd have to go with No Ordinary Exchange because it's 40 chapters (plus a lil epilogue) at 183k words and lord, i am never doing that again sdjksahskjs. most of it was written during the Peak of covid lockdown and i just don't think i will ever have the time or energy to write so much again lmaooo
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omolaya · 2 days ago
I made another fic recently (this time a wedding scenario), and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!
~ Mosquito Fucker
Hi! I absolutely loved it and really want to tag it up proper, so it's been sitting in drafts until I can give it the love it deserves. 🌹
It's such a spectacular one and a wedding of all things❣ We hadn't considered that, and formal wedding wear is a top favourite and had me going "hold up put away the 👀 before you go too far there! Look respectfully!" 😂
Me and MrsLittleLeaks just go "Mosquito Fucker? Mosquito Fucker is here!!" I have a beach one for you two sitting in drafts, I just haven't had the chance to fix it + I do this weird thing by trying for a short prompt that becomes a mini-fic... I should know to give them names/roles and a vague plot by now.
But yes, the wedding fic was amazing. Just Made Its are more my thing, but wow, I was ready for a potential wetting ending! Wetting wedding? Puns going far--just stop me.
Oh, I realize now I could potentially review it this way, but my tags, well... I can get away with more in tags, if you get me? Can't be too thirsty on main Because you do both types and are respectful as anything while still having fun, it's, uh, easier to talk the other aspect in tags so I'll censor here.
Putting in a read more because I went in-depth enough to make this long for mobile users.
First I have to compliment your prose and storytelling again, properly this time. They are absolutely phenomenal and a treat to read each time. You only get better with every story and I swear there's probably a bunch of us out there learning from you. We need more monster, alien, and bug ahem "fans" out here!
For it already being formal wear and then romantic as it's a wedding, I'm in love, so already imagining how beautiful this place and the outfits must be, to the purple butterfly! Ahhh so much greatness! Purple is my favourite, so much yes to the scene you set!
The way reader admires their ring to how handsome their new husband is--you can feel the real emotion here--to... something else is going on. Oho! I'm a sucker for movement and tension. Just imagine me fanning myself with a lace fan while reading or something funny.
"My flower." Thank you for making me feel special, Sir Butterfly!
I understand why MrsLittleLeaks had this ready for me on discord because it's targeted without knowing. 😂 I love it, omo hive mind. So much more proper than it is peeshy! Oh god, a proper gentleman, you're trying to kill me, I feel it in my bones. Sir Butterfly is growing into one of my favourites as this story goes on. Many close calls in front of Reader, wowow. Reader being intrigued, all of my yes, just chef's kiss. I like the groundwork you're laying with that.
Love the wing inclusion when MrsLittleLeaks mentioned using wings to emote! How telling would that've been too, my oh my.
The age-old occupied though Reader stepped in. This poor guy, but I'm loving it! And leaks. I could talk about these, but I have a story to publish first. I am so, so weak for leaking, and that it's one drop that sends this proper character into nonono territory, oof! fans self harder
Ah, I love their dynamic so much! How do you constantly manage these amazing interpersonal dynamics in short stories? It's awesome. Just a supportive, loving couple. You guys have come up with some fun Reader characters these past few!
Um. The description here had me blushing. Mosquito Fucker, your release scenes are impressive as hell. They are so satisfying to read after the buildup and have all the details a person could want. For some reason the storm drain caught my attention, like how much is really going down here? In both ways, hehe. That paragraph was just perfect to me and you will likely, if it's respectful, see me have Feelings over it again. Fluttering wings, yes, holy lord, emote with all the nonhuman stuff. 👌
I lived until "ideas for our honeymoon" and embrace from the back. I don't know why, but embracing from the back while pissing is just... god help me. Something about it. The intimacy, the love, the unconditional love and understanding, the feels. Also, just nice and/or hot.
That last line, trying to end the job completely. I need a defib. Reader is so into it and Sir Butterfly too. A real get me a man like that moment. How did you manage this romance verging on a bit of erotica?!
Mosquito Fucker, I hope you know we talk about you and your works often and how amazing they are, so if I can give you even one review back as I read it and then later tag the fic itself in a reblog, I hope it manages to give back even a little.
You put so much into the omo community in such a short time. Please be very proud of your work, but also don't burn out. It's a treasure when they pop up! But not at your expense, only when you're feeling it.
At least two of us will definitely be around!
Obligatory I'll be in my bunk.
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ephe-merally · 2 days ago
1, 3, 6, 10, 15
Heyyy @satanweekesuwu! Thank you for the ask! Let me answer your q's right away:
1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?
Yes, there is. I've got a few things in my life I want to pursue simultaneously, and there's also something very important that I can't ignore. This is why I'm holding off This World of Ours. There's also another zekeren work that's not quite finished for a very long time. At this point I think it's made itself at home in my drafts, collecting digital dust...
3) what order do you write in? front of book to back? chronological? favorite scenes first? something else?
Front of book to back, so in chronological order of chapters. However, when I feel inspired and a scene pops up in my mind I also write that down and leave it to be used for a part that comes up only much later on.
6) something you would go back and change in your writing that it’s too late/complicated to change now
This is an interesting question, I don't know specifically what I would change.... (I suppose that's a good thing right? 😉) Though I guess I would change some of my writing of published works on Wattpad when I was younger ahahaha 😂 But I'm happy with almost everything as they are because I know that I couldn't have done any better at that age. I'm still learning as you're reading this!
10) write in silence or with background noise? with people or alone?
I prefer to write in silence with absolutely no one around me because I want to focus completely on the writing. However, game or classical music sometimes plays softly in the hopes that it will inspire me to write :)
15) why did you start writing?
I was young and curious! I was a Directioner and still regard myself as one but I have no idea when 1D are ever going to get together again... Anyway, this is how you can picture me being a young 13 y.o writing 1D fanfics on Wattpad with fellow friends xD It was a great life.
Thanks for your questions! It's really interesting how some questions are asked multiple times, and others never. If you want to see alternative answers, I also answered some q's here for @irregardlessly-tish and an anon. I hope you have a great day and that we stay mutuals for a long time! See you x
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queenemori · 2 days ago
Rules: tag people you want to get to know better/catch up with
Was tagged by @she-who-the-river-could-not-hold and @hopskipaway thanks friends!
Favourite colour: Purple!
Currently reading: The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn and I am so looking forward to seeing Anthony and Kate’s relationship in season 2 of Bridgerton now. There are going to be so many antics I can’t wait. I’m also reading Happily Ever Afters by Elise Bryant which is the exact type of YA book I wish I’d had growing up, so I love it a lot and if I got to write the movie version of it I would probably collapse and die.
Last song: I think it was favorite crime by Olivia Rodrigo, which I recently realized is a perfect Chuck and Blair song.
Last movie: The Personal History of David Copperfield! Starting off my summer of Dev Patel right 😌
Last series: I am in the midst of a Gossip Girl rewatch before the reboot comes out in July which has been a lot of fun. A lot of my opinions about characters and ships have shifted since the last time I watched a couple years ago, which has been really interesting to discover. I also just finished Hacks on HBO Max and that was a lot of fun, and I started Starstruck, which is also on HBO Max and is just all sorts of rom-com fun so far. (Please come to me for TV recommendations, my senior superlative in high school was “Class Netflix”)
Sweet, spicy or savoury: As someone with multiple cavities, I feel like I have to say sweet? I have a terrible sweet tooth lol, I’m very much a dessert person.
Craving: See above, I really want ice cream and chocolate. But I could also really go for either Chinese or Thai food.
Tea or Coffee: I love both, but probably coffee. Part of my morning routine is writing while I drink my coffee and I’ve really come to appreciate it. Also coffee very much reminds me of my grandpa so I like having that little reminder of him each day.
Currently working on: all of my fics I was prompted lol. I’m trying to get as much of it out of the way as possible before I start grad school at the end of August and then have to do writing assignments for my classes. Also still toying with the idea of a Malina fic that I couldn’t finish in time for Malina week but I still like the idea. I’m also rewriting one of my pilots that I turned in with applications but was inspired to work on again. It involves fake dating, perhaps one of my favorite tropes. And for fans of We Don’t Need To Say It, I have written a first draft of the pilot of Alpha, so like perhaps one day it will really exist in the world and you can say you knew me when 😂
Tagging/saying hi: @nakey-cats-take-bathsss | @mobi-on-a-mission | @useyourtelescope | @unremarkablegirl | @kancjs
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lifeofkaze · 4 days ago
An Art of Balance - Author's Notes
The End.
Wow, I still can’t quite believe it. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that “An Art of Balance”/ “AoB” / “that goddamn story that costs me my last nerve” or however I have called it over the last 6 months is really and truly over.
How far we’ve come together.
Who would have thought what this little idea I had in my head back in December and that wouldn’t let me sleep until I had written half of the first chapter down would turn into. When I started drafting the plot, it was intended to be a little, about 18 chapters worth of story to get my dormant writing skills back into swing before starting on a more complex work I wanted to do. I hadn’t written a single word of prose in almost 15 years at that point.
Now, half a year, about 110k words and a lot of incredibly great friends later, look what this story has turned into.
Thank you to every single one of you who took the time out of their day to read about Lizzie, Orion, Skye, Charlie and all the others. You have no idea how much I appreciated every single like, kudos, reblog and comment. I love you all with all of my heart.
A very special thanks, however, goes to a few friends I made along the way:
Where to start? I don’t call you my writer bestie for nothing. I remember you reaching out to me because you saw a GIF of Luke Pasqualino that reminded you of Orion and you thought I might like. That basically says a lot about our friendship already 😂 In all seriousness, you grew so close to my heart in the shortest amount of times, I’m still baffled by it. Whether it’s our endless chats, our brainstorming for both our stories or our AU or just simping over certain faceclaims together, I would never ever want to miss you again. A lot of chapters of AoB wouldn’t have been half as good without your input. Looking forward to unleashing our OCs’ Rockstar side with you, bestie! 💛💛💛
Wifey, you were the first person ever to comment on AoB and were my biggest supporter throughout. Whether it was technicalities, borrowing your girl KC, joined fawning over our un-dateables, building me up when I felt down over the fluff parts, helping me sort my thoughts or just being one of the best friends imaginable, you did it all. I’m so honoured to be able to count you as a friend. You know how much your own story influenced me into developing my idea into a real story and I still cannot imagine Murphy being with anyone else than your lovely girl. Please, don’t ever change, I can’t wait to go on the next adventure with your girls and take you to see mine. 💛💙
@nevilles-top @weasleysandwheezes
My other two wifies completing the squad. It would never be the same without you, I’m living for our group chats and it's the best feeling to know we’re always there to take care of each other. You ladies are so incredibly talented, it’s an honour to be friends with you. Special shoutout to @nevilles-top for turning me into the greatest simp when she provided me with Avan Jogia as face claim for Orion. I will never forgive for unleashing this monster 😂 Kidding, I would have never forgiven you for not doing it, you know me.
@whatwouldvalerydo @me-charlie-you-angels
You wonderful girls helped me save AoB when I was on the verge of giving up because I couldn’t wrap my mind around what’s coming next. You know all that's in store for Lizzie and Orion and still don’t think I’m a horrible person 😂 Your endless enthusiasm and lovely comments never fail to put the biggest smile on my face. And I PROMISE @whatwouldvalerydo, I will catch up with Late Night Enchantments as soon as I can!
Also the biggest thank you to all the mutuals who let me borrow their OCs for a little cameo or two, it makes writing just that much more fun! @judediangelo75 @cursebreakerfarrier @slytherindisaster @thatravenpuffwitch
So, is that the end of Lizzie’s and Orion’s story? Well… it was supposed to. But I realised that we’re not quite there yet, I still have one or two (or many) things I need to tell you about.
I have several bonus chapters I still need to write, which is why the story isn’t marked as closed yet. My next immediate project featuring them will be a Band/Rockstar AU in collaboration with my dearest @the-al-chemist. Simultaneously, I’m working on the second instalment of “An Art of Balance” called “A Search for Balance” (or SfB as you may have seen in some tags) and a Warcraft AU.
And who knows, maybe one day I will actually be able to write that Charlie x MC fic as well. xD
Thank you so much for the continued support! I love you all!
Tumblr media
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fantasysimmergirl · 6 days ago
My Main Characters I’ve made in the sims based in
my own Stories that I haven’t finished writing due to
Writers block ❤️😂😭😫❤️
Tumblr media
Ellyn Leon- The Blue Sparrow
is My Rebel Princess who left her home
behind for adventure and the sea in my drafts she
returns just in time for her home to be invaded by her
father’s enemies fate causes her family to be split up
and it’s up to her to find them and take back her
fathers kingdom alongside her younger siblings 🖤
Tumblr media
Rebecca Leon- The Bringer of Light
Is My OG Main Character she’s also
Ellyn’s sister and after taking back her fathers
kingdom becomes Queen of Realm and brings about
peace in the kingdom and established the Protectors
of Peace who become guardians of the entire
realms for generations to come. 💜🐉🌞💜
Tumblr media
Wrenna Hildegard- The Druids savior
My Druid Character who had stopped evil from
coming into the world the first time, she was before
Ellyn and Rebecca in my world and she’s known for
her legendary fight with the Darke Beast of Beyond
which was prophesied to bring about eternal
darkness in the world. 💚🐇💚
Tumblr media
Dida Burdette- The Apprentice
The Hedge Witch’s apprentice and Herblist in the 
Forestlands she is one of my newer characters and
goes on quest assigned to her by The Hedge Witch
Causing her to travel to the outskirts of the
forestlands and sometimes beyond. 🧡🐸🍄🐁🧡
Tumblr media
Edeth Cottonwood- Protrector of the Innocence
Edeth Cottonwood is a Elphine (Ell-Finn.)
Edeth was chosen to be a Protector by the Creator
who was rebuilding the Protectors of peace through
Randell the Wizard of Towerhill, Edeth and 5 others
are founded and are quested to save a Princess and
to find the Thicket Wand and return it to its rightful
place in the Creators Temple, re-establishing peace
once again. Edeth and another are then assigned as
Gaurdians of the Forestlands by the New Queen of
the realm, Rebecca’s Descendant.
What are Elphine:
they’re like elves but they’re not elves, they’re beings
that live in hollows of the big trees in the forest being
they’re not that tall, they can communicate with
Animals and Fairies which few beings can do, they’re
peaceful and rarely seen by outsiders in the
forestlands, having a dislike and prejudice against
humans and other beings beyond the forestlands,
they are known to farm fish and heal, having their
own language and establishing the communication
of “Tree-knocking”Which is their own morse code in
a way. They have big ears and (I don’t know if I
should give them tails or not.).
They live off the land and mostly eat fish berries and
forest vegetation.
They also have a lifespan of a few hundred years and
are said to have been birthed from the earth, sprung
up like the trees they live in, and some say when they
die their bodies would disappear back into the earth
as if return from whence they came.
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So it's been 1 year today since FFWF was created! In honor of that, can you take us through how your fanfic writing has evolved in the past year?
happy ffwf!! this is such a good question, girl, also even though i know my writing has changed it feels like it hasn't 😂 i think a fun way to answer this would be to compare two excerpts of my writing, one from a year ago and one from my most recently-written fic!
here's the first paragraph from of cats and curses, my catradora-meets-kyoru crossover, posted June 15th, 2020:
Catra had been more than willing to let Adora do most of the talking. She was normally more eager to learn about the new planets they were exploring, but that day… Ugh. She really wasn’t sure what was making her mood so foul. Or she couldn’t pinpoint a singular cause, anyways. It was probably some God-awful combination of the pittering drizzle of rain falling from the gray sky around her, the fact that the miserable planet ‘Earth’ she was on seemed to have no traces of magic whatsoever, and the immediate reality that Adora was no longer by her side. Which was the main downfall of Adora doing all of the talking - Catra was left behind. At her own request, of course, so she could only blame herself, but still. She wanted to stew in her misery for a bit.
and here's the first "paragraph" of veritas, a oneshot i wrote where bucky grapples with the fact that tony stark is the one person he can never make amends to, posted June 1st, 2021 (N.B. i know my aang rarepair week ficlets are posted more recently than this story, but they were actually written several weeks prior to this fic, making veritas technically the thing i've most recently written):
Veritas. Latin. “Truth.”
The truth was that there was one name Bucky would never—no, he could never cross off his list.
Bucky remembered when he’d first started drafting in Steve’s journal, when he’d first started taking note of every person he owed amends to, he hadn’t been able to write that one name down. It was shameful, yes, guilt-inducing, even more so. But he couldn’t. Bucky couldn’t document what could never be stricken, never be removed, never be undone.
He’d never forget, though. He’d never rest easy again.
clearly fics of very different voices and very different tones, lmao! still, since this is strictly for a fun, i think a comparison can be made anyways. for one, i clearly still love long sentences (although in veritas it is for Dramatic Effect while in of cats and curses it's more me being overly wordy 😂). i still use past tense (i think i've only written one fanfic in present tense and that was my yuaang ficlet, ataraxia). personally, i think veritas reads a little more smoothly than of cats and curses, but that's more of a subjective thing. i also think i used more adverbs in of cats and curses than i did in veritas, and even though i love adverbs, it's probably for the better i don't use them as much now as i used to 😂 as you can see, i am using the proper em dash in my fics now (thanks, jake!), which i used to Not do. however, i am yet to lessen my use of commas, ahahaha.
all in all: i would say there's distinct improvement, but maybe i just want to think im getting better and im actually just stagnant, lmfao! this was such a fun question boo thank you for sending it in!! 💛
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lifeofkaze · 9 days ago
Thanks for tagging @weasleysandwheezes Doing this as an own post sounds like a good idea!
1. why did you choose your url?
Different variations of my online nickname "Kaze" (pronounced Kah-ze) have been with me for more than ten years now and this was one of my most used combinations. There is also no real reason for "Kaze" in the first place, it started as a teen and I just liked the sound of it back then.
2. any side blogs? if you have them, name them and why you have them.
I don't because nobody got time for that. I did think about opening one for World of Warcraft fics featuring my game characters but tbh, this one takes enough time as it is. So you just have to endure the occasional gaming posts, sorry!
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
Tumblr never was that big of a thing in Germany or at least where I'm from anyway, so I only joined back in January when I got back into writing.
4. do you have a queue tag?
Not really, when I can't post live I usually just save stuff in my drafts and go from there.
5. why did you start your blog in the first place?
I started writing again after the longest time ever and hated what, where I was active back in the days, turned into.
6. why did you choose your icon?
It's a portrait of my MC Lizzie Jameson which the insanely wonderful and talented @witchy-push drew for me 🥺
7. why did you choose your header?
*checking what my header is* Ah, that's the view from just beneath the mountain top my girls and I hiked up on my hen do :)
8. what’s your post with the most notes?
Hm, I think either a Neville smut or Charlie fluff, not sure... but knowing I strongly suspect the smut 😂
9. how many mutuals do you have?
I follow almost everyone back that's active in the fandom but my core mutuals I'd say are around 7 or 8.
10. how many followers do you have?
125 and I'm still baffled by that.
11. how many people do you follow?
12. have you ever made a shitpost?
Who hasn't?
13. how often do you use tumblr each day?
Let's skip that question, shall we? 👀
14. did you have a fight/argument with a blog once?
I haven't so far and I hope this is going to stay that way.
15. how do you feel about “you need to reblog this post”?
Depends on the content, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
16. do you like tag games?
Yes!! I always try to answer, but sometimes I forget it (I'm deeply sorry if I do, I'm beyond grateful when someone's tagging me, I love you all!)
17. do you like ask games?
Absolutely! Doesn't matter if it's about me, my MCs or my WIPs. I just haven't been able to do many of them lately because all my creative energy is focused on completing this goddamn fic. 😂
18. which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
I'm admiring all of them from afar (or not as afar, depends on how close they let my little stalker self get xD)
19. do you have a tumblr crush on a mutual?
Like I said, I'm crushing hard of all of my amazing Tumblr friends 💛
20. tags (no pressure): @the-al-chemist @me-charlie-you-angels @samshogwarts @whatwouldvalerydo
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yossariandawn · 10 days ago
tagged by@astarkey and @alwaysupatnight! Thanks for thinking of me! 🥰
1. Why did you choose your url? Mainly cause I wanted something distinctive that wasn't taken, and that I would remember. Yossarian is a character I really like AND an incredibly uncommon name, so I liked that. And I have a personal connection to the name Dawn. It's funny, when I made the name, I didn't realize that From Dusk Till Dawn was the fandom I was going to be active in, so that was just a happy coincidence.
2. Any side blogs? I have a side blog creatively named yossariandawnthesecond, where I put the majority of my non FDTD reblogs.
3. How long have you been on tumblr? I joined in February of 2020! That feels like such a long time ago, my gosh.
4. Do you have a queue tag? Nope! I throw a bunch of stuff I plan on reblogging in my drafts or I hunt through my likes, but I need some time and mental energy to tag, and a queue wouldn't help with that lol. I shoot for reblogging around 5-10 things a day when I can, and some days I am feeling a certain type of graphics or a theme, so y'all may notice that if you are paying close attention. I really want to keep this fandom as active as possible, so I do like having a constant stockpile of FDTD Stuff to keep circulating. One day I will have reblogged all the things, and then I will just start all over again. 😂 I'm very excited new people are still finding the show and joining in on the fun, thank goodness.
5. Why did you start your blog in the first place? I just wanted to show my friends some gifs I had thrown together, and a post seemed like the best way to do it. I wasn't expecting to be active on tumblr, but I'm glad I am!
6. Why did you choose your icon/pfp? Because the always lovely and talented @astarkey made it and I love it so! Never over the way they are holding on to each other there. Plus, the yellow is so pretty.
7. Why did you choose your header? I made that one and I really like it. I have a couple more I might cycle through at some point, and I'd like to make more even! But I love that scene, and I like how it fits with the overall look of how my blog is set up.
8. What’s your post with the most notes? Looks like it's my Seth Gecko + Full Body Frustration gifset! Aww, I really love that one too. Shout out to @alwaysupatnight for pointing me to here so I could figure this one out!
9. How many mutuals do you have? 27. I'm trying to keep my dash more manageable these days, so I mainly only follow people that run very active FDTD blogs. But I still like people I'm not currently following! And I do go through and check out blogs I don't follow, I just don't really care much about the mutual status myself. Always feel free to talk to me even if we don't follow each other.
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19. Do you have a crush on a mutual? I do not! It takes a lot for me to get a crush on someone, and I don't think I could develop one through a computer screen. tagging @sandalaris @lunapascal @vulcaan @gckoseth @all-star-avocado @eddiebuckdiaz @youbecool @justjstuff @astriferias @aquamancienne @thewizardofloneliness @losgeckos and anyone who wants to do this. As always, no pressure! 💖💖💖
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toru-oikawas-milkbread · 10 days ago
Lucky Number 7
Pairing: Atsumu Miya x f!reader
Prompt/summary: Going to your friends party over the weekend wasn’t exactly what you wanted to do, but how could you say no when she begged you? Even better than that, how could you say no when she told you that your crush Atsumu Miya was going to be there? When you lose your friend in the crowd while you were playing a game, you honestly thought about leaving. Just as you were about to, she found you, bringing you to a dark room and locking you inside with Atsumu for 70 minutes. As nervous as you were at first, you couldn’t have been more glad that your friend begged you to come to this party by time you left the bedroom
Word count: 11.7K
Warnings/contents: Smut: Oral (he eats you out and you suck him off), smidge of male masterbation, clit stimulation, fingering, mentions of a scent kink on Atsumu’s end, single use of the word “Daddy,” first time for the reader with an experienced Atsumu, light biting. Strong language, light fluff, 18+
Notes: Look what I found in my tumblr drafts after it disappeared for a few days!! That number is still daunting even for the second time 😂 I hope that you enjoy this!! 
Tumblr media
Honestly it was so loud at the party that you could hardly hear yourself think let alone have any chance of hearing your friend when she was speaking to you. She had mentioned something about playing a game with a group of people and had asked if it would be alright if she put you in the game. You had said that it sounded like fun, but when she told you your number, all you heard was “7” and then the rest of her short conversation was cut off by the blaring music.
You had tried telling her you didn’t quite hear her, but before you knew it she was signaling for you to wait a minute and started walking away; there were so many people shoved into this house that you thought it didn’t even matter if you tried looking for her at this point. Finding her was probably something that wasn’t going to happen again.
You’d been wandering the first floor of the house for the past 10 minutes, either looking for your friend or waiting to be found. You truthfully weren’t sure, but you were trying to remember the number 7. You had stuck to water tonight, not trusting that clearly spiked punch or having any desire to down a beer in the kitchen with the frat boys. Honestly you didn’t want to be here. Your plan was to stay home tonight because your parents were out of town for the weekend to help move your sister half-way across Japan to her new college dorm, and you were excited for a weekend alone.
But when your friend called you and basically begged you to come and spend a minimum of an hour at the party, you couldn’t tell her no. Of course right after you told her that you’d come, she sweetened the deal by telling you that the Miya twins were going to be there.
It was undeniable that you had a crush on Atsumu. In fact, it was almost obvious. You wouldn’t say that you were necessarily great friends with the man, but the few conversations you’d had were rather enjoyable. He seemed fun and energetic, and that was something that you thrived around. Even so, he seemed really sweet, always smiling and waving at you in the halls when he saw you, occasionally calling after you if you missed him with a “Hi, (y/n)-chan!”
Ever since your friend noticed your crush on the boy, she had done everything in her power to push the two of you together, and that was not limited by pushing you into him. She had done so the other day in the hallway, leaving you to fall against him, just barely able to catch yourself before he had caught onto your arms and asked if you were alright. You were a flushing mess, apologizing a million and one times and sending your friend a glare while she snickered beside Suna. It was their thing, teasing the two of you.
You finished off your cup, starting to head down the crowded hallway towards the kitchen to throw your cup away and head out. What was the point of playing a game if you couldn’t be found anyways? It wasn’t like a group of college kids were playing hide-and-go-seek in the middle of the biggest frat party of the year. Finals were coming up within a few months and this year there were more seniors at the college you went to than last year, so they were throwing a huge party in order to celebrate being done with the 4 years at this school.
Just as you passed by a couple making out in the midst of a crowd, you heard your name being called. You turned, but saw nobody looking at you.
“(y/n)!” You looked to your right, seeing your friend waving you down from across the room. You threw your cup away and weaved your way through the people, careful to keep your eye on her so that you didn’t lose her. In order to make sure you got over to her safely, this meant you couldn’t watch exactly where you were going and you had gotten your ass accidentally grabbed twice in a row by time you got over to her.
“God, finally,” you complained when you stopped by the girl. “Where the hell did you go?”
“I had to find your partner,” she said loud enough that you could hear her this time. It made you wonder if it was possible she had quieted herself earlier on purpose, but you didn’t have much time to be left suspicious before she handed you a piece of paper with your number on it. “Come on, 7.” She said, grabbing your hand and tugging you after her. You nearly tripped on the stairs, following her up and looking back down worriedly.
“Are we allowed to be up here?”
“I asked for permission.” She said, but you narrowed your eyes suspiciously at her.
“Did you really?” She snickered, turning to look back at you quickly.
“(y/n), what do you take me for? Of course I did. Trina says that it’s fine if we’re up here as long as we promise not to break anything.” You hummed, following the girl down the dark hallway. There wasn’t a single soul up here, and you were shocked. Parties always had people making out in bedrooms in the movies, what was so different about a real life party when there was already spiked punch and couples making out all over the place?
“What are we playing?” You asked, but your friend ignored you. “I don’t like the sound of your nothingness,” you said anxiously; whenever she purposely withheld information from you, it was always something that you didn’t want to do but she thought would be good for you, and that was always nerve-wracking.
“Alright,” she said, stopping in front of a door. There wasn’t any light on beneath the door, and you were curious as to what room you were about to go in and why she suddenly started whispering. “Remember, no breaking things. It’s going to be dark in here, but your instincts will kick in and you’ll know what to do pretty quickly.”
“What?” You asked, wondering what you could possibly be doing in the room that she had to word it in such a weird, mysterious way. “Do I know the other rules?” You asked, catching her devious smirk a moment too late.
“There are no other rules.” She opened the door, gesturing for you to walk in. You took a couple steps inside, looking at the large window. The curtains were pulled back, letting in moonlight, which the only light in the room. The music was still loud up here, but it was much more quiet. Especially after the door shut behind you.
You turned to ask a question, but when you did you were faced with only the closed door. With a frown, you walked over, hearing something pressing against the door.
“What did you just do?” You asked, fiddling with the door handle that wouldn’t jiggle.
“I’ll be back in 70 minutes,” she said, and you felt your heart drop. You had your suspicions, but you never thought that she would be so cruel as to lock you in a room with a stranger for 7 minutes let alone 70.
“Woah, no—” You started, but she cut you off.
“Have fun~” She sang, and you could hear her footsteps for only a moment before the thumping music that you swore was making the floor beneath your feet vibrate cut the sound off.
“Oh, my god…” You mumbled, turning to look into the room. You figured that whoever it was you were in here with was already here because of both the fact that your partner was found and also because she put the chair in front of the door. She wouldn’t have done that if she didn’t want you to plan on escaping before the stranger got here. She was much smarter than that. “Uh, so… who’s in here?” You asked, walking down the small hall of the room. There was a bathroom by the door, but when you walked into the room there was a queen sized bed that was made perfectly, a small chair in the corner of the room by a hanging bookshelf and a lamp, and a small window seat that could be covered by the thick drapes.
When you looked on the bed, your heart didn’t stop like before, but instead it started pounding so hard that you could feel your palms sweat as well to acknowledge your anxiety.
“Oh, hi (y/n)-chan.” Atsumu spoke so calmly, as if this was an every day occurrence. “You’re my lucky number 7, huh?” He said, slowly sitting up and pulling his knees up. “Aren’t I lucky tonight? First I get asked to play volleyball for an hour, then I come inside and get stuck in a bedroom with you for 70 minutes.”
“I thought it was only supposed to be 7.” You mumbled, sitting on the edge of the end of the bed.
“I won’t bite, ya know.” He said with a soft chuckle when you looked back at him. “It’s supposed to be 7, but it wouldn’t be a very good party game if it wasn’t 70 minutes.” He said, though both of you weren’t sure if it made perfect sense, you got what he was trying to say.
“What are we supposed to do anyways?” You asked, looking at the man as he watched you curiously. The moonlight crept into the room and bounced off his pale skin, though illuminating and shadowing his face nicely. “I’ve never played, but I know that people are supposed to be locked in a closet for 7 minutes and make out or something.” You were planning on how to get back at your friend for this in the back of your mind, making notes on things she hated so you could bombard her like she did to you.
“Well, that’s 7 minutes in heaven,” he said, leaning over his knees. “This could be 70 minutes in heaven or hell. Depends on how rough ya want it.” He teased, not noticing the way your cheeks flushed. “Ideally, we’re supposed to make out. Most people would probably have sex in here.” He said, his head lightly tilting to the side. “Do you want to have sex with me in here tonight, (y/n)?”
“I, uh…” You hesitated.
Did you want to do something— really anything— with this man? More than you had ever wanted to do anything in your whole life, but the thing was, you didn’t know how. You were painfully inexperienced. As many “That’s what she said” jokes you could make, you had never done more than kissed a boy before. You knew that there was only one way to learn, but trapped in a room with the boy you had such a crush on that your throat went dry every time you talked to him wasn’t an ideal situation. While you weren’t saving yourself for marriage exactly, you hadn’t ever thought about having sex jut to have sex. You had always figured you’d be in a relationship, learning things with someone who had just a little bit more experience than you did.
“If you don’t want to, I’m not trying to force ya,” he said. “We can just lay here and talk for awhile if ya want. We could take a nap.” He suggested, watching you carefully. You looked hesitant, maybe even worried and he was trying to figure out why. Shouldn’t he be the one that was incredibly nervous?
“I don’t really need a nap. I won’t sleep tonight.” Atsumu chuckled, scooting a bit closer towards you.
“Yer a good girl, huh?” He asked, catching your attention again. “Ya follow the rules? Keep a nice little schedule.”
“Why would I not follow simple rules?” You asked with a small frown. “It’s just a sleep schedule. It’s like making myself drink water every day and making sure I eat more than once a day. I have to take care of myself. Nobody else is going to do it for me.” There it was, that sense of maturity in you that Atsumu had always been drawn to. You weren’t mature in a way you were too robot-like like Atsumu had viewed Kita as, but instead you were fun but also responsible.
“Such a good girl.” He teased again, earning an eye roll from you that made the man snicker. “A good little (y/n)-chan,” he reached over, gently twirling a stray hair between his fingers. You could feel your cheeks warm at his words and how close he was to you. The occasion of a man being so close to you was rare and not something you’d experienced lately— or hardly ever if you were being honest. “What, do ya have a praise kink or something?” He asked, noticing how embarrassed you were seeming at the moment.
“Uh, I don’t…” You shook your head lightly as you trailed off, refusing to look at the man.
“You don’t… know?” He asked, trying to guess what you could mean. “Don’t tell me…” He hesitated, wondering it was possible that you hadn’t ever done anything like this before. When he was looking at you, he couldn’t believe it, but when he thought hard about it, he did.
You were pretty quiet most of the time. He’d really only seen you with your friend, never heading off alone with a boy. Being alone with him now might have been the few rare occasions you were alone with a man, and it shocked him. Sure, not a lot of people wanted to have sex, but he wouldn’t have thought you were a virgin. Only thinking maybe you were incredibly submissive because of your shy personality.
“I’m a virgin.” You shrugged, not really caring. Most people had sex long before you, and while it was something you did want to experience, you truthfully hadn’t cared all that much at the end of the day. You were happy with your silly little daydreams and your peace and quiet. “It’s not a big deal or anything,” you said, meeting his eyes again. “I just never found the right time.” Atsumu hesitated, his gaze quickly flickering to your lips.
“Well… ya don’t have to leave this room a virgin if ya don’t want to.” He said quietly, slowly leaning closer towards you. When you didn’t immediately turn him down or make a move to get away and only watched him move instead, he reached a large, warm hand over and rested it on your thigh. “I could help ya out.” You swallowed hard, trying to think quickly.
What would Mika do? She’d probably have sex with him. After all, how many chances were there going to be to have sex with Atsumu Miya? He was already a famous setter and you weren’t that old yet. But then again, you weren’t sure that you were ready. You’d never thought about pointless sex, but you were sure that wasn’t what you wanted.
With that thought in mind, there might never be another opportunity for you to have sex with this incredibly attractive man again. After finals this year, he was going to be coming back to school as a senior. There was a chance he might get a girlfriend over the summer, even worse than that, there’s a high chance that you wouldn’t have a class with him. You might not see him anymore at all after this year.
What was the harm in giving it just one little chance?
“I’m serious though,” he started, catching your attention again as you snapped free of your thoughts. “If ya don’t want to do anything, I won’t force ya. Just tell me no if ya don’t want to.” He said. You blinked, looking into his pretty brown eyes and swallowing the nervous lump in your throat.
“I don’t… not want to.” You said, unsure of the swirling feeling in your head. He was an incredibly attractive man. Could you drop the thought of wanting to be in a committed relationship to have sex before doing it if it meant you could lose your virginity to the cute setter that every girl in your college wanted a piece of? You were experiencing something that nobody else in his entire life might get to experience. Again, what was wrong with giving it a shot?
“But ya don’t want to,” he said, starting to pull his hand back. In a split second decision, you caught his wrist and shook your head.
“I wasn’t saying… that, necessarily.” He hesitated, looking at you.
“Well… what do ya want?” He asked, scooting a bit closer to you. “I wouldn’t mind kissing a pretty girl like you.” He flirted, sending you a wink. “But— we could maybe… become more than mere acquaintances as well in here. Maybe we have more in common than we think.”
“Well, I don't really know much about volleyball.” You said, glancing down at your hands. Atsumu raised an eyebrow in your direction.
“I have a personality outside of volleyball, ya know.” He snickered while your cheeks warmed up a bit.
“I’m sure that you do,” you said quickly, fiddling with your fingers and giving a soft sigh a moment later. “You know, uh… I do want to get to know you,” you started slowly. Atsumu couldn’t lie— his hopes were quick to shoot through the roof when you trailed off like you were trying to think of a “But” to say. “But,” you started, making a small smirk curl onto his face. “Well, I wouldn’t… mind trying a few different things with you than I usually do.” Your cheeks were warm as you spoke, unsure of whether or not you were going to end up making a fool of yourself.
“Don’t ya worry yer pretty little head,” he started, getting onto his knees beside you and pressing his hand back down to your thigh. “I can take things nice and slow for ya.” He promised, gently guiding your chin up until you looked up at him. “You’ve kissed someone before though, right?” He asked, his knees brushing against your thigh as he scooted closer.
“I kissed someone… a year ago.” You said, anxiously staring up at the pretty man in front of you.
“That’s a long time.” He whispered, slowly leaning closer to you and getting ready to press his lips to yours. “I’ll teach ya again.” He couldn’t help himself from wanting to smash his lips against yours, really. You looked so kissable. He didn’t understand how everyone that you spoke to wasn’t daydreaming about it all the time like he was. “I’ll go slow.” He promised again, pressing his lips to yours not even a moment later.
With a soft, shaky exhale from your nose, you leaned closer to the man, kissing him back. His lips were just as soft as they looked. It had been awhile since you had kissed someone, but you certainly didn’t remember it feeling quite so good. Maybe it was the way that Atsumu’s hand lightly squeezed your thigh or how his plump lips molded against your own, but a simple kiss was feeling so good that you couldn’t even imagine how good it must feel for him to touch you.
Atsumu’s hand moved up your side, carefully cupping around your breast on top of your clothes. You shifted beside the man so that you were facing him better, reaching up and holding onto his shoulder for balance. Atsumu gave a soft hum, turning his head to push his tongue into your mouth. It was strange to feel his muscles move as he shifted, though it wasn’t unappealing. It only added to the aspect of how real this really was. It pushed you into realizing that you were really kissing Atsumu Miya— that his tongue was really in your mouth.
You weren’t blind to the fact that you were living out hundreds of different girls fantasies right now, and you weren’t planning on not realizing it until it was too late or taking advantage of that. This thing that was going on between you and Atsumu was most likely something that you were never going to speak of again. Maybe it might be an unspoken sort of inside joke between the two of you, but you weren’t planning on going around telling people that you had sex with him while you were locked in a room together.
Atsumu pulled back slowly, pushing back a bit of your hair behind your ear and softly cupping your cheek in his hand.
“How was that?” He asked, watching you slowly open your eyes and look at him.
“It was really nice.” He smiled, gently caressing your cheek with his finger.
“Do ya want me to do it again?” He asked quietly, slowly leaning back in. You were quick to nod and close your eyes, lips puckered up a bit and waiting for him to kiss you. This time, you slid your hand further up along his shoulder, your finger just barely grazing against his neck. The innocent way that you were touching him was amazingly making this situation that much hotter to Atsumu, though he wasn’t sure exactly why. Atsumu leaned closer, reaching his hand down beside your leg to lean over you a bit more than sitting straight up like you had been this whole time.
You getting comfortable with the kiss was the only thing that really mattered to Atsumu right now; not how badly he wanted to touch you, not how much he wanted to shove his tongue back into your mouth, not how badly he wanted his cock to be sucked. He was waiting for you to get comfortable so that he knew that you continuing was something that you really wanted. Being so unsure about kissing someone to begin with wasn’t a good way to start off having sex, especially not for the very first time.
Just as he was hoping for, it seemed like you were quickly getting the hang of what it was like to kiss again. Despite the sense that you were inexperienced in many areas, you were kissing Atsumu back in a way that was almost making his head go woozy. Was it because he had wanted to kiss you so bad? Was it the way that your fingers brushed against his neck every now and then? Was it how your fingers wrapped around his shirt to keep him close?
He thought that it was a mixture of all of those things rolled into one, and he certainly wasn’t complaining.
With wet lips, Atsumu left your mouth, leaning down and pressing a single kiss to your neck. You leaned your head back, giving him better accessibility to your throat that he was quick to press a kiss to. He couldn’t help himself, taking a quick whiff of your skin. There was that lingering scent of your sweet, fruity perfume, but behind it he thought that he could smell your natural scent and it was driving him wild to think of what your skin might smell like when you woke up in the morning.
Atsumu’s tongue slid along your throat, though your skin was so warm there that it took him to softly blow on your skin to realize that it wasn’t the feeling of his lips dragging along your skin instead. You swallowed when the cold air tingled along your throat, earning a soft chuckle from the man that made your chest tighten as you met his eyes again.
“You are insanely gorgeous.” He said, sliding his large, warm hand off your thigh and along your side. He hesitated, sliding his hand along your back until he reached your bra strap. He licked his lips, looking into your eyes for a sense that you wanted him to stop, yet he found nothing but a sense of curiosity as to what he might do next behind your eyes. “Can I take your bra off?” He asked, fiddling with the strap.
“Yeah, go ahead.” You said, glancing over at the door and squinting at the clock. You honestly weren’t sure what time you had been locked in here at, and you were terrified of someone walking in on this.
“I’ll leave your shirt on in case someone comes in,” he said, sensing your nervousness as you looked at the door. You sent the man a small smile, moving along with him so he could slide your bra out of your shirt sleeves and out beneath the bottom of your shirt. “Can I see them though?” He asked, looking at you expectantly. You nodded, lifting your shirt up while Atsumu set your bra aside by the pillows. He licked his lips, reaching both of his hands over and cupping them around your breasts. “God, they’re so cute.” He whispered, leaning down and pressing a kiss to your skin.
You chewed nervously on the inside of your lip. You’d never been so exposed before. It was different to be showing off your bare breasts rather than wearing a bikini to a pool. Atsumu’s mouth enclosed around your nipple, sucking softly. It didn’t feel like much, but when his teeth rolled around your nipple, it made you jump. He chuckled softly, pulling back and leaning up to kiss your lips.
“You have such nice titties.” He said quietly. “Genuinely, you have such an attractive body.” Your cheeks were warm when he said that. You quickly avoided eye contact, tightly gripping onto your shirt. “What? Has nobody ever complimented your body before?” He asked, gently squeezing your breasts in his hands. “They should. I would do it every single day if ya wanted me to.” He leaned in, pressing a kiss to both of your hands that held onto your shirt. The simple gesture made your heart race and that worried you. “I can see why that would be frustrating though, only being viewed as a sexual object rather than a human,” he commented, pressing a small kiss to your collarbone. “But it isn’t just your body,” he started, kissing your cheek. “It’s everything about ya, honestly. Yer so smart and sweet.” You forced yourself to look at the man this time. “I’m pretty damn lucky to be the man yer sharing such an intimate moment with for the first time and I promise ya that I won’t take advantage of this.”
“I know that ya like me, (y/n).” He said, though he quickly continued before you had the time to freak out. “But don’t worry. I like you, too. I always have. It’s impossible not to,” he started, and you figured that he meant that he found you outwardly attractive. “You’re the only person who’s never made me feel like I’m welcome at any time. Even when you’re stressed out, you’re so nice to everyone. You’re so unlike anyone that I’ve ever met before, and it’s refreshing to be around you.”
“You, uh— you like me, too?” You asked, unsure if you had heard him completely correct or not. Atsumu liking you was something so impossible in your mind that you were certain you’d made it up, but then he nodded and it forced your brain to rethink everything that you knew.
“I really do like ya.” He said, leaning in and pressing a soft kiss to your lips. “Actually, I’ve kind of had a bit of a crush on ya for awhile now, I just… well, I’m gonna be honest, I thought it was weird. To be blunt, yer not really my type personality wise.” He said honestly. “I’ve always been attracted to bold people. People who said whatever was on their mind even if it might have been a bit mean. I’ve never met someone so thoughtful with their words, and… and maybe I’m changing, or maybe yer making me realize that I was looking at the boldness all wrong, but even though you’re not what I thought I would fall for, I’m falling for ya anyways.” He was trying to dig himself out of what felt like a hole that he had dug himself into when he said that you weren’t exactly his type, but you hadn’t viewed it that same way.
“You know… you’re not really my type either, but I always did like you.” Atsumu smiled, pressing another kiss to your lips.
“Do ya think… it would be weird to keep going after that?” He asked, pulling back a little bit. “I don’t want ya to think that I just said that so that you would have sex with me or something.” He said, cheeks flushing a bit. You laughed so suddenly that it had surprised him.
“I wouldn’t have even thought that if you hadn’t said it!” You said, still laughing so hard that it was hurting your stomach. A smile worked its way back onto Atsumu’s face quickly until he started to softly chuckle with you. Your genuine laughter wasn’t something that he had ever heard before; he’d only heard you quietly snicker at a joke or give a soft giggle at something that your friend said, but this was different.
It only made you more adorable in his eyes.
“Ah, but anyways,” you started, wiping a small tear from the corner of your eye. “No, I don’t think that it would be weird to keep going.” You said, looking at the man who was already looking at you with a small smile on his face. “I think it might be weird to stop just because of that.”
“Alright, but come here.” He scooted back on the bed so that the two of you would be closer to the pillows. You moved along with him, sitting on your knees beside the man who laid back against the pillows. “Come sit on my lap.” He said. You straddled his waist, realizing just how big of a guy he was now that he wasn’t beside you but instead you were forced to spread your legs and sit on his lap. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, scooting closer to him and anxiously relaxing down onto his legs. “What are ya worried about?” He asked, gently brushing a few hairs back from your face. “Yer light as a volleyball, if that’s what yer worried about.” He said, unknowingly pinpointing the exact reason that you were a bit hesitant.
Atsumu’s fingers grazed the line beneath your shirt across your jeans, his fingers fiddling with the button while his mouth going back to meet yours. You slid your hand up onto his hair, twirling a piece of his blond, soft hair between your fingers. His hand cupped around your breast, giving it a light squeeze and earning a soft moan from you into his mouth that made his cock twitch in his boxers. He couldn’t wait to feel more of you— hell to even see more of you.
Taking a chance to do something a bit more bold like Atsumu was doing, you slid a hand down his chest, sliding your fingers up into his shirt and feeling along his abs. He gave a soft smile against your mouth, turning his head to push his tongue back into your mouth.
This was still yet to feel real as Atsumu did so much as rolling your nipple between his fingers. You were certain that you were going to wake up any minute from this dream, so you were enjoying it as much as you could for now. You shifted on Atsumu’s lap, feeling along his abs and chest beneath his shirt. His skin was so warm and soft, egging you on to touch more, and he certainly wasn’t complaining, only gripping at your sides with his fingers.
Slowly, Atsumu pulled you closer, moving along with you to push you down onto the bed beneath him. You gave a soft sound when you hit the bed, looking up at the man who quickly pressed his lips back to yours. You weren’t complaining, sucking on his tongue in return. Atsumu’s fingers fiddled with the button on your jeans again, but this time he slid it free. You pushed your hand up into his hair, keeping him close by the back of his head. His fingers slowly, teasingly, slid the zipper of your jeans down, though he eagerly started to slide the clothing off of your legs when you lifted your hips up for him.
He pulled back, sliding the jeans off of your legs completely and tossing them aside. They fell off the bed and right onto the floor, though you couldn’t have cared less that they were off the bed when he started to strip his shirt off. You swallowed hard, watching him toss the clothing down on the floor with your jeans and lean back down towards you. He kissed you again, his hips rolling against your own gently.
You ran your fingers along his bare shoulders, wishing that you were shirtless as well to feel his body against yours, but being too worried that someone might walk in to take your shirt off. Atsumu’s fingers felt so good sliding along your skin so easily, curling around the hem of your underwear teasingly. He pulled back, panting slightly and licking his lips off. You looked up at him as well as you could, swallowing the excess saliva in your mouth.
It was almost too dark in this position to see the man on top of you, though you could still make out his features. His fingers slowly slid between your thighs, grazing across your underwear. Just as you went to move and make it easier for him to either take them off completely or just push his fingers into them, he suddenly leaned closer to your face and spoke in a soft whisper.
“Is is okay?” He started, giving your thigh a light squeeze with his fingers. “If I touch ya like this?” He finished, applying more pressure as he slid his fingers along your pussy over your thong. You swallowed hard and gave a small nod, shifting beneath the man a little bit.
“Would it be alright if I took these off and went down there?” He asked, his fingers curling around the seam of your panties purposefully. You nodded again, not sure if he saw it.
“Yes.” You said again, not entirely sure what to say. He pressed a soft kiss to your lips before he pulled back, lifting your hips up and easily sliding your underwear off. He brought them up to his nose, his eyes staring down into yours the whole time as he took a deep, slow inhale. The longer he breathed in the scent of your underwear the more embarrassed you were getting, and it was obvious to him.
“God, ya smell so good.” He said, setting the clothing aside and leaning down. He lifted your legs up around his shoulders, leaning in to press a soft kiss to your thigh before pressing another light kiss to your clit. “Let’s hope that ya taste even half as good as ya smell.” He said, taking another deep inhale. “Tell me if what I’m doing doesn’t feel good,” he said, glancing up at you. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t be upset.” He assured you, licking a slow line along your pussy before you were able to answer. You laid your head back on the pillows, too embarrassed to look down at him anymore.
A soft moan left you when Atsumu’s tongue circled your clit in a teasing way. He chuckled quietly, slowly sliding his hand along your body and pushing it up beneath your shirt. He groped at your chest, your hard nipple poking at his palm. He squeezed your breast, maneuvering his tongue between your folds and licking at your entrance. With another soft moan at the mere sensation of his tongue pushing inside of you, you reach down beside you and grabbed at the comforter.
Atsumu licked along your pussy again, sucking on your clit and licking his fingers before easily pushing two of them inside of your pussy.
“God, yer so wet,” he mumbled, kissing your clit. “It’s so hot.” He said assuringly, covering your throbbing clit with his warm mouth again. His tongue rubbed just right against it as he curled his fingers inside of you. Instinctively, you reached a hand up, grabbing at his hand that was over your breast. Atsumu gave a soft chuckle against your clit, humming softly as he shifted on the bed and grinded his erection against the soft bed.
It was nothing like feeling your thigh against his erection, and he knew that it was going to be nothing like feeling your insides squeezing around him. You weren’t too tight that he could barely fit two fingers inside of you, but you weren’t loose enough to take him without some pain, especially for your first time. That was why he wanted to do everything he could right now to get you as ready as he could.
“I can’t wait to put my dick inside of ya,” he said suddenly, catching your attention again. You stole a look down at the man, meeting his eyes as he looked up at you. Your eyes fell shut as you stared down, biting down on your bottom lip to muffle a moan as his mouth sucked harder on your clit.
This entirely new sensation wasn’t something that you could complain about; it was nice, but you couldn’t lie, being somewhere where you had to watch your every breath to make sure that nobody could have possibly heard you felt a little bit restricting. All you wanted was to be able to moan, but you were too worried that someone would hear you if they happened to walk outside or they happened to be by the stairs.
“This pussy is so tasty,” he said, licking along your folds with a soft exhale. “Ya taste just as good as you smell, if not a little bit better.” He said, pressing a few soft, scattered kisses around your pussy and thighs before burying his face between your legs again. He sucked on you, making your breath hitch in your throat. Atsumu’s cock was throbbing against the bed, aching so bad to be shoved inside of you. His fingers curled deeply inside of you, earning a sweet moan that he swore made his cock even harder than it was before, but he didn’t think that it was even possible.
“Oh, Atsumu,” you moaned quietly, your back arching slightly on the bed. “God, it feels so good with your fingers inside of me like that.” Atsumu looked up at you, a look on his face like he was seeing a cute puppy. He was excited that you were telling him how you were feeling. He knew that you weren’t the most emotionally expressive and instead you were rather silent with your opinions.
“Ya feeling good?” He asked again, curling his fingers as deeply as he could inside of your pussy. You moaned again, bitting down on your tongue and giving a soft whine.
“Feels so good,” you whispered out, afraid that if you dared to speak any louder that your voice would break and you would moan too loudly. Even though the floor was vibrating from how loudly the music was blaring, you were absolutely mortified by the mere thought of someone catching wind of what was happening in here and Atsumu knew that.
“Good,” he said, lapping at your entrance right by his fingers. “I want to make ya feel so good.” He said, glancing up at you and seeing you biting down on your hand that had previously been gripping at the sheets. Instead your hand that was holding his own was squeezing almost painfully down onto your breast, but you could have cared less about that in the moment.
“Fuck, Atsumu—” You moaned, slightly shocking the man who had never heard you curse before now. “You’re gonna make me squirt,” you said, cheeks flushing.
“Do ya touch yerself?” He asked with an almost teasing hum as he let your breast go, sliding his hand from beneath your own and leaving you squeezing at your own breast over your shirt as you peeked down at the man who licked his fingers slowly, holding the eye contact the whole time, and brought them down to your clit. “Do ya know just what an orgasm feels like by yer own hand?” He asked, though the look you were sending him between soft whines as his fingers edged you closer with every curl was giving him the answer already. “God, you are the cutest fucking thing.”
You squirmed beneath his touch as his fingers started to rub a quick circle on your clit. He pressed hard enough that you could feel your orgasm coming faster but not so hard that it had hurt you. He was honestly much more skilled with this than you could have ever imagined him being; if you were being honest with yourself, you’d always thought Atsumu was more of a taker than a giver in the bedroom, but even if he was doing this for you because you were a virgin, he wouldn’t be nearly this good.
“What? Did you think I was going to leave a pretty girl so under-stimulated and take everything for myself?” Atsumu suddenly asked, voicing your inner-thoughts as you panted lightly. Your toes were curling painfully on the bed, but you were trying to hold yourself back. “I may be a bit selfish, but I would never leave someone who was bringing me pleasure with nothing. No matter how long it takes, I won’t move an inch until ya squirt down into my mouth.” He licked his lips at the thought of tasting you. “So go ahead,” he started, licking along your pussy between his fingers at your clit and inside of you. “Be a good girl and squirt down into my mouth.”
Maybe it was the tone of his voice that finally pushed you off the edge, maybe it was his choice of words, maybe it was how he buried his fingers deeper inside of you for one last curl even though his hand was cramping, but as he spoke you finally broke down. You could feel yourself squirt around his fingers that were quickly rubbing inside of you. Atsumu caught a bit in his mouth, chuckling softly when you squirmed on the bed beneath his touch.
“Mmm, cumming on command like that? Ya really know how to make a guy feel special, don’t ya?” He teased, looking down at you as he moved. Your eyes were half-lidded as you looked up at the man, panting, cheeks hot and your toes just barely uncurling against the bed. “Hmm, you like being called good girl?” He asked, licking off his fingers while he held the intense eye contact yet again. “I felt ya get tighter around me. Ya want me to call you a good little girl?” He asked, watching you swallow hard. “We’ll have to see how good of a girl ya can be, (y/n)-chan.” He said, suddenly moving to sit back on the bed with his legs facing you. “My cock is fuckin aching to be sucked.”
Slowly, you sat up, watching Atsumu take his pants off and toss them off the bed with the rest of your clothes. He looked at you, shamelessly reaching down and palming his erection.
“Ya wanna try sucking it?” He asked, watching you nervously look down at the tent in his boxers. “Ya don’t have to if ya don’t want to.” He reminded you, but that wasn’t it; you were anxious to do a bad job after he had eaten you out so well, but also because this was your first time; it seemed more simple in your mind than maintaining what he had just done. All you had to do was suck on it, right?
“No, I wanna try.” You said, moving to get on your knees in between his legs as he spread them on the bed.
“Take yer time,” he said, moving to take his boxers off as well. He caught the way your eyes widened when his cock popped up and slapped against his stomach, chuckling at you. “Don’t worry. I won’t choke ya on purpose.” He said, reaching up and gently pulling your hair back while you leaned down. He looked over, seeing your ass when you leaned over him and watching your shirt slide up. “Just relax yer jaw so ya can take it better.” He told you, fiddling with a piece of your hair while you grasped his thick cock in your hand.
He shifted beneath your touch, waiting patiently. His cock was aching to be sucked, aching to be plunged deep inside of you. As wild as he wanted to be, as hard as he wanted to ram his cock inside of you, he was doing something that he never did— he was taking things slow, and honestly? He couldn’t say that he hated it.
You opened your mouth, taking the head in and lightly sucking. You had no idea what you were doing, but a soft hum came from Atsumu as you slid more of him into your mouth, squeezing lightly at his shaft below your mouth in the meantime.
“Mmm, just like that,” he said, giving your hair a gentle tug. “Suck a bit harder.” He said, and you did so. You tried sliding your tongue around his shaft as much as you could while you sucked on him, trying to focus on several things at once and nearly forgetting to move your head.
It wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be.
A soft moan came from Atsumu as he watched you carefully.
“Damn, that feels good.” He praised you lightly. Unable to stop himself, Atsumu rocked his hips up a little bit to push himself deeper inside of your mouth. Much to his surprise, you took more of him into your mouth after that, trying to be careful that your teeth didn’t scratch him while you bobbed your head. The soft moans coming from Atsumu were enough to make you want to deep-throat his entire cock, but you didn’t know how, and when his dick barely touched the back of your throat you gagged. “Don’t gag yerself if ya don’t want to,” he reminded you, licking his lips. “Take it slow. There’s no need to rush yerself.” He promised, not wanting you to think that because he was so experienced that you had to overdo anything. “Oh, fuck yeah,” he mumbled, biting down on his bottom lip when you sucked harder on his cock.
It felt strange in your mouth, certainly different than you were expecting it to feel. You could feel his cock twitching, but when you barely grazed his shaft with your teeth, he sucked in a quick breath of air and moaned out softly.
“My god, you’re pretty damn good at this,” he said, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. “Fuck,” he mumbled, biting down on his bottom lip harder. Atsumu wasn’t necessarily loud, however he had never had to be quiet before. Usually when he had sex, he was alone somewhere; despite being calm-headed about the situation, Atsumu didn’t want anybody to walk in on the two of you either. The music may have been blaring, but it almost seemed as if how quiet you had been was rubbing off on him and made him feel the urge to be quiet as well.
The best part about this was that you could easily hear each others moans in the room, but you could still hear the blaring music as well.
Your soft whines around his cock was only making the situation feel better as you sucked on his dick, trying to move your hand along his shaft at the same time, though you were already trying to multitask in several ways by not gagging when you took more of him into your mouth and trying to slide your tongue around his shaft.
Judging by the moans that were leaving Atsumu, everything that you were doing was feeling good. Your jaw was feeling the pressure the longer that you were between his legs sucking him off, but you didn’t really care all that much. Hearing Atsumu moaning because of something that you were doing was damn near better than when he was between your legs, though they might have only been perfectly tied.
You glanced up at the man, seeing his head laid back, his Adams apple bobbing in his throat. Truth be told, you couldn’t help but feel a bit more confident. For the first time that you’d ever sucked a dick before, it seemed like you were doing pretty good.
“Mmm, yer gonna make me cum,” he said, tightening his grip on your hair. “Fuck, yer gonna make me cum—” He said again, though this time shorter of breath. You focused on sucking hard on his cock, trying to take it an inch further even when you gagged on it. You could sense that Atsumu was holding back the urge to thrust his hips up into your mouth or hold your head down from the way his thighs twitched and his hand tightened on your head. “Ah, I’m gonna cum!” He said a bit too loudly, shifting beneath you and biting down on his lip as he finally reached his orgasm.
You sucked for a moment afterwards, pulling away carefully so that you didn’t make a mess on the comforter. You swallowed, looking at the man and quickly licking your lips. He was watching you, his hand letting your hair go while he was softly panting.
“Fuck, ya really took it out of me,” he said, leaning closer to you and pressing a soft kiss to your lips. “Such a good girl.” He mumbled against your mouth. “I could really fall for ya if ya suck my cock like that,” he said, making you break the next small kiss with a laugh that made his stomach churn. “Are ya ready for more?” He asked, sliding his hand along your sides. “If ya want to stop, we can.” You shook your head lightly, relieving the man who was just aching to be plunged inside of you.
Even after you had made him cum into your mouth, he was still hard at the mere thought of feeling your insides. He licked his lips, knowing that you were going to be tight around him.
“I’m ready.” He slid his hand up to your back, slowly laying you down on the bed and leaning in to kiss you again. Atsumu lifted your legs, wrapping them around his waist and reaching up for a pillow to put beneath your head. You sent the man another sweet smile that made his throat fall dry, though he only leaned in to kiss you again. Slowly rocking his hips against you, Atsumu gave a soft moan into your mouth at how good it felt to rub against you.
“Oh, god.” He mumbled, grinding his erection onto you with a soft grunt. “I can’t wait to feel you around me.” He said, meeting your eyes. “Are ya sure that yer ready?”
“I’m sure.” Atsumu reached down, grasping at his cock and slowly rubbing it against your clit. He gave a soft hum, the precum that was beading up sliding along your pussy before he lined himself up with your entrance and slowly started to rock himself into you. You gave a soft whine, clamping your hands down on his shoulders.
“Ya okay?” He asked through a soft grunt, watching you nod and bite down on your lip. He stopped for a moment, reaching down to brush back a hair from your face. “We’ll go slow,” he promised for what felt like the millionth time even though it had only been a few now. He leaned closer to your ear, pressing a kiss to your temple quickly before he whispered another promise to stay slow as he gently pushed himself deeper inside of you.
You gave a sort of breathy, pained moan as you clung to the man, pressing your forehead against his shoulder by your hand that was grasping painfully at him, but he wasn’t thinking about your nails in his shoulder. Instead he was too busy thinking about how much you were squeezing at him; truthfully he wasn’t sure how long he was going to be able to go with you so tight around him like this.
Atsumu licked his lips, giving you a moment to breathe again. He pressed another kiss to your head, asking if you were okay beneath his breath.
“I’m okay,” you assured him again, shifting beneath the man and giving a whine when he moved a bit.
“Sorry, sorry,” he said quickly, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Does it feel okay?” He asked, a soft hum leaving him when you somehow tightened your hand on his shoulder. “Is it too much?” He asked, pulling back a tiny ways to look at you. “Should I pull out?”
“No, I’m fine,” you insisted.
“Are ya sure? We don’t have to do this. I can finish ya off another time with some lube if it hurts ya too much.” He said, but you stubbornly shook your head.
“I don’t want you stop,” you said, curling your toes as you bit your tongue. “Don’t stop.” He nodded softly, gently rocking his hips down into you and pushing the last two inches inside of you. You sucked in a hiss between your teeth quickly, squeezing your eyes shut and pressing your forehead back to his shoulder.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered, pressing another kiss to your head. “Tell me when yer ready,” he said, gently sliding his hand along your side. “I promise it’ll feel good in a minute,” he said, feeling bad that he was hurting you; he’d never liked having sex with virgins because of this reason exactly, but fuck if he was going to give up the chance to have sex with you. “Are ya ready for me to start moving, or do ya need more time?” He asked quietly.
After a moment, you leaned back, laying your head on the pillow and looking up at him.
“I’m ready.”
“I promise I’ll go slow,” he said, leaning down and pressing a kiss to your lips. “Just tell me if it’s too much.” He said, eager to start moving but also being terrified that he was going to hurt you. With a quick lick of his lips, Atsumu started to slowly rock his hips against yours. You brought a hand up to your mouth, biting down on it and closing your eyes while Atsumu held tightly onto the sheets by your head so that he could steady himself as he moved so slowly.
You gave a soft whine, biting down harder on your hand while Atsumu slowly pulled almost out and started to push himself back inside of you. Soft grunts were leaving him at the way that you were squeezing around him. At the same time that you gave a muffled moan against your hand, Atsumu gave a soft sigh in content.
“Is it alright if I cum on yer stomach?” He asked quietly, watching you slowly open your eyes. “I’m not gonna cum inside of ya, but I don’t want to cum on the bed.” You pulled your hand back from your mouth, the obvious indentions of your teeth marks on your hand.
“It’s okay.” You said, watching the man above you as he slowly moved inside of you. With every painfully slow movement, you were adjusting to his size and how it felt to have a cock inside of you. It was strange and felt so much different than fingers did. Of course you knew that it was going to feel different, but you couldn’t explain the feeling.
A soft moan came from you that you were quick to block with your hand. Atsumu reached over, gently stroking your cheek with his hand.
“Yer such a good girl,” he moaned quietly. “Fuck… yer so pretty,” he hissed lightly, aching to move faster. He could tell that you were starting to adjust to him, but he didn’t want to rush it. Atsumu was going to ask if you were ready for him to move any quicker when the sound of the chair that was blocking the door moved and caught both of your attention.
Your cheeks lit up quickly as you snapped your head over, waiting to hear the door open. Both of you stopped dead in your tracks, but neither of you made any effort to move away from each other. Atsumu was completely naked on top of you, looking over at the small hall with wide eyes and a fear that your friend was going to walk in that was unmatched by anything else that he’d ever felt.
“70 minutes is up, whenever the two of you are ready to come out!” Your friend suddenly called, but she didn’t come inside. It was silent for a few minutes before you and Atsumu looked at each other again. You seemed to finally breathe, closing your eyes lightly.
“That was the worst,” you complained into his shoulder. Atsumu gave a laugh, though worried himself that your friend was going to come in.
“That wasn’t our best moment, but at least she didn’t come in,” he said, though that was all he had for comfort right now. Atsumu couldn’t wait any more to be moving inside of you, aching to feel more, though he was worried that had turned you off. “Do ya want to keep going or did that ruin the mood?” He asked, worried that you were feeling the latter emotion and that you didn’t want to continue.
“It’s okay,” you shook your head. “Keep going.” Atsumu didn’t need to be told twice before he started to slowly rock his hips again, though this time it felt like you were looser. He wondered if maybe the thought that you were caught and not actually being caught had turned you on in some kind of way. He’d had sex with someone who got off to having sex in places that the two of them might be caught in, though he was no stranger to the feeling himself either.
He would be lying if he said that almost getting walked in on while he was balls deep inside of you and ending up scott-free hadn’t made him feel a bit harder inside of you, but it was something that you had noticed as well; though neither of you had voiced your thoughts, only keeping it to yourself and trying to stay quiet while he moved inside of you.
“God, ya feel so fucking good.” He moaned, burying his face down into the pillow beside your head. “Yer so tight,” he mumbled, biting down on the inside of his cheek.
“Mmm, Atsumu,” you quickly moaned out. “Ah, god— it’s feeling so good,” you said, wanting to feel more so badly that you couldn’t resist. “Mmm, go faster—” You said suddenly; having been waiting for this very moment, Atsumu didn’t even hesitate before he started to move his hips a bit faster, eliciting a muffled moan from you as you bit down on your lip and curled your toes. Your legs tightened around Atsumu’s waist, squirming a bit beneath the man on the bed.
“Ahha,” he moaned softly in your ear, only making the entire moment feel better for you. “Fuck, yer squeezin me so good,” he said, tightening his hand on the sheets beside your head. “Yer really taking it like a champ,” he broke a moan with a laugh at his own joke, something that made you give a quick giggle to before you were interrupted by your moan as he hit deep inside of you at a sort of normal pace.
“Oh, fuck Atsumu, you feel so good.” You moaned again, burying your face into his shoulder. “Fuck,” you cursed again, still shocking the man every single time even though he had done it many times. “Please, Atsumu,” you started, gripping at his skin. “Please go faster.” You softly begged, though you didn’t even need to. He would have done it even if you’d demanded it like last time, though he certainly wasn’t going to discourage your begging.
Atsumu started to move quicker, this time with every thrust that he gave into you, the sound of your skin slapping together was louder. You panted softly, biting down on the mans shoulder when he suddenly pulled almost all the way out just to slam every single inch back into you. A soft grunt came from him both at your teeth in his skin and how good it felt to finally do that to you.
You were sweating inside of your shirt, almost wishing that you had taken it off when all the sudden Atsumu moved, pulling back and sitting up on his knees, his dick almost falling out of you while your arms fell off his shoulders. He scooted closer on his knees, licking his lips and looking down at you with a small smile/smirk that made your stomach twist.
“Ya feel so fuckin good.” He said, starting to rock his hips back against yours in the new position. You closed your eyes, resting your head back comfortably on the pillow beneath your head. You knew that you were most likely making a bigger mess than you had wanted to on the comforter beneath you, but that was the last thing on your mind. You would buy your friend a new blanket if you needed to. It would be worth how good he felt thrusting his cock into you at a bit of a faster than normal pace now.
You reached back, grabbing the pillow by your head and moaning into your other hand. Atsumu watched your breasts bounce from inside of your shirt, though quickly reaching down and lifting your shirt up so that he could watch them bounce without the restriction. You quickly grabbed onto the shirt for him so that he could lean back into a more comfortable position, something that made Atsumu chuckle in a way that only seemed to make you wetter.
“Yer such a thoughtful, good girl,” he teased, moaning not even a second later. “Ahh, you like it when I laugh like that?” He asked, feeling how wet you were beneath him. “How about I torture this throbbing clit of yours and see how much more juicy I can make you.” He said, licking his fingers and pressing them back down to your clit; he was right, you were aching for attention there but you hadn’t known whether or not you should ask for it.
You moaned into your palm at the extra pleasure now coursing through your body and tightening your grip on the shirt between your fingers. Atsumu’s eyes scanned over your chest, licking his lips at the sight of how hard your nipples were. He wanted to suck on them again so badly, but the moans and whines you were giving against your palm now that he put his fingers on your clit and was rubbing a continuous circle for you was just too hot to stop doing.
Atsumu reached down with his free hand, grabbing at your thigh and squeezing lightly on your skin, he lifted your leg up, suddenly pulling your entire body closer while thrusting his cock inside of you. You bit down so hard on your hand that it tingled in order to stop the loud moan that you wanted to give, instead squeezing your eyes shut so tight that you saw stars. Atsumu chuckled, bringing your leg up onto his shoulder and pressing a kiss to your shin.
“Fuck, Atsumu,” you moaned in a whiny way that made his cock throb inside of you. “You’re gonna make me cum if you keep hitting it right there.” Atsumu hummed, thrusting deep inside of you a few times and hitting a spot inside of you that made your entire body tingle and made you give a high, panting moan every time.
“This spot? Right here?” He asked, hitting it again. “If it’ll make ya cum, I’m gonna torture it.” He said, pressing his fingers a bit harder onto your clit while he repeatedly hit that spot inside of you. There were tears in the corner of your eyes that threatened to fall down your cheeks as you squeezed your eyes shut and bit your hand, not wanting to make any noise at all because you knew that it wouldn’t be quiet if you did, not with the way that he was hitting inside of you. “Why don’t you go ahead and cum again?” He said, eyeing you. “Be a good little girl and squirt around my cock like ya did on my fingers earlier.” He gave a soft groan, squeezing your leg in his hand.
Your toes were curled painfully, back arching a little bit on the bed while he rammed his cock inside of you. The music was loud, but the sounds of his skin slapping against yours was so obvious in the room that you could hardly hear the muffled words through the floorboards.
“Go ahead, ya know ya want to,” he persisted, licking his fingers quickly before bringing them back down to your clit and rubbing his fingers faster. You squirmed a bit on the bed, moaning into your hand. His arm was burning from the constant movement, but he could feel you squeezing around his cock and getting wetter, so he ignored the burning sensation and waited for the moment that you were going to squirt around him. “Go on, squirt.” He insisted, rocking his hips a bit faster inside of you. “Be daddy’s little good girl tonight and fuckin squirt all over my cock.” He said, finally pushing you over the edge.
You were torn between giving a muffled moan and a muffled sob sound as you squirted around his cock that was steadily thrusting inside of you and hitting that same spot over and over again. Still he persisted, moaning at how tight you were clenching around him while you were squirting and how good it felt to be inside of you while you were cumming. He bit his lips hard to stay quiet, feeling his own orgasm coming quickly.
Atsumu chewed on his lip, watching your breasts bounce for a few more seconds before he could feel it coming and quickly pulled out, leaning his head back with a moan that was a bit louder than he had intended it to be; he swallowed hard, pressing a hand down to the bed beside you and opening his eyes to look down at your own tired face. You were both panting, coming down from your highs. Atsumu glanced at your stomach, seeing the cum there and pushing himself up.
“I’m gonna go get ya a towel, hang on.” He went to the small bathroom, grabbing a towel out of the little linen closet and getting it damp. When he walked back in the room, your forearm was over your eyes and he almost wondered if you had regretted everything now that it was over. “Are ya alright?” He asked, carefully wiping your stomach off. You looked at the man, sending him a smile that relaxed his worries.
“I’m great, just tired.” You said, making the man laugh softly. “You really wore me out.”
“Ya, I’m tired, too.” He said, leaning down and getting your clothes and setting them on the bed for you. He put his boxers on before starting to wipe off the comforter where you had laid while you pulled your underwear up and took your shirt off. He stopped, looking over at you and watching as you put your bra on.
“I can’t think well enough to try and figure out how to put this on without taking my shirt off,” you said, making the man snicker. “I don’t even know if I can feel my legs.” You mumbled, pulling your shirt back over your head and wobbly standing up to put your jeans on.
“Don’t fall over,” he said, tossing the towel in the dirty clothes hamper and starting to pull his own jeans up. “Wouldn’t want ya getting hurt.” He pulled his shirt on, looking over at you while you sat back on the edge of the bed and yawned. “Did ya… do ya regret it at all?” He asked, changing his question mid-sentence.
“No,” you said quickly, looking at the man. “Do you?”
“Hell no,” he said with a laugh. “I’d do it again if ya wanted to,” he said, but he was quick to keep talking. “But, ya know, since I like you and you like me… maybe we should go out on a date together. Just us. No party, no locked bedroom that we have to have sex in. Just sushi rolls and a walk in the park.” You sent the man another small smile and nodded.
“That sounds like fun.”
“Good,” he said, smiling and reaching out a hand for you. He wasn’t sure exactly how he looked after everything that happened in this room, but he did know that he didn’t want to lose contact with you even after he graduated next year. “Ready to go back to the party, my lucky number 7?” He asked, watching you take his hand and nod.
“I’m ready to be asked a billion suspicious questions about where we’ve been,” you said, making the man snicker again as he slid his fingers between your own.
“I can handle em,” he said, peeking down at you while he opened the door. You looked up at the man, walking through and smiling lightly to yourself.
“Yeah,” you nodded, looking towards the stairs while Atsumu tightened his grip on your hand and followed after you. “Me too.”
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1: Why did you choose your URL?
i love Eddie Diaz. also I didn’t ~choose~ my url as much as I told Alie I was thinking of changing it and then she found me this one bc shes the best (I truly don’t deserve this url and I think about that all the time)
2: Any side blogs? if you have them, name them and why you have them.
evergreen reminder that this is a sideblog and that I follow from @an-awesome-wavve which is my main. that was my first blog and is the one I use the most. however, it’s nothing like this one so I don’t recommend people follow it 😂. just know that if you see that url blowing up your notifs, that’s me! 
I have a couple others as well, but they’re more like archives of my other interests (like art history). not super exciting stuff. 
3: How long have you been on tumblr?
a long time. (8 or 9 years?)
4: Do you have a queue tag?
no, but I’ve been thinking about starting one. i live off of my queue and rarely liveblog, but a queue tag might make it cleared that im rarely ~actually here~
5: Why did you start your blog in the first place?
I started this blog in fall 2018 because I’m a long time Grey’s Anatomy viewer (derogatory) and I fell in love with Schmico (oof).
6: Why did you choose your icon/pfp?
Alie, @buckleys-diaz // @augustlandry light of my life, unofficial sponsor of this blog offered to custom make me some Eddie icon options because she is an angel who just possesses the skills necessary to whip up 5-7 icon options.
7: Why did you choose your header?
Alie also custom made me my header. she was endlessly patient with my indecisive ass and the only reason I have nice things is because of Alie’s Talent!!
im never gonna change it bc she made it to fit my mobile theme color. it’s Chimney waving (to maddie) 🥺 what more could I want in this life. the more i think about it the more emo i become because i love chimney and i love alie.
8: What’s your post with the most note
probably my Schmico shitpost. 
9: How many mutuals do you have?
90 (I did a quick scroll, so this is my guess???)
10: How many followers do you have?
Idk how to answer this. I have a good amount across a few blogs, but it always feels like I have 5.
11: How many people do you follow?
12: Have you ever made a shitpost?
I made a Schmico shitpost because I’m an idiot and because I was talking to Sibel @orthoglasses after a Grey’s ep and made a joke she thought was funny. i posted it for her ❤️ and then it got notes 😬
13: How often do you use tumblr each day?
depends on how I’m feeling. sometimes it’s daily, sometimes I dissapear for three weeks and let my queue die 🤷🏻‍♀️
regardless, I do my best to be available via PM. if I love you, I'll do my best to answer you ASAP. if i fail at that, pm me again!
14: Did you ever have a fight/argument with another blog once? who won?
can’t remember. if I did, it was definitely during the Peak Tumblr Years™ and they were likely a terf, or something equally evil / bad.
15: How do you feel about “you need to reblog this” posts?
i don’t do them. all of those “do this or you will be cursed” posts don’t really appeal to me, and I try and keep it fairly positive on this blog?
16: Do you like tag games?
yes! but I’m guilty of starting them, drafting them, and not finishing them/forgetting about them (I am so sorry y’all I swear I don’t do it on purpose, forgive me)
17: Do you like ask games?
yes, but I'm more likely to do a tag game. I always feel a bit weird about passing along ask games bc I send asks from a diff url and I'm never sure if people will know it's me 😗
18: Which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
if Alie // @buckleys-diaz isn’t tumblr famous, I am going to need every last one of you to Unfollow Me and Go Follow Alie!!! one of theeee hardest-working, most creative, and kindest people I’ve encountered and been lucky enough to befriend in any fandom ever.
yokan // @galvanizedfriend has managed to become a BNF in a fandom thats dying?? Incredible, I am in awe of her talent and I truly live on her blog. the fact that we became friends when I've ~been~ a fan of her blog and her writing is nothing short of a miracle. congrats on 1k friend!
cristy // @misssophiachase is beloved by All and it's for obvious reasons. I (like many others) am beyond lucky to call cristy a dear friend. I know shes tumblr famous (even if she will adamantly deny it) and it is So Deserved because of the amount of herself and her writing that she shares with us all.
19. Do you have a crush on a mutual?
without hyperbole, I love all my mutuals. I don’t really follow people who’s blogs I don’t love because I've been on tumblr too long and I value curating my dash.
I also have been so so fortunate to meet some really incredibly loving and supportive people on tumblr and have made a lot of amazing friends.
tagging some mutuals:  @klavscaroline , @arrenemris , @labime , @celestewrote , @targaryenkaz , @orthoglasses , @recyclingss , @destellolunar , @klarolineagainnaturally (lottie i know youre still at uni, but late is always an option), @sekretny13 , @tnapki , @schmico-ing , @buckleys-diaz , @klauscarolove , @xpersephonesx, @glassesandkim, @anne-max
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yoongsisbae · 11 days ago
Check-in Tag
Tagged by the bestest @inkofyoongi ☺️
1. why did you choose your url?
Because yoongiisbae was taken 😡😡😡
2. any sideblogs? if you have them name them and why you have them?
This IS my side blog lol, I have it because I am not quite ready to admit to anyone that I write fanfic hah 🙈🙈
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
oh my god since before 2008, I am pretty sure I was one of the first users as I moved over here from livejournal, so it's been way too mf long. I am an ancient being.
4. do you have a queue tag?
I don't know what that means (after 12 years 🥲) I save almost all my posts to drafts and then carefully choose certain posts to publish throughout the day like an actual maniac.
5. why did you start your blog in the first place?
idk why I went with BTS (I mean I do know they hot as fuq), but during a particular bad length of time, I decided to start writing down my dreams to cope with things which somehow morphed into this bts fanfic blog so here we are. It's been an odd journey to say the least.
6. why did you choose your icon?
the first time I saw that JK meme I died laughing, so now I get to constantly be put in a happy mood every time I come on tumblr, not so bad if you ask me.
7. why did you choose your header?
bob ross bts is the funniest thing ever that's why 😂
8. what’s your post with the most notes?
right now Caught! House of Cards is number one, which was so surprising to me. I should have known yall like the freaky shit. It’s okay I do too 🤝
9. how many mutuals do you have?
technically since this is a side blog I don't (cmon tumblr get it together, let me at least leave replies 🥺) but I always squeal a bit inside when someone who I have been following forever on my main will suddenly follow me here, like a true senpai noticed me moment right here 🥲
10. how many followers do you have?
346 and I love you all so much
11. how many people do you follow?
12. have you ever made a shitpost?
definitely, mostly thirst posts tho 😉
13. how often do you use tumblr each day?
too much, quarantine really screwed me and now I am down the rabbit hole once again.
14. did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? who won?
No, but I will fight random anons on the internet if they are rude to other strangers on the internet whom I just so happen to like. Stop being rude to content creators!
15. how do you feel about “you need to reblog this” posts?
like in regards to fanfics and fanart, they are not wrong. A lovely person reblogged an old chapter from HOAL and I legitimately got over 20 new followers and a ton of likes just because they were sweet enough to do that. If they had just liked it, that would not have happened. So, if you are annoyed when content creators bring up reblogs, idk reblog it and tell me why 😋
16. do you like tag games?
I do but I also feel like I’m bothering people 🥲
17. do you like ask games?
I do which is why I am doing this even though no one asked me to 🙃 edit: someone asked me to 🥺🥺
18. which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
you are all superstars imo
19. do you have a crush on a mutual?
technically not a mutual and YEAH I DO HAHA but actually I really do love all of you ❤️
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the-poldarkian · 14 days ago
You guys ever have great ideas come to you at night? Like I was just thinking about the book series I'm writing and was just like "Right, Imma change the titles, change the name of one of the characters and change the name of the world the characters live in." MIND YOU I'M ALREADY ON BOOK 3😂😂
These were the names of the titles first ( DON'T BOTHER LOOKING THEM UP cause they're still on my 3rd draft and I'm still working on them and they're not online yet):
Winterspell, Blood, A Dance of Wolves, The United, Dark Swan, The Last Battle
These are the titles now:
The Winter's Curse, the Bear and the Rose, Children of the Moon, Bound, Black Swan and the Last Battle (the only one that's remained the same)
I have better ideas at night than during the day.... maybe that's why most of my dreams are about Aidan😂😂
Tumblr media
In 2 years, everything might've changed again #writerslife
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essentiallychaotic · 16 days ago
check in tag ✅
tagged by the lovely @hosnack 🥰🥰
1. why did you choose your url? I wanted something that wasn’t fandom linked so I could have changing interests without changing my blog title
2. any side blogs? Nope, I can’t be bothered to keep track of more than this one lmaoo
3. how long have you been on tumblr? Oh god I think it’s been 10yrs? I joined winter of my last year of high school so 10yrs yeah 😅
4. do you have a queue tag? No but I also don’t have a queue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
5. why did you start your blog in the first place? A group of friends and I all started blogs at the same time bc we had joked/talked about blogging our uni days experiences (we never actually did it and i am the only one of us left on this site 😂)
6. why did you choose your icon/pfp? I was switching to a yongguk icon bc he’s back from his military service, and this one let me have a pink theme 🥰🥰
7. why did you choose your header? I mean,,, I feel like bi flag Hawkeye and Trapper is pretty self explanatory also it’s just a ~vibe~
8. what’s your post with the most notes? A text post about musicals I think
9. how many mutuals do you have? Honestly no idea I don’t really keep track of it, I know I have probably more than 30 at least though 🤔
10. how many followers do you have? More than 100 less than 500, again I don’t really pay attention adjfksjd
11. how many people do you follow? More than 100 less than 200, this feels like a broken record moment but I really don’t attention to these numbers
12. have you ever made a shitpost? I’m sure I have, I mean I’ve been here for ten years lmao
13. how often do you use tumblr each day? Pilfering Rin’s answer bc I too am an old person and tumblr is my porch ^-^
14. did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? nah, i’m really not bothered about discourse and fighting, and try to avoid them
15. how do you feel about ‘you need to reblog this’ posts? I never reblog them, I just think that’s rude to do to people’s anxiety and I don’t want to do that to my followers
16. do you like tag games? I think they’re so fun! But I definitely forget to do them if I don’t make a draft to come back to lmao
17. do you like ask games? Yep! Also very fun, I like when moots send in asks AND reblog so you can send them an ask as well 🥰
18. which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous? I meaaan Rin seems to be very well known and beloved ^-^ (as is right bc she’s amazing and brilliant 💖)
19. do you have a crush on a mutual? I love my moots but I don’t really get crushes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
20. tags? @evilibra @skittles-pixie @butts-of-the-barricade @abunnycotton @sunny-day-sky and @shalanos
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writingwithchoco · 19 days ago
Summer is making me want to write, which is a really good thing!
Also I read a lot this month 🎉
Now just wait until school isn't as busy and then finish 2 books (first draft) and pick up tumblr posts again... that's not much.. nah.. okay maybe 2 books is much, but both are so close to finishing first draft. I will be happy as soon as I start writing again, I don't have to finish it, but it's fun and I won't push myself to do it.
Moral of this post? I'm gonna start writing again.. I think 😂 yay
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lilolilyr · a month ago
1, 2, 6, 18, 19, 22 and any two questions of your choice that you're itching to answer for the AO3 ask thingy please 😁
Ohh wow thank you! :D took a while to answer all these, full 3 episodes of my A little princess binge watch xD (I did get distracted by the series a few times even tho the plot was nothing new to me...) anyhow, under readmore because Long!
1. Top 3 fandoms written for
Good Omens (113, but mostly shorts), The Old Guard (72, rly wanna push that to 100 before I get over the fandom :D) and Star Trek (36 - & 6 more and ST Discovery with currently 17 will be in the top5 aka the collapsed ao3 fandom list, too! And it'll finally kick out HP xD)! Star Trek's not all new fics, there are some old Spirk slash fics and then the new Milippa, but GOmens and TOG are definitely on top bc they're my most recent fandoms and I started writing more and more in the last years :)
2. Fandom you have most WIPs for
uhhh if we're talking actually recently started and not (yet xD) abandoned WIPs in ao3 drafts or Word, I have about 10 TOG fics, same for Star Trek... if we're talking dead works on ao3 + ideas in old draft documents or lists, I bet it's older fandoms tho, probably a lot of my multiverse crossover chaos that's based on headcanon-improved characters based on Lord of the Rings and Twilight characters, Harry Potter magic (which I'm trying to her rid of bc, jkr, but also bc in general I like the Age of the Five magic theory more), Marvel, Town called EUReKA and a bunch of other stuff plus many ocs... No idea which fandom is most prominently in there, honest 😂 actually the blog I posted the ask meme to (bc ask memes are sth that might get fame so I'd rather have it on a blog where I already don't check the notes now lol), @thelucyverse, has more of that chaos, but yeah it's just that - Chaos!
6. Without checking - which tags do you think you've used most?
I actually know that bc I already checked it for a tagging meme xD but jusr from vibes I think I wrote a lot of getting together, emotional hurt/comfort, and of course Andromache Regains Immortality!
18. Favorite kinds of comments?
Alllllll of them :D no seriously especially on multichapters I'm so happy about even the smallest comments because it means someone actually read the latest chapter? :D
Actual fav comments... hmmm, I love when someone Points out a line and it happens to be one of my fav lines as well - or on the other hand if it's a part I'm self-conscious about and they comment that they like it!
19. Ever had someone write something inspired by your fic?
Not counting my own fics? No xD But! I've had people take fic ideas or outlines I posted on discord or tumblr and turn those into actual fics!
22. First fandom you've written for?
Posted it's The Hobbit movies, but I think some of my HP/twilight/LotR crossover ideas are older than that? I started coming up with those ideas when I was like 11 and I only got an ao3 with 15 or so... btw random but one of my first ocs, aka one of the triplet sisters of twilight Victoria, is still a beloved oc of mine now! XD
Any 2 I'm itching to answer - well, I love all those qs given that it's my ask meme xD but I just picked two from the readers' section :) C bc I always love a good shoutout and W because I've been wanting to check that - I actually already have a while ago, but forgot again xD
W) Oldest fic in your ao3 history?
Attila - She loves you (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
I remember that author?? And I know W13 femslash was one of the first fandoms I started reading fic to? But I absolutely cannot recall ever reaiding that story lmao
C) Favorite writers? Feel free to @ if they're on tumblr & you want to make them smile!
Alright I had planned to make a rec list here but bc it's almost 2am and my brain is Empty and this is behind readmore anyway, I'll instead maybe make a little reclist or several fandom-specific ones tomorrow, if I remember! Anyhow, thx so much for the ask Anni!!! This was fun <3
Ao3 ask
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donaidk · 2 months ago
Alex Albon - This is my show I.
Tumblr media
The first chapter of the Alex & Lily Maffia Au is here fresh and steaming just for you guys 🤗 This was a lovely request from @formulola that I kept in my drafts, making my little game plan for it until now as i didn't have time immediately to write it. I'm pretty new to the world of aus but I'm not stepping down from a challange 😏 Also, it's probably not the usual maffia setting, it's a mix between probably everything dark 😂 I hope you guys will still like it, and I will try to bring the next chapters soon 😊🧡
TW: Injury, Blood (mild)
Masterlist | Taglist/Queue | Request
A week earlier
Alex was just fixing up his tie in the body length mirror on the side of the well lit closet when he could hear rustling sounds coming from the bedroom. A smile was immediately evident on his face, though his eyes stayed focused on the task at hand, literally, knowing the source of the noise wouldn’t run away in the next few seconds. It wasn’t often that they stayed at the others on weekdays, with both of their work schedules full to the limit, but there were occasions that you couldn’t just let slip. Lily’s birthday was part of the list that was sacred for Alex, not letting anything get in the way of them spending some time together finally. Not even if that meant more work for the following days. Getting back from his thoughts he pulled once more on the silky material and left the little room, entering back into the bedroom.
“ Good morning sleepyhead. ” He grinned at Lily, the two of them exchanging a quick kiss when she sat up a little, still under the duvet. “ Don’t look at me like that. You know I have to catch up with work today. ” Alex let out a sigh as soon as he saw the pout that got on Lily’s face, seeing he was already dressed in his usual work clothes.
After 4 months of dating, they knew each other’s schedules like the back of their hands. Their office hours were almost the same, both of them sitting behind a table for 8-10 hours 5 days a week, or at least that was what they knew about the other. Their same interests were a huge part of their first meeting, firstly connecting over their love of sports and then realising how they both were into the same style of art, consisting mostly of drawings and paintings. For once in his life Alex felt like he found someone who truly understood him and for whom, even the topics that were usually boring for other people, seemed just as exciting as it did for him. After just a few dates and spending almost every weekend together they were ready to call themselves a couple, Alex asking the first big question in a relationship during their picnic in a local art museum's little park. Since then they spent every free minute they had together at either Lily’s flat in the middle of the city or Alex’s apartment on the side of the mountain.
“ I do… I’ll have to as well, just a bit later. Are you taking a look at that painting collection today? ” She asked, kicking off the duvets to finally start getting ready. Alex answered with a quick nod, not even fighting his instincts as his eyes followed Lily to the bathroom. “ Is dinner still an offer for tonight? ” She asked again, from the little en-suite, her voice echoing between the white tiled walls.
“ It can be, if the traffic won’t be too bad. I just have to get back home in time. ” Alex answered, getting his watch onto his wrist and deeming himself ready to take on the challenges of the day. “ I have to go, but I’ll call you when we’re finished. ” He stepped to the bathroom, stealing one last kiss from Lily before taking his bag and phone from the living room and leaving the apartment.
Alex drove the usual half an hour to the office, parking his car in his own spot and took the elevator to almost the last level of the building. He was met with familiar faces, greeting all his coworkers on the way to his own little cubicle. As one the head writers for the magazine, he knew almost everyone and everything around the corporation. Even a part of it that was closed off to everyone other than the boss, him and a few other guys all in leading positions. Putting his bag down on the table he got his laptop and papers ready for the day, just as someone knocked on his door, peeking inside immediately.
“ George is ready for us if you’re done pretending. ” Lando rolled his eyes at the organized workspace, ducking behind the glassdoor when his joke was rewarded by a pen flying his way. It sadly bounced off the glass, Lando opening it again when he deemed it safe again to do so. “ Are you coming or should I tell him to find someone else? ” His friend asked, stepping away from the doorway, when Alex finally decided that he was ready to leave.
“ Are you coming with me today, or do I get to finally finish a job on time and without any mess-ups? ” Alex asked as they walked down the hallways together, Lando snorting at the audacity his colleague had for calling him out like that. “ Don’t even try to argue. We both know I wasn’t the one getting almost caught the last time. ” Alex elbowed his side, the younger one taking a few faster steps to get away from him before another attack could arrive at his ribs.
“ It’s your job today. It’s a public collection and the media pass will be perfectly enough to get you inside. ” Lando shrugged a little, knocking on the big door when they arrived at the end of the hallway. The boss’ assistant let them inside, sitting them down until George was ready for them. “ Everyone was jealous that you got to write about this one. If they would know what goes down in the background… ” He let out a laugh and Alex let a smile get onto his face. He has been with the ‘team’ longer than Lando, making him the more experienced of the two of them, but he would have been a great challenger for Alex if they were in the same position.
“ If they knew we would be in jail already. ” Alex snorted, pocketing both of his hands as they waited for the other big glass door to finally open. It was darkened enough that no one could see inside but it still matched the style of the whole of the office with all the shiny glass doors and huge windows. “ Sometimes I wish that more people knew about this side. Then I remember the few idiots we work with, and how they would mess up everything. You’re already here for that position. ” He patted Lando’s thigh, pulling away when he received a fist into his shoulder in the next second.
A few minutes later the assistant let them in, asking them to sit down as George was still on the phone. As two of the few people that he worked very close with neither of them were a threat to a private call anyways. Alex sat down in one of the chairs right across from the desk crossing his legs and patiently waiting, while Lando went to get himself a drink like he was in his own office. George just rolled his eyes at the younger one’s antics, while he tried to concentrate on the words thrown at him over the line. When he finally put the devic down Lando was already sitting in the other chair, taking small sips from the glass in his hands as he was never the best with alcohol but still liked to have a drink once in a while. Mostly when it was free, even though one glass at a bar wouldn’t kill his wallet or bank account. Not any of theirs really.
“ So, about today’s job. Alex, you’re going to the exhibition today if I remember right. ” George asked, leaning back in his seat, his face relaxing a bit as business talks were always more frustrating than planning things that brought him profit almost immediately. “ We already have your media pass and a map ready, and they also should have your name on their list. ” He pulled one of his drawers open, pulling the mentioned items out onto the desk adding a card to the bunch that Alex suspected to be an entry card to the backstage of the exhibition. He wasn’t about to ask questions about how they managed to get one, as there were things even he didn’t want to know about. “ Are you taking anything else? ” George asked as Alex pulled everything closer to himself, already looking through the map.
“ You mean a gun? No, thank you. I managed without until now and I’m not changing that for this one time. ” Alex shook his head, not looking up but hearing the sigh both men let out. Even though all his actions were illegal, violence wasn’t on his plate ever. He would rather choose intelligence and smarting people out than hurting them when he got in trouble. “ It will be quicker and more effective to act as a stupid reporter who just went to places he shouldn’t. ” He added, looking up at his friend and boss, both of them knowing that Alex had enough self defense training to get himself out of tight situations.
“ Good luck then. I will have to get to meetings but Lando will be on the line if you need help. We will talk about everything else tomorrow. ” George nodded, the others getting up and leaving the office as soon as Alex put everything away, not to give the people outside any more ideas than they already had. The simmering adrenaline was already there as they separated, Lando getting back to his work while Alex took the elevator down to the parking lot.
A company car was already waiting for him in one of the parking spots, even though he had his own everyday car to get to work and then back home. It was easier to have a separate one that was upgraded for runaway action and also could be followed by Lando back in the office, to make sure he was actually fine, than wrecking and having to replace his own one. That would have been a bit obvious to both his family, friends and probably the neighbours who knew him as an everyday writer with a boring worker’s life. However careful he was, there were sacrifices he had to make while bailing, and the car was the smallest damage to the whole operation. He still tried to stay away from trouble, but when it was a main part in your everyday life, you couldn’t run forever from it catching you.
Arriving at the well known building Alex parked down his car and made sure everything was on him before locking the vehicle and walking up the big stairs. The media pass granted him access without a second look from the security guards, and he was already in the main showing room in seconds. As Alex actually enjoyed art shows and museums he didn’t really mind having to pretend for a few hours, walking around the recommended route and taking notes of the paintings for his articles as well as of cameras and security setups. The thin crowd in the rooms and the fact that it was still only an early access day for media personnel was all the advantage he needed to get a whole picture of the little areas. Just as everyone was advised to gather together in the main hall for a drink and opening speech he was standing right next to the door that was also highlighted on his little map. It was an entrance to the behind the stage hallways and rooms that somehow fell out of view on every ceiling mounted camera. He just had to make sure there weren’t any security guards or nosy colleagues around him as he swiped the card over the little reader.
With a last quick look behind himself, making sure no one actually saw him, he stepped through the doorway, pulling it closed behind himself. With a sigh of relief he pulled out the map again, making sure he didn’t miss the room he had to get inside from the long hallway. Pushing the paper back into his pocket, he was already walking down to the highlighted room, hoping that security would be as overwhelmed by the huge gathering in the main room as they were informed they usually are. Stepping inside the room was another checkpoint, his focus turning towards finding the papers that would tell him the planned schedule and also some passwords to the place. It took him time to find everything, a rush of adrenaline hitting him at every sound from the outside but luckily no one felt like opening the door onto him. He scribbled everything important down, into his notebook making it seem like just a normal part of the article he planned on writing as a review of the place. It was a perfect way of being safe about anyone checking his stuff out if he somehow gets caught before leaving the part that was closed off to everyday guests.
“ Hey, shouldn’t you be in the main hall? ” Alex was just a few steps away from the door, thanking all his luck that the guard didn’t stumble around the corner while he was stepping out from behind it.
“ I was in the bathroom and missed the announcement most likely. ” Alex smiled at him, hoping he won’t throw too many questions at him and confuse him into his own lies. “ Where can I find them? ” He asked, following the guard when he fortunately guided him through the rooms without another word. Alex joined the group of people there, trying to blend in as well as he could, gettin any kind of attention off himself.
At the first given chance he was among the first ones leaving the building, hoping no one caught onto his actions from a few minutes earlier, walking into the car park and finding his vehicle. Even though he wasn’t close to getting caught he could never truly feel safe until all steps of the plan were completed and he was already on his way home. He had to be careful as people following him home was still a possibility, making him take a lengthy route home, parking the car far away from his own block and just walking the remaining distance, mostly taking thin and dark alleyways whenever possible. When he was finally inside his own building, stepping inside the elevator, he pulled out his phone sending a ‘Good night!’ text to George, signaling that he was fine and everything went well. They could never know when their rivals could see into their phones or online profiles, forcing them to talk in code whenever they had to discuss any kind of events that included their life behind the one they showed to most people. Alex was just one cog in a huge machine that represented George’s underworld corporation, but losing him could cause immense damage to the stability of the group that kept them over all the other rival groups.
Closing the work chapter in his head for the day, the only remaining thing he could think about was his bed and the duvet pulled over his head, although a part of him knew there wouldn’t be time for any of that. He still had the plans with Lily for a nice dinner together and even though he already had the food ready in his fridge for it, the apartment was a mess and he still had to get a few things ready for the briefing tomorrow. Balancing a real and a hidden life as well as actually writing the articles to keep up a picture of himself to everyone else drained most of his energy. That’s why he never really let anyone close to himself, until Lily came along and turned Alex’s world upside down. It felt like their meeting was meant to be and Alex couldn’t let her go as easily as everyone before. He felt an actual and immediate connection towards her and promised himself to do anything and everything to keep Lily in his life. Of course, he meant the safe side where she wouldn’t get hurt by all the people he made angry in the last few years since he started working for George. It was still deemed as his best decision ever, but he also never thought he would find someone to spend so much time with and actually enjoy it. That was never part of the picture he imagined as his future.
Stepping inside the apartment he mostly threw everything down in his office, pulling the door closed as always before he turned around and pointed himself towards the bedroom and more specifically the closet. He could hear the wind outside blowing furiously a bit too much, his eyebrows rising higher when he spotted the open window next to his bed. Letting out a defeated sigh at the old framing that never closed perfectly he stepped closer and pushed it shut before continuing his way inside the closet to finally change into something more comfortable. He already had a shirt and sweats ready on the side and was just about to get his blazer off when he heard something move behind him, but before he could turn around something flew by his head and his gaze got stuck on the object. It was a knife, lodged into his closet door, and a piece of the dark blue material of his jacket hanging off of it. In the next second Alex could see something move in the body-sized mirror next to him, making him turn around and run after whoever just attacked him inside his own place. He could just see the body run out the now open front door, closing it again as they left somehow locking it on him from the outside.
By the time he fetched his own keys and opened the door again the person was well out of sight and Alex knew there was no chance of him catching up. They could have gone several ways, all of them leading to different roads and streets, making it impossible to guess correctly. With a defeated sigh he strutted back inside to at least get the knife out of the door it got thrown at and as he passed the mirror again he also realised the weapon did injure his arm in a thin line. It wasn’t a deep cut and he couldn’t even really feel it, but the idea of how wrong it could have gone with just a few inch difference scared him more than anything before. He never ever before got attacked in his own home, and until now thought he managed to separate his work life from the one he lived outside this apartment quite well. In this exact moment it dawned on him that he knew far less than what was actually going on.
Shrugging out of the shirt he gathered a bigger chunk of gause, wrapping it around the upper part of his arm before it would get anything else dirty. He pulled on another shirt, hoping the bandage won’t soak through as the scar was thin and only on the surface of the skin. The food in the fridge was already forgotten as Alex couldn’t imagine staying one second longer inside this room and started looking for a restaurant in the proximity of his block where they could go out to eat instead. Luckily there were many to choose from and a few minutes later just as the phone that was connected to the gate on the bottom floor of the building started ringing he already had a table reserved for the two of them. Alex let Lily inside, waiting for the girl to get up to his floor and get to the open door.
“ I’m sorry, but I might have lost the key you gave me. I couldn’t find it anywhere. ” Lily let out a sigh, stepping into the welcoming hug she was offered and almost started getting her coat off, but was stopped in time.
“ It’s okay, we will get you a new one, but we ‘re going out to eat instead of making dinner if you don’t mind. ” Alex gave him a smile, taking his own coat from the hanger so they could leave as soon as possible. “ We can eat the food in the fridge tomorrow or next time, but I really don’t feel like staying inside tonight. ” He explained even before Lily could have asked about the reason behind his decision.
With one last look into the apartment Alex shut the lights off and closed the door, locking it with his keys. Pushing the keychain into his pockets he took Lily’s hand and led her back to the elevator, slowly falling into a conversation. She winced away for a second when Alex squeezed her hand gently, showing a little cut in the side of her palm to him and saying she injured herself as she packed out her bag, searching for the keys to his apartment. It didn’t seem like anything serious still, Alex couldn’t hold back and planted a little kiss onto her skin there, making Lily chuckle while they left the elevator and then the building to walk to the restaurant which was just a few minutes away from them. Alex almost forgot about his own injury and the happenings of the day during their walk and tried to completely put it into the back of his mind as they got inside the restaurant to take their seats at the table and have a lovely meal together. He had enough time the next day to go through everything once again and figure out where they went wrong.
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